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Adams, Nina P. Factors Which Influence Kindergarten Teachers Selection of Trade Books for Use in Readaloud Sessions in Their Classrooms Teaching and Learning 1998-08-28
Al Kandari, Kalthoum Mohammed Islamic School: Challenges and Potentials in the 21st Century a Case Study of Al-Amal, a Private Bilingual School in Kuwait Teaching and Learning 2004-05-26
Altieri, Elizabeth M. Learning to Negotiate Difference: Narratives of Experience in Inclusive Education Teaching and Learning 2001-10-19
Apostolakis, Roberta Literacy Coaching: Approaches, Styles, and Conversations Teaching and Learning 2009-05-13
Baker, David Make it so: How low-resourced school districts implement a Virginia state mandate to prepare K-12 teachers to integrate technology into the classroom Teaching and Learning 2003-12-18
Ballein, John A. Weighing the Options: Assessing Two-A-Day Practices in Collegiate Football Teaching and Learning 2006-08-10
Barrett, Thomas S. Exploring the Moral Dimension of Professors' Folk Pedagogy Teaching and Learning 1997-12-01
Basham, Dwight Cornell The History of the Eastern Mennonite High School Touring Choir: 1917-1981 Teaching and Learning 1999-08-17
Bavaro, M. Tina Changing Pedagogy: The Introduction of Experiential, Cooperative Learning and Interactive Multimedia into the Statics Learning Environment. Teaching and Learning 1996-08-02
Behm, Stephanie Lee Preservice Elementary Teachers' Learning with Mathematics Curriculum Materials During Preservice Teacher Education Teaching and Learning 2008-07-18
Belcher, Melva A Descriptive Study of Loopers in Four Schools Teaching and Learning 2001-02-01
Bell, Kenneth W. The Relationship Between Perceived Physical Competence and the Physical Activity Patterns of Fifth and Seventh Grade Children Teaching and Learning 1997-06-30
Best, Julia Y. African American Undergraduate Students' Experiences in Residential Learning Communities at a Predominantly White Institution Teaching and Learning 2006-02-03
Boddie, Jacquelyn Lynnette Finding a Crystal Stair: Exploring the Turn-Around Phenomenon Experienced by African American Urban Male Adolescents in High School Teaching and Learning 1998-07-25
Bookhart, Portia Yvonne Perceptions of An Inclusive Program By Secondary Learning Disabled Students, Their Teachers, and Support Staff Teaching and Learning 1999-09-08
Bradley, Nancy Ann Practices and Perspectives of Primary Language Arts Teachers: A Formative Design Experiment Analyzing the use of Professional Development to Enhance Vocabulary Instructional Practices Teaching and Learning 2010-08-06
Brand, Brenda Rodges Influence of Pre-service Teachers' Beliefs about Diversity on Science Teaching and Learning Teaching and Learning 1998-02-13
Brenner, Aimee Michelle Investigating the Practices in Teacher Education that Promote and Inhibit Technology Integration in Early Career Teachers Teaching and Learning 2012-09-27
Brown, Kirk W Identifying the Current Program Development Trends for Accredited Undergraduate Athletic Training Educational Programs Teaching and Learning 2001-12-13
Brown, Almeshia S. An Assessment of Virginia Cooperative Extension's New Extension Agent Training Program Teaching and Learning 2003-12-03
Brown, Jeffrey A. Perceptions of the Relative Importance of Conditions that Facilitate Implementation Teaching and Learning 2008-07-13
Burton, Samuel Lee Performance and Injury Predictability during Firefighter Candidate Training Teaching and Learning 2006-02-13
Byers, Albert S. Examining Learner-Content Interaction Importance and Efficacy in Online, Self-Directed Electronic Professional Development in Science for Elementary Educators in Grades Three – Six Teaching and Learning 2010-12-18
Call, Michael H. The Effects of Wearing Prophylatic Knee Sleeves/Braces on Selected Isokinetic Measures During a Velocity Spectrum Knee Extension Test Teaching and Learning 1998-07-13
Campbell, Hugh David An Examination of the Relationship between Spirituality and Religion and Selected Risk-Taking Behaviors in College Underclassmen Teaching and Learning 2008-01-25
Cannon, John Glen Perceptions of the Influence of the Virginia Governor’s School for Agriculture on VGSA Alumni Teaching and Learning 2005-04-27
Cao, Yu Effects of Field Dependent-Independent Cognitive Styles and Cueing Strategies on Students' Recall and Comprehension Teaching and Learning 2006-09-18
