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N'emedi, Zsolt V Development of performance sections for cold-formed steel residential construction Civil Engineering 2009-08-22
Na, Sungsoo Control of Dynamic Response of Thin-Walled Composite Beams using Structural Tailoring and Piezoelectric Actuation Engineering Science and Mechanics 1997-09-28
Na, Che Woo Ieee 802.15.4 Wireless Sensor Networks: Gts Scheduling and Service Differentiation Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-08-31
Naasz, Bo James Classical Element Feedback Control for Spacecraft Orbital Maneuvers Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2002-05-31
Nabar, Maneesha Mangesh A Framework for a Multi-Participant Gis Program Urban Affairs and Planning 1998-04-01
Nabati, Daryoosh A. Responses of two grass species to plant growth regulators, fertilizer N, chelated Fe, salinity and water stress Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2005-10-12
Naber, John F. The optimization of SPICE modeling parameters utilizing the Taguchi methodology Electrical Engineering 2006-06-07
Nacheri, Sylvanus Amkaya Probability of First-Time Freshman Admission by Race and Gender at a Large Predominantly White Land Grant Research University in the Years 1994-1998 Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 1999-11-15
Nacheri, Sylvanus Amkaya Mass schooling, Nation Building and the Sovereignty of the Kenyan state Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2006-04-20
Nadeem, Tariq Computer simulation of the steady-state thermodynamic processes and piston ring wear for a multi-stage intercooled reciprocating air compressor Mechanical Engineering 2010-06-12
Nader, Gustavo Radio Link Performance of Third Generation (3G) Technologies For Wireless Networks Electrical and Computer Engineering 2002-05-06
Nader, Gustavo Ultra Wideband Interference on Third-Generation Wireless Networks Electrical and Computer Engineering 2006-12-11
Nadir, Sher. Effect of seminal plasma on cryopreservation and function of bovine spermatozoa Animal Science 2006-10-04
Nadir, Sher Effect of high and low dosage of fresh and frozen semen on accessory sperm number, fertility and embryo quality in artificially inseminated cattle Dairy Science 2009-10-22
Nadkarni, Ketan Milind An Intrusion Detection Scheme for Wireless Mobile Ad hoc Networks based on DSDV Protocol Computer Science 2003-09-04
Nafpliotis, Irene Pneuma in Winery Architecture 2005-07-11
Nafziger, John S Reverse parameterization of B-spline surfaces for data transfer Mechanical Engineering 2009-06-30
Naga, Pradeep Analyzing the Effect of Moving Resonance on Seismic Response of Structures using Wavelet Transforms Civil Engineering 2011-08-19
Nagabhushan, Bellur Lakshminarayana Systematic investigation of models of helicopter with a slung load. Aerospace Engineering 2010-06-22
Nagarajan, Anandi Adoption of microwave ovens among a sample of older adults in Blacksburg, Virginia Housing, Interior Design, and Resource Management 1998-04-23
Nagarajan, Ramakrishnan Micro-macroscopic modeling and simulation of an Automated Highway System Civil Engineering 2008-10-02
Nagarajan, Balaji Analytic Evaluation of the Expectation and Variance of Different Performance Measures of a Schedule under Processing Time Variability Industrial and Systems Engineering 2004-02-18
Nagarajan, Anjana Chemical sensing applications of fiber optics Electrical Engineering 2009-07-10
Nagendra, Somanath Optimal stacking sequence design of stiffened composite panels with cutouts Engineering Mechanics 2008-06-06
Nagendran, Ram Modeling the assessment of human factors and safety in the marine transportation system Civil Engineering 2009-06-11
Naghshineh-Pour, Amir H. Structural Optimization and Design of a Strut-Braced Wing Aircraft Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 1998-12-14
Nagle, Suzanne Kurtz Report of the community mobilization phase of the PATCH program completed in Floyd County, Virginia Health and Physical Education 2010-03-17
Nagpal, Vidhu JaiKishen In-situ steric stablization of ultrafine titania particles synthesized by a sol-gel process Materials Engineering Science 2008-07-28
Nagpal, Sanjay Application of importance sampling simulation to CDMA systems Electrical Engineering 2009-06-16
Nagy, Amy Dae Apoptosis in the equine small intestine following experimental ischemia-reperfusion injury Large Animal Clinical Sciences 2008-06-22
Naha, Sayangdev Growth Model, Synthesis of Carbon nanostructures and Alteration of Surface properties Using Them Engineering Science and Mechanics 2008-08-07
Naidu, I. Ajit Design and development of SINK, a software INteractions knowledge system Computer Science and Applications 2009-12-23
Naik, Ankur Arc Path Collision Avoidance Algorithm for Autonomous Ground Vehicles Mechanical Engineering 2006-01-16
Naik, Apoorv Orchestra Framework: Protocol Design for Ad Hoc and Delay Tolerant Networks using Genetic Algorithms Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-06-22
Nair, Arthur William Investigation of the Effects of Sequential Anaerobic, Anoxic and Aerobic Zones on Dissolved Oxygen Transfer Parameters in a biological Nutrient Removal Pilot Plant Environmental Engineering 1998-12-16
Nair, Rajesh On improving parallel pattern single fault propagation for synchronous sequential circuits Electrical Engineering 2009-06-30
Nair, Girish Communications within a computer integrated manufacturing environment Industrial and Systems Engineering 2010-01-26
Nair, Divya Sreelatha Recycling Aquacultural Waste through Horticultural Greenhouse Production as a Resource Recovery Approach Environmental Engineering 2006-02-21
Nair, Arun Krishnan Modeling nonlinear material behavior at the nano and macro scales. Engineering Science and Mechanics 2008-07-28
Nair, Sujit S Coarse Radio Signal Classifier on a Hybrid FPGA/DSP/GPP Platform Electrical and Computer Engineering 2009-12-21
Naito, Tsuyoshi Life quality recovery :progress towards life styles in which people find value Urban and Regional Planning 2010-02-02
Najafabadi, Mehran Lotfi Application of oxygen microbubbles for groundwater oxygenation to enhance biodegradation of hydrocarbons in soil systems Environmental Engineering 2009-03-24
Najafi, Shahriar Evaluation of Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment (CFME) for Supporting Pavement Friction Management Programs Civil Engineering 2010-12-13
Najem, Joseph Samih Design and Development of a Bio-inspired Robotic Jelly sh that Features Ionic Polymer Metal Composites Actuators Mechanical Engineering 2012-05-04
Naka, Kozma Making Albanian Forestry Work Forestry 1998-07-02
Nakad, Zahi Samir High Performance Applications on Reconfigurable Clusters Electrical and Computer Engineering 2000-11-13
Nakad, Zahi Samir Architectures for e-Textiles Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003-12-23
Nakagaki, Michael Masao Ecology and Morphology of Early Animals: An Analysis of the Problematic Genus Sphenothallus from the Lower Cambrian Shuijingtuo and Niutitang Formations in South China Geosciences 2009-09-02
Nakakeeto, Gertrude The Impact of Technical Measures on Agricultural Trade: A Case of Uganda, Senegal, and Mali. ―Improving Food Security through Agricultural Trade‖ Agricultural and Applied Economics 2011-09-01
Nakles, Michael Robert Experimental and Modeling Studies of Low-Energy Ion Sputtering for Ion Thrusters Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2004-07-23
Nakovich, Laura Analysis of Biogenic Amines by GC/FID and GC/MS Chemistry 2003-09-12
