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Yaakub, Mohammad Naim Meta-Analysis of the Effectiveness of Computer-Assisted Instruction in Technical Education and Training Teaching and Learning 1998-06-22
Yactayo, Guido Andres Modification of the SWAT Model to Simulate Hydrologic Processes in a Karst-influenced Watershed Biological Systems Engineering 2009-08-27
Yadama, Vikram Experimental investigation of a novel finite element model for Southern pine glulam beams Wood Science and Forest Products 2008-12-30
Yadav, Manjit S. An examination of how buyers subjectively perceive and evaluate product bundles General Business (Marketing) 2007-02-05
Yadlapalli, Naveen Implementation of a Novel Soft-Switching Topology for Switched Reluctance Motor Drives Electrical Engineering 1999-07-14
Yaffe, Donna M Increasing physical exercise among older adults :the effects of information, peer-modelling, personalized planning, and commitment-making Psychology 2009-02-13
Yagow, Eugene R. Auxiliary Procedures for the AGNPS Model in Urban Fringe Watersheds Biological Systems Engineering 1998-07-11
Yagow, Carol C Solitude :identification of its furnishings from 1830 to 1880 Housing, Interior Design, and Resource Management 2010-07-07
Yalamanchili, Seshu R Response of multiple fastener composite joints :numerical and experimental results Engineering Mechanics 2009-11-24
Yamagiwa, Takayoshi Jose Analysis of Policies Affecting Pesticide Use in Ecuador Agricultural and Applied Economics 1998-02-05
Yamagiwa, Takayoshi Jose An Assessment of Technical Barriers in Central American Agricultural and Food Trade Agricultural and Applied Economics 2005-05-02
Yamaguchi, Nori Supramolecular Assemblies: Dendrimers, Linear Arrays, and Polypseudorotaxanes Chemistry 1999-08-20
Yan, Zheng The Econometrics of Piecewise Linear Budget Constraints With Skewed Error Distributons: An Application To Housing Demand In The Presence Of Capital Gains Taxation Economics (Arts and Sciences) 1999-08-10
Yan, JiYu Influence of plant growth regulators on turfgrass polar lipid composition, tolerance to drought and salinity stresses, and nutrient efficiency Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2005-10-21
Yan, Run-Tao Enzymology of butanol formation in Clostridium Beijerinckii Anaerobic Microbiology 2006-06-19
Yan, Tingting Effects of delayed drainage on subsidence modeling and parameter estimation Geosciences 2007-08-20
Yan, Mingjin Methods of Determining the Number of Clusters in a Data Set and a New Clustering Criterion Statistics 2005-12-06
Yan, Suming Parametric study and simulation of microbubble column flotation Mining and Minerals Engineering 2009-03-12
Yan, Jingsheng Platoon modal operations under vehicle autonomous adaptive cruise control model Civil Engineering 2009-07-10
Yan, Li Two phase magnetoelectric epitaxial composite thin films Materials Science and Engineering 2009-12-17
Yan, Bing Effects of Thermal Treatments on Perfluorosulfonate Ionomer Membranes Chemistry 2010-08-10
Yan, Yingyi Unified Three-terminal Switch Model for Current Mode Controls Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-11-09
Yan, Shuangchun Using the Bacterial Plant Pathogen Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato as a Model to Study the Evolution and Mechanisms of Host Range and Virulence Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 2010-12-20
Yan, Yue Performance Analysis of Network Coding Techniques and Resource Allocation Algorithms in Multiuser Wireless Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-09-26
Yancey, Daniel Jackson Analysis and Application of Coal Seam Seismic Waves for detection of Abandoned Mines Geosciences 2006-05-13
Yancey, Robert Neil Radiation and temperature effects on the time-dependent response of T300/934 graphite/epoxy Engineering Mechanics 2012-06-10
Yang, Jae-Guen Double Angle Framing Connections Subjected to Shear and Tension Civil Engineering 1997-06-16
Yang, Tsung-Han A Stream-Based In-Line Allocatable Multiplier for Configurable Computing Electrical Engineering 1997-08-29
Yang, Aiming Bilateral Asymmetry in Chickens of Different Genetic backgrounds Genetics 1998-05-04
Yang, Sang-Chin A Bivariate Renewal Process and Its Applications in Maintenance Policies Industrial and Systems Engineering 1999-12-16
Yang, Xiao Optimal Design of Single Factor cDNA Microarray experiments and Mixed Models for Gene Expression Data Statistics 2003-03-07
Yang, Bo Topology investigation of front end DC/DC converter for distributed power system Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003-09-15
Yang, Liyu Modeling and Characterization of a PFC Converter in the Medium and High Frequency Ranges for Predicting the Conducted EMI Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003-09-29
Yang, Liu The Applicability of the Tap-Delay Line Channel Model to Ultra Wideband Electrical and Computer Engineering 2004-09-28
Yang, Yik Generating Generalized Exponentially Distributed Random Variates with Transformed Density Rejection and Ratio-of-Uniform Methods Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005-04-04
