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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

Bendezu, Luz Sarmiento Gigantorhynchus orticei a new species (Acanthocephala) from a Peruvian marsupial Parasitology 2013-02-06
Parra Ormeno, Bertha E Perutaenia threlkeldi, a new genus and new species of tapeworm (Cestoda: anoplocephalidae) from lagidium peruanum Parasitology 2010-05-11
Baltzly, Vaughn Bryan Contractarianism and Moderate Morality Philosophy 2001-07-14
Bruzina, David Arata Sextus Empiricus and the Skeptic's Beliefs Philosophy 2002-10-02
Crowder, Rachel E Examining “The Adam Smith Problem”: Individuals, Society, and Value Philosophy 2012-05-16
D'Amato, Claudio A "Veritable Jekyll and Hyde" - Epistemic Circularity and Reliabilist Theories of Justification Philosophy 2011-04-29
Early, Darren T. The Tension Between Falsificationism and Realism: a Critical Examination of a Problem in the Philosophy of Karl Popper Philosophy 1999-07-01
Ehnert, Jesse The Argument from Species Overlap Philosophy 2002-07-29
Eiben, Robert Joseph Understanding Dead Languages Philosophy 2005-05-15
Evans, Jr., Daw-Nay N. R. A Solution to "The Problem of Socrates" in Nietzsche's Thought: An Explanation of Nietzsche's Ambivalence Toward Socrates Philosophy 2004-05-07
Farmer, Rhiannon M. The Moral Status of Nonhuman Animals Philosophy 2003-07-29
Firey, Thomas Anthony Socrates' Conception of Knowledge and the Priority of Definition Philosophy 1999-10-04
Fisher, Mark Kant's Critical Attitude Towards The Only Possible Argument Philosophy 1997-07-24
Gannon, Dennis Patrick Explanations of the Success of Science Philosophy 1998-11-05
Gardner, Jason Experience and Pictorial Representation: Wollheim's Seeing-in and Merleau-Ponty's Perceptual Phenomenology Philosophy 2005-05-25
Greenlee, Christopher Alan Situated Cognition, Dynamicism, and Explanation in Cognitive Science Philosophy 1998-06-19
Heflin, Ashley Shew What Dolphins Want: Animal Intentionality and Tool-Use Philosophy 2008-04-17
Hettche, Matthew Regarding Descartes' meditations as meditational Philosophy 2009-06-10
Hudgins, Charles G. Royce and Perry on Idealism and Realism Philosophy 1999-10-24
Hunter, Joseph L. Kant's Doctrine of Schemata Philosophy 1999-09-11
Jackson, Vincent Patrick Inescapable Wrongdoing and the Coherence of Morality: An Examination of Moral Dilemmas Philosophy 2009-05-16
Jones, Clinton W. Rawls, Liberalism, and Leisure Philosophy 2001-05-05
Kilner, Peter Soldiers, Self-Defense, and Killing in War Philosophy 1998-05-07
Klipfel, Kevin Michael Luck Egalitarianism and Democratic Equality Philosophy 2007-05-26
Lewis, Eric P Descartes and tradition :the miracle of the Eucharist Philosophy 2009-06-08
Lewis, James Joseph Molecular Epigenetics in Evolution and Development Philosophy 2010-08-22
Little, Michelle Y. Ludwik Fleck and his concept of a scientific fact Philosophy 2009-05-09
Love, Shanon The Ontology of Persistence Philosophy 2001-06-24
Lowe, Mark Between Hull and a Hard Core: Varying Patterns in the Evolution of the Darwinian Research Tradition Philosophy 2007-05-17
Maas, Steven M. Empirical Meaning and Incomplete Personhood Philosophy 1998-06-08
Martin, James V. A modifier-based philosophy of whole number. Philosophy 2007-05-25
Miller, J. Joseph Quality and Competence: An Analysis of the Role of Mill's Qualitative Hedonism on his Conception of Representative Democracy Philosophy 1998-07-19
Mueller, Nathan Michael Walzer on the Moral Legitimacy of States and the Morality of Killing in War Philosophy 2006-05-23
Mulberry, Greig R. Rorty, Davidson, and Metaphor Philosophy 1997-08-01
Nicholas, Jeffrey Lynn The role of welfare in an egalitarian metric Philosophy 2009-06-11
Oldham, Heather Renee A Critique of Langton on Kantian Substance Philosophy 2009-05-22
Richardson, Jason Meaning, Functions, and the Promise of Indicator Semantics Philosophy 1998-07-21
