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Faas, Caitlin S. Economic and Parent-Adolescent Relationship Capital Predicting Educational Outcomes Human Development 2010-05-10
Faber, Eric G. Follicular dynamics, estradiol-17[beta] concentrations, and luteinizing hormone release following norgestomet implant insertion during estrus synchronization with melengestrol acetate Animal and Poultry Sciences 2005-10-07
Faber, Joseph Lewis Design and construction of a prototype general purpose syntax-aware text editor Computer Science 2010-01-20
Fabian, Alain Creating an Interactive Learning Environment with Reusable HCI Knowledge Computer Science 2006-05-30
Fabiato, Francois Stephane Predicting physical fitness outcomes of exercise rehabilitation: An retrospective examination of program admission data from patient records in a hospital-based early outpatient cardiac rehabilitation program Health and Physical Education 1998-03-01
Fabry, Suzanna Neighborhood Attributes Desired by Doylestown Homeowners Landscape Architecture 2004-03-19
Facciolo, Mary T. Development and application of techniques for evaluating the success of local groundwater protection programs Environmental Engineering 2009-09-05
Facinelli, John Victor The preparation of high performance polymers for composites and blends : A) thermally stable ion containing polymers B) epoxy and hydroxy functional polyolefin macromers Materials Engineering Science 2006-10-19
Faery, Henry Frederick The effect of Whitcomb winglets and other wingtip modifications on wake vortices. Aerospace Engineering 2010-07-15
Faeth, Margaret Ann Power, Authority and Influence: A Comparative Study of the Behavioral Influence Tactics Used by Lay and Ordained Leaders in the Episcopal Church Adult Learning and Human Resource Development 2004-04-20
Fagan, Gary T. An experimental investigation into active damage control systems using positive position feedback for AVC Mechanical Engineering 2010-05-11
Fahey, Sean O'Flaherty Parameter Estimation of Structural Systems Possessing One or Two Nonlinear Normal Modes Engineering Mechanics 2000-11-06
Fahey, Sarah E. Advisory and alarm stimuli optimization for a drowsy driver detection system Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-10-07
Fahie, Maria Aline Superficial temporal artery flap :its development and application in the dog and cat Veterinary Medical Sciences 2008-12-17
Fahmy, Sherif Fadel Collaborative Scheduling and Synchronization of Distributable Real-Time Threads Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-05-07
Fahrenfeld, Nicole Leah Fate of 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene (TNT) in historically contaminated aquifer sediments Civil Engineering 2012-05-15
Fahrman, Benjamin Paul Geophone Array Optimization for Monitoring Geologic Carbon Sequestration using Double-Difference Tomography Mining and Minerals Engineering 2011-12-19
Fahrner, Carl Jerome An experimental investigation of fluid dynamic interference forces. Engineering Science and Mechanics 2010-06-12
Faierson, Eric J. Influences of Reaction Parameters on the Product of a Geothermite Reaction: A Multi-Component Oxidation-Reduction Reaction Study Materials Science and Engineering 2009-05-07
Faierson, Eric J. Structure-Property Relationships of Tantalum Carbide Foams and Synthesis of an Interpenetrating Phase Composite Materials Science and Engineering 2011-08-16
Faini, Marie Annette Transcriptional Control during Quorum Sensing by LuxR and LuxR Homologues Biology 2003-04-28
Fair, Chad Synchronous Sampling Sideband Orders from Helical Planetary Gear Sets Mechanical Engineering 1998-08-03
Fairbanks, Jonathan Dean Velocity and Turbulence Characteristics in Flows Through Rigid Vegetation Civil Engineering 1998-10-24
Fairbanks, Rollin J. Algorithms refinement and threshold determination for a drowsy driver detection system Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-03-24
Fairservice, John Gordon The development of sampling methods for key-year patterns of white ash (Fraxinus americana L.) Entomology 2009-02-13
Faison, Inga L. The Effect of Ozone on Diesel Soot Precursors Mechanical Engineering 1998-07-13
Faison, Jennifer Marie Testing One Framework for Measuring National Power in the Postindustrial Age Political Science 2004-05-27
Faith, Melanie The Epic Structure and Subversive Messages of Æmilia Lanyer’s Salve Deus Rex Judæorum English 1998-08-04
