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Blythe, Earving L The maximization of discretionary budget :an explanation for the pattern of computer investments in the federal government Urban Affairs 2009-09-09
Cuthbertson, Ida D. The fiscal impact of new town and suburban development :an assessment of the effects of Reston and West Springfield on Fairfax County, Virginia Urban Affairs 2008-08-25
Dahlman, Carl Thor Re-reading the new right: risk, media, and rhetoric in Republican environmental policy Urban Affairs 2008-11-18
Feil, Daniel Jonathan Air Installations Compatible Use Zones :an assessment of the development of the Department of Defense policy and the implementation by the Department of the Navy Urban Affairs 2010-06-08
Friedman, Howard Lawrence Federal and state renewable energy policy :lessons from the late 1970's and early 1980's Urban Affairs 2009-10-06
Govindan, Indira Variations in surgical rates among the elderly population of southwest and central Virginia Urban Affairs 2012-09-08
Haberlein, Lynn M. The growth of for-profit hospitals in the United States, 1970-1980 Urban Affairs 2009-04-14
Kambhampaty, S. Murthy A method of evaluating the impact of economic change on the services of local governments Urban Affairs 2009-03-12
McCormack, Eileen M Parking :balance between parking demand and public policy Urban Affairs 2010-01-20
Peirce, Jeffrey R Cash management in the religious non-profit sector :a survey of three manor denominations' practices Urban Affairs 2009-07-21
Peters, Terry Spielman The politics and administration of land use control in Fairfax County, Virginia Urban Affairs 2012-11-17
Romano, Gary M Dual-executive structures in religious non-profit organizations Urban Affairs 2008-08-25
Stenberg, Linda Crump Citizens, services, and new towns. Urban Affairs 2010-06-12
Abad, Ana Cristina Civil Society Participation in Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers Urban Affairs and Planning 2004-11-29
Ahmed, Hala Abdel Rahim Applicability of Healthy Communities in Virginia Urban Affairs and Planning 1999-05-14
Ali, Dina Fathi Case Study of Development of the Peripheral Coastal Area of South Sinai in Relation to its Bedouin Community Urban Affairs and Planning 1998-04-23
Allin, Samuel Robert Fishleigh An Examination of China's Three Gorges Dam Project Based on the Framework Presented in the Report of The World Commission on Dams Urban Affairs and Planning 2004-12-14
Amjad, Urooj Quezon Water, Conflict, & Cooperation: Ramallah, West Bank Urban Affairs and Planning 2000-03-28
Ananthakrishnan, Malathi The Urban Social Patterns of Navi Mumbai, India Urban Affairs and Planning 1998-04-06
Anderson, Jason Developing Digital Monitoring Protocols for Use in Volunteer Stream Assessment Urban Affairs and Planning 2001-12-10
Appler, Douglas R. America's Converging Open Space Protection Policies: Evidence from New Hampshire, Virginia and Oregon Urban Affairs and Planning 2003-05-20
Azizi, Susanne L. An Analysis of the Social Action program and Education of Women in Pakistan Urban Affairs and Planning 1999-05-11
Babylon, Ruth G. The Use of Community-Based Conservation in Natural Resource Management: Case Studies from The Nature Conservancy of Virginia Urban Affairs and Planning 2003-11-13
Battikha, Anne-Marie Structural Adjustment and the Environment: Impacts of the World Bank and IMF Conditional Loans on Developing Countries Urban Affairs and Planning 2002-04-27
Belo, Bradley Paul Natural Hazaed Mitigation Planning for Karst Terrains in Virginia Urban Affairs and Planning 2003-05-22
Bender, John An Examination of the Use of Urban Entertainment Centers as a Catalyst for Downtown Revitalization Urban Affairs and Planning 2004-01-08
