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Tabaddor, Mahmood M. Nonlinear vibration and beam and multibeam systems Engineering Mechanics 2005-12-22
Tabisz, Wojciech Antoni High-frequency multi-resonant power conversion techniques Electrical Engineering 2007-02-26
Tabor, Kimberly Lane Succession and Development Studies on Carrion Insects of Forensic Importance Entomology 2004-05-18
Tabor, Lisa Maria Cultural Competency in Healthcare Policy: Pursuing Elder, African-American Diabetics as Stakeholders in Successful Treatment Public Administration and Public Affairs 2010-04-28
Tabor, Mary Dalton A comprehensive analysis of the market for agricultural credit in Virginia Agricultural Economics 2012-08-01
Tackett, Jared Franklin DIRECTING MOVEMENT and the PERCEPTION of SPACE Architecture 2009-06-05
Tacla, Craig Insights Into the Process of Guiding Student Teachers Reflection Using Audio Computer Conferences During an Eight-Week Student Teaching Experience Teaching and Learning 2004-10-27
Tadanier, Christopher J. Influence of Operational Characterization Methods on DOM Physicochemical Properties and Reactivity with Aqueous Chlorine Civil Engineering 1998-06-12
Tadepalli, Sriram Satish GEMS: A Fault Tolerant Grid Job Management System Computer Science 2003-12-29
Tadepalli, Sriram Satish Schemas of Clustering Computer Science 2009-02-20
Tadesse, Yonas Tegegn Creating Human-Like Facial Expressions Utilizing Artificial Muscles and Skin Mechanical Engineering 2009-12-18
Tadi, Mohsen An optimal control problem for a Timoshenko beam Engineering Mechanics 2005-10-14
Taggart, Paul A. Green giants and sleeping giants :environmental interest group politics and the nature of the state Political Science 2012-09-08
Taghvatalab, Golnaz The Economics of Marriage and Divorce in Iran Economics 2012-08-21
Taha, Hussein Saad Extraction of 3D Object Representations from a Single Range Image Electrical and Computer Engineering 2000-01-28
Tai, An-chi Life, Living, & Space Architecture 2006-06-26
Tai, Cheng-Tao Time dependant redundancy optimization Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-01-31
Taib, Razaina Mat Cellulose fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites: Processing and Product Charateristics Wood Science and Forest Products 1998-10-19
Taiebat, Mojtaba Tuning Up BIM for Safety Analysis Environmental Design and Planning 2011-12-23
Taiyabi, Asif A A multi-attribute analysis of nuclear waste disposal alternatives Systems Engineering 2010-02-02
Takafuji, Vivian Ann Recombinant Equine Interleukin-1 Induced Models of Equine Joint Disease Veterinary Medical Sciences 2003-11-22
Takamizawa, Koichiro Analysis of Highly Coupled Wideband Antenna Arrays Using Scattering Parameter Network Models Electrical and Computer Engineering 2004-01-15
Takamuku, Kohei Analysis of Flow and Heat Transfer in the U.S. EPR Heavy Reflector Mechanical Engineering 2008-12-19
Takeshita, Chikako Coordinates of Control: Indigenous Peoples and Knowledges in Bioprospecting Rhetoric Science and Technology Studies 2000-03-08
Takeshita, Chikako Negotiating Acceptability of the IUD: Contraceptive Technology, Women's Bodies, and Reproductive Politics Science and Technology Studies 2004-05-18
Talarico, Gui Urban Data Center: A Architectural Celebration of Data Architecture 2011-06-03
Talbert, Michael Lane A methodology for the measurement and evaluation of complex system designs Computer Science 2007-10-02
Talbert, B. Allen The first year of an agriculture teacher :a case study of three beginning teachers Vocational and Technical Education 2009-05-09
Talbert, Robert Catch Chain English 2010-12-14
Talbot, Patricia A. Critical Beginnings: Creating School Community for All Children and Families Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 1998-04-01
Talcott, Kristen Alanna An In-Field Experiment on the Effects of Hearing Protection/Enhancement Devices and Military Vehicle Noise on Auditory Localization of a Gunshot in Azimuth Industrial and Systems Engineering 2011-09-13
Taliaferro, Lauren Beth Archetypal Place Concept for Assisted Living Private Dwellings Near Environments 1998-12-17
Talkington, Jessica May TRANSFORMATION: Southern West Virginia Coal Miner's Museum Architecture 2005-09-30
Tallapragada, Phanindra Identifying dynamical boundaries and phase space transport using Lagrangian coherent structures. Engineering Science and Mechanics 2010-09-07
Talluri, Srikrishna Pretreatment of Small Four-Stroke Engine Components for No-Oil Hot Tests Mechanical Engineering 2000-12-11
Tam, Mary Christina Ab initio Calculations of Optical Rotation Chemistry 2006-04-24
Tamaddoni, Seyed Hossein Optimal Vehicle Stability Control with Driver Input and Bounded Uncertainties Mechanical Engineering 2011-02-18
Tamami, Mana Tailored Architectures of Ammonium Ionenes Chemistry 2009-12-03
Tamimi, Laila N. The Use of Native Hawaiian Plants by Landscape Architects in Hawaii Landscape Architecture 1999-04-20
