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La Fratta, Patrick Anthony Evaluating the Design and Performance of a Single-Chip Parallel Computer Using System-Level Models and Methodology Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005-05-09
Laadj, Toufik Initial Value Problems for Creeping Flow of Maxwell Fluids Mathematics 2011-02-24
LaBoone, Kimberly Lavette Minority Students' Transition Experiences at a Predominantly White Institution Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2006-04-24
LaBoone, Emet L The Effect of Encoding Specificity on Learning in a Multimedia Environment Teaching and Learning 2006-04-27
Laborie, Marie-Pierre Genevieve Investigation of the Wood/Phenol-Formaldehyde Adhesive Interphase Morphology Wood Science and Forest Products 2002-03-11
Labosky, Peter Properties of paper obtained from ultrasonically and mechanically beaten pulps. Accounting and Information Systems 2010-02-17
LaBranche, Timothy Paul Characterization of the Beta-2 Adrenergic Receptor Mechanism in Bovine Neutrophils, and Some Effects of Inflammatory Stimuli on its Function Veterinary Medical Sciences 2005-04-25
LaBranche, Adrienne Janel Creeping Bentgrass, Kentucky Bluegrass and Tall Fescue Responses to Plant Growth Stimulants Under Deficit Irrigation Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2005-04-28
LaBreche, Timothy Merrick Clark Toxicity of Copper to Mercenaria mercenaria (Hard Clam) Civil Engineering 1998-12-09
Lacarbonara, Walter A Theoretical and Experimental investigation of Nonlinear Vibrations of Buckled Beams Engineering Science and Mechanics 1998-07-17
Lachowicz, Thomas Business-industry-education involvement in tech prep programs in Virginia Community College Education 2005-10-24
Lacina, Bruce A. A study of the response of geosynthetic reinforced flexible pavement test sections to dynamic loading Civil Engineering 2009-01-10
Lackland, William S. Effects of changes in plasma volume, osmolality and sodium levels on core temperature during prolonged exercise in heat Health and Physical Education 2012-07-24
LaClare, Jeanette M. VHF air to ground communications in bounded oceanic airspace Systems Engineering 2010-02-16
Lacour, Nicholas Alexander Engineering Characteristics of Coal Combustion Residuals and a Reconstitution Technique for Triaxial Samples Civil Engineering 2012-06-21
Lacy, Gary Lee Head Start Social Services: Experiences, Perceptions, And Benefits From the Perspective of Head Start Mothers Counselor Education 1998-07-17
Lacy, David Terrell An automated methodology for dynamic force analysis of adaptive spatial trusses Mechanical Engineering 2008-11-07
Ladd, Sabine Margaret Effects of Diethylstilbestrol on Murine Early Embryonic Stem Cell Differentiation Using an Embryoid Body Culture System Large Animal Clinical Sciences 2005-04-28
Ladd, Jonathan Stuart An Evaluation and Pressure-Driven Design of Potable Water Plumbing Systems Hydrosystems 2005-05-17
Lade, Nancy Sequential Electron Acceptor Model of Intrinsic Bioremediation at a BTEX Contaminated LUST Site in Laurel Bay, South Carolina Civil Engineering 1999-09-10
Ladki, Said M. Consumer involvement in ethnic restaurants : a measure of satisfaction/dissatisfaction Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management 2005-10-24
Laestadius, Lars A comparative analysis of wood-supply systems from a cross- cultural perspective Forestry 2005-09-20
Laffman, John D. A Random Coefficient Analysis of the United States Gasoline Market From 1960-1995 Economics 2002-08-12
Lafon, Nelson Wade Evolution of stakeholder knowledge, attitudes, and opinions throughout a participative process to develop a management plan for black bears in Virginia Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2002-02-08
LaGesse, Jenny Heather Updip Sequence Development on a Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Continental Shelf, Paleogene, North Carolina, Eastern U.S.A. Geosciences 2004-02-09
Lagimoniere, Jr., Ernest Eugene The Design and Construction of a High Bandwidth Proportional Fuel Injection System for Liquid Fuel Active Combustion Control Mechanical Engineering 2001-08-22
Lahman, Maria An Inquiry of Caring in the Classroom: A Teacher Story Human Development 2001-04-13
Lahouar, Samer Development of Data Analysis Algorithms for Interpretation of Ground Penetrating Radar Data Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003-10-24
Lahouar, Saher A context based data sanity checking algorithm and its implementation Electrical Engineering 2006-02-01
Lahr, Derek Frei Development of a Novel Cam-based Infinitely Variable Transmission Mechanical Engineering 2009-11-19
Lahti, Katharine Gage Estimation of Variance Components in Finite Polygenic Models and Complex Pedigrees Dairy Science 1998-06-05
