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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

Lyman, Scott R. Union leaders' views of employee assistance programs General Business 2007-08-03
Moore, William T. Agency theory :a model of investor equilibrium and a test of an agency cost rationale for convertible bond financing General Business 2012-09-12
Summers, Kathy Denise An examination of the effectiveness of work-site health promotion programs :an "ideal" type approach General Business 2008-06-06
Mueller, Jennifer M. The Effects of Goal Framing on Auditors' Use of a Decision Aid in Environments of Varied Risk General Business (Accounting) 2000-04-19
Samelson, Donald An empirical investigation of economic consequences of the Tax Reform Act of 1986 General Business (Accounting) 2008-06-06
Wheatley, Clark M Market capitalization and earnings persistence :the earnings response coefficients of tax generated earnings changes General Business (Accounting) 2008-06-06
Higgs, Roger Redefining relatedness in corporate acquisitions and mergers : an alternate view for managing corporate diversification General Business (Management) 2006-06-19
Ramaswamy, Kannan Strategic orientation, distinctive competences and multinationality profiles of businesses :an examination of the U.S. pharmaceutical industry General Business (Management) 2008-07-28
Chattopadhyay, Satya Prasad An investigation of the effects of organizational and environmental variables and source loyalty on the motor carrier selection decision General Business (Marketing) 2005-09-16
Chism, William John Environmental influence on postemergence chemical control of crabgrass (Digitaria spp.) in turf General Business (Marketing) 2005-09-16
Dowdy, Marshall Dean The grocery shopping attitudes and behaviors of convenience store patrons General Business (Marketing) 2007-10-02
Kahn, Kenneth B. Marketing's integration with other departments General Business (Marketing) 2005-10-10
Yadav, Manjit S. An examination of how buyers subjectively perceive and evaluate product bundles General Business (Marketing) 2007-02-05
Abell, Meghann Lynn Assessing Fraud Risk, Trustworthiness, Reliability, and Truthfulness: Integrating Audit Evidence from Multiple Sources General Business, Accounting 2010-05-17
Carter, Lemuria D. Political Participation in a Digital Age: An Integrated Perspective on the Impacts of the Internet on Voter Turnout General Business, Accounting 2006-04-25
Herndon, Dorothy Jean Williams A study of some of the food management practices among young homemakers whose husbands are students at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute General Home Economics 2012-06-10
Boa-Amponsem, Kwame Genetics, humoral immunoresponsiveness, and disease resistance in chickens. Genetics 1998-06-11
Camacho, Diogo Mayo In silico cell biology and biochemistry: a systems biology approach Genetics 2007-06-06
Carte, Ira Franklin Correlated response and sexual dimorphism in bidirectional selection experiments. Genetics 2010-06-12
Cheng, Jianping Inheritance of protoplast culturability and improvement in pollen development by protoplast manipulation in solanum Genetics 2005-09-16
Du, Min PCR-based cloning, characterization, and stress-induced expression of chitinase genes in Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis L.) Genetics 2006-05-11
Dunnington, Elizabeth Ann Selection for serum cholesterol, voluntary physical activity, 56- day body weight and feed intake in albino mice. Genetics 2012-11-29
Goradia, Ranjan Y. Human chromosomes :structure, abnormalities and birth defects. Genetics 2010-06-22
Graves, Hannon Benjamin Genetics of initial imprinting responses :selection, and heterosis. Genetics 2010-06-02
Grignola, Fernando E. Mapping quantitative trait loci using multiple linked markers via Residual Maximum Likelihood Genetics 2005-11-10
Henderson, David Allen Reconstruction of metabolic pathways by the exploration of gene expression data with factor analysis Genetics 2001-12-14
Kurima, Kiyoto Transcriptional regulation of the prolactin gene in turkeys Genetics 2006-05-11
