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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

Xenakis, Gina Marie Living with Chordoma Online: A Thematic Analysis of User’s Experiences in an Online Cancer Support Group Marketing 2009-05-13
Xi, Hong Theoretical and Numerical Studies of Frequency Up-shifted Ionospheric Stimulated Radiation Electrical and Computer Engineering 2004-10-15
Xi, Yan Ozone Decomposition and Acetone Oxidation on Manganese Oxide Catalysts Chemical Engineering 2005-05-22
Xi, Wensi Iterative Computing over a Unified Relationship Matrix for Information Integration Computer Science 2006-06-29
Xia, Jianjun Finite Element Analysis of Ship Collisions Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2001-07-24
Xia, Ai Comparative genomics of chromosomal rearrangements in malaria mosquitoes Entomology 2010-02-08
Xia, Tao Frequency Monitoring Network (FNET) Algorithm Improvements and Application Development Electrical and Computer Engineering 2009-12-21
Xiang, Nina His marriage and her marriage : gender differences in time use in China Family and Child Development 2005-10-24
Xiao, Feng Past and Present: Transformation of an ideal City - Beijing Landscape Architecture 1999-06-21
Xiao, Xiangyu A Multiple Sensors Approach to Wood Defect Detection Electrical and Computer Engineering 2004-04-16
Xiao, Hai Self-Calibrated Interferometric/Intensity-Based Fiber Optic Pressure Sensors Electrical and Computer Engineering 2000-09-01
Xiao, Xunjun Developmental Regulation of the Expression of Nutrient Transporter and BrushBorder Membrane Hydrolase Genes in the Small Intestine of Piglets Animal and Poultry Sciences 2006-01-10
Xiao, Chucheng An Investigation of Fundamental Frequency Limitations for HF/VHF Power Conversion Electrical and Computer Engineering 2006-07-25
Xiao, Lian Development of genetic transformation systems in creeping bentgrass (Agrostis palustris Huds.) Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2008-06-06
Xiao, Yunxiang Dissipation and Leachability of Formulated Chlorpyrifos and Atrazine in Organically-amended Soils Entomology 1997-11-17
Xiao, Yang The Influence of Behavioral Inhibition and Approach on Affective Modification of the Startle Response Psychology 2013-12-26
Xie, Haibing Role of the MoFe Protein &szlig-95-Cysteinyl Residue in Nitrogenase Catalysis in Azotobacter vinelandii Biochemistry 1998-08-20
Xie, Lei Gradient-Based Optimum Aerodynamic Design Using Adjoint Methods Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2002-04-26
Xie, Manjing Digital Control for Power Factor Correction Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003-07-30
Xie, Zhao-Yang Atomistic simulation of dislocation core structures in B2 NiAl Materials Engineering Science 2005-10-24
Xie, Donghang Part I: Synthesis and Ring Opening polymerization of Macrocyclic monomers for Production Of engineering Thermoplastics Chemistry 1998-07-25
Xie, Min Signal decomposition for nonstationary processes Electrical Engineering 2008-06-06
Xie, Hong Aqueous poly(arylene ether ether ketone) suspensions Chemistry 2009-01-31
Xie, Liguang Realistic Motion Estimation Using Accelerometers Computer Science 2009-06-19
Xie, Wei Simulation of X-ray imaging systems for luggage inspection Electrical Engineering 2009-12-23
Xie, Xiaojin Variation in Computerized Tomography Scan Utilization Industrial and Systems Engineering 2010-09-09
Xie, Shiguang Optimal Allocation of Resources for Screening of Donated Blood Industrial and Systems Engineering 2011-08-25
Xie, Bei Partial Update Adaptive Filtering Electrical and Computer Engineering 2012-04-06
Xie, Wenshu Moon House Architecture 2012-08-09
Xie, Xuping Approximate Deconvolution Reduced Order Modeling Mathematics 2015-11-23
Xillo, Olivier A Sampling Probe for Fluctuating Concentration Measurements in Supersonic Flow Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 1998-04-24
Xing, Kun Modeling, Analysis, and Design of Distributed Power Electronics System Based on Building Block Concept Electrical and Computer Engineering 1999-06-25
Xing, Jimmy Electrical properites of doped and undoped PZT thin films prepared by a sol-gel method Materials Science and Engineering 2009-07-29
Xing, Zengping Magnetoelectric Device and the Measurement Unit Materials Science and Engineering 2009-04-27
Xiong, Xinsheng cDNA Cloning and Gene Characterization of Large and Small Subunits of Ribonucleotide Reductase in Soybean Biology 2000-03-05
Xiong, Huanbao Machinery selection and scheduling model for Virginia Agricultural Engineering 2009-07-10
Xu, Jiannong Equilibrium Melting Temperature Determination of Semicrystalline Polymers through Nonlinear Hoffman-Weeks Extrapolation and Secondary Crystallization of Ethylene/Styrene Copolymers Chemistry 1999-10-26
Xu, Jun Transitions -- Design a Courthouse Architecture 1999-12-13
Xu, Hao Terrestrial radio wave propagation at millimeter-wave frequencies Electrical and Computer Engineering 2000-05-04
Xu, Miao The Exchange Rate and U.S./Canadian Relative Agricultural Prices Agricultural and Applied Economics 2001-08-31
Xu, Peng Multiphase Voltage Regulator Modules with Magnetic Integration to Power Microprocessors Electrical and Computer Engineering 2002-03-09
