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Ha, Siew-Mun An experimental study of coherent structures in a three-dimensional turbulent boundary layer Aerospace Engineering 2007-07-12
Ha, Keunsoo Position Estimation in Switched Reluctance Motor Drives Using the First Switching Harmonics of Phase Voltage and Current Electrical and Computer Engineering 2008-07-14
Ha, Sook Shin Dimensionality Reduction, Feature Selection and Visualization of Biological Data Electrical and Computer Engineering 2012-08-21
Haac, Thomas Ryan Experimental Characterization and Analysis of Simple Residential Structures Subjected to Simulated Sonic Booms Vibrations and Acoustics 2010-05-17
Haar, Sherry J. The Design of a Therapy Garment for Preschool Children with Sensory Integration Dysfunction Near Environments 1999-03-12
Haas, Steven Christopher Virginia Save Our Streams (SOS): Volunteers' Motivations for Participation and Suggestions for Program Improvement Forestry 2000-07-31
Haas, Matthew Steven The Influence of Teaching Methods on Student Achievement on Virginia's End of Course Standards of Learning Test for Algebra I Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2002-10-06
Haas, Ellen Carla The perceived urgency and detection time of multi-tone and frequency-modulated warning signals in broadband noise Industrial and Systems Engineering 2007-10-02
Habben, Christopher M. Differentiation as a Predictor of Extramarital Involvement Marriage and Family Therapy 2000-06-06
Habegger, Michael Warren Learning to Do Democracy: Deliberative Capacity in Political Blogging Communities Political Science 2011-07-18
Haber, Ludwig Christian An investigation into the origin, measurement and application of chemiluminescent light emissions from premixed flames Mechanical Engineering 2001-03-14
Haber, Ludwig Christian Investigation of Dynamics in Turbulent Swirling Flows Aided by Linear Stability Analysis Mechanical Engineering 2003-10-28
Haberlein, Lynn M. The growth of for-profit hospitals in the United States, 1970-1980 Urban Affairs 2009-04-14
Habersack, Mathew James Evaluation of Nutrient and Pathogen Losses From Various Poultry Litter Storage Methods Biological Systems Engineering 2002-08-06
Hablas, Hossam El-Din Abdel Moneim A Study of Inclement Weather Impacts on Freeway Free-Flow Speed Civil Engineering 2007-07-03
Hacarlioglu, Pelin Experimental and Modeling Studies of the Methane Steam Reforming Reaction at High Pressure in a Ceramic Membrane Reactor Chemical Engineering 2007-11-14
Hacker, Marla E. The Effect of Decision Aids on Work Group Performance Industrial and Systems Engineering 1998-07-13
Hackworth, Benjamin My Mother’s Cabin: A Design in Memory Architecture 2012-09-18
Haddad, Raymond J. The career maturity of graduate students identified as enhancers or changers Counseling and Student Personnel Services 2006-05-11
Haddad, Rami H. Characterization and deterioration detection of Portland cement concrete using electromagnetic waves over a wideband of frequency Civil Engineering 2007-08-23
Haddad, Fadi M. Maintenance in a contractor organization:a practical approach Civil Engineering 2012-09-08
Hadder, James Michael The Mediational Role of Resource Loss between Residential Fire Exposure and Psychological Distress Psychology 2008-09-12
Haddock, John David Biochemistry and genetics of the pathway for the anaerobic degradation of aromatic compounds by Eubacterium oxidoreducens Anaerobic Microbiology 2005-10-12
Haden, Sara Chiara Psychobiological Mechanisms of Aggression in Youth Psychology 2006-06-06
Hadermann, Krista C. Girl Talk: Disclosure Between Adolescent Sisters Human Development 1999-02-23
Hadian, Mohammad Jafar Modal interactions in the dynamic response of isotropic and composite plates Engineering Mechanics 2005-10-12
Hadidi, Nasser Correlation between arrival and service patterns as a means of queue regulation. Statistics 2010-05-20
Hadisadegh, Seyed Ali Roanoke municipal air terminal building Architecture 2013-02-06
Hadjichristofi, George Costa IPSec Overhead in Wireline and Wireless Networks for Web and Email Applications Electrical and Computer Engineering 2001-11-15
Hadjichristofi, George Costa A Framework for Providing Redundancy and Robustness in Key Management for IPsec Security Associations in a Mobile Ad-Hoc Environment Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005-07-19
Hadjieftychiou, Aristarchos The CAPM approach to materiality Accounting and Information Systems 2008-12-17
