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Caba, Aaron C. Verification of a Three-Dimensional Resin Film Infusion Proecss Simulation Model Engineering Science and Mechanics 1998-02-04
Caba, Aaron C. Characterization of Carbon Mat Thermoplastic Composites: Flow and Mechanical Properties Engineering Science and Mechanics 2005-09-26
Caba, Beth Lynn Solution and Adsorption Characterization of Novel Water-Soluble Ionic Block Copolymers for Stabilization of Magnetite Nanoparticles Macromolecular Science and Engineering 2007-05-09
Caballero, Patrick Michael Development of a manual on transitional education models Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2006-10-04
Cabaniss, Katherine Counseling and Computer Technology in the New Millennium--An Internet Delphi Study Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2001-03-07
Cabble, George M. The effect of chromium plating on the endurance limit of 4340 steel Mechanical Engineering 2012-11-07
Cabell, Randolph H. A Principal Component Algorithm for Feedforward Active Noise and Vibration Control Mechanical Engineering 1998-04-17
Cabell, Randolph H. The automatic identification of aerospace acoustic sources Mechanical Engineering 2012-11-21
Cable, Carolyn Virginia Participation of the aged in voluntary activity. Management, Housing, and Family Development 2012-06-10
Cacace, Stacey Ann An examination of preschool services and programs for children with disabilities in North Carolina school districts Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2008-06-06
Cacciola, Stephen J Fusion of Laser Range-Finding and Computer Vision Data for Traffic Detection by Autonomous Vehicles Mechanical Engineering 2007-12-14
Cachaper, Katherine Faith The Effect of Antioxidants on Flaxseed Stability in Yeast Bread Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2005-04-04
Cacho, Joyce Agnes Sabina United States competitiveness in soybean trade :loss market share in the Japanese soybean import market Agricultural Economics 2009-08-22
Cada, Suzanne M. Critical Programmatic Success Factors of Select Arts Programs for Older Adults Theatre Arts 2004-05-18
Caddell, Juesta M. Physiological response to phobic imagery scripts : an examination of the influence of cognitive response cues and interactive presentation Psychology 2005-10-13
Cadieux, Christena Linn Biosynthesis of Nucleotide Sugar Monomers for Exopolysaccharide Production in Myxococcus Xanthus Biology 2007-10-16
Cadiz, Horacio T The development of a CHAID-based model for CHITRA93 Computer Science 2010-04-27
Cadorette, Veronica R. Chemical investigation of Dicranum fulvum for anticancer activity Chemistry 2012-09-08
Caffee, Joshua Aaron Improvement of Anti-Lock Braking Algorithms Through Parameter Sensitivity Analysis and Implementation of an Intelligent Tire Mechanical Engineering 2010-12-01
Cafferata, Michael Economic Comparisons Between an Even-Aged and an Uneven-Aged Loblolly Pine Silvicultural System Forestry 1997-05-28
Cafiero, Carmine Aniello An Elementary School in Blacksburg. VA Architecture 2012-05-10
Caglar, Toros A Queueing Theoretic Approach to Gridlock Prediction in Emergency Departments Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-08-15
Cagle, Caroline Woodell Technology in Society: The Pipe Organ in Early Modern England Science and Technology Studies 2003-04-17
Cagle, Melinda F Evaluation and integration of computer aided design systems in facilities engineering division Systems Engineering 2010-03-30
Cahill, Joseph E. Identification and Evaluation of Loss and Deviation Models for use in Transonic Compressor Stage Performance Prediction Mechanical Engineering 1997-09-22
Cahill, Steven Efficient Market Forecasts Utilizing NYMEX Futures and Options Economics 1998-05-28
Cahill, Kerri Lynn Exploring the Structure and Development of Management Prescriptions for Public Lands Forestry 2003-10-17
Cahilly, Glenn Moylan The effect of thyroxine on protein biosysnthesis and ribonucleic acid metabolism in the rat Biochemistry and Nutrition 2013-11-15
Cahn, Thomas Edward The labeling theory :an empirical test. Sociology 2012-06-10
Cai, Rong Trust and Transaction Costs in Industrial Districts Urban Affairs and Planning 2004-05-22
Cai, Yizhi GenoCAD: linguistic approaches to synthetic biology Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2010-04-20
Cai, Ting Chemical Reactivity and Regioselectivity of Trimetallic Nitride Endohedral Metallofullerenes Chemistry 2008-04-01
