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Author Name Title Department
Vaccare, Carmel John Interactions within a Shared Graphic Space Teaching and Learning
Vadala, Michael Lawrence Complexation of Block Copolysiloxanes with Cobalt Nanoparticles Chemistry
Vadala, Michael Lawrence Preparation and Functionalization of Macromolecule-Metal and Metal Oxide Nanocomplexes for Biomedical Applications Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Vadala, Timothy Patrick Cooperative Electrostatic Polymer-Antibiotic Nanoplexes Macromolecular and Science Engineering
[BTD] Vadas, Robert L. Habitat tools for assessing instream-flow needs for fishes in the upper Roanoke River, Virginia Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
Vadmerkar, Anuya Anant Soluble fiber and resistant starch components in some Indian and Canadian wheat varieties and in a wheat-soy product - Chapati Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
Vaghela, Nileshwari Proteomic Analysis of the Flavonoid Biosynthetic Machinery in Arabidopsis Thaliana Biology
Vaidya, Rajendra D Solid Waste Degradation, Compaction and Water Holding Capacity Environmental Engineering
[BTD] Vaidyanathan, Sundararaman A feasibility study of an adaptive reclosing relay Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Vailhe, Christophe N. P. Deformation mechanisms in B2 aluminides :shear faults and dislocation core structures in FeAl, NiAl, CoAl and FeNiAl Materials Engineering Science
[BTD] Vailhe, Christophe N. P. Planar fault energies and dislocation core spreadings in B2 NiAl Materials Science and Engineering
Vaillancourt, Kourtney Ty Reconstructing the Meaning of Fidelity: A Qualitative Inquiry into Swinging Relationships Human Development
Vakil, Sachin Suresh Flow and Thermal Field Measurements in a Combustor Simulator Relevant to a Gas Turbine Aero-Engine Mechanical Engineering
Vakkalanka, Suryanarayana Simplified Bow Model for a Striking Ship in Collision Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Valad, Farzad M. ImagePilot 2.0, A Drawing Interpretation Tool for the Sight-impaired Electrical and Computer Engineering
Valdespino, Andrew A Quantitative Neural Biomarker for Rejection Estimation: A Neuroeconomic Approach for Evaluating Theory of Mind Psychology
Valdez, Adelia Christina Analysis of Atmospheric Effects Due to Atmospheric Oxygen on a Wideband Digital Signal in the 60 Ghz Band Electrical and Computer Engineering
Valenti, Matthew C Iterative Detection and Decoding for Wireless Communications Electrical and Computer Engineering
Valenti, Theodore Walter Approaches for assessing toxicity of selected contaminants to freshwater mussels (Bivalvia: Unionidae) Biology
Valentine, Matthew These Lines are Material Architecture
Valentine, Richard Laboratory Performance of Geosynthetic-Stabilized Pavement Sections Civil Engineering
[BTD] Valentine-Casertano, Ann Elizabeth The effects of structure in instructions and materials on Montessori and traditional preschool children's creativity Family and Child Development
[BTD] Valentino, David W Tectonics of the lower Susquehhanna River region, southeastern Pennsylvania and northern Maryland : late proterozoic rifting to late paleozoic dextral transpression / by David Wayne Valentino. Geology
[VT] Valentino, Jeffrey Joseph Tribopolymerization: Anti-Wear Behavior of New High Temperature Additive Classes Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Valentino, Karen Rose Durability testing of ceramic candle filters in pressurized-fluidized bed combustion environments Materials Science and Engineering
[VT] Valeri, Stephen M Analysis of the Use of Probe Vehicles for Road Infrastructure Data Analysis Civil Engineering
Valero, Carlos Alberto Applications of Qualitative and Quantitative Techniques of Management in Administrative/Academic Decision-Making in Institutions of Higher Education in Virginia. Education
Valimont, Amanda Story The Effectiveness of Sex Education Programs in Virginia Schools: Teenage Pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Disease Rates: A Comparison of Counties Sociology
Valimont, Robert Brian Active Noise Reduction Versus Passive Designs in Communication Headsets: Speech Intelligibility and Pilot Performance Effects in an Instrument Flight Simulation Industrial and Systems Engineering
Vallabhaneni, Prashanthi Metabolomic approaches to understanding the auxin and ethylene response in Arabidopsis roots Biology
Vallance, Phillip James Digital Control of Levitation Electrical and Computer Engineering
Vallen, Michael Earl Housing... the Hillside Los Angeles, California Architecture
[BTD] Valsan, Calin Management and employee buyouts in the context of mass privatization in Romania Finance
Valyrakis, Manousos Initiation of Particle Movement in Turbulent Open Channel Flow Civil Engineering
Van, Ling Molecular Cloning and Functional Characterization of a Turkey Intestinal Peptide Transporter (tPepT1), and Developmental Regulation of PepT1 Expression in Turkey and Broiler Embryos Animal and Poultry Sciences
van Aardt, Jan Andreas Spectral Separability among Six Southern Tree Species Forestry
van Aardt, Jan Andreas Nicholaas An Object-Oriented Approach to Forest Volume and Aboveground Biomass Modeling using Small-Footprint Lidar Data for Segmentation, Estimation, and Classification Forestry
van Aardt, Marleen Effect of shelf-life and light exposure on acetaldehyde concentration in milk packaged in HDPE and PETE bottles Food Science and Technology
van Aardt, Marleen Controlled Release of Antioxidants via Biodegradable Polymer Films into Milk and Dry Milk Products Food Science and Technology
[BTD] Van Aken, Eileen M. Determinants of team effectiveness for cross-functional organizational design teams Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Van Aken, Eileen Morton A multiple case study on the information system to support self-managing teams Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Van Aken, Stephen Mark Thermal expansion and thermal conductivity of (Ca1-x,Mgx)Zr4(PO4)6 where x = 0.0-0.4 Materials Engineering
