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Author Name Title Department
[BTD] N'emedi, Zsolt V Development of performance sections for cold-formed steel residential construction Civil Engineering
Na, Che Woo Ieee 802.15.4 Wireless Sensor Networks: Gts Scheduling and Service Differentiation Electrical and Computer Engineering
Na, Sungsoo Control of Dynamic Response of Thin-Walled Composite Beams using Structural Tailoring and Piezoelectric Actuation Engineering Science and Mechanics
Naasz, Bo James Classical Element Feedback Control for Spacecraft Orbital Maneuvers Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Nabar, Maneesha Mangesh A Framework for a Multi-Participant Gis Program Urban Affairs and Planning
[BTD] Nabati, Daryoosh A. Responses of two grass species to plant growth regulators, fertilizer N, chelated Fe, salinity and water stress Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
[BTD] Naber, John F. The optimization of SPICE modeling parameters utilizing the Taguchi methodology Electrical Engineering
Nacheri, Sylvanus Amkaya Probability of First-Time Freshman Admission by Race and Gender at a Large Predominantly White Land Grant Research University in the Years 1994-1998 Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Nacheri, Sylvanus Amkaya Mass schooling, Nation Building and the Sovereignty of the Kenyan state Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
[BTD] Nadeem, Tariq Computer simulation of the steady-state thermodynamic processes and piston ring wear for a multi-stage intercooled reciprocating air compressor Mechanical Engineering
Nader, Gustavo Radio Link Performance of Third Generation (3G) Technologies For Wireless Networks Electrical and Computer Engineering
Nader, Gustavo Ultra Wideband Interference on Third-Generation Wireless Networks Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Nadir, Sher Effect of high and low dosage of fresh and frozen semen on accessory sperm number, fertility and embryo quality in artificially inseminated cattle Dairy Science
[BTD] Nadir, Sher. Effect of seminal plasma on cryopreservation and function of bovine spermatozoa Animal Science
Nadkarni, Ketan Milind An Intrusion Detection Scheme for Wireless Mobile Ad hoc Networks based on DSDV Protocol Computer Science
[VT] Nafpliotis, Irene Pneuma in Winery Architecture
[BTD] Nafziger, John S Reverse parameterization of B-spline surfaces for data transfer Mechanical Engineering
Naga, Pradeep Analyzing the Effect of Moving Resonance on Seismic Response of Structures using Wavelet Transforms Civil Engineering
[BTD] Nagabhushan, Bellur Lakshminarayana Systematic investigation of models of helicopter with a slung load. Aerospace Engineering
Nagarajan, Anandi Adoption of microwave ovens among a sample of older adults in Blacksburg, Virginia Housing, Interior Design, and Resource Management
[BTD] Nagarajan, Anjana Chemical sensing applications of fiber optics Electrical Engineering
Nagarajan, Balaji Analytic Evaluation of the Expectation and Variance of Different Performance Measures of a Schedule under Processing Time Variability Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Nagarajan, Ramakrishnan Micro-macroscopic modeling and simulation of an Automated Highway System Civil Engineering
[BTD] Nagendra, Somanath Optimal stacking sequence design of stiffened composite panels with cutouts Engineering Mechanics
[BTD] Nagendran, Ram Modeling the assessment of human factors and safety in the marine transportation system Civil Engineering
Naghshineh-Pour, Amir H. Structural Optimization and Design of a Strut-Braced Wing Aircraft Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
[BTD] Nagle, Suzanne Kurtz Report of the community mobilization phase of the PATCH program completed in Floyd County, Virginia Health and Physical Education
[BTD] Nagpal, Sanjay Application of importance sampling simulation to CDMA systems Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Nagpal, Vidhu JaiKishen In-situ steric stablization of ultrafine titania particles synthesized by a sol-gel process Materials Engineering Science
[VT] Nagy, Amy Dae Apoptosis in the equine small intestine following experimental ischemia-reperfusion injury Large Animal Clinical Sciences
Naha, Sayangdev Growth Model, Synthesis of Carbon nanostructures and Alteration of Surface properties Using Them Engineering Science and Mechanics
[BTD] Naidu, I. Ajit Design and development of SINK, a software INteractions knowledge system Computer Science and Applications
Naik, Ankur Arc Path Collision Avoidance Algorithm for Autonomous Ground Vehicles Mechanical Engineering
[VT] Naik, Apoorv Orchestra Framework: Protocol Design for Ad Hoc and Delay Tolerant Networks using Genetic Algorithms Electrical and Computer Engineering
[VT] Nair, Arthur William Investigation of the Effects of Sequential Anaerobic, Anoxic and Aerobic Zones on Dissolved Oxygen Transfer Parameters in a biological Nutrient Removal Pilot Plant Environmental Engineering
Nair, Arun Krishnan Modeling nonlinear material behavior at the nano and macro scales. Engineering Science and Mechanics
Nair, Divya Sreelatha Recycling Aquacultural Waste through Horticultural Greenhouse Production as a Resource Recovery Approach Environmental Engineering
[BTD] Nair, Girish Communications within a computer integrated manufacturing environment Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Nair, Rajesh On improving parallel pattern single fault propagation for synchronous sequential circuits Electrical Engineering
Nair, Sujit S Coarse Radio Signal Classifier on a Hybrid FPGA/DSP/GPP Platform Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Naito, Tsuyoshi Life quality recovery :progress towards life styles in which people find value Urban and Regional Planning
[BTD] Najafabadi, Mehran Lotfi Application of oxygen microbubbles for groundwater oxygenation to enhance biodegradation of hydrocarbons in soil systems Environmental Engineering
Najafi, Shahriar Evaluation of Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment (CFME) for Supporting Pavement Friction Management Programs Civil Engineering
Najem, Joseph Samih Design and Development of a Bio-inspired Robotic Jelly sh that Features Ionic Polymer Metal Composites Actuators Mechanical Engineering
[VT] Naka, Kozma Making Albanian Forestry Work Forestry
Nakad, Zahi Samir High Performance Applications on Reconfigurable Clusters Electrical and Computer Engineering
Nakad, Zahi Samir Architectures for e-Textiles Electrical and Computer Engineering
Nakagaki, Michael Masao Ecology and Morphology of Early Animals: An Analysis of the Problematic Genus Sphenothallus from the Lower Cambrian Shuijingtuo and Niutitang Formations in South China Geosciences
Nakakeeto, Gertrude The Impact of Technical Measures on Agricultural Trade: A Case of Uganda, Senegal, and Mali. ―Improving Food Security through Agricultural Trade‖ Agricultural and Applied Economics
Nakles, Michael Robert Experimental and Modeling Studies of Low-Energy Ion Sputtering for Ion Thrusters Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Nakovich, Laura Analysis of Biogenic Amines by GC/FID and GC/MS Chemistry
[BTD] Nallas, Girlie Naomi A. Heteronuclear trimetallic polyazine complexes of iridium (III) or rhodium (III) as electrocatalysts for the reduction of CO2 Chemistry
