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Zaato, Francis Processes for Forming Plasmonic Waveguides from Self-Assembled Gold Nanoparticle Thin Films Electrical and Computer Engineering 2006-08-15
Zabaronick, Noel A. Eye Tracking Using Fiber Optics and Computer Vision Techniques Electrical and Computer Engineering 1998-07-11
Zabaronick, William John Using a Mammalian Virus to Create Plants for Site-Specific Transgene Insertion Biology 2001-05-07
Zacharias, Sebastian Modeling Spatial Variability of Field-Scale Solute Transport in the Vadose Zone Biological Systems Engineering 1998-06-25
Zacharias, Sebastian Tillage effects on leaching and persistence of pesticides in coastal plain soil Agricultural Engineering 2009-11-24
Zack, Melissa Kareen Reliability and Validity of Body Composition and Bone Mineral Density Measurements by DXA Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2002-04-17
Zaebst, Thomas Winter Recovery status of a cypress (Taxodium distichum)-water tupelo (Nyssa aquatica) wetland seven years after harvest disturbance Forestry 2008-08-22
Zafer, Ali Asghar NetEdit: A collaborative Editor Computer Science 2001-05-03
Zaghlool, Shaza Basyouni Using Artificial Life to Design Machine Learning Algorithms for Decoding Gene Expression Patterns from Images Electrical and Computer Engineering 2008-05-02
Zaheda, Mahjabeen Images: A Mask for Scuola Vecchia della Misericordia,Venice. Architecture 2007-01-10
Zahid, Kazi Space-time Processsing for the Wideband-CDMA System Electrical and Computer Engineering 2001-01-03
Zahran, Alyaa R On the Efficiency of Designs for Linear Models in Non-regular Regions and the Use of Standard Desings for Generalized Linear Models Statistics 2002-07-05
Zai, Andrew The Steered Auxiliary Beam Canceller for Interference Cancellation in a Phased Array Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-07-27
Zaitzow, Barbara H Toward an integrated explanation of female criminality :the deprivation-compensation model Sociology 2007-08-08
Zajicek, Anna M. Labor activism and industrial relations in the coal-mining industries of the United States, Great Britain and Poland Sociology 2006-11-08
Zajicek, Edward K Valuation of quality determinants in consumer demand for automobile :a hedonic price approach Economics 2007-08-23
Zakaria, Gaguk Cascade RLS with Subsection Adaptation Electrical and Computer Engineering 2000-02-24
Zakaria, Zulkifli Factors Related to Information Technology Implementation in the Malaysian Ministry of Education Polytechnics Teaching and Learning 2001-05-10
Zakaria, Gaguk Switching adaptive filter structures for improved performance Electrical Engineering 2009-07-21
Zaki, Hossam M. Language as a Mediator between Home Environment and Prefrontal Functioning In Early Childhood Psychology 2004-05-26
Zaki, Hossam M. Language and Working Memory Capacity in Early Adulthood: Contributions From First and Second Language Proficiency Psychology 2005-05-26
Zakich, Daniel Some considerations of an optimum sample size for a one-stage sampling procedure Statistics 2010-02-16
Zaklikowski, Anna Emilia The Effect of Chlorine and Chloramines on the Viability and Activity of Nitrifying Bacteria Environmental Engineering 2006-06-26
Zaldivar, Virgilio Antonio Centeno Adaptive out-of-step relaying with phasor measurement Electrical Engineering 2008-06-06
Zaldivar, Marc Robert Blending cognitive rule-based, process-based, and context-based theories in the development of online grammar instruction Teaching and Learning 2008-11-11
Zalewski, Jon Eric Effects of Reduced Early Post-Sprigging Nitrogen Application on Bermudagrass Sprig Establishment Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2003-09-04
Zalich, Michael Andrew Physical Properties of Magnetic Macromolecule-Metal and Macromolecule-Metal Oxide Nanoparticle Complexes Chemistry 2005-05-04
Zaloshnja, Eduard X. Analysis of Agricultural Production in Albania: Prospects for Policy Improvement Agricultural and Applied Economics 1997-09-11
Zalubas, Mark Paul Preliminary design of a communications spacecraft--GEOCOMM Systems Engineering 2009-12-23
Zang, Lun-Yi Molecular basis of MPTP-induced Parkinson's disease Veterinary Medical Sciences 2009-01-24
Zangari, Mary-Eve C Family members' experiences of saturation, bonding, and leisure :a feminist perspective Family and Child Development 2007-10-03
Zanko, Ashley Lee Evaluating the Potential Public Health Impact of Community Gardens in a Health Disparate Region: A case study approach Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2012-04-10
Zappettini, Kris Rural Self-Help Housing: A Post Occupancy Evaluation of Homeowners' Satisfaction With Residential Space Plan Design and Housing Quality Near Environments 2001-08-16
Zarco, Mark Albert Solution fo soil-structure interaction problems by coupled boundary element-finite element method Civil Engineering 2008-06-06
Zareian-Jahromi, Mohammad Amin MEMS-Based Micro Gas Chromatography: Design, Fabrication and Characterization Electrical and Computer Engineering 2009-06-05
Zaremski, Brian Zachary The Advancement of Adaptive Relaying in Power Systems Protection Electrical and Computer Engineering 2012-05-02
Zarookian, Ruffy Feasibility of Spectrum Sharing Between Airborne Weather Radar and Wireless Local Area Networks Electrical and Computer Engineering 2007-11-28
Zaveri, Rahul A. Development and Evaluation of a Comprehensive Tropospheric Chemistry Model for Regional and Global Applications Chemical Engineering 1997-06-27
Ze?evi?, Nevena Techniques and adaptation algorithms for direct-sequence spread-spectrum CDMA single-user detection Electrical Engineering 2008-08-22
Zeagler, Andrew Structure and Processing Relations in Ni-W Amorphous Particle Strengthened Ni Matrix Composites Materials Science and Engineering 2008-12-12