[BTD] Van Cott, Kevin E. Upstream and downstream issues in the production of recombinant vitamin K-dependent preteins in the milk of transgenic pigs Chemical Engineering
Van Covern, David Burns Collaborative Tarrget Localization and Inspection Using a Heterogeneous Team of Autonomous Vehicles Mechanical Engineering
Van Den Bos, Amelie Cara A Water Quality Assessment of the Occoquan Reservoir and its Tributary Watershed: 1973-2002 Environmental Engineering
[BTD] Van der Schalie, William Hendrik The utilization of aquatic organisms for continuous and automatic monitoring of the toxicity of industrial waste effluents. Zoology
Van Deventer, David Discrimination of Retained Solvent Levels in Printed Food-Packaging Using Electronic Nose Systems Biological Systems Engineering
Van Dyke, Ray E. A Case Study of the Implementation of Ernest Boyer's Basic School Framework in One Elementary School Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Van Eenoo, Jr., Edward Charles Theoretically Valid Aggregates in the Absence of Homothetic Preferences, Separable Utility, and Complete Price Data Agricultural and Applied Economics
[BTD] Van Evera, Carol Thacher The effects of four different text structures on the retellings of fourth and sixth grade students Curriculum and Instruction
van Eyk, Gregory Ryan Dietary Fat and Sugar Induce Obesity and Impair Glucose Tolerance in Prepubertal Pigs Animal and Poultry Sciences
[VT] van Gelder, Brenda A. Exploring the Feasibility of a Strategic Alliance Approach to Telecommunications Provision in Rural Municipalities Marketing
van Gelder, Maarten F. A Thermistor Based Method for Measurement of Thermal conductivity and Thermal Diffusivity of Moist Food Materials at High Temperatures Biological Systems Engineering
[BTD] Van Geluwe, Scott Patrick Effects of arbutamine stress testing compared to treadmill exercise stress testing on electrocardiographic responses of ischemia and myocardial oxygen demand Education
Van Houweling, Emily Anne Diversification and Differentiation: The Livelihood Experience of Men and Women in Samene Urban Affairs and Planning
Van Kirk, Nathaniel Peter Obsessive Compulsive Self-Syntonicity of Symptoms Scale: Development, Reliability and Validity Psychology
[BTD] Van Name, Judith A. Financial management practices of married single earner and dual earner families in Delaware Housing, Interior Design, and Resource Management
[BTD] Van Sintern, Wolff H Investigation of suction recirculation in rocket pump inducers Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Van Velzer, William Roy Benjamin Huger and the arming of America :1825-1861 History
Van Voorhees, Elizabeth Eliot Social Information Processing, Cortisol Secretion, and Aggression in Adolescents Psychology
Van Walleghen, Emily Lynn Aging, Physical Activity, and Energy Intake Regulation Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
[BTD] Van Winkle, Stephen C Peroxyalkanoic cellulose purification of steam exploded yellow poplar Wood Science
Van Wyhe, Robert The effects of yeast derivatives and adult cecal droppings on growth parameters and intestinal morphology in commercial broilers. Animal and Poultry Sciences
van Wyk, Hans-Werner A Variational Approach to Estimating Uncertain Parameters in Elliptic Systems Mathematics
[BTD] VanBrackle, Anita S. The relationship of unmanipulated self-reports of children's internalized representation of numbers to mathematics achievement Curriculum and Instruction
[BTD] VanBrackle, Lewis N EWMA and CUSUM control charts in the presence of correlation Statistics
Vance, David Self-Efficacy and Ministerial Field Education: An Instructional Design Perspective Teaching and Learning
Vance, James Aaron Permanent Coexistence for Omnivory Models Mathematics
Vance, Katelynn Atkins Robust Control for Inter-area Oscillations Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Vance, Kristen Morton Illusions of unique invulnerability :impacts of beliefs on behavior Psychology
[BTD] Vandegrift, Shia-Lu Chu Impact of government regulation on the dairy industry in the United States Economics
[BTD] VandenBerghe, Terrance Michael Heat transfer from in-line and perpendicular arrangements of cylinders in steady and pulsating crossflow Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Vandenbossche, Benoit Measurement of ultrasonic wave mode transition in unidirectional graphite/epoxy composites Materials Engineering
Vandeputte, Thomas William Effects of Flow Control on the Aerodynamics of a Tandem Inlet Guide Vane Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] VanDerHurst, Jeffrey J The development of an interactive computer model for managing geologic hazard databases Geological Sciences
[BTD] Vandermey, Nancy E Damage development under compression-compression fatigue loading in a stitched uniwoven graphite/epoxy composite material Engineering Mechanics
VanderPoel, Peter F Polyrhythms and Architecture Architecture
VanderSchaaf, Curtis Lee Modeling maximum size-density relationships of loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) plantations Forestry
[BTD] Vandiviere, Marcus Stuart The contribution of demographic and coping factors to burnout in Virginia school psychologists Student Personnel Services
Vandyke, Alex J Development of a High-Speed Rail Model to Study Current and Future High-Speed Rail Corridors in the United States Civil Engineering
VanDyke, Laura Snively utrient Management Planning on Virginia Livestock Farms: Impacts and Opportunities for Improvement Agricultural and Applied Economics
VanDyke, Matthew Clark Decentralized Coordinated Attitude Control of a Formation of Spacecraft Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
VanDyke, Matthew Steven An Analysis of Environmental Advertising Frames from 1990 to 2010 Communication Studies
Vaneman, Warren Kenneth Evaluating System Performance in a Complex and Dynamic Environment Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Vaneman, Warren Kenneth The effect of implementing new technology into an existing production process Systems Engineering