Bhardwaj, Asmita Responses in India towards the Clean Development Mechanism Urban Affairs and Planning 2002-07-01
Bond, Matthew R. The Power of Municipal Development Plans: An Examination of Their Relevance and Impact in Guatemala Urban Affairs and Planning 2004-01-20
Buchsbaum, Bernardo Duha Ecotourism and Sustainable Development in Costa Rica Urban Affairs and Planning 2004-05-05
Burdette, Jason Todd Form-Based Codes: A Cure for the Cancer Called Euclidean Zoning? Urban Affairs and Planning 2004-05-12
Butler, William Hale Planning for Water: Statewide Approaches to Watershed Planning and Management Urban Affairs and Planning 2003-05-13
Byrd, Kevin Ryan The Changing Role of Downtowns: An Examination of the Condition of Cities and Methods to Reinvent the Urban Core Urban Affairs and Planning 2004-05-24
Cai, Rong Trust and Transaction Costs in Industrial Districts Urban Affairs and Planning 2004-05-22
Cathcart, Susan Rhetoric Versus Reality: Prospects for Women's Rights in Post-Taliban Afghanistan Urban Affairs and Planning 2004-12-22
Chance, Donald R A Behavioral Theory of Planning Urban Affairs and Planning 2007-08-21
Chatterjee, Arpita Shankar Usefulness of GIS in Mass Transit: An Analysis of the riderhip characteristics of Greater London and D.C. Metropolitan Region Urban Affairs and Planning 2004-06-07
Chaves, Elisabeth Kerry Integrating Water Supply Planning into Land Use Decision-Making Urban Affairs and Planning 2004-10-19
Childers, Jonathan Aragorn Developing Guidelines for the Community Land Conservation Planning Process: With an Analysis of the West Virginia New River Parkway Project Urban Affairs and Planning 2000-04-06
Christensen, Rachel Atkin Accountability Mechanisms and Mission-Based Activity: A Nonprofit Agency Serving Immigrants and Refugees Urban Affairs and Planning 2002-04-26
Clark, Erica M Kids Planning Our Environment: Environmental Education as a Tool for Community Stewardship Urban Affairs and Planning 2002-04-22
Cook, Stephen T. Nongovernmental organizations role in the establishment of resource management areas in Richmond County and Mathews County Urban Affairs and Planning 2010-01-20
Cox, Anna Louise Preserving Historic Identity in the United States: Theoretical and Practical Lessons for Maintaining Historic Character in Small Virginia Towns Urban Affairs and Planning 2000-04-27
Crampton, Jason P. Zoning's Connection with Racial Distribution: A Case Study on the Washington, D.C. MSA Urban Affairs and Planning 2007-04-12
Davis, George T Protecting Scenic Views: Seventy Years of Managing and Enforcing Scenic Easements along the Blue Ridge Parkway Urban Affairs and Planning 2009-05-20
de Leon, Raymond F. DEVELOPING A SERVICE-LEARNING PROGRAM FOR WATERSHED MANAGEMENT: Lessons from the Stroubles Creek Watershed Initiative Urban Affairs and Planning 2002-05-06
Dhavale, Dawn Maya More Than Artifacts: The Surprising Importance of Census Designated Places Urban Affairs and Planning 2004-08-17
Du, Zhi-cang A fiscal impact model for Montgomery County :practicum in planning Urban Affairs and Planning 2010-01-26
Erickson, Julie B Decentralization and Hospital Governance in Rural Paraguay Urban Affairs and Planning 2012-05-08
Ferrufino, Carlos E. Globalization and Urban Structure in Latin America; the Case of Export Processing Zones in El Salvador Urban Affairs and Planning 2000-04-27
Fields, Zenobia L. Using Public Policy to Promote Community Economic Development Urban Affairs and Planning 2004-04-29
Fowler, David Phillip Midtown Atlanta: Privatized Planning in an Urban Neighborhood Urban Affairs and Planning 2001-04-26
Garrett, Benjamin Goggin Mexican Political Development, Common Property Institutions, and Opportunities for Collaborative Environmental Management Urban Affairs and Planning 2003-05-14
