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Author Name Title Department
Zaato, Francis Processes for Forming Plasmonic Waveguides from Self-Assembled Gold Nanoparticle Thin Films Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zabaronick, Noel A. Eye Tracking Using Fiber Optics and Computer Vision Techniques Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zabaronick, William John Using a Mammalian Virus to Create Plants for Site-Specific Transgene Insertion Biology
Zacharias, Sebastian Modeling Spatial Variability of Field-Scale Solute Transport in the Vadose Zone Biological Systems Engineering
[BTD] Zacharias, Sebastian Tillage effects on leaching and persistence of pesticides in coastal plain soil Agricultural Engineering
Zack, Melissa Kareen Reliability and Validity of Body Composition and Bone Mineral Density Measurements by DXA Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
[BTD] Zaebst, Thomas Winter Recovery status of a cypress (Taxodium distichum)-water tupelo (Nyssa aquatica) wetland seven years after harvest disturbance Forestry
Zafer, Ali Asghar NetEdit: A collaborative Editor Computer Science
Zaghlool, Shaza Basyouni Using Artificial Life to Design Machine Learning Algorithms for Decoding Gene Expression Patterns from Images Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zaheda, Mahjabeen Images: A Mask for Scuola Vecchia della Misericordia,Venice. Architecture
Zahid, Kazi Space-time Processsing for the Wideband-CDMA System Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zahran, Alyaa R On the Efficiency of Designs for Linear Models in Non-regular Regions and the Use of Standard Desings for Generalized Linear Models Statistics
Zai, Andrew The Steered Auxiliary Beam Canceller for Interference Cancellation in a Phased Array Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Zaitzow, Barbara H Toward an integrated explanation of female criminality :the deprivation-compensation model Sociology
[BTD] Zajicek, Anna M. Labor activism and industrial relations in the coal-mining industries of the United States, Great Britain and Poland Sociology
[BTD] Zajicek, Edward K Valuation of quality determinants in consumer demand for automobile :a hedonic price approach Economics
Zakaria, Gaguk Cascade RLS with Subsection Adaptation Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Zakaria, Gaguk Switching adaptive filter structures for improved performance Electrical Engineering
Zakaria, Zulkifli Factors Related to Information Technology Implementation in the Malaysian Ministry of Education Polytechnics Teaching and Learning
Zaki, Hossam M. Language as a Mediator between Home Environment and Prefrontal Functioning In Early Childhood Psychology
Zaki, Hossam M. Language and Working Memory Capacity in Early Adulthood: Contributions From First and Second Language Proficiency Psychology
[BTD] Zakich, Daniel Some considerations of an optimum sample size for a one-stage sampling procedure Statistics
Zaklikowski, Anna Emilia The Effect of Chlorine and Chloramines on the Viability and Activity of Nitrifying Bacteria Environmental Engineering
Zaldivar, Marc Robert Blending cognitive rule-based, process-based, and context-based theories in the development of online grammar instruction Teaching and Learning
[BTD] Zaldivar, Virgilio Antonio Centeno Adaptive out-of-step relaying with phasor measurement Electrical Engineering
Zalewski, Jon Eric Effects of Reduced Early Post-Sprigging Nitrogen Application on Bermudagrass Sprig Establishment Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
Zalich, Michael Andrew Physical Properties of Magnetic Macromolecule-Metal and Macromolecule-Metal Oxide Nanoparticle Complexes Chemistry
Zaloshnja, Eduard X. Analysis of Agricultural Production in Albania: Prospects for Policy Improvement Agricultural and Applied Economics
[BTD] Zalubas, Mark Paul Preliminary design of a communications spacecraft--GEOCOMM Systems Engineering
[BTD] Zang, Lun-Yi Molecular basis of MPTP-induced Parkinson's disease Veterinary Medical Sciences
[BTD] Zangari, Mary-Eve C Family members' experiences of saturation, bonding, and leisure :a feminist perspective Family and Child Development
Zanko, Ashley Lee Evaluating the Potential Public Health Impact of Community Gardens in a Health Disparate Region: A case study approach Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
Zappettini, Kris Rural Self-Help Housing: A Post Occupancy Evaluation of Homeowners' Satisfaction With Residential Space Plan Design and Housing Quality Near Environments
[BTD] Zarco, Mark Albert Solution fo soil-structure interaction problems by coupled boundary element-finite element method Civil Engineering
Zareian-Jahromi, Mohammad Amin MEMS-Based Micro Gas Chromatography: Design, Fabrication and Characterization Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zaremski, Brian Zachary The Advancement of Adaptive Relaying in Power Systems Protection Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zarookian, Ruffy Feasibility of Spectrum Sharing Between Airborne Weather Radar and Wireless Local Area Networks Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zaveri, Rahul A. Development and Evaluation of a Comprehensive Tropospheric Chemistry Model for Regional and Global Applications Chemical Engineering
[BTD] Ze?evi?, Nevena Techniques and adaptation algorithms for direct-sequence spread-spectrum CDMA single-user detection Electrical Engineering