Lai, I Chung Measurement of bar{B0} Meson Properties Via Partial Reconstruction of the Decay bar{B0} -> D*+ l- ar{nu} Physics 1999-07-06
Lai, Kun-Nan Cloning and expression of cambialistic Bacteroides fragilis superoxide dismutase gene Biochemistry and Nutrition 2006-05-04
Lai, Anzhi Bhabha scattering in e+e- collisions at TRISTAN Physics 2006-10-04
Lai, Yeh-Hung A study of blister tests for film adhesion measurement and fracture efficiency of tests for adhesive bonds Engineering Mechanics 2008-06-06
Lai, Pengjie Improvement of Sigma Voltage Regulator - A New Power Architecture Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-03-04
Lai, Shouwen Duty-Cycled Wireless Sensor Networks: Wakeup Scheduling, Routing, and Broadcasting Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-04-26
Lai, Rixin Analysis and Design for a High Power Density Three-Phase AC Converter Using SiC Devices Electrical and Computer Engineering 2008-12-18
Lai, Yeh-Hung The constrained blister - a nearly constant strain energy release rate test for adhesives Engineering Mechanics 2012-08-01
Laine, Howard David Awpd-1 :America's Pre-World War Ii Plan for Bombing Germany History 2008-11-07
Laing, Gary Thomas The effect of bioxidation on the coagulation of dispersed color. Sanitary Engineering 2010-02-17
Laird, Megan K. Surface and groundwater quality impacts of conservation tillage practices on burley tobacco production systems in Southwest Virginia Biological Systems Engineering 2003-12-03
Lake, Shelby Colleen The Creation and Application of an Evaluation Process for a Teen Shelter Human Development 1999-09-03
Lakel, William A. Slash Mulching and Incorporation as Mechanical Site Preparation for Pine Plantation Establishment and Subsequent Effects on Soil Moisture and Site Hydrology Forestry 2000-09-06
Lakel, William Effects of Forestry Streamside Management Zones on Stream Water Quality, Channel Geometry, Soil Erosion, and Timber Management in the Virginia Piedmont Forestry 2008-08-11
Lakshmanan, Priya High temperature nanofoams based on ordered polyamide matrices Chemistry 2007-07-12
Lakshmanan, Karthick Design of an Automation Framework for a Novel Data-Flow Processor Architecture Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-07-26
Lakshminarayana, Avinash Evaluation Techniques for Mapping IPs on FPGAs Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-08-19
Lalande, Frederic Modeling of the induced strain actuation of shell structures Mechanical Engineering 2009-02-13
Lalime, Aimee L. Development of a Computationally Efficient Binaural Simulation for the Analysis of Structural Acoustic Data Mechanical Engineering 2002-08-14
Lally, Evan Michael A Narrow-Linewidth Laser at 1550 nm Using the Pound-Drever-Hall Stabilization Technique Electrical and Computer Engineering 2006-08-24
Lally, Evan M Fourier Transform Interferometry for 3D Mapping of Rough and Discontinuous Surfaces Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-05-04
Lam, Margaretha Johanna Hybrid Active/Passive Models with Frequency Dependent Damping Mechanical Engineering 1997-10-27
Lam, Polo Chun Hung Experimental and Computational Studies in Bioorganic and Synthetic Organic Chemistry Chemistry 2004-10-20
Lam, Huy Hong Discrete Transition System Model and Verification for Mitochondrially Mediated Apoptotic Signaling Pathways Electrical and Computer Engineering 2007-06-28
Lam, Alwan Abdulrahman Designing is Cooking: A Museum of Gastronomy Architecture 2012-05-16
Lam, Juan Carlos Dynamic Analysis of Levee Infrastructure Failure Risk: A Framework for Enhanced Critical Infrastructure Management Civil Engineering 2012-06-10
Lam, Fong-Shek Test generation for behavioral models with reconvergent fanout and feed-back Electrical Engineering 2012-07-24
Lamack, William F. Spray stake irrigation of container-grown plants Horticulture 2009-01-17
Lamadrid-Eckert, Eliana del Carmen A Center for Dance and Carnivals Temporary vs. Permanent Architecture 2004-05-06
Lamanna, John Joseph Effects of a crisis training program on reported job stress and self efficacy of youth care workers managing seriously emotionally disturbed adolescents in placement Counselor Education 2006-05-04
Lamb, Ashley B. Evaluating the suitability of Laricobius nigrinus Fender (Coleoptera: Derodontidae), a biological control agent for hemlock woolly adelgid, Adelges tsugae Annand (Hemiptera: Adelgidae) Entomology 2005-04-29
Lamb, William G. The relationship between geographic proximity and strategic posture :a longitudinal study of the U.S. fiberoptics industry Management 2007-10-05
Lamb, Jennifer Nicole Food Security and Social Networks: Impacts for Smallholder Farmers in the Mount Elgon Region of Kenya and Uganda Agricultural and Applied Economics 2011-11-08