MacKinnon, Kathryn Michelle Differential gene expression and immune regulatory mechanisms in parasite-resistant hair and susceptible wool sheep infected with the parasitic nematode, Haemonchus contortus Genetics 2007-07-31
Maughan, Peter Jeffrey Microsatellite polymorphism, orthologous evolution and molecular marker analysis of seed quality traits in soybean (Glycine max L. Merr.) Genetics 2008-06-06
Mauldin, Joseph M Genetics, behavior, and disease resistance in chickens. Genetics 2010-03-31
O'Sullivan, Neil P Genotype by feeding regimen interactions in growth selected chickens Genetics 2009-01-24
Ohlsen, Susan M Cloning and characterization of ovine insulin, insulin-like growth factor-I and -II genes Genetics 2008-06-06
Owen, Henry R Use of monoploid solanum phureja in cell and tissue culture techniques for potato improvement Genetics 2008-07-28
Paz, Margie Margarita Utilization of tissue culture methods and molecular markers for improvement of Solanum phureja Juz. & Buk. Genetics 2008-06-06
Praharaj, Naba Krushna Genotype by nutrition interactions for immunoresponsiveness and disease resistance in chickens Genetics 2005-12-22
Yang, Aiming Bilateral Asymmetry in Chickens of Different Genetic backgrounds Genetics 1998-05-04
Yu, Yong Gang Molecular genetic analysis of host resistance to soybean mosaic virus Genetics 2006-02-01
Zhang, Jianhua Restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis of chloroplast DNA, mitochondrial DNA, and ribosomal DNA in turfgrasses Genetics 2008-06-06
Bing, Nan Statistical Analysis of Gene Expression Profile: Transcription Network Inference and Sample Classification Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2004-04-19
Cai, Yizhi GenoCAD: linguistic approaches to synthetic biology Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2010-04-20
Cheng, Hui Data integration and visualization for systems biology data Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2010-10-29
Cortes Bermudez, Diego Fernando Functional genomics through metabolite profiling and gene expression analysis in Arabidopsis thaliana Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational biology 2008-07-30
Dharmarajan, Lakshmi Structure-Function Studies on Two Phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxylases Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2011-04-15
Dyer, Matthew David Pathosystems Biology: Computational Prediction and Analysis of Host-Pathogen Protein Interaction Networks Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2008-06-27
Falin, Lee J. Systems Uncertainty in Systems Biology & Gene Function Prediction Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2011-04-04
Fu, Yan Computational Systems Biology Analysis of Cell Reprogramming and Activation Dynamics Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2012-07-26
Kale, Shiv Dutt How Oomycete and Fungal Effectors Enter Host Cells and Promote Infection Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2011-04-15
Kidane, Yared Habteselassie The Landscape of Host Transcriptional Response Programs Commonly Perturbed by Infectious Pathogens: Towards Host-Oriented Broad-Spectrum Drug Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2012-04-13
Krampis, Konstantinos Systems View Of The Soybean Genetic Mechanisms Involved In The Response To Plant Pathogen Infection Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2009-04-28
Krishnan, Arjun Systems analysis of stress response in plants Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2010-09-22
Laomettachit, Teeraphan Mathematical modeling approaches for dynamical analysis of protein regulatory networks with applications to the budding yeast cell cycle and the circadian rhythm in cyanobacteria Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2011-11-07
Lasher, Christopher Donald Discovering contextual connections between biological processes using high-throughput data Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2011-09-21
Lewis, Bryan Leroy in silico Public Health: The Essential Role of Highly Detailed Simulations in Support of Public Health Decision-Making Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2011-01-28
