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Saad, Zoubeir Simulation of temperature history and estimation of thermal properties of food materials during freezing Mechanical Engineering 2009-02-13
Saad, Mohd. Ridzuan Mohn. Effect of chilling, hydrogen cyanamide, hot water and bud scale removal on bud break of 'Tifblue' rabbiteye blueberry Horticulture 2009-09-12
Saad, Rani A Freeway Corridor Management :tools and strategies Civil Engineering 2010-01-26
Saad Ibrahim, Mohamed Mohamed HyFlow: A High Performance Distributed Software Transactional Memory Framework Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-05-18
Saatcioglu, Bige The Social Construction of Poverty and the Meaning of Deprivation: An Ethnographic Exploration of Mobile Home Park Residents Marketing 2009-08-14
Saavedra, Roque Martin Destructive Capitalism, an Investigation on the Inner Logic of Capital Political Science 2008-10-17
Sabah, Mohammad Random Variate Generation Web Service Computer Science 2003-09-10
Sabalowsky, Andrew R. An Investigation of the Feasibility of Nitrification and Denitrification of a Complex Industrial Wastewater with High Seasonal Temperatures Environmental Engineering 1999-04-19
Sabata, Ashok Characterization of the adhesive interface between rubber and brass plated steel tire cords Materials Engineering 2012-11-20
Sabaté, Juan A Zero-voltage switched resonant and PWM converters : design-oriented analysis and performance evaluation Electrical Engineering 2008-06-06
Sabaté, Juan A. Clamped-mode fixed frequency series resonant converter :off- line application, analysis and implementation Electrical Engineering 2010-10-13
Sabatia, Charles Obuya Stand dynamics, growth, and yield of genetically enhanced loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) Forestry 2011-04-14
Sable, Daniel Mark Optimization of spacecraft battery charger/discharger systems Electrical Engineering 2005-10-12
Sabnavis, Giridhar Test Results for Shaft Tracking Behavior of Pads in a Spherical Pivot Type Tilting Pad Journal Bearing Mechanical Engineering 2005-05-11
Sabo, Matthew J. Microhabitat use and its effect on growth of age-0 smallmouth bass in the North Anna River, Virginia Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2006-06-19
Sabol, Edward A The development of a dual extrusion blending process and composites based on thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers and polypropylene Chemical Engineering 2009-01-17
Saboo, Pallabi A decision model to aid entry-mode strategy selection Marketing 2009-09-12
Sabourin, Emmanuel Adaptive high-precision exterior, high-speed interior, layered manufacturing Mechanical Engineering 2009-02-13
Sabre, Mara Wildflower establishment on landfills in central and southwestern Virginia Biology 2008-12-30
Sacarcelik, Ozer Acoustic Devices for the Active & Passive Control of Sound in a Payload Compartment Mechanical Engineering 2004-05-24
Saccoccio, Gregory Nicholas Error modeling of the carpal wrist Mechanical Engineering 2009-02-13
Sachan, Amit Safe Yield for Jointly Operated Reservoir System and Examination of ENSO Impacts Civil Engineering 2003-05-28
Sack, Kathryn Wilkinson Primary Lifelines: Friendship Groups of Women in Higher Education Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2001-02-24
Sack, Alan Richard Development of a theory of contraceptive practices among single male and female college students. Management, Housing, and Family Development 2010-03-31
Sackett, Corrine Rae Meaningful Experiences of the Counseling Process from Multiple Perspectives Counselor Education 2011-08-10
Sackey, Mamie Eleanor Intestinal Parasitic Infection: Prevalence, Risk Factors and Consequences for Child Growth, Iron Status and Development in Rural Ecuador. Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2001-08-23
Sacks, Nancy The use of tetrahydrocannabinol (marinol) in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy Human Nutrition and Foods 2010-10-13
Sadagopan, Gayathri Devi Web-Based Geographic Information Systems: Public Participation in Virtual Decision Making Environments Urban Affairs and Planning 2000-05-23
Sadagopan, Rishi S Effect of copper and nickel on the performance of an activated sludge system treating cellulose acetate wastewater Environmental Engineering 2009-09-29
Sadam, Chalapathirao Kishan The design of graphical output interface for the runway exit design interactive model Civil Engineering 2013-11-14
