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Paar, Kevin J. A Custom Computing Machine Solution for Simulation of Discretized Domain Physical Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering 1998-07-20
Pace, Gerald Robert Sovereign Misconceptions:A Theoretical Analysis of the Perceived Impact of the International Criminal Court on the Institution of State Sovereignty Political Science 1999-05-17
Pacheco, Alejandro Andres Molecular Mechanics Simulations of Instabilities in 3D Deformations of Gold Nanospecimens Engineering Science and Mechanics 2009-05-09
Pacifici, Linda C. Illuminating Literacies Beyond the Classroom: Women as Bricoleurs Negotiating Social Class and Multiple Discourses Teaching and Learning 1998-04-27
Packard, Abbot Livermore. Exploration of a Brunswik learning environment developed to instruct basic statistical concepts Educational Research and Evaluation 2006-06-07
Packard, Kevin Carew Modeling spatial patterns of mixed-species Appalachian forests with Gibbs point processes Forestry 2009-02-19
Packard, Imbrie Minh Quang A Patient Search in Color and Form Architecture 2009-06-05
Packett, Marion J The influence of bed cover type (gravel vs plastic) on container-grown plants Horticulture 2008-11-01
Paczkowski, Remi Monte Carlo Examination of Static and Dynamic Student t Regression Models Agricultural and Applied Economics 1997-09-01
Paczkowski, Rafal Poland after 1989 :a shift to postmaterialism or a rise of the underclass? Political Science 2009-07-10
Padgett, W. J Some stochastic integral and discrete equations of the volterra and fredholm types with applications. Statistics 2010-06-02
Padki, Santosh Shankar Influence of surface tension and concentration of a non-ionic surfactant on the barrier effectiveness of a microporous polypropylene fabric for pesticide protective clothing Clothing and Textiles 2008-08-22
Padmanabhan, Vijaybalaji Developing an operational procedure to produce digitized route maps using GPS vehicle location data Civil Engineering 2000-05-05
Padmanabhan, Babu A study of isostatic framework with application to manipulator design Mechanical Engineering 2005-10-20
Padmanabhan, Ananth Continuous HMM connected digit recognition Electrical Engineering 2009-01-31
Padmaperuma, Dinnaga P Modelling and prediction of flashing flow in short tubes Mechanical Engineering 2009-06-11
Paes, Cheryl Maria Soy Isoflavone Supplementation Does Not Alter Lymphocyte Proliferation and Cytokine Production In Postmenopausal Women. Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2001-05-14
Pafford, Robert J Synthesis and hydrogenation of iridium complexes with bidentate and water-soluble phosphine ligands :developing novel water-soluble catalysts for hydrogenation of unsaturates Chemistry 2009-11-24
Page, Megan Alene What Makes a Successful College or University Programming Board?: Standards of Practice for Programming Boards Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2004-05-03
Page, Raymond Lynn Evaluation of techniques for the production of transgenic animals Chemical Engineering 2005-10-24
Page, Anthony Baker A unified method to predict pilot-induced oscillations Aerospace Engineering 2005-12-22
Page, Ernest H Simulation modeling methodology :principles and etiology of decision support Computer Science 2008-06-06
Page, Ernest H Model generators :Prototyping simulation model definition, specification, and documentation under the conical methodology Computer Science 2009-03-14
Page, Anthony Baker Piecewise-constant control strategies for use in minimum fuel aeroassisted orbital transfers Aerospace Engineering 2009-08-04
Page, Julia Alease Human Terrain Teams Political Science 2012-03-05
Pagulayan, Ralindo M Determining the human ability to judge inertia during a dynamic pushing task Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-07-21
Pai, Perng-Jin F. Nonlinear flexural-flexural-torsional dynamics of metallic and composite beams Engineering Mechanics 2007-07-11
Pai, Ravindra Calculation of wave resistance and elevation of arbitrarily shaped bodies using the boundary integral element method Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2009-10-22
Paige, Christopher Francis Prevalence of Cardiomyopathy in Apparently Healthy Cats Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences 2007-07-12
Paik, Seung Woock Simultaneous direct measurements of skin friction and heat flux in a supersonic flow Aerospace Engineering 2005-10-24
Paine, Jeffrey Steven Nelson Multi-functional SMA hybrid composite materials and their applications Mechanical Engineering 2008-06-06
Paine, Jeffrey Steven Nelson The performance of nitinol shape memory alloy actuators embedded in thermoplastic composite material systems Mechanical Engineering 2009-10-10
Painter, Charles N. Early Leader Effects on the Process of Institutionalization Through Cultural Embedding: The Cases of William J. Donovan, Allen W. Dulles, and J. Edgar Hoover Public Administration and Public Affairs 2002-05-03
Pajjuri, Srinivas Reddy Computer model to simulate truck accidents on exit ramps Civil Engineering 2009-08-18
Pak, Sang J. Synthesis and characterization of novel macromolecules/networks via side chain modifications of amorphous poly(arylene ethers) Chemistry 2005-11-10