Yang, Jibing Investigation of Immune Response to Sarcocystis neurona Infection in Horses with Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis Veterinary Medical Sciences 2005-07-27
Yang, Zhenbiao Gene regulation in a pathogen-plant interaction: soft rot erwinias versus potato tubers Plant Pathology 2005-10-10
Yang, Liming Subnormal operators, hyponormal operators, and mean polynomial approximation Mathematics 2005-10-24
Yang, Lifeng Computer relaying for EHV/UHV transmission lines Electrical Engineering 2005-10-21
Yang, Eric Xian-Qing Extended describing function method for small-signal modeling of resonant and multi-resonant converters Electrical Engineering 2005-10-24
Yang, Shih-Hsien Effectivess of Using Geotextiles in Flexible Pavements: Life-Cycle Cost Analysis Civil Engineering 2006-03-10
Yang, Sijun Nitric Oxide Involved in the Leptin Effect on Food Intake in Broiler and Leghorn Chickens Animal and Poultry Sciences 2006-03-16
Yang, Hailing Adhesion Studies of Polymers: (I) Autohesion of Ethylene/1-Octene Copolymers; (II) Method Development and Adhesive Characterization of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive in Paper Laminates for Postage Stamps Chemistry 2006-04-26
Yang, Yaping. Development of SiC whisker/chopped SiC fiber reinforced (Caõ0õ.õ6,Mgõ0õ.õ4)Zrb4s(POb4s)b6s ceramic matrix composites Materials Engineering Science 2006-06-07
Yang, Tzu-Hsuan Effects of diet on phosphorus digestion in dairy cattle Dairy Science 2006-08-16
Yang, Bing Action at a distance for specific repression of the glpD and glpTQ genes, and organization of the glpEGR genes of Escherichia coli K-12 Biochemistry 2006-10-04
Yang, Huan Campus landscape space planning and design using QFD Landscape Architecture 2007-06-26
Yang, Xu Multi-channel Mobile Access to Web Services Computer Science 2007-12-27
Yang, Bin Effects of early negative life events on cognitive functioning and risk for suicide in a college sample Clinical Psychology 2008-06-06
Yang, Chia-Shing Theories, templates, and tools for designing and developing instructional hypermedia systems Curriculum and Instruction 2008-06-06
Yang, Cheng-liang Experiments to culture juvenile freshwater mussels in small tanks, floating containers and sediment beds Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2008-08-22
Yang, Shaokai Corrosion resistant CMZP and Mg-Al2TiO5 coatings for SiC ceramics Materials Science and Engineering 2008-08-22
Yang, Karen Y Supercritical fluid extraction applied to environmental pollutants from Chesapeake Bay sediment Chemistry 2008-08-22
Yang, Wei Studies on the structural organization of Golgi complex Biochemistry and Anaerobic Microbiology 2009-02-13
Yang, Ning Multiuser detection for CDMA systems with convolutional coding Electrical Engineering 2009-03-04
Yang, Lifeng A microprocessor based bus relay Electrical Engineering 2009-03-12
Yang, Jae-Guen Lateral bracing forces in compressed two-span columns with initial curvature Civil Engineering 2009-03-12
Yang, Jun Swan :a data structure visualization system Computer Science 2009-06-11
Yang, Jian Prediction of the power losses of PWM inverter drives for permanent magnet synchronous motors Electrical Engineering 2009-06-11
Yang, Won-Kyung The nursing home search and selection process :gender and relationship issues Family and Child Development 2009-06-16
Yang, Timothy T An experimental investigation of turbine blade tip heat transfer and tip gap flows in the supersonic regime Mechanical Engineering 2009-07-11
Yang, Yu-Wen Behavior of three-span braced columns with equal and unequal spans Civil Engineering 2009-07-29
Yang, Bin Life stress, social support, and problem-solving skills in depression, hopelessness, and suicide ideation for an Asian student population : a test of a model Clinical Psychology 2009-12-04
Yang, Chyi-Bao The application of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) as a mesasure for improving productivity and efficiency in a typical factory environment Systems Engineering 2009-12-23
Yang, Xu Quantitative Approaches for Protein Differential Expression Analysis Biology 2009-12-15
Yang, Binglin My Trash, Your Treasure: What Prevents Risk-Based Governance from Diffusing in American Coal Mining Safety Regulation? Public Administration and Public Affairs 2010-01-22
Yang, Joseph Sang-chin System dependability analysis and evaluation Systems Engineering 2010-03-17
Yang, Yan Characterization of polyethylene terephthalate, cellulose acetate and their blends Chemistry 2010-03-30
Yang, Yung-Chi A compendium of Virginia hydrology Civil Engineering 2010-04-27
Yang, Wei Development of a Web-Based System for Water Quality Data Management and Visualization Environmental Engineering 2010-06-01
Yang, Nanying Characterization and modeling of silicon and silicon carbide power devices Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-11-17
Yang, Yaodong Barium Titanate-Based Magnetoelectric Nanocomposites Materials Science and Engineering 2011-06-21
