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Jabbar, Ghulam Melengestrol acetate and norgestomet for the induction of synchronized estrus in seasonally anovular ewes Animal and Poultry Sciences 2009-06-23
Jaber, William E. A Survey of Factors Which Influence Teachers' Use of Computer-based Technology Teaching and Learning 1997-07-22
Jaber, Naim A Finite Element Analysis of Thermoviscoplastic Deformations of an Impact-Loaded Prenotched Plate Engineering Science and Mechanics 2001-04-26
Jablonski, Lynn McGonagle Development of a cloning system for gene expression in Pasteurella multocida Veterinary Medical Sciences 2006-05-04
Jablonski, Peter Edward Studies on two nickel-containing enzymes from Methanosarcina thermophila TM-1 Anaerobic Microbiology 2008-07-28
Jack, Richard F. Characterization and site-directed mutagenesis of NifU from Azotobacter vinelandii Biochemistry and Anaerobic Microbiology 2006-10-04
Jack, Graham Dillon Endogenous Stress Signaling within Human Multicellular Aggregates (Spheroids) Biochemistry 2006-07-26
Jackels, Brenda J. Consistency and tool abstraction :issues in the taskmaster environment Computer Science and Applications 2009-04-07
Jackman, William Jay Validation of the probability of the adoption of change model : an exploratory analysis Educational Research and Evaluation 2005-10-12
Jackson, Reneé Susan Use of Noninvasive Methods to Document the Characteristics of Sewing Thread Used in US Women's Dress Ensembles From 1880 to 1909 Clothing and Textiles 1997-10-24
Jackson, Shelia P. Case Study of an Alternative Education Program for At-risk Students Educational Administration 1998-05-15
Jackson, Tanara An Analysis of the Factors That Influence Older African-Americans to Self-Define as Retired Sociology 1999-04-23
Jackson, Mitchell Lee Investigation of Adhesive and Electrical Performance of Waterborne Epoxies for Interlayer Dielectric Material Materials Science and Engineering 1999-11-24
Jackson, Brian Aliston Digital Filter Design and Synthesis Using High-level Modeling Tools Electrical and Computer Engineering 1999-12-03
Jackson, Rahsean LaNaul Vibration and Flexural Strength Characteristics of Composite Castellated Beams Civil Engineering 2002-02-16
Jackson, Bryan Tyler Oviposition Preferences for Infusion-Baited Traps and Seasonal Abundance of Culex Mosquitoes in Southwestern Virginia Entomology 2004-09-13
Jackson, Angela DeCarla A Survey of the Occupational Stress, Psychological Strain, and Coping Resources of Licensed Professional Counselors in Virginia: A Replication Study Counselor Education 2004-12-21
Jackson, Brian Aliston Translation of Heterogeneous High-level Models to Lower Level Design Languages Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005-04-29
Jackson, Deborah R. The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program: A Comparison of the Standards of Learning Achievement Levels by Total Group and Ethnicity Curriculum and Instruction 2006-04-17
Jackson, Giles Alexander Strategic issues in sustainable development Human Nutrition and Foods 2006-10-19
Jackson, Marsha Elizabeth Herstory :intergenerational transformational learning in upwardly mobile African American women Adult and Continuing Education 2007-08-08
Jackson, Karen E. Scaling effects in the static and dynamic response of graphite- epoxy beam-columns Engineering Mechanics 2008-08-22
Jackson, Terry W. Analysis and design of a novel controller architecture and design methodology for speed control of switched reluctance motors Electrical Engineering 2008-11-07
Jackson, Brian Eugene Chemical, Physical, and Biological Factors Influencing Nutrient Availability and Plant Growth in a Pine Tree Substrate Horticulture 2008-11-07
Jackson, Reneé Susan Comparison of Color and Fabric Presentation Options in the Design Process Near Environments 2000-04-25
Jackson, Mitchell L The microwave frequency permittivity of thermoplastic composite materials Engineering Mechanics 2009-06-23
Jackson, Bryan Tyler La Crosse Virus in Southwestern Virginia: Role of Exotic Mosquito Species and Effect of Virus Infection on Feeding Entomology 2009-06-12
Jackson, Vincent Patrick Inescapable Wrongdoing and the Coherence of Morality: An Examination of Moral Dilemmas Philosophy 2009-05-16
Jackson, Nicole Danielle Reliability-based durability assessment of GFRP bars for reinforced concrete Engineering Science and Mechanics 2007-11-26
Jackson, Meredith A Do Roundabouts Work? An Evaluation for Uniform Approach Demands Civil Engineering 2011-07-25
Jacob, John Bryan The Haus of Frau: Radical Drag Queens Disrupting the Visual Fiction of Gendered Appearances Near Environments 1999-05-17
Jacob, John B. Stylistic change in men's business suits related to changes in the masculine roles in the United States, 1950-1988 Clothing and Textiles 2009-04-08
Jacobs, David Keller Hydrodynamic and structural constraints on ammonoid shell shape Geological Sciences 2008-08-25
Jacobs V, William P. Performance of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes In Wood Light-Frame Shear Walls Civil Engineering 2003-05-15
Jacobsen, Lance Steven An Integrated Aerodynamic-Ramp-Injector/ Plasma-Torch-Igniter for Supersonic Combustion Applications with Hydrocarbon Fuels Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2001-09-03
Jacobson, Stephanie Hildegarde Zadro A Comparison of Early Childhood Assessments and A Standardized Measure For Program Evaluation Educational Research and Evaluation 1998-07-17
