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D'Alberto, Tiffanie Gabrielle Long-Period Gratings as Immuno-Diagnostic biosensors Electrical and Computer Engineering 1998-07-24
D'Alessandro, Elena With Children in Mind... Industrial Design 2003-09-17
D'Amato, Claudio A "Veritable Jekyll and Hyde" - Epistemic Circularity and Reliabilist Theories of Justification Philosophy 2011-04-29
D'Ambrosio, Philip A Differential Geometry-Based Algorithm for Solving the Minimum Hellinger Distance Estimator Electrical and Computer Engineering 2008-05-05
D'Angelo, John Patrick Attenuation of Turbulent Boundary Layer Induced Interior Noise Using Integrated Smart Foam Elements Mechanical Engineering 2004-09-08
D'Angelo, Donna Jean Mechanisms governing phosphorus retention in streams Biology 2008-08-25
D'Angelo, Richard M. Correlation of seismic reflection data with seismicity over the Ramapo, New Jersey, fault zone Geophysics 2012-11-14
D'Angio, Paul Christopher Adaptive and Passive Non-Visual Driver Assistance Technologies for the Blind Driver Challenge® Mechanical Engineering 2012-05-07
D'Anieri, Peter D Effects of water stress and application timing on glyphosate activity in forest trees Forestry 2010-07-28
D'Ascoli, Alfredo The armored scale insects of Venezuela (Homoptera: Coccoidea: Diaspididae) Entomology 2008-10-03
D'Intino, Robert Stephen A Social Contract Perspective on Organizational Citizenship Behavior Management 1999-04-20
d'Orgeix, Christian A. Multiple paternity and the breeding biology of the red-eyed treefrog, Agalychnis callidryas Biology 2008-06-06
D'Souza, Mark Francis Residential Microwave Oven Interference on Bluetooth Data Performance Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003-04-26
Dabareiner, Robin Marie Evaluation of the microcirculation of the equine small intestine following intramural distention and reperfusion Veterinary Medical Science 2009-09-05
Dabu, Adina Theoretical Frameworks and Conceptual Approaches to Economic Development in East and Central Europe. Romania-Case Study Sociology 2002-09-06
Dadone, Paolo Fuzzy Control of Flexible Manufacturing Systems Electrical Engineering 1997-12-05
Dadone, Paolo Design Optimization of Fuzzy Logic Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering 2001-05-26
Dadson, Daniel K Impact of Environmental Classification on Steel Girder Bridge Elements Using Bridge Inspection Data Civil Engineering 2001-05-18
Daengngam, Chalongrat Second-Order Nonlinear Optical Responses in Tapered Optical Fibers with Self-Assembled Organic Multilayers Physics 2012-05-08
Daga, Mayank Architecture-Aware Mapping and Optimization on Heterogeneous Computing Systems Computer Science 2011-05-10
Dagenhart, J. Ray Crossflow stability and transition experiments in a swept-wing flow Engineering Mechanics 2007-08-08
Daghestani, Shamil F Design and Reconfiguration of Manufacturing Systems in Agile Manufacturing Environments Industrial and Systems Engineering 1999-02-03
Dahche, Hanan Mohamad Dual-specific protein phosphatases in the Archaea Biochemistry 2010-04-14
Dahlan-Taylor, Magfirah Beyond Minority Identity Politics: Rethinking Progressive Islam through Food Planning, Governance, and Globalization 2012-05-07
Dahle, Karen Bowen. Brief psychiatric hospitalization and its effect on the educational placement of students with attention deficit disorder Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2005-09-20
Dahlman, Carl Thor Re-reading the new right: risk, media, and rhetoric in Republican environmental policy Urban Affairs 2008-11-18
Dai, Hongwu A contemporary teashop design based on Chinese traditions Housing, Interior Design, and Resource Management 1999-09-23
Dai, Yang Feedback Control of Multi-Story Structures under Seismic Excitations Engineering Science and Mechanics 2002-04-10
Dai, Ning Modeling, analysis, and design of high-frequency high-density low-profile power transformers Electrical Engineering 2008-06-06
Dai, Jing Efficient Concurrent Operations in Spatial Databases Computer Science 2009-09-15
Dai, Yumin Phytochemicals from Graviola fruit selectively inhibit breast cancer cells growth involving EGFR signaling pathway Food Science and Technology 2010-04-06
Dai, Nan I. Collagen-like polypeptides. II. Helix-turn-helix peptides and turn mimetics. Chemistry 2008-07-26
Daigle, Scott Paul PSE Poultry Breast Enhancement through the Utilization of Poultry Collagen, Soy Protein, and Carrageenan in a Chunked and Formed Deli Roll Food Science and Technology 2005-09-16
Daigler, Stephen Joseph The Landscape Architect as Plantsman: Materiality, Representation and Finding the Lost Gardener Landscape Architecture 2006-06-01
Daigneault, Thomas E A case study in automated testing Systems Engineering 2010-03-30
Dailey, David M Integration of VHDL simulation and test verification into a Process Model Graph design environment Electrical Engineering 2009-11-24
Daitch, Vicki Natural science and the American government :fur seal management from gilded age to progressive era History 2009-08-14
Daku, Lefter S. Investing in Agricultural Extension: the Case of Albania Agricultural and Applied Economics 1997-09-25
Daku, Lefter S. Assessing Farm-Level and Aggregate Economic Impacts of Olive Integrated Pest Management Programs in Albania: an Ex-Ante Analysis Agricultural and Applied Economics 2002-04-20
Dal, Taylan A dynamic behavior modeler for future inclusion into a multi-tasking motion planning system for material handling in construction Civil Engineering 2009-08-14
Dalal, Malay A An object-oriented simulation-based method for emulation development for testing shop control software Industrial and Systems Engineering 2008-06-06
Dalal, Malay A Combined effect of job and AGV dispatching rules on a flexible manufacturing system Industrial Engineering and Operations Research 2009-08-04
Dalal, Kaushal R Database manager for Envision Computer Science 2010-04-27
Dale, Margaret Elizabeth House Legends and Perceptions of the Civil War: a Multiple Case Study on the Civil War Legends Told About Antebellum Homes in the New River Valley, Roanoke Valley, and Nearby Counties of Virginia Housing, Interior Design, and Resource Management 2003-05-21
Dalecky, Amanda Lee Particle Size Distribution Analysis of a Mining-Impacted Gravel-Bed Stream in Ohio Using a Hybrid Sediment Sampling Technique Environmental Engineering 2001-11-16
Daleo, Lisa Relations Among Adolescent Motherhood, Caregiving Experience, and Perceptual and Caregiving Responses to Infant Cries Psychology 1999-02-21
Daley, Gwen Marie Paleocommunities of the Yorktown Formation (Pliocene) of Virginia Geological Sciences 1999-08-09
Dalkiran, Evrim Discrete and Continuous Nonconvex Optimization: Decision Trees, Valid Inequalities, and Reduced Basis Techniques Industrial and Systems Engineering 2011-04-13
Dallam, Thomas L. Mood and performance : a model incorporating self-efficacy and attributions Psychology 2005-11-10
DallaPiazza, Kristin Lee A Global Approach to Disease Prevention: Predicting High Risk Areas for West Nile Infection in the Us Geography 2009-05-21
Dallas, George Fundamental experiments on the response of solutions, polymers, and modified polymeric materials to electromagnetic radiation Materials Engineering Science 2008-07-28
Daller, Melissa L. The Use of Developmental Advising Models By Professional Academic Advisors Student Personnel Services and Counseling 1998-07-12