VanGilder, Joyce A Promenade Down the Slope Architecture
VanHouten, Desmond J Benign Processing of High Performance Polymeric Foams of Poly(arylene ether sulfone) Macromolecular Science and Engineering
[VT] VanHouten, Rachael A Synthesis and Characterization of Hydrophobic-Hydrophilic Segmented and Multiblock Copolymers for Proton Exchange Membrane and Reverse Osmosis Applications Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Vanimisetti, Hima Bindu Genetics of resistance to Haemonchus contortus infections in sheep Animal and Poultry Sciences
Vanimisetti, Hima Bindu Genetic evaluation of ewe productivity and its component traits in Katahdin and Polypay sheep Animal and Poultry Sciences
[BTD] VanLare, Ian Judd Isolation and characterization of the (NAD(P)-independent)polyol dehydrogenase from the plasma-membranes of gluconobacter oxydans ATCC strain 621 Microbiology
[BTD] VanLieshout, Lawrence Anthony Weed control in no-till corn as affected by cultivation, herbicide banding, and cover crop suppression Weed Science
Vann, James Linwood Institutional Dimensions of the Government’s “Smart Buyer” Problem: Pillars, Carriers, and Organizational Structure in Federal Acquisition Management Public Administration and Public Affairs
Vanover, Eric Thomas “Swear this flag to live, for this flag to die”: Flag Imagery in Constructing the Narrative of the Civil War and the Transformation of American Nationalism History
VanSandt, Craig V. An Examination of the Relationship Between Ethical Work Climate and Moral Awareness Management
VanSant, April Nelson Studies on Hydrogen-Pinch Analysis and Application of COSMO-SAC to Electrolytes Chemical Engineering
[VT] Vantine, William L. Managing the Risk of Failure in Complex Systems Insight into the Space Shuttle Challenger Failure Public Administration and Public Affairs
[BTD] Vanwormhoudt, An Soil mineralogy of an upper coastal plain landscape in Virginia Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
Vapaa, Annalisa Gartman Healing Gardens: Creating Places for Restoration, Meditation, and Sanctuary Landscape Architecture
Varadarajan, Amrusha Stochastic Scheduling for a Network of MEMS Job Shops Industrial and Systems Engineering
Varadhan, Aishwarya Design of Control Algorithms for Automation of a Full Dimension Continuouis Haulage System Industrial and Systems Engineering
Varano, Nathaniel David Fluid Dynamics and Surface Pressure Fluctuations of Turbulent Boundary Layers Over Sparse Roughness Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Vardakos, Sotirios Distinct Element Modeling of the Shimizu Tunnel No.3 in Japan Civil Engineering
Vardakos, Sotirios Back-analysis methods for optimal tunnel design Civil Engineering
Varga, John Joseph The Role of CcpA in Regulating the Carbon-Starvation Response of Clostridium perfringens Biological Sciences
Vargas Jurado, Napoleon Assessing the reliability of plant-wax markers to delineate diet choice and feed efficiency in beef heifers Animal and Poultry Sciences
Varghese, Anoop George Strain Localization in Tungsten Heavy Alloys and Glassy Polymers Engineering Science and Mechanics
[BTD] Varghese, Philip Magnet design considerations for superconductive magnetic energy storage Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Varghese, Philip Dynamics and control of manipulating robots Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Vargo, Cortney G An evaluation of computer-supported backtracking in a hierarchical database Industrial and Systems Engineering
Varma, Anup Modeling and Synthesis with SystemC Electrical and Computer Engineering
Varma, Krishnaraj M Time Delay Estimate Based Direction of Arrival Estimation for Speech in Reverberant Environments Electrical and Computer Engineering
Varma, Krishnaraj M Fast Split Arithmetic Encoder Architectures and Perceptual Coding Methods for Enhanced JPEG2000 Performance Electrical and Computer Engineering
[VT] Varma, Nitesh Secure Network-Centric Application Access Mechanical Engineering
Varnado, Terri E. The Effects of a Technological Problem Solving Activity on FIRST LEGO League Participants' Problem Solving Style and Performance Teaching and Learning
[BTD] Varner, Lisa Marie An evaluation of social-cognitive factors in dietary restraint, smoking, and weight control smoking Psychology
Varrieur, John Michael AFLP Marker Analysis Of Monoploid Potato Horticulture
Vartenisian, John Paul An Elementary School Speaks Out: Their Decision To Initiate An Innovation Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Vasavada, Harsh Amit Four-Craft Virtual Coulomb Structure Analysis for 1 to 3 dimensional Geometries Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Vasavada, Yash M An Iterative Confidence Passing Approach for Parameter Estimation and Its Applications to MIMO Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering
Vasavada, Yash M. Performance Evaluation of a Frequency modulated Spread-Spectrum System Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Vaseashta, Ashok K Photonic studies of defects and amorphization in ion beam damaged GaAs surfaces Materials Engineering Science
[BTD] Vashi, Vidyut H The effect of price, advertising, and income on consumer demand :an almost ideal demand system investigation Marketing
[BTD] Vasquez Cespedes, Maria Elena Mothering strategies and maternal satisfaction among Latin American, Afro American, and Anglo American groups of at-risk mothers Family and Child Development
Vasquez-Robinet, Cecilia Relationships Between Expression of Heat Shock Protein Genes and Photosynthetic Behavior During Drought Stress in Plants Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science
[BTD] Vass, Dianna J Total quality management and training within North Carolina apparel/textile product manufacturing organizations to determine a model for TQM training Clothing and Textiles
[BTD] Vass, Raymond J Alkali attack on ceramic filters Materials Engineering