Genovese, Marie Implications of the Revocation of the "Tulloch Rule" Urban Affairs and Planning 2000-04-28
Gibson, Joshua Charles Fish Consumption Advisories in Tributaries to the Chesapeake Bay: Improving the Communication of Risk to Washington, DC Anglers Urban Affairs and Planning 2005-05-16
Godwin, Dawn V. Collaboration as a Tool for Creating Sustainable Natural Resource Based Economies in Rural Areas Urban Affairs and Planning 1999-04-22
Gorder, Joel Steven Statewide Watershed Management Effects on Local Watershed Groups: A Comparison of Wisconsin, Kentucky, and Virginia Urban Affairs and Planning 2002-04-22
Gough, Meghan Zimmerman Country Ain't Country No More: A Typology of the Nation's Fast-Growing Peripheral Counties Urban Affairs and Planning 2003-07-03
Guo, Yong Hong China's Comprehensive Planning Practice, its Evolution, and Prospects Urban Affairs and Planning 1999-07-29
Gurova, Galina Ratcheva Fiscal Decentralization and Municipal Budget Policy in Countries with Economies in Transition: omparing Local Revenue Systems Urban Affairs and Planning 1999-05-24
Gusler, John Frederick 'Toilets in the Veld': Similarities in the Housing Policy of the New South Africa and the former Apartheid State. Urban Affairs and Planning 2000-05-25
Guthrie, Dwayne Pierce Understanding Urban, Metropolitan and Megaregion Development to Improve Transportation Governance Urban Affairs and Planning 2007-12-13
Halich, Gregory Stewart Equity Issues in Farmland Preservation Urban Affairs and Planning 1999-04-25
Harders, Marian B. Planning for Retail Urban Affairs and Planning 2004-08-18
Holst, David J. Statewide Watershed Protection and Local Implementation: A Comparison of Washington, Minnesota, and Oregon Urban Affairs and Planning 1999-04-21
Housein, John Gabriel Endangered Species and Safe Harbor Agreements: How Should They Be Used? Urban Affairs and Planning 2002-05-08
Howard, Lesley Membership representation in the issue-focus selection process of national environmental nonprofit organizations Urban Affairs and Planning 2009-04-14
Howard, Eric John Bring the form back to planning: Using urban form characteristics to improve the predictability of transportation mode choice models Urban Affairs and Planning 2011-04-28
Huang, Wei Environmental Impacts of Foreign Direct Investment in the Pearl River Delta Urban Affairs and Planning 2002-05-07
Hudak, Tracy A. Addressing Barriers to Brownfield Redevelopment: An Analysis of CERCLA and the Voluntary Cleanup Programs of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan Urban Affairs and Planning 2002-05-03
Ieuter, Toby C A Template to Enhance Regional Water Supply Planning Urban Affairs and Planning 2004-09-30
Johnson, Charlotte Charlene Defining Eligible Families in Public housing and Welfare: the Traditions, Values, and Legalities of Family Form Urban Affairs and Planning 2003-07-31
Jones, Melissa Kay Diversity and Economic Development in Urban Neighborhoods: A Case Analysis of Columbia City, Seattle Urban Affairs and Planning 2012-03-27
Kanter, Theresa Elizabeth Exploring Collaboration between Regional Planning and Public Health in Southwest Virginia Urban Affairs and Planning 2003-07-02
Lee, Kwang-Sub Public Participation GIS: Applications in Community-Based Environmental Protection Urban Affairs and Planning 2002-05-07
Li, Tieying Residential Renewal in Old Chinese Cities Since 1979 - under the transition from central-planned to market-driven economy Urban Affairs and Planning 1998-05-07
Lipscomb, Monica Renee A Critical Analysis of Indicators of Community-based Watershed Initiatives Urban Affairs and Planning 2003-05-21
Lohr, Amy M Considerations, Process, and Practice for Bicycle Planning Urban Affairs and Planning 1999-04-21