Dallinger, Ioana Chefs' perceptions of convenience food products in university food service operations Hospitality and Tourism Management 2013-12-23
Dalrymple, Amy Janel The Effect of Adhesion on the Contact of an Elastica with a Rigid Surface Civil Engineering 1999-12-13
Dalton, Joseph C. Factors Important to the Efficiency of Artificial Insemination in Single-Ovulating and Superovulated Cattle Dairy Science 1999-04-22
Dalton, Renee A. Carbohydrate Supplementation and Resistance Exercise Performance in Males Undergoing Energy Restriction Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 1997-07-25
Dalton, M. Nell Effects of dietary fats on reproductive performance , egg quality, fatty acid composition of tissuse and Yolk and prostaglandin levels of embryonic tissues in Japanese Quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica) Animal and Poultry Sciences 2000-03-03
Dalton, Aaron James Autonomous Vehicle Path Planning with Remote Sensing Data Geography 2008-12-16
Dalton, David C Long-period background earth noise as measured in shallow, hand excavated holes Geophysics 2010-06-22
Dalvi, Vikrant Vijay Walls: Exploring the layers of a building Architecture 2006-06-04
Daly, Kathryn L. A Description of the Change Processes Experienced by Female Victims of Intimate Partner Violence when They and Their Male Partners End the Violence and Maintain Their Relationships Marriage and Family Therapy 2004-09-13
Daly, Paul K. Mental rotation with and without a concurrent task :moderating effects of visuospatial ability Psychology 2009-12-04
Damann, Elizabeth Amelia Wrist posture during computer mouse usage : the effects of wrist support and surface height Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-10-07
Damann, Margaret S Juvenility and flowering responses in Chrysanthemum x superbum and Coreopsis grandiflora and lanceolata Horticulture 2009-08-04
Damas, Juan Roberto On Conversion Architecture 2004-11-24
Damle, Pushkar Hari A system dynamics model of the integration of new technologies for ship systems Industrial and Systems Engineering 2003-09-28
Damonte, Lowell Taylor The effect of organizational factors on the structure of the buying center :the case study of corporate travel management Human Nutrition and Foods 2008-06-06
Dana, Christopher David Structural Characterization of the Flavonoid Enzyme Complex Biology 2004-07-22
Dandekar, Sushama A. Studies of intramolecular S̳RN1 reactions of carbanions derived from 2-(o-halobenzyl)amides and 3-(o-halobenzyl)imides : application to the synthesis of succinimido[3,4-b]indane, a potential anticonvulsant Chemistry 2005-10-24
Dandridge, Eliza Bourque Producing Popularity: The Success in France of the Comics Series "Astérix le Gaulois" History 2008-05-14
Danello, Rebecca Davis First Fellowship Then Followership: Training for a New Generation of Teacher Leaders Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2008-04-08
Dangi, Resham B. The Efficiency of Community Forests: Successful and Unsuccessful Examples From Nepal Forestry 2000-04-18
Daniel, James B. Using Winter Annual Cover Crops in a Virginia No-till Cotton Production System Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 1997-12-01
Daniel, Leslie S. Descriptions of Friendship from Preadolescent Boys Who Carry A Label on the Autism Spectrum Teaching and Learning 2006-11-15
Daniel, Timothy Seth The effects of precision on the fast, recursive least-squares transversal filters for adaptive filtering Electrical Engineering 2009-03-24
Daniel, Emory Stephen A Game That Cannot Be Won: Media Framing of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Scandal Communication Studies 2009-05-15
Daniel, Thomas Earl Histological evaluation of ovine mammary tissue xenografted into cyclosporine treated mice Dairy Science 2010-06-22
Daniel, Ray Head Acceleration Measurements in Helmet-Helmet Impacts and the Youth Population Biomedical Engineering 2012-04-30
Daniel, Pamela Dorr Fuller The impact of network characteristics on the selection of a deadlock detection algorithm for distributed databases Computer Science 2012-06-10
Daniels, Harold Lee Interaction of Cognitive Style and Learner Control of Presentation Mode in a Hypermedia Environment Curriculum and Instruction 1998-07-13
Daniels, Jean Elizabeth Lucas Ethics Education In Marriage and Family Therapy Graduate Programs Family and Child Development 1998-07-13
Daniels, Susan J. Female Dispersal and Inbreeding in the Red-cockaded Woodpecker Biology 1997-08-25
Daniels, Melissa Lynn Minimizing Visitor Impacts to Protected Lands: An Examination of Site Management and Visitor Education Methods Forestry 2004-05-06
Daniels, Kristy Marie Effects of bodyweight and plane of nutrition on mitogenic capacity of mammary extracts in cell culture, mammary growth and development, and protein expression profiles of mammary tissue in Holstein heifers Dairy Science 2005-01-06
Daniels, Mary F. Ethics and the elementary principal Educational Administration 2005-10-24
Daniels, Kristy Marie Effects of Milk Replacer Composition on Measures of Mammary Development in Holstein Heifer Calves Dairy Science 2008-04-23
Danielsen-Lang, Karen A Lifestyle Neighborhoods: The Semi-Exclusive World of Rental Gated Communities Environmental Design and Planning 2008-05-29
Danielson, Jared Andrew The Design, Development and Evaluation of a Web-based Tool for Helping Veterinary Students Learn How to Classify Clinical Laboratory Data Teaching and Learning 1999-08-03
Danielson, Erin Marie Addition of Soybean Lipoxygenase to All-Purpose Flour and its Effects on Dough Gluten Strength and Bread Quality Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2007-06-15
Daniloski, Kimberly M Adolescent Food Choice: Developing and Evaluating a Model of Parental Influence Business (Marketing) 2011-04-11
Danis, Michelle A. The Effects of Multiple Listing on Bid-Ask Spreads for Equity Options Economics (Arts and Sciences) 1998-07-13
Dankovich, James Edmund Make Hit Phlegm Architecture 2010-01-10
Danley, Mark H. Combat motivation in the eighteenth-century British army History 2009-08-14
Danner, Raymond Michael The Effects of Limited Winter Food Availability on the Population Dynamics, Energy Reserves, and Feather Molt of the Swamp Sparrow Biological Sciences 2012-06-29
Danner, Julie Elizabeth The role of cultural divergence in reproductive isolation in a tropical bird, the rufous-collared sparrow (Zonotrichia capensis) Biology 2012-05-15
Dannhardt, Michael Generating grasping using models based on duality Electrical Engineering 2010-07-28
Dano, Marie-Laure SMA-Induced Deformations In general Unsymmetric Laminates Engineering Science and Mechanics 1998-07-13
Dano, Marie-Laure SMA-induced deformations in unsymmetric cross-ply laminates Engineering Mechanics 2009-09-12
Danza, Matthew Anthony Lateral Restraint Brace Forces in Quarter Point and Third Point Plus Support Braced Z-Purlin Supported Roof Systems Subject to Gravity Load Civil Engineering 1998-12-18
Danzig, Andrew Jay Chromatographic and mass spectrometric characterization of a landfill leachate and an industrial wastewater Environmental Engineering 2009-03-14
Danziger, Elon Architecture, territory, and society: Two projects for the Veneto Architecture 2006-09-11
Daoud, Amjad M. Efficient data structures for information retrieval Computer Science and Applications 2005-10-20