Vastani, Hussein Kamaluddin Supporting Direct Markup and Evaluation of Students' Projects On-line Computer Science
Vasudeo, Jyotindra The Design and Implementation of the Tako Language and Compiler Computer Science
Vasudeva, Sumit Estimation of Elastic and Damping Characteristics of Viscoelastically Constrained Carbon Strands Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Vasudevan, Anubav Animating the EPR-Experiment: Reasoning from Error in the Search for Bell Violations Philosophy
Vasudevan, Lakshmi Anatomical Developments and the Role Of carbohydrate or Mineral Nutrient deficiency in Bud Necrosis of 'Riesling' grapevines (Vitis Vinifera L.) Horticulture
Vasudevan, Srinivasan A Simulator for analyzing the throughput of IEEE 802.11b Wireless LAN Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering
Vatrapu, Ravikiran Culture and International Usability Testing:The Effects of Culture in Interviews Computer Science
[BTD] Vaubert, Virginie M Durability and aging of dental fissure sealants Materials Science and Engineering
[BTD] Vaudrey, Michael A A novel approach to multiple reference frequency domain adaptive control Mechanical Engineering
Vaudrey, Michael Allen Adaptive Control Methods for Non-Linear Self-Excited Systems Mechanical Engineering
Vaughan, Benjamin Ray Polymer Aluminophosphate Mixed Matrix Membranes for Gas Separations Chemical Engineering
Vaughan, Carl S. Comparing the Professional Practices of Teachers Working in a Positive Behavior Support High School with Practices of Teachers in a Traditional High School Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
[BTD] Vaughan, Carol E A cluster analysis method for materials selection Industrial and Systems Engineering
Vaughan, Diane Elizabeth Simultaneous Generalized Hill Climbing Algorithms for Addressing Sets of Discrete Optimization Problems Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Vaughan, Jeffrey David Management and assessment of winter cover crop systems for supplying nitrogen to corn in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
Vaughan, Mark Edward The Design, Fabrication, and Modeling of a Piezoelectric Linear Motor Mechanical Engineering
Vaughan, Martha Marie Molecular and Functional Characterization of Terpene Chemical Defense in Arabidopsis Roots in Interaction with the Herbivore Bradysia spp. (fungus gnat) Biology
Vaughan, Ritchie Catherine Group Analysis of Collaborative Conservation Partnerships Forestry
[BTD] Vaughan, T. C Drying ceramic products using induced ultra-high frequency electrical energy Ceramic Engineering
Vaughan , Tamisha Y. Novel Mechanisms Underlying the Inflammatory Effects of Leptin and Low Dose Endotoxin Biology
[BTD] Vaughn, Ginger L Orientations and magnitudes of paleostress in the Great Valley Province of northern Virginia Geology
[BTD] Vaught, Dennis A Coach's dilemma :run versus pass Health and Physical Education
[BTD] Vaught, Donna Rae Parental beliefs and expectations concerning the academic competence of learning disabled and nondisabled children Psychology
[BTD] Vaught, Donna Rae The effects of explicit instructions and processing demands on comprehension monitoring of learning disabled and nondisabled children Psychology
[BTD] Vaught, Margaret Allgair Una casa a Ludiano Architecture
Vavricka, Christopher John Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Tyrosine Metabolic Enzymes Biochemistry
Vélez-Alvarez, Luis Community Workshop Architecture
Veak, Tyler J Concretizing Sustainable Worlds: Environmentalism as a Politics of Technological Transformation Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Veazey, Virginia Adele A rapid assessment for the fat intake of university students Human Nutrition and Foods
[VT] Vedula, Ramakrishna Materials for High Temperature Thin Film thermocouple Applications Materials Science and Engineering
Vega, Edgardo Luis Communities of Tweeple: How Communities Engage with Microblogging When Co-located Computer Science
Vega, Laurian Claire Security in Practice: Examining the Collaborative Management of Sensitive Information in Childcare Centers and Physicians’ Offices Computer Science
Vega, Thomas Quantification of the Fire Thermal Boundary Condition Mechanical Engineering
Vega-Cortes, Liselle Evaluation of Analysis Methods used for the Assessment of I-walls Stability Civil Engineering
Veith, Tamie Lynne Netsim: A Java(TM) -Based WWW Simulation Package Industrial and Systems Engineering
Veith, Tamie Lynne Agricultural BMP Placement for Cost-effective Pollution Control at the Watershed Level Biological Systems Engineering
Vejar, Cynthia Marie A Qualitative Approach Toward Understanding the Transition from Career to Fulltime Motherhood Counselor Education
[BTD] Vejarano, Maria Eugenia Effect of a non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drug (Indocin) on selected parameters of muscular function following concentric and eccentric work Health and Physical Education
Vel, Senthil S Analytical Solutions for the Deformation of Anisotropic Elastic and Piezothermoelastic Laminated Plates Engineering Mechanics
Velasco, Cesar A. Morales Substructure Synthesis Analysis and Hybrid Control Design for Buildings under Seismic Excitation Engineering Science and Mechanics
[BTD] Velasco-Albarillo, Ma. Lourdes Factors affecting compliance :treatment for anemia in pregnant Philippine women Sociology
Velasco-Cruz, Ciro Spatially Correlated Model Selection (SCOMS) Statistics
[VT] Velayudhan, Bisi Thankamani Ovarian and Growth Hormone Regulation of Mammary Growth and Transcript Abundance in Prepubertal Dairy Heifers Dairy Science
Velayudhan, Nirmalkumar Analysis of Thermally Diffused Single Mode Optical Fiber Couplers Electrical Engineering
Velez-Cedeno, Francisco Gerardo Multiple Swing Out-of-Step Relaying Electrical and Computer Engineering
Velez-Garcia, Gregorio Manuel Experimental Evaluation and Simulations of Fiber Orientation in Injection Molding of Polymers Containing Short Glass Fibers Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Velha, Bernardo Sunergy of Architecture and Sport Architecture and Urban Studies
