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Allder, Anita P. Identity, intimacy, and marital satisfaction in midlife marriages Family and Child Development 2005-10-14
Aveni, Christina Marie The effects of biblioplay on anxiety related to first preschool experiences Family and Child Development 2009-12-04
Baiyee, Martha Ndako The effect of videotape training on teacher's use of "bridging strategies" within an interactionist framework Family and Child Development 2006-10-04
Batzel, Donna Exploration of session perceptions in the words of clients and therapists Family and Child Development 2007-10-02
Beazer, Russell Glen Adolescent Perspectives of Relationship Quality and Daily Interactions With Their Parents Family and Child Development 1998-07-13
Bird, Kimberly D Appalachian couples' perspectives of their family life :a qualitative analysis Family and Child Development 2008-11-18
Bischof, Gary Paul Adolescent male sexual offenders' perceptions of their family characteristics Family and Child Development 2009-08-18
Blaisure, Karen R. Feminists and marriage : a qualitative analysis/ Family and Child Development 2007-02-26
Brewer, Ellen C Factors affecting parental satisfaction and acceptance/rejection in mothers participating in the Women, Infants, and Children Program Family and Child Development 2010-04-07
Britt, Deanna C Thoughts, feelings, and actions :a restrospective study of the coping efforts of pediatric cancer patients in the context of the home, institution, and community Family and Child Development 2008-07-28
Broderick, Kevin Dee Constructing A Successful Therapeutic Experience With Adolescent Clients: A Qualitative Study Of Adolescent Experiences In Family Therapy Family and Child Development 1998-07-12
Bromley, Mark Calvin Planning for long-term care : filial behavior and relationship quality of adult children with independent parents Family and Child Development 2005-09-16
Carolan, Marsha T African American couples at midlife :life course and gender perspectives Family and Child Development 2008-06-06
Carroll, Kathleen Adolescent development and parental alcohol use patterns Family and Child Development 2008-07-28
Carruthers, William Keene Religious orientation in marriage and family therapy Family and Child Development 2008-06-06
Casertano, Mark Sense of humor and the severity of hassles among elementary school children Family and Child Development 2005-09-20
Chafin, Carol Graybeal Transactions between individuals and family and work environments :a qualitative analysis of workers' adaptation to organizational restructuring Family and Child Development 2008-07-28
Chee, Yeon Kyung Relationship quality, commitment, and depression among caregivers Family and Child Development 2008-06-06
Cherian, Mary Individualized education programs (IEPS) as lived experiences Family and Child Development 2008-08-22
Clark, Warren G. Parental role behavior, psychological centrality and self-esteem among the elderly Family and Child Development 2006-06-07
Clemens, Cynthia Louise Ecological Context of Friendship Development in an Inclusive Classroom Family and Child Development 1997-09-01
Conklin, Melinda M Adolescent contraceptive use :an ecological perspective Family and Child Development 2009-11-10
Coward, Raymond Lynn Significant events and themes in the development of marriage and family therapists :a qualitative study Family and Child Development 2008-06-06
Crossman, Rita Kay Characteristics of male batterers and substance abusers :the relationship between sex role attitudes and the approval and severity of the use of physical force by men in a fanily context Family and Child Development 2010-06-22
Cueto, Sergio Ivan Relationships among family cohesion, family adaptability, potentially stressful life events and symptoms of stress Family and Child Development 2009-10-06
Daniels, Jean Elizabeth Lucas Ethics Education In Marriage and Family Therapy Graduate Programs Family and Child Development 1998-07-13
Darden, Ellen Clough Adult new readers :the impact on family Family and Child Development 2007-10-02
Davis, Lori L Parenting strategies and other factors affecting the potential for child abuse in low income mothers Family and Child Development 2009-09-05
DeBord, Karen A comparison of two training models for the enhancement of quality of care for family child care providers Family and Child Development 2005-10-12
DeMarkis, Caroline F. The relationship between prepartum expectations about the transition to parenthood and actual postpartum experiences Family and Child Development 2009-08-14
Disque, J. Graham The experiences of marriage and family therapy supervisors and supervisees Family and Child Development 2008-07-28
Dodd, Arleen Theresa The effect of situational context on playful behaviors of young preschool children Family and Child Development 2006-10-04