Yang, Chao Syntheses and Bioactivities of Targeted and Conformationally Restrained Paclitaxel and Discodermolide Analogs Chemistry 2008-09-11
Yang, Qing SPH Simulation of Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems with Application to Hovercraft Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2012-04-11
Yang, Kuan Ancestral Genome Reconstruction in Bacteria Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2012-06-20
Yang, Taeyoung Fundamental Limits on Antenna Size for Frequency and Time Domain Applications Electrical and Computer Engineering 2012-09-14
Yang, Sha Crystallization, Melting Behavior, Physical Properties, and Physical Aging of Ethylene/1-Octene Copolymers Chemistry 2011-05-17
Yang, Fan Optimization of Cytogenetic and Physical mapping of Culicinae genomes Entomology 2011-01-11
Yang, Jung-ha An Investigation of the Relationships among Consumer Characteristics, Attitude, and Purchase Intention in Apparel Mass-customization Apparel, Housing, and Resource Management 2011-07-12
Yang, Wan Airborne Transmission of Influenza A Virus in Indoor Environments Civil Engineering 2012-04-01
Yang, Yihong Experimental Study of Multi-phase Flow Hydrodynamics In Stirring Tanks Engineering Science and Mechanics 2011-05-02
Yang, Yushi Design: Encouraging Sustainability Through Persuasion Architecture 2013-02-21
Yaniv, Elan Numerical analysis and visualization of the ionospheric Kelvin-Helmholtz instability Electrical Engineering 2009-05-02
Yanna, Marc-Gabriel An investigation of flow-induced vibrations of a steam-generator tube Engineering Mechanics 2009-07-21
Yanosek, Kristina Anne Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal from Dairy Manure to Meet Nitrogen:Phosphorus Crop Nutrient Requirements Biological Systems Engineering 2002-11-21
Yao, Aixiang I Song An Efficient Parallel Three-Level Preconditioner for Linear Partial Differential Equations Computer Science 1998-02-05
Yao, Kuan Implementing an Application Programming Interface for Distributed Adaptive Computing Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering 2000-05-30
Yao, Kaiwei High-Frequency and High-Performance VRM Design for the Next Generations of Processors Electrical and Computer Engineering 2004-04-27
Yao, Aixiang. Kinetic theory and global existence in Lp1s for a dense square-well fluid Mathematical Physics 2006-10-04
Yao, Mingdong Development of automatic vehicle headway control law and a simulation tool Civil Engineering 2009-01-24
Yao, Wei Green Building Design 300H Street NE, Washington DC Architecture 2010-01-05
Yao, Jianjun Structural Investigations of Highly Strictive Materials Materials Science and Engineering 2012-04-27
Yao, Liming Modeling, Analysis and Solution Approaches for Some Optimization Problems: High Multiplicity Asymmetric Traveling Salesman, Primary Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Scheduling, and Lot Streaming in an Assembly System Industrial and Systems Engineering 2008-06-06
Yarali, Abdulrahman Peak load estimation using load research data Electrical Engineering 2006-08-14
Yarber, Elizabeth Lee Assessing the Effect of Nitrogen Sources, Rates and Time of applications on Yield and Quality of Stockpiled Fescue and Tall Fescue Pastures Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2009-06-22
Yarbrough, Walthea V Postural data incorporated into traditional work measurement Industrial and Systems Engineering 2008-06-06
Yassierli, Yassierli Muscle Fatigue during Isometric and Dynamic Efforts in Shoulder Abduction and Torso Extension: Age Effects and Alternative Electromyographic Measures Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-11-09
Yates, Elizabeth Alice Factors Leading to Withdrawal Prior to the Second Year of College Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2005-04-08
Yates, Keith William Optimization of slender space trusses utilizing a continuum model Engineering Mechanics 2009-11-24
Yatsko, Michael S Ethnicity in Festival Landscapes: An Analysis of the Landscape of Jaialdi '95 as a Spatial Expression of Basque Ethnicity Geography 1998-07-11
Yaun, Brian Robert Efficacy of Ultraviolet Treatments for the Inhibition of Pathogens on the Surface of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Food Science and Technology 2002-06-18
Yaungyai, Nattaporn Evaluation Update of Red Light Camera Program in Fairfax County, Virginia Civil Engineering 2004-06-24
Yavuz, Nurdan F. A market segmentation study of visitors to North Cyprus through importance-performance analysis of destination attributes Hospitality and Tourism Management 2005-10-07
Yavuz, Nihat Development of finish cooking methods for producing low-fat breaded cheese sticks Biological Systems Engineering 2010-12-14
Yazdani, Saami Kaveh Geometry induced flow disturbances Engineering Science and Mechanics 2004-06-23
Ye, Zhihong Modeling and Control of Parallel Three-Phase PWM Converters Electrical and Computer Engineering 2000-11-06
Ye, Shanzhang Structure and function of the repressor and operators of the sn- glycerol-3-phosphate regulon of escherichia coli K-12 Biochemistry and nutrition 2005-10-19
