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Raad, Bechara Tunnel filters and optical amplifiers for use in fiber optic communication systems Electrical Engineering 2009-10-22
Rabb, J. W. Some effects of ultrahigh frequency induced electrical currents on certain micro-organisms Electrical Engineering 2012-11-07
Rabe, Angela C Effectiveness of a Serpentine Inlet Duct Flow Control Scheme at Design and Off-Design Simulated Flight Conditions Mechanical Engineering 2003-08-14
Raben, Samuel Near wall high resolution particle image velocimetry and data reconstruction for high speed flows Mechanical Engineering 2008-05-12
Rabideau, Christine L Pesticide Mixtures Induce Immunotoxicity: Potentiation of Apoptosis and Oxidative Stress Biomedical Sciences and Pathobiology 2001-08-15
Rabon, Karma Melisa Changes in Skeletal Muscle Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Function in Adult and Aged Fisher 344 Brown x Norway Rats Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 1997-06-16
Rabon-Stith, Karma Melisa The Relationship Between Select Variables and the Breast Cancer Screening Practices of a Convenient Sample of African-American Women From Grambling State University and the Willis-Knighton Neighborhood Clinic Teaching and Learning 2001-04-25
Rabon-Williams, Frankie May The retirement planning process of African-American female, leading-edge baby boomers Vocational and Technical Education 2008-06-06
Rachakonda, Ramana V Region detection and labeling of images in real-time using an FPGA-based custom computing platform Electrical Engineering 2009-08-22
Rachdawong, Sansanalak PCR-BASED TEST FOR DIFFERENTIATING VARIETIES OF Gaeumannomyces graminis, THE TAKE-ALL PATHOGENS Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 1999-12-02
Racine, David P People and Their Problems: An Exploratory Study of the Quest for Democratic Citizenship in the Administered Society Public Administration and Public Affairs 2001-06-25
Raciti, Stefano A twenty DOF element for nonlinear analysis of unsymmetrically laminated beams Systems Engineering 2012-08-01
Rada, Nicholas S plywood work setting up looms and other works of mischief Architecture 2007-08-12
Radcliffe, John Scott Quantifying the Effects of Microbial Phytase and Diet Acidity on Ca and P Utilization by Weanling Pigs Animal and Poultry Sciences 1997-06-27
Radcliffe, John Scott The Use of Steered Ileo-cecal Valve Cannulated Pigs to Evaluate the Effects of Adding Phytase or Beta-mannanase to the Diet on Amino Acid, Mineral and Energy Utilization Animal and Poultry Sciences 2000-04-27
Radcliffe, Patricia Matthews A comparison of staff development needs of beginning and experienced special education teachers of the mildly disabled Administration and Supervision of Special Education 2005-10-21
Radcliffe, Nicholas Ryan Adjusting Process Count on Demand for Petascale Global Optimization Computer Science 2011-12-20
Rader, Betty R. The effect of consultation on nursing educators' student ratings of instruction Curriculum and Instruction 2005-10-26
Raderstorf, M. Kim The effect of participation on trust in the development of a workshop evaluation process Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-12-05
Radhakrishnan, Sudhaharini Measurement of Thermal Properties of Seafood Biological Systems Engineering 1997-06-26
Radhakrishnan, Rakesh Structure and Ozone Decomposition Reactivity of Supported Manganese Oxide Catalysts Chemical Engineering 2001-01-25
Radhakrishnan, Kartik Impacts of the use of magnesia versus iron on mesophilic anaerobic digestion and odors in wastewater Civil Engineering 2011-09-20
Radhakrishnan, Ravishekhar Three Essays in Economic Growth Economics 2012-04-13
Radloff, Harold David Buckling response of symmetrically laminated composite plates having a trapezoidal planform area Engineering Mechanics 2009-06-11
Radspinner, Robert Ryan Development of Design Guidelines for In-Stream Flow Control Structures Civil Engineering 2009-05-07
Radtke, Philip J. Basal Area Growth and Crown Dynamics in a Loblolly Pine Spacing Trial Forestry 1998-07-21
Radzio, Jessica A. Manipulation of ascorbic acid levels in Arabidopsis thaliana Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 2003-07-05
Raetz, Meredith Ann Lead and Copper Corrosion Control in New Construction: Shock Chlorination, Flushing to Remove Debris & In-line Device Product Testing Environmental Engineering 2010-08-05
Rafalko, Susan Dennise Rapid Soil Stabilization of Soft Clay Soils for Contingency Airfields Civil Engineering 2006-12-06
Rafati, Tofan A Machine for Imagination Architecture 2011-11-16
Rafeei, Lalleh Fast Approximation Framework for Timing and Power Analysis of Ultra-Low-Voltage Circuits Electrical and Computer Engineering 2012-04-10
Rafi-Janajreh, Asimah Role of CD44 in Immune Functions and Endothelial Cell Injury Biology 1998-09-17
Rafique, Muhammad Mustafa An Adaptive Framework for Managing Heterogeneous Many-Core Clusters Computer Science 2011-09-27
Raftery, Kelley Lynne A Comparative Analysis of Wellhead Protection: Virginia and Massachusetts Urban Affairs and Planning 2002-05-08