Veliz-Cuba, Alan A. The Algebra of Systems Biology Mathematics
Vella, Elizabeth Jane The Autonomic Characteristics of Defensive Hostility: Reactivity and Recovery to Active and Passive Stressors Psychology
Vella, Elizabeth Jane Anger Expression, Harassment, and Evaluation: Cardiovascular Reactivity and Recovery to Mental Stress Psychology
Vellenga, Amber Hollis Taking the First Step: The Labyrinth and the World of Landscape Architecture Landscape Architecture
Velpuri, Jayalakshmi Breastfeeding knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and intentions regarding breastfeeding in the workplace among students and professionals in health-related fields Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
[BTD] Veltri, Mildred Middlemiss An exploration of developmental reciprocal communication in the dialogue journals of third graders Curriculum and Instruction
Veluri, Subrahmanya Pavan Kumar Code Verification and Numerical Accuracy Assessment for Finite Volume CFD Codes Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Vemireddi, Vimala Immunotoxic and Oxidative Effects of Endosulfan and Permethrin on Murine SPlenocytes, in vitro Veterinary Medical Sciences
Vemishetty, Kalyanramu Embedded Wireless Data Acquisition System Mechanical Engineering
Vemulapalli, Tracy H. Genetic and Immunological Analyses of a Brucella abortus Protein Exhibiting Lectin-like Properties Biomedical Sciences and Pathobiology
Vemulapally, Rahul Development of Standard Geodatabase Model and its Applications for Municipal Water and Sewer Infrastructure Civil Engineering
[BTD] Venable, Charles R. Statistical analysis and presentation of ball clay tests for low-tension electrical porcelain Ceramic Engineering
Vendemia, Jennifer Mary Coplin Repressors vs. Low- and High-Anxious Coping Styles: EEG, Heart Rate, and Blood Pressure Differences During Cognitive and Cold Pressor Pain Stressors Psychology
Venezia, Jr., James J Vibration Modeling and Experimental Analysis of a Locomotive Cab Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Vengsarkar, Ashish Madhukar Localized wave solutions in optical fiber wavelengths Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Vengsarkar, Ashish Madhukar Novel microbend loss fiber optic hydrophones for direction sensing Electrical Engineering
Venkatachalam, Logambigai Scalability of Stepping Stones and Pathways Computer Science
[BTD] Venkatakrishnan, C. P. Life cycle approach to bridge design Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
[BTD] Venkataraman, Srinivasan Crosslinking of cotton cellulose by lignin-isocyanate copolymer Clothing and Textiles
[BTD] Venkataraman, Suzanne Marie CAD graphics utilization in the design and marketing phases of textile/apparel product development Clothing and Textiles
[VT] Venkataramani, Karthik Simulating Nitric Oxide in the lower thermosphere using a 3D model. Electrical and Computer Engineering
Venkataramani, Muthuswamy Efficiency Improvement of WCDMA Base Station Transmitters using Class-F power amplifiers Electrical and Computer Engineering
Venkatasubramanian, Ramasamy Beamforming for MC-CDMA Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Venkatasubramanian, Ramprasad Flowgrapher :generation of conceptual graphs from flowcharts Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Venkatesh, Prabhu Radio frequency-based data collection network Industrial and Systems Engineering
Venkatesh, Swaroop The Design and Modeling of Ultra-Wideband Position-Location Networks Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Venkateshwaran, Anjali An experimental investigation of dynamically reconfigurable computer network architectures through simulation Computer Science
[BTD] Venkatraman, Parthasarathy Evaluation of an advanced fine coal cleaning circuit Mining and Minerals Engineering
Venteicher-Shulman, Bryceon P. From Display of Force to Normalization: Exploring the Transformation of Power in China Political Science
[BTD] Venter, Gerhardus Sensitivity analysis with respect to elastic boundary conditions and laser spatial variables within experimental spatial dynamic modeling Mechanical Engineering
Venturella, Michael Anthony Modal Analysis of the Ice-Structure Interaction Problem Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
[BTD] Venturini, Alceste Systems engineering framework to assess the effect of very large capacity aircraft in airport operations Civil Engineering
[BTD] Venzant, Kenneth L Analysis of residual stresses in laser trimmed alumina microelectronic substrates Materials Science and Engineering
Vera-Licona, Martha Paola Algorithms for modeling and simulation of biological systems; applications to gene regulatory networks Mathematics
Verbiest, Leen Expression strategies for plant-based production of a vaccine adjuvant Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science
[BTD] Vercellone, Pamela Ann Oxygen toxicity in Campylobacter jejuni :physiological comparison of a microaerophilic wild-type strain with an aerotolerant mutant Microbiology
Verdie, Yannick Surface Gesture & Object Tracking on Tabletop Devices Computer Science
Vereb, Heather A Biomarkers of Lipid Oxidation in the Oral Cavity Environmental Sciences and Engineering
[BTD] Vergara, John Paul C Edge-packing by isomorphic subgraphs Computer Science
Vergara, John Paul C. Sorting by Bounded Permutations Computer Science
Verghese, Kandathil Eapen Durability of Polymer Matrix Composites for Infrastructure: The Role of the Interphase Materials Science and Engineering
[BTD] Verghese, Kandathil Eapen Effects of fiber architecture and through-the-thickness stitching on permeability and compaction of textile preforms Materials Science and Engineering
Verhoeven, Jack George Framework for Rating Roadway Assets at the Corridor Level Civil Engineering
[BTD] Verkasalo, Erkki I. Relationship of bacterial infection and stress wave travel time in red oak lumber Forestry and Forest Products
[VT] Verma, Amber Influence of Column-Base Fixity On lateral Drift of Gable Frames Civil Engineering
