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Vaccare, Carmel John Interactions within a Shared Graphic Space Teaching and Learning 1997-08-14
Vadala, Michael Lawrence Complexation of Block Copolysiloxanes with Cobalt Nanoparticles Chemistry 2003-04-23
Vadala, Michael Lawrence Preparation and Functionalization of Macromolecule-Metal and Metal Oxide Nanocomplexes for Biomedical Applications Macromolecular Science and Engineering 2006-04-21
Vadala, Timothy Patrick Cooperative Electrostatic Polymer-Antibiotic Nanoplexes Macromolecular and Science Engineering 2010-06-07
Vadas, Robert L. Habitat tools for assessing instream-flow needs for fishes in the upper Roanoke River, Virginia Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2007-07-10
Vadmerkar, Anuya Anant Soluble fiber and resistant starch components in some Indian and Canadian wheat varieties and in a wheat-soy product - Chapati Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2004-09-15
Vaghela, Nileshwari Proteomic Analysis of the Flavonoid Biosynthetic Machinery in Arabidopsis Thaliana Biology 2007-09-22
Vaidya, Rajendra D Solid Waste Degradation, Compaction and Water Holding Capacity Environmental Engineering 2002-10-19
Vaidyanathan, Sundararaman A feasibility study of an adaptive reclosing relay Electrical Engineering 2012-08-01
Vailhe, Christophe N. P. Deformation mechanisms in B2 aluminides :shear faults and dislocation core structures in FeAl, NiAl, CoAl and FeNiAl Materials Engineering Science 2008-06-06
Vailhe, Christophe N. P. Planar fault energies and dislocation core spreadings in B2 NiAl Materials Science and Engineering 2008-12-17
Vaillancourt, Kourtney Ty Reconstructing the Meaning of Fidelity: A Qualitative Inquiry into Swinging Relationships Human Development 2006-04-17
Vakil, Sachin Suresh Flow and Thermal Field Measurements in a Combustor Simulator Relevant to a Gas Turbine Aero-Engine Mechanical Engineering 2002-12-20
Vakkalanka, Suryanarayana Simplified Bow Model for a Striking Ship in Collision Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2000-05-19
Valad, Farzad M. ImagePilot 2.0, A Drawing Interpretation Tool for the Sight-impaired Electrical and Computer Engineering 2000-02-24
Valdespino, Andrew A Quantitative Neural Biomarker for Rejection Estimation: A Neuroeconomic Approach for Evaluating Theory of Mind Psychology 2014-12-22
Valdez, Adelia Christina Analysis of Atmospheric Effects Due to Atmospheric Oxygen on a Wideband Digital Signal in the 60 Ghz Band Electrical and Computer Engineering 2001-09-30
Valenti, Matthew C Iterative Detection and Decoding for Wireless Communications Electrical and Computer Engineering 1999-07-13
Valenti, Theodore Walter Approaches for assessing toxicity of selected contaminants to freshwater mussels (Bivalvia: Unionidae) Biology 2004-12-20
Valentine, Matthew These Lines are Material Architecture 2008-11-03
Valentine, Richard Laboratory Performance of Geosynthetic-Stabilized Pavement Sections Civil Engineering 2015-01-08
Valentine-Casertano, Ann Elizabeth The effects of structure in instructions and materials on Montessori and traditional preschool children's creativity Family and Child Development 2009-03-24
Valentino, Jeffrey Joseph Tribopolymerization: Anti-Wear Behavior of New High Temperature Additive Classes Mechanical Engineering 2000-04-04
Valentino, David W Tectonics of the lower Susquehhanna River region, southeastern Pennsylvania and northern Maryland : late proterozoic rifting to late paleozoic dextral transpression / by David Wayne Valentino. Geology 2008-12-15
Valentino, Karen Rose Durability testing of ceramic candle filters in pressurized-fluidized bed combustion environments Materials Science and Engineering 2009-04-25
Valeri, Stephen M Analysis of the Use of Probe Vehicles for Road Infrastructure Data Analysis Civil Engineering 2012-06-14
Valero, Carlos Alberto Applications of Qualitative and Quantitative Techniques of Management in Administrative/Academic Decision-Making in Institutions of Higher Education in Virginia. Education 1998-07-12
Valimont, Amanda Story The Effectiveness of Sex Education Programs in Virginia Schools: Teenage Pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Disease Rates: A Comparison of Counties Sociology 2005-12-01
Valimont, Robert Brian Active Noise Reduction Versus Passive Designs in Communication Headsets: Speech Intelligibility and Pilot Performance Effects in an Instrument Flight Simulation Industrial and Systems Engineering 2006-04-25
Vallabhaneni, Prashanthi Metabolomic approaches to understanding the auxin and ethylene response in Arabidopsis roots Biology 2012-08-09
Vallance, Phillip James Digital Control of Levitation Electrical and Computer Engineering 2001-06-27
Vallen, Michael Earl Housing... the Hillside Los Angeles, California Architecture 1993-07-09
Valsan, Calin Management and employee buyouts in the context of mass privatization in Romania Finance 2006-05-11
Valyrakis, Manousos Initiation of Particle Movement in Turbulent Open Channel Flow Civil Engineering 2011-04-25
Van, Ling Molecular Cloning and Functional Characterization of a Turkey Intestinal Peptide Transporter (tPepT1), and Developmental Regulation of PepT1 Expression in Turkey and Broiler Embryos Animal and Poultry Sciences 2002-09-27
van Aardt, Marleen Effect of shelf-life and light exposure on acetaldehyde concentration in milk packaged in HDPE and PETE bottles Food Science and Technology 2000-02-25
van Aardt, Jan Andreas Spectral Separability among Six Southern Tree Species Forestry 2000-05-22
van Aardt, Marleen Controlled Release of Antioxidants via Biodegradable Polymer Films into Milk and Dry Milk Products Food Science and Technology 2003-12-04
van Aardt, Jan Andreas Nicholaas An Object-Oriented Approach to Forest Volume and Aboveground Biomass Modeling using Small-Footprint Lidar Data for Segmentation, Estimation, and Classification Forestry 2004-08-25
Van Aken, Eileen M. Determinants of team effectiveness for cross-functional organizational design teams Industrial and Systems Engineering 2006-11-08
Van Aken, Stephen Mark Thermal expansion and thermal conductivity of (Ca1-x,Mgx)Zr4(PO4)6 where x = 0.0-0.4 Materials Engineering 2009-04-18
Van Aken, Eileen Morton A multiple case study on the information system to support self-managing teams Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-10-24
