NDLTD   Networked Digital Library
of Theses and Dissertations

ETD Workshop @ Virginia Tech

Technical Issues Session
May 17, 1999

Eren Erdener’s notes; Ed Fox session leader

What formats are being explored other than PDF?
Laval: SGML, too difficult to learn. WordPerfect style sheet is used to map to SGML
Convert the theses: RTF to XML, map to TIE [lite]
15 theses are available from University of Montreal
What do people use for search engines?
West Virginia: Cold Fusion
Va Tech: ‘Digital Lib.,’ OpenText, Site Search
Cataloging of theses and dissertations
Call numbers: Union catalog for TDs (is it useful?): Fox is interested

Search on metadata or document description:
What is the description of document?
[MARC] record
Document Object Identifier
OCLC [PURL] system
Translation of URN to URL: hdl://theses…
Generate unique identifiers–standardization?
The current situation of federated search
Cornell systems, tech reports, local
Technical recommendation for a new site: hardware and software
[see http://scholar.ib.vt.edu/theses/ facts, data, etc.]

Depositing TD electronically and how to transfer files to checkers?

Uploading exe files

Space allocation (or students: 13-20 MB (VaTech) (30-40 MB avg.)/person

Multimedia and standards

July 2, 1999 (GMc)