Li, Shenghua Quantitative Modeling of the Molecular Mechanism Controlling the Asymmetric Cell Division Cycle in Caulobacter crescentus Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2008-11-03
Nsoesie, Elaine O. Sensitivity Analysis and Forecasting in Network Epidemiology Models Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2012-04-13
Pokrzywa, Revonda Maria Systems Biology in an Imperfect World: Modeling Biological Systems with Incomplete Information Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2009-10-14
Rajasimha, Harsha Karur Insights Into Mitochondrial Genetic and Morphologic Dynamics Gained by Stochastic Simulation Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2007-12-06
Ravi, Janani Mathematical modeling of pathways involved in cell cycle regulation and differentiation Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2011-12-19
Ruscio, Jory Zmuda Molecular Modeling: Elucidation of Structure/Function Relationships of Proteins and DNA at the Atomic Resolution Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2007-04-24
Sha, Wei Microarray data analysis methods and their applications to gene expression data analysis for Saccharomyces cerevisiae under oxidative stress Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2006-05-22
Shallom, Shamira J A Species Independent Universal Bio-detection Microarray for Pathogen Forensics Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2012-05-16
Singhania, Rajat Modeling Protein Regulatory Networks that Control Mammalian Cell Cycle Progression and that Exhibit Near-Perfect Adaptive Responses Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2011-05-04
Tuli, Leepika Proteome Profiling of Saccharomyces cerevisae stress response to Cumene Hydroperoxide (CHP) Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2008-08-11
Wendelsdorf, Katherine Veronica Models of the Mucosal Inflammatory and Regulatory Immune Pathways: The Role of Host Response in Microbial Persistence and Pathogenesis Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2011-11-22
Wonnapinij, Passorn Theoretical and Statistical Approaches to Understand Human Mitochondrial DNA Heteroplasmy Inheritance Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2010-04-22
Wu, Zhanghan Understanding molecular and cellular processes using statistical physics Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2011-05-16
Yang, Kuan Ancestral Genome Reconstruction in Bacteria Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2012-06-20
Zhang, Tongli Mathematical Models of Some Signaling Pathways Regulating Cell Survival and Death Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2008-11-03
Adams, Christopher Blaine Profile Analysis of Regional Variations Among Virginia Winery Visitors Geography 2001-08-07
Adams, Erica Elaine Operationalizing Scale in Watershed-based Stormwater Management Geography 2011-05-12
Almeida, Berkley S. A GIS Assessment of Urban Sprawl in Richmond, Virginia Geography 2005-05-26
Arnold, David Frederick Environmental Justice in Virginia’s Rural Drinking Water: Analysis of Nitrate Concentrations and Bacteria Prevalence in the Household Wells of Augusta and Louisa County Residents Geography 2007-06-26
Baer, Leonard Alternative health care in the 1990's :the influence of legal constraints on the locational behavior of acupuncturists, chiropractors, and homeopaths Geography 2010-05-11
Baldassaro, Paige Marie RF and GIS: Field Strength Prediction for Frequencies between 900 MHz and 28 GHz. Geography 2001-08-24
Bayliss, John H Map position finding accuracy in a computer simulated environment Geography 2009-06-16
Bhuta, Arvind Aniel Rombawa A Denroecological Analysis of Disturbance of Remnant Pinus Palustris, Southeastern Virginia Geography 2006-05-23
Bloom, Paul Sean Administrative and Political Implications of GIS Implementation within the Fire Service A Case Study of Norfolk, VA Geography 1998-04-24
Boyer, John D. Geographic Analysis of Viticulture Potential in Virginia Geography 1998-09-15
Boyer, Stacy Bingham The Implementation of Refugee Health Policies and Services in Virginia's Local Health Districts Geography 2002-12-23
