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Adams, Mollie An Examination of the Effectiveness of Sanction Based Tax Compliance Persuasive Messages over Repeated Periods Accounting and Information Systems 2010-03-16
Aggarwal, Ajay K. On developing an expert system : a knowledge base for GP formulation and analysis Accounting and Information Systems 2007-07-13
Albrecht, William David The determinants of the market reaction to an announcement of a change in auditor Accounting and Information Systems 2005-10-19
Allport, Christopher Douglas The Influence of Evaluative Reactions to Attribute Frames and Accounting Data on Capital Budgeting Decisions Accounting and Information Systems 2005-06-29
Aschenbach, William G. Effect of NaHCO3 and NaCl on high-intensity performance and acid-base balance. Accounting and Information Systems 2009-07-11
Barrett, Kevin Stanton Charitable giving and federal income tax policy :additional evidence based on panel-data elasticity estimates Accounting and Information Systems 2008-07-28
Beams, Joseph Dean Insider Trading: A Study of Motivations and Deterrents Accounting and Information Systems 2002-12-20
Belski, William Houston Accounting Choice in Troubled Companies: An Examination of Earnings Management by NASDAQ Firms in Jeopardy of Delisting Accounting and Information Systems 2005-01-28
Bienstock, Carol C The effect of outsourcing and situational characteristics on physical distribution transportation efficiency Accounting and Information Systems 2008-06-06
Blazer, Eric L. CEO compensation and managerial decisions : evidence from acquisitions Accounting and Information Systems 2005-11-10
Bolt, Melesa Altizer The Social Cognitive Model for Computer Training: An Experimental Investigation Accounting and Information Systems 1999-04-09
Brandon, Duane Three Studies of Auditor Independence Accounting and Information Systems 2003-08-10
Bremser, Albert W. Two Essays on Convertible Debt Accounting and Information Systems 1998-07-25
Briggs, John Whitfield An Examination of Decision Aid Reliance in a Dynamic Environment Accounting and Information Systems 2004-05-03
Bush, Robert An analysis of the capital budgeting sophistication of primary forest products firms in the Eastern United States Accounting and Information Systems 2013-11-15
Cairney, Timothy D. Credibility of annual management earnings forecasts :theory and evidence Accounting and Information Systems 2008-06-06
Ceccucci, Wency A. Decision support systems design : a nursing scheduling application Accounting and Information Systems 2005-11-10
Chatraphorn, Pongprot Accounting for Business Combinations: A Test for Long-Term Market Memory Accounting and Information Systems 2002-01-09
Chen, Honghui Two Essays on Ownership and Market Characteristics Accounting and Information Systems 1999-08-05
Coffin, Mark Anthony R & D project selection and scheduling Accounting and Information Systems 2008-06-06
Crabtree, Aaron Dwight An Empirical Investigation of the Effects of Earnings Predictability and Auditor-Client Relationships on the Bond Credit Market Accounting and Information Systems 2004-06-23
Crossler, Robert E. Protection Motivation Theory: Understanding the Determinants of Individual Security Behavior Accounting and Information Systems 2009-03-26
Crouch, Ingrid W. M. A knowledge-based simulation optimization system with machine learning Accounting and Information Systems 2006-02-01
DeBusk, Gerald Kenneth An Examination of Organizatinal Performance Measurement System Utilization Accounting and Information Systems 2004-04-08
Dull, Richard B. A Visual Approach to Information Systems: an Investigation of The momentum of Accounting Wealth Changes Accounting and Information Systems 1997-08-05
Edmonds, Christopher Thomas MARKET REACTIONS TO ANALYSTS’ FORECASTS AND MANDATORY DISCLOSURES Accounting and Information Systems 2010-06-16
Edmonds, Jennifer Echols An Investigation of the Effectiveness of the Division of Corporate Finance as a Monitor of Financial Reporting Accounting and Information Systems 2011-12-21
Ellingson, Dee Ann Hetland Board composition and the use of accounting measures :the effect on the relation between CEO compensation and firm performance Accounting and Information Systems 2008-06-06
Fay, Rebecca G Facilitating Configural Processing Within the Audit Team: An Additional Benefit of the SAS 99 Fraud Brainstorming Session Accounting and Information Systems 2011-04-13
Fleming, Arron Scott An Experimental Investigation of Select Remunerative Factors in the "Pay-For-Performance" Paradigm Accounting and Information Systems 2005-12-14
Fleming, Damon M The Effects of Management's Forecast Strategy on Venture Capitalist Investment Screening Judgment Accounting and Information Systems 2006-09-22
Garner, Dana Porter A Question of Ambiguity, Risk, and Trust: Do Auditors React Differently to Potential Accrual Transaction Earnings Management than to Potential Real Transaction Earnings Management? Accounting and Information Systems 2008-12-18
Garrahan, Thomas Booth The market potential and economic feasibility of a wooden pallet bin leasing system Accounting and Information Systems 2013-11-15
Gaskins, Ray Allen Density estimation and some topics in multivariate analysis. Accounting and Information Systems 2005-10-14
Gilchrist, Kelvin An analysis of concept mapping as an instructional technique for teaching advanced technology concepts to at-risk junior high school students Accounting and Information Systems 2007-02-26
Gillespie, Jackson F. A Markovian manpower planning, human resource valuation model. Accounting and Information Systems 2010-03-02
Godfrey, Cale L. Reproductive biology and denning ecology of Virginia's exploited black bear population Accounting and Information Systems 2008-08-29
Graham, Allan Wayne Environmental Liabilities and Bond Yields Accounting and Information Systems 2000-09-11
Guo, Enyang An empirical examination of price behavior on the Hong Kong stock market Accounting and Information Systems 2005-10-13
Hadjieftychiou, Aristarchos The CAPM approach to materiality Accounting and Information Systems 2008-12-17
Harris, Jeannie E. Tax expenditures: report utilization by state policy makers Accounting and Information Systems 2008-06-06
Hatch, Melanie L. Concurrent optimization in designing for logistics support Accounting and Information Systems 2007-08-08
Henderson , David Lockhart Explaining Developer Attitude Toward Using Formalized Commercial Methodologies: Decomposing Perceived Usefulness Accounting and Information Systems 2007-09-12
Inger, Kerry Katharine Relative valuation of alternative methods of tax avoidance Accounting and Information Systems 2012-05-09
Jenkins, James Gregory The Influence of a Client Preference on Auditor Judgment: An Investigation of Temporal Effects and Client Trustworthiness Accounting and Information Systems 1998-03-30
Johnson, George Alfred The information value of new disaggregated accounting information : the case of voluntary corporate spinoffs Accounting and Information Systems 2005-10-13
Kane, Gregory D. Accounting data and stock returns across business-cycle associated valuation change periods Accounting and Information Systems 2008-07-28
