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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

Qadiri, Mohammad Abdul-Qader The effect of exaggeration of cartoons on the performance of field dependent learners Teaching and Learning 1999-06-17
Qi, Jia Measurement of Surface and Interfacial Energies between Solid Materials Using an Elastica Loop Engineering Mechanics 2000-10-20
Qi, Ying Novel Optical Technique for Real-Time Pattern/Image Recognition Electrical and Computer Engineering 2002-12-25
Qi, Jun Design, Syntheses and Bioactivities of Androgen Receptor Targeted Taxane Analogs, Simplified Fluorescently Labeled Discodermolide Analogs, and Conformationally Constrained Discodermolide Analogs Chemistry 2010-04-01
Qian, Jinrong Advanced Single-Stage Power Factor Correction Techniques Electrical Engineering 1997-09-25
Qian, Jingen RF Models for Active IPEMs Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003-02-05
Qian, Jianzhong Uncertainty reasoning in hierachical visual evidence space Electrical Engineering 2007-07-11
Qian, Hao Application of microbial phytase and its influencing factors in vivo and in vitro Animal Science 2008-06-06
Qian, Xin Flow field investigation in pulse 1 motor of a two-pulse solid rocket motor Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2009-03-12
Qian, Yihong DMAS:A Display Measurement and Analysis System with an object-oriented database Computer Science and Applications 2009-06-11
Qian, Hao A High-Efficiency Grid-Tie Battery Energy Storage System Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-09-17
Qian, Chen Adsorption of Xyloglucan onto Cellulose and Cellulase onto Self-assembled Monolayers Chemistry 2012-05-04
Qiao, Dan Complete Genome Sequence and Pathogenicity of Two Swine Parainfluenzaviruses Isolated from Pigs in the United States Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-06-04
Qin, Lihai Vorticity Modeling for the Flow Over Surface-Mounted Prisms Engineering Science and Mechanics 2001-04-24
Qin, Zhanming Vibration and Aeroelasticity of Advanced Aircraft Wings Modeled as Thin-Walled Beams--Dynamics, Stability and Control Engineering Science and Mechanics 2001-10-16
Qin, Lihai Development of Reduced-Order Models for Lift and Drag on Oscillating Cylinders with Higher-Order Spectral Moments Engineering Science and Mechanics 2004-11-12
Qin, Jiefeng System dynamics representation of catastrophe and its application to transportation Civil Engineering 2010-05-04
Qin, Nan Analysis of the Regulons Controlled by Transcriptional Regulators LuxR and LitR in Vibrio fischeri Biology 2008-07-28
Qin, Yaxiao High Efficiency SEPIC Converter For High Brightness Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) System Electrical and Computer Engineering 2012-08-23
Qing, Li GIS Aided Radio Wave Propagation Modeling and Analysis Geography 2005-05-27
Qiu, Zhiquan Frank A Simple Machine Vision System for Improving the Edging and Trimming Operations Performed in Hardwood Sawmills Electrical and Computer Engineering 2000-02-06
Qiu, Bin Next Generation Information Communication Infrastructure and Case Studies for Future Power Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering 2002-04-26
Qiu, Qun Risk Assessment of Power System Catastrophic Failures and Hidden Failure Monitoring & Control System Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003-12-11
Qiu, Yang High-Frequency Modeling and Analyses for Buck and Multiphase Buck Converters Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005-11-30
Qiu, James Zhijan Polynomial approximation and Carleson measures on a general domain and equivalence classes of subnormal operators Mathematics 2008-06-06
Qiu, Xiaolan Volkswagen Cars, Politics, and Culture in the Post-1978 China: The Social Construction of Success Science and Technology Studies 2012-02-22
Qu, Shaohong High Performance Algorithms for Structural Analysis of Grid Stiffened Panels Computer Science 1997-09-19
Qu, Dayu Emi Characterization and Improvement of Bi-Directional Dc/Dc Converters Electrical Engineering 1999-09-30