Dollins, Ramona R. Parental influence on political development among late adolescents Family and Child Development 2006-10-19
Duncan, Harriet H. Meanings and motivations among older adult mall walkers : a qualitative analysis Family and Child Development 2005-10-10
Eaglesham, Susan L. Online Support Groups: Extending Communities of Concern Family and Child Development 1998-07-13
Edwards, Todd M. Levels of personal disclosure and engagement in communication of later-life couples coping with chronic illness Family and Child Development 2005-11-10
Ewing, Janice A. Narratives about God and Gender: Women's experiences Family and child Development 2007-05-18
Farnsworth, Elizabeth Brooks Reflexive conversations with bereaved mothers : a feminist and contextual perspective Family and Child Development 2006-08-14
Faulconer, Leigh A. Women's accounts of abuse in their intimate relationships Family and Child Development 2010-06-08
Fisher, Janice Loffert The relationships among conformity, locus of control and ideational fluency in the preschool child Family and Child Development 2010-06-22
Florek, Kristin A. Newhard An exploration of children's solution-thinking abilities Family and Child Development 2008-11-18
Foy, Martha Family Systems Variables as Predictors of Eating Styles and Body Mass Index Family and Child Development 2000-05-22
Freeman, Gudrun Antecedents and consequences of negotiation in marital decision- making Family and Child Development 2005-10-14
Fry, Virginia Fijak The relationship among family problems, individual adjustments and the reentry students' perception of problems with reentry Family and Child Development 2009-12-23
Gadomski, Marilyn L. The effects of rewarding on first and second grade children's computer task performance according to classroom rewarding experiences Family and Child Development 2005-10-13
Galway, Mary Alison Attitudes and Moral Development During a College Course on Human Sexuality Family and Child Development 1998-04-14
Galway, Alison Commitment in long term cohabiting couples Family and Child Development 2010-05-04
Geasler, Margie J. Swindlehurst Marital equity among dual-career couples : a longitudinal perspective Family and Child Development 2005-10-14
Gosling, Anne Pain, courage, and wisdom :stories of women living with HIV Family and Child Development 2008-06-06
Graham, Bonnie Callis The effects of teachers' playfulness and creativity on teacher- child interactions Family and Child Development 2012-09-08
Greenberg, Phyllis A. The Outsider Within: Sense of Self in Jewish Feminist Women Family and Child Development 1997-05-07
Grogan, John Webster The evolution of family myths : a qualitative analysis of mid- life married men Family and Child Development 2005-10-14
Gross, Waymon Gerald Improving religious organizations' effectiveness with battered women :advice from victim advocates Family and Child Development 2010-05-11
Gryl, Frances E. Relationship dimensions, negotiation and coping :differences by gender and by use of violence among college students Family and Child Development 2010-04-12
Hamby, April Intergenerational activities :an observational study of the experiences of children and adults Family and Child Development 2008-08-22
Hamlin-Jones, Virginia The Engagement and Impact of Relational Maintenance Behaviors in African-American Dual-Career Couples Family and Child Development 1998-04-10
Hendrickson, Edward Lee Characteristics of seriously mentally ill clients who benefit from outpatient dual diagnosis (substance abuse/mental health) group treatment Family and Child Development 2009-01-31
Hensley, A. Dawn The provision of staff development programs in Virginia adult day care centers Family and Child Development 2009-03-12
Herron, James W. Members' perception of the church's role as an agency of help for family life Family and Child Development 2012-09-08
Hickmon, William Adrian Analysis of an adventure-based marriage enrichment program Family and Child Development 2008-06-06
Hill, Lynn T. Mentoring partnerships in early childhood education :three case studies Family and Child Development 2009-01-24
Hillian, Lenette D. Commitment in African-American Relationships Family and Child Development 1998-05-06
Hines, Beverly Bass Caregiver's preferences for institutional information and support during the geriatric long-term admission process Family and Child Development 2012-11-17
Holguin, Julieta The Need for Adult Day Services in La Paz, Bolivia: Perceptions of Professionals Working with Aged Adults Family and Child Development 1997-09-19
Hosch, India A. Parental perception of effectiveness of Q-sort methodology in measuring attachment in children with atypical behaviors Family and Child Development 2008-06-06
Jester, Stephanie Barasch The conflict resolution resources of female dating violence victims :a comparison of women who use mutual violence and women who remain nonviolent Family and Child Development 2008-12-30