Nam, Chang Soo A Theory-Based Integrated Design Process for Development and Evaluation of Web-Based Supplemental Learning Environments Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Nam, Do H Methodologies for integrating traffic flow theory, ITS and evolving surveillance technologies Civil Engineering
Nam, Jong-Hoon A Computational Study on the Structure, Dynamics and Mechanoelectric Transduction of Vestibular Hair cell Mechanical Engineering
Nam, Sookie Settling and sedimentation behavior of fine-grained materials Civil Engineering
Nam, Soonkie Effects of Reservoir Releases on Slope Stability and Bank Erosion Civil Engineering
[BTD] Namboodri, Chettoor G Experimental investigation and modeling of the electrostrictive relaxor ferroelectric lead magnesium niobate-lead titinate Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Namboodri, Shannon Leahy Processing and characterization of ceramic superconductor/polymer composites Materials Engineering Science
Namburu, Visala Speech Coder using Line Spectral Frequencies of Cascaded Second Order Predictors Electrical and Computer Engineering
Namvary, Shaheen Re-Presenting Memory Architecture
Nanda, Dhruv A Method to Enhance the Performance of Synthetic Origin-Destination (O-D) Trip Table Estimation Models Civil Engineering
[BTD] Nanda, Nonit A review of computer aided facilities layout packages Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Nanduru, Venkata Giri Ramp control strategies and geometric design implications of high-speed automated transportation systems Civil Engineering
Nandwani, Mukta Real-time Remote Visualization of Scientific Data Electrical and Computer Engineering
Nanji, Nawazish Godrej Giving Architecture to Fire Architecture
Nanjundappa, Mahesh Accelerating Hardware Simulation on Multi-cores Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Napisa, Rodolfo R Conceptual design of a material handling system for a county airport mail center Systems Engineering
[BTD] Napit, Krishna Bahadur The economic potential of establishing a poultry litter handling industry Agricultural Economics
[BTD] Narasimhan, Arun Design of the integrator to work with HyTime Computer Science and Applications
Narayan, Sajitha Comparison of Various Display Representation Formats for Older Adults Using Inlab and Remote Usability Testing. Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Narayana, Jayashree Violations of land use and building regulations :evidence from a case study in Bangalore, India Urban and Regional Planning
Narayanan, Arvind Development of Low-power Wireless Sensor Nodes based on Assembled Nanowire Devices Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Narayanan, Arvind A linear programming approach for synthesizing origin-destination (O-D) trip tables based on a partial set of link traffic volumes Civil Engineering
[BTD] Narayanan, Parasuram An object-oriented framework for the creation of customized expert system for CAD Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Narayanan, Prakash Analytical modeling and simulation of bicmos for VLSI circuits Electrical Engineering
Narayanan, Shivaram The Betweenness Centrality Of Biological Networks. Computer Science
[BTD] Narayanappa, Harish Investigating bridge deck deterioration using failure analysis technique and Markov chains Civil Engineering
Narayanaswamy, Ramya Priyadharshini Design of a Power-aware Dataflow Processor Architecture Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Narayanaswamy, Sathyanarayanan Development of VHDL behavioral models with back annotated timing Electrical Engineering
Nardon, Nichole Diane The Low Literate Consumer in the Pharmacy Business Administration
[BTD] Narducci, Robert P Selected optimization procedures for CFD-based shape design involving shock waves or computational noise Aerospace Engineering
Narnur, Soumya Model Development, Synthesis and Validation Using the Modeler's Assistant Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Narron, Georganne. The effects of intrafamilial ritualistic child abuse on an adult survivor : a systemic perspective on recovery Family and Child Development
[BTD] Naseer, Zarga Chemical and physical changes associated with maturity of different plants and enhancement of nutritional value by chemical treatment of crop residues Animal Science
Nash, Andrea Lynn Case Study of Tekoa Institute: Illustration of Nonviolent Communication Training’s Effect on Conflict Resolution Sociology
Nash, Daniel Charles An Intrusion Detection System for Battery Exhaustion Attacks on Mobile Computers Electrical and Computer Engineering
Nash, Eric B The Effect of Communication Style on Task Performance and Mental Workload Using Wearable Computers Industrial and Systems Engineering
Nash, Grant Utilizing Distributed Vibration Absorbers to Reduce Noise Transmission Through the Windshield of a Cessna 150 Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Nash, Jeffrey William Characteristics and conditioning of anaerobically digested sludge from a biological phosphorus removal plant Environmental Engineering
[VT] Nash, Matthew Austin Interrogating post-Marxism: Laclau and Mouffe, Foucault, and Žižek Political Science
[VT] Nash, Whitney Laine Long-Term Effects of Rock Type, Weathering and Amendments on Southwest Virginia Mine Soils Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
Nash, Jr., Bradley Labor Law and the State: The Crises of Unions in the 1980s Sociology
Nasir, Shakeel Showerhead Film Cooling Performance of a Turbine Vane at High Freestream Turbulence in a Transonic Cascade Mechanical Engineering
Nason, Alan Barry Motivation of managers assigned to a Federal agency towards participation in government-sponsored training Adult and Continuing Education
Nasr, Walid Analysis and Approximations of Time Dependent Queueing Models Industrial and Systems Engineering
Nassar, Adil J. Investigation of Transfer Length, Development Length, Flexural Strength and Prestress Loss Trend in Fully Bonded High Strength Lightweight Prestressed Girders Civil Engineering
Nassar, Khaled A Framework for Building Assembly Selection and Generation Environmental Design and Planning
Nassar, Walid Mohammed Utilization of Instrument Response of SuperPaveTM Mixes at the Virginia Smart Road to Calibrate Laboratory Developed Fatigue Equations Civil Engineering
Nasser, Khalil Maurice Development and Analysis of the Lumped Parameter Model of a Piezo-Hydraulic Actuator Mechanical Engineering
Nassif, Lana Amine The Production of 2-Keto-L-Gulonic Acid by Different Gluconobacter Strains Biology
[BTD] Nasta, Manish H Loss phenomena in perturbed single-mode optical fibers :investigation and applications Electrical Engineering
Natarajan, Anand Aeroelasticity of Morphing Wings Using Neural Networks Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
[BTD] Natarajan, Padma Effect of nutrition counseling on maternal nutritional performance, birth outcome and choice of infant feeding in pregnant teenagers Human Nutrition and Foods
Natarjan, Arun A Study of Dynamics and Stability of Two-Craft Coulomb Tether Formations Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
[BTD] Natchus, Michael George Low-temperature vinylcyclopropane rearrangement in the total synthesis of (-) - specionin Chemistry
