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Rogers, Jennifer Kathleen Safety Benchmarking of Industrial Construction Projects Based on Zero Accidents Techniques Vecillio Construction Engineering and Management 2012-06-04
Culver, Britt Wayne Technique for Repeatable Hyperosmotic Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption in the Dog Veterinary Clinical Science 1997-06-16
Dabareiner, Robin Marie Evaluation of the microcirculation of the equine small intestine following intramural distention and reperfusion Veterinary Medical Science 2009-09-05
Goodrich, Laurie Ruth Evaluation of the toxic effects of eltenac (4-((2,6-dichlorophenyl) amino)-3-thiophene acetic acid), a nonsteriodal anti-inflammatory drug, in horses Veterinary Medical Science 2008-08-29
Hanie, Elizabeth Anne Comparison of healing of full-thickness cartilage vs. full- thickness cartilage and subchondral bone defects in the equine third carpal bone Veterinary Medical Science 2009-08-18
Adam-Castrillo, David Local Administration of Botulinum Toxin Type-B in the External Anal Sphincter of Horses Produces Transient Reduction of Peak Anal Pressure Veterinary Medical Sciences 2003-07-08
Aguilar, Carolina Pesticides and pesticide combinations on brain neurochemistry Veterinary Medical Sciences 2004-08-22
Ajlouni, Burouj Kayed Polymorphisms in the Flt1 gene and their relation to expression of the secreted Flt1 variant Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-11-01
Altekruse, Sean Fitzgerald Characterization of Climical and Commensal Escherichia coli Isolates from an Integrated Turkey Operation Veterinary Medical Sciences 2001-11-19
Bagchi, Tamishraha Immune mechanisms in murine brucellosis : studies with strain RB51, a rough mutant of Brucella abortus Veterinary Medical Sciences 2005-09-16
Baloglu, Simge Assessment of the Expression of Brucella Abortus Heat Shock Protein, Groel, in Vaccinia Virus to Induce Protection Against a Brucella Challenge in Balb/C Mice Veterinary Medical Sciences 1997-07-08
Baloglu, Simge Applicability of vaccinia virus as cloning and expression vector for bacterial genes: mice immune responses to vaccinia virus expressing Brucella abortus and Listeria monocytogenes antigens Veterinary Medical Sciences 2001-08-02
Balyan, Rajiv Effect of Sialylation of Histophilus somni Lipooligosaccharide on Virulence and Resistance to Host Defenses Veterinary Medical Sciences 2007-08-07
Baruffaldi, Joan Marie Adrenergic regulation of splenic functions in neonatal pigs Veterinary Medical Sciences 2013-02-07
Bass II, Roger Thompson Effects of Vitamin E Supplementation in Late Gestation Cattle and Evaluation of Vitamin E, Cholesterol, and Phospholipid Relationships in Bovine Serum and Serum Lipoproteins Veterinary Medical Sciences 1999-07-16
Becker, Kelcey Manae Effects of Short-Term Exposure to Octylphenol and Genistein on the Immune System of C57BL/6 and (NZBxNZW)F1 Mice Veterinary Medical Sciences 1999-09-12
Becvar, Ondrej Effect of two finishing systems on claw characteristics in beef steers Veterinary Medical Sciences 2006-07-03
Bergman, Robert Loring Matrix Metalloproteinases 2 and 9 in Normal Canine Cerebrospinal Fluid. Veterinary Medical Sciences 2001-06-26
Billings, Angela Renea Factors Influencing the Reproductive Efficiency of Dairy Herds in the Dominican Republic Veterinary Medical Sciences 2002-02-19
Black, Leslie Seale Atrial natriuretic peptide and streptozotocin-induced diabetes in rats Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-08-18
Blumerich, Celeste Ann Comparison of Airway Response in Recurrent Airway Obstruction-Affected Horses Fed Steamed Versus Non-steamed Hay Veterinary Medical Sciences 2012-07-06
Bolling, Laura Clayton The Effect of Growth Hormone on Pig Embryo Development in Vitro and an Evaluation of Sperm-Mediated Gene Transfer in the Pig Veterinary Medical Sciences 2001-11-26
Bond, Arden Lenore The production and characterization of a putative anti-idiotypic antibody to tumor necrosis factor-[alpha] Veterinary Medical Sciences 2010-05-04
Borris, Douglas J. Temporal Analysis of Bacteriophage Felix O1 Gene Expression Veterinary Medical Sciences 2002-11-22
Bowden, Brent Christopher Pharmacokinetic Profiles of Oxytetracycline in Yellow Perch (Perca flavescens) as Determined by Plasma Concentration Following Different Routes of Administration Veterinary Medical Sciences 2001-04-18