Taminger, Karen M. B. Analysis of Creep Behavior and Parametric Models for 2124 Al and 2124+SiC Composite Materials Science and Engineering 1999-03-02
Tamronglak, Surachet Analysis of power system disturbances due to relay hidden failures Electrical Engineering 2006-08-14
Tan, Chin Khee System Performance of an Over-Water Propagation for an LMDS Link Electrical and Computer Engineering 2001-05-03
Tan, Honghui Performance Modeling and Efficiency Analysis for a Piezohydraulic Pump with Active Valves Mechanical Engineering 2002-12-17
Tan, SiewYeen Agnes A Network Measurement Tool for Handheld Devices Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003-05-19
Tan, Chia K. Movements of footings and retaining walls Civil Engineering 2005-10-14
Tan, J. Justin Perceived environment, strategic orientation, ownership effect and performance implications in a transition economy : an empirical study in the People's Republic of China Management 2005-10-26
Tan, Biao Synthesis and characterization of phenylethynyl endcapped polyetherimide oligomers Chemistry 2005-11-10
Tan, Hui Boon Disentangling low-frequency versus high-frequency economic relationships via regression parameter stability tests Economics 2006-06-07
Tan, Roy Patrick Programming Language and Tools for Automated Testing Computer Science 2007-08-16
Tan, Rachel Hsing Hsing Biomarkers of oxidative stress and inflammation in biological samples collected from recurrent airway obstruction (RAO)-affected horses and their controls. Veterinary Medical Sciences 2008-05-15
Tan, Kay Chuan Effects of stimulus class on short-term memory workload in complex information display formats Industrial Engineering and Operations Research 2008-07-28
Tan, Adrian K Auditory localization of in-vehicle crash avoidance warnings as a cue to hazard direction Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-01-31
Tan, Gim Peng Modeling a CIM system with Micro SAINT Industrial and Systems Engineering 2010-01-12
Tan, Zheyuan Four-Output Isolated Power Supply for the Application of IGBT Gate Drive Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-05-17
Tanaka, Akiho Heart Rate as a Moderator between Child Abuse Potential and Reactive and Proactive Aggression Psychology 2006-05-11
Tanaka, Martin L. Biodynamic Analysis of Human Torso Stability using Finite Time Lyapunov Exponents Biomedical Engineering 2008-04-01
Tanaka, Martin Lyn Influence of storage environment upon crack opening and growth in composite solid rocket propellant Engineering Mechanics 2009-01-24
Tanaka, Akiho Psychopathy and Incapacity to Love: Role of Physiological Arousal Psychology 2011-05-13
Tandon, Ajay Essays on Development Economics: Issues in Macroeconomics and Population Economics 1998-07-13
Tandon, Ajay The politics of strategic trade :South Korea and Mexico in a comparative perspective Political Science 2009-09-19
Tanellari, Eftila The Economic Impact of Investment in the Food Processing Industry in US Rural Counties: The Case of Scott County, Virginia Agricultural and Applied Economics 2005-05-16
Tanellari, Eftila Essays on the Economics of Drinking Water Quality and Infrastructure Agricultural and Applied Economics 2011-05-17
Tang, Genglin Measurements of the Tip-gap Turbulent Flow Structure in a Low-speed Compressor Cascade Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2004-05-12
Tang, Yuqing High Power Inverter EMI Characterization and Improvement by Auxiliary Resonant Snubber Inverter Electrical and Computer Engineering 1999-01-22
Tang, Shoubin Structural and Synthetic Studies of Bioactive Natural Products Chemistry 2006-02-03
Tang, Stanley Chinwan Numerical methods for multiserver discrete time queues with batch markovian arrivals Industrial and Systems Engineering 2006-10-04
Tang, Ming The effect of an urban growth boundary on property prices :the case of Virginia Beach, Virginia Agricultural and Applied Economics 2008-12-17
Tang, Wei Reconfigurable Hardware-Based Simulation Modeling of Flexible Manufacturing Systems Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-12-04
Tang, Guanghua High temperature thin film superconductors and microstrip spiral delay lines Electrical Engineering 2009-01-24
Tang, Wei Average current-mode control and charge control for PWM converters Electrical Engineering 2009-03-04
Tang, Yun-chung Motor simulation and parameter identification in a reciprocating mechanism Mechanical Engineering 2009-10-31
Tang, Jing Comparison of Dairy Manure Anaerobic Digestion Performance in Gas-lift and Bubble Column Digesters Biological Systems Engineering 2009-12-19
Tang, Stanley C Robot positioning error analysis and correction Industrial Engineering and Operations Research 2010-04-12
Tang, Philip Jen-chien The reaction of monochloromethyl ether with organometallic compounds Chemistry 2010-07-10