Cai, Rongman New hypotheses about the origin of Pseudomonas syringae crop pathogens Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 2012-05-13
Caiado, Marco Aurelio Modeling Fate and Transport of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Crop Fields Under Tropical Conditions Biological Systems Engineering 2005-09-01
Cail, Tracy Experimentally Derived Sticking Efficiencies of Microparticles using Atomic Force Microscopy: Toward a Better Understanding of Particle Transport Geological Sciences 2004-01-13
Caill, Jean New integral and differential computational procedures for incompressible wall-bounded turbulent flows Aerospace Engineering 2007-02-26
Cain, Jason James Collision Analysis of the Reversible Crankshaft Mechanism in a Convertible Refrigeration Compressor Mechanical Engineering 2000-06-08
Cain, Samuel Franklin Rating Rockfall Hazard in Tennessee Civil Engineering 2004-06-08
Cain, Darrell L. The Explained Effects of Computer Mediated Conferencing on Student Learning Outcomes and Engagement Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2005-04-10
Cain, Jason James Long Term Durability of Glass Reinforced Composites Engineering Science and Mechanics 2008-04-18
Cain, Cody Christopher Development of antibodies for characterizing the Arabidopsis flavonoid biosynthetic pathway Biology 2008-11-18
Cairney, Timothy D. Credibility of annual management earnings forecasts :theory and evidence Accounting and Information Systems 2008-06-06
Cakar, Gulten Istanbul Visitor Center Architecture 2011-09-09
Calata, Jesus Noel Densification Behavior of Ceramic and Crystallizable Glass Materials Constrained on a Rigid Substrate Materials Science and Engineering 2005-05-11
Calderon, Andrienne C. M. The effect of a lottery-based incentive program on employee absenteeism patterns and attitudes Business Administration 2013-11-15
Caldwell, Sherwood McCraw Analysis of spur gear teeth for static deflections Mechanical Engineering 2010-03-30
Caldwell, John Lawrence High-Frequency Electronics for Contactless Dielectrophoresis Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-05-13
Calfee III, Earl Franklin Microvascular Free Tissue Transfer of the Rectus Abdominis Muscle in Dogs Veterinary Medical Sciences 2002-03-07
Calhoun, David B. Philanthropic Motivations of Female Donors to Virginia's 4-H Program Apparel, Housing, and Resource Management 2006-12-21
Caliskan, Ari Garo Micromechanics-based approach to predict strength and stiffness of composite materials Engineering Mechanics 2009-09-05
Calkins, Joseph Matthew Quantifying Coordinate Uncertainty Fields in Coupled Spatial Measurement systems Mechanical Engineering 2002-08-01
Calkins, Joseph M. Real-time compensation of static deflections in robotic manipulators Mechanical Engineering 2009-12-05
Call, Michael H. The Effects of Wearing Prophylatic Knee Sleeves/Braces on Selected Isokinetic Measures During a Velocity Spectrum Knee Extension Test Teaching and Learning 1998-07-13
Call, Lara J Analysis of intraspecific and interspecific interactions between the invasive exotic tree-of-heaven (Ailanthus altissima (Miller) Swingle) and the native black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia L.) Biology 2002-05-16
Call, John B. Large-signal characterization and modeling of nonlinear devices using scattering parameters Electrical and Computer Engineering 2002-10-31
Call, Jarrod Alan Low load endurance activity and green tea extract represent potential therapies for Duchenne muscular dystrophy Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2007-08-16
Call, Russell Kent Parameter establishment and verification of a fabrication stress model and a thermo-kinetic cure model for filament wound structures Engineering Mechanics 2009-08-14
Callaghan, Christopher Edward Reliability of Tibial Measurement with Mechanical Response Tissue Analysis Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2003-10-23
Callaghan, Christopher E Cardiopulmonary analysis of habituation to simulated kayak ergometry Health and Physical Education 2008-11-18
Callaham, Arthur A. Reengineering Engineering: A Glimpse of Late Professionalism Science and Technology Studies 2000-02-14
Callahan, Willie Russell The analysis of complex wave forms taken from different alternators and transformers in the electrical engineeirng laboratory at Virginia Polytechnic Institute Electrical Engineering 2010-07-07
