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Author Name Title Department
[BTD] Wable, Milind Vishnu Investigation of hypothesized anaerobic stabilization mechanisms in biological phosphorus removal systems Civil Engineering
Wachsmuth, John Paul Multiple Independent Extrusion Heads for Fused Deposition Modeling Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Wacks, V. Quinton Successful aging, coping and learning : a case study of two diverse groups of older adults Adult and Continuing Education
Waclawicz, Kevin The Investigation of Crossflow Velocity and Off-the-Surface Streamtrace Topology for a Moderately Swept Wing at Transonic Mach Numbers Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Wada, Masanori Engineering Education and the Spirit of Samurai at the Imperial College of Engineering in Tokyo, 1871-1886 Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Waddell, Alice Moore A female in the elementary school principal's office :a beacon for women Educational Administration
Waddell, Thomas Franklin It's not easy trying to be one of the guys: The effect of avatar attractiveness, avatar gender, and purported user gender on the success of help-seeking requests in an online game Communication Studies
[BTD] Waddill, Dan W Nitrogen cycling in tall fescue turf with added clippings Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
Waddill, Dan Wilson Three-Dimensional Modeling of Solute Transport with In Situ Bioremediation Based on Sequential Electron Acceptors Civil Engineering
Waddle, Ashleigh Danielle A Market Analysis for Specialty Beef in Virginia Agricultural and Applied Economics
Wade, Charles Robert Evaluation of Best Management Practices for Bladed Skid Trail Erosion Control and Determination of Erosion Model Accuracy and Applicability Forestry
[BTD] Wade, Dawn E Lutalyse induces uterine-ovarian PGF{u2082}{u03B1} release in sheep :a critical component of induced luteolysis Animal and Poultry Sciences
[BTD] Wade, Glenn Robert The relationship between landscape preference and looking time :a methodological investigation. Educational Supervision
Wade, Kristin Elizabeth An Attachment View on Parental Deployment in Adolescence: Examining the Impact on the Parent-Adolescent Relationship Human Development
[BTD] Wade, Richard Barry Modeling and analysis of scheduling restaurant personnel Industrial and Systems Engineering
Wade, Timothy Rion Use of Escherichia coli for Microbial Source Tracking in a Mixed Use Watershed in Northern Virginia Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
[VT] Wadhwa, Navish Non-coalescence of Jets Engineering Science and Mechanics
Wadl, Erica Fritz Effects of Forested Streamside Management Zone Widths and Thinning on Carbon Dynamics and Benthic Macroinvertebrates for Pine Plantations in the Piedmont of Virginia Forestry
Wadl, Phillip A. Improved regeneration and Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of wild strawberry (Fragaria vesca L.) Horticulture
Wadlington, William Herring Three genes from Solanum chacoense coding for squalene synthase Horticulture
Wadoo, Sabiha Amin Feedback Control and Nonlinear Controllability of Nonholonomic Systems. Electrical and Computer Engineering
Wadoo, Sabiha Amin Evacuation Distributed Feedback Control and Abstraction Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Waehamad, Wae-asae Synthesis and characterization of polyether-ester liquid crystalline polyesters and poly(arylene ether ketone)-lcp segmented copolymers Chemistry
[BTD] Waggoner, Charlotte M Dual task performance and antihistimane use Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Waggoner, David Kent Colostrum feeding and its effects on serum cortisol, thyroxine, immunoglobin G and cytosolic glucocorticoid receptors in skeletal muscle in the bovine neonate Animal Science
[BTD] Wagnecz, Linda Mechanical behavior and damage mechanisms of woven graphite- polyimide composite materials Engineering Mechanics
[BTD] Wagner, Albert W Electrochemical facilitated transport :a study in synthesis, simulation and experimentation Chemistry
[VT] Wagner, Alec Thomas Fundamental Studies of Two Important Atmospheric Oxidants, Ozone and Hydroxyl Radical, Reacting with Model Organic Surfaces Chemistry
Wagner, Ashley Leigh Phytase Impacts Various Non-Starch Polysaccharidase Activities on Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles Animal and Poultry Sciences
[BTD] Wagner, Brian Keith Modelling to compare harvest regulations in recreational fisheries:case study of smallmouth bass fisheries Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
Wagner, Catherine Ann Robertson Reproduction and Enzyme Detoxification Activities in Mouse Lines Selected for Response to Fescue Toxicosis Animal and Poultry Sciences
Wagner, Edward Dishman Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) And Virtual Private Network (VPN) Compared Using An Utility Function And The Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) Economics
[BTD] Wagner, Holly A Determining optimal load for a constant-load cycle ergometer test relative to isotonic leg strength Exercise Physiology
[BTD] Wagner, Jana Louise The relationship of parent and child food choices :influences of a supermarket intervention Psychology
[BTD] Wagner, Judy A. A contingency approach to the effectiveness of agenda sales strategies Marketing
Wagner, Matthew David richmond local arts museum; urban identity : recognition through transformation Architecture
Wagner, Owen C. Impetus, Options and Consequences for Sugar Policy Reform in the United States Agricultural and Applied Economics
Wagner, Paul F Legacies of Early 20th Century Logging in Southern Appalachian Streams Biology
Wagner, Rachel Cain An Examination of the Reference Watershed Approach for TMDLs with Benthic Impairments Biological Systems Engineering
[BTD] Wagner, Robert Aeroacoustics of the bifurcated 2D supersonic inlet Mechanical Engineering
Wagner, Teresa Ann Critical Thinking: The Development of a New Measure Psychology
Wagner, Teresa Ann Item Exposure issues in the Wagner Assessment Test: A Computer Adaptive Testing Approach Psychology
[BTD] Wagner, Tracey L Immune system status, select nutrient intakes, and micronutrient status in young women with a chronic suboptimal energy intake Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
[BTD] Wagoner, Charles Cliffton An economic study of a proposed 5000 kw three stage extraction condensing turbo-generator unit in the Virginia Polytechnic Institute heating and power plant Power and Fuel Engineering
Wahid, Shaikh Shahtab Facilitating Design Knowledge Reuse Through Relationships Computer Science
Wahlberg, Kristin The Role of Angiotensin II in Skeletal Muscle Metabolism Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
[BTD] Wahls, Deborah M On-orbit structural dynamic performance of a large-diameter antenna Systems Engineering
[BTD] Waidelich, William Dale Core occupational competencies for secondary agricultural education programs as identified by Ohio agricultural business and industry Vocational and Technical Education
[BTD] Wainwright, Scott C Research and experiential learning :an understanding of the Australian Aborigines relationship to their environment Landscape Architecture