Carter, Carolyn Walsh An Assessment of the Status of the Diffusion and Adoption of Computer-Based Technology in Appalachian College Association Colleges and Universities Teaching and Learning 1998-08-05
Casey, Dennis Alan A Cultural Study of a Science Classroom and Graphing Calculator-based Technology Teaching and Learning 2001-12-05
Catron, Rhonda Karen Dual Credit English: Program History, Review, and Recommendations Teaching and Learning 2001-04-23
Chandler, Scott Bondurant Comparing the Legibility and Comprehension of Type Size, Font Selection and Rendering Technology of Onscreen Type Teaching and Learning 2001-11-17
Chapman, Betty Foust An Assessment of Business Teacher Educators' Adoption of Computer Technology Teaching and Learning 2003-11-05
Chase, Melissa W. The Relationship of Mind Styles, Consumer Decision-Making Styles, and Shopping Habits of Beginning College Students Teaching and Learning 2004-05-21
Cobb, Jr., Robert The relationship between self-regulated learning behaviors and academic performance in web-based courses Teaching and Learning 2003-03-21
Colley, Kenna Coming to Know a School Culture Teaching and Learning 1999-08-25
Conrad, Deborah Jacqueline The teacher, the writing curriculum and computers: Planning and practice in pedagogy in two second-grade classrooms. Teaching and Learning 2002-05-24
Creasy, Jr., John Wayne An Analysis of the Components of Mental Toughness in Sport Teaching and Learning 2005-11-20
Crockett, Aleta Jo Nonfiction and Fiction: Does Genre Influence Reader Response? Teaching and Learning 1999-01-12
Currie, Keith Allan Performance Anxiety Coping Skills Seminar: Is It Effective in Reducing Musical Performance Anxiety and Enhancing Musical Performance Quality? Teaching and Learning 2001-06-13
Daniel, Leslie S. Descriptions of Friendship from Preadolescent Boys Who Carry A Label on the Autism Spectrum Teaching and Learning 2006-11-15
Danielson, Jared Andrew The Design, Development and Evaluation of a Web-based Tool for Helping Veterinary Students Learn How to Classify Clinical Laboratory Data Teaching and Learning 1999-08-03
Davis, Jr., George Robert Freshmen Student-Athletes: An Examination of the Decision-Making Process and Satisfaction Teaching and Learning 2006-04-20
Dean, Anne Margaret Defining and Achieving University Student Success: Faculty and Student Perceptions Teaching and Learning 1998-11-04
Dean, Geoffrey Sholes Strategies for the Development of Integrated Career and Technical Education Program Evaluation Systems Teaching and Learning 2003-05-20
Deck, Jr., D. William The Effects of Frequency of Testing on College Students in a Principles of Marketing Course Teaching and Learning 1998-11-03
Dettmann, Paul E. Administrators, Faculty, and Staff/Support Staff Perceptions of MBNQA Educational Criteria Implementation at the University of Wisconsin Stout Teaching and Learning 2004-07-15
Dill, Laura Lee Eating Disorder Policies Among NCAA Division I Intercollegiate Athletic Programs Teaching and Learning 2006-04-24
Dobbins, Thomas Roy Clinical Experiences for Agricultural Teacher Education Programs in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Teaching and Learning 1999-09-07
Donald, Jack Bradshaw Technology in Mathematics Education: A Descriptive Study of the Availability and Uses of Calculators and Computers in Public High School Mathematics Classes in the State of Virginia Teaching and Learning 1998-08-25
Dragich, Bernadette Marie Caring in Nursing Education Teaching and Learning 2001-04-23
Draper, Sonya R. The Effects of Gender Grouping and Learning Style on Student Curiosity in Modular Technology Education Laboratories Teaching and Learning 2004-09-27
Dredger, Mary Kathleen A Savory Stew: Text Differentiation in a Middle School Immigration Unit Teaching and Learning 2011-08-09
Drezek, Kathryne Margaret The Intellectual Impact of Interdisciplinarity: A Series of Studies of Graduate Students and Faculty Engaged in Interdisciplinary Scholarship Teaching and Learning 2008-09-24
Druggish, Richard S. Nourishing Roots and Inspiring Wings: Building a Culturally Responsive Pedagogy for Southern Appalachia Teaching and Learning 2003-12-05
Dunton III, James C. Selection Criteria Used By Secondary Principals in Virginia When Hiring First-Year Career And Technical Education Teachers Teaching and Learning 2001-05-02
Dunton III, James C. Selection Criteria Used by High School Principals in Virginia When Hiring First-Year Career and Technical Education Teachers Teaching and Learning 2001-05-14