Zeagler, Andrew Structure and Processing Relations in Ni-W Amorphous Particle Strengthened Ni Matrix Composites Materials Science and Engineering
Zeagler, Andrew On a Bimodal Distribution of Grain Size in Mechanically Alloyed Bulk Tungsten Heavy Alloys Materials Science and Engineering
[BTD] Zeakes, Jason S Extrinsic Fabry-Perot Interferometric hydrogen gas sensor Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Zeccolo, Peggy L. The nature, origin, and validity of ethics for nursing administrators Public Administration and Policy
Zeckoski, Rebecca Winfrey Simulation of Runoff and Pollutant Loss in Urbanizing Watersheds Biological Systems Engineering
Zegley, Linda A An Investigation of the Relationship Between Self-reported Multicultural Counseling Competence and Middle School Counselors’ Efforts to Broach Racial, Ethnic, and Cultural Factors with Students Counselor Education
Zegre, Nicolas P. The Hillslope Hydrology of a Mountain Pasture: The Influence of Subsurface Flow on Nitrate and Ammonium Transport Forestry
Zeh, Christopher Michael Softwear: A Flexible Design Framework For Electronic Textile Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Zeimer, Michael A Selection of pure error generators for simulation experiments Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Zeis, Jennifer L Custom order visualization system Systems Engineering
Zekert, Ashley Elizabeth Effect of Alternative Household Sanitizing Formulations Including: Tea Tree Oil, Borax, and Vinegar, to Inactivate Foodborne Pathogens on Food Contact Surfaces Food Science and Technology
Zelazny, Lucian M. Toward a Theory of Information System Development Success: Perceptions of Software Development Team Members Accounting and Information Systems
[BTD] Zell, Stacy Kay Characterizing the conversation :a historical re-view of Maria Montessori's visits to the United States, 1913-1918 Curriculum and Instruction
Zell, Stacy Kay Characterizing the Conversation: A Historical Re-view of Maria Montessori's Visits to the United States 1913-1918 Human Development
Zellmer, David B. The Knowledgeable City: A Networked, Knowledge-Based Strategy for Local Governance and Urban Development Urban Affairs and Planning
[BTD] Zellner, James Alton The behavior of regulatory commissions :a case study of the Virginia State Corporation Commission. Economics
Zellweger, Jon Robert The Silver Fraction - A Weathered Inebriation: Plans, Elevations, Sections, Details, Models and Texts for a Brewery and a Biergarten on the bank of the Potomac River, Alexandria, Virginia Architecture
Zemajtis, Jerzy Modeling the Time to Corrosion Initiation for Concretes with Mineral Admixtures and/or Corrosion Inhibitors in Chloride-Laden Environments Civil and Environmental Engineering
Zendel, Alexander Mark Investigating the Role of Location-Allocation Models in Planning the Locations of Dry Fire Hydrants Geography
Zeng, Dongsong Pulse Shaping Filter Design and Interference Analysis in UWB Communication Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Zeng, Gang Charaterization of the glpEGR operon of Escherichia coli K-12 Biochemistry
Zeng, Hui Experience-Oriented Ecological Design: A Methodological Framework to Improve Human Experience in Urban Public Space Ecological Design Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Zeng, Ka U.S. policy of conditioning China's most-favored-nation status on intellectual property protection, 1991-1993 Political Science
[BTD] Zeng, Xiandi The estimation and statistical inferences of the position and orientation of a scanning laser Doppler vibrometer Mechanical Engineering
[VT] Zeng, Xin Comparative Statics Analysis of Some Operations Management Problems Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Zeng, Yee Cost of capital :a practical model incorporated with risk assessment for hotel investments in the middle-price and economy segments Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management
[BTD] Zepp, Laura J The use of goal programming to address cost control problems in purchase of development rights programs Agricultural and Applied Economics
[BTD] Zerda Lerner, Susana de la Winter habitat use by Blackburnian Warblers (Dendroica fusca) in Los Amarillos, Colombia Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
[BTD] Zeron, Laura Hidalgo Designing for the waterfront Architecture
Zeytun, Ahmet Tumor cell-immune cell interaction: A lethal two way street Biology
[BTD] Zhai, Jing Application of insecticides to control the German cockroach, Blattella germania (L.) Entomology
Zhai, Junyi Magnetoelectric laminated composites and devices Materials Science and Engineering
[BTD] Zhan, Lijun Integrated airport capacity and delay model :computer packageof the Federal Aviation Administration advisory circular 150/5060-5 Civil Engineering
Zhang, Bai Modeling and Characterization of Dynamic Changes in Biological Systems from Multi-platform Genomic Data Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zhang, Baoping Intelligent Fusion of Evidence from Multiple Sources for Text Classification Computer Science
Zhang, Bin Development of the Advanced Emitter Turn-Off (ETO) Thyristor Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zhang, Bin Synthesis and Characterization of trans-1,4-Cyclohexylene Ring Containing Poly(arylene ether sulfone)s Chemistry
Zhang, Bing Digital Test of Composite Material Using X-Ray Tomography and Finite Element Simulation Civil Engineering
