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Alexander, Denise An investigation of significant form :through an application of the "script analogue" to Laura Ingalls Wilder's "Little House" books Landscape Architecture 2009-07-21
Armstrong, Kathryn A. Identification :a way in Landscape Architecture 2009-11-10
Ashby, Linda The Biocentric Landscape Architect: Designing the Public Landscape, Benefiting the Natural World Landscape Architecture 2008-04-17
Atmakur, Sruthi Research in Public Spaces: Safety and Human Behavior Landscape Architecture 2010-02-17
Bahammam, Omar Salem Study of the domestic open spaces in low-rise dwelling units in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Landscape Architecture 2009-09-05
Baker, John Garrett Ecological Infrastructure: A Framework for Planning and Design "Addressing Landscape Connectivity and Wildlife Resources for Interstate Highway Systems" Landscape Architecture 2005-05-19
Barber, Heather K. Questioning Commonplace Ecological Design: a study of waterfront design practices and the ecological well-being of development in the harbor of Oyster, Virginia Landscape Architecture 2005-09-20
Bean, Janet L. The NIMBY Syndrome and Low-Cost Manufactured Housing Developments: Can Landscape Architecture Help Overcome Community Opposition? Landscape Architecture 2004-03-19
Belcher, Sarah E. Ecological Schoolyards Landscapes of Empowerment Landscape Architecture 2003-09-01
Bickel, Bartlett Ashford Mountain Air, Wild Scenery and Healing Waters: Elements of Retreat and the Revival of a Virginia Spring Landscape Architecture 2004-08-06
Boelt, Robin Wiatt Passive Solar Landscape Design: Its Impact on Fossil Fuel Consumption Through Landscape Design Landscape Architecture 2006-05-03
Boggess, Howard P Multimedia kiosk interface evaluation :an analysis of usage Landscape Architecture 2009-03-04
Bohannon, Cermetrius L. The Urban Catalyst Concept Landscape Architecture 2004-05-25
Boonyanunt, Charaspim The New Town of Williamsburg: A Study of the New Urbanism Landscape Architecture 1996-12-11
Bourbonnais, Richard Joseph Visual assessment and relational database management Landscape Architecture 2009-07-11
Brock, Karla The sign models of Sassure and Pierce and the glossematic model of Hjelmslev :an analysis of the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Landscape Architecture 2009-12-16
Calorusso, Christine Rethinking the Role of the Landscape in Historic Interpretation: A Constructivist Design Approach to Interpreting Slavery in Appalachian Virginia Landscape Architecture 2003-01-10
Caniano, Gina Marie An Integrative Approach to Therapeutic Outdoor Spaces in Dementia-Care Units Landscape Architecture 2006-05-18
Carter, Sue Ellen Landscapes For Celebration; An Investigation and Design of Wedding Gardens Landscape Architecture 2003-05-07
Chansiri, Noppamas The Historic Canal System in Bangkok, Thailand: Guidelines for Reestablishing Public Space Functions Landscape Architecture 1999-05-21
Cozzetto, Helen E. The status of corridor protection along scenic byways Landscape Architecture 2009-04-07
Crafts, Lynn Morgan Visual management model for scenic byways :setting priorities for change Landscape Architecture 2009-01-24
Daigler, Stephen Joseph The Landscape Architect as Plantsman: Materiality, Representation and Finding the Lost Gardener Landscape Architecture 2006-06-01
Davidson, Kyle Designing a Walkable Suburban Landscape: New Urbanism and Light Rail as Methodologies Landscape Architecture 2006-05-09
Dawson, Thomas Edward Explorations in City Image: An Investigation of Tools of Perception and Representation in Urban Design Landscape Architecture 2004-05-25
Dawson, Michele Renee j u x t a p o s e d: A Revelatory Appraoch to Reconcile Past and Present Landscape Architecture 2005-08-14
Dazzini, Monica Mabel The City and its interfaces: An Approach to Recover the Natural and Cultural Landscape at the Beachfront in St. Augustine Beach, Florida Landscape Architecture 2005-05-12