Tang, Yi SUNSHINE: Integrate TOSSIM and P-Sim Electrical and Computer Engineering 2012-01-20
Tang, Ruey-Er Computer utilization in interior design :designer attitudes, function application, and equipment usage Housing, Interior Design, and Resource Management 2012-11-14
Tang, Jia Modeling contaminant transport in polyethylene and metal speciation in saliva Environmental Engineering 2010-06-24
Tank, Jennifer Leah Microbial activity on wood in streams :exploring abiotic and biotic factors affecting the structure and function of wood biofilms Biology 2008-06-06
Tank, Jennifer Leah Microbial respiration on decaying leaves and sticks along an elevational gradient of a southern Appalachian stream Biology 2009-09-29
Tank, Rajul Methodology to determine performance of a group technology design cell on the basis of performance measures Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-10-24
Tankel, Jesslyn Elise A Teaching Toy: Free Forms in an Abstract Landscape Architecture 1998-10-21
Tankoonsombut, Kriengkrai Investigation of the Effects of Feedback and Goal Setting on Knowledge Work Performance in the Distributed Work Environment Industrial and Systems Engineering 1999-01-28
Tannenbaum, Lloyd Gordon Parent/Professional Perceptions of Collaboration When Viewed in the Context of Virginia's Comprehensive Services Act System of Care Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2001-12-19
Tanner, Edward Troy Combined Shock and Vibration Isolation Through the Self-Powered, Semi-Active Control of a Magnetorheological Damper in Parallel with an Air Spring Mechanical Engineering 2003-11-12
Tanner, Justin Rogers Antimicrobial Producing Bacteria as Agents of Microbial Population Dynamics Biology 2010-12-10
Tansakul, Ampawan A 3-Dimensional Computer Simulation Model for Temperature Distribution Prediction in a Seafood Shipping Container Biological Systems Engineering 2008-06-06
Tansey, Wesley Automated Adaptive Software Maintenance: A Methodology and Its Applications Computer Science 2008-05-27
Tant, Martin R. Structure-property behavior of elastomeric telechelic ionomers in bulk and solution Chemical Engineering 2010-03-17
Tant, Martin R. Nonequilibrium behavior of polymeric network glasses Chemical Engineering 2010-03-30
Tao, Fengfeng Advanced High-Frequency Electronic Ballasting Techniques for Gas Discharge Lamps Electrical and Computer Engineering 2002-01-10
Tao, Dongping A comprehensive study of the electrochemistry and floatibility of pyrite in coal flotation Mining and Minerals Engineering 2008-11-18
Tao, Wei Direct liquid injection metalorganic chemical vapor deposition of ferroelectric PZT films Materials Science and Engineering 2009-02-13
Tao, Yimo Multi-Level Learning Approaches for Medical Image Understanding and Computer-aided Detection and Diagnosis Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-04-26
Taori, Vijay P. Poly(glycoamidoamine)s: Understanding their Structure and Structure-Bioactivity Relationships Chemistry 2010-08-23
Taousakis, Michael Development and implementation of zone logic concepts on shipbuilding modernization Systems Engineering 2010-03-30
Tappert, Peter M Damage identification using inductive learning Mechanical Engineering 2009-05-09
Taraban, Ronald H. Isolation and characterization of carbofuran and dicamba degrading bacteria Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2005-10-24
Tarabek, Jessica Relationship satisfaction and mental health of parents of children with autism: A comparison of autism, ADHD, and normative children Human Development 2011-02-14
Tarazaga, Pablo Alberto Model Updating Using a Quadratic Form Mechanical Engineering 2004-07-26
Tarazaga, Pablo Alberto Dynamics and Control of a Pressurized Optical Membranes Mechanical Engineering 2009-08-19
Tarazi, Ghassan John National survey of school board members' perceived religious and political leanings and their attitudes on selected education issues Educational Administration 2007-10-02
Tarel, Tracie The In-between: Architectural Mediation Between Commerce and Residence. Architecture 2002-09-25
Targutay, Toygar Intermediary of Opposites/Turkish Embassy at Washington D.C. Architecture 2000-04-27
Tarmaster, Adit Median and morphological filtering of images in real time using an FPGA-based custom computing platform Electrical Engineering 2009-04-25
Tarner, Elizabeth I. A Comparative Study of the Numbers, Job Responsibilities, and Preparation of Selected Males and Females as Central Office Administrators in Selected School Districts in Virginia Curriculum and Instruction 1997-11-05
Tarnoff, Karen Ann An Exploratory Study of the Determinants and Outcomes of Shared Mental Models of Skill Use in Autonomous Work Teams Business (Management) 1999-10-22
Tarnoff, Karen Ann Students' attitudes toward unions and employment rights issues :a preliminary investigation Business Administration (Management) 2009-01-17