Nallas, Girlie Naomi A. Heteronuclear trimetallic polyazine complexes of iridium (III) or rhodium (III) as electrocatalysts for the reduction of CO2 Chemistry 2005-12-22
Nam, Chang Soo A Theory-Based Integrated Design Process for Development and Evaluation of Web-Based Supplemental Learning Environments Industrial and Systems Engineering 2003-12-18
Nam, Sookie Settling and sedimentation behavior of fine-grained materials Civil Engineering 2005-05-16
Nam, Jong-Hoon A Computational Study on the Structure, Dynamics and Mechanoelectric Transduction of Vestibular Hair cell Mechanical Engineering 2005-08-11
Nam, Do H Methodologies for integrating traffic flow theory, ITS and evolving surveillance technologies Civil Engineering 2008-06-06
Nam, Soonkie Effects of Reservoir Releases on Slope Stability and Bank Erosion Civil Engineering 2011-06-21
Namboodri, Shannon Leahy Processing and characterization of ceramic superconductor/polymer composites Materials Engineering Science 2008-06-06
Namboodri, Chettoor G Experimental investigation and modeling of the electrostrictive relaxor ferroelectric lead magnesium niobate-lead titinate Mechanical Engineering 2009-07-21
Namburu, Visala Speech Coder using Line Spectral Frequencies of Cascaded Second Order Predictors Electrical and Computer Engineering 2001-11-12
Namvary, Shaheen Re-Presenting Memory Architecture 2012-05-11
Nanda, Dhruv A Method to Enhance the Performance of Synthetic Origin-Destination (O-D) Trip Table Estimation Models Civil Engineering 1997-06-09
Nanda, Nonit A review of computer aided facilities layout packages Industrial and Systems Engineering 2010-01-12
Nanduru, Venkata Giri Ramp control strategies and geometric design implications of high-speed automated transportation systems Civil Engineering 2009-09-05
Nandwani, Mukta Real-time Remote Visualization of Scientific Data Electrical and Computer Engineering 2002-05-23
Nanji, Nawazish Godrej Giving Architecture to Fire Architecture 2006-06-15
Nanjundappa, Mahesh Accelerating Hardware Simulation on Multi-cores Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-05-19
Napisa, Rodolfo R Conceptual design of a material handling system for a county airport mail center Systems Engineering 2009-12-16
Napit, Krishna Bahadur The economic potential of establishing a poultry litter handling industry Agricultural Economics 2007-08-08
Narasimhan, Arun Design of the integrator to work with HyTime Computer Science and Applications 2010-05-11
Narayan, Sajitha Comparison of Various Display Representation Formats for Older Adults Using Inlab and Remote Usability Testing. Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-05-31
Narayana, Jayashree Violations of land use and building regulations :evidence from a case study in Bangalore, India Urban and Regional Planning 2009-06-11
Narayanan, Arvind Development of Low-power Wireless Sensor Nodes based on Assembled Nanowire Devices Electrical and Computer Engineering 2004-09-02
Narayanan, Shivaram The Betweenness Centrality Of Biological Networks. Computer Science 2005-10-16
Narayanan, Arvind A linear programming approach for synthesizing origin-destination (O-D) trip tables based on a partial set of link traffic volumes Civil Engineering 2009-01-31
Narayanan, Prakash Analytical modeling and simulation of bicmos for VLSI circuits Electrical Engineering 2009-04-25
Narayanan, Parasuram An object-oriented framework for the creation of customized expert system for CAD Mechanical Engineering 2009-06-30
Narayanappa, Harish Investigating bridge deck deterioration using failure analysis technique and Markov chains Civil Engineering 2010-01-26
Narayanaswamy, Sathyanarayanan Development of VHDL behavioral models with back annotated timing Electrical Engineering 2009-06-11
Narayanaswamy, Ramya Priyadharshini Design of a Power-aware Dataflow Processor Architecture Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-07-26
Nardon, Nichole Diane The Low Literate Consumer in the Pharmacy Business Administration 2003-12-24
Narducci, Robert P Selected optimization procedures for CFD-based shape design involving shock waves or computational noise Aerospace Engineering 2008-06-06
Narnur, Soumya Model Development, Synthesis and Validation Using the Modeler's Assistant Electrical and Computer Engineering 1999-08-12
Narron, Georganne. The effects of intrafamilial ritualistic child abuse on an adult survivor : a systemic perspective on recovery Family and Child Development 2007-08-06
Naseer, Zarga Chemical and physical changes associated with maturity of different plants and enhancement of nutritional value by chemical treatment of crop residues Animal Science 2007-07-12
Nash, Eric B The Effect of Communication Style on Task Performance and Mental Workload Using Wearable Computers Industrial and Systems Engineering 2001-03-20
Nash, Daniel Charles An Intrusion Detection System for Battery Exhaustion Attacks on Mobile Computers Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005-05-25
Nash, Andrea Lynn Case Study of Tekoa Institute: Illustration of Nonviolent Communication Training’s Effect on Conflict Resolution Sociology 2007-04-17
Nash, Grant Utilizing Distributed Vibration Absorbers to Reduce Noise Transmission Through the Windshield of a Cessna 150 Mechanical Engineering 2004-08-13
Nash, Matthew Austin Interrogating post-Marxism: Laclau and Mouffe, Foucault, and Žižek Political Science 2009-12-02
Nash, Whitney Laine Long-Term Effects of Rock Type, Weathering and Amendments on Southwest Virginia Mine Soils Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2012-05-14
Nash, Jeffrey William Characteristics and conditioning of anaerobically digested sludge from a biological phosphorus removal plant Environmental Engineering 2012-08-01
Nash, Jr., Bradley Labor Law and the State: The Crises of Unions in the 1980s Sociology 2000-04-27
Nasir, Shakeel Showerhead Film Cooling Performance of a Turbine Vane at High Freestream Turbulence in a Transonic Cascade Mechanical Engineering 2008-08-07
Nason, Alan Barry Motivation of managers assigned to a Federal agency towards participation in government-sponsored training Adult and Continuing Education 1998-05-22
Nasr, Walid Analysis and Approximations of Time Dependent Queueing Models Industrial and Systems Engineering 2008-02-01
Nassar, Walid Mohammed Utilization of Instrument Response of SuperPaveTM Mixes at the Virginia Smart Road to Calibrate Laboratory Developed Fatigue Equations Civil Engineering 2001-07-24
Nassar, Adil J. Investigation of Transfer Length, Development Length, Flexural Strength and Prestress Loss Trend in Fully Bonded High Strength Lightweight Prestressed Girders Civil Engineering 2002-05-18
Nassar, Khaled A Framework for Building Assembly Selection and Generation Environmental Design and Planning 1999-09-29
Nasser, Khalil Maurice Development and Analysis of the Lumped Parameter Model of a Piezo-Hydraulic Actuator Mechanical Engineering 2000-11-21
Nassif, Lana Amine The Production of 2-Keto-L-Gulonic Acid by Different Gluconobacter Strains Biology 1998-07-25
Nasta, Manish H Loss phenomena in perturbed single-mode optical fibers :investigation and applications Electrical Engineering 2009-06-11
Natarajan, Anand Aeroelasticity of Morphing Wings Using Neural Networks Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2002-07-12
Natarajan, Padma Effect of nutrition counseling on maternal nutritional performance, birth outcome and choice of infant feeding in pregnant teenagers Human Nutrition and Foods 2012-08-01
Natarjan, Arun A Study of Dynamics and Stability of Two-Craft Coulomb Tether Formations Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2007-05-01