Dutrow, Anita Marceca Transitioning Students to the Middle school: a Case Study Teaching and Learning 1998-07-25
Dwight III, James Scutt Hyperpedagogy: Intersections among poststructuralist hypertext theory, critical inquiry, and social justice pedagogies. Teaching and Learning 2004-03-22
Eaker, Lisa The Social Sacrifices of Being Modern Teaching and Learning 2003-02-18
Enyeart Smith, Theresa M. A Comparison of Health Risk Behaviors Among College Students Enrolled in a Required Personal Health Course vs. Enrolled in an Elective Personal Health Course Teaching and Learning 2004-04-19
Erwin, Kimberly Danielle The Experiences and Perceptions of African American Males and Their Elementary Teachers Teaching and Learning 2011-04-12
Evans, Jackson Allan Advanced Placement and College Success in Freshman and Sophomore Level Biology Courses Teaching and Learning 2009-03-19
Fall, Anna-Maria Early Career Special Education Teachers in High-and Low-Poverty Districts: A Comparison of their Qualifications, Work Conditions, and Career Commitments Teaching and Learning 2008-12-26
Falls, Jane Ann Using a Reflective Process to Implement Electronic Portfolios Teaching and Learning 2001-12-10
Falls, Jr., Horace L. Teachers' Self-Perceptions of Their Role as Generalist: A Study of the Interpersonal Skills Necessary For Effective Leadership and Counseling Teaching and Learning 1999-10-08
Farmer, Scott Douglas Learning 2-Way Audio and Its Impact on Communication within Needs Assessment Group Processes Teaching and Learning 2005-11-04
Felderman, Carol Branigan Critical Literacy and Podcasting in a 2nd Grade Classroom Teaching and Learning 2010-12-16
Figliano, Fred Joseph Strategies For Integrating STEM Content: A Pilot Case Study Teaching and Learning 2007-12-12
Figliano, Fred Joseph Development of an Instrument to Evidence Knowledge Abstractions in Technological/Engineering Design-Based Activities Teaching and Learning 2011-05-09
Galyean, Teresa Ann Pre-Collegiates Students' Teaching Identities Teaching and Learning 2004-11-19
Gao, Huaiying The Effects of Still Images and Animated Images on Motion-Related and Non-Motion Related Learning Tasks in College Students of Different Levels of Field Dependence Teaching and Learning 2005-04-22
Gentry, Roy Michael A comparison of two instructional methods of teaching the power clean weight training exercise to intercollegiate football players with novice power clean experience. Teaching and Learning 1999-07-21
Gordon, Susan Marie Virginia Tech Business College Alumni Reflect on Literature in their Lives Teaching and Learning 2006-02-10
Greene, H. Carol Theory Meets Practice in Teacher Education: A Case Study of a Computer-Mediated Community of Learners Teaching and Learning 2003-07-05
Groenke, Susan Lee Troubling Literacy in the "Contact Zone" of a Rural High School English Class Teaching and Learning 2003-08-17
Gross, Monty Dale Instructional Design Thought Processes of Expert Nurse Educators Teaching and Learning 2006-11-26
Grosshans, Kurt Science Teachers' Understanding and Use of Instructional Strategies Within the 4 x 4 Block Schedule Teaching and Learning 2006-05-24
Guthrie, Miriam E. The Perceptions of Selected University Administrators on Economic and Associated Decision-Making Factors Related to Institutional Involvement in Distance Education Teaching and Learning 2003-03-21
Hall, Judith King Field Dependence-Independence and Computer-based Instruction in Geography Teaching and Learning 2000-05-02
Halpin, David M The Effects of Locus of Control and Navigational Control on the Performance of Students in a Hypermedia Environment Teaching and Learning 2005-05-02
Hamm, Jean Shepherd We Can’t Die Without Letting Them Know We Were There: Oral Histories of Konnarock Training School Alumnae and Faculty Teaching and Learning 2003-04-27
Hardwicke, Shannon Bragg An Analysis of Student Assistance Programs Teaching and Learning 2006-05-18
Harris, Kevin W. Parental Expectations of High School Interscholastic Athletic Activities Teaching and Learning 1999-08-04
Hauger, Karin Th. "There Must Be Musical Joy:" An Ethnography of a Norwegian Music School Teaching and Learning 1998-07-25
Hegngi, Yolanda Nokuri On-Line Teaching and Learning: A description of the Development of The media Technology and Diversity Online course and Its Electronic Discourse analysis Teaching and Learning 1998-07-25
Hergert, Thomas Robert An Exploration of Assessing, Affecting, and Analyzing Attitudes and Attitude Change through the Use of a Multimedia Survey Instrument Teaching and Learning 1997-08-22