Callahan, Joseph E Analysis of Composite Helmet Impact by the Finite Element Method Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2011-11-09
Callen, Karen S Clothing deprivation :influence on self-esteem and perceptions of school climate for middle school female students Clothing and Textiles 2009-09-12
Callender, Stephen McLean Response to 360-degree feedback as a management development intervention :deflection, change, and transformation Adult and Continuing Education 2008-06-06
Callison, Myrna Identification, Evaluation and Control of Physically Demanding Patient-Handling Tasks in an Acute Care Facility Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-03-30
Callo, Paul Alexander Recovery of cached food by captive blue jays (Cyanocitta cristata) Biology 2008-11-18
Calloway, Benita R Yield line analysis of an AASHTO New Jersey concrete parapet wall Civil Engineering 2009-09-05
Callwood, Concha Maria The role of legislative processes and electric utilities in effecting global environmental goals Electrical Engineering 2008-11-18
Calongne, Lisa J. Self-efficacy for employee participation : an exploratory investigation Management 2006-08-14
Calorusso, Christine Rethinking the Role of the Landscape in Historic Interpretation: A Constructivist Design Approach to Interpreting Slavery in Appalachian Virginia Landscape Architecture 2003-01-10
Calvert, Catherine Gayle A Living Room for a Town Architecture 2007-06-05
Calzone, Laurence Mathematical Modeling of the Budding Yeast Cell Cycle Mathematics 2000-04-28
Calzone, Laurence Temporal organization of the budding yeast cell cycle: general principles and detailed simulations Biology 2003-12-05
Camacho, Diogo Mayo In silico cell biology and biochemistry: a systems biology approach Genetics 2007-06-06
Camarda, Charles J. Development of advanced modal methods for calculating transient thermal and structural response Aerospace Engineering 2005-10-13
Camargo, Hugo Elias A Frequency Domain Beamforming Method to Locate Moving Sound Sources Mechanical Engineering 2010-05-17
Cambou, Pierre E. A Distributed Active Vibration Absorber (DAVA) for Active-Passive Vibration and Sound Radiation Control Mechanical Engineering 1998-10-07
Cambridge, Shevonn Nathaniel The effect of compression ratio on emissions from an alcohol-fueled engine Mechanical Engineering 2009-09-12
Camburn, Albert The history of the principal preparation program :planned program change at Virginia Tech Educational Administration 2008-06-06
Cameron, Rick A. Fixed-Point Implementation of a Multistage Receiver Electrical and Computer Engineering 1998-07-12
Cameron, Rick Performance analysis of CDMA systems in multipath channels Electrical Engineering 2009-10-31
Cameron, William Lyle Functional analytic treatment of linear transport equations in kinetic theory and neutron transport theory. Physics 2010-04-07
Cameron, Tracey LaShawne The Professional & the Personal: Worklife Balance and Mid-Level Student Affairs Administrators Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2011-11-10
Cameron, Kristin Nicole The effects of illness on urinary catecholamines and their metabolites in dogs Veterinary Medical Sciences 2010-05-01
Camillo, Michael Blair Albert Camus on political murder :a sign of the times in which we live. Political Science 2010-06-03
Camp, Katie A. E. The Search for a Reduced Order Controller: Comparison of Balanced Reduction Techniques Mathematics 2001-05-08
Camp, Brian David A Class of Immersed Finite Element Spaces and Their Application to Forward and Inverse Interface Problems Mathematics 2003-12-04
Campbell, Cristin L. Home Repair Experiences of Older Consumers in Montgomery County, Virginia Near Environments 1998-10-31
Campbell, David Kemp Adaptive Beamforming Using a Microphone Array for Hands-Free Telephony Electrical and Computer Engineering 1999-02-20
Campbell, Jillian Leigh The Influence of Oxyanions on the EDTA-Promoted Dissolution of Goethite Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2001-05-07
Campbell, Elizabeth Ann Therapeutic Architecture: Housing for People with Dementia Architecture 2005-07-22
Campbell, Richard J. Canopy light environment influences apple leaf physiology and fruit quality Horticulture 2005-10-14
Campbell, Micah Sean Using a Life History Approach to Explore the Identity of a Woman Diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease: The Life of Mary Human Development 1999-06-15