Johnson, Scott Systemic concepts in literature and art Family and Child Development 2008-07-28
Jones, Althea Taylor Meanings, beliefs, and well-being :a qualitative study of social support among African American elders Family and Child Development 2007-10-05
Jones, Katherine Champe Training on the diagnosis, treatment, and referral of substance abusers and their families in AAMFT-accredited master's level marriage and family therapy programs Family and Child Development 2012-08-01
Jones, Carla Kaye A descriptive study of the volunteer network within the Area Agencies on Aging in the Commonwealth of Virginia Family and Child Development 2012-11-17
Kamber, Glenn Job insecurity :male and female employees, their marriages and families Family and Child Development 2009-03-12
Kennedy, Donna R. Late adolescents' self report of communication and contraceptive use Family and Child Development 2012-06-10
Kleinhen, Rachel M. From cohabitation to marriage : couples' perceptions of the transition stage II of the family life cycle Family and Child Development 2005-10-10
Kumar, Arati Level of challenge and task persistence :a study of children in a cognitive activity Family and Child Development 2008-11-07
Lee, Hyunsook Chang Home environments and developmental outcomes of children born to teenage mothers Family and Child Development 2008-06-06
Leeth, Elizabeth M. The relationship of spiritual wellbeing, loneliness, and relationship satisfaction, to life contentment Family and Child Development 2010-03-30
Lehman, Gloria L. Adolescents' sexual attitudes :a Mennonite sample Family and Child Development 2012-11-17
Lyman, Susan Bell A closer look at self-image in male foster care adolescents Family and Child Development 2005-10-24
Madden-Derdich, Debra Ann The ties that bind : relationship attachment between former spouses Family and Child Development 2006-06-19
Manning, Mary E Development of an instrument assessing parenting behaviors Family and Child Development 2008-08-25
Marek, Lydia I Patterns of familial support :older mothers' perceptions of the relationship quality with their daughters and sons Family and Child Development 2009-06-08
Martin, Doris M Preschool teacher-child relationships :an exploratory study of attachment models over time Family and Child Development 2008-07-28
Martyn, Ann Henderson. Rehearsal for survivorship : a qualitative analysis of later life husbands and wives Family and Child Development 2005-10-10
Maxey, Win Gestalt therapy approaches with aggressive children in a day care setting Family and Child Development 2012-11-17
McCrary, Betty R. Court-ordered mediation : perceptions and outcomes Family and Child Development 2005-10-12
McDonald, Mary Ellen Integrity, despair, locus of control and life satisfaction among elderly residents of homes for adults Family and Child Development 2010-03-17
McGill, Amanda S. Legal professionals' perception of critical information in child custody disputes Family and Child Development 2012-11-17
McGilliard, Jan L Response patterns of older marrieds to questions regarding anticipated help Family and Child Development 2012-06-10
Middleton, Kimberly Anne The Experiences of Participants in a Domestic Violence-Focused Couples Treatment Program: A Qualitative Study Family and Child Development 1998-07-15
Miller, Stephanie Hotta Stress and coping among adoptive parents Family and Child Development 2008-11-01
Moore, David M. Projective and introjective identification in a couple therapy case study :a hermeneutical examination Family and Child Development 2007-08-27
Moscovis Denny, Christa A. The Use of a Stress and Coping Model to Understand Women's Experiences with Abortion Family and Child Development 2001-08-05
Narron, Georganne. The effects of intrafamilial ritualistic child abuse on an adult survivor : a systemic perspective on recovery Family and Child Development 2007-08-06
Natili, Suzanne Elizabeth "It Took My Brain Away:" a Developmental Contextual Case Study of a Child With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disord Family and Child Development 1998-05-05
Njambi, Wairimu Ngaruiya A reflexive understanding of woman/woman marriages among the Gikuyu of Kenya Family and Child Development 2009-07-21
Patet, Pradnya Rules in the kindergarten classroom :an ethnography Family and Child Development 2008-06-06
Petros, Chuni An assessment of quality in child care by parents, teachers, and the researcher Family and Child Development 2008-08-25
Pfaffly, Carol Moore. An exploration of boundries of families in treatment for father-daughter incest : a comparison with other clinical families Family and Child Development 2005-10-10
Piercy, Kathleen Walsh Family ties and care for aged parents at home Family and Child Development 2008-06-06
