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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

Bass, Michael Lawrence A study of lethality and toxic mechanisms of intermittent chlorination to freshwater fish. Zoology 2010-05-13
Beasley, Andrew Bowie Lethal alleles in wild population of Mus musculus (house mice) Zoology 2010-03-17
Cushing, Paula Elizabeth A study of disturbance behaviors in Uloborus glomosus (Araneae; Uloboridae) as possible predator avoidance strategies Zoology 2008-10-02
DiAngelo, Constance Rose Energy levels and anaerobic endproducts in the brains of two species of teleost fish at death in anoxic water Zoology 2012-11-14
Elder, John Franklin Chromosomal complements and variation in some Venezuelan annual killifishes (cyprinodontidae) Zoology 2010-07-21
Garland, Jay L. Effects of grazing by the oligochaete, Aeolosoma, on detrital and periphytic assemblages Zoology 2013-03-12
Hayles, Virginia Mosby Biological and chemical monitoring of three streams in the area of Blacksburg, Virginia. Zoology 2008-10-30
Hazel, Wade Nelson The evolution and ecological genetics of pupal color dimorphism in swallowtail butterflies (Lepidoptera: Papilioninae) Zoology 2008-09-24
Hazel, Wade Nelson The genetic basis of pupal color dimorphism in Papilio polyxenes and its maintenance by natural selection. Zoology 2008-09-24
Khosla, Maya Relations among biochemical, individual, and community indicators of stress in fish :stream degradation in the Clinch River drainage Zoology 2009-02-13
Lanza, Guy R. Physio-morphological effects of abrupt thermal stress on diatoms Zoology 2010-05-20
Maciorowski, Anthony F. The development and assessment of an automated biological monitoring system using crayfish locomotor activity to detect toxic stress. Zoology 2010-04-07
Meyerson-McCormick, Randi The lactational strategy of Thrichomys apereoides Zoology 2012-11-20
Newman, James Preston The effects of heavy metals on the asexual reproduction of the annelid Aeolosoma headleyi Beddard (1888). Zoology 2010-06-02
Parker, James C Protozoan, helminth and arthropod parasites of the gray squirrel in southwestern Virginia. Zoology 2010-06-08
Peters, Daniel J The entocytherid ostracod fauna of the James and York River basins. Zoology 2010-07-22
Reading, Jeffrey Thomas Acute and chronic effects of selenium on Daphnia pulex Zoology 2010-02-23
Robertson, Mark Graham Effects of diet composition and length of feeding restriction on the locomotor rhythms of Mus musculus Zoology 2012-11-20
Sappington, Keith Gordon Toxicological, physiological, and behavioral responses of the Asiatic clam, Corbicula sp., to biocidal and copper perturbations Zoology 2012-08-01
Schmitt, Athanasia Nancy Panos Chromosome identification and analysis in selected lines of laboratory mice. Zoology 2012-11-09
Stallard, Lana C The effects of different iodine availabilities on thyroid function during development in Japanese quail Zoology 2010-10-13
Thompson, Katerina V. Social play in the South American punare (Thrichomys apereoides) :a test of play function hypotheses Zoology 2012-11-14
Toczydlowski, David Aquatic microbial community responses to stress :comparison of nontaxonomic and taxonomic indices Zoology 2012-11-14
Van der Schalie, William Hendrik The utilization of aquatic organisms for continuous and automatic monitoring of the toxicity of industrial waste effluents. Zoology 2010-07-08
Whitlock, Suzanne Alice Diplostomulum trituri (Trematoda: diplostomatidae) a larval strigeoid trematode in the brain and cranial case of the newt, Notophthalmus viridescens (Rafinesque) Zoology 2010-07-07

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