Van Cott, Kevin E. Upstream and downstream issues in the production of recombinant vitamin K-dependent preteins in the milk of transgenic pigs Chemical Engineering 2006-08-14
Van Covern, David Burns Collaborative Tarrget Localization and Inspection Using a Heterogeneous Team of Autonomous Vehicles Mechanical Engineering 2007-12-05
Van Den Bos, Amelie Cara A Water Quality Assessment of the Occoquan Reservoir and its Tributary Watershed: 1973-2002 Environmental Engineering 2003-07-23
Van der Schalie, William Hendrik The utilization of aquatic organisms for continuous and automatic monitoring of the toxicity of industrial waste effluents. Zoology 2010-07-08
Van Deventer, David Discrimination of Retained Solvent Levels in Printed Food-Packaging Using Electronic Nose Systems Biological Systems Engineering 2001-09-17
Van Dyke, Ray E. A Case Study of the Implementation of Ernest Boyer's Basic School Framework in One Elementary School Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 1998-10-24
Van Eenoo, Jr., Edward Charles Theoretically Valid Aggregates in the Absence of Homothetic Preferences, Separable Utility, and Complete Price Data Agricultural and Applied Economics 1998-10-12
Van Evera, Carol Thacher The effects of four different text structures on the retellings of fourth and sixth grade students Curriculum and Instruction 2005-12-22
van Eyk, Gregory Ryan Dietary Fat and Sugar Induce Obesity and Impair Glucose Tolerance in Prepubertal Pigs Animal and Poultry Sciences 2012-05-16
van Gelder, Maarten F. A Thermistor Based Method for Measurement of Thermal conductivity and Thermal Diffusivity of Moist Food Materials at High Temperatures Biological Systems Engineering 1997-12-18
van Gelder, Brenda A. Exploring the Feasibility of a Strategic Alliance Approach to Telecommunications Provision in Rural Municipalities Marketing 2004-04-28
Van Geluwe, Scott Patrick Effects of arbutamine stress testing compared to treadmill exercise stress testing on electrocardiographic responses of ischemia and myocardial oxygen demand Education 2009-01-10
Van Houweling, Emily Anne Diversification and Differentiation: The Livelihood Experience of Men and Women in Samene Urban Affairs and Planning 2009-05-04
Van Kirk, Nathaniel Peter Obsessive Compulsive Self-Syntonicity of Symptoms Scale: Development, Reliability and Validity Psychology 2010-05-18
Van Name, Judith A. Financial management practices of married single earner and dual earner families in Delaware Housing, Interior Design, and Resource Management 2005-10-19
Van Sintern, Wolff H Investigation of suction recirculation in rocket pump inducers Mechanical Engineering 2008-08-29
Van Velzer, William Roy Benjamin Huger and the arming of America :1825-1861 History 2009-07-29
Van Voorhees, Elizabeth Eliot Social Information Processing, Cortisol Secretion, and Aggression in Adolescents Psychology 2004-05-06
Van Walleghen, Emily Lynn Aging, Physical Activity, and Energy Intake Regulation Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2006-08-03
Van Winkle, Stephen C Peroxyalkanoic cellulose purification of steam exploded yellow poplar Wood Science 2008-12-17
Van Wyhe, Robert The effects of yeast derivatives and adult cecal droppings on growth parameters and intestinal morphology in commercial broilers. Animal and Poultry Sciences 2009-07-24
van Wyk, Hans-Werner A Variational Approach to Estimating Uncertain Parameters in Elliptic Systems Mathematics 2012-05-10
VanBrackle, Anita S. The relationship of unmanipulated self-reports of children's internalized representation of numbers to mathematics achievement Curriculum and Instruction 2005-10-14
VanBrackle, Lewis N EWMA and CUSUM control charts in the presence of correlation Statistics 2008-07-28
Vance, James Aaron Permanent Coexistence for Omnivory Models Mathematics 2006-08-14
Vance, Kristen Morton Illusions of unique invulnerability :impacts of beliefs on behavior Psychology 2009-10-24
Vance, Katelynn Atkins Robust Control for Inter-area Oscillations Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-12-19
Vance, David Self-Efficacy and Ministerial Field Education: An Instructional Design Perspective Teaching and Learning 2012-09-25
Vandegrift, Shia-Lu Chu Impact of government regulation on the dairy industry in the United States Economics 2009-03-12
VandenBerghe, Terrance Michael Heat transfer from in-line and perpendicular arrangements of cylinders in steady and pulsating crossflow Mechanical Engineering 2012-11-14
Vandenbossche, Benoit Measurement of ultrasonic wave mode transition in unidirectional graphite/epoxy composites Materials Engineering 2009-10-24
Vandeputte, Thomas William Effects of Flow Control on the Aerodynamics of a Tandem Inlet Guide Vane Mechanical Engineering 2000-01-21
VanDerHurst, Jeffrey J The development of an interactive computer model for managing geologic hazard databases Geological Sciences 2008-08-29
Vandermey, Nancy E Damage development under compression-compression fatigue loading in a stitched uniwoven graphite/epoxy composite material Engineering Mechanics 2009-10-24
VanderPoel, Peter F Polyrhythms and Architecture Architecture 2006-05-04
VanderSchaaf, Curtis Lee Modeling maximum size-density relationships of loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) plantations Forestry 2006-11-07
Vandiviere, Marcus Stuart The contribution of demographic and coping factors to burnout in Virginia school psychologists Student Personnel Services 2005-10-19
VanDyke, Laura Snively utrient Management Planning on Virginia Livestock Farms: Impacts and Opportunities for Improvement Agricultural and Applied Economics 1998-07-12
VanDyke, Matthew Clark Decentralized Coordinated Attitude Control of a Formation of Spacecraft Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2004-06-14
VanDyke, Matthew Steven An Analysis of Environmental Advertising Frames from 1990 to 2010 Communication Studies 2012-05-15
Vandyke, Alex J Development of a High-Speed Rail Model to Study Current and Future High-Speed Rail Corridors in the United States Civil Engineering 2011-06-10
Vaneman, Warren Kenneth Evaluating System Performance in a Complex and Dynamic Environment Industrial and Systems Engineering 2002-12-11