[BTD] Verma, Dinesh A fuzzy set paradigm for conceptual system design evaluation Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Verma, Dinesh A study and critical review of design evaluation methodologies Industrial and Systems Engineering
Verma, Manish A comprehensive overview, behavioral model and simulation of a Fault Current Limiter Electrical and Computer Engineering
[VT] Verma, Mohini Formation and Rupture of Nanofilaments in Metal/TaOx/Metal Resistive Switches Electrical and Computer Engineering
Verma, Navin Prakash Viscous Dampers for Optimal Reduction in Seismic Response Engineering Science and Mechanics
[VT] Verma, Nitin Anaerobic Digestion: Factors Effecting Odor Generation Civil Engineering
[BTD] Verma, Ravi Kant Melting and crystallization studies in a partially excluding copolymer Materials Engineering Science
[BTD] Verma, Ravi Kant A study of the damage accumulation process in poly(aryl ether ketone ketone) and it's [sic] AS4 carbon fiber reinforced composites Materials Science and Engineering
[BTD] Vermeulen, Susan E. Penetrable walls Architecture
[BTD] Vernon, Donald James The experience of anger in male adolescents with and without behavior disorders Counselor Education
Versele, Jessica Effects of Voice Quality and Face Information on Infants' Speech Perception in Noise Psychology
Verstak, Alexandre Data and Computation Modeling for Scientific Problem Solving Environments Computer Science
[BTD] Verthelyi, Daniela I. Effects of estrogen on the B cell functions of normal mice Veterinary Medical Sciences
[BTD] Vest, Jeffrey D Robust, location-free scale estimators for the linear regression and k-sample models Statistics
[BTD] Vest, Michael J Performance based pay :an empirical investigation of the impact of performance pay increases on perceptions critical to successful merit pay programs Business Administration
[BTD] Veyret-Abran, Christophe Friction and degradation of rubber coatings under fretting conditions Mechanical Engineering
[VT] Via, Brian Kipling Relationship between Tooth Withdrawal Strength and Specific Gravity for Metal Plate Truss Connections Wood Science and Forest Products
[BTD] Via, James C. Applications of supercritical fluids to the extraction and analysis of oligomers and polymer additives Chemistry
[BTD] Via, Laura Ellen Akers Insertion sequence IS1141: discovery, characterization, and association with Mycobacterium intracellulare colonial variation Microbiology
Via, Sandra Elizabeth Neoliberalism in Higher Education?: A Case Study of the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research Political Science
Via, Sandra Elizabeth Celebrity Diplomacy in the Current Global Economy: A Feminist Perspective Planning, Governance, and Globalization
[BTD] Via, Steve H Impact of bromide ion concentration, time, dissolved organic carbon and molecular weight cutoff on haloacetonitrile, haloketone, chloropicrin and trihalomethane formation potentials Environmental Sciences and Engineering
[BTD] Viar, Kristin D "Don't let de paddle rollers catch you" :punishment, control, and resistance in the slave South History
[BTD] Viar, Kristin D Rural vernacular building tradition :the design, construction, and use of springhouses in Montgomery County, Virginia Architecture and Urban Studies
Vice, Scott Jackson Indicators of Mold Growth in Indoor Environments Civil Engineering
Vicens, Rebeca Alley-Gallery Architecture
[BTD] Vicente, Kim J Accommodating individual differences in searching a hierarchical file system Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
[BTD] Vichare, Nitin Shrikrishna Robust mahalanobis distance in power systems state estimation Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Vichare, Nitin Shrikrishna Measurement and modelling of errors for relaying current transformers and voltage transformers Electrical Engineering
Vichitphan, Kanit Azotobacter vinelandii Nitrogenase: Effect of Amino-Acid Substitutions at the Alpha Gln-191 Residue of the MoFe Protein on Substrate Reduction and CO Inhibition Biochemistry
[BTD] Vick, Linda Wagnecz Solid-state processing of thermoplastic polymers Materials Engineering Science
Vickers, Lance Alan Predicting Regeneration in Appalachian Hardwood Stands Using the REGEN Expert System Forestry
Victor, John Samuel Interaction of Low Frequency Sound with Glass and other Building Materials in the Design of a Concert Hall for Symphony Orchestra and Choir. Architecture
Victor, Pradeep Controlled English Commenting System Electrical and Computer Engineering
Victoria, Melanie Villanueva Agricultural Technolongy in Bangladesh: a Study on Non-Farm Labor and Adoption by Gender Agricultural and Applied Economics
Victoria, Vanessa Francesca Villanueva Impacts of Best Management Practices on Farm Financial Performance Agricultural and Applied Economics
Victory, James Michael A Causal-Comparative Study of the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) Program on Middle School Student Achievement and Attendance Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
[BTD] Vida, Irena Impacts of the EC 1992 single market on international marketing activities of American interior furnishing textile manufacturers Clothing and Textiles
Vidalinc, Antoine On-Line Transient Stability Analysis of a Multi-Machine Power System Using the Energy Approach Electrical Engineering
[VT] Vidt, Stacey Elizabeth The Effect of AICAR Treatment on Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Function and Possible Links to Skeletal Muscle Fatigue Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
[BTD] Vidussoni, Marco A. Global-local finite element analysis of laminated composites Engineering Mechanics
Vidya Sagar, Vikram Raj A Digital Library Success Model for Computer Science Student Use of a Meta-Search System Computer Science
Vierhout, Crystal N. Characteristics of progeny test herds and their effects on the genetic evaluation of young sires Dairy Science
Viers-Yaun, Dawn Career and Relationship Satisfaction among Female Faculty in MFT Programs Marriage and Family Therapy