Bunin, J. Christopher A Study of the Relationship Between Current Event Knowledge and the Ability to Construct a Mental Map of the World Geography 2001-01-24
Bush, Loretta J Evaluating the accuracy of line thinning algorithms after processing scanned line data Geography 2009-10-31
Butterworth, Melinda Knowledge, Perceptions, and Practices: Mosquito-borne Disease Transmission in Southwest Virginia Geography 2009-05-20
Carter, Duane B. Analysis of Multiresolution Data fusion Techniques Geography 1998-03-23
Cash, Jason M Using Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) Imagery To Model Radio Wave Propagation Geography 2003-04-03
Chai, Jiaxun A Phenological Comparison of NDVI Products within Contiguous United States Geography 2011-05-24
Chambers, Samuel David Application of Spectral Change Detection Techniques to Identify Forest Harvesting Using Landsat TM Data Geography 2002-08-02
Clements, John Patrick The Northern Territories dispute between Japan and the Soviet Union :from rivalry to rapprochement Geography 2009-04-08
Cottle, Rebecca K. Cemetery Siting in the Bluestone Reservation Area, Summers County, West Virginia: 1750-1997 Geography 1997-05-09
Crampton, Andrew Discourses of danger :Robert Strausz-Hupe, geopolitics and American foreign policy, 1939-1961 Geography 2009-01-31
Crawford, James P. "The trawler wreck all" : political ecology and a Belizean village Geography 2005-10-07
Crawford, Christopher John A Dendrochronological Analysis of Vegetation Change and Climate History in Two Southern Appalachian Balds, Craggy Gardens and Big Bald, NC Geography 2007-05-08
DallaPiazza, Kristin Lee A Global Approach to Disease Prevention: Predicting High Risk Areas for West Nile Infection in the Us Geography 2009-05-21
Dalton, Aaron James Autonomous Vehicle Path Planning with Remote Sensing Data Geography 2008-12-16
Desjardins, Amos Adam Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction of a Coastal Lagoon in Southwestern Dominican Republic Geography 2007-06-27
Dodd, Howard Mannin The Validity of Using a Geographic Information System's Viewshed Function as a Predictor for the Reception of Line-of-Sight Radio Waves Geography 2001-09-20
Donnelly-Morrison, Duane N. Defining agricultural land use in Rondonia, Brazil by examination of spot multispectral data Geography 2009-09-05
Easterbrook, Richard Brian Predictive Probability Model for American Civil War Fortifications using a Geographic Information System Geography 1999-03-27
Elmore, James Link Strategic Conservation Planning for High Knob, Virginia: A GIS Decision Support Approach Geography 2012-05-16
Euwema, Jeffrey A. The decline of sugar production and the rise of cocoa production in Grenada 1870-1917 :the changing fortunes of a cocoa peasantry Geography 2010-05-19
Feman, Abby S. The corporatization of health care in the New River Valley, Virginia Geography 2009-02-13
Ferguson, Janet Y. Location and Design of Recreational Hiking Trails: Application of GIS Technology Geography 1998-02-09
Flanery, Trevor H. Water and Power: The Environmental Politics of a Virginia Reservoir Geography 1999-05-21
Foy, Andrew Scott A GIS-Based Landscape Scale Model for Native Bee Habitat Geography 2007-09-24
Franklin, Lauren Nicole Landscape pattern and blister rust infection in whitebark pine (Pinus albicaulis) at alpine treeline, Northern Rocky Mountains, U.S.A. Geography 2011-06-28
Gallimore, Rapsody Dawn Relationship between growth patterns and planning practices :a case study of the city of Roanoke Geography 2009-10-06
Germroth, Matthew Ryan GIS and Satellite Visibility: Viewsheds from Space Geography 2005-05-16
Gibson, Glen An Analysis of Shoreline Change at Little Lagoon, Alabama Geography 2006-06-20
Gibson, Glen R War and Agriculture: Three Decades of Agricultural Land Use and Land Cover Change in Iraq Geography 2012-05-11
Hall, Judith K. Ecofeminism and geography :the case of Vandana Shiva and Chipko Geography 2009-01-17
Hanson, Carol J. Utilization of abortion services :a local level analysis Geography 2009-03-12
Hart, Evan A. GIS and the dairy industry :examining the roles of government regulation and dairy cooperatives in the shipment of fluid milk Geography 2008-10-01
