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Author Name Title Department
[BTD] Alphin, Horace E. A bacteriological survey of the practices used by a local creamery in handling and manufacturing dairy products Dairy Husbandry
[BTD] Arnold, Carl Jefferson A study of the cleaning and sanitizing of milk pipe lines Dairy Husbandry
[BTD] Brubaker, Riley Emory Some studies of high moisture legume silage Dairy Husbandry
Acevedo, Nicole Effects of Scrotal Insulation on Spermatozoal Morphology and Chromatin Stability to Acid Denaturation in the Bovine Dairy Science
[BTD] Acosta, Yamandu Martin Barley silage harvested at boot and soft dough stages for lactating cows Dairy Science
Aguilar, Michelle Ruminal Nitrogen Recycling and Nitrogen Efficiency in Lactating Dairy Cattle Dairy Science
Ahmadzadeh, Amin Role of Endogenous Dopamine in Regulation of Anterior Pituitary Hormone Secretion During Early Postpartum and Various Stages of the Estrous Cycle in Holstein Cows Dairy Science
[BTD] Ahmadzadeh, Amin Effect of naloxone on serum luteinizing hormone concentrations during the early postpartum period and the estrous cycle in primiparous and multiparous holstein cows Dairy Science
[BTD] Alvarado, Mario D. Fishmeal substituted for soybean meal fed at two TDN levels for lactating dairy cows Dairy Science
Anchamparuthy, Vahida Muhammed Ismail Vitrification of Bovine Oocytes Dairy Science
Appuhamy, Jayasooriya Arachchige Don Ranga Niroshan Phenotypic Relationships between Lactation persistency and Common Health Disorders in Dairy Cows Dairy Science
Appuhamy, Jayasooriya Arachchige Don Ranga Niroshan Regulatory Roles of Essential Amino Acids, Energy, and Insulin in Mammary Cell Protein Synthesis Dairy Science
Bandara, Aloka B. P. A. Modifying Fatty Acid Composition of Bovine Milk by Abomasal Infusion or Dietary Supplementation of Seed Oils or Fish Oil Dairy Science
Bascom, Scott Shelton Jersey Calf Management, Mortality, and Body Composition. Dairy Science
[BTD] Baughman, Curtis Andrew Influence of in vitro elaidic acid or trans-vaccenic acid uptake and lactogenic hormone stimulation on fatty acid content of mouse mammary cells Dairy Science
Bell, Ashley Lorraine Effects of reduced dietary protein and supplemented rumen protected amino acids on the nitrogen efficiency of dairy cows Dairy Science
Berry, Sarah Dianne Knowles Growth Factor and Extracellular Matrix Regulation of Heifer Mammary Development Dairy Science
[BTD] Berzaghi, Paolo Intake, digestion site, extent of digestion and digesta kinetics in grazing lactating cows Dairy Science
[BTD] Bethard, Greg L Effect of energy and undegraded intake protein on growth and feed efficiency of growing Holstein heifers Dairy Science
Bethard, Greg L. A Microcomputer Simulation to Evaluate Management Strategies For Rearing Dairy Replacements. Dairy Science
Bharathan, Mini Monocyte Derived Dendritic Cells: Sentinels and Translators of Immune Response to Staphylococcus aureus Dairy Science
[BTD] Bower, Laurie A. Comparison of lactational and metabolic responses of postpartum dairy heifers and cows fed diets supplemented with corn, calcium stearate and tallow Dairy Science
Brown, Karen Leigh Hormones, Metabolites, and Reproduction in Holsteins, Jerseys, and their crosses Dairy Science
Butler, Stephen P. Production and Secretion of Recombinant Human Fibrinogen by the Transgenic Murine Mammary Gland Dairy Science
Campbell, Davina Elaine Identification of Tissue Distribution and Regulation of Bovine Stearoyl-Coa Desaturase by Hormones and Nutrients Dairy Science
[VT] Cornwell, Jeffrey M The Interaction of Sire Fertility and Timing of AI in a Synchronization Protocol Dairy Science
Cox, Beverly Gwen Impact of Precision Feeding Strategies on Whole Farm Nutrient Balance and Feeding Management Dairy Science
Cranford, Jamie Layne Impact of sire PTASCS on mastitis resistance and measures of daughter performance Dairy Science
Cyriac, Joby Lowering ruminally degradable protein in lacatating dairy cow diets Dairy Science
Dalton, Joseph C. Factors Important to the Efficiency of Artificial Insemination in Single-Ovulating and Superovulated Cattle Dairy Science
[BTD] Daniel, Thomas Earl Histological evaluation of ovine mammary tissue xenografted into cyclosporine treated mice Dairy Science