Pakdel, Zahra Intelligent Instability Detection for Islanding Prediction Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-05-14
Pakdel, Zahra Characterization, Modeling of Piezoelectric Pressure Transducer for Facilitation of Field Calibration Electrical and Computer Engineering 2007-05-29
Pal, Anamitra Coordinated Control of Inter-area Oscillations using SMA and LMI Electrical and Computer Engineering 2012-02-17
Palacios, Leslie Jane The Value of Inclusion of the Peri-Urban Interface on Quality of Life for the Urban Population Landscape Architecture 2012-09-27
Palekar, Nipun Pushpasheel Job Sequencing & WIP level determination in a cyclic CONWIP Flowshop with Blocking Industrial and Systems Engineering 2000-09-10
Palermo, Thelma D. Practices of Elementary Principals in Influencing New Teachers to Remain in Education Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2002-04-20
Palmer, Sonya Lenette The Investigation of the Active Sites of Monoamine Oxidase (MAO) A and B and the Study of MAO-A Mediated Neurotoxicity Using 4-Substituted Tetrahydropyridines. Chemistry 1998-05-18
Palmer, Stephen E The Effects of the Web-Based Instructional Unit Healthy Hearts on Fifth Grade Children's Physical Activity Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior Teaching and Learning 2002-03-12
Palmer, George Caleb Genetic Characterization of Intermixed Walleye Stocks in Claytor Lake and the Upper New River, Virginia Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 1999-12-14
Palmer, Matthew Earle Kinematics of beam flexure four-bar linkages with applications in a compound bow Mechanical Engineering 2008-11-01
Palmer, Virginia Sue The effects of acute aerobic exercise on cardiovascular reactivity in response to psychological stress in trained cyclists Health and Physical Education 2009-08-22
Palmer, Sarah E Application of molecular biology techniques in the assessment of microbial community responses to environmental perturbations Biology 2009-10-10
Palmer, Karen Smith A Comparison of Criteria used in Gifted Identification in the Commonwealth of Virginia Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2009-11-17
Palumbo, Rose The Potential for Green Fluorescent Protein as a Screening Tool in the Production of Haploid Potato Plants Horticulture 2003-12-19
Pamas, Roberto Andrew The Behaviors and Practices of Principals in Successful At-Risk Middle Schools Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2006-06-27
Pan, YuanXiang Poly(A)+ RNA From Sheep Omasal Epithelium Induces Expression of a peptide Transport Protein(S) in Xenopus laevis Oocytes Animal and Poultry Sciences 1998-07-20
Pan, Jiuping MADM Framework for Strategic Resource Planning of Electric Utilities Electrical and Computer Engineering 1999-12-17
Pan, Yuanlong Peptides can be utilized as amino acid sources for protein accretion and cell proliferation by cultured animal cells Animal Science 2006-06-19
Pan, Long Effective and Efficient Methodologies for Social Network Analysis Computer Science 2008-01-07
Pan, YuanXiang Molecular Cloning, In Vitro Expression, and Functional Characterization of an Ovine Gastrointestinal Peptide Transporter (oPepT1) Animal and Poultry Sciences 2000-02-24
Pan, Zhengzheng Learning, Game Play, and Convergence of Behavior in Evolving Social Networks Economics 2009-04-30
Pan, Bi-Yu Hierarchical test generation for VHDL behavioral models Electrical Engineering 2009-09-05
Pan, Jan Wei On-line Nonlinear Characterization of Anisotropic Materials Mechanical Engineering 2010-12-22
Pan, Xin The Development of an E-Learning Course Incorporating Self-Regulated Learning Procedures into a PSI-Based Course Curriculum and Instruction 2012-09-14
Pan, Lei Hydrophobic Forces in Wetting Films Mining and Minerals Engineering 2009-12-17
Panagakos, George The second-hand market for bulk carriers Economics 2010-06-12
Panchal, Kapil V Development of a robust numerical optimization methodology for turbine endwalls and effect of endwall contouring on turbine passage performance Mechanical Engineering 2011-10-18
Pancotto, Theresa E Evaluation of cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers of endothelial damage and basement membrane degradation as indirect indicators of blood-brain barrier dysfunction in chronic canine hypothyroidism Veterinary Medical Sciences 2011-04-02
Pande, Ashwini K Table Understanding for Information Retrieval Computer Science 2002-08-28
Pande, Rishikesh A Using Plant Epidemiological Methods to Track Computer Network Worms Computer Science 2004-05-18
Pande, Abhijit Effect of struts on aeroacoustics of axisymmetric supersonic inlets Mechanical Engineering 2009-07-29
Pandey, Noopur Circular migration in Thailand Sociology 2009-08-04
Pandey, Anjana Community forestry in Nepal :a strategy for development Environmental Planning and International Development 2009-12-23
Pandey, Krishna C Methods to determine the cost-effectiveness of local area networks Systems Engineering 2010-02-16
Pando, Miguel A. A Laboratory and Field Study of Composite Piles For bridge Substructures Civil Engineering 2003-02-26
Pandolfi, Susan M Cryopreservation of microencapsulated bovine spermatozoa Dairy Science 2008-11-01
Pandya, Ashish. Novel nitrogen containing polymers via Reissert chemistry Chemistry 2005-10-24
