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Author Name Title Department
[BTD] Eades, Herbert H Thermal modeling of hybrid microelectronics Mechanical Engineering
Eagle, Kimberly S New Public Management in Charlotte, North Carolins: A Case Study of Managed Competition Public Administration and Public Affairs
[BTD] Eaglesham, Mark A. Automated storage and retrieval system design report Industrial and Systems Engineering
Eaglesham, Mark Alan A Decision Support System for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Cost Estimation Industrial and Systems Engineering
Eaglesham, Susan L. Online Support Groups: Extending Communities of Concern Family and Child Development
Eaker, Lisa The Social Sacrifices of Being Modern Teaching and Learning
[BTD] Eanes, Dolores Dove The identification of behavioral objectives for a human anatomy and physiology course supportive to the associate degree nursing programs in Virginia community colleges. Community College Education
Earl, Stevan Ross Nitrogen spiraling in stream ecosystems spanning a gradient of chronic nitrogen loading Biology
[BTD] Earles-Price, Susan N. Estimation of internal consistency and stability reliability using isokinetic segmental curve analysis Health and Physical Education
[BTD] Earley, Penelope M. Federal attention to teacher certification and licensure :two policy case studies Research and Evaluation
Early, Darren T. The Tension Between Falsificationism and Realism: a Critical Examination of a Problem in the Philosophy of Karl Popper Philosophy
Early, Jeffrey Bryan Research Centers as Modes of Technology Transfer between the University and Industry and the Implications for Public K-12 Schools Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
[BTD] Earnesty, Lisa H. Evaluation of detection technologies for use in traffic management and control Systems Engineering
Earp, Brian Edward Convective Heat Flux Sensor Validation, Qualification and Integration in Test Articles Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
[BTD] Earp, Mary Lisa A portrait of grace: teaching for meaningfulness in school settings Curriculum and Instruction
Earp, Ronald Lee Multiwavelength Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor Designs for Chemical and Biochemical Detection Chemistry
Easley, Brian Gerard Developmental Networks, Black Feminist Thought, and Black Women Federal Senior Executives: A Case Study Approach Human Development
[BTD] Eason, Andrea Emmot The formative evaluation and revision of an instructional management system for business computer competencies Vocational and Technical Education
[BTD] Easter, Christopher Water chemistry characterization and component performance of a recirculating aquaculture system producing hybrid striped bass Environmental Engineering
[BTD] Easter, Scott F. Design of a multi-span plate girder highway bridge using LRFD bridge specifications Civil Engineering
Easterbrook, Richard Brian Predictive Probability Model for American Civil War Fortifications using a Geographic Information System Geography
[BTD] Easterday, Richard Lee The acute toxicity of molybdenum to the bluegill Biochemistry and Nutrition
[BTD] Easton, Robert S. Feeding ecology of age-o smallmouth bass in the New River, West Virginia Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
[VT] Eastwood, Rebecca G. Instructional Leadership as Defined by Virginia Elementary Title I Principals: a Delphi Study Administration and Supervision of Special Education
Easwaran, Sathya Poornima Developing a Mechanistic Understanding and Optimization of the Cannibal Process: Phase II Environmental Engineering
[BTD] Eaton, Alan Tucker Biological control agents of soybean insect pests in the Tidewater area of Virginia. Entomology
Eaton, Brandon Michael One Dimensional, Transient Model of Heat, Mass, and Charge Transfer in a Proton Exchange Membrane Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Eaton, Gregory Kent Oxalic acid production by the ectomycorrhizal fungus Hebeloma westraliensis and its role in the nutrient acquisition and growth of Eucalyptus diversicolor in calcareous soil Biology
[BTD] Eaton, James Allen Effect of temperature and percent cold work on the mechanical properties of aluminum alloy 3104 Materials Science and Engineering
[BTD] Eaton, Twilla Epidemiology of Mycobacterium avium complex infecting AIDS patients Microbiology
Ebanks, Keira C Kinetics of Peptide Aggregation Biological Systems Engineering
[BTD] Ebbett, Raymond H. Inheritance of resistance to selected pyrethroid insecticides in Blattella germanica (Dictyoptera: Blattellidae) Entomology
[VT] Ebbett, Virginia Rose The Chlorination of Triclosan: A Kinetic Study Environmental Sciences and Engineering
[BTD] Ebbs, Sara Jane The synthesis and characterization of some manganese (II) Schiff base complexes and their oxygenation products. Chemistry
Ebeling, Christopher P. Measurements and Predictions of the Heat Transfer at the Tube-Fin Junction for Louvered Fin Heat Exchangers Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Eberhard, Robert William The design and construction of a free surface water table for the investigation of compressible-flow phenomena. Mechanical Engineering
Eberhardt, Darlene Michele Antibacterial and Laundering Properties of Ams and Phmb as Finishing Agents for Healthcare Workers Uniforms Apparel, Housing, and Resource Management
[BTD] Eberhardt, Thomas Leonard Characterization of lignin deposition in Pinus taeda L. cell suspension cultures Wood Science and Forest Products
[BTD] Eberhardt, Thomas Leonard Studies on lignin biosynthesis and structure Forest Products
Eberle, Aaron Paul Rust The Dynamic Behavior of a Concentrated Composite Fluid Containing Non-Brownian Glass Fibers in Rheometrical Flows Chemical Engineering
[BTD] Eberly, Harold Thomas Evaluation of alternative pretreatment methods for use in direct filtration water treatment. Sanitary Engineering
Ebert, Doreen 4 walls + Architecture
[BTD] Ebert, Harry K. The six phase rectifier as a power source for operating DC motors Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Eberwine, John Wright Effect of postemergence johnsongrass control on MCDV and MDMV incidence and severity in field corn Weed Science
[BTD] Echenagucia, Jorge Enrique Injection molding of shotgun shells Chemical Engineering
[BTD] Echenagucia, Jorge Enrique Gate design for injection molds. Chemical Engineering
Echeverria, Roy Arnon School Engagement: Testing the Factorial Validity, Measurement, Structural and Latent Means Invariance between African American and White Students Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Echols, Allison Clare Relationships among lifetime measures of growth and frame size for commercial beef females in a pasture-based production system in the Appalachian region of the United States Animal and Poultry Sciences
