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O'Berry, Nathan Brook Individual Experiments to Evaluate the Effects of Plant Population and Planting Date, Cultivar and Plant Growth Regulator Application, and Herbicide and Plant Growth Regulator Application on Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) Growth and Development, Yield, and Fiber Quality Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2007-07-03
O'Boyle, Patrick Daniel Genetic Characterization and Linkage Mapping of Barley Net Blotch Resistance Genes Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2009-05-26
O'Brien, David Kenneth The Interactions of Clostridium Perfringens With Phagocytic Cells Biology 2003-04-23
O'Brien, Kristen Wilson Synthesis of Functionalized Poly(dimethylsiloxane)s and the Preparation of Magnetite Nanoparticle Complexes and Dispersions Chemistry 2003-09-05
O'Brien, Emmett P Durability of Adhesive Joints Subjected to Environemntal Stress Chemical Engineering 2003-09-30
O'Brien, William Eugene Constructing the problem of "slash-and-burn" agriculture Environmental Design and Planning 2007-07-11
O'Brien, William Eugene Participation and indigenous knowledge in development for African pastoralists Geography 2009-10-22
O'Brien, David A Finite element stress analysis of idealized composite damage zones. Engineering Mechanics 2010-06-12
O'Carroll, Ina Puleri Assembly of Iron-Sulfur Clusters In Vivo Biochemistry 2009-02-23
O'Connell, Kristin Lynn Urban Housing in the Park Architecture 2000-01-12
O'Connell, Christine M The effects of individual preference and interactive style on first graders' performance in solving math problems Psychology 2009-06-23
O'Connell, Martin T Immunological responses of fishes to glochidia of freshwater mussels Accounting and Information Systems 2010-03-17
O'Connor, R. Brendan Dataflow Analysis and Optimization of High Level Language Code for Hardware-Software Co-Design Electrical and Computer Engineering 1998-07-20
O'Connor, Nicholas L. The Complex Spatiotemporal Dynamics of a Shallow Fluid Layer Mechanical Engineering 2008-05-13
O'Connor, Mark J Evaluation of TIN extraction methods for various terrain textures Geography 2008-09-18
O'Connor, Sandra Development and Evaluation of Food Safety Signs Food Science and Technology 2009-08-23
O'Connor, Jeffrey R Development of a manual for the sanctioning of amateur sport events Health and Physical Education 2010-02-16
O'Connor, Mary Mapes Effects of semantic judgements and pair comparisons upon list differentiation. Psychology 2010-06-02
O'Donnell, Hugh J. In situ composites of compatibilized polypropylene/liquid crystalline polymer blends Chemical Engineering 2007-02-05
O'Grady, Kevin Lawrence Facing natural hazards :uncertain and intertemporal elements of choosing shore protection along the Great Lakes Agricultural Economics 2008-06-06
O'Hara, Stephen Patrick "The Verdict of History": Defining and Defending James Buchanan through Public Memorialization History 2012-05-14
O'Kane, Charles John Setting the Standard: Media Literacy Education in Virginia's Public School Communication Studies 2011-05-10
O'Keefe, John Daniel A reliability, maintainability, supportability and availability analysis of a submarine sonar system Systems Engineering 2010-02-02
O'Kell, Allison Louise The Effects of Prednisone and Prednisone Plus Ultralow-dose Aspirin on Coagulation Parameters in Healthy Dogs Veterinary Medical Sciences 2012-04-10
O'Malley, Beth Infant feeding practices of migrant farmlaborers in Northern Colorado Human Nutrition and Foods 2012-08-01
O'Malley, Jr., John Richard Electronic Data Interchange: An Inventory Perspective of Its Economic Viability and Recommendations for Information Technology Driven Implementation Management Science 2000-02-15
O'Neal, Brandon Scott Safety Training for Spanish-Speaking Workers in the Logging Industry in the Southeastern United States Forestry 2006-04-19
O'Neal, Barbara Jean Title VII :sex discrimination in higher education Educational Administration 2007-10-02
O'Neil, Meganne Ross Teaching modules for small business financial management Agricultural Economics 2010-02-16
O'Neill, Brendan Michael Market segmentation, motivations, attitudes, and preferences of Virginia resident freshwater anglers Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2001-06-21