Pang, Ying-Feng Integrated Thermal Design and Optimization Study for Active Integrated Power Electronic Modules (IPEMs) Mechanical Engineering 2002-09-08
Pang, Ying-Feng Assessment of Thermal Behavior and Development of Thermal Design Guidelines for Integrated Power Electronics Modules Mechanical Engineering 2005-01-25
Pang, Eva Y Developing a quality improvement taxonomy Industrial Engineering and Operations Research 2009-03-12
Panhorst, Eric M. Evapotranspiration Measurement and Simulation due to Poplar Trees at a Phytoremediation Site Civil Engineering 2000-06-19
Panhorst, Kimberly A. Estimating Bacterial Loadings to Surface Waters from Agricultural Watersheds Biological Systems Engineering 2002-12-24
Panicker, Anil T A systems dynamics economic evaluation methodology for high speed inter-city transportation Civil Engineering 2009-10-10
Panis, Renato P Robust parameter optimization strategies in computer simulation experiments Management Science 2008-06-06
Panjwani, Manish A An interactive site modeling tool for estimating coverage regions for wireless communication systems in multifloored indoor environments Electrical Engineering 2009-11-24
Pankow, Shannon Anderson Career Practices and Training Perspectives of Marriage and Family Therapy Program Graduates Marriage and Family Therapy 2000-09-13
Panneton, Pamela G INFOSYM :an integrated approach to facilitate the system requirements definition process Systems Engineering 2010-03-30
Panning, Thomas D Deterministic Parallel Global Parameter Estimation for a Model of the Budding Yeast Cell Cycle Computer Science 2006-05-31
Panova, Julia B. Mechanisms of Deformation and Fracture in TiAl: An Atomistic Simulation Study Materials Science and Engineering 1998-07-20
Pansare, Manoj M Modeling and simulation of analog devices using PRECISE Electrical Engineering 2010-06-12
Pantaleon, Lucas Guillermo Cardiovascular and Hematological Effects of Hetastarch and Hypertonic Saline Solutions During Experimental Endotoxemia in Horses Veterinary Medical Sciences 2005-07-04
Pantaleoni, Eva Assessing Coastal Plain Wetland Composition using Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer Imagery Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2007-07-27
Pantazopoulou, Maria J. Spectral characteristics of low-frequency variability in compact extragalactic radio sources Physics 2005-10-26
Pantelias, Aristeidis Asset Management Data Collection for Supporting Decision Processes Civil Engineering 2005-06-13
Pantelides, Judy Raiford An exploration of the relationship between specific instructional leadership behaviors of elementary principals and student achievement Educational Administration 2008-07-28
Pantili, Linda D A meta-analytic validity study of the National Association of Secondary School Principals' Assessment Center process Educational Administration 2008-06-06
Pantouvanos, John P A computerized methodology for balancing and sequencing mixed model stochastic assembly lines Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-07-21
Pap, Arpad A. Experimental analysis of a haunched, skewed, reinforced concrete, rigid-frame bridge model Career Counseling and Student Personnel 2006-10-04
Papadales, Basil S An experimental investigation of oblique wing static aeroelastic phenomena. Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2010-06-08
Papadatos, George The bureaucratic theory of synthetic advertising. Economics 2010-03-02
Papafratzeskakou, Eirini Peer Victimization and Depression: Role of Peers and Parent-Child Relationship Psychology 2008-05-09
Papafratzeskakou, Eirini Childhood Emotional Abuse, Effects, and Protective Factors: Comparison of Protective Factors between Emotional and Physical Abuse Psychology 2011-05-13
Papageorgiou, Vassilios A Static two-dimensional calculation of the capacitance and impedance of open microstrip-like structures using variational methods Electrical Engineering 2009-08-18
Papanicolaou, Athanasios N. The Role of Turbulence on the Initiation of Sediment Motion. Civil Engineering 1998-07-20
Papanicolaou, Athanasios N Settling characteristics of particles in a suspension of medium to high solids concentration Civil Engineering 2010-05-04
Papavasiliou, Kriton Construction of an Optical Quarter-Wave Stack Using the ISAM (Ionic Self-Assembled Multilayers) Technique. Physics 2010-07-13
Papay, Michael L. A general inverse design procedure for aerodynamic bodies Aerospace Engineering 2006-06-07
Papenfuss, Cory M Wideband Active Vibration Control Synthesis and Implementation on Uncertain Resonant Structures Electrical and Computer Engineering 2006-04-12
Papero, Anna L. Developmental outcome in preschoolers: Interrelations among maternal depression, perceived social support, and child's age of entry into Head Start Human Development 2004-04-20
Pappano, Phillip A Structure and regional tectonic setting across the Atlantic Coastal Plain of northeastern Virginia as interpreted from reflection seismic data Geological Sciences 2009-09-12
Pappas, Nicholas Peter Searching Biological Sequence Databases Using Distributed Adaptive Computing Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003-01-30
Pappas, Eric C. Gender and reading : the gender-related responses of four college students to characters and relationships in six short stories Curriculum and Instruction 2007-07-12
