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K. C., Ravikumar Spread spectrum techniques for distributed multimeasurand optical fiber sensors Electrical Engineering 2009-03-14
Kaakeh, Walid The effect of spirea aphid (Homoptera: aphididae) feeding and nitrogen fertilization on the growth of young apple trees, with comparisons to apple aphid Entomology 2008-11-07
Kabeya, Kazuhisa Structural Health Monitoring Using Multiple Piezoelectric Sensors and Actuators Mechanical Engineering 1998-04-30
Kabnurkar, Amit Mathematical Modeling for Data Envelopment Analysis with Fuzzy Restrictions on Weights. Industrial and Systems Engineering 2001-04-28
Kabra, Sunil A Technique For Estimating System-Wide Phasors In Real Time Electrical and Computer Engineering 1998-07-17
Kachejian, Kerry C. A systems approach to portable tactical video datalinks Systems Engineering 2010-03-17
Kachroo, Pushkin Optimal and Feedback Control for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws Mathematics 2007-06-10
Kacker, Ritika Identification and generation pattern of odor-causing compounds in dewatered biosolids during long-term storage and effect of digestion and dewatering techniques on odors Environmental Engineering 2011-08-22
Kadam, Rahul Sadashiv Vibration Characterization and Numerical Modeling of a Pneumatic Impact Hammer Mechanical Engineering 2006-08-05
Kadanna Pally, Roshin Implementation of Instantaneous Frequency Estimation based on Time-Varying AR Modeling Electrical and Computer Engineering 2009-04-27
Kadzera, Clemence Michael Use of Instructional Technologies in Teacher Training Colleges in Malawi Teaching and Learning 2006-05-15
Kafafy, Raed Immersed Finite Element Particle-In-Cell Simulations of Ion Propulsion Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2005-09-22
Kaffel, Ahmed On the stability of plane viscoelastic shear flows in the limit of in finite Weissenberg and Reynolds numbers Mathematics 2011-03-22
Kafka, Byran C. Measurements of in-cylinder heat transfer with inflow-produced turbulence Mechanical Engineering 2009-04-07
Kagawa, Ron M. A guideline for future preservation, management & interpretation of Brownsville Plantation circa 1652 Northampton County, Virginia Architecture 2008-08-25
Kagey, Myra-Delia Dent A case study of education in Virginia : the Roanoke County public school system, 1870-1920 Educational Administration 2007-02-02
Kahn, Kenneth B. Marketing's integration with other departments General Business (Marketing) 2005-10-10
Kahn, Michael J. Application of chunking to the design of complex information displays Industrial Engineering and Operations Research 2008-08-25
Kahn, Steven Phillip Experimental verification and development of structural identification techniques on a grid Engineering Mechanics 2009-03-12
Kahn, Kenneth B. Functional strategic objectives over product and process life cycles Industrial Engineering and Operations Research 2012-06-10
Kahne, Brian C. A Genetic Algorithm-Based Place-and-Route Compiler For A Run-time Reconfigurable Computing System Electrical and Computer Engineering 1998-07-17
Kaiser, Michael Adam Advancements in the Split Hopkinson Bar Test Mechanical Engineering 1998-05-01
Kaiser, Philip Marc The Microbubble Assisted Bioremediation of Chlorinated Ethenes Chemical Engineering 1998-04-13
Kaiser, Lisa M. Ethnicity, Religious Coping, and Post-Disaster Support as Predictors of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Children and Adolescents Psychology 2001-02-28
Kakar, Akshi Teaching analogies and metaphors to enhance communication in interdisciplinary and cross-functional groups Industrial and Systems Engineering 2008-06-02
Kakkar, Nikhil Mixed-Signal IC design for Heterogeneously Integrated Multi-Analyte Chemical Sensor Arrays Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-12-17
Kakumanu, Akshay Effects of Drought on Gene Expression in Maize Reproductive and Leaf Meristem Tissues as Revealed by Deep Sequencing Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 2012-07-06
Kalande, Wotchiwe Mtonga The Influence of Science Teacher Preparation Programs on Instructional Practices of Beginning Primary School Teachers in Malawi Teaching and Learning 2006-12-18
Kalanick, Julie Lynn An Experiment Examining the Relationship of Affect, Equity, and Equity Sensitivity, With Organizational Citizenship Behaviors Psychology 2006-04-28
Kalanick, Julie Lynn Helping in the Workplace: A Social Cognitive Perspective Psychology 2008-04-16
Kale, Shiv Dutt How Oomycete and Fungal Effectors Enter Host Cells and Promote Infection Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2011-04-15
Kaleth, Anthony Scott Aerobic Exercise Training and Nasal CPAP Therapy: Adaptations in Cardiovascular Function in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2002-07-24