Zeagler, Andrew On a Bimodal Distribution of Grain Size in Mechanically Alloyed Bulk Tungsten Heavy Alloys Materials Science and Engineering 2011-06-24
Zeakes, Jason S Extrinsic Fabry-Perot Interferometric hydrogen gas sensor Electrical Engineering 2009-06-16
Zeccolo, Peggy L. The nature, origin, and validity of ethics for nursing administrators Public Administration and Policy 2007-08-06
Zeckoski, Rebecca Winfrey Simulation of Runoff and Pollutant Loss in Urbanizing Watersheds Biological Systems Engineering 2002-07-22
Zegley, Linda A An Investigation of the Relationship Between Self-reported Multicultural Counseling Competence and Middle School Counselors’ Efforts to Broach Racial, Ethnic, and Cultural Factors with Students Counselor Education 2008-01-16
Zegre, Nicolas P. The Hillslope Hydrology of a Mountain Pasture: The Influence of Subsurface Flow on Nitrate and Ammonium Transport Forestry 2003-10-23
Zeh, Christopher Michael Softwear: A Flexible Design Framework For Electronic Textile Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering 2006-04-20
Zeimer, Michael A Selection of pure error generators for simulation experiments Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-11-24
Zeis, Jennifer L Custom order visualization system Systems Engineering 2010-02-02
Zekert, Ashley Elizabeth Effect of Alternative Household Sanitizing Formulations Including: Tea Tree Oil, Borax, and Vinegar, to Inactivate Foodborne Pathogens on Food Contact Surfaces Food Science and Technology 2009-11-20
Zelazny, Lucian M. Toward a Theory of Information System Development Success: Perceptions of Software Development Team Members Accounting and Information Systems 2011-06-10
Zell, Stacy Kay Characterizing the conversation :a historical re-view of Maria Montessori's visits to the United States, 1913-1918 Curriculum and Instruction 2007-08-08
Zell, Stacy Kay Characterizing the Conversation: A Historical Re-view of Maria Montessori's Visits to the United States 1913-1918 Human Development 1998-07-25
Zellmer, David B. The Knowledgeable City: A Networked, Knowledge-Based Strategy for Local Governance and Urban Development Urban Affairs and Planning 2001-04-18
Zellner, James Alton The behavior of regulatory commissions :a case study of the Virginia State Corporation Commission. Economics 2010-05-19
Zellweger, Jon Robert The Silver Fraction - A Weathered Inebriation: Plans, Elevations, Sections, Details, Models and Texts for a Brewery and a Biergarten on the bank of the Potomac River, Alexandria, Virginia Architecture 2004-04-01
Zemajtis, Jerzy Modeling the Time to Corrosion Initiation for Concretes with Mineral Admixtures and/or Corrosion Inhibitors in Chloride-Laden Environments Civil and Environmental Engineering 1998-01-19
Zendel, Alexander Mark Investigating the Role of Location-Allocation Models in Planning the Locations of Dry Fire Hydrants Geography 2005-04-24
Zeng, Hui Experience-Oriented Ecological Design: A Methodological Framework to Improve Human Experience in Urban Public Space Ecological Design Landscape Architecture 2005-05-17
Zeng, Dongsong Pulse Shaping Filter Design and Interference Analysis in UWB Communication Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005-08-01
Zeng, Gang Charaterization of the glpEGR operon of Escherichia coli K-12 Biochemistry 2005-10-26
Zeng, Xiandi The estimation and statistical inferences of the position and orientation of a scanning laser Doppler vibrometer Mechanical Engineering 2008-10-30
Zeng, Ka U.S. policy of conditioning China's most-favored-nation status on intellectual property protection, 1991-1993 Political Science 2009-01-10
Zeng, Yee Cost of capital :a practical model incorporated with risk assessment for hotel investments in the middle-price and economy segments Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management 2009-10-24
Zeng, Xin Comparative Statics Analysis of Some Operations Management Problems Industrial and Systems Engineering 2012-08-18
Zepp, Laura J The use of goal programming to address cost control problems in purchase of development rights programs Agricultural and Applied Economics 2009-01-17
Zerda Lerner, Susana de la Winter habitat use by Blackburnian Warblers (Dendroica fusca) in Los Amarillos, Colombia Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2009-01-10
Zeron, Laura Hidalgo Designing for the waterfront Architecture 2008-09-09
Zeytun, Ahmet Tumor cell-immune cell interaction: A lethal two way street Biology 1999-05-26
Zhai, Jing Application of insecticides to control the German cockroach, Blattella germania (L.) Entomology 2009-06-10
Zhai, Junyi Magnetoelectric laminated composites and devices Materials Science and Engineering 2009-02-25
Zhan, Lijun Integrated airport capacity and delay model :computer packageof the Federal Aviation Administration advisory circular 150/5060-5 Civil Engineering 2009-07-10
Zhang, Michael Tao Electrical, Thermal, and EMI Designs of High-Density, Low-Profile Power Supplies Electrical and Computer Engineering 1998-07-11
Zhang, Bai Modeling and Characterization of Dynamic Changes in Biological Systems from Multi-platform Genomic Data Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-09-26
Zhang, Xunzhong Influence of Plant Growth Regulators on Turfgrass Growth, Antioxidant Status, and Drought Tolerance Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 1997-07-01
Zhang, Wei Integrated EMI/Thermal Design for Switching Power Supplies Electrical Engineering 1998-02-09
Zhang, Jindong Study and Improvement of Single-Stage Power Factor Correction Techniques Electrical and computer engineering 1998-08-06
Zhang, Richard S. High Performance Power Converter Systems for Nonlinear and Unbalanced Load/Source Electrical and Computer Engineering 1998-10-20