Ye, Xinhao Enzymatic Production of Cellulosic Hydrogen by Cell-free Synthetic Pathway Biotransformation(SyPaB) Biological Systems Engineering 2011-07-20
Yeager, Jessica Lynn The Impacts of Acid Mine Drainage on the Black Creek Watershed, Wise County, Virginia Biology 2004-05-06
Yeager, Mary Melinda Abiotic and biotic factors influencing the decline of native unionid mussels in the Clinch River, Virginia Biology 2008-06-06
Yeatts, George Dewey Privatization of public university housing : a comparative cost analysis of alternative models for student housing in the Commonwealth of Kentucky Educational Administration 2005-11-10
Yeatts, Karin Beatrice An investigation of structure activity relationships for aryl nitrenium stability and mutagenicity for amino polyaromatic hydrocarbons Environmental Sciences and Engineering 2009-02-13
Yeatts, Archer Lafayette A history of the Future Farmers of America in Virginia Agricultural Education 2010-02-16
Yeganeh Talab, Behnoush Airborne Nanoparticles: Generation, Characterization, and Occupational Exposure Environmental Engineering 2007-03-20
Yeh, Shao-Kuo Orientations to moral reasoning among men and women leaders of higher education in Taiwan Student Personnel Services and Counseling 2008-06-06
Yeh, Kuei-Jyum Degradation of gasoline oxygenates in the subsurface Civil Engineering 2008-06-06
Yeilaghi Tamijani, Ali Vibration and Buckling Analysis of Unitized Structure Using Meshfree Method and Kriging Model Engineering Science and Mechanics 2011-05-16
Yeiser, Emily Elizabeth The use of activity measures in combination with physiological factors as indicators of disease in dairy cattle Dairy Science 2011-08-17
Yen, Teh Fu Synthesis and properties of some 2,5-dihydrothiophene 1,1-dioxides Chemistry 2010-01-12
Yen, Chih-Lun The Influence of Context Orientation on Recruitment in the Hospitality Industry Hospitality and Tourism Management 2011-04-12
Yeo, Incheol Reliability and failure analysis of composite beams and plates containing stress concentrations Engineering Mechanics 2005-10-19
Yeo, Siew-Hock Experimental determination of the flow field velocity and strain rate in a laminar opposed flow H2/air diffusion flame, via laser doppler anemometry Mechanical Engineering 2009-02-13
Yeow, Eddie Y Design of high-density dc/dc converters Electrical Engineering 2009-03-12
Yeow, Yew Thye The time-temperature behavior of graphite epoxy laminates. Engineering Mechanics 2010-04-13
Yettella V. Ramesh, Reddy Post Harvest Treatment Effects on Crown-Cut Broccoli Shelf Life Food Science and Technology 2004-08-09
Yi, Zhixiong Supplementing microbial phytase to diets for swine and poultry Animal and Poultry Sciences 2005-10-26
Yi, Tong-jin The effects of managers' cultural distance, ethnocentrism, and quality-of-life (QOL) orientation on program standardization Business 2008-06-06
Yi, Phill Hokyung Evaluation of Nitrification Inhibition Using Bench-Scale Rate Measurements, Profile Sampling, and Process Simulation Modeling Environmental Engineering 2010-03-11
Yi, Jihaeng Optical Sensors for High-Temperature Pressure Measurement and Real-Time Particle Detection Electrical and Computer Engineering 2012-09-26
Yildirim, Ismail Surface Free Energy Characterization of Powders Mining and Minerals Engineering 2001-05-04
Yilmaz, Levent Specifying and Verifying Collaborative Behavior in Component-Based Systems Computer Science 2002-03-25
Yilmaz, Harun Identification of Academic Program Strengths and Weaknesses through Use of a Prototype Systematic Tool Learning Sciences and Technologies 2007-04-11
Yilmaz, Okan A Class of Call Admission Control Algorithms for Resource Management and Reward Optimization for Servicing Multiple QoS Classes in Wireless Networks and Its Applications Computer Science 2008-11-24
Yim, Cynthia Effects of ovokinin on isolated aortas of guinea pigs, normotensive and spontaneously hypertensive rats Veterinary Medical Sciences 1998-06-25
Yim, Wai Lun Energic Architecture in Old Town Alexandria Architecture 2004-08-11
Yin, Zhi-Jun Effects of Long-Term Exposure of Normal C57bl/6j Inbred Mice to 17beta-Estradiol on Gene Expression in Lymphocytes: Mrna Analysis of Lymphokines and Bcl-2/Fas Biomedical Sciences and Pathobiology 1997-08-05
Yin, Yizhong Molecular mechanism of glycogen phosphorylase gene regulation during Dictyostelium development Biology (Molecular and Cellular) 2005-11-10
yin, jian High Temperature SiC Embedded Chip Module (ECM) with Double-sided Metallization Structure Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005-12-13
Yin, Yan Silica Fiber with Large and Thermodynamically Stable Second Order Optical Nonlinearity Electrical and Computer Engineering 2008-05-06
Yin, Weihao Link State Relationships under Incident Conditions: Using a CTM-based Dynamic Traffic Assignment Model Civil Engineering 2010-08-18
Ying, Ker-Jen Lift on a sphere in shear flow near flat channel bed Civil Engineering 2005-10-19
Ying, Yucheng Device Selection Criteria --Based on Loss Modeling and Figure of Merit Electrical and Computer Engineering 2008-05-27