Zhang, Bo Supporting Software Transactional Memory in Distributed Systems: Protocols for Cache-Coherence, Conflict Resolution and Replication Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zhang, Bo Zhi Reducing Nutrient Excretion via Improved Nutrient Utilization by Supplementing Pig and Poultry Diets with Phytase Enzyme Animal and Poultry Sciences
Zhang, Chen An ECA-Based ZigBee Receiver Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zhang, Congwen Essays on the Use of Hedonic Price Models to Measure Welfare for Quality Changes in the Public Goods Agricultural and Applied Economics
Zhang, Di Analysis and Design of Paralleled Three-Phase Voltage Source Converters with Interleaving Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zhang, Fajian Electro-optic Properties of Semiconductor Nano-crystals And Electro-optic Polymers And Their Applications Materials Science and Engineering
Zhang, Ge Incorporating Food-away-from-Home into the Thrifty Food Plan Agricultural and Applied Economics
Zhang, Hongbo Use of Statistical Mechanics Methods to Assess the Effects of Localized muscle fatigue on Stability during Upright Stance Industrial and Systems Engineering
[VT] Zhang, Huaiye Bayesian Approach Dealing with Mixture Model Problems Statistics
Zhang, Huiying An Evaluation of the Durability of Polymer Concrete Bonds to Aluminum Bridge Decks Engineering Mechanics
Zhang, Huizi Classification Analysis for Environmental Monitoring: Combining Information across Multiple Studies Statistics
Zhang, Jianfei The Preparation, Functionalization and Biomedical Applications of Carbonaceous Nanomaterials Chemistry
[BTD] Zhang, Jianhua Restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis of chloroplast DNA, mitochondrial DNA, and ribosomal DNA in turfgrasses Genetics
Zhang, Jin Central cannabinoid regulation of food intake in chickens Animal and Poultry Sciences
Zhang, Jindong Study and Improvement of Single-Stage Power Factor Correction Techniques Electrical and computer engineering
Zhang, Jindong Advanced Integrated Single-Stage Power Factor Correction Techniques Electrical and Computer Engineering
[VT] Zhang, Jing Community Characteristics and Trajectories of Adolescent Internalizing and Externalizing Behaviors: The Cumulative Advantage/Disadvantage and Subjective Appraisals of Social Support as Mechanisms Human Development
Zhang, Jingwei Numerical Methods for the Chemical Master Equation Mathematics
[VT] Zhang, Jingyao SUNSHINE: A Multi-Domain Sensor Network Simulator Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zhang, Jinhong Surface Forces between Silica Surfaces in CnTACl Solutions and Surface Free Energy Characterization of Talc Mining and Minerals Engineering
Zhang, Jinming Development of Environmentally Friendly Non-Chrome Conversion Coatings for Cold-Rolled Steel Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Zhang, Ju Development of a power electronics for a flywheel energy storage system Electrical Engineering
Zhang, Junhong Bidirectional DC-DC Power Converter Design Optimization, Modeling and Control Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Zhang, Lan Parameter identification in linear and nonlinear parabolic partial differential equations Mathematics
Zhang, Li Optimizing Traffic Network Signals Around Railroad Crossings Civil Engineering
Zhang, Li Study of FACTS/ESS Applications in Bulk Power System Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zhang, Liang Design Verification for Sequential Systems at Various Abstraction Levels Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zhang, Lin Large-Scale Simulations Using First and Second Order Adjoints with Applications in Data Assimilation Computer Science
Zhang, Lin The involvement of IRAK-1 in the regulation of NFATc2 in T cells Biology
Zhang, Michael Tao Electrical, Thermal, and EMI Designs of High-Density, Low-Profile Power Supplies Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zhang, Mingqiang Morphological Characterization and Analysis of Ion-Containing Polymers Using Small Angle X-ray Scattering Chemistry
[BTD] Zhang, Minhui Investigation of structure and permeability of surfaces modified with self-assembled monolayers Chemistry
[BTD] Zhang, Pinyi The properties of single crystal sapphire fibers and the polarimetric optical sensor for high temperature measurements Electrical Engineering
Zhang, Po High-resolution Photon Counting OTDR based Interrogation of Multiplexing Broadband FBG Sensors Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zhang, Qian Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Magnetite Nanoparticle Block Copolymer Complexes Chemistry
Zhang, Richard S. High Performance Power Converter Systems for Nonlinear and Unbalanced Load/Source Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Zhang, Song An evaluation of visual and verbal based standards for landscape assessment Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Zhang, Tong Electrical conduction transport mechanisms of barium titanate- based multilayer ceramic capacitors Materials Engineering
Zhang, Tongli Mathematical Models of Some Signaling Pathways Regulating Cell Survival and Death Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology
Zhang, Wang Freeway Travel Time Estimation Based on Spot Speed Measurements Civil Engineering
Zhang, Wei Integrated EMI/Thermal Design for Switching Power Supplies Electrical Engineering
Zhang, Wei Microbubble fermentation of recombinant Pichia pastoris for human serum albumin production Biological Systems Engineering
Zhang, Wei Phase Behavior and Phase Separation Kinetics in Polymer Solutions under High Pressure Chemical Engineering