Zhang, Bo Zhi Reducing Nutrient Excretion via Improved Nutrient Utilization by Supplementing Pig and Poultry Diets with Phytase Enzyme Animal and Poultry Sciences 1999-02-18
Zhang, Zhiwei A Longitudinal Study of Alcohol and Drug Use in the Workplace Sociology 1999-04-22
Zhang, Huiying An Evaluation of the Durability of Polymer Concrete Bonds to Aluminum Bridge Decks Engineering Mechanics 1999-04-07
Zhang, Li Optimizing Traffic Network Signals Around Railroad Crossings Civil Engineering 2000-05-17
Zhang, Jindong Advanced Integrated Single-Stage Power Factor Correction Techniques Electrical and Computer Engineering 2001-03-23
Zhang, Yihua An Evaluation of Transit signal Priority and SCOOT Adaptive Signal control Civil Engineering 2001-05-21
Zhang, Fajian Electro-optic Properties of Semiconductor Nano-crystals And Electro-optic Polymers And Their Applications Materials Science and Engineering 2002-10-17
Zhang, Wei Microbubble fermentation of recombinant Pichia pastoris for human serum albumin production Biological Systems Engineering 2003-06-03
Zhang, Yibing Novel Optical Sensors for High Temperature Measurement in Harsh Environments Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003-07-25
Zhang, Po High-resolution Photon Counting OTDR based Interrogation of Multiplexing Broadband FBG Sensors Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003-09-22
Zhang, Xiaowei The Effects of Conservation Easements on Land Values Agricultural and Applied Economics 2004-05-12
Zhang, Liang Design Verification for Sequential Systems at Various Abstraction Levels Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005-01-28
Zhang, Bin Development of the Advanced Emitter Turn-Off (ETO) Thyristor Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005-02-02
Zhang, Wei Phase Behavior and Phase Separation Kinetics in Polymer Solutions under High Pressure Chemical Engineering 2005-04-18
Zhang, Xinyu Optimal Geometric Trimming of B-spline Surfaces for Aircraft Design Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-12
Zhang, Xiaohong Optimal feedback control for nonlinear discrete systems and applications to optimal control of nonlinear periodic ordinary differential equations Mathematics 2005-10-26
Zhang, Xin Fully Distributed Control and Its Analog IC Design For Scalable Multiphase Voltage Regulators Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005-11-14
Zhang, Yan Miniature fiber-optic multicavity Fabry-Perot interferometric biosensor Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005-12-15
Zhang, Xiaorong The roles of proteinases and proteinase inhibitors in plant-nematode interactions Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2006-02-01
Zhang, Lan Parameter identification in linear and nonlinear parabolic partial differential equations Mathematics 2006-05-11
Zhang, Wang Freeway Travel Time Estimation Based on Spot Speed Measurements Civil Engineering 2006-06-29
Zhang, Baoping Intelligent Fusion of Evidence from Multiple Sources for Text Classification Computer Science 2006-07-03
Zhang, Huizi Classification Analysis for Environmental Monitoring: Combining Information across Multiple Studies Statistics 2006-08-19
Zhang, Yanhong An investigation of shear response of composite material systems Engineering Mechanics 2006-10-04
Zhang, Li Study of FACTS/ESS Applications in Bulk Power System Electrical and Computer Engineering 2006-07-31
Zhang, Jinhong Surface Forces between Silica Surfaces in CnTACl Solutions and Surface Free Energy Characterization of Talc Mining and Minerals Engineering 2006-12-08
Zhang, Hongbo Use of Statistical Mechanics Methods to Assess the Effects of Localized muscle fatigue on Stability during Upright Stance Industrial and Systems Engineering 2007-01-10
Zhang, Xing Biogeography and biosystematics of plum curculio, Conotrachelus nenuphar (Herbst)/Wolbachia interactions Entomology 2007-01-05
Zhang, Yihua Capacity Modeling of Freeway Weaving Sections Civil Engineering 2005-05-18
Zhang, Yiqun Stereochemistry of small molecules: Configurational and conformational control Chemistry 2007-03-28
Zhang, Bing Digital Test of Composite Material Using X-Ray Tomography and Finite Element Simulation Civil Engineering 2007-06-22
Zhang, Lin Large-Scale Simulations Using First and Second Order Adjoints with Applications in Data Assimilation Computer Science 2007-06-24
Zhang, Wen Mechanism of genistein in the regulation of pancreatic beta-cell proliferation Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise 2007-11-20
Zhang, Junhong Bidirectional DC-DC Power Converter Design Optimization, Modeling and Control Electrical and Computer Engineering 2008-02-05
Zhang, Chen An ECA-Based ZigBee Receiver Electrical and Computer Engineering 2008-03-21
Zhang, Yunlong Optimal traffic control for a freeway corridor under incident conditions Civil Engineering 2008-06-06
Zhang, Weimin In situ laser Raman studies of the mechanism of ethanol oxidation over supported molybdenum oxide Materials Engineering Science 2008-06-06
Zhang, Yiding Search for the rare decay of the muon into a positron and a photon Physics 2008-06-06
Zhang, Jianhua Restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis of chloroplast DNA, mitochondrial DNA, and ribosomal DNA in turfgrasses Genetics 2008-06-06
Zhang, Yuwen An artificial neural network approach to transformer fault diagnosis Electrical Engineering 2008-08-22
Zhang, Minhui Investigation of structure and permeability of surfaces modified with self-assembled monolayers Chemistry 2008-08-22
Zhang, Yanting Urban Open Space Design for the Chinese Floating Population Community: Planning and Site Design Guidelines Landscape Architecture 2011-10-11
Zhang, Tongli Mathematical Models of Some Signaling Pathways Regulating Cell Survival and Death Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology 2008-11-03