O'Neill, Deborah M. Estimating Black Bear Population Size, Growth Rate, and Minimum Viable Population Using Bait Station Surveys and Mark-Recapture Methods Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2004-07-24
O'Neill, Erin Kristine Differences in Health Risk Behaviors between College Freshmen Living in Special Interest Housing and Traditional Housing Teaching and Learning 2007-06-19
O'Neill, Barbara Mary Characteristics and practices of financially-stressed homeowners in Prince William County, Virginia Housing, Interior Design, and Resource Management 2008-06-06
O'Neill, Michael Douglas An improved chip-level test generation algorithm Electrical Engineering 2010-06-12
O'Neill, Meagan Source Memory Failures: Comparing Source Misattribution to Sources of False Memories Psychology 2015-05-07
O'Neill, Megan Elizabeth From Reflection to Reflexivity: Challenging Students' Conceptions of Writing, Self, and Society in the Community Writing Classroom English 2012-04-11
O'Palko, Brian A The use of a microbubble dispersion to enhance a dissolved air flotation system in a wastewater treatment sludge media Chemical Engineering 2009-10-22
O'Quinn, Elaine Lessons of the heart: teaching and the poetic life of mind "full" possibilities Curriculum and Instruction 1998-04-22
O'Regan, Philip J. Combined Tension and Bending Loading in Bottom Chord Splice Joints of Metal-Plate-Connected Wood Trusses Biological Systems Engineering 1998-07-20
O'Reilly, Susan Erin Lead Sorption Efficiencies of Natural and Sunthetic Mn and Fe-oxides Geological Sciences 2002-10-04
O'Shea, Patrick Gavan A Different Way of Looking: Application of a Pattern Approach to Understanding Transformational and Transactional Leadership Psychology 2002-04-19
O'Shea, John G Field threshold measures for canine olfaction Psychology 2009-08-04
O'Sickey, Matthew J. Characterization of Structure-Property Relationships of Poly(urethane-urea)s for Fiber Applications Chemical Engineering 2002-04-12
O'Sullivan, Sean A Study of the Relationship between Building Conditions and Student Academic Achievement in Pennsylvania's High School Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2006-08-31
O'Sullivan, Neil P Genotype by feeding regimen interactions in growth selected chickens Genetics 2009-01-24
O'Toole, Joseph Herbert Mass spectrometry of substituted benzils. Chemistry 2010-01-13
Oakes, Charles Steger Phase equilibria and volumetric properties for the system NaCl-CaClb2s-Hb2sO Geological Sciences 2005-10-10
Oakes, Brian K Reduction of convective heat transfer from reacting flows by application of electric fields Mechanical Engineering 2009-08-04
Oakes, Thomas Wyatt A neutron activation analysis investigation of traceable elements from automobile exhaust in roadside soil and vegetation. Nuclear Science and Engineering 2010-06-08
Oaks, Kelly Denise Unconscious Bias: An Investigation of the Impact of Applicant Race on Curriculum Vita Review Counselor Education 2010-02-11
Oates, Kimberly L A study of control system radii for approximations of infinite dimensional systems Mathematics 2009-10-10
Obamehinti, Johnson Muftau Effect of treating corn stover with aqueous ammonia and urea on nutritional value Animal Science 2012-11-20
Obenberger, Jon T. Methodology to Assess Traffic Signal Transition Strategies Employed to Exit Preemption Control Civil Engineering 2007-02-14
Ober, Eric R Simplified design of moment end-plate connections Civil Engineering 2009-08-14
Ober, Christopher Patrick Diagnostic Imaging of Foreign Bodies and Compartmentalization in the Canine Manus Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-03-27
Obidiegwu, Joseph Chinedu Factors affecting the distribution of primary care physicians in rural counties of Virginia :1970-1990. Agricultural Economics 2009-09-05
Obiso, Melissa Lynn Analysis of Means and Methods of Construction Improvement in Single Family Housing in Mid-Atlantic Rural University Towns Building Construction 1998-07-20
Obiso, Jr., Richard J Characterization and Molecular Analysis of Fragilysin: The Bacteroides fragilis toxin Biochemistry and Anaerobic Microbiology 1998-07-26
Obregón Torres, Diana Struggling against leprosy :physicians, medicine, and society in Colombia, 1880-1940 Science and Technology Studies 2007-08-08