Vaneman, Warren Kenneth The effect of implementing new technology into an existing production process Systems Engineering 2009-07-30
VanGilder, Joyce A Promenade Down the Slope Architecture 2004-06-27
VanHouten, Desmond J Benign Processing of High Performance Polymeric Foams of Poly(arylene ether sulfone) Macromolecular Science and Engineering 2008-12-09
VanHouten, Rachael A Synthesis and Characterization of Hydrophobic-Hydrophilic Segmented and Multiblock Copolymers for Proton Exchange Membrane and Reverse Osmosis Applications Macromolecular Science and Engineering 2010-04-08
Vanimisetti, Hima Bindu Genetics of resistance to Haemonchus contortus infections in sheep Animal and Poultry Sciences 2003-03-05
Vanimisetti, Hima Bindu Genetic evaluation of ewe productivity and its component traits in Katahdin and Polypay sheep Animal and Poultry Sciences 2006-11-27
VanLare, Ian Judd Isolation and characterization of the (NAD(P)-independent)polyol dehydrogenase from the plasma-membranes of gluconobacter oxydans ATCC strain 621 Microbiology 2005-10-26
VanLieshout, Lawrence Anthony Weed control in no-till corn as affected by cultivation, herbicide banding, and cover crop suppression Weed Science 2008-12-17
Vann, James Linwood Institutional Dimensions of the Government’s “Smart Buyer” Problem: Pillars, Carriers, and Organizational Structure in Federal Acquisition Management Public Administration and Public Affairs 2011-03-10
Vanover, Eric Thomas “Swear this flag to live, for this flag to die”: Flag Imagery in Constructing the Narrative of the Civil War and the Transformation of American Nationalism History 2010-05-10
VanSandt, Craig V. An Examination of the Relationship Between Ethical Work Climate and Moral Awareness Management 2001-08-29
VanSant, April Nelson Studies on Hydrogen-Pinch Analysis and Application of COSMO-SAC to Electrolytes Chemical Engineering 2008-08-28
Vantine, William L. Managing the Risk of Failure in Complex Systems Insight into the Space Shuttle Challenger Failure Public Administration and Public Affairs 1998-12-17
Vanwormhoudt, An Soil mineralogy of an upper coastal plain landscape in Virginia Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2009-04-07
Vapaa, Annalisa Gartman Healing Gardens: Creating Places for Restoration, Meditation, and Sanctuary Landscape Architecture 2002-05-13
Varadarajan, Amrusha Stochastic Scheduling for a Network of MEMS Job Shops Industrial and Systems Engineering 2007-01-11
Varadhan, Aishwarya Design of Control Algorithms for Automation of a Full Dimension Continuouis Haulage System Industrial and Systems Engineering 2000-04-19
Varano, Nathaniel David Fluid Dynamics and Surface Pressure Fluctuations of Turbulent Boundary Layers Over Sparse Roughness Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2010-04-16
Vardakos, Sotirios Distinct Element Modeling of the Shimizu Tunnel No.3 in Japan Civil Engineering 2003-12-15
Vardakos, Sotirios Back-analysis methods for optimal tunnel design Civil Engineering 2007-02-05
Varga, John Joseph The Role of CcpA in Regulating the Carbon-Starvation Response of Clostridium perfringens Biological Sciences 2006-11-27
Vargas Jurado, Napoleon Assessing the reliability of plant-wax markers to delineate diet choice and feed efficiency in beef heifers Animal and Poultry Sciences 2012-08-01
Varghese, Philip Magnet design considerations for superconductive magnetic energy storage Electrical Engineering 2007-02-05
Varghese, Anoop George Strain Localization in Tungsten Heavy Alloys and Glassy Polymers Engineering Science and Mechanics 2008-11-19
Varghese, Philip Dynamics and control of manipulating robots Electrical Engineering 2012-09-08
Vargo, Cortney G An evaluation of computer-supported backtracking in a hierarchical database Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-03-12
Varma, Nitesh Secure Network-Centric Application Access Mechanical Engineering 1998-12-18
Varma, Anup Modeling and Synthesis with SystemC Electrical and Computer Engineering 2001-12-17
Varma, Krishnaraj M Time Delay Estimate Based Direction of Arrival Estimation for Speech in Reverberant Environments Electrical and Computer Engineering 2002-10-30
Varma, Krishnaraj M Fast Split Arithmetic Encoder Architectures and Perceptual Coding Methods for Enhanced JPEG2000 Performance Electrical and Computer Engineering 2006-03-27
Varnado, Terri E. The Effects of a Technological Problem Solving Activity on FIRST LEGO League Participants' Problem Solving Style and Performance Teaching and Learning 2005-04-28
Varner, Lisa Marie An evaluation of social-cognitive factors in dietary restraint, smoking, and weight control smoking Psychology 2007-02-27
Varrieur, John Michael AFLP Marker Analysis Of Monoploid Potato Horticulture 2002-05-24
Vartenisian, John Paul An Elementary School Speaks Out: Their Decision To Initiate An Innovation Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 1999-01-29
Vasavada, Yash M. Performance Evaluation of a Frequency modulated Spread-Spectrum System Electrical and Computer Engineering 1998-07-12
Vasavada, Harsh Amit Four-Craft Virtual Coulomb Structure Analysis for 1 to 3 dimensional Geometries Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2007-04-24
Vasavada, Yash M An Iterative Confidence Passing Approach for Parameter Estimation and Its Applications to MIMO Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering 2012-07-02
Vaseashta, Ashok K Photonic studies of defects and amorphization in ion beam damaged GaAs surfaces Materials Engineering Science 2007-08-08
Vashi, Vidyut H The effect of price, advertising, and income on consumer demand :an almost ideal demand system investigation Marketing 2008-06-06
Vasquez Cespedes, Maria Elena Mothering strategies and maternal satisfaction among Latin American, Afro American, and Anglo American groups of at-risk mothers Family and Child Development 2009-03-12
Vasquez-Robinet, Cecilia Relationships Between Expression of Heat Shock Protein Genes and Photosynthetic Behavior During Drought Stress in Plants Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 2007-04-19
Vass, Dianna J Total quality management and training within North Carolina apparel/textile product manufacturing organizations to determine a model for TQM training Clothing and Textiles 2007-10-02
Vass, Raymond J Alkali attack on ceramic filters Materials Engineering 2009-04-14