Yip, Shiu Hang Supercritical Fluid Extraction and Chromatography of Various Lipids from Soybean Lecithin Chemistry 2007-10-10
Yocum, Susan Marie Effects of low level lead and cadmium on reproduction in Peromyscus leucopus and a study of lead concentration in small mammals from old orchards Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2012-06-10
Yoder, Brent Jason Isolation and Structure Elucidation of Cytotoxic Natural Products from the Rainforests of Madagascar and Suriname Chemistry 2005-11-27
Yoder, Matthew Evaluation of an Ecological Intervention Targeting Helpers in the Aftermath of Disasters Psychology 2008-06-13
Yoder, Carleton C Effect of vineyard management of Cabernet Sauvignon (Vitis vinifera L.) grape glycosides Food Science and Technology 2008-08-22
Yoder, Jonna D Modified atmosphere packaging of hard grated cheeses Food Science and Technology 2009-07-21
Yodpijit, Nantakrit The Effect of Age on Dark Focus Distance and Visual Information Transfer Rate Industrial and Systems Engineering 2010-11-15
Yoho, Jason Jon Physically-Based Realizable Modeling and Network Synthesis of Subscriber Loops Utilized in DSL Technology Electrical and Computer Engineering 2001-11-25
Yoho, Jason Jon Design and Calibration of a RF Capacitance Probe for Non-Destructive Evaluation of Civil Structures Electrical Engineering 1998-04-21
Yokobori, Atsuko Human Rights, NGOs, and Foreign Policy: Case Studies of Japanese Foreign Policy Toward Indonesia and Myanmar and Efforts of Human Rights NGOs Political Science 2002-07-20
Yonce, Mary Elizabeth Opportunities for Standardization in Monitoring of Best Management Practices in the Southeastern United States Forestry 2005-02-07
Yoo, Wesley Jinhan Supercritical fluid extraction of polychlorinated biphenyls and organochlorine pesticides from mussel tissue (Mytilus edulis) Chemistry 2003-08-28
Yoo, In Kyeong Electrical crosstalk in multilayer ceramic substrates Materials Engineering Science 2005-10-19
Yoo, Byungseok Practical Aspects of Assessing Nonlinear Ultrasonic Response of Cyclically Load 7075-T6 Aluminum Engineering Science and Mechanics 2006-12-20
Yoo, Hyun Seung Color Illusions on Liquid Crystal Displays and Design Guidelines for Information Visualization Industrial and Systems Engineering 2007-12-21
Yoo, Rae Hak Elastic and inelastic responses of columns after sudden loss of bracing Civil Engineering 2008-06-06
Yoo, Jiyoun Quantitative Analysis of the Compressive Stress Distributions across Pallet Decks Supporting Packaging in Simulated Warehouse Storage Wood Science and Forest Products 2008-11-17
Yoo, Jong Hyun Tribological behavior of unfilled and carbon fiber reinforced polyether ether ketone/polyether imide composites Mechanical Engineering 2008-12-30
Yoo, Jiyoun Modeling Compressive Stress Distributions at the Interface between a Pallet Deck and Distribution Packaging Wood Science and Forest Products 2011-10-14
Yoo, Seung Ah Customer Perceptions of Restaurant Cleanliness: A Cross Cultural Study Hospitality and Tourism Management 2012-07-23
Yook, Eunsun Estimation of the Economic Impact of a Unit Change in Predicted Transmitting Ability for Daughter Pregnancy Rate and Other Predicted Transmitting Ability in the Merit Indexes Dairy Science 2004-05-30
Yoon, Yooshik Determinants Of urban Residents' Perceived Tourism Impacts: a Study on the Williamsburg and Virginia Beach Areas Hospitality and Tourism Management 1999-02-03
Yoon, Yooshik Development of a Structural Model for Tourism Destination Competitiveness from Stakeholders' Perspectives Hospitality and Tourism Management 2002-10-03
Yoon, Tae-Ho Adhesion study of thermoplastic polymides with Ti-6Al-4V alloy and PEEK-graphite composites Materials Engineering Science 2008-07-28
Yoon, Kap Suk Effect of pre-exposure thermal treatment on susceptibility of type 304 austenitic stainless steel to stress corrosion Metallurgical Engineering 2010-05-04
Yoon Sung, Young ji The Effect of Social Skills on Academic Achievement of Linguistically Diverse Elementary Students: Concurrent and Longitudinal Analysis Educational Research and Evaluation 2009-03-18
Yordanov, Russi Georgiev On the Cauchy problem for the linearized GPKdV and gauge transformations for a quadratic pencil and AKNS system Mathematics 2008-06-06
Yorgason, Jeremy Brenton Acquired Hearing Impairment in Older Couple Relationships: an Exploration of Couple Resilience Processes Human Development 2003-04-23
York, Steven C. Halocarbon Reactions on the Chromium (III) Oxide (1012) Surface Chemical Engineering 1999-08-21
York, Darrell L. Analysis of flutter and flutter suppression via an energy method Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2007-06-13
York, Gregory A. Structure-property relationships of multiphase copolymers Materials Engineering Science 2007-07-10
York, Brent W Aircraft departure resistance prediction using structured singular values Aerospace Engineering 2009-07-21
York, Alfred Shih-ou Investigation of body assisted reaches and moves Industrial Engineering 2010-04-26