Dendy, Sharon H. Resident Involvement in the Landscape Architectural Redesign of Public Housing: Creating Opportunities for a Sense of Ownership, Control, and Efficacy through a Participatory Design Process Landscape Architecture 1998-06-10
Deshpande, Amol Mukund Design Process to Integrate Natural and Human Systems Landscape Architecture 2003-12-29
DeTrude, Edward M. The park site selection process in Virginia Landscape Architecture 2009-09-29
Dorminey, Sarah J Creating a Multiple Intelligences Landscape Landscape Architecture 2003-12-10
Dougherty, Dana Embodying the City: Identity and Use in Urban Public Space Landscape Architecture 2006-05-05
Dougherty, Stephen P. Edges, objects, and boundaries :forming landscape taste in the middle-class front yard Landscape Architecture 2009-07-29
Douglass, D. Kim Quality of experience :a discussion on experiential access to outdoor environments Landscape Architecture 2009-01-24
Erickson, Victoria Gillispie Designing for Water Quality Landscape Architecture 2000-09-19
Evans, Eric Effect of field-of-view on perceived representativeness and preference of visual simulations Landscape Architecture 2008-12-17
Fabry, Suzanna Neighborhood Attributes Desired by Doylestown Homeowners Landscape Architecture 2004-03-19
Fogel, Jonah Malachai Collaborative Interface Modeling of Fuel Wood Harvesting Practices: Residential NIPF Landowners of the Jefferson National Forest Wildland/Urban Interface, Montgomery County, Virginia Landscape Architecture 2003-05-07
Franklin, Joshua C. Improving Urban Watershed Health Through Suburban Infill Design and Development Landscape Architecture 2011-07-13
Freeman, Paul Murphey In search of a new aesthetic Landscape Architecture 2009-04-08
Freuder, Tracy Grace Designing for the Future: Promoting Ecoliteracy in the Design of Children's Outdoor Play Environments Landscape Architecture 2006-05-10
Ganesan, Maya A circular model of urban hydrology Landscape Architecture 2008-09-18
Garman, Keli L. The Art of Designing a Meaningful Landscape through Storytelling. Landscape Architecture 2006-05-04
Geronilla, Kristina Re-presenting the Waterfront: revealing the intersection of human and natural processes Landscape Architecture 2004-12-01
Guitner, Staci J. Valued Spaces of Adolescents in a Rural Community Landscape Architecture 1998-04-07
Hardy, Karen J. Regional heritage preservation planning :an examination through case study analysis Landscape Architecture 2009-03-03
Harris, Amanda M. Designing With Climate: Using Parking Lots to Mitigate Urban Climate Landscape Architecture 2004-11-21
Hazelrigg, George The Thickness of Landscape, horizontally and vertically considered Landscape Architecture 2002-11-07
Henden, Linda I. Evaluating sustainability of community designs Landscape Architecture 2008-09-04
Henderson, Beau Tyler Human-Driven Extensive Greenroof Design Landscape Architecture 2003-07-30
Herman, Elizabeth N. Study of Christian attitudes toward man's stewardship of the environment :a case study in the Roanoke Valley Landscape Architecture 2012-11-17
Hodges, Nancy Regenerative Design Theory and Practice: A Demonstration of the Integrated Framework in a Resort Development at Mountain Lake, VA Landscape Architecture 2006-05-08
Hoerup, Jennifer L Challenging the modern paradigm :turning to Aldo Leopald and flyfishing literature for a new approach to landscape aesthetics Landscape Architecture 2009-05-02
Holloway, Lewis Weber Creative Participation: Rethinking Reclamation Landscape Architecture 2005-05-19
Horner, Jean M Delightful Density: The Answer to Suburbia's Missing Pedestrian Landscape Architecture 2006-05-10
Howland, Hans Russell An interdisciplinary review structure of architectural sustainability Landscape Architecture 2009-02-13