Raghavan, Srihari An MPLS-based Quality of Service Architecture for Heterogeneous Networks Computer Science 2001-11-20
Raghavan, Ananth Schema Mapper: A Visualization Tool for Incremental Semi-automatic Mapping-based Integration of Heterogeneous Collections into Archaeological Digital Libraries: The ETANA-DL Case Study Computer Science 2005-05-18
Raghavan, Brijesh Flight Dynamics and Control of Highly Flexible Flying-Wings Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2009-04-13
Ragheb, Ragy Synthesis and Characterization of Polylactide-siloxane Block Copolymers as Magnetite Nanoparticle Dispersion Stabilizers Chemistry 2005-04-12
Ragheb, Ragy Tadros Synthesis and Characterization of Surface-Functionalized Magnetic Polylactide Nanospheres Macromolecular Science and Engineering 2008-04-09
Ragheb, Daniel Raafat Tadros Biochemical Characterization of Two Aminopeptidases Involved in Hemoglobin Catabolism in the Food Vacuole of Plasmodium falciparum Biochemistry 2011-04-11
Raghu, K. K Automatic mesh generation and finite element analysis of a triax dome Civil Engineering 2009-03-12
Raghu, Kumbakonam S Taskmaster :an interactive, graphical environment for task specification, execution and monitoring Computer Science and Applications 2010-06-12
Raghunath, Shobana Targeted Oncolytic Virotherapy Using Newcastle Disease Virus Against Prostate Cancer Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences 2012-10-08
Raghunathan, Nandagopal The corporate plaza and the office tower: The potential for a mutualistic space-form relationship. Landscape Architecture 2005-01-18
Raghunathan, Ranga Development of a methodology to interface transportation planning and traffic simulation Civil Engineering 2009-12-16
Raghuwanshi, Srajan Singh An Energy Efficient Cross Layer Design Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003-10-14
Ragon, Scott Alan Development of a Global/Local Approach and a Geometrically Non-linear Local Panel Analysis for Structural Design Engineering Mechanics 1998-10-07
Ragon, Scott Alan Optimization of composite box-beam structures including effects of subcomponent interaction Engineering Mechanics 2009-06-16
Ragone, Jared George Finite Element Simulation of the MRTA Test of a Human Tibia Biomedical Engineering and Sciences 2006-04-20
Ragsdale, Kim G Reconceptualizing preretirement planning :a comparison of the traditional and life span approaches Clinical Psychology 2008-07-28
Ragusa, Angela Theresa Social Change in the Media: Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Trans and Queer (GLBTQ) Representation and Visibility in The New York Times. A Critical, Qualitative Social-Historical Content Analysis of The New York Times. Sociology 2003-01-23
Rahagude, Nikhil Prakash Integrated Enhancement of Testability and Diagnosability for Digital Circuits Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-11-05
Raheem-Kizchery, Ayesha Rubiath Ceramic coatings for silica and sapphire optical waveguides for high temperature embedding and sensing Electrical Engineering 2009-09-05
Rahemi, Hossein Thermal fracture service life analysis of a case bonded visco-elastic cylinder Engineering Mechanics 2008-06-06
Rahman, Saifur A method of generation scheduling in electric utility systems with nuclear units. Electrical Engineering 2010-04-07
Rahnavardy, Kambiz Investigation and application of the Frustrated-Total-Internal-Reflection phenomenon in optical fibers Electrical Engineering 2008-11-07
Rai, Tapan S Infinite Groebner Bases And Noncommutative Polly Cracker Cryptosystems Mathematics 2004-03-26
Rai, Kalyani Impacts of foreign assistance on less-developed countries' agricultural productivity Agricultural Economics 2012-11-20
Raiden, Renee Mary Efficacy of Detergent Rinse Agents to Remove Salmonella and Shigella spp. from the Surface of Fresh Produce. Food Science and Technology 2002-09-27
Raina, Sunita Making a Bioempire: The Indian Encounter with Bt Technology Science and Technology Studies 2011-02-21
Rainbow, Marc E Effects of systemic flunixin meglumine, topical oxytetracycline, and topical prednisolone acetate on tear film proteinases innormal horses Veterinary Medical Sciences 2004-05-05
Rainer, Paula L Students with Disabilities Who Contact the School Counselor for College Information Counselor Education 2012-08-14
Rainer-Jeanes, Earline Clothing interest, leisure activity continuity and their association to clothing fit satisfaction for women 55 years and older Clothing and Textiles 2009-07-10
Raines, Pepper Monique Management and Livestock Performance of Alfalfa-Tall Fescue Mixed Stands Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2004-05-04
Raines, Richard A Performance modeling and analysis of parallel processing and low earth orbit satellite communications systems Electrical Engineering 2008-06-06
Rains, Glen Christopher Bond graph modeling of hydraulic circuits on a sweet sorghum harvester Agricultural Engineering 2007-02-02
Rains, Glen Christopher Development of a whole-stalk sweet sorghum harvester Agricultural Engineering 2012-11-29
