Resources for Developers of ETD Databases

These pages describe in detail what the ETD-db is, what it does, where to download the distribution, and the requirements and procedures involved in setting up your own ETD database.

About the ETD-db

Please visit the start page for the ETD-db for more information.


Information regarding the hardware and software that must be available before setting up the ETD-db distribution. Includes links to various software projects.

Download the Scripts

Download the scripts for use on your site. Make sure you've completed the requirements before proceding to this step.

Install the Scripts

Information about installing the scripts. These instructions assume that you're using a UNIX system and have a basic familiarity with unix commands and database concepts.

Customize the Scripts

Information about customizing the scripts and web pages included in the ETD-db distribution for use on your site. Now includes information about translating the ETD-db into different languages (or different english wordings).

Set up the Non-cgi Scripts

Information about the non-cgi scripts included with the distribution, including those that generate the title pages and static browse pages.

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