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Ba-abbad, Mazen Reliability-based Design Optimization of a Nonlinear Elastic Plastic Thin-Walled T-Section Beam Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2004-05-26
Babahosseini, Hesam Nanoparticle-Based Drug Delivery and the Impacts on Cancer Cell Biophysical Markers Biological Systems Engineering 2015-10-02
Babb, Harold Wentz An empirical analysis of the industrial buying process for the purchase of temporary clerical help Business Administration 2010-04-07
Babcock, Gwen Maize β-glucosidase substrate specificity and natural substrates Biology 2009-10-31
Babendreier, Justin Eric Hydrologic-Based Ecological Risk Assessment of Urban, Agriculture, and Coal Mining Impacts Upon Aquatic Habitat, Toxicity, and Biodiversity Civil Engineering 2000-08-01
Baber, Courtney Leigh An Introduction to List Colorings of Graphs Mathematics 2009-06-08
Babiceanu, Radu Florin Holonic-based control system for automated material handling systems Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-07-18
Babylon, Ruth G. The Use of Community-Based Conservation in Natural Resource Management: Case Studies from The Nature Conservancy of Virginia Urban Affairs and Planning 2003-11-13
Baccouch, Mahboub Superconvergence and A posteriori Error Estimation for the Discontinuous Galerkin Method Applied to Hyperbolic Problems on Triangular Meshes Mathematics 2008-02-29
Bach, Annette L. Home-based Business Workspace: Satisfaction of North Dakota Women Entrepreneurs Housing, Interior Design, and Resource Management 1997-07-17
Bacha, Ryan Joseph Intensified Nature Architecture 2003-07-07
Bacha, Andrew Reed Line Detection and Lane Following for an Autonomous Mobile Robot Mechanical Engineering 2005-05-26
Bacher, Stephen E. Supplier-customer relationships :a study of the application of quality management in the federal government Public Administration and Policy 2008-06-06
Bachman, Howard Floyd The on-line classroom for adult learners : an examination of teaching style and gender equity Adult and Continuing Education 2006-06-07
Back, Henning Olling Internal Radioactive Source Calibration of the Borexino Solar Neutrino Experiment Physics 2004-09-24
Backert, Rachel G. A Nonlinear Approach to Gender bias in Leadership Emergence Perceptions Psychology 2004-07-01
Badami, Anand Shreyans Bioresorbable Electrospun Tissue Scaffolds of Poly(ethylene glycol-b-lactide) Copolymers for Bone Tissue Engineering Macromolecular Science and Engineering 2004-10-24
Badami, Anand Shreyans Morphological and Structure-Property Analyses of Poly(arylene ether sulfone)-Based Random and Multiblock Copolymers for Fuel Cells Macromolecular Science and Engineering 2007-11-05
Badasyan, Narine Game Theoretic Models of Connectivity Among Internet Access Providers Economics 2004-06-18
Badger, Robert L. Geochemistry and petrogenesis of the Catoctin Volcanic Province, central Appalachians Geological Sciences 2009-03-04
Badieyan, Somayesadat Molecular Design and Mechanistic Characterization of Glycoside Hydrolases using Computational and Experimental Techniques Biological Systems Engineering 2012-01-31
Badillo, Brian Elvis Migrating Three Dimensional Interaction Techniques Computer Science 2007-05-07
Badinelli, Kimberle A. The effects of managerial behavioral characteristics on subordinate job satisfaction : Human Nutrition and Foods 2009-12-16
Badirwang, Keeletlhoko Faith The Effects of Program Attributes on Behavior Change for Healthy Weight for Healthy Kids Program in Virginia Agricultural and Applied Economics 2012-08-23
Baditoi, Barbara E. Students Placed At-Risk of School Failure In An Era of Educational Reform: Implications for Staff Development Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2005-03-28
Badr, Mazen Younes Project assessment procedure for the PATRIOT Power Plant using the analytic hierarchy process Systems Engineering 2010-04-12
Badr, Lamya A Comparative Study of Cooling System Parameters in U.S. Thermoelectric Power Plants Environmental Engineering 2010-09-10
Badyoczek, Anna UNtheater Architecture 2011-01-13
Bae, Han-Kyung Control of Switched Reluctance Motors Considering Mutual Inductance Electrical and Computer Engineering 2000-08-10
Bae, Kyung Kyoon Analytical Framework for the Performance Analysis of Multiple Antenna Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005-10-07
Bae, Sanghoon Dynamic estimation of travel time on arterial roads by using automatic vehicle location (AVL) bus as a vehicle probe Civil Engineering 2007-10-02
Bae, Sanghoon Development of a real-time and geographical information system-based transit management information system Civil Engineering 2009-11-24
Bae, Ki-Hwan Integrated Airline Operations: Schedule Design, Fleet Assignment, Aircraft Routing, and Crew Scheduling Industrial and Systems Engineering 2010-11-30
