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Author Name Title Department
Faas, Caitlin S. Economic and Parent-Adolescent Relationship Capital Predicting Educational Outcomes Human Development
[BTD] Faber, Eric G. Follicular dynamics, estradiol-17[beta] concentrations, and luteinizing hormone release following norgestomet implant insertion during estrus synchronization with melengestrol acetate Animal and Poultry Sciences
[BTD] Faber, Joseph Lewis Design and construction of a prototype general purpose syntax-aware text editor Computer Science
Fabian, Alain Creating an Interactive Learning Environment with Reusable HCI Knowledge Computer Science
Fabiato, Francois Stephane Predicting physical fitness outcomes of exercise rehabilitation: An retrospective examination of program admission data from patient records in a hospital-based early outpatient cardiac rehabilitation program Health and Physical Education
Fabry, Suzanna Neighborhood Attributes Desired by Doylestown Homeowners Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Facciolo, Mary T. Development and application of techniques for evaluating the success of local groundwater protection programs Environmental Engineering
[BTD] Facinelli, John Victor The preparation of high performance polymers for composites and blends : A) thermally stable ion containing polymers B) epoxy and hydroxy functional polyolefin macromers Materials Engineering Science
[BTD] Faery, Henry Frederick The effect of Whitcomb winglets and other wingtip modifications on wake vortices. Aerospace Engineering
Faeth, Margaret Ann Power, Authority and Influence: A Comparative Study of the Behavioral Influence Tactics Used by Lay and Ordained Leaders in the Episcopal Church Adult Learning and Human Resource Development
[BTD] Fagan, Gary T. An experimental investigation into active damage control systems using positive position feedback for AVC Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Fahey, Sarah E. Advisory and alarm stimuli optimization for a drowsy driver detection system Industrial and Systems Engineering
Fahey, Sean O'Flaherty Parameter Estimation of Structural Systems Possessing One or Two Nonlinear Normal Modes Engineering Mechanics
[BTD] Fahie, Maria Aline Superficial temporal artery flap :its development and application in the dog and cat Veterinary Medical Sciences
Fahmy, Sherif Fadel Collaborative Scheduling and Synchronization of Distributable Real-Time Threads Electrical and Computer Engineering
[VT] Fahrenfeld, Nicole Leah Fate of 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene (TNT) in historically contaminated aquifer sediments Civil Engineering
Fahrman, Benjamin Paul Geophone Array Optimization for Monitoring Geologic Carbon Sequestration using Double-Difference Tomography Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Fahrner, Carl Jerome An experimental investigation of fluid dynamic interference forces. Engineering Science and Mechanics
Faierson, Eric J. Influences of Reaction Parameters on the Product of a Geothermite Reaction: A Multi-Component Oxidation-Reduction Reaction Study Materials Science and Engineering
Faierson, Eric J. Structure-Property Relationships of Tantalum Carbide Foams and Synthesis of an Interpenetrating Phase Composite Materials Science and Engineering
Faini, Marie Annette Transcriptional Control during Quorum Sensing by LuxR and LuxR Homologues Biology
Fair, Chad Synchronous Sampling Sideband Orders from Helical Planetary Gear Sets Mechanical Engineering
Fairbanks, Jonathan Dean Velocity and Turbulence Characteristics in Flows Through Rigid Vegetation Civil Engineering
[BTD] Fairbanks, Rollin J. Algorithms refinement and threshold determination for a drowsy driver detection system Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Fairservice, John Gordon The development of sampling methods for key-year patterns of white ash (Fraxinus americana L.) Entomology
Faison, Inga L. The Effect of Ozone on Diesel Soot Precursors Mechanical Engineering
Faison, Jennifer Marie Testing One Framework for Measuring National Power in the Postindustrial Age Political Science
Faith, Melanie The Epic Structure and Subversive Messages of Æmilia Lanyer’s Salve Deus Rex Judæorum English
[BTD] Fajardo, Ann B. Does vergence influence the vestibulo-ocular reflex in human subjects rotating in the dark? Engineering Mechanics
Fajardo, Gabriela Isabel Physical and Chemical Soil Properties of Ten Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Mitigation Wetlands Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
Falasca, Mauro Quantitative Decision Models for Humanitarian Logistics Management Science and Information Technology
[BTD] Falatko, David M. Effects of biologically produced surfactants on the mobility and biodegradation of petroleum hydrocarbons Environmental Engineering
Falci, Christina D. The Effects of Family Structure and Family Process on the Psychological Well-Being of Children: From the Children's Point of View Sociology
Falin, Lee J. Systems Uncertainty in Systems Biology & Gene Function Prediction Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology
[BTD] Falk, Chris J. A savings study on dual sourcing in the Defense Department Economics
[BTD] Falk, Judith A. Landscape level raptor habitat associations in northwest Connecticut Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
Fall, Andras Fluid evolution in the nepheline syenites of the Ditrău Alkaline Massif, Transylvania, Romania Geosciences
Fall, Andras Application of fluid inclusions in geological thermometry Geosciences
Fall, Anna-Maria Early Career Special Education Teachers in High-and Low-Poverty Districts: A Comparison of their Qualifications, Work Conditions, and Career Commitments Teaching and Learning
Fall, Rebecca Ann Puncture Reversal of Polyethylene Ionomers - Mechanistic Studies Chemistry
