NDLTD   Networked Digital Library
of Theses and Dissertations

ETD Workshop @ Virginia Tech

Wrap-Up Session: NDLTD Committees/Volunteers for 1999/2000
May 17, 1999

Gail McMillan's and John Eaton's notes; Ed Fox session leader

Conference 2000 Planning Committee
Joan Dalton: Windsor
Phil Potter: U Iowa
Larry Teague: UT Memphis
Amy Marr: WPI
Lisle Brown: Marshall
John Hagen: WVU
Joe Moxley: USF
Iowa and West Virginia offered their universities for next year’s meeting

Training Committee
Joe Moxley: USoF [comments re TLT]
Antoinet Mortara: FIT
Helen Schuster: WPI
Ilene Frank: USF
Tun Chin: Penn St
Don Grossman: UF
John Gardner: UIowa
Prepare pros and cons for training (e.g., XML or ?, students do it or companies develop to fill the need); address on site and off site usability. Share good ETDs and send URLS

Publishing Committee
Patrick Connor: WVU
Linda Painter: UT Knoxville
Gail McMillan: VT

Agree on what data to collect
What do we want to know from alumni? e. g., Did students get jobs as a result of ETD on the web (what did John’s survey reveal?)?
Other universities could use our surveys and we could gather the data. (We’ll gather and distribute through etd-l.)
GBabin: Laval
Standards and Preservation Committee
Joan Dalton: Windsor
Marilyn Lutz: U Maine
Dianne Wilson: Notre Dame
John Gardner: U Iowa
Jody Combs: U Vanderbilt
MARC, Dublin Core, XML
IMS for distance learning collaborations–relation to DC metadata
TEI map to Dublin Core (already in Cat Quarterly article): Paul, Guy
UMI’s commercial goals are not compatible with the goals of the NDLTD
OCLC is an appropriate partner for NDLTD but may have economic liabilities also.
Archive Committee: John Long (No Texas);
Write a letter to OCLC asking to explore the partnership for ETD archives.

July 2, 1999 (GMc)