Baek, Jiewon La littérature française du vingtième siècle entre la mémoire et l’oubli : Proust, Beckett, Perec, et Blanchot

Twentieth Century French Literature between memory and forgetting : Proust, Beckett, Perec, and Blanchot

Foreign Languages and Literatures 2010-04-23
Baer, Leonard Alternative health care in the 1990's :the influence of legal constraints on the locational behavior of acupuncturists, chiropractors, and homeopaths Geography 2010-05-11
Baer, Ronald G. A morphological and systematic study of the first and second instars of the Kermesidae in the Nearctic region (Homoptera: Coccoidea) Entomology 2010-06-08
Baez, Carolina Potential Economic Benefits from Plantain Integrated Pest Management Adoption: The Case of Coastal Rural Households in Ecuador. Agricultural and Applied Economics 2005-01-03
Bafna, Tarun Extending the range of linear scheduling in highway construction Civil Engineering 2009-08-22
Bagade, Prashant Genetics of Resistance to Peanut Mottle Virus in Soybean Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 1998-03-16
Bagchi, Tamishraha Immune mechanisms in murine brucellosis : studies with strain RB51, a rough mutant of Brucella abortus Veterinary Medical Sciences 2005-09-16
Baggett, Benjamin Matthew Wall Optimization of Aperiodically Spaced Antenna Arrays for Wideband Applications Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-05-10
Baghdadi, Jihad Abdul-Hadi Designs for Zero Polarization-Mode Dispersion And polarization-Maintaining Fibers Electrical and Computer Engineering 1998-05-08
Baghdasaryan, Areg Gagik Automatic Phoneme Recognition with Segmental Hidden Markov Models Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-02-08
Bagley, Christopher A. Controlling Tobacco Mosaic Virus in Tobacco through Resistance Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2002-01-12
Bagley, Clyde Pattison The palatability and nutrient value of tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea Schreb.) forage and evaluation of seven systems of forage finishing beef steers. Animal Science 2010-07-08
Bagwell, Dorothy Caroline Work and Personal Financial Outcomes of Credit Counseling Clients Near Environments 2000-10-08
Bagwell, Jonathan Deep Deck and Cellular Deck Diaphragm Strength and Stiffness Evaluation Civil Engineering 2007-06-22
Bahammam, Omar Salem Study of the domestic open spaces in low-rise dwelling units in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Landscape Architecture 2009-09-05
Baheti, Sanjay K. Non-linear finite element thermo-hydrodynamic analysis of oil ring seals used in high pressure centrifugal compressors Mechanical Engineering 2008-06-06
Bahner, Mark A. A reduced-turbulence, reduced-entrainment electrostatic precipitator Environmental Engineering 2009-03-12
Bahng, Youngjin Developing a Retail Buying Model Based on the Use of Assortment Decision Factors Apparel, Housing, and Resource Management 2011-06-14
Bahrami, Arash Nonlinear Dynamics of Tapping Mode Atomic Force Microscopy Engineering Science and Mechanics 2012-08-16
Bai, Yuming Optimization of Power MOSFET for High-Frequency Synchronous Buck Converter Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003-09-09
Bai, Feiming Structure-Property Relationships of Multifeorric Materials - A Nano Perspective Materials Science and Engineering 2006-06-16
Bai, Guofeng Low-Temperature Sintering of Nanoscale Silver Paste for Semiconductor Device Interconnection Materials Science and Engineering 2005-10-31
Bai, Hong Synthetic and metabolic studies on 1-methyl-4-(1-methylpyrrol-2-yl)-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine, a neurotoxic analog of the Parkinsonian inducing agent MPTP Chemistry 2009-08-04
Baidas, Mohammed Wael Node Selection, Synchronization and Power Allocation in Cooperative Wireless Networks Electrical and Computer Engineering 2012-03-27
Baifang, Li An expert system for preliminary selection of hydrostatic transmission components Agricultural Engineering 2010-06-12
Baik, Hojong Development of Optimization and Simulation Models for the Analysis of Airfield Operations Civil Engineering 2000-06-30
Baik, Jai Wook X control charts in the presence of correlation Statistics 2005-10-19
Baik, Jungshik Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Composition on the Performance and Characteristics of PEM Fuel Cell Catalyst Layers Mechanical Engineering 2006-08-09
Bail, Thomas R. A Disturbance-Rejection Problem for a 2-D Airfoil Exhibiting Flutter Mathematics 1998-07-11
Baile, Kenneth C. A Study of Strategic Planning in Federal Organizations Public Administration and Public Affairs 1998-04-27
Bailey, Philip Donald The Impact of Federal and State Income Taxes on Forest Landowners: An Examination of Tax Liabilities and Tax Planning Forestry 1999-04-12
