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Author Name Title Department
[BTD] Gaabucayan, Ma. Sheila A. Development models of the Philippines Civil Engineering
Gaat, Tilottama The LibX Edition Builder Computer Science
Gabauer, Douglas John Predicting Occupant Injury with Vehicle-Based Injury Criteria in Roadside Crashes Biomedical Engineering
Gabbard, Joseph L. A Taxonomy of Usability Characteristics in Virtual Environments Computer Science and Applications
Gabbard, Joseph L. Usability Engineering of Text Drawing Styles in Augmented Reality User Interfaces Computer Science
Gabor, Elena The stereotype caravan: Assessment of stereotypes and ideology levels used to portray Gypsies in two European feature films Communication Studies
Gabor, Octavian Dialogical Writing in Philosophy and Literature. A Study on Plato's Crito and Gorgias and Peacock's Nightmare Abbey English
[BTD] Gabris, Patsy Lynette Spreadsheet instruction and their use for teaching mathematics in the business computer applications course in Virginia Vocational and Technical Education
[BTD] Gabruk, Robert S. The characterization of the flowfield of a dump combustor Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Gacitúa Marió, Estanislao A. Disarticulated agricultural growth :a comparative study of two Chilean regions Sociology
[BTD] Gadagkar, Ashish Timing distribution in VHDL behavioral models Electrical Engineering
Gade, Prasad V. N. Performance Enhancement and Stability Robustness of Wing/Store Flutter Suppression System Engineering Science and Mechanics
[BTD] Gadomski, Marilyn L. The effects of rewarding on first and second grade children's computer task performance according to classroom rewarding experiences Family and Child Development
Gadre, Aditya Shrikant Learning Strategies in Multi-Agent Systems - Applications to the Herding Problem Electrical and Computer Engineering
Gadre, Aditya Shrikant Observability Analysis in Navigation Systems with an Underwater Vehicle Application Electrical and Computer Engineering
Gaeddert, Joseph D Parametric Estimation of Stochastic Fading Channels and Their Role in Adaptive Radios Electrical and Computer Engineering
Gaeddert, Joseph Daniel Facilitating Wireless Communications through Intelligent Resource Management on Software-Defined Radios in Dynamic Spectrum Environments Electrical and Computer Engineering
Gaertner, Nathaniel Allen Special Cases of Density Theorems in Algebraic Number Theory Mathematics
[BTD] Gaff, Douglas G. Architecture design and simulation for distributed learning classifier systems Electrical Engineering
Gafney, Brian Patrick Dwelling Happens A Study of Urban Living in the 21st Century Architecture
Gagliano, Jerone Matthew An Improved Method for the Fracture Cleavage Testing of Adhesively-Bonded Wood Materials Science and Engineering
Gaglione, Anthony Multiscale Modeling of an Industrial Nylon-6 Leacher Chemical Engineering
[VT] Gagné, Marissa Marlene An Analysis and Critique of DEM Creaion and 3-D Modeling Using Airborne LIDAR and Photogrammetric Techniques Civil Engineering
Gagnon, Heather Elizabeth Scandalous Beginnings: Witch Trials to Witch City History
[BTD] Gagnon, Jason S. Wireless communication and computing at the construction jobsite Civil Engineering
[BTD] Gahvari, Fariborz Modeling of the linear viscoelastic response of polymer modified asphalt binders at intermediate and high temperatures Civil Engineering
Gaidos, Joan Marie Nitrogen Management in No-till Winter Wheat Production Systems Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
Gailliard, Flora Montgomery A Comparative Analysis of the Travel Behavior of Black and White Travelers Hospitality and Tourism Management
[BTD] Gailliot, John A. Computational study of hub corner stall in an axial compressor rotor Mechanical Engineering
Gailunas, Karol Marie Use of Ultraviolet Light for the Inactivation of Listeria monocytogenes and Lactic Acid Bacteria Species in Recycled Chill Brines Food Science and Technology
Gainer, Thomas Gregory Immune Response Markers are Prevalent in the mRNA Expression Profile of Maturing Dystrophic Murine Skeletal Muscle Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
Gaines, David N. Studies on Conura torvina (Hymenoptera: Chalcididae) Reproduction and biology in Relation to Hosts in Brassica Crops. Entomology
[BTD] Gaines, David N. Seasonal abundance and biology of hyperparasites and their hosts associated with Pieris rapae (L.) (Lepidoptera: Pieridae) in the Brassica crop system Entomology
Gaines, Jina Nicole The Tension Between Opportunity and Outcome: The University of Michigan's Supreme Court Cases on Affirmative Action and the Implications of Cultural Expectations Communication Studies
Gaines, Jonathan Elliot Remote Operator Blended Intelligence System for Environmental Navigation and Discernment (RobiSEND) Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Gaines, Rodney P. The effects of velocity specific isokinetic training on strength, hypertrophy, and cross education Education
Gaines, Rodney Perry Comparison of Anthropometric Measures of Competitive Bodybuilders to Judges' Scores and a Comparison of Judges' Scores Education Curriculum and Instruction
Gaiser, Sebastian Sacred Space - Journey and Change Architecture
[BTD] Gajdzinski, Cezary L2-Indices for Perturbed Dirac Operators on Odd Dimensional Open Complete Manifolds Mathematics
Gal, Yun Kyung A Very Small House: Designing for Good Living Architecture
Gala, Caron E Phosphate Reactivity in Long-Term Manure Amended Soils in the Ridge and Valley of Virginia Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