Natchus, Michael George Low-temperature vinylcyclopropane rearrangement in the total synthesis of (-) - specionin Chemistry 2005-10-21
Nathani, Arun A turbulent combustion noise model Mechanical Engineering 2012-06-10
Natili, Suzanne Elizabeth "It Took My Brain Away:" a Developmental Contextual Case Study of a Child With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disord Family and Child Development 1998-05-05
Natishan, Georgia Kathryn Returning the King: the Medieval King in Modern Fantasy English 2012-05-07
Nau, Gregory Merrill Optical fiber detection of ultrasonic vibration and acoustic emission Electrical Engineering 2009-09-29
Navarra, Kelly R. Development of the Pressure-Sensitive-Paint Technique for Advanced Turbomachinery Applications. Mechanical Engineering 1997-04-24
Navarro, Fernando Cellulose Nanocrystals: Size Characterization and Controlled Deposition by Inkjet Printing Macromolecular Science and Engineering 2010-07-19
Navin, Michael Patrick Stability of Embankments Founded on Soft Soil Improved with Deep-Mixing-Method Columns Civil Engineering 2005-08-14
Nawas, Yousef Ibrahim Solar House Architecture 2004-03-28
Nayfeh, Nader Ali Adaptation of Delayed Position Feedback to the Reduction of Sway of Container Cranes Electrical and Computer Engineering 2002-12-17
Nayfeh, Nader Ali Local and Global Stability and Dynamics of a Class of Nonlinear Time-Delayed One-Degree-of-Freedom Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering 2006-12-12
Nayfeh, Taysir H A direct on-line ultrasonic sensing method to determine tool and process conditions during turning operations Industrial and Systems Engineering 2008-06-06
Nayfeh, Jamal Faris Nonlinear dynamics of composite plates and other physical systems Engineering Mechanics 2008-07-28
Nayfeh, Mahir Ali Nonlinear dynamics in power systems Electrical Engineering 2009-03-14
Nayfeh, Samir Ali Nonlinear dynamics of systems involving widely spaced frequencies Engineering Mechanics 2009-06-30
Nayfeh, Tariq Ali Dynamics of three-degree-of-freedom systems with quadratic nonlinearities Engineering Mechanics 2009-10-22
Nayfeh, Taysir H Multi-signal processing for voice recognition in noisy environments Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-10-22
Nazem, Negin Preparation of highly reflective films by supercritical infusion of a silver additive into poly(ether ether ketone) Chemical Engineering 1997-10-03
Nazrul, Shahbaz Survivability Analysis of Two Specific 16-Node, 24-Link Communication Networks Electrical and Computer Engineering 1998-07-15
Núñez, Orlando Composite Pavements: A Technical and Economic Analysis During the Pavement Type Selection Process Civil Engineering 2007-12-11
Ndirangu, Christopher Mwangi Soybean seed yield and size as influenced by row spacing and seeding rate and seed-size heritability Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2007-10-05
Ndiwalana, Ali Ubiquitous Computing: By the People, For the People Computer Science 2003-07-01
Ndoye, Coumba Characterization of Dopant Diffusion in Bulk and lower dimensional Silicon Structures Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-12-20
Neal, Janet Davis The Effects of Different Aspects of Tourism Services on Travelers' Quality of Life: Model Validation, Refinement, and Extension Hospitality and Tourism Management 2000-04-13
Neal, Harold Lewis Response of a parametrically-excited system to a nonstationary excitation Engineering Mechanics 2010-05-11
Neal, Vance A Effects of copper on nitrification and denitrification of leachate from an abandoned landfill Environmental Engineering 2010-05-11
Neal, William Galen Basic beliefs of business and office education personnel in Virginia regarding the coordination of cooperative education. Vocational and Technical Education 2010-07-08
Neal, Roderick Q The State of the Drug Court: A Systematic and Critical Analysis of Drug Court Evaluations Sociology 2010-10-07
Neal II, Robert Evans Irreversible Electroporation Therapy for the Treatment of Spontaneous Tumors in Cancer Patients Biomedical Engineering 2011-11-09
Neal III, John Allen Implementation of a Production Architecture For a Post-2000 Market: Demonstration of a Microfactory Concept Industrial and Systems Engineering 2002-01-10
Neal III, David Anthony Design, Development, and Analysis of a Morphing Aircraft Model for Wind Tunnel Experimentation Mechanical Engineering 2006-05-02
Neale, Vicki L A comparison between predictive and formative cost-effectiveness evaluation techniques for the assessment of lecture and computer-based multimedia training Industrial and Systems Engineering 2007-10-05
Neale, Wayne Carl An experimental test of dual coding theory using various media and visual momentum in a multimedia environment Industrial and Systems Engineering 2008-06-06
Neale, Dennis Clay Spatial perception on perspective displays as a function of field-of-view and virtual environment enhancements based on visual momentum techniques Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-01-31
Neall, George M A photoelastic study of roof truss-roof interactions in a multilayered mine model. Mining Engineering 2010-06-02
Neas, Charles Bennett A Greedy Search Algorithm for Maneuver-Based Motion Planning of Agile Vehicles Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2010-12-16
Neatrour, Matthew Aaron Factors affecting root system response to nutrient heterogeneity in forested wetland ecosystems Biology 2005-04-30
Nebipasagil, Ali Chemically and Photochemically Crosslinked Networks and Acid-Functionalized Mwcnt Composites Macromolecular Science and Engineering 2011-05-17
Nechitailo, Nicholas V Finite element analysis of failure modes in dynamically loaded pre-cracked steel plates Engineering Mechanics 2008-07-28
Nedrow, Alicia Ability of Klebsiella spp. mastitis isolates to produce virulence factors for enhanced evasion of bovine innate immune defenses. Dairy Science 2009-12-22
Needham, Daniel L Failure of asperities by hydraulically induced fatigue :a model for the generation of intraplate seismicity Geophysics 2010-07-21
Needleman, Lawrence D. Corporate recycling : interventions and person variables associated with participation Psychology 2007-02-26
Needleman, Edith Berkowitz. Achieving organizational excellence through managing diversity : enhancing productivity, self concept, and career development Public Administration and Public Affairs 2007-07-12
Needleman, Lawrence D. Continuous Processing Task (CPT) performance in children with attention deficit disorder with and without hyperactivity :effects of rate and control of pacing /Lawrence D. Needleman. Psychology 2012-11-29
Neel, Reece E. Advances In Computational Fluid Dynamics: Turbulent Separated Flows And Transonic Potential Flows Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 1997-06-06
Neel, James O'Daniell Simulation of an Implementation and Evaluation of the Layered Radio Architecture Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003-01-09
Neel, James O'Daniell Analysis and Design of Cognitive Radio Networks and Distributed Radio Resource Management Algorithms Electrical and Computer Engineering 2006-12-08
Neel, Jack Fagg An investigation of the effect of certain environmental factors on the membrane filter procedure for bacteriological examination of water--Part II Sanitary Engineering 2013-11-15
Neely, Caroline Elizabeth "Dat's one chile of mine you ain't never gonna sell": Gynecological Resistance within the Plantation Community History 2000-05-26
Neely, William Douglas Evaluation of the In-Servic Performance of the Tom's Creek Bridge Civil Engineering 2000-05-26