Yost, Barry D. Privatization of Educational Services by Contractual Agreement in Virginia Public Schools Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2001-03-06
Yost, Beth Ann The Visual Scalability of Integrated and Multiple View Visualizations for Large, High Resolution Displays Computer Science 2007-04-18
Yost, Michael William A comparative study of undergraduate student and professionally trained head resident effectiveness at selected universities Counseling and Student Personnel 2010-05-19
You, Budong Investigation of MOS-Gated Thyristors and Power Diodes Electrical and Computer Engineering 2000-02-02
You, Xia A concept database for environmental planning Urban and Regional Planning 2010-03-17
Youlin, Tang Response of Leaf Protein to Ozone in Two White Clover Clones Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 1998-05-07
Youmans, Elisabeth A Neural network control of space vehicle orbit transfer, intercept, and rendezvous maneuvers Aerospace Engineering 2008-06-06
Young, Robert Thomas Processing Behavior of Thermoplastics Reinforced with Melt Processable Glasses Chemical Engineering 1999-03-06
Young, Katherine John C. Calhoun and Nationalism in the Antebellum South Political Science 2001-01-05
Young, Alan Gayland Participating in a Research Study: a Qualitative Study of the Clients' and Therapists' Experience Human Development 2001-07-26
Young, Byron Leslie Treatment of Ischemic Equine Jejunum with Topical and Intraluminal Carolina Rinse Veterinary Medical Sciences 2001-07-15
Young, Eric Wight The International Monetary Fund and Social Safety Net Construction Failure in Indonesia 1997-1998 Political Science 2002-05-01
Young, Robert Benjamin Reliability Transform Method Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2003-06-30
Young, Micki Melinda Cooperative Infrastructures for Small Water Systems: A Case Study Agricultural and Applied Economics 2002-04-30
Young, La Verne Herring The design of a data based information system model for industrial arts education programs in the United States and territories Vocational and Technical Education 2004-02-03
Young, Dallin George Student Affairs Preparation Programs: Reported Learning Outcomes by Recent Graduates Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2005-03-17
Young, Amanda Adaptive Control of Nonaffine Systems with Applications to Flight Control Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2006-05-12
Young, Darin Clifton Profitability Analysis of Forage Based Beef Systems in Appalachia Agricultural and Applied Economics 2006-05-24
Young, Kevin D. Application of the Analytic Hierarchy Process Optimization Algorithm in Best Management Practice Selection Civil Engineering 2006-06-29
Young, Richard Douglas Prebuckling and postbuckling behavior of stiffened composite panels with axial-shear stiffness coupling Engineering Mechanics 2008-06-06
Young, Valerie Lynne Vandigrifft The chemistry of metalorganic chemical vapor deposition from a copper alkoxide precursor Chemical Engineering 2008-06-06
Young, Kuao-John A unified approach to the formulation of non-consistent rod and beam mass matrices for improved finite element modal analysis Mechanical Engineering 2008-07-28
Young, Patricia Eileen Waters The effects of zinc intake and exercise on iron status of pregnant Sprague-Dawley rats Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2008-08-22
Young, Matthew J Utilization of predispersed solvent extraction for removal and enzymatic degradation of chlorinated solvents in ground water Environmental Engineering 2008-08-22
Young, David Larry Noise transmission path identification in a reciprocating freon compressor Mechanical Engineering 2009-01-17
Young, Deborah Elspeth Evaluation of Dust Control Technologies for Drywall Finishing Operations: Industry Implementation Trends, Worker Perceptions, Effectiveness and Usability Industrial and Systems Engineering 2007-08-10
Young, Jennifer M The effects of acute aerobic exercise on cardiovascular reactivity to stress in healthy, trained and untrained males Health and Physical Education 2009-03-12
Young, Laquana M Mentoring and its Effect on the Life Chances and Experiences of Children in Group Homes Sociology 2008-12-29
Young, Anne Lynn Thomas Olinger A description of peer education programs in public institutions of higher education in Virginia Student Personnel Services and Counseling 2009-05-02
Young, Craig S The effects of end restraint on steel deck reinforced concrete floor systems Civil Engineering 2009-08-18
Young, James Mark Identification of social indicators and standards for acceptable conditions in the Cohutta Wilderness using a normative social judgment approach Forestry 2009-08-18
Young, John A Effects of automated cartographic generalization on linear map features Geography 2009-12-04
Young, Riki G Effect of organic matter and contact time on the sorption and bioavailability of chlorophenols Environmental Engineering 2009-12-04
Young, Michael Joseph Effects of paper mill sludge on tree growth and competition in young red pine plantations Forestry 2009-12-05