Brown, James Augustus Comparison of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells and tendon progenitor cells cultured on collagen surfaces Veterinary Medical Sciences 2010-05-11
Bubenik, Loretta June Evaluation of lameness associated with arthroscopy or arthrotomy of the normal canine cubital joint Veterinary Medical Sciences 2001-04-27
Buechner, Virginia The technique of tracheobronchial biopsy in the horse and its application in evaluation of the response of respiratory epithelium to stall confinement Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-08-14
Buhrman, Dianne L. The behavior and effects of Brucella abortus rough strain RB51 in mice and cattle Veterinary Medical Sciences 2012-11-21
Burke, Nathaniel Caleb Assessment of redox markers in cattle Veterinary Medical Sciences 2007-08-16
Burkholder, William Joseph Body composition of dogs determined by carcass composition analysis, deuterium oxide dilution, subjective and objective morphometry, and bioelectrical impedance Veterinary Medical Sciences 2006-12-14
Busse, Leigh Anne Characterization of the interaction of putrescine and the adenosine-3' ,5'-cyclic monophosphate-cAMP receptor protein complex in the regulation of the speC gene encoding ornithine decarboxylase in Escherichia coli Veterinary Medical Sciences 2010-04-12
Bustamante Diaz, Hedie A The role of potassium buffering and apoptosis of trigeminal satellite glial cells in the induction and maintenance of orofacial neuropathic pain in rats Veterinary Medical Sciences 2011-06-07
Calfee III, Earl Franklin Microvascular Free Tissue Transfer of the Rectus Abdominis Muscle in Dogs Veterinary Medical Sciences 2002-03-07
Cameron, Kristin Nicole The effects of illness on urinary catecholamines and their metabolites in dogs Veterinary Medical Sciences 2010-05-01
Campbell, Sharon Louise Commercial diets do not affect the colonic ultrastructure of normal dogs Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-10-31
Carboni, Deborah Ann Comparative evolution of mipafox-induced delayed neuropathy in the rat and hen Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-12-05
Carlson, Kent Richard The Molecular Mechanisms of Organophosphorus Compound-induced Cytotoxicity Veterinary Medical Sciences 2000-06-07
Carter, Eddye Rachelle Enteropathogenicity of Arcobacter butzleri in rabbit and pig ileal loops Veterinary Medical Sciences 2008-11-18
Cassidy, Clifton Clark Brucella abortus Strain RB51 Outer Membrane Vesicles as a Vaccine Against Brucellosis in a Murine Model Veterinary Medical Sciences 2010-07-01
Cecere, Julie T Levothyroxine Supplementation in Hypothyroid Bitches During Pregnancy Veterinary Medical Sciences 2012-07-10
Chang, Yunsheng Evaluation of immunological techniques for host fish identification, and cryopreservation of embryos for conserving rare freshwater mussels Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-12-05
Chang, Samantha Mee A Mechanism for the Metabolic and Inflammatory Alterations Associated with Low-dose Endotoxemia Veterinary Medical Sciences 2011-08-07
CHAVAN, VRUSHALI Virus-Based Nanoparticles for Tumor Selective Targeting and Oncolysis Veterinary Medical Sciences 2010-12-23
Chen, Dawei The Role of CD44 in Concanavalin A-Induced Hepatitis Veterinary Medical Sciences 2000-05-08
Cheramie, Hoyt Stephen Occlusion of the Internal Carotid Artery of Horses: Evaluation of a Technique Designed to Prevent Epistaxis Caused by Guttural Pouch Mycosis Veterinary Medical Sciences 1998-12-14
Cissell, James Michael In Vitro Equine Flexor Tendonitis: New Model Development and Therapeutic Investigation Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-08-17
Colby, Lesley A. The Humoral Immune Response of Elks (Cervus elaphus nelsoni) and Mice to Vaccination with Brucella abortus Strain RB51 Veterinary Medical Sciences 1998-07-12
Contreras Rojas, Andrea Paz Brucella abortus RB51 vaccine: Testing its Spectrum of Protective and Curative Characteristics Veterinary Medical Sciences 2004-09-07
Cook, Anne Grimsley Interpretation of the Detection of Antibodies to Sarcocystis neurona in the serum and CSF of young horses Veterinary Medical Sciences 2001-05-04
Cooley, Anjilla Joye The effects of indwelling transurethral catheterization and tube cystostomy on urethral anastomoses in dogs Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-05-09