Lambert, Joseph Edward 2 Questions: what becomes architecture Architecture and Urban Studies 1998-09-21
Lambert, Joseph Walter Molecular Study of Capsaicin in Aqueous and Hydrophobic Environments Chemical Engineering 2006-06-09
Lambert, Rebecca Click Chagas Disease in the United States: the Emerging Threat and the Role Climate and Awareness Play in Its Spread Geography 2007-05-01
Lambert, James M. Synthesis and basic characteristics of segmented poly(arylene ether sulfone)-poly(arylate) copolymers Chemistry 2008-07-28
Lambert, Emily Anne Characterization of the Bacillus anthracis SleL Protein and its Role in Spore Germination Biology 2010-04-07
Lambert-Shute, Jennifer Jane Students and Faculty Members in Marriage and Family Therapy Programs: Navigating Successful Non-Sexual Dual Relationships Human Development 2004-07-06
Lambros, Stelios Investigating the Applicability of Information Foraging Theory to Mobile Web Browsing Computer Science 2005-05-31
Lamendola, Joel E. Limit Cycle PIO Analysis With Simultaneously Acting Multiple Asymmetric Saturation Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 1998-05-14
Lamm, Ray McFall A policy analysis of the United States vegetable oilseeds, oils, and oil products industry with special emphasis on optimal control. Agricultural Economics 2010-07-15
Lamp, Jennifer Lynn Electrical Power Generation in Microbial Fuel Cells Using Carbon Nanostructure Enhanced Anodes Mechanical Engineering 2009-08-27
Lampe, Karen Rippere Molecular Systematics of the Entomopathogenic Bacteria Bacillus popilliae, Bacillus lentimorbus, and Bacillus sphaericus Biology 1998-09-11
Lampe, Robert Carl The 16S rRNA characterization of a novel "microaerophilic" Pseudomonas sp. from the oligotrophic deep subsurface environment Microbiology 2008-11-07
Lampkin, Antionette Kellam The relationship between leisure activities and career development among a select group of college seniors Student Personnel Services 2005-10-14
Lamplugh, Ryan Weston House of Woven Space Architecture 2012-05-21
Lampshire, Gregory B. Review of random media homogenization using effective medium theories Electrical Engineering 2009-01-17
Lampshire, Laura Dermody Crustal structures and the Eastern extent of the Lower Paleozoic Shelf Strata within the Central Appalachians :a seismic reflection interpretation Geophysics 2010-02-16
Lancaster, Jeff A Investigating Pilot Performance Using Mixed-Modality Simulated Data Link Industrial and Systems Engineering 2004-04-13
Lancaster, Edwin Dean Investigation of the supercritical fluid extraction and detection of metals in contaminated soils Chemistry 2008-06-06
Lancaster, James 24 hr Building: A Study into the Cyclical Nature of Architecture Architecture 2008-12-02
Lanciotti, Robert Arthur Baculovirus-directed expression of the phosphorylase kinase catalytic subunit :pseudosubstrate and calmodulin regulation Biochemistry and Anaerobic Microbiology 2008-06-06
Land, J. George An axisymmetric finite element solution for elastic wave propagation through threaded connections Engineering Mechanics 2008-11-07
Land, Camron C. Effects of Sand Ingestion on the Cooling of Turbine Blade Outer Air Seals Mechanical Engineering 2006-11-29
Landa, Chelsea E Evaluation of Weaning Stress in Beef Calves Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences 2011-07-14
Landefeld, Ronnelle Rae Becoming Light: Releasing Woolf from the Modernists Through the Theories of Giles Deleuze and Félix Guattari English 2005-05-10
Landis, Geraldine Heroes and villains :an analysis of the treatment of individuals in the world history textbooks Curriculum and Instruction 2008-06-06
Landquist, Eric Jon On Nonassociative Division Rings and Projective Planes Mathematics 2000-05-18
Landron, Orlando Microwave multipath resolution in microcellular channels Electrical Engineering 2009-03-03
Landry, Kenneth D. Instructional footprinting :a basis for exploiting concurrency through instructional decomposition and code motion Computer Science 2008-06-06
Landry, Robert James Concentrate-on-one :an alternative approach to increasing academic and social self-esteem in at-risk students in a high school Educational Administration 2009-02-13
Lane, Mary Kathleen Post-traumatic stress disorder in previously abused male sex offenders Clinical Psychology 2005-10-13
Lane, Jessica L Adaptive Reuse: Produce Warehouse to Apartment Lofts Architecture 2008-05-27
Lane, Steven Time average feedforward control techniques for time varying systems Mechanical Engineering 2009-06-08
Lane, Carolyn Elizabeth Jones A comparison of the effects of conventional testing and two-stage testing procedures on item bias as defined by three statistical techniques. Educational Research and Evaluation 2010-02-17
