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ETD Workshop @ Virginia Tech

Graduate School and Faculty Issues Session
May 17, 1999

Gail McMillan's notes; John Eaton, session leader
30 participants

JEaton: report on result survey of VT alumni

TMinsker PSU: Is there a URL if cited that required authorization?

AMortara: 75% disappears every 4 years
Must cut/paste into your document to ensure that it is preserved.

JEaton: McGraw Hill permissions: older one's granted, more recent one denied.

?: No email traffic. If there are so many questions, why isn’t there more traffic?
Connor: WVU has listlerv that is very busy.
Laval has listserv for ETDs
GBabin: Stability of URLs? Give last time visited the site.
University website is expected to be more stable or to have redirect function.
JHeddesheimer: Has quality improved due to online access?
PConnor: yes
RLutz: yes
LPainter: At 1992 DC meeting some emphasis on masters' theses.
GBabin: Post comments of reviewers without their names.
JMoxley: Real concern about having comments online with dialogue. Record of comments became more formal and recorded as opposed to in-class, informal comments.
TMinzer: Plagerism policing itself due to easier exposure online.
AMortara: Students works at home on large docs that aren’t easily portable.
LBrown: from 20 to 50Mb per student for disk space on university server.

Bob: Access restrictions vs. open: pros and cons

Survey students who restricted access and ask them if they’ve published from their ETDs.

Has ILL dropped?
154 restricted: 119 masters upgraded to WWW (at Virginia Tech in 1998)
Dissertation.com: Will help you do research?
Multimedia–unlimited options for students to use?
WVU lists standard formats; for other formats, authors must submit means to read the work.
GBabin: provides stylesheet; formats still a question.
?: Training issues
JEaton: Information literacy should be a graduate student requirement early in their careers, not just an exit requirement.
Commercial web tutorials: William & Mary using? Penn St. using.

July 2, 1999 (GMc)