Lyon-Hill, Sarah E Building Governance Capacity in Rural Niger: A Study of Decentralization and Good Governance Policy as Experienced in a Local Village Urban Affairs and Planning 2012-05-14
Matthews, Elizabeth Joy Ecotourism: Are current practices delivering desired outcomes? A comparative case study analysis Urban Affairs and Planning 2002-05-13
McCann, Jessica Hulse Does New Urbanist/Neo Traditional Designs Deliver On Promises to Affect Modal Choice and Reduce Vehicle Miles Traveled Urban Affairs and Planning 2003-05-07
McCarthy, Deborah Marie Towards a "people centered" approach to participatory planning :analysis of the grass root level conflict over waste facility siting Urban Affairs and Planning 2009-06-11
McClellan, Robert Eric Gated Communities: Gating Out Crime? Urban Affairs and Planning 2002-04-19
Mil-Homens, Joao Loureiro Voluntary Environmental Initiatives: Sponsorship and Stakeholder Involvement Urban Affairs and Planning 2002-08-20
Mil-Homens, Joao Labeling Schemes or Labeling Scams? Auditors’ Perspectives on ISO 14001 Certification Urban Affairs and Planning 2011-06-09
Miller-McClellan, Jennifer Lynn A Comparative Study of the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Program and Process in Virginia and Kansas: Possible Outcomes and Effects upon Stakeholders Urban Affairs and Planning 2003-05-19
Morrow, Melissa Josephine Affordable Housing Policy: Integration of Land Use Tools and the Role of State Growth Management Urban Affairs and Planning 2001-06-26
Mouras, Steven L. Campus Master Planning; A Need for Standards Urban Affairs and Planning 2005-01-20
Nabar, Maneesha Mangesh A Framework for a Multi-Participant Gis Program Urban Affairs and Planning 1998-04-01
Olsson, Jeanette Women Refugees and Integration into U.S. society: The Case of Women from Bosnia and the Former Yugoslavia who Resettled in the United States Urban Affairs and Planning 2002-06-07
Park, Hyunsoo Environmentally Friendly Land Use Planning, Property Rights, and Public Participation in South Korea: A Case Study of Greenbelt Policy Reform Urban Affairs and Planning 2001-05-23
Parsons, Ashley Elise Inner-City Children and Environmental Equity: Evidence from Philadelphia Urban Affairs and Planning 2011-06-09
Paulson, Joanna Marie Rural Planning and Zoning Adoption in the United States Urban Affairs and Planning 2005-04-28
Peery, Stephen Seth Producer Network Effects for Rural Economic Development: An Investigation into the Economic Development Potential of Information Production as a Firm-Level Effect of Broadband Telecommunications in Rural Areas Urban Affairs and Planning 2005-05-16
Pheley, Paula Jean The Potential for Intersectoral Collaboration in Addressing Rural Health Needs Urban Affairs and Planning 2005-05-24
Plotnikova, Maria The Effect of a Capital Budget on Capital Spending in the U.S. States Urban Affairs and Planning 2005-04-21
Polishuk, Amy Christine An Evaluation of the Impact of InterAction's PVO Standards on Small Member Organizations Urban Affairs and Planning 2001-12-30
Preston IV, Charles Putnam Drugs and Conflict in Colombia: a Policy Framework Analysis of Plan Colombia Urban Affairs and Planning 2004-12-07
Quach, Thu Thi The Crisis in Darfur: an Analysis of Its Origins and Storylines Urban Affairs and Planning 2004-12-24
Raftery, Kelley Lynne A Comparative Analysis of Wellhead Protection: Virginia and Massachusetts Urban Affairs and Planning 2002-05-08
Robertson, Sean Thomas Small-Scale Forest-Based Enterprises: Benefiting Rural Livelihoods in Developing Countries Urban Affairs and Planning 2002-01-08
Sadagopan, Gayathri Devi Web-Based Geographic Information Systems: Public Participation in Virtual Decision Making Environments Urban Affairs and Planning 2000-05-23