[BTD] Nathani, Arun A turbulent combustion noise model Mechanical Engineering
[VT] Natili, Suzanne Elizabeth "It Took My Brain Away:" a Developmental Contextual Case Study of a Child With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disord Family and Child Development
Natishan, Georgia Kathryn Returning the King: the Medieval King in Modern Fantasy English
[BTD] Nau, Gregory Merrill Optical fiber detection of ultrasonic vibration and acoustic emission Electrical Engineering
Navarra, Kelly R. Development of the Pressure-Sensitive-Paint Technique for Advanced Turbomachinery Applications. Mechanical Engineering
Navarro, Fernando Cellulose Nanocrystals: Size Characterization and Controlled Deposition by Inkjet Printing Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Navin, Michael Patrick Stability of Embankments Founded on Soft Soil Improved with Deep-Mixing-Method Columns Civil Engineering
Nawas, Yousef Ibrahim Solar House Architecture
[BTD] Nayfeh, Jamal Faris Nonlinear dynamics of composite plates and other physical systems Engineering Mechanics
[BTD] Nayfeh, Mahir Ali Nonlinear dynamics in power systems Electrical Engineering
Nayfeh, Nader Ali Adaptation of Delayed Position Feedback to the Reduction of Sway of Container Cranes Electrical and Computer Engineering
[VT] Nayfeh, Nader Ali Local and Global Stability and Dynamics of a Class of Nonlinear Time-Delayed One-Degree-of-Freedom Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Nayfeh, Samir Ali Nonlinear dynamics of systems involving widely spaced frequencies Engineering Mechanics
[BTD] Nayfeh, Tariq Ali Dynamics of three-degree-of-freedom systems with quadratic nonlinearities Engineering Mechanics
[BTD] Nayfeh, Taysir H A direct on-line ultrasonic sensing method to determine tool and process conditions during turning operations Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Nayfeh, Taysir H Multi-signal processing for voice recognition in noisy environments Industrial and Systems Engineering
Nazem, Negin Preparation of highly reflective films by supercritical infusion of a silver additive into poly(ether ether ketone) Chemical Engineering
Nazrul, Shahbaz Survivability Analysis of Two Specific 16-Node, 24-Link Communication Networks Electrical and Computer Engineering
Núñez, Orlando Composite Pavements: A Technical and Economic Analysis During the Pavement Type Selection Process Civil Engineering
[BTD] Ndirangu, Christopher Mwangi Soybean seed yield and size as influenced by row spacing and seeding rate and seed-size heritability Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
Ndiwalana, Ali Ubiquitous Computing: By the People, For the People Computer Science
[VT] Ndoye, Coumba Characterization of Dopant Diffusion in Bulk and lower dimensional Silicon Structures Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Neal, Harold Lewis Response of a parametrically-excited system to a nonstationary excitation Engineering Mechanics
Neal, Janet Davis The Effects of Different Aspects of Tourism Services on Travelers' Quality of Life: Model Validation, Refinement, and Extension Hospitality and Tourism Management
Neal, Roderick Q The State of the Drug Court: A Systematic and Critical Analysis of Drug Court Evaluations Sociology
[BTD] Neal, Vance A Effects of copper on nitrification and denitrification of leachate from an abandoned landfill Environmental Engineering
[BTD] Neal, William Galen Basic beliefs of business and office education personnel in Virginia regarding the coordination of cooperative education. Vocational and Technical Education
Neal II, Robert Evans Irreversible Electroporation Therapy for the Treatment of Spontaneous Tumors in Cancer Patients Biomedical Engineering
Neal III, David Anthony Design, Development, and Analysis of a Morphing Aircraft Model for Wind Tunnel Experimentation Mechanical Engineering
Neal III, John Allen Implementation of a Production Architecture For a Post-2000 Market: Demonstration of a Microfactory Concept Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Neale, Dennis Clay Spatial perception on perspective displays as a function of field-of-view and virtual environment enhancements based on visual momentum techniques Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Neale, Vicki L A comparison between predictive and formative cost-effectiveness evaluation techniques for the assessment of lecture and computer-based multimedia training Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Neale, Wayne Carl An experimental test of dual coding theory using various media and visual momentum in a multimedia environment Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Neall, George M A photoelastic study of roof truss-roof interactions in a multilayered mine model. Mining Engineering
Neas, Charles Bennett A Greedy Search Algorithm for Maneuver-Based Motion Planning of Agile Vehicles Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Neatrour, Matthew Aaron Factors affecting root system response to nutrient heterogeneity in forested wetland ecosystems Biology
Nebipasagil, Ali Chemically and Photochemically Crosslinked Networks and Acid-Functionalized Mwcnt Composites Macromolecular Science and Engineering
[BTD] Nechitailo, Nicholas V Finite element analysis of failure modes in dynamically loaded pre-cracked steel plates Engineering Mechanics
Nedrow, Alicia Ability of Klebsiella spp. mastitis isolates to produce virulence factors for enhanced evasion of bovine innate immune defenses. Dairy Science
[BTD] Needham, Daniel L Failure of asperities by hydraulically induced fatigue :a model for the generation of intraplate seismicity Geophysics
[BTD] Needleman, Edith Berkowitz. Achieving organizational excellence through managing diversity : enhancing productivity, self concept, and career development Public Administration and Public Affairs
[BTD] Needleman, Lawrence D. Corporate recycling : interventions and person variables associated with participation Psychology
[BTD] Needleman, Lawrence D. Continuous Processing Task (CPT) performance in children with attention deficit disorder with and without hyperactivity :effects of rate and control of pacing /Lawrence D. Needleman. Psychology
[BTD] Neel, Jack Fagg An investigation of the effect of certain environmental factors on the membrane filter procedure for bacteriological examination of water--Part II Sanitary Engineering
Neel, James O'Daniell Simulation of an Implementation and Evaluation of the Layered Radio Architecture Electrical and Computer Engineering
Neel, James O'Daniell Analysis and Design of Cognitive Radio Networks and Distributed Radio Resource Management Algorithms Electrical and Computer Engineering
Neel, Reece E. Advances In Computational Fluid Dynamics: Turbulent Separated Flows And Transonic Potential Flows Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Neely, Caroline Elizabeth "Dat's one chile of mine you ain't never gonna sell": Gynecological Resistance within the Plantation Community History
Neely, Helen Meek Special Education Conflict Management at the School Building Level: A Multi-vocal Synthesis Administration and Supervision of Special Education
Neely, William Douglas Evaluation of the In-Servic Performance of the Tom's Creek Bridge Civil Engineering