Daoulas, John Christos Finite element analyses of pile load tests performed in the Yorktown formation, Newport News, Virginia Civil Engineering 2010-07-08
Dapic, Ignacio Numerical Model for the Lateral Compression Response of a Plastic Cup Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2003-08-25
Daqaq, Mohammed F. Virtual Reality Simulation of Ships and Ship-Mounted Cranes Engineering Science and Mechanics 2003-05-07
Daqaq, Mohammed F. Adaptation of Nontraditional Control Techniques to Nonlinear Micro and Macro Mechanical Systems Engineering Science and Mechanics 2006-07-31
Daquila, George Lawrence Monte Carlo analysis of non-equilibrium steady states and relaxation kinetics in driven lattice gases Physics 2011-08-17
Dara, Surendra Kumar Potential of Pandora neoaphidis (Remaudière & Hennebert) Humber as a fungal pathogen for the control of tobacco aphid, Myzus nicotianae Blackman, on tobacco Entomology 2008-06-06
Darden, Ellen Clough Adult new readers :the impact on family Family and Child Development 2007-10-02
Darken, Patrick Fitzgerald Testing for Changes in Trend in Water Quality Data Statistics 1999-09-10
Darling, Scott Christian Seismic Response of Short Period Structures and the Development of a Self-Centering Truss Moment Frame with Energy Dissipating Elements for Improved Performance Civil Engineering 2012-08-20
Darlington, Lisa Marie Factors that Influence the Satisfaction and Persistence of Undergraduates in Computer Related Majors Educational Research and Evaluation 2008-11-08
Darnton, Susan Meacham The effects of boron supplementation on bone mineral density, blood and urinary calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and urinary boron in female athletes Human Nutrition and Foods 2008-07-28
Darrow, Robert Searching West Virginia for a Democratic Response to Mountaintop Removal Political Science 2010-05-19
Das, Swati Bioremediation of Pcb Contaminated Surface Soil-a Microcosm Study Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 1997-02-12
Das, Sudipto Wood/Polymeric Isocyanate Resin Interactions: Species dependence Macromolecular Science and Engineering 2005-08-21
Das, Kumuda C. Amelioration of oxidative lung injury by antiarrhythmic agents Veterinary Medical Sciences 2005-10-13
Das, Kaushik Analysis of Instabilities in Microelectromechanical Systems, and of Local Water Slamming Engineering Science and Mechanics 2009-11-30
Das, Sanchoy K. Selection of an optimal set of assembly part delivery dates in a stochastic assembly system Industrial Engineering and Operations Research 2012-11-14
Das Neves, Fernando Adrian Stepping Stones and Pathways:Improving Retrieval by Chains of Relationships between Documents Computer Science 2004-11-01
Dasgupta, Amlan Addition of Features to an Existing MDO Model for Containerships Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2001-05-31
DaSilva Guerreiro, Jose Celestino Architectural Elements As Structure Architecture 2012-06-06
Dasiyici, Mehmet Celal Multi-Scale Cursor: Optimizing Mouse Interaction for Large Personal Workspaces Computer Science 2008-05-13
Datey, Ameya Vivek Experiments in the Use of Immersion for Information Visualization Computer Science 2002-05-09
Datta, Bipasa Essays on credit rationing and borrowing constraints Economics 2007-02-26
Datta, Diptish Interfacing the IBM PC with the STD bus for multiprocessing Electrical Engineering 2012-11-14
Daucher, James Andrew Occurrence of pyruvate:ferredoxin oxidoreductase in Campylobacter, Wolinella, Helicobacter and Arcobacter species Biology (Microbiology) 2009-09-05
Dauer, Doreen M. Group counseling for anger control :the effects of an intervention program with middle school students Counseling and Student Personnel Services 2008-07-28
Daugherty, Susan AtLee Neurophysiological Differences in Pain Reactivity: Why Some People are Tolerant to Pain Psychology 2005-09-19
Daugherty, Megen Aileen The Safety and Efficacy of Oral Low-Volume Sodium Phosphate Bowel Preparation for Colonoscopy in Dogs Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences 2006-07-20
Daugherty, William Duane Effects of low intensity magnetic fields on cabbage loopers. Agricultural Engineering 2010-07-21
Daughtry, Lillian H. Vocational administrator leadership effectiveness as a function of gender and leadership style Vocational and Technical Education 2008-06-06
Dauphinais, Jennifer L. Evaluating the Source-Effect relationship of Industrial Toxins In wastewater Treatment Environmental Engineering 2003-05-23
Davailus, George P The transformation of oscillatory equations in six degree of freedom re-entry trajectory models with coordinate transformations Computer Science 2009-09-05
Dav, Vipul Cellulose-based fibers from liquid crystalline solutions Materials Engineering Science 2007-08-23
David, Theodoros P. Networking Requirements and Solutions for a TV WWW Browser Electrical Engineering 1997-09-17
David, Elaine B The effects of organizational response on deprofessionalization :the case of stockbrokers 1975-1990 Sociology 2008-06-06
David, Paul Uri A Distributed Software Framework for the Virginia Tech Ground Station Electrical and Computer Engineering 2015-10-19
Davidson, Christopher Bryn Effects of European Gypsy Moth Defoliation in Mixed Pine-Hardwood Stands in the Atlantic Coastal Plain Forestry 1997-10-28
Davidson, John Wesley The Necessary Components of a Staff Development Program to Prepare Teachers to Teach Secondary Online Classes: a Delphi Study Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2005-04-22
Davidson, Bradley Steven Biomechanical Evaluation of Lumbar Extensor Fatigue Effects on the Postural Control System Engineering Science and Mechanics 2005-01-13
Davidson, Richard H. Culture enumeration, lactose hydrolysis and sensory changes in stored frozen yogurt fermented with two culture systems Food Science and Technology 2005-10-07
Davidson, Deborah Ann Influence of flight activity and octopamine on hemolymph trehalose titers in Heliothis zea (Boddie) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) Entomology 2005-10-14
Davidson, Kyle Designing a Walkable Suburban Landscape: New Urbanism and Light Rail as Methodologies Landscape Architecture 2006-05-09
Davidson, Bradley Experimental and simulation-based assessment of the human postural response to sagittal plane perturbations with localized muscle fatigue and aging Biomedical Engineering 2007-10-24
Davidson, Boris Fundamentals of the Simplex communication Channel With retransmissions Electrical and Computer Engineering 1998-07-25
Davidson, Jacob Daniel Actuation and Charge Transport Modeling of Ionic Liquid-Ionic Polymer Transducers Mechanical Engineering 2010-02-10
Davidson, Karole L. Initial design of a graphical user interface for the Aegis display system Systems Engineering 2010-03-17
Davidson, Charles Nelson Surface action group defense model Systems Engineering 2010-05-04
Davidson, John Richard The effect of random internal motions on the angular orientation of a free body with limit control. Engineering Mechanics 2010-06-12
Davidson, Leslie Freeman Spousal Well-Being of Service Members With Traumatic Brain Injury: A Qualitative Study Human Development 2010-12-22
Davies, John Clay Design and Implementation of an FPGA-based Soft-Radio Receiver Utilizing Adaptive Tracking Electrical and Computer Engineering 2000-08-31