Saddler, Tonya Nicole Socialization to Research: A Qualitative Exploration of the Role of Collaborative Research Experiences in Preparing Doctoral Students for Faculty Careers in Education and Engineering Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2008-05-09
Sadeghipour, Mitra Hydrocarbon Functionalization via a New Free Radical-Based Condensation Reaction Chemistry 1998-07-07
Sadek, Shereef Aly A basic Three-Dimensional Turbulent Boundary Layer Experiment To Test Second-Moment Closure Models Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2008-11-21
Sadi, Muhammad A. International business expansion through franchising : the case of fast-food industry Hospitality and Tourism Management 2007-08-03
Sadia, Rina A System Dynamics Approach Linking Employee Health, Quality Culture and Organizational Effectiveness Industrial and Systems Engineering 2006-03-03
Sado, Negussie A case study of the nontraditional baccalaureate degree program at Columbia Union College Educational Administration 2008-06-06
Sadtchikova, Lena V Optimal shape design with domain decomposition Aerospace Engineering 2009-02-13
Sadtler, Daniel Allan Passive Tomography to Image Stress Redistribution Prior to Failure on Berea Sandstone and Marcellus Shale for Caprock Integrity Mining and Minerals Engineering 2012-05-08
Saenz, Berlinda Luna Student Perceptions of Social Presence and its Value in an Asynchronous Web-based Master’s Instructional Program Teaching and Learning 2002-05-23
Saenz Maldonado, Edgar Arturo Brjuno Numbers and Complex Dynamics Mathematics 2008-04-30
Saenz Maldonado, Edgar Arturo On Nearly Euclidean Thurston Maps Mathematics 2012-05-10
Saether, Erik A Multiscale Method for Simulating Fracture in Polycrystalline Metals Engineering Science and Mechanics 2008-05-20
Saez, Mario Carlos Cortes Towards understanding a tower :the design of the Staten Island Ferry Terminal Architecture 2009-02-13
Safaee, Natasha Marie Analysis of Plant Homeodomain Proteins and the Inhibitor of Growth Family Proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana Biochemistry 2009-10-28
Safar, Felix G Signal compression and reconstruction using multiple bases representation Electrical Engineering 2009-06-11
Safewright, Marcia Porter Dimensions of the interorganizational relationship between Area Agencies on Aging and Social Services Block Grant Agencies Family and Child Development 2007-08-23
Safigan, Steve J. A transportable natural language front-end to data base management systems Computer Science and Applications 2012-08-01
Sagaral, Erasmo G Toxicity, selectivity, uptake, distribution and site of action of EPTC in corn (Zea mays L.) as affected by a herbicide antidote. Plant Physiology 2010-03-31
Sage, Michael The Political Economy of the Emerging U.S. Fiscal Crisis Public and International Affairs 2011-05-18
Sagi Venkata Naga, Suryanarayana Raju Java Applet for Teaching Finite Element Analysis Civil Engineering 2006-02-10
Sagle, Betty Sherwood The effects of child sexual abuse :an exploration of variables contributing to long term negative effects of child sexual abuse Family and Child Development 2009-09-29
Saha, Nilanjan Gap Size Effect on Low Reynolds Number Wind Tunnel Experiments Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 1999-12-03
Saha, Sonal An Experimental Evaluation of Real-Time DVFS Scheduling Algorithms Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-09-12
Saha, Deba Pratim Design of a Wearable Two-Dimensional Joystick as a Muscle-Machine Interface Using Mechanomyographic Signals Electrical and Computer Engineering 2013-11-25
Sahin, Ferat A Radial Basis Function Approach to a Color Image Classification Problem in a Real Time Industrial Application Electrical Engineering 1997-06-27
Sahin, Ferat A Bayesian Network Approach to the Self-organization and Learning in Intelligent Agents Electrical and Computer Engineering 2000-09-20
Sahin, Esra unclosure: Workstation for Aquarcheology Architecture 2001-08-31
Sahin, Ebru Karpuzoglu Estrogen Regulates Interferon-gamma (IFN-g) and IFN-g-Inducible iNOS Gene Expression: Implications to Immunity and Autoimmunity Veterinary Medical Sciences 2005-04-22
Sahin, Asli A Data Clustering Approach to Support Modular Product Family Design Industrial and Systems Engineering 2007-11-06
Sahle, Eskinder Development of a user interface for MARIAN and CODER systems Information Systems 2010-04-27
Sahmel, Peter H Eigenspace Approach to Specific Emitter Identification of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Signals Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-12-06