Echols, Ann Elizabeth Extending the Resource-Based View to Explain Venture Capital Firm Networks' Contributions to IPO Performance: A Study of Human-Based Factors Management
[BTD] Echols, Ann Elizabeth Self-employed youth and youth employed in governmental positions :an analysis of high school and beyond data Vocational and Technical Education
[VT] Echols, Brandi Shontia An Ecotoxicological Evaluation of the North Fork Holston River below Saltville, Virginia and Identification of Potential Stressors to Freshwater Mussels (Bivalvia:Unionidae) Biology
Echols, Brandi Shontia Use of an environmentally realistic laboratory test organism and field bioassessments to determine the potential impacts of active coal mining in the Dumps Creek subwatershed on the Clinch River, Virginia Biology
Echols, Kim Needham Aspects of Reproduction and Cub Survival in a Hunted Population of Virginia Black Bears Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
Echols, Stuart Patton Split-flow Stormwater Management Strategy Design Feasibility and Cost Comparison Environmental Design and Planning
[BTD] Echols, Stuart Patton Teaching design :a qualitative study of design studio instruction Architecture and Urban Studies
Eckard, Phyllis R. The Investigation of Primary and Secondary Modifiers in the Extraction and Separation of Neutral and Ionic Pharmaceutical Compounds with Pure and Modified Carbon Dioxide Chemistry
[BTD] Eckel, Doug Two essays on political influence and the regulation of financial markets Finance, Insurance, and Business Law
Ecker, Tobias Experimental Investigation of Particle Lag behind a Shock Wave using a Novel Laser Doppler Accelerometer Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
[BTD] Eckert, Robert Vernon Factorial design for a sequential allocation study Statistics
Eckstein, Adric Development of Robust Correlation Algorithms for Image Velocimetry using Advanced Filtering Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Economides, Thoukidides A. Experimental investigation on the dynamics of inflatable dams Civil Engineering
[BTD] Economy, A. Tommy A proposed methodology for the control of a semi-robotic convoy Mechanical Engineering
Edara, Praveen Kumar Mode Choice Modeling Using Artificial Neural Networks Civil Engineering
Edara, Praveen Kumar Dynamic Travel Demand Management Strategies: Dynamic Congestion Pricing and Highway Space Inventory Control System Civil Engineering
[BTD] Eddleman, Kathy S. Interactive video :an approach for teaching qualitative movement analysis of the overhand throw Health and Physical Education
[BTD] Eddleton, Jeannine E. Chemical demonstrations :a compendium of resources in print and on the Internet Chemistry
Eddy, Grant Lee Study of Steady-State Wake Characteristics of Variable Angle Wedges Mechanical Engineering
Eddy, Katherine T. Dairy Food Consumption in Educated, Older Women in Virginia: Use of Focus Groups to Examine Attitudes and Perceptions Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
Eddy, Raymond Greg Focusing the Senses Architecture
[BTD] Edelman, John S. Effects of selected factors on sawmill residue wood chip quality Agricultural Engineering
[BTD] Edens, Lucy Marie In vitro cytotoxic activity of equine lymphocytes on equine herpesvirus-1 infected allogenic fibroblasts Veterinary Medical Sciences
Edgar, Nicole M. Mechanisms of Compass Orientation in C57BL/6 Laboratory Mice Biology
Edmison, Joshua Nathaniel Electronic Textiles for Motion Analysis Electrical and Computer Engineering
Edmison, Joshua Nathaniel Hardware Architectures for Software Security Electrical and Computer Engineering
[VT] Edmonds, Christopher Thomas MARKET REACTIONS TO ANALYSTS’ FORECASTS AND MANDATORY DISCLOSURES Accounting and Information Systems
[VT] Edmonds, Jennifer Echols An Investigation of the Effectiveness of the Division of Corporate Finance as a Monitor of Financial Reporting Accounting and Information Systems
[VT] Edmonds, Yvette M. Toward a Quantitative Analysis of PARP-1 and Poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation in Cellular Senescence Biochemistry
[BTD] Edmunds, Cynthia Ekstein Diet, body weight patterns and menstrual status of competitive female body builders Health and Physical Education
[BTD] Edsall, Robert William A seismic reflection study over the Bane anticline in Giles County, Virginia. Geophysics
Edwards, Alex T. Comparison of Strain Gage and Fiber Optic Sensors On A Sting Balance In A Supersonic Wind Tunnel Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
[BTD] Edwards, Angelique S. Administration position description update for Virginia Tech athletics Health and Physical Education
[BTD] Edwards, Carleen Marie Representation and simulation of a high level language using VHDL Electrical Engineering
Edwards, David H Lead distribution at a Public Shooting Range Geological Sciences
[BTD] Edwards, Deborah Elizabeth Diversity of limited oxidations accomplished by gluconobacter oxydans Microbiology
Edwards, Gregory W Performance and Usability of Force Feedback and Auditory Substitutions in a Virtual Environment Manipulation Task Industrial and Systems Engineering
Edwards, Jeanne Denise Toward Democracy: A Case Study of High Involvement in One Elementary School Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Edwards, Jeffrey A A Statistical Approach to Empirical Macroeconomic Modeling with Practical Applications Economics
Edwards, Jessica Corinne Investigation of Color Removal by Chemical Oxidation for Three Reactive Textile Dyes and Spent Textile Dye Wastewater Environmental Engineering
[BTD] Edwards, Joseph Richard Equilibrium moisture content measurement for porous building materials at various temperatures Mechanical Engineering
Edwards, Lindsay Keyes Architecture as Mediator Architecture
[BTD] Edwards, Rhonda L. The reproductive biology of Clematis addisonii Biology
Edwards, Samuel Zachary Forecasting Highly-Aggregate Internet Time Series Using Wavelet Techniques Electrical and Computer Engineering
Edwards, Scott A. Televisual Images in Presidential Politics:
A Baudrillardian Reading of Bill Clinton's 1992 Presidential Campaign
Political Science
Edwards, Scott Alan The Essential Elements of Multi-family Group Therapy: A Delphi Study Human Development
[BTD] Edwards, Sherry L. The application of simulated annealing to the mixed model, deterministic assembly line balancing problem Industrial and Systems Engineering
Edwards, Stephen Wyatt The Effects of the Student Teaching Experience on Cooperating Teachers in Secondary Agricultural Education Programs: A Case Study Agricultural and Extension Education
[BTD] Edwards, Todd M. Levels of personal disclosure and engagement in communication of later-life couples coping with chronic illness Family and Child Development
[VT] Egan, Kevin David Sovereignty and the Governance of Globalization: The Emergence of Empire or the Conquest of US Security Interests? Political Science