Davies, Lorin Christopher The association between attachment style and uni- and bi-directional pursuer-distancer patterns in couples: A clinical sample of couples in counseling Human Development 2004-05-11
Davies, Charlotte Effects of a prostaglandin E1 analogue, misoprostol, on gentamicin-induced nephrotoxicosis in dogs Veterinary Medical Sciences 2008-09-18
Davies, Sarah Elizabeth Quantitative Pertechnetate Thyroid Scintigraphy and the Ultrasonographic Appearance of the Thyroid Gland in Clinically Normal Horses Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences 2010-05-10
Davies, H. R. The time and rate of plant nutrient absorption by bright tobacco Agronomy 2010-06-08
Davis, Sue B. The Socialization of a Female Superintendent Educational Administration 1997-12-08
Davis, Christopher Brandon The Elements of Home: Towards Community and Privacy Architecture 1999-05-07
Davis, Rebecca J. Status of Admission Policies and Practices at Four-Year Public Institutions of Higher Education in Virginia Implemented to Evaluate Home School Applicants Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2000-04-21
Davis, George V. Getting Over the Self: The Decentered Subject and Contemporary Political Theory Political Science 2000-05-19
Davis, Bradley Propagation and Scattering of Waves by Terrain Features Electrical and Computer Engineering 2000-06-27
Davis, Mark William Development and Evaluation of a Test Apparatus for Fuel Cells Mechanical Engineering 2000-07-17
Davis, Robin Michelle Comparison of Surface Characteristics of Hot-Mix Asphalt Pavement Surfaces at the Virginia Smart Road Civil Engineering 2001-07-26
Davis, Ivan Christopher Damage Detection in Aluminum Cylinders Using Modal Analysis Mechanical Engineering 2002-08-03
Davis, Thomas Wayne The Effects of Age on Stress and The Biomechanics of Slips and Falls Industrial and Systems Engineering 2002-08-22
Davis, Jason Edward geochemical controls on arsenic and phosphorus in natural and engineered systems Civil Engineering 2001-01-21
Davis, David Evan Inhibition of Flower Bud Initiation and Development in Apple by Defoliation, Gibberellic Acid and Crop Load Manipulation Horticulture 2002-11-25
Davis, Gwen Marie Interfacial Reaction of an Olefin-Terminated Self-Assembled Monolayer Exposed to Nitrogen Dioxide: An Investigation Into the Reaction Rate and Mechanism Chemistry 2003-09-05
Davis, Michelle Leigh Assessment of the South Atlantic Red Porgy (Pagrus pagrus) Population Under a Moratorium Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2004-01-06
Davis, Kirsten A. Information Technology Change in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industry: An Investigation of Individuals’ Resistance Civil Engineering 2004-04-26
Davis, Christina Clarkson Aqueous Silica in the Environment: Effects on Iron Hydroxide Surface Chemistry and Implications for Natural and Engineered Systems Environmental Engineering 2000-07-10
Davis, Sarah Farthing The Effect of Soy Flour as a Natural Antioxidant on Flaxseed in Yeast Bread Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2004-11-09
Davis, Sean David Common and Model-Specific Factors: What Marital Therapy Model Developers, Their Former Students, and Their Clients Say About Change. Human Development 2005-03-23
Davis, Trent Alan Counseling and Complementary Therapy: A National Survey of Counselors’ Experiences Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2005-04-18
Davis, Margery Ann Salisbury Age and dress of professors: influence on students' first impressions of teaching effectiveness Clothing and Textiles 2005-09-20
Davis, Susan L. Appalachian quilts of Floyd County, Virginia Clothing, Textiles, and Related Arts 2005-10-19
Davis, Thomas Wayne Effects of Stress, Coping Style, and Confidence on Basic Combat Training Performance, Discipline, and Attrition Industrial and Systems Engineering 2006-03-25
Davis, Gwendolyn Berry The effects of skipping more difficult items on time-limited tests : a quasi-experimental design Educational Research, Evaluation, and Policy Studies 2006-05-11
Davis, Emily Katherine John Cleland's The Dictionary of Love: An XML Edition English 2007-05-09
Davis, Tamara E. Telling life stories and creating life books :a counseling technique for fostering resilience in children Counselor Education and Student Personnel Services 2007-10-03
Davis, Ann The relationship between articulated credits and student performance of graduates of a community college office systems technology program Vocational and Technical Education 2007-10-05
Davis, Julian Ly A Computational Study into the Effect of Structure and Orientation of the Red Ear Slider Turtle Utricle on Hair Bundle Stimulus Engineering Science and Mechanics 2007-12-04
Davis, Joanne Elizabeth Geographic distribution of southern- and northern-form brook trout populations in southwestern Virginia Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2008-06-30
Davis, Juanita Johnson The evaluation of an urban career guidance program based on the national career development guidelines Student Personnel Services 2008-07-28
Davis, Douglas Bradley LRFD evaluation of full-scale metal building rigid frame tests Civil Engineering 2008-08-22
Davis, Douglas Bradley Finite Element Modeling for Prediction of Low Frequency Floor Vibrations Due to Walking Civil Engineering 2008-08-12
Davis, Kedzie The effect of cooling rate on toughness and crystallinity in poly(ether ketone ketone) (PEKK)/G30-500 composites Materials Science and Engineering 2008-09-18
Davis, Anne Louise Maclean Critical assessment of a proposed biostratigraphic scheme for Late Triassic fissure sediments from South West England Geology 2008-09-18
Davis, Marjorie Lynn Survival of Escherichia coli O157:H7 on cut and whole surfaces of spinach and leaf lettuce, packaged under modified atmospheric conditions Food Science and Technology 2008-09-04
Davis, Richard Alan Reliability of a semi-automated CO{u2082} rebreathing system for cardiac output measures during exercise Health and Physical Education 2008-11-18
Davis, Mary N. Minority Status Stress :factors that impact its effect on the psychological and academic functioning of African American students attending a predominantly white university Psychology 2008-11-18
Davis, Denny E Optimization of transducers for active structural acoustic control of complex structures using numerical techniques Mechanical Engineering 2009-01-17
Davis, Michael S Evaluation of clinical methods of pulmonary gas exchange assessment in the standing horse Veterinary Science 2009-01-24
Davis, Van Leslie Characterization and scale-up of microbubble generation in column flotation Mining and Minerals Engineering 2009-03-24
Davis, Sharrika D. Factors Influencing Undergraduate Women's Educational Aspirations Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2009-04-16
Davis, George T Protecting Scenic Views: Seventy Years of Managing and Enforcing Scenic Easements along the Blue Ridge Parkway Urban Affairs and Planning 2009-05-20
Davis, Miranda Lynn Densities, habitat-use, and mesopredator release of the ocelot in Belize Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2009-05-11
Davis, Peter Edward Simulated effects of agricultural management systems on potential nonpoint source loading of nitrate and pesticides Agricultural Engineering 2009-08-14
Davis, Lori L Parenting strategies and other factors affecting the potential for child abuse in low income mothers Family and Child Development 2009-09-05