Kalgutkar, Amit S. Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel MPTP analogs as potential monoamine oxidase B inhibitors Chemistry 2007-05-22
Kalhor, Roozbeh Accelerated Testing Method to Estimate the Lifetime of Polyethylene Pipes Macromolecular and Science Engineering 2017-02-28
Kalir, Adar A. Optimal and heuristic solutions for the single and multiple batch flow shop lot streaming problems with equal sublots Industrial and Systems Engineering 1999-03-04
Kalista, Jr., Stephen James Self-Healing of Thermoplastic Poly(Ethylene-co-Methacrylic Acid) Copolymers Following Projectile Puncture Engineering Science and Mechanics 2003-12-16
Kalkert, Robert E. Improving the vibrational performance of wood floor systems Wood Science and Forest Products 2007-10-03
Kalo, Altin A. Analyzing the Economic and Environmental Impacts of Agricultural Alternatives - the Case of Virginia's Eastern Shore Agricultural and Applied Economics 1997-12-03
Kalpundi, Ganesh R. Nonlinear mixed finite element analysis for contact problems by a penalty constraint technique Engineering Mechanics 2009-06-30
Kaltenecker-Commercon, Joyce Marie Water ingression into poly(imide-siloxane)s Chemistry 2008-06-06
Kaltsas, Ioannis Spatial Econometrics Revisited: A Case Study of Land Values in Roanoke County Economics (Arts and Sciences) 2000-11-24
Kamalanathsharma, Raj Kishore Traffic Adaptive Offset-Based Preemption for Emergency Vehicles Civil Engineering 2010-08-12
Kamara, Davida F. Development and characterization of DNA markers for two avian species Animal and Poultry Sciences 2006-06-06
Kamat, Vineet Rajendra Enabling 3D Visualization of Simulated Construction Operations Civil Engineering 2000-10-23
Kamat, Vineet Rajendra VITASCOPE: Extensible and Scalable 3D Visualization of Simulated Construction Operations Civil Engineering 2003-04-14
Kamat, Smruti In Search of Equilibrium: Containers of Light. Architecture 2005-08-30
Kamath, Arati B Apoptosis as a Mechanism of 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD)-Induced Immunotoxicity Biomedical Sciences and Pathobiology 1998-10-23
Kamath, Osler C. Physiology and control of apple scald Horticulture 2009-03-12
Kamber, Glenn Job insecurity :male and female employees, their marriages and families Family and Child Development 2009-03-12
Kambhampaty, S. Murthy An analytic model of the food comsumption behavior of health-conscious individuals Agricultural and Applied Economics 2005-10-10
Kambhampaty, S. Murthy A method of evaluating the impact of economic change on the services of local governments Urban Affairs 2009-03-12
Kamdar, Vaibhavi Killol Evaluating the Transit Signal Priority Impacts along the U.S. 1 Corridor in Northern Verginia Civil Engineering 2005-01-07
Kamdar, Ketan Dilip Terfenol based optical phase modulator and magnetometer Electrical Engineering 2009-06-30
Kamen, Gale Ellen The Status, Survival, and Current Dilemma of a Female Dalit Cobbler of India Adult Learning and Human Resource Development 2004-04-02
Kaminski, Nicholas James Performance Evaluation of Cognitive Radios Electrical and Computer Engineering 2012-05-01
Kaminski, Melissa J. Does This Book Make Me Look Fat? The Effect of Protagonist Body Esteem and Body Weight in Novels on Female Readers’ Body Esteem Communication Studies 2012-05-13
Kaminsky, Michael Arthur Analysis of the spatial and temporal occurrence of deer spotlighting violations in Virginia. Wildlife Management 2012-11-09
Kamminga, Katherine Lee Species survey, monitoring and management of economically important stink bug species in eastern Virginia Entomology 2008-11-05
Kan, Kamhon Essays in applied microeconometrics Economics 2006-06-19
Kan, Stephen Wai-Sing Experimental evaluation of polyester grout as a ground control measure in underground mines Mining and Minerals Engineering 2009-05-09
Kan, Claudia Yim-fun A methodology for parsimoniously structuring a set of activities Urban and Regional Planning 2012-11-20
Kanarat, Amnart Modeling and Simulation of a Multi-Unit Tracked Vehicle Mechanical Engineering 1999-11-10
Kanarat, Amnart Motion Planning and Robust Control for Nonholonomic Mobile Robots under Uncertainties Mechanical Engineering 2004-07-17
Kanaujia, Swati Rogue Access Point Detection through Statistical Analysis Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-05-09
Kandarpa, Ramachandram REGS - a Regulatory Expert Guidance System for understanding and interpreting transportation regulations :application to Part 382 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations Civil Engineering 2008-09-18
Kandel, Matthew Kreisman Design of a System to Monitor Youth Workers’ Heat Stress and Positioning using Non-invasive Techniques Mechanical Engineering 2011-12-19
Kandies, Jerry T. Electronic mail : attitudes, self-efficacy, and effective communication Vocational and Technical Education 2006-10-19
Kandlikar, Milind Low frequency cutoff effects in fiber optic communication systems Electrical Engineering 2012-09-08