Rais-Rohani, Masoud Integral aerodynamic-structural-control wing design Aerospace Engineering 2005-10-14
Raishevich, Natoshia The relationships among aggressive functions, family factors, and internalizing and externalizing symptoms in youth Psychology 2007-06-08
Raishevich Cunningham, Natoshia The relationship between anxiety and impairment in clinic-referred youth with ODD: The role of cumulative family risk Psychology 2010-04-24
Raison, Christian E Mass transfer in aerated vibrated beds Chemical Engineering 2009-03-03
Raj, Pankaj Dynamic Visual Performance Characteristics of Elderly Drivers Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-08-24
Raj, Kannan Investigations of three-dimensional optical transfer functions Electrical Engineering 2009-03-14
Raj, Vinaya An Electrophysiological Investigation of Source Memory Development in Early Childhood Psychology 2009-05-12
Raj, Vinaya Episodic Memory Development in Childhood: Contributions from Brain Electrical Activity and Executive Functions Psychology 2012-04-18
Raja, Dheva The Effects of Immersion on 3D Information Visualization Computer Science 2006-06-07
Raja Gopalan, Sureshwar Timing-Aware Automatic Floorplanning of Partially Reconfigurable Designs for Accelerating FPGA Productivity Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-09-09
Rajagopalan, Jayendar Symbolic and connectionist machine learning techniques for short-term electric load forecasting Electrical Engineering 2009-08-22
Rajagopalan, Vidya Increasing DBM Reliability using Distribution Independent Tests and Information Fusion Techniques Electrical and Computer Engineering 2009-12-18
Rajagopalan, Suresh Evacuation of Special Facilities Civil Engineering 2012-08-01
Rajarathnam, Ramkumar A computer-aided graphic design tool for minimum weight inductors in switching converters Electrical Engineering 2012-11-20
Rajasekaran, Parthiban Development of an Antibiotic Resistance Free Bivalent Vaccine Against Swine Brucellosis and Swine Influenza Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences 2010-01-21
Rajasekhar, Lakshmi Microscopic Control Delay Modeling at Signalized Arterials Using Bluetooth Technology Civil Engineering 2011-12-16
Rajasimha, Harsha Karur PathMeld: A Methodology for The Unification of Metabolic Pathway Databases Computer Science 2004-12-20
Rajasimha, Harsha Karur Insights Into Mitochondrial Genetic and Morphologic Dynamics Gained by Stochastic Simulation Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2007-12-06
Raje, Mithun Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of selective sphingosine kinase inhibitors Chemistry 2012-04-26
Rajgopal, Radhika Cost-benefit Analysis of the Virginia Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 1998-09-11
Rajguru, Chaitanya Shreeniwas Application of GIS in propagation prediction Electrical Engineering 2010-05-04
Rajot, Jean-Pierre A theory for the time dependent yielding and creep of clay Civil Engineering 2008-08-22
Raju, Vinod Implementing Impedance - Based Health Monitoring Mechanical Engineering 1997-11-14
Raju, K. V. S. Finite element based non-linear transient analysis of active magnetic bearing turbomachinery Mechanical Engineering 2005-10-07
Raju, Srinath Application of an automatic data acquisition system in mass transit Civil Engineering 2012-08-01
Rakes, Pamela Kay A study of the Blacksburg Parks and Recreation Department outdoor facilities Physical Education 2009-12-16
Rakes, Edward Lee The impact of a visual imagery intervention on Army ROTC cadets’ marksmanship performance and flow experiences Educational Psychology 2012-08-16
Rakonczay, Zoltán Characterizing the Respiration of Stems and Roots of Three Hardwood Tree Species in the Great Smoky Mountains Forestry 1997-06-16
Rakowska, Joanna Tracing parametrized optima for inequality constrained nonlinear minimization problems Mathematics 2005-10-10
Ralat-Sotomayor, Hector J. An Urban Detail Architecture 2003-12-08
Raley, John B. Factors Affecting the Programming Performance of Computer Science Students Computer Science 1998-07-21
Ralston, Parrish Elaine Design and Verification of a High Voltage, Capacitance Voltage Measurement System for Power MOSFETs Electrical and Computer Engineering 2008-12-15
Ralston, Sharon Anne Culture shock :the adjustment process for international students Student Personnel Services and Counseling 2010-06-08
Ralston, Robert James Ontological Security: State Identity and Self-Image in the Digital Age Political Science 2014-05-21
Ram, Abhishek Assessment of Voice Over IP as a solution for Voice over ADSL Computer Science 2002-05-23
Rama-Murthy, Krishna Modeling of United States Airline Fares -- Using the Official Airline Guide (OAG) and Airline Origin and Destination Survey (DB1B) Civil Engineering 2006-10-30
Ramachandran, Karthik Unstructured Finite Element Computations on Configurable Computers Electrical and computer engineering 1998-08-03
Ramachandran, Suresh Analysis of Freeway Weaving Areas Using Corridor Simulator and Highway Capacity Manual Civil Engineering 1997-12-01
Ramachandran, Shyamal Link Adaptation Algorithm and Metric for IEEE Standard 802.16 Electrical and Computer Engineering 2004-02-27