Neely, Helen Meek Special Education Conflict Management at the School Building Level: A Multi-vocal Synthesis Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2005-03-28
Neeves, Sara Elizabeth An Examination of Power Differentials and Intimate Partner Violence in Lesbian Relationships Human Development 2008-05-01
Neff, Angela R. Bayesian Two Stage Design Under Model Uncertainty Statistics 1998-07-19
Neff, John Michael Organic emissions during oven drying of wood Mechanical Engineering 2009-10-24
Negus, Charles H. An Interactive Chemical Equilibrium Solver for the Personal Computer Mechanical Engineering 1998-07-20
Negus, Tracy L. The response of German cockroaches to commercial toxic baits and their potential to develop resistance Entomology 2005-10-07
Nehring, Richard David. A Civil War museum design, at Fredericksburg, Virginia Architecture 2007-02-09
Neidigh, Kurt Alan Chemical studies of the C-4 position of baccatin III and taxol Chemistry 2006-10-19
Neidigh, Kurt Alan Studies on the biosynthesis of podophyllotoxin:synthesis of labelled yatein and matairesinol, two potential precursors of podophyllotoxin Chemistry 2009-09-19
Neil, Richard L Support for Pointer Semantics in a Generative Communication Framework Computer Science 2005-02-22
Nelson, Rebecca S. Developing Mathematical Knowledge Through Class Discussion: One Teacher's Struggles in Implementing Reform Curriculum and Instruction 1997-12-17
Nelson, Mark David A Comparison of Two Methods Used to Deal with Saturation of Multiple, Redundant Aircraft Control Effectors Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2001-08-21
Nelson, William Andrew Assessment of Panic Frequency: Reliability and Validity of a Timeline Follow-Back Method Psychology 1999-05-14
Nelson, Michael James Direct Transpiration and Naphthalene Uptake Rates for a Hybrid Poplar Based Phytoremediation System Environmental Engineering 2005-02-18
Nelson, Bernard A. Fade slope measurements and modeling in the Ku- and Ka-bands using the Olympus satellite Electrical Engineering 2005-10-07
Nelson, Ross The use of airborne laser altimetry to estimate tropical forest basal area, volume, and biomass Forestry 2006-02-01
Nelson, Bonnie. One child's use of assistive technology Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2007-02-05
Nelson, Ann E. Solutions of Hope: Study of Public Choice alternative Education Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2008-04-03
Nelson, Theresa Michelle Optimizations of Battery-Based Intrusion Protection Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering 2008-05-07
Nelson, Edward L Temperature, pressure, and infrared image survey of an axisymmetric heated exhaust plume Mechanical Engineering 2008-06-06
Nelson, Erik Walter Combined Compression and Shear Structural Evaluation of Stiffened Panels Fabricated Using Electron Beam Freeform Fabrication Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2008-07-08
Nelson, Scott G Feminist critiques of politics/science :discursive controversies at the intersection of gender and science Political Science 2009-06-30
Nelson, Katie Small-scale and Amenity Focused Forestry: Filling a Market Niche Forestry 2009-06-28
Nelson, John D Toxicity characteristic leaching procedure analysis of dye containing sludges Civil Engineering 2009-10-06
Nelson, Kim Emergency procedures manual for AAA high school stadiums and gymnasiums Health and Physical Education (Sports Management) 2010-03-17
Nelson, Edward L Development of an infrared gaseous radiation band model based on NASA SP-3080 for computational fluid dynamic code validation applications Mechanical Engineering 2010-06-08
Nelson, James H Labor allocation decisions of Virginia's farm families Agricultural Economics 2010-06-08
Nelson, Keith Phillip An Arcminute-Resolution Imaging Study of the H-alpha & [S II] Emission of the ISM from the Local Perseus Arm Using the Virginia Tech Spectral-Line Survey Physics 2011-08-12
Nelson, Jeffrey Ernest Automatic, incremental, on-the-fly garbage collection of actors Computer Science and Applications 2012-06-10
Nelson, Jr., Michael A. Overstretched and Underfunded: The Status of the US Military in the GWoT Political Science 2006-02-07
Nemallapudi, Chaitanya Evaluating Term Extraction Methods for Domain Analysis Computer Science 2010-08-16
Nemeh, M. Rafik An observational study of freeway lane-changing behaviour Civil Engineering 2010-06-12
Nergaard, Troy Modeling and Control of a Single-Phase, 10 kW Fuel Cell Inverter Electrical and Computer Engineering 2002-07-26
Nerhood, Robert C An improved scoring system for the Available Motions Inventory (AMI) Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-07-10
Nerves, Allan C Regenerative electric actuators for active control of civil structures Electrical Engineering 2007-10-05
Nespeca, Mathew C. Interactive Effects of Imazapyr plus Triclopyr ester and Imazapyr plus Glyphosate Mixtures on Woody Weed Seedlings Forestry 1997-10-17
Neti, Swaroop Narasimha Ship Design Optimization Using Asset Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2005-02-28
Nettelbeck, Peter Oliver A Place to Dream Architecture 2012-05-21
Nettles, A. T The effects of tensile preloads on the impact response of carbon/epoxy laminates Materials Engineering Science 2008-06-06
Neubauer, Tamara E Cholesterol reduction in men :an experimental investigation of intensive treatment with frequent feedback versus a simple educational treatment Psychology 2009-03-12
Neubert, Michael Christopher Estimation of Required Restraint Forces in Z-Purlin Supported, Sloped Roofs Under Gravity Loads Civil Engineering 1999-09-02
Neugebauer, Shawn Patrick Robust Analysis of M-Estimators of Nonlinear Models Electrical and Computer Engineering 1998-07-20
Neumann, Michael Landon A method for the spatial functionalization of the dynamic response of a structure with structural stability considerations Mechanical Engineering 2009-06-11
Neumeister, Kenneth Eugene Design and analysis of ground stations for Pacsat applications Electrical Engineering 2009-03-12
Neurauter, Michael Lucas Multidimensional Warnings: Determining an Appropriate Stimulus for a Curve-Warning Device Industrial and Systems Engineering 2004-10-11
Neurauter, Viki Braud An Assessment for our Future: An Investigation of the Presence of External Ecological Assets within Three Counties and One City in Southwest Virginia 6th Grade Youth Teaching and Learning 2011-03-31
Neves, Andrea Marolt Pimenta A Comparison of Implied Standard Deviations and Historical Estimates of Volatility During and After the Participation of the British Pound in the ERM Economics (Arts and Sciences) 1999-03-31
Nevill, Ralph John Leslie The association and transmission of Leptographium procerum (Kendr.) wing., by root feeding insects in Christmas tree plantations Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 2005-10-12
Nevits, Jeffrey A Design and implementation of a reconfigurable FPGA-based video frame grabber board Electrical Engineering 2008-10-02
Newbill, Ralph Steven The Literary Reception of Paul Hamilton Hayne and His Place in the American and Southern Literary Canons English 2004-05-02
Newbill, Phyllis Leary Instructional Strategies to Improve Women's Attitudes toward Science Teaching and Learning 2005-04-19
Newbill, Paula Brown Motivations for Studying French: Language Orientations and Expectancy-Value Theory Education Curriculum and Instruction 2009-04-13
Newbold, Stephanie P All But Forgotten: Thomas Jefferson's Contribution to the Development of Public Administration in the United States Public Administration and Public Affairs 2006-12-20