Bailey, David Samuel The Feasibilty of Recycling CCA Treated Wood From Spent Residential Decks Wood Science and Forest Products 2003-03-21
Bailey, William Anthony Herbicide-based Weed Management Systems for Potato (Solanum tuberosum) and Wheat (Triticum aestivum) and Growth and Reproductive Characteristics of Smooth Pigweed (Amaranthus hybridus) Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 2002-08-09
Bailey, Cara L. Understanding the Meaning of Community Engagement for Aging in Place within a Social Capital Framework Environmental Design and Planning 2007-08-01
Bailey, Carroll R. A case study of the implementation of inclusion as an instructional practice in an urban inner city school division impacting on regular and special education Administration and Educational Supervision 2008-06-06
Bailey, Thomas M. Analysis of firm desirability among Virginia's economic development directors Agricultural and Applied Economics 2008-11-18
Bailey, John Anderson Novel preparation of endohedral metallofullerenes via laser vaporization of fullerene/metal pellets Chemistry 2009-05-09
Bailey, Daniel A. Simulation and implementation of fixed-point digital filter structures Electrical Engineering 2009-07-11
Bailey, Fred Washington Models for differential age acceleration Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-12-05
Bailey, Sharon Rose The microwave spectra and molecular structures of N-fluoroformyliminosulfur difluoride and pentafluorosulfanyliminosulfur diflouride Chemistry 2010-04-07
Bailey, Kendall Lyons The Future of the Tea Party: A Comparison of the Progressive (Bull Moose) Party and the Tea Party Movement Political Science 2012-08-15
Bailie, Samuel Todd Effects of Inlet Guide Vane Flow Control on Forced Response of a Transonic Fan Mechanical Engineering 2003-11-07
Bair, Warren H. An analysis of the racial impact of Proposition 48 on intercollegiate athletics Sports Management 2009-07-10
Baird, Kevin Michael Evaluating the Effectiveness of Augmented Reality and Wearable Computing for a Manufacturing Assembly Task Industrial and Systems Engineering 1999-07-11
Baird, Brenda Ratcliff EEG activation patterns in the frontal lobes of stutterers and nonstutterers during working memory tasks Psychology 2005-11-10
Bais, Viraj Kumar Simulation of multistage detector for spread-spectrum applications Electrical Engineering 2009-12-23
Baisden, Andrew Carson Modeling and Characterization of Power Electronic Converters with an Integrated Transmission-Line Filter Electrical and Computer Engineering 2006-05-24
Baisden, Andrew Carson Generalized Terminal Modeling of Electro-Magnetic Interference Electrical and Computer Engineering 2009-11-30
Baity, Sean Marshall Development of a Next-generation Experimental Robotic Vehicle (NERV) that Supports Intelligent and Autonomous Systems Research Mechanical Engineering 2005-12-13
Baiyee, Martha Ndako The effect of videotape training on teacher's use of "bridging strategies" within an interactionist framework Family and Child Development 2006-10-04
Bajwa, Maninder Singh Assessment of Analytical Procedures for Designing Metal Buildings for Wind Drift Serviceability Civil Engineering 2010-08-18
Baker, Kori S. Utilization of Yolk as a Feed Source In newly Hatched Chicks With and Without vitellin Animal and Poultry Sciences 1998-07-25
Baker, Donald Alexander A Finite Element Study of Stresses in Stepped Splined Shafts, and Partially Splined Shafts Under Bending, Torsion, and Combined Loadings Mechanical Engineering 2000-11-09
Baker, Della A. The Evaluation of University-Community Engagement Scholarship Within the College Level Promotion and Tenure Process Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2001-05-10
Baker, Eric Matthew Design of Radial Mode Piezoelectric Transformers for Lamp Ballast Applications Electrical and Computer Engineering 2002-05-08
Baker, Shawn A. An analysis of timber trespass and theft issues in the Southern Appalachian region Forestry 2003-05-21
Baker, David Make it so: How low-resourced school districts implement a Virginia state mandate to prepare K-12 teachers to integrate technology into the classroom Teaching and Learning 2003-12-18
Baker, John Garrett Ecological Infrastructure: A Framework for Planning and Design "Addressing Landscape Connectivity and Wildlife Resources for Interstate Highway Systems" Landscape Architecture 2005-05-19
Baker, John C. An ethnographic study of cultural influences on the responses of college freshmen to contemporary Appalachian short stories Curriculum and Instruction 2005-09-16
Baker, Colleen R. A Study of Factors Predicting Dating Violence Perpetration Among Male and Female College Students Human Development 2007-02-01
Baker, Lauren Patricia An Exploration of Movement and the Human Form Architecture 2007-05-06