Ramachandran, Priyadarshini Microarchitectural Level Power Analysis And Optimization In Single Chip Parallel Computers Electrical and Computer Engineering 2004-07-23
Ramachandran, Venkateshwaran A temporal analysis of natural language narrative text Computer Science and Applications 2009-03-12
Ramachandran, Viswanathan Performance analysis of augmented shuffle exchange networks Electrical Engineering 2009-10-06
Ramachandran, Sridhar A reformulation-linearization based implicit enumeration algorithm for the rectilinear distance location-allocation problem Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-10-10
Ramachandran, Gurumurthy Computerized feedback control of an environmental chamber Environmental Engineering 2010-06-12
Ramadan, Ahmed A Immunophysiology of the uterus in cyclic ewes Animal and Poultry Sciences 2008-06-06
Ramahi, Muhannad Hasan Resident Scheduling Problem Industrial and Systems Engineering 1998-09-25
Ramakrishna, Sajja D An approach to predict traffic congestion Civil Engineering 2009-09-19
Ramakrishnan, S. A functional approach to graphics programming and modeling Computer Science 2010-04-21
Ramamoorthy, Sheela Approaches towards vaccine development against Neospora caninum Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences 2006-06-16
Raman, Ashok S Analysis and modeling of the effects of reflection induced noise on the performance of fiber optic communication systems Electrical Engineering 2009-03-12
Raman, Sujatha The relevance of STS to peach research :the need for a third voice on nuclear strategy Science and Technology Studies 2009-10-10
Raman, Mala Supply management measures for alleviating urban traffic congestion Civil Engineering 2010-03-30
Ramanata, Peeroon Pete Optimal Vehicle Path Generator Using Optimization Methods Mechanical Engineering 1998-04-15
Ramanath, Ramya From Conflict to Collaboration: Nongovernmental Organizations and their Negotiations for Local Control of Slum and Squatter Housing in Mumbai, India Environmental Design and Planning 2005-06-30
Ramani, Anand Two-step Component Mode Synthesis with convergence for the eigensolution of large-degree-of-freedom systems Mechanical Engineering 2006-08-14
Ramani, Anand Finite element modeling of a refrigeration compressor for noise prediction applications Mechanical Engineering 2009-08-18
Ramaraj, Sharath Supporting Quality of Service in Distributed Virtual Environments Computer Science 2003-10-16
Ramasamy, Thilahavathy Fate of Foodborne Pathogens During Osmotic Dehydration and Subsequent Storage of Apples. Food Science and Technology 2003-08-06
RamaSarma, Vaidyanathan A Coverage Area Estimation Model for Interference-Limited Non-Line-of-Sight Point-to-Multipoint Fixed Broadband Wireless Communication Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering 2002-10-03
Ramasubbu, Surendranath Reverse Software Engineering Large Object Oriented Software Systems using the UML Notation Electrical and Computer Engineering 2001-04-27
Ramaswamy, Deepa Thresholds and Transitions: Inbetween the public and private realm Architecture 2005-11-28
Ramaswamy, Kannan Strategic orientation, distinctive competences and multinationality profiles of businesses :an examination of the U.S. pharmaceutical industry General Business (Management) 2008-07-28
Rambo-Roddenberry, Michelle Behavior and Strength of Welded Stud Shear Connectors Civil Engineering 2002-04-19
Ramchander, Rajesh Quadrature-point stabilization of Mach-Zehnder interferometers Electrical Engineering 2009-03-14
Ramesh, Shalini Design Principles and Case Study Analysis for Low Impact Development Practices - Green Roofs, Rainwater Harvesting and Vegetated Swales Landscape Architecture 2011-08-15
Ramesh, Krishnaswamy Advanced analysis of rotor-bearing systems for stability and response Mechanical Engineering 2008-06-06
Ramesh, Periyakulam S Experimental design and results of 2D dynamic damping of payload motion for cranes Civil Engineering 2009-07-10
Ramesh, Visvanathan Model for precise detection of bone edges Electrical Engineering 2013-02-06
Ramesh Chirania, Saloni Forecasting Model for High-Speed Rail in the United States Civil Engineering 2012-10-05
Ramessar, Candice Rowena Water is More Important than Gold: Local Impacts and Perceptions of the 1995 Omai Cyanide Spill, Essequibo River, Guyana. Geography 2003-08-15
Ramirez, Eugenio Michel House in Cuba: A dialog with the place Architecture 2000-02-09
Ramirez, Mark Nodes for primates : a fictional manifesto Architecture 2005-10-07
Ramirez, Rachael Angela Computer Vision Based Analysis of Broccoli for Application in a Selective Autonomous Harvester Mechanical Engineering 2006-08-02
Ramirez, Edgardo Finite element methods for parameter identification problem of linear and nonlinear steady-state diffusion equations Mathematics 1997-12-17
Ramirez, Elizabeth Maria Variations in Amino Acid Standardized Ileal Digestibility in Soybean Meal Animal and Poultry Sciences 2011-12-14
Ramirez, Melissa V. Probing Plant Metabolism: The Machineries of [Fe-S] Cluster Assembly and Flavonoid Biosynthesis Biology 2008-08-20