[BTD] Galagedera, Nandadeva Lalith Integrity and effectiveness of standard preformed membranes placed on concrete bridge decks Civil Engineering
[BTD] Galaitsis, George Stergios Extraction of drilling-angular velocities using a nodal-spatial array of in-plane translational velocities Mechanical Engineering
Galang, Jeffrey A Comparison of GIS Approaches to Slope Instability Zonation in the Central Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia Forestry
Gale, Christopher J. Reconciling Top-down and Bottom-up Models of Civil Society Building in Political Development: Case Studies in Bulgaria Political Science
[BTD] Gales, Teresa Leigh An assessment of manufacturing quality variation and an SPC handbook for the pallet and container industries Wood Science and Forest Products
galeshi, roofia Cognitive Diagnostic Model, a Simulated-Based Study: Understanding Compensatory Reparameterized Unified Model (CRUM) Educational Research and Evaluation
[VT] Galinaitis, William S. Two Methods for Modeling Scalar Hysteresis and their use in Controlling Actuators with Hysteresis Mathematics
Gallagher, Alexander Edward Efficacy and safety of iopanoic acid for treatment of experimentally-induced hyperthyroidism in cats Veterinary Medical Sciences
Gallagher, John Paul An Assessment of the Attention Demand Associated with the Processing of Information for In-Vehicle Information Systems (IVIS) Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Gallagher, Libby A. Effects of submaximal exercise and hyperventilation on ECG components in healthy, young adult men with recording leads typically used for evaluation of ischemic heart disease Education
Gallagher, Patricia M. Passive Site Remediation for Mitigation of Liquefaction Risk Civil Engineering
Gallagher, Richard Contextus: A Modern Intervention in the Urban Fabric Architecture
Gallagher, Timothy M Characterization and Evaluation of Non-Line-of-Sight Paths for Fixed Broadband Wireless Communications Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Galliford, W. T. H. An assessment of the attitudes of selected repondents toward the standards of quality for public education in Virginia. Administration and Supervision
Gallimore, Craig Allen Passive Viscoelastic Constrained Layer Damping Application for a Small Aircraft Landing Gear System Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Gallimore, Rapsody Dawn Relationship between growth patterns and planning practices :a case study of the city of Roanoke Geography
Gallimore, Scott D. Operation of a High-Pressure Uncooled Plasma Torch with Hydrocarbon Feedstocks Mechanical Engineering
Gallimore, Scott Douglas A Study of Plasma Ignition Enhancement for Aeroramp Injectors in Supersonic Combustion Applications Mechanical Engineering
Gallivan, Sean Thomas Safety of Epidurally Administered Ketorolac in Dogs Veterinary Medical Sciences
[BTD] Galloway, William U. Harmony and opposition Architecture
Gallup, Christopher Lackey Embracing Monumentality: a Montpelier Center for the Arts Architecture
Galper, Daniel I. Bulimic Symptomatology in College Women: To What Degree are Hypnotizability, Dissociation, and Absorption of Relevance? Psychology
[BTD] Galper, Daniel I. Understanding the motivation to use anabolic steroids :an application of the theory of reasoned action Psychology
Galusky, Wyatt Virtually Uninhabitable: A Critical Analysis of Digital Environmental Anti-Toxics Activism Science and Technology Studies
Galvin, James J. Air Traffic Control Resource Management Strategies and the Small Aircraft Transportation System: A System Dynamics Perspective Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Galway, Alison Commitment in long term cohabiting couples Family and Child Development
Galway, Mary Alison Attitudes and Moral Development During a College Course on Human Sexuality Family and Child Development
Galyean, Teresa Ann Pre-Collegiates Students' Teaching Identities Teaching and Learning
[BTD] Gamalath, Sandhya Samarasinghe Long-term creep modeling of wood using time temperature superposition principle Wood Science and Forest Products
[BTD] Gamble, James Graham Explicit parallel programming Computer Science and Applications
Gambrel, Laura Eubanks The Mindful Transition to Parenthood Program: Developing and Evaluating a Psychoeducational-Experiential Intervention for Couples Expecting Their First Child Human Development
Gamrod, Erin Elizabeth Flowering Control and Production of Strobilanthes dyerianus Mast. (Persian Shield) Horticulture
Gan, Linmin Adaptive Threshold Method for Monitoring Rates in Public Health Surveillance Statistics
Gan, Lu The Involvement of Interleukin-1 Receptor-Associated Kinase-1 (IRAK-1) as a Critical Modulator of Macrophage Migration Biology
Gan, Yu-Hui Lightness - A bookstore in Chicago Architecture
[BTD] Ganapathy, Anjali Investigations into the nature of architectural space Architecture
[BTD] Gandhe, Gajanan V. Impact response of interleaved composite materials Engineering Mechanics
[BTD] Gandhi, Ashit R. A CAD/CAM interface for computer-aided design of cams Mechanical Engineering
Gandhi, Mital A Robust Kalman Filters Using Generalized Maximum Likelihood-Type Estimators Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Gandhi, Rajiv Communication infratructure for a distibuted actor system Computer Science
Gandhi, Ujval Vendor Managed Inventory: A new approach to supply chain management Industrial and Systems Engineering