Davis, Scott Effects of proposals no. 20 & 37 on the men's basketball budget at Virginia Tech Health and Physical Education (Sports Management) 2009-09-12
Davis, Kethley Renee Relationship between apparel store satisfaction and patronage behaviors of black college-age consumers Clothing and Textiles 2009-12-04
Davis, Nigel Roger John A study of the extent of brand loyalty exhibited by business travellers towards the lodging product Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management 2009-12-23
Davis, John G Compressive strength of lamina reinforced and fiber reinforced composite materials. Engineering Mechanics 2010-06-08
Davis, Eric Andrew Does that Sound Smell Good? An Experimental Investigation into the use of Verbal Smell References and Cooking Sounds in Radio Advertisements Hospitality and Tourism Management 2010-07-01
Davis, John G An approximate method of calculating the weight of the two- insulation-two-coolant thermal protection system Mechanical Engineering 2010-07-28
Davis, Wendy S. Providing a Framework to Understanding Why the US Invaded Iraq in 2003 Political Science 2007-05-03
Davis, Robert Vernon The (Un)Settling of America: Science and the Search for the First Americans Science and Technology Studies 2011-10-29
Davis, Erin Durke Ultrahigh Vacuum Studies of the Kinetics and Reaction Mechanisms of Ozone with Surface-Bound Fullerenes Chemistry 2011-11-04
Davis, Edward A. Studies of sodium azide with tetraphenylcyclopentadienones and various analogs Chemistry 2012-11-14
Davis, Susan L. The effect of specially designed garments on the observable make- believe play behavior of four- to six-year-old females Clothing and Textiles 2012-11-30
Davis, Gina Ann Post-release evaluation of Laricobius nigrinus for the biological control of hemlock woolly adelgid in the eastern United States Entomology 2011-04-14
Davis III, Thompson Elder Quality of Life in Young Adults with Specific Phobia Psychology 2005-04-22
Davis, Jr., George Robert Freshmen Student-Athletes: An Examination of the Decision-Making Process and Satisfaction Teaching and Learning 2006-04-20
Davison, Sneha Patel Enviro-Mechanical Durability of Graphite/Epoxy Composite Materials Engineering Science and Mechanics 2003-11-19
Davison, Jennifer J. Response surface designs and analysis for bi-randomization error structures Statistics 2006-10-04
Davisson, Cole M. Stratigraphic and structural evolution of the early Diligencia Basin, Orocopia Mountains, Southeastern California Geology 2010-04-07
Davoine, Sophie S. Evaluation and adaptation of a non-single-lens reflex camera for users with manual impairments Industrial and Systems Engineering 2008-11-18
Davy, Kevin P. The effects of prostaglandin inhibition on the sympathetic and pressor responses to muscular contraction and postcontraction muscle ischemia Educational Research and Evaluation 2007-02-26
Dawson, Donna Kay Determinants of Nonrecovery Following Hip Fracture in Older Adults: a Chronic Disease Trajectory Analysis Human Development 2000-05-11
Dawson, Robert Donald Vertical Integration in Commercial Fisheries Agricultural and Applied Economics 2003-08-12
Dawson, Thomas Edward Explorations in City Image: An Investigation of Tools of Perception and Representation in Urban Design Landscape Architecture 2004-05-25
Dawson, Michele Renee j u x t a p o s e d: A Revelatory Appraoch to Reconcile Past and Present Landscape Architecture 2005-08-14
Dawson, Herbert Maxwell Removal of microorganisms and proteins from sewage and industrial waste with chlorinated solvents Sanitary Engineering 2010-04-07
Dawson, John Stanley Behavior patterns of chickens from hatching to 10 weeks of age Poultry Husbandry 2010-06-02
Day, Susan Downing Growth and Physiology of Several Urban Tree Species in Soils Disturbed by Construction Fill or Compaction Forestry 1999-08-12
Day, Brian Scott The Dynamics of Gas-Surface Energy Transfer in Collisions of Rare Gases with Organic Thin Films Chemistry 2005-12-01
Day, Kimberly L Children’s Private Speech During an Emotion-Eliciting Task Human Development 2010-05-05
Day, Kristen Wallace The perceptions and experiences of mental health professionals involved in the response and recovery following the April 16th, 2007 campus shootings at Virginia Tech Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2010-12-03
Day II, Henry Jesse An Investigation of Software metrics Affect on Cobol Program reliability Business (Accounting) 1998-07-25
Dayal, Avik Nonlinear Doppler Warp Correction for Acoustic OFDM Electrical and Computer Engineering 2016-08-26
Dayer, Carolina EROS: Desire in Architecture Architecture 2008-01-10
Dazzini, Monica Mabel The City and its interfaces: An Approach to Recover the Natural and Cultural Landscape at the Beachfront in St. Augustine Beach, Florida Landscape Architecture 2005-05-12
Dávila, Carlos G. Delamination initiation in postbuckled dropped-ply laminates Aerospace Engineering 2008-07-28
De, Samrat Effect of Variation of the Systemic Parameters on the Structural Response of Single Degree of Freedom Systems Subjected to Incremental Dynamic Analysis Civil Engineering 2004-02-19
De, Anindya Kanti Numerical Modeling of Microscale Mixing Using Lattice Boltzmann Method Engineering Science and Mechanics 2008-04-28
De, Kalpajit A hypermedia based system for digital information archiving and retrieval in A/E/C project management Civil Engineering 2009-01-24
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Doss, Calvin James Raman studies of the nanostructure of sol-gel materials Physics 2008-06-06
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Doswell, Felicia Improving Network Performance and Document Dissemination by Enhancing Cache Consistency on the Web Using Proxy and Server Negotiation Computer Science 2005-08-20
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Dounis, Dimitrios V. Structural and viscoelastic studies of flexible polyurethane foams Chemical Engineering 2007-02-27
Doutriaux, Frederic Optimal sublot determination in multiple batch stage, two stage production systems Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-03-12
Dove, Edwin Lindsey A comparison of digital methods applied to power flow studies. Electrical Engineering 2009-07-31
Dow, Mark Ian A taxonomic revision of the Nearctic specis of the genus Bezzia (Diptera: ceratopogonidae). Entomology 2009-03-13
Dow, Matthew Allen A study of the fine structure and the function of the ocellus of the adult cabbage looper (Trichoplusia ni, it{u00FC}bner) (hepidoptera: noctuidae) Entomology 2010-06-08
Dowd, Melissa Margaret Analysis of Peptidoglycan Structural Changes and Cortex Lytic Enzymes during Germination of Bacillus anthracis Spores Biology 2005-09-20
Dowd, Justin Matthew Contour and Layers: An Architectural Exploration Architecture 2010-06-01
Dowden, Matthew Richard Barcroft Using Pressure Transducers for Noninvasive Heart and Respiratory Monitoring Mechanical Engineering 2012-07-27
Dowdy, Marshall Dean The grocery shopping attitudes and behaviors of convenience store patrons General Business (Marketing) 2007-10-02
Dowling, Maureen F. Chapman Friends School: A Study of the Creation of Culture Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2000-03-10
Dowling, Tripp N An Analysis of Log Truck Turn Times at Harvest Sites and Mill Facilities Forestry 2010-05-03