Vastani, Hussein Kamaluddin Supporting Direct Markup and Evaluation of Students' Projects On-line Computer Science 2004-08-17
Vasudeo, Jyotindra The Design and Implementation of the Tako Language and Compiler Computer Science 2006-05-25
Vasudeva, Sumit Estimation of Elastic and Damping Characteristics of Viscoelastically Constrained Carbon Strands Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2005-12-28
Vasudevan, Lakshmi Anatomical Developments and the Role Of carbohydrate or Mineral Nutrient deficiency in Bud Necrosis of 'Riesling' grapevines (Vitis Vinifera L.) Horticulture 1998-07-12
Vasudevan, Srinivasan A Simulator for analyzing the throughput of IEEE 802.11b Wireless LAN Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005-01-28
Vasudevan, Anubav Animating the EPR-Experiment: Reasoning from Error in the Search for Bell Violations Philosophy 2005-01-10
Vatrapu, Ravikiran Culture and International Usability Testing:The Effects of Culture in Interviews Computer Science 2002-09-13
Vaubert, Virginie M Durability and aging of dental fissure sealants Materials Science and Engineering 2008-08-25
Vaudrey, Michael Allen Adaptive Control Methods for Non-Linear Self-Excited Systems Mechanical Engineering 2001-09-07
Vaudrey, Michael A A novel approach to multiple reference frequency domain adaptive control Mechanical Engineering 2008-08-29
Vaughan, Diane Elizabeth Simultaneous Generalized Hill Climbing Algorithms for Addressing Sets of Discrete Optimization Problems Industrial and Systems Engineering 2000-08-04
Vaughan, Mark Edward The Design, Fabrication, and Modeling of a Piezoelectric Linear Motor Mechanical Engineering 2001-12-28
Vaughan, Benjamin Ray Polymer Aluminophosphate Mixed Matrix Membranes for Gas Separations Chemical Engineering 2007-04-16
Vaughan, Carl S. Comparing the Professional Practices of Teachers Working in a Positive Behavior Support High School with Practices of Teachers in a Traditional High School Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2008-12-05
Vaughan, Carol E A cluster analysis method for materials selection Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-03-12
Vaughan, Jeffrey David Management and assessment of winter cover crop systems for supplying nitrogen to corn in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2009-07-21
Vaughan, T. C Drying ceramic products using induced ultra-high frequency electrical energy Ceramic Engineering 2010-06-08
Vaughan , Tamisha Y. Novel Mechanisms Underlying the Inflammatory Effects of Leptin and Low Dose Endotoxin Biology 2010-06-10
Vaughan, Martha Marie Molecular and Functional Characterization of Terpene Chemical Defense in Arabidopsis Roots in Interaction with the Herbivore Bradysia spp. (fungus gnat) Biology 2010-05-27
Vaughan, Ritchie Catherine Group Analysis of Collaborative Conservation Partnerships Forestry 2011-06-26
Vaughn, Ginger L Orientations and magnitudes of paleostress in the Great Valley Province of northern Virginia Geology 2008-08-25
Vaught, Donna Rae Parental beliefs and expectations concerning the academic competence of learning disabled and nondisabled children Psychology 2007-02-05
Vaught, Margaret Allgair Una casa a Ludiano Architecture 2008-09-09
Vaught, Dennis A Coach's dilemma :run versus pass Health and Physical Education 2010-07-15
Vaught, Donna Rae The effects of explicit instructions and processing demands on comprehension monitoring of learning disabled and nondisabled children Psychology 2012-09-08
Vavricka, Christopher John Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Tyrosine Metabolic Enzymes Biochemistry 2009-08-09
Vélez-Alvarez, Luis Community Workshop Architecture 2008-01-30
Veak, Tyler J Concretizing Sustainable Worlds: Environmentalism as a Politics of Technological Transformation Science and Technology Studies 2003-12-17
Veazey, Virginia Adele A rapid assessment for the fat intake of university students Human Nutrition and Foods 2009-04-08
Vedula, Ramakrishna Materials for High Temperature Thin Film thermocouple Applications Materials Science and Engineering 1998-04-07
Vega, Laurian Claire Security in Practice: Examining the Collaborative Management of Sensitive Information in Childcare Centers and Physicians’ Offices Computer Science 2011-04-06
Vega, Edgardo Luis Communities of Tweeple: How Communities Engage with Microblogging When Co-located Computer Science 2011-05-11
Vega, Thomas Quantification of the Fire Thermal Boundary Condition Mechanical Engineering 2012-04-10
Vega-Cortes, Liselle Evaluation of Analysis Methods used for the Assessment of I-walls Stability Civil Engineering 2008-01-26
Veith, Tamie Lynne Netsim: A Java(TM) -Based WWW Simulation Package Industrial and Systems Engineering 1998-07-12
Veith, Tamie Lynne Agricultural BMP Placement for Cost-effective Pollution Control at the Watershed Level Biological Systems Engineering 2002-04-25
Vejar, Cynthia Marie A Qualitative Approach Toward Understanding the Transition from Career to Fulltime Motherhood Counselor Education 2003-04-24
Vejarano, Maria Eugenia Effect of a non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drug (Indocin) on selected parameters of muscular function following concentric and eccentric work Health and Physical Education 2012-11-14
Vel, Senthil S Analytical Solutions for the Deformation of Anisotropic Elastic and Piezothermoelastic Laminated Plates Engineering Mechanics 1998-12-08
Velasco, Cesar A. Morales Substructure Synthesis Analysis and Hybrid Control Design for Buildings under Seismic Excitation Engineering Science and Mechanics 1998-07-12
Velasco-Albarillo, Ma. Lourdes Factors affecting compliance :treatment for anemia in pregnant Philippine women Sociology 2012-11-14
Velasco-Cruz, Ciro Spatially Correlated Model Selection (SCOMS) Statistics 2012-05-18
Velayudhan, Nirmalkumar Analysis of Thermally Diffused Single Mode Optical Fiber Couplers Electrical Engineering 1994-12-22
Velayudhan, Bisi Thankamani Ovarian and Growth Hormone Regulation of Mammary Growth and Transcript Abundance in Prepubertal Dairy Heifers Dairy Science 2009-04-15
Velez-Cedeno, Francisco Gerardo Multiple Swing Out-of-Step Relaying Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-12-06