Rogers, Zane Paul Nietzsche's Notes, Nietzsche's Philosophy Philosophy 2001-09-24
Rudnick, David Hyperadaptation - Another Missing Term in the Science of Form Philosophy 1997-04-28
Sayball, Matt "Supervaluationism, Penumbral Connections, and the Nature of Higher-Order Vagueness" Philosophy 2009-05-09
Schuler, Matthew Michael The Problem of Evil as the Problem of Pain Philosophy 2010-05-19
Sewell, Carolyn Marie Respecting Citizens, Protecting Capabilities: the Role of the State in a Liberal Society Philosophy 2003-05-12
Sides, Jonathan David Scientific Realism and the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements Philosophy 2006-07-25
Upton, John Christopher Pragmatic Epistemology, Community, and the Problem of Solipsism Philosophy 2004-06-17
Vasudevan, Anubav Animating the EPR-Experiment: Reasoning from Error in the Search for Bell Violations Philosophy 2005-01-10
Ward, Laura Aline Objectivity in Feminist Philosophy of Science Philosophy 2004-12-13
Watson, Paula L Autonomy and neutrality in liberal political thought Philosophy 2008-08-29
Wilson, Richard James A Davidsonian Response to the Dead Metaphor Problem Philosophy 2008-05-12
Blackmore, George William Student-athletes' opinions on drug testing Physical Education 2010-04-12
Ervin, Mark T. Social support comparisons between men and women in phase II cardiac rehabilitation Physical Education 2008-08-22
Melton, Teresa K Instruction/procedures manual for student athletic trainers Physical Education 2010-01-20
Mustain, Wendy C A manual of elementary physical education skill theme activities for physical education specialists to use in collaboration with classroom teachers Physical Education 2010-01-26
Rakes, Pamela Kay A study of the Blacksburg Parks and Recreation Department outdoor facilities Physical Education 2009-12-16
Tompkins, Courtney Meredith Analysis of four student teacher supervision models in physical education at Virginia Tech Physical Education 2010-02-02
Ahmad, Syed Alwi B. Fermion Quantum Field Theory In Black-hole Spacetimes Physics 1998-07-10
Anderson, Mark Jule Cooperative Behavior in Driven Lattice Systems with Shifted Periodic Boundary Conditions Physics 1998-04-17
Arabasi, Sameer Tapered Splice for Efficient Power Coupling to Small-Core Nonlinear Fibers Physics 2008-07-24
Arthur, Michael D. Oscillations and waves in anisotropic plasmas Physics 2010-04-07
Astalos, Robert Joseph Dynamics of Competition using a Bit String Model with Age Structure and Mutations Physics 2001-04-19
Back, Henning Olling Internal Radioactive Source Calibration of the Borexino Solar Neutrino Experiment Physics 2004-09-24
Benczik, Sandor Zoltan Investigations on the minimal-length uncertainty relation Physics 2007-02-02
Bhowmick, Mithun Time Resolved Spectroscopy in InAs and InSb based Narrow-Gap Semiconductors Physics 2012-07-13
Blankenship, Thomas Keith Rapidity gap in the final state hadron distribution in deep inelastic electron scattering at HERA Physics 2008-06-06
Boboltz, David Allen The Structure and Polarization Properties of the SiO Masers in the Extended Atmosphere of R Aquarii Physics 1997-06-13
Brands, Charles Interface Effects and Deposition Process of Ionically Self-Assembled Monolayer Films: In Situ and Ex Situ Second Hamonic Generation Measurements Physics 2003-09-11
Bullard III, Thomas J A Study of Narrowband Noise Characteristics Associated with Vortex Motion in High Temperature Superconductors Physics 2005-05-23
Byvik, Charles E. Dynamic Nuclear Polarization in Samarium Doped Lanthanum Magnesium Nitrate Physics 2013-08-22
Cameron, William Lyle Functional analytic treatment of linear transport equations in kinetic theory and neutron transport theory. Physics 2010-04-07
Chen, Kai Self-organization on Nanoparticle Surfaces for Plasmonic and Nonlinear Optical Applications Physics 2009-12-15