Qu, Xin Automated Testbench Generation for Communication Systems Computer Engineering 2000-12-21
Qu, Song Non-Intrinsic Differential-Mode Noise in Switching Power Supplies and Its Implications to EMI Filter Design Electrical and Computer Engineering 1999-02-21
Qu, Xingda Development and evaluation of postural control models for lifting motions and balance control Industrial and Systems Engineering 2008-04-02
Quach, Thu Thi The Crisis in Darfur: an Analysis of Its Origins and Storylines Urban Affairs and Planning 2004-12-24
Quadros, Marina E Release of Silver from Nanotechnology Consumer Products and Potential for Human Exposure Environmental Engineering 2012-08-13
Quagraine, Victor Kwesi New strategies to improve the management capacity of contractors for labor-based methods in road rehabilitation in Ghana Environmental Design and Planning 2007-04-12
Quan, Chuanwen Integrated Modeling of Air Traffic, Aviation Weather, and Communication Systems Civil Engineering 2007-05-10
Quan, Chuanwen A system dynamics model for the development of China's air transportation system Civil Engineering 2008-09-18
Quantrille, Thomas E Prolog and artificial intelligence in chemical engineering Chemical Engineering 2008-06-06
Quarles, April Michelle An analysis of database design transformations as applied to the Advanced Education Database System Computer Science 2010-04-27
Queen, Andrew Micheal Revealing Elements Architecture 2001-05-11
Queen, Bruce Leon Methods to reduce transient floor vibrations Civil Engineering 2010-03-17
Queijo, M. J. A theory and method of predicting the stability derivatives Cl[beta], Clr, Cnp, and CYp for wings of arbitrary planform in subsonic flow Engineering Mechanics 2012-08-01
Quesenberry, Joshua Daniel Communication Synthesis for MIMO Decoder Matrices Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-08-17
Quicho, Joemel Mariano Efficacy of Ultraviolet Light in Combination with Chemical Preservatives for the Reduction of Escherichia coli in Apple Cider Food Science and Technology 2005-06-17
Quillen, Mary Addington Relationships Among Prospective Elementary Teachers' Beliefs About Mathematics, Mathematics Content Knowledge, and Previous Mathematics Course Experiences Teaching and Learning 2004-03-25
Quin, Lei Impact of kitchen equipment and workplace layout on labor productivity in university campus foodservice operation Hospitality and Tourism Management 2009-06-11
Quince, Gyasi Adrian Den Tree Avaliability and Denning Success of Black Bears on Industrial Forest Lands and National Forest Lands in Virginia and West Virginia Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2002-06-13
Quinn, Avis Courtney Utilization of Technology in CACREP Approved Counselor Education Programs Counselor Education 2001-07-06
Quinn, Courtney Elizabeth Women's Actions Related to Health Behaviors after Receiving Bone Mineral Density Results: An Exploratory Study Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2001-09-14
Quinn, Brenton Peter HACCP Assessment of Virginia Meat and Poultry Processing Plants Food Science and Technology 2001-12-07
Quinones-Vientos, Sandra Quantifying Localized Muscle Fatigue of the Forearm during Simulations of High Pressure Cleaning Lance Tasks Industrial and Systems Engineering 2006-01-09
Quint, Ryan David Practical Implementation of a Security-Dependability Adaptive Voting Scheme Using Decision Trees Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-11-11
Quintela, Yvette The Spillover Effects of Motivational Processes in a Dual Task Setting Psychology 2003-03-25
Quintela, Yvette A Model of Motivational Spillover: When One Thing Leads to Another Psychology 2005-09-22
Quirk, Meghan M Inclusion of Fabric Properties in the Design of Electronic Textiles Electrical and Computer Engineering 2009-12-17
Qusus, Saba J. Molecular Studies on Soybean Mosaic Virus-Soybean Interations Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 1998-07-21

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