Waiswa, Daniel Dynamics of Forest Cover Extent, Forest Fragmentation and Their Drivers in the Lake Victoria Crescent, Uganda From 1989 to 2009 Forestry
Waite, Kerry L Generation of a FHV-1 Viral Vaccine Against Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone for Immunocontraception of Felines Veterinary Medical Sciences
Waites, Elizabeth Anne Meridian International Contemporary Culture Center Proposed Addition to Meridian International Center Architecture
[BTD] Wajda, Rebecca K A site-specific rainfall model for Western Virginia ecosystems Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
Wakchaure, Ashwini S An ArcView tool for simulating Land Subdivision for Build Out Analysis Urban Affairs and Planning
[BTD] Wake, Steven A. Predicting maintainability with software quality metrics Computer Science and Applications
Wakjira, Jillcha Fekadu The VT1 Shape Memory Alloy Heat Engine Design Mechanical Engineering
[VT] Waknine, Jessica A Case Study of Student Cognitive Responses to Learning with Computer-Assisted Modular Curriculum Agricultural and Extension Education
[BTD] Walburn, Frederick James An empirical constitutive equation for anti-coagulated human blood. Engineering Science and Mechanics
[BTD] Walden, Ronald Francis Influences of supraoptimal root-zone temperature on the medium solution and growth of woody nursery crops Horticulture
Waldhart, Chris Analysis of Tow-Placed, Variable-Stiffness Laminates Engineering Science and Mechanics
Waldron, Christopher J. Determination of the Design Parameters for the Route 601 Bridge: A Bridge Containing the Strongwell 36 inch Hybrid Composite Double Web Beam Civil Engineering
Waldron, Christopher Joseph Investigation of Long-Term Prestress Losses in Pretensioned High Performance Concrete Girders Civil Engineering
[BTD] Waldron, Claire M The enculturation of a hearing family with a deaf child :we are all learning to sign Family and Child Development
[VT] Waldron, Jonathan Cook The Role of Interpersonal Problems in the Relationship Between Early Abuse Experiences and Adult Immune Functioning Psychology
[BTD] Waldron, William Michael Optimal vertical plane booster guidance including pitch dynamics Aerospace Engineering
Walk, Carrie L. Effects of dietary enzyme supplementation on performance, bone ash, small intestinal morphology, and apparent ileal amino acid digestibility of broilers exposed to a live coccidia oocyst vaccine Animal and Poultry Sciences
Walker, Anitra D. A Case Study of Why Teachers Choose to Remain in One Urban School District Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Walker, Anthony M. Stay or Leave? Factors Influencing the Retention of Teachers of Emotionally Disturbed in Southwestern Virginia Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Walker, Brian Kenneth Emotional Intelligence within the A/E/C Industry: A Step Toward Effective Collaboration Civil Engineering
[VT] Walker, Candace Lynette Implementing Inquiry-Based Learning in a General Microbiology Laboratory Biology
[BTD] Walker, Clay B. Experimental anaerobic bacterial infections in mice Microbiology
Walker, David Matthew Radial growth response of eastern hemlock to infestation of hemlock woolly adelgid Forestry
[BTD] Walker, Dawn Cox Living together in the classroom : the coparticipatory construction of preservice teacher and novice student identities Curriculum and Instruction
[VT] Walker, Don Gregory Estimation of Unsteady Nonuniform Heating Rates from Surface Temperature Measurements Mechanical Engineering
Walker, Eric Cardioascular Responses to Exercise: an Evaluation of the Effectiveness of a Brief Exposure to Cpap in Obstructive Sleep Apnea Patients Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
Walker, Eric Lee Statistical Calibration and Validation of a Homogeneous Ventilated Wall-Interference Correction Method for the National Transonic Facility Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Walker, Forest P Kinetics of Arsenopyrite Oxidative Dissolution by Oxygen Geosciences
Walker, Gordon James Conceptual Development and Empirical Testing of an Outdoor Recreation Experience Model: The Recreation Experience Matrix (REM) Forestry
[BTD] Walker, Jason Plant diversity and its effects on populations of cucumber beetles and their natural enemies in a cucurbit agroecosystem Horticulture
Walker, Jason Brian Landscape Architecture and Sustainable Development Landscape Architecture
[VT] Walker, Jessica Analysis of Dryland Forest Phenology using Fused Landsat and MODIS Satellite Imagery Geography
Walker, Jessica Nicole Numerical Studies of Jet-Wing Distributed Propulsion and a Simplified Noise Metric Method Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
[VT] Walker, John F. The Inhibitory Effect of Rhododendron maximum L. (Ericaceae) Thickets on Mycorrhizal Colonization of Canopy Tree Seedlings Biology
Walker, John Fletcher Diversity and Ecology of Mycorrhizal Fungi Associated With Oak Seedlings in the Appalachian Mountains Biology
[BTD] Walker, John Griffith Investigation of induced strain actuator patches implementing modeling techniques and design considerations to reduce critical stress Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Walker, Karen Ann Aggregation, courtship, and behavioral interactions in European earwigs, Forficula auricularia L. (Dermaptera: Forficulidae) Entomology
Walker, Katherine F. Filial Therapy with Parents Court-Referred for Child Maltreatment Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Walker, Kenroy A. The Aspirations Formation of Disadvantaged Jamaican Male Youths Curriculum and Instruction
[BTD] Walker, Lewis Meriwether Field, greenhouse, and laboratory evaluation of the efficacy and selectivity of the herbicide thifensulfuron for weed control in soybeans (Glycine max) Weed Science
[BTD] Walker, Lori E An investigation of the student experiences and institutional practices affecting spring-semester community college transfer students Education
Walker, Lorraine W. An Analysis of the Administrative Behavior of Three Female High School Principals Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
[BTD] Walker, Michael Allen Power system analysis on programmable calculators. Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Walker, Michelle Tenoroc State Recreation Area :a conceptual master plan study Landscape Architecture
Walker, N. Robrina Understanding Self-Efficacy for Alcohol Use: The Roles of Self-Monitoring and Hypothesized Source Variables Psychology
[VT] Walker, N. Robrina Examining the Relationships among General Coping, Alcohol-Specific Coping and Alcohol Use in a College Student Population Psychology
Walker, Sarah Madeline Nitrogen modeling of potato fields in the Bolivian Andes using GLEAMS Biological Systems Engineering
Walker, Shawn Christopher Development of a New Class of Viral Disinfectants: Enzymatic Inactivation of Sa-11 Rotavirus Veterinary Medical Sciences
[BTD] Walker, Thomas M. Tumor-induced macrophage and T cell dysfunction Biology (Microbiology and Immunology)
[BTD] Walker, Virginia Anne A study of high-achieving transfers from twenty-three Virginia community colleges to Virginia Tech Community College Education