Cho, Sung Nae Casimir Force in Non-Planar Geometric Configurations Physics 2004-04-27
Chou, Yen-Liang Relaxation phenomena during non-equilibrium growth Physics 2011-08-08
Cook, Larry Jonathan Totally Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Processes with Finite Resources Physics 2009-12-16
Cutchin, Sean A Search for Astrophysical Radio Transients at Meter Wavelengths Physics 2011-11-18
Daengngam, Chalongrat Second-Order Nonlinear Optical Responses in Tapered Optical Fibers with Self-Assembled Organic Multilayers Physics 2012-05-08
Daquila, George Lawrence Monte Carlo analysis of non-equilibrium steady states and relaxation kinetics in driven lattice gases Physics 2011-08-17
Denny, John Howard The determination of the resolution of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute electrostatic accelerator Physics 2012-06-09
Dong, Jiajia Inhomogeneous Totally Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Processes: Simulations, Theory and Application to Protein Synthesis Physics 2008-04-09
Dorosz, Sven Fluctuation Relations for Stochastic Systems far from Equilibrium Physics 2010-04-07
Doss, Calvin James Raman studies of the nanostructure of sol-gel materials Physics 2008-06-06
Drees, Martin Polymer/Fullerene Photovoltaic Devices - Nanoscale Control of the Interface by Thermally-controlled Interdiffusion Physics 2003-05-21
Fenley, Andrew Townsend Simple Physical Approaches to Complex Biological Systems Physics 2010-07-15
Figura, Charles Chester Second Order Nonlinear Optics in Ionically Self-Assembled Thin Films Physics 1999-06-18
Franks, Robert Kenneth An optical study of lithium and lithium-oxygen complexes as donor impurties in single crystal silicon Physics 2010-01-12
Frazier, Matthew Allen Probe of Coherent and Quantum States in Narrow-Gap Based Semiconductors in the Presence of Strong Spin-Orbit Coupling Physics 2010-09-10
Gehman, Victor H. Impulse electrical breakdown of high-purity water Physics 2008-06-06
Geist, Brian Lee Properties of Nanoscale Biomaterials for Cancer Detection and Other Applications Physics 2009-05-10
Gifford, Erika Lea Sensitivity control of optical fiber biosensors utilizing turnaround point long period gratings with self-assembled polymer coatings Physics 2008-07-03
Glossbrenner, Edgar Wilson The design and construction of a sunlight integrator of wide intensity range Physics 2013-02-06
Godang, Romulus

Measurement of the Ratio of Charged and Neutral B Mesons in Y(4S) Events via Partial Reconstruction of the Semileptonic Decays and

Physics 2000-09-01
Gonzalez, Reinaldo J. Raman, Infrared, X-ray, and EELS Studies of Nanophase Titania Physics 1998-07-13
Gopal, Anamika Effects of Thickness, Morphology and Molecular Structure of Donor and Acceptor Layers in Thermally Interdiffused Polymer Photovoltaics Physics 2007-04-25
Graham, Nicholas L Gamma Veto Detectors in the KOPIO Experiment Physics 2006-03-02
Grimsley, Jonathan Scot Light Loss In Single Mode Fiber Optical Switches Physics 1999-09-30
Hardy, Steven Measuring the 7Be Neutrino Flux From the Sun: Calibration of the Borexino Solar Neutrino Detector Physics 2010-04-09
He, Qian Spatio-Temporal Patterns, Correlations, and Disorder in Evolutionary Game Theory Physics 2011-11-08
Ho, Kwongchoi Caisy Possibility of positive-pulse switching in systems of nonlinear Fabry-Perot cavities Physics 2005-09-20
Hu, Kangping Karen Study of photon production in e + e - collisions at Tristan Physics 2005-10-12
Humfeld, Keith Daniel A High Order Correction of the Energy of a One Dimensional Model of an H2+ Molecule Physics 1999-01-15
Hyslop, John S. An analysis of K+ -nucleon scattering Physics 2005-10-12
Jia, Tao Stochastic Modeling of Gene Expression and Post-transcriptional Regulation Physics 2011-08-01