Kane, Aniruddha V. Cost-Benefit Analysis Model for Advanced Weather Forecasting Installations in Airport Terminal Areas Civil Engineering 2005-08-31
Kane, Gregory D. Accounting data and stock returns across business-cycle associated valuation change periods Accounting and Information Systems 2008-07-28
Kane, Jessi Lynn Exploration of Computer Game Interventions in Improving Gaze Following Behavior in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Industrial and Systems Engineering 2011-04-01
Kanellopoulos, Paul M. Incipient Motion Under Shallow Flow Conditions Civil Engineering 1999-01-19
Kang, Jianxing Water Soluble Phosphines, Their Transitional Metal Complexes, and Catalysts Chemistry 1998-07-17
Kang, Jinghong The Computational Kleinman-Newton Method in Solving Nonlinear Nonquadratic Control Problems Mathematics 1998-04-23
Kang, Youn-Soo Delay, Stop and Queue Estimation for Uniform and Random Traffic Arrivals at Fixed-Time Signalized Intersections Civil Engineering 2000-04-20
Kang, Jennifer J The Waltz on the Seine Architecture 2000-11-07
Kang, Yuhong Calculations and Measurements of Raman Gain Coefficients of Different Fiber Types Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003-01-10
Kang, Huaiying Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Telechelic High Performance Polyester Ionomers Chemistry 2001-08-02
Kang, Yonghan Design and Implementation of High Efficiency, High Power Density Front-End Converter for High Voltage Capacitor Charger Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005-04-28
Kang, Lee The application of thin film planar waveguides as a refractive index detector for microscale high performance liquid chromatography Chemistry 2005-10-13
Kang, Sungkwon A control problem for Burgers' equation Mathematics 2006-02-01
Kang, Jeongook Kim Interpolation by rational matrix functions with minimal McMillan degree Mathematics 2006-05-11
Kang, Suk-Kee David Quantitative Evaluation of Recovery Methods for Listeria monocytogenes Applied to Stainless Steel Food Science and Technology 2006-04-13
Kang, Kyehong A structured reduced sequential quadratic programming and its application to a shape design problem Mathematics 2006-06-07
Kang, Chiun-Chia Moisture and stress effects on fretting between steel and polyimide coatings Materials Engineering Science 2008-06-06
Kang, Keang-Young Development of an Assortment Planning Model for Fashion Sensitive Products Near Environments 1999-04-16
Kang, Min Alkali/steam corrosion resistance of commercial SiC products coated with sol-gel deposited Mg-doped Al2TiO5 and CMZP Materials Science and Engineering 2009-04-08
Kang, Keang-Young Perceived risk level on purchase decision making within product specific factors :a comparison between apparel retailers and customers Clothing and Textiles 2010-03-30
Kang, Pilsung Modular Implementation of Program Adaptation with Existing Scientific Codes Computer Science 2010-08-24
Kang, Byung O Maximum Power Point Tracking Using Kalman Filter for Photovoltaic System Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-01-12
Kang, Changkoo Small UAV Trajcetory Prediction and Avoidance using Monocular Computer Vision Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2017-05-09
Kangwalklai, Sasikul Time Dynamic Label-Constrained Shortest Path Problems with Application to TRANSIMS: A Transportation Planning System Industrial and Systems Engineering 2001-01-25
Kanistanon, Kwankate Correlation of Environmental Temperature, Precipitation, and Humidity with Salmonella Culture Results from Cattle in Virginia Large Animal Clinical Sciences 1998-07-17
Kannan, Govindan A Methodology for the Development of a Production Experience Database for Earthmoving Operations Using Automated Data Collection Civil Engineering 1999-06-17
Kanner, Howard S Evolution of an Acoustic Disturbance to Transition in the Boundary Layer on an Airfoil Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 1999-04-02
Kanniganti, Ravi S. Interactive prediction software for underlying multi-seam design Mining and Minerals Engineering 2008-10-02
Kanprachar, Surachet Modeling and Analysis of the Effects of Impairments in Fiber Optic Links Electrical Engineering 1999-09-30
Kanprachar, Surachet Modeling, Analysis, and Design of Subcarrier Multiplexing on Multimode Fiber Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003-04-10
Kansara, Kaushalkumar Development of Membrane, Plate and Flat Shell Elements in Java. Civil Engineering 2004-05-14
Kant, Ravi Effects of Work Exposure on Maximum Acceptable Repetition Rates in a Manual Torquing Task Industrial and Systems Engineering 2007-07-31
Kanter, Theresa Elizabeth Exploring Collaboration between Regional Planning and Public Health in Southwest Virginia Urban Affairs and Planning 2003-07-02