Neeves, Sara Elizabeth An Examination of Power Differentials and Intimate Partner Violence in Lesbian Relationships Human Development
Neff, Angela R. Bayesian Two Stage Design Under Model Uncertainty Statistics
[BTD] Neff, John Michael Organic emissions during oven drying of wood Mechanical Engineering
Negus, Charles H. An Interactive Chemical Equilibrium Solver for the Personal Computer Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Negus, Tracy L. The response of German cockroaches to commercial toxic baits and their potential to develop resistance Entomology
[BTD] Nehring, Richard David. A Civil War museum design, at Fredericksburg, Virginia Architecture
[BTD] Neidigh, Kurt Alan Chemical studies of the C-4 position of baccatin III and taxol Chemistry
[BTD] Neidigh, Kurt Alan Studies on the biosynthesis of podophyllotoxin:synthesis of labelled yatein and matairesinol, two potential precursors of podophyllotoxin Chemistry
Neil, Richard L Support for Pointer Semantics in a Generative Communication Framework Computer Science
Nelson, Ann E. Solutions of Hope: Study of Public Choice alternative Education Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
[BTD] Nelson, Bernard A. Fade slope measurements and modeling in the Ku- and Ka-bands using the Olympus satellite Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Nelson, Bonnie. One child's use of assistive technology Administration and Supervision of Special Education
[BTD] Nelson, Edward L Temperature, pressure, and infrared image survey of an axisymmetric heated exhaust plume Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Nelson, Edward L Development of an infrared gaseous radiation band model based on NASA SP-3080 for computational fluid dynamic code validation applications Mechanical Engineering
Nelson, Erik Walter Combined Compression and Shear Structural Evaluation of Stiffened Panels Fabricated Using Electron Beam Freeform Fabrication Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
[BTD] Nelson, James H Labor allocation decisions of Virginia's farm families Agricultural Economics
[BTD] Nelson, Jeffrey Ernest Automatic, incremental, on-the-fly garbage collection of actors Computer Science and Applications
[BTD] Nelson, John D Toxicity characteristic leaching procedure analysis of dye containing sludges Civil Engineering
Nelson, Katie Small-scale and Amenity Focused Forestry: Filling a Market Niche Forestry
Nelson, Keith Phillip An Arcminute-Resolution Imaging Study of the H-alpha & [S II] Emission of the ISM from the Local Perseus Arm Using the Virginia Tech Spectral-Line Survey Physics
[BTD] Nelson, Kim Emergency procedures manual for AAA high school stadiums and gymnasiums Health and Physical Education (Sports Management)
Nelson, Mark David A Comparison of Two Methods Used to Deal with Saturation of Multiple, Redundant Aircraft Control Effectors Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
[VT] Nelson, Michael James Direct Transpiration and Naphthalene Uptake Rates for a Hybrid Poplar Based Phytoremediation System Environmental Engineering
Nelson, Rebecca S. Developing Mathematical Knowledge Through Class Discussion: One Teacher's Struggles in Implementing Reform Curriculum and Instruction
[BTD] Nelson, Ross The use of airborne laser altimetry to estimate tropical forest basal area, volume, and biomass Forestry
[BTD] Nelson, Scott G Feminist critiques of politics/science :discursive controversies at the intersection of gender and science Political Science
[VT] Nelson, Theresa Michelle Optimizations of Battery-Based Intrusion Protection Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering
Nelson, William Andrew Assessment of Panic Frequency: Reliability and Validity of a Timeline Follow-Back Method Psychology
Nelson, Jr., Michael A. Overstretched and Underfunded: The Status of the US Military in the GWoT Political Science
Nemallapudi, Chaitanya Evaluating Term Extraction Methods for Domain Analysis Computer Science
[BTD] Nemeh, M. Rafik An observational study of freeway lane-changing behaviour Civil Engineering
Nergaard, Troy Modeling and Control of a Single-Phase, 10 kW Fuel Cell Inverter Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Nerhood, Robert C An improved scoring system for the Available Motions Inventory (AMI) Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Nerves, Allan C Regenerative electric actuators for active control of civil structures Electrical Engineering
Nespeca, Mathew C. Interactive Effects of Imazapyr plus Triclopyr ester and Imazapyr plus Glyphosate Mixtures on Woody Weed Seedlings Forestry
Neti, Swaroop Narasimha Ship Design Optimization Using Asset Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
[VT] Nettelbeck, Peter Oliver A Place to Dream Architecture
[BTD] Nettles, A. T The effects of tensile preloads on the impact response of carbon/epoxy laminates Materials Engineering Science
[BTD] Neubauer, Tamara E Cholesterol reduction in men :an experimental investigation of intensive treatment with frequent feedback versus a simple educational treatment Psychology
[VT] Neubert, Michael Christopher Estimation of Required Restraint Forces in Z-Purlin Supported, Sloped Roofs Under Gravity Loads Civil Engineering
Neugebauer, Shawn Patrick Robust Analysis of M-Estimators of Nonlinear Models Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Neumann, Michael Landon A method for the spatial functionalization of the dynamic response of a structure with structural stability considerations Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Neumeister, Kenneth Eugene Design and analysis of ground stations for Pacsat applications Electrical Engineering
Neurauter, Michael Lucas Multidimensional Warnings: Determining an Appropriate Stimulus for a Curve-Warning Device Industrial and Systems Engineering
[VT] Neurauter, Viki Braud An Assessment for our Future: An Investigation of the Presence of External Ecological Assets within Three Counties and One City in Southwest Virginia 6th Grade Youth Teaching and Learning
Neves, Andrea Marolt Pimenta A Comparison of Implied Standard Deviations and Historical Estimates of Volatility During and After the Participation of the British Pound in the ERM Economics (Arts and Sciences)
[BTD] Nevill, Ralph John Leslie The association and transmission of Leptographium procerum (Kendr.) wing., by root feeding insects in Christmas tree plantations Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science
[BTD] Nevits, Jeffrey A Design and implementation of a reconfigurable FPGA-based video frame grabber board Electrical Engineering
[VT] Newbill, Paula Brown Motivations for Studying French: Language Orientations and Expectancy-Value Theory Education Curriculum and Instruction
Newbill, Phyllis Leary Instructional Strategies to Improve Women's Attitudes toward Science Teaching and Learning
Newbill, Ralph Steven The Literary Reception of Paul Hamilton Hayne and His Place in the American and Southern Literary Canons English
Newbold, James Richard Comparison and Simulation of a Water Distribution Network in EPANET and a New Generic Graph Trace Analysis Based Model Environmental Engineering
Newbold, Stephanie P All But Forgotten: Thomas Jefferson's Contribution to the Development of Public Administration in the United States Public Administration and Public Affairs