Walker, William Paul Unsteady Aerodynamics of Deformable Thin Airfoils Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Walker, William Paul Optimization of Harmonically Deforming Thin Airfoils and Membrane Wings for Optimum Thrust and Efficiency Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
[BTD] Walkup, Michael D A Monte-Carlo optical workbench for radiometric imaging system design Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Wall, Barry E. Principals' perceptions about the transition from traditional to year round education in North Carolina Educational Administration
Wallace, Adam Folger Biologically Controlled Mineralization and Demineralization of Amorphous Silica Geosciences
Wallace, Carlington W Comparing Two Methods for Developing Local Sediment TMDLs to Address Benthic Impairments Biological Systems Engineering
[BTD] Wallace, Debbie Webb Exemplary career development practices of Virginia's middle schools Counselor Education
Wallace, Fred Clarence Reciprocity- a Design Thesis Architecture
[BTD] Wallace, George Edward A ten year follow-up study of Monroe Trade School students from September, 1940 to September, 1950 Vocational and Technical Education
Wallace, Rich A. Modern English Football Hooliganism: A Quantitative Exploration in Criminological Theory Sociology
Wallace, Richard A. Regional Differences in the Treatment of Karl Marx by the Founders of American Academic Sociology Sociology
[BTD] Wallace, Richard James Theoretical, computational and experimental analysis of the deflagration plasma accelerator and plasma beam characteristics Aerospace Engineering
[BTD] Wallace, Robert D Improving sawmill residue chip quality Forestry
Wallace, Robert Malcolm Modal Response of a Transonic Fan Blade to Periodic Inlet Pressure Distortion Mechanical Engineering
Wallace, Tamara Katina Investigating the Influence of Race on the Teaching Philosophies and Practices of Effective Teachers of Diverse Students Teaching and Learning
Wallace, Trevor Haig Biological Treatment of a Synthetic Dye Water and an Industrial Textile Wastewater Containing Azo Dye Compounds Environmental Engineering
Wallace, Troy Brandon A Procedure for the Preliminary Assessment of Water Supply Availability Civil Engineering
Wallenfelsz, Joseph A Horizontal Shear Transfer for Full-Depth Precast Concrete Bridge Deck Panels Civil Engineering
Waller, George Darryl The Impact of Music Education on Academic Achievement, Attendance Rate, and Student Conduct on the 2006 Senior Class in One Southeast Virginia Public School Division Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Waller, Gordon Henry Template Directed Growth of Nb doped SrTiO3 using Pulsed Laser Deposition Materials Science and Engineering
Waller, LaChelle Monique Transcriptional profiling of potential regulatory factors modulating defense mechanisms in soybean during Phytophthora sojae infection Interdisciplinary
Waller, Tremayne O'Brian A Mixed Method Approach for Assessing the Adjustment of Incoming First-Year Engineering Students in a Summer Bridge Program Curriculum and Instruction
Wallingford, Anna Kate Determining the threat of Pierce's disease to Virginia vineyards Entomology
Wallingford, Anna Kate Investigating host plant selection of harlequin bug, Murgantia histrionica (Hahn), in order to improve a trap cropping system for its management. Entomology
Wallis, Scott Evan Innovative Transverse Jet Interaction Arrangements in Supersonic Crossflow Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
[BTD] Walls, Coleen Hogston Cutaneous mineral loss in preadolescent girls. Human Nutrition and Foods
Walls, Elizabeth Ann A Horseshoe Crab (Limulus polyphemus) Demographic Study Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
[BTD] Walls, Mack Leslie A dynamic white-tailed deer population simulator and lessons from its use. Wildlife Management
[BTD] Walls, Michael W An experimental determination of the trailing-edge base pressure on blades in transonic turbine cascades Mechanical Engineering
Walraven, Justin Stewart Design of an Arbitrary Waveform Generator for Power System Perturbation Electrical and Computer Engineering
Walsh, Catherine Patricia Pathogenic and antigenic characterization of Neospora hughesi Veterinary Medical Sciences
[BTD] Walsh, Christine M The effects of group members' personality traits and influence on individual consensus Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Walsh, Kevin Eugene An application of relaxation methods to transonic nozzle flow. Mechanical Engineering
Walsh, Maryann Sheridan Looking at the Picture by Stepping Outside: a Qualitative Study of Parents' Of adolescents Experiences in Family Therapy Family and Child Development
[BTD] Walsh, Maureen C The predictive value of psychological type and self-monitoring on emergent leadership Industrial/Organizational Psychology
[BTD] Walsh, Maureen C. The predictive value of psychological type and self-monitoring on leadership and leadership perceptions Psychology
Walsh, Patrick McKay Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Supervisory Control Strategy Considerations for Engine Exhaust Emissions and Fuel Use Mechanical Engineering
Walsh, Stephanie Renee Emotion Focused Couples Therapy as a Treatment of Somatoform Disorders: An Outcome Study Human Development
Walsh, William Scott Effects of Sand Ingestion on the Film-Cooling of Turbine Blades Mechanical Engineering
Walter, Michael J. Documentation of Productivity and Efficiency Relationships for a Group of Southern Logging Contractors Forestry
[BTD] Walter, Peter Jonathan Evaluation of polybenzimidazole as a selective metal sorbent and controlled release agent Chemistry
Walters, Allison L. A Scaleable FIR Filter Implementation Using 32-bit Floating-Point Complex Arithmetic on a FPGA Base Custom Computing Platform Electrical Engineering
Walters, Anneke H Analysis of early lactation reproductive characteristics in Holstein cows. Dairy Science
Walters, Anneke Heleta In vitro assessment of fertilization and embryo development with Bovine spermatozoa after scrotal insulation. Dairy Science
Walters, James T. Determining the Financial Feasibility of a Wood Products Industrial Park Forestry
Walters, Jeanette Marie The protective effects of religiousness and forgiveness for the link between peer victimization and mental health in adolescence Psychology
Walters, Jessica Nicole Characterization of Atypical Hemolytic Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale Isolates and Comparison with the Normal Non-Hemolytic Phenotype Veterinary Medical Sciences
Walters, JoAnn E. A Study of School-Linked Services in Selected Project Success Pilot Sites in Illinois Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
[VT] Walters, Robert Hostile-Diabetic Men: An Examination of Peripheral Glucose and QEEG Magnitudes Subsequent to Lateralized Fluency-Stressors Psychology
Walters, Robert Patrick Frontal Regulation of Blood Glucose Levels as a Function of Hostility Psychology
[BTD] Walters, Ryp R A control system for laser trimming thick film resistors and the reliability effects Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Walters, S. M. Pattern synthesis and perturbation in tessellation automata. Electrical Engineering
Walters, Samuel P Legal Associations: Modern United States Indian Policies and their Seventeenth-Century Antecedents History