Hicks, David Constructing Oneself as a Teacher of History: Case Studies of the Journey to the Other Side of the Desk by Preservice Teachers in England and America Teaching and Learning 1999-09-23
Holt, Brent D. An Exploratory Study of Project Lead the Way Secondary Engineering Educators’ Self-Efficacy Teaching and Learning 2011-11-12
Housenick, Mitchell Alexander Assessment of the Prevalence of Smoke-Free Environment Policies Throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia at Worksites Employing Fifty or More Workers Teaching and Learning 2001-04-25
Howard-Anzalone, Barbara L. An Ethnographic Study of a Literacy Program in a High-Poverty, Ethnically Diverse Elementary School within the Context of No Child Left Behind Teaching and Learning 2011-09-11
Iheanacho, Chiemeka Clement Effects of Two Multimedia Computer-Assisted Language Learning Programs on Vocabulary Acquisition Of Intermediate Level Esl Students Teaching and Learning 1997-11-11
Jaber, William E. A Survey of Factors Which Influence Teachers' Use of Computer-based Technology Teaching and Learning 1997-07-22
Jawhar, Salwa Baker Emergent Literacy Development Through Storybook Reading: One Head Start Teacher's Explanations and Practices Teaching and Learning 2000-04-28
Jeffrey, Thomas Read Instructional Design and Technology Student and Instructor Perceptions Regarding Collaborative Learning Groups Teaching and Learning 2010-03-23
Johnson, Marcelite E. Dingle The Effects of Speech Compression on Recall in a Multimedia Environment Teaching and Learning 1998-04-29
Johnson, Jr., Jack Buckland Evaluating the Importance of Strength, Power, and Performance Tests in an NCAA Division I Football Program Teaching and Learning 2001-12-05
Johnston, Alexis Larissa Homework Journaling in Undergraduate Mathematics Teaching and Learning 2012-04-02
Joy, Ernest Harriman Program For Afloat College Education In The Navy: Measuring Instructional Effectiveness In An Era Of Declining Resources Teaching and Learning 1998-01-29
Kadzera, Clemence Michael Use of Instructional Technologies in Teacher Training Colleges in Malawi Teaching and Learning 2006-05-15
Kalande, Wotchiwe Mtonga The Influence of Science Teacher Preparation Programs on Instructional Practices of Beginning Primary School Teachers in Malawi Teaching and Learning 2006-12-18
Kantrovich, Adam Joseph An Evaluation of Past Performance of the Two-Year Agricultural Technology Program at Virginia Tech as Perceived by Program Graduates Teaching and Learning 2000-04-26
Kazembe, Manuel Boyd Retracing Footsteps of the Literati: Towards Understanding Literacy Development through Stories of Malawian Teacher Educators Teaching and Learning 2005-12-12
Kellogg, Amy Using Computer Generated Reminders as Time Management Support to Influence Assignment Completion Rates and Course Completion in an Online Masters Program Teaching and Learning 2003-10-09
Khasu, Denis Stanislaus Storytelling in Emergent Literacy: Supporting Community Based Childcare Centers in Malawi Teaching and Learning 2011-04-14
Kimani-Oluoch, Rose Exploring Preservice Teachers’ Perceptions of Classroom Cultural Diversity Teaching and Learning 2000-04-27
Kimmel, Karl Joseph The Development and Evaluation of a Music Mnemonic-Enhanced Multimedia Computer-Aided Science Instructional Module Teaching and Learning 1998-12-17
King, James Michael Dynamics of Concealed Disabilities among Students at a Major Research University in a Rural Area Teaching and Learning 2004-05-04
Kirk, Luther R. Looking back in time, staring into history : an autobiographcial sketch of an elementary school teacher from Appalachia Teaching and Learning 2006-12-15
Knowles III, John William Winds of Change: Mexico in a Town in Appalachia Teaching and Learning 2006-08-18
Kobayashi, Michiko Facilitating Academic Achievement in High School Interactive Television Programs by Promoting Self-Regulated Learning Teaching and Learning 2006-04-20
Koch, Douglas Spencer The Effects of Solid Modeling and Visualization On Technical Problem Solving Teaching and Learning 2006-05-19
Kolo, Emmanuel Does Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certification Enhance Job Performance of Automotive Service Technicians? Teaching and Learning 2006-04-05
Konukman, Ferman The Effects of Multimedia Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) on Teaching Tennis in Physical Education Teacher Education Teaching and Learning 2003-07-11