Tarnoff, David Lee A decision support tool for preliminary system design Electrical Engineering 2009-10-31
Tarpley, Jr, Lorenzo Leadership and Adoption of Instructional Technology in a Military Medical Learning Environment: A Case Study Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2010-05-03
Tarraf, Charbel G. Effects of intrauterine dynamics on steroidogenesis and conceptus development in the porcine Animal and Poultry Sciences 2005-10-26
Tarrago-Trani, Maria Teresa Structural analysis of glycolipid-derived oligosaccharides from metabolically radiolabelled colorectal carcinoma SW1116 cells Biochemistry and Nutrition 2005-10-14
Tarrant, Ryan Carl Allen Influence of a Biodegradable Litter Amendment on the Pyrolysis of Poultry Litter Biological Systems Engineering 2010-09-20
Tasaki, Hiromi Light Effect on Seed Chlorophyll Content and Germination Performance of Tomato and Muskmelon Seeds Horticulture 2008-07-22
Tasissa, Gudaye Modeling thinning effects on ring width distribution and wood specific gravity of loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) Forestry 2008-06-06
Tatarka, Bernadette Relationships among body-self relations, exercise involvement, and exercise clothing attitude for women in regular exercise programs Clothing and Textiles 2008-06-06
Tate, Deborah F. Development and Evaluation of Internet Interventions for Obesity Treatment Psychology 1999-12-28
Tate, Andrew E Maturation, spawning and fertility of hybrid striped bass (Morone chrysops x Morone saxatilis) exposed to 6- and 9-month photothermal cycles Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2009-02-13
Tate, Deborah F Promoting exercise adoption through computer networks Psychology 2009-12-23
Tate, Paula J Sensitivity of two forest growth models to simulated pollution stress modifications Forestry 2010-06-22
Tate, Anthony Scott Civic Tinkering in a Small City: Imaginaries and Intersections of Art, Place and Marginality Alliance for Social, Political, Ethical, and Cultural Thought 2012-04-13
Tatem, James E Automatic image analysis methods for use with local operators Electrical Engineering 2009-05-09
Tatem, Joseph Edward "ENGRAVE - An expert system that understands and generates musical notation" Electrical Engineering 2010-06-22
Tatis, Anabel G The toxic effects of the pesticide lindane on the early developmental stages of the fathead minnow Biology 2009-04-25
Tatting, Brian F. Analysis and Design of Variable Stiffness Composite Cylinders Engineering Mechanics 1998-10-13
Tauro, Candida A Usability Evaluation and Content Analysis of Vizblog: an Online Conversation Discovery Tool Computer Science 2008-05-08
Tavakkoli, Shahriar Shape design using intrinsic geometry Mechanical Engineering 2005-09-20
Tavaragiri, Abhay A Management Paradigm for FPGA Design Flow Acceleration Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-07-07
Tavenner, Cloyd Tallman FAIRSHARE:an investigation into driving a pay for performance system with the multi-criteria measurement technique Systems Engineering 2010-01-12
Tavernier, Mark D. Formative Reading Program Assessment: An Interim Tool for Improvement Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2005-04-11
Tawes, George Montford A report of the credit union at the Veterans Administration regional office, Roanoke, Virginia Business Administration 2010-05-11
Tawfik, Aly M. Incorporating Perceptions, Learning Trends, Latent Classes, and Personality Traits in the Modeling of Driver Heterogeneity in Route Choice Behavior Civil Engineering 2012-02-12
Taylor, Elvin Lattis Modeling and Simulation of a Video-on-Demand Network Implementing Adaptive Source-Level Control and Relative Rate Marking Flow Control for the Available Bit Rate Service Electrical and Computer Engineering 1997-12-18
Taylor, Hugh Don Economic Tradeoffs of Substituting Transportation for Inventory in the Department of Defense: A Case Study of Pipeline Reduction Economics 1997-02-06
Taylor, Thomas Brandon Arthropod assemblages on longleaf pines: a possible link between the red-cockaded woodpecker and groundcover vegetation Biology 2003-04-30
Taylor, Frank Seaton Quintic Abelian Fields Mathematics 1997-12-17
Taylor, Douglas Lumont Effects of Maternal Dietary Fats and Antioxidants on Growth Rate and Bone Development of Commercial Broilers Animal and Poultry Sciences 1998-05-26
Taylor, Alan C. Perceptions of Intergenerational Bonds: The Comparison Between Grandfathers and their Adult Grandchildren Family and Child Development 1998-06-25
Taylor, Robert Henry Disinfectant Susceptibility of Mycobacterium avium Biology (Microbiology) 1998-12-08
Taylor, Mary E. The Changing Advising Needs of Undergraduate Students Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2000-08-09
Taylor, Charles Doulgas Influence of Molecular Orientation and Surface Coverage of w-Functionalized Mercaptans on Surface Acidity Chemistry 2000-08-08