Campbell, Davina Elaine Identification of Tissue Distribution and Regulation of Bovine Stearoyl-Coa Desaturase by Hormones and Nutrients Dairy Science 2007-07-11
Campbell, Hugh David An Examination of the Relationship between Spirituality and Religion and Selected Risk-Taking Behaviors in College Underclassmen Teaching and Learning 2008-01-25
Campbell, Chad Dennis Soil Carbon Dynamics in Lawns Converted From Appalachian Mixed Oak Stands Forestry 2012-02-22
Campbell, Dennis D Ideas/objects :bringing the made closer to the mind Architecture 2009-04-18
Campbell, Allen Webb Applied statisical analysis software system Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-08-18
Campbell, Tammy A Multi-attribute evaluation of materials for shielding enclosures subjected to a marine environment Systems Engineering 2009-08-22
Campbell, Sharon Louise Commercial diets do not affect the colonic ultrastructure of normal dogs Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-10-31
Campbell, Daisy Burke A study of two methods of teaching English in a community college setting. Community College 2010-01-05
Campbell, C. Langdon A corrosion measurement testing unit for use with tallol [sic] Chemical Engineering 2010-02-23
Campbell, Richard J Effect of nitrogen fertilization on the physiological damage and subsequent recovery of mite-infested apple leaves Horticulture 2010-04-12
Campbell, Joseph Kent Beekmantown Formation-Middle Ordovician limestone unconformity on the northwest limb of the Green Ridge anticline near Fincastle, Virginia. Geological Sciences 2010-06-02
Campbell, Martha Jane Spending decision responsibilities of husbands and wives. Home Management and Family Housing 2010-06-02
Campbell, Noma Jo An investigative study of a methodology to diagnose pre-algebra mathematics teaching competencies. Instructional Supervision 2010-07-21
Campbell, Sarah Talton Elderly Voter Attitudes toward Public Education Funding in a Rural County: A Qualitative Study Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2007-03-26
Campbell-Hawthorn, Anya An investigation of the stickinness mechanism and the role of nodes in cribellar spider capture thread Biology 2003-02-01
Campeau, Benjamin R Hydroelectric power optimization using a decomposition procedure for the indefinite quadratic form Civil Engineering 2009-09-05
Camphouse, Russell C. Approximations and Object-Oriented Implementation for a Parabolic Partial Differential Equation Mathematics 1999-02-01
Camphouse, R. Chris Modeling and Numerical Approximations of Optical Activity in the Chemical Oxygen-Iodine Laser Mathematics 2001-08-13
Campioli, Theresa Lynn Assessment of Formulations for Numerical Solutions of Low Speed, Unsteady, Turbulent Flows over Bluff Bodies. Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2005-05-03
Campioli, Theresa Lynn Computational Studies of Penetration and Mixing for Complex Jet Injectors to Aid in Design of Hypersonic Systems Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2007-06-26
Campion, Gwenn Gray A performance study of General Electric's software maintenance group Systems Engineering 2010-02-02
Campoli, Alan A. Bump control design protocol for room-and-pillar retreat mining Mining Engineering 2008-06-06
Campos, Mary Grace T. Quality of Life Differences Between First-Year Undergraduate Financial Aid and Non-Aid Recipients Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2002-05-13
Canard, Robert Leigh Patriotic Attachment, Libidinal Economy, and Cosmopolitan Citizenship: A Qualified Defense of Patriotic Love Political Science 2009-05-03
Canavera, Kristin A One-Week Intensive Treatment Program for Pediatric Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Psychology 2012-01-25
Candler, William H The effect of eight tensides on the toxicity of diazinon topically applied to the male German cockroach. Entomology 2010-03-02
Candor, Catherine Ann A history of the Kanawha County textbook controversy, April 1974--April 1975. Educational Administration 2010-01-13
Canedy, Nicholas P Equestrian Competition Center Architecture 2008-12-17
Canfield, Robert A Integrated structural design, vibration control, and aeroelastic tailoring by multiobjective optimization Engineering Mechanics 2008-07-28
Canfield, Stephen Lee Development of the Carpal Wrist; a Symmetric, Parallel-Architecture Robotic Wrist Mechanical Engineering 1998-07-26