Jilcott, Jr., Steven Wayne Time-Dependent Perturbation and the Born-Oppenheimer Approximation Physics 2000-04-13
Jusic, Dragana Properties of LEDs for the Calibration of PMTs for the Daya Bay Project Physics 2008-12-22
Kao, Yee Constraints on New Physics from Neutrino and Other Particle Experiments Physics 2010-12-21
Kaur, Manpreet Dual Spin-Cast Thermally Interdiffused Polymeric Photovoltaic Devices Physics 2011-08-12
Kavic, Michael James Foundational Investigations & Astronomical Implications of Quantum Gravity Physics 2009-10-21
Keefe, William Edward Sensitive cross section of a bacterium, Escherichia coli, to fast neutrons Physics 2012-11-09
Kim, Yong-Jae Electrical injection and detection of spin polarization in InSb / ferromagnet nanostructures Physics 2012-08-09
Klongcheongsan, Thananart Driven Magnetic Flux Lines in Type-II Superconductors: Nonequilibrium Steady States and Relaxation Properties Physics 2009-04-09
Klysubun, Prapong Nonlinear optical studies of dye-doped nematic liquid crystals Physics 2002-04-01
Korniss, Gyorgy Non-equilibrium Phase Transitions and Steady States in Biased Diffusion of Two Species Physics 1998-07-17
Korwan, Daniel R. Spatiotemporal dynamics of a photorefractive phase-conjugate resonator Physics 2008-06-06
Kurtz, Robert L. A holographic system that records front-surface detail of a scene moving at high velocity. Physics 2010-05-20
Lai, I Chung Measurement of bar{B0} Meson Properties Via Partial Reconstruction of the Decay bar{B0} -> D*+ l- ar{nu} Physics 1999-07-06
Lai, Anzhi Bhabha scattering in e+e- collisions at TRISTAN Physics 2006-10-04
Leacock, John Deane Measuring the Weak Charge of the Proton and the Hadronic Parity Violation of the N → ∆ Transition Physics 2012-10-17
Lebedev, Oleg Spontaneous CP-Violation in Two Higgs Doublet Supersymmetric Models Physics 1998-07-08
Lee, Fei-sheng Measurement of the Michel Parameter Rho Using the MEGA Positron Spectrometer Physics 2001-04-12
Leyland, Walter A A Bf3 Fast Neutron Dosimeter (Long Counter) Physics 2010-04-26
Li, Zhujun L. An analysis of pion photoproduction Physics 2005-10-26
Liang, Changnian A new surface resistance measurement method with ultrahigh sensitivity Physics 2005-11-10
Lillianfeld, Robert Brian Experimental Observation of Geometric Phases in Narrow-Gap Semiconductor Heterostructures Physics 2011-04-15
Liu, Siuying Raymond Spatiotemporal behavior and nonlinear dynamics in a phase conjugate resonator Physics 2005-10-24
Lo, Kanwai Peter Iterative image processing using a cavity with a phase-conjugate mirror : possibilities and limitations Physics 2005-10-12
Loukachine, Konstantin Electroproduction of the Phi(1020) Vector Meson at 4 GeV. Physics 2000-02-11
Lyman, Edward Phase Diagram of a Driven Lattice Gas of Two Species with Attractive Interactions Physics 2004-05-03
Makela, Mark F Polarized Ultracold Neutrons: their transport in diamond guides and potential to search for physics beyond the standard model Physics 2005-02-14
Mammei, Juliette Mae Parity-Violating Elastic Electron Nucleon Scattering: Measurement of the Strange Quark Content of the Nucleon and Towards a Measurement of the Weak Charge of the Proton Physics 2010-05-11
Mammei, Russell Rene Thin Films for the Transport of Polarized Ultracold Neutrons for Fundamental Symmetry Study Physics 2010-08-18
Marciu, Daniela Optical Limiting and Degenerate Four-Wave Mixing in Novel Fullerenes Physics 1999-02-22
Mattson, Mark Edward Inclusive hadron production in electron-positron collisions with center-of-mass energies from 50 to 61.4 GeV Physics 2008-09-19
Mazilu, Irina Steady State Properties of Some Driven Diffusive Systems Physics 2002-09-02
Mazilu, Dan A. Wear and friction studies of alumina: Correlation with electron triboemission Physics 2002-12-18
McClinton, Arthur Thomas The transmission characteristics of some optical crystals in the extreme ultraviolet Physics 2010-02-16