Said, Karim AbdelFattah PicoRF: A PC-based SDR Platform using a High Performance PCIe Plug-in Card Extension. Electrical and Computer Engineering 2012-08-09
Saifee, Quaid J Strategic and tactical models and algorithms for the coal industry under the 1990 Clean Air Act Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-09-29
Saini, Varun Visualization Schemas: A User Interface Extending Relational Data Schemas for Flexible, Multiple-View Visualization of Diverse Databases Computer Science 2003-05-12
Saionz, Matthew K 'For the Hills of Santa Fe': The Texan Santa Fe Expedition of 1841 and the Southwest Market Economy History 2011-05-12
Saito, Tomonori Synthesis and Characterization of Multiphase Block Copolymers: Influence of Functional Groups on Macromolecular Architecture Chemistry 2008-04-29
Saito, Ryohei Inhabitants Within Threshold (Threshold as Antidote for Urban Density) Architecture 2009-01-17
Saitta, Joseph V. Determining the Administrative Support and Professional Development Needs of Contract Instructors at a Civilian Federal Training Agency. Adult and Continuing Education 1998-06-09
Sajdak, John Anthony Waltham Analyses of Ship Collisions: Determination of Longitudinal Extent of Damage and Penetration Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2004-08-11
Saji, Niffy Development of a Guide to Lake and Reservoir Zone Determination Civil and Environmental Engineering 2008-03-31
Saker, Korinn Edna Copper supplementation and monocyte function in growing beef calves Veterinary Medical Sciences 2008-06-06
Sakimoto, Hideki relations Architecture 1998-09-18
Salama, Iman Mohamed Tfdtlm: a New Computationally Efficient Frequency Domain Tlm Based on Transient Analysis Techniques Electrical and Computer Engineering 1997-09-11
Salama, Gouda Ismail Mohamed Monocular and Binocular Visual Tracking Electrical and Computer Engineering 2000-01-04
Salazar, Adriana Isabel Diaz Effect of nitrogen, sulfur, and potassium chloride fertilization on the baking quality of soft red winter wheat Human Nutrition and Foods 2009-03-24
Saldanha, Kevin J. Performance Evaluation of Dect in Different Radio Environments Electrical and Computer Engineering 1998-07-17
Sale, Shrinivas M. Development of a Computer Based Airspace Sector Occupancy Model Civil Engineering 1998-06-19
Saleem, Jason Jamil Quantifying the Participatory Ergonomic Effects of Training and a Work Analysis Tool on Operator Performance and Well-Being Industrial and Systems Engineering 1999-11-29
Saleem, Jason Jamil Multi-Method Approach to Understand Pilot Performance in a Sociotechnical Aviation System Industrial and Systems Engineering 2003-07-16
Saleh, Areej A Location-aided Decision Algorithm for Handoff Across Heterogeneous Wireless Overlay Networks Electrical and Computer Engineering 2004-07-20
Saleh, Mohamed Ibrahim Using Ears for Human Identification Electrical and Computer Engineering 2007-05-23
Saleh, Saleh M Cognitive and metacognitive learning strategies used by adult learners of Arabic as a foreign language Teaching and Learning 2007-10-05
Saleh, Walid In-line optical fiber holography Electrical Engineering 2009-04-08
Salehian, Armaghan Micropolar Continuum Modeling of Large Space Structures with Flexible Joints and Thermal Effects: Theory and Experiment Mechanical Engineering 2008-02-10
Salem, Khlifi Analysis of tilting-pad oil seals for high pressure centrifugal compressors Mechanical Engineering 2012-11-21
Salem, Jebreel Mohamed Muftah A Reliable CMOS Receiver for Power Line Communications in Integrated Circuits Electrical and Computer Engineering 2013-01-14
Salem Said, Abdel-Halim Saber Large Eddy Simulation of Shear-Free Interaction of Homogeneous Turbulence with a Flat-Plate Cascade Engineering Science and Mechanics 2007-08-04
Salenikovich, Alexander J. The Racking Performance of Light-Frame Shear Walls Wood Science and Forest Products 2000-09-13
Salerno, Robert James Positional control strategies for a modular, long-reach, truss-type manipulator Mechanical Engineering 2008-06-06
Sales, Clay Alan Computer-assisted item and test pre-analysis :a new direction in qualitative methods Curriculum and Instruction 2012-09-08
Salgame, Rangnath R. A knowlege-based system approach for dynamic scheduling Industrial Engineering and Operations Research 2012-11-20
Salgo, Michael Nicholas An investigation of the effects of the partial loading of concrete during the early curing period on the twenty-eight day ultimate strength Civil Engineering 2013-11-15
