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The dissertation web, a hypertext located within multiple discourses, is an intertextual script, a rendition, of my internship (1998-1999) and research experiences (1998-2001).





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  Untitled: An Interlude
 What Am I Creating?

Theoretical Narratives

  Social Construction
      Evolving Narrative Notions
      Deconstructing the Narrative
      Electronic Writing
  Content & Form
  Context of Collaborative Language System Approach
  Family Therapy Training

Research Narratives

 What am I creating?
  Untitled: An Interlude
  Performing Purpose
      Practicing Posits
      Research Design
      Performance as Methodology
   Methodology: A Poetic Re-Presentation
      Language as Constitutive
      Research Process: A Partial Performance
      Contextualizing the Research Process: Image 1 & Image 2
      Academic Writing: An Understanding & Challenges
      Positioning Writing in My Life
      My Process as a Research Writer: A Collage
      My Process as a Hypertext Writer
      Production of Electronic Textual Frames
      Production of Multimedia Frames

Internship Narratives

  Choosing Silence
      A Process Narrative of the Conflict
 Story of Blurring Boundaries: Woman of the Border(less)
      Between Identities: Personal and Professional
      Between Places: Locating-re-locating
      Between Longings and Illusions: Relationships and (K)nots
      Between Languages: Knowing and Not Knowing
      Between Cultures: Assimilate and Not
      Between Positions: Multiple Relationships
  Spatial Articulation
      Constructing Space
         Deconstructing Dialogical Space
         A Political Reconstruction
            Context: Performing Culture
            Elimination of Critical Distance
      Physical Space
         Creating Work Space
         Sparring Space
      Virtual Space
  A day in tension
  Learning Communities
      Learners' Group
      Learning Program
      Learning Philosophy & Environment
      Creating Distinctions: Training & Learning
      Stories of Relational Practice
      A Reflective Aside
  Story of Stormy Emotions
      After Words

Closings and Openings

         Transformations: As Spaces of Meaning-Making
            Shifting Sands
            I have Learned
            Speaking From My Experience to Yours
         Readers' Responses

Other Ways of Knowing

      Checklist (PDF)
      Informed Consent (PDF)
      October 31 Meeting Presentation (PPT)
  About Saliha Bava

About Saliha Bava



Transforming Performances: An Intern-Researcher's Hypertextual Journey in a Postmodern Community

© Saliha Bava 2001-Doctoral Dissertation
Marriage & Family Therapy Program at Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA
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