Lane, Crystal Lynn Duncan Tracing the Pink Ribbon: Development of a Family Resilience Measure Human Development 2011-04-14
Lane, Ozma Redd Characterization of Structure-Property Relationships in Hydrophilic-Hydrophobic Multiblock Copolymers for Use in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells Macromolecular Science and Engineering 2011-12-08
Lane, Mary Kathleen Volunteer bias in sex research :effects of variable stimuli content and intrusiveness of measurement Psychology 2012-08-01
Lanehart, Eric Backcountry Trails Near Stream Corridors: An Ecological Approach To Design Landscape Architecture 1998-07-31
Lang, Andrew Wilson The Correlation Between Biomechanical Loads and Psychophysical Ratings Industrial and Systems Engineering 2000-11-03
Lang, Todd M. Is Value-at-Risk (VaR) a Fair Proxy for Market Risk Under Conditions of Market Leverage? Economics (Arts and Sciences) 2000-12-21
Lang, Elemer M. Modeling the behavior of wood-based composite sheathing under hygrothermal load Wood Science and Forest Products 2005-10-20
Lang, Mary Lee M. Immigration as treated in early history textbooks 1789-1939 :prelude to multiculturalism Curriculum and Instruction 2008-06-06
Lang, Saara Susanna Role of Subcellular Differentiation in Plant Disease Resistance Plant Physiology 1998-07-25
Lang, Maria Weisner Analysis of the Aashto Lrfd Horizontal Shear Strength Equation Civil Engineering 2011-11-08
Lang, Helmut Agents of fundamental policy change? :political strategies of the environmental, sustainable agriculture, and family farm groups in the 1990 farm bill Political Science 2010-01-12
Langar, Sandeep Routinization of Sustainable Innovation in Public Sector (A LEED Analysis) Building Construction 2012-06-07
Langdon, Justin David Design and Adaptive Control of a Lab-based, Tire-coupled, Quarter-car Suspension Test Rig for the Accurate Re-creation of Vehicle Response Mechanical Engineering 2007-02-13
Langdorf, Kim Alldredge A position-location system utilizing geosynchronous communication satellites Electrical Engineering 2005-10-26
Langer, Elizabeth Anne Mercury's Effects on Feather Color and Fitness of Eastern Bluebirds Biology 2011-09-15
Langford, Matthew David Experimental Investigation of the Effects of a Passing Shock on Compressor Stator Flow Mechanical Engineering 2003-04-29
Langham, Robert William A dynamic multi-criteria analysis of spent-nuclear-fuel alternatives Industrial Engineering and Operations Research 2010-03-30
Langley, Patrick Tyler Finite Element Modeling of Tow-Placed Variable-Stiffness Composite Laminates Engineering Mechanics 1999-06-07
Langley, Audra Kae Coping Efforts and Efficacy, Acculturation, and Post-Traumatic Symptomatology in Adolescents following Wildfire: A Latent Variable Path Analysis Psychology 2000-03-22
Langston, David Barnes The Role of Host, Environment, and Fungicide Use Patterns in Algorithms for Improving Control of Sclerotinia Blight of Peanut Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 1998-04-09
Lanham III, James Warren Relating Building and Classroom Conditions to Student Achievement in Virginia's Elementary Schools Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 1999-04-18
Lanier, Alan Boyd Irrigation cost models to assess the feasibility and potential expansion of large-scale riparian irrigation in Virginia Agricultural Economics 2008-11-07
Lanier, Prather Jonathan Stereovision Correction Using Modal Analysis Mechanical Engineering 2010-04-08
Lanier, Marilyn Investigating Strategies for Enhancing Achievement of Urban African American Students in Middle School Science Classrooms Teaching and Learning 2012-04-12
Lansey, Christopher A. Analytical and experimental analysis of fireplace performance Mechanical Engineering 2008-11-07
Lantz, Robert Michael A preliminary assessment for the use of metabolic inhibitors to evaluate the biodegradation potential of soil Environmental Engineering 2012-06-10
Lanz, Jason E. A Numerical Model for Thermal Effects in a Microwave Irradiated Catalyst Bed Mechanical Engineering 1998-03-26
Lanz, Colleen B The Use of Schwarz-Christoffel Transformations in Determining Acoustic Resonances Mathematics 2010-07-08
Lanza, Guy R. Physio-morphological effects of abrupt thermal stress on diatoms Zoology 2010-05-20
Laomettachit, Teeraphan Mathematical modeling approaches for dynamical analysis of protein regulatory networks with applications to the budding yeast cell cycle and the circadian rhythm in cyanobacteria Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2011-11-07
Laot, Christelle Marie Spectroscopic Characterization of Molecular Interdiffusion at a Poly(Vinyl Pyrrolidone) / Vinyl Ester Interface Chemical Engineering 1997-08-25
