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Author Name Title Department
A'Hearn, Francis W. The Industrial College of the Armed Forces: Contextual Analysis of an Evolving Mission, 1924-1994 Adult Education
Aarons, Tyler David Development and Implementation of a Flight Test Program for a Geometrically Scaled Joined Wing SensorCraft Remotely Piloted Vehicle Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Aatique, Muhammad Evaluation of TDOA Techniques for Position Location in CDMA Systems Electrical Engineering
Abad, Ana Cristina Civil Society Participation in Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers Urban Affairs and Planning
[BTD] Abad, Reynaldo Gallego Interactions between the rust fungus Puccinia carduorum Jacky and the musk thistle herbivores Trichosirocalus horridus (Panzer), Rhinocyllus conicus Froelich (Curculionidae: Coleoptera), and Cassida rubiginosa Muller (Coleoptera; Chrysomelidae) Entomology
Abada, Christopher H. The Influence of Reinforcement Architecture on the Fracture Behavior of Selectively Reinforced Materials Engineering Science and Mechanics
[BTD] Abatan, Adetutu Abosede. Cultural perspectives and adolescent concerns in Nigerian young adult novels Curriculum and Instruction
[BTD] Abatan, Ayodele Olushola Stability of reticulated domes under multiple static and dynamic loads. Civil Engineering
[BTD] Abaye, Azenegashe Ozzie Influence of grazing sheep and cattle together and separately on soils, plants and animals Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
Abaza, Hussein Fuad A Design Framework for Integrated Design and Control Strategies in Energy Efficient Buildings Environmental Design and Planning
Abbas, Ebrahim K. Corrosion Assessment for Failed Bridge Deck Closure Pour Civil Engineering
Abbey, Elizabeth Lea The Effects of Carbohydrate and Quercetin on Team Sport Athletic Performance and Exercise-Induced Inflammation and Oxidative Stress Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
Abbott, Ashley Burnett Analysis of Thermal Energy Collection from Precast Concrete Roof Assemblies Mechanical Engineering
Abbott, Mark William Open Loop Compliance Model of a 6 DOF Revolute Manipulator to Improve Accuracy Under Load Mechanical Engineering
Abbott, Michael Shawn Kinematics, Dynamics and Control of Single-Axle, Two-Wheel Vehicles (Biplanar Bicycles) Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Abbott, Troy D. Aircraft stability and departure prediction using Eigenvalue Sensitivity analysis Aerospace Engineering
[BTD] Abboud, Nadim E. The spares provisioning problem with parts inventory Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
Abdallah, Abdallah Sabry Investigation of New Techniques for Face detection Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Abdallah, Hanin I. A model of the entry decision of potenial raiders into the bidding for a target firm Economics
Abdallah, Moatassem Mahmoud A Study in Speaker Dependent Medium Vocabulary Word Recognition: Application to Human/Computer Interface Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Abdaoui, Fatima El Allelopathic effects of ferulic, gallic, and vanillic acids on corn (Zea mays L.) Plant Physiology and Weed Science
Abdel-Rahman, Mohamed A. Numerical Reconstruction and Applications of Acoustic And electromagnetic Ultra-Wideband Localized Pulses Generated by Dynamic Aperture Antennas Electrical and Computer Engineering
Abdel-Salam, Abdel-Salam Gomaa Profile Monitoring with Fixed and Random Effects using Nonparametric and Semiparametric Methods Statistics
Abdel-Wahab, Samer Large Eddy Simulation of Flow and Heat Transfer in a Staggered 45° Ribbed Duct and a Rotating 90° Ribbed Duct Mechanical Engineering
Abdelal, Qasem M. Methodology for Using a Non-Linear Parameter Estimation Technique for Reactive Multi-Component Solute Transport Modeling in Ground-Water Systems Civil Engineering
Abdelazim, Saleh S. Structural Adjustment and the Dismantling of Egypt's Etatist System Sociology
Abdelaziz, Sherif Lotfy Abdel Motaleb Study and Evaluation of Traffic Responsive Control on a Large Arterial Network Civil Engineering
Abdelkefi, Abdessattar Global Nonlinear Analysis of Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting from Ambient and Aeroelastic Vibrations Engineering Science and Mechanics
Abdelmagid, Randa Fouad Abdelhafiz Technology Adoption and Integration: A Multiple Case Study of Rogers' Diffusion of Innovation Theory in Kuwait Curriculum and Instruction
[BTD] Abdelnaser, Ahmad Shehadeh Random vibrations of composite beams and plates Engineering Mechanics
[BTD] Abdo, Kamal Mohammad The nutritive value of dried rumen microbiota Biochemistry
Abdoulmoumine, Nourredine Sulfate and Hydroxide Supported on Zirconium Oxide Catalysts for Biodiesel Production Biological Systems Engineering
[BTD] Abdul-Karim, Brian Zayid Understanding the Islamic conversion experience of two African American males :a case study approach to decision making toward transformational change Adult and Continuing Education
Abdull Kareem, Omar Collaboration in Developing On-Line Learning Between Two Different Countries: a Case Study Human Development
Abdulla, Ghaleb Analysis and Modeling of World Wide Web Traffic Computer Science
[BTD] Abdulla, Ghaleb An image processing tool for cropping and enhancing images Computer Science
[BTD] Abdullah, Abdul Hamid Petroleum refining and air quality management Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Abdullah, Redzuan Experimental Evaluation and Analytical Modeling of Shear Bond in Composite Slabs Civil Engineering
Abdulmalik, Takiyah Use of plant-derived essential oil compounds and naturally-occurring apple flavor compounds to control foodborne pathogens in apple juice Food Science and Technology
[BTD] Abed, Jean-Claude Synthesis and characterization of heterocyclic polymers :polybenzoxazoles and cyanate ester networks Chemistry
Abee, Mark Winfield Interaction of Acid/Base Probe Molecules with Specific Features on Well-Defined Metal Oxide Single-Crystal Surfaces Chemical Engineering