Kellstrom, Emery Elam An Evaluation of the "How to Study" Instruction Given to Freshment AFROTC Cadets at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg, Virginia Accounting and Information Systems 2013-10-25
Kemerer, Kevin L. Accounting variables, stock splits and when-issued trading Accounting and Information Systems 2005-10-10
Kerler III, William A. The Effects of Auditors' Trust in Client Management on Auditors' Judgments Accounting and Information Systems 2005-06-29
Keys, Anthony C. Nonparametric metamodeling for simulation optimization Accounting and Information Systems 2006-06-07
Kovacs, Tunde Intra-industry information transfers: Evidence from earnings announcements Accounting and Information Systems 2006-04-20
Kruck, Susan E. Towards a Theory of Spreadsheet Accuracy: An Empirical Study Accounting and Information Systems 1998-08-20
Labosky, Peter Properties of paper obtained from ultrasonically and mechanically beaten pulps. Accounting and Information Systems 2010-02-17
Lee, Cheulho The timing of initial public offerings and the role of investment banks Accounting and Information Systems 2008-06-06
Leece, Ryan Don Enterprise Risk Management, Earnings Predictability and the Cost of Debt Accounting and Information Systems 2012-03-19
Leekley, Edward H. A scenario generator for public policy and program implementation Accounting and Information Systems 2008-06-06
Leu, Yow-yuh Cellular manufacturing : applicability and system design Accounting and Information Systems 2005-10-14
Lin, Hui Examining the Continued Usage of Electronic Knowledge Repositories: An Integrated Model Accounting and Information Systems 2008-04-01
Long, James Harvey Mitigating the Effects of Interruption on Audit Efficiency and Effectiveness Accounting and Information Systems 2009-03-29
Lui, Percy Luen-Tim Bureaucracy at the state level :the quest for responsibility Accounting and Information Systems 2009-06-10
Martin, Kris Rowland The Effect of Accounting Method Choice on Earnings Quality: A Study of Analysts' Forecasts of Earnings and Book Value Accounting and Information Systems 2005-10-11
McBride, Freda D. H. Memory Bias in the Use of Accounting Information: an Examination of Affective Responses and Retrieval Of information in Accounting Decision Making Accounting and Information Systems 1998-04-30
McGonagle, Lynn Characterization of a 4.0 kilobase plasmid from Pasteurella multocida Accounting and Information Systems 2013-11-15
McInerney, Megan Michelle Analyst Coverage and Tax Reporting Aggressiveness Accounting and Information Systems 2010-04-16
Meckfessel, Michele Dawn Determinants and Consequences of Earnings Disclosure Readability Accounting and Information Systems 2012-02-14
Mertins, Lasse The Impact of the Choice of Performance Evaluation System on the Magnitude of the Outcome Effect Accounting and Information Systems 2009-04-01
O'Connell, Martin T Immunological responses of fishes to glochidia of freshwater mussels Accounting and Information Systems 2010-03-17
Penner, James William Textual Analysis of Management Tone during Conference Calls and the Impact on Capital Markets Accounting and Information Systems 2012-05-01
Reed, Tracy Nelson The Effect of Process Accountability on the Evaluation of Audit Evidence: An Examination of the Audit Review Process Accounting and Information Systems 2010-05-06
Richmond, Kelly Ann Ethical Reasoning, Machiavellian Behavior, and Gender: The Impact on Accounting Students' Ethical Decision Making Accounting and Information Systems 2001-04-25
Romanus, Robin Nicole The Impact of Earnings Quality on Investors' and Analysts' Reactions to Restatement Announcements Accounting and Information Systems 2007-06-19
Schaupp, Ludwig Christian Website Success: An Integrated Theoretical Model Accounting and Information Systems 2005-04-28
Schmitt, Mathias Leadership and Healthcare Performance Accounting and Information Systems 2012-05-29
Seymoure, Suzanne Marie A Post-Sarbanes-Oxley Implementation Evaluation of Internal Control Effectiveness Judgments Accounting and Information Systems 2009-10-12
Sinsigalli, Nancy A. Glucose tolerance, plasma insulin, and plasma glucagon in relation to obesity in chickens Accounting and Information Systems 2013-11-15
Smith, Pamela C. An Empirical Investigation of Joint Ventures Between For-Profit and Tax-Exempt Nonprofit Hospitals Accounting and Information Systems 2001-04-11
Stivason, Charles T. Industry Based Fundamental Analysis: Using Neural Networks and a Dual-Layered Genetic Algorithm Approach Accounting and Information Systems 1998-12-14
Wang, Yunmiao A Quasi-distributed Sensing Network Based on Wavelength-Scanning Time-division Multiplexed Fiber Bragg Gratings Accounting and Information Systems 2012-09-09
White, Todd Palmer Analyst Herding, Shareholder Investment Horizon, and Management Earnings Guidance Accounting and Information Systems 2012-04-13
Witherspoon, Ralph Pomeroy The military draft and the all-volunteer force : a case study of a shift in public policy Accounting and Information Systems 2006-12-14
Wray, Barry A. Prediction and control in a just-in-time environment using neural networks Accounting and Information Systems 2008-06-06
Zelazny, Lucian M. Toward a Theory of Information System Development Success: Perceptions of Software Development Team Members Accounting and Information Systems 2011-06-10
Wilfong, Richard T Evaluation of a curriculum model for the biological sciences. Administration 2010-05-05
Bailey, Carroll R. A case study of the implementation of inclusion as an instructional practice in an urban inner city school division impacting on regular and special education Administration and Educational Supervision 2008-06-06
Galliford, W. T. H. An assessment of the attitudes of selected repondents toward the standards of quality for public education in Virginia. Administration and Supervision 2010-06-22
Ambrose, Janet Kathryn Buczek Case studies of learning disabled high school completers in a Maryland school district Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2008-07-28
Astwood, Evelyn Marie Parental Involvement Strategies Implemented by Selected Virginia School Districts Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2009-11-29
Barber, Robert M. The utility of the Revised Nonreading Aptitude Test Battery vs. the General Aptitude Test Battery Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2005-09-16
Booth, Sharon R A legal analysis of extended school year :field survey and identification of potential gaps and inadequacies Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2008-07-28
Braley, Deloris Ann A comparative study of the characteristics & qualifications of novice unendorsed and endorsed special education teachers in Virginia Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2006-12-14
Caballero, Patrick Michael Development of a manual on transitional education models Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2006-10-04
Cacace, Stacey Ann An examination of preschool services and programs for children with disabilities in North Carolina school districts Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2008-06-06
Chisom, Jessica Elizabeth Supervising Paraprofessionals in Middle School Classrooms: A Case Study Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2002-11-28