Haeberle, David Claibourne The Use of Nanonindentation to Determine Composite Interfacial Shear Strength and the Effects of Environmental Aging Engineering Science and Mechanics 2001-06-21
Haedrich, Lisa Integration of food consumption and nutrition considerations into the RIARS farming systems research and extension project in the Bicol region of the Philippines Human Nutrition and Foods 2012-11-21
Haeffelin, Martial P. A. A Study of Earth Radiation Budget Radiometric Channel Performance and Data Interpretation Protocols Mechanical Engineering 1998-07-13
Haeffelin, Martial A numerical study of equivalence in scanning thermistor bolometer radiometers for earth radiation budget applications Mechanical Engineering 2008-12-30
Hafez, Shireen Abdelgawad Advanced Studies in Veterinary Anatomy: Angiogenesis in Caprine Reproductive Organs of Non-Pregnant and Pregnant Normal and Swainsonine-Treated Does Veterinary Medical Sciences 2005-04-21
Hafiz, Dalia O. Alexandria Underwater Museum For Sunken Monuments Architecture 2011-04-20
Hafner, Alan D. Analysis of the Effect of Ordering Policies for a Manufacturing Cell Transitioning to Lean Production Industrial and Systems Engineering 2003-10-12
Hafsi, Amine Design Methodology for Permeable Reactive Barriers Combined With Monitored Natural Attenuation Civil Engineering 2008-05-06
Hafsteinsson, Leifur Geir The Interacting Effect of Self-Efficacy and Performance Goal Orientation on Goal Setting and Performance: The Positive Side of Performance Goal Orientation Psychology 2002-03-24
Hafsteinsson, Leifur Geir The Interactive Effects of Achievement Goals and Task Complexity on Effort, Mental Focus and Enjoyment Psychology 2004-08-10
Hagan, James D. Development of a long-range naval gun :a system engineering appproach Systems Engineering 2009-12-23
Hagan, Robert Douglas Multi-GPU Load Balancing for Simulation and Rendering Computer Science 2011-07-05
Hagedorn, Alexander Job The Effect of Pallets and Unitization on the Efficiency of Intercontinental Product Movement Using Ocean Freight Containers Wood Science and Forest Products 2009-08-04
Hagen, Thomas Ch. Elongational Flows in Polymer Processing Mathematics 1998-11-03
Hagen, Elizabeth M. Influence of Agricultural Land Use on Allochthonous Input and Leaf Breakdown in Southern Appalachian Streams Biology 2004-05-04
HagenBurger, William C. Feasibility of open web rafters constructed of single angles Civil Engineering 2009-04-14
Hager, Creighton Tsuan-Ren Statistical Analysis of ATM Call Detail Records Electrical and Computer Engineering 2000-01-14
Hager, Kristopher Ming-Ren Reliability of Fatigue Measures in an Overhead Work Task: A Study of Shoulder Muscle Electromyography and Perceived Discomfort Industrial and Systems Engineering 2004-01-04
Hager, Creighton Tsuan-Ren Context Aware and Adaptive Security for Wireless Networks Electrical and Computer Engineering 2004-12-02
Hager, Daniel Michael Situational Awareness of a Ground Robot From an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Electrical and Computer Engineering 2009-05-15
Hager, Jonathan M. Development and calibration of a heat flux microsensor Mechanical Engineering 2012-09-08
Haggard, Westley nContract - Creating Configurable Run-Time Contract Verification for .NET Components Computer Science 2005-04-05
Haggerty, Susan Parental alcoholism, early social support, and family environment as predictors of current adjustment Clinical Psychology 2009-01-17
Hagmann, Stephen Anand The Space of the In-between Architecture 1999-04-23
Hagmann, Christopher Vibration of a nonlinear shear deformable beam by numerical simulation Engineering Mechanics 2008-08-22
Hagopian, Louis Peter Behavioral inhibition and test anxiety : an empirical investigation of Gray's theory Psychology 2005-10-12
Hahm, Sung-Pil Co-Branding as a Market-Driven Strategic Financial Investment Option in the Hospitality Industry Hospitality and Tourism Management 2001-04-27
Hahn, Daniel Robert Examination of the Aging Properties of Novel Cyanate Ester Thermosets and the Subsequent Evaluation of the Material under Application Conditions Chemistry 2004-04-19
Hahn, Nina Investigations into the vector competency of arthropods for two Ehrlichias: Ehrlichia risticii and Cowdria rumantium Veterinary Science 2005-09-20
Hahn, Kyungdong Economies with public projects :theory and experimental evidence Economics 2008-06-06
Hahn, Steven Eric An experimental/analytical investigation of combined shear/end loaded compression strength testing of unidirectional composites Engineering Mechanics 2009-12-23