Obst, Andreas W Thermal stresses in coatings on carbon-carbon composites Engineering Mechanics 2007-08-08
Obst, Andreas W Nonlinear static and transient analysis of generally laminated beams Aerospace Engineering 2009-10-10
Ocampo-Garcia, Nora Fabiola Influence of high pressure processing on populations of Salmonella enterica in fresh green-mature tomato fruits and subsequent ripening. Food Science and Technology 2011-05-17
Occiano, Suzanne The mechanism for free chlorine oxidation of reduced manganese in mixed-media filters Environmental Sciences and Engineering 2012-08-01
Ocel, Jeffrey Vincent Adaptation of the Slow Component of VO2 Following 6 wk of High or Low Intensity Exercise Training Education Research and Evaluation 1997-10-30
Ochel, Ralf NOx reduction for natural gas engines with increased ignition energy and plasma jet ignitors Mechanical Engineering 2009-06-12
Ochinero, Tomoya Thomas Deformations of Unsymmetric Composite Panels Engineering Science and Mechanics 2001-10-26
Odeh, Awatef Identification of platelet activating factor (PAF) receptor in equine spermatozoa and its role in motility, capacitation and the acrosome reaction Veterinary Medical Sciences 2002-10-22
Odom, Winston Ogden A Description of the Personnel Function in School Divisions of 5,000 Students or Less in the Commonwealth of Virginia Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 1998-10-31
Odom, Stuart A Translator writer systems Computer Science and Applications 2009-12-23
Odom, Michael Cooper Distribution of larval fishes in the Winfield Pool, Kanawha River, and direct impacts of commercial navigation traffic on larval fish survival Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2012-11-20
Oehlmann, Shelly M Reenvelopment of antive and processes butteroils into globules resembling milk lipid globules in functional properties Food Science and Technology 2009-12-05
Oei, Hong Lim. The recombinant DNA case : balancing scientific and political decision-making Public Administration and Public Affairs 2005-10-21
Oei, Hong Lim The influence of social factors on the performance of a center :a case study of the "University Research Center" Science and Technology Studies 2012-06-10
Oesch, H. Frederick Toward [Re]generative Environmental Design Architecture 2000-12-13
Oesterle, Michael Gerhardt Use of Incremental Dynamic Analysis to Assess the Performance of Steel Moment-Resisting Frames with Fluid Viscous Dampers Civil Engineering 2003-03-24
Offenbacker, Beth S Inclusive Management in Action: An International Study of Public Engagement Public Administration and Public Affairs 2010-07-12
Offstein, Evan Hayden The Upper-Echelon Perspective of Firm Competitive Behavior: Empirical Evidence from the U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry Management 2004-12-01
Ofori-Boateng, Akua Boabema A Study of the Effect of Varying Air-Inflated Seat Cushion Parameters on Seating Comfort Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-08
Ogato, Beyene G An experimental investigation of the relationships between perceptual modality preferences of middle school students and their academic achievement Curriculum and Instruction 2008-07-28
Ogburn, Michael James Systems Integration, Modeling, and Validation of a Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Vehicle Mechanical Engineering 2000-05-03
Ogburn, Scott A Bryn Myrrdin :a temple in time Architecture 2008-07-28
Ogden, Andrea L The development and evaluation of an alternative powder prepregging technique for use with larc-tpi/graphite composites Engineering Mechanics 2009-10-22
Ogg, Charles Morgan Pedogenesis and geomorphic implications of soils developed on Blue Ridge alluvial fans, Virginia Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2007-08-27
Ogle, Jeffrey Todd The Effects of Virtual Environments on Recall in Participants of Differing Levels of Field Dependence Teaching and Learning 2002-04-25
Ogle, Gwendolyn J. Towards A Formative Evaluation Tool Teaching and Learning 2002-04-26
Ogletree, Aaron Michael Perceptions of Death among Older Adults: Integrating Terror Management Theory and the Lifespan Development Framework Human Development 2015-05-13