Fallah-Fini, Saeideh Measuring the Efficiency of Highway Maintenance Operations: Environmental and Dynamic Considerations Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Fallin, Edward Alton Comparison of two saline loading protocols for preventing nephrotoxicosis associated with high-dose cisplatin Veterinary Medical Sciences
Fallon, Agata M. Study of Hydrocarbon Waste Biodegradation and the Role of Biosurfactants in the Process Environmental Engineering
[BTD] Fallon, J. Barry Improving the kinematic control of robots with computer vision Mechanical Engineering
Falls, Jane Ann Using a Reflective Process to Implement Electronic Portfolios Teaching and Learning
Falls, Jr., Horace L. Teachers' Self-Perceptions of Their Role as Generalist: A Study of the Interpersonal Skills Necessary For Effective Leadership and Counseling Teaching and Learning
Faloon, Julie Erin Inhabiting the Hillside A Multigenerational House Architecture
Falwell, Elizabeth Paige Fibrosarcoma-induced Dysregulation of Interleukin (IL)-1β and IL-18 Activities and their Modulation by Paclitaxel Biology
Fan, Dawei Synchronized Measurements And Applications During Power System Dynamics Electrical and Computer Engineering
Fan, Ye Resistive Switching Behavior in Low-K Dielectric Compatible with CMOS Back End Process Electrical and Computer Engineering
Fan, Yigang Identification of an Unsteady Aerodynamic Model up to High Angle of Attack Regime Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Fang, Bing A Framework for Human Body Tracking Using an Agent-based Architecture Computer Science
Fang, Jian Thermoreversible Gelation, Crystallization and Phase Separation Kinetics in Polymer Solutions under High Pressure Chemical Engineering
Fang, Lei Exploring Constraint Satisfiability Techniques in Formal Verification Electrical and Computer Engineering
Fang, Quanlei Multivariable Interpolation Problems Mathematics
[BTD] Fang, Xiaojun Nonreciprocal effects and their applications in fiber optic networks Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Fang, Xiaojun Sapphire fiber based high temperature extensometer Electrical Engineering
Fang, Youjia The Novel Role of Interleukin-1 Receptor-Associated Kinase 1 in the Signaling Process Controlling Innate Immunity and Inflammation Biology
[VT] Fang, Zaili Some Advanced Model Selection Topics for Nonparametric/Semiparametric Models with High-Dimensional Data Statistics
Fang, Zhenglai The synthesis and characterization of a new kind of tagged Ru-Pt bimetallic DNA binding agent Chemistry
Fannin, Christopher A. Design of an Analog Adaptive Piezoelectric Sensoriactuator Mechanical Engineering
Fannin, Christopher A. Linear Modeling and Analysis of Thermoacoustic Instabilities in a Gas Turbine Combustor. Mechanical Engineering
Fannon-Osborne, Amy Gail Hair Sheep Production in Temperate, Deciduous Appalachian Silvopastures Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
Fantaski, Shannon Michelle Reviving Stone: Architecture for Living Architecture
Fanto, Peter Louis Automatic Positioning and Design of a Variable Baseline Stereo Boom Mechanical Engineering
Farag, Mohammed Morsy Naeem Architectural Enhancements to Increase Trust in Cyber-Physical Systems Containing Untrusted Software and Hardware Electrical and Computer Engineering
Farahani, Gohar Omidvar Existence and Importance of Online Interaction Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Farahmand, Ashil Sayyed Cooperative Decentralized Intersection Collision Avoidance Using Extended Kalman Filtering Electrical and Computer Engineering
Farbrother, Graham Douglas Stadium Architecture
[BTD] Farias, Graciela Maria Roles of tannase and hydrolyzable tannins in chestnut blight Plant Pathology
Faridi, Rushad Microcredit Programs and Evaluation of Women's Success Economics
Farina, Jordan Thomas Conversion of a Gas Turbine Engine to Operate on Lean-Premixed Hydrogen-Air: Design and Characterization Mechanical Engineering
Farinholt, Kevin Modal and Impedance Modeling of a Conical Bore for Control Applications Mechanical Engineering
Farinholt, Kevin M. Modeling and characterization of ionic polymer transducers for sensing and actuation Mechanical Engineering
Faris, Waleed Fekry Nonlinear Dynamics of Annular and Circular Plates Under Thermal and Electrical Loadings Engineering Science and Mechanics
Farjoud, Alireza Physics-based Modeling Techniques for Analysis and Design of Advanced Suspension Systems with Experimental Validation Mechanical Engineering
[VT] Farley, Jennifer Lyne Re-Use as a Means of Preservation Architecture
Farley, Julee P Family Socioeconomic Hardship and Adolescent Academic and Substance Use Outcomes: The Mediating Roles of Parental Monitoring and Self-Regulation Psychology
Farley, Patrick N. Current Practices in General Hospital Group Psychotherapy Counselor Education
Farlow, Kasie Geralyn Max-Plus Algebra Mathematics
Farmer, Anthony Lee Investigation Into Snap Loading of Cables Used in Moored Breakwaters Civil Engineering
Farmer, Catherine Elizabeth Surface Characterization of Siloxane, Silsesquioxane, and Maleic Anhydride Containing Polymers at Air/Liquid Interfaces Chemistry
Farmer, Jesse Lee Kinematic Analysis Of A Two Body Articulated Robotic Vehicle Mechanical Engineering
Farmer, Justin Ryan A comparison of power harvesting techniques and related energy storage issues Mechanical Engineering
Farmer, Laura Boyd Counselors' self-perceived competency with lesbian, gay, and bisexual clients Counselor Education
Farmer, Rhiannon M. The Moral Status of Nonhuman Animals Philosophy
Farmer, Robin Sandra A Study of Crystallization in Bisphenol-A Polycarbonate Materials Science and Engineering
Farmer, Scott Douglas Learning 2-Way Audio and Its Impact on Communication within Needs Assessment Group Processes Teaching and Learning
[BTD] Farmer, Ted Anthony Politics and society in Virginia, 1960-1969 :new course for the Old Dominion History