Xu, Shuangyan Evaluating Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Electrically Conductive Adhesives for Electronic Applications Engineering Science and Mechanics 2002-04-22
Xu, Dong Hardware-based Parallel Simulation of Flexible Manufacturing Systems Industrial and Systems Engineering 2001-08-25
Xu, Jun A Framework for Site Analysis With Emphasis on Feng Shui and Contemporary environmental Design Principles Environmental Design and Planning 2003-10-17
Xu, Zhenxue Advanced Semiconductor Device and Topology for High Power Current Source Converter Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003-12-04
Xu, Zheng Thermal Performance Comparison of Three Integrated Thermal Solar Roof Collectors Architecture 2004-11-30
Xu, Xiaohua Dual Processing Spatially Distributed Integrating Fiber Optic Sensors for Non-intrusive Patient Monitoring Physics 2005-04-27
Xu, Dingying Durability and Adhesion of a Model Epoxy Adhesive Bonded to Modified Silicon Substrates Chemistry 2004-06-30
Xu, Zhenghe A study of hydrophobic interaction in fine particle coagulation Materials Engineering Science 2005-10-19
Xu, Jintao China's Paper Industry: Growth and Environmental Policy during Economic Reform Forestry 1999-07-16
Xu, Yang Synthesis and Characterization of Silica Coated CdSe/CdS Core/Shell Quantum Dots Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005-12-07
Xu, Zhongyan A Complex, Linked Watershed-Reservoir Hydrology and Water Quality Model Application for the Occoquan Watershed, Virginia Civil Engineering 2006-01-12
Xu, Juncheng High Temperature High Bandwidth Fiber Optic Pressure Sensors Electrical and Computer Engineering 2006-01-12
Xu, Zhaojin Selling Winners, Holding Losers: Effect on Mutual Fund Performance and Flows Finance, Insurance, and Business Law 2007-05-24
Xu, Xiaoyan The Construction of a United Great China: A Comparative Study of the CCTV Spring Festival Galas, 1984-86 and 2004-06 Political Science 2007-06-18
Xu, Jing Technology for Planar Power Semiconductor Devices Package with Improved Voltage Rating Electrical and Computer Engineering 2009-03-06
Xu, Zhen Modeling SAR signals and sensors using VHDL Electrical Engineering 2009-06-11
Xu, Ying Emissions of Phthalate Plasticizer from Polymeric Building Materials Civil Engineering 2009-05-24
Xu, Yueying Examining the Effects of Bundling Strategies on Travelers' Value Perception and Purchase Intention of a Vacation Package Hospitality and Tourism Management 2009-06-05
Xu, Yuemao A cross-cultural study of prospect-refuge theory Landscape Architecture 2009-07-21
Xu, Bin Fast Path Planning in Uncertain Environments: Theory and Experiments Electrical and Computer Engineering 2009-11-24
Xu, Qian Independence and interdependence: signal transduction of two chemosensory receptors important for the regulation of gliding motility in Myxococcus xanthus Biology 2007-12-11
Xu, Yang Social Capital, Cognitions, and Firm Innovation: Theoretical Model and Empirical Studies Management 2006-06-14
Xu, Guoyan Pin1 Inhibitors: Towards Understanding the Enzymatic Mechanism Chemistry 2010-05-18
Xu, Zhuxian Unified Control for the Permanent Magnet Generator and Rectifier System Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-05-19
Xu, Xiaohua Modeling of nucleation-based stochastic processes in cellular systems Physics 2010-08-24
Xu, Chunchun High Accuracy Real-time GPS Synchronized Frequency Measurement Device for Wide-area Power Grid Monitoring Electrical and Computer Engineering 2006-04-19
Xu, Yue Development of Nation Wide Cost-Benefit Analysis Framework for Aviation Decision Making Using Transportation Systems Analysis Model Civil Engineering 2008-03-31
Xu, Pingwen Involvement of AMP-activated protein kinase in differential regulation of appetite between lines of chickens selected for low or high juvenile body weight Animal and Poultry Sciences 2011-05-03
Xu, Ying Optimal Wildlife Reserve Site Selection with Spatially Correlated Risk Forestry 2012-05-03
Xu, Daiqiang Regioselective Synthesis of Cellulose Derivatives Chemistry 2012-07-26
Xu, Yining Density and What Matters: A Study of People’s Attitudes Toward and Perceptions of Urban Density Landscape Architecture 2010-02-21
Xu, Zhibing Synthesis of Paclitaxel Analogs Chemistry 2010-10-13
Xue, Yong Effects of Protein Domains on Localization of Penicillin-Binding Proteins 2a and 2b in Bacillus Subtilis Biology 2008-10-01
Xue, Jing Single-phase vs. Three-phase High Power High Frequency Transformers Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-05-17
Xue, Hong Three Essays on Consumer Behavior and Health Outcomes: An Economic Analysis of the Influence of Nutrition Information and Knowledge on Food Purchasing Behavior and the Impacts of Primary Care Givers’ Parenting on Childhood Obesity Agricultural and Applied Economics 2010-06-09
Xue, Bin Formal Approaches to Globally Asynchronous and Locally Synchronous Design Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-09-05
Xue, Zhenyu Particle Image Velocimetry Correlation Signal-to-noise Metrics, Particle Image Pattern Mutual Information and Measurement uncertainty Quantification Mechanical Engineering 2014-08-25
Xue, Song Fan-Shaped Hole Film Cooling on Turbine Blade and Vane in a Transonic Cascade with High Freestream Turbulence: Experimental and CFD Studies Mechanical Engineering 2012-07-24

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