Meyer, Holger Charged Pion Photoproduction Cross Section and Beam Asymmetry Measurement on HD Physics 2002-08-18
Modisette, Jerry L. The velocity and directional distribution of subliming molecules Physics 2012-06-10
Mohapatra, Debabrata Observation of b to d gamma and determination of |Vtd/Vts| Physics 2006-06-26
Mukherjee, Sayak Applications of Field Theory to Reaction Diffusion Models and Driven Diffusive Systems Physics 2009-08-29
Nelson, Keith Phillip An Arcminute-Resolution Imaging Study of the H-alpha & [S II] Emission of the ISM from the Local Perseus Arm Using the Virginia Tech Spectral-Line Survey Physics 2011-08-12
Nontapot, Kanokwan Time-Resolved Studies of Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Narrow-Gap Semiconductors Physics 2008-08-18
Oh, Chang-Heon A Unified Analysis of the B = 2 System Physics 1998-07-20
Pantazopoulou, Maria J. Spectral characteristics of low-frequency variability in compact extragalactic radio sources Physics 2005-10-26
Papavasiliou, Kriton Construction of an Optical Quarter-Wave Stack Using the ISAM (Ionic Self-Assembled Multilayers) Technique. Physics 2010-07-13
Pennington, J. Byron Theoretical considerations of the magnetohydrodynamic generator Physics 2012-11-09
Portock, Kenneth Patrick Automation of the Spectral-Line Imaging Camera for the Virginia Tech Spectral-Line Survey Physics 2002-12-18
Potter, Charles D. Search for evidence of fermi nesting in Bi(2)Sr(2)Ca(2)Cu(2)O(8) Physics 2005-10-21
Prellberg, Thomas Maps of intervals with indifferent fixed points : thermodynamic formalism and phase transitions Physics 2005-10-14
Pronin, Alexey Constraints on New Physics from Various Neutrino Experiments Physics 2008-04-19
Pronyaev, Andrey V. Microscopic Calculations in Diffractive Deep Inelastic Scattering Physics 1999-05-28
Pusch, Gordon D Differential algebraic methods for obtaining approximate numerical solutions to the Hamilton-Jacobi equation Physics 2008-07-28
Rayyan, Saifuddin Ramadan Phenomenological Consequences of Heavy Right Handed Neutrinos Physics 2007-05-24
Reaves, Harry Lee A study of the nuclear quadrupole resonance spectrum of beryllium in chrysoberyl Physics 2012-11-29
Ridley, Jason Ian Improvement of the Optical and Mechanical Properties of Silica Nanoparticle Ionic Self-Assembled Multilayer Anti-Reflection Coatings on Glass and Polycarbonate Substrates Physics 2010-02-19
Rogers, John Thaddeus Polarization of D(d,n)He{u00B3} reaction neutrons Physics 2010-01-12
Rogers, John Thaddeus Ion source for Van De Graaff generator Physics 2013-11-15
Rountree, Steven Derek Science and Technology of a Low-Energy Solar Neutrino Spectrometer (LENS) And Development of the MiniLENS Underground Prototype Physics 2010-05-19
Rudzinsky, Michael Steven Theoretical and Simulation Studies of a Driven Diffusive System Physics 2000-02-10
Santoro, Joseph Peter Electroproduction of Phi(1020) Mesons at High Q^2 with CLAS Physics 2004-08-18
Schroeder, Raoul Characterization of Organic and Inorganic Optoelectronic Semiconductor Devices Using Advanced Spectroscopic Methods Physics 2002-01-07
Serna, Alvaro Radiative muon capture on nuclear targets Physics 2005-09-20
Shen, Bing Multiple reflector scanning antennas Physics 2005-10-24
Shimer, Matthew Timothy Nonequilibrium Relaxation and Aging Scaling Properties of the Coulomb Glass and Bose Glass Physics 2011-09-09
Shojania Feizabadi, Mitra Physical Concepts of Copolymerization of Microtubules in the Presence of Anti-mitotic Agents Physics 2005-05-19
Siochi, Ramon Alfredo Carvalho Optical characterization of processed gallium arsenide Physics 2005-10-14
Solie, Daniel J. A search for slow, lightly ionizing particles in cosmic rays Physics 2005-09-20
Song, Qian Composition dependence of superconductivity in YBa{u2082}(Cu{u2081} {u0078}A{u0078}){u2083}O{u2086}{u208A}[delta] system with A = Zn, Ni Physics 2010-04-12