Haidara, Fatim M. Characterization of tropospheric scintillations on Earth-space paths in the Ku and Ka frequency bands using the results from the Virginia Tech OLYMPUS experiment Electrical Engineering 2008-06-06
Haidara, Fatim M. Rain scatter interference in satellite links Electrical Engineering 2010-07-15
Haija, Rammy M. The Real "Syriana": Interlocking Directorates Shaping a Defense-Petroleum-Policy Complex Sociology 2009-04-07
Haile, January Dendi The “atypical” protein kinase, SsoPK5, an archaeal member of the piD261/Bud32 subfamily Biochemistry 2009-08-13
Hailer, Benjamin Thomas Effect of Heat Treatment on Magnetic and Mechanical Properties of an Iron-Cobalt-Vanadium-Niobium Alloy. Materials Science and Engineering 2002-05-03
Haines, Lisa Catherine Perceived Need of Directors for Family Therapy-Related Services in a Child Care or Preschool Setting Human Development 2007-02-03
Haines, Raymond G The possibility of increasing compression ratios by using water as an anti-detonant Mechanical Engineering 2010-07-07
Hair, Steven New Methods for Finding Non-Left-Orderable and Unique Product Groups Mathematics 2003-12-08
Hair, David Hayne An investigation of the oxidative potential of potassium permanganate and chlorine dioxide during the oxidation of reduced manganese Environmental Engineering 2012-11-17
Hairston, Joe Allen Development of a process for Maryland school districts to assess implementation of the National Education Goals and Maryland's School for Success Goals Educational Administration 2006-05-04
Hairston, Lester Bernard A study of industrial arts education programs in Virginia for blacks, 1951-1969 Vocational and Technical Education 2007-05-22
Hairston, Edward Eugene A profile of positive role models for young African-American males Educational Administration 2008-06-06
Hajdu, Melissa Anne Effect of culture conditions, donor source, and injection site on in vitro development of deoxyribonucleic acid microinjected porcine zygotes Animal Science 2008-12-17
Hajjiah, Ali T. Design and Analysis of Whispering Gallery Mode Semiconductor Lasers Electrical and Computer Engineering 2009-02-06
Hajric, Elma Embodiment - Architecture, Body and Mind (Inhabiting Urban Markers) Architecture 2006-01-05
Hakami, Mohammed Metropolitan House In Saudi Arabia Architecture 2012-05-25
Hakky, Rafee The Ottoman külliye between the 14th and 17th centuries: its urban setting and spatial composition Environmental Design and Planning 2007-08-08
Halasz, Christopher Advanced Trailing Edge Blowing Concepts for Fan Noise Control: Experimental Validation Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-17
Halbrook, Richard Scott Muskrat populations in Virginia's Elizabeth River : influence of environmental contaminants Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2007-02-26
Hale, Brian D. Stress Estimation Using Clock Spring Modeling Techniques in Twist Capsule Design Mechanical Engineering 1998-08-07
Hale, Kimberly Danielle Identity Formation and the Development of Self in Early Career Teachers Human Development 2005-04-25
Hale, Alan A. A three-dimensional turbine engine analysis compressor code (TEACC) for steady-state inlet distortion Mechanical Engineering 2008-06-06
Hale, Jamie Harold Effects of stationary wake on turbine blade heat transfer in a transonic cascade Mechanical Engineering 2008-08-22
Hale, Jason Matthew An implementation of an AMPS digital base station with adaptive Automatic Gain Control Electrical Engineering 2008-08-29
Hale, Waverly Mitchell Surface chemical aspects of microbubble flotation Mining and Minerals Engineering 2012-11-17
Haley, Carol J. Comparisons of Secondary Production, Life History, and Mouthpart Functional Morphology Between Two Populations of the Amphipod Gammarus minus Biology 1998-07-13
Halfacre, R. Gordon The influence of succinic acid 2,2 dimethylhydrazide (Alar) on net CO{u2082} assimilation rate, chlorophyll content, anatomy, and morphology of vegetative growth of the apple, Malus sylvestris Mill. Horticulture 2010-05-11
Halich, Gregory Stewart Equity Issues in Farmland Preservation Urban Affairs and Planning 1999-04-25
Halich, Gregory Stewart Estimating Changes in Residential Water Demand for Voluntary and Mandatory Water-Use Restrictions Implemented during the 2002 Virginia Drought Agricultural and Applied Economics 2005-08-01