Abel, Ann Todd The Characteristics, Behaviors, and Effective Work Environments of Servant Leaders: A Delphi Study Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
[BTD] Abel, Derek H. An image quality analysis of ANVIS-6 night vision goggles Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Abel, Jeffry J. Three-dimensional velocity extraction using laser Doppler vibrometry Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Abel, Jerian Students' conceptual modeling of simple DC electric circuits during computer-based instruction Curriculum and Instruction
[BTD] Abel, Mary Sue M. Four-bolt extended unstiffened moment end-plate connections Civil Engineering
Abell, Meghann Lynn Assessing Fraud Risk, Trustworthiness, Reliability, and Truthfulness: Integrating Audit Evidence from Multiple Sources General Business, Accounting
Abell, Russell H. Scavenging of particulate and dissolved lead compounds by coprecipitation with manganese oxyhydroxides Geological Sciences
[BTD] Abelson, Robert M. A ranking experiment with paired comparisons and a factorial design Statistics
[BTD] Abercrombie, H. O An investigation to determine the performance of No.6 boiler when the fly ash collected by the cyclone separator is and is not returned to the furnace Power and Fuel Engineering
[BTD] Abeysiriwardena, D. S. de Z. Characterization of delayed flowering in soybean in Virginia Agronomy
Abiven, Claude A Hybrid Dynamically Adaptive, Super-Spatio Temporal Resolution Digital Particle Image Velocimetry for Multi-Phase Flows Engineering Science and Mechanics
Abler, Steven W. Ecology and Taxonomy of Leptosphaerulina spp. Associated with Turfgrasses in the United States Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science
[BTD] Abo-Qudais, Saad A. Mechanistic service life prediction of rigid pavement joint sealant : a new laboratory testing technique Civil Engineering
[BTD] Abo-Qudais, Saad A. Evaluation of pavement joint sealants :a new testing technique Civil Engineering
Aboelkassem, Yasser Novel Bioinspired Pumping Models for Microscale Flow Transport Engineering Science and Mechanics
[BTD] Abou-Rayan, Ashraf M. Deterministic and stochastic responses of nonlinear systems Engineering Mechanics
[BTD] Abou-Rayan, Ashraf M. A study of full displacement design of frame structures using displacement sensitivity analysis Civil Engineering
Abraham, Arya It is I : An Authentication System for a Reconfigurable Radio Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Abraham, Jane L. Mother and infant communication : mothers' experiences and infants' preferences Psychology
Abraham, Santosh Heat Transfer and Flow Measurements on a One-Scale Gas Turbine Can Combustor Model Mechanical Engineering
Abraham, Santosh Aerodynamic Performance of High Turning Airfoils and the Effect of Endwall Contouring on Turbine Performance Mechanical Engineering
Abraham-Hardee, Sofia E. Nutrition Knowledge of Honduran Caretakers and Dietary Change of Their Children Education Curriculum and Instruction
[BTD] Abrahams, John Aron An analysis of the funding patterns and sources of community based organizations who deliver adult basic education Adult and Continuing Education
Abrahams, Richard Warren Sky Above, Earth Below, Design of the Sun School for Environmental Studies Architecture
[BTD] Absher, Harold A study of the relationship between involvement in decsion-making and morale among Virginia public elementary school teachers. Educational Administration
[BTD] Absher, Karen Lynne Nitrogen utilization in tall fescue(Festuca arundinacea Schreb.) pastures fertilized with nitrogen or grown with alfalfa(Medicago sativa L.) or red clover(Trifolium pratense L.) Agronomy
abtahi, seyyed mohammad hossein Synthesis and characterization of metallic nanoparticles with photoactivated surface chemistries Chemical Engineering
[BTD] Abu Khajeel, Hasan T. Effect of humps on the stability of boundary layers over an airfoil Engineering Mechanics
[BTD] Abu Qudais, Mahmoud M. The development of a model to evaluate the performance of academic department chairpersons in Jordan public universities Educational Administration
[BTD] Abu Qudais, Mahmoud M. The work of department chairpersons in Jordanian public universities Educational Administration
[BTD] Accardo, Mario G. Effects of high pressure water jet on aluminum surfaces prior to thermal spray coating Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Acciai, Guy Francis The design and construction of the Reactive Systems Laboratory Computer Science and Applications
[BTD] Aceti, David John Activation of acetate in acetate-grown Methanosarcina thermophila :purificationm and characterization of acetate kinase Anaerobic Microbiology
[BTD] Acevedo, Michelle An environmental-behavior evaluation of pediatric clinic waiting room environments Housing, Interior Design, and Resource Management
Acevedo, Nicole Effects of Scrotal Insulation on Spermatozoal Morphology and Chromatin Stability to Acid Denaturation in the Bovine Dairy Science
[BTD] Achanta, Srinivasa G. Iron oxidation coupled with biodegradation of organic contaminants in a simulated ground water system Environmental Engineering
[BTD] Ackerman, Anthony E. Dynamic transduction characterization of magnetostrictive actuators Mechanical Engineering
Ackermann, Robert James Constructing Bitwisted Face Pairing 3-Manifolds Mathematics
Ackley, John A. Weed Management Programs in Potato, Transplanted Tomato and Transplanted Pepper with Rimsulfuron and Other Herbicides Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science
[BTD] Ackley, John A. Efficacy and selectivity of the herbicide rimsulfuron in potatoes [Solanum tuberosum], transplanted tomatoes [Lycopersicum esculentum], and transplanted peppers [Capsicum annum] Weed Science
[BTD] Acosta, Yamandu Martin Barley silage harvested at boot and soft dough stages for lactating cows Dairy Science
[BTD] Acosta-Martinez, Jaime A. Ecological studies and pesticide response of Evergestis rimosalis (Guenee) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) and its parasitoid Cotesia orobenae Forbes (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) Entomology