Songprakob, Wantana Optical studies of highly-doped GaAs:C Physics 2001-09-10
Soo, Chopin Classical and quantum gravity with Ashtekar variables Physics 2006-06-19
Sterner, Kevin L. Electron-positron annihilation into photons at [square root] s = 50 to 64 GeV Physics 2005-12-22
Stoianov, Stefan Vladimirov Properties modification of nanopatterned surfaces functionalized with photo activated ligands Physics 2011-12-20
Thies, Michael Scaling of Steady States in a Simple Driven Three-State Lattice Gas Physics 1998-09-09
Toloza, Julio Hugo Exponentially Accurate Error Estimates of Quasiclassical Eigenvalues Physics 2002-12-13
Toomire, Bruce Vincent Studies in the Wigner-Poisson and Schroedinger-Poisson Systems Physics 1998-12-04
Topasna, Gregory A The Scattering of H-alpha Emission Associated with the Rosette Nebula in the Monoceros Region Studied Using Polarimetry Physics 1999-05-11
Toporkov, Jakov V. Study of Electromagnetic Scattering from Randomly Rough Ocean-Like Surfaces Using Integral-Equation-Based Numerical Technique Physics 1998-04-28
Toroczkai, Zoltan Analytic Results For Hopping Models With Excluded Volume Constraint Physics 1998-07-17
Triampo, Wannapong Non-Equilibrium Disordering Processes In binary Systems Due to an Active Agent Physics 2001-04-10
Trocsanyi, Zoltan L. Three-loop renormalization of yang-mills theory in background field gauge Physics 2005-09-20
Vijarnwannaluk, Sathon Optical studies of GaAs:C grown at low temperature and of localized vibrations in normal GaAs:C Physics 2002-05-02
Wang, Tong Enhanced Field Emission Studies on Nioboim Surfaces Relevant to High Field Superconducting Radio-Frequency Devices Physics 2002-10-16
Wang, Yun-Yu Investigation of the optical properties of Bi{u2082}Sr{u2082}Can- {u2081}CunOy (n=1,2) by transmission electron energy loss spectroscopy Physics 2008-07-28
Wood, John Herbert An infrared absorption study of lithium in silicon Physics 2006-10-25
Wu, Genfa Energetic Deposition of Niobium Thin Film in Vacuum Physics 2002-06-24
Xu, Xiaohua Dual Processing Spatially Distributed Integrating Fiber Optic Sensors for Non-intrusive Patient Monitoring Physics 2005-04-27
Xu, Xiaohua Modeling of nucleation-based stochastic processes in cellular systems Physics 2010-08-24
Zhang, Yiding Search for the rare decay of the muon into a positron and a photon Physics 2008-06-06
Zhao, Xi-jun Proton Compton scattering with polarized [gamma] rays Physics 2005-10-26
Zhou, Yu The study of many-electron systems Physics 2005-10-14
Zwolak, Michael Philip DNA Electronics Physics 2003-05-21
Bukvic, Anamaria Climate Change Relocation as an Adaptation Strategy: from Taboo to Opportunity Planning, Governance, and Globalization 2012-08-22
Chaves, Elisabeth Kerry Writing that W/rights Politics? -- An Examination of the Re-viewing Practices of Telos, The Public Interest, and the Journal as an Institution of Criticism Planning, Governance, and Globalization 2011-06-06
Cooper, Tracy Lee Exploring a Disaster Management Network in the Caribbean: Structure, Member Relations, Member Roles, and Leadership Styles Planning, Governance, and Globalization 2010-12-09
Dahlan-Taylor, Magfirah Beyond Minority Identity Politics: Rethinking Progressive Islam through Food Planning, Governance, and Globalization 2012-05-07
Fisher, Mary Caperton Aging America: Essays on Population Aging and the Physical and Economic Landscapes in the United States Planning, Governance, and Globalization 2010-08-25
Kiersey, Nicholas Jeremiah Power and International Relations Theory; Why the 'Debate About Empire' Matters? Planning, Governance, and Globalization 2007-03-28
Newswander, Lynita Kay Biopolitics and Belief: Governance in the Church of Christ, Scientist, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Planning, Governance, and Globalization 2009-04-07