Halili, Rushan Methods for Evaluating Agricultural Enterprises in the Framework of Uncertainty Facing Tobacco Producing Regions of Virginia Agricultural and Applied Economics 2000-02-08
Hall, Alice A. Tacit Culture and Change: A Model of Change Constructed From Institutional Assumptions and Beliefs Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 1998-07-13
Hall, Tammy Barnett "Rocky Top, Rocky Road, Solid Rock: Thirty Years of Intellectual History at the Federal Executive Institute" Public Administration and Public Affairs 1998-09-18
Hall, Benjamin D. Numerical Simulations of the Aeroelastic Response of an Actively Controlled Flexible Wing Engineering Mechanics 1999-07-20
Hall, Judith King Field Dependence-Independence and Computer-based Instruction in Geography Teaching and Learning 2000-05-02
Hall, Katherine Lelia Trade Readjustment Act Women in Developmental Writing: Preparing for Education and Retraining Instructional Technology 2001-07-05
Hall, Desmond Levon Toward Liquid Emerald: A Cultural Center for the Japanese Tea Architecture 2002-10-30
Hall, Antar Gamble A Comparative Analysis of Three Biofilter Types Treating Wastewater Produced in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2000-01-04
Hall, Kristopher Joseph Thwarting Network Stealth Worms in Computer Networks through Biological Epidemiology Electrical and Computer Engineering 2006-05-15
Hall, Nicole The Brick Panel Architecture 2006-05-09
Hall, Tracy Smith Rediscovering a Fundamentally New and Practical Administrative Alternative Public Administration and Public Affairs 2006-09-24
Hall, Patricia Holmes A descriptive study of the supervisory model used in a large metropolitan school system : the triad support teacher model of Baltimore City, Maryland Curriculum and Instruction 2007-02-26
Hall, Lindsay Anne Death, Power, and the Body: A Bio-political Analysis of Death and Dying Political Science 2007-05-15
Hall, Kyle M Comparing Alternative Methods of Simulating Bacteria Concentrations with HSPF Under Low-Flow Conditions Biological Systems Engineering 2007-09-14
Hall, Andrew Brian DJ: Bridging Java and Deductive Databases Computer Science 2008-06-02
Hall, Vernon Anthony A Meeting of Land and Water Architecture 2008-05-30
Hall, Margery J. Task based performance feedback and subsequent worker performance Psychology 2008-08-25
Hall, Ellen L. Pesticide distribution in water, sediment, and fish of the Occoquan Watershed Environmental Engineering 2008-09-18
Hall, Grace Louise A comparison of ultraviolet, thermal, and microwave polymerized acrylamide terminated polydimethylsiloxane Chemistry 2008-12-17
Hall, Judith K. Ecofeminism and geography :the case of Vandana Shiva and Chipko Geography 2009-01-17
Hall, Stacey J. Synchronization of estrus, conception rate, and embryonic mortality in beef cattle following treatment with progesterone-releasing intravaginal devices or melengestrol acetate in conjunction with PGF2α Animal Science (Physiology of Reproduction) 2009-08-14
Hall, David Shane Soil-plant root relationships of herbaceous biomass crops grown on the Piedmont of Virginia Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2009-08-18
Hall, Roderick Ashley Exploring the Relationship Between Perceived Cost of Attendance and College Matriculation Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2009-11-12
Hall, Jessie Ray A survey of current methods of teaching bookkeeping and accounting used by outstanding teachers in the eastern United States. Business Education 2010-02-24
Hall, Martha VanHook The Martha Washington Inn, 1830-1893 :a documented history with architectural descriptions Housing, Interior Design, and Resource Management 2010-03-17
Hall, Kathleen J. An examination of issues related to the implementation of evolutionary development and DOD-STD-2167A in software development:a practitioners view Systems Engineering 2010-03-30
Hall, Mary Pat Farber A description of the linguistic characteristics of the careful speech of recent high school graduates in entry-level positions of job categories of large employment in selected counties of Southwest Virginia. Supervision 2010-03-31
Hall, Alonzo Lee A study of the amount of time devoted to certain clerical typewriting duties performed in selected business offices in Montgomery and Roanoke counties with implications for office training programs Business Education 2010-04-26
Hall, J. Curtis Current office practices and procedures with implications for developing occupational intelligence. Business Education 2010-04-27