[BTD] Egan, Michelle Regionalism in South East Asia : a factor analysis approach Political Science
[BTD] Egan, Peter Joseph John The effect of the white-pine weevil (Pissodes strobi Peck) on white pine (Pinus strobus L) in southwestern Virginia Entomology
[BTD] Egan, Peter Joseph John The Southern pine beetle, Dendroctonus frontalis Zimm., and associated Coleoptera attracted to dead loblolly pine, Pinus taeda L. Entomology
[BTD] Egelston, Phillip Andrew Stapleton Crutchfield :Stonewall Jaackson's chief of artillery History
Eggborn, Timothy Analytical Models to Predict Power Harvesting with Piezoelectric Materials Mechanical Engineering
Egger, Sean Robert A Turbo Approach to Distributed Acoustic Detection and Estimation Mechanical Engineering
Eggink, Judith An Investigation of the Limnological Dynamics of Lake Manassas Environmental Engineering
Eggleston, Margaret A. Participation and Non-Participation in Formal Adult Education: A Study of Deterrents for an Organizational Leadership Development Program Human Development
[BTD] Egolf, Arthur R. Design and testing of a sawdust dryer and a suspension sawdust burner Forestry
Egues, Magdalena Memory [Architecture] Film Four Cinematic Events in the City Architecture
Ehnert, Jesse The Argument from Species Overlap Philosophy
Ehrhart, Ian James Alcohol Expectancies and Self-Efficacy as Moderators of Social Anxiety and Alcohol Use Among College Students Psychology
[VT] Ehrlich, Elizabeth R Sex Differences in Arterial Destiffening with Weight Loss Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
[BTD] Ehrman, Terrence Patrick The use of corn pollen and glass beads to estimate fine particulate organic matter retention Biology
Ehst, Kendall Ryan When To Stay, When To Go: A Cost-Benefits Analysis of Church Membership and Regular Attendance Human Development
Eiben, Robert Joseph Understanding Dead Languages Philosophy
[BTD] Eich, Henry F. A study of the stream pollution problem in the Roanoke, Virginia, metropolitan district. Sanitary Engineering
Eichstadt, Amy Elizabeth Structure-Property Relationships and Adhesion in Polyimides of Varying Aliphatic Content Materials Science and Engineering
[BTD] Eide, Donald Gordon Design criteria and equations of motion for the de-spin of a vehicle by the radial release of weights and cables of finite mass Engineering Mechanics
[BTD] Eifert, Joseph D. Predictive modeling of the aerobic growth of Staphylococcus aureus 196E using a nonlinear model and response surface analysis Food Science and Technology
[BTD] Eifert, Joseph Daniel Quality changes of aquacultured hybrid striped bass fillet meat resulting from reduction of post-harvest metabolism Food Science and Technology
Einarsson, Magnus Ingi Quantifying Spatio-Temporal Chaos in Rayleigh Benard Convection Mechanical Engineering
Einsla, Brian Russel High Temperature Polymers for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells Macromolecular Science and Engineering
[VT] Einsmann, Christopher A Validation of a Simulation Environment for Motion Sensing Electronic Textiles Electrical and Computer Engineering
Einsmann, Juliet Caroline Nutrient Foraging in Ten Southeast Coastal Plain Plant Species Biology
[BTD] Eisemann, David W. Methods for determining dish antenna pointing angles Electrical Engineering
Eisemann, Kevin Michael A Computational Study of Compressor Inlet Boundary Conditions with Total Temperature Distortions Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Eisen, Paul S. Characterizing the perceived quality degradation of still-camera motion blur Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
[BTD] Eisen, Paul S. An evaluation of the manipulation of color in alternative color spaces Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
Eisenback, Brian Matthew Prey-mediated effects of imidacloprid on Laricobius nigrinus (Coleoptera: Derodontidae) and Sasajiscymnus tsugae (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae), two predators of hemlock woolly adelgid Entomology
Eisenbies, Mark Hale Loblolly Pine and Soil-Site Responses to Harvesting Disturbance and Site Preparation at Stand Closure Forestry
Eisenhower, Bryan A. Identification of Thermoacoustic Dynamics Exhibiting Limit Cycle Behavior Mechanical Engineering
Eisenmann, Matthew Donnel Elutriation Technology in Heavy Mineral Separations Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Eisler, Terri A. Parental influence on the career choices of women : some cohort differences Management, Housing, and Family Development
Ekema-Agbaw, Michael Luma Intervening to Increase Expressions of Gratitude Psychology
[BTD] Eklund, Anthony D. The fine topology and other topologies on C(X,Y). Mathematics
[Mixed] El Badawy, Tarek Aly Perception of Consumer Problems and Concerns Related to Consumer Protection and Education: a Comparative Study Between American and Egyptian Academic Communities Near Environments
El Hadj, Meriem Compatibility, Yield, and Quality of Warm-Season Grass-Legume Mixtures. Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
El Hadj, Meriem Community Decision Making Aids for Improved Pasture Resources in the Madiama Commune of Mali Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
El Khoury, John Accounting for Risk and Level of Service in the Design of Passing Sight Distances Civil Engineering
El Khoury, John Said Simulation of Crash Prevention Technology at a No- Passing Zone site Civil Engineering
El Mallah, Shereen Social behavior and academic performance: Examining relations between forms of prosocial behavior and aggression in predicting academic outcomes Psychology
El Zarif, Jamal A. Deploying an ITS Warning System for No-Passing Zones on Two-Lane Rural Roads Civil Engineering
[BTD] El-Adas, Kadmous Moufid Linear and nonlinear buckling analysis via ABAQUS Civil Engineering
El-Aouar, Walid Hassib Finite Element Analysis Based Modeling of Magneto Rheological Dampers Mechanical Engineering
El-Badawy, Ayman Aly Structural Identification and Buffet Alleviation of Twin-Tailed Fighter Aircraft Mechanical Engineering
El-Bakly, Ahmed Mostafa Optimization Study of the Stripline Resonator Technique for Dielectric Characterization Electrical and Computer Engineering
[VT] El-Goarany, Khaled Mining Social Tags to Predict Mashup Patterns Computer Science
[BTD] El-Hady, Nabil M. Effect of compressibility, suction, and heat transfer on the nonparallel stability of boundary-layer flow. Engineering Mechanics
El-Metwally, Maha A Study of the Capacity Drop Phenomenon at Time-Dependent and Time-Independent Bottlenecks Civil Engineering
El-Nainay, Mustafa Y. Island Genetic Algorithm-based Cognitive Networks Electrical and Computer Engineering
El-Okda, Yasser Mohamed Jet/Wall Interaction: An Experimental Study with Applications to VSTOL Aircraft Ground Effects. Engineering Science and Mechanics