Farmer, Whitney The Effect of Facebook on Parasocial Interaction in Local News Communication Studies
[BTD] Farmer, William S. A microcosm study of the biodegradability of adsorbed toluene by acclimated bacteria in soils Environmental Engineering
[BTD] Farnham, Frances Paul The educational aspirations and attainments of faculty wives at Virginia Polytechnic Institute Child Development and Family Life
[BTD] Farnsworth, Elizabeth Brooks Reflexive conversations with bereaved mothers : a feminist and contextual perspective Family and Child Development
Farnsworth, Kelly Dee Evaluation of Two Techniques of Cancellous Bone Grafting Of experimental Subchondral Bone Cysts in the Medial Femoral condyles of Horses Veterinary Medicine
Farooq, Umer Mobile Collaborative Virtual Environments: A Paradigm Shift from Desktop to Mobile Online Communities Computer Science
[Mixed] Farooqi, Abdul Haseeb Thinking Architecture Architecture
Farooqi, Owais Ehtisham An Assessment and Modeling of Copper Plumbing pipe Failures due to Pinhole Leaks Civil Engineering
Farough, Aida A Parameterized Approach to Partitioning Between Focused and Diffuse Heat Output and Modeling Hydrothermal Recharge at The East Pacific Rise 9°50´N Geosciences
Farquhar, MaryBeth Anne Actor Networks in Health Care: Translating Values into Measures of Hospital Performance Public Administration and Public Affairs
Farr, Isaac Vincent Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Polyimide Gas Separation Membrane Material Systems Chemistry
Farrar, Angela L. It's All About Relationships: African-American and European-American Women's Hotel Management Careers Hospitality and Tourism Management
Farrar, David B Some Model-Based and Distance-Based Clustering Methods for Characterization of Regional Ecological Stressor-Response Patterns and Regional Environmental Quality Trends Statistics
Farrar, Gabrielle Creation of Ovalbumin Based Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Regeneration Materials Science and Engineering
[BTD] Farrar, Margaret Ellen Power and resistance in the age of informationalization Political Science
Farrell, Christopher Michael A Modeling and Simulation Approach to the Small Aircraft Transportation System: Assessing Midair Conflict Potential Under the Free Flight Paradigm Industrial and Systems Engineering
Farrell, Inez Hofner Navigation Tools’ Effect on Learners’ Achievement and Attitude Instructional Technology
Farrell, John Patrick Digital Hardware Design Decisions and Trade-offs for Software Radio Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering
Farrell, Leah The A.R.K. Project: A Grassroots, Student-Led, Multiple-Component Intervention to Increase Driver Safety-Belt Use on a University Campus Psychology
Farrell, Leah Varney Web-Based Assessment and Brief Motivational Intervention to Increase Safety-Belt Use on a University Campus Psychology
[BTD] Farrell, Michael P. Polymer blends formed by the solid state mechanical alloying process Materials Science and Engineering
Farrell, Rebecca L. Personal experiences of mentoring among doctoral students in counselor education Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Farrell, Robert William Structural Features Related to Tree Crotch Strength Forestry
[Mixed] Farrell, Tracy Ann Visitor Impact Assessment and Management for Protected Areas in Central and South America Forestry
[BTD] Farrier, Shirley Copenhaver Parents' aspirations for their childrens' [sic] education and vocations as measured by a sample of Virginia families Child Development and Family Life
[BTD] Farrington, Richard W. Novel concepts in high-frequency resonant power processing Electrical Engineering
Farris, Jennifer Ann An Empirical Investigation of Kaizen Event Effectiveness: Outcomes and Critical Success Factors Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Farris, Jerry L. Cellulolytic responses to heavy metal accumulation in Corbicula fluminea and Mudalia dilatata Biology
Faruque, Ruel Rassan A JAUS Toolkit for LabVIEW, and a Series of Implementation Case Studies with Recommendations to the SAE AS-4 Standards Committee Mechanical Engineering
Farzaneh, Mohamadreza Modeling Traffic Dispersion Civil Engineering
[BTD] Farzanehfard, Hosein Wideband characterization of aluminum nitride substrates and high power-high frequency thick film applications Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Fast, Stephen Hardin Examples and theorems for generalized paracompact topological spaces Mathematics
[BTD] Fathallah, Fadi A. An experimental comparison of a ternary chord keyboard with a QWERTY keyboard Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
[BTD] Fathi-Kalajahi, Jamshid Break-in behavior of a tungsten oxide on silica catalyst during propylene disproportionation. Chemical Engineering
[BTD] Fatseas, Nicole The role of special interest groups in agricultural policy :a case study of the 1995 Farm Bill Agricultural and Applied Economics
Faucher, Florent Patrice A Numerical Model of a Microwave Heated Fluidized Bed Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Faulconer, Leigh A. Women's accounts of abuse in their intimate relationships Family and Child Development
[BTD] Faulconer, R. Donald Organic amendment effects on carbon and nitrogen mineralization in an Appaplachian minesoil Forestry
[BTD] Faulkner, Michel J. Career development workshop for athletes Education
[BTD] Faulkner, Susan Lynch An analysis of the in-service education needs to develop instructional skills of part-time business faculty Education Administration
Faulring, Lynn Marie The Remains of a Place Architecture
[BTD] Fauss, Lynn Michael Linking the effects of land use change with water quality and discharge :an integrated approach Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Favor, Craig M. Evaluation of A "Floating" Aerobics Floor Civil Engineering
Favor, Helen McCusker Two Dimensional Analysis of Vibration Isolation of Rigid Bar Supported by Buckled or Pre-bent Struts Civil Engineering