Velez-Garcia, Gregorio Manuel Experimental Evaluation and Simulations of Fiber Orientation in Injection Molding of Polymers Containing Short Glass Fibers Macromolecular Science and Engineering 2012-04-26
Velha, Bernardo Sunergy of Architecture and Sport Architecture and Urban Studies 1997-12-11
Veliz-Cuba, Alan A. The Algebra of Systems Biology Mathematics 2010-07-09
Vella, Elizabeth Jane The Autonomic Characteristics of Defensive Hostility: Reactivity and Recovery to Active and Passive Stressors Psychology 2003-06-26
Vella, Elizabeth Jane Anger Expression, Harassment, and Evaluation: Cardiovascular Reactivity and Recovery to Mental Stress Psychology 2005-06-14
Vellenga, Amber Hollis Taking the First Step: The Labyrinth and the World of Landscape Architecture Landscape Architecture 2001-05-30
Velpuri, Jayalakshmi Breastfeeding knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and intentions regarding breastfeeding in the workplace among students and professionals in health-related fields Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2004-09-24
Veltri, Mildred Middlemiss An exploration of developmental reciprocal communication in the dialogue journals of third graders Curriculum and Instruction 2005-10-19
Veluri, Subrahmanya Pavan Kumar Code Verification and Numerical Accuracy Assessment for Finite Volume CFD Codes Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2010-08-18
Vemireddi, Vimala Immunotoxic and Oxidative Effects of Endosulfan and Permethrin on Murine SPlenocytes, in vitro Veterinary Medical Sciences 2004-05-19
Vemishetty, Kalyanramu Embedded Wireless Data Acquisition System Mechanical Engineering 2005-12-20
Vemulapalli, Tracy H. Genetic and Immunological Analyses of a Brucella abortus Protein Exhibiting Lectin-like Properties Biomedical Sciences and Pathobiology 2000-02-10
Vemulapally, Rahul Development of Standard Geodatabase Model and its Applications for Municipal Water and Sewer Infrastructure Civil Engineering 2010-02-17
Venable, Charles R. Statistical analysis and presentation of ball clay tests for low-tension electrical porcelain Ceramic Engineering 2013-02-06
Vendemia, Jennifer Mary Coplin Repressors vs. Low- and High-Anxious Coping Styles: EEG, Heart Rate, and Blood Pressure Differences During Cognitive and Cold Pressor Pain Stressors Psychology 1999-05-05
Venezia, Jr., James J Vibration Modeling and Experimental Analysis of a Locomotive Cab Mechanical Engineering 1998-07-12
Vengsarkar, Ashish Madhukar Localized wave solutions in optical fiber wavelengths Electrical Engineering 2005-10-19
Vengsarkar, Ashish Madhukar Novel microbend loss fiber optic hydrophones for direction sensing Electrical Engineering 2012-06-10
Venkatachalam, Logambigai Scalability of Stepping Stones and Pathways Computer Science 2008-05-07
Venkatakrishnan, C. P. Life cycle approach to bridge design Industrial Engineering and Operations Research 2012-08-01
Venkataraman, Suzanne Marie CAD graphics utilization in the design and marketing phases of textile/apparel product development Clothing and Textiles 2009-03-12
Venkataraman, Srinivasan Crosslinking of cotton cellulose by lignin-isocyanate copolymer Clothing and Textiles 2009-04-18
Venkataramani, Muthuswamy Efficiency Improvement of WCDMA Base Station Transmitters using Class-F power amplifiers Electrical and Computer Engineering 2004-05-06
Venkataramani, Karthik Simulating Nitric Oxide in the lower thermosphere using a 3D model. Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-12-05
Venkatasubramanian, Ramasamy Beamforming for MC-CDMA Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003-02-20
Venkatasubramanian, Ramprasad Flowgrapher :generation of conceptual graphs from flowcharts Electrical Engineering 2009-10-24
Venkatesh, Swaroop The Design and Modeling of Ultra-Wideband Position-Location Networks Electrical and Computer Engineering 2007-02-27
Venkatesh, Prabhu Radio frequency-based data collection network Industrial and Systems Engineering 2010-01-26
Venkateshwaran, Anjali An experimental investigation of dynamically reconfigurable computer network architectures through simulation Computer Science 2012-06-10
Venkatraman, Parthasarathy Evaluation of an advanced fine coal cleaning circuit Mining and Minerals Engineering 2008-06-06
Venteicher-Shulman, Bryceon P. From Display of Force to Normalization: Exploring the Transformation of Power in China Political Science 2012-02-20
Venter, Gerhardus Sensitivity analysis with respect to elastic boundary conditions and laser spatial variables within experimental spatial dynamic modeling Mechanical Engineering 2009-01-10
Venturella, Michael Anthony Modal Analysis of the Ice-Structure Interaction Problem Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2008-04-17
Venturini, Alceste Systems engineering framework to assess the effect of very large capacity aircraft in airport operations Civil Engineering 2009-07-29
Venzant, Kenneth L Analysis of residual stresses in laser trimmed alumina microelectronic substrates Materials Science and Engineering 2009-07-10
Vera-Licona, Martha Paola Algorithms for modeling and simulation of biological systems; applications to gene regulatory networks Mathematics 2007-06-18
Verbiest, Leen Expression strategies for plant-based production of a vaccine adjuvant Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 2000-04-25
Vercellone, Pamela Ann Oxygen toxicity in Campylobacter jejuni :physiological comparison of a microaerophilic wild-type strain with an aerotolerant mutant Microbiology 2012-11-21
Verdie, Yannick Surface Gesture & Object Tracking on Tabletop Devices Computer Science 2010-05-14
Vereb, Heather A Biomarkers of Lipid Oxidation in the Oral Cavity Environmental Sciences and Engineering 2011-11-13
Vergara, John Paul C. Sorting by Bounded Permutations Computer Science 1998-07-12
Vergara, John Paul C Edge-packing by isomorphic subgraphs Computer Science 2009-04-18
Verghese, Kandathil Eapen Durability of Polymer Matrix Composites for Infrastructure: The Role of the Interphase Materials Science and Engineering 1999-08-27
Verghese, Kandathil Eapen Effects of fiber architecture and through-the-thickness stitching on permeability and compaction of textile preforms Materials Science and Engineering 2008-08-29
Verhoeven, Jack George Framework for Rating Roadway Assets at the Corridor Level Civil Engineering 2010-07-14