Gandy, Maegen Lorraine A Case Study of Identity Politics in America: President George W. Bush and Nationalist Victimization Strategies towards Iraq Political Science
Ganesan, Karthik Resistance Factor for Cold-Formed Steel Compression Members Civil Engineering
[BTD] Ganesan, Maya A circular model of urban hydrology Landscape Architecture
Ganesan, Vikram A Model for Multidisciplinary Optimization for Containerships Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Ganesan, Vikram Global Optimization of the Nonconvex Containership Design Problem Using the Reformulation-Linearization Technique. Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Ganey, Sean Life on the streets :rebuilding community in America's cities Architecture
[BTD] Gangadharan, Sathya N. Statistical system identification of structures with flexible joints Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
[BTD] Gangla, Vineeta Analytical methods for electromechanical forces and torque computation in brushless permanent magnet machines Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Ganguli, Rajive Stress transfer between multi-seam longwall mines Mining and Minerals Engineering
Ganguly, Sandipan Algorithmic Modifications to a Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Model of Containerships Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
[BTD] Ganino, Anthony Joseph Mechanical design of the Carpal wrist :a parallel-actuated, singularity-free robotic wrist Mechanical Engineering
Gann, Sara Beth A Methodology for Inventorying Stored Carbon in An Urban Forest Forestry
Gannett, Robert Ashley Control Strategies for High Power Four-Leg Voltage Source Inverters Electrical and Computer Engineering
Gannon, Dennis Patrick Explanations of the Success of Science Philosophy
Gannon II, John Patrick Evaluation of Fracture Flow at the Coles Hill Uranium Deposit in Pittsylvania County, VA using Electrical Resistivity, Bore Hole Logging, Pumping Tests, and Age Dating Methods. Geosciences
[BTD] Gano, Stephen M. The utilization of peanut hulls as liquid adsorbent chars Chemical Engineering
Gant, Lenora Peters The Implementation of Distance Learning In The Electronic Classroom Adult Learning and Human Resource Development
Ganta, Surender Development of Optimal Migration Plan for New Traffic Signal Controllers Using Gis and Multi-Criteria Decision Making Civil Engineering
Gantovnik, Vladimir An Improved Genetic Algorithm for the Optimization of Composite Structures Engineering Science and Mechanics
Gantt, Lynn Rupert Energy Losses for Propelling and Braking Conditions of an Electric Vehicle Mechanical Engineering
Gantulga, Dashzeveg Comparative characterization of Arabidopsis Subfamily III beta-galactosidases Biology
Gantz, Kevin Francis Fabrication of Three-Dimensionally Independent Microchannels Using a Single Mask Aimed at On-Chip Microprocessor Cooling Mechanical Engineering
Gantzer, Paul Anthony Diffuser Operations at Spring Hollow Reservoir Civil Engineering
Gantzer, Paul Anthony Controlling Dissolved Oxygen, Iron and Manganese in Water-Supply Reservoirs using Hypolimnetic Oxygenation Civil Engineering
[BTD] Ganugapati, Krishna The design and implementation of CHITRA92, a system to empirically model concurrent software performance Computer Science
[BTD] Gao, Chengxian Potential use of wide tires for steep slope skidding Forestry
Gao, Cunhao Some Modeling and Optimization Problems in Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks Electrical and Computer Engineering
Gao, Feng Clustering Response-Stressor Relationships in Ecological Studies Statistics
Gao, Guangyue A Stochastic Model for The Transmission Dynamics of Toxoplasma Gondii Computer Science
Gao, Huaiying The Effects of Still Images and Animated Images on Motion-Related and Non-Motion Related Learning Tasks in College Students of Different Levels of Field Dependence Teaching and Learning
GAO, RENLONG Synthesis and Properties of Ion-Containing Block and Segmented Copolymers and Their Composites Chemistry
Gao, Rui Computational Fluid Dynamic and Rotordynamic Study on the Labyrinth Seal Mechanical Engineering
[VT] Gao, Tao Effects of Relationship Quality on Customer Perceived Value in Organizational Purchasing Marketing
Gao, Tian Mode-I Fracture in Bonded Wood: Studies of Adhesive Thermal Stability, and of the Effects of Wood Surface Deactivation Wood Science and Forest Products
Gao, Tian Direct Strength Method for the Flexural Design of Through-Fastened Metal Building Roof and Wall Systems under Wind Uplift or Suction Civil Engineering
Gao, Yongmei SPANNING Between Structure and Nature Architecture
Gao, Yu Calibration and Comparison of the VISSIM and INTEGRATION Microscopic Traffic Simulation Models Civil Engineering
Garber, Emily Ann Chamber Hall Threshold Design and Acoustic Surface Shaping with Parametric Modeling Architecture
Garber, Stephen J. Birds of a Feather? How Politics and Culture Affected the Designs of the U.S. Space Shuttle and the Soviet Buran Science and Technology Studies
Garcia, Albert Study of the Origins of the Sigma-0 Blooms Electrical and Computer Engineering
Garcia, Eric A. A Collaboration Between Imagination and Reality Architecture
Garcia, Lisette Marie Variations in Educational Attainment Among DIfferent Latino Subgroups Sociology
[BTD] Garcia, Manuel Anthony The theoretical behavior of a complex inelastic material Applied Mechanics
Garcia, Robert Gordon CFD simulation of flow fields associated with high speed jet impingement on deflectors Mechanical Engineering