Zhang, Ge Incorporating Food-away-from-Home into the Thrifty Food Plan Agricultural and Applied Economics 2008-12-16
Zhang, Xuan High Precision Dynamic Power System Frequency Estimation Algorithm Based on Phasor Approach Electrical and Computer Engineering 2004-01-20
Zhang, Jinming Development of Environmentally Friendly Non-Chrome Conversion Coatings for Cold-Rolled Steel Mining and Minerals Engineering 2003-08-26
Zhang, Jin Central cannabinoid regulation of food intake in chickens Animal and Poultry Sciences 2005-06-23
Zhang, Zhiye Sintering of Micro-scale and Nanscale Silver Paste for Power Semiconductor Devices Attachment Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005-09-08
Zhang, Yan Relative Effects of Water Chemistry on Aspects of Iron Corrosion Environmental Engineering 2005-10-26
Zhang, Ju Development of a power electronics for a flywheel energy storage system Electrical Engineering 2009-01-17
Zhang, Song An evaluation of visual and verbal based standards for landscape assessment Landscape Architecture 2009-06-11
Zhang, Yanzhen Health care systems in China Community Health Education 2009-07-10
Zhang, Xiaodong Modeling of materials with internal variables using a thermomechanical approach Mechanical Engineering 2009-10-31
Zhang, Xiaoyu Effective Search in Online Knowledge Communities: A Genetic Algorithm Approach Computer Science 2009-09-14
Zhang, Xiaodong Power system transmission enhancement through storage Electrical Engineering 2009-11-24
Zhang, Pinyi The properties of single crystal sapphire fibers and the polarimetric optical sensor for high temperature measurements Electrical Engineering 2009-12-04
Zhang, Jingwei Numerical Methods for the Chemical Master Equation Mathematics 2009-12-09
Zhang, Wenyan Identification and Characterization of Genes Involved in Regulation of Ascorbate Metabolic Pathway(s) in Arabidopsis thaliana Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 2007-02-15
Zhang, Zhenyu Thermo-Mechanical Behavior of Polymer Composites Exposed to Fire Engineering Science and Mechanics 2010-07-12
Zhang, Ying Bayesian D-Optimal Design for Generalized Linear Models Statistics 2006-12-18
Zhang, Qian Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Magnetite Nanoparticle Block Copolymer Complexes Chemistry 2007-04-26
Zhang, Jingyao SUNSHINE: A Multi-Domain Sensor Network Simulator Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-10-11
Zhang, Lin The involvement of IRAK-1 in the regulation of NFATc2 in T cells Biology 2008-09-05
Zhang, Bo Supporting Software Transactional Memory in Distributed Systems: Protocols for Cache-Coherence, Conflict Resolution and Replication Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-11-13
Zhang, Yaofu Dezincification and Brass Lead Leaching in Premise Plumbing Systems: Effects of Alloy, Physical Conditions and Water Chemistry Environmental Engineering 2009-12-18
Zhang, Yan Nitrification in premise plumbing and its effect on corrosion and water quality degradation Environmental Engineering 2009-04-17
Zhang, Bin Synthesis and Characterization of trans-1,4-Cyclohexylene Ring Containing Poly(arylene ether sulfone)s Chemistry 2012-01-25
Zhang, Yafen Fundamental Studies of Reactions between NO3 Radicals and Organic Surfaces Chemistry 2012-04-30
Zhang, Yunzhou The Effects of Superstition as Destination Attractiveness on Behavioral Intention Hospitality and Tourism Management 2012-05-11
Zhang, Congwen Essays on the Use of Hedonic Price Models to Measure Welfare for Quality Changes in the Public Goods Agricultural and Applied Economics 2012-05-11
Zhang, Huaiye Bayesian Approach Dealing with Mixture Model Problems Statistics 2012-05-03
Zhang, Tong Electrical conduction transport mechanisms of barium titanate- based multilayer ceramic capacitors Materials Engineering 2012-06-10
Zhang, Xiaochun Sequencing batch reactor treatment of oily wastewater from can manufacturing and gasoline tank bottoms Environmental Sciences and Engineering 2012-06-10
Zhang, Jing Community Characteristics and Trajectories of Adolescent Internalizing and Externalizing Behaviors: The Cumulative Advantage/Disadvantage and Subjective Appraisals of Social Support as Mechanisms Human Development 2012-09-18
Zhang, Zhiye Modeling, Analysis, and Experiments of Inter Fiber Yarn Compaction Effects in Braided Composite Actuators Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2012-10-01
Zhang, Di Analysis and Design of Paralleled Three-Phase Voltage Source Converters with Interleaving Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-05-07
Zhang, Yuji Module_based Analysis of Biological Data for Network Inference and Biomarker Discovery Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-08-01
Zhang, Yao Electronic Transport in Highly Mismatched InAs Films on GaAs Electrical and Computer Engineering 2013-12-17
Zhang, Yafei Exploring spatial heterogeneity of CPUE year trend and nonstationarity in fisheries stock assessment, an example based on Atlantic Weakfish (Cynoscion regalis) Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2016-04-28
Zhang, Jianfei The Preparation, Functionalization and Biomedical Applications of Carbonaceous Nanomaterials Chemistry 2011-04-12
Zhang, Mingqiang Morphological Characterization and Analysis of Ion-Containing Polymers Using Small Angle X-ray Scattering Chemistry 2014-11-10
Zhang, Yingchen New Methods for Synchrophasor Measurement Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-12-21
Zhao, Yiqing Single Phase Power Factor Correction Circuit with Wide Output Voltage Range Electrical and Computer Engineering 1998-02-06
Zhao, Jianxin Making Digital Libraries Flexible, Scalable and Reliable: Reengineering the MARIAN System in JAVA Computer Science 1999-07-04