Hernandez, Jennifer J. The social construction of the family :family values and the Los Angeles riots Geography 2009-01-24
Heselton, Robert Reid Elevation Effects on GPS Positional Accuracy Geography 1998-06-05
Holoviak, Brent Matthew Application of Ancillary Data In Post-Classification To Improve Forest Area Estimates In A Landsat TM Scene Geography 2002-09-04
Hudson Dunn, Allisyn Land Surface Phenology of North American Mountain Environments Using the Terra Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer Geography 2009-07-24
Hunt, Kristine Katherine Politics and land reform :the case of Esperanza, the Dominican Republic Geography 2010-03-30
Hutchings, James Forrest Monitoring Property Boundaries for the Appalachian National Scenic Trail Using Satellite Images Geography 2005-05-02
Keough, Sara Beth The Geography of Community Bands in Virginia Geography 2003-05-07
Knocke, Ethan William Modeling Flash Floods in Small Ungaged Watersheds using Embedded GIS Geography 2006-02-22
Kramar, David Eldridge Estimating Hg Risk to the Common Loon (Gavia immer) in the Rangeley Lakes Region of Western Maine: A Regression Based GIS Model Geography 2004-06-21
Krauss, Mary Rebecca Duquette The relative effectiveness of the noncontiguous cartogram Geography 2012-11-29
Lambert, Rebecca Click Chagas Disease in the United States: the Emerging Threat and the Role Climate and Awareness Play in Its Spread Geography 2007-05-01
Leach, Jamison Dane Prediction of Building Count and Dimensions from U.S. Census Data Using Multiple Regression Geography 2001-10-18
LeBlanc, Allison Renee A 1000-year sedimentary record of hurricane, fire, and vegetation history from a coastal lagoon in southwestern Dominican Republic Geography 2011-05-17
Lee, Heather N. The Food Retail Hierarchy and Food Import Dependency in a Dominican Town Geography 2010-05-17
Logan, Ben A Statistical Examination of the Climatic Human Expert System, The Sunset Garden Zones for California Geography 2006-05-08
Luebbering, Candice Rae Beyond the Bezel: Utilizing Multiple Monitor High-Resolution Displays for Viewing Geospatial Data Geography 2007-04-27
Luebbering, Candice Rae The Cartographic Representation of Language: Understanding language map construction and visualizing language diversity Geography 2011-04-03
Mahoney, Patricia Analysis of technological change and relief representation in U.S.G.S. topographic maps Geography 2009-10-22
Mathur, Priti A comparison of slope estimation methods Geography 2010-03-17
Matthews, Peter John The sites and services approach :a partial solution to South Africa's urban housing shortage Geography 2008-10-01
Mayers, Margaret Grace A study of four raster-based data generalization procedures Geography 2013-02-07
McCloskey, Tara Evaluation of Rainwater Harvesting on Residential Housing on Virginia Tech Campus Geography 2010-05-13
McCormack, Derek Home-Body-Shopping: Reconstructing Fitness Environments Geography 1997-06-13
McGahee, Jr., Michael Teryle Scale and the Interpretation of Voting Patterns in Virginia, 2003-2006 Geography 2008-12-21
Mehrotra, Neeta An automated method for locating sinkholes in Montgomery County, Virginia, using digital elevation models Geography 2009-08-22
Miller, Matthew J An historical examination of water-powered mill sites and markets using geographic information system analysis :Augusta County, Virginia, 1880-1885 Geography 2009-09-05
Miller, Matthew Lowell Analysis of Viewshed Accuracy with Variable Resolution LIDAR Digital Surface Models and Photogrammetrically-Derived Digital Elevation Models Geography 2011-11-13
Mims, Patricia A Agricultural change in the urban-rural fringe :a test of the perimetropolitan bow wave model Geography 2009-06-11
Mitchell, Dennis Everett School consolidation, bus routing and GIS :the Pendleton County, WV case study Geography 2010-04-26
Montgomery, Kellyn Paige Spatial and Gender Dimensions of IPM Adoption in Uganda Geography 2011-06-13
Moore, Alan H Deforestation and the Transformation of the Landscape of North China: prehistory - present Geography 2010-10-08
Murray, David Patrick Spatial Distribution of Four Exotic Plants in Relation to Physical Environmental Factors with Analysis using GIS Geography 2009-02-19