Garcia, Sandrine Experimental Design Optimization And thermophysical Parameter Estimation of Composite Materials using Genetic Algorithms Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Garcia, Sandrine L. Analysis of a space experimental design for high-Tc superconductive thermal bridges Mechanical Engineering
Garcia-Montagna, Maria Natalia Breathing & Playing Architecture. Bagpipe School, Museum and Workshop Architecture
Garcia-Peniche, Teresa Beatriz Comparisons of Holstein, Brown Swiss, and Jersey cows for age at first calving, first calving interval, and true herd-life up to five years in seven regions of the United States Dairy Science
Garcia-Puente, Luis David Algebraic Geometry of Bayesian Networks Mathematics
Garden, James MacDonald Harmony and Counterpoint: An Adaptive Reuse of Frank Lloyd Wright's A.D. German Warehouse Architecture
Gardner, Denise M. Characterization of Cold Soak on Vitis vinifera L. cv. Cabernet Sauvignon Grape and Wine Volatiles Using an Electronic Nose System Food Science and Technology
Gardner, Donald Anderson Experimental Testing of a Decentralized Model Reference Adaptive Controller for a Mobile Robot Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Gardner, Eric Jesse Microstructural and crystallographic fabric analysis of stretched-pebble conglomerates in central Vermont Geological Sciences
Gardner, Jason Experience and Pictorial Representation: Wollheim's Seeing-in and Merleau-Ponty's Perceptual Phenomenology Philosophy
[VT] Gardner, Jennifer Lynn IMF Conditionality and Political Dissent in Developing Nations Political Science
Gardner, Joni Smith Simultaneous Media Usage: Effects on Attention Education Curriculum and Instruction
[BTD] Gardner, Mary Ann Consumer opinions regarding a flammability standard for upholstered funiture. Clothing, Textiles, and Related Arts
Gardner, Robert Matthew Conditioning of FNET Data and Triangulation of Generator Trips in the Eastern Interconnected System Electrical and Computer Engineering
Gardner, Robert Matthew A Wide-Area Perspective on Power System Operation and Dynamics Electrical and Computer Engineering
Gardner, Slade Havelock An Investigation of the Structure-Property Relationships for High Performance Thermoplastic Matrix, Carbon Fiber Composites with a Tailored Polyimide Interphase Chemical Engineering
Gardner, Tara Conti Delipidation Treatments for Large-Scale Protein Purification Processing Chemical Engineering
Gardoni, Roberto Carlo approaching architecture Architecture
Garg, Akhilesh Organic Self-Assembled Films for Nonlinear Optics: Film Structure, Composition and Kinetics of Film Formation Chemical Engineering
[BTD] Garg, Anil Kumar Design, installation and testing of a bioremediation-based system for treating regulated medical waste Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Garguilo, Keith Francis Design and testing of a nonlinear mechanical advantage demonstration mechanism Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Garland, Benjamine J. A method of estimating the apogee and perigee error incurred in establishing the orbit of a spin-stabilized vehicle Aeronautical Engineering
[BTD] Garland, Carroll Moses Effects of taurine and hypotaurine on oxidative lung injury Veterinary Medical Sciences
[BTD] Garland, Jay L. Effects of grazing by the oligochaete, Aeolosoma, on detrital and periphytic assemblages Zoology
Garman, Keli L. The Art of Designing a Meaningful Landscape through Storytelling. Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Garman, Lucy S. Iron status and behavioral factors relative to dietary source of protein intake among female athletes at Virginia Tech Human Nutrition and Foods
[VT] Garman, Stephanie Michelle Desorption Kinetics of Lead from Goethite: Effect of Mixing and Sorption Period Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
Garnar, Andrew Wells Sport/utility vehicles as technologies of the suburban self:
the only civilized way to leave civilization
Science and Technology Studies
Garnar, Andrew Wells "An essay concerning subjectivity and scientific realism: Some fancies on Sellarsian themes and onto-politics" Science and Technology Studies
Garner, Dana Porter A Question of Ambiguity, Risk, and Trust: Do Auditors React Differently to Potential Accrual Transaction Earnings Management than to Potential Real Transaction Earnings Management? Accounting and Information Systems
[BTD] Garrahan, Thomas Booth The market potential and economic feasibility of a wooden pallet bin leasing system Accounting and Information Systems
[BTD] Garren, Daniel A. Impact of localized harvest on the population of smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieu) of Lake Moomaw, Virginia Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
[BTD] Garren, Kenneth Ross Unitary equivalence of spectral measures on a Baer -semigroup. Mathematics
Garrett, Benjamin Goggin Mexican Political Development, Common Property Institutions, and Opportunities for Collaborative Environmental Management Urban Affairs and Planning
[BTD] Garrett, Clayton W. The relative effects of age and learning style mismatch on adult students' academic achievement and perception of instructors Adult and Continuing Education
[BTD] Garrett, Elizabeth Carol Bass Height control of Eschscholtzia californica using ancymidol, cycocel, and limited inductive photoperiod Horticulture
[BTD] Garrett, Frederick Earl Fast half-loop maneuvers for the F/A-18 fighter aircraft using a singular pertubation feedback control law Aerospace Engineering