Taylor, Crystal Berry Teachers' and Principals' Perceptions of Precursors to Integrating Academic and Career and Technical Education Teaching and Learning 2001-06-12
Taylor, Sarah Elizabeth Remembering Elderly Women in Early America: A survey of how aged women were memorialized in late eighteenth and early nineteenth-century tombstone inscriptions, death notices, funeral sermons, and memoirs History 2002-05-13
Taylor, Jessica Mae The Use of Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Distance Education Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2002-05-16
Taylor, Robin E. Sources of Discontent: An Examination of Intra-Group Divisions Among the Basques in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries Political Science 2002-05-10
Taylor, Marcia Hillary A Test of the Co-Alignment Principle in Independent Hotels: A Case Study Hospitality and Tourism Management 2002-11-22
Taylor, Martha Asterilla Educating Adolescents in the Context of Section 504 Policy: a Comparative Study of Two Middle Schools Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2002-04-17
Taylor, Peter N. A National Analysis of Racial Profiling and Factors Affecting the Likelihood of Traffic Stops for African Americans Sociology 2003-09-17
Taylor, Jennifer E. An Exploratory Literature Review of Efforts to Help the Small-Scale, Resource Poor Farmer in International Agricultural Development Teaching and Learning 1998-01-13
Taylor, Alexander James Diffusion Tensor Imaging: Evaluation of Tractography Algorithm Performance Using Ground Truth Phantoms Electrical and Computer Engineering 2004-05-18
Taylor, William Joseph Geoffrey Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde: Criseydan Conversations 1986-2002 A Narrative Bibliography English 2004-05-13
Taylor, Louise H Time in the Landscape: Designing for Perpetuity Landscape Architecture 2004-05-22
Taylor, Robert Paul Finite Element Analysis of the Application of Synthetic Fiber Ropes to Reduce Seismic Response of Simply Supported Single Span Bridges Civil Engineering 2005-07-18
Taylor, Jonathan Lorin Lines of Discovery Architecture 2005-10-22
Taylor, Satomi Izumi The relationship between playfulness and creativity of Japanese preschool children Family and Child Development 2006-06-07
Taylor, David Wyatt Design of Ultrawideband Digitizing Receivers for the VHF Low Band Electrical and Computer Engineering 2006-05-16
Taylor, Alfred O. Black engineering and science student dropouts at the University of the District of Columbia from 1987 to 1991 Educational Administration 2006-08-14
Taylor, Rita Neville Teachers' perceptions of the effects of their collaborative involvement in the school operating plan : a descriptive case study of three schools Educational Administration 2006-10-04
Taylor, Beatrice Dietering A study of high school biology students engaged in a Science-Technology-Society (STS) landfill restoration project Curriculum and Instruction 2007-02-26
Taylor, Megan Sands Calcium and Phosphorus Metabolism in Jersey and Holstein Cows During Early Lactation Dairy Science 2007-09-27
Taylor, Sarah Cecelia Ferguson Pathways to dropping out Educational Administration 2008-06-06
Taylor, Lynn Elizabeth Acid-base regulation during sprint exercise in horses fed lecithin Animal Science (Equine Nutrition and Exercise Physiology) 2008-06-06
Taylor, Linda Diane A descriptive study of special education costs to local education agencies and program administrators' perceptions of quality in self-contained and regional programs for seriously emotionally disturbed students in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia Educational Administration 2008-07-28
Taylor, Philip Graham Consequences of nitrogen fertilization and soil acidification from acid rain on dissolved carbon and nitrogen stability in the unglaciated Appalachian Mountains Biology 2008-05-31
Taylor, Daniel Kyle A Model-Based Approach to Reconfigurable Computing Computer Science 2008-12-16
Taylor, Charles E A Microcomputer model for assessing the relative risks and vulnerabilities of streets and jurisdictions to the shipment of hazardous materials Civil Engineering 2009-04-25
Taylor, Lucy Gray The influence of in vitro KCl treatments on the water relations and acclimatization of tissue-cultured Flame Azalea (Rhododendron calendulaceum) Horticulture 2009-04-25
Taylor, Delana Cytoskeletal changes in SY5Y neuroblastoma cells exposed to acrylamide :an immunocytochemical study Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-07-10
Taylor, Benjamin Paul Experimental Evaluation and Semi- Empirical Modeling of the Tractive Performance of Rigid and Flexible Wheels on Lunar Soil Simulant Mechanical Engineering 2009-07-13
Taylor, Jesse H An application of signature of smooth manifolds Mathematics 2009-07-29
Taylor, Lynn Elizabeth The effects of added fat on acid-base status in exercising horses Animal Science 2009-10-24