[BTD] Zhang, Weimin In situ laser Raman studies of the mechanism of ethanol oxidation over supported molybdenum oxide Materials Engineering Science
Zhang, Wen Mechanism of genistein in the regulation of pancreatic beta-cell proliferation Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
Zhang, Wenyan Identification and Characterization of Genes Involved in Regulation of Ascorbate Metabolic Pathway(s) in Arabidopsis thaliana Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science
[BTD] Zhang, Xiaochun Sequencing batch reactor treatment of oily wastewater from can manufacturing and gasoline tank bottoms Environmental Sciences and Engineering
[BTD] Zhang, Xiaodong Modeling of materials with internal variables using a thermomechanical approach Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Zhang, Xiaodong Power system transmission enhancement through storage Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Zhang, Xiaohong Optimal feedback control for nonlinear discrete systems and applications to optimal control of nonlinear periodic ordinary differential equations Mathematics
[BTD] Zhang, Xiaorong The roles of proteinases and proteinase inhibitors in plant-nematode interactions Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
Zhang, Xiaowei The Effects of Conservation Easements on Land Values Agricultural and Applied Economics
Zhang, Xiaoyu Effective Search in Online Knowledge Communities: A Genetic Algorithm Approach Computer Science
Zhang, Xin Fully Distributed Control and Its Analog IC Design For Scalable Multiphase Voltage Regulators Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zhang, Xing Biogeography and biosystematics of plum curculio, Conotrachelus nenuphar (Herbst)/Wolbachia interactions Entomology
Zhang, Xinyu Optimal Geometric Trimming of B-spline Surfaces for Aircraft Design Mechanical Engineering
Zhang, Xuan High Precision Dynamic Power System Frequency Estimation Algorithm Based on Phasor Approach Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zhang, Xunzhong Influence of Plant Growth Regulators on Turfgrass Growth, Antioxidant Status, and Drought Tolerance Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
[VT] Zhang, Yafei Exploring spatial heterogeneity of CPUE year trend and nonstationarity in fisheries stock assessment, an example based on Atlantic Weakfish (Cynoscion regalis) Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
[VT] Zhang, Yafen Fundamental Studies of Reactions between NO3 Radicals and Organic Surfaces Chemistry
Zhang, Yan Miniature fiber-optic multicavity Fabry-Perot interferometric biosensor Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zhang, Yan Relative Effects of Water Chemistry on Aspects of Iron Corrosion Environmental Engineering
Zhang, Yan Nitrification in premise plumbing and its effect on corrosion and water quality degradation Environmental Engineering
[BTD] Zhang, Yanhong An investigation of shear response of composite material systems Engineering Mechanics
Zhang, Yanting Urban Open Space Design for the Chinese Floating Population Community: Planning and Site Design Guidelines Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Zhang, Yanzhen Health care systems in China Community Health Education
Zhang, Yao Electronic Transport in Highly Mismatched InAs Films on GaAs Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zhang, Yaofu Dezincification and Brass Lead Leaching in Premise Plumbing Systems: Effects of Alloy, Physical Conditions and Water Chemistry Environmental Engineering
Zhang, Yibing Novel Optical Sensors for High Temperature Measurement in Harsh Environments Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Zhang, Yiding Search for the rare decay of the muon into a positron and a photon Physics
Zhang, Yihua An Evaluation of Transit signal Priority and SCOOT Adaptive Signal control Civil Engineering
Zhang, Yihua Capacity Modeling of Freeway Weaving Sections Civil Engineering
Zhang, Ying Bayesian D-Optimal Design for Generalized Linear Models Statistics
Zhang, Yingchen New Methods for Synchrophasor Measurement Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zhang, Yiqun Stereochemistry of small molecules: Configurational and conformational control Chemistry
Zhang, Yuji Module_based Analysis of Biological Data for Network Inference and Biomarker Discovery Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Zhang, Yunlong Optimal traffic control for a freeway corridor under incident conditions Civil Engineering
Zhang, Yunzhou The Effects of Superstition as Destination Attractiveness on Behavioral Intention Hospitality and Tourism Management
[BTD] Zhang, Yuwen An artificial neural network approach to transformer fault diagnosis Electrical Engineering
Zhang, Zhenyu Thermo-Mechanical Behavior of Polymer Composites Exposed to Fire Engineering Science and Mechanics
[VT] Zhang, Zhiwei A Longitudinal Study of Alcohol and Drug Use in the Workplace Sociology
Zhang, Zhiye Sintering of Micro-scale and Nanscale Silver Paste for Power Semiconductor Devices Attachment Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zhang, Zhiye Modeling, Analysis, and Experiments of Inter Fiber Yarn Compaction Effects in Braided Composite Actuators Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Zhao, Chengsong Identifying and characterizing genes that regulate vascular tissue-specific functions Horticulture