Fajardo, Gabriela Isabel Physical and Chemical Soil Properties of Ten Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Mitigation Wetlands Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2006-02-21
Fajardo, Ann B. Does vergence influence the vestibulo-ocular reflex in human subjects rotating in the dark? Engineering Mechanics 2008-12-17
Falasca, Mauro Quantitative Decision Models for Humanitarian Logistics Management Science and Information Technology 2009-08-23
Falatko, David M. Effects of biologically produced surfactants on the mobility and biodegradation of petroleum hydrocarbons Environmental Engineering 2009-11-24
Falci, Christina D. The Effects of Family Structure and Family Process on the Psychological Well-Being of Children: From the Children's Point of View Sociology 1998-07-26
Falin, Lee J. Systems Uncertainty in Systems Biology & Gene Function Prediction Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2011-04-04
Falk, Judith A. Landscape level raptor habitat associations in northwest Connecticut Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2008-11-18
Falk, Chris J. A savings study on dual sourcing in the Defense Department Economics 2009-05-09
Fall, Rebecca Ann Puncture Reversal of Polyethylene Ionomers - Mechanistic Studies Chemistry 2001-08-31
Fall, Andras Fluid evolution in the nepheline syenites of the Ditrău Alkaline Massif, Transylvania, Romania Geosciences 2005-04-11
Fall, Anna-Maria Early Career Special Education Teachers in High-and Low-Poverty Districts: A Comparison of their Qualifications, Work Conditions, and Career Commitments Teaching and Learning 2008-12-26
Fall, Andras Application of fluid inclusions in geological thermometry Geosciences 2008-12-26
Fallah-Fini, Saeideh Measuring the Efficiency of Highway Maintenance Operations: Environmental and Dynamic Considerations Industrial and Systems Engineering 2010-12-16
Fallin, Edward Alton Comparison of two saline loading protocols for preventing nephrotoxicosis associated with high-dose cisplatin Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-09-05
Fallon, Agata M. Study of Hydrocarbon Waste Biodegradation and the Role of Biosurfactants in the Process Environmental Engineering 1998-08-21
Fallon, J. Barry Improving the kinematic control of robots with computer vision Mechanical Engineering 2008-06-06
Falls, Jane Ann Using a Reflective Process to Implement Electronic Portfolios Teaching and Learning 2001-12-10
Falls, Jr., Horace L. Teachers' Self-Perceptions of Their Role as Generalist: A Study of the Interpersonal Skills Necessary For Effective Leadership and Counseling Teaching and Learning 1999-10-08
Faloon, Julie Erin Inhabiting the Hillside A Multigenerational House Architecture 2011-05-31
Falwell, Elizabeth Paige Fibrosarcoma-induced Dysregulation of Interleukin (IL)-1β and IL-18 Activities and their Modulation by Paclitaxel Biology 2005-06-15
Fan, Yigang Identification of an Unsteady Aerodynamic Model up to High Angle of Attack Regime Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 1997-11-20
Fan, Dawei Synchronized Measurements And Applications During Power System Dynamics Electrical and Computer Engineering 2008-02-04
Fan, Ye Resistive Switching Behavior in Low-K Dielectric Compatible with CMOS Back End Process Electrical and Computer Engineering 2016-10-28
Fang, Zhenglai The synthesis and characterization of a new kind of tagged Ru-Pt bimetallic DNA binding agent Chemistry 2001-06-03
Fang, Xiaojun Nonreciprocal effects and their applications in fiber optic networks Electrical Engineering 2005-11-10
Fang, Lei Exploring Constraint Satisfiability Techniques in Formal Verification Electrical and Computer Engineering 2008-05-07
Fang, Quanlei Multivariable Interpolation Problems Mathematics 2008-07-16
Fang, Jian Thermoreversible Gelation, Crystallization and Phase Separation Kinetics in Polymer Solutions under High Pressure Chemical Engineering 2008-09-17
Fang, Xiaojun Sapphire fiber based high temperature extensometer Electrical Engineering 2010-01-26
Fang, Youjia The Novel Role of Interleukin-1 Receptor-Associated Kinase 1 in the Signaling Process Controlling Innate Immunity and Inflammation Biology 2009-05-07
Fang, Zaili Some Advanced Model Selection Topics for Nonparametric/Semiparametric Models with High-Dimensional Data Statistics 2012-10-21
Fang, Bing A Framework for Human Body Tracking Using an Agent-based Architecture Computer Science 2011-07-13
Fannin, Christopher A. Design of an Analog Adaptive Piezoelectric Sensoriactuator Mechanical Engineering 1997-02-26