[BTD] Favre, Edward Alfred The validity of a Markov model of the behaviour of programs. Computer Science and Applications
Fawcett, Yvonne Bennett A Case Study Of: Leadership Practices of the Turnaround Principal Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
[VT] Fay, Isabel What West Virginia? Conflict over West Virginia’s State Identity A Constitutive Approach to Activism and Public Relations Communication Studies
Fay, Rebecca G Facilitating Configural Processing Within the Audit Team: An Additional Benefit of the SAS 99 Fraud Brainstorming Session Accounting and Information Systems
Fayad, Amer C Interactions of soybean Rsv genes and Soybean mosaic virus Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science
Fayed, Khaled Abdelaziz The Design of Linearized Power Amplifier for Wireless Communications Electrical and Computer Engineering
Fayez, Almohanad Samir Designing a Software Defined Radio to Run on a Heterogeneous Processor Electrical and Computer Engineering
[VT] Fazio, James A Durability of Chopped FiberReinforced Polymeric Composites for use in Experimental Automotive Fuel Cells Engineering Science and Mechanics
Feaga, Jeffrey Brian Wetland hydrology and soils as components of Virginia bog turtle (Glyptemys muhlenbergii) habitat Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
[BTD] Feagin, William D. Benefication of soybean oil by use of centrifuge Chemical Engineering
Feagins, Alicia R Foodborne Transmission and Molecular Mechanism of Cross-species Infection of Hepatitis E Virus (HEV) Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences
Fearer, Stephanie A. Examining the Role of Social Cognitive Constructs in Religion's Effect on Alcohol Use Psychology
Fearer, Todd Matthew Relationship of Ruffed Grouse Home Range Size and Movement to Landscape Characteristics in Southwestern Virginia Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
Fearer, Todd Matthew Evaluating Population-Habitat Relationships of Forest Breeding Birds at Multiple Spatial and Temporal Scales Using Forest Inventory and Analysis Data Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
[BTD] Febbraro, Gregorio A. R. An investigation of the differential effectiveness of bibliotherapy and self-regulatory treatments in individuals with panic attacks Psychology
[BTD] Febbraro, Gregorio A. R. A critical examination of the phenomenon of claustrophobia :do subtypes exist? Clinical Psychology
Fedak, Ryan Michael Effect of Spatial Scale on Hydrologic Modeling in a Headwater Catchment Civil Engineering
Fedele, Luca Studies of Magmatic Systems Geological Sciences
Fedkenheuer, Michael Gerald Structural and Mutational Analyses of Aspergillus fumigatus SidA: A Flavin-Dependent N-hydroxylating Enzyme Biochemistry
[BTD] Fedo, Christopher M. Geologic evolution of the Archean Buhwa Greenstone Belt and surrounding granite-gneiss terrane, southcentral Zimbabwe Geological Sciences
Fedor, Caitlin Elizabeth A Critical Palimpsest: Reconstruing an Existing Spatial Condition Architecture
Fei, Chao Microcontroller (MCU) Based Simplified Optimal Trajectory Control (SOTC) for High-Frequency LLC Resonant Converters Electrical and Computer Engineering
Fei, Jia On a turbo decoder design for low power dissipation Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Feil, Daniel Jonathan Air Installations Compatible Use Zones :an assessment of the development of the Department of Defense policy and the implementation by the Department of the Navy Urban Affairs
[VT] Feinauer, Lynn Ralph Generic Flow Algorithm for Analysis of Interdependent Multi-Domain Distributed Network Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering
Feizabadi, Shahrooz Shojania Garbage Collection Scheduling for Utility Accrual Real-Time Systems Computer Science
Felder, Monique Therese Leadership Behaviors and Practices of Principals in Predominantly Minority Elementary Schools Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Felderman, Carol Branigan Critical Literacy and Podcasting in a 2nd Grade Classroom Teaching and Learning
Feldman, Michael A. Efficient Low-Speed Flight in a Wind Field Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
[BTD] Feldman, Steven B. Pedogenesis, weathering processes, and elemental distribution along a soil climosequence in the southern Piedmont Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
[VT] Felice, Renee Jacqueline Sensory and Physical Assessment of Microbiologically Safe Culinary Processes for Fish and Shellfish Food Science and Technology
[BTD] Felix, Antone Costa Vegetational change resulting from forest conversion in the central Piedmont of Virginia and their implications for wildlife Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
Fellers, Thomas J The Novel of Business and the Business of the Novel: W.D. Howells' Examination of Prosperity Archetypes English
[BTD] Feltner, D. James An investigation into the stability of redundant controller voting schemes Electrical Engineering
Felton, Faye S The Use of Computers by Elementary school Principals Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
[VT] Felton, Teena M Understanding Facilitators and Barriers to the Selection of Dietetics as a major by African American students. Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
[BTD] Feltovich, Susanne D. Influence of solvent on the infared spectrum of carbon monoxide adsorbed on platinum electrodes Chemistry
[BTD] Felts, James Vernon Dietary self-selection and feed restriction studies with growing and breeding turkeys Animal Science
[BTD] Felts, James Vernon Light source as a factor in growth and reproduction and the influence of the opposite sex on reproduction in turkeys Poultry Science
[BTD] Feman, Abby S. The corporatization of health care in the New River Valley, Virginia Geography