Santiago, Deborah A Citizens' housing solution preferences in two communities :Esperanza Andina, Chile and Cayo Hueso, Cuba Urban Affairs and Planning 2009-01-10
Sharp, Jeremy E. An Examination of the Form-Based Code and its Application to the Town of Blacksburg Urban Affairs and Planning 2004-12-17
Shasby, Benjamin Matthew Alternative Fuels: Incompletely Addressing the Problems of the Automobile Urban Affairs and Planning 2004-05-25
Silva, Elda Maria Women's empowerment in informal settlements of the Peruvian Amazon frontier. A case study of 9 de Octubre, Pucallpa-Peru Urban Affairs and Planning 1998-04-08
Slingerland, George The Effect of the "No Surprises" Policy on Habitat Conservation Planning and the Endangered Species Act Urban Affairs and Planning 1999-04-22
Smith, Andrea Lynn Healthy Communities DESIGNING, PLANNING AND IMPLEMENTING Urban Affairs and Planning 2008-05-13
Sridhar, Vidya Watershed Management: A Comparative Study of Recreational Use Conflicts and Community Involvement Urban Affairs and Planning 1999-04-22
St.Jean, David Bryan A Guideline for Establishing Local Energy-Efficiency Programs in Virginia Urban Affairs and Planning 2010-12-24
Stewart, Khalilah Maurine Trends, Factors and Public Policy Influences on the Greening of Industry: A Review of the Automobile and Building Sectors Urban Affairs and Planning 2002-02-21
Suryavanshi, Vinay M. Land use and Opportunities for Crime: Using GIS as an Analysis Tool Urban Affairs and Planning 2001-06-25
Telleria, Gabriel Martin Socio-Economic Impacts of Micro-enterprise Credit in the Informal Sector of Managua, Nicaragua Urban Affairs and Planning 1999-05-26
Van Houweling, Emily Anne Diversification and Differentiation: The Livelihood Experience of Men and Women in Samene Urban Affairs and Planning 2009-05-04
Wakchaure, Ashwini S An ArcView tool for simulating Land Subdivision for Build Out Analysis Urban Affairs and Planning 2001-12-20
Whipple, Michael D. Smart Growth's Weak Link: An Analytical Evaluation of Water and Sewer Planning in Maryland Urban Affairs and Planning 2000-05-24
Whitaker, Aliana Marie The Internationalization of Higher Education: A US Perspective Urban Affairs and Planning 2004-06-20
Wilcox, Janel Lynn Case Study of the Generation Connection Program: An Intergenerational Program Transfer Initiative Urban Affairs and Planning 2001-09-28
Winter, Laura L Designing a Sense of Community: The Use of Neo-Traditional Design Elements in Public Housing Urban Affairs and Planning 1999-04-21
Zellmer, David B. The Knowledgeable City: A Networked, Knowledge-Based Strategy for Local Governance and Urban Development Urban Affairs and Planning 2001-04-18
Zirkle, Mary A Build-Out Analysis as a Planning Tool With a Demonstration for Roanoke County, Virginia Urban Affairs and Planning 2003-04-25
Smith, Eugene McTyere The role of the environmental manager in the Air Force. Urban Affairs in Administration 2012-11-09
Basaib, Ridhwan The growth and characteristics of peri-urban communities :a case study in Jakarta, Indonesia Urban and Regional Planning 2009-08-22
Boelens, Lyle A Socioeconomic stratification and differentiation of the modern peasantry :a longitudinal analysis of small farmers in Röndonia, Brazil Urban and Regional Planning 2009-09-05
Butts, Jeffery Hornor The Virginia Beach response to implementing the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area Ordinance Urban and Regional Planning 2010-04-27
Chattopadhyay, Basundhara Towards an understanding of vernacular domestic habitation Urban and Regional Planning 2010-04-12
Chew, Tracy A case study of the role of six Catholic social agencies as mediating structures in social welfare service provision in Virginia Urban and Regional Planning 2009-06-23