Walters, Valerie Irene Design and Analysis of a Collagenous Anterior Cruciate Ligament Replacement Engineering Mechanics
Walther, Brady M. An Investigation of the Tensile Strength and Stiffness of Unidirectional Polymer-Matrix, Carbon-Fiber Composites under the Influence of Elevated Temperatures Engineering Science and Mechanics
[BTD] Walton, Charles Rediscovering the classical roots in the sociology of emotion :Comte, Pareto, and Durkheim Sociology
[BTD] Walton, Kimberly S. Composition modification of zinc titanate (Znb2sTiOb4s) based sorbents for hot coal gas desulfurization Materials Science and Engineering
[VT] Walton, Roy Hugh Physical Designs for Safe schools Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Waltz, Christopher S. At The Water's Edge: The Grid in Coastal Construction Architecture
Waly, Ahmed Fathi A Virtual Construction Environment (VCE) for Macro Planning Environmental Design and Planning
[BTD] Walz, Jennifer Ann The Facilities Automated Scheduling Tool (FAST) Systems Engineering
[BTD] Walz, Norbert Political subcultures in Germany Political Science
Wambaugh, Virginia (De)Constructing Thresholds Architecture
[BTD] Wamelen, Arend Andries van Optimal design and testing of laminated specimens to evaluate competing composite failure criteria Aerospace Engineering
[VT] Wampler, James R An Analysis of Student Assistance Program Characteristics and Activities in Selected Illinois Schools Teaching and Learning
[BTD] Wampler, Steven Glenn Development of a CAD system for automated conceptual design of supersonic aitcraft Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Wampler, Susan Anderson Preference and acceptability of four protein sources by ruminating Holstein calves Dairy Science
Wan, Hongmei High Efficiency DC-DC Converter for EV Battery Charger Using Hybrid Resonant and PWM Technique Electrical and Computer Engineering
Wan, Hung-da Measuring Leanness of Manufacturing Systems and Identifying Leanness Target by Considering Agility Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Wan, I-Yuan Synthesis and characterization of high performance polymeric materials : poly(arylene ethers), polyamides, polyesters and liquid crystalline polyarylates Chemistry
Wan, Li P50 Sensory Gating: Impact of High Vs Low Schizotypy Personality and Smoking Status Psychology
Wan, Li Monoamine Oxidase and Sensory Gating: Psychophysiological Vulnerabilities among Teenage Smokers Psychology
Wan, Wen Semi-Parametric Techniques for Multi-Response Optimization Statistics
Wanamakok, Phuwanai Designing Operations of Geocomposite membrane Installation in Flexible Pavements Civil Engineering
[BTD] Wang, Bor-Tsuen Active control of sound transmission/radiation from elastic plates using multiple piezoelectric actuators Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Wang, Bor-Tsuen A computational approach to the prediction of wheel wear profiles Mechanical Engineering
[VT] Wang, Chao An Application of Lean Thinking to the Furniture Engineering Process Wood Science and Forest Products
Wang, Chen From network to pathway: integrative network analysis of genomic data Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Wang, Chi Propagation, height control, and flowering of Hypoestes phyllostachya Horticulture
Wang, Chuanyun Investigation on Interleaved Boost Converters and Applications Electrical and Computer Engineering
Wang, Di Some Aspects of the Crystal Chemistry of Perovskites under High Pressures Geosciences
Wang, Dong Binder Film Thickness Effect on Aggregate Contact Behavior Civil Engineering
Wang, Dong A micro-scale method to associate the fatigue properties of asphalt binder, mastic and mixture Civil Engineering
Wang, Dongbo Calcification by amorphous carbonate precursors: Towards a new paradigm for sedimentary and skeletal mineralization Geosciences
[VT] Wang, Fang Neural correlates of temporal context retrieval Psychology
Wang, Fei A Museum of the Illustrations of the Hall Encircled by Jade Architecture
Wang, FeiHong Effects of Students’ Identity Salience on Their Attitudes Toward and Experience in Face-to-face Peer Collaborative Learning Activities Curriculum and Instruction
Wang, Felix Yuen-Yi Evaluation of Enhanced Bioremediation for Reductive Dechlorination of Tetrachloroethene (PCE): Microcosm Study Civil and Environmental Engineering
Wang, Feng polydimethylsiloxane modification of segmented thermoplastic polyurethanes and polyureas Chemistry
[BTD] Wang, Feng Molecular composites of a conducting polymer : syntheses and characterization of poly(1,4-phenylenevinylene)-crown ether rotaxanes Chemistry
[VT] Wang, Flora Yinglai-Hua Purification and Characterization of Native and Recombinant Dipeptidyl Aminopeptidase 1 of Plasmodium falciparum Biochemistry
Wang, Gang Nanjing Library a Study of Intangible Contents of Architecture Architecture
Wang, Guanying Evaluating MapReduce System Performance: A Simulation Approach Computer Science
[BTD] Wang, Guozhang A photoelastic study of stress distribution in a spur gear tooth Mechanical Engineering
Wang, Haiyuan Security Architecture for the TEAMDEC System Electrical and Computer Engineering
Wang, Hao Road Profiler Performance Evaluation and Accuracy Criteria Analysis Civil Engineering
Wang, Heng Travel Time Estimation on Arterial Streets Civil Engineering
[VT] Wang, Hezhong Chitosan-Cellulose Nanocrystal Polyelectrolyte Complex Particles: Preparation, Characterization, and In Vitro Drug Release Properties Wood Science and Forest Products
Wang, Hongfang Investigation of Power Semiconductor Devices for High Frequency High Density Power Converters Electrical and Computer Engineering
Wang, Hongjie Global Optimization of Nonconvex Factorable Programs with Applications to Engineering Design Problems Industrial and Systems Engineering
Wang, Hongwei Boundary Layer Characteristics on a Tiltrotor Blade Model Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Wang, Huaguo Describing and Predicting Breakthrough Curves for non-Reactive Solute Transport in Statistically Homogeneous Porous Media Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
Wang, Huei-Jin Projecting Carbon Pools in Aboveground Woody Accumulations and Harvested Wood in Loblolly Pine Plantations of the Southern United States: From Stand-level to Regional Scales Forestry
Wang, Hui-Shan Amy Arsenic in drinking water caused ultra-structural damage in urinary bladder but did not affect expression of DNA damage repair genes or repair of DNA damage in transitional cells Veterinary Medical Sciences
[BTD] Wang, Jain-Chung J. Efficient parallel simulations and their application to communication networks Computer Science
Wang, Ji Suspended Micro/ nanofiber Hierarchical Scaffolds for Studying Cell Mechanobiology Macromolecular and Science Engineering
Wang, Jiajun Sapphire Fiber Based Sensing Technologies for High Temperature Applications Electrical and Computer Engineering
Wang, Jialin AFM surface force measurements between hydrophobized gold surfaces Materials Science and Engineering
Wang, Jianfeng Micromechanics of Granular Media: A Fundamental Study of Interphase Systems Civil Engineering