Hall, Robert Dickinson Adrenal steroid, blocking agent, and social stress effects on northern fowl mite population development on Leghorn chickens and toxicological evaluation of selected acaricides (Acarina: macronyssidae). Entomology 2010-07-08
Hall, Andrea L. Tertium Quid at Pireus Point Architecture 2011-01-21
Hall, Amy Conlin Gaming as a Literacy Practice Education 2011-08-17
Hall, Karen Surface water flow resistance due to emergent wetland vegetation Biological Systems Engineering 2012-04-25
Hall, Deborah A. A comparison of alternative methods to the shewhart-type control chart Industrial Engineering and Operations Research 2012-09-08
Hall, Matthew Thomas The limits of perestroika Political Science 2012-11-21
Hall-Greene, Deborah L. A Qualitative Study on African American and Caribbean Black Males' Experience in a College of Aeronautical Science Human Development 2002-04-16
Hallab, Zaher A. A. An Exploratory Study of the Relationship Between Healthy-Living and Travel Behavior Hospitality and Tourism Management 2000-03-27
Hallbeck, M. Susan Biomechanical analysis of carpal flexion and extension Industrial Engineering and Operations Research 2006-02-01
Hallberg, Karen Ellen The effects of hearing on the development and expression of the self. Sociology 2010-07-07
Halldorsdottir, Thorhildur Comorbid Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Anxiety Disorders in Boys and Girls: Relations to Perceptual Bias Psychology 2011-03-14
Halley, William G. Fracture path transitions in peels tests of medium carbon steel spot welds Materials Engineering Science 2008-07-28
Halley, William G. Evaluating abrasive wear resistance of extruder tooling materials using the dry sand rubber wheel abrasion test Materials Engineering 2009-04-14
Hallez, Raphael F Investigation of the Herschel-Quincke Tube Concept as a Noise Control Device for Turbofan Engines Mechanical Engineering 2001-01-31
Halliburton, Amanda Elizabeth Adolescent Inhalant Use in the United States: Examining Long-Term Trends and Evaluating the Applicability of Self-Determination Theory Psychology 2013-11-12
Hallmann, Fanfan Weng Uncertainty, Emerging Biomass Markets, and Land Use Forestry 2010-05-17
Hallock, Stephanie A. Why states cooperate :international environmental issues Political Science 2008-12-17
Halpin, David M The Effects of Locus of Control and Navigational Control on the Performance of Students in a Hypermedia Environment Teaching and Learning 2005-05-02
Halsey, Andrew C. The effect of a DC voltage on the catalytic combustion of natural gas in air over platinum Mechanical Engineering 2008-10-02
Halsey, Tracy S. The visualization of strange attractors in three dimensions Engineering Mechanics 2008-12-17
Halsey-Hunter, Deborah J. Predictors of performance on the Certified Professional Secretaries Examination Vocational and Technical Education 2008-06-06
Halter, Ronald Vaughn A universal time of flight equation for space mechanics Aerospace Engineering 2010-06-22
Halter, Megaera C. Energy-turns analysis for a scramjet powered missle Aerospace Engineering 2010-07-15
Halverson, Howard Gerhard Durability of Ceramic Matrix Composites at Elevated Temperatures: Experimental Studies and Predictive Modeling Engineering Mechanics 2000-05-22
Halverson, Howard Gerhard Improving fatigue life predictions :theory and experiment on unidirectional and crossply polymer matrix composites Engineering Mechanics 2008-08-29
Halvordson, Kyle Arthur Three-Dimensional Analysis of Geogrid Reinforcement used in a Pile-Supported Embankment Civil Engineering 2007-12-14
Halvorson, Rebecca Ann Raman Spectroscopy for Monitoring of Microcystins in Water Environmental Engineering 2010-12-19
Hamamouch, Noureddine Engineering Resistance to Orobanche aegyptiaca: Evidence of Sarcotoxin IA as an Anti-Parasite Protein and Macromolecule Movement From Host to Parasite Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 2004-02-04
Hamandi, Rola Riad Effects of tooth quality, tooth structure, and cement mixing ratios on dental adhesion Materials Science and Engineering 2009-06-10
Hamblin, Jr., Keith Alan Expansiveness and Security Through Materials and Design Architecture 2008-06-14
Hambric, Stephen A. Structural shape optimization of three dimensional finite element models Mechanical Engineering 2012-11-17
Hambrick, Joshua Clayton Configurable, Coordinated, Model-based Control in Electrical Distribution Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-05-12