Fannin, Christopher A. Linear Modeling and Analysis of Thermoacoustic Instabilities in a Gas Turbine Combustor. Mechanical Engineering 2000-07-26
Fannon-Osborne, Amy Gail Hair Sheep Production in Temperate, Deciduous Appalachian Silvopastures Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2012-07-15
Fantaski, Shannon Michelle Reviving Stone: Architecture for Living Architecture 2007-05-11
Fanto, Peter Louis Automatic Positioning and Design of a Variable Baseline Stereo Boom Mechanical Engineering 2012-07-25
Farag, Mohammed Morsy Naeem Architectural Enhancements to Increase Trust in Cyber-Physical Systems Containing Untrusted Software and Hardware Electrical and Computer Engineering 2012-09-24
Farahani, Gohar Omidvar Existence and Importance of Online Interaction Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2003-04-23
Farahmand, Ashil Sayyed Cooperative Decentralized Intersection Collision Avoidance Using Extended Kalman Filtering Electrical and Computer Engineering 2008-12-18
Farbrother, Graham Douglas Stadium Architecture 2001-10-02
Farias, Graciela Maria Roles of tannase and hydrolyzable tannins in chestnut blight Plant Pathology 2006-06-19
Faridi, Rushad Microcredit Programs and Evaluation of Women's Success Economics 2004-04-29
Farina, Jordan Thomas Conversion of a Gas Turbine Engine to Operate on Lean-Premixed Hydrogen-Air: Design and Characterization Mechanical Engineering 2010-01-29
Farinholt, Kevin Modal and Impedance Modeling of a Conical Bore for Control Applications Mechanical Engineering 2001-11-01
Farinholt, Kevin M. Modeling and characterization of ionic polymer transducers for sensing and actuation Mechanical Engineering 2005-11-23
Faris, Waleed Fekry Nonlinear Dynamics of Annular and Circular Plates Under Thermal and Electrical Loadings Engineering Science and Mechanics 2004-01-14
Farjoud, Alireza Physics-based Modeling Techniques for Analysis and Design of Advanced Suspension Systems with Experimental Validation Mechanical Engineering 2011-01-26
Farley, Patrick N. Current Practices in General Hospital Group Psychotherapy Counselor Education 1998-02-11
Farley, Julee P Family Socioeconomic Hardship and Adolescent Academic and Substance Use Outcomes: The Mediating Roles of Parental Monitoring and Self-Regulation Psychology 2011-05-04
Farley, Jennifer Lyne Re-Use as a Means of Preservation Architecture 2011-07-13
Farlow, Kasie Geralyn Max-Plus Algebra Mathematics 2009-05-04
Farmer, Laura Boyd Counselors' self-perceived competency with lesbian, gay, and bisexual clients Counselor Education 2011-11-12
Farmer, Anthony Lee Investigation Into Snap Loading of Cables Used in Moored Breakwaters Civil Engineering 1999-11-29
Farmer, Catherine Elizabeth Surface Characterization of Siloxane, Silsesquioxane, and Maleic Anhydride Containing Polymers at Air/Liquid Interfaces Chemistry 2001-05-09
Farmer, Robin Sandra A Study of Crystallization in Bisphenol-A Polycarbonate Materials Science and Engineering 2001-12-07
Farmer, Rhiannon M. The Moral Status of Nonhuman Animals Philosophy 2003-07-29
Farmer, Scott Douglas Learning 2-Way Audio and Its Impact on Communication within Needs Assessment Group Processes Teaching and Learning 2005-11-04
Farmer, Justin Ryan A comparison of power harvesting techniques and related energy storage issues Mechanical Engineering 2007-05-21
Farmer, Jesse Lee Kinematic Analysis Of A Two Body Articulated Robotic Vehicle Mechanical Engineering 2008-05-12
Farmer, Ted Anthony Politics and society in Virginia, 1960-1969 :new course for the Old Dominion History 2009-11-24
Farmer, Whitney The Effect of Facebook on Parasocial Interaction in Local News Communication Studies 2012-05-11
Farmer, William S. A microcosm study of the biodegradability of adsorbed toluene by acclimated bacteria in soils Environmental Engineering 2012-09-08
Farnham, Frances Paul The educational aspirations and attainments of faculty wives at Virginia Polytechnic Institute Child Development and Family Life 2012-11-09
Farnsworth, Kelly Dee Evaluation of Two Techniques of Cancellous Bone Grafting Of experimental Subchondral Bone Cysts in the Medial Femoral condyles of Horses Veterinary Medicine 1998-06-10
Farnsworth, Elizabeth Brooks Reflexive conversations with bereaved mothers : a feminist and contextual perspective Family and Child Development 2006-08-14
Farooq, Umer Mobile Collaborative Virtual Environments: A Paradigm Shift from Desktop to Mobile Online Communities Computer Science 2003-01-07