Pappu, Gita Design of a permanent magnet motor and a drive for cranking purposes Electrical Engineering 2010-06-12
Paquet, Victor Leo The effects of keyboard height, wrist support and keying time on wrist posture and trapezius EMG during keyboarding Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-01-31
Paradkar, Rajan Alternative Methodology To Household Activity Matching In TRANSIMS Civil Engineering 2002-01-30
Parajuli, Krishna Joshi Economic Impact Analysis of Mixed-Species Green Manure on Organic Tomato: Evidence from the Northeastern United States Agricultural and Applied Economics 2011-12-13
Parakulsuksatid, Pramuk Utilization of a Microbubble Dispersion to Increase Oxygen Transfer in Pilot-Scale Baker’ s Yeast Fermentation Unit Biological Systems Engineering 2000-05-12
Paramahamsan, Harinarayan Fundamental properties of Synthetic O-D Generation Formulations and Solutions Civil Engineering 1999-02-05
Parambi, Raphael S. Interfacing GPSS/H with GKS Industrial Engineering and Operations Research 2012-08-01
Parameswaran, Rajaraman Effects of user and spatial diversity on high data rate wireless systems Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005-11-07
Parameswaran, Subramanian T Software for site specific propagation prediction Electrical Engineering 2009-06-23
Parathiras, Achilleas N. Steady state of deformation analysis for a clayey sand Civil Engineering 2012-11-29
Parathiras, Vasilis Stress-density relationships for an agricultural soil Mechanical Engineering 2013-02-07
Parayil, Govindan Conceptualizing technological change :technology transfer in the green revolution Science and Technology Studies 2007-08-23
Parcher, Mary Ann Assessing Various Technologies to Remediate a Hydrocarbon Contaminated Aquifer Environmental Sciences and Engineering 1999-08-03
Pardikes, Thomas James Measuring the Relationship Between Reflexive and Intentional ANS Response Psychology 2008-05-10
Pardikes, Thomas James Voluntary inhibition of reflex: Effects of consistent meditative practice Psychology 2010-05-04
Pare, Christopher A. Experimental Evaluation of Semiactive Magneto- Rheological Suspensions for Passenger Vehicles Mechanical Engineering 1998-05-26
Parece, Tammy Erlene Managing Water and Electricity Consumption in University Residence Halls: a Study on Promoting Voluntary Resource Conservation by College Students Geography 2010-05-13
Parekh, Umang Kumar A Toolkit for Rapid FPGA System Deployment Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-11-14
Parelkar, Monica Subhash The Role of Self-Worth, Social Support, and Family Religious Environment in Children and Adolescents’ Religious Coping following Residential Fires Psychology 2005-06-14
Paret, R. L The determination of the optimum CO for operating number 6 boiler Power and Fuel Engineering 2010-02-16
Paretkar, Piyush S Short-Term Forecasting of Power Flows over Major Pacific Northwestern Interties: Using Box and Jenkins ARIMA Methodology Electrical and Computer Engineering 2008-10-15
Parghi, Nirav Characterization of Insulin-like Growth Factor Binding Protein-3 (IGFBP-3) interaction with the Bovine Aortic Endothelial (BAE) cell surface : Examination of the Role of Heparan Sulfate Proteoglycans (HSPG). Chemical Engineering 1998-07-15
Parham, Creda Pamler Joe The Construct of Substance Abuse Enabling Applied to Poor Performance Management: How Managers Deal With Poor Performing Employees Human Development 2003-03-27
Parham, Prince Edward A proposed systematic approach to cost analysis for selected secondary trade and industrial education programs in Virginia. Vocational and Technical Education 2010-07-08
Parhizkar, Omid Identifying Impact Factors on Successful Exporting of the United States Hardwood Industries to Mexico, Asia, and Europe Wood Science and Forest Products 2008-03-30
Parietti, Lucie Micromechanical finite element model for constitutive elastoplastic analysis of unidirectional fiber-reinforced composites Engineering Mechanics 2009-06-23
Parijat, Prakriti Effects of Quadriceps Fatigue on the Outcomes of Slips and Falls Biomedical Engineering and Sciences 2006-08-28
Parijat, Prakriti Preventing slip-induced falls in older adults: perturbation training using a moveable platform and virtual reality Biomedical Engineering 2009-12-22
Parikh, Sanjiv D. Computerized Ultrasonic Raytracing Model for C-scans of Solid Steel Bridge Pins Engineering Mechanics 1998-08-06
Parikh, Pratik J Designing Order Picking Systems for Distribution Centers Industrial and Systems Engineering 2006-09-12
Parikh, Ankur Abstraction Guided Semi-formal Verification Electrical and Computer Engineering 2007-06-15
Parikh, Priti P. Efficacy of Ultraviolet Light and Antimicrobials to Reduce Listeria monocytogenes in Chill Brines Food Science and Technology 2007-11-16
Parikh, Rajiv D PC based simulation software package for an uninterruptable power supply Electrical Engineering 2009-11-24
Parikh, Nidhi Kiranbhai Generating Random Graphs with Tunable Clustering Coefficient Computer Science 2011-03-31
Paripati, Praveen Kumar Polyhedra:representation and recognition Computer Science and Applications 2012-06-10
Paris, Eleni Marriage and Family Therapist Interns' Experiences of Growth Marriage and Family Therapy 2000-08-22
Paris, Robert L. Potential of Hulless Winter Barley as an Improved Feed Crop Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2000-04-25