Daniels, Kristy Marie Effects of bodyweight and plane of nutrition on mitogenic capacity of mammary extracts in cell culture, mammary growth and development, and protein expression profiles of mammary tissue in Holstein heifers Dairy Science
Daniels, Kristy Marie Effects of Milk Replacer Composition on Measures of Mammary Development in Holstein Heifer Calves Dairy Science
[BTD] DeJarnette, James Melton The effects of sperm dose, semen quality, and retrograde sperm blockage on accessory sperm number and embryo quality in the artificially inseminated bovine Dairy Science
[BTD] DeStefano, Anita Louise Exploitation of nonadditive variance through nonrandom mating Dairy Science
[BTD] Domecq, Joseph John Development of an expert system for the evaluation of reproductive performance and management of Virginia dairy farms Dairy Science
Dunlap-Brown, Marya The In Vitro Transgene Expression and In Vivo Transgene Integration of Condensed DNA Injected into the Cytoplasm of Murine Zygotes Dairy Science
[BTD] Dunnington, Elizabeth Ann Line characterization and evaluation of genetic parameters of serum cholesterol levels, activity, feed intake, growth and body moisture in selected and unselected lines of laboratory mice. Dairy Science
[BTD] Ellingson, Terry Allen Digestion and utilization of nutrients in diets containing feather meal and (or) supplemental fat by lactating dairy cows Dairy Science
[BTD] Ellis, Steven E. Xenogeneic transplantation of immortalized bovine mammary epithelial cells Dairy Science
Ellis, Steven E. Mechanisms Controlling Ductal Morphogenesis in the Ruminant Mammary Gland Dairy Science
[BTD] Eun, Jongsu Nitrogen and carbon balance of lactating Holstein cows during early and midlactation Dairy Science
[BTD] Filep, Renee In vitro milk protein secretion by explants of Holstein bull mammary tissue from two different genetic lines Dairy Science
Forrest, James Walter Effects of varying energy intakes on mammary growth and development in prepubertal heifers Dairy Science
[BTD] Friend, Theodore Henry Cow performance, adrenal function, and milk quality under varying levels of competition. Dairy Science
Fultz, Stanley Wakefield The Effect of Poly-L-Lysine Concentration, Molecular Weight, and Encapsulation Temperature on Microencapsulated Bovine Spermatozoa Dairy Science
Garcia-Peniche, Teresa Beatriz Comparisons of Holstein, Brown Swiss, and Jersey cows for age at first calving, first calving interval, and true herd-life up to five years in seven regions of the United States Dairy Science
[BTD] Garst, Amy S. In-vitro developmental potential of bovine oocytes obtained by transvaginal follicular aspiration as related to their morphological quality and after microinjection of DNA Dairy Science
Getzewich, Karen Elizabeth Hormonal regulation of the onset of puberty in purebred and crossbred Holstein and Jersey heifers. Dairy Science
[BTD] Gibbons, John R. Ultrasound-guided transvaginal follicular aspiration to provide a source of bovine oocytes for gene microinjection Dairy Science
[BTD] Green, Ronald T. Evaluation of optimum and near optimum pair selection methods for increasing predicted relative net income in Jersey cattle Dairy Science
[BTD] Grove, Mary Beth Optimal time of insemination in dairy cattle identified in estrus by HeatWatch Dairy Science
[BTD] Grove, Tina Moler Effects of using an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay to monitor the control of Staphylococcus aureus mastitis in dairy herds Dairy Science
[BTD] Grube, Kenneth Eugene Investigations of steroidogenic capabilities of the early embryo. Dairy Science
Guyton, Autumn Deanne Starch Digestion and Phosphorus Excretion in Lactating Dairy Cows Dairy Science
Hill, Stephanie Rene Manure and Nutrient Accretion, Partitioning, and Excretion in Holstein Heifers Dairy Science
Hollmann, Marcus Phosphorus runoff potential of different sources of manure applied to fescue pastures in Virginia Dairy Science
[BTD] Hubbert, Charles J. Dry matter intake prediction of Holstein heifers Dairy Science
Huderson, Brandy Patrice The Role of Exogenous Somatotropin, Ovariectomy and Extracellular Matrix in Bovine Mammary Gland Development Dairy Science
[BTD] Ireland-Perry, Rebecca L. Fecal consistency as related to dietary composition in lactating Holstein cows Dairy Science