Kosko, Karl Wesley Mathematical Discussion and Self-Determination Theory Teaching and Learning 2010-04-06
Krackow, Michael Stuart An analysis of player position group, height, weight, and relative body weight and their relationship to scores on the Functional Movement Screen(TM) Teaching and Learning 2001-12-10
Kreb, Sigrid Gunild Gaining Gold Medals and Gowns: Equilibrating the Dual Career of Student-Athletes with Online Education Teaching and Learning 2008-04-02
Krouscas, Jr., James Athan Middle School Students' Attitudes Toward A Physical Education Program Teaching and Learning 1999-05-20
Kunkel, Danylle Ranae Profile of Health Educators in Virginia Institutions of Higher Education: The Value Attached to Work-related Competencies Teaching and Learning 2007-10-24
Kwon, Hyuksoo Key Factors Affecting the Implementation of Biotechnology Instruction in Secondary School Level Technology Education Classrooms Teaching and Learning 2009-06-01
LaBoone, Emet L The Effect of Encoding Specificity on Learning in a Multimedia Environment Teaching and Learning 2006-04-27
Lanier, Marilyn Investigating Strategies for Enhancing Achievement of Urban African American Students in Middle School Science Classrooms Teaching and Learning 2012-04-12
Larroy, Edwin A. Latino\a Ethnic Identity in the New Diaspora: Perspectives of a Select Group of Latino\a Undergraduates at a Predominantly White Land Grant University Teaching and Learning 2005-06-26
Larson, Miriam Bender Survey and Case Study Analyses of the Professional Preparation of Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) Graduates for Different Career Environments Teaching and Learning 2004-10-25
Lawwill, Kenneth Stuart Using Writing-To-Learn Strategies: Promoting Peer Collaboration Among High School Science Teachers Teaching and Learning 1999-07-23
Lee, Sookyoung The effects of computer animation and cognitive style on the understanding and retention of scientific explanation Teaching and Learning 2005-10-07
Lewis, Edwin Carnell The Attitudes of Extension Faculty Toward Globalizing Extension Programs: A Case Study of Virginia Cooperative Extension Teaching and Learning 2006-03-26
Lichtenberger, Eric The Accuracy of Meta-Stereotypes Applied to Career and Technical Education. Teaching and Learning 2004-05-19
Lichty, Margaret The Socialization Process of New College Faculty in Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher Education Teaching and Learning 1999-04-18
Little, Jamie Osborne The Effects of Inter-Schools Collaboration on Student Written Product Scores in a Problem-Based, Constructivist Environment Teaching and Learning 1999-12-03
Liu, Hope Q. Development of an Online Course Using a Modified Version of Keller's Personalized System of Instruction Teaching and Learning 2003-04-21
Lockee, Barbara B. Development of a Hypermedia Template Using Whole Language Instructional Methods for the Preservation of Native American Languages Teaching and Learning 1998-07-18
Lusk, Danielle Leigh The Effects of Seductive Details and Segmentation on Interest, Recall and Transfer in a Multimedia Learning Environment Teaching and Learning 2008-04-03
Lynch, Terence Lamont Factors Influencing the Enrollment of Minorities in Agricultural Science Programs at Virginia Tech Teaching and Learning 2001-04-23
Lyon, Anna Faye The Transition To Reader: Multiple Perspectives Teaching and Learning 2000-08-03
Manning, Jackie B. Development of a Prototype Multimedia Environment to Support Hispanic English Language Learners’ Academic Learning Through Embedded Cognitive Strategy Instruction Teaching and Learning 2005-02-15
Martin, Margaret Hill Factors Influencing Faculty Adoption of Web-based Courses in Teacher Education Programs Within the State University of New York Teaching and Learning 2003-04-28
Martin, Gregory M. Revitalizing a Dying School-Business Partnership Teaching and Learning 2000-04-22
Matusevich, Melissa Nabbe Implementing Technology in a Fifth Grade Classroom: School and Home Perspectives Teaching and Learning 1999-04-09
McCollum, Starla Insights Into the Process of Guiding reflection During an Early Field experience of Preservice Teachers Teaching and Learning 1998-07-25
McFeeters, Forrest Ethan The Effects of Individualism Vs. Collectivism on Learner's Recall, Transfer and Attitudes Toward Collaboration and Individualized Learning Teaching and Learning 2003-06-16