Kanth, Ratnakar M. A personal computer based instrumentation system for determining real-time dynamic torque in rotating machinery Mechanical Engineering 2012-11-17
Kantrovich, Adam Joseph An Evaluation of Past Performance of the Two-Year Agricultural Technology Program at Virginia Tech as Perceived by Program Graduates Teaching and Learning 2000-04-26
Kao, Shiung-po Modified source-type flame model and vorticity generated by the flame and bluff bodies Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2006-05-11
Kao, Yee Constraints on New Physics from Neutrino and Other Particle Experiments Physics 2010-12-21
Kapaldo, Aaron J Gyroscope Calibration and Dead Reckoning for an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005-08-08
Kapatou, Alexandra Multivariate nonparametric control charts using small samples Statistics 2008-06-06
Kaplan, Lyla Individual differences of the startle response :implications of attention and arousal Psychology 2008-10-01
Kaplowitz, Cheryl Mirror-image responses and the development of self-recognition during the first two years of life. Psychology 2010-07-15
Kapoor, Hitesh Nonlinear Dynamic Response of Flexible Membrane Structures to Blast Loads Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2005-02-22
Kapoor, Shekhar Process level test generation for VHDL behavioral models Electrical Engineering 2009-05-02
Kapp, David Anthony Effect of correlation between shadowing and shadowed points in rough surface scattering Electrical Engineering 2009-06-30
Kar, Tapas Ranjan Optimal stress screening for products sold under warranty Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-10-21
Kar, Adityamoy Fluid inclusion and trace element studies of the gem pegmatites of Mt. Antero, Colorado Geology 2009-02-13
Kar, Tapas Ranjan Fuzzy logic-based fault diagnosis for mining equipment failures Mining Engineering 2012-06-10
Karabay, Arzu - Ncd Motor Tail Domain Interactions With Microtubules Biology 2000-04-13
Karabiyik, Ufuk Optical and thermal characteristics of thin polymer and polhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (POSS) filled polymer films Chemistry 2008-05-14
Karam, Nabila Subhi Overhead sprinkler irrigation strategies to reduce water and nitrogen loss from container-grown plants Horticulture 2005-10-21
Karami, Mohammad Amin Micro-Scale and Nonlinear Vibrational Energy Harvesting Engineering Science and Mechanics 2011-06-14
Karamikhova, Rossitza A finite element analysis of high kappa, high field Ginzburg-Landau type model of superconductivity Mathematics 2006-08-14
Karandikar, Swanandesh S. Expert system applications in architecture Architecture and Urban Studies 2012-08-01
Karatt Vellatt, Vijesh Effect of sugar waste, surfactant waste and paint waste on the degradation of anaerobic bioreactor landfill components Environmental Engineering 2007-05-03
Karcher, Kelli Marie The Space of Left Orders on a Group Mathematics 2011-05-17
Kargar, Mehdi Controlling Microbial Adhesion to the Surfaces Using Topographical Cues Mechanical Engineering 2013-05-21
Kargol, Armin The Born-Oppenheimer approximation in scattering theory Mathematical Physics 2006-03-02
Karhnak, Stephen J. Predicting mechanical performance of adhesively bonded joints based on acousto-ultrasonic evaluation and geometric weighting Engineering Mechanics 2009-05-02
Kari, Uday Shankar Emergency evacuation around nuclear power stations :a systems approach Civil Engineering 2009-03-12
Karikari, Afia Sarpong Synthesis and Characterization of Functional Biodegradable Polyesters Chemistry 2006-04-13
Karimi, Alireza Gaining New Insights into Spatiotemporal Chaos with Numerics Engineering Science and Mechanics 2012-04-05
Karius, Brooke Emlen SoundSkinSpace Architecture 2006-02-14
Karkare, Sampada S Isolation and Structure Elucidation of Antiproliferative Agents From Madagascar Rainforests Chemistry 2007-09-06
Karkehabadi, Reza Numerical simulations of wings in unsteady flows Engineering Mechanics 2006-10-04
Karlgaard, Christopher David Second-Order Relative Motion Equations Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2001-07-16
Karlgaard, Christopher David Robust Adaptive Estimation for Autonomous Rendezvous in Elliptical Orbit Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2010-07-12
Karmarkar, Bharati Mahesh Comparison of energy consumption with regard to type and percentage of glazing, location and orientation in classroom spaces Architecture 2007-06-04
Karmarkar, Makarand Anand Smart material composites for magnetic field and force sensors Materials Science and Engineering 2008-08-21
Karnik, Priti S The Effects of Epidural Deracoxib on the Ground Reaction Forces in an Acute Stifle Synovitis Model Veterinary Medical Sciences 2005-05-08
Karov, Vuko Trade Barriers or Trade Catalysts? The Effects of Phytosanitary Measures on U.S. Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Imports Agricultural and Applied Economics 2009-12-22