Cline, Beverly Vineyard Teachers' and supervisors' perceptions of secondary learning disabilities programs : a multi-state survey Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2005-09-16
Coltrane, Jelisa School personnel perceptions of the current level of interagency collaboration available for students identified as seriously emotionally disturbed, ages 5-18, within the Commonwealth of Virginia Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2008-06-06
Crews, Patricia Diann Judges' familiarity with learning and behavioral disabilities and dispositions imposed Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2008-06-06
Dahle, Karen Bowen. Brief psychiatric hospitalization and its effect on the educational placement of students with attention deficit disorder Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2005-09-20
Denning, Walter V. An analysis of the effects of full-time inclusion on the academic achievement of elementary general education students Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2008-06-06
Devitt, Patricia Anne An evaluability assessment of Section 504 policies with an emphasis on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2008-06-06
Eastwood, Rebecca G. Instructional Leadership as Defined by Virginia Elementary Title I Principals: a Delphi Study Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2012-02-06
Elitharp, Toni The Relationship of Occupational Stress, Psychological Strain, Satisfaction with Job, Commitment to the Profession, Age, and Resilience to the Turnover Intentions of Special Education Teachers Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2005-11-14
Floyd, Jannis V. Training needs of specific learning disabilities decision-makers as perceived by North Carolina eligibility committee members Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2006-03-02
Gerry-Corpening, Karen Case studies of services provided to perinatally exposed infants/toddlers and their families under Part H of Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2008-06-06
Goad, Laura Chisom A descriptive study of assigned and unassigned mentoring relationships of first year special education administrators in Virginia Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2008-06-06
Hendricks, Mary Beth Factors influencing urban special education teachers' commitment, job satisfaction, and career plans Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2008-06-06
Hoover, Paula J. Mothers' Perceptions of the Transition Process From Early Intervention to Early Childhood Special Education: Related Stressors, Supports, and Coping Skills Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2001-04-24
Hopkins-Best, Mary Development of an instrument to measure action choices toward handicapped persions reflective of underlying general socio-moral reasoning Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2010-06-09
Horn-Turpin, Frances D. A Study Examining the Effects of Transformational Leadership Behaviors on the Factors of Teaching Efficacy, Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment as Perceived by Special Education Teachers Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2009-02-15
Jennings, Randy L. Autism Programs in the Commonwealth of Virginia: From Theory to Practice Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2007-04-11
Kincer, Karen Kay Dunkley Factors that influence adjustment to postsecondary institutions as perceived by students with learning disabilities in Virginia Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2008-07-28
Knott, Linda D. Secondary special education teachers' perceived levels of knowledge, involvement & importance of transition planning & delivery competencies Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2008-06-06
Lightle, Kevin Eugene The perceived stress and turnover intention of direct-care staff of community residential facilities Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2005-09-20
Ligon, Julie Ann Special Education Transition: a Case Study of the Community Integration Experience Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2009-04-17
Littrell, Peggy Creasey The effects of principal support on general and special educators' stress, job satisfaction, health, school commitment, and intent to stay in teaching Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2007-10-03
Luseno, Florah Kavulani An Assessment of the Perceptions of Secondary Special and General Education Teachers Working in Inclusive Settings in the Commonwealth of Virginia Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2001-02-13
Marcela, Michael Richard Factors influencing curriculum in elementary self-contained special education classrooms Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2007-10-05
Massey, Lori Marie The Value of Partnerships as a Mechanism for Systems Change: The Florida Experience (1974-2006) Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2006-12-16
Moche, Joanne Spiers Cost analysis of three southwest Virginia special education programs Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2009-03-04
Neely, Helen Meek Special Education Conflict Management at the School Building Level: A Multi-vocal Synthesis Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2005-03-28
Nelson, Bonnie. One child's use of assistive technology Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2007-02-05
Peterson, Deana R Development and field testing of the elementary school accessibilty checklist Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2007-10-05
Radcliffe, Patricia Matthews A comparison of staff development needs of beginning and experienced special education teachers of the mildly disabled Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2005-10-21
Robinett, Melinda Kathleen Special education due process hearings :state differences Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2008-06-06
Schetz, Katherine F Preschool discourse skill improvement with computer-assisted instruction Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2008-07-28
Schnittger, Edward J. Perceptions of special education adminstrator effectiveness Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2005-09-20
Smith, Myra Kay Davis To Bill or Not to Bill: Medicaid Billing for Special Education Related Services in Arkansas Public Schools Administration and Supervision of Special Education 1997-07-28
Stunson, Da Fayne A. Availability of speech-language programs serving students found ineligible for special education services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2005-10-26
Tickle, Benjamin Ray Public School Teachers' Perceptions of Administrative Support and its Mediating Effect on Their Job Satisfaction and Intent to Stay in Teaching Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2008-09-10
Warner, Jane Moss Evaluation of the College Bound Summer Program for High School Students with Disabilities Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2004-11-01
Watson, Alma Louise A descriptive analysis of parent and teacher perceptions regarding parent involvement in a program for the preschool handicapped Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2007-10-03