[BTD] Garrett, Jennifer L. Varying rumen available carbohydrate and rumen available protein in diets of lactating cattle Animal Science
[BTD] Garrett, Joseph Lee A comparison of flux-splitting algorithms for the Euler equations with equilibrium air chemistry Aerospace Engineering
[BTD] Garrett, Tracey Lynette Optical fiber sensor methods for nondestructive evaluation of bridges Systems Engineering
[BTD] Garris, Donald R. Goals for teaching secondary mildly handicapped students Curriculum and Instruction
Garrison, Kevin Lee Design, Fabrication, and Validation of Membrane-Based Sensors Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Garrison, Susan Elizabeth Effects of shade on the cultivated strawberry (Fragaria X anassa Duch.) Horticulture
[BTD] Garst, Amy S. In-vitro developmental potential of bovine oocytes obtained by transvaginal follicular aspiration as related to their morphological quality and after microinjection of DNA Dairy Science
Garst, Barry Austin An Exploration of Developed Forest Camping Experiences and Meanings in the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area Forestry
Garst, David Walter Distribution, Habitat Analysis, and Conservation of the Timber Rattlesnake in Virginia. Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
Garst, James Frazier Physiological and Biochemical Response of Saccharomyces cerevisiae to Desiccation and Rehydration. Biochemistry
Garst, Jr., Winfred Joseph Mind Games: The Ontology of Aviation Safety and its Consequences Public Administration and Public Affairs
[BTD] Garvin, Erin G Stability-reliabilty and the relationship of an incremental protocol in determining peak VO2 in college-aged men and women on the StairMaster 2650 UE kayak ergometer Health and Physical Education
[BTD] Garvin, Theresa D. Perspectives on health care choices :women users, service providers, and community leaders in Appalachia Health Policy
Gary, Aaron Eugene Temporal and Material Layers: A Library for Pulaski, Virginia Architecture
[BTD] Gary, James Hubert The design of a plant for the commercial production of a pesticidal derivative of chloral hydrate Chemical Engineering
Garyali, Piyush On Best-Effort Utility Accrual Real-Time Scheduling on Multiprocessors Electrical and Computer Engineering
Gaskins, Charla Evaluation of a Prototype System for the Automatic Capture of School Bus Passing Violations Civil Engineering
Gaskins, Kylie Organic Self-Assembled Thin Films for Second Order Nonlinear Optics Chemical Engineering
[BTD] Gaskins, Lloyd E. A study of the turnover of business education teachers in the secondary schools of Virginia for the school year 1953-1954 Business Education
[BTD] Gaskins, Ray Allen Density estimation and some topics in multivariate analysis. Accounting and Information Systems
[BTD] Gaspar-Rolle, Maria Nelma Pinto Attachment of bacteria to teflon and buna-n-rubber gasket materials Food Science and Technology
Gassaway, Jason Cannon Local Bundling of Disparity Maps for Improved Dense 3D Visual Reconstruction Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Gassman, Paul Lawrence The influence of particle size on the chemistry of mica clays Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
[BTD] Gat, Erann Reliable goal-directed reactive control of autonomous mobile robots Computer Science and Applications
[BTD] Gatari?, Slobodan Single-switch three-phase zero-current-transition rectifier with power factor correction Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Gatenby, Catherine M. A study of holding conditions, feed ration, and algal foods for the captive care of freshwater mussels Biology
[BTD] Gatenby, Catherine M. Development of a diet for rearing juvenile freshwater mussels Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
Gates, Joseph Dwayne Effects of a Flexible Foundation on the Response of a Timber Shear Wall Civil Engineering
Gates, Melinda M. The Effect of Icing on the Dispatch Reliability of Small Aircraft Industrial and Systems Engineering
Gates, Rebecca Grace Fiscal Equity for At-Risk Students A Quanitative Analysis of the At-Risk Index Component of the New Mexico Public School Funding Formula Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Gates, Robert Valentine Strategic Management of Navy R&D Laboratories: An Application of Complexity Theory; Director of Navy Laboratories Case Study Public Administration and Public Affairs
Gates, Susan Wharton Rediscovering the Heart of Public Administration: the Normative Theory of in His Steps Public Administration and Public Affairs
[BTD] Gatin, Marilyn Rose Spectroelectrochemical analysis of self-assembled monolayers on gold Chemistry
[BTD] Gatlin, Stephen H. William H. Sheldon and the culture of the somatotype Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Gatlin, Stephen H. William H. Sheldon's constitutional psychology :the somatotype as fiction Science and Technology Studies
Gatling, Veleka Studivant The Transition from Early Intervention to Early Childhood Special Education: Three Case Studies Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Gatton, Holly A. Biology and Host-Range Testing of Laricobius kangdingensis sp. n. (Coleoptera: Derodontidae), a Newly Discovered Predator of Hemlock Woolly Adelgid, Adelges tsugae Annand (Homoptera: Adelgidae) Entomology
Gatz, Lisa B. Academic and Social Integration in Cyberspace: A Qualitative Study Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
[BTD] Gatz, Philip L. A comparison of three prediction based methods of choosing the ridge regression parameter k Statistics