[VT] Wang, Jiang Verifiable Adaptive Control Solutions for Flight Control Applications Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Wang, Jianli Design and Characterization of Central Functionalized Asymmetric tri-Block Copolymer Modified Surfaces Chemistry
[BTD] Wang, Jie Characterizing resistance in flue-cured tobacco to Globodera tabacum solanacearum Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science
wang , jing Distributed Pressure and Temperature Sensing Based on Stimulated Brillouin Scattering Electrical and Computer Engineering
Wang, Jinggang Soft Real-Time Switched Ethernet: Best-Effort Packet Scheduling Algorithm, Implementation, and Feasibility Analysis Electrical and Computer Engineering
[VT] Wang, John Mujia Cocaine Use Modulates Neural Prediction Error During Aversive Learning Psychology
Wang, Joshua Kevin Identification, Analysis, and Control of Power System Events Using Wide-Area Frequency Measurements Electrical and Computer Engineering
[Mixed] Wang, Ju Health Care Access by Immigrant Women -- A Comparison of California, Florida and New York Political Science
Wang, Jun Vidi: a Lightweight Protocol Between Visualization Systems and Digital Libraries Computer Science
Wang, Kaihong Vibration Analysis of Cracked Composite Bending-torsion Beams for Damage Diagnosis Mechanical Engineering
[VT] Wang, Kehua Effects of Nitrate and Cytokinin on Nitrogen Metabolism and Heat Stress Tolerance of Creeping Bentgrass Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
[BTD] Wang, Lei Study of surface cracks in a simulated solid rocket propellant grain with an internal star perforation Engineering Mechanics
[BTD] Wang, Lei Investigations into deep cracks in rocket motor propellant models Engineering Science and Mechanics
Wang, Lei Printed Circuit Board Design for Frequency Disturbance Recorder Electrical and Computer Engineering
Wang, Lei Next Generation Frequency Disturbance Recorder Design and Timing Analysis Electrical and Computer Engineering
Wang, Li Recommendations for Design Parameters for Central Composite Designs with Restricted Randomization Statistics
Wang, Liguang Surface Forces in Foam Films Mining and Minerals Engineering
Wang, Lingyun Feeder Performance Analysis with Distributed Algorithm Electrical and Computer Engineering
Wang, Lixin Optimal and Approximate Algorithms for the Multiple-Lots-per-Carrier Scheduling and Integrated Automated Material Handling and Lot Scheduling Problems in 300mm Wafer Fabs Industrial and Systems Engineering
Wang, Lu VOLUMETRIC TRANSPARENCY: Application of an Improved Double Glass Facade System to Cowgill Hall, Blacksburg Architecture
Wang, Lu Cure Rate Model with Spline Estimated Components Statistics
Wang, Meng The Integration of State Space into the Dynamic Synthesis/Design and Operational/Control Optimization of a PEMFC System Mechanical Engineering
Wang, Mian Urban Frame Architecture
Wang, Naigang Multiferroic Bismuth Ferrite-Lead Titanate and Iron-Gallium Crystalline Solutions: Structure-Property Investigations Materials Science and Engineering
Wang, Ningling Purification and Characterization of Proteoglycan from Bovine Aortic Endothelial Cells Conditioned Media, and Its Interaction with Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor (bFGF) Chemical Engineering
Wang, Peng New Craig County Hall -- A Scene Container Architecture
Wang, Pengyuan Bridging the Gap between Deterministic and Stochastic Modeling with Automatic Scaling and Conversion Computer Science
[VT] Wang, Ping Geology and Tectonic Significance of the Late Precambrian Eastern Blue Ridge Cover Sequence in Central Virginia Geosciences
[VT] Wang, Pu Immersed Finite Element Particle-In-Cell Modeling of Surface Charging in Rarefied Plasmas Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Wang, Qian Finite Element Modeling of Occupant Injury Risk and Crash Performance of W-Beam Guardrail Barriers in Roadside Crashes Biomedical Engineering
[BTD] Wang, Qing Occupational conditions, gender, and parental behaviors and values Sociology
[VT] Wang, Qiong Optimal Investment Strategies for Flexible Resources, Considering Pricing and Correlated Demands Industrial and Systems Engineering
[VT] Wang, Qiong The activity and content of calpains in maturing dystrophic muscle membranes Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
[VT] Wang, Qiong Design of Extreme Efficiency Active Rectifier for More-electric Aircrafts Electrical and Computer Engineering
Wang, Rongrong Contextualizing Remote Touch for Affect Conveyance Computer Science and Applications
Wang, Ruijia Effect of Non-Ionic Surfactants and Nano-Particles on the Stability of Foams Materials Science and Engineering
Wang, Ruxi High Power Density and High Temperature Converter Design for Transportation Applications Electrical and Computer Engineering
Wang, Sai GLR Control Charts for Monitoring the Mean Vector or the Dispersion of a Multivariate Normal Process Statistics
Wang, Shen Modeling and Design of Planar Integrated Magnetic Components Electrical and Computer Engineering
[VT] Wang, Shen Design and Analysis of a Low-Power Low-Voltage Quadrature LO Generation Circuit for Wireless Applications Electrical and Computer Engineering
Wang, Shin Cheng Analysis of Zero-Heavy Data Using a Mixture Model Approach Statistics
[BTD] Wang, Shiping Peptides as amino acid sources for the synthesis of secreted proteins by mammary tissue explants and cultured mammary epithelial cells Animal Science
Wang, Shuo Characterization and Cancellation of High-Frequency Parasitics for EMI Filters and Noise Separators in Power Electronics Applications Electrical and Computer Engineering
Wang, Tong Enhanced Field Emission Studies on Nioboim Surfaces Relevant to High Field Superconducting Radio-Frequency Devices Physics
Wang, Tzin Shaun A Hermite Cubic Immersed Finite Element Space for Beam Design Problems Mathematics
Wang , Wei Power Module with Series-connected MOSFETs in Flip-chip Configuration Electrical and Computer Engineering
Wang, Wei The Impact of Volitional Feedback on Learners' Self-Efficacy and Course Satisfaction in a College Assignment System Curriculum and Instruction
[VT] Wang, Weirui Chinese Governmental Post-Crisis Management of 2003 SARS Epidemic: Evaluation of Governmental Communication Strategies and Frame Correlation between Government and Mass Media Communication Studies
[VT] Wang, Xiangrong Effect of Sample Size on Irt Equating of Uni-Dimensional Tests in Common Item Non-Equivalent Group Design: a Monte Carlo Simulation Study Educational Research and Evaluation
Wang, Xianqin Novel, High Activity Hydroprocessing Catalysts: Iron Group Phosphides Chemical Engineering
Wang, Xianrui Roger Analysis of ATM Call Detail Records and Recommendations for Standards Electrical and Computer Engineering
Wang, Xiao Simulation of Simultaneously Negative Medium Metamaterials Electrical and Computer Engineering
Wang, Xiaodong Design, Syntheses, and Bioactivities of Conformationally Locked Pin1 Ground State Inhibitors Chemistry
Wang, Xiaohai Stereological Interpretation of Rock Fracture Traces on Borehole Walls and Other Cylindrical Surfaces Civil Engineering
Wang, Xiaojun Design and Implementation of An Emulation Testbed for Video Communications in Ad Hoc Networks Computer Science
Wang, Xiaojun Well-posedness results for a class of complex flow problems in the high Weissenberg number limit Mathematics