White, George T. Special education and teacher union contracts : an exploratory study Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2005-10-13
Whitt, Teresa Personal, Family, and Curriculum Variables Among High School Dropouts with Mild Disabilities Administration and Supervision of Special Education 1998-04-22
Williams, Carol Gatzke Development and test of a conceptual model of teacher job satisfaction Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2005-12-22
Chappell, Robert Thomas The effects of the implementation of total quality management on the Rappahannock County, Virginia public schools Administrative and Educational Services 2005-10-24
Jones, Lewis Margaret A comparison of two strategies used to reduce the number of dropout-prone students in urban middle schools Administrative and Educational Services 2005-10-13
Abdul-Karim, Brian Zayid Understanding the Islamic conversion experience of two African American males :a case study approach to decision making toward transformational change Adult and Continuing Education 2008-06-06
Abrahams, John Aron An analysis of the funding patterns and sources of community based organizations who deliver adult basic education Adult and Continuing Education 2007-10-05
Alfieri, Paul Allen Stages of Concern of Defense Systems Management College Faculty about Technology-Based Education and Training Adult and Continuing Education 1998-05-22
Bachman, Howard Floyd The on-line classroom for adult learners : an examination of teaching style and gender equity Adult and Continuing Education 2006-06-07
Ballard, Glenda Haywood Teaching in a new setting : adult basic educators in a national workplace literacy project, a qualitative case study of a national workplace literacy project Adult and Continuing Education 2005-10-20
Bare, Laila B. Handbooks as a Format for Learning understanding Handbooks through a Systematic Analysis of Handbooks for Ministers' Wives Adult and Continuing Education 1998-04-15
Barski-Carrow, Barbara Using Study Circles in the Workplace as an Educational Method of Facilitating Readjustment After a Traumatic Life Experience Adult and Continuing Education 1998-04-08
Boland, Wiley Newman Semper educare : the history of Marine Corps general education, 1973-1992 Adult and Continuing Education 2007-05-22
Brasler, Mary L Predictors of positive clinical performance evaluations of new graduate nurses participating in preceptor orientation programs Adult and Continuing Education 2008-07-28
Brown, Heather Moore Performance barriers to 8(a) small businesses: learning & policy implications Adult and Continuing Education 2008-06-06
Callender, Stephen McLean Response to 360-degree feedback as a management development intervention :deflection, change, and transformation Adult and Continuing Education 2008-06-06
Cassidy, Joan E. An analytic case study of the facilitation process used by individuals functioning as facilitators in the quality improvement process in the Internal Revenue Service Adult and Continuing Education 2005-10-14
Colborn, Anne Pas Learning to combine practice and research : an emerging role in occupational therapy Adult and Continuing Education 2007-08-03
Connatser, Larry Allen A study of the effect of an academic program on the moral development of incarcerated young adults in the Bland Correctional Center, Bland County, Virginia. Adult and Continuing Education 2012-11-30
Domokos-Bays, Becky L. The Role Of The Citizen's Clearinghouse For Hazardous Wastes As An Agent Of Adult Education In The Environmental Justice Movement From 1981-1985 Adult and Continuing Education 1998-07-13
Dorworth, Vicky E. Learning about the criminal justice protagonists : a content analysis of gender messages in the crime film genre Adult and Continuing Education 2006-06-07
Dwyer, Richard Gregg. Informal learning in the police subculture : a case study of probationary special agents of a federal criminal investigative agency Adult and Continuing Education 2006-06-19
Eltringham, Randy Newcome Creating a coordinated community response to domestic violence : a program and policy guide for community leaders Adult and Continuing Education 2006-11-08
Garrett, Clayton W. The relative effects of age and learning style mismatch on adult students' academic achievement and perception of instructors Adult and Continuing Education 2008-06-06
George, Rajamma Varghese Readiness for continued learning and empowered nursing practice among graduating nursing students of associate and baccalaureate degree programs Adult and Continuing Education 2005-10-24
Gest, Robert The evolution of the curriculum of the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, 1924-1988 : a search for rigor Adult and Continuing Education 2005-10-14
Hamel, John Carel The College-to-Work Transition Through Temporary Employment Services: A Case Study in an Information Technology Company Adult and Continuing Education 1998-04-15
Hardy, Christopher R. An examination of the dimensionalities and common constructs of selected adult cognitive learning style instruments Adult and Continuing Education 2008-09-19
Holton, Ed Organizational entry by new college graduates : implications for human resource development and universities Adult and Continuing Education 2005-10-13
Hutchinson, Frank DuBois The development and empirical test of a scale to measure organizational values for corporate excellence Adult and Continuing Education 2010-02-23
Jackson, Marsha Elizabeth Herstory :intergenerational transformational learning in upwardly mobile African American women Adult and Continuing Education 2007-08-08
Jacobson, Shirley Brown History of Employer-Provided Education from the Decades following the Civil War to the Post-Industrial Era, 1865 - 1970 Adult and Continuing Education 1998-06-11
Kumar, Angela Ewell The Influnce of Metacognition on Managerial Hiring Decision Making: Implications for Management Development Adult and Continuing Education 1998-06-22
Kunder, Linda Holder Employees' Perceptions of the Status and Effectiveness of the Training and Development System and of the Value of Training and Development Adult and Continuing Education 1998-04-14
Lawrence, Harriet Vee The effects of training in feedback on managers' attributional bias and perceived effectiveness of their work groups Adult and Continuing Education 2007-10-03
Lenaghan, Donna Dismuke The adult volunteer instructors' rite of initiation :training as a socialization process Adult and Continuing Education 2008-07-28
Lush, Craig L. The act and activities of invention : an autobiographical phenomenological case study of a visualizing inventor Adult and Continuing Education 2006-11-08
McCulloch, Myrtle R. The relationship of nutrition knowledge structures to accuracy of food label interpretation in adults Adult and Continuing Education 2005-10-24
McGregor, Roberta J Expert practice and career progression in selected clinical nurse specialists Adult and Continuing Education 2008-07-28
Merz, Jacqueline Ann Kern Stages of concern of managers about the adoption of satellite systems for training the Defense Finance and Accounting Service Adult and Continuing Education 2008-06-06