Newbold, James Richard Comparison and Simulation of a Water Distribution Network in EPANET and a New Generic Graph Trace Analysis Based Model Environmental Engineering 2009-02-08
Newbury, Kenneth Matthew Characterization, Modeling, and Control of Ionic Polymer Transducers Mechanical Engineering 2002-09-18
Newbury, Golnar A Numerical Study of a Delay Differential Equation Model for Breast Cancer Mathematics 2007-08-08
Newby, JoeAnn E. Job Satisfaction of Middle School Principals in Virginia Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 1999-03-18
Newcomb, Jamie David A Scalable Approach to Multi-core Prototyping Electrical and Computer Engineering 2008-01-31
Newcombe, Brenda Hall. A historical descriptive study of the American Personnel and Guidance Association from April 1963 through July 1983 Student Personnel Services 2005-10-24
Newell, Virginia Elisabeth Effects of calcium, sulphur and potassium concentration in overburden on quality of strip mine drainage. Environmental Sciences and Engineering 2010-06-12
Newhall, William George Wideband Propagation Measurement Results, Simulation Models, and Processing Techniques For a Sliding Correlator Measurement System Electrical Engineering 1997-11-13
Newhall, William George Radio Channel Measurements and Modeling for Smart Antenna Array Systems Using a Software Radio Receiver Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003-04-22
Newhouse, Charles David Design and Behavior of Precast, Prestressed Girders Made Continuous – An Analytical and Experimental Study Civil Engineering 2005-04-24
Newhouse, Charles D Corrosion rates and the time to cracking of chloride contaminated reinforced concrete bridge components Civil Engineering 2009-06-16
Newkirk, Michael Hayes An altimeter waveform model for combined surface and volume scattering Electrical Engineering 2005-10-24
Newkirk, Michael Hayes Airborne radar altimeter return waveform computations Electrical Engineering 2009-03-14
Newman, James Charles Integrated Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Using Discrete Sensitivity Analysis for Geometrically Complex Aeroelastic Configurations Mechanical Engineering 1997-07-22
Newman, John Andrew The Effects of Load Ratio on Threshold Fatigue Crack Growth of Aluminum Alloys Engineering Mechanics 2000-11-01
Newman, Christopher K. Exponential Integrators for the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations Mathematics 2003-10-22
Newman, John Andrew Life prediction of spot-welds :a fatigue crack growth approach Engineering Mechanics 2008-11-01
Newman, Lindsey M. "Under an Ill Tongue": Witchcraft and Religion in Seventeenth-Century Virginia History 2009-04-09
Newman, Kurt R Response of brook char (Salvelinus fontinalis) and blacknose dace (Rhinichthys atratulus) to acidic episodes in three headwater streams within the Shenandoah National Park, Virginia Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2009-10-22
Newman, James Preston The effects of heavy metals on the asexual reproduction of the annelid Aeolosoma headleyi Beddard (1888). Zoology 2010-06-02
Newman, Rayya Renee USE-LESS Building Architecture 2010-09-08
Newman, Christina Louise Evaluation of alternative forage species to reduce risk for cow-calf production systems in the Appalachian region Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2010-12-09
Newman, Andrew Samuel Performance of a Showerhead and Shaped Hole Film Cooled Vane at High Freestream Turbulence and Transonic Conditions Mechanical Engineering 2010-05-18
Newsom, Jerry Russell Designing Active Control Laws in a Computational Aeroelasticity Environment Mechanical Engineering 2002-03-25
Newsome, Stephen Sumner Design and evaluation of a prototype high precision temperature telemetry system. Mechanical Engineering 2010-05-19
Newswander, Chad B. Agency of Crisis: The Chaos and Reordering of Presidential Security Communication Studies 2008-04-24
Newswander, Lynita K. Myths and Blueprints: Enacting Utopia through Fiction Political Science 2007-05-10
Newswander, Lynita Kay Biopolitics and Belief: Governance in the Church of Christ, Scientist, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Planning, Governance, and Globalization 2009-04-07
Newswander, Chad B. Presidential Security: Bodies, Bubbles, & Bunkers Public Administration and Public Affairs 2009-04-18
Neyman, Elizabeth Improvement in Adhesion for the Epoxy-SiC System via Plasma and Silane Surface Modification Techniques Materials Science and Engineering 2003-08-12
Neyman, Patrick J. Nonlinear Optical Properties and Structural Characteristics of Ionically Self-Assembled Nanoscale Polymer Films Influenced by Ionic Concentration and Incorporation of Monomer Chromophores Materials Science and Engineering 2002-05-23
Neyman, Patrick J Second-Order Nonlinear Optical Characteristics of Nanoscale Self-Assembled Multilayer Organic Films Macromolecular Science and Engineering 2004-07-07
Ng, Chong Teck A general purpose machine vision prototyper for investigating the inspection of planar webs Electrical Engineering 2005-10-24
Ng, Ai-Leng Comparisons of serum lipid levels and dietary lipid intakes of parents and children Human Nutrition and Foods 2010-06-12
Ngassa, Tchatchoua Studies of grazing and nursing behavior in Angus crossbred cattle Animal Science 2009-09-29
Ngobese, Peter The economics of large scale wheat production in Zimbabwe Agricultural Economics 2007-02-27
Ngouajio, Mathieu Evaluation of CGA-136872 and DPX-V9360 for postmergence use in corn Plant Physiology and Weed Science 2009-03-14
Nguema, Abigail Marie Two Papers Evaluating the Economic Impact of Agricultural Innovation Agricultural and Applied Economics 2011-10-07
Nguyen, Thierry Huu Chi CMZP and Mg-doped Al2TiO5 Thin film Coatings for High Temperature Corrosion Protection of Si3N4 Heat Exchangers Materials Science and Engineering 1998-04-21
Nguyen, Vinh Q. A Numerical Study of Burgers' Equation With Robin Boundary Conditions Mathematics 2001-02-20
Nguyen, Phuoc Huu Cultural Monument The Future of The Past City Architecture 2002-01-16
Nguyen, Hien Robust Steering Vector Mismatch Techniques for Reduced Rank Adaptive Array Signal Processing Electrical and Computer Engineering 2002-10-11
Nguyen, Hoan Kim Huynh Volterra Systems with Realizable Kernels Mathematics 2004-04-29
Nguyen, Huy Design, Analysis and Implementation of Multiphase Synchronous Buck DC-DC Converter for Transportable Processor Electrical and Computer Engineering 2004-05-03
Nguyen, Anh-Minh Ngoc High-Quality Detection in Heavy-Traffic Avionic Communication System Using Interference Cancellation Techniques Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005-09-23
Nguyen, Quang Tran Process for Improving the Exfoliation and Dispersion of Nanoclay Particles into Polymer Matrices Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Chemical Engineering 2007-05-08
Nguyen, Caroline Kimmy Interactions Between Copper and Chlorine Disinfectants: Chlorine Decay, Chloramine Decay and Copper Pitting Environmental Engineering 2005-11-12
Nguyen, Tai K Optimization of radiometric channel solar calibration for the Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System (CERES) using the Monte-Carlo method Mechanical Engineering 2009-06-23
Nguyen, Son T Elastic-plastic finite element modeling of long span composite joists with incomplete interaction Civil Engineering 2009-10-06
Nguyen, Vinh T Rural water supply in the Virginia coalfield counties Urban and Regional Planning 2010-01-26