Cangialosi, Michael Vincent The Effect of Clay Content and Iron Oxyhydroxide Coatings on the Dielectric Properties of Quartz Sand Geosciences 2012-05-09
Caniano, Gina Marie An Integrative Approach to Therapeutic Outdoor Spaces in Dementia-Care Units Landscape Architecture 2006-05-18
Canipe, Cayce Leigh Controlling Bodies: Mothers, Adolescents, and Bad Advice English 2012-05-08
Cankaya, Banu Psychosocial Factors, Maladaptive Cognitive Schemas, and Depression in Young Adults: An Integration Psychology 2002-05-16
Cankaya, Banu Diatheses to Depression: The Interactions of Schema Propositions, Schema Structure, and Negative Life Events Psychology 2006-03-21
Cannatelli, Claudia Geochemistry of Melt Inclusions from the Fondo Riccio and Minopoli 1 Eruptions at Campi Flegrei (Italy) Geosciences 2006-05-19
Cannon, Colleen A. Nutritional Ecology of the Carpenter Ant Camponotus pennsylvanicus (De Geer): Macronutrient Preference and Particle Consumption Entomology 1998-11-04
Cannon, John Glen Perceptions of the Influence of the Virginia Governor’s School for Agriculture on VGSA Alumni Teaching and Learning 2005-04-27
Cannon, Kevin Francis Aspects of Hylotrupes bajulus (L.) biology in Virginia (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) Entomology 2008-10-30
Cannon, Kevin Francis Life history studies of the old house borer, Hylotrupes bajulus (L.) (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) Entomology 2009-02-13
Cannon, Colleen A Demography, cold hardiness, and nutrient reserves of overwintering nests of the carpenter ant Camponotus pennsylvanicus (De Geer) (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) Entomology 2009-04-14
Cannon, Buford Mullis The development of a continuous peanut drier Agricultural Engineering 2013-11-15
Cano, Arnoldo Rafael Effects of Technological Support on Decision Making performance of Distributed Groups Industrial and Systems Engineering 1997-12-12
Canody, Miranda E. Presidential-Legislative Relations and Presidential Scandal Political Science 2009-05-12
Canseco-Sedano, Rodolfo Factors affecting the efficiency of gene transfer in mice Animal Science (Dairy) 2010-03-17
Cantelmi, Frank Joseph Measurement and modeling of in-cylinder heat transfer with inflow-produced turbulence Mechanical Engineering 2009-07-10
Canterella, Robin L The influence of selected bacterial and fungal enzymes on the baking and keeping quality of a fat substituted muffin Human Nutrition and Foods 2009-06-11
Cantner, Danford Erld An evaluation of the techniques used to restock unoccupied wild turkey habitat in Virginia Wildlife Conservation 2013-02-06
Cantwell, John S. The P Cluster of the Azotobacter vinelandii Nitrogenase Complex: Effects of Substitution at the Cluster-bridging Residue, a-Cys88 Biochemistry 1998-01-01
Cao, Renfang Power efficiency analysis for an Active structure Mechanical Engineering 2001-04-24
Cao, Yanzhao Analysis and numerical approximations of exact controllability problems for systems governed by parabolic differential equations Mathematics 2006-05-11
Cao, Yu Effects of Field Dependent-Independent Cognitive Styles and Cueing Strategies on Students' Recall and Comprehension Teaching and Learning 2006-09-18
Cao, Hu Phase transformations in highly electrostrictive and magnetostrictive crystals: structural heterogeneity and history dependent phase stability Materials Science and Engineering 2008-08-06
Cao, Zhenwei Power Saving Analysis and Experiments for Large Scale Global Optimization Computer Science 2009-07-09
Cao, Jiqiang The development of a durability procedure for pallets with structural panel decking Forest Products 2009-09-05
Cao, Xiao Optimization of Bonding Geometry for a Planar Power Module to Minimize Thermal Impedance and Thermo-Mechanical Stress Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-11-07
Capelle, Jean-Yves Simulation of an algorithm for the active control of combustion noise Mechanical Engineering 2009-04-25
Capelluti, Joseph Hincks A study of the role of the elementary school principal in schools with differentiated staffing. Supervision 2010-06-02
Capogrossi, Kristen Lynn Childhood Misnourishment, School Meal Programs and Academic Performance Economics (Agriculture and Life Sciences) 2012-04-03
Capps, John S Revising English 01 :the creation of a developmental reading and writing course Curriculum and Instruction 2008-06-06