[VT] Vigilante, Domenico Numerical study of two-dimensional smart structures Engineering Science and Mechanics
[BTD] Vigilar, Gregorio G Numerical simulation of an optimal channel cross-section Civil Engineering
Vigilar, Gregorio G. Determination of Optimal Stable Channel profiles Civil Engineering
Vigraham, Sushrutha Design and Analysis of a Real-time Data Monitoring Prototype for the LWA Radio Telescope Electrical and Computer Engineering
Vijarnwannaluk, Sathon Optical studies of GaAs:C grown at low temperature and of localized vibrations in normal GaAs:C Physics
[BTD] Vijay, Dilip P Reliability and processing of ferroelectric thin film capacitors with emphasis on fatigue and etching Materials Engineering Science
Vijayraghavan, Praveen Design of Switched Reluctance Motors and Development of a Universal Controller for Switched Reluctance and Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor Drives Electrical and Computer Engineering
Vila, Leighton Kenji The Immigration Paradox: Exploring Filipino American Psychological Distress Sociology
[BTD] Vilariño, Daniel R. Hydrologic calibration of the Cub Run Watershed using the PC version of the Hydrological Simulation Program - FORTRAN (HSPF) Environmental Engineering
[BTD] Vilette, Anne L Ionic mobility and superplasticity in ceramics Materials Science and Engineering
Villa, Linda Monique Circadian modulation of the estrogen receptor alpha transcription Biology
Villa, Margarita Maria Tailoring the Geometry of Micron Scale Resonators to Overcome Viscous Damping Mechanical Engineering
Villamagna, Amy Marie Ecological effects of water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) on Lake Chapala, Mexico Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
Villanueva, María Isabel Martinó The Social Construction of Sexuality: Personal Meanings, Perceptions of Sexual Experience,and Females' Sexuality in Puerto Rico. Family and Child Development
Villarreal, Daniel Christopher Digital Fuel Control for a Lean Premixed Hydrogen-Fueled Gas Turbine Engine Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Villeneuve, Pierre V A parametric study of the validity of the weak-line and strong-line limits of infrared band absorption Mechanical Engineering
Villeneuve, Pierre V. A Numerical Study of the Sensitivity of Cloudy-Scene Bidirectional Reflectivity Distribution Functions to Variations in Cloud Parameters Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Villiger, Carmel G Investigations into transient respiratory control using the work rate of breathing and a non-linear breather Mechanical Engineering
Vimjam, Vishnu Chaithanya Strategies for SAT-Based Formal Verification Electrical and Computer Engineering
Vincent, Amelia A Evaluation of Phosphorus Transport and Transformations in GLEAMS 3.0 Biological Systems Engineering
Vincent, Edward Creed Compressive Creep of a Lightweight, High Strength Concrete Mixture Civil Engineering
Vincie, Meghann Elizabeth Development of a suitable diet for endangered juvenile oyster mussels, Epioblasma capsaeformis (Bivalvia:Unionidae), reared in a captive environment Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
[BTD] Vine, Douglas P The target vulnerability quantification process Systems Engineering
[VT] Vines, John Ashley Emplacement of the Santa Rita Flat pluton and kinematic analysis of cross cutting shear zones, eastern California Geological Sciences
[BTD] Vingelis, Geraldine Elizabeth Assessing pain management strategies with the TFA model Counselor Education and Supervision
[BTD] Vipperman, Jeffrey S. Adaptive feedforward control of broadband structural vibration Mechanical Engineering
Viren, Vejoya Making meaning of conflict: A qualitative inquiry in two preschool classrooms. Human Development
[BTD] Virkar, Pratima Auditory and visual determinants of maternal preference in bobwhite quail neonates Psychology
Viswanadha, Srikant Alterations in Lipid Metabolism in Mouse Tissues and Hepatic Cell Lines in Response to the Trans10,Cis12-18:2 Isomer of Conjugated Linoleic Acid Dairy Science
Viswanathan, Aroon Kumar Detached Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Flow and Heat Transfer in Turbine Blade Internal Cooling Ducts Mechanical Engineering
Viswanathan, Kalpana Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Polymers for Functional and Stimuli Responsive Silicon Surfaces Chemistry
Viswanathan, Ramanathan Performance Evaluation of Equal Gain Diversity Systems In Fading Channels Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Viswanathan, T. V Evaluation of ruminal escape potential of crab meal and other protein supplements and influence of steam explosion of ruminal degradability of crab meal Animal and Poultry Sciences
Viswanathan, Vani Efficiency Enhancement of Base Station Power Amplifiers Using Doherty Technique Electrical and Computer Engineering
Viti, Valerio Numerical Studies of the Jet Interaction Flowfield with a Main Jet and an Array of Smaller Jets Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Vits, Lucia Carolina Biochemical Characterization of Normal Navicular Bone Flexor Surface Cartilage Veterinary Medical Sciences
Vittes, Fernando J Optimizing The Performance Of A Chip Shooter Machine Industrial and Systems Engineering
Vitullo, Justin Matthew Ecological and behavioral factors associated with monitoring and managing pink hibiscus mealybug (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae) in the southern US Entomology
Vivekraja, Vignesh Low-Power, Stable and Secure On-Chip Identifiers Design Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Viverito, Thomas R Solar radiation control by pyrolytic oxide thin films. Ceramic Engineering
Vlachakis, Vasileios N Turbulent Characteristics in Stirring Vessels: A Numerical Investigation Mechanical Engineering
Vlachos, Pavlos P. An Experimental Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Separated Flows Over Bluff Bodies Using Quantitative Flow Visualization Engineering Mechanics