Farooqi, Owais Ehtisham An Assessment and Modeling of Copper Plumbing pipe Failures due to Pinhole Leaks Civil Engineering 2006-07-07
Farooqi, Abdul Haseeb Thinking Architecture Architecture 2011-12-10
Farough, Aida A Parameterized Approach to Partitioning Between Focused and Diffuse Heat Output and Modeling Hydrothermal Recharge at The East Pacific Rise 9°50´N Geosciences 2011-12-16
Farquhar, MaryBeth Anne Actor Networks in Health Care: Translating Values into Measures of Hospital Performance Public Administration and Public Affairs 2008-07-16
Farr, Isaac Vincent Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Polyimide Gas Separation Membrane Material Systems Chemistry 1999-08-09
Farrar, Angela L. It's All About Relationships: African-American and European-American Women's Hotel Management Careers Hospitality and Tourism Management 1998-07-13
Farrar, David B Some Model-Based and Distance-Based Clustering Methods for Characterization of Regional Ecological Stressor-Response Patterns and Regional Environmental Quality Trends Statistics 2006-08-29
Farrar, Gabrielle Creation of Ovalbumin Based Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Regeneration Materials Science and Engineering 2009-05-06
Farrar, Margaret Ellen Power and resistance in the age of informationalization Political Science 2009-11-24
Farrell, Tracy Ann Visitor Impact Assessment and Management for Protected Areas in Central and South America Forestry 1999-12-15
Farrell, Inez Hofner Navigation Tools’ Effect on Learners’ Achievement and Attitude Instructional Technology 2000-04-13
Farrell, Robert William Structural Features Related to Tree Crotch Strength Forestry 2003-05-12
Farrell, Leah The A.R.K. Project: A Grassroots, Student-Led, Multiple-Component Intervention to Increase Driver Safety-Belt Use on a University Campus Psychology 2006-03-02
Farrell, Rebecca L. Personal experiences of mentoring among doctoral students in counselor education Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2007-01-25
Farrell, Leah Varney Web-Based Assessment and Brief Motivational Intervention to Increase Safety-Belt Use on a University Campus Psychology 2009-02-17
Farrell, John Patrick Digital Hardware Design Decisions and Trade-offs for Software Radio Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering 2009-05-27
Farrell, Michael P. Polymer blends formed by the solid state mechanical alloying process Materials Science and Engineering 2009-12-04
Farrell, Christopher Michael A Modeling and Simulation Approach to the Small Aircraft Transportation System: Assessing Midair Conflict Potential Under the Free Flight Paradigm Industrial and Systems Engineering 2007-02-23
Farrier, Shirley Copenhaver Parents' aspirations for their childrens' [sic] education and vocations as measured by a sample of Virginia families Child Development and Family Life 2012-11-09
Farrington, Richard W. Novel concepts in high-frequency resonant power processing Electrical Engineering 2007-05-22
Farris, Jennifer Ann An Empirical Investigation of Kaizen Event Effectiveness: Outcomes and Critical Success Factors Industrial and Systems Engineering 2006-12-29
Farris, Jerry L. Cellulolytic responses to heavy metal accumulation in Corbicula fluminea and Mudalia dilatata Biology 2009-01-24
Faruque, Ruel Rassan A JAUS Toolkit for LabVIEW, and a Series of Implementation Case Studies with Recommendations to the SAE AS-4 Standards Committee Mechanical Engineering 2007-01-14
Farzaneh, Mohamadreza Modeling Traffic Dispersion Civil Engineering 2005-11-27
Farzanehfard, Hosein Wideband characterization of aluminum nitride substrates and high power-high frequency thick film applications Electrical Engineering 2005-10-12
Fast, Stephen Hardin Examples and theorems for generalized paracompact topological spaces Mathematics 2006-02-01
Fathallah, Fadi A. An experimental comparison of a ternary chord keyboard with a QWERTY keyboard Industrial Engineering and Operations Research 2010-07-08
Fathi-Kalajahi, Jamshid Break-in behavior of a tungsten oxide on silica catalyst during propylene disproportionation. Chemical Engineering 2012-06-14
Fatseas, Nicole The role of special interest groups in agricultural policy :a case study of the 1995 Farm Bill Agricultural and Applied Economics 2008-09-04
Faucher, Florent Patrice A Numerical Model of a Microwave Heated Fluidized Bed Mechanical Engineering 1998-12-16