McFerren, Mary Margaret Incentives and Barriers to Participation in Community Nutrition Education Programs for Recipients of Food Stamps and Temporary Assistance to Needy Families Teaching and Learning 2007-04-19
McGraw, Tammy M. The Effects of Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Stimuli on Spatial Representation in Drawings Teaching and Learning 1998-07-18
McLaughlin, John Biotechnology Education: An Investigation of Corporate and Communal Science in the Classroom Teaching and Learning 2006-05-17
McMillian, Norwood Identifying the Defining Characteristics of College-level Course Work: Perceptions of Accounting and Business Management Faculty Teaching and Learning 1998-06-09
McNeill, Andrea Lynn The Effects of Training, Modality, and Redundancy on the Development of a Historical Inquiry Strategy in a Multimedia Learning Environment Teaching and Learning 2004-09-07
Meltzer, Julie In Their Own Words: Using Retrospective Narratives to Explore the Influence of Socio-Cultural and Contextual Factors on Discourses About Identity of Self-As-Principal Teaching and Learning 1997-06-11
Metcalf, Sara Catherine A Needs Assessment of North Carolina School Psychological Services, Moving Toward the Ideal Teaching and Learning 2001-06-12
Michael, Kurt Y. Comparison of Students' Product Creativity Using a Computer Simulation Activity versus a Hands-on Activity in Technology Education Teaching and Learning 2000-05-22
Miller, Dale Jonathan How Does a Seventh-Grade Language Arts Teacher Adjust Instructionl Practices when Introduced to a Scheduling Change, Namely Block Scheduling Teaching and Learning 1999-04-20
Miller, William David A descriptive study of the process post-secondary military institutions use to adopt, implement and train for use of new instructional technologies Teaching and Learning 2010-04-19
Mjoni-Mwale, Hasten Safe Schools for Teaching and Learning: Developing a School-wide, Self-study Process Teaching and Learning 2006-06-09
Mmela, Edith Implementing Integrated Literacy Approaches in an English Classroom in Malawi Teaching and Learning 2006-06-12
Moore, Michael Bryan The Use of a Tuning Fork and Stethoscope Versus Clinical Fracture Testing in Assessing Possible Fractures Teaching and Learning 2005-04-11
Moore, Julia Marie Virginia Technology Education Teachers' Implementation of Standards for Technological Literacy Teaching and Learning 2007-11-16
Moore, Michael Wilson Investigation of the Effects of an Autostereographic Virtual Environment on Recall in Participants of Differing Levels of Field Dependence Teaching and Learning 2006-02-20
Mosley, Barbra F. Development of a Technology Mentoring Program Using Rogers' Diffusion of Innovations Teaching and Learning 2005-02-06
Mukuni, Joseph Siloka Portability of Technical Skills Across Occupations Teaching and Learning 2012-03-28
Murrill, Leslie D. Evolution Toward Democratic Community: A Teacher's Journey Teaching and Learning 1998-04-06
Mykerezi, Pavli K. The Potential Contribution of Vocational and Technical Education to the Future Social-Economic Development of Albania Teaching and Learning 2003-04-25
Myles, A. Clifton The Story of NADSA (The National Association of Dramatic and Speech Arts, Inc.) Teaching and Learning 2000-07-14
Neurauter, Viki Braud An Assessment for our Future: An Investigation of the Presence of External Ecological Assets within Three Counties and One City in Southwest Virginia 6th Grade Youth Teaching and Learning 2011-03-31
Newbill, Phyllis Leary Instructional Strategies to Improve Women's Attitudes toward Science Teaching and Learning 2005-04-19
Norris, Kimberly Jane Virginia’s Foundation Blocks for Early Learning: Interpretation and Implementation by Practitioners Teaching and Learning 2012-02-23
Nowalk, Thomas J Framing Games: an Exploration Into the Speaking Activity of a Chinese-English Bilingual Child Teaching and Learning 1999-04-20
Nyirongo, Nertha Kate Technology Adoption and Integration: A Descriptive Study of a Higher Education Institution in a Developing Nation Teaching and Learning 2009-04-13
O'Neill, Erin Kristine Differences in Health Risk Behaviors between College Freshmen Living in Special Interest Housing and Traditional Housing Teaching and Learning 2007-06-19
Ogle, Jeffrey Todd The Effects of Virtual Environments on Recall in Participants of Differing Levels of Field Dependence Teaching and Learning 2002-04-25
Ogle, Gwendolyn J. Towards A Formative Evaluation Tool Teaching and Learning 2002-04-26