El-Okda, Yasser Mohamed Experimental and Numerical Investigations of the Effects of Incident Turbulence on the Flow Over a Surface-Mounted Prism Engineering Science and Mechanics
El-Sayed, Amr A. Numerical Modeling for the Solute Uptake from Groundwater by Plants-Plant Uptake Package Civil and Environmental Engineering
El-Shehaly, Mai Hassan A Visualization Framework for SiLK Data exploration and Scan Detection Computer Science
[BTD] Elahi, Mehran Fatigue behavior of ceramic matrix composites at elevated temperatures under cyclic loading Engineering Mechanics
Elahinia, Mohammad Effect of System Dynamics on Shape Memory Alloy Behavior and Control Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Elakhame, Kate A. Quality attributes of breads made from wheat-millet composite flours fortified with vital wheat gluten Human Nutrition and Foods
Elam, Kevin Patrick Effects of a surface circulator on temperature, dissolved oxygen, water velocity, and photosynthetic yield in Falling Creek Reservoir Environmental Engineering
Elder, Erin N. Internal Heat Transfer and External Effectiveness Measurements for a Novel Turbine Blade Cooling Design Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Elder, John Franklin Molecular drive and population differentiation of satellite DNAs in Cyprinodon variegatus Biology (Molecular and Evolution)
[BTD] Elder, John Franklin Chromosomal complements and variation in some Venezuelan annual killifishes (cyprinodontidae) Zoology
[BTD] Elder, Robert S. Properties of composites sampling procedures. Statistics
[BTD] Eldred, Lloyd B. Sensitivity analysis of the static aeroelastic response of a wing Aerospace Engineering
[BTD] Eldred, Lloyd B. Solution of non-linear partial differential equations with the Chebyshev Spectral method Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
[VT] Eleswarapu, Satyanarayana Mechanisms of Growth Hormone Regulation of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I Gene Expression in Liver Animal and Poultry Sciences
[VT] Eleswarapu, Satyanarayana Venkata Developmental and Growth Hormone Regulation of the Expression of Liver-Enriched Transcription Factors in Bovine Liver Animal and Poultry Sciences
Elhadj, Selim Chronic Shear Stress Effects on Endothelial Cell Response Chemical Engineering
Elhadj, Selim Economic Feasibility of the Recovery of Therapeutic Proteins From the Milk of Transgenic Livestock Chemical Engineering
Elias, Carlos Guillermo Balancing competing development objectives in the Trifinio region of Central America: economic and social development and environmental protection Agricultural and Applied Economics
Elias, Patricia Elena Acid deposition effects on soil chemistry and forest growth on the Monongahela National Forest Forestry
Elias, Rebecca M Challenges and Strengths of College Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Psychology
[BTD] Elias-Gerken, Susan P. Piping plover habitat suitability on central Long Island, New York barrier islands Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
Eligeti, Vinod WriteOn – A Tool for Effective Classroom Presentations Computer Science
Elitharp, Toni The Relationship of Occupational Stress, Psychological Strain, Satisfaction with Job, Commitment to the Profession, Age, and Resilience to the Turnover Intentions of Special Education Teachers Administration and Supervision of Special Education
Elizondo, David C. A Methodology to Assess and Rank the Effects of Hidden Failures in Protection Schemes based on Regions of Vulnerability and Index of Severity Electrical and Computer Engineering
Elizondo de la Garza, David C. Hidden Failures in Protection Systems and its Impact on Power System Wide-area Disturbances Electrical and Computer Engineering
Elkins, Anne Fleet Dillard Roles of Perceptions of Reference Groups, Clothing Symbolism, and Clothing Involvement in Female Adolescents' Clothing Purchase Intentions and Clothing Behavior Apparel, Housing, and Resource Management
Elkins, Casey Lynn Living Polymerization for the Introduction of Tailored Hydrogen Bonding Chemistry
[BTD] Elkner, Timothy Edward Photosynthate production and partitioning in apple leaves Horticulture
Ellenberger, Christine Spada Water Quality Impacts of Pure Chlorine Dioxide Pretreatment at the Roanoke County (Virginia) Water Treatment Plant Civil Engineering
[BTD] Eller, Karol Schaeffer Analyzing the robustness of telecommunication networks Systems Engineering
Eller, Paul Ray Development and Acceleration of Parallel Chemical Transport Models Computer Science
[BTD] Elling, Jodi L. Chemical composition and physical properties of 20% milk fat reformulated creams manufactured from reduced cholesterol butteroil Food Science and Technology
[BTD] Ellingsen, Harold W. Growth of algebras, words, and graphs Mathematics
[BTD] Ellingson, Dee Ann Hetland Board composition and the use of accounting measures :the effect on the relation between CEO compensation and firm performance Accounting and Information Systems
[BTD] Ellingson, Terry Allen Digestion and utilization of nutrients in diets containing feather meal and (or) supplemental fat by lactating dairy cows Dairy Science
Elliot, James Robertson Effects of a Control Release Nitrogen Fertilizer and Thinning on the Nitrogen Dynamics of a Mid-Rotation Loblolly Pine Stand in the Piedmont of Virginia Forestry
Elliott, Eloise McClung Designing, Piloting, and Evaluating the Interdisciplinary Internet Module - Healthy Hearts for Intermediate Grade Children Curriculum and Instruction
[BTD] Elliott, Greer Woltz A study of effects of inhibitors on cathode potentials of metals in dilute acids Chemistry
Elliott, Mark Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Redox Parameters in a Creosote-Contaminated Aquifer Environmental Engineering
Elliott, Susan F. The Effects of a Reading Intervention Class on Regular Education High School Students Who Struggle with Learning Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
[BTD] Elliott, William Richard Comparative phosphorus removals using modified activated sludge processes. Civil Engineering
Ellis, Brent Earl Assessment of the Repeatability and Sensitivity of the Thermoelectric Perfusion Probe Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Ellis, David W. Engineering analysis into the replacement of the centralized high pressure air system for DDG 51 class flight IIA Systems Engineering
Ellis, Eugenia Victoria SQUARING THE CIRCLE: The Regulating Lines of Claude Bragdon’s Theosophic Architecture Environmental Design and Planning
Ellis, Frederick Paa Kwesi Fabrication of Random Hole Optical Fiber Preforms by Silica Sol-Gel Processing Materials Science and Engineering