Ogrodowczyk, Joseph Daniel Policies Affecting Production Practices and Adoption of Integrated Pest Management for Jamaican Farmers in Ebony Park, Clarendon Agricultural and Applied Economics 1999-04-01
Oguro, Yasue Presentation of culture in English as a foreign language reading textbooks in Japan Teaching and Learning 2008-04-11
Ogutu, Maurice Okendo Developing methods of strip cropping cucumbers with rye/vetch Horticulture 2001-01-29
Oh, Chang-Heon A Unified Analysis of the B = 2 System Physics 1998-07-20
Oh, Ki Dong Optical Fiber Fabry-Perot Interferometer based Sensor Instrumentation System for Low Magnetic Field Measurement Electrical and Computer Engineering 1997-12-18
Oh, Won Shin Characterization of an operon containing a ribosomal protein gene and lipid biosynthetic genes in escherichia coli K-12 Biochemistry and Nutrition 2005-10-20
Oh, Il Geun. A theoretical and experimental investigation into the nonlinear dynamics of floating bodies Engineering Mechanics 2005-12-22
Oh, Kyoyul A theoretical and experimental study of modal interactions in metallic and laminated composite plates Engineering Mechanics 2006-08-14
Oh, Donghoon Vibration control and design of composite cantilevers taking into account structural uncertainties and damage Engineering Mechanics 2008-07-28
Oh, Heung Chul An empirical study of the relationship between restaurant image and customer loyalty Hospitality and Tourism Management 2008-09-23
Oh, Young-Ho The impact of technological change on economic growth in the manufacturing sector of Korea Economics 2009-06-23
Ohanehi, Donatus Chukwubueze Reduction of energy losses :a key to improved rock drilling? Mechanical Engineering 2010-06-08
Ohanehi, Donatus Chukwubueze Transfer matrix analysis of an electrohydraulically driven rotary- vibratory drilling system Mechanical Engineering 2010-06-09
Ohanian, Osgar John Mass Properties Calculation and Fuel Analysis in the Conceptual Design of Uninhabited Air Vehicles Mechanical Engineering 2003-12-12
Ohanian, Osgar John Ducted Fan Aerodynamics and Modeling, with Applications of Steady and Synthetic Jet Flow Control Mechanical Engineering 2011-05-12
Ohene, Frederick A. Adequacy of minimum passing sight distances for completing or aborting the passing maneuver Civil Engineering 2012-08-01
Ohlsen, Susan M Cloning and characterization of ovine insulin, insulin-like growth factor-I and -II genes Genetics 2008-06-06
Ohm, Julie Juhye Asian American Adolescent Identity Human Development 1999-05-06
Oiesen, Eric A A satellite signal recognition system Electrical Engineering 2009-09-05
Ojha, Ananya Situation Awareness: A Network Centric Approach Electrical and Computer Engineering 2008-10-25
Ojure, Lenna P. An Investigation of the Relationship Between Teachers' Participation in 4MAT Fundamentals Training and Teachers' Perception of Teacher Efficacy Teaching and Learning 1997-04-24
Oka, Ashok A Reliability and restoration algorithms for electrical distribution systems Electrical and Computer Engineering 2007-08-23
Okafor, Paul C. Post-World War II era of the national mass literacy campaign in Nigeria, 1940-1952 : an examination of the roles of the colonial administration and selected non-governmental agencies in the fight against illiteracy Adult and Continuing Education 2007-08-03
Okerberg, Brian Morphological Studies of Crystallization in Thin Films of PEO/PMMA Blends Materials Science and Engineering 2005-10-07
Okeson, Natalie Whittemore Exploring the American Anti-Immigration Discourse in Scholarship, Politics, and Activism through Michel Foucault and Edward Said Political Science 2009-11-30
Okeyo, James Ajuoga Effects of topping, stem density, and stage of vine cutting on canopy growth and tuber yield yield of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) Horticulture 2006-08-14
Okeyo, Ruphina Nyawade The relationship between seasonal fuelwood availability, household food consumption, and women's time allocation Human Nutrition and Foods 2008-06-06
Okpara, Onwuchekwa Chukwu An application of Patricia Cross' chain of response model to educational interest/participation of public housing residents :a case study approach Adult and Continuing Education 2007-10-05
Oktay, Tugrul Constrained Control of Complex Helicopter Models Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2012-04-03