Capps, Penny R A new perspective for creating geographic products for drug interdiction Civil Engineering 2009-09-29
Capra, Miranda Galadriel An Exploration of End-User Critical Incident Classification Industrial and Systems Engineering 2001-11-12
Capra, Robert G. An Investigation of Finding and Refinding Information on the Web Computer Science 2006-03-02
Capra, Miranda Galadriel Usability Problem Description and the Evaluator Effect in Usability Testing Industrial and Systems Engineering 2006-03-22
Capuno, Romeo Evasco Mathematical Modeling for Nitrogen Removal via a Nitritation: Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidation-Coupled Biofilm in a Hollow Fiber Membrane Bioreactor and a Rotating Biological Contactor Environmental Engineering 2007-09-07
Caputi, Mauro J. NonGaussian estimation using a modified Gaussian sum adaptive filter Electrical Engineering 2008-07-28
Caracciolo, Dana Andriana Children's Literature and Diabetes English 2007-04-22
Carapella, Elissa E Micromechanics of crenulated fibers in carbon/carbon composites Engineering Mechanics 2009-09-19
Caravati, Paula Ciavarella Obesity Relapse in Women Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2001-04-13
Carballo, Manuel Strength of z-purlin supported standing seam roof systems under gravity loading Civil Engineering 2012-11-21
Carbaugh, Joyce E. Linkage Between Lower Pennsylvanian Sandstone Diagenesis and Carbon Sequestration Reservoir Quality in Russell County, Virginia Geosciences 2011-08-08
Carboni, Deborah Ann Comparative evolution of mipafox-induced delayed neuropathy in the rat and hen Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-12-05
Carcaise-Edinboro, Patricia The relationship of dietary beta-carotene intake and serum beta- carotene levels to the development of oral lesions in smokeless tobacco users Human Nutrition and Foods 2009-04-14
Cardell, Annie Maria Language Development and Verbal Encoding: Implications for Individual Differences in Short-Term Memory in 3-Year-Olds Psychology 2007-05-18
Cardell, Annie Maria Exploring the Role of Language Development and Verbal Encoding in Short-Term Recognition Memory in Early Childhood Psychology 2009-05-21
Carder, Phyllis Microbial Communities of Spinach at Various Stages of Plant Growth From Seed to Maturity Food Science and Technology 2010-07-21
Carder, Phyllis Microbial Communities of Spinach at Various Stages of Plant Growth From Seed to Maturity Horticulture 2010-07-27
Cardieri, Paulo Resource Allocation and Adaptive Antennas in Cellular Communications Electrical and Computer Engineering 2000-09-22
Cardinali, Alex Victor Validation of a Noninvasive Blood Perfusion Measurement Sensor Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-19
Cardoso, J. Christopher The spherical helical antenna Electrical Engineering 2009-09-29
Cardozo, Antonio Fernando Cabral Computer simulation of grain boundary multiplicity in Ni{u2083}Al Materials Engineering 2009-09-05
Cardwell, Nicholas Don Effects of Realistic First-Stage Turbine Endwall Features Mechanical Engineering 2005-12-14
Cardwell, Nicholas Don Investigation of Particle Trajectories for Wall Bounded Turbulent Two-Phase Flows Mechanical Engineering 2010-11-17
Carey, Scott Estimating reliability of software systems :an evaluation of current methods Systems Engineering 2009-10-24
Carey, Charles W Lord Dunmore's Ethiopian Regiment History 2009-12-05
Carey, Marsha Ann An evaluation study of an experience-based career education program. Educational Supervision 2010-01-13
Carico, Kathleen M Responses of four adolescent females to adolescent fiction with strong female characters Curriculum and Instruction 2007-10-02
Carlat, Jon Douglas Oxidative stability of Menhaden/Soybean oil blends Human Nutrition and Foods 2009-04-14
Carle, Frank Louis A contribution to the knowledge of the odonata Entomology 2009-03-13
Carle, Frank Louis An evaluation of the removal method for estimating benthic populations and diversity. Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2009-03-26
Carleton, James Nagle An Investigation of the Performance of a Constructed Wetland in Treating Urban Stormwater Environmental Sciences and Engineering 1997-11-24
Carleton, Karen Anne The Lamplighter: Strategic Leaders’ Views on Leadership Human Development 2005-05-08
Carleton, Julia Magdalen Machara Achieving success in Western society :bulimia as the ultimate effort Sociology 2009-12-16