Baker, W. Kevin The role of organizational commitment and job satisfaction in progressive withdrawal behaviors :testing a comprehensive model with integrated methodology Management 2007-10-03
Baker, Nathan LibX IE: An Internet Explorer Add-On for Direct Library Access Computer Science 2007-10-26
Baker, Rebecca Dain Fluorescent Microspheres as Surrogates for Salmonella enterica serotype Typhimurium in Recovery Studies from Stainless Steel Food Science and Technology 2008-05-06
Baker, William E. Campus community :students' search for an operational definition College Student Personnel 2008-06-06
Baker, Kenneth R. Importance sampling simulation of free-space optical APD pulse position modulation receivers Electrical Engineering 2008-06-06
Baker, Katherine Costs of Reclamation on Southern Appalachian Coal Mines: A cost-effectiveness analysis for reforestation versus hayland/pasture reclamation Forestry 2008-06-27
Baker, Arnold B. The application of A. Maizels' expost formulation of the the Chenery-Strout growth model to Peru. Economics 2009-08-05
Baker, Scott M. Evaluation of quickstand bermudagrass fertilized with two rates of nitrogen and grazed by sheep at different stocking rates in a temperate environment Animal Science 2009-11-24
Baker, Karen Irene Unsteady surface heat flux and temperature measurements Mechanical Engineering 2009-12-04
Baker, Wilfred G. A software requirement development model Systems Engineering 2009-12-16
Baker, Albert LeRoy The metabolic role of intracellular inorganic polyphosphate during the synchronous growth of Chlorella pyrenoidosa Biochemistry and Nutrition 2010-04-26
Baker, Melissa Service behaviors and time preferences of rural and urban restaurant customers Hospitality and Tourism Management 2010-05-19
Bakhshaie, Amir Testing an Actor Network Theory Model of Innovation Adoption with econometric methods. Science and Technology Studies 2008-05-09
Bakhshi, Narendra Nath Intensity distribution in cylindrical and bowl shaped transducers and sono-dialysis of a caustic solution Chemical Engineering 2010-05-19
Bakshi, Nishita Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures: The Case of Mexican Avocados Agricultural and Applied Economics 2003-07-21
Bakshi, Dhrumeel Techniques for Seed Computation and Testability Enhancement for Logic Built-In Self Test Electrical and Computer Engineering 2012-10-23
Balabanov, Vladimir Olegovich Development of Approximations for HSCT Wing Bending Material Weight using Response Surface Methodology Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 1997-05-09
Balachandar, Shreerekha Back annotation for conceptual structures Electrical Engineering 2009-06-11
Balachandran, Balakumar A theoretical and experimental study of modal interactions in resonantly forced structures Engineering Mechanics 2005-09-16
Balakrishnan, Mahalingam The Role of Turbulence on the Entrainment of a Single Sphere and the Effects of Roughness on Fluid-Solid Interaction Mechanical Engineering 1997-08-28
Balakrishnan, Sreenath A Numerical Elastic Model for Deforming Bat Pinnae Mechanical Engineering 2010-12-22
Balakumaran, Soundar Sriram G. Influence of Bridge Deck Concrete Parameters on the Reinforcing Steel Corrosion Civil Engineering 2010-05-12
Balash, Daniel J Design evaluation of alternative sonar system configurations Systems Engineering 2009-10-22
Balasubrahmanyam, Sunil K. Environmental impact assessment under NEPA : a redundant mechanism? Environmental Design and Planning 2007-02-05
Balasubrahmanyam, Sunil K Environmental dynamics of benomyl and thiabendazole Environmental Sciences and Engineering 2013-12-18
Balasubramaniam, Deepa Lysozyme Separation from Tobacco Extract by Aqueous Two-Phase Extraction Biological Systems Engineering 2003-02-19
Balasubramanian, Venkatramanan Design and evalutaion of a web-based training tool for the User Action Framework Explorer. Industrial and Systems Engineering 2002-11-18
Balasubramanian, Priya Interfacing VHDL performance models to algorithm partitioning tools Electrical Engineering 2009-02-13
Balasubramanian, Balasundar A new guidance trajectory generation algorithm for unmanned systems incorporating vehicle dynamics and constraints Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-12-23
Balasubramanian, Ganesh Modeling nanoscale transport phenomena: Implications for the continuum Engineering Science and Mechanics 2011-04-25
Balbahadur, Avinash Chetnand A Thermoelastohydrodynamic Model of The Morton Effect Operating in Overhung Rotors Supported by Plain or Tilting Pad Journal Bearings Mechanical Engineering 2001-03-06
Balbuena, Pergentino NEUROTOXIC EFFECTS OF MALATHION AND LEAD ACETATE ON THE BLOOD-BRAIN BARRIER Disruptive effects caused by different mechanisms examined with an in vitro blood-brain barrier system Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences 2010-06-24