Young, M. Bridget Comparison of combat system architectures for future surface combatants Systems Engineering 2009-12-23
Young, George Kenneth Removal of nitrates from water by chemical reduction Sanitary Engineering 2010-05-04
Young, William Stephen Aerobic digestion of trickling filter humus. Sanitary Engineering 2010-06-08
Young, Stephen Alexander Multi-level Control Architecture and Energy Efficient Docking for Cooperative Unmanned Air Vehicles Mechanical Engineering 2011-02-09
Young, Taylor Tront Lipid Bilayer Formation in Aqueous Solutions of Ionic Liquids Mechanical Engineering 2012-10-04
Young, Roderick Whiter The amino acid composition of chinchilla fur in relation to the fur-chewing syndrome Biochemistry 2012-11-09
Young, Tyler James Head Impact Biomechanics and Helmet Performance in Youth Football Biomedical Engineering 2013-12-18
Young-On, Harold An economic evaluation of backfilling in Virginia's coal mines Mining and Minerals Engineering 2009-02-13
Young-On, Harold FMS performance versus WIP under different scheduling rules Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-12-16
Young-Richardson, Ruth B. Demographic and academic predictors of licensed practical nurse student success on the NCLEX-PN licensure examination Education 2006-10-04
Youngblood, Bradley Taylor Durability analysis of a steel light pole subjected to wind excitations Engineering Science and Mechanics 2010-01-26
Younis, Mohammad Ibrahim Investigation of the Mechanical Behavior of Microbeam-Based MEMS Devices Engineering Science and Mechanics 2002-01-24
Younis, Mohammad Ibrahim Modeling and Simulation of Microelectromechanical Systems in Multi-Physics Fields Engineering Science and Mechanics 2004-07-06
Yousef-Sibdari, Soheil The Behavior of Technology Suppliers in the Presence of Network Externalities. Economics 2001-10-16
Yousef-Sibdari, Soheil Essays in Revenue Management and Dynamic Pricing Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-04-22
Yousefi, Najm Al-Din Knowledge and Social Order in Early Islamic Mesopotamia (60–193 AH/680–809 CE) Science and Technology Studies 2010-01-13
Youssef, Lyndl Thorsen Architecture, A Public Engagement with: Purpose Poetry Place Prospect Program Principle Process Architecture 2005-09-17
Youssef, Hazim S Laser engine simulation using pressure based navier-stokes solver Aerospace Engineering 2007-10-05
Youssef, Khaled Saad Numerical Investigation of the Wake of a Rectangular Wing Engineering Science and Mechanics 1998-03-03
Yow, David Lee Spring-fed streams in Virginia and assessment of livestock impacts Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2008-08-20
Yowell, Anne Frazier Ratification of the twenty-sixth amendment. Political Science 2010-07-07
Yu, Tungsheng On-line Traffic Signalization using Robust Feedback Control Mathematics 1997-12-18
Yu, Jian Synthesis and mechanistic studies on the monoamine oxidase (MAO) catalyzed oxidation of 1,4-disubstituted-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridines Chemistry 1998-08-10
Yu, Byungwan Hybrid Channel Coding for Error-Sensitive Class on DS-CDMA Air Interface Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003-09-03
Yu, Kuang-Chao A comparison of program goals emphasized in technology education among selected groups of professionals in the state of Virginia Vocational and Technical Education 2004-02-03
Yu, Bin Modeling Truck Motion along Grade Sections Civil Engineering 2005-02-22
Yu, Bing Development of Tunable Optical Filters for Interrogation of White-Light Interferometric Sensors Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005-05-02
Yu, Yong Gang Molecular genetic analysis of host resistance to soybean mosaic virus Genetics 2006-02-01
Yu, Huijie Driver Based Soft Switch for Pulse-Width-Modulated Power Converters Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005-03-09
Yu, Pengyuan Implementation of DPA-Resistant Circuit for FPGA Electrical and Computer Engineering 2007-04-30
Yu, Zhanjing A study of building response and damage due to mining-induced ground movements Mining and Minerals Engineering 2007-07-11
Yu, Ta-Hua Processing and structure-property behavior of microporous polyethylene :from resin to final film Materials Engineering Science 2007-08-23
Yu, Xiang Synthesis and Characterization of Hydrophilic-Hydrophobic Disulfonated Poly(Arylene Ether Sulfone)-Decafluoro Biphenyl Based Poly(Arylene Ether) Multiblock Copolymers for Proton Exchange Membranes (PEMs) Macromolecular Science and Engineering 2008-04-03
Yu, Xueshu Functional analyses of tomato 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme a reductase (HMGR) genes in transgenic plants engineered for altered HMGR expression Plant Physiology 2008-06-06
Yu, Xianhui Numerical solution of multiple front phase change problems for modeling ice thermal storage systems Mechanical Engineering 2008-06-06
Yu, Chaoping Query optimization for Federated Database Systems :the Cyrano prototype Computer Science 2008-08-25