Zhao, Chun-Mei Intercultural Competence: A Quantitative Study of the Significance of Intercultural Competence and the Influence of College Experiences on Students’ Intercultural Competence Development Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2002-05-15
Zhao, Jun Development of Integrated "Chip-Scale" Active Antennas for Wireless Applications Electrical and Computer Engineering 2002-08-22
Zhao, Qiang New Results on Selection Diversity over Fading Channels Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003-02-27
Zhao, Qun Performance Improvement of Power Conversion by Utilizing Coupled Inductors Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003-02-17
Zhao, Xiaopeng Modeling and Simulation of MEMS Devices Engineering Science and Mechanics 2004-08-12
Zhao, Lingyin Generalized Frequency Plane Model of Integrated Electromagnetic Power Passives Electrical and Computer Engineering 2004-05-13
Zhao, Chengsong Identifying and characterizing genes that regulate vascular tissue-specific functions Horticulture 2005-06-12
Zhao, Junmei Impact of Dietary Proteins on Growth Performance, Intestinal Morphology, and mRNA Abundance in Weanling Pigs Animal and Poultry Sciences 2005-09-29
Zhao, Xi-jun Proton Compton scattering with polarized [gamma] rays Physics 2005-10-26
Zhao, Wei Defining farm-safety research priorities and adjusting farm insurance premiums by a risk analysis approach Agricultural Engineering 2006-06-19
Zhao, Xin Study of Multimode Extrinsic Fabry-Perot Interferometric Fiber Optic Sensor on Biosensing Electrical and Computer Engineering 2006-08-14
Zhao, Ying A decision-support framework for design of natural ventilation in non-residential buildings Architecture 2007-04-20
Zhao, Jinlin The antecedent factors and entry mode choice of multinational lodging firms :the case of growth strategies into new international markets Hospitality and Tourism Management 2007-10-03
Zhao, Song Part 1 Design, Synthesis and Bioactivity of a Phosphorylated Prodrug for the Inhibition of Pin1 Part 2 Conformational Specificity of Cdc25c Substrate for Cdc2 Kinase using LC-MS/MS Chemistry 2008-01-12
Zhao, Zunyang Removal of Estrogens at Full and Pilot Scale Livestock Manure Treatment Systems Dairy Science 2008-01-29
Zhao, Jielu A descriptive study of the centralized system of higher education in China Educational Administration 2008-06-06
Zhao, Zhiyang Synthetic and metabolic studies on centrally acting amines Chemistry 2008-07-28
Zhao, Yuedong A color identification system based on class-oriented adaptive color space quantization Electrical Engineering 2008-08-22
Zhao, Haiyan Catalytic Hydrogenation and Hydrodesulfurization of Model Compounds Chemical Engineering 2009-03-27
Zhao, Jun Silicon-Based RFIC Multi-band Transmitter Front Ends for Ultra-Wideband Communications and Sensor Applications Electrical and Computer Engineering 2007-09-04
Zhao, Ningyue Studies on the operator-repressor-effector interactions in the glp regulon of Escherichia Coli K-12 Biochemistry and Anaerobic Microbiology 2009-07-11
Zhao, Hui Calculations of the elastic constants of crystals as functions of pressure with applications to quartz and cristobalite Geological Sciences 2009-07-11
Zhao, Xin Electropolishing of Niobium in Sulfuric Acid-Methanol Electrolytes: Development of Hydrofluoric Acid-Free Electrolytes Materials Science and Engineering 2009-08-03
Zhao, Zhiyang Studies on water-soluble taxol derivatives Chemistry 2009-11-24
Zhao, Qiang Bruce Optimal one-way traffic control strategy for under-saturated two-land highway work zone operation Civil Engineering 2009-12-23
Zhao, Youping Enabling Cognitive Radios through Radio Environment Maps Electrical and Computer Engineering 2007-05-21
Zhao, Zheng High Efficiency Single-stage Grid-tied PV Inverter for Renewable Energy System Electrical and Computer Engineering 2012-05-03
Zhao, Yueqin A Downtown Space Reservation System: Its Design and Evaluation Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-09-18
Zhao, Jielu Design, Syntheses and Biological Activities of Paclitaxel Analogs Chemistry 2011-02-21
Zhao, Renzun Management strategy of landfill leachate and landfill gas condensate Civil Engineering 2012-09-05
Zhao, Shengliang Supramolecular Ru II, Pt II Complexes Bridged by 2,3,5,6-tetrakis(2-pyridyl)pyrazine (tppz) Chemistry 2010-01-22
Zheng, Jun Studies of PF Resole / Isocyanate Hybrid Adhesives Wood Science and Forest Products 2003-01-07
Zheng, Sophia Signal Acquisition and Tracking for a Software Gps Receiver Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005-02-20
Zheng, Jun Supercritical Fluid Chromatography of Ionic Compounds Chemistry 2005-11-10
Zheng, Yexin Novel RTD-Based Threshold Logic Design and Verification Electrical and Computer Engineering 2008-04-28
Zheng, Chenbo Error and erasure decoding for a CDPD system Electrical Engineering 2008-08-22
Zheng, Zhijun The analytical force prediction and dynamic response analysis of the Bristol H25A compressor Mechanical Engineering 2009-01-10
Zheng, George Web Service Mining Computer Science 2009-02-27
Zheng, David Z Impacts of superconducting magnetic energy storage unit on power system stability Electrical Engineering 2009-07-11
Zheng, Bibo Multiresolution fixation of a binocular vision system Electrical Engineering 2009-07-11
Zheng, Raymond Sihao Channel modeling and interference rejection for CDMA automatic vehicle monitoring systems Electrical Engineering 2009-07-11
Zheng, Yexin Circuit Design Methods with Emerging Nanotechnologies Electrical and Computer Engineering 2009-12-08
Zheng, Zhijun A preprocessor for the analysis of space frames in the Microsoft Windows environment Civil Engineering 2010-05-04
Zheng, Zhiyuan Three Essays on Econometric Analysis Economics 2011-06-23