Salido, Sandra I Flow 1H Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Studies in Normal Liquids and Supercritical Fluid Carbon Dioxide Chemistry 2003-03-07
Salihu, Sydha Basis for Selectivity of Isoxaben in Ajuga (Ajuga reptans), Wintercreeper (Euonymus fortunie), and Dwarf Burning Bush (Euonymus alatus 'Compacta') Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 1998-07-17
Salinas, Carlos Enrique The Influence of Cultural and Caregiver Factors on Child Inclination toward Disclosure Psychology 2017-04-12
Sallada, Michael The Unintended Consequences of Implementing Information Technology: Understanding the Impact of Misalignment between Mental Models and Organizational Structure. Industrial and Systems Engineering 2007-03-11
Sallee, David Norval Youth at Risk: An Analysis of the Health Behaviors of Roanoke County Students Teaching and Learning 2002-07-16
Salley, W. Bryan Subsurface transport of fertilizer-applied nitrogen on the eastern shore of Virginia Environmental Engineering 2009-10-06
Salley, Brenda Jeanette Relating Infants' Social Engagement Profiles to Individual Differences in Language Outcomes Psychology 2010-05-16
Salmanoff, Jason A Finite Element, Reduced Order, Frequency Dependent Model of Viscoelastic Damping Engineering Science and Mechanics 1997-09-05
Salmon, Virginia Lee Computers and creativity in the theatre Science and Technology Studies 2009-10-10
Salmon, Joseph L. A Case Study of Grade-Level Meetings and Coaching Conversations Curriculum and Instruction 2012-06-18
Salom, Leo How to write a building Architecture 2006-06-22
Salomon, Jeffrey A Design and Testing of a Hyperbaric Horizontal Belt Filter for Fine Coal Dewatering Mining and Minerals Engineering 2007-06-01
Salze, Guillaume Pierre Nutritional control of gene expression, larval development and physiology in fish Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences 2008-11-18
Sam Rajkumar, Johnny L. ETANA-CMV: A coordinated multiple view visual browsing interface for ETANA-DL Computer Science 2007-01-05
Sama, Anil Behavior modeling of RF systems with VHDL Electrical Engineering 2009-10-10
Samal, Savyasachi Mobility Pattern Aware Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Computer Science 2003-09-09
Samal, Dhruva A study of Path and Light Architecture 2005-12-04
Samal, Nihar Ranjan A wind tunnel facility for the evaluation of a land-based gas turbine diffuser-collector Mechanical Engineering 2011-12-20
Samani, Tresia B Distinguishing characteristics of college-level course work :faculty perceptions Community College Education 2007-10-05
Samaniuk, Joseph Reese Improving the Exfoliation of Layered Silicate in a Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Matrix Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Chemical Engineering 2008-05-04
Samant, Nikhil Frontend for cyrano meta model Information Systems 2010-04-12
Samaranayake, Gamini Studies on the chemistry of taxol Chemistry 2005-10-10
Sambana, Kavya A Conceptual Framework for an Enterprise-Wide Geospatially Enabled Information Management System for Transportation Right-Of-Way Business Processes Civil Engineering 2010-05-15
Samelson, Donald An empirical investigation of economic consequences of the Tax Reform Act of 1986 General Business (Accounting) 2008-06-06
Samiadji, Irfan Layer in architecture : A Study of Stacking Architecture 2005-09-01
Samler, Jessica Anne Abundance and Species Diversity of Thrips (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) in Cotton, Soybean, and Peanut in Southeast Virginia, and Evaluation of Cyantraniliprole for Thrips Management Entomology 2012-05-05
Sammons, Laura Dawn Migration of Penicillium spinulosum from Paperboard Packaging to Extended Shelf Life Milk Food Science and Technology 1999-10-19
Sampan, Somkiat Neural Fuzzy Techniques In Vehicle Acoustic Signal Classification Electrical and Computer Engineering 1998-07-17
Sampat, Miten Enabling Locative Experiences Computer Science 2007-12-05
Samperio, Cristian Formation, Characterization and Stability of Natural Antimicrobial-Cyclodextrin Complexes Food Science and Technology 2009-08-14
Sams, Lauren Kimbrell Examining Access to Recreational Facilities in Danville, Virginia Geography 2012-05-16
Sams, Brent Shipley Forest dynamics of pine- and oak-dominated communities on southeastern-facing slopes of Warm Springs Mountain, Virginia Geography 2012-06-22