Laot, Christelle Marie Gas transport properties in polycarbonate - Influence of the cooling rate, physical aging, and orientation Chemical Engineering 2001-12-01
Lape, Jeffrey L A printed circuit board manufacturer's compliance with pretreatment requirements :case study Environmental Sciences and Engineering 2010-01-20
LaPean, James William Analysis of infinite arrays of arbitrarily shaped planar radiating elements using a Floquet mode based Method of Moments approach Electrical Engineering 2008-06-06
LaPean, James William Beam scanning offset Casegrain reflector antennas by subreflector movement Electrical Engineering 2009-06-30
LaPeter, Christina M. Application of distributed measurements for finite element model verification Mechanical Engineering 2008-12-30
Lapido, Folami Tesileem Oxidative addition of N-H and O-H bonds to iridium : developing active catalysts for N-H and O-H additions to unsaturates Chemistry 2005-10-13
Lapointe, Nicolas WR Fish invasions in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2010-08-11
Lapp, Sarah Julia Bioluminescence Imaging Strategies for Tissue Engineering Applications Biomedical Engineering 2010-05-07
Lara-Chavez, Alejandra M Somatic embryogenesis in southern and tropical pine species: Loblolly pine (Pinus taeda), Longleaf pine (P. palustris) and Oocarpa pine (P. oocarpa) Forestry 2010-08-24
Larkin, George Richard Policy Subsystem Portfolio Management: A Neural Network Model of the Gulf of Mexico Program Public Administration and Public Affairs 1999-09-13
Larkin, Susan M Wheeled autonomous mobile robots for use in harsh environments :a survey of recent publications Mechanical Engineering 2009-01-31
Larkin, Adam Lyston The Design of Three-Dimensional Multicellular Liver Models Using Detachable, Nanoscale Polyelectrolyte Multilayers Chemical Engineering 2012-09-06
Larochelle, Catherine Three essays on productivity and risk, marketing decisions, and changes in well-being over time Agricultural and Applied Economics 2011-11-30
LaRocque, Eric John Analysis of Roanoke Region Weather Patterns Under Global Teleconnections Civil Engineering 2007-03-10
LaRoque, Kent A. The 1934 Indian Reorganization Act and Indigenous Governance: A Comparison of Governance of Santa Clara Pueblo and the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Nations -- 1991 – 2000 Political Science 2004-07-01
Larroy, Edwin A. Latino\a Ethnic Identity in the New Diaspora: Perspectives of a Select Group of Latino\a Undergraduates at a Predominantly White Land Grant University Teaching and Learning 2005-06-26
Larsen, Matthew Material and Form Architecture 2006-02-24
Larsen, Val Through the looking glass :a semiotic analysis and experimental test of pace and angle effects in television advertising Marketing 2007-08-27
Larsen, Erin P. Service life determination of concrete bridge decks and bridge deck overlay systems Civil Engineering 2009-07-10
Larson, Angela Marie S-wave velocity structure beneath the Kaapvaal Craton from surface-wave inversions compared with estimates from mantle xenoliths Geosciences 2004-07-27
Larson, Miriam Bender Survey and Case Study Analyses of the Professional Preparation of Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) Graduates for Different Career Environments Teaching and Learning 2004-10-25
Larson, Karl W Evaluation of GFRP framing connections Civil Engineering 2009-06-11
Larson, Jennifer Lynn The Comparison of Airway Responses of Normal Horses Fed Round Bale versus Square Bale Hay Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences 2012-06-27
Larson, Ann Michelle Selection for milk somatic cell count in laboratory mice Dairy Science 2012-08-01
Larson, Christopher Whitford The Design and Construction of a 20" x 20" Mach 2.0 Blowdown Wind Tunnel to Characterize the Lift and Drag of Irregularly Shaped Fragments Mechanical Engineering 2011-04-27
Larssen, Jon Vegard Large Scale Homogeneous Turbulence and Interactions with a Flat-Plate Cascade Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2005-03-29
Lartz, Douglas John Feedforward temperature control using a heat flux microsensor Mechanical Engineering 2009-06-30
LaRue, William Calfee The development of a program for the establishment of more profitable farm flocks in Grassy Creek Community Agricultural Education 2010-07-07
Lash, Steven Joseph Gender differences in cardiovascular reactivity : effects of the gender relevance of the stressor Clinical Psychology 2005-10-14
Lash, Steven Joseph Cardiovascular reactivity to stress in men :effects of masculine gender role stress appraisal and masculine performance challenge Psychology 2012-07-24
Lasher, Christopher Donald Discovering contextual connections between biological processes using high-throughput data Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2011-09-21