Faulconer, R. Donald Organic amendment effects on carbon and nitrogen mineralization in an Appaplachian minesoil Forestry 2009-03-04
Faulconer, Leigh A. Women's accounts of abuse in their intimate relationships Family and Child Development 2010-06-08
Faulkner, Susan Lynch An analysis of the in-service education needs to develop instructional skills of part-time business faculty Education Administration 2007-02-26
Faulkner, Michel J. Career development workshop for athletes Education 2012-11-14
Faulkner, Brandy S. "CALL ME BILL": SOCIAL JUSTICE AND THE ADMINISTRATIVE JURISPRUDENCE OF WILLIAM BRENNAN, JR. Public Administration and Public Affairs 2012-05-09
Faulring, Lynn Marie The Remains of a Place Architecture 1999-11-06
Fauss, Lynn Michael Linking the effects of land use change with water quality and discharge :an integrated approach Environmental Sciences and Engineering 2009-10-10
Favor, Craig M. Evaluation of A "Floating" Aerobics Floor Civil Engineering 1998-07-13
Favor, Helen McCusker Two Dimensional Analysis of Vibration Isolation of Rigid Bar Supported by Buckled or Pre-bent Struts Civil Engineering 2004-12-13
Favre, Edward Alfred The validity of a Markov model of the behaviour of programs. Computer Science and Applications 2010-07-07
Fawcett, Yvonne Bennett A Case Study Of: Leadership Practices of the Turnaround Principal Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2008-05-01
Fay, Rebecca G Facilitating Configural Processing Within the Audit Team: An Additional Benefit of the SAS 99 Fraud Brainstorming Session Accounting and Information Systems 2011-04-13
Fay, Isabel What West Virginia? Conflict over West Virginia’s State Identity A Constitutive Approach to Activism and Public Relations Communication Studies 2011-05-11
Fayad, Amer C Interactions of soybean Rsv genes and Soybean mosaic virus Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 2003-12-18
Fayed, Khaled Abdelaziz The Design of Linearized Power Amplifier for Wireless Communications Electrical and Computer Engineering 2009-11-30
Fayez, Almohanad Samir Designing a Software Defined Radio to Run on a Heterogeneous Processor Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-05-04
Fazio, James A Durability of Chopped FiberReinforced Polymeric Composites for use in Experimental Automotive Fuel Cells Engineering Science and Mechanics 2005-12-01
Feaga, Jeffrey Brian Wetland hydrology and soils as components of Virginia bog turtle (Glyptemys muhlenbergii) habitat Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2010-12-15
Feagin, William D. Benefication of soybean oil by use of centrifuge Chemical Engineering 2013-11-15
Feagins, Alicia R Foodborne Transmission and Molecular Mechanism of Cross-species Infection of Hepatitis E Virus (HEV) Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences 2010-11-19
Fearer, Todd Matthew Relationship of Ruffed Grouse Home Range Size and Movement to Landscape Characteristics in Southwestern Virginia Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 1999-06-08
Fearer, Stephanie A. Examining the Role of Social Cognitive Constructs in Religion's Effect on Alcohol Use Psychology 2004-02-12
Fearer, Todd Matthew Evaluating Population-Habitat Relationships of Forest Breeding Birds at Multiple Spatial and Temporal Scales Using Forest Inventory and Analysis Data Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2006-10-11
Febbraro, Gregorio A. R. An investigation of the differential effectiveness of bibliotherapy and self-regulatory treatments in individuals with panic attacks Psychology 2007-10-05
Febbraro, Gregorio A. R. A critical examination of the phenomenon of claustrophobia :do subtypes exist? Clinical Psychology 2010-06-08
Fedak, Ryan Michael Effect of Spatial Scale on Hydrologic Modeling in a Headwater Catchment Civil Engineering 1999-02-02
Fedele, Luca Studies of Magmatic Systems Geological Sciences 2002-05-24
Fedkenheuer, Michael Gerald Structural and Mutational Analyses of Aspergillus fumigatus SidA: A Flavin-Dependent N-hydroxylating Enzyme Biochemistry 2012-08-08
Fedo, Christopher M. Geologic evolution of the Archean Buhwa Greenstone Belt and surrounding granite-gneiss terrane, southcentral Zimbabwe Geological Sciences 2008-06-06
Fedor, Caitlin Elizabeth A Critical Palimpsest: Reconstruing an Existing Spatial Condition Architecture 2010-08-03
Fei, Jia On a turbo decoder design for low power dissipation Electrical and Computer Engineering 2000-07-21