Balch, Michael Scott Methods for Rigorous Uncertainty Quantification with Application to a Mars Atmosphere Model Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2010-12-15
Bald, Kevin James A study of carbonyl formation within an innovative indoor air pollution abatement system Environmental Engineering 2010-05-11
Baldassaro, Paige Marie RF and GIS: Field Strength Prediction for Frequencies between 900 MHz and 28 GHz. Geography 2001-08-24
Baldassaro, Paige Marie Low Temperature Phase Relations in the System H2O-NaCl-FeCl2 Geological Sciences 2000-02-07
Balderrama, Rafael J. The social construction of compatibility : setting voluntary safety standards for agricultural tractors Science and Technology Studies 2006-10-19
Balderson, Stephanie D. Investigations of Insulin-Like Growth Factor I Cell Surface Binding: Regulation by Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Protein-3 and Heparan Sulfate Proteoglycan Chemical Engineering 1998-07-26
Baldev, Darshan H. Design of a Construction Safety Training System using Contextual Design Methodology Industrial and Systems Engineering 2006-09-26
Baldino, Jenna Michelle Alexandria Textile Factory Architecture 2008-05-25
Baldner, Conrad Communication and attributions: The interrelations of parent and peer support, disclosure, and learned helpless attributions. Psychology 2011-03-20
Baldovinos, Francisco Soil phosphorus fractionation and plant growth relationships Agronomy 2010-04-26
Baldwin, Rusty Olen Improving the Real-time Performance of a Wireless Local Area Network Electrical and Computer Engineering 1999-06-24
Baldwin, Thomas L. Real-time phasor measurements for improved monitoring and control of power system stability Electrical Engineering 2008-06-06
Baldwin, Dolly Angela Serreno Using journal writing to evoke critical thinking skills of students in teacher education Curriculum and Instruction 2008-07-28
Baldwin, Mark W. Modal Analysis Techniques in Wide-Area Frequency Monitoring Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering 2008-03-27
Baldwin, John Derouet Couper An improved control strategy for wind-powered refrigerated storage of apples Environmental Sciences and Engineering 2010-03-30
Baldwin Metzger, Kirsten Anne Experimental Verification of a New Single Plate Shear Connection Design Model Civil Engineering 2006-05-11
Baldwin-Morgan, Amelia Annette The impact of expert systems on auditing firms : an investigation using the Delphi technique and a case study approach Business Administration 2007-08-06
Bales, Robert Arthur Representative selection of variables Statistics 2013-03-12
Balfour, David Leigh Ontogenetic Changes and Environmental Hypoxia: Responses of Two Fish Species to Low Oxygen Concentrations at Early Life Stages Biology 2000-03-21
Balister, Philip John A Software Defined Radio Implemented using the OSSIE Core Framework Deployed on a TI OMAP Processor Electrical and Computer Engineering 2007-12-18
Ball, Jennifer Ann Evaluation of Two Lipid-Based Edible Coatings For Their Ability to Preserve Post Harvest Quality of Green Bell Peppers Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 1997-08-29
Ball, Jennifer Ann Development and Effectiveness of Three Hydrocolloid-Lipid Emulsion Coatings on Preservation of Quality Characteristics in Green Bell Peppers Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 1999-04-14
Ball, James D. Maryland Community College Academic Deans and Department Chair Perceptions of Higher-Order Skill Proficiencies for Associate Degree Completers Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 1999-04-23
Ball, Daisy Barbara The Nature and Extent of Desktop Graffiti Among U.S. College Students: An Exploratory Study Sociology 2004-12-15
Ball, Rebecca W. Adaptation vs selection : an examination of the impact of deregulation on strategic change in U.S. banks Management 2005-10-20
Ball, Dale Warren Combining ability, protein, heterosis, and prediction of Fb1s performance with RFLPs in a diallel of maize Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2006-03-02
Ball, Robert Glenn Effects of Large, High-Resolution Displays for Geospatial Information Visualization Computer Science 2006-08-25
Ball, Dale Warren Productivity and quality of tall fescue and switchgrass under two harvest managements and different harvest intensities Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2009-03-03
Ball, Arthur Thermal and Electrical Considerations for the Design of Highly-Integrated Point-of-Load Converters Electrical and Computer Engineering 2009-04-17
Ballagh, Jonathan Bartlett An FPGA-based Run-time Reconfigurable 2-D Discrete Wavelet Transform Core Electrical and Computer Engineering 2001-06-19
Ballagh, Jason Bluetooth Frequency Hop Selection Kernel Impact on “Inter-Piconet” Interference Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003-05-05