Actis, Marcelo Synthesis, Characterization, Critical Micelle Concentration and Biological Activity of two-Headed Amphiphiles Chemistry
[VT] Acton, Bryan Patrick Working in Harmony: The Impact of Personality on the Short- and Long-Run Dynamics of Team Cohesion Psychology
Adam, Ahmad Yahia Theoretical Prediction of Nuclear Magnetic Shielding Constants of Acetonitrile Chemistry
Adam, Carrie Ann Implementing US EPA's Operator Certification Program for Small Drinking Water Systems in Virginia Environmental Engineering
[BTD] Adam, Johan D. Failure diagnostic expert systems :a case study in fault diagnosis Systems Engineering
Adam, Zaeinulabddin Mohamed Ahmed Development and Applications of Multi-Objectives Signal Control Strategy during Oversaturated Conditions Civil Engineering
Adam-Castrillo, David Local Administration of Botulinum Toxin Type-B in the External Anal Sphincter of Horses Produces Transient Reduction of Peak Anal Pressure Veterinary Medical Sciences
[BTD] Adamchak, Marsha Ann The action of selenite on ATP synthesis in rat lens Biochemistry and Nutrition
Adamczyk, Leslie Ann Understanding the Structure and Properties of Self-Assembled Monolayers for Interfacial Patterning Chemistry
Adams, Amanda Gayle Between Auto(mobile) and Building A Study of Pedestrian Oriented Parking Lots Architecture
[BTD] Adams, Barbara Ann Nieland The effect of the human menstrual cycle on kilocalorie and nutrient intake Human Nutrition and Foods
[BTD] Adams, Candace Renee Direct and indirect effects of school learning variables on black 10th graders' academic achievement Educational Research and Evaluation
Adams, Christi J. An Investigation of Navigation Processes in Human Locomotor Behavior Industrial and Systems Engineering
Adams, Christopher Blaine Profile Analysis of Regional Variations Among Virginia Winery Visitors Geography
[BTD] Adams, Daniel O'Hare Effects of layer waviness on compression-loaded thermoplastic composite laminates Engineering Mechanics
Adams, David Bruce Blending Methods for Composite Laminate Optimization Computer Science
Adams, David Bruce Optimization Frameworks for Discrete Composite Laminate Stacking Sequences Computer Science
[BTD] Adams, Elaine The effects of school systems, teacher internal characteristics, and students on vocational teacher stress Vocational and Technical Education
Adams, Erica Elaine Operationalizing Scale in Watershed-based Stormwater Management Geography
[BTD] Adams, George Edward Student perceptions of university faculty on the length of enrollment of university students Counseling and Student Personnel Services
Adams, Janey Christine The Role of Leaf Litter and Small Wood in the Retention of Fine Particles During Storms in an Appalachian Headwater Stream Biology
Adams, John Edwin A Study to Determine the Impact of a Precollege Intervention Program on Early Adolescent Aspiration and Motivation for College in West Virginia Community College Education
[BTD] Adams, Joseph T. Neural network calibration of moderator temperature coefficient measurements in pressurized water nuclear reactors Mechanical Engineering
Adams, Kevin Page An Approach to Real Time Adaptive Decision Making in Dynamic Distributed Systems Computer Science
[BTD] Adams, Mark D. Signal detection optimization for underwater acoustics Electrical Engineering
Adams, Mary Margaret Marital Status and Happiness, 1972-1996 Sociology
[VT] Adams, Michael Stability Analysis of a Turbocharger for Marine Diesel Engine Service Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Adams, Michael B. Finite element analysis of composite tubes with integral ends subjected to bending loads Mechanical Engineering
[VT] Adams, Mollie An Examination of the Effectiveness of Sanction Based Tax Compliance Persuasive Messages over Repeated Periods Accounting and Information Systems
Adams, Nicole An Ongoing Dialogue Architecture
Adams, Nina P. Factors Which Influence Kindergarten Teachers Selection of Trade Books for Use in Readaloud Sessions in Their Classrooms Teaching and Learning
[BTD] Adams, R. Joseph The superintendent's perspective of superintendent evaluation in the Commonwealth of Virginia Educational Administration
Adams, Rebecca Hope Kavage The Form and Function of Headwater Streams Based on Field and Modeling Investigations in the southern Appalachian Mountains Geological Sciences
Adams, Robert John A Class of Robust and Efficient Iterative Methods for Wave Scattering Problems Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Adams, Robert John Incoherent short pulse scattering from penetrable geophysical media Electrical Engineering
Adams, Samuel Hamilton The Relationships Among Adult Attachment, General Self-Disclosure, and Perceived Organizational Trust Human Development
Adams, Shawnette K. Disciplinarily Hetero- and Homogeneous Design Team Convergence: Communication Patterns and Perceptions of Teamwork Industrial and Systems Engineering
Adams, Stephanie E. The Self-Regulation of Drinking in College Students: Scale Development and Validation and Relationship to Academic Performance Psychology
Adams, Susan H. Communication Under Stress: Indicators of Veracity and Deception in Written Narratives Human Development
Adams, Tiffany E Stability of Levees and Floodwalls Supported by Deep-Mixed Shear Walls: Five Case Studies in the New Orleans Area Civil Engineering
[BTD] Adams, William F. The effects of target vibration on the human contrast sensitivity function Psychology
Adams, William Joseph Decentralized Trust-Based Access Control for Dynamic Collaborative Environments Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Adamson, Christopher Mark Development and validation of a rapid assessment method for nutrient adequacy of the food guide pyramid Human Nutrition and Foods
Adamson, Nancy Lee An Assessment of Non-Apis Bees as Fruit and Vegetable Crop Pollinators in Southwest Virginia Entomology