Meyrow, Arnold Burt The effect of on-screen instructor gender and expressivity upon adult learning of basic computer skills from an instructional videotape Adult and Continuing Education 2005-10-14
Mokoele, Johannes Matata Perspectives of Black South African Managers Regarding Advancement into Senior Corporate Management Positions: Implications for Human Resource Development Adult and Continuing Education 1997-11-19
Moore, Susan S. Continuing Professional Education for the Dietitian: A Critical Analysis of the Professional Development 2001 Model from an Adult Education Lens Adult and Continuing Education 1998-04-22
Morris, Linda E Strategies and tactics to access intuition :a look at the moment of solution Adult and Continuing Education 2007-08-23
Morton, Shirley T. Socialization-related learning, job satisfaction, and commitment for new employees in a federal agency Adult and Continuing Education 2006-06-07
Nason, Alan Barry Motivation of managers assigned to a Federal agency towards participation in government-sponsored training Adult and Continuing Education 1998-05-22
Okafor, Paul C. Post-World War II era of the national mass literacy campaign in Nigeria, 1940-1952 : an examination of the roles of the colonial administration and selected non-governmental agencies in the fight against illiteracy Adult and Continuing Education 2007-08-03
Okpara, Onwuchekwa Chukwu An application of Patricia Cross' chain of response model to educational interest/participation of public housing residents :a case study approach Adult and Continuing Education 2007-10-05
Pedigo, Elizabeth Anderson Participant evaluation of adult residential conferences at the Donaldson Brown Continuing Education Center. Adult and Continuing Education 2010-06-08
Perantoni, Esther Schwartz Earth-self interconnections :an exploration into the significance for continued global and individual growth Adult and Continuing Education 2012-11-20
Purdy, Martha Leete Adult Experience of Learning From Novels Adult and Continuing Education 1998-06-16
Rappaport, Yvonne K. The Whole World Was Their Classroom: the Contributions of Harry and Bonaro Overstreet to the Field of Adult Education Adult and Continuing Education 1998-05-06
Rawlings, Lyngrid Smith Voice from the village Adult and Continuing Education 2007-10-02
Read, Frederick R. The Perceived Value of Mentoring by Beginning Usarf Instructors With Formal, Informal and No Mentors Adult and Continuing Education 1997-05-19
Reche, George Nkonge Identification of teaching competencies of adult literacy teachers as perceived by the supervisors and the teachers of adult literacy in Kenya Adult and Continuing Education 2008-07-28
Redstrom-Plourd, Martha A. A History of the Outplacement Industry 1960-1997 from Job Search Counseling to Career Management a New Curriculum of Adult Learning Adult and Continuing Education 1998-04-20
Reio, Thomas G. Effects Of Curiosity On Socialization-Related Learning And Job Performance In Adults Adult and Continuing Education 1998-07-21
Saitta, Joseph V. Determining the Administrative Support and Professional Development Needs of Contract Instructors at a Civilian Federal Training Agency. Adult and Continuing Education 1998-06-09
Scott, Ernestine H Black professional women in dual-career families :the relationship of marital equity and sex role identity to the career commitment of the wife Adult and Continuing Education 2008-07-28
Smoczynski, Florence I. An Examination of the Perceived Educational Needs of Residents in Continuing Care Retirement Communities Adult and Continuing Education 1998-06-29
Spencer, Jessye Davis Competencies needed for the beginning level coronary critical care nurse :a Delphi study Adult and Continuing Education 2008-06-06
Stuart, Elizabeth An analysis of the residency requirement for the doctoral degree in the College of Education, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Adult and Continuing Education 2012-06-09
Tinelli, Archie Leaders and their learnings: What and how leaders learn as they transform organizations Adult and Continuing Education 2000-04-20
Wacks, V. Quinton Successful aging, coping and learning : a case study of two diverse groups of older adults Adult and Continuing Education 2007-07-10
Wesner, Marilyn Sawyer A journey of change :the history of team building in organizations, 1900-1989 Adult and Continuing Education 2008-06-06
Wiechert, Annette M. Training Needs Assessment as an Action Research Intervention in a Federal Agency Adult and Continuing Education 1997-12-13
Williamson, Faith Skordinski A midlife psycho-educational intervention based upon Jungian typological foundations Adult and Continuing Education 2008-06-06
A'Hearn, Francis W. The Industrial College of the Armed Forces: Contextual Analysis of an Evolving Mission, 1924-1994 Adult Education 1998-07-10
Dwyer, John L. Adult Education in Civil War Richmond January 1861- April 1865 Adult Education 1998-07-13
Leist, Marilyn Thomas Increasing Stages of Social Activism and Responsiveness to the National Agenda: How Women Experience Membership in the American Association of University Women Adult Education 1998-03-31
Banks, Felecia Moore Success Against the Odds: The Experience of At-Risk Students Who Graduate Fom Postseconday Institutions Adult Learning and Human Resource Development 2000-12-29
Barley, Karen L. Adult Learning in the Workplace: a Conceptualization and Model of the Corporate University Adult Learning and Human Resource Development 1998-04-16
Board, Barbara A An Examination of the Nature and Experience of Community Collaboration in Extension Education for At-Risk Populations in Virginia Adult Learning and Human Resource Development 2005-05-26
Bolster, Laurie A Time-Compressed Professionalization: The Experience of Public School Sign Language Interpreters in Mountain-Plains States Adult Learning and Human Resource Development 2005-04-20
Evans, Gwynnen Stokes programs on paper: an examination of virginia's service delivery area jobh training partnership act title II-A job training plans Adult Learning and Human Resource Development 1998-07-13
Faeth, Margaret Ann Power, Authority and Influence: A Comparative Study of the Behavioral Influence Tactics Used by Lay and Ordained Leaders in the Episcopal Church Adult Learning and Human Resource Development 2004-04-20
Gant, Lenora Peters The Implementation of Distance Learning In The Electronic Classroom Adult Learning and Human Resource Development 1997-12-02
Grace, Ellen La Causa Para La Raza: the Educative Processes And development of Knowledge in the United Farm Workers from 1962 to 1970 Adult Learning and Human Resource Development 1998-02-16
Johnson, Jennie Susan Organizational Justice, Moral Ideology, and Moral Evaluation as Antecedents of Moral Intent Adult Learning and Human Resource Development 2007-04-20
Kamen, Gale Ellen The Status, Survival, and Current Dilemma of a Female Dalit Cobbler of India Adult Learning and Human Resource Development 2004-04-02
McAndrew, Alice E. Surviving a Terminal Diagnosis: the Ultimate Lifelong Learning Experience Adult Learning and Human Resource Development 2004-06-18
Morgan, Patricia Ann The Meaning of the Motherhood Experience to the Work of the Internal Organizational Development Consultant/Manager: Three Case Studies Adult Learning and Human Resource Development 2003-04-24