Fenaux, Jillian Beth Immunomodulatory Effects of Diethylstilbestrol During Prenatal and Adult Life Veterinary Medical Sciences
Fenaux, Martijn Molecular Pathogenesis and Development of a Genetically Engineered Vaccine for Type-2 Porcine Circovirus Veterinary Medical Sciences
Feng, Jinwei Active Flow Control For Reduction of Unsteady Stator-Rotor Interaction In a Turbofan Simulator Mechanical Engineering
Feng, Li Same Kentucky Chicken, Different Taste: Cross-cultural Leadership Studies at KFC in Beijing Sociology
[BTD] Feng, Marjorie Jan-yung Studies on some enzymatic properties of mitochondrial propionyl carboxylase Biochemistry and Nutrition
[BTD] Feng, Ming-Fa Fault diagnosis and prediction in reciprocating air compressors by quantifying operating parameters Mechanical Engineering
Feng, Shengchuang Association between Reward Sensitivity and Smoking Status in Major Depressive Disorder Psychology
Feng, Shuangtong Efficient Parallelization of 2D Ising Spin Systems Computer Science
Feng, Yazhe Distribution Planning for Rail and Truck Freight Transportation Systems Industrial and Systems Engineering
[VT] Feng, Yuanjian Detection and Characterization of Multilevel Genomic Patterns Electrical and Computer Engineering
[VT] Feng, Zhenhua Cross-Layer Optimization and Distributed Algorithm Design for Frequency-Agile Radio Networks Electrical and Computer Engineering
[VT] Fenley, Andrew Townsend Simple Physical Approaches to Complex Biological Systems Physics
[BTD] Ferguson, Holly J. Rearing density effects on premigrant traits of the fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) Entomology
[BTD] Ferguson, James Montgomery Free riding, contribution behavior, and public goods : the case of the Virginia nongame wildlife tax checkoff Agricultural Economics
[BTD] Ferguson, James Montgomery The development and application of a technique in dendrochronology Entomology
Ferguson, Janet Y. Location and Design of Recreational Hiking Trails: Application of GIS Technology Geography
[BTD] Ferguson, Jerry T. A self-insurance plan for the state properties of Virginia Business Administration
[VT] Ferguson, Katherine E. Demographic Factors and Beverage Consumption Patterns: Health Literacy, Education, and Income Level Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
[BTD] Ferguson, Paul Charles Utilization potential for pulp and paper of southern pine harvested from beetle infested forests. Forestry and Forest Products
[BTD] Ferguson, Sharon E. The effects of the Getting Away Clean program on disruptive school behaviors in the black male child Counseling and Pupil Personnel Services
Fernandez, Javier Oscar The Virginia Tech Calibration System Electrical and Computer Engineering
Feroze, Hassan Multi-Agent Systems in Microgrids: Design and Implementation Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Ferrandino, Donna S. The nutrition and hydration of older adult cancer patients in hospice Human Nutrition and Foods
[BTD] Ferrante, Pamela L. Acid-base regulation during exercise in the horse Animal Science
Ferranti, Michael Robert The FAIR Act of 1996: Party, Production and Practicality in the Passage of a Farm Bill Political Science
Ferrar, Anthony Maurice Measurements of Flow in Boundary Layer Ingesting Serpentine Inlets Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Ferreira, Francisco Cardoso Chlorine dioxide and by-products in water distribution systems Environmental Engineering
Ferreira, Raquel Culture and E-Commerce: Culture Based Preferences for Interface Information Design Industrial and Systems Engineering
Ferrell, Jeremy Planar Magnetic Integration and Parasitic Effects for a 3 KW Bi-directional DC/DC Converter Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Ferrer de Valero, Yaritza Departmental factors affecting time to degree and completion rates of doctoral students at one land-grant research institution Educational Administration
Ferro, David L. Selling Science in the Colonial American Newspaper: How the Middle Colonial American General Periodical Represented Nature, Philosophy, Medicine, and Technology, 1728 - 1765 Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Ferro, David L. Science and the press :nascent institutions in colonial America Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Ferro, John Francis The design and development of a multilayer RF circuit card Systems Engineering
[BTD] Ferro, Susan Carmel Visual imagery instruction with learning disabled and average achieving students Educational Research and Evaluation
Ferrufino, Carlos E. Globalization and Urban Structure in Latin America; the Case of Export Processing Zones in El Salvador Urban Affairs and Planning
[BTD] Ferry, John Rational and harmonic approximation on F.P.A. sets Mathematics
[BTD] Fessehaie, Mebrahtu Ghebretensae Evaluation of sulfur hexafluoride as a mobile phase for supercritical fluid chromatography Chemistry
[BTD] Fessler, Drew R. Applications of digital video and data communications to the real estate multiple listing service Systems Engineering
[BTD] Feth, Shari A study of the promolecule radius of nitrides, oxides and sulfides and of the bond critical point properties of the electron density distribution in nitrides Materials Engineering and Science
[BTD] Feth, Shari Sapphire optical fiber sensors Electrical Engineering
Fetter, Gary Improving Post-Disaster Recovery: Decision Support for Debris Disposal Operations Business (Management Science)
Fetterolf, Glendon J. Characterization of a Creosote-Contaminated Tie Yard Site and the Effects of Phytoremediation Environmental Engineering
[BTD] Fettig, Christopher John Development and evaluation of trapping studies for Hylobius pales (Herbst) and Pissodes nemorensis Germar (Coleoptera: curculionidae) in Virginia Christmas tree plantations Entomology
[VT] Fettig, James Drew A Study of the Patterns, Stoichiometry, and Kinetics of Microbial BTX Degradation Under Denitrifying Conditions by an Activated Sludge Consortium Receiving a Mixed Waste Civil Engineering