Adcock, Ambre Michelle Predictors of Management Preferences Among Riverfront Landowners and Boaters on The Great Egg Harbor River: A Study of Stakeholders in a Multi-Jurisdictional Setting Forestry
Adcock, Clyde Wesley Cotton Yield as Related to Selected Physical and Chemical Properties of Soils of the Coastal Plain of Virginia and North Carolina Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
[BTD] Adcox, Wallace O. Force and the United States after Vietman :Allison applied Political Science
Addesso, Abbott John Contrarchitecture Architecture
[BTD] Addington, Duard G. Effects of parental involvement on mathematics achievement at eighth, tenth, and twelfth grades Educational Research and Evaluation
[BTD] Addington, J. Shawn Integrated optoelectronics applications in fiber optic receiver packaging Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Addington, J. Shawn Wideband electrical characterization of multilayer low-loss dielectric materials Electrical Engineering
Addison, Coby Braxton Development of a Multi-Stream Monitoring and Control System for Dense Medium Cyclones Mining and Minerals Engineering
Adeil, Mosska Cultural Sustainability through Architecture Architecture
Adhipathi, Pradeep Model based approach to Hardware/ Software Partitioning of SOC Designs Electrical and Computer Engineering
Adi, Samar G Understanding Female Aggression In Situationally Violent Relationships: A Qualitative Study Human Development
Adjei, Thomas Characterization of a Novel Biodegradable Material to Reduce Emission of Ammonia Biological Systems Engineering
Adjerid, Khaled A Study on the Dynamic Characterization of a Tunable Magneto-Rheological Fluid-Elastic Mount in Squeeze Mode Vibration Mechanical Engineering
Adjerid, Nassiba The Dynamics of the Unreplicated DNA Checkpoint in Xenopus laevis Embryos and Extracts. Biology
[BTD] Adkar, Sanjay A versatile I/O system for a real time image processor Electrical Engineering
Adkins, Denise Rene Individual Differences in Spatial Memory Performance at 12 Months of Age: Contributions from Walking Experience and Brain Electrical Activity Psychology
Adkins, Denise Rene Cognitive Development in Late Childhood: an Examination of Working Memory and Inhibitory Control Psychology
Adkins, Natalie Ross Low Literate Consumers in a Literate Marketplace: Exploring Consumer Literacy and Its Impact Marketing
[BTD] Adkins, Rhonda M. Tidal sedimentation in the mid-Pennsylvanian Breathitt Group, eastern Kentucky Geological Sciences
Adler, W. Alexander Testing and Understanding Screwdriver Bit Wear Mechanical Engineering
Aduwo, Akinyemi Tolulope An Opportunistic Routing Protocol Design for Wireless Networks: A Physical Layer Perspective Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Affholter, Kathleen Synthesis and crystal chemistry of lanthanide allanites Geological Sciences
Affleck, Richard Peter Recovery of Xylitol from Fermentation of Model Hemicellulose Hydrolysates Using Membrane Technology Biological Systems Engineering
Afrin, Taniza Extraction of Basic Noun Phrases from Natural Language Using Statistical Context-Free Grammar Electrical and Computer Engineering
Afshari, Mana Vibration- and Impedance-based Structural Health Monitoring Applications and Thermal Effects Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Aftel, Robert Effect of atomization gas properties on droplet atomization in an "air-assist" atomizer Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Agar, Gary A. The effect of feeding varying levels of Bifidobacterium globsum a on the performance, scouring index, gastrointestinal measurements and immunity of weanling and growing-finishing pigs Animal Science (Animal Nutrition)
[BTD] Agard, David B. Robust inferential procedures applied to regression Statistics
Agarwal, Deepak An 8 GHz Ultra Wideband Transceiver Testbed Electrical and Computer Engineering
Agarwal, Manu Developing a Framework for Selecting Condition Assessment Technologies for Water and Wastewater Pipes Civil Engineering
Agarwal, Neeraj Transient Shear Flow Rheology of Concentrated Long Glass Fiber Suspensions in a Sliding Plate Rheometer Chemical Engineering
Agarwal, Saurabh Conditioning and Dewatering Behavior of ATAD Sludges Environmental Engineering
[BTD] Agashe, Parag Selective cancellation of interference for CDMA Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Agbenowosi, Newland Komia GIS based optimal design of sewer networks and pump stations Civil Engineering
Agbenowosi, Newland Komla A Mechanistic Analysis Based Decision Support System for Scheduling Optimal Pipeline Replacement Civil Engineering
Agca, Senay The Performance Of Alternative Interest Rate Risk Measures And Immunization Strategies Under A Heath-Jarrow-Morton Framework Finance, Insurance, and Business Law
[BTD] Agee, Barry L Development of a laser-based automated mechanical mobility measurement system for one-dimensional experimental modal analysis Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Agee, Laura L. Sun C to ANSI C converter Systems Engineering
[BTD] Aggarwal, Ajay K. On developing an expert system : a knowledge base for GP formulation and analysis Accounting and Information Systems
[BTD] Aggarwal, Sanjay Modeling and algorithmic development of a staff scheduling problem Industrial and Systems Engineering
Aggett, Jonathan Edward Financial Analysis of Restoring Sustainable Forests on Appalachian Mined Lands for Wood Products, Renewable Energy, Carbon Sequestration, and Other Ecosystem Services Forestry
[BTD] Agim, Innocent Ukomadu Merit pay in the public sector : bright promise or false hope Public Administration and Public Affairs
[BTD] Agnello, Jennie M. The effect of thresholding a maximum likelihood classifier on the accuracy of a landsat classification of a forested wetland Forestry
Agnes, Gregory Stephen Performance of Nonlinear Mechanical, Resonant-Shunted Piezoelectric, and Electronic Vibration Absorbers for Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Structures Engineering Mechanics