Nussbaum, Barbara B. Examining the relationship among context, cognition, and conflict management in the workplace Adult Learning and Human Resource Development 2009-03-03
Orndorff, Earline Byrd The Short-Term Study Travel Experience for Adult Professionals: A Phenomenological Study Adult Learning and Human Resource Development 1998-06-11
Romanski-Livingston, Linda G. Organizational and Managerial Outcomes of a Cultural Diversity Training Program Adult Learning and Human Resource Development 1998-04-15
Stephens, Trina A. Twice Forty Years Of Learning: An Educational Biography of Robert Reid Howison (1820-1906) Adult Learning and Human Resource Development 1998-06-18
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Bryon, Hilary existence and continuity Architecture 2007-07-31
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de la Vega, Cecilia Building for the unseen Architecture 2006-08-14
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Guynn, Robert Livingstone A place for a children's camp Architecture 2008-09-09
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Hackworth, Benjamin My Mother’s Cabin: A Design in Memory Architecture 2012-09-18
Hadisadegh, Seyed Ali Roanoke municipal air terminal building Architecture 2013-02-06
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Hajric, Elma Embodiment - Architecture, Body and Mind (Inhabiting Urban Markers) Architecture 2006-01-05
Hakami, Mohammed Metropolitan House In Saudi Arabia Architecture 2012-05-25
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Hall, Nicole The Brick Panel Architecture 2006-05-09
Hall, Vernon Anthony A Meeting of Land and Water Architecture 2008-05-30
Hall, Andrea L. Tertium Quid at Pireus Point Architecture 2011-01-21
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Harrison, Jonathan in the blue .. an urban retreat Architecture 2006-06-07
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Hopkins, Steven Jason Acts of Liturgy Architecture 2005-01-10
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Huber, Jason Matthew Steel in an Architecture of Performance: Indoor Soccer Facility Architecture 2007-05-16
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Huebner, Scott Matthew Philadelphia Public Housing: Reknitting the Urban Fabric Architecture 1999-11-03
Huffman, Frank ex-centricity Architecture 2004-02-09
Hummel, Patrick B Wall / Frame Architecture 2008-07-30
Hunsaker, Gregory Brent Auspicium Aevum Architecture 2008-01-11
Hunt, Andrew Ryan a building within a building Architecture 2005-05-18
Hunter, Brian E. Checking in on the channel Architecture 2005-10-20
Huntington, Kacey Joy Folding: A House Architecture 2010-07-16
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Im, Joann Hyohan Chapel, Crematorium, and Columbaria Architecture 2000-01-11
Iorillo, Anthony Wayne Gathering: a study of public space through an inhabitable bridge in Southwest Washington, D.C. Architecture 2002-04-24
Iriarte, Miguel Angel Open Air Market in Old Town Alexandria Architecture 2002-05-13
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Jaeger, Andreas Library - Between past and present Architecture 1999-07-29
James, Geoffrey Abbot Cross-Cultural Exchange and The Infinite Place Architecture 1997-05-08
Jamgochian, Haigh A neighborhood for Richmond, Virginia Architecture 2010-03-17
Jarvis, Matthew Architecture of Acupuncture Architecture 2003-01-12
Jaskiewicz, Jr., John Gerald Dignity In Palliative Care: The Hospice at Skogafoss Falls Architecture 2011-05-23
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Johnson, Jennifer Lisa Evolution: A Museum of Entomology for Roosevelt Island Architecture 2005-08-03
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Johnson, Douglas Alan Relationships between owner/user satisfaction and the incorporation of daylighting into the retail building Architecture 2012-11-17
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Jones, Emma Davidson An Island Escape Architecture 2003-08-19
Jones, Kevin William Grounded Figure: A Winery Architecture 2004-07-27
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Jordan, Anne Michael Where learning meets dwelling Architecture 2006-05-30
jospitre, maryse urban fashion Architecture 1999-10-26
Jun, Kyongsik Nocturnal Flight: Dynamic Imagination in architecture Architecture 2009-04-06
Jung, Woo-Ram Absorbing Darkness Architecture 2010-10-15
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Karius, Brooke Emlen SoundSkinSpace Architecture 2006-02-14
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Keeney, Benjamin S. Motion and Emotion, Urban Dwelling in New Orleans Architecture 2006-08-30
Kennedy, Sharlee McWhite Umbau Architecture 2005-06-08
Kennedy, Michael Farrell West Virginia House: A Union of Two Vernaculars Architecture 2006-02-07
Kennedy, Victoria Rachel Xix, A Memorial and Study on the Proximity and Proportion of the Circle and the Square Architecture 2012-05-14
Keswani, Girisha H Revealing the Grid Architecture 2008-02-24
Khalil, Ahmed M The Urban Precinct: A Case Study for an Urban-Inspired On-Campus Medical Center at Virginia Tech Architecture 2012-01-11
Khalsa, Neelum Finding Ariadne's Thread: A School of Dance for 'La Tarantella' Architecture 2008-10-09
Khanna, Amit Development and Demonstration of a Performance Test Protocol For Radiant Floor Heating Systems. Architecture 2006-01-18
Khidir, Omeima M.O. Bridging between the Contemporary and the Vernacular architecture Architecture 1999-05-05
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King, Jonathan Lee Artifacts of Questions Asked Architecture 2012-12-05
Kishimoto, Kyo Aquarium Room Architecture 2005-08-16
Knee, Patrick Quentin Proscenium: Building the Fourth Wall Architecture 2008-11-24
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Korkuti, Arian City on the Hill - Palazzo della Commedia Architecture 2012-09-13
Koslosky, Barrow Arthur 4 Elements of Deer Field Inn Architecture 2004-05-10
Krajnik, Jeffrey Donald Connection and Differentiation: Housing for an Urban Renaissance Architecture 2001-12-04
Kramer, Kyle Matthew United Stadium: Envisioning a Truly Urban Stadium Architecture 2008-11-05
Kranbuehl, Donald David Interplay - An Architecture School for Duke University Architecture 2000-03-15
Krapp, James Joseph "At the Still Point of the Turning World": A Reference to Time and Movement Architecture 2007-04-12
Kredell, Stephen John Seeing Through a Wall Architecture 1997-03-10
Kruhm, Kathryn Elizabeth Four Houses A Language of Transition from Earth to Sky Architecture 1999-12-07
Kubo, Atsuko Between Synergy and Synesthesia Architecture 2000-09-15
Kumar, Manoj In-situ monitoring of an Omni directional roof vent on a low slope single ply roof to identify most efficient porous underlayment for maximum pressure propagation. Architecture 2006-05-22
Kunjara Na Ayudhya, Indhava The Design of Daylight Transporting Systems for Deep Space Illumination Architecture 2005-09-01
Kutzer, Bernhard W. 'SUSTAINABILITY AS A DESIGN TOOL' a sustainable biology and chemistry teaching laboratory for Georgetown University in Washington D.C. "inform[ation]al backbone" Architecture 2004-09-17
Lam, Alwan Abdulrahman Designing is Cooking: A Museum of Gastronomy Architecture 2012-05-16