Fei, Chao Microcontroller (MCU) Based Simplified Optimal Trajectory Control (SOTC) for High-Frequency LLC Resonant Converters Electrical and Computer Engineering 2015-05-14
Feil, Daniel Jonathan Air Installations Compatible Use Zones :an assessment of the development of the Department of Defense policy and the implementation by the Department of the Navy Urban Affairs 2010-06-08
Feinauer, Lynn Ralph Generic Flow Algorithm for Analysis of Interdependent Multi-Domain Distributed Network Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering 2009-10-19
Feizabadi, Shahrooz Shojania Garbage Collection Scheduling for Utility Accrual Real-Time Systems Computer Science 2006-12-22
Felder, Monique Therese Leadership Behaviors and Practices of Principals in Predominantly Minority Elementary Schools Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2006-10-11
Felderman, Carol Branigan Critical Literacy and Podcasting in a 2nd Grade Classroom Teaching and Learning 2010-12-16
Feldman, Michael A. Efficient Low-Speed Flight in a Wind Field Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 1998-07-13
Feldman, Steven B. Pedogenesis, weathering processes, and elemental distribution along a soil climosequence in the southern Piedmont Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2008-06-06
Felice, Renee Jacqueline Sensory and Physical Assessment of Microbiologically Safe Culinary Processes for Fish and Shellfish Food Science and Technology 2011-05-04
Felix, Antone Costa Vegetational change resulting from forest conversion in the central Piedmont of Virginia and their implications for wildlife Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2008-09-24
Fellers, Thomas J The Novel of Business and the Business of the Novel: W.D. Howells' Examination of Prosperity Archetypes English 2008-04-22
Feltner, D. James An investigation into the stability of redundant controller voting schemes Electrical Engineering 2010-02-02
Felton, Faye S The Use of Computers by Elementary school Principals Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2006-04-24
Felton, Teena M Understanding Facilitators and Barriers to the Selection of Dietetics as a major by African American students. Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2007-05-15
Feltovich, Susanne D. Influence of solvent on the infared spectrum of carbon monoxide adsorbed on platinum electrodes Chemistry 2009-09-29
Felts, James Vernon Dietary self-selection and feed restriction studies with growing and breeding turkeys Animal Science 2008-07-28
Felts, James Vernon Light source as a factor in growth and reproduction and the influence of the opposite sex on reproduction in turkeys Poultry Science 2010-06-22
Feman, Abby S. The corporatization of health care in the New River Valley, Virginia Geography 2009-02-13
Fenaux, Jillian Beth Immunomodulatory Effects of Diethylstilbestrol During Prenatal and Adult Life Veterinary Medical Sciences 2003-03-24
Fenaux, Martijn Molecular Pathogenesis and Development of a Genetically Engineered Vaccine for Type-2 Porcine Circovirus Veterinary Medical Sciences 2004-04-23
Feng, Li Same Kentucky Chicken, Different Taste: Cross-cultural Leadership Studies at KFC in Beijing Sociology 1998-06-26
Feng, Jinwei Active Flow Control For Reduction of Unsteady Stator-Rotor Interaction In a Turbofan Simulator Mechanical Engineering 2000-10-18
Feng, Shuangtong Efficient Parallelization of 2D Ising Spin Systems Computer Science 2001-12-18
Feng, Ming-Fa Fault diagnosis and prediction in reciprocating air compressors by quantifying operating parameters Mechanical Engineering 2005-10-12
Feng, Marjorie Jan-yung Studies on some enzymatic properties of mitochondrial propionyl carboxylase Biochemistry and Nutrition 2010-04-07
Feng, Yuanjian Detection and Characterization of Multilevel Genomic Patterns Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-06-07
Feng, Zhenhua Cross-Layer Optimization and Distributed Algorithm Design for Frequency-Agile Radio Networks Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-01-13
Feng, Yazhe Distribution Planning for Rail and Truck Freight Transportation Systems Industrial and Systems Engineering 2012-07-19
Feng, Shengchuang Association between Reward Sensitivity and Smoking Status in Major Depressive Disorder Psychology 2017-05-18
Fenley, Andrew Townsend Simple Physical Approaches to Complex Biological Systems Physics 2010-07-15
Ferguson, Janet Y. Location and Design of Recreational Hiking Trails: Application of GIS Technology Geography 1998-02-09