Newbury, Golnar A Numerical Study of a Delay Differential Equation Model for Breast Cancer Mathematics
Newbury, Kenneth Matthew Characterization, Modeling, and Control of Ionic Polymer Transducers Mechanical Engineering
Newby, JoeAnn E. Job Satisfaction of Middle School Principals in Virginia Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Newcomb, Jamie David A Scalable Approach to Multi-core Prototyping Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Newcombe, Brenda Hall. A historical descriptive study of the American Personnel and Guidance Association from April 1963 through July 1983 Student Personnel Services
[BTD] Newell, Virginia Elisabeth Effects of calcium, sulphur and potassium concentration in overburden on quality of strip mine drainage. Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Newhall, William George Wideband Propagation Measurement Results, Simulation Models, and Processing Techniques For a Sliding Correlator Measurement System Electrical Engineering
Newhall, William George Radio Channel Measurements and Modeling for Smart Antenna Array Systems Using a Software Radio Receiver Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Newhouse, Charles D Corrosion rates and the time to cracking of chloride contaminated reinforced concrete bridge components Civil Engineering
Newhouse, Charles David Design and Behavior of Precast, Prestressed Girders Made Continuous – An Analytical and Experimental Study Civil Engineering
[BTD] Newkirk, Michael Hayes An altimeter waveform model for combined surface and volume scattering Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Newkirk, Michael Hayes Airborne radar altimeter return waveform computations Electrical Engineering
Newman, Andrew Samuel Performance of a Showerhead and Shaped Hole Film Cooled Vane at High Freestream Turbulence and Transonic Conditions Mechanical Engineering
[VT] Newman, Christina Louise Evaluation of alternative forage species to reduce risk for cow-calf production systems in the Appalachian region Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
Newman, Christopher K. Exponential Integrators for the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations Mathematics
Newman, James Charles Integrated Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Using Discrete Sensitivity Analysis for Geometrically Complex Aeroelastic Configurations Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Newman, James Preston The effects of heavy metals on the asexual reproduction of the annelid Aeolosoma headleyi Beddard (1888). Zoology
Newman, John Andrew The Effects of Load Ratio on Threshold Fatigue Crack Growth of Aluminum Alloys Engineering Mechanics
[BTD] Newman, John Andrew Life prediction of spot-welds :a fatigue crack growth approach Engineering Mechanics
[BTD] Newman, Kurt R Response of brook char (Salvelinus fontinalis) and blacknose dace (Rhinichthys atratulus) to acidic episodes in three headwater streams within the Shenandoah National Park, Virginia Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
Newman, Lindsey M. "Under an Ill Tongue": Witchcraft and Religion in Seventeenth-Century Virginia History
Newman, Rayya Renee USE-LESS Building Architecture
Newsom, Jerry Russell Designing Active Control Laws in a Computational Aeroelasticity Environment Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Newsome, Stephen Sumner Design and evaluation of a prototype high precision temperature telemetry system. Mechanical Engineering
Newswander, Chad B. Agency of Crisis: The Chaos and Reordering of Presidential Security Communication Studies
Newswander, Chad B. Presidential Security: Bodies, Bubbles, & Bunkers Public Administration and Public Affairs
Newswander, Lynita K. Myths and Blueprints: Enacting Utopia through Fiction Political Science
Newswander, Lynita Kay Biopolitics and Belief: Governance in the Church of Christ, Scientist, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Planning, Governance, and Globalization
Neyman, Elizabeth Improvement in Adhesion for the Epoxy-SiC System via Plasma and Silane Surface Modification Techniques Materials Science and Engineering
Neyman, Patrick J Second-Order Nonlinear Optical Characteristics of Nanoscale Self-Assembled Multilayer Organic Films Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Neyman, Patrick J. Nonlinear Optical Properties and Structural Characteristics of Ionically Self-Assembled Nanoscale Polymer Films Influenced by Ionic Concentration and Incorporation of Monomer Chromophores Materials Science and Engineering
[BTD] Ng, Ai-Leng Comparisons of serum lipid levels and dietary lipid intakes of parents and children Human Nutrition and Foods
[BTD] Ng, Chong Teck A general purpose machine vision prototyper for investigating the inspection of planar webs Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Ngassa, Tchatchoua Studies of grazing and nursing behavior in Angus crossbred cattle Animal Science
[BTD] Ngobese, Peter The economics of large scale wheat production in Zimbabwe Agricultural Economics
[BTD] Ngouajio, Mathieu Evaluation of CGA-136872 and DPX-V9360 for postmergence use in corn Plant Physiology and Weed Science
Nguema, Abigail Marie Two Papers Evaluating the Economic Impact of Agricultural Innovation Agricultural and Applied Economics
[BTD] Nguyen, Amy L Incorporating CTEA as a screening tool to enhance the process of obtaining training effectiveness estimates Systems Engineering
Nguyen, Anh-Minh Ngoc High-Quality Detection in Heavy-Traffic Avionic Communication System Using Interference Cancellation Techniques Electrical and Computer Engineering
[VT] Nguyen, Binh Thanh Studying the Elasticity of Taxable Income and Its Functional Form from the Taxpayer Compliance Perspective Economics
Nguyen, Caroline Kimmy Interactions Between Copper and Chlorine Disinfectants: Chlorine Decay, Chloramine Decay and Copper Pitting Environmental Engineering
Nguyen, Caroline Kimmy Galvanic Lead Corrosion in Potable Water: Mechanisms, Water Quality Impacts, and Practical Implications Civil Engineering
Nguyen, Chuong Hoang Features identification and tracking for an autonomous ground vehicle Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Nguyen, Han Quang Social security as an investment:a Monte Carlo investigation. Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
Nguyen, Hien Robust Steering Vector Mismatch Techniques for Reduced Rank Adaptive Array Signal Processing Electrical and Computer Engineering
Nguyen, Hoan Kim Huynh Volterra Systems with Realizable Kernels Mathematics
Nguyen, Huy Design, Analysis and Implementation of Multiphase Synchronous Buck DC-DC Converter for Transportable Processor Electrical and Computer Engineering
Nguyen, Huy Sequential Equivalence Checking with Efficient Filtering Strategies for Inductive Invariants Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Nguyen, Khanh T. H. The economic performance of Asian immigrants entering the U.S. between 1975 and 1979 Economics
Nguyen, Phuoc Huu Cultural Monument The Future of The Past City Architecture
Nguyen, Quang Tran Process for Improving the Exfoliation and Dispersion of Nanoclay Particles into Polymer Matrices Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Chemical Engineering