Olacsi, Gary S. Subjective Image Quality of CRT Displays under Ambient Glare: Assessing the ISO 9241-7 Ergonomic Technical Standard Industrial and Systems Engineering 1998-04-10
Olacsi, Gary Stephen Examining Visual Masking in Target Aquisition Uning Two-dimensional Fourier Analysis Techniques Industrial and Systems Engineering 2001-08-02
Olafsson, Sveinn V An analysis for total productive maintenance implementation Systems Engineering 2010-03-30
Olafsson, Sveinn V Random vibrations of bladed-disk assembly under cyclostationary excitation Aerospace Engineering 2010-06-12
Olah, David F. Wood Material Use in the U.S. Cabinet Industry: 1999 - 2001 Wood Science and Forest Products 2000-09-13
Olbina, Svetlana Decision-Making Framework for the Selection and Design of Shading Devices Environmental Design and Planning 2005-03-06
Oldham, Heather Renee A Critique of Langton on Kantian Substance Philosophy 2009-05-22
Oldland, Richard Justin Predicting Phase Equilibria Using COSMO-Based Thermodynamic Models and the VT-2004 Sigma-Profile Chemical Engineering 2004-12-02
Olds, Shana D. Modeling and LQR Control of a Two-Dimensional Airfoil Mathematics 1998-07-20
Olejarski, Amanda Marie Whose Hand to Hold? How Administrators Understand Eminent Domain and Where They Turn for Guidance Public Administration and Public Affairs 2009-12-18
Oleksuk, Lynda Lee Sensmeier The influence of time-dependent material behavior on the response of sandwich beams Engineering Mechanics 2009-03-12
Olesko, Brian M Dynamic contrast sensitivity :methods and measurements Psychology 2009-09-05
Olfenbuttel, Colleen Home range dynamics of black bears in the Alleghany Mountains of western Virginia Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2005-09-26
Olgun, Celal Guney Performance of Improved Ground and Reinforced Soil Structures during Earthquakes – Case Studies and Numerical Analyses Civil Engineering 2004-01-16
Olgun, Selen Immunotoxicity of Pesticide Mixtures and the Role of Oxidative Stress Veterinary Medical Sciences 2004-02-25
Olinde, Lindsay Sediment Oxygen Demand Kinetics Environmental Engineering 2007-05-03
Oliva, Mark A An evaluation of an electrical system for a solar powered car Systems Engineering 2010-04-27
Oliveira, Willer de Multiphase star-like copolymers containing lignin :synthesis, properties and applications Materials Engineering Science 2008-07-28
Oliveira, Anthony J Ethics and the principalship Educational Administration 2008-07-28
Oliveira, Willer de Star-like macromers from lignin Forest Products 2010-06-12
Oliveira, Francisco Carlos De Mattos Brito Enabling the Blind to See Gestures Computer Science 2010-08-03
Oliver, Gabriel A Wall Building Architecture 2011-09-06
Oliver, Kimberly L. Adolescent Girls' Body-Narratives and Co-Constructed Critical Interpretations Teaching and Learning 1998-07-25
Oliver, Morris Bernard Audible pedestrian signals :a feasibility study Civil Engineering 2012-08-01
Oliver, Mark J Social Networking and the Web Campaign: Observations from the 2010 Election for the U.S. House of Representatives Political Science 2011-12-20
Oliver, John Marcus 3D Micromachined Passive Components and Active Circuit Integration for Millimeter-wave Radar Applications Electrical and Computer Engineering 2012-04-26
Olivier, Julie A Chemical characterization and aquatic biotoxicity testing of dye wastewaters and their reduction products Environmental Sciences and Engineering 2009-08-18
Olivo, Horacio F. Studies on the stereo- and regiochemistry of [4+2] cycloaddition of nitroso compounds to chiral halobenzenediols : total synthesis of lycoricidine Chemistry 2005-10-20
Ollhoff, Barbara Jean A study to identify essential management skills needed to manage chain apparel specialty stores in regional shopping centers Vocational and Technical Education 2008-07-28
Ollilainen, Anne Marjukka Gendered Processes in Self-Managing Teams: A Multiple Case Study Sociology 1999-04-21
Ollilainen, Anne Marjukka The organizational process of integrating gender into development planning :a case study Political Science 2009-08-14
Olmedo, Reynaldo A Compression and buckling of composite panels with curvilinear fibers Engineering Mechanics 2009-08-14
Olsen, Arne Edward Variability and Uncertainty in Risk Estimation for Brownfields Redevelopment Civil Engineering 2001-07-26