Zheng, Liyu Knowledge Representation and Decision Support for Managing Product Obsolescence Industrial and Systems Engineering 2011-12-19
Zheng, Hanguang Processing and Properties of Die-attachment on Copper Surface by Low-temperature Sintering of Nanosilver Paste Materials Science and Engineering 2012-05-14
Zheng, Hongzhang On Development and Performance Evaluation of Some Biosurveillance Methods Statistics 2011-07-09
Zhong, Caoyuan Modeling of Airport Operations Using an Object-Oriented Approach Civil Engineering 1998-07-11
Zhong, Xin Efficient Sampling Plans for Control Charts When Monitoring an Autocorrelated Process Statistics 2006-03-01
Zhong, Zhian Power Systems Frequency Dynamic Monitoring System Design and Applications Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005-08-18
Zhong, Caoyuan The economic justification and operational requirements of high-speed runway exits Civil Engineering 2009-12-04
Zhou, Hongyi Structure-Property Relationships: Model Studies On melt Extruded Uniaxially Oriented High Density polyethylene Films Having Well Defined Morphologies Materials Science and Engineering 1998-07-11
Zhou, Lucy Ying Quantitative Analysis of Additives in Low Density Polyethylene Using On-line Supercritical Fluid Extraction /Supercritical Fluid Chromatography Chemistry 1998-06-15
zhou, xunwei Low-voltage High-efficiency Fast-transient Voltage regulator Module Electrical Engineering 1999-08-30
Zhou, Dafeng Farnesyltransferase: Gene expression in Plants and Role in Plant Development Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 1998-07-25
Zhou, Zheng Achieving Late-Mover Advantage: The Effects of Enhancing and Distinctive Strategies Marketing 2002-04-18
Zhou, Guoqing Co-Location Decision Tree for Enhancing Decision-Making of Pavement Maintenance and Rehabilitation Civil Engineering 2011-01-28
Zhou, Aixi Stiffness and Strength of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite Bridge Deck Systems Engineering Science and Mechanics 2002-10-07
Zhou, Ye Reengineering PhysNet in the uPortal framework Computer Science 2003-06-09
Zhou, Daquan Restoring Our Urban Streams A Study Plan for Restoring/Rehabilitating Stroubles Creek in Blacksburg, Virginia Women's Studies 2004-05-22
Zhou, Xiaobo Fractal and Multifractal Analysis of Runoff Time Series and Stream Networks in Agricultural Watersheds Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 2004-11-04
Zhou, Jinghai High Frequency, High Current Density Voltage Regulators Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005-04-25
Zhou, Xigen Electrical, Magnetic, Thermal Modeling and Analysis of a 5000A Solid-State Switch Module and Its Application as a DC Circuit Breaker Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005-09-08
Zhou, Dan Biosynthesis of Caldariellaquinone in Sulfolobus acidocaldarius Biochemistry and Nutrition 2005-10-14
Zhou, Yu The study of many-electron systems Physics 2005-10-14
Zhou, Wei Systemic growth promoting actions of copper in weanling pigs Animal Science 2006-06-19
Zhou, Jia Qi Simplified Analysis of IMU Sensor Corruptions on Existing Pendulation Control System For Ship-Mounted Crane Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2006-12-14
Zhou, Feng Ultimate Strength of Clamped Steel-Elastomer Sandwich Panels under Combined In-plane Compression and Lateral Pressure Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2008-02-15
Zhou, Su-Wei Coupled electro-mechanical system modeling and experimental investigation of piezoelectric actuator-driven adaptive structures Mechanical Engineering 2008-06-06
Zhou, Yu Nanoscale surface modification of wood veneers for adhesion Wood Science and Forest Products 2008-12-18
Zhou, Ning Active control of sound transmission through plates in a reverberant environment Mechanical Engineering 2009-01-31
Zhou, Yu Simulation of High-velocity Penetration for Rigid Projectile into Plain Concrete Target using Discrete Element Method Civil Engineering 2009-02-23
Zhou, Qing Combined linear/nonlinear stability analysis of plane and space frames Civil Engineering 2009-07-11
Zhou, Shun Hua Photo-induced birefringence in single-mode optical fiber Electrical Engineering 2009-07-11
Zhou, Xiaofeng Adoption of non-traditional enterprises by Virginia farmers Agricultural and Applied Economics 2009-07-11
Zhou, Huaizu Increasing existing mechanical hoisting capacity with supplementary hydraulic hoisting Mining and Minerals Engineering 2009-07-29
Zhou, Dao Ultra Low-Power Wireless Sensor Node for Structural Health Monitoring Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010-02-01
Zhou, Yinli Effects of Growth Hormone and Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I on Milk Protein Gene Expression and Nutrient Uptake and Cell Proliferation in Clonal Bovine Mammary Epithelial Cells Animal and Poultry Sciences 2007-09-11
Zhou, Ming Advanced System Monitoring with Phasor Measurements Electrical and Computer Engineering 2008-05-20
Zhou, Bin Computational Analysis of LC-MS/MS Data for Metabolite Identification Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-12-13
Zhou, Jie Modeling and measurement of switching converters Electrical Engineering 2012-11-14
Zhou, Xu Synthesis and characterization of rigid nanoporous hypercrosslinked copolymers for high surface area materials with potential hydrogen storage capabilities Chemistry 2010-12-03
Zhou, Rui FITSelect: An Invention to Select Microbial Strains Maximizing Product Formation from a Single Culture Without High-Throughput Screening Biological Systems Engineering 2011-08-16
Zhu, Ping Space Design for the Acitc Educational technology Office Area Using a Workplace neighborhood Concept Housing, Interior Design, and Resource Management 1998-07-11
Zhu, Qi A discussion of two design approaches in Architecture Architecture 1999-08-02