Cooper, Kerri Lee Molecular and Serological Epidemiology of Swine Hepatitis E Virus from Pigs in Two Countries Veterinary Medical Sciences 2004-07-27
Corley, Kevin Thomas Trent Validation of a new method of determining cardiac output in neonatal foals Veterinary Medical Sciences 2001-08-17
Crawford, Natalie M Evaluating the Expression of Angiogenic Mediators in a Mouse Model of Tumor Metastasis Veterinary Medical Sciences 2008-07-28
Das, Kumuda C. Amelioration of oxidative lung injury by antiarrhythmic agents Veterinary Medical Sciences 2005-10-13
Davies, Charlotte Effects of a prostaglandin E1 analogue, misoprostol, on gentamicin-induced nephrotoxicosis in dogs Veterinary Medical Sciences 2008-09-18
Delling, Uta Hand-assisted laparoscopic ovariohysterectomy in the mare Veterinary Medical Sciences 2005-05-12
Densmore, Christine L. Bacterial Kidney Disease and Its effect on the Salmonid Immune response Veterinary Medical Sciences 1998-07-25
Dew, Terry Lee The healing of an autogenous osteochondral graft and a full thickness cartilage defect in the canine talus :compared by functional, radiographic and histological assessment Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-08-14
Dickey, Emma Jane Serum concentrations of lidocaine and its metabolites after prolonged infusion in healthy horses Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-06-16
DiGrassie, Wynne Aubin Evaluation of Stallion Frozen-Thawed Semen Using Conventional and Flow Cytometric Assays Veterinary Medical Sciences 2000-07-06
Dodd, Celia Anne Synthetic and Natural Environmental Compounds as Potential Facilitators of Mptp-Induced Parkinsonism Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-03-04
Duesterdieck, Katja Friederike Evaluation of the Harmonic Scalpel for Laparoscopic Bilateral Ovariectomy in Standing Horses Veterinary Medical Sciences 2003-05-18
Edens, Lucy Marie In vitro cytotoxic activity of equine lymphocytes on equine herpesvirus-1 infected allogenic fibroblasts Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-12-05
Endo, Yasuhiro Endovascular trophoblast cell behavior in normal and abnormal pregnancy Veterinary Medical Sciences 2008-06-06
Everett, Eric K Biomechanical analysis of a novel suture pattern for repair of equine tendon lacerations Veterinary Medical Sciences 2011-05-16
Fahie, Maria Aline Superficial temporal artery flap :its development and application in the dog and cat Veterinary Medical Sciences 2008-12-17
Fallin, Edward Alton Comparison of two saline loading protocols for preventing nephrotoxicosis associated with high-dose cisplatin Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-09-05
Fenaux, Jillian Beth Immunomodulatory Effects of Diethylstilbestrol During Prenatal and Adult Life Veterinary Medical Sciences 2003-03-24
Fenaux, Martijn Molecular Pathogenesis and Development of a Genetically Engineered Vaccine for Type-2 Porcine Circovirus Veterinary Medical Sciences 2004-04-23
Filipowicz, Dean A Biomechanical Comparison of 3.5 Locking Compression Plate Fixation to 3.5 Limited Contact Dynamic Compression Plate Fixation in a Canine Cadaveric Distal Humeral Metaphyseal Gap Model Veterinary Medical Sciences 2008-06-13
Fontenot, Robin L. Tube centrifugation for processing platelet-rich plasma in the horse Veterinary Medical Sciences 2012-04-27
Fox, Jonathan Howard Spinal cord gene expression changes in the chicken (Gallus gallus) model of phenyl saligenin phosphate induced delayed neurotoxicity Veterinary Medical Sciences 2002-04-24
Friday, Philippa Anne Comparison of Two Aerosolized Bronchodilators in the Treatment of Severe Equine Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Veterinary Medical Sciences 2000-03-30
Gallagher, Alexander Edward Efficacy and safety of iopanoic acid for treatment of experimentally-induced hyperthyroidism in cats Veterinary Medical Sciences 2008-03-13
Gallivan, Sean Thomas Safety of Epidurally Administered Ketorolac in Dogs Veterinary Medical Sciences 1999-07-02
Garland, Carroll Moses Effects of taurine and hypotaurine on oxidative lung injury Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-03-24
Gentile, Jessica M Echocardiographic Assessment of the Canine Right Heart: Reference Intervals and Repeatability Veterinary Medical Sciences 2012-02-10