[BTD] Ellis, Graham K. H[infinity] and LQG optimal control for the rejection of persistent disturbances : analysis, design and experiment Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Ellis, Graham R. The application of experimental design in an activity-based environment Systems Engineering
[VT] Ellis, James Brian The Feasibility of Bioaugmentation for the Remediation of Chlorinated Solvents: A Microcosm Study Environmental Engineering
[BTD] Ellis, John Wesley Microcomputer control of a three-dimensional stereoflouroscope. Mechanical Engineering
Ellis, Joshua Randolph Modeling, Dynamics, and Control of Tethered Satellite Systems Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
[BTD] Ellis, Mikle Val The ladder load-flow method extended to distribution networks Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Ellis, Robert B. A Kruskal-Katona theorem for cubical complexes Mathematics
Ellis, Roger L. Ballistic Impact Resistance of Graphite Epoxy Composites With Shape Memory Alloy and Extended Chain Polyethylene Spectra Hybrid Components Mechanical Engineering
Ellis, Rosemary Lynn A Feminist Qualitative Study of Female Self-Mutilation Sociology
[BTD] Ellis, Steven E. Xenogeneic transplantation of immortalized bovine mammary epithelial cells Dairy Science
Ellis, Steven E. Mechanisms Controlling Ductal Morphogenesis in the Ruminant Mammary Gland Dairy Science
[BTD] Ellis, Susan Marie Fuzzy control and an evaluation of the self-organizing fuzzy controller Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Ellison, Matthew M. Metal/polymer interactions in polyimide adhesives Chemistry
Ellison, Shelley J. Modeling Offset-Dependent Reflectivity for Time-Lapse Monitoring of Water-Flood Production in Thin-Layered Reservoirs Geological Sciences
[BTD] Ellsworth, Lynne A Experimental evaluation of subjective ratings of drowsiness and development of drowsiness definitions Industrial and Systems Engineering
Elmasry, Sarah Khalil Integration Patterns of Learning Technologies Architecture
Elmkharram, Hesham Moh. A. Mechanically Processed Alumina Reinforced Ultra-high Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) Matrix Composites Materials Science and Engineering
Elmore, James Link Strategic Conservation Planning for High Knob, Virginia: A GIS Decision Support Approach Geography
[BTD] Elmore, Jennifer Susan Dynamic mechanical analysis of graphite/epoxy composites with varied interphases Engineering Mechanics
Elpi, Clara Maria Actual Versus Perceived Risk of Victimization and Handgun Ownership Sociology
[BTD] Elrick, Maya Development of cyclic ramp-to-basin carbonate deposits, lower Mississippian, Wyoming and Montana Geology
[BTD] Elrod, Joseph B. Development of a portable electric steam soil pasteurizer Agricultural Engineering
Elsayed, Mohamed Aly Khamis Large Eddy Simulation and Wavelet Analysis of the Flow Field around a Surface Mounted Prism Engineering Science and Mechanics
Elseifi, Mohamed A. A new scheme for the optimum design of stiffened composite panels with geometric imperfections Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Elseifi, Mostafa Viscoelastic Modeling of Straight and Modified Binders at Intermediate and High Temperatures Civil Engineering
Elseifi, Mostafa Performance Quantification of Interlayer Systems in Flexible Pavements Using Finite Element Analysis, Instrument Response, and Non Destructive Testing Civil Engineering
Elsherbiny, Noha Ibrahim Secure Digital Libraries Computer Science
Elsner, Regina Marie Knowledge, attitudes, and opinions about human-wildlife conflicts held by community leaders in Virginia Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
[BTD] Elson, J. Scott Simulation and performance analysis of Cellular Digital Packet Data Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Elson, Marshall Kent Influence of temperature, soil moisture, and planting depth on germination and emergence of 'Packman' broccoli Horticulture
Elster, Jennifer L. Long Period Grating-Based pH Sensors for Corrosion Monitoring Materials Science and Engineering
Elswaifi, Shaadi Fouad The Molecular Characterization of Phosphorylcholine (ChoP) on Histophilus somni Lipooligosaccharide: Contribution of ChoP to Bacterial Virulence and Pathogenesis Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences
Elteir, Marwa Khamis A MapReduce Framework for Heterogeneous Computing Architectures Computer Science
[BTD] Eltringham, Randy Newcome Creating a coordinated community response to domestic violence : a program and policy guide for community leaders Adult and Continuing Education
Elvington, Mark A Rhodium Centered Supramolecular Complex as a Photoinitiated Electron Collector Chemistry
[BTD] Elward, Kevin M. Shock formation in overexpanded flow :a study using the hydraulic analogy Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Elwood, Clare M. An empirical analysis of the strategic implications of type of entrepreneur in the restaurant industry Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management
Elwood Madden, Megan Erica Fluids in Planetary Systems Geosciences
Ely, Damon Thomas Stress-induced alterations in ecosystem function: the role of acidification in lotic metabolism and biogeochemistry Biology
[BTD] Ely, Kevin Jon Piezoelectric effects in GaAs MESFET's Materials Engineering Science
Ely, Paul T. Internal Damping Rates of Construction Cranes Civil Engineering
Elyyan, Mohammad Ahmad Heat Transfer Augmentation Surfaces Using Modified Dimples/Protrusions Mechanical Engineering
Emam, Samir A A Theoretical and Experimental Study of Nonlinear Dynamics of Buckled Beams Engineering Science and Mechanics
Embi, Roslani Computer Anxiety and Computer Self-Efficacy Among Accounting Educators at Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia. Career and Technical Education
Emenheiser, Joseph Carl Use of ultrasound technology in the genetic improvement of U.S. lamb composition Animal and Poultry Sciences
Emerald, Neal D. Consumerism, Nature, and the Human Spirit Natural Resources
[BTD] Emero, Michael F. Using naturally occurring texts as a knowledge acquisition resource for knowledge base design :developing a knowledge base taxonomy on microprocessors Computer Science
[BTD] Emerson, Carol S. Sensory and cognitive processing deficits in anxious depressed children :a neurobehavioral study Psychology
[BTD] Emerson, Carol S. Anger and denial as predictors of cardiovascular reactivity in women Psychology
[BTD] Emick, Mark Quentin A comparison of the beliefs of state legislators and community college assessment practitioners toward implementation of mandated student outcomes assessment guidelines in the Commonwealth of Virginia Community College Administration
[VT] Emmons, Shawn Glendon Characterizing a Racing Damper’s Frequency Dependent Behavior with an Emphasis on High Frequency Inputs Mechanical Engineering
Emory, Christopher Wyatt Prediction of Limit Cycle Oscillation in an Aeroelastic System using Nonlinear Normal Modes Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