Samson, Benjamin Lee Equilibriums of Paradox: Pittsburgh's Urban Renaissance through Public Transport Architecture 2012-06-04
Samuelson, Lisa J. Red spruce physiology and growth in response to elevated CO2, water stress and nutrient limitations Forestry 2006-06-07
Samuelson, David J Accuracy of predicting genetic merit of A.I. sampled bulls from pedigree information and the impact of son's proof on dam's PTA Dairy Science 2009-09-29
Samur, Yavuz Measuring Engagement Effects of Educational Games and Virtual Manipulatives on Mathematics Learning Sciences and Technologies 2012-05-07
San, Omer Multiscale Modeling and Simulation of Turbulent Geophysical Flows Engineering Science and Mechanics 2012-06-12
San, Samuel Cheng-Yeng A Qualitative Study of Family Therapy Utilization Barriers for Chinese Americans Human Development 2010-05-06
San Gabriel, Jose Abad A study of the effects of firing different sizes of coal in No.6 boiler. Power and Fuel Engineering 2012-09-08
Sanchez, Maria Cristina Optical Analysis of a Linear-Array Thermal Radiation Detector for Geostationary Earth Radiation Budget Applications Mechanical Engineering 1998-03-06
Sanchez, Maria Cristina Uncertainty and Confidence Intervals of the Monte Carlo Ray-Trace Method in Radiation Heat Transfer Mechanical Engineering 2002-12-06
Sanchez, Ileana E. N. Lugo de Systematic measurement of organizational culture for college food services Hospitality and Tourism Management 2005-10-26
Sanchez, Telmo Andres Experimental and Analytical Study of Vibrations in Long Span Deck Floor systems Civil Engineering 2008-05-19
Sanchez, Vicente Indirect conductivity detection in size exclusion chromotography of small molecules Chemistry 2009-03-14
Sanchez, Leslie Scarlett Identifying Success Factors in the Wood Pallet Supply Chain Wood Science and Forest Products 2011-05-18
Sanchez R., Mario Life history and secondary production of Cheumatopsyche spp. in a small Appalachian stream with two different land uses on its watershed Biology 2005-10-26
Sanchez Sierra, Juan Carlos Discourse, Practices and Historical Representations in Two Guerrilla Groups: the Eln and the Mpla, Colombia-Angola, 1956-1986 History 2008-11-21
Sandberg, Christina Ann Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor in the Aqueous Humor of Dogs With and Without Intraocular Disease Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences 2009-06-19
Sandell, Amanda C. Profiles of secondary vocational students enrolled in programs nontraditional for their sex Curriculum and Instruction 2012-11-20
Sander, Matthew George A House For A Farmer And His Dog Plus Requisite Outbuildings Architecture 2009-08-21
Sanderlin, Nicole Motivations for Faculty Engagement in Internationalization: Learning from Champions and Advocates Public Administration and Public Affairs 2012-05-05
Sanders, Stephen W. Kindergarten children's initial experiences in physical education Curriculum and Instruction 2006-03-02
Sanders, Felicity L. Testing the Construct Validity of Self-efficacy in Relation to College Student Drinking Psychology 2008-08-19
Sanders, Paul Alan Effects of Louver Length and Vortex Generators to Augment Tube Wall Heat Transfer in Louvered Fin Heat Exchangers Mechanical Engineering 2005-09-25
Sanders, Darius Demetri An Investigation of Controlled Oscillations in a Plasma Torch for Combustion Enhancement Mechanical Engineering 2005-11-14
Sanders, Richard Calvin Voice recognition system implementation and laboratory exercise Industrial and Systems Engineering 2010-01-26
Sanders, Charles William Factors affecting the carotene content, yield, smoothness and shape of varieties and selections of sweet potatoes for seed stock Horticulture 2010-02-23
Sanders, Hiram R Determination of the coefficient of heat transfer at the bed wall boundary of an externally heated fluidized bed Chemical Engineering 2010-02-23
Sanders, Christopher Sun The North Korean Security State: Examining the North Korean Population through Michel Foucault's Theories of Discipline and Punishment Political Science 2010-12-20
Sanders, Wesley Crowell Examining the Effects of Applied Potential on the Surface Charge of Functionalized Monolayers for Site-Directed Ionic Self Assembly Chemistry 2008-11-10
Sanders, Darius Demetri CFD Modeling of Separation and Transitional Flow in Low Pressure Turbine Blades at Low Reynolds Numbers Mechanical Engineering 2009-10-18
Sanderson, David Ivan A 5-6 Ghz Silicon-Germanium Vco With Tunable Polyphase Outputs Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003-05-12