Pollak, Mary Ellen How couples cope with business travel :does length of travel make a difference? Family and Child Development 2009-03-14
Pope, Sandra The relationship between organizational climate and job satisfaction among child care teachers Family and Child Development 2009-03-03
Porter, Daniel B. A Post-Treatment Evaluation of the Combined Effects of Imipramine Pharmacotherapy and Brief Psychotherapy in the Treatment of Childhood Anxiety Disorders Family and Child Development 1998-02-01
Prest, Layne Allen. Family of origin, dyadic relationship and the level of codependences : a comparison of alcoholic and non-alcoholic couples Family and Child Development 2007-07-10
Proulx, Francine Pamela The impact of farm women's external employment on farm and family functioning :a case study of Virginia Family and Child Development 2012-11-20
Ramsey, Janet L. Gracious encounters : listening to women who listen for God Family and Child Development 2006-11-08
Reguero, Julia Teresa Relationship between familism and ego identity development of Puerto Rican and immigrant Puerto Rican adolescents Family and Child Development 2005-10-19
Reynolds, Mary Ruth Re-visioning narrative competence : exploring kindergartners' collaborative story construction Family and Child Development 2006-05-11
Richmond, Pamela Cheatham Competency-based therapy :a case study Family and Child Development 2010-10-13
Rojiani, Rhonda Hurst Caregiving in later life :an attachment explanatory model Family and Child Development 2008-06-06
Rolen, Laura Lewis The relationships among ideational fluency, self-reports of creativity, intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation, and perceived parenting style in gifted and nongifted adolescents Family and Child Development 2008-06-06
Safewright, Marcia Porter Dimensions of the interorganizational relationship between Area Agencies on Aging and Social Services Block Grant Agencies Family and Child Development 2007-08-23
Sagle, Betty Sherwood The effects of child sexual abuse :an exploration of variables contributing to long term negative effects of child sexual abuse Family and Child Development 2009-09-29
Sandifer, Dan Markham Family ties and growing up to be : late adolescent career development and intergenerational family relationships Family and Child Development 2005-12-22
Schopp, Georgeanne Reciprocity in middle aged women's same-sex close friendships :a qualitative study Family and Child Development 2009-09-29
Schubert, Elizabeth Ellis Levels of self-control, partner fusion, and marital egalitariansim in men as predictors of male-to-female partner violence Family and Child Development 2007-10-05
Scott, William R Reflecting team supervision (RTS) :reflexivity in therapy, supervision and research Family and Child Development 2007-10-02
Semanic-Lauth, Susan. An investigation of the relationship between playfulness and self- esteem Family and Child Development 2005-10-12
Shah, Helma Job satisfaction :what it means to childcare teachers Family and Child Development 2009-01-10
Shands, Nancy The lonely voyage :support or isolation for gay men with AIDS? Family and Child Development 2012-07-24
Skelly, Robert E Strengths and weaknesses of the spousal relationship following a stroke Family and Child Development 2008-07-28
Sluss, Dorothy Justus Play as the zone of proximal development : collaborative constructive block play Family and Child Development 2005-10-26
Smith, Suzanne Renee The social perception of fatherhood :a comparison of father's and mother's caregiving during mealtime Family and Child Development 2009-09-12
Snell, Susan Ann Mainstream families with children with special needs :a qualitative study of the process of coping Family and Child Development 2008-12-17
Snider, Margaret Hardy The effect of specialized education and job experience on early childhood teachers' knowledge of developmentally appropriate practice Family and Child Development 2010-10-13
Soukup, Karla S. Choice, Chance, or Circumstance: A Qualitative Study of Never-Married and Once-Married Women's Marriage Beliefs in Midlife Family and Child Development 1998-04-15
Speice, Jenny The effects of family communication patterns during the middle phase of Alzheimer's disease Family and Child Development 2006-05-11
Spencer, Elizabeth H Reminiscence, life review, and journals :effects on the well-being of older adults Family and Child Development 2009-01-24
Stone, Tamara J. Family Conversations About Sexual orientation: Interviews With heterosexually Married Parents Family and Child Development 1998-07-21
Stone, Julia Clarke The countertransference experience of beginning family therapists Family and Child Development 2008-12-17
Stripling, Mary Ann Hamilton. Women, work, and family : ways to well-being Family and Child Development 2005-10-13