Hamby, April Intergenerational activities :an observational study of the experiences of children and adults Family and Child Development 2008-08-22
Hamby, David William Breakdown characteristics of nonuniform electric fields in crossflows Mechanical Engineering 2008-12-17
Hameed, Qaisar A Behavioral Test Strategy For Board Level Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering 1999-03-10
Hameed, Rabeea Threshold to the Sacred Architecture 2012-06-06
Hamel, John Carel The College-to-Work Transition Through Temporary Employment Services: A Case Study in an Information Technology Company Adult and Continuing Education 1998-04-15
Hames, Willis E. Multidisciplinary analysis of a polymetamorphic terrane, western New England Geology 2007-08-23
Hamilton, Stephanie Marie The Analgesic Effects of Epidural Ketamine in Dogs With a Chemically Induced Synovitis a Comparison Between Pre - or Post - Injury Administration Veterinary Medical Sciences 2003-05-23
Hamilton, Wade W. A methodology that integrates the scheduling of job sequencing and AGV dispatching in a FMS Industrial and Systems Engineering 2008-09-04
Hamilton, Robert Lewis Cold-acclimation of the wood cockroach Crytocercus punctulatus (Scudder) (Dictyoptera: Cryptocercidae) Entomology 2008-11-07
Hamilton, Claire L. The use of tape patterns as an alternative method for controlling wanderers' exiting behavior in a dementia care unit Housing, Interior Design, and Resource Management 2008-12-17
Hamilton, Joseph Marshall Design and implementation of vibration data acquisition in Goodwin Hall for structural health monitoring, human motion, and energy harvesting research Mechanical Engineering 2015-05-12
Hamilton, Jeffrey Hunt Photochemical Protection of Riboflavin and Tetrapyrroles with Light Scattering Technology Food Science and Technology 2012-07-02
Hamlin-Jones, Virginia The Engagement and Impact of Relational Maintenance Behaviors in African-American Dual-Career Couples Family and Child Development 1998-04-10
Hamm, Jean Shepherd We Can’t Die Without Letting Them Know We Were There: Oral Histories of Konnarock Training School Alumnae and Faculty Teaching and Learning 2003-04-27
Hamm, Jolene Diane Exploring the Dimensions of Problem-solving Ability on High-achieving Secondary Students: A Mixed Methods Study Agricultural and Extension Education 2010-10-28
Hamm, Laura Mae Calcium carbonate biomineralization: A theoretical and experimental investigation of biomolecular controls on nucleation and growth Geosciences 2012-05-11
Hammad, Bashar Khalil Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis of Micromechanical Filters Coupled with Capacitive Transducers Engineering Science and Mechanics 2008-05-16
Hammel, Julie Christine A computer program for budgeting intercollegiate athletic scholarships Health and Physical Education 2008-12-17
Hammer, Patricia W. Parameter identification in parabolic partial differential equations using quasilinearization Mathematics 2006-02-01
Hammerand, Daniel C. Geometrically-Linear and Nonlinear Analysis of Linear Viscoelastic Composites Using the Finite Element Method Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 1999-09-07
Hammett, David P. The application of the systems engineering process to the development of the Brilliant Eyes system Systems Engineering 2009-12-23
Hammock, Thomas V. Development of a [i.e. an] engineering design procedure for a complex revolute joint Mechanical Engineering 2012-11-29
Hammond, Daniel N. Characterization of Vascular Plant Species Composition and Relative Abundance in Southern Appalachian Mixed-Oak Forests Forestry 1997-12-16
Hammond, Andrew Jesse Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Simulation of Fecal Coliforms in the Lower Appomattox River, Virginia Civil Engineering 2004-09-22
Hammond, Georgia Ann The toxigenic element of Clostridium difficile strain 10463 and its transcriptional analysis in strains which differ in toxigenicity Anaerobic Microbiology 2006-03-02
Hammond, Vincent H. Verification of a two-dimensional infiltration model for the resin transfer molding process Engineering Mechanics 2009-03-12
Hammond, Dennis Edward Analysis of catchable trout fisheries management by computer simulation. Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2010-06-08
Hammond-McKibben, Denise M. Effect of homozygous lpr and gld mutations on the immune functions and induction of autoimmunity Biology 2008-06-06
Hammons, Frank Tipton The first step in tech-prep program evaluation : the identification of program performance indicators Vocational and Technical Education 2005-10-14