Ramkumar, Barathram Automatic Modulation Classi cation and Blind Equalization for Cognitive Radios Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-08-14
Ramniceanu, Andrei Correlation of corrosion measurements and bridge conditions with NBIS deck rating Civil Engineering 2004-11-09
Ramniceanu, Andrei Investigation of parameters governing the corrosion protection efficacy of fusion bonded epoxy coatings Civil Engineering 2007-05-22
Ramniceanu, Radu An Empirical Assessment of the Effects of SPS Regulations on U.S. Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exports Agricultural and Applied Economics 2011-12-19
Ramond, Francois Optimized rostering of workforce subject to cyclic requirements Industrial and Systems Engineering 2003-10-23
Ramos, Jose Rafaelix Elution of Metronidazole and Gentamicin from Polymethylmethacrylate Beads Veterinary Medical Sciences 2003-05-22
Ramsaroop, Errol Vishnu Vocational and Technical Education Changes that are Potential Contributors to the Economic Development of Trinidad and Tobago Teaching and Learning 2001-04-27
Ramsey, Theresa D. The Effects of Multimedia Interface Design on Original Learning and Retention Industrial and Systems Engineering 1998-07-21
Ramsey, Janet L. Gracious encounters : listening to women who listen for God Family and Child Development 2006-11-08
Ramsey, David Jeremy Newly Licensed Teenaged Drivers: A Field Study Evaluation of Eye Glance Patterns on Straight Road Segments. Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-06-02
Ramskill, Thomas Edward Effect of Cracking on Lag Bolt Performance Civil Engineering 2002-08-13
Ran, Limei Single digital-photo correction for a GIS application and error analysis Geography 2009-09-19
Ranade, Jaydeep Electronic Signal Processing in an Optical Fiber-Based Magnetometer Electrical Engineering 1997-09-11
Ranalli, Ramona Renee The Structure of the 2-Sylow Subgroups of the Ideal Class Groups of Imaginary Bicyclic Biquadratic Fields Mathematics 1997-11-18
Ranalli, Joseph Allen Spatially Resolved Analysis of Flame Dynamics for the Prediction of Thermoacoustic Combustion Instabilities Mechanical Engineering 2009-05-11
Rancourt, James David Electrical properties of polyimides modified with metal salts Chemistry 2003-08-28
Rancruel, Diego Fernando A Decomposition Strategy Based on Thermoeconomic Isolation Applied to the Optimal Synthesis/Design and Operation of an Advanced Fighter Aircraft System Mechanical Engineering 2003-05-15
Rancruel, Diego Fernando Dynamic Synthesis/Design and Operation/Control Optimization Approach applied to a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell based Auxiliary Power Unit under Transient Conditions Mechanical Engineering 2005-02-22
Randall, Jeff Differences in age-related appraisals in children's and adolescents' coping processes in a fire emergency situation Psychology 2008-06-06
Randall, William O The Effects of a phosphate detergent ban on a biological nutrient removal plant and anaerobic digester Environmental Engineering 2009-03-12
Randall, Kim D Collecting recyclables at corporate sites :attempts to increase employee participation Applied-Experimental Psychology 2009-10-24
Randall, Andrew A. Operational and exocellular biopolymer characteristics of sludges generated from an air products and a convential activated sludge system Environmental Engineering 2012-07-24
Randhawa, Ranjit Model Composition and Aggregation in Macromolecular Regulatory Networks Computer Science 2008-04-30
Randolph, John Michael Characterizing Flotation Response: A Theoretical and Experimental Comparison of Techniques Mining and Minerals Engineering 1997-09-12
Randow, Charles L Mechanisms and mechanics of non-structural adhesion Engineering Mechanics 2008-11-07
Ranero, Jessica Janet The Factors that Influence the College Choice of Hispanic College Students Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 1999-05-07
Raneses, Anthony Rivera Environmental regulations and market competitiveness :some empirical evidence from electric utilities Economics 2008-11-07
Ranganath, Sheila Casaba Recovery of Channel Morphology and Benthic Macroinvertebrate Assemblages after Livestock Exclusion Biological Systems Engineering 2007-06-06
Ranganathan, Kannan A simulation model for stress measurements in notched test specimens by x-ray diffraction Materials Engineering 2012-11-20
Rangarajan, Karthik A Discrete HMM isolated digit recognition Electrical Engineering 2008-11-07
Rangaswamy, Sendil Xylitol Production From D-Xylose by Facultative Anaerobic Bacteria Biological Systems Engineering 2003-03-08
Rangel, Marie-Teresa Estimating Penalties for Violating the Minimum Wage and Hiring Illegal Immigrants: The Case of the U.S. Apparel Manufacturing Industry Apparel, Housing, and Resource Management 2006-09-25
Rangnekar, Rohit Dilip Remote Access and Service Discovery for a Vehicular Public Safety Cognitive Radio Electrical and Computer Engineering 2009-07-19