[BTD] Vlatkovic, Vlatko Three-phase power conversion using soft-switching PWM techniques Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Vlatkovic, Vlatko Small-signal analysis of the phase-shifted zero-voltage switched PWM converter Electrical Engineering
Vo, Huy Nhu High-resolution Optical Scanning Holography Electrical and Computer Engineering
Voelker, Kevin Andrew Leucine and exercise improve skeletal muscle function in the mdx mouse Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
[BTD] Vogdt, Joachim Bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated soil Environmental Engineering
[BTD] Vogel, Christine M The source and evolution of turbulence in trailing vortex pairs Aerospace Engineering
[VT] Vogel, Peggy MacLeod Biculturalism and Identity in Contemporary Gullah Families Human Development
[BTD] Vogelsang, James Charles A preliminary investigation of the potential for deep well waste disposal. Agricultural Economics
Vogl, Gregory William Comprehensive Theory of Heat Transfer in Heterogeneous Materials Engineering Science and Mechanics
Vogl, Gregory William Nonlinear Dynamics of Circular Plates under Electrical Loadings for Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers (CMUTs) Engineering Mechanics
[BTD] Vogler, Cheryl Jean Effects of elevated testicular temperature on viability of cryopreserved semen and morphological characteristics of ejaculated spermatozoa Dairy Science
[BTD] Vogler, Lisa M Tuning the ground and excited state properties of a series of polymetallic tridentate complexes incorporating Ru(II) or Os(II) as the chromophore Chemistry
Vogler, Nina-Christin Formation of a bath - Geological processes in Architecture Architecture
Vogler, Terry Richard Analysis of the Radiation Mechanisms in and Design of Tightly-Coupled Antenna Arrays Electrical and Computer Engineering
Voice, Peter James The Global Detrital Zircon Database: Quantifying the Timing and Rate of Crustal Growth Geosciences
[BTD] Voigt, Birgit Feminism and the critique of hierarchy :theory and practice Political Science
Voigt, Elizabeth Elena Hydrodynamic Characterization of an Arterial Flow Bioreactor Mechanical Engineering
Vokoun, Melinda M Investigating the Cooperative Behavior of Nonindustrial Private Forest Landowners when Stands are Spatially Interdependent Forestry
Vokoun, Melinda Marie Non-industrial Landowners, the Incentive to Forego Harvesting, and the Importance of Scale of Activities Forestry
Volk Burgess, Susan Lizrene A Study of the Collaboration Between School And University Faculties In A Professional Development Academy Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
[BTD] Voll, Robert W Comparing the accuracy and efficiency of algorithms for converting cartesian to geodetic coordinates Civil Engineering
Volos, Haris I Ultra Wideband Ranging and Link Budget Design for Naval Crane Applications Electrical and Computer Engineering
Volos, Haris I Cognitive Radio Engine Design for Link Adaptation Electrical and Computer Engineering
Volpe, Joanne Jackson Relationships Between Serum Leptin and Bone Mineral with Eating Restraint or Weight Loss Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
[BTD] Volpe, Stella The effect of boron supplementation on bone mineral density and hormonal status in college female athletes Human Nutrition and Foods
[BTD] Volpe, Stella The effects of endurance running on training adaptations in women participating in a weight lifting program Health and Physical Education
von Bredow, Kathryn Wing Gathering Spaces: Designing Places for Adolescents Landscape Architecture
Voorhies, Katherine Desiree Static and Dynamic Stress/Strain Properties for Human and Porcine Eyes Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Vora, Rohit H An Algorithm for multi-output Boolean logic minimization Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Voruganti, Ravinder Srinivas Robot system characterization : error modeling, identification, analysis, and minimization Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Voruganti, Ravinder Srinivas Symbolic and computational conjugate geometry for design and manufacturing applications Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Voss, Maj-Lis A The term structure of interest rates :U.S. government bonds, 1955-1989 Economics
[BTD] Vossler, Donald Alan Anisotropic media and the determination of subsurface velocity by the use of surface seismic reflection data Geophysics
Vrachnou, Amalia An Analysis of Emergency Vehicle Crash Characteristics Civil Engineering
[BTD] Vrana, Mark A A chemical and mechanical evaluation of interfacial fracture in dicyandiamide cured epoxy/steel adhesive systems Materials Engineering Science
[VT] Vu, Jimmy M Developing an Electronic Tool for Cross-Cultural Computer Supported Collaborative Work (CCSCW) Industrial and Systems Engineering
Vugrin, Eric D. On Approximation and Optimal Control of Nonnormal Distributed Parameter Systems Mathematics
Vugrin, Kay E. On the Effect of Numerical Noise in Simulation-Based Optimization Mathematics
Vugrin, Kay Ellen White On the Effects of Noise on Parameter Identification Optimization Problems Mathematics
Vujic, Nikola Power Regeneration in Actively Controlled Structures Mechanical Engineering
Vulovic, Marko Digital Control of a High Frequency Parallel Resonant DC-DC Converter Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Vuppala, Srilekha Methodology for VHDL performance model construction and validation Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Vuppala, Verrendra B Improvements in fiber optic coupler fabrication techniques Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Vure, Narayana Rao S. Effect of cooling rate and stacking sequence on the fatigue behavior of notched quasi-isotropic APC-2 laminates Engineering Mechanics
[BTD] Vykunta, Venkateswara Rao Class management in a distributed actor system Computer Science
[BTD] Vyule, Susan H The effects of unprocessed and processed oat bran on mineral bioavailability in adult men Human Nutrition and Foods

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