Jacobson, Peter James An ephemeral perspective of fluvial ecosystems: viewing ephemeral rivers in the context of current lotic ecology. Biology 1997-06-19
Jacobson, Shirley Brown History of Employer-Provided Education from the Decades following the Civil War to the Post-Industrial Era, 1865 - 1970 Adult and Continuing Education 1998-06-11
Jacobson, Carl P. Code Division Multiplexing of Fiber Optic and Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) Sensors Electrical and Computer Engineering 2000-05-02
Jacobson, Jesse Richard Factors Affecting Strength Gain and Development of a Laboratory Testing Procedure Civil Engineering 2002-05-07
Jacobson, Jessica Using Single Propeller Performance Data to Predict Counter-Rotating Propeller Performance for a High Speed Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2007-05-14
Jacobson, Peter James Sensitivity of early life stages of freshwater mussels (Bivalvia: Unionidae) to copper Biology 2008-12-17
Jacobson, Carl P. Temperature corrected strain measurements using optical time domain reflectometry Electrical Engineering 2009-04-07
Jacobson, Kathryn Margaret Physiological and morphological variation within and between populations of Suillus granulatus, as determined by mycorrhizal synthesis experiements Biology 2009-04-08
Jacobson, Alan L. An object oriented curve and surface framework Mechanical Engineering 2009-06-11
Jacobson, Ronald Leslie Resolving bacteria with the coulter counter Water Technology 2012-11-09
Jacoby, Grant Arthur Battery-Based Intrusion Detection Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005-04-21
Jadric, Ivan Modeling and Control of a Synchronous Generator With Electronic Load Electrical and Computer Engineering 1998-01-05
Jaeger, Andreas Library - Between past and present Architecture 1999-07-29
Jagadeesan, Harini Design and Verification of Privacy and User Re-authentication Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering 2009-05-08
Jagannathan, Murali Internal Control Mechanisms and Forced CEO Turnover: An Empirical Investigation Finance 1998-07-17
Jagannathan, Vinoth Authoring of Help by End-users in an Online Community Network Computer Science 2003-01-17
Jagannathan, Ramanujan Evaluation of Crossover Displaced Left-turn (XDL) Intersections and Real-time Signal Control Strategies with Artificial Intelligence Techniques Civil Engineering 2004-04-24
Jagasia, Jotika S. Culturally Appropriate Indian Applications of Marriage and Family Therapy Interventions Explored Through an HIV Example Human Development 2008-02-11
Jagasivamani, Meenatchi Development of a Low-Power SRAM Compiler Electrical and Computer Engineering 2000-09-08
Jage, Christopher Raymond Water Quality Based Design Guidelines for Successive Alkalinity-Producing Systems Used in the Treatment of Acidic Mine Drainage Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2000-03-02
Jahangiri, Arash Modeling and Assessing Crossing Elimination as a Strategy to Reduce Evacuee Travel Time Civil Engineering 2013-02-20
Jahn, Larry G. An analysis of the implementation of the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service's Performance Planning, Counseling, and Evaluation program using the Probability of Adoption of Change model Higher Education Administration 2006-08-14
Jahnke, Philip A. Organic-walled microplankton biostratigraphy and paleoecology of the Maastrichtian Prairie Bluff Chalk formation of central and western Alabama Geology 2009-06-16
Jahnke, Amy Dyan Understanding the External Firm Factors Impacting Innovation in the Hardwood Veneer Industry Wood Science and Forest Products 2012-05-24
Jain, Aashish Error Visualization in Comparison of B-Spline Surfaces Mechanical Engineering 1999-10-06
Jain, Payal On the Impact of Channel and Channel Quality Estimation on Adaptive Modulation Electrical and Computer Engineering 2002-12-12
Jain, Nikhil Cell design in a cellular system using guard channels, call queueing and channel borrowing Industrial and Systems Engineering 2006-06-19
Jain, Nikhil Eigenanalysis solution for quasi birth and death process Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-04-07
Jain, Neeta Role of entF Gene in Iron Acquisition by Brucella abortus 2308 Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences 2009-05-20
Jain, Nikhil Design of III-V Multijunction Solar Cells on Silicon Substrate Electrical and Computer Engineering 2013-05-20
Jain, Avijita Tuning the Photophysical and Biological Properties of a Series of Ruthenium-Based Chromophores and Chromophore Coupled Cisplatin Analogs with Substituted Terpyridine Ligands Chemistry 2008-12-17
JAIN, NEETA Approaches towards therapeutic development against chronic brucellosis in a mouse model Veterinary Medical Sciences 2012-01-30
Jain, Vaibhav Applications of Layer-by-Layer Films in Electrochromic Devices and Bending Actuators Macromolecular and Science Engineering 2009-09-08
Jaiprakash, Puneet Two Essays on Equity Mutual Funds Finance, Insurance, and Business Law 2011-08-24
Jakubisin, Daniel J Array Processing for Mobile Wireless Communication in the 60 GHz Band Electrical and Computer Engineering 2013-02-04
Jalbert, Nicole Marie The Search for Construct Validity of Assessment Centers: Does the Ease of Evaluation of Dimensions Matter? Psychology 1999-05-11
Jalbert, Nicole M. Ethical decision making by managers :a policy capturing approach Psychology 2008-11-07
James, Geoffrey Abbot Cross-Cultural Exchange and The Infinite Place Architecture 1997-05-08
James, Nicole E. The Lack of Help Seeking Among At-Risk Undergraduate Students Sociology 2003-08-13