Oguro, Yasue Presentation of culture in English as a foreign language reading textbooks in Japan Teaching and Learning 2008-04-11
Ojure, Lenna P. An Investigation of the Relationship Between Teachers' Participation in 4MAT Fundamentals Training and Teachers' Perception of Teacher Efficacy Teaching and Learning 1997-04-24
Oliver, Kimberly L. Adolescent Girls' Body-Narratives and Co-Constructed Critical Interpretations Teaching and Learning 1998-07-25
Pacifici, Linda C. Illuminating Literacies Beyond the Classroom: Women as Bricoleurs Negotiating Social Class and Multiple Discourses Teaching and Learning 1998-04-27
Palmer, Stephen E The Effects of the Web-Based Instructional Unit Healthy Hearts on Fifth Grade Children's Physical Activity Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior Teaching and Learning 2002-03-12
Park, Eun-Soo A case study of young Korean children's English learning experiences in the United states Teaching and Learning 2005-06-29
Parker, Suzanne M. Preservice Physical Education Teachers' Perceptions Toward Teaching Students With Emotional/Behavioral Disorders in a General Education Setting Teaching and Learning 2002-04-01
Pedro, Joan Yvonne Reflection in Teacher Education: Exploring Pre-Service Teachers' Meanings of Reflective Practice Teaching and Learning 2001-07-03
Pennington, Todd Robert Exploring the Use and Influence of the USPE-L Listserv on K-12 Physical Educators Teaching and Learning 1998-07-29
Perry, Tristan Roberts The Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist: Occupational Responsibilities, Perceived Stressors, Coping Strategies, and Work Relationships Teaching and Learning 2002-11-25
Person, Linda Joy Preservice Teachers' Analysis of Appropriate Teaching Practices in Physical Education: A Qualitative Comparison of Two Programs Teaching and Learning 2000-04-25
Phiri, Absalom Dumsell Keins Exploring the Integration of Indigenous Science in the Primary School Science Curriculum in Malawi Teaching and Learning 2008-04-11
Pienkowski, Nathan The Effects of Cueing Learners to a Transfer Problem Prior to Instruction Teaching and Learning 2002-02-15
Pierson, Mary Ellen A Study Investigating the Design and Development of Components of a Comprehensive Tool Incorporating Characteristics of Continuity Management, Knowledge Harvesting, and Knowledge Management Teaching and Learning 2011-02-22
Potts, Ann D. Teacher learning within a transactional process Teaching and Learning 2007-07-11
Preston, Marlene M. A Descriptive Study of the Design influences and Role of Students' Needs on the Selection of Course Content In higher Education Teaching and Learning 1998-07-25
Prickett, Robert G. Pre-service teachers and media: Past experiences and present practices Teaching and Learning 2005-11-15
Qadiri, Mohammad Abdul-Qader The effect of exaggeration of cartoons on the performance of field dependent learners Teaching and Learning 1999-06-17
Quillen, Mary Addington Relationships Among Prospective Elementary Teachers' Beliefs About Mathematics, Mathematics Content Knowledge, and Previous Mathematics Course Experiences Teaching and Learning 2004-03-25
Rabon-Stith, Karma Melisa The Relationship Between Select Variables and the Breast Cancer Screening Practices of a Convenient Sample of African-American Women From Grambling State University and the Willis-Knighton Neighborhood Clinic Teaching and Learning 2001-04-25
Ramsaroop, Errol Vishnu Vocational and Technical Education Changes that are Potential Contributors to the Economic Development of Trinidad and Tobago Teaching and Learning 2001-04-27
Ravizza, Dean Michael STUDENTS’ PERCEPTIONS OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION TEACHERS’ CARING Teaching and Learning 2005-05-20
Reed, Philip Anthony The Relationship Between Learning Style and Conventional or Modular Laboratory Preference Among Technology Education Teachers in Virginia Teaching and Learning 2000-04-23
Reese, Debbie Denise Metaphor and Content: An Embodied Paradigm for Learning Teaching and Learning 2003-03-31
Richards, Anika Tahirah Health Equity Education, Awareness, and Advocacy through the Virginia Department of Health Health Equity Campaign Teaching and Learning 2011-03-07
Richardson, Evelyn Cherita Meta-analysis Of Student Assistance program Outcomes Teaching and Learning 2009-12-16
Rieber, Lloyd James Selection of appropriate content areas and topics for a community college level printing program : a needs assessment approach Teaching and Learning 2007-04-26