[BTD] Gauden, William H. Performance and stalling behavior of an axial-flow compressor subjected to three circumferential inlet distortion levels. Mechanical Engineering
Gaudet, Jason Gas-Phase Epoxidation of Ethylene and Propylene Chemical Engineering
Gaudreau, Patricia A. The Effects of Engagement in an Internship on Readiness for School Leadership Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Gaudreault, Geoffrey P A School of Architecture Architecture
[BTD] Gaul, Thomas H. A national survey of school board members' views on the impact of reform and restructuring on school board power and authority Educational Administration
Gault, Glynis Anna Adams Identity Style, Acculturation Strategies and Employment Status Of Formally Educated Foreign-Born African Women In The United States Human Development
Gaur, Sudhanshu Analysis of Advanced Diversity Receivers for Fading Channels Electrical and Computer Engineering
Gausepohl, Kimberly Ann Investigation of Storytelling as a Requirements Elicitation Method for Medical Devices Industrial and Systems Engineering
[VT] Gausepohl, Kimberly Ann The Storytelling + Design Framework: Design Guidance for the Concept Phase of Medical Device Design Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Gauss, Veronica A. A fuzzy logic solution for navigation of the Subsurface Explorer planetary exploration robot Electrical Engineering
Gautam, Ashwini Design and development of advanced vibration and noise control devices using finite element analysis Mechanical Engineering
Gauthier, Michel A An American Indian Museum Architecture
Gavazzi, Michael Joseph The Influence of Elevated Carbon Dioxide and Water Availability on Herbaceous Weed Development and Planted Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda) and Coppice Sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua) Growth Forestry
[BTD] Gavin, Victor S. Evaluation of cost estimating methods for military software application in a COTS environment Systems Engineering
[BTD] Gavlak, Michael W. Review of multi-use playing field surfaces Health and Physical Education
[BTD] Gaw, Christopher D. The economic impacts of the 1986 Safe Drinking Water Act amendments Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Gay Alanis, Leon F. Measuring Energy Efficiency of Water Utilities Civil Engineering
[BTD] Gayle, Benjamin P. An evaluation of carbon monoxide and methane as substrates for the denitrification of water Civil Engineering
[BTD] Gayle, Benjamin P. An evaluation of a modified membrane filter technique for the recovery of fecal coliforms exposed to selected heavy metals. Environmental Sciences and Engineering
[BTD] Gaylin, Kenneth B. An investigation of information display variables utilizing computer-generated graphics for decision support systems Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
[BTD] Gaynor, Justin F. Polymeric thin films by chemical vapor deposition for the microelectronics industry Materials Engineering Science
Gayzik, Francis S Development of a Finite Element Based Injury Metric for Pulmonary Contusion Biomedical Engineering and Sciences
Gayzik, Francis Scott Optimal Control of Thermal Damage to Biological Materials Mechanical Engineering
Gazzillo, Lisa Christine The Mapping of Transcription Factor Binding Sites in the Turkey Prolactin Gene Animal and Poultry Sciences
Gómez, Jesús Emilio Development of an extended hyperbolic model for concrete-to-soil interfaces Civil Engineering
Gökkaya, Kemal Prediction of Foliar Biochemistry in a Boreal Forest Canopy Using Imaging Spectroscopy and LiDAR Data Forestry
Ge, Feng Software Radio-Based Decentralized Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks: A Prototype Design and Enabling Technologies Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ge, Rong Theories and Techniques for Efficient High-End Computing Computer Science
[BTD] Ge, Yuzhen Studies of one-dimensional unimodal maps in the chaotic regime Mathematics
[BTD] Ge, Yuzhen Homotopy algorithms for H2/H∞control analysis and synthesis Computer Science and Applications
[BTD] Ge, Yuzhen Homotopy algorithms for the H2 and the combined H2/H∞ model order reduction problems Computer Science and Applications
Ge, Zhongfu Analysis of surface pressure and velocity fluctuations in the flow over surface-mounted prisms Engineering Science and Mechanics
[BTD] Gean, Richard T. Comparison of PWM and resonant technologies in a high voltage DC application Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Geasler, Margie J. Swindlehurst Marital equity among dual-career couples : a longitudinal perspective Family and Child Development
[BTD] Geddes, Patrick H. Displaying and improving run-length encoded images on a BTOS system Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Geders, Jane M. Relationship between zinc and copper nutritional status and risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease. Human Nutrition and Foods
[BTD] Gee, Thomas Hunter An analytical and experimental investigation of a frequency- shift-keyed signal generated by a phase-locked-loop with application to narrowband FSK Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Geerdes, Margaret The effects of music sound levels on restaurant customer's behavior Housing, Interior Design, and Resource Management
[VT] Geers, Allison Renee Inhabiting Structure: An Elementary School Campus Architecture
[BTD] Geertsema, Wesley S. Long-term effects of alum sludge application to land Environmental Engineering
[BTD] Gehman, Victor H. Impulse electrical breakdown of high-purity water Physics