James, Glenn W. A comparison of expenditure patterns in public two-year colleges with declining, steady, or increasing budgets Community College Education 2005-10-12
James, Linda Bethel A study of policies and procedures used to evaluate members of the superintendent's cabinet in selected school districts in the United States, 1988-89 Educational Administration 2005-10-14
James, Michael Mark Fundamental Studies of the Herschel-Quinke Tube Concept with Mode Measurements Mechanical Engineering 2005-11-30
James, Christian Monje Finite Element Modeling and Exploration of Double Hearing Protection Systems Mechanical Engineering 2006-02-22
James, Hope The study of being an adult daughter of a hoarding mother: A qualitative description Human Development 2007-05-16
James, Ralph William The effect of boundary layer blowing in the corner region of a linear compressor cascade wind tunnel Mechanical Engineering 2009-05-09
James, Brian M. Ethnic identity among people of Mexican descent :a comparison of self reference, perception of similarity, and interaction preference Sociology 2009-06-11
James, Robert E. The effects of administered indigenous micro-organisms on uptake of 125 I-gamma globulin in in vitro intestinal segments of neonatal calves Animal Science 2010-02-23
James, Matthew Bruce Bioretention Hydrologic Performance in an Urban Stormwater Network Civil Engineering 2010-05-12
James, Rebecca C. A Multi-Site Case Study: Acculturating Middle Schools to Use Data-Driven Instruction for Improved Student Achievement Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2010-12-14
James, Tracy Characterization of Transcriptional and Post-transcriptional Regulation of lin-42/Period During Post-embryonic Development of C. elegans Biology 2012-09-24
James, Jr., Charles William Gas Transport in Proton Exchange Membranes for use in Fuel Cell Applications Chemical Engineering 2007-11-30
Jamgochian, Haigh A neighborhood for Richmond, Virginia Architecture 2010-03-17
Jamil, Khan Shahid Effect of pre-stressing on the durability of portland cement concrete Civil Engineering 2012-11-09
Jamison, Jared Bernard Monotonic and Cyclic Performance of Structurally insulated Panel Shear Walls Civil Engineering 1997-12-10
Jamison, Kathleen A. The Effects of Trained Facilitation of Learning-Oriented Feedback on Learner Engagement, Performance, Self-Efficacy, and Enjoyment Curriculum and Instruction 2004-04-27
Jamison, Margaret Godwin An exploration of extra and classroom variables for three measures of college mathematics achievement Educational Research and Evaluation 2008-06-06
Janajreh, Isam Mustafa Wavelet Analysis of Extreme Wind Loads on Low-Rise Structures Engineering Mechanics 1998-01-29
Janajreh, Ibrahim Mustafa An efficient technique for structural reliability with applications Engineering Mechanics 2008-07-28
Janajreh, Isam M. Quantification of linear and nonlinear energy transfer processes in a plane wake Engineering Science and Mechanics 2009-04-07
Janajreh, Isam Mustafa A device-independent graphical user interface for theoretical studies of surface temperatures generated by friction Mechanical Engineering 2009-12-23
Janakiraman, S. V. Fluid flow and heat transfer in transonic turbine cascades Mechanical Engineering 2009-06-11
Janczak, John Implementation of a Hardware-in-the-Loop System Using Scale Model Hardware for Hybrid Electric Vehicle Development Mechanical Engineering 2007-07-03
Janey, Jane A study of some of the problems in family foods and nutrition of dual-role mothers in Giles County, Virginia, with implications for service by homemaking teachers Foods and Nutrition 2012-08-01
Jang, Chang-Hyun AFM-Assisted Nanofabrication using Self-Assembled Monolayers Chemistry 2004-01-24
Jang, Ho Grain boundary studies in ordered intermetallic compound Ni3 Al Materials Engineering Science 2005-10-10
Jang, Insurk Methionine and glucose transport by isolated intestinal brush border membrane vesicles from pigs and lambs fed an Aspergillus product Animal and Poultry Sciences 2008-06-06
Jang, Yi-Feng On the design of reconfigurable ripple carry adders and carry save multipliers Electrical Engineering 2009-06-16
Janicke, David Michael Children's Primary Health Care Services: A Social-Cognitive Model of Sustained High Use Psychology 2001-04-26
Jankovska, Olivera New Market Access in Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Imports to the United States Agricultural and Applied Economics 2011-07-26
Jano, Pilar Alejandra Quality Incentives and the Development of High-value Agrifood Markets: Ecuador's Cacao Marketing Chain Agricultural and Applied Economics 2007-06-08
Jaquess, David L. Psychosocial variance in the outcomes of pediatric HIV Psychology 2008-06-06
Jaquess, David Lynn Lying in children as a function of adult monitoring Clinical Psychology 2009-02-13
Jarman, David S. Developing a cost effective construction and demolition waste management plan Civil Engineering 2008-09-18
Jarrett, Matthew The Role of Executive and Motivational Laboratory Tasks in the Assessment of Externalizing and Internalizing Problems in ADHD-C and Non-ADHD-C Youth Psychology 2006-05-04
Jarrett, Matthew Adam The Treatment of Comorbid Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Anxiety in Children Psychology 2009-10-04
Jarrett, Jamie Pearl Improving estimations of phosphorus bioavailability for lactating dairy cows Dairy Science 2011-10-28
Jarrosson, Bruno P. Closure integrity testing of heat sealed aseptic packaging using scanning acoustic microscopy Food Science and Technology 2009-07-21