Roberts, Ann Mary In Search of Discussion in the Standards-Based Middle School Social Studies Classroom Teaching and Learning 2009-04-15
Robinson, Nancy Reed Fostering Student Independent Behaviors During Reading Recovery Lessons Teaching and Learning 2003-04-23
Robinson, Audrey Black and Hispanic Male Transfer Students' Experiences of Persistence at a Four-Year Research Institution Teaching and Learning 2010-07-27
Rose, Dana Gregory A Study of Student Teacher Experiences in a Multicultural School or Learning to Teach Teachers Who Will Teach "Other People's Children" Teaching and Learning 2005-11-29
Ross, John D. Regulating Hypermedia: Self-regulation learning strategies in a hypermedia environment Teaching and Learning 1999-04-16
Roth, Elizabeth H. The Emerging Paradigm of Reader-Text Transaction: Contributions of John Dewey and Louise M. Rosenblatt, With Implications for Educators Teaching and Learning 1999-01-19
Rowland, Bryan K. Trade and Industrial Education: A Climate For Reform Teaching and Learning 1998-07-21
Rutherford, Judith Anne A Formative Evaluation of Franklin School Teaching and Learning 1999-09-10
Saenz, Berlinda Luna Student Perceptions of Social Presence and its Value in an Asynchronous Web-based Master’s Instructional Program Teaching and Learning 2002-05-23
Saleh, Saleh M Cognitive and metacognitive learning strategies used by adult learners of Arabic as a foreign language Teaching and Learning 2007-10-05
Sallee, David Norval Youth at Risk: An Analysis of the Health Behaviors of Roanoke County Students Teaching and Learning 2002-07-16
Schauer-Crabb, Cheryl Anne A Case Study of Adoption and Diffusion of an Existing Asynchronous Distance Learning Program Teaching and Learning 2002-04-22
Scheckler, Rebecca Klein Weaving feminism, pragmatism, and distance education Teaching and Learning 2000-04-05
Scheer, Stephanie Bleckmann The Inclusion of an Online Wellness Resource Center Within an Instructional Design Model for Distance Education Teaching and Learning 2001-12-04
Schneider, Sandra Beth A Deweyan Perspective on Knowledge Producing Schools: Re-creative technologies for communities of inquirers Teaching and Learning 2006-11-14
Scholz, Joseph T. Determining effects of text-to-speech synthesis in a multimedia learning environment on science achievement for students with learning disabilities in reading Teaching and Learning 2006-08-14
Schulz, Jonathan Edward Promoting Teaching as Design in Elementary Mathematics: Exploring the Potential of Curriculum Support Materials Teaching and Learning 2011-11-21
Schwarz, Michael Hans A Needs Assessment of Aquaculture Extension Agents, Specialists, and Program Administrators in Extension Programming Teaching and Learning 2005-11-28
Schweizer, Maurya Lynn The Effect of Content, Style, and Color of Picture Prompts on Narrative Writing: An Analysis of Fifth and Eighth Grade Students' Writing Teaching and Learning 1999-02-18
Shaari, Ahmad Jelani The Interactive Effects of Color Realism, Clustering, and Age on Pictorial Recall Memory among Students in Malaysia Teaching and Learning 1998-04-20
Shambaugh, Roy Neal Development of a Co-participatory and Reflexive Approach to Teaching and Learning Instructional Design Teaching and Learning 1999-02-05
Sheaves, Rita Atwell The Effectiveness of Tobacco Prevention & Cessaation Programs: A Focused-Analysis of the Virginia Tobacco Settlement Foundation Programs Teaching and Learning 2008-10-09
Shrewsbury, Eric-Gene Jackson Interaction through Asynchronous Audio-Based Computer Mediated Communication in the Virtual Foreign Language Classroom Teaching and Learning 2012-02-07
Sianez, David M. An Analysis of Successful and Unsuccessful Example Solutions to Enhance Open-Ended Technological Problem-Solving Efficiency Among Middle School Students Teaching and Learning 2003-05-19
Skinner, Ned Thomas A Case Study of Freshmen Swimmers' College Transition Experiences Teaching and Learning 2004-04-20
Smolova, Alona A A Comparison of Effectiveness of Structured and Non-Structured Strategies of Rhetorical Invention for Written Argumentation Produced by Community College Students Teaching and Learning 1999-04-15
Snider, Richard Conrad The Effectiveness of Oral Expression through the use of Continuous Speech Recognition Technology in Supporting the Written Composition of Postsecondary Students with Learning Disabilities Teaching and Learning 2002-04-15
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