Jarrett, Jamie Pearl Improving estimations of phosphorus bioavailability for lactating dairy cows Dairy Science
Jewell, Tracy Michelle Artificial Induction of Lactation in Nonbreeder Dairy Cows Dairy Science
Jobst, Shelly Marie Evaluation of systematic breeding programs in lactating dairy cows Dairy Science
Keene, Beth E. Identifying a non-invasive measure of bone status in dairy cattle Dairy Science
Kendrick, Kerry Wyn Effects of Energy Balance on Ovarian Activity and Recovered Oocytes in Holstein Cows Using Transvaginal Follicular Aspiration Dairy Science
[BTD] Krentz, Kathleen J. Development of mouse morulae after encapsulation in alginate microgels or poly-l-lysine microcapsule Dairy Science
[VT] Lahti, Katharine Gage Estimation of Variance Components in Finite Polygenic Models and Complex Pedigrees Dairy Science
[BTD] Larson, Ann Michelle Selection for milk somatic cell count in laboratory mice Dairy Science
[BTD] Lawson, David Micheal The relationship between plasma oxytocic activity and intramammary pressure in lactating dairy cows. Dairy Science
[BTD] Ligero-Toro, Florencia Production changes related to labor management in Virginia dairy herds Dairy Science
Lissow, Mary Elizabeth Management of Length of Lactation and Dry Period to Increase Net Farm Income in a Simulated Dairy Herd Dairy Science
[VT] Loor, Juan Jose Postruminal flow, digestibility, and utilization of fatty acylamides or conjugated linoleic acid for milk fat synthesis by lactating Holstein cows Dairy Science
Loor, Juan Jose Alterations in Mammary Gland Synthesis and Secretion of Fatty Acids in Response to Trans Isomers of Octadecenoic Acid or Conjugated Linoleic Acid Isomers Dairy Science
Lott, Whitney Meghan Influence of Growth Factors on Bovine Embryo Development Dairy Science
Lowe, Jeanette Phage Display to Identify Peptides Binding to or Penetrating the Mouse Zona Pellucida Dairy Science
Ma, Liying Regulatory factors of milk fat synthesis in dairy cows Dairy Science
Machado, Kayla L Management factors affecting calf growth and health. Dairy Science
[VT] Manickam, Manisha Differential expression profiling of proteomes of pathogenic and commensal strains of Staphylococcus aureus using SILAC Dairy Science
Masiello, Stephanie Noelle Implications of the ability of Enterococcus spp. to survive the ensiling process and bovine gastrointestinal tract on the risk of bovine mastitis Dairy Science
[VT] Maxymiv, Nicolas George Characterization of Dendritic Cells in the Bovine Mammary Gland Dairy Science
McFadden, Joseph William Identification of molecular targets regulating fatty acid synthesis in bovine mammary epithelial cells Dairy Science
McGill, Tyler R Improving the Efficiency of Dairy Cattle Feeding Dairy Science
[BTD] Meinert, Todd Richard Effects of within herd variation on the relationship between genetic evaluations and performance of offspring Dairy Science
[BTD] Miller, Alfred George The value of limited grain-high roughage rations and cud inoculation for raising dairy calves Dairy Science
[VT] Mink, Matthew Ryan Evaluation of 72 h Cosynch and 5 or 7 d post-AI gonadotropin releasing hormone on first service pregnancy rate in lactating dairy cows Dairy Science
Mowrey, Coleen Marie Influence of Feeding Pooled Colostrum or Colostrum Replacement on IgG Levels and Evaluation of Animal Plasma as a Milk Replacer Protein Source Dairy Science
[BTD] Nadir, Sher Effect of high and low dosage of fresh and frozen semen on accessory sperm number, fertility and embryo quality in artificially inseminated cattle Dairy Science
Nedrow, Alicia Ability of Klebsiella spp. mastitis isolates to produce virulence factors for enhanced evasion of bovine innate immune defenses. Dairy Science
[BTD] Norman, Alfred W Methionine, lysine, and phenylalanine infusion and the effect on plasma amino acid concentrations and mammary uptake. Dairy Science
Olson, Katrina Marie The role of energy balance in productivity, health, and fertility of first lactation Holsteins, Jerseys, and their reciprocal crosses Dairy Science
Ortiz Marty, Rebecca Josefina Staphylococcus aureus virulence factors dictate host signaling pathways and immune responses Dairy Science
[BTD] Pandolfi, Susan M Cryopreservation of microencapsulated bovine spermatozoa Dairy Science