[BTD] Emory, Winola Frances TQM, the female principle, and social change : the importance of principled implementation Public Administration and Public Affairs
[BTD] Empfield, Jeffrey Morgan Wilderness rivers :environmentalism, the wilderness movement, and river preservation during the 1960s History
Empson, Yvonne Marie Developing a Living Composite Ligament by Combining Prolotherapy and Nanoparticles as Treatment for Damaged Connective Tissue Biomedical Engineering
Endert, Alex Semantic Interaction for Visual Analytics: Inferring Analytical Reasoning for Model Steering Computer Science and Applications
Endlich, Norman Andrew An Investigation of the Nexus Between Strategic Planning and Organizational Learning Human Development
Endo, Seiji Long-Term Relationship between Footwear Manufacturer and Consumers: Relationship Spiral Model of Encounter for Services and Goods through Internet Shopping Near Environments
[BTD] Endo, Yasuhiro Endovascular trophoblast cell behavior in normal and abnormal pregnancy Veterinary Medical Sciences
Endrikat, Sarah Ann Risk Assessment for Listeria monocytogenes in Ready-to-eat Meat and Poultry Products Environmental Engineering
Enea, Gabriele Simulation-Based Study to Quantify Data-Communication Benefits in Congested Airport Terminal Area Civil Engineering
[BTD] Engel, Mark A. A wind tunnel investigation of a wing-tip trailing vortex Aerospace Engineering
Engel, Sarah Rose The effectiveness of using volunteers for biological monitoring of streams Entomology
[BTD] Engelen-Eigles, Deborah A. The social construction of diapers as a consumer issue :an application of feminist sociological theory Housing, Interior Design, and Resource Management
[BTD] Engelstad, Stephen Philip Nonlinear probabilistic finite element modeling of composite shells Engineering Mechanics
[BTD] Engen, Paul Todd Novel polymer architectures :polyrotaxanes Chemistry
England, Jonas Andrew Numerical Modeling and Prediction of Bubbling Fluidized Beds Mechanical Engineering
[VT] England, Scott Alan Quantifying Dynamic Stability of Musculoskeletal Systems using Lyapunov Exponents Engineering Science and Mechanics
[BTD] Engle, Catherine Anna Factors influencing pallet material substitution by the U.S. grocery distribution industry Wood Science and Forest Products
English, Chastity Katrina Warren An Analysis of LifeKnowledge® Skills and Abilities Development within North Carolina Agriscience Education Programs as Viewed by Veteran Secondary Agriscience Educators, Agriscience Education Students, and Students’ Employers Career and Technical Education
[VT] English, Craig Alan Development and Characterization of a Synchronously Actuated Response Atomizer for Studying Thermoacoustic Instabilities Mechanical Engineering
[VT] English, Kristin Nicole Battleground Blog: Analyzing the 2006 U.S. Senate Campaign Blogs through the Lenses of Issue Ownership, Agenda setting, and Gender Differences Communication Studies
[BTD] Ennulat, Harold W. Emulation framework for testing higher level control methodology Industrial and Systems Engineering
Eno, Daniel R. Noninformative Prior Bayesian Analysis for Statistical Calibration Problems Statistics
[BTD] Enriquez-ibarra, Leopoldo Gerardo The use of Pulsed Energy (Flashbast) technology in the shelf life extension of selected marine and freshwater fish species stored in ice Food Science and Technology
[BTD] Ensign, William E. Multiple-scale habitat models of benthic fish abundance in riffles Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
Entrekin, Dean Allen On the Geometric Characterization of the Lenke Classification Scheme for Idiopathic Scoliosis Biomedical Engineering and Sciences
Enyeart Smith, Theresa M. A Comparison of Health Risk Behaviors Among College Students Enrolled in a Required Personal Health Course vs. Enrolled in an Elective Personal Health Course Teaching and Learning
[BTD] Enyong, Laetitia Ako Kima Linkages among research, education, extension, and farmers in the Republic of Cameroon Vocational and Technical Education
Epler, Cory Michael The Relationship Between Implicit Theories of Intelligence, Epistemological Beliefs, and the Teaching Practices of In-service Teachers: A Mixed Methods Study Agricultural and Extension Education
Eppard, Lawrence Michael "A District-Level Analysis of the Influence of Socioeconomic Status, Per-Pupil Funding, and Student-to-Teacher Ratio on Academic Performance in Virginia Public Schools." Sociology
Eppard, Randy G Transformational and Transactional Leadership Styles as They Predict Constructive Culture and Defensive Culture Human Development
[BTD] Eppard, William M. Kinetic algorithms for non-equilibrium gas dynamics Aerospace Engineering
[BTD] Epperly, Ronald Boyd An analysis of employing adjusted gross income measures as a proxy for fiscal capacity in the local composite index for selected Virginia school divisions Educational Administration
Eraydin, Mert Kerem Evaluation of Novel Fine Coal Dewatering Aids Mining and Minerals Engineering
Eraydin, Mert Kerem Scale-up of Using Novel Dewatering Aids Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Erb, David Alden An exact plane-stress solution for a class of problems in orthotropic elasticity Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Erbes, Teodora Stochastic Learning Feedback Hybrid Automata for Dynamic Power Management in Embedded Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ercetin, Mustafa Edib Molecular Characterization and Loss-of-Function Analysis of an Arabidopsis thaliana Gene Encoding a Phospholipid-Specific Inositol Polyphosphate 5-Phosphatase Biochemistry
Erdal, Ufuk Goksin The Effects of Temperatures on System Performance and Bacterial Community Structure in a Biological Phosphorus Removal System Civil Engineering
Erdal, Zeynep Kisoglu An Investigation of the Biochemistry of Biological Phosphorus Removal Civil Engineering
Erdy, Christine Self-Assembled Host-Guest Thin Films for Functional Interfaces Chemical Engineering
Eremin, Dmitry V Urban Core vs. Suburban Fringe: Asymmetrical Fiscal Effects of Tax and Expenditure Limitations in Metropolitan Areas Public Administration and Public Affairs
Ergen, Feyza F. Effects of Interface Format, Feedback Style, and System Lag on the Usability of Hand-Held Internet Controllers Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Erickson, Douglas J. Integrated urban transportation and land use modeling by application of system dynamics Civil Engineering
Erickson, Julie B Decentralization and Hospital Governance in Rural Paraguay Urban Affairs and Planning
Erickson, Victoria Gillispie Designing for Water Quality Landscape Architecture
Eriksson, Katherine Exploring Changes in Poverty in Zimbabwe between 1995 and 2001 using Parametric and Nonparametric Quantile Regression Decomposition Techniques Agricultural and Applied Economics