Lashley, Eric P. Applying the inoculation message strategy to the 1990 Illinois gubernatorial race Political Science 2008-11-07
Laska, William David Development of a standards based open environment for the worldwide military command and control system Systems Engineering 2010-03-30
Lasley, Katrina Chemistry and Transport of Metals from Entrenched Biosolids at a Reclaimed Mineral Sands Mining Site in Dinwiddie County, Virginia Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2008-07-13
Lasonen, Johanna L. Finnish comprehensive vocational institute teachers' sex-role attitudes Vocational and Technical Education 2008-08-25
Lassinger, Robert T. Mortgage-backed securities :models of prepayment, an analysis Economics 2009-05-09
Laster, Jeffery D. Robust GMSK Demodulation Using Demodulator Diversity and BER Estimation Electrical and Computer Engineering 1998-07-17
Laster, Jeff D. Frequency scaling of rain attenuation on satellite links in the Ku/Ka-bands using OLYMPUS satellite data Electrical Engineering 2009-06-16
Latapie, Antoine Nicolas Molecular Dynamics Investigation on the Fracture Behavior of Nanocrystalline Fe Materials Science and Engineering 2002-05-24
Latham, Michael John An assessment of models and methodologies used in the design of detention facilities for small urban watersheds Civil Engineering 2008-09-18
Lathrop, Mitchell Currie Effectiveness of Porous Pavement and an Infiltration Trench as Urban Best Management Practices Civil Engineering 1999-06-10
Latimer, Matthew T. Characterization of the genes and gene products of the acetate-activating enzymes and a novel iron-sulfur flavoprotein from Methanosarcina thermophila strain TM-1 Biochemistry and Anaerobic Microbiology 2005-10-20
Latimer, Christopher Edward Avian population and community dynamics in response to vegetation restoration on reclaimed mine lands in southwest Virginia Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2012-05-14
Latimer II, Henry Augustus An Ecotoxicological Evaluation of Active Coal Mining, Sedimentation and Acid Mine Drainage in Three Tributaries of the Leading Creek Watershed, Meigs County, Ohio Biology 1999-05-14
Latimore, Randolph Hayes Dynamics of the Decision-Making Process of A Rural School Board in the Commonwelth of Virginia Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2001-04-23
Latorre, Jaime A. Real time generation station simulator Electrical Engineering 2012-06-10
Lattanzi, Mark R. Measurement of the effects of reusing C++ classes on object-oriented software development Computer Science 2008-06-06
Lattanzi, Mark R. Table-driven quadtree traversal algorithms Computer Science and Applications 2012-08-01
Latter, Philip Joseph Trailers and Mental Health: An Exploration of Psychological Distress Amongst Mobile Home Dwellers Sociology 2009-02-24
Latter, Macy Little The Use of Osteopathic Manipulation in a Clinic and Home Setting to Address Pulmonary Distress as Related to Asthma in Southwest Virginia Education Curriculum and Instruction 2009-02-13
Lattimer, Brian Y. The transport of high concentrations of carbon monoxide to locations remote from the burning compartment Mechanical Engineering 2007-08-08
Lattimer, Brian Y. Floating head skin friction gage measurements in supersonic flows Mechanical Engineering 2009-06-30
Lattyak, Rebecca Marie Non-Uniform Copper Corrosion in Potable Water: Theory and Practice Environmental Engineering 2007-06-02
Latulippe, Michael An architecture of a wall Architecture 1998-09-14
Lau, Mark C. Small Signal Equivalent Circuit Extraction From A Gallium Arsenide MESFET Device Electrical Engineering 1997-07-23
Lau, Clara Sueling Formulation and Physical, Chemical and Sensory Analysis of a Novel Flaxseed-enriched Milk-based Beverage to Deliver Omega-3 Fatty Acids Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2007-10-29
Lau, Rebecca S. Integration and Extension of Leader-Member Exchange and Organizational Justice and Individual- and Group-Levels of Analysis Management 2008-05-09
Laub, Curtis A. Influence of cover crop management on Armyworm, Pseudaletia Unipuncta (Haworth) seasonal abundance, natural enemies, and yield in no-till corn, and diurnal abundance and spatial distribution of Armyworm Entomology 2009-05-02
Laudermilch, Chelsea Lee Birth Defect Amelioration and Placental cytokine Expression in Mnu-Exposed Dams treated With Ifn-Gamma Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences 2007-01-26
Lauer, Pamela L. M. Investigating the Roles of the Stk Locus in Development, Motility and Exopolysaccharide Production in Myxococcus Xanthus Biology 2007-04-14
Lauer, Douglas F. Ultimate strength analysis of partially composite and fully composite open-web steel joists Civil Engineering 2009-06-11