[BTD] Nguyen, Quoc The Protocols specification and validation for the movement of Grades 2 and 3 Bitstream data through the Virtual Channel Link Control layer of the return link of the CCSDS Principal Network (CPN) Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Nguyen, Son T Elastic-plastic finite element modeling of long span composite joists with incomplete interaction Civil Engineering
[BTD] Nguyen, Tai K Optimization of radiometric channel solar calibration for the Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System (CERES) using the Monte-Carlo method Mechanical Engineering
Nguyen, Thierry Huu Chi CMZP and Mg-doped Al2TiO5 Thin film Coatings for High Temperature Corrosion Protection of Si3N4 Heat Exchangers Materials Science and Engineering
Nguyen, Vinh Q. A Numerical Study of Burgers' Equation With Robin Boundary Conditions Mathematics
[BTD] Nguyen, Vinh T Rural water supply in the Virginia coalfield counties Urban and Regional Planning
Ni, Hao Expression of Human Protein C in Transgenic Tobacco Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science
[BTD] Ni, Jianwen Molecular investigation of the wood/pMDI adhesive bondline Wood Science and Forest Products
Ni, Lingli Fault-Tolerant Control of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles Mechanical Engineering
Ni, Tao A Framework of Freehand Gesture Interaction: Techniques, Guidelines, and Applications Computer Science
[BTD] Ni, Wuyen Wayne A simualtion [sic] study of left turning movement at an unsignalized intersection Civil Engineering
Ni, Ying Arabinoglucuronoxylan and Arabinoxylan Adsorption onto Regenerated Cellulose Films Chemistry
[BTD] Ni, Yuqing The effect of response distortion on the accuracy of predictive inferences of personality inventories Psychology
Nicely, Kenneth Edward Middle Level Schools in an Era of Standards and Accountability: Adaptations of the Features of the Middle School Concept Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
[BTD] Nicholas, Jeffrey Lynn The role of welfare in an egalitarian metric Philosophy
Nicholas, Joshua Stephen Examination of Taxi Travel Patterns in Arlington County Civil Engineering
[BTD] Nicholas, N. S Stand structure, growth, and mortality in southern Appalachian spruce-fir Forestry
Nichols, James Andrew The Turning of a City's Soul: Norfolk's Public School Integration Crisis, 1954 - 1959 History
[BTD] Nichols, Roger Alan A performance baseline for machinery condition classification by neural network Systems Engineering
[Mixed] Nichols-Belo, Amy Globalization On the Ground: Health, Development, and Volunteerism in Meatu, Tanzania Science and Technology Studies
Nicholson, Brian Robert LibX 2.0 Computer Science
[BTD] Nicholson, Carolyn Young Communication strategy development in supplier-based environmental uncertainty : the mediating effects of transaction form and interpersonal exchange norms Business Administration (Marketing)
[BTD] Nicholson, Christopher Robin The response of 12 clones of eastern white pine (Pinus strobus L.) to ozone and nitrogen dioxide. Plant Pathology
[BTD] Nicholson, Michael Eugene The effect of overload and traditional pitcher conditioning on the velocity of pitched baseballs Health and Physical Education
Nick, Heather A. Money Management Behaviors of Traditional-Aged College Freshmen and Sophomores: a Qualitative Study Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Nickell, Christopher Lee Modular Modification of a Buoyant AUV for Low-Speed Operation Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Nickens, Bradley Harrison Postmaterialism and Democracy: What Does the Postmaterialist Value Shift Mean for Democracy? Political Science
[BTD] Nicolay, John Historic preservation : a study in local public administration Public Affairs and Public Policy
Nicoli, Edoardo Characterization of Mixed-Mode Fracture Testing of Adhesively Bonded Wood Specimens Engineering Science and Mechanics
[BTD] Nicoll, Jeffrey Scott Systematics of bond length and radii variations in flouride and silicate molecules and crystals Geological Sciences
Nicoloso, Steven P. An Investigation of Carrier Recovery Techniques for PSK Modulated Signals in CDMA and Mulipath Mobile Environments Electrical and Computer Engineering
Nielsen, Eric John Aerodynamic Design Sensitivities on an Unstructured Mesh Using the Navier-Stokes Equations and a Discrete Adjoint Formulation Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
[BTD] Nielsen, Peter J The prediction of functional capacity in active coronary artery disease patients using a physical activity questionnaire Health and Physical Education
Nielson, L. Reece Family and Clinician Effects on Costs of Psychiatric Emergency Services Dispositions Human Development
Niemietz, Roberta Effects of Temperature on Anaerobic Lignin Degradation in Bioreactor Landfills Environmental Engineering
Niese, Elizabeth M Combinatorial Properties of the Hilbert Series of Macdonald Polynomials Mathematics
[BTD] Nieves, Leslie Anne Dugdale An analysis of linkages between the manufacturing and agricultural sectors in Virginia. Agricultural Economics
Niezrecki, Christopher Structural & Internal Acoustic Response of Cylinders with Applications to Rocket Payload Fairings Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Niezrecki, Christopher Power factor correction and power consumption characterization of piezoelectric actuators Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Niki, Satomi Labor market segmentation and migrant workers in Japan Political Science
Nikkhah, Mehdi Identification of Cell Biomechanical Signatures Using Three Dimensional Isotropic Microstructures Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Nikovits, Jean F. A study of the perceptions of elementary school principals from one school division regarding the skills and knowledge of computer technology critical to their job performance Educational Administration
Ning, Puqi Design and Development of High Density High Temperature Power Module with Cooling System Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Ninnemann, Todd A Aspirating probes for measurement of mean concentration and fluctuating quantities in supersonic air/helium shear layer Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Ninnemann, Todd A. Effects of riblets on the performance of the supersonic through-flow fan cascade blades Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Nippert, Howard Christian Investigation of salinity and nutrient characteristics of two groundwater based flow systems on Virginia's Eastern Shore Biology
Nitowski, Gary Alan Topographic and Surface Chemical Aspects of the Adhesion of Structural Epoxy Resins to Phosphorus Oxo Acid Treated Aluminum Adherends Materials Science and Engineering
Niu, Jing Desalination of Produced Water via Gas Hydrate Formation and Post Treatment Mining and Minerals Engineering
Niu, Sanjun A label-free, fluorescence based assay for microarray Chemical Engineering
Niu, Zhenbin Design, Preparation and Characterization of Novel Pseudorotaxanes, Semirotaxanes, Rotaxanes, Non-Covalent Supramolecular Polymers and Polycatenanes Chemistry