Eristi, Can M. Investigation of Transcriptional Regulation of 5'-Nucleotidase in Dictyostelium Discoideum Biology
[BTD] Erkek, Mehmet Erkan Structural analysis of plane frames in an interactive XWindow environment Civil Engineering
[BTD] Ernst, Robin Tracy Virginia feeder cattle basis by season, location, sex, breed, weight and USDA grade differentials Agricultural Economics
Errasquin, Leonardo Airfoil Self-Noise Prediction Using Neural Networks for Wind Turbines Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Ersado, Lire Household fuelwood production and consumption in the Nepal's tarai and mid-hills : an econometric analysis and its policy implications Forest Management and Economics
Erskine, Brian Michael Postmodernist Pedagogy’s Effect on Doctoral Level Political Theory Instruction and Curriculum Political Science
Ertekin, Elif Walls That Can Talk: City Museum for Istanbul Architecture
Ertel, Richard Brian Antenna Array Systems: Propagation and Performance Electrical and Computer Engineering
Erturk, Alper Electromechanical Modeling of Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters Engineering Science and Mechanics
Erturk, Hatice Neval Responses of Superoxide Dismutases to Oxidative Stress in Arabidopsis thaliana Biology
[BTD] Ervin, Mark T. Social support comparisons between men and women in phase II cardiac rehabilitation Physical Education
[VT] Erwin, Kimberly Danielle The Experiences and Perceptions of African American Males and Their Elementary Teachers Teaching and Learning
[BTD] Erwin, Susan A. The influences of atmospheric nitrates and annual climactic variables in predisposition to winter desiccation injury in Fraser fir and red spruce Forestry
Esakia, Andrey Large display interaction via multiple acceleration curves on a touchpad Computer Science
Eschenmann, Travis Wade An Experimental Study to Test the Relationship Between Learner Control and Locus of Control on e-Learning in a Corporate Context Instructional Design and Technology
Escobar, Jose Alejandro Stress and fatigue analysis of svi-tested camshaft lobes Materials Science and Engineering
Ese-Etame, Roncs Impact of Ellipticality on Lumber Grade and Volume Recovery For Red Oak Logs Wood Science and Forest Products
Esen, Derya Ecology and Control of Rhododendron (Rhododendron ponticum L.) in Turkish Eastern Beech (Fagus orientalis Lipsky) Forests Forestry
[BTD] Esen, Derya Growth responses of nine provenances of Pinus brutia Ten. (Turkish red pine) to different levels of herbaceous competition and soil water Forestry
Esenwein, Frederick The Organic Imagination and Louis Kahn Architecture
Eshelman, David Planning for Technology in School Facilities Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
[VT] Eshler, Todd Jacob Adaptive Protocols to Improve TCP/IP Performance in an LMDS Network using a Broadband Channel Sounder Electrical and Computer Engineering
Esikuri, Enos E. Spatio-Temporal Effects of Land Use Changes in A Savanna Wildlife Area of Kenya Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
[BTD] Eskridge, Charles DeWitt The reflection method in the bending of beams and plates Engineering Mechanics
[BTD] Eskridge, Charles DeWitt Inflated conical membrane subjected to axial compressive load Engineering Mechanics
[BTD] Espinel, Ruth Karina Promoting oxygenation of vacuum packaged fresh pork using soybean leghemoglobin Food Science and Technology
[BTD] Espinosa, Pablo A. Design of a high-efficiency, high-performance zero-voltage-switched battery charger-discharger for the NASA EOS space platform Electrical Engineering
Espinoza, Jaime M The Hourly Rate Of Learning: Skills Students Learn While Working In College Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Espinoza, Omar Alejandro Developing an Evaluation Program for Lumber Drying Operations in Bolivia Wood Science and Forest Products
[VT] Espinoza, Omar Alejandro Quality Measurement in the Wood Products Supply Chain Wood Science and Forest Products
Espiritu, Kenneth Development of a Computerized Version of the Universal Soil Loss Equation and the USGS Pollutant Loading Functions Civil Engineering
Esposito, Christianne L An Examination of the Relative Contribution of Diagnostic and Psychosocial Factors in the Prediction of Adolescent Suicidal Ideation Psychology
Esposito, Christianne Lee Linking Childhood Abuse to Suicidal Behavior: An Examination of the Mediating Variables Clinical Psychology
Esposito, Judith Folmar Group-Oriented Practices of Middle School Counselors Counselor Education
Esposito, Rosario Studies of volatile evolution in magmatic systems using melt inclusions Geosciences
[BTD] Ess, Daniel R. Cover crop residue effects on machine-induced soil compaction Agricultural Engineering
[BTD] Ess, Daniel R. Energetics of low-input corn production Agricultural Engineering
Essa, Jumanah S. Nutrition, Health, and Food Security Practices, Concerns, and Perceived Barriers of Latino Farm/Industry Workers in Virginia Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
[BTD] Essex, Richard M. Age and petrogenesis of the Striped Rock granite pluton :Blue Ridge province, southwestern Virginia Geology
[VT] Esson, Patrice They’re All in it Together: A Pattern Approach to Exploring Goal Orientation Psychology
Esson, Patrice L. Consequences of Work-Family Conflict: Testing a New Model of Work-Related, Non-Work-Related and Sress-Related Outcomes Psychology
[BTD] Esteban, Jaime Analysis of the sensing region of a PZT actuator-sensor Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Esteban, Jaime A reliability-based method for optimization programming problems Engineering Mechanics
[BTD] Esteban, Ronaldo C. The design of an undergraduate athletic training curriculum for Virginia Tech Health and Physical Education
[BTD] Estep, Christina Renee Modeling of the human head/neck system using rigid body dynamics Engineering Mechanics
[BTD] Estep, Robert Noah Examination of the application and limitations of structural mode extraction via force apportionment Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Esterhuizen, Jacob J. B. Progressive failure of slopes in lined waste impoundments Civil Engineering
[BTD] Esterhuizen, Jacob J. B. The evaluation of embankment stresses by coupled boundary element - finite element method Civil Engineering
Esterly, Daniel Mason Manufacturing of Poly(vinylidene fluoride) and Evaluation of its Mechanical Properties Materials Science and Engineering
[BTD] Estes, Alan W. Further evidence of bank window dressing :the effect of Basle Capital Standards Economics
[BTD] Estes, Steven Douglas Power system analysis suite for Windows Electrical Engineering
Estve, Simon J. Control of sound transmission into payload fairings using distributed vibration absorbers and Helmholtz resonators Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Estill, Cheryl Fairfield An evaluation of a supermarket bagging task using a wrist motion monitor Industrial and Systems Engineering