Hamner, Vincent N. Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose: A New Matrix for Solid-Surface Room-Temperature Phosphorimetry Chemistry 1999-05-14
Hamner, Vincent N. A fiber optic polarimeter for use in chemical analysis Chemistry 2009-06-08
Hamon, Avas B. Morphology and taxonomy of the first instars of the genus Cerococcus Comstock (Homoptera:Coccoidea:Cerococcidae). Entomology 2009-04-22
Hampson, Howard Elmer Viscose cellophane as a base for a smoking product Chemical Engineering 2010-06-08
Hampton, Brandy M. Tailoring Messages within the Stages of Change Business Administration 2002-12-10
Hampton, Thomas M. Effects of seasonal habitat limitations on the distribution and energetics of stocked salmonids in Lake Moomaw, Virginia Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2009-03-03
Hampton, Carolyn Elizabeth Limits of Permissible Damage in Strong-Post W-Beam Guardrail Biomedical Engineering 2009-06-09
Hampton, Carolyn E Injury Risk of Road Departure Crashes using Modeling and Reconstruction Methods Biomedical Engineering 2010-08-22
Han, Jiho Y. The Relationships of Perceived Risk to Personal Factors, Knowledge of Destination, and Travel Purchase Decisions in International Leisure Travel Hospitality and Tourism Management 2005-04-28
Han, Mei Studies of Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation for Real-Time VBR Video Applications Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005-04-29
Han, Man-Cheol Improved approaches to the indirect force determination problems via experimental modal analysis Mechanical Engineering 2005-09-20
Han, Yeong-Hwan The microaerophilic nature of Wolinella recta, Wolinella curva, Bacteroides ureolyticus, and Bacteroides gracilis. Biology 2005-10-10
Han, Bongtae Extension of Moire interferometry into the ultra-high sensitivity domain Engineering Mechanics 2006-05-11
Han, Ming Theoretical and Experimental Study of Low-Finesse Extrinsic Fabry-Perot Interferometric Fiber Optic Sensors Electrical and Computer Engineering 2006-05-21
Han, Janet Glucose and insulin dynamics associated with continuous infusion of dextrose or dextrose and insulin in healthy and endotoxin-exposed horses Veterinary Medical Sciences 2008-07-06
Han, Sung Ho Integrated empirical models based on a sequential research strategy Industrial and Systems Engineering 2008-07-28
Han, Ping Characterization of MnZn ferrite materials and finite element method for MnZn ferrite core loss calculations Electrical Engineering 2009-06-08
Han, Kai Scheduling Distributed Real-Time Tasks in Unreliable and Untrustworthy Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-04-16
Han, Sangil Transport of Liquid Phase Organic Solutes in Liquid Crystalline Membranes Chemical Engineering 2010-09-20
Han, Dae-Seob Theory of Tunneling-Injection Quantum Dot Lasers Materials Science and Engineering 2009-09-16
Han, Liang Exploring two-phase hydrothermal circulation at a seafloor pressure of 25 MPa: Application for EPR 9°50’ N Geosciences 2011-11-04
Han, Jea-Kweon Bipedal Walking for a Full Size Humanoid Robot Utilizing Sinusoidal Feet Trajectories and Its Energy Consumption Mechanical Engineering 2012-05-04
Han, Chuan Modeling and Optimization of Wireless Routing Electrical and Computer Engineering 2012-05-08
Hanagan, Linda M. Active control of floor vibrations Civil Engineering 2008-06-06
Hanagan, Steven James Evaluation of a proposed vibration criterion Civil Engineering 2010-05-04
Hanak, Joseph P. Experimental verification of optimal experimental designs for the estimation of thermal properties of composite materials Mechanical Engineering 2009-01-31
Hanania, Jihane W. Exploring snacking habits of college students Human Nutrition and Foods 2012-09-08
Hanchi, Jorge Fundamental aspects of the tribological behavior of poly(ether-ether-ketone)-based in-situ composites at elevated temperatures Mechanical Engineering 2009-03-04
Hancock, Robert Byron Comparison of Postoperative Pain Following Ovariohysterectomy via Harmonic Scalpel-Assisted Laparoscopy Versus Traditional Celiotomy In Dogs Veterinary Medical Sciences 2005-05-15
Hancock, Amber N A Radical Approach to Syntheses and Mechanisms Chemistry 2011-07-14
Hand, Davis Kyle A Manufacturing Process for Single Micron Resolution Optical Gratings used in X-ray Computed Tomography Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-06-28