Olsen, Erik Charles Buck Modeling Slow Lead Vehicle Lane Changing Industrial and Systems Engineering 2003-12-03
Olsen, Brian J Life History Divergence & Tidal Salt Marsh Adaptations of the Coastal Plain Swamp Sparrow Biological Sciences 2007-01-11
Olsen, Amanda Albright Forsterite Dissolution Kinetics: Applications and Implications for Chemical Weathering Geosciences 2007-07-05
Olson, Rebecca Lynn Assessment of Drowsy-Related Critical Incidents and the 2004 Revised Hours-of-Service Regulations Industrial and Systems Engineering 2006-12-22
Olson, Katrina Marie The role of energy balance in productivity, health, and fertility of first lactation Holsteins, Jerseys, and their reciprocal crosses Dairy Science 2008-11-12
Olson, Eric Lars Great Expectations: The Role of Myth in 1980s Films with Child Heroes Communication Studies 2011-05-17
Olsson, Jeanette Women Refugees and Integration into U.S. society: The Case of Women from Bosnia and the Former Yugoslavia who Resettled in the United States Urban Affairs and Planning 2002-06-07
Olteanu, Denisa Anca Cumulative Sum Control Charts for Censored Reliability Data Statistics 2010-04-06
Oluoch, Melkizedek O. Effects of priming and stage of development on vigor and longevity of muskmelon (Cucumis melo L.) seeds Horticulture 2008-06-06
Omar, Hanafy M. Control of Gantry and Tower Cranes Engineering Science and Mechanics 2003-01-26
Omohundro, Christopher Colon Cost and Productivity Analysis of Southeastern U.S. Logging Contractors from 1996 to 1997 Forestry 1999-04-02
Omur-Ozbek, Pinar Macromolecular Reactions and Sensory Perception at the Air-Water-Human Interface Environmental Engineering 2008-09-26
Ondich, Gregory George New Role Orientations for U.S. EPA Officials in the Next Generation System of Environmental Protection Public Administration and Public Affairs 2001-05-02
Oner, Asli Ceylan Locational Distribution of Global Advanced Producer Service Firms in the Polycentric Us Metropolis Environmental Design and Planning 2008-02-14
Ong, Chin Guan Shaking and Balance of a Convertible One- and Two-Cylinder Reciprocating Compressor Mechanical Engineering 2000-03-09
Ong, Jin Boon Geometric modeling of manufacturing processes variations for model-based tolerance analysis Industrial and Systems Engineering 2006-05-04
Ong, Robert C In vitro propagation of Betula uber (Ashe) Fernald Forestry 2009-03-12
Ongkunaruk, Pornthipa Asymptotic Worst-Case Analyses for the Open Bin Packing Problem Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-12-15
Onyewu, Chinonyerem Nonye Chidozie The Relative Importance of Selected Variables on the Employment Consistency of Virginia Ex-Offenders Career and Technical Education 2009-02-20
Ooi, Phillip S. K. Design methods for deep foundations Civil Engineering 2007-08-03
Opdycke, Mary Ellen Physicochemical and biological treatment of a textile dyeing and finishing wastewater Environmental Engineering 2009-01-31
Opengart, Kenneth N. Studies on the immunopathologic mechanisms of intestinal lesion formation in turkey poults infected with hemorrhagic enteritis virus Veterinary Medical Sciences 2006-05-11
Opheim, Maximilian Nicholas Effect of Capsaicin Supplementation on Performance of and Physiological Response to Repeated Sprinting Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2010-02-16
Oppenheimer, Michelle Lynn Structural and mechanistic studies on eukaryotic UDP-galactopyranose mutases Biochemistry 2012-04-02
Opuda, Michael John A Comparison of Parents Who Initiated Due Process Hearings and Complaints in Maine Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 1999-04-17
Oral, Timur A Contemporary Turkish Coffeehouse design Based on Historic Traditions Housing, Interior Design, and Resource Management 1998-07-20
Oralkan, Gaye A An object-oriented design intent externalization and representation model for cost estimating applications Civil Engineering 2009-10-22
Ordakowski, Amy L. Alkanes as Internal Markers to Estimate Digestibility in Horses Animal and Poultry Sciences 1998-08-10
Ordakowski, Amy L. Folate Status and Supplementation in the Horse Animal and Poultry Sciences 2001-08-08
Orders, Margaret Fate of Omega-3 Fatty Acids from Algae in Mozzarella Cheese Biological Systems Engineering 2008-08-28