Zhao, Chun-Mei Intercultural Competence: A Quantitative Study of the Significance of Intercultural Competence and the Influence of College Experiences on Students’ Intercultural Competence Development Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Zhao, Haiyan Catalytic Hydrogenation and Hydrodesulfurization of Model Compounds Chemical Engineering
[BTD] Zhao, Hui Calculations of the elastic constants of crystals as functions of pressure with applications to quartz and cristobalite Geological Sciences
Zhao, Jianxin Making Digital Libraries Flexible, Scalable and Reliable: Reengineering the MARIAN System in JAVA Computer Science
[BTD] Zhao, Jielu A descriptive study of the centralized system of higher education in China Educational Administration
Zhao, Jielu Design, Syntheses and Biological Activities of Paclitaxel Analogs Chemistry
[BTD] Zhao, Jinlin The antecedent factors and entry mode choice of multinational lodging firms :the case of growth strategies into new international markets Hospitality and Tourism Management
Zhao, Jun Development of Integrated "Chip-Scale" Active Antennas for Wireless Applications Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zhao, Jun Silicon-Based RFIC Multi-band Transmitter Front Ends for Ultra-Wideband Communications and Sensor Applications Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zhao, Junmei Impact of Dietary Proteins on Growth Performance, Intestinal Morphology, and mRNA Abundance in Weanling Pigs Animal and Poultry Sciences
Zhao, Lingyin Generalized Frequency Plane Model of Integrated Electromagnetic Power Passives Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Zhao, Ningyue Studies on the operator-repressor-effector interactions in the glp regulon of Escherichia Coli K-12 Biochemistry and Anaerobic Microbiology
Zhao, Qiang New Results on Selection Diversity over Fading Channels Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Zhao, Qiang Bruce Optimal one-way traffic control strategy for under-saturated two-land highway work zone operation Civil Engineering
Zhao, Qun Performance Improvement of Power Conversion by Utilizing Coupled Inductors Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zhao, Renzun Management strategy of landfill leachate and landfill gas condensate Civil Engineering
Zhao, Shengliang Supramolecular Ru II, Pt II Complexes Bridged by 2,3,5,6-tetrakis(2-pyridyl)pyrazine (tppz) Chemistry
Zhao, Song Part 1 Design, Synthesis and Bioactivity of a Phosphorylated Prodrug for the Inhibition of Pin1 Part 2 Conformational Specificity of Cdc25c Substrate for Cdc2 Kinase using LC-MS/MS Chemistry
[BTD] Zhao, Wei Defining farm-safety research priorities and adjusting farm insurance premiums by a risk analysis approach Agricultural Engineering
[BTD] Zhao, Xi-jun Proton Compton scattering with polarized [gamma] rays Physics
Zhao, Xiaopeng Modeling and Simulation of MEMS Devices Engineering Science and Mechanics
Zhao, Xin Study of Multimode Extrinsic Fabry-Perot Interferometric Fiber Optic Sensor on Biosensing Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zhao, Xin Electropolishing of Niobium in Sulfuric Acid-Methanol Electrolytes: Development of Hydrofluoric Acid-Free Electrolytes Materials Science and Engineering
Zhao, Ying A decision-support framework for design of natural ventilation in non-residential buildings Architecture
Zhao, Yiqing Single Phase Power Factor Correction Circuit with Wide Output Voltage Range Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zhao, Youping Enabling Cognitive Radios through Radio Environment Maps Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Zhao, Yuedong A color identification system based on class-oriented adaptive color space quantization Electrical Engineering
Zhao, Yueqin A Downtown Space Reservation System: Its Design and Evaluation Industrial and Systems Engineering
Zhao, Zheng High Efficiency Single-stage Grid-tied PV Inverter for Renewable Energy System Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Zhao, Zhiyang Synthetic and metabolic studies on centrally acting amines Chemistry
[BTD] Zhao, Zhiyang Studies on water-soluble taxol derivatives Chemistry
Zhao, Zunyang Removal of Estrogens at Full and Pilot Scale Livestock Manure Treatment Systems Dairy Science
[BTD] Zheng, Bibo Multiresolution fixation of a binocular vision system Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Zheng, Chenbo Error and erasure decoding for a CDPD system Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Zheng, David Z Impacts of superconducting magnetic energy storage unit on power system stability Electrical Engineering
Zheng, George Web Service Mining Computer Science
[VT] Zheng, Hanguang Processing and Properties of Die-attachment on Copper Surface by Low-temperature Sintering of Nanosilver Paste Materials Science and Engineering
Zheng, Hongzhang On Development and Performance Evaluation of Some Biosurveillance Methods Statistics
Zheng, Jun Studies of PF Resole / Isocyanate Hybrid Adhesives Wood Science and Forest Products
Zheng, Jun Supercritical Fluid Chromatography of Ionic Compounds Chemistry
Zheng, Liyu Knowledge Representation and Decision Support for Managing Product Obsolescence Industrial and Systems Engineering
[BTD] Zheng, Raymond Sihao Channel modeling and interference rejection for CDMA automatic vehicle monitoring systems Electrical Engineering