Agnew, David T. An Evaluation of the Getz - Roanoke County School Division's School Counselor Peer Group Clinical Supervision Program Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Agnich, Laura Elizabeth Masculinities and Sexual Violence among a Sample of Clients of Street Prostitutes Sociology
Agnich, Laura Elizabeth A Cross-National Study of School Violence Sociology
Agrawal, Ambuj Implementation of Application Layer Protocol for an Active RFID System Electrical and Computer Engineering
[VT] Agrawal, Ashish Performance of PV Generation Feedback Controllers: Power Factor versus Volt-VAR Control Strategies Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Agrawal, Chandra Prakash Full-field deformation measurement in wood using digital image processing Wood Science and Forest Products
Aguayo Gonzalez, Carlos Roberto Design and Implementation of an Efficient SCA Framework for Software-Defined Radios Electrical and Computer Engineering
Aguayo Gonzalez, Carlos Roberto Power Fingerprinting for Integrity Assessment of Embedded Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering
Aguilar, Carolina Pesticides and pesticide combinations on brain neurochemistry Veterinary Medical Sciences
[BTD] Aguilar, Felix A numerical analysis of turbulent flow along an abruptly rotated cylinder. Mechanical Engineering
Aguilar, Michelle Ruminal Nitrogen Recycling and Nitrogen Efficiency in Lactating Dairy Cattle Dairy Science
[BTD] Ahmad, Faheem Numerical modelling of transport of pollutant through soils Civil Engineering
Ahmad, Mansur Analysis of Calcutta bamboo for structural composite materials Wood Science and Forest Products
[BTD] Ahmad, Muhammad Rashid Effect of sulphur fertilization on growth and chemical composition of sorghum (Sorghum Bicolor L.) and on utilization of sorghum silage fed to wethers Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
[BTD] Ahmad, Muhammad Rashid Nutrient composition of ensiled alfalfa and corn forages grown in Virginia Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
Ahmad, Syed Alwi B. Fermion Quantum Field Theory In Black-hole Spacetimes Physics
Ahmadzadeh, Amin Role of Endogenous Dopamine in Regulation of Anterior Pituitary Hormone Secretion During Early Postpartum and Various Stages of the Estrous Cycle in Holstein Cows Dairy Science
[BTD] Ahmadzadeh, Amin Effect of naloxone on serum luteinizing hormone concentrations during the early postpartum period and the estrous cycle in primiparous and multiparous holstein cows Dairy Science
Ahmed, Amro Mohamed Aly Tawfic Control, Assessment and Glyphosate Resistance of Palmer Amaranth(Amaranthus palmeri S. Wats) in Virginia Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
Ahmed, Farzana Characterization of two novel proteins containing the rhodanese homology domain: YgaP and YbbB of Escherichia coli Biochemistry
Ahmed, Hala Abdel Rahim Applicability of Healthy Communities in Virginia Urban Affairs and Planning
Ahmed, Hussein Mohammed Context Sensitive Interaction Interoperability for Distributed Virtual Environments Computer Science
[BTD] Ahmed, Mansoor Effect of curing procedure on the freezing and thawing durability of concrete Civil Engineering
Ahmed, Maruf Newaz Transimpedance Amplifier (TIA) Design for 400 Gb/s Optical Fiber Communications Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Ahmed, Naseem Evaluation of different treatments to improve the durability of concrete having deleterious chert particles as its coarse aggregate Civil Engineering
[BTD] Ahmed, Saeed Controlled on-time power factor correction circuit with input filter Electrical Engineering
Ahmed, Sara Mohamed Computer Modeling and Simulation of Power Electronics Systems for Stability Analysis Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ahmed, Sara Mohamed Modeling of Power Electronics Distribution Systems with Low-frequency, Large-signal (LFLS) Models Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Ahmed, Shamima In search of the "different voice" in the organization : men's and women's construction of their work-roles Public Administration and Public Affairs
Ahmed, Yasir A Model-Based Approach to Demodulation of Co-Channel MSK Signals Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ahn, Byung Ki Interfacial Mechanics in Fiber-Reinforced Composites: Mechanics of Single and Multiple Cracks in CMCs Engineering Mechanics
[BTD] Ahn, Insook The effect of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) on the shelf- life of refrigerated, cubed turkey thigh meat Food Science and Technology
Ahn, Kyoungho Microscopic Fuel Consumption and Emission Modeling Civil Engineering
Ahn, Kyoungho Modeling Light Duty Vehicle Emissions Based on Instantaneous Speed and Acceleration Levels Civil Engineering
Ahn, Mira Older People's Attitudes toward Residential Technology: The Role of Technology in Aging in Place Housing, Interior Design, and Resource Management
[BTD] Ahn, Seung B. Methodology for evaluating transportation-induced regional development Civil Engineering
[BTD] Ahn, Seungki An experimental study of flow over a 6 to 1 prolate spheroid at incidence Aerospace Engineering
Ahn, Tae-Hyuk Computational Techniques for the Analysis of Large Scale Biological Systems Computer Science
[BTD] Ahn, Taejin Optimal design of municipal and irrigation water distribution systems Civil Engineering
Ahn, Yong Han The Development of Models to Identify Relationships Between First Costs of Green Building Strategies and Technologies and Life Cycle Costs for Public Green Facilities Environmental Design and Planning
[BTD] Aho, David W. Influence of lipid antioxidants on soybean seed storage life Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
[BTD] Ahrens, Christian P. A real time embedded controller for smart structures Electrical Engineering
Ahsan, Shainur Evaluation of Hybrid-Composite Beam for Use in Tide Mill Bridge Civil Engineering
[VT] Ahsan, Umair On the Scalability of Ad Hoc Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Ahuja, Anil Random vibrations of mistuned periodic structures Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Ahuja, Kapil Probability-One Homotopy Maps for Mixed Complementarity Problems Computer Science
