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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

Carlisle, Michelle The Ecology of the White-throated Woodrat: Reviewing Theories and Exploring Possible Adaptive Strategies Natural Resources 2004-03-15
Emerald, Neal D. Consumerism, Nature, and the Human Spirit Natural Resources 2004-12-27
He, Xiaohui Natural Resources Distance Learning Programs in The United States and China Natural Resources 2004-12-16
Pederson, Shannon Elizabeth Urban Coyotes: Preparing residents of the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area for potential conflicts Natural Resources 2005-01-05
Pugh, Judith Gayle Blue Crab Habitat and Management in Chesapeake Bay Natural Resources 2005-04-25
Sivers, Sarah Katrina An Overview of Wetland Impacts and Mitigation in Northern Virginia Natural Resources 2005-04-21
Slusser, Robert S Forage Improvements and Riparian Buffers for Water Quality and Sustainability: A Small Farm Management Plan Natural Resources 2005-01-04
Stokely, John Matthews The Feasibility of Utilizing the Cellular Infrastructure for Urban Wildlife Telemetry Natural Resources 2005-05-05
Allen, April Diane Complex Spatial Skills: The Link Between Visualization and Creativity Near Environments 2000-03-19
Andes, Glenda Gilmore The Effect of Carpet Fiber on the Growth of Dermataphagiodes farniae in a Controlled Environment Near Environments 2000-12-18
Anthony, Lori A. Pattern Language as a Design and Evaluation Tool for Teaming Environments Near Environments 2001-05-12
Bagwell, Dorothy Caroline Work and Personal Financial Outcomes of Credit Counseling Clients Near Environments 2000-10-08
Beach, Joni Leigh Apparel Textile Design Process as Related to Creativity Near Environments 2003-07-21
Beach, Joni Leigh A Grounded Theory Study of Systems Theory and Clothing and Textiles Theories for the Development of a Dynamic, Complex Human Systems Theory Near Environments 1999-10-25
Campbell, Cristin L. Home Repair Experiences of Older Consumers in Montgomery County, Virginia Near Environments 1998-10-31
Carroll, Katherine Emma Innovations and Improvisations: A study in specialized product development focused on business clothing for women with physical disabilities Near Environments 2002-02-13
Cho, Siwon Influence of Consumer Age and Clothing Type of the Salesperson on Consumer Satisfaction with the Salesperson's Performance Near Environments 2001-04-30
Clevenger, Jennifer Lynn Poetry as a Source of Knowledge on Historic Dress in a Social, Political, and Economic Context: The Scottish Highlanders from 1603 through 1830 as an Example Near Environments 2002-02-17
Clevenger, Jennifer Lynn Tlingit tunic design :visual definition, meaning, and identity Near Environments 2008-08-25
El Badawy, Tarek Aly Perception of Consumer Problems and Concerns Related to Consumer Protection and Education: a Comparative Study Between American and Egyptian Academic Communities Near Environments 2001-05-04
Endo, Seiji Long-Term Relationship between Footwear Manufacturer and Consumers: Relationship Spiral Model of Encounter for Services and Goods through Internet Shopping Near Environments 2000-04-25
Gravely, Terry Maurice Apparel Buying Behaviors Of black Males and White Males When Purchasing Men's Business Suits Near Environments 1999-05-21
Haar, Sherry J. The Design of a Therapy Garment for Preschool Children with Sensory Integration Dysfunction Near Environments 1999-03-12
Hennessey, Ann M Use of physiological and perceptual dimensions of clothing comfort to evaluate nonwoven protective fabrics through wear testing of limited-use coveralls Near Environments 1999-10-19
Hwang, Eun Jin Effects of South Korean Market Liberalization on the South Korean Retail Market Near Environments 1999-01-19
Jackson, Reneé Susan Comparison of Color and Fabric Presentation Options in the Design Process Near Environments 2000-04-25
Jacob, John Bryan The Haus of Frau: Radical Drag Queens Disrupting the Visual Fiction of Gendered Appearances Near Environments 1999-05-17
Jones, Michelle R. Identifying the Small Apparel Manufacturer: A Typology of Manufacturing Strategies Near Environments 1999-04-20