Taylor, Alan C. Perceptions of Intergenerational Bonds: The Comparison Between Grandfathers and their Adult Grandchildren Family and Child Development 1998-06-25
Taylor, Satomi Izumi The relationship between playfulness and creativity of Japanese preschool children Family and Child Development 2006-06-07
Thayne, Tim R Solution-Focused Leadership: The Development and Evaluation of a Marriage and Family Therapy-Based Leadership Training Program Family and Child Development 1998-07-13
Turner, William L Ego identity development in black college students :the effects of self-esteem, ethnic identity and family environment Family and Child Development 2007-08-08
Usita, Paula M. Immigrant Mothers--American Daughters: Context and Meaning of Relationships Family and Child Development 1998-07-13
Valentine-Casertano, Ann Elizabeth The effects of structure in instructions and materials on Montessori and traditional preschool children's creativity Family and Child Development 2009-03-24
Vasquez Cespedes, Maria Elena Mothering strategies and maternal satisfaction among Latin American, Afro American, and Anglo American groups of at-risk mothers Family and Child Development 2009-03-12
Villanueva, María Isabel Martinó The Social Construction of Sexuality: Personal Meanings, Perceptions of Sexual Experience,and Females' Sexuality in Puerto Rico. Family and Child Development 1998-07-12
Waldron, Claire M The enculturation of a hearing family with a deaf child :we are all learning to sign Family and Child Development 2007-10-03
Walsh, Maryann Sheridan Looking at the Picture by Stepping Outside: a Qualitative Study of Parents' Of adolescents Experiences in Family Therapy Family and Child Development 1998-07-11
Washle, Edwin J Fathers and young-adult children :factors affecting relationship strength Family and Child Development 2008-07-28
Weeks, Lori E. Comparison of Adult Day Services in Atlantic Canada, Maine, and Vermont Family and Child Development 1998-09-11
Whitney, Martha L The social support experiences of women with endometriosis Family and Child Development 2008-12-17
Wilcox, Karen L. Privilege in Families: Complexity in Adult Sibling Relationships Family and Child Development 1998-07-12
Willard, G. Alan Using An Integrated Competency-Based Group Therapy Approach in Building Adult Caregiver Strengths Family and Child Development 1998-04-16
Wilson, Laurie Lynne Wells Perceptions of African-American students in accredited marriage and family therapy programs :suggestions for improving recruitment and retention Family and Child Development 2009-03-03
Wingfield, Nancy Poe Midlife development and disability onset in a family context :a qualitative integration Family and Child Development 2007-10-03
Xiang, Nina His marriage and her marriage : gender differences in time use in China Family and Child Development 2005-10-24
Yang, Won-Kyung The nursing home search and selection process :gender and relationship issues Family and Child Development 2009-06-16
Zangari, Mary-Eve C Family members' experiences of saturation, bonding, and leisure :a feminist perspective Family and Child Development 2007-10-03
Beach, Alan E. Sexual attitudes and behaviors of married Christian college alumni Family and Child Development (Marriage and Family Therapy) 2007-07-12
Marek, Lydia I A multi-modal evaluation of an integrated treatment program for college women with eating problems Family and Child Development (Marriage and Family Therapy) 2007-08-27
West, Charles K. An investigation of second-person narratives : the positioning of "you" in a therapy relationship Family and Child Development (Marriage and Family Therapy) 2005-10-26
Zimmerman, Toni Schindler. Uncommon sports psychology: a qualitative study of the process of utilizing family therapy theory and techniques with an athletic team Family and Child Development (Marriage and Family Therapy) 2005-10-14
Anderson, Betty Caudle The relationship between patterns of adult control and the adjustment of preschool children in Catholic family eating situations Family Life 2010-04-27
Bumbaugh, Anna Arlene A comparative study of Mennonite and non-Mennonite high school girls in a selected community Family Life 2013-03-12
Hankla, Margaret L. The marital expectancies of 250 college students Family Life 2010-07-07
Kimbrell, M. Azalee Eating behavior of preschool children in relation to control patterns in Iowa rural families Family Life 2012-11-07
Little, Erma Holliday A study of practices in the supervision of play of preschool children Family Life 2010-02-23
Wilson, Elizabeth Marriage expectancies of pre-World War II and post-World War II students of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute Family Life 2012-11-07
Kelly, Michaelena C. Factors associated with coparental relationships :fathers' perspectives Family Studies 2009-03-03
Miller-Bruce, Andrea E. Family characteristics and adaptation in families with adolescents Family Studies 2012-06-10