[BTD] Feuerstein, Martin J. Performance evaluation of a spread spectrum local area position location system Electrical Engineering
Fiaux, Patrick O. Solving Intelligence Analysis Problems using Biclusters Computer Science and Applications
Fichtner, Jason J Distribution Tables and Federal Tax Policy: A Scoring Index as a Method for Evaluation Public and International Affairs
[BTD] Fidanboylu, Kemal M. Time domain synthesis applied to modeling of microwave structures and material characterization Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Fiedler, Lars An experimental and theoretical investigation into the influence of hysteretic damping on the dynamic behavior of a three-beam structure Engineering Mechanics
Fiegland, Larry Richard Ultrahigh Vacuum Studies of the Reaction Mechanisms of Ozone with Saturated and Unsaturated Self-Assembled Monolayers Chemistry
[BTD] Field, Daniel James Profit through product quality and quality service Systems Engineering
Fielder, Robert Stanley Computer Aided Design and Fabrication of Magnetic Composite Multilayer Inductors Materials Science and Engineering
[BTD] Fields, Barbara A. The effects of private pension plans on personal and aggregate savings. Economics
[BTD] Fields, Frank E. The 28th Virginia Infantry Regiment, C.S.A. History
Fields, Zenobia L. Using Public Policy to Promote Community Economic Development Urban Affairs and Planning
[VT] Fields-Johnson, Christopher Warren Appalachian Surface Mine Reforestation Techniques: Effects of Grading, Cultural Treatments and Species Selection Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
[BTD] Fien, Gert-Jan A. F. Studies on process synthesis and process integration Chemical Engineering
[BTD] Fierling, Yannick P. H. Analysis of fiber-reinforced composite plates utilizing curvilinear fiber trajectories Engineering Mechanics
Fife, Cynthia Michelle A Social-Cognitive Assessment of Organizational Citizenship Behavior Psychology
Figliano, Fred Joseph Strategies For Integrating STEM Content: A Pilot Case Study Teaching and Learning
Figliano, Fred Joseph Development of an Instrument to Evidence Knowledge Abstractions in Technological/Engineering Design-Based Activities Teaching and Learning
Figura, Charles Chester Second Order Nonlinear Optics in Ionically Self-Assembled Thin Films Physics
Fike, Wonae Bong Sorption of Cadmium, Copper, Lead, and Zinc as influenced by pH, ionic strength and selected soil components Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
Fikretoglu, Deniz The Mediating/Moderating Role of Social Problem Solving Skills in Childhodd Aggression Psychology
Fikretoglu, Deniz An Examination of a Potential Moderator of the Relationship Between Thought Suppression and Preoccupation with Previously Suppressed Thoughts Psychology
[BTD] Fild, Deborah S. The effects of oral arginine supplementation on growth hormone, arginine, and somatomedin levels during energy restriction in male weight lifters Education
[BTD] Filep, Renee In vitro milk protein secretion by explants of Holstein bull mammary tissue from two different genetic lines Dairy Science
Filer, Kimberly L Understanding the Leaking Pipeline: The Effects of Self-Efficacy and Student Choice on High School Mathematics Preparation and STEM Matriculation Educational Research and Evaluation
Filip, Ethan Lee Evaluation and Application of Thermal Modeling for High Power Motor Improvements Mechanical Engineering
Filipowicz, Dean A Biomechanical Comparison of 3.5 Locking Compression Plate Fixation to 3.5 Limited Contact Dynamic Compression Plate Fixation in a Canine Cadaveric Distal Humeral Metaphyseal Gap Model Veterinary Medical Sciences
Filippi, Geoffrey George A High-Availability Architecture for the Dynamic Domain Name System Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Fillmore, Gary Boyd The use of wetlands as a wastewater treatment technique :a literature review Environmental Sciences and Engineering
[BTD] Filz, George Michael An experimental and analytic study of earth loads on rigid retaining walls Civil Engineering
Fina, Mark H. Urban Spatial Structure and Household Travel Time Agricultural and Applied Economics
[BTD] Finch, Steven W. Telephone Voice Alert :system planning and design Systems Engineering
Finck, James Wilford Honor and Duty to God and State: John Janney and the Virginia Secession Convention History
[VT] Findlay, Rolanda A. The Development of a Hybrid Scoring Key for a Situational Judgment Test Designed for Training Evaluation Psychology
Findlay, Rolanda Alexis Exploring the Impact of God Schema on Equal Opportunity Climate and Related Indicators of Organizational Effectiveness Psychology
[BTD] Findley, Stephen Holt Hydrologic modeling as a decision-making tool in wildlife management Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
[BTD] Finefield, John K. Investigation of combined feedback and adaptive control of cylinder vibrations Mechanical Engineering
Finger, Sarah Adine Effects of Horticultural Oils on Photosynthesis, Fruit Maturity, and Yield of Wine Grapes Horticulture
Fingers, Richard Todd Creep Behavior Of Thin Laminates Of Iron-Cobalt Alloys For Use In Switched Reluctance Motors And Generators Engineering Science and Mechanics
[BTD] Fingerson, John C. Verification of a three-dimensional resin transfer molding process simulation model Engineering Mechanics
[BTD] Fink, Dwayne Harold Swelling properties of some montmorillonite clays in water systems Agronomy
[BTD] Fink, Dwayne Harold Some mineralogical and physical interpretations of the free- swelling characteristics of montmorillonite-water systems Agronomy
Fink, Glenn Allen Visual Correlation of Network Traffic and Host Processes for Computer Security Computer Science