Handlos, Agnita A. The processing of microcomposites based on polypropylene and two thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers in injection molding, sheet extrusion, and extrusion blow molding Chemical Engineering 2008-06-06
Haney, Mark Allan Design Technique for Analog Temperature Compensation of Crystal Oscillators Electrical and Computer Engineering 2001-11-26
Haney, Orrick Rowland Design, performance, and analysis of a multi-level air permeability test Civil Engineering 2009-01-17
Hanf, Johannes urban order + space Architecture 2001-11-30
Hangsubcharoen, Monpilai A Study of Triboelectrification for Coal , Quartz and Pyrite Mining and Minerals Engineering 1999-04-29
Hanie, Elizabeth Anne Comparison of healing of full-thickness cartilage vs. full- thickness cartilage and subchondral bone defects in the equine third carpal bone Veterinary Medical Science 2009-08-18
Hankins, Steven C. Standoff screws functioning as mechanical shear connectors in composite joists Civil Engineering 2009-01-24
Hankla, Margaret L. The marital expectancies of 250 college students Family Life 2010-07-07
Hanle, Donald Fast Discovery of Illegal State Cubes for Sequential Equivalence Checking Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-05-09
Hanlon, Shane David Release of Juvenile Mussels into a Fish Hatchery Raceway: a Comparison of Techniques Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2000-04-26
Hanlon, Harriet Wehner Differences in female and male development of the human cerebral cortex from birth to age 16 Education Research and Evaluation 2006-10-19
Hanlon, Regina Characterization of cytoplasmic diversity in soybean (Glycine max L. Merr) using mitochondrial markers Plant Physiology 2009-01-24
Hanlon, Kevin Matthew Translational Architecture Architecture 2009-09-09
Hanna, John Nabil The Nuclearization of Iran: Motivations, Intentions and America's Responses Political Science 2002-01-11
Hanna, K. Michael Effects of hydraulic loading and laundry detergent on the operation of aerobic package treatment systems Environmental Engineering 2009-03-03
Hannah, Sabrina Microencapsulation of an omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid source with polysaccharides for food applications Food Science and Technology 2009-11-10
Hannaway, Timothy P. Seeing. Feeling. Remembering: The Making of an Appalachian Place Architecture 1998-07-13
Hannesdottir, Dagmar Kristin Reduction of fear arousal in young adults with speech anxiety through elicitation of positive emotions Psychology 2007-09-11
Hannesdottir, Dagmar Kristin Social Skills among Socially Anxious Children in Iceland Psychology 2005-05-12
Hanowski, Richard Joseph THE IMPACT OF LOCAL/SHORT HAUL OPERATIONS ON DRIVER FATIGUE Industrial and Systems Engineering 2000-07-27
Hansbrough, Andrew K. Application of a Fabry-Perot interferometer for measuring machining forces in turning operations Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-02-13
Hansen, Katherine Gentry On the Making of Man: A Qualitative Study on the Meaning of Motherhood, Issues of Masculinity, and the Experience of Raising a Son Human Development 2002-10-17
Hansen, Gail Ann Upper Extremity Interaction with a Helicopter Side Airbag: Injury Criteria for Dynamic Hyperextension of the Female Elbow Joint Mechanical Engineering 2004-05-05
Hansen, Bruce G. An analysis of factors influencing quality perceptions and purchase of office furniture Wood Science and Forest Products 2005-10-14
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Hyon, Tae-In Wireless ATM Networks Medium Access Control with Adaptive Parallel Multiple Substream CDMA Air-inteface Electrical and Computer Engineering 2001-06-30
Hyslop, John S. An analysis of K+ -nucleon scattering Physics 2005-10-12
Hytopoulos, Evangelos A turbulence model for steady and unsteady boundary layers in strong pressure gradients Aerospace Engineering 2005-10-24
Hytopoulos, Evangelos Laminar, steady and unsteady flow over inclined plates in two and three dimensions Aerospace Engineering 2009-06-08
Hyun, Soeun The effects of contextual cues on consumers' perceptions of comparative price advertisments Business (Marketing) 2006-12-14
Hyun, Sunghyup Creating and Validating a Measure of Customer Equity in Hospitality Businesses: Linking Shareholder Value With Return on Marketing Hospitality and Tourism Management 2009-07-21
Hyun, Soeun An investigation of the pricing attitudes and practices of Korean business Business Administration 2010-10-13

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