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Author Name Title Department
Iaccarino, Gianni Luca Analytical Solution of two Traction-Value Problems in Second-Order Elasticity with Live Loads Engineering Science and Mechanics
[BTD] Iannaccone, Gennaro A. The development of laboratory sessions for a introductory course in nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy Chemistry
Iarikov, Dmitri D. Novel inorganic membranes for gas separation Chemical Engineering
[BTD] Iatrou, Angela Removal of chlorite by reaction with ferrous iron Environmental Engineering
Ibrahim, Jihad E Algorithms and Architectures for UWB Receiver Design Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ibrahim, Mazlan Clean Fractionation of Biomass - Steam Explosion and Extraction Wood Science and Forest Products
Ibrahim, Mohammed J Farm safety and health needs among limited resource farmersin selected counties of North Carolina Agricultural and Applied Economics
Ibrahim, Yasser El-Husseini A New Visco-Plastic Device for Seismic Protection of Structures Civil Engineering
Ickes, Caroline Nicole Memory and Neoliberal Discourses in Chile Public and International Affairs
[BTD] Ide, Eric Nelson Evaluation of linear DC motor actuators for control of large space structures Electrical Engineering
Idrisi, Kamal Heterogeneous (HG) Blankets for Improved Aircraft Interior Noise Reduction Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Idrus, Roszehan Mohd Export marketing decision-making by wood household furniture manufacturers in Malaysia and the United States Wood Science and Forest Products
[BTD] Idrus, Zulkifli Stress response and habituation as influenced by nutritional and thermal factors in dwarf and normal chickens Animal and Poultry Sciences
Ieuter, Toby C A Template to Enhance Regional Water Supply Planning Urban Affairs and Planning
Iezzi, Erick Barton Exohedral Functionalization and Applications of the Trimetallic Nitride Endohedral Metallofullerenes Chemistry
[BTD] Ifju, Peter G. The shear gage and compact shear specimen for shear property measurements of composite materials Materials Engineering Science
[BTD] Ifju, Peter G. New in-plane and interlaminar shear test methods for fiber reinforced composites Engineering Science and Mechanics
[BTD] Iglauer, Christine L. Industrialized building :design proposal for a mobile home Architecture
Iglesias, Angel Moises Investigating Various Modal Analysis Extraction Techniques to Estimate Damping Ratio Mechanical Engineering
Iglesias, Sergio Optimum Spanloads Incorporating Wing Structural Considerations And Formation Flying Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Iheanacho, Chiemeka Clement Effects of Two Multimedia Computer-Assisted Language Learning Programs on Vocabulary Acquisition Of Intermediate Level Esl Students Teaching and Learning
[BTD] Ijzerman, M. Marian Development and evaluation of a colorimetric coliphage assay detection system Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
[BTD] Ijzerman, M. Marian Evaluation of shallow-placed low pressure distribution systems in soils marginally suited for on-site waste treatment Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
Ikuma, Kaoru The Development of a Bacterial Biosensor Designed to Detect Oxidative Chemicals in Water: Correlating Sensor Relevance to Mammalian Brain Cells and Assessing Bacterial Cell Immobilization Strategies Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Ikuma, Takeshi Model-Based Identification of POTS Local Loops for DSL Connectivity Prediction Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ikuma, Takeshi Non-Wiener Effects in Narrowband Interference Mitigation Using Adaptive Transversal Equalizers Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Iler, H. Darrell A study of the crystallization kinetics of isotactic polystyrene Chemistry
Ilunga, Lou Adaptive, Turbo-coded OFDM Electrical and Computer Engineering
Im, Janice H. An Ecological Examination of Ego and Ethnic Identity Formation Within Second Generation Korean-Americans Human Development
Im, Joann Hyohan Chapel, Crematorium, and Columbaria Architecture
Immel, Christopher Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Symptom Subclusters as a Mediator of Self-Reported Somatic Health Among Individuals Exposed to Residential Fire Psychology
[VT] Immel, Christopher Identifying Protective Factors of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, and Self-Reported Health Outcomes of Residential Fire Survivors Psychology
[BTD] Inamdar, Shreeram P. Investigation of hydrologic and sediment transport processes on riparian hillslopes Biological Systems Engineering
[BTD] Inch, Scott E. Precise energy decay rates for some viscoelastic and thermo-viscoelastic rods Mathematics
[BTD] Incorvia, Joseph H. An evaluation of defense contracting based on transaction cost theory Economics
Indukuri, Kiran Kumar Fusion: a Visualization Framework for Interactive Ilp Rule Mining With Applications to Bioinformatics Computer Science
[BTD] Infante, Michelle Louise Fall and spring broccoli yields and weed control under no-till and conventional tillage with overseeded legume living mulches Horticulture
Infantino, Jean Anne Facilitating the Transition of Limited English Proficient Students From Their Native Language to English Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Ingalls, Saylem Marquis Studies of the genome and regulatory processes of Vibrio parahaemolyticus Biology