Ahuja, Kapil Recycling Bi-Lanczos Algorithms: BiCG, CGS, and BiCGSTAB Mathematics
Ahuja, Kapil Recycling Krylov Subspaces and Preconditioners Mathematics
Ahuja, Sameer A Tale of Two Sites: An Explorative Study of the Design and Evaluation of Social Network Sites Computer Science
Ahuja, Sumit High Level Power Estimation and Reduction Techniques for Power Aware Hardware Design Electrical and Computer Engineering
Aigster, Annelisse Physicochemical and Sensory Properties of Resistant Starch-Based Cereal Products and Effects on Glycemic and Oxidative Stress Responses in Hispanic Women Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
[BTD] Aiken, Anne M. The effects of seasonal change, impoundment, and stratification on trihalomethane precursors Environmental Engineering
[BTD] Ailinger, Kevin Gerard Measurements of surface shear stresses under a three-dimensional turbulent boundary layer using oil-film laser interferometry Aerospace Engineering
Aime, Mary Catherine Generic concepts in the Crepidotaceae as inferred from nuclear large subunit ribosomal DNA sequences, morphology, and basidiospore dormancy patterns Biology
Aime, Mary Catherine Biosystematic Studies in Crepidotus and the Crepidotaceae (Basidiomycetes, Agaricales) Biology
Aimmanee, Sontipee Deformation and Force Characteristics of Laminated Piezoelectric Actuators Engineering Science and Mechanics
[BTD] Ainslie, Walter E. The effect of solidity on the pre- and post-stall flow in a linear compressor cascade Mechanical Engineering
Airen, Osaro Ehigiato School Counselors and Their Multicultural Counseling Competence and Awareness of the National Achievement Gap: A National Study Counselor Education
Aitani, Koichiro Architecture Exists Between Man and Time Architecture
Aitcheson, Lindsey Reed Community Solidarity and Well-Being after the Virginia Tech Shootings Sociology
Ajami, Amir Farrokh Adaptive Flight Control in the Presence of Input Constraints Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
[BTD] Ajaz, Haroon Study of fade and inter-fade durations in Ku- and Ka- band frequencies using OLYMPUS satellite beacons Electrical Engineering
Aji, Ashwin Mandayam Exploiting Multigrain Parallelism in Pairwise Sequence Search on Emergent CMP Architectures Computer Science
Ajlani, Tarek F. Gallery For Art Architecture
Ajlouni, Burouj Kayed Polymorphisms in the Flt1 gene and their relation to expression of the secreted Flt1 variant Veterinary Medical Sciences
[BTD] Ajmani, Kumud Preconditioned conjugate gradient methods for the Navier-Stokes equations Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Ajuoga, Okeyo James Evaluation of yield and quality of five potato cultivars grown in Southwest Virginia Horticulture
[BTD] Ajwani, Anita Mechanical properties of bio-absorbable materials Engineering Mechanics
Akbar, Ihsan Ali Markov Modeling of Third Generation Wireless Channels Electrical and Computer Engineering
Akbar, Ihsan Ali Statistical Analysis of Wireless Systems Using Markov Models Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Ake, Timothy Nelson The evaluation of metham sodium and dichlobenil impacts on activated sludge nitrification Environmental Engineering
Akers, Jeremy Dewayne Increased Water Consumption: A Self-Regulatory Strategy for Long-Term Weight Loss Maintenance? Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
Akers, Julia B. Confronting the Realities of Implementing contextual Learning Ideas in a Biology Classroom Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Akers, Stephen Andrew Two-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis of Porous Geomaterials at Multikilobar Stress Levels Civil Engineering
Akhtar, Imran Parallel Simulations, Reduced-Order Modeling, and Feedback Control of Vortex Shedding using Fluidic Actuators Engineering Science and Mechanics
Akhtar, Kareem Numerical Investigation using RANS Equations of Two-dimensional Turbulent Jets and Bubbly Mixing layers Engineering Science and Mechanics
Akin, Enver Turan Investigations of Horizontal-Parallax-Only Optical Scanning Holography (HPO-OSH) through MATLAB Simulations Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Akin, Susan Ellis University development efforts :a study of four Virginia public institutions Higher Education Administration
Akins, Maureen Lynch Effects of Starch-based Anti-caking Agents on the Functional Properties of Shredded Mozzarella Cheese Food Science and Technology
[BTD] Akkan, Sultan Use of computer technology by the elderly Architecture
Akkineni, Vamsi Krishna Specification of a Generic Programming Language for the Control of Flexible Manufacturing Cells Industrial and Systems Engineering
Akle, Barbar Jawad Multilayer Ionic Transducers Mechanical Engineering
Akle, Barbar Jawad Characterization and Modeling of the Ionomer-Conductor Interface in Ionic Polymer Transducers Mechanical Engineering
Akobundu, Eberechukwu Farm-Household Analysis of Policies Affecting Groundnut Production in Senegal Agricultural and Applied Economics
Akobundu, Eberechukwu Two Essays on Resource Economics: A Study of the Statistical Evidence for Global Warming and An Analysis of Overcompliance with Effluent Standards Among Wastewater Treatment Plants Agricultural and Applied Economics
Akpinar, Brigit Duggan The Evolution of Microenterprise Strategies in the United States Public and International Affairs
Akram, Mohammad Salman Managing Changes to Service Oriented Enterprises Computer Science
[BTD] Akram, Muhammad Stability assessment of entry roofs in underlying multiple seam mines Mining and Minerals Engineering
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Amidon, Frederick A. Habitat Relationships and Life History of the Rota Bridled White-eye (Zosterops rotensis) Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
Amiel, Tel Individual Differences in Internet Usage Motives English