Gilbertie, Jessica Increases in Cortisol due to Weaning Stress and the Subsequent Alterations to Immune Function in Beef Calves Veterinary Medical Sciences 2010-07-24
Gillespie, Jennifer Ann Genetic Stability of a Genetically-Engineered Chimeric Porcine Circovirus (PCV) Vaccine, PCV1-2 Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-03-14
Giroux, Alain G A New Device for Stereotactic ct-Guided Biopsy of the Canine Brain: Design, Construction, and Needle Placement Accuracy Veterinary Medical Sciences 2000-06-13
Goehring, Lutz Steffen Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis. Preliminary Investigation of Protozoan-Host interactions in the horse Veterinary Medical Sciences 1998-10-11
Gomez Jaramillo, Marcelo A Imaging Studies of the Canine Cervical Vertebral Venous Plexus Veterinary Medical Sciences 2005-01-28
Goodwin, David G Age and Sex Related Behavioral Changes in Mice Congenitally Infected with Toxoplasma gondii: Role of dopamine and other neurotransmitters in the genesis of behavioral changes due to congenital infection and attempted amelioration with interferon gamma Veterinary Medical Sciences 2011-07-26
Graham, Allison Heather Effects of Prednisone or Prednisone with Ultralow-Dose Aspirin on the Gastroduodenal Mucosa of Healthy Dogs Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-03-23
Grant, David Clark Measurement of urinary glycosaminoglycans in dogs Veterinary Medical Sciences 2003-06-17
Green, Julie Meadows Development and evaluation of methods for structured recording of heart murmur findings using SNOMED CT® post-coordination Veterinary Medical Sciences 2004-12-17
Guedes Alves da Silva, Adriana The Role of the CD14 molecule in equine endotoxemia Veterinary Medical Sciences 2012-06-27
Gulikers, Keven Peter Evaluation of the effects of clomipramine on the canine hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid axis Veterinary Medical Sciences 2002-04-19
Gutierrez-Nibeyro, Santiago Daniel Outcomes of Medical Treatment for Pathologies of the Equine Foot Diagnosed with Magnetic Resonance Imaging Veterinary Medical Sciences 2008-08-10
Hafez, Shireen Abdelgawad Advanced Studies in Veterinary Anatomy: Angiogenesis in Caprine Reproductive Organs of Non-Pregnant and Pregnant Normal and Swainsonine-Treated Does Veterinary Medical Sciences 2005-04-21
Hamilton, Stephanie Marie The Analgesic Effects of Epidural Ketamine in Dogs With a Chemically Induced Synovitis a Comparison Between Pre - or Post - Injury Administration Veterinary Medical Sciences 2003-05-23
Han, Janet Glucose and insulin dynamics associated with continuous infusion of dextrose or dextrose and insulin in healthy and endotoxin-exposed horses Veterinary Medical Sciences 2008-07-06
Hancock, Robert Byron Comparison of Postoperative Pain Following Ovariohysterectomy via Harmonic Scalpel-Assisted Laparoscopy Versus Traditional Celiotomy In Dogs Veterinary Medical Sciences 2005-05-15
Harper, Tisha Adele Maria A Biomechanical Cadaver Study to Determine the Effectiveness of the Lateral Graft Technique and Isometric Suture Placement for Extracapsular Stabilization of the Cranial Cruciate Ligament Deficient Stifle in the Dog. Veterinary Medical Sciences 2003-04-30
Hart, Laura J. Subacute immunotoxic effects of the environmental contaminants 7,12-dimethylbenzanthracene (DMBA), hexachlorocyclohexane (lindane), and 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) on spleen and pronephros cellularity and morphology and functional activity of macrophages contained in these hemotopoietic organs in the cichlid fish tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) Veterinary Medical Sciences 2008-09-18
Hart, Samantha Kym Elution of Antibiotics from a Novel Cross-linked Dextran Gel: In vivo Quantification Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-06-22
He, Yongqun Induction of Protection, Antibodies and Cell Mediated Immune Responses by Brucella Abortus Strain RB51, Ochrobactrum Anthropi and Recombinants Thereof Veterinary Medical Sciences 2000-08-08
Hensley, Jennifer A. Cloning and Characterization of a Gene Involved in Lipooligosaccharide Biosynthesis in Haemophilus somnus Veterinary Medical Sciences 1998-05-06