Ruble, Stacy Marker Relationship paradigms and parental divorce :investigating the experiences of adult children from divorced families Family Studies 2008-09-18
Ammermann, Peter A. Nonlinearity and Overseas Capital Markets: Evidence from the Taiwan Stock Exchange Finance 1999-08-27
Hur, Jungshik Two Essays on Asset Pricing Finance 2007-04-30
Jagannathan, Murali Internal Control Mechanisms and Forced CEO Turnover: An Empirical Investigation Finance 1998-07-17
Mun, Kyung-Chun Bank hedging in futures markets : an integrated approach to exchnage [sic] and interest rate risk management Finance 2005-10-12
Noronha, Gregory Mario Industry characteristics, agency theory, and the interaction of capital structure and dividend policy Finance 2005-10-12
Pritamani, Mahesh Return Predictability Conditional on the Characteristics of Information Signals Finance 1999-04-23
Priyadarshi, Samaresh Optimal Bond Refunding: Evidence From the Municipal Bond Market Finance 1997-05-02
Rich, Don R Incorporating default risk into the Black-Scholes model using stochastic barrier option pricing theory Finance 2008-06-06
Sarin, Atulya Interactions of investment opportunities and financing decisions Finance 2006-06-19
Sen, Nilanjan. An investigation of the acquisition process in the market for corporate control Finance 2005-10-12
Shao, John Jianping An empirical study of equity repurchase decisions and market reaction Finance 2005-10-19
Singh, Sudhir Causes and consequences of external blockholdings Finance 2006-06-19
Valsan, Calin Management and employee buyouts in the context of mass privatization in Romania Finance 2006-05-11
Agca, Senay The Performance Of Alternative Interest Rate Risk Measures And Immunization Strategies Under A Heath-Jarrow-Morton Framework Finance, Insurance, and Business Law 2002-04-06
Altinkilic, Oya An Examination of Seasoned Equity Offer Placement Effort Finance, Insurance, and Business Law 2001-04-26
Autore, Don M. Two Essays on Shelf-registered Corporate Equity Offerings Finance, Insurance, and Business Law 2006-04-13
Bhootra, Ajay Two Essays on Momentum and Reversals in Stock Returns Finance, Insurance, and Business Law 2008-05-09
Eckel, Doug Two essays on political influence and the regulation of financial markets Finance, Insurance, and Business Law 2006-08-14
Hobbs, Jeffrey Dividend Signaling and Sustainability Finance, Insurance, and Business Law 2006-11-07
Islam, Saiyid S Investment Cash Flow Sensitivity: International Evidence Finance, Insurance, and Business Law 2002-05-24
Jaiprakash, Puneet Two Essays on Equity Mutual Funds Finance, Insurance, and Business Law 2011-08-24
Kwok, Julia Shuk Ying Does CEO Duality Matter: An Integrative Approach Finance, Insurance, and Business Law 1998-02-06
Li, Wei-Hsien Two Essays on Mergers and Acquisitions Finance, Insurance, and Business Law 2012-04-03
Park, Tae Young Efficiency and Accuracy of Alternative Implementations of No-Arbitrage Term Structure Models of the Heath-Jarrow-Morton Class Finance, Insurance, and Business Law 2001-11-08
Popescu, Marius Two Essays on the Probability of Informed Trading Finance, Insurance, and Business Law 2007-05-02
Serrano, Jan Maroney Seasoned debt and equity issues for investment and the information content of insider trades Finance, Insurance, and Business Law 2005-12-22
Sharma, Vivek Two Essays on Herding in Financial Markets Finance, Insurance, and Business Law 2004-04-29
Skaradzinski, Debra Ann The Nonlinear Behavior of Stock Prices: The Impact of Firm Size, Seasonality, and Trading Frequency Finance, Insurance, and Business Law 2003-11-24
Sonaer, Gokhan Two Essays on Mutual Fund Herding Finance, Insurance, and Business Law 2011-05-11
Trainor, William John Redefining risk : an investigation into the role of sequencing Finance, Insurance, and Business Law 2006-02-01
Xu, Zhaojin Selling Winners, Holding Losers: Effect on Mutual Fund Performance and Flows Finance, Insurance, and Business Law 2007-05-24
Anane-Taabeah, Gifty Harnessing the opportunities and overcoming constraints to widespread adoption of cage aquaculture in Ghana Fish and Wildlife Conservation 2012-05-10
McManamay, Ryan Austin Providing a Restoration Framework for Regulated Rivers Fish and Wildlife Conservation 2011-05-16
Mason, Nancy A Floral richness inventory of an eastern U.S. forest Fisheries and Wildlife 2009-06-16
McCann, Mary T Toxicity of zinc, copper, and sediments to early life stages of freshwater mussels in the Powell River, Virginia Fisheries and Wildlife 2009-07-11
Pierson, Thomas A. Utilization of natural nest sites by Eastern Bluebirds in southwestern Virginia Fisheries and Wildlife 2012-11-09
Richards, Todd Allan Public and professional perspectives of Virginia's stream and river resources Fisheries and Wildlife 2009-09-05