Zheng, Sophia Signal Acquisition and Tracking for a Software Gps Receiver Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zheng, Yexin Novel RTD-Based Threshold Logic Design and Verification Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zheng, Yexin Circuit Design Methods with Emerging Nanotechnologies Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Zheng, Zhijun The analytical force prediction and dynamic response analysis of the Bristol H25A compressor Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Zheng, Zhijun A preprocessor for the analysis of space frames in the Microsoft Windows environment Civil Engineering
Zheng, Zhiyuan Three Essays on Econometric Analysis Economics
Zhong, Caoyuan Modeling of Airport Operations Using an Object-Oriented Approach Civil Engineering
[BTD] Zhong, Caoyuan The economic justification and operational requirements of high-speed runway exits Civil Engineering
Zhong, Xin Efficient Sampling Plans for Control Charts When Monitoring an Autocorrelated Process Statistics
Zhong, Zhian Power Systems Frequency Dynamic Monitoring System Design and Applications Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zhou, Aixi Stiffness and Strength of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite Bridge Deck Systems Engineering Science and Mechanics
Zhou, Bin Computational Analysis of LC-MS/MS Data for Metabolite Identification Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zhou, Dafeng Farnesyltransferase: Gene expression in Plants and Role in Plant Development Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science
[BTD] Zhou, Dan Biosynthesis of Caldariellaquinone in Sulfolobus acidocaldarius Biochemistry and Nutrition
Zhou, Dao Ultra Low-Power Wireless Sensor Node for Structural Health Monitoring Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zhou, Daquan Restoring Our Urban Streams A Study Plan for Restoring/Rehabilitating Stroubles Creek in Blacksburg, Virginia Women's Studies
Zhou, Feng Ultimate Strength of Clamped Steel-Elastomer Sandwich Panels under Combined In-plane Compression and Lateral Pressure Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Zhou, Guoqing Co-Location Decision Tree for Enhancing Decision-Making of Pavement Maintenance and Rehabilitation Civil Engineering
Zhou, Hongyi Structure-Property Relationships: Model Studies On melt Extruded Uniaxially Oriented High Density polyethylene Films Having Well Defined Morphologies Materials Science and Engineering
[BTD] Zhou, Huaizu Increasing existing mechanical hoisting capacity with supplementary hydraulic hoisting Mining and Minerals Engineering
Zhou, Jia Qi Simplified Analysis of IMU Sensor Corruptions on Existing Pendulation Control System For Ship-Mounted Crane Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
[BTD] Zhou, Jie Modeling and measurement of switching converters Electrical Engineering
Zhou, Jinghai High Frequency, High Current Density Voltage Regulators Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zhou, Lucy Ying Quantitative Analysis of Additives in Low Density Polyethylene Using On-line Supercritical Fluid Extraction /Supercritical Fluid Chromatography Chemistry
Zhou, Ming Advanced System Monitoring with Phasor Measurements Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Zhou, Ning Active control of sound transmission through plates in a reverberant environment Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Zhou, Qing Combined linear/nonlinear stability analysis of plane and space frames Civil Engineering
Zhou, Rui FITSelect: An Invention to Select Microbial Strains Maximizing Product Formation from a Single Culture Without High-Throughput Screening Biological Systems Engineering
[BTD] Zhou, Shun Hua Photo-induced birefringence in single-mode optical fiber Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Zhou, Su-Wei Coupled electro-mechanical system modeling and experimental investigation of piezoelectric actuator-driven adaptive structures Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Zhou, Wei Systemic growth promoting actions of copper in weanling pigs Animal Science
Zhou, Xiaobo Fractal and Multifractal Analysis of Runoff Time Series and Stream Networks in Agricultural Watersheds Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
[BTD] Zhou, Xiaofeng Adoption of non-traditional enterprises by Virginia farmers Agricultural and Applied Economics
Zhou, Xigen Electrical, Magnetic, Thermal Modeling and Analysis of a 5000A Solid-State Switch Module and Its Application as a DC Circuit Breaker Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zhou, Xu Synthesis and characterization of rigid nanoporous hypercrosslinked copolymers for high surface area materials with potential hydrogen storage capabilities Chemistry
zhou, xunwei Low-voltage High-efficiency Fast-transient Voltage regulator Module Electrical Engineering
Zhou, Ye Reengineering PhysNet in the uPortal framework Computer Science
Zhou, Yinli Effects of Growth Hormone and Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I on Milk Protein Gene Expression and Nutrient Uptake and Cell Proliferation in Clonal Bovine Mammary Epithelial Cells Animal and Poultry Sciences
[BTD] Zhou, Yu The study of many-electron systems Physics
Zhou, Yu Nanoscale surface modification of wood veneers for adhesion Wood Science and Forest Products
Zhou, Yu Simulation of High-velocity Penetration for Rigid Projectile into Plain Concrete Target using Discrete Element Method Civil Engineering
Zhou, Zheng Achieving Late-Mover Advantage: The Effects of Enhancing and Distinctive Strategies Marketing
Zhu, Chengbin Supply Chain Revenue Management Considering Components' Quality and Reliability Industrial and Systems Engineering