Yu, Qi A Foundational Framework for Service Query Optimization Computer Science 2008-08-05
Yu, Hyun Young Determination of the Binding Site and the Key Amino Acids on Maize β-Glucosidase Isozyme Glu1 Involved in Binding to β-Glucosidase Aggregating Factor (BGAF) Biology 2009-04-22
Yu, Tungsheng Traffic flow modeling in highway networks Computer Science 2009-12-23
Yu, Monica Wan-yuan A historical study of Chinese garments for selected periods and the influences of these costumes on dress in other cultures Clothing and Textiles 2010-03-02
Yu, Sally Du Energy methods and measurements for a twelve-year-old girl walking and climbing up and down steps with and without books Foods and Nutrition 2010-06-02
Yu, Feng Modeling of V2 Control with Composite Capacitors and Average Current Mode Control Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-06-06
Yu, Guoqiang Machine Learning to Interrogate High-throughput Genomic Data: Theory and Applications Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-09-14
Yu, Haofeng A Numerical Investigation Of The Canonical Duality Method For Non-Convex Variational Problems Mathematics 2011-09-25
Yu, Hao Spatial and temporal population dynamics of yellow perch (Perca flavescens) in Lake Erie Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2010-08-09
Yu, Guo Sapphire Based Fiber-Optic Sensing for Extreme High Temperatures Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-05-04
Yu, Jianghui DC Fault Current Analysis and Control for Modular Multilevel Converters Electrical and Computer Engineering 2016-12-10
Yuan, Yiqing Jet Fluid Mixing Control Through Manipulation Jet Fluid Mixing Control Through Manipulation of Inviscid Flow Structures Mechanical Engineering 2000-06-22
Yuan, Haiqing Studies on the Chemistry of Paclitaxel Chemistry 1998-08-11
Yuan, Huali Modeling VOCs Emissions from Multi-layered Structural Insulated Panels(SIPs) Environmental Engineering 2005-08-29
Yuan, Bin Automatic classification of wooden cabinet doors using computer vision Electrical Engineering 2009-07-10
Yuan, Hao Optimization of Rib-To-Deck Welds for Steel Orthotropic Bridge Decks Civil Engineering 2011-12-03
Yudd Moscoso, Regina The Effects of School Characteristics on Student Academic Performance Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2000-04-27
Yue, Huanyu Mesoscopic Fuel Consumption and Emission Modeling Civil Engineering 2008-04-08
Yue , Naili Planar Packaging and Electrical Characterization of High Temperature SiC Power Electronic Devices Materials Science and Engineering 2008-12-18
Yue, Junping A computerized optimization method for tolerance control Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-07-11
Yue, Xiaohui Detecting Rater Centrality Effect Using Simulation Methods and Rasch Measurement Analysis Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2011-07-27
Yue, Yang The Development of a Thermodynamic Model for Antisense RNA Design and an Electro-transformation Protocol to Introduce Auxotrophic Genes for Enhancing Eicosapentaenoic Acid Yield from Pythium irregulare Biological Systems Engineering 2011-12-16
Yücel, Cemil Bureaucracy and Teachers' Sense of Power Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 1999-11-30
Yun, Myoung Hui Effect of Ozone on CO2 Assimilation and PSII Function in Plants with Contrasting Pollutant Sensitivities Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 2007-04-12
Yun, Won-Cheol Tax treatment of trade in live cattle futures using a mean variance approach :implications to market efficiency and welfare changes Agricultural and Applied Economics 2007-10-02
Yun, Won-Cheol Tax treatment of trade in cattle futures :possible implications to market efficiency and price stability Agricultural Economics 2009-11-24
Yun, Samhun Fabrication of Ultrathin Palladium Composite Membranes by a New Technique and Their Application in the Ethanol Steam Reforming for H2 Production Chemical Engineering 2011-03-18
Yun, Jinsik Development of Structural Health Monitoring Systems Incorporating Acoustic Emission Detection for Spacecraft and Wind Turbine Blades Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-05-05
Yung, Sonja Burns Measurement of sediment oxygen demand in a created urban wetland Environmental Sciences and Engineering 2009-08-22
Yunker, James M The optimization of simulation models by genetic algorithms:a comparative study Industrial and Systems Engineering 2008-07-28
Yurochko, Andrew David The association of tumor-induced changes in macrophage phenotype with immunosuppressive functions Microbiology and Immunology 2007-07-12
Yuskavage, Julia Kathryn Epigallocatechin Gallate in the Regulation of Insulin Secretion Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2008-05-14
Yusof, Ebil bin An evaluation of potential planning processes for national parks in Malaysia Forestry 2010-01-20
Yusufzai, Zinat The Lucidity of Place Architecture 2001-11-30
Yuvaniyama, Pramvadee Biosynthesis of Iron-Sulfur Clusters Biochemistry and Anaerobic Microbiology 1999-12-02

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