Ordija, James Louis Structural Performance of Fiber-Reinforced and Welded Wire Fabric-Reinforced Concrete Composite Slabs Civil Engineering 2007-01-09
Ordonez, Fernando Application of digital multiplexers for rural telephony in Latin America Systems Engineering 2010-02-16
Ordonez-Delgado, Bartleby Algebras of Toeplitz Operators Mathematics 2006-05-08
Ordonez-Delgado, Bartleby An Embedded Toeplitz Problem Mathematics 2010-09-17
Oremland, Matthew Scott Optimization and Optimal Control of Agent-Based Models Mathematics 2011-05-16
Orens, David M. an end to the other in landscape architecture: poststructural theory and universal design Landscape Architecture 1998-07-20
Orey, Michael Andrew Error patterns :what do they tell us? Curriculum and Instruction 2012-08-01
Orfi, Nihal Mohamed Sherif Harnessing Product Complexity: An Integrative Approach Industrial and Systems Engineering 2011-12-19
Organsky, Jennifer Ann Along the River's Edge - A Bed and Breakfast Residence Architecture 2001-05-06
Orndorff, Earline Byrd The Short-Term Study Travel Experience for Adult Professionals: A Phenomenological Study Adult Learning and Human Resource Development 1998-06-11
Orndorff, Zenah Wilson Evaluation of Sulfidic Materials in Virginia Highway Corridors Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2001-10-04
Orndorff, Aaron Transceiver Design for Ultra-Wideband Communications Electrical and Computer Engineering 2004-05-24
Orndorff, Brandy Michelle-Woolsey Comparison of Prophylactic or Therapeutic Dietary Administration of Capsaicin Oleoresin for Resistance to Salmonella in Broiler Chickens Animal and Poultry Sciences 2004-06-29
Orndorff, William D Crystalline bedrock geology of the lower Susquehanna Gorge : Conowingo to Havre de Grace, Maryland Geology 2008-12-15
Orndorff, Zenah Wilson Phosphorus adsorption on sandy mine tailings :a comparison of treatments with fertilizers, wood ash, and compost Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2009-08-14
Orozco-Mendoza, Elva Fabiola Borderlands Theory: Producing Border Epistemologies with Gloria Anzaldua Political Science 2008-05-06
Orr, Matthew William Aerodynamic Properties of the Inboard Wing Concept Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2000-10-26
Orr, Matthew William Design, Analysis, and Initial Testing of a Fiber-Optic Shear Gage for 3D, High-Temperature Flows Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2004-02-03
Orr, Margaret Prehn Reduction of odors associated with chlorine dioxide applications to drinking water Environmental Engineering 2009-03-14
Orr, Jeb Stuart The Effects of Weight Gain and Atorvastatin Treatment on Arterial Stiffness Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2009-05-12
Orrell, Dean H. Performance Assessment Methodology: Task dependent Evaluation of Display Systems Industrial and Systems Engineering 1998-07-20
Orrell, Kimberly Sue Intersexual Communication, Male Mate Preference, and Reproductive Energetics of the Polygynous Lizard, Anolis Carolinensis Biology 2002-07-23
Orrell, Kimberly S Display behavior of an Hispaniolan anole:Anolis bahorucoensis Biology 2009-07-21
Orsburn, Benjamin Factors Affecting the Heat Resistance of Clostridium perfringens Spores Biology 2009-05-13
Orsi Filho, Edgar An Experimental Study of Turbulent Boundary Layers Subjected to High Free-stream Turbulence Effects Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2005-12-27
Ortega Lopez, Miguel Dario Exploring and Envisioning Periodic Laminar Flow Around a Cylinder Engineering Science and Mechanics 2009-05-05
Ortgies, Jennifer Marie A Case Study of the Dimensions of Affordability of Undergraduate Education in Virginia Political Science 2008-11-09
Ortiz, James Solid Waste Management in Indian Country: Multiple Sovereigns and Multiple Relationships At the Nexus of Federalism and Tribal Governance Public Administration and Public Affairs 2000-11-18
Ortiz, Mauricio Do Professional Sports Franchises And Professional Sports Stadiums Have Any Effect On Employment In A City? Economics 2002-07-10
Ortiz, Jaime The effects of agricultural price policies on the funding of agricultural research : Chile 1960-1988 Agricultural Economics 2006-10-19