Shelton, Joel Trent Conditionalizing Conduct: Political Economy and the Limits to Governance in European Union Enlargement Planning, Governance, and Globalization 2012-05-04
Thomas, Courtney Irene Powell The Problem with Purity: Market Failures, Foodborne Contamination, and the Search for Accountability in the U.S. Food Safety Regulatory Regime Planning, Governance, and Globalization 2010-02-25
Via, Sandra Elizabeth Celebrity Diplomacy in the Current Global Economy: A Feminist Perspective Planning, Governance, and Globalization 2011-02-08
Wu, Chengqiu The Discursive Construction of Taiwanese National Identity Planning, Governance, and Globalization 2007-05-25
Choi, Chang Won Soybean mosaic virus-soybean interactions :molecular, biochemical, physiological, and immunological analysis of resistance responses of soybean to soybean mosaic virus Plant Pathology 2008-07-28
Cu, Ramon M. Development and evaluation of a computerized leafspot advisory program for effective use of cultivar resistance, fungicide, and spray adjuvant to control early leafspot of peanut Plant Pathology 2008-07-28
Farias, Graciela Maria Roles of tannase and hydrolyzable tannins in chestnut blight Plant Pathology 2006-06-19
Guevara-Guerrero, Gonzalo Biological studies of shiitake logs and associated mycoflora in the Virginia highlands Plant Pathology 2009-08-14
Johnson, David Alan Infection and development of Ustilago syntherismae in Digitaria ciliaris Plant Pathology 2008-12-17
Jones, Ronald K. Maize dwarf mosaic virus :purification, some physical properties, and yield of virus from several corn hybrids Plant Pathology 2010-04-07
Murray, Joseph Marshall Effects of simulated acidic precipitation on the colonization and ice nucleation activity of Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae and Erwinia herbicola Plant Pathology 2013-03-12
Nicholson, Christopher Robin The response of 12 clones of eastern white pine (Pinus strobus L.) to ozone and nitrogen dioxide. Plant Pathology 2010-06-12
Pass, Ted Studies on the physiology of condial [sic] germination by Aspergillus flavus. Plant Pathology 2010-06-08
Phillips, Sylvester Olin Growth loss of loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.), white pine (P. strobus L.) and sycamore (Platanus occidentalis L.) proximal to a periodic source of air pollution. Plant Pathology 2010-06-08
Roane, Curtis Woodard Studies in the physiology, genetics and pathology of Colletotrichum phomoides (Sacc.) Chester, the cause of tomato anthracnose Plant Pathology 2010-07-21
Scamack, Anita Marie Apple powdery mildew :literature and research overview Plant Pathology 2010-02-16
Smith, Frisby Davis Tad Evaluation of fungicide resistance in Sclerotinia minor and strategies for chemical control of sclerotinia blight of peanut Plant Pathology 2008-07-28
Srinivasan, Indira Isolation and detection of bean yellow mosaic, clover yellow vein and peanut stunt viruses from Trifolium L. species Plant Pathology 2009-09-12
Traut, Eduardo Jorge Bipolaris zeicola : physiological races, morphology and resistance on maize Plant Pathology 2005-12-22
Yang, Zhenbiao Gene regulation in a pathogen-plant interaction: soft rot erwinias versus potato tubers Plant Pathology 2005-10-10
Brown, Herbert Irving Effect of benomyl, Topsin-M, and Botran against Monilinia fructicola and Rhizopus nigricans on peach and nectarine fruits and in vitro. Plant Pathology and Physiology 2010-06-02
McBane, Scott J Algae control in bentgrass (Agrostis palustris) with DC5772 and Profile Plant Pathology and Physiology 2009-12-23
Roth, Don Allen Survival and chemical control of Cylindrocladium spp. inciting root rot of black walnut seedlings. Plant Pathology and Physiology 2010-04-07