Lamadrid-Eckert, Eliana del Carmen A Center for Dance and Carnivals Temporary vs. Permanent Architecture 2004-05-06
Lamplugh, Ryan Weston House of Woven Space Architecture 2012-05-21
Lancaster, James 24 hr Building: A Study into the Cyclical Nature of Architecture Architecture 2008-12-02
Lane, Jessica L Adaptive Reuse: Produce Warehouse to Apartment Lofts Architecture 2008-05-27
Larsen, Matthew Material and Form Architecture 2006-02-24
Latulippe, Michael An architecture of a wall Architecture 1998-09-14
Law, Peter Z Traveling Theater Architecture 2011-04-19
Lazarte, Juancarlos H The Presidential Memorial Museum Architecture 2003-06-28
Lee, SeungJu Layers for communition : low-rise, high density apartments in-between urban and suburban Architecture 1998-10-21
Lee, Jong Bum Wal Mart: New stratedy in urban scale for American downtowns Architecture 2007-05-01
Lee, Grace Drawing Through 4 Seasons Architecture 2009-11-17
Lee, Ok-Hyun Life Via The Wall Architecture 2009-12-19
LeFew, Ashley Marie Gathering Blue, Holding the Aqueous Architecture 2012-08-20
Lehman, Theodore Welby complexity form order structure Architecture 2008-05-29
Lemons, Rye Daniel Implied Boundaries Architecture 2006-05-21
Li, Shang-Shiou A Protocol to Determine the Performance of South Facing Double Glass Façade System-A Preliminary Study of Active/Passive Double Glass Façade Systems Architecture 2001-04-21
Li, Xin In process... Architecture 2000-06-22
Li, Yanyan In-Between Space - Museum of Chinese Tea Architecture 2006-12-09
Li, Ji Ribbon Complex Architecture 2011-12-22
Likens, Kevin Walls with Presence Architecture 2008-02-16
Lin, Tza-jen My Father's House -Element, Space, and Architecture Architecture 2000-07-13
Lin, Qiuda Folding & Flowing: A Museum of Paper Art in Suzhou, China Architecture 2005-05-08
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Pomerance, Ethan The Giant Dream Chamber Architecture 2009-09-11
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Rosales, Jorge Enrique Revolving Scenarios Architecture 2010-05-16
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Rugh, Jonathan Joseph Demonstrations Architecture 2009-06-05
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Stearns, Luke PrayerMountain Blacksburg Central - A New Middle School Architecture 2009-06-05
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Steltzer, Derrick Enclosure Architecture 2004-08-17
Stephens, Scott McDonald An Urban Camp for Boat Building Architecture 2004-04-20
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Tai, An-chi Life, Living, & Space Architecture 2006-06-26
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Taylor, Jonathan Lorin Lines of Discovery Architecture 2005-10-22
Tedesco, Patricia Interplay: Studies in Rowhouse Design Architecture 2003-08-05
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Tenace, Stephen M Aperture Architecture 2001-05-14
Tennant, Mark The Renewal Center Time, Experience, Memory Architecture 2006-01-26
Terrell, Lewis Neal A Woven Place Architecture 2005-01-09
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Thomas, Jr., Emmett E. The Search For Structure in a Baptist Church Architecture 2007-01-20
Thompson, Leslie J. ON THE ART OF FORTIFICATION: A New Visitor’s Center to Revitalize Fort Washington Park Architecture 2012-05-31
Tiller, Clifton Odell A Wesley Foundation Center for Blacksburg, Virginia Architecture 2010-04-26
Tincher, Stephanie Suzanne Structure & Freedom - A Montessori School in Georgetown Architecture 2009-07-15
Todd, Alan Curry An Axis Through Nature: Ranger Station at Pandapas Pond Architecture 2007-05-03
Tomi Ngancha, Joseph Francis Architectural Project Design of "THE SEAT OF THE AFRICAN CRIMINAL COURT" In French, Projet d'Etudes Architectural du "SIEGE DE LA COUR PENAL INTERAFRICAINE" Architecture 2009-07-27
Torres-Barreto, Jose Antonio dis.PLAY - Center for the Art of Moving Images. A Film Center for Washington, D.C. Architecture 2006-02-24
Toth, Alice A Thread of Continuity Architecture 1999-08-05
Townes VI, William Waverley a study of showing Architecture 2008-05-30
Tremblay, Clifford Allen Two Screens and an Urban Place Architecture 2007-05-22
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Trumbo, Joanne Arthur A Path for Water Architecture 2008-08-21
Tseng, Hui-Min Reality and Imagination A Place for Blacksburg Architecture 2000-04-03
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Ubben, Carolyn Wilson An Urban Graduate Center Architecture 1999-10-19
Uhrich, Dolores Joan A residential school for the mentally retarded children of Montgomery County, Maryland Architecture 2010-05-04
Usdu, Canan JOINT - critical junctions in architecture Architecture 2003-04-07
Utt, Melissa Gail Building the Tango Architecture 2008-12-16
Valentine, Matthew These Lines are Material Architecture 2008-11-03
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VanderPoel, Peter F Polyrhythms and Architecture Architecture 2006-05-04
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Vaught, Margaret Allgair Una casa a Ludiano Architecture 2008-09-09
Vélez-Alvarez, Luis Community Workshop Architecture 2008-01-30
Vermeulen, Susan E. Penetrable walls Architecture 2008-09-09
Vicens, Rebeca Alley-Gallery Architecture 2003-11-16
Victor, John Samuel Interaction of Low Frequency Sound with Glass and other Building Materials in the Design of a Concert Hall for Symphony Orchestra and Choir. Architecture 2009-05-28
Vogler, Nina-Christin Formation of a bath - Geological processes in Architecture Architecture 2005-09-06
Wagner, Matthew David richmond local arts museum; urban identity : recognition through transformation Architecture 2007-06-22
Waites, Elizabeth Anne Meridian International Contemporary Culture Center Proposed Addition to Meridian International Center Architecture 2008-05-27
Wallace, Fred Clarence Reciprocity- a Design Thesis Architecture 1998-01-28
Waltz, Christopher S. At The Water's Edge: The Grid in Coastal Construction Architecture 2000-01-16
Wambaugh, Virginia (De)Constructing Thresholds Architecture 2010-11-20
Wang, Peng New Craig County Hall -- A Scene Container Architecture 2003-10-29
Wang, Lu VOLUMETRIC TRANSPARENCY: Application of an Improved Double Glass Facade System to Cowgill Hall, Blacksburg Architecture 2005-02-14
Wang, Mian Urban Frame Architecture 2005-11-09
Wang, Zhen Almost Level Architecture 2006-07-06
Wang, Gang Nanjing Library a Study of Intangible Contents of Architecture Architecture 2005-05-31
Wang, Fei A Museum of the Illustrations of the Hall Encircled by Jade Architecture 2005-06-30
Webber, Emily May An Exaggerated Perspective Arcade Architecture 2009-06-05
Weber, Michael Edward Limin Architecture 2009-03-12
Webne, Benjamin Joseph Pars Pro Toto (A Part for the Whole): Re-Envsioning the RFK Stadium Site Architecture 2008-08-22
Weddle, Evelyn Luck Life in Downtown Architecture 2001-09-29
Wehby, Janet Been A Place of Worship An Architecture Celebrating the Interconnectedness of God, Nature, and Man Architecture 2011-07-06
Weidner, Derek Edward Golden Ratio House: A Construction of Form Architecture 2012-05-01
Weindelmayer, Laura Celeste Rappahannock River Edge Architecture 2000-02-26
Weinheimer, John F. A Place of Our Own Architecture 1997-08-16