Taylor, Thomas E Inheritance of competencies for leaf disc regeneration, anther culture, and protoplast culture in Solanum phureja and correlations among them Horticulture 2009-10-24
Taylor, Lawrence Clifford A Comparative Study on the Impact of a Computer Enhanced Reading Program on First Grade African American Males in an Urban School District in Southeastern Virginia Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2009-11-09
Taylor, Mark W Special finite elements for modelling adhesively bonded joints in two- and three-dimensions Engineering Mechanics 2009-12-23
Taylor, Kathleen Karen Carroll Reactions of energetic carbon atoms produced by 12C(p,pn)11C in alkanes and alkyl chlorides :moderator effects and deuterium isotope effects. Nuclear and Radiochemistry 2010-05-19
Taylor, Richard Lawrence Occupational Bias in Performance Appraisals Public Administration and Public Affairs 2010-11-04
Taylor, Sara Financial Crisis in the European Union: The Cases of Greece and Ireland Political Science 2011-09-20
Taylor, Linda Lea Storage of Pine Tree Substrate Influences Plant Growth, Nitrification, and Substrate Properties Horticulture 2011-11-15
Taylor , Caysie Alisha Risk Management in United States Forest Service National Environmental Policy Act Planning Processes Forestry 2012-06-01
Taylor, Reed W A Postcolonial Inquiry of Women’s Political Agency in Aceh, Indonesia: Towards a Muslim Feminist Approach? Alliance for Social, Political, Ethical, and Cultural Thought 2012-08-22
Taylor, Warren Hassel Utilization, preference and nutritional value of winter-green agricultural crops for goose food Wildlife Management 2013-02-06
Taylor, Tonya Marie Analyzing the Motivational Needs of Volunteerism Among Virginia Adult 4-H Volunteers Career and Technical Education 2010-02-22
Tchaou, Marcel Kossi A Markov approach for analyzing Palmer drought severity index Agricultural Engineering 2009-09-19
Tchatchoua, Ngassa Synthesis and Characterization of Phosphine Oxide Containing Monomers and of the Flame Resistant Polymers Prepared Therefrom Chemistry 2000-05-02
Tcheslavskaia, Ksenia Sergeyevna Mating Success in Low-Density Gypsy Moth Populations Entomology 2003-05-23
Tcheslavski, Gleb V. Coherence and Phase Synchrony Analysis of Electroencephalogram. Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005-12-20
Teagle, Robert James Land, Labor, and Reform: Hill Carter, Slavery, and Agricultural Improvement at Shirley Plantation, 1816-1866 History 1998-10-04
Teany, Laura Ellen Phosphorus Losses from Simulated Dairy Mangement Intensive Grazing Forage System Biological Systems Engineering 2005-01-05
Teaster, Pamela B When the State Takes Over a Life: the Public Guardian as Public Administrator Public Administration and Public Affairs 1998-07-13
Teaters, Lindsey Claire A Computational Study of the Hydrodynamics of Gas-Solid Fluidized Beds Mechanical Engineering 2012-06-22
Tebben, Daniel James Limitations and Improvement of Subcarrier Multiplexed Systems over Optical Fiber Electrical and Computer Engineering 2006-04-18
Techy, Laszlo Flight Vehicle Control and Aerobiological Sampling Applications Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2009-11-19
Tedesco, Patricia Interplay: Studies in Rowhouse Design Architecture 2003-08-05
Tedori, Veronica Design of a safety management information and tracking system Systems Engineering 2010-03-30
Tedrow, Christine Atkins Bird Strike Risk Assessment for United States Air Force Airfields and Aircraft Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 1999-02-04
Teekaput, Prasit Characterization and modeling of crosstalk noise in digital systems and microwave applications Electrical Engineering 2007-08-06
Teeter, Robert Lansdowne The industrial utilization of carbide generator lime wastes Chemical Engineering 2010-06-22
Teets, Jay Marshall Multidimensional Visualization of Process Monitoring and Quality Assurance Data in High-Volume Discrete Manufacturing Business Information Technology 2007-02-09
Teh, Kuen Tat Impact damage resistance and tolerance of advanced composite material systems Engineering Mechanics 2008-06-06
Tehan, George Joseph Esperanza - Village Building in Honduras Architecture 2009-03-07
Tehan III, William J. Douglas MacArthur- An Administrative Biography Public Administration and Public Affairs 2002-09-29
Tejada, Sherry Lynn The Necrogeography of Melungeon Cemeteries in Central Appalachia Geography 2008-04-23
Tekle, Nebiyou Groundplay Architecture and Design Research 2004-08-24
Teklu, Yonael A methodology to evaluate uncertainties in planning small-scale power systems Electrical Engineering 2009-08-04
Teklu, Dawit The Role of Strategic Planning in Community Colleges:A Study of the Perceived Benefits of Strategic Planning in Maryland Community Colleges Public Administration and Public Affairs 2012-06-17
Telang, Niket M Stability analysis of a glulam dome with nonlinear material law Civil Engineering 2009-09-05