Jarvis, Matthew Architecture of Acupuncture Architecture 2003-01-12
Jarvis, Floyd Eldridge Inheritance of chlordane resistance in the German cockroach, Blattella germanica Biology 2008-10-02
Jarvis, Marilyn Adams Credit risk-rating system for agricultural leases Agricultural Economics 2009-12-23
Jarvis, Christopher Hunter Reduced Order Model Study of Burgers' Equation using Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Mathematics 2012-03-30
Jaskiewicz, Jr., John Gerald Dignity In Palliative Care: The Hospice at Skogafoss Falls Architecture 2011-05-23
Jasti, Sunitha Separation of gliadin peptides for investigation of the injurious agent(s) in gluten sensitive enteropathy Human Nutrition and Foods 2009-06-08
Jastram, John Dietrich Improving Turbidity-Based Estimates of Suspended Sediment Concentrations and Loads Environmental Sciences and Engineering 2007-05-10
Jawhar, Salwa Baker Emergent Literacy Development Through Storybook Reading: One Head Start Teacher's Explanations and Practices Teaching and Learning 2000-04-28
Jayan, Geetha C. Activity and mRNA abundance of enzymes for fatty acid synthesis and desaturation in mammary cell cultures Animal Science 1998-08-14
Jayaram, Vinay B. Experimental Study of Scan Based Transition Fault Testing Techniques Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003-02-06
Jayaram, Uma Extracting dimensional geometric parameters from B-spline surface models Mechanical Engineering 2007-05-22
Jayaraman, Sanjini PolarEyez: A Radial Focus+Context Visualization for Multidimensional Functions Computer Science 2003-01-24
Jayaraman, Krishnan Effect of the interphase on the thermo-mechanical response of unidirectional fiber-reinforced epoxies : modeling, analyses and experiments Engineering Mechanics 2007-02-26
Jayaraman, Saikumar Synthesis and characterization of high Tg nanofoams based on pyromellitic dianhydride and 1,1-bis(4-aminophenyl)-1-phenyl-2,2,2-trifluoroethane polyimide block and graft copolymers Chemistry 2007-05-22
Jayaraman, Krithika M. Mass transfer from non-aqueous phase liquids to the aqueous phase in groundwater systems Environmental Engineering 2010-01-12
Jayaraman, Usha Toward the development of control software for an operator interface in the distributed automation environment Industrial and Systems Engineering 2010-04-12
Jayaraman, Arun Use of simulation-animation techniques in the design of an automated guided vehicle system Industrial and Systems Engineering 2010-04-27
Jayatissa, Dangallage Nimal Tillage effects on soil-water-air matrix and prediction of soil bulk density from cone index data Agricultural Engineering 2008-08-25
Jebo, Jennifer Lee An Untraditional Life: Male Spouses of Female Military Personnel Sociology 2005-05-08
Jedrzejewski, Paul T. Investigation of mass spectrometric interfaces for supercritical fluid chromatography and liquid chromatography Chemistry 2003-08-28
Jedrziewski, Mary Ann Initial wrist posture during typing as a function of keyboard height and slope Industrial and Systems Engineering 2010-05-04
Jeenanunta, Chawalit The Approach-dependent, Time-dependent, Label-constrained Shortest Path Problem and Enhancements for the CART Algorithm with Application to Transportation Systems Industrial and Systems Engineering 2004-05-18
Jeffers, Ann E. Vibration Isolation of a Horizontal Rigid Plate Supported by Pre-bent Struts Civil Engineering 2005-12-19
Jeffers, Elizabeth Ann Reaction Synthesis of Titanium Aluminide / Titanium Diboride in-Situ Composites Materials Science and Engineering 2006-10-12
Jeffers, Robert Fredric Techniques for Wide-Area State Estimation in Power Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering 2007-03-06
Jeffers, Ann E A Fiber-Based Approach for Modeling Beam-Columns under Fire Loading Civil Engineering 2009-07-01
Jefferson, Kimberly Kay Clostridium difficile toxins A and B : exploring the possible mechanism of action Biochemistry and Anaerobic Microbiology 2005-10-07
Jefferson, R. N. The killing effect of vegetable, animal, and mineral oils on the eggs of the codling moth and the oriental fruit moth Entomology 2009-04-21
Jefferson, David Kirk Euonymus scale, Unaspis euonymi (Comstock) :host preference, and distribution of native and imported natural enemies in Virginia Entomology 2009-05-09
Jeffery, Brandon Reed Design and Construction of a High Vacuum Surface Analysis Instrument to Study Chemistry at Nanoparticulate Surfaces Chemistry 2011-05-17
Jeffes, Errin J. Alcohol and College Students: Do Parents Matter? Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2001-05-10
Jeffrey, Allison Clifford Predictors of Male Violence in Dating Relationships Psychology 1998-07-17
Jeffrey, Sally Sherwin Sharing the Responsibility for Children's Literacy Development in First Grade: Child - Parent - Teacher Partnerships Curriculum and Instruction 1997-09-05
Jeffrey, Thomas J. Adaptation and validation of a technology attitude scale for use by American teachers at the middle school level Vocational and Technical Education 2004-02-03
Jeffrey, Allison Clifford Effect of Feedback on Levels of Secondary Traumatization of Workers at Battered Women's Shelters across the United States Psychology 1999-04-22
Jeffrey, Stuart C. Epidermal growth factor receptor in equine gastric stratified squamous mucosa :effect of progressive ulceration on receptor density Veterinary Medical Sciences 2008-09-18
Jeffrey, Thomas Read Instructional Design and Technology Student and Instructor Perceptions Regarding Collaborative Learning Groups Teaching and Learning 2010-03-23