Ranjan, Ashish Development of core-shell nanostructure encapsulating gentamicin as efficient drug delivery system against intracellular Salmonella Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-09-24
Rankle, Hugo Elias Camargo Acoustic prediction and noise control of a refrigeration compressor Mechanical Engineering 2009-09-05
Ranpara, Samirkumar Dhirajlal On a Viterbi decoder design for low power dissipation Electrical and Computer Engineering 1999-04-28
Ransbottom, J. Scot Mobile Wireless System Interworking with 3G and Packet Aggregation for Wireless LAN Electrical and Computer Engineering 2004-04-22
Ransome, Myrna M. Part-time employment in high school years: educational, social, and psychological effects. Educational Research and Evaluation 2006-03-06
Ranson, Sonya L A study of the dental health status of children participating in the Child Health Investment Partnership Community Health Education 2009-07-29
Ranson, William Wayne Adiabatic Effectiveness Measurements of Leakage Flows along the Hub Region of Gas Turbine Engines Mechanical Engineering 2004-05-12
Rantis, Polly-Anne Patterns of natural regeneration in pine and hardwood forests of the Upper Coastal Plain, Virginia Forestry 2008-11-07
Rantis, Theofanis D Probability-based stability analysis of a laminated composite plate under combined in-plane loads Engineering Mechanics 2009-07-29
Rao, Rekha An Approach to Open Space Planning Based on the Principles of Landscape Ecology: An Application to Greater Roanoke Area Landscape Architecture 1998-07-21
Rao, Shaoqi Genetic Analysis of Sheep Discrete Reproductive Traits Using Simulation and Field Data Animal and Poultry Sciences 1998-07-21
Rao, Nikhil M Reduction of Unsteady Stator-Rotor Interaction by Trailing Edge Blowing Using MEMS Based Microvalves Mechanical Engineering 1999-04-23
Rao, Deepak Efficient and Portable Middleware for Application-level Adaptation Computer Science 2001-05-23
Rao, Sushma Application of Human-computer Interaction Theories to Information Design on Internet Portals Industrial and Systems Engineering 2002-11-19
Rao, Naresh Krishna Scheduling optimal maintenance times for a system based on component reliabilities Industrial Systems Engineering 2006-05-04
Rao, Shashi Some studies in simultaneous failure in equipment items Industrial Engineering and Operations Research 2009-03-14
Rao, Sanat R A hierarchical approach to effective test generation for VHDL behavioral models Electrical Engineering 2009-08-04
Rao, Surya Developing ozone dispersion and reaction models and conducting a thermodynamic study for safety evaluations of an indoor air pollution abatement pilot plant Chemical Engineering 2009-09-05
Rao, Mala R Builders in the private sector :a case study of Bangalore, India Urban and Regional Planning 2010-02-16
Rao, Raman P. V. Parallel implementation of the filtered back projection algorithm for tomographic imaging Electrical Engineering 2010-02-16
Rao, Navaneetha K. M. The principal protease system in bovine milk Food Science and Technology 2010-06-12
Rao, Polarouthu Chandrasekhar A framework for the performance-based design of flexible manufacturing cells Industrial Engineering and Operations Research 2012-11-29
Rao, Weifeng Computer Modeling and Simulation of Morphotropic Phase Boundary Ferroelectrics Materials Science and Engineering 2009-08-02
Rapach, Erin Elizabeth Online cancer support: What the consumer has to say Human Development 2009-06-04
Rapera, Corazon L Potential impacts of various capital gains tax structures on forest investments Forestry 2008-07-28
Raphael-Mabel, Sujay Anand Design and Calibration of a Novel High Temperature Heat Flux Sensor Mechanical Engineering 2005-04-12
Rapien, Maria H. Geochemical Evolution at White Island, New Zealand Geological Sciences 1997-07-16
Rapp, Peter Edward Taking Turns: A Conversational Approach to Ecological Desgin Landscape Architecture 2002-05-09
Rappaport, Yvonne K. The Whole World Was Their Classroom: the Contributions of Harry and Bonaro Overstreet to the Field of Adult Education Adult and Continuing Education 1998-05-06
Rappold, Patrick Matthew Activity-based product costing in a hardwood sawmill through the use of discrete-event simulation Wood Science and Forest Products 2006-06-12
Rasamoelina, Maminiaina Solonirina Adoption of sustainable forestry practices by Non-Industrial Private Forest owners in Virginia. Forestry 2008-05-23
Rascoe, Patricia A An Analysis of Virginia’s High School Principals Educational Background, Knowledge and Perceptions Related to Special Education Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2007-11-16
Rash, Jacob Michael Comparative Ecology of Juvenile Striped Bass and Juvenile Hybrid Striped Bass in Claytor Lake, Virginia Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2003-12-17
Rashash, Diana M. C. Identification and characterization of odorous metabolites produced by selected freshwater algae Environmental Sciences and Engineering 2008-06-06
Rashash, Diana M. C. An analysis of phytoplankton variations in the Occoquan Reservoir, 1970-1988 Environmental Sciences and Engineering 2009-10-10