Abler, Steven W. Ecology and Taxonomy of Leptosphaerulina spp. Associated with Turfgrasses in the United States Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 2003-03-28
Ackley, John A. Weed Management Programs in Potato, Transplanted Tomato and Transplanted Pepper with Rimsulfuron and Other Herbicides Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 1998-07-10
Amaradasa, Bimal Sajeewa Accurate identification and grouping of Rhizoctonia isolates infecting turfgrasses in MD and VA and their sensitivity to selected fungicides in vitro Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 2011-08-14
Anderson, Ryan Gabriel Identification and functional characterization of RXLR effector proteins that are conserved between downy mildew pathogens and Phytophthora species Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 2011-09-14
Armel, Gregory Russell Weed management in conventional, no-till, and transgenic corn with mesotrione combinations and other herbicides Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 2002-04-21
Ashley, James Elton Evaluation of Weed Control and Crop Tolerance With Postemergence Herbicides in Sethoxydim-Tolerant Corn Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 1998-04-27
Bailey, William Anthony Herbicide-based Weed Management Systems for Potato (Solanum tuberosum) and Wheat (Triticum aestivum) and Growth and Reproductive Characteristics of Smooth Pigweed (Amaranthus hybridus) Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 2002-08-09
Barker, Whitnee Leigh Lateral Movement of Herbicides on Golf Course Fairways and Effects on Bentgrass Greens Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 2004-05-18
Beam, Joshua Bart Prohexadione Calcium for Turfgrass Management and Poa annua Control and Molecular Assessment of the Acetolactate Synthase Gene in Poa annua Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 2004-05-11
Bush, Elizabeth A. Characterization of Phytophthora Species in Recycled Irrigation Water at a Container Nursery in Southwestern Virginia Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 2002-05-30
Cai, Rongman New hypotheses about the origin of Pseudomonas syringae crop pathogens Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 2012-05-13
Carlson, Jodi A. Procerum root disease physiology and disease interactions with ozone Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 2006-03-02
Carter, Michele R Gray leaf spot of corn :yield loss and evaluation of germplasm for resistance Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 2009-10-06
Chandran, Rakesh Sarasamma Influence of Isoxaben Application timing on Dissipation and Broadleaf weed Control in Turf Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 1998-07-12
Chang, Peta-Gaye Suzette Plant Virus Diagnostics: Comparison of classical and membrane-based techniques for immunoassay and coat protein sequence characterization for Cucumber mosaic virus and three potyviruses Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 2009-06-11
Chriscoe, Shanna Marie Characterization of Transgenic Peanuts Expressing Oxalate Oxidase for Governmental Approval of Their Release for Control of Sclerotinia Blight Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 2009-01-15
Clarke, Christopher Roger Elucidating three novel mechanisms of Pseudomonas syringae pathogenicity Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 2012-02-17
Colcol, Jeneylyne Ferrera Fungicide Sensitivity of Erysiphe necator and Plasmopara viticola from Virginia and nearby states Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 2008-08-15
Crozier, James Brooks Evaluation of Agents for the Suppression of Take-all of Wheat in Virginia in Greenhouse and Field Studies, and Characterization of Isolates of Gaeumannomyces graminis varieties Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 1999-12-18
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