Verkasalo, Erkki I. Relationship of bacterial infection and stress wave travel time in red oak lumber Forestry and Forest Products 2009-10-31
Verma, Navin Prakash Viscous Dampers for Optimal Reduction in Seismic Response Engineering Science and Mechanics 2001-07-14
Verma, Nitin Anaerobic Digestion: Factors Effecting Odor Generation Civil Engineering 2005-07-21
Verma, Dinesh A fuzzy set paradigm for conceptual system design evaluation Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-10-26
Verma, Ravi Kant Melting and crystallization studies in a partially excluding copolymer Materials Engineering Science 2005-10-24
Verma, Dinesh A study and critical review of design evaluation methodologies Industrial and Systems Engineering 2008-11-01
Verma, Ravi Kant A study of the damage accumulation process in poly(aryl ether ketone ketone) and it's [sic] AS4 carbon fiber reinforced composites Materials Science and Engineering 2009-06-11
Verma, Manish A comprehensive overview, behavioral model and simulation of a Fault Current Limiter Electrical and Computer Engineering 2009-06-30
Verma, Amber Influence of Column-Base Fixity On lateral Drift of Gable Frames Civil Engineering 2012-05-16
Verma, Mohini Formation and Rupture of Nanofilaments in Metal/TaOx/Metal Resistive Switches Electrical and Computer Engineering 2012-09-11
Vermeulen, Susan E. Penetrable walls Architecture 2008-09-09
Vernon, Donald James The experience of anger in male adolescents with and without behavior disorders Counselor Education 2007-08-03
Versele, Jessica Effects of Voice Quality and Face Information on Infants' Speech Perception in Noise Psychology 2009-05-21
Verstak, Alexandre Data and Computation Modeling for Scientific Problem Solving Environments Computer Science 2002-10-05
Verthelyi, Daniela I. Effects of estrogen on the B cell functions of normal mice Veterinary Medical Sciences 2007-08-06
Vest, Jeffrey D Robust, location-free scale estimators for the linear regression and k-sample models Statistics 2008-06-06
Vest, Michael J Performance based pay :an empirical investigation of the impact of performance pay increases on perceptions critical to successful merit pay programs Business Administration 2012-11-14
Veyret-Abran, Christophe Friction and degradation of rubber coatings under fretting conditions Mechanical Engineering 2010-07-21
Via, Brian Kipling Relationship between Tooth Withdrawal Strength and Specific Gravity for Metal Plate Truss Connections Wood Science and Forest Products 1998-05-01
Via, Laura Ellen Akers Insertion sequence IS1141: discovery, characterization, and association with Mycobacterium intracellulare colonial variation Microbiology 2005-10-20
Via, James C. Applications of supercritical fluids to the extraction and analysis of oligomers and polymer additives Chemistry 2006-06-19
Via, Sandra Elizabeth Neoliberalism in Higher Education?: A Case Study of the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research Political Science 2007-05-23
Via, Steve H Impact of bromide ion concentration, time, dissolved organic carbon and molecular weight cutoff on haloacetonitrile, haloketone, chloropicrin and trihalomethane formation potentials Environmental Sciences and Engineering 2009-01-10
Via, Sandra Elizabeth Celebrity Diplomacy in the Current Global Economy: A Feminist Perspective Planning, Governance, and Globalization 2011-02-08
Viar, Kristin D "Don't let de paddle rollers catch you" :punishment, control, and resistance in the slave South History 2008-08-25
Viar, Kristin D Rural vernacular building tradition :the design, construction, and use of springhouses in Montgomery County, Virginia Architecture and Urban Studies 2009-04-08
Vice, Scott Jackson Indicators of Mold Growth in Indoor Environments Civil Engineering 2000-09-14
Vicens, Rebeca Alley-Gallery Architecture 2003-11-16
Vicente, Kim J Accommodating individual differences in searching a hierarchical file system Industrial Engineering and Operations Research 2010-07-07
Vichare, Nitin Shrikrishna Robust mahalanobis distance in power systems state estimation Electrical Engineering 2005-10-20
Vichare, Nitin Shrikrishna Measurement and modelling of errors for relaying current transformers and voltage transformers Electrical Engineering 2009-04-18
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Vick, Linda Wagnecz Solid-state processing of thermoplastic polymers Materials Engineering Science 2006-08-14
Vickers, Lance Alan Predicting Regeneration in Appalachian Hardwood Stands Using the REGEN Expert System Forestry 2009-08-26
Victor, Pradeep Controlled English Commenting System Electrical and Computer Engineering 2001-02-07
Victor, John Samuel Interaction of Low Frequency Sound with Glass and other Building Materials in the Design of a Concert Hall for Symphony Orchestra and Choir. Architecture 2009-05-28
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Victoria, Melanie Villanueva Agricultural Technolongy in Bangladesh: a Study on Non-Farm Labor and Adoption by Gender Agricultural and Applied Economics 2007-07-30
Victory, James Michael A Causal-Comparative Study of the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) Program on Middle School Student Achievement and Attendance Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 1998-03-03
Vida, Irena Impacts of the EC 1992 single market on international marketing activities of American interior furnishing textile manufacturers Clothing and Textiles 2009-04-25
Vidalinc, Antoine On-Line Transient Stability Analysis of a Multi-Machine Power System Using the Energy Approach Electrical Engineering 1997-07-15
Vidt, Stacey Elizabeth The Effect of AICAR Treatment on Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Function and Possible Links to Skeletal Muscle Fatigue Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2007-06-04
Vidussoni, Marco A. Global-local finite element analysis of laminated composites Engineering Mechanics 2012-11-21
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Vierhout, Crystal N. Characteristics of progeny test herds and their effects on the genetic evaluation of young sires Dairy Science 1998-02-06
Viers-Yaun, Dawn Career and Relationship Satisfaction among Female Faculty in MFT Programs Marriage and Family Therapy 2003-04-13