Ishii, Nobuyuki A phenomenological understanding of an image of a city :touching water in waterfront cities Landscape Architecture 2009-04-18
Johnston, Matthew Walker Labor Heights Plaza: Place for an Emergent Public Landscape Architecture 2007-02-02
Jung, Christiane Visual perception and preference of water features in relation to environmental background Landscape Architecture 2009-09-05
Kaujalgi, Shruti Introducing Mangrove Mitigation to the Urban Development in Mumbai. Landscape Architecture 2010-12-20
Keith, Ryan H. How Form and Function Create Community in the Middle Landscape Landscape Architecture 2003-05-15
Kennedy, R. Scott Synthesis of chaos theory & design Landscape Architecture 2009-04-08
Killmer, Paul F. Paradise in the Parking Lot Landscape Architecture 2007-10-06
Kiss, David J. An Environmental Frame of Reference: Golf Course Design in Out-Of-Play Areas Landscape Architecture 1998-04-27
Knotts, Amy Margaret A Landfill Reclamation Project: an Observatory that Observes the Self Landscape Architecture 2005-12-18
Koliji, Hooman Drawing as Landscape Architectural Scholarship Landscape Architecture 2009-05-21
Krueger, Timothy William An Alternative Planting Treatment for Turf Open Spaces in Conservation Subdivisions Landscape Architecture 2001-04-26
Kruse, Gabriel Take Me to the River: Designing the Intimate Waterfront Landscape Architecture 2006-05-16
Kulkarni, Nitin Y. Application of expert systems in landscape architecture Landscape Architecture 2012-07-24
Lanehart, Eric Backcountry Trails Near Stream Corridors: An Ecological Approach To Design Landscape Architecture 1998-07-31
Leavitt, Trenda Carter Alternative drainageway design :a case study analysis Landscape Architecture 2008-10-01
Lewandowski, Bonny A. Landscape in Peril: A Cultural Assessment of Thomas's Wharf and Woodlands Farm, Northampton County, Eastern Shore, Virginia Landscape Architecture 1998-04-24
Lidy, Christopher James A Study of Landscape Architecture Design Methods Landscape Architecture 2007-03-13
Little, Parker L. Personal rapid transit for Blacksburg, Virginia Landscape Architecture 2009-03-14
Loon, Leehu The Future of Parkways in the Landscape Landscape Architecture 2003-05-12
Lowe, Steven Michael Participatory design for battlefield park development and process comparison Landscape Architecture 2009-06-11
Mahon, Dan Ashby Universal design in forest recreation :planning for a transition towards the accessibility of U.S. National Forest recreation areas Landscape Architecture 2009-08-14
Malhotra, Archa A Study of the Concept of Image as expressed through Corporate Landscapes. Landscape Architecture 2009-05-07
Masangkay, Marissa Y. Values That Shape the Social Morphology of the Town Center in Binan, Laguna, Philippines Landscape Architecture 2000-04-28
Maulan, Suhardi Seremban Urban Park, Malaysia: a Preference Study Landscape Architecture 2002-05-22
Mauzy, John W. Music and Depth in Landscape Experience Landscape Architecture 2006-05-05
Mellen, E. Garnett The Appalachian cultural landscape along the New River Landscape Architecture 2009-06-10
Meyerhoff, Marc Bradley Therapeutic Parking: A study of how the language of therapeutic design informs the redesign of the Georgetown University Hospital main parking garage. Landscape Architecture 2005-05-17
Meyers, Amanda The interrelationships of nature based on Thoreau's Walden and Lovelock's Gaia hypothesis Landscape Architecture 2009-06-11
Mili, Judith E Reintroducing the Existential Dimension of the Public Square: An attempt to design a place in relation to its natural environment Landscape Architecture 2006-05-12
Millay, Curtis A. Restoring the Lost Rivers of Washington: Can a city's hydrologic past inform its future? Landscape Architecture 2006-04-19
Miller, Catherine Annalisa A Revelatory Landscape: Wind through the Senses Landscape Architecture 2005-11-05
Mitchell, L. Lyn The effective use of metaphor in hermeneutically-based landscape architectural design Landscape Architecture 2008-11-01