Rasmussen, David Dean The Effectiveness of Potassium Lactate and Lactic Acid Against Campylobacter Species and Psychrotrophic Bacteria Food Science and Technology 1999-10-06
Rasmussen, Winola Lenore Novel Carbazole Based Methacrylates, Acrylates, and Dimethacrylates to Produce High Refractive Index Polymers Chemistry 2001-12-20
Rasmussen, Henrik Torstholm Electrokinetic separations in fused silica capillaries Chemistry 2005-10-10
Rasnake, Crystal Michelle Food Safety Knowledge and Practices of Older Adult Participants of the Food Stamp Nutrition Education Program Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2000-11-10
Rasnick, Matthew Byron The Noise of a Boundary Layer Flowing Over Discrete Roughness Elements Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2010-05-24
Rastgaar Aagaah, Mohammad Vibration Suppression using Orthogonal Eigenstructure Control Mechanical Engineering 2008-08-02
Rastogi, Naveen Load transfer in the stiffener-to-skin joints of a pressurized fuselage Aerospace Engineering 2008-06-06
Rastogi, Nandita P Alternative solutions to 1960's single corridor ward design in hospitals :a case study based on nurses's perspectives Housing, Interior Design, and Resource Management 2010-03-17
Ratcliffe, R. Samuel Use of the CAS Standards by Career Services Directors at Four-year Public Colleges and Universities Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2004-07-26
Rateau, Richard James Understanding the Employability of College Graduates for Success in the Workplace Agricultural and Extension Education 2011-10-21
Rath, Amber Lorraine The Effects of Extraocular Muscles on Eye Biomechanics Mechanical Engineering 2005-05-05
Rathfon, Ronald A Developing DRIS norms for Fraser fir Christmas trees Forestry 2009-03-14
Ratigan, Christopher William The Asian Tiger Mosquito (Aedes albopictus): Spatial, Ecological, and Human Implications in Southeast Virginia Geography 2000-05-11
Ratliff, Thomas N. On the Stage of Change: A Dramaturgical Approach to Violence, Social Protests, and Policing Styles in the U.S. Sociology 2011-07-29
Ratnaparkhe, Supriya M Identification and characterization of a matrix metalloproteinase (Pta1-MMP) expressed during Loblolly pine (Pinus taeda) seed development and germination Forestry 2009-04-01
Ratnarajah, Thanujan Modeling the dynamics of software competition to find appropriate openness and pricing strategy Industrial and Systems Engineering 2008-02-07
Ratta, Varun Crystallization, Morphology, Thermal Stability and Adhesive Properties of Novel High Performance Semicrystalline Polyimides Chemical Engineering 1999-05-17
Rattazzi, Dean J. Analysis of Adiabatic Shear Banding in a Thick-Walled Steel Tube by the Finite Element Method Engineering Science and Mechanics 1998-07-21
Ratushna, Vladyslava G. Incorporation of Physico-Chemical Parameters Into Design of Microarray Experiments Biological Sciences 2005-05-19
Rau, Anand V Processing of toughened cyanate ester matrix composites Engineering Mechanics 2008-06-06
Rauch, Alan F. EPOLLS: An Empirical Method for Prediciting Surface Displacements Due to Liquefaction-Induced Lateral Spreading in Earthquakes Civil Engineering 1998-07-21
Rauch, Andrew J. Tubeworks Architecture 1994-06-28
Raulfs, Estella Callie Isolation of in vivo intermediates in iron sulfur cluster biogenesis Biochemistry 2009-04-17
Rausch, Joseph Anthony The Significance of Nationalism for the Spread of Communism to Vietnam and Cuba Political Science 2011-10-10
Rauschenberg, Nancy Carol Thermoplastic xylan derivatives and related blends Chemical Engineering 2010-03-17
Rautenberg, Carlos Nicolas A Distributed Parameter Approach to Optimal Filtering and Estimation with Mobile Sensor Networks Mathematics 2010-04-21
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Russell, Mark C. Appropriating Wittgenstein: Patterns of Influence and Citation in Realist and Social Constructivist Accounts of Science Science and Technology Studies 1997-11-21
Russell, Mardi L. Cost and Throughput Modeling of Manual and Automated Order Fulfillment Systems Industrial and Systems Engineering 2001-05-10
Russell, Jason Bradley Investigation of the Effect of Catalyst Layer Composition on the Performance of PEM Fuel Cells Mechanical Engineering 2003-08-14
Russell, Mark C. Heredity and the Human Condition: A Study of 20th Century Genetic Accounts of Alcoholism Science and Technology Studies 2002-12-30
Russell, Paul Floyd Reflections: Light and Structure in Religious Architecture Architecture 2005-08-09
Russell, Christopher Glyn Improvement of expression of recombinant human protein C in the milk of transgenic animals using a novel transgene construct Chemical Engineering 2006-03-02
Russell, Matthew B. Modeling the biomass partitioning of loblolly pine grown in a miniature-scale plantation Forestry 2008-02-08
Russell, Larry C Stress concentration factors of stepped structures and shouldered shafts under combined loading Mechanical Engineering 2009-01-10
Russell, Daniel Aberrant self-promotion versus Machiavellianism :a differentiation of constructs Psychology 2009-02-13
Russell, Kevin Joseph Design and analysis of shipboard electrical distribution Electrical Engineering 2009-03-24