[BTD] Finkbeiner, David L. Calculation of gas-wall heat transfer from pressure and volume data for spaces with inflow and outflow Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Finkel, Howard S. No-migration variances - 40 CFR section 268.6general procedures and requirements for submitting a petition to continue the land disposal of restricted wastes Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Finkenbinder, David Edward An Experimental Investigation of Structural Composite Lumber Loaded by a Dowel in Perpendicular to Grain Orientation at Yield and Capacity Civil Engineering
Finlayson, Eric F. Stress Intensity Factor Distributions In Bimaterial Systems - A Three Dimensional Photoelastic Investigation Engineering Mechanics
[BTD] Finley, Allan Michael Application of system dynamics modeling techniques to an existing stream water quality model Systems Engineering
Finn, James Robert Rhythms of Change: the Washington Waldorf School Architecture
Finne, Katherine Lee Phylogeographic structure of the Atlantic pupfish, Cyprinodon variegatus (Cyprinodontidae), along the eastern coast of North America: Evidence from mitochondrial nucleotide sequences Biology
Finney, Angela H. Role of the C-terminal domain of the a subunit of RNA polymerase in transcriptional activation of the lux operon during quorum sensing Biology (Microbiology)
Finney, Timothy John Urban Hospice: A Montage of Expiration and Memory Architecture
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[BTD] Frey, Randall Scott Characterization of estrogen and glucocorticoid receptors, skeletal muscle protein turnover and tissue growth in lambs treated with trenbolone acetate and estradiol Animal Science
[BTD] Frey, Steven M. The localization of two epitopes recognized by the monoclonal antibody PCG-4 on toxin A of Clostridium difficile Microbiology
[BTD] Friant, Charles William Determination of the burning rate of small diameter aluminum wire. Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Friberg, Carol Diane Preliminary processing and evaluation of radar measurements in satellite-path propagation research Electrical Engineering
Friday, Philippa Anne Comparison of Two Aerosolized Bronchodilators in the Treatment of Severe Equine Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Veterinary Medical Sciences
Fried, Jeremy Numerical Simulation of Viscous Flow: A Study of Molecular Dynamics and Computational Fluid Dynamics Electrical and Computer Engineering
Friedensen, Victoria Pidgeon Protest Space: A Study of Technology Choice, Perception of Risk, and Space Exploration Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Friedl, William Kincer The development and implementation of counterinsurgency warfare during the Vietnam war History
Friedline, Robert Alan The Reaction Kinetics of Neutral Free Radicals and Radical Ions Studied by Laser Flash Photolysis Chemistry
[BTD] Friedman, Genevieve W. Campylobacter jejuni infection versus contamination of turkeys and chickens Food Science and Technology
[BTD] Friedman, Howard Lawrence Federal and state renewable energy policy :lessons from the late 1970's and early 1980's Urban Affairs
Friend, Daniel Cognitive Networks: Foundations to Applications Electrical and Computer Engineering
Friend, Sheena Anne Phylogeny of the Genus Arachis and its Application to the Evolution of the Major Peanut Allergen Ara h 2 Biology
[BTD] Friend, Theodore Henry Cow performance, adrenal function, and milk quality under varying levels of competition. Dairy Science
[BTD] Frigge, Caren Paternal child-feeding attitudes in relationship to the obese or lean status of their elementary school age son Human Nutrition and Foods
[BTD] Frink, Neal T. Three-dimensional upward scheme for solving the Euler equations on unstructured tetrahedral grids Aerospace Engineering
[BTD] Fripp, Jon Brooks Adhesive areal sampling of gravel bed streams Civil Engineering
[BTD] Fritsch, Jon Eric Did Harriet Martineau's sociological methods influence Emile Durkheim's sociological methods? Sociology
[BTD] Fritsch, LeaAnn Thompson Effects of chronic suboptimal energy intake on constant-load exercise in young women Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
Frizell, Julie Dolan The Causes and Effects of Commercial Bank Participation in the Federal Home Loan Bank System Economics
[BTD] Froggatt, Mark E. Distributed fiber-optic strain and temperature sensors using photoinduced bragg gratings Electrical Engineering
Froggett, Patricia Dowling Toward a Deeper Understanding of the Nature of Resistant Behaviors by Adult Learners in Graduate Education Human Development
[BTD] Frohlich, Jurgen Paul Thermal stresses in a finite solid-propellant grain Aerospace Engineering
[BTD] Fromal, Barbara L. Wetlands and their use as wastewater treatment systems Environmental Sciences and Engineering
[VT] Fronce, Michael A Emotional Expression and Adjustment of Adolescents Who Have Experienced a Military Parent Deployed Human Development
Frondorf, Laurie An Investigation of the Relationships Between Stream Benthic Macroinvertebrate Assemblage Conditions and Their Stressors Biological Systems Engineering
[BTD] Fronk, Robert Charles Feasibility study of an aeration treatment system in a raw water storage reservoir used as a potable water source Systems Engineering
[BTD] Fronk, Thomas Harris Fully-coupled fluid-structure analysis of a baffled rectangular orthotropic plate using the boundary element and finite element methods Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Fronk, Thomas Harris Nonlinear finite element analysis of a laminated composite plate with nonuniform transient thermal loading Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Fross, Bradley K. Splash-2 shared-memory architecture for supporting high level language compilers Electrical Engineering
Fruhauf, Christine A. Grandchildren's Perceptions of Caring for Grandparents Human Development
Fruin, Margaret Louise Reliability and Validity of a Multi-Sensor Armband in Estimating Resting and Exercise Energy Expenditure Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