Hepburn, Richard James Investigation into the Presence of Helicobacter in the Equine Stomach by Urease Testing and Polymerase Chain Reaction and Further Investigation into the Application of the 13C-Urea Blood Test to the Horse Veterinary Medical Sciences 2004-06-15
Herring, Ian Phillip Feline Leukemia Virus Detection in Corneal Tissues of Cats by Polymerase Chain Reaction and Immunohistochemistry Veterinary Medical Sciences 1998-04-27
Heseltine-Heal, Johanna Colleen Effect of Levothyroxine Administration on Hemostatic Analytes in Doberman Pinschers with von Willebrand's Disease Veterinary Medical Sciences 2004-05-04
Hess, Milan B. The Effects of Prostaglandin F2a, Oxytocin and Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone on Ejaculate Characteristics in the Dog Veterinary Medical Sciences 2002-02-05
Hirst, Suzanne Marie Anti-inflammatory Effects and Biodistribution of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles Veterinary Medical Sciences 2010-02-12
Horowitz, Farrah B Evaluation of epidural morphine and incisional bupivacaine for analgesia following hemilaminectomy in the dog Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-05-26
Hovanessian, Natasha The Pharmacokinetics of Firocoxib after Multiple Oral Doses to Neonatal Foals Veterinary Medical Sciences 2012-07-13
Howard, Michael David Antigenic Characterization of Haemophilus somnus Lipooligosaccharide Veterinary Medical Sciences 1998-10-14
Howard, Michael D. Investigation of Haemophilus somnus Virulence Factors: Lipooligosaccharide Sialylation and Inhibition of Superoxide Anion Production Veterinary Medical Sciences 2005-04-14
Hrubec, Theresa The effects of temperature, water quality and culture conditions on the immunology, hematology, and blood chemistry of hybrid striped bass Veterinary Medical Sciences 2005-10-24
Huang, Fang-Fang Molecular Characterization of Animal Strains of Hepatitis E Virus (HEV): Avian HEV and Swine HEV Veterinary Medical Sciences 2004-12-03
Inteeworn, Natalie The Effect of Hypothyroidism on Glucose Tolerance in Dogs Veterinary Medical Sciences 2008-04-29
Jablonski, Lynn McGonagle Development of a cloning system for gene expression in Pasteurella multocida Veterinary Medical Sciences 2006-05-04
JAIN, NEETA Approaches towards therapeutic development against chronic brucellosis in a mouse model Veterinary Medical Sciences 2012-01-30
Jeffrey, Stuart C. Epidermal growth factor receptor in equine gastric stratified squamous mucosa :effect of progressive ulceration on receptor density Veterinary Medical Sciences 2008-09-18
Johnson, Mark Steven Development and Application of Non-Traditional Vertebrate Models to Investigate Terrestrial Ecological Risk to 2,46-Trinitrotoluene Exposure Veterinary Medical Sciences 1999-01-11
Johnson, Kelly Ann The Effect of Stifle Angle on Stifle Kinematics following TPLO: An in vitro Experimental Analysis Veterinary Medical Sciences 2010-04-30
Jones, Flynn Margaret Microanatomic structure of cetacean skin in the urogenital region Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-06-23
Juhan, Nicole McKeown Molecular mechanisms of porcine circovirus 2 replication and pathogenesis Veterinary Medical Sciences 2007-04-26
Karnik, Priti S The Effects of Epidural Deracoxib on the Ground Reaction Forces in an Acute Stifle Synovitis Model Veterinary Medical Sciences 2005-05-08
Keenan, James John Immunotoxic Effects of Mixtures of Endosulfan and Permethrin Via Caspase Dependent Thymocyte Apoptosis Veterinary Medical Sciences 2003-04-07
Kellman, Maxine Franchestcé Development of an antigen-specific ELISPOT to detect intestinal antibody responses to the swine whipworm, Trichuris suis Veterinary Medical Sciences 2007-10-02
Kern, Douglas A. Canine mandibular osteotomy model :the effects of fixation on bone healing and nerve regeneration Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-06-23
Khan, Deena Molecular Basis of Upregulation of IL-17 in Estrogen Model of Inflammation Veterinary Medical Sciences 2012-07-10
KHAN, TILA Tailored influenza virus vaccines for both the young and old: Vaccine Efficacy of Whole Inactivated Vaccines bearing Immunomodulatory Adjuvants or Multimeric peptides Veterinary Medical Sciences 2012-07-10
King, Marquea D. Effects of Methylmercury Exposure on the Immune and Neurological Responses of Mice to Toxoplasma gondii Infection Veterinary Medical Sciences 2002-07-02