Wang, Xiaoqiang The Influence of a Skewed Disk on a Flexible Rotating Shaft Engineering Science and Mechanics
Wang, Xiaoshan Site-Directed Mutagenesis in Francisella Tularensis by Allelic Veterinary Medical Sciences
Wang, Xiaowei Weighted Optimality of Block Designs Statistics
Wang, Xiaoyan Modeling and Implementation of Controller for Switched Reluctance Motor With Ac Small Signal Model Electrical and Computer Engineering
Wang, Xijun Geometric Trimming and Curvature Continuous Surface Blending for Aircraft Fuselage and Wing Shapes Mechanical Engineering
[VT] Wang, Xinfei Multiscale Modeling of friction Mechanisms with Hybrid Methods Civil Engineering
Wang, Xingwei Optical Fiber Tip Pressure Sensor Electrical and Computer Engineering
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(A study of solid phase microextraction and headspace sampling)

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Environmental Engineering
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[BTD] Wood, Paul A. Synthesis and characterization of novel bismaleimides derived from arylene phosphine oxides and ether-ketones Chemistry
[BTD] Wood, Paul A. Synthesis and characterization of linear and star-branched butadiene-isoprene block copolymers and their hydrogenated derivatives Chemistry
Wood, Paula Reese The Importance of Technical Competencies for Beginning Secondary Business Teachers in Virginia Teaching and Learning
Wood, Rebecca S. Housing Market Choice Patterns of Single Women Homeowners Housing, Interior Design, and Resource Management
Wood, William Alfred Multi-dimensional Upwind Fluctuation Splitting Scheme with Mesh Adaption for Hypersonic Viscous Flow Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Wood-Arendt, Ann Elizabeth The Role of Outreach Education in Achieving Environmental Literacy Forestry
Woodard, Colleen A. Merit in Principle, Merit in Practice: An Investigation into Merit-based Human Resources Management Through the Lens of Title 5-exempt Federal Organizations Public Administration and Public Affairs
Woodard, Robert Seth The Appalachian Power Company Along the New River: The Defeat of the Blue Ridge Project in Historical Perspective History
[BTD] Woodburn, Mary Alice Random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) analysis of Bacillus sphaericus Biology
Wooddell, Michael Gary Increased Functionality Porous Optical Fiber Structures Materials Science and Engineering
Woodrum, Milton Lanier Phantom Limbs:urban history and the generation of built form Architecture
[VT] Woods, Adria M The Effect of Current and Perceived Economic Conditions on Consumer Apparel Purchase Expenditures Housing, Interior Design, and Resource Management
Woods, Daniel Richard Class Conscious or Conscience Class: The Pedagogical Choices Teachers Make as Critical Literacy Practitioners Teaching and Learning
Woods, David DeForest Mark II Dual-Mode Vehicle Design and Analysis Engineering Mechanics
Woods, Donna E. An Investigation of the Effects of a Middle School Reading Intervention on School Dropout Rates Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
[BTD] Woods, John D A study of the effects of business activity diversity on economic growth in small towns, as a consideration to landscape architectural site programming Landscape Architecture
[VT] Woods, Kristi Yvonne Nymphaea odorata (Water-lily, Nymphaeaceae): Analyses of molecular and morphological studies Biology
Woods, Michael John CloudSpace: A Web Development Environment for CS1 Courses Computer Science
Woods, Mitchell Alexander Effects of negatively sloped keyboard wedges on user performance and perceptions Industrial and Systems Engineering
Woods, Zachary John-Robert The Digital John D. Wagg Papers English
[BTD] Woodson, Marshall Benjamin Optimal design of composite fuselage frames for crashworthiness Aerospace Engineering
Woodward, Adam Charles Experimental Analysis of the Effects of the Variation of Drawbar Pull Test Parameters for Exploration Vehicles on GRC-1 Lunar Soil Simulant Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Woodward, Clifford Edward Electroplating of polymethacrylate Chemical Engineering
[BTD] Woodward, Terry L Effects of ovarian steroids on bovine mammary epithelial cells :in vitro and in viro evidence of indirect stimulation of proliferation Dairy Science
Woodward, Timothy Ryan Evaluation of Urea Ammonium-Nitrate Fertilizer Application Methods Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
Woodworth, Michael Allen Optimization of Highway Bridge Girders for Use with Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) Civil Engineering
[BTD] Woofter, Christopher L Environmental compliance in quarrying operations :a computer-based decison support system Mining and Minerals Engineering
Woofter, Jennifer Kay OPSEC v. RTK: Media Restrictions in United Nations Peacekeeping Political Science
[Mixed] Woolwine, Elaine W Components of An Effective Workplace Mentorship Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
[BTD] Woon, Christopher Earle The effects of ambient temperature variations on structural dynamic characteristics Mechanical Engineering
[VT] Woosnam, Kyle Maurice Place Attachment as an Interactional Process: A Case Study of Isle au Haut, Maine Forestry
Wooster, Roland Peter Optimizing Response Time, Rather than Hit Rates, of WWW Proxy Caches Computer Science
Wootten, David F Short Term Time Course Skeletal Responses to High Intensity Physical Exercise Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
Worden, Alexander Emergent Explorations: Analog and Digital Scripting Architecture
Worek, William J. Matching Genetic Sequences in Distributed Adaptive Computing Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering
[VT] Work, William Eugene The Concept of Community and the Synchronous Computer-Mediated Communication of the Internet Sociology
Workman, Sr., Eric R. Historical Study of Burke’s Garden High School: 1915 to 1960 Career and Technical Education
Worley, Catherine Lynn At-Risk Students and Academic Achievement: The Relationship Between Certain Selected Factors and Academic Success Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Worley, Gary M. The Effects of Highlight Color on Immediate Recall in Subjects of Different Cognitive Styles Teaching and Learning
Worley, Jennifer Lee Evaluation of Dechlorinating Agents and Disposable Containers for Odor Testing of Drinking Water Environmental Engineering
[BTD] Worley, John Wright A systems analysis of sweet sorghum harvest for a piedmont ethanol industry Agricultural Engineering
Worley, Marilyn Elizabeth Experimental Study on the Mobility of Lightweight Vehicles on Sand Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Worley, Stacy K Bearing failure detection in farm machinery using low-cost acoustic techniques Agricultural Engineering
Worlikar, Poonam An Interactive Digital Manual For Safety Around Conveyor Belts In Surface Mining Building Construction
[BTD] Woronecki, Paul Peter Evaluation of some cottontail rabbit management procedures as applied in Piedmont Virginia Wildlife Management
[BTD] Worrell, E. Glen Loggers' perceptions of the costs of best management practices on timber harvesting operations in Virginia Forestry
