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ETD Workshop 1999 @ Virginia Tech

Participants Reports

recorded by Gail McMillan and Ed Fox

One of the first events on Monday, May 17, 1999, was a report by one representative from each institution about what was happening with ETDs on their campuses.

  1. Laval: has pilot program, developed conversion tools for SGML, using TEI-lite (in cooperation with other universities in Quebec)
  2. Vanderbilt: accepting PDF ETDs this summer
  3. Windsor: information gathering
  4. Howard: information gathering, no committments made yet, reporting back
  5. Iowa: 8 students in pilot project; word processing to XML; finished pilot, moderately pleased, like Laval
  6. West Virginia: required ETDs as of August 1998, things went very smoothly; one department worried about pre-published status; 250 ETDs–65% unlimited access; 35% campus only access; extended embargoing beyond patent, to personal request, 3-5 years; encourages jumping on board full-steam; most use PDF, open to alternate formats
  7. William & Mary: 5 year pilot project; a few PDF ETDs; paying students in early pilot project and giving them software (Virginia Institute of Marine Science has about 20 ETDs)
  8. Cal Tech: will require ETDs in 2 years; first non-required ones online next year
  9. NCSU: 2nd year accepting ETDs;
  10. ETSU: ETDs will be mandatory in 2000 after successful pilot project
  11. UT: pilot, PDF, July 1999 first ETD; problems with grad council - world's largest, hard to get policy changes; contention: decided not mandatory after pilot; worry that might have to hold paper; fear of faculty about derivative works not allowed: biochemistry, chemistry, English
  12. LSU: gathering information
  13. JMU: gathering information
  14. Cincinatti: gathering information
  15. Miami U: mandatory next year (using VT model) ; voted April to be mandatory next year
  16. UTexas Galvinston: "ETD wanna be"
  17. Penn State: pilot with 10 students this summer, 30 next fall; perhaps ETD option next spring
  18. SUNY Stony Brook: gathering information
  19. UFLorida: pilot for a year; optional in January 1999; 28 PDF ETDs (VT model)
  20. George Washington U: ready to have ETD option
  21. Notre Dame: proposal preparation
  22. Marshall U: start pilot, require in fall 2000
  23. Worcester: pilot project with test database of 5 PDF ETDs
  24. UMichigan: pilot in fall 2000
  25. UT Memphis: 3 ETDs with campus-only access, PDF or HTML
  26. UMaine: 1 year pilot; 8 ETDs PDF and HTML
  27. USF: pilot 2.5 years; PanScan architecture ETD (i.e., extraordinary format)
  28. Oklahoma: 2nd year of pilot
  29. FIT: starting summer word processing seminars, accepting fall 1999, all online following spring (working with computer science and electrical engineering and biological sciences)
  30. UNCC: just starting

June 15, 1998; updated July 26, 1999 (GMc)

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