Sanderson, James M Epoxy matrix composite strain sensing and cure monitoring Electrical Engineering 2009-01-10
Sandfry, Ralph Anthony Equilibria of a Gyrostat with a Discrete Damper Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2001-07-20
Sandidge, Hajnal Culture and the modern self :a comparative analysis of the cultural theories of Pierre Bourdieu and Fredric Jameson Sociology 2009-02-13
Sandifer, Dan Markham Family ties and growing up to be : late adolescent career development and intergenerational family relationships Family and Child Development 2005-12-22
Sandro, Manservisi Optimal Boundary and Distributed Controls for the Velocity Tracking Problem for Navier-Stokes Flows Mathematical Physics 1998-07-17
Sandu, Simonel Ioan Factors Influencing the Nitrification Efficiency of Fluidized Bed Filters With a Plastic Bead Medium Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2001-01-04
Sandu, Simonel Ioan Evaluation of ozone treatment, pilot-scale wastewater treatment plant, and nitrogen budget for Blue Ridge Aquaculture Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2004-10-04
Sandy, Alexis Emily Environmental and Digital Data Analysis of the National Wetlands Inventory (NWI) Landscape Position Classification System Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2006-06-14
Sanford, Michele L Attitude toward gay and lesbian students :an investigation of resident advisors at Virginia Tech Student Personnel Services and Counseling 2009-01-17
Sanford, Brenton Joel Cross-protection and Potential Animal Reservoir of the Hepatitis E Virus Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences 2012-07-12
Sang, Alexander Kipkosgei Study of Rubber Damped Skin Friction Gages for Transonic Flight Testing Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2001-04-05
Sang, Tingting Integrated Electro-thermal Design Methodology in Distributed Power Systems (DPS) Electrical and Computer Engineering 2004-01-12
Sang, Alexander Kipkosgei Distributed Vibration Sensing using Rayleigh Backscatter in Optical Fibers Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2011-12-09
Sanga, Mapopa William Development of a Framework for Teaching L2 English as a Situated Practice in Malawi Curriculum and Instruction 2011-10-20
Sangarayakul, Bordin Use of Simulation to Analyze Block Manufacturing Methods Civil Engineering 1998-05-05
Sanghvi, Harsh Characterization of Wideband All-Fiber Waveplates Electrical and Computer Engineering 2004-04-30
Sangiovanni, John James Deconstructing Kimilsungism: A Political and Ideological Analysis of the North Korean Regime Political Science 2009-07-08
Sanglay, Gabriel Christopher Surface Area Mapping and Rinse Procedures of Raw Produce to Determine Effectiveness of Pathogen Removal Food Science and Technology 2002-09-20
Sangster, John David Naturalistic Driving Data for the Analysis of Car-Following Models Civil Engineering 2011-12-19
Sanjeevan, Vasant The cost of terminating parallel discrete-event simulations Computer Science 2009-09-29
Sankaran, Karpagam Estimating Exposure and Uncertainty for Volatile Contaminants in Drinking Water Civil and Environmental Engineering 1998-09-05
Sankaran, Sundar G On Ways to Improve Adaptive Filter Performance Electrical and Computer Engineering 1999-12-20
Sankaran, Mahadevan Transparent Asynchronous Transmitter Receiver Interface (TAXI) communications for fiber optic data links Electrical Engineering 2009-01-10
Sankaran, Sundar G Implementation and evaluation of echo cancellation algorithms Electrical Engineering 2009-02-13
Sankaranarayanan, S. Topology optimization with simultaneous analysis and design Aerospace Engineering 2006-05-04
Sankir, Nurdan Demirci FLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS: MATERIALS and DEVICE FABRICATION Materials Science and Engineering 2005-12-21
Sanna, Chaitanya Ramesh Patterns of Two Types of Overlapping Genes in Five Mammalian Genomes Computer Science 2006-07-10
Sano, Michael Benjamin Electromagnetic Control of Biological Assembly Engineering Science and Mechanics 2010-04-30
Sano, Michael B Theoretical Considerations of Biological Systems in the Presence of High Frequency Electric Fields: Microfluidic and Tissue Level Implications Biomedical Engineering 2012-07-02
Sansavini, Giovanni Network Modeling Stochastic and Deterministic Approaches Engineering Science and Mechanics 2010-09-02
Santa Maria Iruzubieta, Maria A Radiative Model for the Study of the Feedback Mechanism between Photolytic Aerosols and Solar Radiation Mechanical Engineering 2001-12-13