Carlin, Brian Patrick Investigation of the Strength and Ductility of Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthed with CFRP Laminates Civil Engineering 1998-03-16
Carlisle, Michelle The Ecology of the White-throated Woodrat: Reviewing Theories and Exploring Possible Adaptive Strategies Natural Resources 2004-03-15
Carlisle, Glenn E Characterization of Mycobacterium avium cytoplasmic membrane proteins with an emphasis on the major cytoplasmic membrane protein Microbiology and Immunology 2010-05-11
Carlo, Nanette Diffoot Transcription and encapsidation in parvoviruses LuIII and bovine parvovirus Biology 2006-02-01
Carlo, Gilles Dynamic loading and class management in a distributed actor system Computer Science 2010-04-27
Carlsen III, Robert Means Neural Plasticity and the Development of Intersensory Functioning in Bobwhite Quail (Colinus virginianus) Psychology 1999-12-20
Carlson, Kent Richard The Molecular Mechanisms of Organophosphorus Compound-induced Cytotoxicity Veterinary Medical Sciences 2000-06-07
Carlson, Jodi A. Procerum root disease physiology and disease interactions with ozone Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 2006-03-02
Carlson, Robert Eugene Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and access to the handicapped :a case study Vocational and Technical Education 2010-01-13
Carlson, Kimberly A The People behind the Curtain: A Proposed Succession Planning Model for University-Wide Research Institutes Public Administration and Public Affairs 2011-09-10
Carlson, Stephen O. Adaptive control of a four-bar linkage Mechanical Engineering 2012-11-09
Carlson, Mark A. Trihalomethane-precursor production by Hydrilla verticillata in the Occoquan Reservoir Environmental Engineering 2013-03-12
Carmack, Andrew Cardin Heat Transfer and Flow Measurements in Gas Turbine Engine Can and Annular Combustors Mechanical Engineering 2012-05-09
Carman, Greg P. Micromechanics of finite length fibers in composite materials Engineering Mechanics 2005-10-14
Carman, W. Lenore Synthesis and characterization of m-aminophenoxide functionalized poly(tetramethylene oxide) Chemistry 2010-05-11
Carmichael-Baranauskas, Anita Yvonne Synthesis of Amphiphilic Block Copolymers for Use in Biomedical Applications Macromolecular Science and Engineering 2010-04-16
Carmona, Joseph Efrain Right Hemisphere Activation to Rotary Stress in High and Low Hostile Men Psychology 2006-08-29
Carmona, Joseph Challenging frontal lobe capacity using lateralized vestibular stress: A functional cerebral systems approach to a clinical risk for falls Psychology 2011-10-25
Carneal, Jason Bradley Integration and Validation of Flow Image Quantification (Flow-IQ) System Engineering Science and Mechanics 2004-10-07
Carneal, James P Active structural acoustic control of double panel systems including hierarchical control approaches Mechanical Engineering 2008-06-06
Carneal, James P Experimental investigation of reversed flow in a compressor cascade Mechanical Engineering 2009-04-14
Carneiro, Sergio H. S. Model-Based Vibration Diagnostic of Cracked Beams in the Time Domain Engineering Mechanics 2000-08-19
Carnell, William Caldwell A study of the variable factors controlling spray drying Chemical Engineering 2010-04-26
Carney, Brooke J. Building Velocity Models for Steep-Dip Prestack Depth Migration through First Arrival Traveltime Tomography Geological Sciences 2000-12-04
Carnicero Dominguez, Bernardo Antonio Characterization of Pyranometer Thermal Offset and Correction of Historiacal Data Mechanical Engineering 2001-06-28
Carolan, Marsha T African American couples at midlife :life course and gender perspectives Family and Child Development 2008-06-06
Caroli, Vivek Development of a measurement-based approach for monitoring the changes in an evolving quality management system Industrial and Systems Engineering 2010-05-04
Caron, Brandiff Robert Deliberative Democracy and Expertise: New Directions for 21st Century Technology Assessment Science and Technology Studies 2012-07-06
Carpenter, John Paul Factors Associated with Diabetes Control Among Low-income Adults in Virginia Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2002-07-25
Carpenter, Lon E Cascade analysis and synthesis of transfer functions of infinite dimensional linear systems Mathematics 2008-07-28
Carpenter, Cathy L Sexual harassment in the ivory tower College Student Personnel Services 2009-09-05