Telleria, Gabriel Martin Socio-Economic Impacts of Micro-enterprise Credit in the Informal Sector of Managua, Nicaragua Urban Affairs and Planning 1999-05-26
Telleria, Gabriel Martin From Vandals to Vanguard: Vanguardism through a Neoinstitutional Lens: Case Study of the Sandinista National Liberation Front Public Administration and Public Affairs 2011-04-22
Tembo, Mark Jimu A Physical Education Curriculum Plan For Malawi Human Resources and Education 2002-04-23
Temeles, Anthony B. Field and Laboratory Tests of a Proposed Bridge Deck Panel Fabricated from Pultruded Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Components Civil Engineering 2001-05-18
Temimi, Helmi A Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Higher-Order Differential Equations Applied to the Wave Equation. Mathematics 2008-03-18
Temple, Michael Glenn Parallel Processes: Embassy for the European Community Architecture 2002-10-09
Temple, Alan J. The effects of coal mining on sedimentation and fish assemblages in the Powell River, Virginia Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2007-07-11
Templeton, John Andrew Magnetite Oxidation in Aqueous Systems Environmental Engineering 2008-06-29
Templeton, Benjamin Sean Environmental And Stand Variables Influencing Soil CO2 Efflux Across The Managed Range Of Loblolly Pine Forestry 2009-03-23
Templeton, Brian Andrew A Polynomial Chaos Approach to Control Design Mechanical Engineering 2009-08-31
Tenace, Stephen M Aperture Architecture 2001-05-14
Tenek, Lazarus H Delamination dynamics and vibrothermographic-thermoelastic evaluation of advanced composite materials Engineering Mechanics 2009-10-31
Tenerelli, Peter A. Diffraction by Building Corners at 28 Ghz: Measurements and Modeling Electrical Engineering 1998-06-03
Tenga, Ryan Richard Development of an Endoscope Propulsion System to Aid in the Colonoscopy Procedure Mechanical Engineering 2008-01-07
Tenga, Milagros Jannet Proteomic Map of ER+ Breast Cancer Cell Cycle Biology 2012-05-06
Tengjaroenkul, Bundit Ontogenic Morphology and Enzyme Activities of the Intestinal Tract of the Nile Tilapia, Oreochromis Niloticus Veterinary Medical Sciences 2000-04-28
Tennant, Mark The Renewal Center Time, Experience, Memory Architecture 2006-01-26
Tennant, Mark Harris Near-wall similarity in three-dimensional turbulent boundary layers. Mechanical Engineering 2010-07-15
Tentor, Lawrence B. Characterization of an Electromagnetic Tuned Vibration Actuator Mechanical Engineering 2002-05-27
Tentor, Lawrence B. Position and strain feedback control for shaping an active truss Mechanical Engineering 2009-03-24
Teodorescu-Badia, Alexandru Realism and Hegemonic Moralism: Germany and the United States in the Build-Up to the Second Gulf War Political Science 2006-05-01
Teotia, Seemant Saddlepoint Approximation for Calculating Performance of Spectrum-Sliced WDM Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering 1999-08-03
Teotia, Seemant Influence of the Number of Degrees of Freedom on the Capacity of Incoherent Optical Fiber Communication Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering 2006-05-02
Tepanon, Yodmanee Exploring the Minds of Sex Tourists: The Psychological Motivation of Liminal People Hospitality and Tourism Management 2006-04-19
Teparkum, Sirasak Embryogenic response of potato anther culture to colchicine Horticulture 2008-08-29
Teparkum, Sirasak Interaction Between Insects and Apple (Malus X Domestica Borkh.): Insect Behavior, Genotypic Preference, and Plant Phenolics With Emphasis on Japanese Beetle (Popillia Japonica Newman) Horticulture 2000-05-31
ter Maat, Mercedes Ballbe The Functions of School Counselors in Northern Virginia Public Schools Counselor Education 2000-04-20
Terada, Marco A. B. Synthesis of dual offset Gregorian reflector antennas with very low cross polarization under practical constraints for mass production Electrical Engineering 2008-06-06
Tergino, Christian Sean Efficient Binary Field Multiplication on a VLIW DSP Electrical and Computer Engineering 2009-06-22
Terjung, Helmut C From baby boom to birth dearth :an interpretation of the population control movement and its political discourse since 1945 in the United States Political Science 2009-06-10
Ternes, J. Kevin Visualization and simulation of defect structures in the B2 phase of NiAl Materials Science and Engineering 2009-07-21
Terpenny, Janis Pinchefsky A methodology and supporting framework for functional modeling and configuration in conceptual design Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-12-22
Terrell, Lewis Neal A Woven Place Architecture 2005-01-09
Terril, Nathaniel D. Field Simulation for the Microwave Heating of Thin Ceramic Fibers Electrical Engineering 1998-07-09
Terry, Carol G Analysis and implementation of software reuse measurement Information Systems 2010-03-30