Jeffries, Rosell L. Influence of Exposure to Sexually-Violent Rap Lyrics on Acceptance of Violence towards Women Psychology 2000-04-24
Jeffries, Rosell L. An Examination of Moderators of Use of Violence by Adolescents Psychology 1998-07-17
Jeffries, Thomas Mason Relationships of growth rate and mechanical properties in sweetgum, Liquidambar styraciflua Wood Science and Forest Products 2008-02-13
Jeihani Koohbanani, Mansoureh Enhancements to Transportation Analysis and Simulation Systems Civil Engineering 2004-12-14
Jelesnianski, Christopher Stanisław A Compiler Framework to Support and Exploit Heterogeneous Overlapping-ISA Multiprocessor Platforms Electrical and Computer Engineering 2015-11-20
Jemibewon, Abayomi Oluwaseyi A Smart Implementation of Turbo Decoding for Improved Power Efficiency Electrical and Computer Engineering 2000-07-20
Jen, Kwang-Suz Development of experiments for the digital signal processing teaching laboratory Electrical Engineering 2010-10-13
Jendrysik, Barbara Lee A comparison of children's dietary information using a workbook recall method to reported intake and observation Human Nutrition and Foods 2009-03-24
Jeng, D. Isaac A Three-dimensional Model of Poroviscous Aquifer Deformation Geosciences 2005-12-07
Jenkins, Paul Richard Design and Evaluation of a Portable Ultra-Violet Microbial Disinfection Chamber Civil and Environmental Engineering 1997-09-11
Jenkins, James Gregory The Influence of a Client Preference on Auditor Judgment: An Investigation of Temporal Effects and Client Trustworthiness Accounting and Information Systems 1998-03-30
Jenkins, Brian T Tools and Techniques for Managing Risk for Virginia Grain and Oilseed Producers Agricultural and Applied Economics 2001-06-26
Jenkins, Anthony L. Assessing Factors that Distinguish First-Generation College Students from Non First-Generation College Students at an Urban Comprehensive University Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2007-04-03
Jenkins, Joseph A. Facilitating software reuse by structuring the SPS user interface management system's software library according to programmer mental models Industrial and Systems Engineering 2008-06-06
Jenkins, David Glenn Structure and function of zooplankton colonization in twelve new experimental ponds Biology 2008-08-25
Jenkins, Dylan H. Modeling forest protection values for the southern Appalachian spruce-fir forest Forest Management and Economics 2008-09-18
Jenkins, Karen M. The effect of wearing strength shoes during plyometric training on vertical jump performance Exercise Physiology 2009-06-23
Jenkins, Kristen Buch Application of oxygen microbubbles for in situ biodegradation of p-xylene contaminated ground water in a soil column Chemical Engineering 2009-12-04
Jenkins, Reni L. The use of the auditory lexical decision task as a method for assessing the relative quality of synthetic speech Industrial and Systems Engineering 2010-05-04
Jenkins, Tyler Powell Dichotomy of Wall and Dwelling Four Pavilions and a Tower A Dwelling in Etlan, Va Architecture 2012-05-10
Jennings, Jessica D. Investigating the Surface Energy and Bond Performance of Compression Densified Wood Wood Science and Forest Products 2003-03-12
Jennings, Randy L. Autism Programs in the Commonwealth of Virginia: From Theory to Practice Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2007-04-11
Jennings, Carol L. An update of the chronology of business education Vocational and Technical Education 2008-12-30
Jensen, Robert Eric Investigation of Waterborne Epoxies for E-Glass Composites Chemistry 1999-07-07
Jensen, Willis Aaron Profile Monitoring for Mixed Model Data Statistics 2006-04-20
Jensen, Keith R. Effects of Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge on nitrogen removal in biological nutrient removal systems Environmental Engineering 2009-01-31
Jensen, Anne J. A life cycle value assessment model for design, production, and logistic support systems Industrial Engineering and Operations Research 2012-11-17
Jensen-Cain, Donna Marie Macrolide Resistance in Mycobacterium avium Biology 1998-07-25
Jeoh, Tina Steam Explosion Pretreatment of Cotton Gin Waste for Fuel Ethanol Production Biological Systems Engineering 1999-01-14
Jeong, Myunggoo Comparison of Creep Compliance Master Curve Models for Hot Mix Asphalt Civil Engineering 2005-07-18
Jeong, Gi Young Tensile Properties of Loblolly Pine Strands Using Digital Image Correlation and Stochastic Finite Element Method Wood Science and Forest Products 2008-11-13
Jeong, Hyunju Kinetic Simulations of Spacecraft Charging and Plasma Interactions in the Solar Wind Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2008-12-22
Jeong, Jihoon Low Power Merged LNA and Mixer Design for Medical Implant Communication Services Electrical and Computer Engineering 2012-02-06
Jeong, Jeong-O Hybrid FPGA and GPP Implementation of IEEE 802.15.4 Physical Layer Electrical and Computer Engineering 2012-08-08
Jeong, Moonsun The Adoption of Low Impact Development by Local Governments Environmental Design and Planning 2010-04-15
Jepson, Philip Reid A Blueprint for Change: the Reconstruction of a School Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 1999-02-09
Jerden, James L Origin of Uranium Mineralization at Coles Hill Virginia (USA) and its Natural Attenuation within an Oxidizing Rock-Soil-Ground Water System Geological Sciences 2001-10-03
Jeremiah, Nicholas G Life History and Secondary Production of Goniobasis proxima (Prosobranchia: Pleuroceridae) from Four Appalachian Headwater Streams in Western North Carolina. Biology 2007-11-13