Ryan, Christopher W. Reproduction, Survival, and Denning Ecology of Black Bears in Southwestern Virginia Fisheries and Wildlife 1997-12-10
Stoeckel, Joseph Norman Controlled cultivation techniques for the recovery of threatened fishes in Virginia Fisheries and Wildlife 2006-12-14
Uzee, Ann M Habitat relationships for alewives and blueback herring in a Virginia stream Fisheries and Wildlife 2009-04-25
Warren, Robert Joe Influence of dietary Mirex and nutritive restriction on cottontail rabbit reproductive physiology. Fisheries and Wildlife 2010-06-12
Albanese, Brett Movement of fishes in a network of streams and implications for persistence Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2001-12-19
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Amidon, Frederick A. Habitat Relationships and Life History of the Rota Bridled White-eye (Zosterops rotensis) Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2000-12-07
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Argent, David G. Fine sediment effects on brook trout egg and alevin survival in Virginia Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2009-07-29
Barlow, Paige Fithian Sea turtle bycatch by the U.S. Atlantic pelagic longline fishery: A simulation modeling analysis of estimation methods Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2009-08-04
Barr, Brian R Analysis of the impact of flathead catfish predation on the abundance of four centrarchid species Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2009-12-04
Batts, Gregory K An assessment of Quality Deer Management on a private hunt club in the Virginia Piedmont Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2008-05-15
Beaty, Braven B Development of juvenile culture techniques and testing of potential biomarkers of environmental stress in freshwater mussels (Bivalvia: Unionidae) Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2007-10-05
Beck, Kevin Moran Development of an Algal Diet for Rearing Juvenile Freshwater Mussels (Unionidae) Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2001-05-20
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Blumton, Arlene K. Factors affecting loggerhead shrike mortality in Virginia Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2012-06-10
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Bosworth, Brian Gene Use of species genetic resources in Morone breeding programs Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2008-06-06
Boyles, Julie L. An Evaluation of Adult Freshwater Mussels Held in Captivity at the White Sulphur Springs National Fish Hatchery, West Virginia Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2004-02-26
Bravo Vinaja, Maria Guadalupe Evaluation of landscape level habitat characteristics of golden eagle habitat in Northwestern Mexico Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2012-10-06
Brazil, Brian Ligar Impact of Ozonation on System Performance and Growth Characteristics of Hybrid Striped Bass (Morone chrysops (f) x Morone saxatilis (m)) Reared in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 1998-07-25
Brenden, Travis Owen Competition Between Age-0 Largemouth Bass And Juvenile Bluegills In A Virginia Pond Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 1999-11-14
Brenden, Travis Owen Evaluation of Current Management Strategies for the New River, Virginia, Muskellunge Fishery: Modeling the Effect of Alternative Harvest Regulations and Habitat Selection Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2005-04-21
Bridges, Andrew Scott Population Ecology of Black Bears in the Alleghany Mountains of Virginia Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2005-05-17
Bryan, Roger D. Movement, growth and mortality of brook trout within the Hazel River, Shenandoah National Park Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2009-11-10
Budischak, Sarah Ashcom The reciprocal influence of trematode parasites and malathion on developing pickerel frogs (Rana palustris) Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2007-10-30
Buehler, David A. Bald eagle distribution, abundance, roost use and response to human activity on the northern Chesapeake Bay, Maryland Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2005-10-13
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Burress, Jonathan W Survival and condition of riverine freshwater mussels (Unionidae) confined in cages suspended in ponds Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2009-08-14
Bush, Amy L. An Assessment of Suitable Feed Quantity and Quality for Riffleshell Mussels (Epioblasma spp.) Held in Captivity Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2008-03-07
Carle, Frank Louis An evaluation of the removal method for estimating benthic populations and diversity. Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2009-03-26
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