[BTD] Inge, Thomas Benjamin Color removal in textile dye wastewaters by means of coagulation Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Inger, Kerry Katharine Relative valuation of alternative methods of tax avoidance Accounting and Information Systems
Ingle, Anthony Development of Passenger Car Equivalents for Basic Freeway Segments Civil Engineering
Ingman, Kathleen A. An Examination of Social Anxiety, Social Skills, Social Adjustment, and Self-Construal in Chinese and American Students at an American University Psychology
[BTD] Ingman, Kathleen A. The relationship between family environment and internalizing and externalizing childhood behavior problems Psychology
[BTD] Ingold, Joseph Patrick Fiber optic sensors and networks for U.S. Navy shipboard tests and trials Electrical Engineering
Ingram, Mark Edward Whole Skin Locomotion Inspired by Amoeboid Motility Mechanisms: Mechanics of the Concentric Solid Tube Model Mechanical Engineering
Inman, David C. Comparative Studies of Alternative Anaerobic Digestion Technologies Environmental Engineering
Innawong, Bhundit Textural and Physical Properties of Fat-Free Turkey-Beef Frankfurters: Effects of Non-Meat Ingredients and End-Point Temperature Food Science and Technology
Innawong, Bhundit Improving Fried Product and Frying Oil Quality Using Nitrogen Gas in A Pressure Frying System Biological Systems Engineering
Intaratep, Nanyaporn The Investigation of an Inboard-Winglet Application to a Roadable Aircraft Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Intaratep, Nanyaporn Formation and Development of the Tip Leakage Vortex in a Simulated Axial Compressor with Unsteady Inflow Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Inteeworn, Natalie The Effect of Hypothyroidism on Glucose Tolerance in Dogs Veterinary Medical Sciences
[BTD] Intintolo, John A. A life cycle analysis of the potential role of commercial computer equipment in military trainers as applied to maritime patrol aviation Systems Engineering
Intiyot, Boonyarit Availability Analysis for the Quasi-Renewal Process with an Age-Dependent Preventive Maintenance Policy Industrial and Systems Engineering
Ionita, Axinte Finite Element Analysis of the Deformation of a Rubber Diaphragm Engineering Science and Mechanics
Iorillo, Anthony Wayne Gathering: a study of public space through an inhabitable bridge in Southwest Washington, D.C. Architecture
Irani, Ayesha Biochemical Lignin Related Processes in Landfills Environmental Engineering
[BTD] Irani, Kashmira M. Preconditioned sequential and parallel conjugate gradient algorithms for homotopy curve tracking Computer Science and Applications
[BTD] Ireland-Perry, Rebecca L. Fecal consistency as related to dietary composition in lactating Holstein cows Dairy Science
[BTD] Irey, Philip Musser From specification to realization :implementing the express transfer protocol Computer Science and Applications
Iriarte, Miguel Angel Open Air Market in Old Town Alexandria Architecture
Irick, Charles Robert Enhancing GNU Radio for Hardware Accelerated Radio Design Electrical and Computer Engineering
Iridiastadi, Hardianto Localized muscle fatigue during isotonic and nonisotonic isometric efforts Industrial and Systems Engineering
Iroegbu, Henry Godson U. An Empirical Examination of Multinational Corporations'(MNCs)Integration of Tourism Market Development Strategies(TMDS) With African Host Countries' Needs and Expectations. Hospitality and Tourism Management
[BTD] Irons, Frances Virginia The magnesium content in one-hundred gram portions of commonly served foods and in the controlled diets served twelve preadolescent girls for fifty-three days in the summer of 1958 Foods and Nutrition
Irvin, Renee Danielle A Comparative Study of Three Bacterial Source Tracking Methods and the Fate of Fecal Indicator Bacteria in Marine Waters and Sediments Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
Irwin, Ryan Traffic-Aware Channel Assignment for Multi-Transceiver Wireless Networks Electrical and Computer Engineering
Isaac, Amanda Duke Gibson A Comparison of Perceptions Among Resident Assistants and Professional Residence Life Staff Regarding Conflict Mediation Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Isaacs, Jeffrey S. A Study of Teacher Evaluation Methods Found in Select Virginia Secondary Public Schools Using the 4x4 Model of Block Scheduling Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Isaacs, Mark Allen Investigations on the Interations of Acetolactate Synthase (ALS)-Inhibiting Herbicides with Growth Regulator and non ALS-Inhibiting Herbicides in Corn (Zea mays) and Selected Weeds. Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science
Isaacson, Jude The Development of Professional Identity of Women Who Attain the Superintendency Educational Administration
Isenhour, Philip L. Sieve: A Java-Based Framework for Collaborative Component Composition Computer Science
[BTD] Ishak, Nor K. An exploratory study of human resource management and business strategy in multiunit restaurant firms Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management
Ishida, Chiharu Bad Apples, Bad Barrels, and the Structure of Marketing Channel Relationships: Analyses of the Propensity for Opportunism and Opportunistic Behaviors Marketing
[BTD] Ishihara, Katsuji At-rest and compaction-induced lateral earth pressures of moist soils Civil Engineering
[BTD] Ishii, Nobuyuki A phenomenological understanding of an image of a city :touching water in waterfront cities Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Ishii, Toshiyasu Transient response technique applied to active magnetic bearing machinery during rotor drop Mechanical Engineering
Isin, Emre M.