Carpenter, Shelley A Microwave usage patterns among college students at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Housing, Interior Design, and Resource Management 2010-04-12
Carpenter, William K Design of medical waste treatment systems employing bioremediation Mechanical Engineering 2010-05-11
Carpenter-Holmes, Arthur Alexander Home Not Hospice, an integrated community for young and old in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia Architecture 2002-02-10
Carpentier, Chantal Line Value of information for targeting agro-pollution control :a case study of the lower Susquehanna watershed Agricultural and Applied Economics 2008-06-06
Carper, William B An examination of the relationship between the economic orientations and strategies of organizations within the health care industry Business Administration 2010-07-09
Carr, Paul Gerard An Investigation of the Relationship between Personality Traits and Performance for Engineering and Architectural Professionals Providing Design Services to the Building Sector of the Construction Industry Civil Engineering 2000-11-22
Carr, Angela Sara Position Control Comparison of Equilibrated and Mass Counterweight Systems Mechanical Engineering 2001-04-02
Carr, David Brian Evaluation of two coaching education programs :measuring effects of content and instruction on novice youth soccer coaches Curriculum and Instruction 2008-06-06
Carr, Jeffery A Harvesting impacts on steep slopes in Virginia Forestry 2009-04-25
Carr, Kathryn E Evaluation of modified dry limestone process for flue gas desulfurization Materials Engineering 2010-06-22
Carradine, David Marc Experiments on the Response of Arch-Supported Membrane Shelters to Snow and Wind Loading Civil Engineering 1998-04-16
Carradine, David Marc Methodology for the Design of Timber Frame Structures Utilizing Diaphragm Action Biological Systems Engineering 2002-08-14
Carrara, Mark David Hydrodynamic Stability of Periodically unsteady Axisymmetric and Swirling Jets Engineering Science and Mechanics 2001-04-26
Carrick, Nathalie R. Exploring the Contribution of Videotaped Documentation to Children's Symbolic Play Human Development 1999-04-23
Carrick, Matthew Logical Representation of FPGAs and FPGA Circuits within the SCA Electrical and Computer Engineering 2009-07-01
Carriker, Roy R Economic incentives for institutional change :the case of the Virginia Wetlands Act. Agricultural Economics 2010-01-05
Carrington, Willie Patrick The Magnet School Program As A Desgregation Tool In School Districts Receiving Federal Funds From The Magnet Schools Assistance Program In 1995 Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2001-11-30
Carroll, Monica Quantitative Estimates of Time-Averaging in Brachiopod Shell Accumulations from a Holocene Tropical Shelf (SW Brazil) Geological Sciences 2001-07-31
Carroll, Katherine Emma Innovations and Improvisations: A study in specialized product development focused on business clothing for women with physical disabilities Near Environments 2002-02-13
Carroll, Belinda Stone Design and development of an instructional unit on integrated pest management (IPM) : using the gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar (L.)) problem to teach IPM Vocational and Technical Education 2005-10-07
Carroll, Kathleen Adolescent development and parental alcohol use patterns Family and Child Development 2008-07-28
Carroll, Matthew Bradley The Effects of Stream Crossings and Associated Road Approaches on Water Quality in the Virginia Piedmont Forestry 2008-08-11
Carroll, Jeffrey Damian A Case Study of United States History Teachers in Virginia in an Era of the Standards of Learning Assessment Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2000-08-10
Carroll, James Christopher Grade 300 Prestressing Strand and the Effect of Vertical Casting Position Civil Engineering 2009-08-26
Carroll, Jeffrey D Withdrawal and combined load capacity of threaded fastener wood joints Wood Science and Forest Products 2010-04-12
Carroll, Michael David Contact area between cylinders in rolling contact. Mechanical Engineering 2010-06-02
Carroll, Alan F Semiconducting tin oxide and cobalt oxide films for future solar energy applications. Ceramic Engineering 2010-06-08
Carroll, Brian R Synchronous Thermal Instability Evaluation of Medium Speed Turbocharger Rotor-Bearing Systems Mechanical Engineering 2012-05-16
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