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An, Ke Mechanical Properties and Electrochemical Durability of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Engineering Science and Mechanics
An, Kwan-Ang Dynamic Pricing with Early Cancellation and Resale Industrial and Systems Engineering
Anand, Annu Experimental and Simulation Evaluation of Alternative Interior and Exterior Lighting Solution for Virginia Tech Architecture
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Arsoy, Aysen Electromagnetic Transient and Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of a StatCom-SMES Compensator in Power Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering
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Aslan, Serdar Game Based Improvement of Learning Fractions Using iOS Mobile Devices Computer Science and Applications
Asmatulu, Ramazan Advanced Chemical-Mechanical Dewatering of Fine Particles Materials Science and Engineering
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Astwood, Evelyn Marie Parental Involvement Strategies Implemented by Selected Virginia School Districts Administration and Supervision of Special Education
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Atkins, Lois Major Organization Features and School Performance Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Atkins, Rosa Stocks School Practices and Student Achievement Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Atkins, Stephen G. Bolstering Opportunity and Prejudicial Expectation Effects on Recall When Appraising Performance Potential Psychology
Atkinson, Cheryl L. H. An Analysis of the Impact of "Success for All" on Reading, Attendance, and Academic Self-Efficacy With At-Risk Elementary School Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
[BTD] Atkinson, Jay M. A study of regulatory goals and controls :firm size in the savings and loan industry. Economics
[BTD] Atkinson, Robert B. An analysis of palustrine forested wetland compensation effectiveness in Virginia Biology
Atkinson, Jr., Allen Bradley A Model for the PTX Properties of H2O-NaCl Geological Sciences
Atlayan, Ozgur Effect of Viscous Fluid Dampers on Steel Moment Frame Designed for Strength and Hybrid Steel Moment Frame Design Civil Engineering
Atmakur, Sruthi Research in Public Spaces: Safety and Human Behavior Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Atta, Essam H. Nonlinear steady and unsteady aerodynamics of wings and wing-body-combinations. Engineering Science and Mechanics
Attari, Sanya An Investigation of I/O Strategies for MPI Workloads Computer Science
Attri, Hitesh An agent based manufacturing scheduling module for Advanced Planning and Scheduling Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Atwater, Barbara J. A qualitative examination of the career paths of female school superintendents in Virginia Educational Administration
Atwell, James W. A Multiplexed Memory Port for Run Time Reconfigurable Applications Electrical and Computer Engineering
Atwell, Jeanne A. Proper Orthogonal Decomposition for Reduced Order Control of Partial Differential Equations Mathematics
[BTD] Atwell, Robert L. Uranium dioxide and urania-thoria fuel cores for the UTR-10 reactor Nuclear Science and Engineering
Atwood, Chad Judson Effects of Alternative Silvicultural Treatments on Regeneration in the Southern Appalachians Forestry
Auckland, Ian Quantitative Analysis of a Cell Cycle Checkpoint in Xenopus laevis Cell-Free Egg Extracts Biology
[BTD] Aucoin, Bryan A model for goal oriented learning in a neural network Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Auda, Hamid Tillering and carbohydrate content of orchardgrass as influenced by environmental factors Agronomy
[BTD] Aue, Volker Optimum linear single user detection in direct-sequence spread-spectrum multiple access systems Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Auel, John B. Design and testing of a prototype in-line chip quality monitor Forestry
Aughenbaugh, John M. Meeting the Demands of Modern Governance: The Administrative Thought of Supreme Court Justice Byron White Public Administration and Public Affairs
[BTD] Aughenbaugh, John M. An explanation of declining voter turnout :the case of Richmond, Virginia, 1880-1913 Political Science
August, Nathaniel On the Low Power Design of DCT and IDCT for Low Bit Rate Video Codecs Electrical and Computer Engineering
August, Nathaniel John Medium Access Control in Impulse-Based Ultra Wideband Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks Electrical and Computer Engineering
Augustine, Donna Marie Obesity and the Technological Fix: Weight Loss Surgery in American Women Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Augusto, Kerri Weise Factors contributing to the long-term adjustment of college women abused as children Psychology
Aulakh, Sukhwinder Singh Characterization of activation tagged potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) mutants Horticulture
Aultman, Stephen Analyzing Cost Implications of Water Quality Trading Provisions: Lessons from the Virginia Nutrient Credit Exchange Act Agricultural and Applied Economics
[BTD] Auradkar, Rajendra V. A complete geometric and topologic file structure Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Ausbrooks, Dwight L. Development of a comprehensive plan for the City of Indianapolis, Indiana Community Health Education
Aust, Carrie Ellen A Low-Power, Variable-Resolution Analog-to-Digital Converter Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Austin, C. Wayne A study of the effectiveness of advisory committees in Virginia community colleges Vocational and Technical Education
Austin, Eric Keller The Social Bond and Place: A Study of How the Bureau of Land Management Contributes to Civil Society Public Administration and Public Affairs
Austin, Eric Michael Influences of Higher Order Modeling Techniques on the Analysis of Layered Viscoelastic Damping Treatments Engineering Mechanics
Austin, Ian O'Brian Understanding Higher Education Governance Restructuring: The Case of the University of the West Indies Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