Nguyen, Amy L Incorporating CTEA as a screening tool to enhance the process of obtaining training effectiveness estimates Systems Engineering 2010-03-17
Nguyen, Binh Thanh Studying the Elasticity of Taxable Income and Its Functional Form from the Taxpayer Compliance Perspective Economics 2010-05-18
Nguyen, Han Quang Social security as an investment:a Monte Carlo investigation. Industrial Engineering and Operations Research 2010-06-08
Nguyen, Quoc The Protocols specification and validation for the movement of Grades 2 and 3 Bitstream data through the Virtual Channel Link Control layer of the return link of the CCSDS Principal Network (CPN) Electrical Engineering 2010-06-12
Nguyen, Huy Sequential Equivalence Checking with Efficient Filtering Strategies for Inductive Invariants Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-04-27
Nguyen, Khanh T. H. The economic performance of Asian immigrants entering the U.S. between 1975 and 1979 Economics 2012-11-20
Nguyen, Chuong Hoang Features identification and tracking for an autonomous ground vehicle Mechanical Engineering 2013-05-22
Nguyen, Caroline Kimmy Galvanic Lead Corrosion in Potable Water: Mechanisms, Water Quality Impacts, and Practical Implications Civil Engineering 2010-10-04
Ni, Lingli Fault-Tolerant Control of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-02
Ni, Hao Expression of Human Protein C in Transgenic Tobacco Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 1997-12-01
Ni, Jianwen Molecular investigation of the wood/pMDI adhesive bondline Wood Science and Forest Products 2006-10-04
Ni, Yuqing The effect of response distortion on the accuracy of predictive inferences of personality inventories Psychology 2009-06-16
Ni, Wuyen Wayne A simualtion [sic] study of left turning movement at an unsignalized intersection Civil Engineering 2009-12-23
Ni, Tao A Framework of Freehand Gesture Interaction: Techniques, Guidelines, and Applications Computer Science 2011-09-21
Ni, Ying Arabinoglucuronoxylan and Arabinoxylan Adsorption onto Regenerated Cellulose Films Chemistry 2013-09-17
Nicely, Kenneth Edward Middle Level Schools in an Era of Standards and Accountability: Adaptations of the Features of the Middle School Concept Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2012-03-29
Nicholas, N. S Stand structure, growth, and mortality in southern Appalachian spruce-fir Forestry 2008-06-06
Nicholas, Jeffrey Lynn The role of welfare in an egalitarian metric Philosophy 2009-06-11
Nicholas, Joshua Stephen Examination of Taxi Travel Patterns in Arlington County Civil Engineering 2012-05-11
Nichols, James Andrew The Turning of a City's Soul: Norfolk's Public School Integration Crisis, 1954 - 1959 History 2003-09-19
Nichols, Roger Alan A performance baseline for machinery condition classification by neural network Systems Engineering 2010-03-17
Nichols-Belo, Amy Globalization On the Ground: Health, Development, and Volunteerism in Meatu, Tanzania Science and Technology Studies 2003-06-05
Nicholson, Brian Robert LibX 2.0 Computer Science 2011-12-20
Nicholson, Carolyn Young Communication strategy development in supplier-based environmental uncertainty : the mediating effects of transaction form and interpersonal exchange norms Business Administration (Marketing) 2006-12-14
Nicholson, Michael Eugene The effect of overload and traditional pitcher conditioning on the velocity of pitched baseballs Health and Physical Education 2010-01-26
Nicholson, Christopher Robin The response of 12 clones of eastern white pine (Pinus strobus L.) to ozone and nitrogen dioxide. Plant Pathology 2010-06-12
Nick, Heather A. Money Management Behaviors of Traditional-Aged College Freshmen and Sophomores: a Qualitative Study Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 1998-07-20
Nickell, Christopher Lee Modular Modification of a Buoyant AUV for Low-Speed Operation Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2005-09-12
Nickens, Bradley Harrison Postmaterialism and Democracy: What Does the Postmaterialist Value Shift Mean for Democracy? Political Science 2004-05-08
Nicolay, John Historic preservation : a study in local public administration Public Affairs and Public Policy 2007-05-22
Nicoli, Edoardo Characterization of Mixed-Mode Fracture Testing of Adhesively Bonded Wood Specimens Engineering Science and Mechanics 2010-07-23
Nicoll, Jeffrey Scott Systematics of bond length and radii variations in flouride and silicate molecules and crystals Geological Sciences 2009-08-04
Nicoloso, Steven P. An Investigation of Carrier Recovery Techniques for PSK Modulated Signals in CDMA and Mulipath Mobile Environments Electrical and Computer Engineering 1998-07-20
Nielsen, Eric John Aerodynamic Design Sensitivities on an Unstructured Mesh Using the Navier-Stokes Equations and a Discrete Adjoint Formulation Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 1998-12-05
Nielsen, Peter J The prediction of functional capacity in active coronary artery disease patients using a physical activity questionnaire Health and Physical Education 2009-08-22
Nielson, L. Reece Family and Clinician Effects on Costs of Psychiatric Emergency Services Dispositions Human Development 2009-04-09
Niemietz, Roberta Effects of Temperature on Anaerobic Lignin Degradation in Bioreactor Landfills Environmental Engineering 2008-12-10
Niese, Elizabeth M Combinatorial Properties of the Hilbert Series of Macdonald Polynomials Mathematics 2010-04-08
Nieves, Leslie Anne Dugdale An analysis of linkages between the manufacturing and agricultural sectors in Virginia. Agricultural Economics 2010-07-28
Niezrecki, Christopher Structural & Internal Acoustic Response of Cylinders with Applications to Rocket Payload Fairings Mechanical Engineering 1999-06-28
Niezrecki, Christopher Power factor correction and power consumption characterization of piezoelectric actuators Mechanical Engineering 2010-05-11
Niki, Satomi Labor market segmentation and migrant workers in Japan Political Science 2009-08-22
Nikkhah, Mehdi Identification of Cell Biomechanical Signatures Using Three Dimensional Isotropic Microstructures Mechanical Engineering 2010-12-14
Nikovits, Jean F. A study of the perceptions of elementary school principals from one school division regarding the skills and knowledge of computer technology critical to their job performance Educational Administration 2006-08-14
Ning, Puqi Design and Development of High Density High Temperature Power Module with Cooling System Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-05-17
Ninnemann, Todd A. Effects of riblets on the performance of the supersonic through-flow fan cascade blades Mechanical Engineering 2005-10-24
Ninnemann, Todd A Aspirating probes for measurement of mean concentration and fluctuating quantities in supersonic air/helium shear layer Mechanical Engineering 2009-12-23
Nippert, Howard Christian Investigation of salinity and nutrient characteristics of two groundwater based flow systems on Virginia's Eastern Shore Biology 2009-11-24
Nitowski, Gary Alan Topographic and Surface Chemical Aspects of the Adhesion of Structural Epoxy Resins to Phosphorus Oxo Acid Treated Aluminum Adherends Materials Science and Engineering 1998-12-05
Niu, Sanjun A label-free, fluorescence based assay for microarray Chemical Engineering 2004-08-12
Niu, Jing Desalination of Produced Water via Gas Hydrate Formation and Post Treatment Mining and Minerals Engineering 2012-07-12
Niu, Zhenbin Design, Preparation and Characterization of Novel Pseudorotaxanes, Semirotaxanes, Rotaxanes, Non-Covalent Supramolecular Polymers and Polycatenanes Chemistry 2011-09-07