Kang, Keang-Young Development of an Assortment Planning Model for Fashion Sensitive Products Near Environments 1999-04-16
Kim, Jinhee The Efffects of Workplace Financial Education on Personal Finances and Work Outcomes Near Environments 2000-04-21
Kim, Sook-Hyun A Comparison of Consumers’ Store Patronage Between South Korea and the United States: Suggestions for the Marketing Strategy of the South Korean Discount Stores Near Environments 2000-04-25
Kim, Youngjoo Assisted Living Facility as a Home: Cases in Southwest Virginia Near Environments 2002-05-24
Kim, Sook-Hyun The Model for the Evolution of Retail Institution Types in South Korea Near Environments 2003-07-21
Kittinaovarut, Siriwan Polymerization-Crosslinking Fabric Finishing, With Pad-Dry-Cure, Using Nonformaldehyde Btca/Ia/Aa Combinations to Impart durable Press Properties in Cotton Fabric. Near Environments 1998-09-15
Kutintara, Benjamas Home Environments and Allergen Avoidance Practices in a Hot, Humid Climate Near Environments 2002-05-23
Laughead, Amy Louise Illumination Level as an Influence Factor on Proxemic Behavior Near Environments 1999-11-10
Lee, Yuri Study of Relationships between Apparel Manufacturers' Supply Chain Management, Company Characteristics, and Inventory Performance Near Environments 2000-05-04
Moye, Letecia Nicole Influence of Shopping Orientations, Selected Environmental Dimensions with Apparel Shopping Scenarios, and Attitude on Store Patronage for Female Consumers Near Environments 2000-03-02
Park-Gates, Shari Lane Effects of Group Interactive Brainstorming on Creativity Near Environments 2001-08-09
Plassmann, Vandana Shah Ethnicity and Clothing Expenditures of U.S. Households: A Structural Equations Model with Latent Quality Variables Near Environments 2000-10-08
Seock, Yoo-Kyoung Analysis of Clothing Websites for Young Customer Retention based on A Model of Customer Relationship Management via the Internet Near Environments 2003-10-27
Taliaferro, Lauren Beth Archetypal Place Concept for Assisted Living Private Dwellings Near Environments 1998-12-17
Uriyo, Angela Furaha School Uniform Design Preferences of Uniform Wearers and Terminal Values Attributed to Them Near Environments 2000-11-29
Zappettini, Kris Rural Self-Help Housing: A Post Occupancy Evaluation of Homeowners' Satisfaction With Residential Space Plan Design and Housing Quality Near Environments 2001-08-16
Taylor, Kathleen Karen Carroll Reactions of energetic carbon atoms produced by 12C(p,pn)11C in alkanes and alkyl chlorides :moderator effects and deuterium isotope effects. Nuclear and Radiochemistry 2010-05-19
Schuler, Thomas McKinley The design and construction of a subcritical nuclear reactor Nuclear Engineering Physics 2013-11-15
Atwell, Robert L. Uranium dioxide and urania-thoria fuel cores for the UTR-10 reactor Nuclear Science and Engineering 2012-09-08
Jones, R. Martin The strategic decision processes and information needs of nuclear government-oversight-agency managers Nuclear Science and Engineering 2008-06-06
Oakes, Thomas Wyatt A neutron activation analysis investigation of traceable elements from automobile exhaust in roadside soil and vegetation. Nuclear Science and Engineering 2010-06-08
Prewett, Stephen V An application of Chebyshev polynomials to the solution of a two-dimensional elliptic boundary-value problem. Nuclear Science and Engineering 2010-03-02
Seth, Ernest L. FASPEC, a program to determine group constants for up to 47 groups in a fast neutron spectrum Nuclear Science and Engineering 2012-11-14
Stergakos, Elias Peter Studies of resonance in 23Na, 26Mg, 41K, 55Mn and 59Co. Nuclear Science and Engineering 2010-01-05
Subbaraman, Ganesan Analysis of the mechanical response of LMFBR fuel clads subjected to in-service property variations. Nuclear Science and Engineering 2010-07-08
Swindle, David Wesley An optimal withdrawal policy for spent nuclear fuel from on-site storage Nuclear Science and Engineering 2008-10-30
Tuley, Charles Richard Neutron radiography with the VPI & SU research reactor. Nuclear Science and Engineering 2010-07-28

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