Worrell, Travis G. School Psychologists' Job Satisfaction: Ten Years Later Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
[BTD] Worrell, William J Nitrocellulose literature review characterization and application to modern gun propellants Chemistry
Worsley, Gayll Black Filmmaker's Foundation Architecture
[BTD] Woteki, Catherine E Some nutritional considerations of lactose malabsorption in Mexican American children. Human Nutrition and Foods
Woyak, Jeremy Software Architecture Considerations for Facilitating Electric Power System Planning Incorporating a Variety of Design Categories Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Woyak, Scott A A motif-like object-oriented interface framework using PHIGS Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Woyak, Scott A. An object-oriented methodology and supporting framework for creating engineering software by dynamic integration Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Woynicz, Richard A Large data network survivability Systems Engineering
[BTD] Wray, Barry A. Prediction and control in a just-in-time environment using neural networks Accounting and Information Systems
[BTD] Wreggit, Steven S. The development and validation of algorithms for the detection of driver drowsiness Industrial and Systems Engineering
Wrenn, Corey Lee Powerlessness and Pollution in Alleghany County, Virginia: A Historical Analysis of Paternalism and Economic Coercion in Appalachia and its Relationship with Environmental Degradation Sociology
[BTD] Wrenn, William B Fisheries studies in relation to a long heated discharge channel (Colbert Steam Plant, Tennessee River). Ecology
[BTD] Wright, Alesia M Serotonergic and dopaminergic systems as targets for exogenous neurotoxins causing a parkinsonian syndrome Entomology
Wright, Amy Noelle Influence of Lime and Micronutrient Amendments on Growth of Containerized Landscape Trees Grown in Pine Bark Horticulture
[BTD] Wright, Andrew D Acoustic boundary condition estimation in a near-scale gas-turbine combustor Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Wright, Annie Fred Hines A follow-up study of homemakers who were former homemaking students of Radford High School, Radford, Virginia Home Economics Education
Wright, Daniel Drawing Towards Building Architecture
Wright, Darryl R. The Redevelopment of Lake Anne, Reston, Virginia Landscape Architecture
[VT] Wright, David Kenyon Effects of Clearcutting with Whole Tree Harvesting on Woody and Herbaceous Plant Diversity After 17-Years of Regrowth in a Southern Appalachian Forest Forestry
Wright, Deborah J. Molecular Biology of Desiccation Tolerance in the Cyanobacterium Nostoc commune Biochemistry
[VT] Wright, Gordon Tyler An Assessment of the Potential Impacts of Emerald Ash Borer (Agrilus planipennis Fairmaire) on Virginia's Municipal Street Trees Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation
[VT] Wright, Jennifer Parallel Processing for Modeling Reactive Transport in Groundwater Environmental Engineering
[VT] Wright, Jim Utilization OF Apple Wash Treatments And Ultraviolet Light For The Elimination Of Escherichia coli O157:H7 In Apple Cider Food Science and Technology
Wright, Joseph H. An Investigation of a Minimal-Contact Bibliotherapy Approach to Relapse Prevention for Individuals Treated for Panic Attacks Psychology
[VT] Wright, Lee David Tissue Engineering Cartilage with a Composite Electrospun and Hydrogel Scaffold Biomedical Engineering
Wright, Linda F. An Identification of Student Summer Activities and Their Relationship to Mathematics Testing Performance Measured From Spring to Fall Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
[BTD] Wright, Martha A Effect of feeding high levels of broiler litter on mineral metabolism and health of beef cows Animal Science
Wright, Mary Elizabeth Conville Barriers to and Motivations for Curriculum-Based Education Program Participation at Great Smoky Mountains National Park Forestry
[BTD] Wright, Newell D Consumption and home ownership :the evolving meaning of home Marketing
[BTD] Wright, Philip A Rapid development of VHDL behavioral models Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Wright, Ralph R Electron microscopy calibration and application of the electron microscope to the solution of problems associated with the manufacture of iron oxide pigments Industrial Physics
Wright, Richard I. A Hierarchical Noise Control System Using Adaptable Tuned Vibration Absorbers Mechanical Engineering
Wright, Robert Brian The Idealistic Realist: Mary McLeod Bethune, The National Council of Negro Women and the National Youth Administration History
Wright, Robert S. Vacuum Steam Technology for Rapid Plasticization and Bending of Maple Wood Science and Forest Products
Wright, Russell Eric Effects of Electrically-Stimulated Silver-Coated Implants and Bacterial Contamination in a Canine Radius Fracture Gap Model Veterinary Medical Sciences
Wright, Timothy John Community Space in the Urban Context Architecture
Wright, Vella S. Breaking the Time Barrier: Algebra Instruction in an Alternate-Day Block Schedule Educational Administration
[BTD] Wright, William H The effect of passive and electronic amplitude-sensitive hearing protectors on the detection of a warning signal Industrial and Systems Engineering
Wroble, Brian Noel The Role of Chk2 and Wee1 Protein Kinases during the Early Embryonic Development of Xenopus laevis Biology
[BTD] Wrona, Dan A Dy:YAG coated fiber optic thermal sensor :proof of concept Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Wu, Chang-Hong X-ray diffraction study of aged copper beryllium alloys Materials Engineering Science
[BTD] Wu, Chen-Hung Modeling and stability investigation of a Glulam dome Civil Engineering
Wu, Chengqiu Peace or War in the Taiwan Strait: A Game Theoretical Analysis of the Taiwan Issue Political Science
[VT] Wu, Chengqiu The Discursive Construction of Taiwanese National Identity Planning, Governance, and Globalization
Wu, Chongming Structural and Synthetic Studies of Potential Antitumor Natural Products Chemistry
Wu, Chun-Hsien Microstructure of Flash processed Steel Characterized by Electron Backscatter Diffraction Materials Science and Engineering
Wu, Genfa Energetic Deposition of Niobium Thin Film in Vacuum Physics
Wu, Haisang Energy-Efficient, Utility Accrual Real-Time Scheduling Electrical and Computer Engineering
Wu, Hao Moments in a pavilion Architecture
Wu, Haoran Multi-Channel Constant Current (MC3) LED Driver for Indoor LED Luminaries Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Wu, Jau-Je Moire interferometry at high temperatures Engineering Mechanics
Wu, Jia Implementation of a 100kW Soft-Switched DC Bus Regulator Based on Power Electronics Building Block Concept Electrical and Computer Engineering
Wu, Jiang A Chinese Community Center Architecture
Wu, Jiedi New Constraints on Fault-Zone Structure from Seismic Guided Waves Geosciences
Wu, Jinpei Entrepreneurial Orientation, Entrepreneurial Intent and New Venture Creation: Test of a Framework in a Chinese Context Management
Wu, Jiyun The Impact of Corporate Supplier Diversity Programs on Corporate Purchasers’ Decision-Making Regarding Women-Owned Enterprises: An Empirical Test Using the Theory of Planned Behavior Management