Downes, Stephen Matthew Prospects for a cognitive science of science Science and Technology Studies 2008-08-25
Downey, Aaron Synthesis and MAO activity of a series of benzimidazolyl and indazolyl prodrugs Chemistry 2006-11-06
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Downs, Robert T. A study of the mean-square displacement amplitudes of T and O atoms in framework silicates and aluminosilicates :evidence for rigid to bonds, order, disorder, twinning and stacking faults in crystals Geological Sciences 2012-11-21
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Draeger, Brad S A descriptive study of teacher time usage and allocation in Fairfax County Public Schools, Virginia Educational Administration 2008-06-06
Dragich, Bernadette Marie Caring in Nursing Education Teaching and Learning 2001-04-23
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Drauch, Gregory Andrew Hypersonic test facilities :requirements analysis and preliminary design Aerospace Engineering 2009-04-07
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Dravid, Amit A model of the checkpoint response of the cell cycle of frog-egg extracts in the presence of unreplicated DNA. Mathematics 2004-12-16
Drayer, Thomas Hudson A Design Methodology for Creating Programmable Logic-based Real-time Image Processing Hardware Electrical and Computer Engineering 1998-07-13
Dredger, Mary Kathleen A Savory Stew: Text Differentiation in a Middle School Immigration Unit Teaching and Learning 2011-08-09
Drees, Martin Polymer/Fullerene Photovoltaic Devices - Nanoscale Control of the Interface by Thermally-controlled Interdiffusion Physics 2003-05-21
Dreher, Matthew David A Crypt within a Dystopia Architecture 2012-05-11
Drescher, Michael Stuart A Flattened Hierarchical Scheduler for Real-Time Virtual Machines Electrical and Computer Engineering 2015-05-18
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Drew, Christopher W. Mechanical Loading for Modifying Tissue Water Content and Optical Properties Mechanical Engineering 2009-05-13
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Drezga, Irislav A generalized ANN-based model for short-term load forecasting Electrical Engineering 2008-06-06
Driscoll, Lisa Lorraine Green The Local Composite Index: A Critical Analysis Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 1998-12-04
Dritsas, Lawrence Stratton Local Informants and British Explorers: the Search for the Source of the Nile, 1850-1875 Science and Technology Studies 2001-10-06
Driver, Maria Sosonkina Parallel Sparse Linear Algebra for Homotopy Methods Computer Science 1997-09-05
Droesch, Kristen L. The Development of Gelatin Based Tissue Adhesives for Use in Soft Tissue Biomedical Applications Materials Science and Engineering 1999-12-13
Drucker, Allison Lynch A Shapely Resistance: A Study in Construction for a Kindergarten Architecture 2008-09-09
Druggish, Richard S. Nourishing Roots and Inspiring Wings: Building a Culturally Responsive Pedagogy for Southern Appalachia Teaching and Learning 2003-12-05
Drumm, Rick O. Determination of the service life of concrete sealers on horizontal and vertical bridge members Civil Engineering 2009-10-10
Drummond, Derek Michael A critical examination of identification practices in special education Educational Administration 2007-10-05
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Drumright-Clarke, Mary Ann Numerical simulations that characterize the effects of surfactant on droplets in shear flow Mathematics 2002-04-16
Dry, Carolyn Minnetta Design of systems for time delayed activated internal release of chemicals in concrete from porous fibers, aggregates of prills, to improve durability Environmental Design and Planning 2007-05-22
Du, Yu Internal Resonances in Vibration Isolators and Their Control Using Passive and Hybrid Dynamic Vibration Absorbers Mechanical Engineering 2003-05-02
Du, Weiwei Electrostatic Self-Assembly of Biocompatible Thin Films Materials Science and Engineering 2000-06-11
Du, Min PCR-based cloning, characterization, and stress-induced expression of chitinase genes in Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis L.) Genetics 2006-05-11
Du, Ruixue The Relationship Between Share Price and Operating Cash Flow under the Casual Theme Restaurant Setting Hospitality and Tourism Management 2008-05-26
Du, Zhi-cang A fiscal impact model for Montgomery County :practicum in planning Urban Affairs and Planning 2010-01-26
Du, Min A greenhouse screening method for resistance to gray leaf spot in maize Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2010-06-08
Du, Xiaosong Adsorption Studies of Polysaccharides and Phospholipids Onto Cellulose Chemistry 2011-12-18
du Plessis, Sarah Browning Leadership Practices of Women Superintendents: A Qualitative Study Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2008-11-05
Duan, Yuyan A Modified Bayesian Power Prior Approach with Applications in Water Quality Evaluation Statistics 2005-12-07
Duan, Chunming Stochastic availability analysis and modeling of longwall mining operations Mining and Minerals Engineering 2007-07-12
Duan, Chunming A unified decision analysis framework for robust system design evaluation in the face of uncertainty Industrial and Systems Engineering 2008-06-06
Dubberley, Dennis John An analytical parameter study on the erosion of turbine blades subjected to flow containing particulates. Mechanical Engineering 2010-06-12
Ducatte, Gerald Roger Aspects of the microwave induced plasma as an element selective detector for supercritical fluid chromatography and supercritical fluid extraction Chemistry 2005-10-10
Duchez, Wilfried Role of electric field profiles in continuous microwave processing of thermal runaway materials Mechanical Engineering 2009-02-13
Duchovnay, Alan Comparative Electrochemistry, Electronic Absorption Spectroscopy and Spectroelectrochemistry of the Monometallic Ruthenium Polypyridyl Complexes [Ru(Bpy)(Dpb)2](Pf6)2 [Ru(Bpy)2(Dpb)](Pf6)2 [Ru(Bpy)2(Dpq)](Pf6)2 [Ru(Bpy)(Dpq)2](Pf6)2 Chemistry 2011-04-25
Duddleston, Khrystyne Noel The effect of carbon addition, pH and Fe concentration of microbial sulfate reduction and the subsequent precipitation of Fe and Mn from acid mine drainage in wetland mesocosms Microbial Ecology 2010-05-11
Dudi, Abhijeet Reconsidering Lead Corrosion in Drinking Water: Product Testing, Direct Chloramine Attack and Galvanic Corrosion Environmental Engineering 2004-10-17
Dudley, Larkin Sims Contractual governance : theory and practice in Circular A-76 Public Administration and Public Affairs 2007-05-22
Duelley, Richard Skyler Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Propulsion Design Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2010-08-26
Duemling, Martin Modeling and characterization of nanoelectromechanical systems Materials Science and Engineering 2002-08-19
Duerksen, Alek Charles A Feasibility Analysis of Wind Power as an Alternative Post-mining Land Use in Surface Coal Mines in West Virginia Mining and Minerals Engineering 2011-10-03
Duesterdieck, Katja Friederike Evaluation of the Harmonic Scalpel for Laparoscopic Bilateral Ovariectomy in Standing Horses Veterinary Medical Sciences 2003-05-18
Duff, Marissa Joy Evaluation of road erosion prediction models applied to unpaved roads in a small tropical watershed in Eastern Brazil Biological Systems Engineering 2010-08-24