[VT] Austin, Jennifer Lynn The Protective Roles of Spirituality, Supportive and Common Dyadic Coping Among Latino Immigrant Couples in the US Human Development
Austin, Kristin Elizabeth Examining Differences in Executive Functioning in ADHD and Anxiety in an ODD Sample Psychology
Austin, Robert Jesse Effect of Feeding Different Protein and Energy Supplements on Performance and Health of Beef Calves During the Backgrounding Period Animal and Poultry Sciences
[BTD] Austin, T. Denise Characterization of the glpD and glpEGR operons of Escherichia coli k-12 Biochemistry and Nutrition
Autore, Don M. Two Essays on Shelf-registered Corporate Equity Offerings Finance, Insurance, and Business Law
[BTD] Autret, Erwan Studies in process integration of energy and environmental systems Chemical Engineering
[BTD] Auvil, Loretta Sue Problem specific environments for parallel scientific computing Computer Science and Applications
[BTD] Avadhani, Umesh D. Data processing in a small transit company using an automatic passenger counter Civil Engineering
Avci, Onur Effects of Bottom Chord Extensions on the Static and Dynamic Performance of Steel Joist Supported Floors Civil Engineering
Avdellas, Nicholas John The Public-Private Dilemma: A Strategic Improvement Agenda for U.S. Department of Defense Depot Maintenance Public Administration and Public Affairs
[BTD] Avellar, Brecc K. Technical review and economic evaluation :steam- explosion/fractionation of biomass Chemical Engineering
[BTD] Aveni, Christina Marie The effects of biblioplay on anxiety related to first preschool experiences Family and Child Development
[BTD] Avent, R. Richard An automatic method for inspecting plywood shear samples Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Averboch, Guillermo Andres A system for document analysis, translation, and automatic hypertext linking Computer Science and Applications
Averett, Paige Parental Communications and Young Women's Struggle for Sexual Agency Human Development
[BTD] Averill, Ronald C. Nonlinear analysis of laminated composite shells using a micromechanics-based progressive damage model Engineering Mechanics
[BTD] Averill, Ronald C. On the behavior of shear deformable plate elements Engineering Mechanics
[BTD] Avery, Mary Frances An institutional effectiveness study of the North Carolina community colleges Community College Education
Avery, Richard Connection Architecture
Avery, Wendy Harmony Architecture
Avgoustis, Alexis Quantifying the Safety Impacts of Intelligent Transportation Systems Civil Engineering
[BTD] Avila, Melinda Plaza Building control automation for retirement homes :a therapeutic opportunity for the elderly Product Research and Design
[BTD] Avila, Olga B. Modeling growth dynamics of juvenile loblolly pine plantations Forestry
[BTD] Avila, Olga B. Survival equations for loblolly pine trees in cutover, site- prepared plantations Forestry
Aviles, Bryan Influence of Physiological State, Prolonged Dry Storage, and Passage through Simulated Digestion on the Survival and Gene Expression of Salmonella enterica sv. Tennessee Food Science and Technology
Avitabile, Michael Vincent Development of a Multi-Level Emergency Stop System for Unmanned Vehicles Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Avny, Amos Ben Foreign aid, trade and development : analysis of the past, prospects for the future Public Administration and Public Affairs
[BTD] Awa, Teck Wah Design of a pultrusion die using a design optimization technique Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Awa, Teck Wah Development of an inexpensive computer vision system for grading oyster meats Agricultural Engineering
Awadallah, Ra'id S. Rough Surface Scattering and Propagation over Rough Terrain in Ducting Environments Electrical Engineering
Awasthi, Manuj High Reynolds Number Turbulent Boundary Layer Flow over Small Forward Facing Steps Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
[BTD] Awni, Adnan Husayn Effect of degree of acetylation on mechanical properties of cellulose acetate films. Chemistry
Awuor, Risper Akelo Effect of Unequal Sample Sizes on the Power of DIF Detection: An IRT-Based Monte Carlo Study with SIBTEST and Mantel-Haenszel Procedures Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Awwad, Yousef Ahmad The Effect of Interleukin-1 (IL-1) Concentration on Single Cell NF-kappaB Activation in a Gradient-Generating Microfluidic Device Biomedical Engineering
Axson, Daniel Peter Ultimate Bearing Strength of Post-tensioned Local Anchorage Zones in Lightweight Concrete Civil Engineering
[BTD] Ayadh, Mohammed Thabet Influence of the city geometric features on the two fluid model parameters Civil Engineering
[BTD] Aydlett, Elizabeth Lamb The tolerance of some batters and doughs for fortification with non-fat dried milk solids Foods and Nutrition
Ayers, Michael D. Collective Identity in Online and Offline Feminist Activist Groups Sociology
[BTD] Ayres, John W. Qualitative health monitoring and incipient damage inspection/evaluation Mechanical Engineering
Aytemiz, Tevfik A Probabilistic Study of 3-SATISFIABILITY Industrial and Systems Engineering
Azam, Farooq Biologically Inspired Modular Neural Networks Electrical and Computer Engineering
Azbej, Tristan The Role of Fluids in Geological Processes Geosciences
[BTD] Azimi-Ghomi, Edreece A. Analysis of truck overturn accidents on Virginia interstate systems :a case study of I-81 Civil Engineering
Aziz, Farhan Muhammad Implementation and Analysis of Wireless Local Area Networks for High-Mobility Telematics Electrical and Computer Engineering
Azizi, Susanne L. An Analysis of the Social Action program and Education of Women in Pakistan Urban Affairs and Planning
Azola, Anthony The Effect of Management on Erosion of Civil War Battlefield Earthworks Forestry
[BTD] Özbay, Kaan A framework for dynamic traffic diversion during non-recurrent congestion :models and algorithms Civil Engineering

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