Santago II, Anthony Charles Characterizing the Biomechanical Response of Liver Biomedical Engineering 2010-05-14
Santamaria, Suzanne Lamar Development of an ontology of animals in context within the OBO Foundry framework from a SNOMED-CT extension and subset Veterinary Medical Sciences 2012-05-08
Santangelo, Michael Joseph The effect of sex of stimulus on perception of violent themes in a binocular rivalry situation. Psychology 2010-06-12
Santangelo, Michael Joseph The effect of sighting, distance, and perceived mental status on the allocation of rewards and penalties Psychology 2010-06-12
Santavicca, Jeffery W Fluid mechanics tutorials in GKS supported FORTRAN Mechanical Engineering 2009-09-12
Santiago, Hector Luis Biological, Nutritional, and Processing Factors Affecting Breast Meat Quality of Broilers Animal and Poultry Sciences 2002-02-21
Santiago, Deborah A Citizens' housing solution preferences in two communities :Esperanza Andina, Chile and Cayo Hueso, Cuba Urban Affairs and Planning 2009-01-10
Santiwatanakul, Somchai A study of the coccoid form and the autolysins of Campylobacter upsaliensis Biology 1998-05-05
Santoro, Joseph Peter Electroproduction of Phi(1020) Mesons at High Q^2 with CLAS Physics 2004-08-18
Santos, Alejandro Manuel Collage as a design process Architecture 2004-07-01
Santos, Michael Carmelo Orda Immunomodulation of Flavonoid Biosynthesis in Transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana Biology 2001-04-27
Santos, Sharon Marie Tactile and Visual Sound: A Music Cooperative for the Adams Morgan Community Architecture 2005-12-29
Santos, Carlo Steven Circadian Control of Cell Cycle Progression Biology 2009-05-07
Santucci, Aimee Kristin Cognitive Biases and Autonomic Responding in Anxiety and Depression Psychology 2001-05-04
Santucci, Aimee Kristin Individual Differences in Adults’ Self-Report of Negative Affect and Effortful Control: Consequences for Physiology, Emotion, and Behavior During Regulatory Tasks Psychology 2003-05-07
Sappington, Keith Gordon Toxicological, physiological, and behavioral responses of the Asiatic clam, Corbicula sp., to biocidal and copper perturbations Zoology 2012-08-01
Saraiya, Purvi Effective Features of Algorithm Visualizations Computer Science 2002-08-20
Saraiya, Devang The Impact of Environmental Variables in Efficiency Analysis: A fuzzy clustering-DEA Approach Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-08-19
Saraiya, Purviben Bharatkumar Insight-Based Studies for Pathway and Microarray Visualization Tools Computer Science 2006-07-09
Sarangi, Sudipta Exploring Payoffs and Beliefs in Game Theory Economics (Arts and Sciences) 2000-08-07
Saridakis, Voula Converging Elements in the Development of Late Seventeenth-Century Disciplinary Astronomy: Instrumentation, Education, and the Hevelius-Hooke Controversy Science and Technology Studies 2001-11-16
Saridakis, Voula Scientific controversy and the new astronomy :the intellectural and social contexts of the Hevelius-Hooke dispute Science and Technology Studies 2009-11-10
Sarigul, Erol Interactive Machine Learning for Refinement and Analysis of Segmented CT/MRI Images Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005-01-06
Sarin, Atulya Interactions of investment opportunities and financing decisions Finance 2006-06-19
Sarin, Siddartha Liquid transport mechanisms in cotton-polypropylene laminated nonwoven fabrics influencing pesticide penetration Clothing and Textiles 2009-01-10
Sarkar, Sourish The Effect of Advance Demand Information on a Pull Production System with Two Customer Classes Industrial and Systems Engineering 2007-05-30
Sarkar, Sourish Use of Advance Demand Information in Inventory Management with Two Demand Classes Industrial and Systems Engineering 2012-07-26
Sarkar, Saugata Sarkar Photothermal and Photochemical Tumor Response to Carbon Nanotube Mediated Laser Cancer Therapy Mechanical Engineering 2010-09-19
Sarles, Stephen Andrew Active Rigidization of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites via Internal Resistive Heating Mechanical Engineering 2006-03-28
Sarles, Stephen Andrew Physical Encapsulation of Interface Bilayers Mechanical Engineering 2010-04-17
Sarlo, Rodrigo Airflow sensing with arrays of hydrogel supported artificial hair cells Mechanical Engineering 2015-01-27
Sarnoski, Paul J. Instrumental Methods for Determining Quality of Blue Crab (Callinectes sapidus) Meat Food Science and Technology 2007-05-15