Nix, Andrew Carl Effects of High Intensity, Large-Scale Freestream Combustor Turbulence On Heat Transfer in Transonic Turbine Blades Mechanical Engineering 2003-04-30
Nix, Andrew Carl Effects of shock wave passing on turbine blade heat transfer in a transonic turbine cascade Mechanical Engineering 2008-08-22
Nizamuddin, Muhammad Ali Predistortion for Nonlinear Power Amplifiers with Memory Electrical and Computer Engineering 2002-12-16
Njambi, Wairimu Ngaruiya Colonizing Bodies: a Feminist Science Studies Critique of Anti-Fgm Discourse Science and Technology Studies 2001-03-07
Njambi, Wairimu Ngaruiya A reflexive understanding of woman/woman marriages among the Gikuyu of Kenya Family and Child Development 2009-07-21
Nnadi, Ogechi A Harmony of Form and Place Architecture 2012-06-20
Noble, Robert Bruce Multivariate Applications of Bayesian Model Averaging Statistics 2000-12-20
Noble, Evan S. Marshall Plan Films and Americanization History 2006-05-06
Noble, Donald O Feed intake in chickens :genetic and social factors Animal and Poultry Sciences 2009-09-29
Noble, John Mills The relationship between the crushing strength of brittle materials and the size of cubical specimens tested Mining Engineering 2010-05-11
Noble, Barry C Degrees of motor program control. Psychology 2010-06-02
Noble, Carter Studies of the coenzyme binding site and essential sulfhydryl group of years 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase. Biochemistry and Nutrition 2010-06-02
Noble, Christopher Aaron Laboratory-Scale Analysis of Energy-Efficient Froth Flotation Rotor Design Mining and Minerals Engineering 2012-10-19
Noel, Karen A Community college/higher education doctorates in the two-year college administrative labor market :a national study with regional analysis Community College Education 2008-07-28
Noell, John Lee Watson The preparation and characterization of PEK/TEOS glasses by the sol-gel method Chemical Engineering 2012-08-01
Noffsinger, Robert Edwin Seasonal variation in the natality, mortality, and nutrition of the pine vole in two orchard types. Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2009-03-14
Noguchi, Ryoichi J. P. Family Expressivity and Social Anxiety in Children: The Potential Mediating and Moderating Roles of Emotion Regulation Psychology 2007-05-10
Noguchi, Ryoichi John Paul Cultural Factors in the Dysregulation of Shame and Embarrassment: Emotions in Social Anxiety and Taijin Kyofusho Psychology 2011-04-26
Nolan, Michael turning_space Architecture 2010-05-17
Nolen, Carolyn Pilla The history of Ferrum College from a mission school to a college Educational Administration 2005-12-22
Nolte, Elizabeth G Teaching approaches employed by postsecondary education instructors teaching in both the traditional classroom setting and the distance education setting Student Personnel Services 2008-09-18
Nontapot, Kanokwan Time-Resolved Studies of Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Narrow-Gap Semiconductors Physics 2008-08-18
Noon, James P Design of a multi-module multi-phase battery charger for the NASA EOS space platform testbed Electrical Engineering 2009-08-22
Noon, David P. Performance of a wideband CDMA system under multipath fading Electrical Engineering 2012-11-17
Noonan, Peter James A History of Establishment Clause Jurisprudence With Respect to Parochial School Funding Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2010-12-13
Noone, Colleen Callahan The Role of Leaders in AVID Schools and the Impact on Student Achievement Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2010-12-07
Norabuena, Edmundo O. Velocity Structure of the Subducting Nazca Plate beneath central Peru as inferred from Travel Time Anomalies Geophysics 1998-07-20
Norberg, Adam D. Facility and Methodologies for Evaluation of Hydrogen-Air Mixer Performance Mechanical Engineering 2006-09-19
Norcio, Sheila Azadeh Object-oriented and relational databases :a comparative study of concepts and applications Computer Science 2010-01-20
Nord, Lars A Thermoacoustic Characterization of a Rijke-type Tube Combustor Mechanical Engineering 2001-03-10
Nordberg, Tone Merete Procedure to Quantify Environmental Risk of Nutrient Loadings to Surface Waters Biological Systems Engineering 2001-04-03
Norden, David Todd A Constructivist Model for Public War Memorial Design that Facilitates Dynamic Meaning Making Landscape Architecture 2003-04-28
Norman, Nathaniel Don From a Record of Death to a Memory of Life: The Rise of the Biographical Obituary in the Gentleman’s Magazine English 2008-04-28
Norman, Garrett Todd Pull Manufacturing System Design for Rough Mill Systems: A Case Study Wood Science and Forest Products 2008-05-19
Norman, Alfred W Methionine, lysine, and phenylalanine infusion and the effect on plasma amino acid concentrations and mammary uptake. Dairy Science 2010-06-02
Norman, Mary Ann Looking Through Their Lens: The Decisions about Reading Instruction Made by Experienced 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade Teachers Curriculum and Instruction 2008-08-21
Normann, James Brian Parametric identification of nonlinear structural dynamic systems Aerospace Engineering 2010-06-12
Noronha, Joseph Ajay Neil Ultrawideband Channel Sounding Studies in Outdoor and Outdoor-Indoor Environments Electrical and Computer Engineering 2004-07-02
Noronha, Gregory Mario Industry characteristics, agency theory, and the interaction of capital structure and dividend policy Finance 2005-10-12
Norris, James Alexander Behavior of Magneto-Rheological Fluids Subject to Impact and Shock Loading Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-02
Norris, Katheryn Malcolm Born To Be Wild: Tiger Persecution and Advocacy From 1800 to the Present Science and Technology Studies 2005-06-03
Norris, Dwayne G Incorporating implicit leadership theories into the transformational and transactional leadership framework Industrial/Organizational Psychology 2008-06-06
Norris, Dwayne G Leadership perceptions of men and women :a leadership categorization view Industrial/Organizational Psychology 2009-06-16
Norris, Kimberly Jane Virginia’s Foundation Blocks for Early Learning: Interpretation and Implementation by Practitioners Teaching and Learning 2012-02-23
Norrod, Forrest Eugene The E-algorithm :an automatic test generation algorithm for hardware description languages Electrical Engineering 2010-06-12
Northrop, Paul M Fiber tension loss during the winding and cure of a filament wound composite case Engineering Mechanics 2009-07-29
Norton, Derek Mason Architecture and the Crisis of Place Architecture 1999-05-13
Norton, Jenny Lynn Efficacy of Odor Scavengers in Reducing Odor Compounds in Water, Milk, and Soymilk Food Science and Technology 2003-10-10
Norton, Shawn Michael The evaluation of pump-and-treat groundwater remediation techniques for gasoline with emphasis on in situ bioremediation Environmental Sciences and Engineering 2010-02-16
Norwood, Donald Scott An analysis of interlaminar stresses in unsymmetrically laminated plates Engineering Mechanics 2007-02-05
Nory, Ravikiran Performance Analysis of Space-Time Coded Modulation Techniques using GBSB-MIMO Channel Models Electrical and Computer Engineering 2002-06-06
Noschka, Erik Can isoprostanes be used to predict survival in horses with colic? Large Animal Clinical Sciences 2010-08-09
Nosek, Michael Modeling helicopter dynamic loads using artificial neural networks Aerospace Engineering 2009-08-18
Nosier, Asghar On vibration and stability problems of laminated plates and shells using shear deformation theories Engineering Mechanics 2007-05-22
Nossen-Johnson, Patricia Sabina S+M=L Architecture 2004-04-30