Wu, Kejia An Urban Edge for Innovation & Reservation: create a figurative stage for students to perform their lives Architecture
Wu, Miaozong Nutritional Regulation of Serum Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I Concentration in Cattle Animal and Poultry Sciences
Wu, Nan Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometry Based Quasi-distributed High Temperature Sensor Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Wu, Ning Identification of a chromosomal region possibly involved in O-side chain biosynthesis in Brucella abortus Veterinary Medical Sciences
[BTD] Wu, Pai-Hung Analysis of the vibrations of inflatable dams under overflow conditions Civil Engineering
[VT] Wu, Qiong Do Infants Discriminate Hyper-from Non-Hyperarticulated Speech? Psychology
[VT] Wu, Tianyu Synthesis and Characterization of Zwitterion-Containing Acrylic (Block) Copolymers for Emerging Electroactive and Biomedical Applications Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Wu, Veronica Tong Chemical, Physical and Sensory Characteristics of Lactose-reduced Baked Custards Made with a Low-fat, Low-cholesterol Egg Substitute Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
Wu, Wan Analytical and Numerical Methods Applied to Nonlinear Vessel Dynamics and Code Verification for Chaotic Systems Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Wu, Weixin Mining constraints for Testing and Verification Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Wu, Wen Function of a C-rich region in the transcriptional regulation of the glycogen phosphorylase-2 gene in Dictyostelium discoideum Biology
Wu, Xiaofeng Experimental and Theoretical Study of Microwave Heating of Thermal Runaway Materials Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Wu, Xiaolin Theoretical analysis of bump and airblast events associated with coal mining under strong roofs Mining and Minerals Engineering
[VT] Wu, Xiaoyuan Simulation of Communication Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Wu, Xing Optimization of control device locations and sizes in mine ventilation systems Mining Engineering
Wu, Yaru The role of Toll-like Receptor 4 in the Modulation in Skeletal Muscle Metabolism Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
[VT] Wu, Yi-Ping Nutrients Analysis of Preschool Lunch Menus in Virginia Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
Wu, Yingxiang Rapid Prototyping Job Scheduling Optimization Mechanical Engineering
Wu, Yingxiang Describing Integrated Power Electronics Modules using STEP AP210 Electrical and Computer Engineering
Wu, Yufei Implementation of Parallel and Serial Concatenated Convolutional Codes Electrical and Computer Engineering
Wu, Zhanghan Understanding molecular and cellular processes using statistical physics Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology
Wu, Zheng Hybrid Multi-Objective Optimization Models for Managing Pavement Assets Civil Engineering
Wu, Zhongyu Wide Area Analysis and Application in Power System Electrical and Computer Engineering
Wu-Rorrer, Billy Ray A Case Study in Online Instruction for a Non-Laboratory-Based Course in Herbaceous Plants Career and Technical Education
[BTD] Wuchina, Eric Joseph Thermochemical modeling and chemical vapor deposition of two-phase borides in the Hf-Si-B-Cl-H system Materials Engineering Science
Wuenschel, Jr., Jeffrey Carl Effects of Feeding Supplemental Eicosapentanoic Acid and Docosahexanoic Acid to Beef Females on Reproductive Responses and Free Fatty Acids Animal and Poultry Sciences
Wulfing, Kathryn Wells Compasso d'Oro and Changes in the Italian Domestic Landscape Architecture
Wulster, Meghan Carole Estradiol-17beta-Oxytocin Induced Cervical Dilation in Sheep: Application to Transcervical Embryo Animal and Poultry Sciences
[Mixed] Wulster-Radcliffe, Meghan Carole The Mechanism of Action of Exogenous PGF2alpha in Clearance of Nonspecific Uterine Infections in Sheep and Pigs Animal and Poultry Sciences
Wunder, Steven Between Earth and Sky Architecture
[BTD] Wuosmaa, David Harrison Derivation of interspecific Solanum hybrid genotypes with resistance to Colorado potato beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say) Horticulture
Wusik, Michael Socially Positive Behaviors as Self-Handicapping Psychology
Wyatt, John Guthrie The Relationship Between Structural and Tectonic Evolution and Mineralization at the Coles Hill Uranium Deposit, Pittsylvania County, Virginia Geosciences
Wyatt, Nikkiah Black American Client Perceptions of the Treatment Process in a University Marriage and Family Therapy Clinic Human Development
Wyatt, Sarah Alice Inexact Solves in Interpolatory Model Reduction Mathematics
Wyatt, Sarah Alice Issues in Interpolatory Model Reduction: Inexact Solves, Second-order Systems and DAEs Mathematics
[BTD] Wyatt, William George The effects of a simulation career game on the achievement motivation of vocational students enrolled in developmental arithmetic. Vocational and Technical Education
[BTD] Wyckoff, Christopher David Investigation into and design of an automatic restraint system for ROPS-equipped off-road vehicles Agricultural Engineering
Wydner III, Fred Preston Nutritional and Management Practices to Reduce Excessive Nutrient Excretion on Dairy Farms Dairy Science
[BTD] Wyke, Vicki L An investigation of the relationship of locus of control and self-monitoring to body image in athletic populations Health and Physical Education
[BTD] Wylezinski, Andrzej T. Extra-light log trailer design Forestry
[BTD] Wylie, George A study to identify and compare the personal, social and academic adjustment problems experienced by minority black and caucasian graduate students enrolled at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, a predominantly white institution, and Virginia State College, a predominantly black institution Educational Administration
[BTD] Wymer, Charles W A comparison of the relationships between level of education, job performance, and beliefs on professionalism within the Virginia State Police Junior and Community College Education
[BTD] Wynn, Carol Jaeger Sensor arrays for the measurement of dispersive, flexural waves in structures for signal-to-noise ratio enhancement and angle of arrival determination Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Wynn, Carol Jaeger An on-line chemistry monitor for boron concentration Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Wynn, Jeffrey W A geographic information system analysis of submarine groundwater discharge on the eastern shore of Virginia Environmental Engineering
[BTD] Wynn, Robert H. The control of flexible structure vibrations using a cantilevered adaptive truss Mechanical Engineering
Wynn, Theresa M. The Effects of Vegetation on Stream Bank Erosion Biological Systems Engineering
Wynn, Thomas Cleveland State-Wide Sequence Framework of Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Ramp Reservoirs: Mississippian Big Lime, West Virginia, USA Geological Sciences
Wyse, Jennifer Lynn Teachers’ Perceptions of the Construction of National Identity through the Primary School Social Studies Program in Malawi Sociology

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