Gehringer, Paul Transformations: An Arts Center for Narrows, Virginia. Architecture
Geib, David C Multiplexing of Extrinsic Fabry-Perot Optical Fiber Sensors for Strain Measurements Electrical and Computer Engineering
Geide, Cherie A. A Descriptive Study of Technology Acquisition and Integration in Middle Atlantic Catholic Elementary Schools Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Geiger, Derek Henry Comparative Analysis of Serrated Trailing Edge Designs on Idealized Aircraft Engine Fan Blades for Noise Reduction Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
[BTD] Geiger, Jim E. The effects of student outcome assessment on long term change in Viirginia's community colleges :an examination of the applicability of Newcombe and Conrad's theory of mandated academic change Community College Education
Geiger, Richelle Prescribed Fire in a Florida Landscape with Mixed Ownership: Spatial Interactions Forestry
Geisbert, Jesse Stuart Hydrodynamic Modeling for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Using Computational and Semi-Empirical Methods Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
[VT] Geissinger, Jared Scott Structure-Function Analysis of the EsaR N-terminal Domain Biology
Geist, Brian Lee Properties of Nanoscale Biomaterials for Cancer Detection and Other Applications Physics
[BTD] Geitner, Joseph An intersection Architecture
Gellatly, Andrew William The Use of Speech Recognition Technology in Automotive Applications Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Gellatly, Andrew William Effects of seated posture on static strength, lower-body isometric muscle contractions, and manual tracking performance Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Geller, Carol H. The use of reaction time to assess congnitive functioning of learning disabled children. Education
[VT] Geller, Krista Scott The Power of Pets: How Animals Affect Family Relationships Human Development
Geller, Krista Scott Quantifying the Power of Pets: The Development of an Assessment Device to Measure Attachment Between Humans and Companion Animals Human Development
Gellert, Ashley Elizabeth Putting Women Back on Top?: (Re)constituting Power and Audience in The Vagina Monologues Communication Studies
[BTD] Gendron, Guy Optimal design of geodesically stiffened composite cylindrical shells Engineering Mechanics
[BTD] Gendron, Paul John A comparison of digital beacon receiver frequency estimators Electrical Engineering
Genevey, Daniel Bruno Transient Model of Heat,Mass,and Charge transfer as well as Electrochemistry in the Cathode Catalyst Layer of a PEMFC Mechanical Engineering
Geng, Tuoyu Genomics-Based Analysis of Antibody Response to Sheep Red Blood Cells in Chickens Animal and Poultry Sciences
Geng, Twzen-Shang Enhancement of the Dynamic Buckling Load and Analysis of Active Constrained Layer Damping with Extension and Shear Mode Piezoceramic Actuators Engineering Science and Mechanics
Genovese, Marie Implications of the Revocation of the "Tulloch Rule" Urban Affairs and Planning
Genowati, Indira Take-all in Wheat: PCR Identification of the Pathogen and the Interactions Amongst Potential Biological Control Agents Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science
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Godang, Romulus

Measurement of the Ratio of Charged and Neutral B Mesons in Y(4S) Events via Partial Reconstruction of the Semileptonic Decays and

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Goel, Amit Visualization in Problem Solving Environments Computer Science
Goel, Amol A Multi-Agent System and Auction Mechanism for Production Planning over Multiple Facilities in an Advanced Planning and Scheduling System Industrial and Systems Engineering
[VT] Goel, Kathryn Schwartz Identifying Moderators of Resilience following Sexual Victimization: The Role of Resource Loss, Self-Efficacy and Social Support Psychology
Goel, Kathryn Schwartz Identifying Factors Contributing to Child and Adolescent Resiliency Following a Residential Fire: The Role of Social Support, Coping and Ethnicity Psychology
Goel, Neha Mining Multinode Constraints and Complex Boolean Expressions for Sequential Equivalence Checking Electrical and Computer Engineering
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Goff, Jonathan Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Polyethers and Polydimethylsiloxanes for Use in Biomaterials Macromolecular Science and Engineering
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Gogan, Brian James A Case for Rhetorical Method: Criticism, Theory, and the Exchange of Jean Baudrillard English
Goh, Julian Kok Seng Analysis of Pressurized Arch-Shells Civil Engineering
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Gold, Anna Keller At the Margins of Modern Science: Leviathan and the Air-Pump as a Case Study for Meta-analysis of Contemporary Science and Technology Studies Science and Technology Studies
Gold, Brent Andrew Performance Analysis Of Active and Passive Multi-Array Sonar Networks Mechanical Engineering
Gold, Brian Balancing Performance, Area, and Power in an On-Chip Network Electrical and Computer Engineering
Goldberg, Peter David An exploratory study about the impacts that Cybersex (the use of the Internet for sexual purposes)is having on families and the practices of marriage and family therapists Marriage and Family Therapy
[BTD] Golden, Gaylynn Effects of driver characteristics and traffic composition on traffic flow Information Systems