Ballance, Harry E. A market development program for small chemical companies Chemical Engineering 2013-11-15
Ballapuram, Vijayanand Sreenivasan Impact of Queuing Schemes and VPN on the Performance of a Land Mobile Radio VoIP System Electrical and Computer Engineering 2007-05-20
Ballard, Tameshia Shaunt'a Application of Edible Coatings in Maintaining Crispness of Breaded Fried Foods Biological Systems Engineering 2003-09-30
Ballard, Glenda Haywood Teaching in a new setting : adult basic educators in a national workplace literacy project, a qualitative case study of a national workplace literacy project Adult and Continuing Education 2005-10-20
Ballard, Aleta Sue Documentation and analysis of millwork :a method for mapping the evolution of Solitude Housing, Interior Design, and Resource Management 2009-09-05
Ballard, Tameshia Shaunt'a Optimizing the Extraction of Phenolic Antioxidant Compounds from Peanut Skins Biological Systems Engineering 2008-07-21
Ballein, John A. Weighing the Options: Assessing Two-A-Day Practices in Collegiate Football Teaching and Learning 2006-08-10
Ballentine, Howard Monroe Relating Heart Rate Variability, Urinary Catecholamines, and Baseline Fitness to Respiratory Distress Index and Severity of Disease in Obstructive Sleep Apnea Patients Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2001-08-20
Ballentine, Howard Monroe The Relationship Between Wellness and Academic Success in First-year College Students Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2010-05-01
Ballerini, Aldo A. Cure of aqueous phenol-formaldehyde resin at elevated water vapor pressures Wood Science and Forest Products 2005-10-20
Ballew, Wesley D. Taylor Impact Test and Penetration of Reinforced Concrete Targets by Cylindrical Composite Rods Engineering Science and Mechanics 2004-07-21
Ballew, Brent Steven Advanced Multibody Dynamics Modeling of the Freight Train Truck System Mechanical Engineering 2008-05-13
Balli, Umut Utility Accrual Real-Time Scheduling Under Variable Cost Functions Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005-08-05
Ballou, Charles F. Hospital medicine in Richmond, Virginia during the Civil War : a study of Hospital No. 21, Howard's Grove and Winder hospitals History 2007-02-09
Balnaves, Peter M. The success and failure of futures contracts Economics 2009-03-12
Balog, Anna Milankovitch-driven cyclicity and climate controlled dolomitization of a Late Triassic carbonate platform, Hungary Geological Sciences 2006-05-04
Baloglu, Simge Assessment of the Expression of Brucella Abortus Heat Shock Protein, Groel, in Vaccinia Virus to Induce Protection Against a Brucella Challenge in Balb/C Mice Veterinary Medical Sciences 1997-07-08
Baloglu, Erkan A New Synthesis of Taxol®, from Baccatin III Chemistry 1998-08-07
Baloglu, Seyhmus An empirical investigation of determinants of tourist destination image Hospitality and Tourism Management 2007-10-05
Baloglu, Simge Applicability of vaccinia virus as cloning and expression vector for bacterial genes: mice immune responses to vaccinia virus expressing Brucella abortus and Listeria monocytogenes antigens Veterinary Medical Sciences 2001-08-02
Baloglu, Erkan Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Paclitaxel Analogs Chemistry 2001-05-23
Baltzly, Vaughn Bryan Contractarianism and Moderate Morality Philosophy 2001-07-14
Balyan, Rajiv Effect of Sialylation of Histophilus somni Lipooligosaccharide on Virulence and Resistance to Host Defenses Veterinary Medical Sciences 2007-08-07
Bamberg, Christopher Ryan Lateral Movement of Unbraced Wood Composite I-Joists Exposed to Dynamic Walking Loads Civil Engineering 2009-04-27
Banach, Antoni Stanisɫaw Feedback design for nonlinear distributed-parameter systems by extended linearization Electrical Engineering 2005-09-20
Banas, Edward J. A deconstructionist analysis of accounting methods for community colleges in the state of Virginia Public Administration and Public Affairs 2007-05-22
Banchuen, Tawan A Microcosm-Based Investigation into Oxidized Nitrogen Removal in the Hypolimnetic Waters of the Occoquan Reservoir of Northern Virginia Environmental Engineering 2003-01-10
Band, Barry Schwamb Vibration characteristics of joist and joist-girder members Civil Engineering 2008-11-18
Bandak, Nazih Effect of mixing intensity on polymer conditioning of sludges Civil Engineering 2013-11-15
Bandara, Aloka B. P. A. Modifying Fatty Acid Composition of Bovine Milk by Abomasal Infusion or Dietary Supplementation of Seed Oils or Fish Oil Dairy Science 1997-12-17
Bandorawalla, Tozer Jamshed Micromechanics-Based Strength and Lifetime Prediction of Polymer Composites Engineering Science and Mechanics 2002-03-17