Mo, Jin An Investigation into the Use of Abstract Diagrams as a Tool for Communication in Programming Landscape Architecture 2013-12-19
Montero Avila, Monica Ines FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE THE SOCIAL LIFE AND VITALITY OF PUBLIC OPEN SPACES IN MARACAIBO - VENEZUELA. Case Study: Plaza de la Madre and Plaza de la República. Landscape Architecture 2001-10-29
Morehead, John Sherrod Niche Croppind and the Rural Landscape in Wise, Dickenson, Scott, and Russell County Virginia Landscape Architecture 2001-04-26
Murata, Masatomo Salt marsh creation and coastal residential developments :principles and guidelines for landscape architecture practice Landscape Architecture 2009-02-13
Norden, David Todd A Constructivist Model for Public War Memorial Design that Facilitates Dynamic Meaning Making Landscape Architecture 2003-04-28
Orens, David M. an end to the other in landscape architecture: poststructural theory and universal design Landscape Architecture 1998-07-20
Palacios, Leslie Jane The Value of Inclusion of the Peri-Urban Interface on Quality of Life for the Urban Population Landscape Architecture 2012-09-27
Parsons, Ashley Young Children and Nature: Outdoor Play and Development, Experiences Fostering Environmental Consciousness, And the Implications on Playground Design Landscape Architecture 2011-05-06
Parvinian, Mandana The Textile Landscape: A Journey through the Structure of Landscape Landscape Architecture 2008-01-11
Peart, Wilbur L A Site Planning and Design Process for Antiterrorism Practices Landscape Architecture 2000-12-29
Plaatsman, Michelle Zoo exhibit design :the influence of animal visibility on visitor experience Landscape Architecture 2008-09-09
Powers, Matthew Neal Factors in Choosing Landscape Architecture as a Major: A National Student Survey Landscape Architecture 2000-05-16
Prabhu, Chaya Soul nurturing in the vernacular architecture of Japan Landscape Architecture 2010-02-16
Raghunathan, Nandagopal The corporate plaza and the office tower: The potential for a mutualistic space-form relationship. Landscape Architecture 2005-01-18
Ramesh, Shalini Design Principles and Case Study Analysis for Low Impact Development Practices - Green Roofs, Rainwater Harvesting and Vegetated Swales Landscape Architecture 2011-08-15
Rao, Rekha An Approach to Open Space Planning Based on the Principles of Landscape Ecology: An Application to Greater Roanoke Area Landscape Architecture 1998-07-21
Rapp, Peter Edward Taking Turns: A Conversational Approach to Ecological Desgin Landscape Architecture 2002-05-09
Rennick, Kimberly L. Process: A Strategy for developing Community Life and Place Attachment Landscape Architecture 2003-06-18
Ridgely, Sarah K. Flux: Creating Dynamic Systems Within the Built Environment Landscape Architecture 2005-05-23
Riley, Sarah Duncan Color characteristics of the natural environment :a case study Landscape Architecture 2009-09-19
Robertson, David Porter "Which Nature?": A Case Study of Whitetop Mountain Landscape Architecture 1999-05-28
Rocci, Lisa Locomotion: A Cinematic Approach Landscape Architecture 2006-05-09
Roth, Elfriede Maria The Impact of Design upon Urban Infill Development Landscape Architecture 2001-01-19
Rundall, Shane Artistic Action and Contemplation: Recapturing The Elements of Mystery That Make Every Round of Golf A Voyage of Discovery Landscape Architecture 2006-05-08
Russ, Jennifer Lynn a garden in the sky Landscape Architecture 2004-05-11
Savens, Barbara A greenways approach to resource management :the process of environmental corridor design Landscape Architecture 2009-01-24
Schroeder, George Wittman Multiuse Corridor Master Planning: Integrating Infrastructure and Open Space Planning Landscape Architecture 2002-06-07
Sena, Christine G. Development of a Landscape Vulnerability Assessment Model in a Heightened Security Environment Landscape Architecture 2003-05-09