Goldfarb, Daniel Scott An Evaluation of Assignment Algorithms and Post-Pro cessing Techniques for Travel Demand Forecast Models Civil Engineering
[BTD] Golding, Patricia Surratt A study of ways home schooling families in southwest Virginia believe public schools can better interface and assist families who choose to home school their children Educational Administration
Goldman, Adria Yvonne Is it Really Skin Deep? An Analysis of "Ugly Betty's" Influence on Females' Understanding of Beauty Communication Studies
Goldman, Gabriel Jacob Design Space and Motion Development for a Pole Climbing Serpentine Robot Featuring Actuated Universal Joints Mechanical Engineering
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Gustafson, Glenna Scarborough The Assistive Technology Skills, Knowledge, and Professional Development Needs of Special Educators in Southwestern Virginia Curriculum and Instruction
[BTD] Gustin, Mary Elizabeth The intention to purchase a night's stay in a hotel : an empirical test of the Hines' model of responsible environmental behavior Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management
[BTD] Gustin, Quintin L. Referent communication skills in marriage :spouses as speakers and listeners. Psychology
Gusukuma, Luke GPU Based Large Scale Multi-Agent Crowd Simulation and Path Planning Computer Science
Guthrie, Dwayne Pierce Understanding Urban, Metropolitan and Megaregion Development to Improve Transportation Governance Urban Affairs and Planning
Guthrie, Miriam E. The Perceptions of Selected University Administrators on Economic and Associated Decision-Making Factors Related to Institutional Involvement in Distance Education Teaching and Learning
[VT] Gutierrez, Gerald Andrew Tracing the Elusive Archetype: The Design of the Central Virginian Winery Architecture
Gutierrez, Juan Claudio Improved Late-gestation Cardiac Morphology in Fetuses of Diabetic Mothers After Maternal Immune Stimulation: Potential Role of Dysregulated Apoptosis Biomedical Sciences and Pathobiology
[BTD] Gutierrez, Mauricio F. Masonry heater performance evaluation :efficiency, emissions, and thermal modeling Mechanical Engineering
Gutierrez-Nibeyro, Santiago Daniel Outcomes of Medical Treatment for Pathologies of the Equine Foot Diagnosed with Magnetic Resonance Imaging Veterinary Medical Sciences
[BTD] Gutmann, James Charles The effects of differential goalbox reward and reward shifts on the frustration effect. Psychology
Gutridge, Christopher Jason Three Degree-of-Freedom Simulator Motion Cueing Using Classical Washout Filters and Acceleration Feedback Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
[VT] Guy, Ashley Ray Effect of Blowing Ratio on the Nusselt Number and Film Cooling Effectiveness Distributions of a Showerhead Film Cooled Blade in a Transonic Cascade Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Guy, Mary Jane "Common," "system," "uniform," and "efficient" as terms of art in the education articles of state constitutions :a philosophical foundation for the American common school Educational Administration
Guymon, Daniel Wade Cyber-physical Algorithms for Enhancing Collaboration Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Guynn, Jerome Hamilton Estimation of thermal properties in a medium with conduction and radiation heat transfer Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Guynn, Robert Livingstone A place for a children's camp Architecture
Guyot, Jennifer Ann Restoration of the endangered Cumberland elktoe (Alasmidonta atropurpurea) and Cumberland bean (Villosa trabalis) (Bivalvia: Unionidae) in the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area, Tennessee and Kentucky Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
[BTD] Guyot, Nicolas E. Fuzzy logic and utility theory for multiobjective optimization of automotive joints Aerospace Engineering
Guyton, Autumn Deanne Starch Digestion and Phosphorus Excretion in Lactating Dairy Cows Dairy Science
Guza, Rebecca Clare Isolation of Natural Products from Casearia nigrescens Chemistry
Guzman, Francisco J Separation of Colloidal Particles in a Packed Column using Depletion Forces Chemical Engineering
Guzman-Aranda, Juan Carlos Evaluation of Conservation Planning in Mexico: A Stakeholder Analysis Approach Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
Guzy, Matthew Thomas Organic Self-Assembled Layer-by-Layer Thin Films for Second-Order Nonlinear Optics Chemical Engineering
Gvozdich, Grant Gregory Modeling the Transient Effects of High Energy Subsystems on High-Performance Aerospace Systems Mechanical Engineering
Gwayi, Simeon Mackson Perceptions of Innovations as Predictors of TALULAR Implementation Levels among Secondary School Science Teachers in Malawi: A Diffusion of Innovations Perspective. Learning Sciences and Technologies
[VT] Gwin, Jennifer Fowler Detail Outward: How to Add to an Iconic Modern Building Architecture
Gwynne-Atwater, Angela An Evaluation of a Special Education Preschool Program Serving Children With Autism or Autistic-Like Behaviors Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Gyenai, Kwaku Barima Genetic Analysis of Toxin-Induced Dilated Cardiomyopathy in the Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) Animal and Poultry Sciences
Gyenai, Kwaku Barima An Assessment of the Effects of Oxidative Stress and Dietary Antioxidants on Toxin-Induced Dilated Cardiomyopathy in the Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) Animal and Poultry Sciences

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