Estremadoyro, Veronica Transparency and Movement in Architecture Architecture
[BTD] Estublier, Denis L. Radiation emission and absorption in a hydrogen plasma of a laser engine Aerospace Engineering
Etebari, Ali Development of a Virtual Scientific Visualization Environment for the Analysis of Complex Flows Engineering Science and Mechanics
Etebari, Ali Wall shear measurements in arterial flows Biomedical Engineering and Sciences
Ethier, Shannon Elizabeth Producing Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids from Biodiesel Waste Glycerol by Microalgae Fermentation Biological Systems Engineering
[BTD] Etters, Stephen Campbell Effects of visual performance presentations on student perceptions of the elements of music Curriculum and Instruction
Etzler, Betty Catherine A Qualitative Study of Equality in Long-Term Lesbian Relationships Sociology
[BTD] Eun, Jongsu Nitrogen and carbon balance of lactating Holstein cows during early and midlactation Dairy Science
Eure, Kenneth W. Adaptive Predictive Feedback Techniques for Vibration Control Electrical Engineering
Eustis, Joanne D. Agenda-Setting: The Universal Service Case Environmental Design and Planning
[BTD] Euwema, Jeffrey A. The decline of sugar production and the rise of cocoa production in Grenada 1870-1917 :the changing fortunes of a cocoa peasantry Geography
Evangelisti, Charles William To the Ends of the Earth: A Study of the Explorative Discourse Promoting British Expansionism in Canada History
[BTD] Evans, Eric Effect of field-of-view on perceived representativeness and preference of visual simulations Landscape Architecture
Evans, Frank B. Magnetic Characteristics of Carboniferous Continental Depositional Systems: Implications for the Recognition of Depositional Hiatuses Geosciences
Evans, Gwynnen Stokes programs on paper: an examination of virginia's service delivery area jobh training partnership act title II-A job training plans Adult Learning and Human Resource Development
Evans, Jackson Allan Advanced Placement and College Success in Freshman and Sophomore Level Biology Courses Teaching and Learning
[VT] Evans, Jessica Synthesis of Highly Fluorinated Diels-Alder Polyphenylenes Chemistry
Evans, Jewel Lynn Factors Influencing African Americans To Select Teaching Careers In Vocational Education And Experiences That Relate To Their Progress In Vocational Teacher Licensure Programs Vocational and Technical Education
Evans, John P Experimental Evaluation of the Effect of Inlet Gas Humidification on Fuel Cell Performance Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Evans, Jonathan D. Application of genetic algorithm to mixed-model assembly line balancing Industrial and Systems Engineering
Evans, Karen Gilliland Governance, Citizenship, and the New Sciences: Lessons From Dewey and Follett on Realizing Democratic Administration Public Administration and Public Affairs
Evans, Katie Allison Reduced Order Controllers for Distributed Parameter Systems Mathematics
[VT] Evans, Lyle Elton Teacher Attitudes Toward The Henrico County Public Schools Professional Growth Plan for Licensed Professional Personnel Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Evans, Michael John Hospital Cost Functions and Quality Economics (Arts and Sciences)
[VT] Evans, Nicholas Paul Green tea extract and epigallocatechin gallate decrease muscle pathology and NF-κB immunostaining in regenerating muscle fibers of mdx mice Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
Evans, Richard Blaine Modeling and Testing of a Micro-Tubular Low-Temperature Fuel Cell for use in a Micro Air Vehicle Mechanical Engineering
Evans, Shane Kent Studies of Benthic Macroinvertebrates in Western Virginia Streams as Related to the Implementation of Rapid Bioassessment Techniques Entomology
[BTD] Evans, William Nelson An analysis of the job satisfaction of substance abuse counselors certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia Counselor Education
Evans III, Donald C Measuring Expected Returns in a Fluid Economic Environment Economics
[Mixed] Evans, Jr., Daw-Nay N. R. A Solution to "The Problem of Socrates" in Nietzsche's Thought: An Explanation of Nietzsche's Ambivalence Toward Socrates Philosophy
Evavold, Suellen Ann Family Members of the Mentally Ill and Their Experiences with Mental Health Professionals Environmental Design and Planning
Everett, Eric K Biomechanical analysis of a novel suture pattern for repair of equine tendon lacerations Veterinary Medical Sciences
Everett, Fredric L. Motivation and Needs of On-line Learners at Virginia Tech Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Everhart, Daniel Erik Cerebral Regulation of Cardiovascular Functioning and Fluency Among Anxious and Nonanxious Men Psychology
[BTD] Everhart, Daniel Erik Neuropsychological effects of anxiety without depression on facial affect perception Psychology
[BTD] Evers, Brent A. ACTS radiometers and a comparison of atmospheric attenuation derived form temperature-humidity and radiometric data Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Evers, Janet M. Recreational sports programs for special populations at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Health and Physical Education
[BTD] Evers-Lush, Mary Jean Factors, including curriculum, that relate to test anxiety experienced by secondary students : a study based on High school and beyond Vocational and Technical Education
[BTD] Evers-Lush, Mary Jean An analysis of accounting tests used in the 1989 Virginia FBLA regional competitions Vocational and Technical Education
[BTD] Ewens, David S. The transport and remote oxidation of compartment fire exhaust gases Mechanical Engineering
Ewing, Janice A. Narratives about God and Gender: Women's experiences Family and child Development
Ewing, Jerrod Albert Development of a Direct-Measurement Thin-Film Heat Flux Array Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Exadaktylos, George E. Computer aided blast fragmentation prediction Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Excoffon, Tony 3-D flow and performance of a tandem-bladed rocket pump inducer Mechanical Engineering
Eye, Sara Marie Religion, Slavery and Secession: Reflections on the Life and Letters of Robert Hall Morrison History
[BTD] Ezanno, Philippe Vibration localization and statistical energy analysis in coupled systems Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Ezealor, Augustine Uwanekwu Ecological profile of a Nigerian Sahelian wetland :toward integrated vertebrate pest damage management Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
[BTD] Ezzell, Stephen A. Modification of polyimide films via tin complex incorporation Chemistry

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