Muza, Matej Development of a Spatial Decision Support System for Emergency Medical Service Facility Siting Geography 2011-05-10
O'Brien, William Eugene Participation and indigenous knowledge in development for African pastoralists Geography 2009-10-22
O'Connor, Mark J Evaluation of TIN extraction methods for various terrain textures Geography 2008-09-18
Parece, Tammy Erlene Managing Water and Electricity Consumption in University Residence Halls: a Study on Promoting Voluntary Resource Conservation by College Students Geography 2010-05-13
Patterson, Karen Ann The political ecology of nontraditional agricultural exports and an IPM project in Jamaica Geography 2008-10-02
Peter, Joseph E The geography of fragipan soils in the eastern United States Geography 2010-03-17
Peters, Emilene Power discourse and the curriculum :silences in the high school geography curriculum of South Africa Geography 2009-08-04
Pitsko, Leigh Elizabeth Wild Tigers in Captivity: A Study of the Effects of the Captive Environment on Tiger Behavior Geography 2003-05-12
Poudel, Om Prakash Identification of barriers and least cost paths for autonomous vehicle navigation using airborne LIDAR data Geography 2007-06-14
Powers, John William Stand Dynamics in a Southern Appalachian Montane Pine Barren, Warm Springs Mountain, Virginia Geography 2010-08-25
Pritchard, Katherine Incorporating User Opinion into a New Wine Tourism Map for Southwest Virginia Geography 2008-12-26
Prociv, Kathryn A Terrain and Landcover Effects of the Southern Appalachian Mountains on the Low-Level Rotational Wind Fields of Supercell Thunderstorms Geography 2012-05-09
Qing, Li GIS Aided Radio Wave Propagation Modeling and Analysis Geography 2005-05-27
Ramessar, Candice Rowena Water is More Important than Gold: Local Impacts and Perceptions of the 1995 Omai Cyanide Spill, Essequibo River, Guyana. Geography 2003-08-15
Ran, Limei Single digital-photo correction for a GIS application and error analysis Geography 2009-09-19
Ratigan, Christopher William The Asian Tiger Mosquito (Aedes albopictus): Spatial, Ecological, and Human Implications in Southeast Virginia Geography 2000-05-11
Renneckar, Patricia L. From Community Blight to Community Asset: The Renovation of the Historic Whitelaw Hotel into Affordable Housing Geography 2002-01-11
Roberts, Jason L. Place Perception, Cognitive Maps, and Mass Media: The Interrelationship Between Visual Popular Culture and Regional Mental Mapping Geography 2003-05-20
Rose, Scott Michael The Effect of Digital Elevation Model Resolution on Wave Propagation Predictions at 24Ghz Geography 2001-05-08
Sams, Lauren Kimbrell Examining Access to Recreational Facilities in Danville, Virginia Geography 2012-05-16
Sams, Brent Shipley Forest dynamics of pine- and oak-dominated communities on southeastern-facing slopes of Warm Springs Mountain, Virginia Geography 2012-06-22
Scales, Stewart Adam Spatial distribution of charcoal after a prescribed fire on Middle Mountain, VA Geography 2011-11-11
Schlosser, Tina Corinna Local Realities and Structural Constraints of Agricultural Health: Pesticide Poisoning of Jamaican Small-holders Geography 1999-05-27
Schlosser, Gary L. Gendered Production Roles and Integrated Pest Management in Three Jamaican Farming Communities Geography 1999-07-26
Slyder, Jacob Brake Population Structure and Biophysical Density Correlates of Whitebark Pine (Pinus albicaulis) at Two Treelines in the Northern Rocky Mountains Geography 2012-05-07
Smith, Emily Katherine Modeling Blister Rust Incidence in Whitebark Pine at Northern Rocky Mountain Alpine Treelines: A Geospatial Approach Geography 2009-05-20
Smith, Leslie F. The political geography of annexation--Roanoke, Virginia Geography 2013-11-15
Sovacool, Kelly Elizabeth A Stakeholder Analysis of the Creation of High Seas Marine Protected Areas within the Antarctic Treaty System Geography 2009-04-14
Stahl, Christopher Wayne Accumulated Surfaces & Least-Cost Paths: GIS Modeling for Autonomous Ground Vehicle (AGV) Navigation Geography 2005-05-26
Sterling, David L. A Comparison of Spatial Interpolation Techniques for Determining Shoaling Rates of the Atlantic Ocean Channel Geography 2004-09-16