Sisson, Andrew Tripp Building on the Legacy of the Past: An Exploration into Monroe Park's Past, Present, and Future. Landscape Architecture 2007-01-04
Slade, Nancy S. An Investigation of Sacred Space - The Grove Landscape Architecture 2006-10-22
Snead, John Peyton Deconstruction in landscape architecture Landscape Architecture 2009-01-17
Song, Kyungsoo Documentation and demonstration of naturalistic method for measuring climate/behavior relationships Landscape Architecture 2010-04-12
Sullivan, Ellen Mowson The Journey of the Fool Landscape Architecture 2005-10-06
Sweet, Dan I The Development of a Stream Restoration Decision Support Tool for the County of Henrico Stream Assessment and Watershed Management Program Landscape Architecture 2003-10-31
Tamimi, Laila N. The Use of Native Hawaiian Plants by Landscape Architects in Hawaii Landscape Architecture 1999-04-20
Taylor, Louise H Time in the Landscape: Designing for Perpetuity Landscape Architecture 2004-05-22
Thomas, Jordan McClellan Discovering the Aesthetic of Flood Control Infrastructure Landscape Architecture 2012-08-20
Thompson, Julia A Sense of Time, A Sense of Self: The 'Lived Perspective' of the Walk Landscape Architecture 2006-05-10
Tillman, Daniel An Evaluation of Student Use of Visualization Technology as an Addition to the Landscape Architecture Curriculum Landscape Architecture 2001-09-05
Tofte, Christopher Shawn Urban Entertainment Destinations: A Developmental Approach for Urban Revitalization Landscape Architecture 2003-11-14
Tomczak, Robert S A greenway management plan for Salisbury & Sharon, CT. Landscape Architecture 2008-08-29
Upchurch, Meredith Green Infrastructure: The Landscape of Urban EcoHousing Landscape Architecture 2006-05-16
Vapaa, Annalisa Gartman Healing Gardens: Creating Places for Restoration, Meditation, and Sanctuary Landscape Architecture 2002-05-13
Vellenga, Amber Hollis Taking the First Step: The Labyrinth and the World of Landscape Architecture Landscape Architecture 2001-05-30
von Bredow, Kathryn Wing Gathering Spaces: Designing Places for Adolescents Landscape Architecture 2006-05-18
Wainwright, Scott C Research and experiential learning :an understanding of the Australian Aborigines relationship to their environment Landscape Architecture 2008-08-29
Walker, Jason Brian Landscape Architecture and Sustainable Development Landscape Architecture 2001-05-09
Walker, Michelle Tenoroc State Recreation Area :a conceptual master plan study Landscape Architecture 2009-04-25
Ware, Charles W Comparing two post occupancy evaluation methods with an urban plaza test case Landscape Architecture 2009-09-05
Warner, Gary E Predicting pedestrian use on outdoor urban plazas utilizing climate/behavior models Landscape Architecture 2008-12-30
Weaver, Lisa L. Learning Landscapes: Theoretical Issues and Design Considerations for the Development of Childrens Educational Landscapes Landscape Architecture 2000-07-21
Webster, Kelvin Peter The Everyday:Informing the realm of routine practice through design Landscape Architecture 2006-04-28
Wise, Warren E. The concept of carrying capacity as a tool for managing scenic roadways Landscape Architecture 2012-11-21
Wolfe, Brian Paul Floodplains and the Proximate Principle: A Case for Floodplain Linear Parks in Roanoke, Virginia Landscape Architecture 2005-05-23
Woods, John D A study of the effects of business activity diversity on economic growth in small towns, as a consideration to landscape architectural site programming Landscape Architecture 2009-03-12
Wright, Darryl R. The Redevelopment of Lake Anne, Reston, Virginia Landscape Architecture 2003-06-28
Xiao, Feng Past and Present: Transformation of an ideal City - Beijing Landscape Architecture 1999-06-21
Xu, Yuemao A cross-cultural study of prospect-refuge theory Landscape Architecture 2009-07-21