Paris, Jesse Loren Carboxymethylcellulose Acetate Butyrate Water-Dispersions as Renewable Wood Adhesives Wood Science and Forest Products 2010-08-19
Parisi, Annette Marie Architecture as Host: A New Youth Hostel in Washington, DC Architecture 2001-03-10
Park, Sungho Development and Applications of Finite elements in Time Domain Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 1998-07-20
Park, Taehyung Network Design and Analysis Problems in Telecommunication, Location-Allocation, and Intelligent Transportation Systems Industrial and Systems Engineering 1998-06-22
Park, Jae H Chebyshev Approximation of Discrete polynomials and Splines Electrical and Computer Engineering 1999-12-20
Park, Gyuhae Assessing Structural Integrity using Mechatronic Impedance Transducers with Applications in Extreme Environments Mechanical Engineering 2000-05-15
Park, Hyunsoo Environmentally Friendly Land Use Planning, Property Rights, and Public Participation in South Korea: A Case Study of Greenbelt Policy Reform Urban Affairs and Planning 2001-05-23
Park, Jahng Sun The Folded Hypercube ATM Switches Electrical and Computer Engineering 2001-10-02
Park, Tae Young Efficiency and Accuracy of Alternative Implementations of No-Arbitrage Term Structure Models of the Heath-Jarrow-Morton Class Finance, Insurance, and Business Law 2001-11-08
Park, Kunsoon Identification of Site Selection Factors in the U.S. Franchise Restaurant Industry: An Exploratory Study Hospitality and Tourism Management 2002-01-11
Park, Haesun Apparel retail buyers' attitude and acceptance behavior toward manufacturer's promotional support :effects of retail organization's orientation, size, and degree of centralization Clothing and Textiles 2009-02-13
Park, Chul Cations and activated sludge floc structure Environmental Engineering 2002-07-30
Park, Borinara Development of a Virtual Reality Excavator Simulator: a Mathematical Model of Excavator Digging and a Calculation Methodology Environmental Design and Planning 2002-11-30
Park, Soyeon Theory of Mind Dynamics in Children's Play: A Qualitative Inquiry in a Preschool Classroom Human Development 2001-12-10
Park, Mincheol Performance Evaluation of Multiuser Detectors with V-BLAST to MIMO Channel Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003-06-18
Park, Youngjin Investigation of the Ability of Filters to Stop Erosion through Cracks in Dams Civil Engineering 2003-12-28
Park, Eun-Soo A case study of young Korean children's English learning experiences in the United states Teaching and Learning 2005-06-29
Park, JinSoo Adaptive Asymmetric Slot Allocation for Heterogeneous Traffic in WCDMA/TDD Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering 2004-11-17
Park, Young Wook Large deviation theory for queueing systems Mathematics 2005-10-14
Park, Sung Yeul Design and Implementation of Four-quadrant Operation in Single-Switch Based Switched Reluctance Motor Drive System Electrical and Computer Engineering 2004-07-13
Park, Soo-Young Who Is Our Master? -Debates during Civil Service Reforms- Public Administration and Public Affairs 2005-08-26
Park, Sangjun Developing Procedures for Screening High Emitting Vehicles and Quantifying the Environmental Impacts of Grades Civil Engineering 2005-12-09
Park, Sang-Hyuk Viscous-inviscid interactions of dense gases Engineering Mechanics 2006-05-11
Park, Sung-Yong The Architecture of Suburban America Architecture 2006-07-26
Park, Kunsoon User Acceptance of the Intranet in Restaurant Franchise Systems: An Empirical Study Hospitality and Tourism Management 2006-12-22
Park, Albert Intended Use Evaluation Approach for Information Visualization Computer Science 2006-12-12
Park, Hee-Sung Molecular cloning, characterization, and expression of 3-hydroxy- 3-methylglutaryl coenzyme a reductase gene from tomato Plant Physiology 2007-02-26
Park, Chul Extracellular Polymeric Substances in Activated Sludge Flocs: Extraction, Identification, and Investigation of Their Link with Cations and Fate in Sludge Digestion Civil Engineering 2007-08-03
Park, Taigyoo Dielectric relaxation behavior of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) Chemistry 2008-06-06
Park, Chang Min The Effect of Cations on Volatile Solids Destruction, Odors, and Dewatering in anaerobic digestion Environmental Engineering 2008-06-26
Park, Min-Yong Field evaluation of noise attenuation and comfort performance of earplug, earmuff, and ear canal cap hearing protectors under the ANSI S12.6- 1984 sound field standard Industrial and Systems Engineering 2008-07-28
Park, Bong-Gyu A dynamic perspective of strategic groups and performance :a longitudinal study of the U.S. computer equipment industry, 1975-1989 Management 2008-07-28
Park, Jae Ok Clothing style preference of working women related to self- image/clothing-image congruity and public self-consciousness Clothing and Textiles 2008-07-28
Park, Suwan A systems approach to strategic planning for the Civil Engineering Department Civil Engineering 2008-08-22
Park, Jinwon A Runge Kutta Discontinuous Galerkin-Direct Ghost Fluid (RKDG-DGF) Method to Near-field Early-time Underwater Explosion (UNDEX) Simulations Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2008-09-08
Park, Sangjun High Automobile Emissions: Modeling Impacts and Developing Solutions Civil Engineering 2008-09-09