Vigilante, Domenico Numerical study of two-dimensional smart structures Engineering Science and Mechanics 2002-05-18
Vigilar, Gregorio G. Determination of Optimal Stable Channel profiles Civil Engineering 1998-07-12
Vigilar, Gregorio G Numerical simulation of an optimal channel cross-section Civil Engineering 2008-11-01
Vigraham, Sushrutha Design and Analysis of a Real-time Data Monitoring Prototype for the LWA Radio Telescope Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-02-21
Vijarnwannaluk, Sathon Optical studies of GaAs:C grown at low temperature and of localized vibrations in normal GaAs:C Physics 2002-05-02
Vijay, Dilip P Reliability and processing of ferroelectric thin film capacitors with emphasis on fatigue and etching Materials Engineering Science 2008-06-06
Vijayraghavan, Praveen Design of Switched Reluctance Motors and Development of a Universal Controller for Switched Reluctance and Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor Drives Electrical and Computer Engineering 2001-11-30
Vila, Leighton Kenji The Immigration Paradox: Exploring Filipino American Psychological Distress Sociology 2012-05-11
Vilariño, Daniel R. Hydrologic calibration of the Cub Run Watershed using the PC version of the Hydrological Simulation Program - FORTRAN (HSPF) Environmental Engineering 2008-08-25
Vilette, Anne L Ionic mobility and superplasticity in ceramics Materials Science and Engineering 2009-07-21
Villa, Margarita Maria Tailoring the Geometry of Micron Scale Resonators to Overcome Viscous Damping Mechanical Engineering 2009-05-07
Villa, Linda Monique Circadian modulation of the estrogen receptor alpha transcription Biology 2012-07-26
Villamagna, Amy Marie Ecological effects of water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) on Lake Chapala, Mexico Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2009-04-14
Villanueva, María Isabel Martinó The Social Construction of Sexuality: Personal Meanings, Perceptions of Sexual Experience,and Females' Sexuality in Puerto Rico. Family and Child Development 1998-07-12
Villarreal, Daniel Christopher Digital Fuel Control for a Lean Premixed Hydrogen-Fueled Gas Turbine Engine Mechanical Engineering 2009-09-08
Villeneuve, Pierre V. A Numerical Study of the Sensitivity of Cloudy-Scene Bidirectional Reflectivity Distribution Functions to Variations in Cloud Parameters Mechanical Engineering 1998-07-12
Villeneuve, Pierre V A parametric study of the validity of the weak-line and strong-line limits of infrared band absorption Mechanical Engineering 2009-03-12
Villiger, Carmel G Investigations into transient respiratory control using the work rate of breathing and a non-linear breather Mechanical Engineering 2009-02-13
Vimjam, Vishnu Chaithanya Strategies for SAT-Based Formal Verification Electrical and Computer Engineering 2007-01-31
Vincent, Edward Creed Compressive Creep of a Lightweight, High Strength Concrete Mixture Civil Engineering 2003-01-16
Vincent, Amelia A Evaluation of Phosphorus Transport and Transformations in GLEAMS 3.0 Biological Systems Engineering 2006-05-23
Vincie, Meghann Elizabeth Development of a suitable diet for endangered juvenile oyster mussels, Epioblasma capsaeformis (Bivalvia:Unionidae), reared in a captive environment Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2008-12-22
Vine, Douglas P The target vulnerability quantification process Systems Engineering 2009-12-16
Vines, John Ashley Emplacement of the Santa Rita Flat pluton and kinematic analysis of cross cutting shear zones, eastern California Geological Sciences 2000-01-03
Vingelis, Geraldine Elizabeth Assessing pain management strategies with the TFA model Counselor Education and Supervision 2006-06-07
Vipperman, Jeffrey S. Adaptive feedforward control of broadband structural vibration Mechanical Engineering 2008-12-30
Viren, Vejoya Making meaning of conflict: A qualitative inquiry in two preschool classrooms. Human Development 2003-05-04
Virkar, Pratima Auditory and visual determinants of maternal preference in bobwhite quail neonates Psychology 2012-06-12
Viswanadha, Srikant Alterations in Lipid Metabolism in Mouse Tissues and Hepatic Cell Lines in Response to the Trans10,Cis12-18:2 Isomer of Conjugated Linoleic Acid Dairy Science 2003-07-22
Viswanathan, Ramanathan Performance Evaluation of Equal Gain Diversity Systems In Fading Channels Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003-12-28
Viswanathan, Vani Efficiency Enhancement of Base Station Power Amplifiers Using Doherty Technique Electrical and Computer Engineering 2004-05-06
Viswanathan, Kalpana Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Polymers for Functional and Stimuli Responsive Silicon Surfaces Chemistry 2006-04-20
Viswanathan, Aroon Kumar Detached Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Flow and Heat Transfer in Turbine Blade Internal Cooling Ducts Mechanical Engineering 2006-08-04
Viswanathan, T. V Evaluation of ruminal escape potential of crab meal and other protein supplements and influence of steam explosion of ruminal degradability of crab meal Animal and Poultry Sciences 2008-06-06
Viti, Valerio Numerical Studies of the Jet Interaction Flowfield with a Main Jet and an Array of Smaller Jets Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2002-09-25
Vits, Lucia Carolina Biochemical Characterization of Normal Navicular Bone Flexor Surface Cartilage Veterinary Medical Sciences 2002-11-19
Vittes, Fernando J Optimizing The Performance Of A Chip Shooter Machine Industrial and Systems Engineering 1999-09-15
Vitullo, Justin Matthew Ecological and behavioral factors associated with monitoring and managing pink hibiscus mealybug (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae) in the southern US Entomology 2009-07-09
Vivekraja, Vignesh Low-Power, Stable and Secure On-Chip Identifiers Design Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-08-30
Viverito, Thomas R Solar radiation control by pyrolytic oxide thin films. Ceramic Engineering 2010-07-28
Vlachakis, Vasileios N Turbulent Characteristics in Stirring Vessels: A Numerical Investigation Mechanical Engineering 2006-08-17
Vlachos, Pavlos P. An Experimental Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Separated Flows Over Bluff Bodies Using Quantitative Flow Visualization Engineering Mechanics 2000-08-16