Sarnoski, Paul J. Application and Characterization of Bioactive Compounds in Peanut Skins, a Waste Product of Virginia Agriculture Food Science and Technology 2010-12-19
Sarvaiya, Hetal Abhijeet Mass Spectrometric Characterization of the MCF7 Cancer Cell Line: Proteome Profile and Cancer Biomarkers Biomedical Engineering and Sciences 2006-04-21
Sarver, Emily Allyn The Ferrous Regeneration Process for Use in Alternate Anode Reaction Technology in Copper Hydrometallurgy Mining and Minerals Engineering 2005-08-01
Sarver, Emily Allyn Insights Into Non-Uniform Copper and Brass Corrosion in Potable Water Systems Civil Engineering 2010-11-05
Sarvis, Will Tao Y{u00FC}an-ming as reflected in his poetry History 2009-04-18
Saslowsky, David Molecular Genetics and Subcellular Localization of Flavonoid Metabolism in Arabidopsis Biology 2000-12-05
Sastry, Kiran Srinivasa An Object Oriented Simulator for Conceptual Graphs Electrical and Computer Engineering 2001-05-10
Sasture, Amar Physician and Resident Staffing In An Academic Emergency Department Industrial and Systems Engineering 2004-03-02
Satanek, Brandon L. The Effects of Multidimensional Navigational Aids and Individual Differences on WWW Hypertext Navigation Industrial and Systems Engineering 1998-05-04
Sathitsuksanoh, Noppadon Lignocellulose Saccharification via Cellulose Solvent Based Fractionation Followed by Enzymatic Hydrolysis: the Last Obstacle to Integrated Biorefineries Biological Systems Engineering 2011-11-14
Satterlee, Sarah Melissa Evolution of the southern pine beetle legacy simulation model "SPBMODEL" using genetic algorithms. Entomology 2002-12-02
Satteson, Doug From The Ground Up Architecture 2003-07-21
Satyanarayana, V. G. Analysis of transit service areas using geographic information systems Civil Engineering 2009-12-23
Saulnier, Diane Christine Imaging of the Canine Heart Using Non ECG-Gated and ECG-Gated 64 Multidetector Computed Tomography Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences 2012-07-17
Saunders, Christopher A. Noise Reduction in an Axisymmetric Supersonic Aircraft Inlet using Trailing Edge Blowing Mechanical Engineering 1998-01-21
Saunders, Richard A. Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Structures with Hyperelastic Devices Civil Engineering 2004-05-17
Saunders, William R On the use of modern control theory for active structural acoustic control Mechanical Engineering 2008-07-28
Saunders, Charles William Characterization of cellulose esters via GPC/FT-IR Chemistry 2008-07-28
Saunders, Heath G Wax distribution quantification using digital image analysis techniques Wood Science and Forest Products 2009-11-10
Saunders, Kathleen G Regrowth of E. coli and S. faecalis in treated sewage after chlorination in a continuous-flow reactor. Environmental Sciences and Engineering 2010-06-12
Sauter, Dawn Adell Estimating swap credit risk :significance of the volatility input using Monte-Carlo simulation Economics 2009-12-05
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Syverson, Peter D. Engineering undergraduate enrollment and the engineering labor market :a lagged-supply analysis Economics 2012-08-01
Szabo, Csaba Mantle metasomatism beneath the Nograd-Gomor volcanic field, N-Hungary/S-Slovakia, Eastern Europe Geological Sciences 2005-10-26
Szakelyhidi, David C Development of a magnetic targeting device applied to interlocking of distal intramedullary nail screw holes. Center for Biomedical Engineering 2002-07-19
Szarka III, John Louis Surveillance of Negative Binomial and Bernoulli Processes Statistics 2011-04-03
Szatkowski, Flora Elliott Use of emergency food by food pantry clients in Fairfax, Virginia Human Nutrition and Foods 2008-12-17
Szatkowski, Paul Michael A method for setup time reduction in high precision machine cells Industrial Engineering and Operations Research 2009-05-09
Sze, Jean Y. Synthesis and characterization of liquid crystalline polyrotaxanes based on poly(azomethine)s Chemistry 2009-09-19
Szekely, Brian Determining fecal bacterial profiles of a human-habituated wild chimpanzee population in Mahale Mountains National Park, Tanzania. Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences 2009-04-22
Szeles, Cheryl Lynne Determining Sources of Fecal Contamination in Two Rivers of Northumberland County, Virginia Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2003-04-22
Szlatenyi, Nicole Anne A Biedermeier Cabin Architecture 2007-05-17

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