Zhu, Fulin Locations of AVI System and Travel Time Forecasting Civil Engineering 2000-06-15
Zhu, Xiaomei A Demand Driven Re-fleeting Approach for Aircraft Assignment Under Uncertainty Industrial and Systems Engineering 2001-08-28
Zhu, Qinwei 5SGraph: A Modeling Tool for Digital Libraries Computer Science 2002-11-27
Zhu, Dan Power System Reliability Analysis with Distributed Generators Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003-05-16
Zhu, Junlin Effective properties for flow in heterogeneous porous media Civil Engineering 2005-09-20
Zhu, Ning Planar metallization failure modes in integrated power electtonics modules Electrical and Computer Engineering 2006-05-04
Zhu, Jinghao Some results on nonlinear optimal control Mathematics 2006-10-04
Zhu, Hong Cohesion and coherence in Chinese ESL writing Curriculum and Instruction 2006-12-14
Zhu, Huiyu New Multi-Phase Diode Rectifier Average Models for AC and DC Power System Studies Electrical and Computer Engineering 2005-12-20
Zhu, Dan Electric Distribution Reliability Analysis Considering Time-varying Load, Weather Conditions and Reconfiguration with Distributed Generation Electrical and Computer Engineering 2007-03-30
Zhu, Yizheng Miniature Fiber-Optic Sensors for High-Temperature Harsh Environments Electrical and Computer Engineering 2007-05-17
Zhu, Minkang A multiple objective approach to evaluate economic and environmental impacts of agricultural management systems from a sustainable development perspective Agricultural Economics 2007-07-12
Zhu, Dongping A feasibility study on using CT image analysis for hardwood log inspection Electrical Engineering 2008-06-06
Zhu, Min Design of automotive joints :using optimization to translate performance criteria to physical design parameters Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2008-06-06
Zhu, Chengbin Supply Chain Revenue Management Considering Components' Quality and Reliability Industrial and Systems Engineering 2008-08-13
Zhu, Qi Shi in Architecture: the Efficacy of Traditional Chinese Doors Architecture 2008-05-15
Zhu, Xiaojing Processability of Nickel-Boron Nanolayer Coated Boron Carbide Materials Science and Engineering 2008-08-12
Zhu, Zhiguang Investigating biomass saccharification for the production of cellulosic ethanol Biological Systems Engineering 2009-05-04
Zhu, Yitan Learning Statistical and Geometric Models from Microarray Gene Expression Data Electrical and Computer Engineering 2009-09-09
Zhu, Jiangtao Effects of dietary tyrosine and tryptophan supplementation on immunity and brain neurotransmitter levels after SRBC injections in chickens Animal and Poultry Sciences 2009-11-24
Zhu, Jun A study for preserving and renovating the main building of Solitude at Virginia Tech Architecture 2010-02-16
Zhu, Xiaomei Discrete Two-Stage Stochastic Mixed-Integer Programs with Applications to Airline Fleet Assignment and Workforce Planning Problems Industrial and Systems Engineering 2006-04-24
Zhuang, Hong Synthesis and Characterization of Aryl Phosphine Oxide Containing Thermoplastic Polyimides and Thermosetting Polyimides with Controlled Reactivity Chemistry 1998-04-14
Zhuang, Hong The influence of surface properties on carbon fiber/epoxy matrix interfacial adhesion Chemistry 2008-11-18
Ziegenmeyer, Jonathan Daniel Estimation of Disturbance Inputs to a Tire Coupled Quarter-car Suspension Test Rig Mechanical Engineering 2007-05-15
Ziegler, Jochen refin [d]ing process Architecture 1998-11-04
Zielinski, Beth Anne Z. Study Abroad Length of Program Influence on Cross-Cultural Adaptability Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 2007-04-30
Zielinski, Jacob Jonathan Adapting Response Surface Methods for the Optimization of Black-Box Systems Statistics 2010-08-30
Zietz, Jason Activity-based Knowledge Management Tool Design for Educators Computer Science 2006-08-24
Zigic, Dragan Homotopy methods for solving the optimal projection equations for the reduced order model problem Computer Science and Applications 2009-11-24
Zigler, David Francis Synthesis and Study of Polyazine Bridged Mixed Metal Dyads: Electrochemical, Photophysical, and Photochemical Properties of a New Supramolecular Architecture Chemistry 2008-11-04
Zilahi-Balogh, Gabriella M. G. Biology of Laricobius nigrinus Fender (Coleoptera: Derodontidae) and its potential as a biological control agent of the hemlock woolly adelgid, Adelges tsugae Annand (Homoptera: Adelgidae) in the eastern United States Entomology 2001-11-25
Zilevu, Kojo Sitsofe A Nonlinear Technique for Bandwidth Improvement in Narrowband Antennas Electrical and Computer Engineering 2012-05-06
Zima, Jr., Andrew David Misalignment Effects of the Self-Tracking Laser Doppler Vibrometer Mechanical Engineering 2001-05-10
Zimina, Natalia The Journey: Theatre and Arts center Architecture 2010-02-18
Zimmer, Robert John Validating the Vroom-Yetton normative model of leader behavior in field sales force management and measuring the training effect of Telos on the leader behavior of district managers. Business Administration 2010-04-13
Zimmerman, Kurt Lee Extending Snomed to Include Explanatory Reasoning Veterinary Medical Sciences 2003-12-05
Zimmerman, Lora Leigh Propagation of Juvenile Freshwater Mussels (Bivalvia: Unionidae) and Assessment of Habitat Suitability for Restoration of Mussels in the Clinch River, Virginia Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 2003-04-03
Zimmerman, Toni Schindler. Uncommon sports psychology: a qualitative study of the process of utilizing family therapy theory and techniques with an athletic team Family and Child Development (Marriage and Family Therapy) 2005-10-14
Zimmerman, Krista Kaye Evaluation of bacterial strains for control of dollar spot on creeping bentgrass and brown patch on tall fescue Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science 2009-07-21