Potential Prodrugs of the Neuronal Nitric Oxide Synthase and Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor 7-Nitroindazole and Structurally Related Compounds

Isin, Emre Mehmet Studies on the Synthesis and Rearrangement of Indazolylpyridinium Derivatives Precursors to Potential Neuroprotective Prodrugs Bearing a 1,2,3,6-Tetrahydropyridinyl Carrier Chemistry
[BTD] Iskandar, Kurnia Dias Computer-assisted synthesis of wrapping cam mechanisms Mechanical Engineering
Iskander, Yousef Shafik Improved Abstractions and Turnaround Time for FPGA Design Validation and Debug Electrical and Computer Engineering
Islam, Mohammad Majharul Global-local Finite Element Fracture Analysis of Curvilinearly Stiffened Panels and Adhesive Joints Engineering Science and Mechanics
Islam, Saiyid S Investment Cash Flow Sensitivity: International Evidence Finance, Insurance, and Business Law
[BTD] Ismail, Atikah Fourier spectral methods for numerical modeling of ionospheric processes Electrical Engineering
Ismail, Ihab Function and Regulation of Xylem Cysteine Protease 1 and Xylem Cysteine Protease 2 in Arabidopsis Horticulture
Ison, Molly E. Two Aspects of Topology in Graph Configuration Spaces Mathematics
[BTD] Issac, Jason Cherian Sensitivity analysis of wing aeroelastic responses Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Issenmann, Anthony John An Examination of the Impact of Studying Abroad with AFS on Level of Differentiation Human Development
Italiano, Vincenza M. Behavior of Diagonal Knee Moment End-Plate Connections Civil Engineering
Itle, Cortney H. Properties of Waste Resulting from Arsenic Removal Processes in Drinking Water Treatment Environmental Engineering
Itskovich, Mikhail Design of a Low Power Delta Sigma Modulator for Analog to Digital Conversion Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ivanco, Thomas Glen Development and Validation of an Aeroelastic Ground Wind Loads Analysis Tool for Launch Vehicles Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Ivanov, Georgi Pavlov Fabry-Perot Sapphire Temperature Sensor for Use in Coal Gasification Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ivory, Adrienne Holz Sexual Orientation: A Peripheral Cue in Advertising? Communication Studies
Ivory, Adrienne Holz The Effects of Profanity in Violent Video Game Content on Players' Hostile Expectations, Accessibility of Aggressive Thoughts, Aggressive Feelings, and Other Responses Human Development
[BTD] Ivy, Robert J. Personality patterns and vocational interests of learning disabled and nonlearning disabled high school students Student Personnel Services
Iwai, Leslie Tamako Etudes in Making: poems of construction Architecture
[BTD] Iyengar, Nirmal Life prediction of fiber-reinforced composites : macro- and micro-mechanical modeling Engineering Mechanics
[BTD] Iyengar, Nirmal Failure analysis of a quasi-isotropic laminated composite plate with a hole in compression Engineering Mechanics
[BTD] Iyer, Gopalkrishnan R. The role of contracts, informal agreements and coalitions in assuring downstream coordination Marketing
Iyer, Hariharan The Effects of Shear Deformation in Rectangular and Wide Flange Sections Civil Engineering
Iyer, Lakshmi Ramachandran Image Compression Using Balanced Multiwavelets Electrical and Computer Engineering
Iyer, Prasad The Effect of Maintenance Policy on System Maintenance and System Life-Cycle Cost Industrial and Systems Engineering
Iyer, Srikrishna A Unifying Interface Abstraction for Accelerated Computing in Sensor Nodes Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Iyer, Venkatramani S. Effect of residual stress gradients in austenitic stainless steels on stress corrosion cracking Materials Engineering
[BTD] Izenson, Shawn M. Application of the systems engineering approach to the conversion of ocean surveillance vessels into hydrographic survey, buoy tending, and general oceanography missions for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Systems Engineering
Izquierdo-Roman, Alondra Localized Mechanical Compression as a Technique for the Modification of Biological Tissue Optical Properties Biomedical Engineering

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