Vlatkovic, Vlatko Three-phase power conversion using soft-switching PWM techniques Electrical Engineering 2005-10-21
Vlatkovic, Vlatko Small-signal analysis of the phase-shifted zero-voltage switched PWM converter Electrical Engineering 2008-12-17
Vo, Huy Nhu High-resolution Optical Scanning Holography Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-05-10
Voelker, Kevin Andrew Leucine and exercise improve skeletal muscle function in the mdx mouse Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2010-02-04
Vogdt, Joachim Bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated soil Environmental Engineering 2009-02-13
Vogel, Peggy MacLeod Biculturalism and Identity in Contemporary Gullah Families Human Development 2000-03-13
Vogel, Christine M The source and evolution of turbulence in trailing vortex pairs Aerospace Engineering 2009-01-10
Vogelsang, James Charles A preliminary investigation of the potential for deep well waste disposal. Agricultural Economics 2010-06-12
Vogl, Gregory William Comprehensive Theory of Heat Transfer in Heterogeneous Materials Engineering Science and Mechanics 2003-01-10
Vogl, Gregory William Nonlinear Dynamics of Circular Plates under Electrical Loadings for Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers (CMUTs) Engineering Mechanics 2006-12-14
Vogler, Nina-Christin Formation of a bath - Geological processes in Architecture Architecture 2005-09-06
Vogler, Lisa M Tuning the ground and excited state properties of a series of polymetallic tridentate complexes incorporating Ru(II) or Os(II) as the chromophore Chemistry 2008-06-06
Vogler, Cheryl Jean Effects of elevated testicular temperature on viability of cryopreserved semen and morphological characteristics of ejaculated spermatozoa Dairy Science 2009-04-25
Vogler, Terry Richard Analysis of the Radiation Mechanisms in and Design of Tightly-Coupled Antenna Arrays Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-10-15
Voice, Peter James The Global Detrital Zircon Database: Quantifying the Timing and Rate of Crustal Growth Geosciences 2010-05-18
Voigt, Elizabeth Elena Hydrodynamic Characterization of an Arterial Flow Bioreactor Mechanical Engineering 2010-07-19
Voigt, Birgit Feminism and the critique of hierarchy :theory and practice Political Science 2009-04-25
Vokoun, Melinda Marie Non-industrial Landowners, the Incentive to Forego Harvesting, and the Importance of Scale of Activities Forestry 2002-05-07
Vokoun, Melinda M Investigating the Cooperative Behavior of Nonindustrial Private Forest Landowners when Stands are Spatially Interdependent Forestry 2005-03-30
Volk Burgess, Susan Lizrene A Study of the Collaboration Between School And University Faculties In A Professional Development Academy Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 1999-04-09
Voll, Robert W Comparing the accuracy and efficiency of algorithms for converting cartesian to geodetic coordinates Civil Engineering 2010-02-16
Volos, Haris I Ultra Wideband Ranging and Link Budget Design for Naval Crane Applications Electrical and Computer Engineering 2006-06-19
Volos, Haris I Cognitive Radio Engine Design for Link Adaptation Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-09-30
Volpe, Joanne Jackson Relationships Between Serum Leptin and Bone Mineral with Eating Restraint or Weight Loss Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2005-08-10
Volpe, Stella The effect of boron supplementation on bone mineral density and hormonal status in college female athletes Human Nutrition and Foods 2007-08-08
Volpe, Stella The effects of endurance running on training adaptations in women participating in a weight lifting program Health and Physical Education 2010-07-21
von Bredow, Kathryn Wing Gathering Spaces: Designing Places for Adolescents Landscape Architecture 2006-05-18
Voorhies, Katherine Desiree Static and Dynamic Stress/Strain Properties for Human and Porcine Eyes Mechanical Engineering 2003-04-24
Vora, Rohit H An Algorithm for multi-output Boolean logic minimization Electrical Engineering 2010-07-21
Voruganti, Ravinder Srinivas Robot system characterization : error modeling, identification, analysis, and minimization Mechanical Engineering 2005-10-26
Voruganti, Ravinder Srinivas Symbolic and computational conjugate geometry for design and manufacturing applications Mechanical Engineering 2009-03-03
Voss, Maj-Lis A The term structure of interest rates :U.S. government bonds, 1955-1989 Economics 2009-03-03
Vossler, Donald Alan Anisotropic media and the determination of subsurface velocity by the use of surface seismic reflection data Geophysics 2010-07-08
Vrachnou, Amalia An Analysis of Emergency Vehicle Crash Characteristics Civil Engineering 2003-08-18
Vrana, Mark A A chemical and mechanical evaluation of interfacial fracture in dicyandiamide cured epoxy/steel adhesive systems Materials Engineering Science 2008-06-06
Vu, Jimmy M Developing an Electronic Tool for Cross-Cultural Computer Supported Collaborative Work (CCSCW) Industrial and Systems Engineering 2004-04-15
Vugrin, Kay E. On the Effect of Numerical Noise in Simulation-Based Optimization Mathematics 2003-03-25
Vugrin, Eric D. On Approximation and Optimal Control of Nonnormal Distributed Parameter Systems Mathematics 2004-04-28
Vugrin, Kay Ellen White On the Effects of Noise on Parameter Identification Optimization Problems Mathematics 2005-05-03
Vujic, Nikola Power Regeneration in Actively Controlled Structures Mechanical Engineering 2002-06-05
Vulovic, Marko Digital Control of a High Frequency Parallel Resonant DC-DC Converter Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-12-03
Vuppala, Srilekha Methodology for VHDL performance model construction and validation Electrical Engineering 2008-08-29
Vuppala, Verrendra B Improvements in fiber optic coupler fabrication techniques Electrical Engineering 2009-07-21
Vure, Narayana Rao S. Effect of cooling rate and stacking sequence on the fatigue behavior of notched quasi-isotropic APC-2 laminates Engineering Mechanics 2009-03-04
Vykunta, Venkateswara Rao Class management in a distributed actor system Computer Science 2010-02-02
Vyule, Susan H The effects of unprocessed and processed oat bran on mineral bioavailability in adult men Human Nutrition and Foods 2009-07-29

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