Dufour, Yann Serge Experimental Methods in Support of the Development of a Computational Model for Quorum Sensing in Vibrio fischeri Biology 2004-08-01
Dufresne, Sophie Optimization of an airfoil's performance through moving boundary control Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2009-09-29
Dufresne, Laura C. Destruction of algae-produced taste-and-odor compounds by chlorine, potassium permanganate, and chlorine dioxide Environmental Engineering 2009-11-24
Duggins, Jonathan William Parametric Resampling Methods for Retrospective Changepoint Analysis Statistics 2010-06-28
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Dula, Chris S. Validity and Reliability Assessment of a Dangerous Driving Self-Report Measure Psychology 2003-04-03
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Dulaney, Laura Jaques Fault Lines English 2008-04-16
Dull, Richard B. A Visual Approach to Information Systems: an Investigation of The momentum of Accounting Wealth Changes Accounting and Information Systems 1997-08-05
Dumitra?cu, Constantin Dorin The odd chern character and obstruction theory Mathematics 2009-05-09
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Duncan, Stel S. A meta-analysis of Prozac and three psychotherapies in the treatment of unipolar major depression Educational Research and Evaluation 2006-03-02
Duncan, Laura Kristin Characterization of C60 Nanoparticles in Aqueous Systems Environmental Engineering 2007-05-09
Duncan, Andrew A A Participatory Evaluation of a Development NGO in Nicaragua Sociology 2008-01-02
Duncan, Bradley Dean Investigation of real-time optical scanning holography Electrical Engineering 2008-07-28
Duncan, Michael Bennett The use of bioelectrical impedance analysis for estimating the body composition of various fish species. Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2009-03-23
Duncan, Kathy A. Study of the decrease of female coaches of female athletics for Montgomery County, VA during the years 1972-1988 Health and Physical Education 2009-08-04
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Duncan, Carla S. Carbon and nitrogen dynamics on a forest site receiving continual papermill sludge applications :a soil column study Forestry 2009-10-10
Duncan, Carla S. Wastewater renovation with soil depth as influenced by additional treatment of septic tank effluent Environmental Engineering 2009-10-31
Duncan, Andrew Jay Synthesis and Characterization of Branched Ionomers for Performance in Ionic Liquid – Swollen Ionic Polymer Transducers Macromolecular Science and Engineering 2009-11-13
Duncan, Kari J. Performance characterization of Erwin, Shasta, and Kamloops strains of rainbow trout under culture conditions at White Sulphur Springs National Fish Hatchery, West Virginia Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2009-12-16
Duncan, Susan Lee Traditional and nontraditional postsecondary vocational education students : internal-external control of reinforcement Vocational and Technical Education 2010-07-08
Duncan, Bradley Dean Modal interference techniques for strain detection in few-mode optical fibers Electrical Engineering 2010-07-21
Dungan, H. Nancy Fitzpatrick A study of self-efficacy based interventions on the career development of high achieving male and female high school students Student Personnel Services 2006-02-01
Dungan, Mary Elizabeth Development of a compact sound source for the active control of turbofan inlet noise Mechanical Engineering 2010-03-30
Dunham, Angela Wood An Instrument for Measuring Behavior Change Among Low-Income Youth Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 1999-11-11
Dunifon, Shea Nicole Compost Application Practices for Revegetating Disturbed Soils Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2009-12-16
Dunkle, Stacie E. Romarchite and Other Corrosion Phases on Metal Artifacts from the Queen Anne's Revenge (1718) Geological Sciences 2002-04-26
Dunlap, Daniel Ray A Study of the LiNC Project: Collaboration, Teaching, Research, and the Social Construction of Technology Science and Technology Studies 2002-04-10
Dunlap, Duane D. Comparing attitudes toward technology of third and fourth grade students in Virginia relative to their exposure to technolgy Vocational and Technical Education 2004-02-03
Dunlap, John Classification and analysis of longwall delays Mining Engineering 2009-05-02
Dunlap, Daniel R Rethinking scientific literacy standards Science and Technology Studies 2009-06-10
Dunlap-Brown, Marya The In Vitro Transgene Expression and In Vivo Transgene Integration of Condensed DNA Injected into the Cytoplasm of Murine Zygotes Dairy Science 2010-06-25
Dunlevy, Shane Conlan On Ornament: A Catholic Cemetery for Philadelphia Architecture 2011-06-03
Dunlop, Matthew William Achieving Security and Privacy in the Internet Protocol Version 6 Through the Use of Dynamically Obscured Addresses Electrical and Computer Engineering 2012-03-28
Dunn, Derrek Butler Real-Time Image Processing Using Acousto-Optic Bragg Diffraction Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003-07-28
Dunn, Meredith M. Relocation of Eastern Tennessee Earthquakes Using hypoDD Geosciences 2004-08-16
Dunn, Wynonia Louise A structural model of the math course selection process in the eighth grade in public schools Educational Research and Evaluation 2006-02-01
Dunn, Scott Wilson Candidate and Media Agenda Setting in the 2005 Virginia Gubernatorial Election Communication Studies 2006-04-21
Dunn, Linda S Restructuring public higher education governance in West Virginia, 1969-1989 :a policy study Educational Administration 2007-08-23
Dunn, Robert M. Development of a general gainsharing model and specifying it for a government, RDT&E facility Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-01-24
Dunn, Peter L. Development of a video-based slurry sensor for on-line ash analysis Mining and Minerals Engineering 2009-02-13
Dunn, James W. Specifications for an NCAA division I strength and conditioning facility Health and Physical Education 2010-03-30
Dunning, John Paul Bluetooth Threat Taxonomy Computer Science 2010-10-24
Dunnington, Elizabeth Ann Line characterization and evaluation of genetic parameters of serum cholesterol levels, activity, feed intake, growth and body moisture in selected and unselected lines of laboratory mice. Dairy Science 2010-07-15
Dunnington, Elizabeth Ann Selection for serum cholesterol, voluntary physical activity, 56- day body weight and feed intake in albino mice. Genetics 2012-11-29
Dunphy, Marilyn Jane Myers An exploratory study to assess food behavior outcomes of a one- time nutrition intervention event Human Nutrition and Foods 2012-09-08
Dunson, Debra Lynn Synthesis and Characterization of Thermosetting Polyimide Oligomers for Microelectronics Packaging Chemistry 2000-04-28
Dunton III, James C. Selection Criteria Used By Secondary Principals in Virginia When Hiring First-Year Career And Technical Education Teachers Teaching and Learning 2001-05-02
Dunton III, James C. Selection Criteria Used by High School Principals in Virginia When Hiring First-Year Career and Technical Education Teachers Teaching and Learning 2001-05-14
Dunyak, Thomas John Properties and performance of a ceramic composite component Engineering Mechanics 2008-07-28
Duong, Khanh Viet On Enhancing Deterministic Sequential ATPG Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-02-19