Nix, Andrew Carl Effects of High Intensity, Large-Scale Freestream Combustor Turbulence On Heat Transfer in Transonic Turbine Blades Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Nix, Andrew Carl Effects of shock wave passing on turbine blade heat transfer in a transonic turbine cascade Mechanical Engineering
Nizamuddin, Muhammad Ali Predistortion for Nonlinear Power Amplifiers with Memory Electrical and Computer Engineering
Njambi, Wairimu Ngaruiya Colonizing Bodies: a Feminist Science Studies Critique of Anti-Fgm Discourse Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Njambi, Wairimu Ngaruiya A reflexive understanding of woman/woman marriages among the Gikuyu of Kenya Family and Child Development
Nnadi, Ogechi A Harmony of Form and Place Architecture
[BTD] Noble, Barry C Degrees of motor program control. Psychology
[BTD] Noble, Carter Studies of the coenzyme binding site and essential sulfhydryl group of years 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase. Biochemistry and Nutrition
Noble, Christopher Aaron Laboratory-Scale Analysis of Energy-Efficient Froth Flotation Rotor Design Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Noble, Donald O Feed intake in chickens :genetic and social factors Animal and Poultry Sciences
Noble, Evan S. Marshall Plan Films and Americanization History
[BTD] Noble, John Mills The relationship between the crushing strength of brittle materials and the size of cubical specimens tested Mining Engineering
Noble, Robert Bruce Multivariate Applications of Bayesian Model Averaging Statistics
[BTD] Noel, Karen A Community college/higher education doctorates in the two-year college administrative labor market :a national study with regional analysis Community College Education
[BTD] Noell, John Lee Watson The preparation and characterization of PEK/TEOS glasses by the sol-gel method Chemical Engineering
[BTD] Noffsinger, Robert Edwin Seasonal variation in the natality, mortality, and nutrition of the pine vole in two orchard types. Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
[Mixed] Noguchi, Ryoichi J. P. Family Expressivity and Social Anxiety in Children: The Potential Mediating and Moderating Roles of Emotion Regulation Psychology
Noguchi, Ryoichi John Paul Cultural Factors in the Dysregulation of Shame and Embarrassment: Emotions in Social Anxiety and Taijin Kyofusho Psychology
Nolan, Michael turning_space Architecture
[BTD] Nolen, Carolyn Pilla The history of Ferrum College from a mission school to a college Educational Administration
[BTD] Nolte, Elizabeth G Teaching approaches employed by postsecondary education instructors teaching in both the traditional classroom setting and the distance education setting Student Personnel Services
Nontapot, Kanokwan Time-Resolved Studies of Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Narrow-Gap Semiconductors Physics
[BTD] Noon, David P. Performance of a wideband CDMA system under multipath fading Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Noon, James P Design of a multi-module multi-phase battery charger for the NASA EOS space platform testbed Electrical Engineering
Noonan, Peter James A History of Establishment Clause Jurisprudence With Respect to Parochial School Funding Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Noone, Colleen Callahan The Role of Leaders in AVID Schools and the Impact on Student Achievement Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Norabuena, Edmundo O. Velocity Structure of the Subducting Nazca Plate beneath central Peru as inferred from Travel Time Anomalies Geophysics
Norberg, Adam D. Facility and Methodologies for Evaluation of Hydrogen-Air Mixer Performance Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Norcio, Sheila Azadeh Object-oriented and relational databases :a comparative study of concepts and applications Computer Science
Nord, Lars A Thermoacoustic Characterization of a Rijke-type Tube Combustor Mechanical Engineering
Nordberg, Tone Merete Procedure to Quantify Environmental Risk of Nutrient Loadings to Surface Waters Biological Systems Engineering
Norden, David Todd A Constructivist Model for Public War Memorial Design that Facilitates Dynamic Meaning Making Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Norman, Alfred W Methionine, lysine, and phenylalanine infusion and the effect on plasma amino acid concentrations and mammary uptake. Dairy Science
[VT] Norman, Garrett Todd Pull Manufacturing System Design for Rough Mill Systems: A Case Study Wood Science and Forest Products
Norman, Mary Ann Looking Through Their Lens: The Decisions about Reading Instruction Made by Experienced 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade Teachers Curriculum and Instruction
Norman, Nathaniel Don From a Record of Death to a Memory of Life: The Rise of the Biographical Obituary in the Gentleman’s Magazine English
[BTD] Normann, James Brian Parametric identification of nonlinear structural dynamic systems Aerospace Engineering
[BTD] Noronha, Gregory Mario Industry characteristics, agency theory, and the interaction of capital structure and dividend policy Finance
Noronha, Joseph Ajay Neil Ultrawideband Channel Sounding Studies in Outdoor and Outdoor-Indoor Environments Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Norris, Dwayne G Incorporating implicit leadership theories into the transformational and transactional leadership framework Industrial/Organizational Psychology
[BTD] Norris, Dwayne G Leadership perceptions of men and women :a leadership categorization view Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Norris, James Alexander Behavior of Magneto-Rheological Fluids Subject to Impact and Shock Loading Mechanical Engineering
Norris, Katheryn Malcolm Born To Be Wild: Tiger Persecution and Advocacy From 1800 to the Present Science and Technology Studies
Norris, Kimberly Jane Virginia’s Foundation Blocks for Early Learning: Interpretation and Implementation by Practitioners Teaching and Learning
[BTD] Norrod, Forrest Eugene The E-algorithm :an automatic test generation algorithm for hardware description languages Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Northrop, Paul M Fiber tension loss during the winding and cure of a filament wound composite case Engineering Mechanics
Norton, Derek Mason Architecture and the Crisis of Place Architecture
[VT] Norton, Jenny Lynn Efficacy of Odor Scavengers in Reducing Odor Compounds in Water, Milk, and Soymilk Food Science and Technology
[BTD] Norton, Shawn Michael The evaluation of pump-and-treat groundwater remediation techniques for gasoline with emphasis on in situ bioremediation Environmental Sciences and Engineering
[BTD] Norwood, Donald Scott An analysis of interlaminar stresses in unsymmetrically laminated plates Engineering Mechanics
Nory, Ravikiran Performance Analysis of Space-Time Coded Modulation Techniques using GBSB-MIMO Channel Models Electrical and Computer Engineering
[Mixed] Noschka, Erik Can isoprostanes be used to predict survival in horses with colic? Large Animal Clinical Sciences
[BTD] Nosek, Michael Modeling helicopter dynamic loads using artificial neural networks Aerospace Engineering
[BTD] Nosier, Asghar On vibration and stability problems of laminated plates and shells using shear deformation theories Engineering Mechanics
Nossen-Johnson, Patricia Sabina S+M=L Architecture