Culpepper, Jennie Bob Bizal The changing community/industry relationship in resource-oriented boom towns :a case study of the Overthrust Industrial Association Urban and Regional Planning 2010-07-15
Flora, Paul Richard A comparison of energy self-reliance and industrial development using an input-output model Urban and Regional Planning 2008-10-30
Fors, William C. Planning beyond park bouundaries to protect scenic resources within park viewshields Urban and Regional Planning 2010-03-30
Gilroy, Leonard State policy effects on sulfur dioxide emission allowance trading Urban and Regional Planning 2008-08-29
Givans, Troy K. How to compete effectively for grants Urban and Regional Planning 2010-01-26
Grisanaputi, Wipawee Gender Discrimination in the Thai Workplace: a Case Study of Textile Company, Khon Kaen, Thailand Urban and Regional Planning 1999-12-10
Hart-Schubert, Patrice An evaluation of sensory comfort components of survey questionnaries used for indoor environment problems in buildings Urban and Regional Planning 2005-10-07
Holladay, David R. Opporunities for coordinated road management on public lands for purposes of ecosystem management :the case of the greater Yellowstone ecosystem Urban and Regional Planning 2009-03-14
Huang, Shaoli Geographic Information Systems (GSI) for natural resources planning and management at local government level Urban and Regional Planning 2010-01-26
Kan, Claudia Yim-fun A methodology for parsimoniously structuring a set of activities Urban and Regional Planning 2012-11-20
Libberton, Sean Gordon Characteristics of new town travel revisited :an update of the Morgan-Dickey study of Reston, Virginia Urban and Regional Planning 2008-08-22
Martell, Christine Renée Women's work and household income :evidence from Bangkok's urban fringe Urban and Regional Planning 2009-03-04
McClure, Edward E. An open space program for Virginia Urban and Regional Planning 2010-04-07
McKalip, Frederick D Peri-urban development in Africa :a Kenyan case study Urban and Regional Planning 2009-06-10
Mitra, Amlan Developing an integrated risk management system in emergency management process Urban and Regional Planning 2009-12-23
Mugo, Susan Wambogo Citizens + vacant lots=community open space :a case study of the Union Settlement Community Garden, East Harlem, New York City Urban and Regional Planning 2010-03-30
Naito, Tsuyoshi Life quality recovery :progress towards life styles in which people find value Urban and Regional Planning 2010-02-02
Narayana, Jayashree Violations of land use and building regulations :evidence from a case study in Bangalore, India Urban and Regional Planning 2009-06-11
Nguyen, Vinh T Rural water supply in the Virginia coalfield counties Urban and Regional Planning 2010-01-26
Patet, Nisha Women in the construction labor force :women's participation in the construction sector in India Urban and Regional Planning 2010-02-16
Pinnock, Howard A A proposed framework for an embryonic environmental review process for Jamaicaby Howard A. Pinnock. Urban and Regional Planning 2010-06-12
Rao, Mala R Builders in the private sector :a case study of Bangalore, India Urban and Regional Planning 2010-02-16
Shah, Jignesh I Modeling land suitability for the Tom's Creek Basin, Blacksburg using Geographic Information System Urban and Regional Planning 2009-12-23
Shaw, Melissa Jane A comparison of preservation planning techniques :two case studies Urban and Regional Planning 2010-02-23
Slack, Rebecca A Open space preservation in rural residential development Urban and Regional Planning 2008-12-17
Smith, Tracy L Habitat conservation planning under the Endangered Species Act :is it ecosystem management? Urban and Regional Planning 2009-05-02
You, Xia A concept database for environmental planning Urban and Regional Planning 2010-03-17

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