Park, Suwan An Optimal Pipe Replacement Scheduling Model for Water Distribution Systems Civil Engineering 2000-02-11
Park, Jahng S Performance analysis of partitioned multistage cube network and adaptive routed single-stage cube network Electrical Engineering 2009-07-29
Park, Jeongdoo The relationship between top managers' environmental attitudes and environmental management in hotel companies Hospitality and Tourism Management 2009-07-24
Park, Sung Yeul A Wide Range and Precise Active and Reactive Power Flow Controller for Fuel Cell Power Conditioning Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering 2009-08-13
Park, Jong Keun Anisotropic Morphologies and Properties in Perfluorosulfonate Ionomer-Based Materials Macromolecular Science and Engineering 2009-12-23
Park, Andrew S Throughput improvements for FHMA wireless data networks employing variable rate channel coding Electrical Engineering 2010-02-02
Park, Yeonjeong Instructional Design Implications for Non-native English Speaking Graduate Students: Perceptions on Intercultural Communicative Competences and Instructional Design Strategies for Socially Engaged Learning Education Curriculum and Instruction 2010-05-11
Park, Hyejune The Impact of Environmental Factors on Business Strategies in Selected Major U.S. Apparel Manufacturing Companies 1970-2005 Apparel, Housing, and Resource Management 2007-08-08
Park, Byung-Jin Robert The Effects of Coopetition and Coopetition Capability on Firm Innovation Performance Management 2011-05-24
Park, Logan O. Integrative Research in the Sociology and Ecology of Outdoor Recreation Forestry 2009-08-07
Park, Min-Yong Laboratory investigation of in-field influences on spectral noise attenuation and comfort of insert and circumaural hearing protectors Industrial Engineering and Operations Research 2013-02-06
Park, David Numerical simulations of airflow and heat transfer in a room with a large opening Mechanical Engineering 2013-10-29
Park-Gates, Shari Lane Effects of Group Interactive Brainstorming on Creativity Near Environments 2001-08-09
Parker, Dawn Louise The Texture of Place Architecture 2011-11-06
Parker, Jennifer S. Parent Structure and Support and Adolescent Problems: Delinquency, Substance Abuse, and Peer and Self-Esteem Deficits Human Development 2000-04-27
Parker, Suzanne M. Preservice Physical Education Teachers' Perceptions Toward Teaching Students With Emotional/Behavioral Disorders in a General Education Setting Teaching and Learning 2002-04-01
Parker, Peter A. Response Surface Design and Analysis in the Presence of Restricted Randomization Statistics 2005-03-30
Parker, Scott Landsborough Physiological and Ecological Constraints on the Evolution of Viviparity in Sceloporine Lizards Biological Sciences 2006-01-27
Parker, Sandra V. A history of Libby Prison, 1862-1865 History 2007-02-09
Parker, Casey Lee Armature: Infill A Health Care Facility in Verón, Dominican Republic Architecture 2006-08-18
Parker, James L. F. Factors Related to the Quality of Staff Development in Virginia's Regional Alternative Education Centers Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2007-04-14
Parker, Paul Rodney The application of interpersonal communication and group dynamics skills as a curriculum component for the professional development of pre- service teachers Curriculum and Instruction 2008-07-28
Parker, Nikola Alethia The xenogenous capacitation response of fresh, cooled/extended and frozen/thawed equine semen as determined by a chlortetracycline stain Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-02-13
Parker, Paul Francis Development of the Research Paradigm Inventory to Measure Views About Research Practices and Beliefs Educational Research and Evaluation 2009-02-19
Parker, Cheryl Lynn Comparison of isoenergetic aerobic versus aerobic plus resistance exercise program during a weight loss program Education 2009-06-23
Parker, Brian Mark The Simulation and Analysis of Particle Flow Through an Aggregate Stockpile Mining and Minerals Engineering 2009-12-03
Parker, Stewart L An exploratory investigation of the possibility for electrodepositing aluminum from miscellaneous organic system Chemical Engineering 2010-02-23
Parker, Blaine Frank An analysis of winter ventilation for poultry laying houses Agricultural Engineering 2010-06-08
Parker, James C Protozoan, helminth and arthropod parasites of the gray squirrel in southwestern Virginia. Zoology 2010-06-08
Parker, Warren Trower An analysis of factors influencing hunter participation and deer harvest. Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2010-06-12
Parker, Stephen Donald The State and Local Fiscal Assistance Act of 1972. Political Science 2012-06-10
Parker, James A limnological survey of Lake Laura, Virginia Environmental Sciences and Engineering 2012-07-24
Parker, Jason Lloyd Natural Stressors, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and Wound Healing, in a Murine Model Psychology 2010-04-14
Parker II, Darnell E. Expressed Emotions Architecture Architecture 2011-06-05
Parker III, George Summative Evaluation of an Alternative Teacher Licensure Program Sponsored by a Large Suburban School Division Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2010-04-12