Zhu, Dan Power System Reliability Analysis with Distributed Generators Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zhu, Dan Electric Distribution Reliability Analysis Considering Time-varying Load, Weather Conditions and Reconfiguration with Distributed Generation Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Zhu, Dongping A feasibility study on using CT image analysis for hardwood log inspection Electrical Engineering
Zhu, Fulin Locations of AVI System and Travel Time Forecasting Civil Engineering
[BTD] Zhu, Hong Cohesion and coherence in Chinese ESL writing Curriculum and Instruction
Zhu, Huiyu New Multi-Phase Diode Rectifier Average Models for AC and DC Power System Studies Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Zhu, Jiangtao Effects of dietary tyrosine and tryptophan supplementation on immunity and brain neurotransmitter levels after SRBC injections in chickens Animal and Poultry Sciences
[BTD] Zhu, Jinghao Some results on nonlinear optimal control Mathematics
[BTD] Zhu, Jun A study for preserving and renovating the main building of Solitude at Virginia Tech Architecture
[BTD] Zhu, Junlin Effective properties for flow in heterogeneous porous media Civil Engineering
[BTD] Zhu, Min Design of automotive joints :using optimization to translate performance criteria to physical design parameters Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
[BTD] Zhu, Minkang A multiple objective approach to evaluate economic and environmental impacts of agricultural management systems from a sustainable development perspective Agricultural Economics
Zhu, Ning Planar metallization failure modes in integrated power electtonics modules Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zhu, Ping Space Design for the Acitc Educational technology Office Area Using a Workplace neighborhood Concept Housing, Interior Design, and Resource Management
Zhu, Qi A discussion of two design approaches in Architecture Architecture
Zhu, Qi Shi in Architecture: the Efficacy of Traditional Chinese Doors Architecture
Zhu, Qinwei 5SGraph: A Modeling Tool for Digital Libraries Computer Science
Zhu, Xiaojing Processability of Nickel-Boron Nanolayer Coated Boron Carbide Materials Science and Engineering
Zhu, Xiaomei A Demand Driven Re-fleeting Approach for Aircraft Assignment Under Uncertainty Industrial and Systems Engineering
Zhu, Xiaomei Discrete Two-Stage Stochastic Mixed-Integer Programs with Applications to Airline Fleet Assignment and Workforce Planning Problems Industrial and Systems Engineering
Zhu, Yitan Learning Statistical and Geometric Models from Microarray Gene Expression Data Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zhu, Yizheng Miniature Fiber-Optic Sensors for High-Temperature Harsh Environments Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zhu, Zhiguang Investigating biomass saccharification for the production of cellulosic ethanol Biological Systems Engineering
Zhuang, Hong Synthesis and Characterization of Aryl Phosphine Oxide Containing Thermoplastic Polyimides and Thermosetting Polyimides with Controlled Reactivity Chemistry
[BTD] Zhuang, Hong The influence of surface properties on carbon fiber/epoxy matrix interfacial adhesion Chemistry
Ziegenmeyer, Jonathan Daniel Estimation of Disturbance Inputs to a Tire Coupled Quarter-car Suspension Test Rig Mechanical Engineering
Ziegler, Jochen refin [d]ing process Architecture
Zielinski, Beth Anne Z. Study Abroad Length of Program Influence on Cross-Cultural Adaptability Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
[VT] Zielinski, Jacob Jonathan Adapting Response Surface Methods for the Optimization of Black-Box Systems Statistics
Zietz, Jason Activity-based Knowledge Management Tool Design for Educators Computer Science
[BTD] Zigic, Dragan Homotopy methods for solving the optimal projection equations for the reduced order model problem Computer Science and Applications
Zigler, David Francis Synthesis and Study of Polyazine Bridged Mixed Metal Dyads: Electrochemical, Photophysical, and Photochemical Properties of a New Supramolecular Architecture Chemistry
Zilahi-Balogh, Gabriella M. G. Biology of Laricobius nigrinus Fender (Coleoptera: Derodontidae) and its potential as a biological control agent of the hemlock woolly adelgid, Adelges tsugae Annand (Homoptera: Adelgidae) in the eastern United States Entomology
Zilevu, Kojo Sitsofe A Nonlinear Technique for Bandwidth Improvement in Narrowband Antennas Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zima, Jr., Andrew David Misalignment Effects of the Self-Tracking Laser Doppler Vibrometer Mechanical Engineering
Zimina, Natalia The Journey: Theatre and Arts center Architecture
[BTD] Zimmer, Robert John Validating the Vroom-Yetton normative model of leader behavior in field sales force management and measuring the training effect of Telos on the leader behavior of district managers. Business Administration
Zimmerman, Jessica Louise A New Middle Landscape : An Urban Neighborhood Architecture
[BTD] Zimmerman, Krista Kaye Evaluation of bacterial strains for control of dollar spot on creeping bentgrass and brown patch on tall fescue Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science
Zimmerman, Kurt Lee Extending Snomed to Include Explanatory Reasoning Veterinary Medical Sciences
Zimmerman, Lora Leigh Propagation of Juvenile Freshwater Mussels (Bivalvia: Unionidae) and Assessment of Habitat Suitability for Restoration of Mussels in the Clinch River, Virginia Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