Bane, Tara Yost Job Satisfaction Among Professional Middle School Counselors in Virginia Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2006-10-15
Banerjee, Dyuti Sanker Essays on bids and offer matching in the labor market Economics 2006-02-01
Banerjee, Soumitra Pinak Aeroelastic Analysis of Membrane Wings Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2007-09-05
Banerjee, Soumik Molecular Simulation Of Nanoscale Transport Phenomena Engineering Science and Mechanics 2008-07-10
Banerjee, Gautam Classification of end plate connections with application to gable frames Civil Engineering 2009-03-12
Banerjee, Shankha MPIOR: A Framework to Analyze File System Performance of MPI Applications Computer Science and Applications 2012-03-16
Banes, Kelsey Elizabeth The Importance of Life Goals in the Treatment of Marijuana Dependence Psychology 2011-05-18
Bang, Chulho Integrated Model to Plan Advanced Public Transportation Systems Civil Engineering 1998-12-28
Bang, Jakob Mixed-use building at Washington Circle inspired by the Situationist ideas Architecture 2004-10-29
Bang, Jaecheol Sintering of glass films on rigid substrates studied by optical techniques Materials Engineering Science 2006-08-14
Banga, Mainak Partition based Approaches for the Isolation and Detection of Embedded Trojans in ICs Electrical and Computer Engineering 2008-09-04
Banga, Mainak Testing and Verification Strategies for Enhancing Trust in Third Party IPs Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-12-13
Bangor, Aaron W. Improving Access to Computer Displays: Readability for Visually Impaired Users Industrial and Systems Engineering 1998-08-06
Bangor, Aaron W. Display Technology and Ambient Illumination Influences on Visual Fatigue at VDT Workstations Industrial and Systems Engineering 2001-03-07
Bangun, Nimpan NMR study of palladium methoxide and palladium carbomethoxide complexes Chemistry 2009-12-05
Banik, Janajiban Preventing spontaneous combustion in gob areas of retreating longwall panels by ventilating without bleeders Mining and Minerals Engineering 2005-11-10
Banjade, Sarita Anaerobic / Aerobic Digestion for Enhanced Solids and Nitrogen Removal Environmental Engineering 2008-12-14
Bank, Gregory Charles Testing the Origins of the Blue Ridge Escarpment Geological Sciences 2001-08-27
Bank, Jason Noah Propagation of Electromechanical Disturbances across Large Interconnected Power Systems and Extraction of Associated Modal Content from Measurement Data Electrical and Computer Engineering 2009-12-14
Banker, Heather L Effects of early and delayed visual experience on intersensory functioning in bobwhite quail chicks Psychology 2009-08-04
Banker, Mark Eugene Modeling white-tailed deer habitat quality and vegetation response to succession and management Wildlife Sciences 2010-05-11
Banker, Jamie Elizabeth Understanding Postpartum Depression from a Structural Family Theory Perspective: Examining Risk and Protective Factors Human Development 2010-08-27
Banks, Bradley The System Design of a Global Communications System for Military and Commercial use Utilizing High Altitude Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Terrestrial Local Multipoint Distribution Service (LMDS) Sites Electrical and Computer Engineering 2000-05-11
Banks, Felecia Moore Success Against the Odds: The Experience of At-Risk Students Who Graduate Fom Postseconday Institutions Adult Learning and Human Resource Development 2000-12-29
Bankson, Rodney A. Forces in the initiation and implementation of the rural groundwater protection process Public Administration and Policy 2007-08-03
Bann, Amy Jeanne The Non- Governmental Organization Coalition for an International Criminal Court: A Case Study on NGO Networking Political Science 2000-07-20
Bansal, Reeshidev Discrimination and Enhancement of Fracture Signals on Surface Seismic Data Geological Sciences 2003-05-30
Bansal, Gaurav Modeling the Effects of Local Air Pollution Control Measures on Air Quality in the Shenandoah Valley Environmental Sciences and Engineering 2008-08-01
Banskota, Asim The discrete wavelet transform as a precursor to leaf area index estimation and species classification using airborne hyperspectral data Forestry 2011-08-22
Banta, Timothy E. Horizontal Shear Transfer Between Ultra High Performance Concrete And Lightweight Concrete Civil Engineering 2005-03-11
Bantayehu, Alem Factors influencing female food-for-work participation in the Southern Shoa region of Ethiopia Agricultural and Applied Economics 2009-12-05
Bao, Yeqing Effects of Parental Style and Power on Adolescent’s Influence in Family Consumption Decisions Marketing 2001-04-30
Bao, Jianxiong Negative Temperature Programming using Microwave Gas Chromatography Chemistry 2005-06-30
Bao, Nonggang Population biology and ecology and of Periplaneta americana (L.) in the urban environment Entomology 2007-10-02