Parker-Price, Susan Young infants' attention and emotional responses to dynamic and static bimodal displays of affect Psychology 2006-06-07
Parker-Price, Susan Temporal organization of cry sounds :a comparison of cry rhythmicity in infants with and without colic Psychology 2009-03-12
Parkman, Tiffaney S. The Transition to Adulthood and Prisoner Reentry: Investigating the Experiences of Young Adult Men and their Caregivers Human Development 2009-04-17
Parks, Jeffrey Lynn Effect of Calcium on Arsenic Release From Ferric and Alum Sludges and Lagoons Environmental Engineering 2001-10-02
Parks, Michael Lawrence Efficient Numeric Computation of a Phase Diagram in Biased Diffusion of Two Species Computer Science 2000-05-17
Parks, Jeffrey L Sorption of Boron and Chromium Onto Solids of Environmental Significance: Implications for Sampling and Removal in Water Treatment Civil Engineering 2005-11-09
Parks, Matthew Raymond Vision-Based Self-Motion Estimation in a Fixed-Wing Aerial Vehicle Electrical and Computer Engineering 2006-07-01
Parks, Jane Elizabeth Crustal evolution of Grenville terranes in the central and southern Appalachians :the Pb isotope perspective for Grenville tectonics Geology 2009-06-16
Parks, Serena L. Fostering Healthy Lifestyles: Assessing the Need and Potential Intervention Strategies for Foster Children Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2012-09-12
Parkunan, Venkatesan Induced disease resistance elicited by acibenzolar-S-methyl and plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria in tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 2008-09-26
Parlikar, Virendra R Fuzzy non-radial measures of relative technical efficiency using DEA Industrial and Systems Engineering 2008-11-18
Parmesano, Vincent The feasibility of merging Christiansburg and Cambria, Virginia Municipal Engineering and Administration 2010-05-04
Parola, Patricia C Settings to live Architecture 2009-08-18
Parra, Danielle Elizabeth Girl Scouts Empower Other Girl Scouts to Consume 3-A-Day™ of Dairy Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2006-04-18
Parra Ormeno, Bertha E Perutaenia threlkeldi, a new genus and new species of tapeworm (Cestoda: anoplocephalidae) from lagidium peruanum Parasitology 2010-05-11
Parrella, Michael P Leptothrips mali (Fitch) :a potentially important predator in Virginia apple orchards Entomology 2008-10-30
Parrett, Matthew Barton The Give and Take on Restaurant Tipping Economics 2003-10-17
Parrill, Scott Revisiting Rating Format Research: Computer-Based Rating Formats and Components of Accuracy Psychology 1999-06-09
Parris, Adam Thomas Dynamic Architecture: A Study of Water and Building Architecture 2008-09-10
Parrish, Alvera Jarrett Special Education Administrators' Role and Impact in Providing Secondary Transition Services to Students Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2006-04-22
Parsa, Haragopal Exploratory investigation of organization power, and its impact on strategy implementation and firm performance :a study of the hospitality franchise systems Hospitality and Tourism Management 2008-06-06
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Pu, Jianfeng Error Control in Wireless ATM Network Electrical and Computer Engineering 2000-06-25
Puckett, W. Bruce Implementation and Performance of an Improved Turbo Decoder on a Configurable Computing Machine Electrical and Computer Engineering 2000-07-17
Puckett, William Gary Industrial arts teachers' personal characteristics related to the frequency of discipline problems. Vocational and Technical Education 2007-05-22
Puckett, M. Kristen A New Form In A Historic District Architecture 2009-06-05
Pudipeddi, Bharadwaj Implementation of coarse-to-fine visual tracking on a custom computing machine Electrical Engineering 2008-11-07
Pudupakam, Raghavendra Sumanth Kumar Understanding the Role of the Hypervariable Region in the Open Reading Frame 1 of the Hepatitis E virus in Viral Replication Veterinary Medical Sciences 2011-02-02
Pugh, Christina Elizabeth Wood Magic Program: A Distance Education Perspective Wood Science and Forest Products 2002-05-20
Pugh, Dylan Vicente Nanoporous Platinum Materials Science and Engineering 2003-04-25
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Pugh, Steven M. Finite element approximations of Burgers' equation Mathematics 2009-12-05
Pugh, Calvin Renaldo Evaluation of in-house versus time-shared computer services utilizing the systems engineering process Systems Engineering 2010-02-02
Pugh, Archie D Uplift loaded standing seam roof systems Civil Engineering 2010-05-04
Pugh, James Christopher A user friendly preprocessor for plane and space frames and space trusses Civil Engineering 2012-09-08
Pugliese, Cara Elisabeth A Pilot Study Examining the Feasibility and Preliminary Efficacy of Problem Solving Therapy in College Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders Psychology 2012-06-19
Puglisi, Michael Joseph The effect of milk consumption immediately following resistance exercise on protein degradation in untrained males before and after a 10-week resistance training protocol Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2002-05-14
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Pulliam, Wade Joseph Development of Fiber Optic Aerodynamic Sensors for High Reynolds Number Supersonic Flows Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2000-02-28