Duprey, Benjamin Lawrence Blake A New Fuzzy Based Stability Index Using Predictive Vehicle Modeling and GPS Data Mechanical Engineering 2009-05-14
Durak, Tolga Design and Testing of an Adult Age-Independent Online Needs Assessment Tool and Development of Adult Age-Independent Design Guidelines Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-06-17
Durak, Tolga A Framework for Simplified Residential Energy Consumption Assessment towards Developing Performance Prediction Models for Retrofit Decision-Making Environmental Design and Planning 2011-11-10
Durand, Monique Lucia Disinfectants and Plumbing Materials: Effects on the Sensory and Chemical Characteristics of Drinking Water Environmental Engineering 2005-11-30
Durandurdu, Murat Molecular Statics Simulation in Aluminum Materials Science and Engineering 1999-06-11
DuRant, Sarah Elizabeth Sublethal effects of an acetylcholinesterase-inhibiting pesticide on fitness-related traits in the western fence lizard (Sceloporous occidentalis) Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2006-12-14
DuRant, Sarah Elizabeth The role of incubation temperature in determining avian phenotype: implications for avian ecology, life history evolution, and conservation. Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2011-08-02
Durfee, Robert Huntington Analysis and design of a triangular cross section truss for a highway bridge Civil Engineering 2008-09-24
Durgin, Gregory David Advanced Site-Specific Propagation Prediction Techniques Electrical and Computer Engineering 1998-04-16
Durgin, Gregory David Theory of Stochastic Local Area Channel Modeling for Wireless Communications Electrical and Computer Engineering 2000-12-01
Durkin, Keith F. Accounts and sexual deviance in cyberspace :the case of pedophilia Sociology 2008-06-06
Durkin, Keith F. Anabolic steroid use among non-competitive male bodybuilders :an application of two theories of deviant behavior Sociology 2010-03-30
Dursa, Anthony A study of school board policy and rules and regulations dealing with police involvement in public high schools in the Commonwealth of Virginia Educational Administration 2007-10-05
Dursun, Aziz Nanoporosity Formation in Ag-Au Alloys Materials Science and Engineering 2003-10-26
Dury, Carl George Effects of stratification on in vitro protein synthesis using components from embryos of Pinus lambertiana Dougl. Forestry 2010-07-07
Dury, Carl George Growth hormones and their relationship to seed dormancy in Quercus. Forestry and Forest Products 2010-07-15
Dutch-Pfister, Karstin Ann The impact of the PACE treatment program on five physically abusive military men :a case study approach Student Personnel Services 2007-08-08
Duthoit, Jeremy A micromechanics-based method for off-axis strength prediction of unidirectional laminae - Approach for a nonlinear rubber based lamina Materials Science and Engineering 1999-08-05
Dutrow, Anita Marceca Transitioning Students to the Middle school: a Case Study Teaching and Learning 1998-07-25
Dutt, Subir Guided vehicle systems :a simulation analysis Industrial and Systems Engineering 2010-01-12
Dutta, Tapas Evaluation of the effectiveness of deep polymer impregnation as a corrosion abatement technique for overlaid bridge decks Civil Engineering 2009-08-04
Duvall, Paul Mason Assessing Eastern White Pine Lumber Production and Use in the Eastern United States Wood Science and Forest Products 2004-10-04
Duvall, Timothy Joseph Political science :quests for identity, constructions of knowledge Political Science 2010-03-30
Duvernell, David D. Population Genetics of Death Valley Pupfishes (Cyprinodontidae:Cyprinodon Spp.) and the Identification of a New Retrotransposable Element Family Biology 1998-03-24
Dvorak-Grantz, Andrea Lynn The lethal and sublethal effects of aldicarb on the estuarine grass shrimp, Palaemonetes pugio Biology 2008-11-18
Dwight III, James Scutt Hyperpedagogy: Intersections among poststructuralist hypertext theory, critical inquiry, and social justice pedagogies. Teaching and Learning 2004-03-22
Dwivedi, Pooja Bimalkant Study and Evaluation of IntelliDrive Technology for Traffic Responsive Control Strategies Civil Engineering 2010-12-20
Dwyer, John L. Adult Education in Civil War Richmond January 1861- April 1865 Adult Education 1998-07-13
Dwyer, Richard Gregg. Informal learning in the police subculture : a case study of probationary special agents of a federal criminal investigative agency Adult and Continuing Education 2006-06-19
Dwyer, Michael E. Quasi-optimal steady state and transient maneuvers with and without thrust vectoring Aerospace Engineering 2009-09-29
Dwyer, John Albert An econometric model of the world palm oil market and policy implications for the United States. Agricultural Economics 2010-06-12
Dwyer, Sharon K. The home satisfaction and work satisfaction of home economics teachers in Virginia Vocational and Technical Education 2012-09-08
Dye, Tracy Earl An experimental investigation of the behavior of Nitinol Mechanical Engineering 2005-10-07
Dye, Craig J The effects of display failures, polarity, and clutter on visual search for symbols on cartographic images Industrial Engineering and Operations Research 2013-02-06
Dyer, Michael E. Dominance/Suppression Competitive Relationships in Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda L.) Plantations Forestry 1997-11-13
Dyer, John Gilbert Curli Production and ERIC-PCR Fingerprinting of Escherichia coli from Clinical Cases of Bovine Mastitis Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences 2005-03-03
Dyer, Ronald E. How elementary classroom teachers make instructional adaptations for mainstreamed students with mental retardation :a case study Curriculum and Instruction 2008-06-06
Dyer, Matthew David Pathosystems Biology: Computational Prediction and Analysis of Host-Pathogen Protein Interaction Networks Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2008-06-27
Dyess, Robert M. Operator task analysis of a shipboard electronic warfare system Systems Engineering 2010-03-30
Dyke, Felicia Delphine What is the Impact of a Transition Program and Traditional Program of Study on Over Age First Time Ninth Grade Students Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2007-04-16
Dykema, Christopher Patrick Reaction Synthesis of HfB2 in a Variety of Metallic Environments Materials Science and Engineering 2012-03-19
Dymond, Benjamin Zachary Shear Strength of a PCBT-53 Girder Fabricated with Lightweight, Self-Consolidating Concrete Civil Engineering 2007-12-04
Dymond, Salli F Modeling the Effects of Forest Road Density on Streamflow in the Blue Ridge Mountains Forestry 2010-04-19
Dyne, Laura Anne The Prediction and Occurrence of Chimney Subsidence in Southwestern Pennsylvania Mining and Minerals Engineering 1998-01-23
Dysart, Marc James Development and validation of a posture prediction algorithm Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-10-31
Dyson, Charles Wesley Native Sovereignty, Narrative Argument, and an International Shift: The 1974 Rhetoric of George Manuel and Vine Deloria, Jr. Communication Studies 2004-07-27
Dyson, Thomas L. Respiration during development and germination of muskmelon seeds (Cucumis melo L.) Horticulture 2009-09-19
Dzikiewicz, Joseph. Cyrano : a meta model for federated database systems Computer Science 2006-11-08

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