Bao, Yong The development of the peninsula blister fracture test for adhesively bonded joints Engineering Mechanics 2009-09-05
Baptist, Joyce Alexandria Coming Out: One Family's Story Human Development 2002-09-27
Barahona, Roberto G. Suazo Intrauterine position in pigs :effects on conceptus development and fetal fluids steroid content Animal Science 2010-06-12
Barake, Taha Mohamed A Generalized Analysis of Multiple-Clad Fibers with Arbitrary Step-Indx Profiles and Applications Electrical and Computer Engineering 1998-07-11
Baral, Nabin Institutional Resilience of Community-based Conservation to the Maoist Insurgency in Nepal Forestry 2009-11-19
Baran, Gary Steven A two-stage experimental design procedure under dispersion effects Statistics 2006-02-01
Baranauskas, Victor Vincent Cobalt Nanoparticle-Macromolecular Complexes and Their Conversion to Oxidatively Stable Entities Macromolecular Science and Engineering 2005-04-27
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Butts, Jeffery Hornor The Virginia Beach response to implementing the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area Ordinance Urban and Regional Planning 2010-04-27
Butz, Benjamin The Different Lives of Spaces - Reconsidering the City Block as a New Neighborhood in Washington Dc Architecture 2007-08-10
Buxton, Carey G. Design of a Broadband Array Using the Foursquare Radiating Element Electrical and Computer Engineering 2001-07-23
Byers, Erin Diane Learning about Accountability: The Case of the Operations Evaluation Department at the World Bank Political Science 2008-05-07
Byers, Albert S. Examining Learner-Content Interaction Importance and Efficacy in Online, Self-Directed Electronic Professional Development in Science for Elementary Educators in Grades Three – Six Teaching and Learning 2010-12-18
Byker, Carmen Joan Dietary Research within the Context of a Community-Based Food System Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2011-07-22
Byne, Frank Wesley Predicting Sediment Detachment and Channel Scour in the Process-Based Planning Model ANSWERS-2000 Biological Systems Engineering 2000-04-26
Byrd, Melendez O'Neal Current and Preferred Academic Advising Styles of African American Students in the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2003-02-07
Byrd, Trevor Graydon Self-Regulation in a Simultaneous, Multiple-Goal Environment. Psychology 2003-05-29
Byrd, Chad Michael Reaction chemistry of C1 hydrocarbon fragments and oxygenates on Cr2O3 (1012). Chemical Engineering 2003-06-03
Byrd, Kevin Ryan The Changing Role of Downtowns: An Examination of the Condition of Cities and Methods to Reinvent the Urban Core Urban Affairs and Planning 2004-05-24
Byrd, Bridgett McIntosh Alkanes as Internal and External Markers in Horses and the Digestibility of a High Fat Cereal By-Product Animal and Poultry Sciences 2003-12-03
Byrd, W. Carson Assessing Campus Community in the Twenty-First Century Sociology 2007-04-10
Byrd, Devin Alfred Self-concept in Adolescents: The Role of Ethnicity and Contextual Variables in the Manifestation of Depression Psychology 2000-08-30
Byrd, Devin A Anxiety and depression in children and adolescents :an examination of cognition and attributional style Psychology 2009-03-04
Byrd, C. Noel Teachers' Perceptions of Educational Research: A Self-Efficacy Perspective Curriculum and Instruction 2009-03-27
Byrd, Trevor G. Prioritizing Effort Allocation in a Multiple-Goal Environment Psychology 2009-07-09
Byrd, W. Carson Interracial Contact Effects on Racial Prejudice among Students at Selective Colleges and Universities Sociology 2011-05-12
Byrne, Jessica Outcomes of the Resident Advisor Position Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 1998-04-30
Byrne, Sandra Miller The Value of Human Resource Development to an Organization; Providing Technical Assistance to Small Manufacturing Companies Human Development 1999-04-18
Byrne, Karen Lynn Danville's Civil War prisons, 1863-1865 History 2007-02-09
Byrne, Robert Duane Capture filtration for concentration and detection of selected microorganisms in milk Food Science and Technology 2008-06-06
Byrne, Robert Duane Assessment of dairy product quality by selective incubation and rapid techniques Food Science and Technology 2012-11-21
Byrne, Megan LeAnna Gender and Pest Management in the Ecuadorian Andes Public and International Affairs 2011-04-05
Byun, Gwibo Sturcture of Three-Dimensional Separated Flow on Symmetric Bumps Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2005-11-03
Byun, Chansup Free vibration and nonlinear transient analysis of imperfect laminated structures Aerospace Engineering 2008-07-28
Byvik, Charles E. Dynamic Nuclear Polarization in Samarium Doped Lanthanum Magnesium Nitrate Physics 2013-08-22

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