Nostrandt, Amy Carol Development of a model cell culture system in which to study early effects of neuropathy-inducting organophosphates Veterinary Medical Sciences 2005-09-20
Nottingham, Quinton J. Model-robust quantal regression Statistics 2005-10-26
Nouhoheflin, Theodore Assessing the Economic Impacts of Tomato Integrated Pest Management in Mali and Senegal Agricultural and Applied Economics 2010-07-20
Nourbakhsh, Aida Molecular Characterization of Inositol Monophosphatase Like Enzymes in Arabidopsis thaliana Biochemistry 2012-07-02
Nouri, Arash Correlation-Based Detection and Classification of Rail Wheel Defects using Air-coupled Ultrasonic Acoustic Emissions Mechanical Engineering 2016-05-24
Novaes, Luciano Patto Growth, body composition and costs of feeding Holstein heifers Animal Science (Dairy) 2008-07-28
Novak, David Christopher A Methodology for Characterization and Performance Analysis of Connection-Based Network Access Technologies Management Science and Information Technology 2001-04-25
Novak, Julia Ann Cavitation and Bubble Formation in Water Distribution Systems Environmental Engineering 2005-05-03
Novak, David C Meeting state waste stream reduction mandates through recycling :examining residential waste disposal behavior in rural Virginia Agricultural and Applied Economics 2009-01-31
Novean, Michael George Bernard Direct measurement of skin friction in complex supersonic flows Aerospace Engineering 2008-06-06
Nowak, Ethan J. Applications of the Radon transform, Stratigraphic filtering, and Object-based stochastic reservoir modeling Geosciences 2004-11-20
Nowak, Stephanie Beth Understanding Time-Variant Stress-Strain in Turkey: A Numerical Modeling Approach Geosciences 2005-01-30
Nowak, Jaroslaw Physiological responses of sun and shade foliage in thinned and unthinned ten-year-old loblolly pine stands Forestry 2009-10-22
Nowalk, Thomas J Framing Games: an Exploration Into the Speaking Activity of a Chinese-English Bilingual Child Teaching and Learning 1999-04-20
Nowell, Lucille Terry Graphical Encoding for Information Visualization: Using Icon Color, Shape, and Size to Convey Nominal and Quantitative Data Computer Science 1997-11-07
Nowicki, David R Reliability allocation and apportionment :addressing redundancy and life-cycle cost Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-08-04
Nowinski, Matthew C A two-dimensional model to predict rotating stall in axial-flow compressors Mechanical Engineering 2009-08-04
Noyalas, Jonathan Alex "My will is absolute law" General Robert H. Milroy and Winchester, Virginia History 2003-04-14
Nsoesie, Elaine O. Sensitivity Analysis and Forecasting in Network Epidemiology Models Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2012-04-13
Nubern, Chris Competitiveness of Virginia dairy producers in a national setting given changing marketing and policy conditions Agricultural and Applied Economics 2008-06-06
Nuckolls, William E Fan noise reduction from a supersonic inlet Mechanical Engineering 2009-08-22
Nuckols, John Eric Implementation of Geometrically Based Single-Bounce Models for Simulation of Angle-of-Arrival of Multipath Delay Components in the Wireless Channel Simulation Tools, SMRCIM and SIRCIM Electrical and Computer Engineering 1999-12-06
Nugent, Thomas Christopher The enantioselective synthesis of C{u2081}{u2088}-sphingosines Chemistry 2008-06-06
Nugent, Russell Arthur Analysis of newborn calf body measurements and relationship of calf shape to sire breeding values for birth weight and calving ease Animal Science (Breeding and Genetics) 2008-07-28
Nugent, Russell A. Effects of breed and ram exposure on Spring estrous behavior and Summer fertility in domestic ewes Animal Science 2012-08-01
Null, Matthew Todd Capturing the Chimera: Ideology and Persuasion in the Rhetoric of Soulforce Communication Studies 2008-07-29
Nune, Rakesh Path Prediction and Path Diversion Identifying Methodologies for Hazardous Materials Transported by Malicious Entities Civil Engineering 2007-12-17
Nunes, Jack D. An Exploratory Study of the Systemic Effects of Lead, Trichloroethylene, and a Mixture of Lead and Trichloroethylene Provided Concurrently by Oral Gavage to Male Rats Veterinary Medical Sciences 1999-02-04
Nunez, Steven C Behavioral, temporal, and spatial relationships in free-ranging female Anolis carolinensis (Sauria: Polychridae) Biology 2009-06-16
Nunley, Chad E Production of hybrid striped bass (Morone chrysops x Morone saxatilis) in a recirculating aquaculture system Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2009-08-22
Nunley, Phyllis Cassell A study of parental concerns regarding the care of school age children in Prince William County, Virginia. Management, Housing, and Family Development 2010-06-02
Nunley, Robyn Suzanne Mental Health Clinicians’ Perceptions, Knowledge, Level of Training, and Utilization of Evidence Based Practices with a Specific Focus on Dialectical Behavior Therapy Human Development 2010-05-13
Nunna, Vijay Bhushan G. A computer simulation model to predict airport capacity enhancements Civil Engineering 2009-10-22
Nuqui, Reynaldo Francisco State Estimation and Voltage Security Monitoring Using Synchronized Phasor Measurements Electrical and Computer Engineering 2001-07-12
Nusbaum, Charles M Principals' Perceptions of the Effectiveness of Alternatively Certified and Traditionally Certified Teachers In Hampton Roads Virginia Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2002-12-09
Nusom, F. Allen Application of the systems engineering process to the explosive ordnance disposal requirement for an underwater system Systems Engineering 2009-12-23
Nussbaum, Barbara B. Examining the relationship among context, cognition, and conflict management in the workplace Adult Learning and Human Resource Development 2009-03-03
Nutakor, Christopher Decision support system for locating traffic information dissemination sites along freeway corridors Civil Engineering 2006-08-14
Nuttayasakul, Nuthaporn Experimental and Analytical Studies of the Behavior of Cold-Formed Steel Roof Truss Elements Civil Engineering 2005-11-28
Nutter, Brian Vincent Thermal Analysis of a Vaporization Source for Inorganic Coatings Mechanical Engineering 2000-12-20
Nuzzo, Tracye A. Williams The effects of coronary heart disease, beta-blockade medications and stage duration on graded exercise testing Health and Physical Education 2012-11-17
Nyberg, Karl-Johan Performance Analysis of Detection System Design Algorithms Industrial and Systems Engineering 2003-03-25
Nye, Jeremy C. The Thatcher era :economic decline and electoral hegemony Political Science 2012-11-20
Nyirongo, Nertha Kate Technology Adoption and Integration: A Descriptive Study of a Higher Education Institution in a Developing Nation Teaching and Learning 2009-04-13
Nyirongo, Victor Wilford Kayiwaze Changes in landuse patterns in upland watersheds of Eastern Luangwa Valley, Zambia, and the potential impact on runoff and erosion Biological Systems Engineering 2009-08-27
Nyland, Justin Eric The Use of a High Energy Feed for the Improvement of Trout Farm Effluents Environmental Sciences and Engineering 1999-10-05
Nyman, Matthew W The interaction between chemical and mechanical processes during metamorphism :a microstructural and petrologic study of amphibolite shear zones, Cheyenne Belt, Southeastern Wyoming Geological Sciences 2007-10-03
Nyman, May Synthesis and characterization of precursors for chemical vapor deposition of metal oxide thin films Materials Science and Engineering 2009-07-11

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