Jeric, Kristina Marie An Experimental Evaluation of the Application of Smart Damping Materials for Reducing Structural Noise and Vibrations Mechanical Engineering 1999-04-22
Jernigan, Mary Virginia Statistical Analysis and Computational Modeling of Injuries in Automobile Crashes Mechanical Engineering 2002-05-08
Jerrell, Scottie Lee Strip-Tillage Production Systems for Tobacco Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2001-05-23
Jerz, Jeanette K. Geochemical Reactions in Unsaturated Mine Wastes Geological Sciences 2002-04-25
Jesiek, Julie B. Phosphorus Management: An Analysis of the Virginia Phosphorus Index Biological Systems Engineering 2003-02-28
Jesiek, Brent K. Betwixt the Popular and Academic: The Histories and Origins of Memetics Science and Technology Studies 2003-05-22
Jesiek, Brent K Between Discipline and Profession: A History of Persistent Instability in the Field of Computer Engineering, circa 1951-2006 Science and Technology Studies 2006-12-21
Jessee, Hazel H. An overview of school choice Educational Administration 2006-05-04
Jessee, J. Patrick A coupled thermal-magnetic finite element model for high frequency transformers Mechanical Engineering 2008-12-17
Jesser, William Augustus Coding performance on satellite channels using AX.25 protocol Electrical Engineering 2009-06-30
Jessup, Micah John Kinematic Evolution, Metamorphism and Exhumation of the Greater Himalayan Sequence, Mount Everest Massif, Tibet/Nepal Geosciences 2007-05-02
Jester, Stephanie Barasch The conflict resolution resources of female dating violence victims :a comparison of women who use mutual violence and women who remain nonviolent Family and Child Development 2008-12-30
Jester, Jennifer Lynn Assessing Drift and Lateral Mobility of Flazasulfuron and Trifloxysulfuron Sodium Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 2009-12-17
Jesudhason Maria Therasammal, Terry Bruno Analysis of the Impact of Solar Thermal Water Heaters on the Electrical Distribution Load Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-10-05
Jeter, DeWayne Home and school factors associated with high school truancy in a southeastern Virginia urban school district Educational Administration 2005-10-14
Jett, Lewis W. The effects of priming on vigor and viability of broccoli (Brassica oleracea var. italica Plenck) seeds Horticulture 2008-06-06
Jett, Lewis W. Production and postharvest quality maintenance of single unit and bunching broccoli in Virginia Horticulture 2008-12-17
Jett, David B. Selection of flip-flops for partial scan paths by use of a statistical testability measure Electrical Engineering 2008-12-30
Jewell, Tracy Michelle Artificial Induction of Lactation in Nonbreeder Dairy Cows Dairy Science 2003-06-24
Jewell, Sally Nicole Purification and characterization of a novel protease form Burkholderia strain 2.2N Biology 2000-09-06
Jeyakumar, Ashwin Raju Metamori: A library for Incremental File Checkpointing Computer Science 2004-06-14
Jha, Akhilesh K Cyclostationary Random Vibration of a Ship Propeller and a Road Vehicle Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2000-08-12
Jha, Akhilesh Kumar Vibration Analysis and Control of an Inflatable Toroidal Satellite Component Using Piezoelectric Actuators and Sensors Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-10
Jhala, Yadvendradev V. Habitat and population dynamics of wolves and blackbuck in Velavadar National Park, Gujarat Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2008-07-28
Jhangiani, Ira A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Cell Phone Interface Design Preferences from the Perspective of Nationality and Disability Industrial and Systems Engineering 2006-09-18
Ji, Wan Expression of 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme a reductase in maize as influenced by light and bleaching herbicides Plant Physiology 2005-10-14
Ji, Weidong Residential segregation of blacks in Virginia cities :assessing socioeconomic factors Sociology 2009-06-23
Ji, Fiona Xiaoying An international ambidexterity model to understand new venture internationalization and growth Management 2011-09-06
Ji, Jeong Sook Critical Indicators for Apparel SMEs Performance; Market Orientation, Learning Orientation, and Innovation Apparel, Housing, and Resource Management 2008-05-13
Jia, Hongyu Impact Damage Resistance of Shape Memory Alloy Hybrid Composite Structures Mechanical Engineering 1998-05-26
Jia, Jianhu Optimization of piezoelectric actuator systems for vibration control of flexible structures Mechanical Engineering 2005-10-12
Jia, Zhenquan Pesticides and Pesticide Mixtures Induce Neurotoxicity: Potentiation of Apoptosis and Oxidative Stress Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences 2006-07-24
Jia, Yan Optimal experimental designs for two-variable logistic regression models Statistics 2008-06-06
Jia, Yaoshun Fabrication of Fluorescent Nanoprobes and Their Applications in Nanophotonics Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-02-24
Jia, Tao Collaborative Position Location for Wireless Networks in Harsh Environments Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-03-29
Jia, Tao Stochastic Modeling of Gene Expression and Post-transcriptional Regulation Physics 2011-08-01
Jia, Bei D-branes and K-homology Mathematics 2013-04-29
Jiang, Jing Linking East with West: Websites as a Public Relations Tool for American and Chinese Banks Operating in a Culturally-Evolving Chinese Society English 2002-07-09
Jiang, Jing Capacity-approaching data transmission in MIMO broadcast channels Electrical and Computer Engineering 2004-07-19