Terry, Travis Comparing LED Lighting Systems in the Detection and Color Recognition of Roadway Objects Industrial and Systems Engineering 2011-06-06
Terry, Angela M. Gripped end effect in tensile proof testing dimension lumber Agricultural Engineering 2012-06-10
Terry, N. C. A study of beef cattle in nine middle Virginia counties Animal Husbandry 2012-11-07
Terwelp, Christopher Rome Remote Control of Hydraulic Equipment for Unexploded Ordnance Remediation Mechanical Engineering 2003-05-07
Teske, Karyn Mullholand Alternative Assessment in Tennis Health and Physical Education 1997-11-17
Tester, John T. Reduction of Printed Circuit Card Placement Time Through the Implementation of Panelization Industrial and Systems Engineering 1999-10-07
Teter, David Michael Computational Alchemy: The Rational Design of New Superhard Materials Materials Science and Engineering 1998-06-29
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Tuzcu, Ilhan Dynamics and Control of Flexible Aircraft Mechanical Engineering 2002-01-07
Tuzun, Julia Ann An Analysis of Residential Electricity Supply and Demand in California During the Summer of 2000 Economics 2002-08-12
Twedt, Jason Christopher Fiber-Optics Based Pressure and Temperature Sensors for Harsh Environments Aerospace Engineering 2007-05-23
Tweedie, Sarah Experimental Investigation of Flow Control Techniques To Reduce Hydroacoustic Rotor-Stator Interaction Noise Mechanical Engineering 2006-10-13
Tweedy, Phillip Analysis of Hybrid Electric Autonomous Tactical Support System Mechanical Engineering 2011-10-05
Twigg, Jeffrey Newman Formation Fidelity of Simulated Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles through Periodic Communication Engineering Science and Mechanics 2009-11-30
Twitty, Frank Butler Comparative particulate sampling methods. Environmental Sciences and Engineering 2010-07-28
Twohig, Barbara J. Inclusive Practices Used by Principals and Their Staffs to Facilitate the Integration of Students With Disabilities Into General Education Classrooms Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2000-04-25
Twomey, Tish Eshelle Tyra Imitation and Adaptability in the First-Year Composition Classroom: A Pedagogical Study English 2003-04-22
Tyagi, Dhawal TENOR :an ATPG for transition faults in combinational circuits Electrical Engineering 2009-06-30
Tyberg, Justin Local Adaptive Slicing for Layered Manufacturing Mechanical Engineering 1998-02-16
Tyberg, Christy Sensenich Void-Free Flame Retardant Phenolic Networks: Properties and Processability Chemistry 2000-03-30
Tydings, Heather Anne Identification and Optimization of the Antagonistic Potential of Native Spinach Microbiota towards Escherichia coli O157:H7 Food Science and Technology 2010-06-17
Tyeryar, Keith Allen Rough surface scattering under Gaussian beam illumination and the Kirchhoff approximation Electrical Engineering 2009-04-07
Tylec, Fred Walter Microbiological synthesis of riboflavin to enrich swine viscera used for poultry and livestock feed Bacteriology 2010-05-04
Tyler, Timothy N Finite element modeling of contaminant transport through confined disposal facilities Civil Engineering 2008-06-06
Tyler, Carla Acceptability and Shelf-Life of Fresh and Pasteurized Crab Meat Stored Under Different Environmental Conditions. Food Science and Technology 2009-02-26
Tyler, Coulbourn Hurt A model for evaluating intramural programs at selected private two-year institutions. Community College Education 2010-07-08
Tyler, Carrie Leigh Investigating Predation in the Fossil Record: Modern Analogs Geosciences 2012-02-13
Tyler, Jr., Ronald Dale Evaluation of a Paratuberculosis Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction Assay with Microscopic Correlation Veterinary Medical Sciences 2012-03-20
Typrin, Marcello IMTS (Intelligent Monitoring and Trending System)a PC-based monitoring, evaluation and trending system for rotating machinery Mechanical Engineering 2008-12-30
Tyree, William Stuart Correlation of Structure and Magnetic Properties in Charge-Transfer Salt Molecular Magnets Composed of Decamethylmetallocene Electron Donors and Organic Electron Acceptors Chemistry 2005-08-09
Tyree, Michael Christopher The Short-term Effects of Fertilization on Total Soil CO2 Efflux, Heterotrophic, and Autotrophic Respiration of Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda L.) Forestry 2005-09-06
Tyree, Michael Christopher Genetics by Nutrient Availability Interactions on Short-term Carbon Pools and Fluxes in Young Pinus taeda Plantations Forestry 2008-09-24
Tyson, William Conrad Application of r-Adaptation Techniques for Discretization Error Improvement in CFD Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2015-12-15
Tyszko, Piotr. Laboratory and field ecophysiological studies on the impact of air pollution on red spruce and Fraser fir Forestry 2005-09-20
Tyupkina, Maryana Learning in Architecture Architecture 1999-10-28

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