Ferguson, Holly J. Rearing density effects on premigrant traits of the fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) Entomology 2005-09-20
Ferguson, James Montgomery Free riding, contribution behavior, and public goods : the case of the Virginia nongame wildlife tax checkoff Agricultural Economics 2007-05-22
Ferguson, Sharon E. The effects of the Getting Away Clean program on disruptive school behaviors in the black male child Counseling and Pupil Personnel Services 2008-08-25
Ferguson, James Montgomery The development and application of a technique in dendrochronology Entomology 2009-03-24
Ferguson, Jerry T. A self-insurance plan for the state properties of Virginia Business Administration 2010-04-26
Ferguson, Paul Charles Utilization potential for pulp and paper of southern pine harvested from beetle infested forests. Forestry and Forest Products 2010-07-21
Ferguson, Katherine E. Demographic Factors and Beverage Consumption Patterns: Health Literacy, Education, and Income Level Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2011-05-06
Fernandez, Javier Oscar The Virginia Tech Calibration System Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-05-12
Feroze, Hassan Multi-Agent Systems in Microgrids: Design and Implementation Electrical and Computer Engineering 2009-08-21
Ferrandino, Donna S. The nutrition and hydration of older adult cancer patients in hospice Human Nutrition and Foods 2007-08-03
Ferrante, Pamela L. Acid-base regulation during exercise in the horse Animal Science 2008-06-06
Ferranti, Michael Robert The FAIR Act of 1996: Party, Production and Practicality in the Passage of a Farm Bill Political Science 2007-05-14
Ferrar, Anthony Maurice Measurements of Flow in Boundary Layer Ingesting Serpentine Inlets Mechanical Engineering 2011-12-22
Ferreira, Raquel Culture and E-Commerce: Culture Based Preferences for Interface Information Design Industrial and Systems Engineering 2002-08-08
Ferreira, Francisco Cardoso Chlorine dioxide and by-products in water distribution systems Environmental Engineering 2009-11-24
Ferrell, Jeremy Planar Magnetic Integration and Parasitic Effects for a 3 KW Bi-directional DC/DC Converter Electrical and Computer Engineering 2002-08-29
Ferrer de Valero, Yaritza Departmental factors affecting time to degree and completion rates of doctoral students at one land-grant research institution Educational Administration 2005-11-10
Ferro, David L. Selling Science in the Colonial American Newspaper: How the Middle Colonial American General Periodical Represented Nature, Philosophy, Medicine, and Technology, 1728 - 1765 Science and Technology Studies 2001-05-08
Ferro, Susan Carmel Visual imagery instruction with learning disabled and average achieving students Educational Research and Evaluation 2006-05-11
Ferro, David L. Science and the press :nascent institutions in colonial America Science and Technology Studies 2009-01-31
Ferro, John Francis The design and development of a multilayer RF circuit card Systems Engineering 2010-02-16
Ferrufino, Carlos E. Globalization and Urban Structure in Latin America; the Case of Export Processing Zones in El Salvador Urban Affairs and Planning 2000-04-27
Ferry, John Rational and harmonic approximation on F.P.A. sets Mathematics 2005-10-13
Fessehaie, Mebrahtu Ghebretensae Evaluation of sulfur hexafluoride as a mobile phase for supercritical fluid chromatography Chemistry 2003-08-28
Fessler, Drew R. Applications of digital video and data communications to the real estate multiple listing service Systems Engineering 2010-03-30
Feth, Shari A study of the promolecule radius of nitrides, oxides and sulfides and of the bond critical point properties of the electron density distribution in nitrides Materials Engineering and Science 2006-05-04
Feth, Shari Sapphire optical fiber sensors Electrical Engineering 2009-12-23
Fetter, Gary Improving Post-Disaster Recovery: Decision Support for Debris Disposal Operations Business (Management Science) 2010-04-16
Fetterolf, Glendon J. Characterization of a Creosote-Contaminated Tie Yard Site and the Effects of Phytoremediation Environmental Engineering 1998-06-15
Fettig, James Drew A Study of the Patterns, Stoichiometry, and Kinetics of Microbial BTX Degradation Under Denitrifying Conditions by an Activated Sludge Consortium Receiving a Mixed Waste Civil Engineering 1998-10-12
Fettig, Christopher John Development and evaluation of trapping studies for Hylobius pales (Herbst) and Pissodes nemorensis Germar (Coleoptera: curculionidae) in Virginia Christmas tree plantations Entomology 2009-02-13