Russell, Alexander George An analysis of non-utility generation alternatives Electrical Engineering 2009-04-14
Russell, Thomas A Predicting microwave diffraction in the shadows of buildings Electrical Engineering 2009-10-22
Russell, Amy L Procedural justice and performance appraisal :a test of Greenberg's model Psychology 2010-03-02
Russell, Raymond Benjamin The photoprotective role of thermonastic leaf movements in Rhododendron maximum: potential implications to early spring carbon gain Biological Sciences 2006-07-24
Russell, Rebecca Lee The Impact of President Reagan’s Foreign Policy Efforts in Chile and Nicaragua Political Science 2010-08-08
Russell, Brenda Lurline Factors preventing the metabolism of carbohydrates by Bacillus sphaericus 2362 Microbiology 2010-10-13
Russell, Laura René Treponema hyodysenteriae :growth and production of hemolysin Anaerobic Microbiology 2010-10-13
Russell, Laura M. Thermal conductivity/diffusivity of SiC-Mullite and SiC-SiC composites Materials Engineering 2013-02-07
Russell-Porte, Evelyn Darnell A History of Education for Black Students in Fairfax County Prior to 1954 Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2000-11-18
Russin, Mark C. Architecture for Urbanity Architecture 1999-02-12
Russler, Patrick M. An investigation of the surge behavior of a high-speed ten-stage axial flow compressor Mechanical Engineering 2009-09-19
Russo, Rebecca Anne A study of the seismic performance of the Los Angeles River floodcontrol channel during the 1994 Northridge earthquake Civil Engineering 2008-12-30
Russo, Samuel V A space to gather :Charlotte, North Carolina Architecture 2009-01-10
Rust, Mary Elizabeth Biopolymer and Cation Release in Aerobic and Anaerobic Digestion and the Consequent Impact on Sludge Dewatering and Conditioning Properties Environmental Engineering 1998-08-27
Rutherford, Judith Anne A Formative Evaluation of Franklin School Teaching and Learning 1999-09-10
Rutherford, Scott David Phytoplankton productivity and Milankovitch Cycles in the Cenomanian-Turonian Bridge Creek member of the Greenhorn Formation in southeastern Colorado Geological Sciences 2009-01-10
Rutishauser, David Implementing Scientific Simulation Codes Tailored for Vector Architectures Using Custom Configurable Computing Machines Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-04-13
Rutledge, Kathleen Anne Private in Public - Public in Private: A Library on H Street NE Washington, DC Architecture 2011-01-12
Rutnakornpituk, Metha Synthesis of Silicone Magnetic Fluids for Use in Eye Surgery Chemistry 2002-05-15
Ryan, John Christopher Evaluation of Extended End-Plate Moment Connections Under Seismic Loading Civil Engineering 1999-09-08
Ryan, Douglas William A Comparison of Natural Gas Spot Price Linear Regression Forecasting Models Economics 2001-05-13
Ryan, Christopher W. Reproduction, Survival, and Denning Ecology of Black Bears in Southwestern Virginia Fisheries and Wildlife 1997-12-10
Ryan, Rhonda Kitts A survey of occupational stress, psychological strain, and coping resources in licensed professional counselors in Virginia Counseling 2005-10-10
Ryan, Steven Francis Fatigue Simulation of Human Cortical Bone using Non-Homogeneous Finite Element Models to Examine the Importance of Sizing Factors on Damage Laws Engineering Mechanics 2006-05-21
Ryan, John C Analytical and Experimental Investigation of Improving Seismic Performance of Steel Moment Frames Using Synthetic Fiber Ropes Civil Engineering 2006-10-28
Ryan, Christopher A Parallel hardware accelerated switch level fault simulation Electrical Engineering 2007-10-02
Ryan, Timothy Lee Device independent perspective volume rendering using octrees Computer Science and Applications 2009-09-12
Ryan, Judith Ann Investigation of the barriers that exist which may inhibit the development of cohesive home and school relationships Education Administration 2009-12-23
Ryan, Anne Garrett Surveillance of Poisson and Multinomial Processes Statistics 2011-03-29
Ryan, Sarah M. Parental Anxiety and Child Psychopathology: The Role of the Family Environment Psychology 2016-05-04
Ryder, Cheryl E The effect of beach renourishment on sea turtle nesting and hatching success at Sebastian Inlet State Recreation Area, East-Central Florida Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2009-09-19
Rylan, Elizabeth V Impact of interior design on the dining abilities of the elderly residents in assisted living and nursing homes Housing, Interior Design, and Resource Management 2007-10-02
Ryman, John Franklin Prediction of Inlet Distortion Transfer Through the Blade Rows in a Transonic Axial Compressor Mechanical Engineering 2003-06-12
Ryu, Sang-Ouk Synthesis and Characterization of Ferroelectric (1-x)SrBi2Ta2O9-xBi3TaTiO9 thin films for Non-volatile memory Applications Materials Science and Engineering 1999-05-06
Ryu, Young Sam Development of Usability Questionnaires for Electronic Mobile Products and Decision Making Methods Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-08-21

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