Weiseman, Jeffrey Reed A typology of relation Architecture 2008-08-25
Weissberger, David Economie House Architecture 2007-06-27
Wendt, Michael George Eastern Seaport Master Plan Architecture 2011-05-23
Wenzel, Andreas Adoptable Space Architecture 2004-12-16
Weppler, Carly Patricia A Lighthouse Architecture 2012-05-16
Werner, Nathan Paul "Cellules":Social Structuring at Casa Maderni Architecture 2004-12-03
West, Aaron William An Exploration of the Natural Ventilation Strategies At the World Trade Center, Amsterdam Architecture 2000-11-08
West, Aaron William The Perry Street Edge: Developing A New Pedestrian Portal To Virginia Tech Architecture 2009-06-09
Whang, Jamie Jung-A An Urban Monastery and Its Genius Loci Architecture 2005-06-23
White, Jr., John Philip Architect / Builder : Builder / Architect Architecture 2004-02-28
Whitney, Marilyn Corson A History of the Professionalization of Interior Design: Viewed Through Three Case Studies of the Process of Licensure Architecture 2008-10-31
Winnike, Christopher John A Theater for Gallaudet University at Florida Avenue Market Architecture 2012-05-16
Wirth, Amber Leigh Healthy Building, People, Planet a Place for Learning and Play Architecture 2010-01-15
Wirth, John Michael An Exploration of the Masonry Wall Architecture 2011-12-05
Witter, Kevin Glenn A position on architectural education Architecture 2009-03-12
Witzig, Nadja The Building as an Educational Tool - A Competitive Sport Boarding School Architecture 2003-12-12
Wolf, Bettina Revealing Essence Architecture 1998-07-12
Woodrum, Milton Lanier Phantom Limbs:urban history and the generation of built form Architecture 2006-05-26
Worden, Alexander Emergent Explorations: Analog and Digital Scripting Architecture 2011-05-10
Worsley, Gayll Black Filmmaker's Foundation Architecture 2003-11-01
Wright, Daniel Drawing Towards Building Architecture 2011-06-21
Wright, Timothy John Community Space in the Urban Context Architecture 2008-08-09
Wu, Jiang A Chinese Community Center Architecture 2005-08-01
Wu, Kejia An Urban Edge for Innovation & Reservation: create a figurative stage for students to perform their lives Architecture 2010-12-15
Wu, Hao Moments in a pavilion Architecture 2012-05-07
Wulfing, Kathryn Wells Compasso d'Oro and Changes in the Italian Domestic Landscape Architecture 2003-07-30
Wunder, Steven Between Earth and Sky Architecture 1998-06-28
Xie, Wenshu Moon House Architecture 2012-08-09
Xu, Jun Transitions -- Design a Courthouse Architecture 1999-12-13
Xu, Zheng Thermal Performance Comparison of Three Integrated Thermal Solar Roof Collectors Architecture 2004-11-30
Yang, Yushi Design: Encouraging Sustainability Through Persuasion Architecture 2013-02-21
Yao, Wei Green Building Design 300H Street NE, Washington DC Architecture 2010-01-05
Yim, Wai Lun Energic Architecture in Old Town Alexandria Architecture 2004-08-11
Youssef, Lyndl Thorsen Architecture, A Public Engagement with: Purpose Poetry Place Prospect Program Principle Process Architecture 2005-09-17
Yusufzai, Zinat The Lucidity of Place Architecture 2001-11-30
Zaheda, Mahjabeen Images: A Mask for Scuola Vecchia della Misericordia,Venice. Architecture 2007-01-10
Zellweger, Jon Robert The Silver Fraction - A Weathered Inebriation: Plans, Elevations, Sections, Details, Models and Texts for a Brewery and a Biergarten on the bank of the Potomac River, Alexandria, Virginia Architecture 2004-04-01
Zeron, Laura Hidalgo Designing for the waterfront Architecture 2008-09-09
Zhao, Ying A decision-support framework for design of natural ventilation in non-residential buildings Architecture 2007-04-20
Zhu, Qi A discussion of two design approaches in Architecture Architecture 1999-08-02
Zhu, Qi Shi in Architecture: the Efficacy of Traditional Chinese Doors Architecture 2008-05-15
Zhu, Jun A study for preserving and renovating the main building of Solitude at Virginia Tech Architecture 2010-02-16
Ziegler, Jochen refin [d]ing process Architecture 1998-11-04
Zimina, Natalia The Journey: Theatre and Arts center Architecture 2010-02-18
Zimmerman, Jessica Louise A New Middle Landscape : An Urban Neighborhood Architecture 2010-07-15
Ziobro, Regan Michel PHENOMENOLOGY and AMBIGUITY: physical perception of indefiniteness Architecture 2010-08-23
Zogaib, Raymond Urban Stitch Architecture 2011-03-14
Zubyk, Jr., Richard Anthony Scripture as Architecture Architecture 2002-04-20
Bozorgi, Alireza A Framework for Integrating Value and Uncertainty in the Sustainable Options Analysis in Real Estate Investment Architecture and Design Research 2012-02-29
Huang, Tao Reforming Industrial Design Education in Mainland China for Sustainability Architecture and Design Research 2007-04-19
Ma'bdeh, Shouib Nouh A Decision-Support Framework for the Design and Application of Radiant Cooling Systems Architecture and Design Research 2011-11-07
Tekle, Nebiyou Groundplay Architecture and Design Research 2004-08-24
Pittman, Vance Hunter Inquiries of a designer Architecture and Environmental Design 2009-12-16
Solomon, Lee Ann An interstice Architecture and Environmental Design 2010-02-24
Braaten, Lia Marie Objects of Desire: The Foot as a Site Architecture and Industrial Design 1998-05-08
Mongeon, Murphy Greene Utility in Organization Architecture and Industrial Design 2003-03-17
Burton, Patrick Assessment of the use of DRASTIC results by local governments in Virginia Architecture and Urban Studies 2010-01-20
Devlin, Jennifer A A survey of seating preferences in urban open spaces Architecture and Urban Studies 2009-02-13
Echols, Stuart Patton Teaching design :a qualitative study of design studio instruction Architecture and Urban Studies 2009-12-04
Grumbine, Randall C. A qualitative analysis of open space planning using Montgomery County, MD. Architecture and Urban Studies 2009-03-04
Huang, Xianwen An examination of the role orientation of planners in Taipei Architecture and Urban Studies 2012-09-08
Joseph, Alice From nostalgia to architecture : a stair for New York City Architecture and Urban Studies 2005-10-20
Karandikar, Swanandesh S. Expert system applications in architecture Architecture and Urban Studies 2012-08-01
Lambert, Joseph Edward 2 Questions: what becomes architecture Architecture and Urban Studies 1998-09-21
McLeod, John Huffman Ten Thoughts on Architecture Architecture and Urban Studies 1997-02-10
Minetree, Jennifer Grace Interspaces the Odd Fellows Lodge Architecture and Urban Studies 1997-09-26
Poley, Lisa D. Community and the Habits of Democratic Citizenship: An Investigation into Civic Engagement, Social Capital and Democratic Capacity-Building in U.S. Cohousing Neighborhoods Architecture and Urban Studies 2007-11-02
Scurfield, Michelle Hondal How to Represent a Country in a Foreign Land: Italian Cancelleria Architecture and Urban Studies 1997-06-23
Velha, Bernardo Sunergy of Architecture and Sport Architecture and Urban Studies 1997-12-11
Viar, Kristin D Rural vernacular building tradition :the design, construction, and use of springhouses in Montgomery County, Virginia Architecture and Urban Studies 2009-04-08
Westmoreland, Jeffrey William Assessment of small town form and patterns Architecture and Urban Studies 2009-02-13

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