Feuerstein, Martin J. Performance evaluation of a spread spectrum local area position location system Electrical Engineering 2007-08-08
Fiaux, Patrick O. Solving Intelligence Analysis Problems using Biclusters Computer Science and Applications 2012-02-20
Fichtner, Jason J Distribution Tables and Federal Tax Policy: A Scoring Index as a Method for Evaluation Public and International Affairs 2005-11-01
Fidanboylu, Kemal M. Time domain synthesis applied to modeling of microwave structures and material characterization Electrical Engineering 2007-08-08
Fiedler, Lars An experimental and theoretical investigation into the influence of hysteretic damping on the dynamic behavior of a three-beam structure Engineering Mechanics 2010-02-16
Fiegland, Larry Richard Ultrahigh Vacuum Studies of the Reaction Mechanisms of Ozone with Saturated and Unsaturated Self-Assembled Monolayers Chemistry 2008-01-14
Field, Daniel James Profit through product quality and quality service Systems Engineering 2010-02-16
Fielder, Robert Stanley Computer Aided Design and Fabrication of Magnetic Composite Multilayer Inductors Materials Science and Engineering 2000-12-14
Fields, Zenobia L. Using Public Policy to Promote Community Economic Development Urban Affairs and Planning 2004-04-29
Fields, Frank E. The 28th Virginia Infantry Regiment, C.S.A. History 2007-02-09
Fields, Barbara A. The effects of private pension plans on personal and aggregate savings. Economics 2010-07-22
Fields-Johnson, Christopher Warren Appalachian Surface Mine Reforestation Techniques: Effects of Grading, Cultural Treatments and Species Selection Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2011-02-04
Fien, Gert-Jan A. F. Studies on process synthesis and process integration Chemical Engineering 2007-08-03
Fierling, Yannick P. H. Analysis of fiber-reinforced composite plates utilizing curvilinear fiber trajectories Engineering Mechanics 2009-01-31
Fife, Cynthia Michelle A Social-Cognitive Assessment of Organizational Citizenship Behavior Psychology 2008-12-17
Figliano, Fred Joseph Strategies For Integrating STEM Content: A Pilot Case Study Teaching and Learning 2007-12-12
Figliano, Fred Joseph Development of an Instrument to Evidence Knowledge Abstractions in Technological/Engineering Design-Based Activities Teaching and Learning 2011-05-09
Figura, Charles Chester Second Order Nonlinear Optics in Ionically Self-Assembled Thin Films Physics 1999-06-18
Fike, Wonae Bong Sorption of Cadmium, Copper, Lead, and Zinc as influenced by pH, ionic strength and selected soil components Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2001-11-02
Fikretoglu, Deniz The Mediating/Moderating Role of Social Problem Solving Skills in Childhodd Aggression Psychology 2000-12-01
Fikretoglu, Deniz An Examination of a Potential Moderator of the Relationship Between Thought Suppression and Preoccupation with Previously Suppressed Thoughts Psychology 2003-04-24
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Fu, Yan Computational Systems Biology Analysis of Cell Reprogramming and Activation Dynamics Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2012-07-26
Fu, Yee-tien Simulation modeling of information flows in decision making processes for design-to-manufacturing strategies Industrial Engineering and Operations Research 2012-11-21
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Fu, Yu Baicalein, a novel anti-diabetic compound Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2012-08-22
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Fulakis, Chris A theoretical analysis of combined melting and vaporization using the boundary element method Mechanical Engineering 2009-09-05
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Fultz, Stanley Wakefield The Effect of Poly-L-Lysine Concentration, Molecular Weight, and Encapsulation Temperature on Microencapsulated Bovine Spermatozoa Dairy Science 2013-07-29
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Fung, Jimmy Parameter Identification of Nonlinear Systems Using Perturbation Methods and Higher-Order Statistics Engineering Mechanics 1998-08-03
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Futrell, Doris J. Technological Fundamentalism? The Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in the Conduct of War Public and International Affairs 2004-12-13

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