Stine, Melanie Brooke Vegetation and Soil Patterns at a Mountain Wetland Ecotone Geography 2009-05-14
Story, Michael Haun Comparison of accuracy and efficiency of five digital image classification algorithms Geography 2010-04-12
Tejada, Sherry Lynn The Necrogeography of Melungeon Cemeteries in Central Appalachia Geography 2008-04-23
Thekkudan, Travis Francis Calibration of an Artificial Neural Network for Predicting Development in Montgomery County, Virginia: 1992-2001 Geography 2008-06-24
Thomas, Claire H An evaluation of North Carolina's mandatory oceanfront setback policy :a case study of Nags Head Geography 2009-07-10
Turko, Benjamin A GIS-Based Optical Viewshed Optimization Algorithm Geography 2007-06-12
Walker, Jessica Analysis of Dryland Forest Phenology using Fused Landsat and MODIS Satellite Imagery Geography 2012-09-19
Whittemore, Martin P The hermeneutics of airphoto interpretation Geography 2008-08-22
Wildes, Fred Thomas A resource management strategy for the Belize barrier reef system Geography 2009-03-12
Williams, Ryan Williams Application of Spatial Analysis in the Incidence of the Gall Midge in Jamaican Hot Pepper Production Geography 2001-07-25
Winship, Jodi M. Geographic Literacy and World Knowledge Among Undergraduate College Students Geography 2004-11-02
Wizevich, Michael Charles Sedimentology and Regional Implications of Fluvial Quartzose Sandstones of the Lee Formation, Central Appalachian Basin Geography 2008-06-06
Yatsko, Michael S Ethnicity in Festival Landscapes: An Analysis of the Landscape of Jaialdi '95 as a Spatial Expression of Basque Ethnicity Geography 1998-07-11
Young, John A Effects of automated cartographic generalization on linear map features Geography 2009-12-04
Zendel, Alexander Mark Investigating the Role of Location-Allocation Models in Planning the Locations of Dry Fire Hydrants Geography 2005-04-24
Abell, Russell H. Scavenging of particulate and dissolved lead compounds by coprecipitation with manganese oxyhydroxides Geological Sciences 1998-05-07
Adams, Rebecca Hope Kavage The Form and Function of Headwater Streams Based on Field and Modeling Investigations in the southern Appalachian Mountains Geological Sciences 2002-12-17
Adkins, Rhonda M. Tidal sedimentation in the mid-Pennsylvanian Breathitt Group, eastern Kentucky Geological Sciences 2008-08-20
Affholter, Kathleen Synthesis and crystal chemistry of lanthanide allanites Geological Sciences 2013-02-06
Al-Tawil, Aus High resolution sequence stratigraphy of late Mississippian carbonates in the Appalachian Basin Geological Sciences 2008-12-15
Anderson, Kevin Brent Neotectonics and Paleoseismology of the North Frontal Thrust System, southern California Geological Sciences 2002-08-26
Atkinson, Jr., Allen Bradley A Model for the PTX Properties of H2O-NaCl Geological Sciences 2002-08-06
Badger, Robert L. Geochemistry and petrogenesis of the Catoctin Volcanic Province, central Appalachians Geological Sciences 2009-03-04
Baldassaro, Paige Marie Low Temperature Phase Relations in the System H2O-NaCl-FeCl2 Geological Sciences 2000-02-07
Balog, Anna Milankovitch-driven cyclicity and climate controlled dolomitization of a Late Triassic carbonate platform, Hungary Geological Sciences 2006-05-04
Bank, Gregory Charles Testing the Origins of the Blue Ridge Escarpment Geological Sciences 2001-08-27
Bansal, Reeshidev Discrimination and Enhancement of Fracture Signals on Surface Seismic Data Geological Sciences 2003-05-30
Bartelmehs, Kurt Lane Modeling the properties of silicates Geological Sciences 2006-05-04
Becker, Mona Louise Petrogenesis of the Springfield Granodiorite, southeast Pennsylvania Piedmont Geological Sciences 2009-05-09
Bekker, Andrey Chemostratigraphy of the Early Paleoproterozoic carbonate successions (Kaapvaal and Wyoming cratons) Geological Sciences 2001-09-13
Benson, Don Gehr Dinoflagellate biostratigraphy of the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary, Round Bay, Maryland. Geological Sciences 2010-07-07
Bickmore, Barry Robert Atomic Force Microscopy Study of Clay Mineral Dissolution Geological Sciences 2000-01-11