Lauer, Ira Edwin Studies of wood pallet response to forced vibration Forestry and Forest Products 2009-12-23
Laughead, Amy Louise Illumination Level as an Influence Factor on Proxemic Behavior Near Environments 1999-11-10
Laughlin, Thomas Fain Hypervariable DNA markers and population structure in three fish species Biology 2008-06-06
Laughlin, Kenneth J. Interpretation of refraction and reflection stack data over the Brevard fault zone in South Carolina Geophysics 2012-11-20
Laughton, Stuart Charles The design and use of Internet-mediated communication applications in education : an ethnographic study Computer Science and Applications 2005-10-07
Lauharatanahirun, Nina The Behavioral and Neural Mechanisms of Social and Non-social Risky Decision-Making Psychology 2013-05-15
Laurent, Michel P. A continuum surface layer effect in polycrystalline aggregates Engineering Mechanics 2009-06-08
Lautenschlager, Michael Allen Imagining the Worst: Ladislav Fuks' Contributions to Holocaust Fiction English 2011-05-10
Lauth, John Robert Development of methodology for community level toxicity testing using the fathead minnow seven day survival-growth impairment test Biology 2005-09-20
Laux, Christopher D. Finite element analysis of the axial folding bridge Mechanical Engineering 2010-02-16
Lauzon, Autumn Rhea Bringing Lippard Back: Biblical Allusions, Narrative Structure, and the Treatment of Women in George Lippard's The Quaker City English 2010-05-18
Lavender, Robert Gregory Polymorphic types for constructing concurrent objects and layered communication protocols Computer Science 2008-06-06
Lavender, Robert Gregory The explication of process-product relationships in DoD-STD-2167 and DoD-STD-2168 via an Augmented Data Flow Diagram model Computer Science and Applications 2012-11-20
Laver, Peter Norman Cheetah of the Serengeti Plains: A home range analysis Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2005-11-22
LaVielle, Todd Hunter Liquefaction Susceptibility of Uncemented Calcareous Sands From Puerto Rico by Cyclic Triaxial Testing Civil Engineering 2009-05-20
Lavinder, Steven Robert Evaluation of activated carbon processes for removing trihalomethane precursors from a surface water impoundment Environmental Engineering 2012-11-17
Lavinus, Joseph W. Heuristics for laying out information graphs Computer Science and Applications 2008-12-30
Lavoie, J. André Scaling Effects on Damage Development, Strength, and Stress-Rupture Life on Laminated Composites in Tension Engineering Science and Mechanics 1998-07-18
Lavoie, J. André Design and application of a quasistatic crush test fixture for investigating scale effects in energy absorbing composite plates Engineering Mechanics 2010-03-17
Law, Yiu Kui Design and Testing of Off-The-Shelf Electronic Components for an Acoustic Emission Structural Health Monitoring System Using Piezoelectric Sensors Mechanical Engineering 2005-08-11
Law, Mary Kate Assessing Forgiveness: Development of a Brief, Broadly Applicable Self-report Measure Psychology 2009-05-14
Law, Sylvan Recommendations for teaching record keeping based on job analysis findings (Roanoke, Virginia) Business Education 2010-02-23
Law, Deify Computational Modeling and Simulations of Hydrodynamics for Air-Water External Loop Airlift Reactors Mechanical Engineering 2010-06-07
Law, Peter Z Traveling Theater Architecture 2011-04-19
Law, Mary Kate Testing Underlying Mechanisms of Forgiveness: Need for Closure and Accessibility Psychology 2012-05-08
Lawless, W. F. Lewinian interdependence theory, dynamics, and tension systems : an application to social support and game theory Psychology 2005-12-22
Lawlor, Kathleen A. Effect of modified atmosphere packaging on growth of Listeria monocytogenes and nonproteolytic Clostridium botulinum in cooked turkey Food Science and Technology 1999-01-18
Lawrence, Matthew S Spatial and Temporal Growth Trends of Poplar Trees Planted for the Purpose of Pah Remediation Hydrosystems 2000-06-30
Lawrence, Harriet Vee The effects of training in feedback on managers' attributional bias and perceived effectiveness of their work groups Adult and Continuing Education 2007-10-03
Lawrence, Paul E. A case study in the administration of three Division II athletic programs in Virginia Health and Physical Education 2008-09-04
Lawrence, Ramona A. Relationship of physical activity, self-esteem levels, and selected nutrient intake with obesity in EFNEP women Community Nutrition 2008-10-02
Lawrence, Martha Matthews The modification and field testing of the Institute of Nutrition Quality of Life Scale for the Elderly Human Nutrition and Foods 2008-11-07