Zimmerman, Jessica Louise A New Middle Landscape : An Urban Neighborhood Architecture 2010-07-15
Zimmerman-Pope, Nancy Effect of Fenoldopam on Renal Function in Normal Dogs Following Nephrotomy Veterinary Medical Sciences 2003-04-16
Zimmermann, Bernd D. High resolution optical time domain reflectometry and its application Electrical Engineering 2012-06-10
Zin, Than Than Comparing 12 finite state models of examinee performance on multiple-choice tests Educational Research and Evaluation 2006-05-04
Ziobro, Regan Michel PHENOMENOLOGY and AMBIGUITY: physical perception of indefiniteness Architecture 2010-08-23
Zirkle, Mary A Build-Out Analysis as a Planning Tool With a Demonstration for Roanoke County, Virginia Urban Affairs and Planning 2003-04-25
Zirkle, Ross Eric The use of alkaline gel electrphoresis to analyze hydrogen peroxide-caused DNA damage and repair in Escherichia coli Biology 2009-06-11
Zirner, Ulrike C Overseas effectiveness of American expatriates in Germany Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-06-30
Zisman, Zachary Samuel On the Simulation of an All Electric Ship Powertrain Utilizing a Surface Piercing Propeller Via a Modular Main Propulsion Plant Model Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 2011-05-25
Zitzman, Bryan K. Clients' Views Regarding the Inclusion of Religious Issues in Couple Therapy Human Development 2003-04-23
Zivich, Jamie Dionne Biological Health Assessment of an Industrial Wastewater Treatment Facility Environmental Engineering 2011-07-01
Zmerli, Mustapha Optimization of the bottom plate of a ground-supported liquid storage tank Civil Engineering 2009-12-05
Zoccola, Gregg Effect of conditioning on the performance of a plate and frame filter press Environmental Engineering 2012-06-10
Zoecklein, Bruce W Effect of canopy manipulation and fermentation on grape aroma components Food Science and Technology 2008-06-06
Zoecklein, Bruce W Effect of canopy manipulation on rot incidence and rot metabolites of White Riesling (Vitis vinifera L.) grapes Horticulture 2009-06-30
Zoeckler, Jeff Radcliffe Aerobic Biodegradation of MTBE in Uncontaminated and Gasoline-Contaminated Aquifer Sediments Environmental Engineering 1999-07-21
Zogaib, Raymond Urban Stitch Architecture 2011-03-14
Zohdy, Ismail Hisham Modeling Permissive Left-Turn Gap Acceptance Behavior at Signalized Intersections Civil Engineering 2009-11-13
Zombori, Balazs Gergely Modeling the Transient Effects during the Hot-Pressing of Wood-Based Composites Wood Science and Forest Products 2001-04-26
Zonis, Stephanie D Variable power and microwave technology and the quality of selected foods Human Nutrition and Foods 2009-11-10
Zou, Xiaohong Characterization of Chitinase Activity and Gene Expression in Muskmelon Seeds Horticulture 2000-11-28
Zou, Xueli A robust Shewhart control chart adjustment strategy Industrial and Systems Engineering 2008-06-06
Zou, Shubing Deposition and characterization of HfO{u2082} thin films Materials Science and Engineering 2009-07-11
Zseleczky, Laura Gender and Pest Management in Ghana: Implications for the Introduction of an IPM Program for Tomato Public and International Affairs 2012-05-04
Zsoldos, Jeffrey S An experimental investigation of interacting wing-tip vortex pairs Aerospace Engineering 2009-11-24
Zubyk, Jr., Richard Anthony Scripture as Architecture Architecture 2002-04-20
Zugel, John Martin Prolog implementation in robot kinematics Mechanical Engineering 2012-09-08
Zukoski, Matthew J Interactive Image Author :an authoring tool for creating interactive graphic files Computer Science 2010-01-20
Zulu, Dackson Nkonje Genetic Characterization of Zambian Native Cattle Breeds Animal and Poultry Sciences 2008-09-27
Zumbrum, Michael Allen Characterization of photocurable networks in real-time and post-exposure Materials Engineering Science 2007-08-03
Zuo, Tianming Synthesis, Isolation, and Characterization of Tb-based Large Cage TNT-EMFs and Dimetallic Endohedral Metalloazafullerenes Chemistry 2008-01-13
Zuo, Jian The Frequency Monitor Network (FNET) Design and Situation Awareness Algorithm Development Electrical and Computer Engineering 2008-04-09
Zuo, Yongbo Fair Comparison of ASIC Performance for SHA-3 Finalists Electrical and Computer Engineering 2012-06-05
Zur Burg, Frederick William The feasibility of commercial utilization of cotton fabric and cotton conversion products for synthetic lumber Chemical Engineering 2008-09-09
Zuravnsky, Lauren Development of Soluble Manganese Sorptive Contactors for Enhancing Potable Water Treatment Practices Environmental Engineering 2006-11-01
Zurich, Mark A A life-cycle analysis of a multi-media teleconferencing network Systems Engineering 2010-02-16
Zvonar, Gregory Allan Performance improvement of a proof-mass actuator using nonlinear control Electrical Engineering 2009-11-10
Zwarycz, Bailey Tissue- and Development-specific Expression of Proton-mediated Peptide Transporters in the Developing Chicken Animal and Poultry Sciences 2012-07-19
Zwicke, Philip Edward Stochastic adaptive estimation with applications to nonlinear control. Electrical Engineering 2010-04-13
Zwolak, Jason Walter Parameter Estimation in Biological Cell Cycle Models Using Deterministic Optimization Computer Science 2002-02-26
Zwolak, Michael Philip DNA Electronics Physics 2003-05-21
Zwolak, Jason Walter Computational Tools for Molecular Networks in Biological Systems Computer Science 2004-12-28
Zwonitzer, John C. Identification and mapping of a resistance gene to barley leaf rust(Puccinia hordei G. Otth) Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences 1999-12-30
Zytek, Roman Essays on east European economies Economics 2005-10-14

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