Jiang, Mei Mobile Laboratory Measurement of Black Carbon, Particulate Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Other Exhaust Emissions in Mexico City Environmental Engineering 2005-02-16
Jiang, Wen Simulations of Indentation at Continuum and Atomic levels Engineering Science and Mechanics 2008-03-03
Jiang, Li Theoretical study of performance characteristics of semiconductor quantum dot lasers Materials Science and Engineering 2008-09-09
Jiang, Yan Three Dimensional Passive Integrated Electronic Ballast for Low Wattage HID Lamps Electrical and Computer Engineering 2009-03-13
Jiang, Min Computation of Reynolds stresses in axisymmetric vortices and jets using a second order closure model Engineering Science and Mechanics 2009-04-18
Jiang, Bo Energy Efficient Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks: Sleep Scheduling, Particle Filtering, and Constrained Flooding Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-12-06
Jiang, Li Thermo-Mechanical Reliability of Sintered-Silver Joint versus Lead-Free Solder for Attaching Large-Area Devices Materials Science and Engineering 2010-12-23
Jiang, Ying Evaluation of Novel Carbamate Insecticides for Neurotoxicity to Non-Target Species. Entomology 2011-02-21
Jiang, Li Resistance Control MPPT for Smart Converter PV System Electrical and Computer Engineering 2012-04-26
Jiang, Xiaoshan A strategy to study pathway cross-talks of cells under repetitive exposure to stimuli Biology 2012-05-07
Jiang, Canming Some Optimization Problems in Wireless Networks Electrical and Computer Engineering 2012-06-25
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Joseph, Mercy A. D. Studies on the preservation of crab processing waste and evaluation of the quality of the protein from crab waste Animal and Poultry Sciences 2008-06-06
Joseph, Liselle AnnMarie Transition Detection for Low Speed Wind Tunnel Testing Using Infrared Thermography Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2014-02-21
Joseph, Jr., Joshua Allen Computational Tools for Improved Analysis and Assessment of Groundwater Remediation Sites Civil Engineering 2008-07-30
Joshi, Gaurav Gaurang Four Branch Diversity Combining and Adaptive Beamforming Measurements Using Mobile Arrays at 2.05 GHz Electrical and Computer Engineering 2002-07-17
Joshi, Chetan Development of a Decision Support Tool for Planning Rail Systems: An Implementation in TSAM Civil Engineering 2006-01-23
Joshi, Gaurav Gaurang Ultra-Wideband Channel Modeling using Singularity Expansion Method Electrical and Computer Engineering 2006-04-24
Joshi, Shirish Simulation-optimization studies :under efficient stimulationstrategies, and a novel response surface methodology algorithm Industrial and Systems Engineering 2008-06-06
Joshi, Shirish Statistical analysis and validation procedures under the common random number correlation induction strategy for multipopulation simulation experiments Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-02-13
Joshi, Anand Mukund Behavioral delay fault modeling and test generation Electrical Engineering 2009-07-29
Joshi, Nandan Actor systems platform design and implementation of the actor paradigm in a distributed object-oriented environment Computer Science 2010-04-27
Joshi, Pankaj Vibro-acoustic optimization of panel with curvilinear stiffeners Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2011-07-29
Joshi, Nandan Mobility analysis of variable geometry trusses Mechanical Engineering 2012-09-08
jospitre, maryse urban fashion Architecture 1999-10-26
Jouenne, Vincent Y Critical Issues in the Processing of cDNA Microarray Images Computer Science 2001-07-11
Jousan, Frank Dean Effects of Differences in Dietary Protein and Varying the Interval from Collection of Bovine Embryos to Freezing on Embryo Quality and Viability Animal and Poultry Sciences 2002-06-28
Joy, Ernest Harriman Program For Afloat College Education In The Navy: Measuring Instructional Effectiveness In An Era Of Declining Resources Teaching and Learning 1998-01-29
Joy, Donna E. Instructors Transitioning to Online Education Educational Research 2004-09-23
Joyce, Brendan E. The metabolism of highly chlorinated naphthalenes by the albino rat and the calf Biochemistry 2010-04-12
Joyce, Bradley Ryan The Regulation of Alkaline Phosphatase during the Development of Dictyostelium Biology 2006-05-11
Joyce, Barry V. A manual for the management of indoor track meets at Virginia Tech Health and Physical Education 2010-04-27
Joyce, Bryan Steven Development of an Electromagnetic Energy Harvester for Monitoring Wind Turbine Blades Mechanical Engineering 2011-12-20
Joyce, William Lucas Examining Pathways for Water Loss from Mountain Lake, Giles County, Virginia Geosciences 2012-06-25
Juba, Nicole Czarina Metabolic engineering of the pterin branch of folate synthesis by over-expression of a GTP cyclohydrolase I in peanut Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 2011-10-23
Jucker, Markus Thomas Relationship of plasmids in Mycobacterium avium, Mycobacterium intracellulare, and Mycobacterium scrofulaceum Microbiology 2005-09-20
Judd, Terry W. Volunteer Labor Supply and Liability of Volunteers Economics 1998-03-30
Judd, Jason D Modeling and Analysis of a Feedstock Logistics Problem Industrial and Systems Engineering 2012-04-12
Judge, David Nixon Studies concerning the fate of atrazine and chlorpyrifos in a biobased pesticide waste disposal system Entomology 2007-08-27