Karra, Kiran Wireless Distributed Computing on the Android Platform Electrical and Computer Engineering 2012-10-01
Karri, Satyaprakash Babu Laminar and Transitional Flow disturbances in Diseased and Stented Arteries Biomedical Engineering 2009-09-06
Karsu, Burak The load deformation response of single bolt connections Civil Engineering 2009-01-24
Kartha, Satish Chandrashekhar Active, Passive and Active/Passive Control Techniques For Reduction of Vibrational Power Flow in Fluid Filled Pipes Mechanical Engineering 2000-02-07
Karthikeyan, Muruganand Real Time Crowd Visualization using the GPU Computer Science 2008-08-30
Karve, Mrudula Prabhakar Evaluation of GNU Radio Platform Enhanced for Hardware Accelerated Radio Design Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-12-22
Karwoski, Alicia Corrine Testing and Analysis of the Peeling of Medical Adhesives From Human Skin Civil Engineering 2003-05-29
Kasal, Bohumil Behavior of wood under transverse compression Wood Science and Forest Products 2013-02-06
Kasap, Murat Hydrogenase of Clostridium acetobutylicum ATCC 824 Biochemistry 1997-08-04
Kasap, Murat Nitrogen Metabolism and Solvent Production in Clostridium Beijerinckii Nrrl B593 Biochemistry 2002-07-29
Kasaraneni, Yatish Improving Dilemma Zone Protection Control Issues at Signalized Intersection Using a Web-Game Civil Engineering 2009-09-18
Kasarkod, Jeevak A Configurable Job Submission and Scheduling System for the Grid Computer Science 2003-08-20
Kasbohm, John W. Response of black bears to gypsy moth infestation in Shenandoah National Park, Virginia Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2007-10-02
Kashani, Mohammad Mansour Riahi Formulation, development, and characterization of magnetic pastes and epoxies for thick film inductors Electrical Engineering 2006-10-04
Kashani, Ahmadreza OLD & NEW Mysteries in Architecture Architecture 2011-05-11
Kashefi, Ali A Finite-Element Coarse-Grid Projection Method for Incompressible Flows Engineering Science and Mechanics 2017-04-24
Kashyap, Anusha Venkitachalam Effects of water chemistry, temperature, gaseous cavitation & phosphate inhibitors on concrete corrosion Environmental Sciences and Engineering 2008-11-21
Kasparian, Michelle Marie Authoritative Mothers Exhibit More Permissive Feeding Practices Eating Away from Home with their Children Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2012-06-29
Kass, Sara The Form of Nonconformity: Architecture & The Punk Rock Aesthetic Architecture 2008-08-04
Kassegne, Samuel Kinde Layerwise theory for discretely stiffened laminated cylindrical shells Engineering Mechanics 2008-07-28
Kasselas, Grigorios D Stratigraphic framework, structural evolution and tectonic implications of the eastern Blue Ridge sequence in the central Appalachians near Warrenton, Virginia Geological Sciences 2009-02-13
Kassinger, Frances Duggan Examination of the Relationship Between Instructor Presence and the Learning Experience in an Asynchronous Online Environment Human Development 2004-12-23
Kassner, Bernard Leonard Long-term In-service Evaluation of Two Bridges Designed with Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Girders Civil Engineering 2004-09-06
Kassner, Laura Danielle The Distribution of National Board Certified Teachers in Virginia Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2012-04-06
Kaster, Jeffrey Allen Optimization of large beaded cellulose as a chromatographic support Chemical Engineering 2008-06-06
Katherman, Harolyn Joy Factors Which Influence School Administrators' Knowledge of Special Education Law Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 1999-04-17
Kathman, Jr., Steven Jay Discrete Small Sample Asymptotics Statistics 1999-12-14
Katicha, Samer Wehbe Development of Laboratory to Field Shift Factors for Hot-Mix Asphalt Resilient Modulus Civil Engineering 2004-01-09
Katicha, Samer Wehbe Analysis of Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Linear Viscoelastic and Bimodular Properties Using Uniaxial Compression and Indirect Tension (IDT) Tests Civil Engineering 2007-12-10
Katsis, Dimosthenis C. Development of a Testbed for Evaluation Of electric Vehicle Drive Performance Electrical Engineering 1997-08-27
Katsis, Dimosthenis C Thermal Characterization of Die-Attach Degradation in the Power MOSFET Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003-02-15
Kattula, Steven R. motus et re-creation. movement and re-creation on accotink creek Architecture 2011-12-23
Katyarmal, Preeti P LIGHT, SHADOW AND WIND IN BUILDING DESIGN. Architecture 2009-01-17
Katz, Bryan Jeffrey Field and Modeling Framework for Evaluating Truck Weigh Station Operations Civil Engineering 2001-12-18
Katz, Meredith Ann "The Beats Have No Color Lines:" An Exploration of White Consumption of Rap Music Sociology 2004-05-12