Pullins, Clayton Anthony High Temperature Heat Flux Measurement: Sensor Design, Calibration, and Applications Mechanical Engineering 2011-05-18
Pullockaran, Anie Jose Synthesis of labelled precursors of podophyllotoxin Chemistry 2012-11-29
Pully, Thomas C Investigation of biological phosphorous removal for the treatment of a cellulose acetate manufacturing wastewater Environmental Engineering 2008-07-28
Puls, Michael Analytic versions of the zero divisor conjecture Mathematics 2006-06-07
Punareewattana, Korawuth Immunoteratological Studies of Diabetic Embryopathy Using Gene Expression Analysis Veterinary Medical Sciences 2003-04-21
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Punrattanasin, Warangkana Investigation of the Effects of COD/TP Ratio on the Performance of a Biological Nutrient Removal System Environmental Sciences and Engineering 1998-07-21
Punrattanasin, Warangkana The Utilization of Activated Sludge Polyhydroxyalkanoates for the Production of Biodegradable Plastics Environmental Sciences and Engineering 2001-04-22
Purcell, Steven L Integrating digital images into computer-based instruction :adapting an instructional design model to reflect new media development guidelines and strategies Curriculum and Instruction 2008-06-06
Purdy, Martha Leete Adult Experience of Learning From Novels Adult and Continuing Education 1998-06-16
Purdy, Daniel S Modal and radiation characteristics of the crossed-septum dielectric loaded waveguide for wideband applications Electrical Engineering 2008-06-06
Purdy, Daniel S. An application of the hyperbolic navigation radio system for automated position and control Electrical Engineering 2012-11-29
Purello, Michael Development of a computerized information system which supports measurement and assessment of AEGIS Combat Systems Center performance Systems Engineering 2009-12-23
Puri, Ritu Model development, testing and computer implementation for a coal blending and distribution problem Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-10-22
Purnawarman, Pupung Impacts of Different Types of Teacher Corrective Feedback in Reducing Grammatical Errors on ESL/EFL Students’ Writing Curriculum and Instruction (Instructional Design and Technology) 2011-12-12
Purswell, Valerie Gaddis Place, Bound By A Circle A Hospice Architecture 2000-10-17
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Pusch, Gordon D Differential algebraic methods for obtaining approximate numerical solutions to the Hamilton-Jacobi equation Physics 2008-07-28
Pushkin, Ann B An investigation of the validity of auditing procedures used in mean-per-unit sampling plans. Business 2010-04-07
Pushpagiri, Vara Prashanth A Java-based Smart Object Model for use in Digital Learning Environments Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003-07-18
Puskas-Seeboeck, Ida The Comparative Impact of Family Policies in Sweden and Japan Political Science 2010-07-06
Puthiyaveetil Abdulkader, Abdul Gafoor Altered Kinetics of Non-Homologous End Joining Mediated DNA Repair in Mouse Models of Aging and Leukemia Veterinary Medical Sciences 2012-09-30
Puthoff, Frederick Anthony The model analyzer :prototyping the diagnosis of discrete-event simulation model specifications Computer Science 2009-10-10
Putnam, Dana Evan The relationship of social support, emotional expression, and health status : a LISREL analysis of conceptual models Psychology 2006-06-07
Putnam, Dana Evan The relationship of commitment and self-efficacy to adherence with a medical regimen Clinical Psychology 2009-03-14
Putney, Joseph Satoru Reactive Navigation of an Autonomous Ground Vehicle Using Dynamic Expanding Zones Mechanical Engineering 2006-05-25
Puttegowda, Kiran Context Switching Strategies in a Run-Time Reconfigurable system Electrical and Computer Engineering 2002-04-30
Puttre, Catherine P. Does the Degree of Implementation of the Components of the Middle School Design Relate to High-Stakes Assessment Scores in Grade 8 Reading and Math? Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2008-01-31
Putz, James M Development of a direct-force-reading, thin-film shear stress gage Mechanical Engineering 2009-10-10
Putz, John M The development of instrumentation for the support of skin friction and heat flux measurements Mechanical Engineering 2009-10-22
Pyc, Wioleta A. Performance Evaluation of Epoxy-Coated Reinforcing Steel and Corrosion Inhibitors in a Simulated Concrete Pore Water Solution Civil Engineering 1998-07-21
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Pyecha, Jason R An evaluation of separation methods for the selective coagulation of ultrafine coal Mining and Minerals Engineering 2008-09-18
Pyla, Hari Krishna Tempest: A Framework for High Performance Thermal-Aware Distributed Computing Computer Science 2007-05-24
Pyla, Pardha S Connecting the usability and software engineering life cycles through a communication-fostering software development framework and cross-pollinated computer science courses Computer Science 2007-09-13
Pyle, Denver Use of Biodiesel-Derived Crude Glycerol for the Production of Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids by the Microalga Schizochytrium limacinum Biological Systems Engineering 2008-04-20

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