Kukucka, Mark A Mechanisms by which hypoxia augments Leydig cell viability and differentiated cell function in vitro Veterinary Medical Sciences 2008-06-06
Kuntz, Charles A. Controlled cross circulation: effects on donor hemodynamics Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-06-08
LaBranche, Timothy Paul Characterization of the Beta-2 Adrenergic Receptor Mechanism in Bovine Neutrophils, and Some Effects of Inflammatory Stimuli on its Function Veterinary Medical Sciences 2005-04-25
Lee, Laura Caryn Comparative efficacy of three common treatments for equine recurrent airway obstruction. Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-07-10
Leichner, Teri Lynn Adaptation of Three Different Apoptotic Methods in Equine Bronchoalveolar Cells and Comparison of Bronchoalveolar Lavage Cell Apoptosis in Normal and COPD Affected Horses Before and After Dexamethasone Administration Veterinary Medical Sciences 2001-07-18
Leininger, Dagny Jayne Escherichia coli Mastitis in the Dairy Bovine Veterinary Medical Sciences 2001-06-15
Lessard, Pierre The application of computerized geographic information systems to epidemiological surveillance of cattle diseases caused by Theileria Parva Veterinary Medical Sciences 2007-08-03
Levin, Milton Jay Gross and Microscopic Observations on the Lingual Structure of the West Indian Manatee (Trichechus manatus latirostris) Veterinary Medical Sciences 1999-08-13
Lewis, Mary Catherine The Effect of Organophosphate Exposure on Neocortical, Hippocampal and Striatal Monoamines: A Potential Substrate for Chronic Psychiatric, Cognitive and Motor Dysfunction Veterinary Medical Sciences 2003-08-21
Lewis, Stephanie Rochelle Experimental infection with Sarcocystis neurona alters the immune response: the effect on CD4+, CD8+, B-cell, monocyte and granulocyte populations in horses Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-07-07
Liang, Chengya High Saturated Fat Diet Induces Gestational Diabetes, Perinatal Skeletal Malformation and Adult-Onset Chronic Diseases Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-04-08
Liu, Hailan Expression and Localization of Green Fluorescent Protein in B. abortus strain RB51 Veterinary Medical Sciences 2003-05-19
Lo, Terry Detection and Identification of Acinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serotype 5 by multiplex Polymerase Chain Reaction Veterinary Medical Sciences 1997-07-31
Lopes, Marco A. F. Hydration of Colonic Ingesta and Feces in Horses Fed Large Grain Meals or Treated with Enteral Fluid Therapy, Saline Cathartics and Intravenous Fluid Therapy Veterinary Medical Sciences 2002-10-22
Lucas, Aaron Scott Bovine Coccidiosis: Dynamics of infection in grazing cattle and the potential role of stress and immunity Veterinary Medical Sciences 2011-08-11
Ma, Jianneng Purification, serology and pathogenic role of the 110 kilodalton rtx hemolysins of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae Veterinary Medical Sciences 2005-10-14
Machen, John Wesley Vibrio spp. disinfection and immunization of Cobia (Rachycentron canadum) for the prevention of disease in aquaculture facilities. Veterinary Medical Sciences 2008-06-05
MacLean, Heidi Norma Plasma N-terminal Proatrial Natriuretic Peptide Concentration in Cats with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Veterinary Medical Sciences 2004-03-24
Mahapatra, Vijaylaxmi Mechanism of Action of Antipsychotics, Haloperidol and Olanzapine in vitro. Veterinary Medical Sciences 2001-02-05
Mallela, Murali Krishna Dysregulated Apoptosis in Teratogen-Induced Neural Tube Defects in Mice Veterinary Medical Sciences 2011-02-09
Mandal, Amitesh Modification of a DNA Vaccine for Oral Administration in Fish for Aquaculture by Using Non-Microbial Nanoparticles Veterinary Medical Sciences 2010-06-14
Mann, Mary Ann The efficacy of short term amoxicillin therapy and the effect of furosemide on conventional antibiotic therapy in experimentally induced bacterial lower urinary tract infection in cats Veterinary Medical Sciences 2010-03-17
Martin, Robert Brian Development and Resolution of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension in RAO Horses Veterinary Medical Sciences 2003-10-13
Martinez, Nivia Ivellise Evaluation of pressor sentivity to norepinephrine infusion in dogs with iatrogenic hyperadrenocorticism Veterinary Medical Sciences 2002-06-14