Ortiz Marty, Rebecca Josefina Staphylococcus aureus virulence factors dictate host signaling pathways and immune responses Dairy Science 2011-12-21
Ortman, Kevin Charles Assessing an Orientation Model and Stress Tensor for Semi-Flexible Glass Fibers in Polypropylene Using a Sliding Plate Rheometer: for the Use of Simulating Processes Chemical Engineering 2011-08-18
Orvos, Andrea Reiser Examination of flower initiation and development of Streptocarpus x hybridus Horticulture 2013-02-07
Osano, Keiichi Synthesis and Characterization of Poly(arylene ether sulfone)s with Novel Structures and Architectures Chemistry 2009-04-22
Osareh, Ali Reza A decision making tool for evaluating uncertainties in electric power system planning Electrical Engineering 2008-06-06
Osborn, Shawn James Morphological and Mechanical Properties of Dispersion-Cast and Extruded Nafion Membranes Subjected to Thermal and Chemical Treatments Macromolecular Science and Engineering 2009-03-30
Osborn, Angela Michelle Investigation of Phase Morphology and Blend Stability in Ionomeric Perfluorocyclobutane (PFCB)/Poly(vinylidene difluoride) (PVDF) Copolymer Blend Membranes Macromolecular and Science Engineering 2010-11-17
Osborne, Daniel Josiah A Nanoengineering Approach to Oxide Thermoelectrics For Energy Harvesting Applications Materials Science and Engineering 2010-12-14
Osborne, Jr., Denver Jackson Time-resolved measurements of a transonic compressor during surge and rotating stall Mechanical Engineering 2009-07-10
Osenda, Natacha Veronica Destabilizing Machismo: Masculine and Feminine Constructions in the Theater of Susana Torres Molina Latin American Area Studies 2003-05-23
Osiroff, Ricardo Damorheology : creep-fatigue interaction in composite materials Materials Engineering Science 2007-07-11
Osiroff, Ricardo Long term behavior of Arall laminates Engineering Mechanics 2012-11-20
Osiroff, Talia Analysis of a bonded joint using bulk adhesive properties Engineering Mechanics 2012-11-20
Osleger, David Allen Cyclostratigraphy of Late Cambrian cyclic carbonates: an interbasinal field and modelling study, U.S.A. Geosciences 2008-03-26
Osmond, Robert A formative evaluation of the gainsharing system of a small, public-sector, research & development organization Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-01-31
Osorio, Amy Camille Incentives to Plant Trees in Tigray Ethiopia: Interactions of Public Microdams and Health Forestry 2002-06-03
Osorio Leyton, Javier Mauricio Assessment of SWAT to Enable Development of Watershed Management Plans for Agricultural Dominated Systems under Data-Poor Conditions Biological Systems Engineering 2012-05-16
Ostby, Brett John Kaste Characterization of Suitable Habitats for Freshwater Mussels in the Clinch River, Virginia and Tennessee Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2005-04-22
Ostmeyer-Kountzman, Katrina Emotion Recognition of Dynamic Faces in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Psychology 2012-05-14
Ostrander, Vicki C Survival of Vibro vulnificus and other Vibrios in raw oysters (Crassostrea virginica) during processing in Virginia and cold storage Food Science and Technology 2008-11-01
Ostroff, Wendy Louise The Perceptual Draw of Prosody: Infant-Directed Speech within the Context of Declining Nonnative Speech Perception Psychology 1998-10-07
Ostroff, Wendy Louise Non-linguistic Influences on Infants' Nonnative Phoneme Perception: Exaggerated prosody and Visual Speech Information Aid Discrimination Psychology 2000-05-11
Oswald, Karsten The search for structure Architecture 2009-08-22
Otegui, Michael A Simplified method for design of stiffened and unstiffened structural tee hangers Civil Engineering 2008-10-02
Otero, Sandra Guadalupe A country house Architecture 2006-08-17
Otero-Lopez, Rosa D Between water and land Architecture 2009-12-23
Otieno, Bennett Sango An Alternative Estimate Of Preferred Direction For Circular Data Statistics 2002-07-26
Otis, Jeffrey Scott Metabolic profile of myosin heavy chain-based fiber types in the rat soleus after spinal cord transection Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2000-11-12
Otis, Jeffrey Scott Skeletal muscle adaptations in cachectic, tumor-bearing rats Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2003-04-07
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