Xu, Yining Density and What Matters: A Study of People’s Attitudes Toward and Perceptions of Urban Density Landscape Architecture 2010-02-21
Yang, Huan Campus landscape space planning and design using QFD Landscape Architecture 2007-06-26
Zeng, Hui Experience-Oriented Ecological Design: A Methodological Framework to Improve Human Experience in Urban Public Space Ecological Design Landscape Architecture 2005-05-17
Zhang, Yanting Urban Open Space Design for the Chinese Floating Population Community: Planning and Site Design Guidelines Landscape Architecture 2011-10-11
Zhang, Song An evaluation of visual and verbal based standards for landscape assessment Landscape Architecture 2009-06-11
Christmann, Undine Relationship between surfactant alterations and severity of disease in horses with recurrent airway obstruction (RAO). Large Animal Clinical Sciences 2008-10-01
Kanistanon, Kwankate Correlation of Environmental Temperature, Precipitation, and Humidity with Salmonella Culture Results from Cattle in Virginia Large Animal Clinical Sciences 1998-07-17
Ladd, Sabine Margaret Effects of Diethylstilbestrol on Murine Early Embryonic Stem Cell Differentiation Using an Embryoid Body Culture System Large Animal Clinical Sciences 2005-04-28
Nagy, Amy Dae Apoptosis in the equine small intestine following experimental ischemia-reperfusion injury Large Animal Clinical Sciences 2008-06-22
Noschka, Erik Can isoprostanes be used to predict survival in horses with colic? Large Animal Clinical Sciences 2010-08-09
Osenda, Natacha Veronica Destabilizing Machismo: Masculine and Feminine Constructions in the Theater of Susana Torres Molina Latin American Area Studies 2003-05-23
Gwayi, Simeon Mackson Perceptions of Innovations as Predictors of TALULAR Implementation Levels among Secondary School Science Teachers in Malawi: A Diffusion of Innovations Perspective. Learning Sciences and Technologies 2009-04-08
Hodges, Charles Brent Self-efficacy, Motivational Email, and Achievement in an Asynchronous Mathematics Course Learning Sciences and Technologies 2005-11-29
Hu, Deyu The Effects of Scaffolding on the Performance of Students in Computer-based Concept Linking and Retention of Comprehension Learning Sciences and Technologies 2006-09-12
Lewis, Tracie Olds The Preparation of Faculty to Teach Online: A Qualitative Approach Learning Sciences and Technologies 2007-04-10
Liu, Jianhua The Assessment Agent System: Assessing Comprehensive Understanding Based on Concept Maps Learning Sciences and Technologies 2010-10-09
Mariano, Gina An Investigation of the Effect of Segmentation on Immediate and Delayed Knowledge Transfer in a Multimedia Learning Environment Learning Sciences and Technologies 2008-03-31
Ozdemir, Devrim The Effects of Context-Dependency of Seductive Details on Recall and Transfer in a Multimedia Learning Environment Learning Sciences and Technologies 2009-06-04
Perry, Shirley Ann Determining the Quality of Physical Education Programs in Selected Virginia Schools Learning Sciences and Technologies 2007-09-12
Powell, Aaron Wiatt Online Support for Intentional, Teacher Community of Practice Learning Sciences and Technologies 2008-12-23
Samur, Yavuz Measuring Engagement Effects of Educational Games and Virtual Manipulatives on Mathematics Learning Sciences and Technologies 2012-05-07
Siudzinski, Robert Andrew Not All Who Wander are Lost: An Ethnographic Study of Individual Knowledge Construction within a Community of Practice Learning Sciences and Technologies 2007-05-23
Trespalacios, Jesus The Effects of Two Generative Activities on Learner Comprehension of Part-Whole Meaning of Rational Numbers Using Virtual Manipulatives Learning Sciences and Technologies 2008-03-26
Yilmaz, Harun Identification of Academic Program Strengths and Weaknesses through Use of a Prototype Systematic Tool Learning Sciences and Technologies 2007-04-11

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