Judge, Tejinder Kaur Patterns of Domestic Video Mediated Communication Computer Science 2011-09-14
Judge, Lyndon Virginia Design Methods for Cryptanalysis Electrical and Computer Engineering 2012-12-05
Judkins, Wayne A Abandonment Fears in Persons with Alzheimer's at Adult Day Care Centers Human Development 1999-05-26
Judkins, Joseph F. Crystal seeding for the control of sludge properties Sanitary Engineering 2012-11-09
Juhan, Nicole McKeown Molecular mechanisms of porcine circovirus 2 replication and pathogenesis Veterinary Medical Sciences 2007-04-26
Juliano, Carmen Douglas An examination of various factors effecting (sic) attendance levels at NCAA Division I men's soccer games Health and Physical Education 2009-02-13
Jullian, Christelle Francoise Investigation of polarization switching over broad time and field domains in various ferroelectrics Materials Science and Engineering 2003-12-17
Jullian, Christelle Francoise Self-Assembly of Matching Molecular Weight Linear and Star-Shaped Polyethylene glycol Molecules for Protein Adsorption Resistance Materials Science and Engineering 2007-11-14
Julson, Ross Cost-side equalization and the Virginia pupil transportation funding formula Educational Administration 2007-02-26
Jumani, Sajit Satish An Invertible Open-Loop Nonlinear Dynamic Temperature Dependent MR Damper Model Mechanical Engineering 2010-05-12
Jump, Addison B. Mathematical analysis of a large-gap electromagnetic suspension system Mathematics 2008-06-06
Jun, Jaekyoon An Exploratory Model of the Relationships between Empowerment, Job Involvement, Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment, and Customer Orientation in the Hospitality Industry Hospitality and Tourism Management 1998-10-30
Jun, Jong Brian A Visual Simulation Life-Cycle Of The Queston Physician Network Industrial and Systems Engineering 1999-05-25
Jun, Hwandon Strategic valve locations in a water distribution system Civil Engineering 2005-05-24
Jun, Kyongsik Nocturnal Flight: Dynamic Imagination in architecture Architecture 2009-04-06
June, Stephen Matthew Step-Growth Polymerization Towards the Design of Polymers: Assembly and Disassembly of Macromolecules Chemistry 2012-04-13
Juneja, Vikas Locating Structural Damage in Real Time Using Contrast Maximization Engineering Science and Mechanics 1998-07-17
Juneja, Lokesh Kumar Multiaxial fatigue damage model for random amplitude loading histories Engineering Science and Mechanics 2009-03-12
Jung, Seungho An Empirical Investigation of Tools and Joint Practices Used in Managing Customer-Supplier Relationships Industrial and Systems Engineering 1997-11-20
Jung, Hyung-il An Exploratory Study of the Strategic Value of Information Technology: A Theoretical Application of the Co-Alignment Model Hospitality and Tourism Management 2004-10-15
Jung, Chang-Mu Impacts of recent housing policies on the rental housing market in Korea Environmental Design and Planning 2005-10-10
Jung, Younghan An Approach to Organizational Intelligence Management (A Framework for Analyzing Organizational Intelligence Within the Construction Process) Environmental Design and Planning 2009-08-10
Jung, Christiane Visual perception and preference of water features in relation to environmental background Landscape Architecture 2009-09-05
Jung, Woo-Ram Absorbing Darkness Architecture 2010-10-15
Jung, Heejin A comparison of driving characteristics and environmental characteristics using factor analysis and k-means clustering algorithm Civil Engineering 2012-08-23
Jungkuist, David Alan Simulation of Enviro-mechanical Durability for Life Prediction of E-Glass/Vinyl Ester Composites using a Bridge Service Environment Engineering Science and Mechanics 2001-05-15
Junnila, Heikki J. K. Covering properties and quasi-uniformities of topological spaces. Mathematics 2010-03-13
Jurinski, Joseph Bernard Geochemical Investigations of Respirable Particulate Matter Geological Sciences 1998-06-10
Jurinski, Joseph B. Petrogenesis of the Moosehorn igneous complex, Maine Geology 2010-04-07
Jurotich, Theresa M. Network Infiltration: Gaining Utility Acceptance of Alternative Energy Systems Science and Technology Studies 2003-05-21
Jurowski, Claudia Anne The interplay of elements affecting host community resident attitudes toward tourism : a path analytic approach Hospitality and Tourism Management 2006-10-19
Jusic, Dragana Properties of LEDs for the Calibration of PMTs for the Daya Bay Project Physics 2008-12-22
Just, Frederick A. Damage Detection Based on the Geometric Interpretation of the Eigenvalue Problem Engineering Science and Mechanics 1997-12-09
Justus, Linda Blankenship Factors That Contribute to Enrollment in Band Programs Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2002-04-16
Jutabha, Promjit Biochemical and genetic characterization of mercaptopyruvate sulfurtransferase and paralogous putative sulfurtransferases of Escherichia coli Biochemistry 2001-06-24
Jutla, Rajinder Singh The visual and spatial structure in mughal urban design : the 16th century city of Fatehpur Sikri, India Environmental Design and Planning 2007-02-27
Juvvadi, Ramana Rao Perfect hashing and related problems Computer Science 2006-05-04
Jwala, Vidya Ranya Measurement and evaluation of alternative planning strategies Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-06-08
Jyothikumar, Jagannathan All-fiber Spectral Filters based on LP01 - LP11 Mode Coupling and Applications in Wavelength Division Multiplexing and Dispersion Compensation Electrical and Computer Engineering 1998-07-17

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