Katz, Bryan Jeffrey Peripheral Transverse Pavement Markings for Speed Control Civil Engineering 2007-05-17
Katz, Meredith Ann The Politics of Purchasing: Ethical Consumerism, Civic Engagement, and Political Participation in the United States Sociology 2011-11-18
Katz, Robert A. Evaluating a mental health needs assessment technique on a sample of the elderly population of the New River Valley Psychology 2012-08-01
Katzir, Irena Sensory and dietary quality of fiber-beef blends Food Science and Technology 2012-07-24
Kauffman, Melissa Hope Relational Maintenance in Long-Distance Dating Relationships: Staying Close Human Development 2000-08-29
Kauffman, Donna Carey The effects of a goal-oriented syllabus on college-bound English as a second language (ESL) students Curriculum and Instruction 2006-10-19
Kauffman IV, Joseph Ulrich The Xcel Sleeve, Fall Prevention Through Digital Strength Training Architecture 2009-05-13
Kauffmann, Peter David Traffic Flow on Escalators and Moving Walkways: Quantifying and Modeling Pedestrian Behavior in a Continuously Moving System Civil Engineering 2011-02-16
Kaufman, Matthew Douglas Variable-Complexity Response Surface Approximations For Wing Structural Weight in HSCT Design Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 1998-07-17
Kaufman, Tammie J A Study of the Motivations Behind Heritage Site Selection in the United States Hospitality and Tourism Management 1999-04-19
Kaufman, Tammie J. Bed and breakfasts in Virginia :identification and success factors Hospitality and Tourism Management 2009-04-08
Kaujalgi, Shruti Introducing Mangrove Mitigation to the Urban Development in Mumbai. Landscape Architecture 2010-12-20
Kaul, Ashish An adaptive multistage interference cancellation receiver for CDMA Electrical Engineering 2009-02-13
Kaur, Manpreet Dual Spin-Cast Thermally Interdiffused Polymeric Photovoltaic Devices Physics 2011-08-12
Kaushiva, Bryan D. Structure-Property Relationships of Flexible Polyurethane Foams Chemical Engineering 1999-08-31
Kavanaugh, Rathi G. Investigation of bacterial populations in a biological nutrient removal system Environmental Sciences and Engineering 2005-10-13
Kavanaugh, Andrea L. The role of institutional autonomy in telecommunications planning and development : a comparative case study Environmental Design and Planning 2007-05-22
Kavanaugh, Jeffrey L. A genetic basis for life history differences among populations of the midge, Chironomus riparius (Diptera:Chironomidae) Biology 2005-10-26
Kavanaugh, Rathi G. Inhibition of Thiobacillus ferrooxidans using antibiotics and antibacterial substances Environmental Science and Engineering 2013-11-15
Kavarana, Farokh H. Cracked shaft detection rig Mechanical Engineering 2009-03-14
Kavi, Sandeep A. Nonlinear 3-D beam/connector finite element with warping for a glulam dome Civil Engineering 2009-07-10
Kavic, Michael James Foundational Investigations & Astronomical Implications of Quantum Gravity Physics 2009-10-21
Kavlock, Katherine Dulaney Effect of Mechanical Environment on the Differentiation of Bone Marrow Stromal Cells for Functional Bone Tissue Engineering Biomedical Engineering 2009-04-06
Kawale, Sujay J. Implication of Terrain Topology Modelling on Ground Vehicle Reliability Mechanical Engineering 2011-02-15
Kawser, Mohammad Tawhid Investigation of a Novel Dual Band Microstrip/Waveguide Hybrid Antenna Element Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005-06-20
Kay, Jacob Control authority assessment in aircraft conceptual design Aerospace Engineering 2009-03-24
Kaya, Abdulaziz Studies of polysaccharide adsorption onto model cellulose surfaces and self-assembled monolayers by surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy Chemistry 2009-09-02
Kays, Jonathan Effect of season of harvest and site quality on hardwood regeneration on the Virginia Piedmont Forestry 2013-03-12
Kazasi, Anna Evaluation of gasoline-denatured ethanol as a carbon source for wastewater denitrification Environmental Engineering 2011-12-23
Kazembe, Manuel Boyd Retracing Footsteps of the Literati: Towards Understanding Literacy Development through Stories of Malawian Teacher Educators Teaching and Learning 2005-12-12
Kazemekas, Lynn M. The Development of instructional strategies by clinical medical school faculty Instructional Technology 2006-02-01
Kazemi, Hanif S Distributed Monitoring System for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: Design and Implementation Electrical and Computer Engineering 2007-05-15
Kazik, Cory Michael The Changing Dynamic of the U.S.-Japan Security Alliance and Changes in Japanese Security Policy Political Science 2009-05-20
Kazlauskas, Eric Michael Multi-fold TDEM Experiment Design for Near Surface Conductivity Mapping Geosciences 2010-08-13
Kazmierczak, Richard Francis Pesticide regulatory actions and the development of pest resistance : a dynamic bioeconomic model Agricultural Economics 2007-07-13