Fry, Jeannie A Change in Family Structure and Rates of Violent Juvenile Delinquency Sociology
[BTD] Fry, Richard N. Dense gas effects in a converging-diverging nozzle Engineering Mechanics
[BTD] Fry, Virginia Fijak The relationship among family problems, individual adjustments and the reentry students' perception of problems with reentry Family and Child Development
Fu, Bo A Mesh Architecture for Robust Packet Delivery in Airborne Networks Electrical and Computer Engineering
Fu, Dianbo Improved Resonant Converters with a Novel Control Strategy for High-Voltage Pulsed Power Supplies Electrical and Computer Engineering
Fu, Dianbo Topology Investigation and System Optimization of Resonant Converters Electrical and Computer Engineering
Fu, I-Ping P. Student Approaches to Learning Chinese Vocabulary Curriculum and Instruction
Fu, Qianhong Trust, Social Capital and Organizational Effectiveness Public Administration and Public Affairs
Fu, Wujun Preparation, Separation, Characterization and Hydrogenation of Endohedral Metallofullerenes Chemistry
Fu, Yan Computational Systems Biology Analysis of Cell Reprogramming and Activation Dynamics Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology
[BTD] Fu, Yee-tien Simulation modeling of information flows in decision making processes for design-to-manufacturing strategies Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
Fu, Youtong Use Of Small Format Aerial Photography In NPS Pollution Control Applications Biological Systems Engineering
[BTD] Fu, Youtong Comparison of two hydrological models on a Virginia Piedmont watershed Agricultural Engineering
Fu, Yu Baicalein, a novel anti-diabetic compound Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
[VT] Fu, Zhuo The anti-diabetic mechanisms by isoflavone genistein Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
[BTD] Fuchs, John Peter Numerical and experimental investigation of the bending response of thin-walled composite cylinders Engineering Mechanics
Fuhrman, Nicholas E. An Analysis of the Ecology and Public Perception of Coarse Woody Debris in Virginia Forestry
[BTD] Fulakis, Chris A theoretical analysis of combined melting and vaporization using the boundary element method Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Fuller, Amelia H. Equipment for making coffee Home Economics
[BTD] Fuller, Barbara J. An analysis of current wellness trends on United States public community college campuses Community College Education
[BTD] Fuller, Edward H. An investigation of the effects of freezing on portland cement concrete Civil Engineering
[BTD] Fuller, Eric James Experimental and computational investigation of helium injection into air at supersonic and hypersonic speeds Aerospace Engineering
[VT] Fuller, Harry Matthew Farmland Conservation Easement Valuation Using an Attribute-based Choice Survey: Comparing Preferences within the United States, Georgia, Ohio and Maine Agricultural and Applied Economics
[BTD] Fuller, Raymond Preston Fuel-vortex interactions for enhanced mixing in supersonic flow Aerospace Engineering
[BTD] Fuller, Russell M. Neural network estimation of disturbance growth and flow field structure of spatially excited jets Mechanical Engineering
[VT] Fulton, Andrew Dale Monoclonal Antibody Expression and Novel Purification in Nicotiana benthamiana Biological Systems Engineering
Fulton, Brian I. Analysis and Approximation of Viscoelastic and Thermoelastic Joint-Beam Systems Mathematics
Fulton, Melanie B. The Quantum Automorphism Group and Undirected Trees Mathematics
Fultz, Stanley Wakefield The Effect of Poly-L-Lysine Concentration, Molecular Weight, and Encapsulation Temperature on Microencapsulated Bovine Spermatozoa Dairy Science
Fumero-Aguiló, María C. Development of Guidelines for In-Vehicle Information Presentation: Text vs. Speech Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Fung, Cheryl The fiscal impacts of use-value taxation in Prince William County, Virginia Agricultural and Applied Economics
Fung, Jimmy Parameter Identification of Nonlinear Systems Using Perturbation Methods and Higher-Order Statistics Engineering Mechanics
[BTD] Fung, Victor Bit error simulation of FSK, BPSK, and pi/4 DQPSK in flat and frequency-selective fading mobile radio channels using two-ray and measurement- based impulse response models Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Furey, Deborah A. LDV measurements in a Navy CPS fan Engineering Science and Mechanics
[BTD] Furlow, Christopher A. The Islamization of knowledge Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Furman, Susan Gail Curnutt Possible mechanisms controlling the intracellular level of inorganic polyphosphate during synchronous growth of chlorella pyrenoidosa Biochemistry and Nutrition
[BTD] Furness, Charles Zachary Parameter identification of a flexible beam using a modal domain optical fiber sensor Electrical Engineering
Furniss, Matthew David Quantitative Comparison of Seismic Velocity Tomography With Seismic Activity Around a Deep Coal Longwall Panel Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Furr, Stephen Ray Functional decentralization in the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. Political Science
[BTD] Furrow, Keith W. Environmental effects on stitched RTM composites Engineering Mechanics
[BTD] Furtek, Emily S A survey of nutritional screening practices in hospitals of Virginia Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
Fussell, John David Refinement and Verification of the Virginia Tech Doppler Global Velocimeter (DGV) Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Futrell, Doris J. Technological Fundamentalism? The Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in the Conduct of War Public and International Affairs

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