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Uan-Zo-li, Julie Tammy The Effects of Structure, Humidity and Aging on the Mechanical Properties of Polymeric Ionomers for Fuel Cell Applications Materials Science and Engineering 2001-12-18
Uan-Zo-li, Julie Tammy Morphology, Crystallization and Melting Behavior of Propylene-Ethylene Statistical Copolymers Materials Science and Engineering 2005-09-30
Ubben, Carolyn Wilson An Urban Graduate Center Architecture 1999-10-19
Uhorchak, R. Steven An object-oriented class library for the creation of engineering graphs Mechanical Engineering 2009-04-25
Uhrich, Dolores Joan A residential school for the mentally retarded children of Montgomery County, Maryland Architecture 2010-05-04
Uhrig, Peter Public Perceptions of the Forest Products Industry in the United States Wood Science and Forest Products 1999-12-03
Ukoha, Onyekwere M Satisfaction with public housing :the case of Abuja, Nigeria Housing, Interior Design, and Resource Management 2008-06-06
Uliana, David A. The effects of earthquake excitations on reticulated domes Civil Engineering 2012-11-14
Uliana, David Christopher FPGA-Based Accelerator Development for Non-Engineers Electrical and Computer Engineering 2014-04-25
Ulpah, Saripah Interrelationship of Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner to diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella L. (Lepidoptera: Plutellidaae), and its primary parasitoid, Diadegma insulare Cress (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) Entomology 2009-04-18
Ulrich, Lorene Burns Older Workers and Bridge Employment: An Exploratory Study Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2003-03-26
Umberger, Pierce David Characterization and Response of Thermoplastic Composites and Constituents Engineering Science and Mechanics 2010-06-14
Umscheid, Joan M. An analysis of the relationship between clothing conformity and personality type in a selected group of adult males Clothing and Textiles 2012-06-10
Umsrithong, Anake Deterministic and Stochastic Semi-Empirical Transient Tire Models Mechanical Engineering 2012-02-21
Unal, Serkan Synthesis and Characterization of Branched Macromolecules for High Performance Elastomers, Fibers, and Films Chemistry 2005-11-29
Unciano, Conrad Vance The systems engineering development of a [sic] intelligence information system Systems Engineering 2009-12-23
Underwood, Billie Jean Dynamics in Elections: Studying Changes in West Virginia's Electoral Systme Political Science 2001-11-11
Underwood, Catherine Richardson Permanent Bracing Design for MPC Wood Roof Truss Webs and Chords Biological Systems Engineering 2000-03-31
Unger, Eric Robert Integrated aerodynamic-structural wing design optimization Aerospace Engineering 2008-09-04
Unger, Eric Robert Computational aspects of the integrated multi-disciplinary design of a transport wing Aerospace Engineering 2009-04-18
Unruh, Anne Louise The Readiness of Middle School Assistant Principals to Become Principals Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2011-06-16
Unsal, Cem Intelligent Navigation of Autonomous Vehicles in an Automated Highway System: Learning Methods and Interacting Vehicles Approach Electrical and Computer Engineering 1998-07-12
Unsal, Cem Self-organization in large populations of mobile robots Electrical Engineering 2009-05-09
Upchurch, Meredith Green Infrastructure: The Landscape of Urban EcoHousing Landscape Architecture 2006-05-16
Updike, Lisa Stoneman Triggering transformation: College freshmen use children’s literature to consider social justice perceptions Teaching and Learning 2008-04-09
Updike, Ryan William "The Very Devil Was In the Elements": The American Civil War, Natural Awareness, and the Beginnings of the Forest Conservation Movement History 2009-05-11
Upperman, James Earl Perspectives of America's school board members concerning the availability, purposes, and effectiveness of alternative education off-site programs for troubled school students Educational Administration 2008-06-06
Upshaw, Kathy Suzanne Long duration manned space flight systems considerations Systems Engineering 2009-12-23
Upton, John Christopher Pragmatic Epistemology, Community, and the Problem of Solipsism Philosophy 2004-06-17
Urciuoli, Damian Switching Stage Design and Implementation for an Efficient Three-Phase 5kW PWM DC-DC Converter Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003-08-06
Uriarte, Fabian Modeling, Detection, And Localization of High-Impedance Faults In Low-Voltage Distribution Feeders Electrical and Computer Engineering 2004-01-05
Urias, Kari R Experimental Studies in Temperature Programmed Gas Chromatography Chemistry 2002-12-09
Uribe Botero, Eduardo Response of corn to manganese application on Atlantic coastal plain soils Agronomy 2012-11-14
Uribe Leon, Marcela La Vida en el Norte [Life in the North], Three Mexican Women in the Roanoke Valley History 2006-03-17
Uribe Leon, Marcela Re-Learning the Script of Parental Involvement in the United States; Three Case Studies of Mexican Parents in Southwest Virginia. Teaching and Learning 2010-10-21
Uribe-Florez, Lida Johana Teacher Variables and Student Mathematics Learning Related to Manipulative Use Teaching and Learning 2009-06-22
Uriyo, Maria Effect of 1B/1R Chromosomal Translocation on Dough Rheology of Soft Red Winter Wheat Flour Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 1998-01-26
Uriyo, Angela Furaha School Uniform Design Preferences of Uniform Wearers and Terminal Values Attributed to Them Near Environments 2000-11-29
Uriyo, Maria Effect of germination and drying on enzyme activity in sorghum and cowpeas Food Science and Technology 2009-07-10
Urquhart, Ryan L. The Effects of Noise on Speech Intelligibility and Complex Cognitive Performance Industrial and Systems Engineering 2002-04-22
Ursekar, Mahesh T Rasterizing the CIA World Data Bank II Computer Science 2010-02-16
Usdu, Canan JOINT - critical junctions in architecture Architecture 2003-04-07
Usita, Paula M. Immigrant Mothers--American Daughters: Context and Meaning of Relationships Family and Child Development 1998-07-13
Usuki, Etsuko Studies on the metabolic bioactivation of haloperidol (HP) and its tetrahydropyridine dehydration product Chemistry 2007-02-27
Utley, Barbra Crompton Evaluation of a Permittivity Sensor for Continuous Monitoring of Suspended Sediment Concentration Biological Systems Engineering 2009-11-13
Utt, Matthew Douglas The effects of varying the interval from follicular wave emergence to progestin withdrawal on follicular dynamics and the synchrony of estrus in beef cattle. Animal and Poultry Sciences 2002-06-27
Utt, Melissa Gail Building the Tango Architecture 2008-12-16
Utz, Heidi Lockhart Collective Identity in Appalachia: Place, Protest and the AEP Power Line Sociology 2001-04-26
Uzarski, Joshua Robert Investigations of Bacteria Viability on Surfaces Using ω-functionalized Alkanethiol Self-Assembled Monolayers Chemistry 2006-06-22
Uzarski, Joshua Robert Reflection Absorption Infrared Spectroscopic Studies of Surface Chemistry Relevant to Chemical and Biological Warfare Agent Defense Chemistry 2009-02-03
Uzee, Ann M Habitat relationships for alewives and blueback herring in a Virginia stream Fisheries and Wildlife 2009-04-25
Uzman, Burak Thermal Analysis and Response of Grid-Stiffened Composite Panels Engineering Science and Mechanics 1997-09-13

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