Kazmierczak, Tamra Kirkpatrick The Horticultural Producers Federation :a comprehensive approach for addressing the problems of small-scale vegetable marketing cooperatives Agricultural Economics 2009-03-12
König, Daniel Hermann Optimization of the Control Strategy for a Range Extender Vehicle Mechanical Engineering 2010-12-14
Kean, Van Alexander The Petroleum Disruption Response System Systems Engineering 2009-03-12
Keane, Shannon E. Effects of Herring Gulls and Great Black-backed Gulls on Breeding Piping Plovers, South Monomoy Island, Massachusetts Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2002-12-02
Keane, Michael K. Hysteresis phenomena of ferromagnetic bodies using the nonlocal exchange energy model Mathematics 2008-06-06
Kearnan, Jeffrey Mark Pre- and postpartum nutritional effects on milk production, milk composition, calf weaning weight and postpartum reproductive performance of commercial beef cows Animal Science (Physiology of Reproduction) 2009-03-12
Keatts, Quenton A Discourse Analysis of the Centered and Critical Scholar-Activism of Martin Luther King Jr. Sociology 2010-11-25
Keaveny, John Joseph Analysis and Implementation of a Novel Single Channel Direction Finding Algorithm on a Software Radio Platform Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005-02-21
Kebede, Samson The Making of a Place "appeal to an Architectural Order" Architecture 1999-12-16
Kedrowski, Philip Redleaf Development and Implementation of a Self-Building Global Map for Autonomous Navigation Mechanical Engineering 2001-04-25
Kee, Eric Video Mosaicking Using Ancillary Data to Facilitate Size Estimation Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003-05-13
Kee, Gary D. Hog Profit Margin Hedging: A Long-term Out-of-sample Evaluation Agricultural and Applied Economics 2000-05-02
Keefe, William Edward Sensitive cross section of a bacterium, Escherichia coli, to fast neutrons Physics 2012-11-09
Keefer, Brenton Jan Effect of manual digitizing error on the accuracy and precision of polygon area and line length Forestry 2012-11-20
Keegan, John D Experiencing Sustainable Architecture Architecture 2009-12-08
Keeler, Robert J. The output voltage of controlled polyphase rectifiers Electrical Engineering 2012-11-07
Keeling, Tom Architecture and Human Event: a Theatre for the Consortium Architecture 1999-10-18
Keeling, John F The effects of meeting participation and outcome expectations on strength of consensus Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-02-13
Keeling, William G. Effects of soil texture, soil depth, and treatment on septic tank effluent renovation Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2009-06-08
Keen, Ernest Brock A Conceptual Design Methodology for Predicting the Aerodynamics of Upper Surface Blowing on Airfoils and Wings Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2004-12-07
Keen, Melissa H. Content analysis of recruitment videotapes from institutions utilizing enrollment management systems Student Personnel Services 2008-11-07
Keenan, James John Immunotoxic Effects of Mixtures of Endosulfan and Permethrin Via Caspase Dependent Thymocyte Apoptosis Veterinary Medical Sciences 2003-04-07
Keenan, Susan Lynn Product usability and process improvement based on usability problem classification Computer Science 2007-08-08
Keenan, Sharon K. Sommerlad The history of the Railroad of New Jersey Maritime Terminal in Jersey City, New Jersey :commemorating its centennial 1889-1989 Housing, Interior Design, and Resource Management 2009-04-18
Keene, Thomas Stopping The Spread of AIDS among Women in Sub-Saharan Africa, What Works and What does not: A Comparative Study of Uganda and Botswana Political Science 2001-06-27
Keene, Beth E. Identifying a non-invasive measure of bone status in dairy cattle Dairy Science 2003-08-13
Keene, Wesley Ryan Intervening to Influence Fast-Food Choices: Assessing Response Generalization in Nutrition-Related Behavior Psychology 2004-05-12
Keeney, Benjamin S. Motion and Emotion, Urban Dwelling in New Orleans Architecture 2006-08-30
Keeney, Michael Stewart The Effects of State Constitutional Design of Gubernatorial and Legislative Authority in State Budget Policy Public Administration and Public Affairs 2012-04-04
Keesee, James M Reducing log truck transfer of mud to public roads Forestry 2009-03-12
Keesee, John Micheal Influence of active magnetic bearing sensor location on the calculated critical speeds of turbomachinery Mechanical Engineering 2013-02-06
Kegley, Janet Brockington Perceptions of Elementary School Counselors Regarding the Utility of Solution-Focused Brief Counseling in the School Setting Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2000-09-21
Kehler, Nicole Coordinating Humanitarian Assistance: A Comparative Analysis of Three Cases Public and International Affairs 2004-05-20