Massicotte, Christiane The Effects of Neuropathy-Inducing Organophasphate Esters om Chick Dorsal Root Gangli Cell Cultures Veterinary Medical Sciences 2001-12-09
Mattagajasingh, Subhendra N. Molecular mechanisms of the carcinogen chromium(VI)-induced DNA-protein crosslinking in cultured intact human cells Veterinary Medical Sciences 2007-07-13
May, Kimberly Anne Experimental Evaluation of Urinary Bladder Marsupialization in Male Goats Veterinary Medical Sciences 1999-07-15
McCain, Wilfred C. Effects of organophosphate esters on blood vessels :a physiological, pharmacological, and histological assessment of involvement in organophosphorus-induced delayed neuropathy (OPIDN) Veterinary Medical Sciences 2008-09-19
McCain, Wilfred C. Cardiovascular components of organophosphorus-induced delayed neuropathy Veterinary Medical Sciences 2010-03-17
McKenzie III, Harold Cantrell Time and Concentration Relationships of Gentamicin in Serum and Bronchial Lavage Fluid of Horses Administered Gentamicin Intravenously and by Aerosol Veterinary Medical Sciences 1999-02-16
McKlveen, Tori Leigh Evaluation of the Normal Equine Pituitary Gland Veterinary Medical Sciences 2002-06-04
McMillan, Naya Subira The Applicability and Use of Waterless Hand Sanitizer in Veterinary and Animal Agricultural Settings Veterinary Medical Sciences 2004-05-27
McQuiston, John R Cloning of a region in the Brucella abortus chromosome necessary for o-side chain biosynthesis Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-08-22
Meade, Sharonda Madrica The Effect of Social Stress and Vitamin C on Immunity and Response to Hemorrhagic Enteritis Virus in Turkeys Veterinary Medical Sciences 2004-12-21
Miller, Jonathan Mark Effect of 9 mm Tibial Tuberosity Advancement on Cranial Tibial Translation in the Canine Cranial Cruciate Ligament Deficient Stifle Veterinary Medical Sciences 2007-05-09
Mills, Eric M. Application and Evaluation of Unified Medical Language System Resources to Facilitate Patient Information Acquisition through Enhanced Vocabulary Coverage Veterinary Medical Sciences 1998-04-13
Misra, Bibhu Ranjan The role of serotonergic afferents in receptive field organization and response properties of cells in rat trigeminal subnucleus interpolaris Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-06-30
Monteiro, Flavia Regina Goncalves Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells Cytokine Expression in Horses Treated with Dexamethasone Veterinary Medical Sciences 2005-08-25
Moore, Donna Preston Determination of cardiac output across a range of values in horses by M-mode echocardiography and thermodilution Veterinary Medical Sciences 2003-12-16
Moore, Robert C. Characterization and regulation of the speA gene in escherichia coli Veterinary Medical Sciences 2005-09-20
Moore, Tabitha Gale Bryant Functional characterization of equine neutrophils in response to calcium ionophore A23187 and phorbol myristate acetate Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-06-10
Murphy, Julia Mary Comparison of Neospora seroprevalence in Virginia dairy herds with high and low abortion rates Veterinary Medical Sciences 1998-06-30
Nostrandt, Amy Carol Development of a model cell culture system in which to study early effects of neuropathy-inducting organophosphates Veterinary Medical Sciences 2005-09-20
Nunes, Jack D. An Exploratory Study of the Systemic Effects of Lead, Trichloroethylene, and a Mixture of Lead and Trichloroethylene Provided Concurrently by Oral Gavage to Male Rats Veterinary Medical Sciences 1999-02-04
O'Kell, Allison Louise The Effects of Prednisone and Prednisone Plus Ultralow-dose Aspirin on Coagulation Parameters in Healthy Dogs Veterinary Medical Sciences 2012-04-10
Ober, Christopher Patrick Diagnostic Imaging of Foreign Bodies and Compartmentalization in the Canine Manus Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-03-27
Odeh, Awatef Identification of platelet activating factor (PAF) receptor in equine spermatozoa and its role in motility, capacitation and the acrosome reaction Veterinary Medical Sciences 2002-10-22
Olgun, Selen Immunotoxicity of Pesticide Mixtures and the Role of Oxidative Stress Veterinary Medical Sciences 2004-02-25
Opengart, Kenneth N. Studies on the immunopathologic mechanisms of intestinal lesion formation in turkey poults infected with hemorrhagic enteritis virus Veterinary Medical Sciences 2006-05-11