Lawrence, Christophe L. Effects of Feeding Phytase Enzyme and HAP Corn on Solubility of Phosphorus, Copper, and Zinc in Turkey Manure and Manure-Amended Soils Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2000-06-24
Lawrence, David E Cluster-Based Bounded Influence Regression Statistics 2003-07-30
Lawrence, Paul R. The intercollegiate athletic cartel :the economics, history, institutions, and legal arrangements of the National Collegiate Athletic Association Economics 2009-07-08
Lawrence, Terry Control of an automated storage and retrieval system Industrial and Systems Engineering 2010-01-26
Lawrence, Janice K Antecedents of conflict and ambiguity in the school superintendency. Educational Administration 2010-02-17
Laws, Eric L. An Investigation of Color Memory as a Function of Hue, Saturation, Lightness and Observer Imagery Vividness for Blue, Green and Orange Test Hues Psychology 2000-03-06
Laws, Eric L. The effect of instructions on scenic beauty ratings of riverscapes and the prediction of those ratings by environmental questionaires Psychology 2009-04-08
Lawson, Aleta Mae Freedom to Be One's Self: Appalachian Women's Perspectives on Empowerment Human Development 2001-05-25
Lawson, Brenda B. Variables Associated with Student Performance on SOL Tests in Virginia: A Comparison of Two Schools Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2001-12-10
Lawson, Judith Pharr The transmission of craft knowledge : factors of influence on the process of reflection Curriculum and Instruction 2007-05-22
Lawson, Kenneth Ray A concept analysis of middle school American history textbooks. Supervision 2008-10-30
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Lynch, Terence Lamont Factors Influencing the Enrollment of Minorities in Agricultural Science Programs at Virginia Tech Teaching and Learning 2001-04-23
Lynch, Judith Marie Case Studies of Undergraduate Women's Leadership Development at a State University Higher Education and Student Affairs 2003-12-08
Lynch, Jamel Pleasant Co-Channel Interference In Bluetooth Piconets Electrical and Computer Engineering 2002-11-18
Lynch, Keith On triangles and quadrilaterals of groups Mathematics 2006-06-07
Lynch, Matthew Earl The Effect of Microwaves on Aqueous Corrosion of Glass Materials Science and Engineering 2006-07-26
Lynch, Stephen P. Endwall Heat Transfer and Shear Stress for a Nozzle Guide Vane with Fillets and a Leakage Interface Mechanical Engineering 2007-04-25
Lynch, Judith M. Reasons cited by Virginia Tech honors students for their institutional choice compared with reasons cited in literature for all students entering higher education Student Personnel Services 2010-03-02
Lynch, William T. Politics in Hobbes' mechanics :a case study in the sociology of scientific knowledge Science and Technology Studies 2010-10-13
Lynch, Daniel P. The effect of polymer dose and mixing intensity on sludge dewatering with a plate and frame filter press Environmental Engineering 2012-08-01
Lynde, Stuart R. Techniques for Evaluating Power Plant discharges Using In-Situ Breakdown and Flow Though Laboratory Sediment Bioassays Biology 1998-07-18
Lynn, Patricia Pifer Site-based management/shared decision-making in Virginia's secondary schools : who's really deciding? Educational Administration 2005-12-22
Lyon, Anna Faye The Transition To Reader: Multiple Perspectives Teaching and Learning 2000-08-03
Lyon, Scott William Breaking down barriers: Market opportunities for Appalachian forest products in Central America Wood Science and Forest Products 2011-08-03
Lyon-Hill, Sarah E Building Governance Capacity in Rural Niger: A Study of Decentralization and Good Governance Policy as Experienced in a Local Village Urban Affairs and Planning 2012-05-14
Lyons, James Edward Population Ecology and Foraging Behavior of Breeding Birds in Bottomland Hardwood Forests of the Lower Roanoke River Biology 2001-03-14
Lyons, Daniel E. Title IX Compliance in Virginia High Schools Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2006-04-10
Lyons, John C. Strength of welded shear studs Civil Engineering 2009-06-10
Lyons, Edward Francis Present status and possible future development of the wood furniture industry in Virginia Forestry Economics 2010-02-16
Lyons-Daniels, Patricia Interscholastic Sports and The Middle School Student: A Case Study Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 1999-12-02
Lytle, Alan Marshall The development of a remotely piloted vehicle (RPV) with real-time position measurement (RtPM) for hazardous waste site characterization Environmental Engineering 2009-06-08
Lytle, Alan Marshall A Framework for Object Recognition in Construction Using Building Information Modeling and High Frame Rate 3D Imaging Civil Engineering 2011-04-15

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