[BTD] Nostrandt, Amy Carol Development of a model cell culture system in which to study early effects of neuropathy-inducting organophosphates Veterinary Medical Sciences
[BTD] Nottingham, Quinton J. Model-robust quantal regression Statistics
[VT] Nouhoheflin, Theodore Assessing the Economic Impacts of Tomato Integrated Pest Management in Mali and Senegal Agricultural and Applied Economics
Nourbakhsh, Aida Molecular Characterization of Inositol Monophosphatase Like Enzymes in Arabidopsis thaliana Biochemistry
[VT] Nouri, Arash Correlation-Based Detection and Classification of Rail Wheel Defects using Air-coupled Ultrasonic Acoustic Emissions Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Novaes, Luciano Patto Growth, body composition and costs of feeding Holstein heifers Animal Science (Dairy)
[BTD] Novak, David C Meeting state waste stream reduction mandates through recycling :examining residential waste disposal behavior in rural Virginia Agricultural and Applied Economics
Novak, David Christopher A Methodology for Characterization and Performance Analysis of Connection-Based Network Access Technologies Management Science and Information Technology
[VT] Novak, Julia Ann Cavitation and Bubble Formation in Water Distribution Systems Environmental Engineering
[BTD] Novean, Michael George Bernard Direct measurement of skin friction in complex supersonic flows Aerospace Engineering
Nowak, Ethan J. Applications of the Radon transform, Stratigraphic filtering, and Object-based stochastic reservoir modeling Geosciences
[BTD] Nowak, Jaroslaw Physiological responses of sun and shade foliage in thinned and unthinned ten-year-old loblolly pine stands Forestry
Nowak, Stephanie Beth Understanding Time-Variant Stress-Strain in Turkey: A Numerical Modeling Approach Geosciences
Nowalk, Thomas J Framing Games: an Exploration Into the Speaking Activity of a Chinese-English Bilingual Child Teaching and Learning
Nowell, Lucille Terry Graphical Encoding for Information Visualization: Using Icon Color, Shape, and Size to Convey Nominal and Quantitative Data Computer Science
[BTD] Nowicki, David R Reliability allocation and apportionment :addressing redundancy and life-cycle cost Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Nowinski, Matthew C A two-dimensional model to predict rotating stall in axial-flow compressors Mechanical Engineering
Noyalas, Jonathan Alex "My will is absolute law" General Robert H. Milroy and Winchester, Virginia History
[VT] Nsoesie, Elaine O. Sensitivity Analysis and Forecasting in Network Epidemiology Models Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology
[BTD] Nubern, Chris Competitiveness of Virginia dairy producers in a national setting given changing marketing and policy conditions Agricultural and Applied Economics
[BTD] Nuckolls, William E Fan noise reduction from a supersonic inlet Mechanical Engineering
Nuckols, John Eric Implementation of Geometrically Based Single-Bounce Models for Simulation of Angle-of-Arrival of Multipath Delay Components in the Wireless Channel Simulation Tools, SMRCIM and SIRCIM Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Nugent, Russell A. Effects of breed and ram exposure on Spring estrous behavior and Summer fertility in domestic ewes Animal Science
[BTD] Nugent, Russell Arthur Analysis of newborn calf body measurements and relationship of calf shape to sire breeding values for birth weight and calving ease Animal Science (Breeding and Genetics)
[BTD] Nugent, Thomas Christopher The enantioselective synthesis of C{u2081}{u2088}-sphingosines Chemistry
Null, Matthew Todd Capturing the Chimera: Ideology and Persuasion in the Rhetoric of Soulforce Communication Studies
Nune, Rakesh Path Prediction and Path Diversion Identifying Methodologies for Hazardous Materials Transported by Malicious Entities Civil Engineering
[VT] Nunes, Jack D. An Exploratory Study of the Systemic Effects of Lead, Trichloroethylene, and a Mixture of Lead and Trichloroethylene Provided Concurrently by Oral Gavage to Male Rats Veterinary Medical Sciences
[BTD] Nunez, Steven C Behavioral, temporal, and spatial relationships in free-ranging female Anolis carolinensis (Sauria: Polychridae) Biology
[BTD] Nunley, Chad E Production of hybrid striped bass (Morone chrysops x Morone saxatilis) in a recirculating aquaculture system Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
[BTD] Nunley, Phyllis Cassell A study of parental concerns regarding the care of school age children in Prince William County, Virginia. Management, Housing, and Family Development
Nunley, Robyn Suzanne Mental Health Clinicians’ Perceptions, Knowledge, Level of Training, and Utilization of Evidence Based Practices with a Specific Focus on Dialectical Behavior Therapy Human Development
[BTD] Nunna, Vijay Bhushan G. A computer simulation model to predict airport capacity enhancements Civil Engineering
Nuqui, Reynaldo Francisco State Estimation and Voltage Security Monitoring Using Synchronized Phasor Measurements Electrical and Computer Engineering
Nusbaum, Charles M Principals' Perceptions of the Effectiveness of Alternatively Certified and Traditionally Certified Teachers In Hampton Roads Virginia Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
[BTD] Nusom, F. Allen Application of the systems engineering process to the explosive ordnance disposal requirement for an underwater system Systems Engineering
Nussbaum, Barbara B. Examining the relationship among context, cognition, and conflict management in the workplace Adult Learning and Human Resource Development
[BTD] Nutakor, Christopher Decision support system for locating traffic information dissemination sites along freeway corridors Civil Engineering
Nuttayasakul, Nuthaporn Experimental and Analytical Studies of the Behavior of Cold-Formed Steel Roof Truss Elements Civil Engineering
Nutter, Brian Vincent Thermal Analysis of a Vaporization Source for Inorganic Coatings Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Nuzzo, Tracye A. Williams The effects of coronary heart disease, beta-blockade medications and stage duration on graded exercise testing Health and Physical Education
[VT] Nyberg, Karl-Johan Performance Analysis of Detection System Design Algorithms Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Nye, Jeremy C. The Thatcher era :economic decline and electoral hegemony Political Science
Nyirongo, Nertha Kate Technology Adoption and Integration: A Descriptive Study of a Higher Education Institution in a Developing Nation Teaching and Learning
Nyirongo, Victor Wilford Kayiwaze Changes in landuse patterns in upland watersheds of Eastern Luangwa Valley, Zambia, and the potential impact on runoff and erosion Biological Systems Engineering
Nyland, Justin Eric The Use of a High Energy Feed for the Improvement of Trout Farm Effluents Environmental Sciences and Engineering
[BTD] Nyman, Matthew W The interaction between chemical and mechanical processes during metamorphism :a microstructural and petrologic study of amphibolite shear zones, Cheyenne Belt, Southeastern Wyoming Geological Sciences
[BTD] Nyman, May Synthesis and characterization of precursors for chemical vapor deposition of metal oxide thin films Materials Science and Engineering

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