Pancotto, Theresa E Evaluation of cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers of endothelial damage and basement membrane degradation as indirect indicators of blood-brain barrier dysfunction in chronic canine hypothyroidism Veterinary Medical Sciences 2011-04-02
Pantaleon, Lucas Guillermo Cardiovascular and Hematological Effects of Hetastarch and Hypertonic Saline Solutions During Experimental Endotoxemia in Horses Veterinary Medical Sciences 2005-07-04
Parker, Nikola Alethia The xenogenous capacitation response of fresh, cooled/extended and frozen/thawed equine semen as determined by a chlortetracycline stain Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-02-13
Pasnik, David J. Immunologic and Protective Effects of Vaccines for Mycobacterium marinum in Morone sp. Veterinary Medical Sciences 2003-07-18
Pease, Anthony P Novel approaches to evaluate osteoarthritis in the rabbit lateral meniscectomy model Veterinary Medical Sciences 2000-06-16
Peralta, Oscar Alejandro Developmental Regulation of Prion Expression in Cattle and Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells Veterinary Medical Sciences 2008-08-09
Perry, Theresa Fried Functional relationship between forebrain cholinergic projections and somatostatin neurons in the rat Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-03-14
Peters-Weigel, Sandra M Regulation of the speC gene encoding ornithine decarboxylase in Escherichia coli by putrescine, spermidine and cAMP Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-08-18
Phipps, Brandy Ellen Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor/ Mitogen- Activated Protein Kinase Signal Transduction Cascade in Mammary Cancer Veterinary Medical Sciences 2004-04-13
Pierson, Frank William The roles of multiple infectious agents in the predisposition of turkeys to colibacillosis Veterinary Medical Sciences 2005-10-20
Pittman, Julian Thomas Changes in the Murine Nigrostriatal Pathway Following Pyrethroid and Organophosphate Insecticide Exposure: An Immunohistochemical Study Veterinary Medical Sciences 2002-08-31
Poff-Reichow, Sherry Ann Development of Brucella abortus RB51 as a Vaccine to Protect Against Brucellosis and Anthrax Veterinary Medical Sciences 2004-04-06
Pomeroy, Melinda J The Roles of Age, Glomerular Location, and Collagen Expression in the Canine Kidney: Analysis of a Lifespan Study Veterinary Medical Sciences 2002-01-09
Prater, Mary Renee Immunotoxicity of Dermal Permethrin and Cis-Urocanic Acid: Effects of Chemical Mixtures in Environmental Health Veterinary Medical Sciences 2002-03-22
Pudupakam, Raghavendra Sumanth Kumar Understanding the Role of the Hypervariable Region in the Open Reading Frame 1 of the Hepatitis E virus in Viral Replication Veterinary Medical Sciences 2011-02-02
Punareewattana, Korawuth Immunoteratological Studies of Diabetic Embryopathy Using Gene Expression Analysis Veterinary Medical Sciences 2003-04-21
Punareewattana, Korawuth Immune Function Determination in Mice Dermally Exposed to Permethrin Veterinary Medical Sciences 1999-11-03
Pung, Thitiya Neurochemical Effects of Concurrent Exposure to Repeated Stress and Chlorpyrifos on the Central Nervous System Veterinary Medical Sciences 2004-09-26
Puthiyaveetil Abdulkader, Abdul Gafoor Altered Kinetics of Non-Homologous End Joining Mediated DNA Repair in Mouse Models of Aging and Leukemia Veterinary Medical Sciences 2012-09-30
Qiao, Dan Complete Genome Sequence and Pathogenicity of Two Swine Parainfluenzaviruses Isolated from Pigs in the United States Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-06-04
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Wyatt, William George The effects of a simulation career game on the achievement motivation of vocational students enrolled in developmental arithmetic. Vocational and Technical Education 2010-04-13
Young, La Verne Herring The design of a data based information system model for industrial arts education programs in the United States and territories Vocational and Technical Education 2004-02-03
Yu, Kuang-Chao A comparison of program goals emphasized in technology education among selected groups of professionals in the state of Virginia Vocational and Technical Education 2004-02-03

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