Kehoe, Nicholas Paul An Analysis of Traffic Behavior at Freeway Diverge Sections using Traffic Microsimulation Software Civil Engineering 2011-07-01
Keil, Mitchel J Automatic generation of interference-free geometric models of spatial mechanisms Mechanical Engineering 2008-08-25
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Kumar, Manjunathan A Preliminary Examination of Data Envelopment Analysis for Prioritizing Improvements of a Set of Independent Four Way Signalized Intersections in a Region Civil Engineering 2003-01-08
Kumar, Nishant MAC and Physical Layer Design for Ultra-Wideband Communications Electrical and Computer Engineering 2004-05-17
Kumar, Nitin Sequential Anaerobic-Aerobic Digestion: A new process technology for biosolids product quality improvement Environmental Engineering 2006-02-28
Kumar, Manoj In-situ monitoring of an Omni directional roof vent on a low slope single ply roof to identify most efficient porous underlayment for maximum pressure propagation. Architecture 2006-05-22
Kumar, Dipmani Parameter uncertainty in nonpoint source pollution modeling Biological Systems Engineering 2006-10-04
Kumar, Sharath Investigation of a Phased Array of Circular Microstrip Patch Elements Conformal to a Paraboloidal Surface Electrical and Computer Engineering 2006-10-22
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Kumar, Mithilesh A Motion Graph Approach for Interactive 3D Animation using Low-cost Sensors Computer Science 2008-07-25
Kumar, Arati Level of challenge and task persistence :a study of children in a cognitive activity Family and Child Development 2008-11-07
Kumar, Dipmani A knowledge based system for irrigation planning in Virginia Agricultural Engineering 2009-04-07
Kumar, Rajesh An access layer protocol for parallel networks Electrical Engineering 2009-07-10
Kumar, Nadella Navin Evaluation of ISDS software Civil Engineering 2010-01-26
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Kumar, Prem Applications of superconducting magnetic energy storage systems in power systems Electrical Engineering 2012-08-01
Kumar, Akshay Measurement of Antenna Performance in Analog LMR Systems Using PL Tone Analysis Electrical and Computer Engineering 2012-12-10
Kumar, Saurav An Environmental Decision Support System to Facilitate Stakeholder Interaction with Water Quality Models Civil Engineering 2012-02-17
Kumaresan, Karthik Ultra-High Performance Concrete and Lattice Models Civil Engineering 2011-09-21
Kunaporn, Chalitphan Probabilistic Analysis of a Thin-walled Beam with a Crack Engineering Science and Mechanics 2011-02-02
Kunchaicharoenkul, Kanokporn An educational VSAT system for Thailand Electrical Engineering 2008-09-18
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Kurokawa, Ko Development of an evaluation program for automotive instrument panel design Industrial and Systems Engineering 2008-06-06
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Kurzen, Matthew James Discretization Error Estimation and Exact Solution Generation Using the 2D Method of Nearby Problems Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2010-02-15
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Kuzmak, Barbara R. An examination of outliers and interaction in a nonreplicated two-way table Statistics 2006-05-11
Kvalheim, Erik M. Comparison of input current spectral components for flyback PWM and resonant converters Electrical Engineering 2008-11-07
Kvech, Steven Joseph Formation of Aluminum Containing Solids in Drinking Water: Influence on Pb/Cu Corrosion, Al Solubility and Enhanced Softening Environmental Engineering 2001-06-29
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Kwon, Ojin Morphology Development and Fracture Properties of Toughened Epoxy Thermosets Chemistry 1998-06-08
Kwon, Chimyung Combined correlation induction strategies for designed simulation experiments Industrial and Systems Engineering 2007-08-06
Kwon, Oh-Jung The rural elderly :personal innovativeness toward housing and acceptance of nontraditional housing types Housing, Interior Design, and Resource Management 2007-10-02
Kwon, Gyu Hyun A Model based Design Framework for Interoperable Communication Systems Industrial and Systems Engineering 2010-08-20
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Kylpassis, Dolly Theodora A study of polyelectrolyte complexes with dynamic light scattering Chemical Engineering 2009-02-13
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Kyung, Gyouhyung An integrated human factors approach to design and evaluation of the driver workspace and interface: Driver perceptions, behaviors, and objective measures Industrial and Systems Engineering 2008-06-03
Kyureghian, Hrachya Henrik Theory and Simulations in Spatial Economics Economics (Arts and Sciences) 2000-01-31

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