[BTD] Zimmerman, Toni Schindler. Uncommon sports psychology: a qualitative study of the process of utilizing family therapy theory and techniques with an athletic team Family and Child Development (Marriage and Family Therapy)
Zimmerman-Pope, Nancy Effect of Fenoldopam on Renal Function in Normal Dogs Following Nephrotomy Veterinary Medical Sciences
[BTD] Zimmermann, Bernd D. High resolution optical time domain reflectometry and its application Electrical Engineering
[BTD] Zin, Than Than Comparing 12 finite state models of examinee performance on multiple-choice tests Educational Research and Evaluation
Ziobro, Regan Michel PHENOMENOLOGY and AMBIGUITY: physical perception of indefiniteness Architecture
Zirkle, Mary A Build-Out Analysis as a Planning Tool With a Demonstration for Roanoke County, Virginia Urban Affairs and Planning
[BTD] Zirkle, Ross Eric The use of alkaline gel electrphoresis to analyze hydrogen peroxide-caused DNA damage and repair in Escherichia coli Biology
[BTD] Zirner, Ulrike C Overseas effectiveness of American expatriates in Germany Industrial and Systems Engineering
Zisman, Zachary Samuel On the Simulation of an All Electric Ship Powertrain Utilizing a Surface Piercing Propeller Via a Modular Main Propulsion Plant Model Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
[Mixed] Zitzman, Bryan K. Clients' Views Regarding the Inclusion of Religious Issues in Couple Therapy Human Development
[VT] Zivich, Jamie Dionne Biological Health Assessment of an Industrial Wastewater Treatment Facility Environmental Engineering
[BTD] Zmerli, Mustapha Optimization of the bottom plate of a ground-supported liquid storage tank Civil Engineering
[BTD] Zoccola, Gregg Effect of conditioning on the performance of a plate and frame filter press Environmental Engineering
[BTD] Zoecklein, Bruce W Effect of canopy manipulation and fermentation on grape aroma components Food Science and Technology
[BTD] Zoecklein, Bruce W Effect of canopy manipulation on rot incidence and rot metabolites of White Riesling (Vitis vinifera L.) grapes Horticulture
[Mixed] Zoeckler, Jeff Radcliffe Aerobic Biodegradation of MTBE in Uncontaminated and Gasoline-Contaminated Aquifer Sediments Environmental Engineering
Zogaib, Raymond Urban Stitch Architecture
Zohdy, Ismail Hisham Modeling Permissive Left-Turn Gap Acceptance Behavior at Signalized Intersections Civil Engineering
Zombori, Balazs Gergely Modeling the Transient Effects during the Hot-Pressing of Wood-Based Composites Wood Science and Forest Products
[BTD] Zonis, Stephanie D Variable power and microwave technology and the quality of selected foods Human Nutrition and Foods
[BTD] Zou, Shubing Deposition and characterization of HfO{u2082} thin films Materials Science and Engineering
Zou, Xiaohong Characterization of Chitinase Activity and Gene Expression in Muskmelon Seeds Horticulture
[BTD] Zou, Xueli A robust Shewhart control chart adjustment strategy Industrial and Systems Engineering
Zseleczky, Laura Gender and Pest Management in Ghana: Implications for the Introduction of an IPM Program for Tomato Public and International Affairs
[BTD] Zsoldos, Jeffrey S An experimental investigation of interacting wing-tip vortex pairs Aerospace Engineering
Zubyk, Jr., Richard Anthony Scripture as Architecture Architecture
[BTD] Zugel, John Martin Prolog implementation in robot kinematics Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Zukoski, Matthew J Interactive Image Author :an authoring tool for creating interactive graphic files Computer Science
Zulu, Dackson Nkonje Genetic Characterization of Zambian Native Cattle Breeds Animal and Poultry Sciences
[BTD] Zumbrum, Michael Allen Characterization of photocurable networks in real-time and post-exposure Materials Engineering Science
Zuo, Jian The Frequency Monitor Network (FNET) Design and Situation Awareness Algorithm Development Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zuo, Tianming Synthesis, Isolation, and Characterization of Tb-based Large Cage TNT-EMFs and Dimetallic Endohedral Metalloazafullerenes Chemistry
Zuo, Yongbo Fair Comparison of ASIC Performance for SHA-3 Finalists Electrical and Computer Engineering
[BTD] Zur Burg, Frederick William The feasibility of commercial utilization of cotton fabric and cotton conversion products for synthetic lumber Chemical Engineering
Zuravnsky, Lauren Development of Soluble Manganese Sorptive Contactors for Enhancing Potable Water Treatment Practices Environmental Engineering
[BTD] Zurich, Mark A A life-cycle analysis of a multi-media teleconferencing network Systems Engineering
[BTD] Zvonar, Gregory Allan Performance improvement of a proof-mass actuator using nonlinear control Electrical Engineering
[VT] Zwarycz, Bailey Tissue- and Development-specific Expression of Proton-mediated Peptide Transporters in the Developing Chicken Animal and Poultry Sciences
[BTD] Zwicke, Philip Edward Stochastic adaptive estimation with applications to nonlinear control. Electrical Engineering
Zwolak, Jason Walter Parameter Estimation in Biological Cell Cycle Models Using Deterministic Optimization Computer Science
Zwolak, Jason Walter Computational Tools for Molecular Networks in Biological Systems Computer Science
Zwolak, Michael Philip DNA Electronics Physics
Zwonitzer, John C. Identification and mapping of a resistance gene to barley leaf rust(Puccinia hordei G. Otth) Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
[BTD] Zytek, Roman Essays on east European economies Economics

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