Bobyarchick, Andy Russell Tectogenesis of the Hylas zone and eastern Piedmont near Richmond, Virginia. Geological Sciences 2010-07-07
Bourland, William Clifford Tectogenesis and metamorphism of the Piedmont from Columbia to Westview, Virginia along the James River. Geological Sciences 2010-07-15
Brame, Roderic Ian Revision of the Upper Devonian in the Central-Southern Appalachian Basin: Biostratigraphy and Lithostratigraphy Geological Sciences 2003-01-10
Brauer, Nancy A. Fluid inclusions as a monitor of progressive grain-scale deformation during cooling of the Papoose Flat pluton, eastern California Geological Sciences 1997-12-18
Brown, Brenda Lee The Sorption of Roxarsone, an Organoarsenical Animal Feed Additive Geological Sciences 2003-05-23
Brown, Stephen A The response of polyhedra in close packed structures to temperature and pressure Geological Sciences 2009-11-10
Buscher, Jamie Todd The Impact of Long-Term Glacial Erosion on the Active Chugach-St. Elias Mountains, southern Alaska Geological Sciences 2003-11-10
Bush, Andrew Milton Time-Averaging and Morphology: Variability in Modern Populations and Fossil Assemblages of Mercenaria (Bivalvia) Geological Sciences 1999-09-03
Buterakos, Lewis A Bond length and bonded radii variations in nitride molecules and crystals Geological Sciences 2009-03-12
Cail, Tracy Experimentally Derived Sticking Efficiencies of Microparticles using Atomic Force Microscopy: Toward a Better Understanding of Particle Transport Geological Sciences 2004-01-13
Campbell, Joseph Kent Beekmantown Formation-Middle Ordovician limestone unconformity on the northwest limb of the Green Ridge anticline near Fincastle, Virginia. Geological Sciences 2010-06-02
Carney, Brooke J. Building Velocity Models for Steep-Dip Prestack Depth Migration through First Arrival Traveltime Tomography Geological Sciences 2000-12-04
Carroll, Monica Quantitative Estimates of Time-Averaging in Brachiopod Shell Accumulations from a Holocene Tropical Shelf (SW Brazil) Geological Sciences 2001-07-31
Cawley, Jon Clayton Dynamic systems analysis of fossil dinoflagellates from the Atlantic Coastal Plain, USA Geological Sciences 2008-09-18
Chapman, Martin Colby Disaggregated Seismic Hazard and the Elastic Input Energy Spectrum: An Approach to Design Earthquake Selection Geological Sciences 1998-06-25
Cline, Jean Schroeder Physical and chemical aspects of fluid evolution in hydrothermal ore systems Geological Sciences 2005-09-16
Coffey, Brian Perry High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy of Paleogene, Nontropical Mixed Carbonate/Siliciclastic Shelf Sediments, North Carolina Coastal Plain, U. S. A. Geological Sciences 2000-01-26
Daley, Gwen Marie Paleocommunities of the Yorktown Formation (Pliocene) of Virginia Geological Sciences 1999-08-09
Downs, Robert T. Librational displacements of silicate tetrahedra in response to temperature and pressure Geological Sciences 2005-09-20
Downs, Robert T. A study of the mean-square displacement amplitudes of T and O atoms in framework silicates and aluminosilicates :evidence for rigid to bonds, order, disorder, twinning and stacking faults in crystals Geological Sciences 2012-11-21
Dunkle, Stacie E. Romarchite and Other Corrosion Phases on Metal Artifacts from the Queen Anne's Revenge (1718) Geological Sciences 2002-04-26
Edwards, David H Lead distribution at a Public Shooting Range Geological Sciences 2002-09-14
Ellison, Shelley J. Modeling Offset-Dependent Reflectivity for Time-Lapse Monitoring of Water-Flood Production in Thin-Layered Reservoirs Geological Sciences 2001-07-19
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Sen, Susmita Characterizing Impacts of and Recovery from Surface Coal Mining in Appalachian Forested Landscapes Using Landsat Imagery Geospatial and Environmental Analysis 2011-07-08
Graffeo, Elizabeth Marie Evaluating Human Rights INGOs Government and International Affairs 2011-01-05
Schnitzer, Marcy Hammet Actually Existing Democracy and Energy Justice: The Case of the Coalfields Delegation to the United Nations Commission for Sustainable Development Government and International Affairs 2010-12-02

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