Peeler, Iris Dawn Synchronization and Resynchronization of Ovulation and Timed Insemination in Lactating Dairy Cows and Heifers Dairy Science
Pence, Kristen Jean The effects of dietary forage, social hierarchy, and stocking density on stress in lactating cows during relocation Dairy Science
Peralta, Oscar Alejandro Comparison of three estrus detection systems during summer heat stress in a large commercial dairy herd. Dairy Science
Phillips, Josette M Intensified Calf Feeding Programs for Purebred and Crossbred Calves Dairy Science
Pickin, Charles Benjamin Reproductive performance of Holstein cows treated with prostaglandin F2a, gonadotropin releasing hormone, and recombinant bovine Somatotropin Dairy Science
Pryor, Andrew William Reproduction and Endocrine Aspects of Early and Mid Lactation Holstein Cows Dairy Science
Ray, Partha Pratim Digestion of inositol phosphates by dairy cows: Method development and application Dairy Science
Rius, Agustin Gregorio Nitrogen Efficiency and Regulation of Protein Synthesis in Lactating Dairy Cows Dairy Science
[BTD] Rodriguez, Luis Alberto Effect of dietary protein degradability and fat on rumen, blood and milk components of Jersey and Holstein cows Dairy Science
[BTD] Rohl, James Accuracy of predicting genetic merit of A.I. sampled bulls for final score from pedigree information Dairy Science
[BTD] Romagnolo, Donato Ruminal degradability of subfractions of protein sources as determined by gel electrophoresis Dairy Science
[BTD] Romano, Eduardo Selection indices for combining marker genetic data and animal model information Dairy Science
Rossini, Katherine Lynn Effects of Calfhood Respiratory and Digestive Disease on Calfhood Morbidity and First Lactation Production and Survival Rates Dairy Science
[BTD] Samuelson, David J Accuracy of predicting genetic merit of A.I. sampled bulls from pedigree information and the impact of son's proof on dam's PTA Dairy Science
Schmotzer, Carolyn Anne Assessment of Murine Embryo Development Following Electroporation and Microinjection of a Green Fluorescent Protein Dna Construct Dairy Science
[BTD] Schucker, Brenda Lee A field study of a computerized method of grouping dairy cattle Dairy Science
[VT] Scott, Michael Chase Viability of waste milk pasteurization systems for calf feeding systems Dairy Science
[BTD] Sedano, Rodolfo Canseco Effect of immunoglobulins on early bovine embryo development in vitro Dairy Science
[BTD] Seymour, William Matthew Effect of body condition and ration protein source on performance of high producing cows during early lactation Dairy Science
[BTD] Smith, Bradford Bruce Comparison of relative net income with and without the application of opportunity cost Dairy Science
Smith, Elizabeth Allison A porcine model for polymicrobial respiratory infections with swine influenza virus and Staphylococcus aureus Dairy Science
[BTD] Smith, James Joseph An investigation into hormonal regulation of ovine mammary gland growth during pregnancy Dairy Science
Smith, Lori A. The Effect of Inbreeding on Lifetime Performance of Dairy Cattle Dairy Science
Soriano, Felix Diego Grazing and Feeding Management of Lactating Dairy Cows Dairy Science
[BTD] Spain, James Nobles Effect of protein source on milk composition of cows fed low fiber, high grain diets Dairy Science
[VT] Stamey, Jennifer Anne Systemic and Intracellular Trafficking of Long-chain Fatty Acids in Lactating Dairy Cattle Dairy Science
[VT] Stewart, Brittany Allison The Impact of Feed Management Software on Whole-Farm Nutrient Balance on Virginia Dairy Farms Dairy Science
[BTD] Stieve, Dale Edward M. Protein preservation and rumen degradability of ensiled forage, previously treated with microwave or steam heat, formic acid, or anhydrous ammonia Dairy Science
Taylor, Megan Sands Calcium and Phosphorus Metabolism in Jersey and Holstein Cows During Early Lactation Dairy Science
Tholen, Andrea The use of animal activity data and milk components as indicators of clinical mastitis Dairy Science
[BTD] Tomlinson, Dana J. Effect of varying levels of neutral detergent fiber and total digestible nutrients on dry matter intake of dairy heifers Dairy Science
Tucker, Heather Ashley Factors affecting estrogen excretion in dairy heifers Dairy Science
[VT] Velayudhan, Bisi Thankamani Ovarian and Growth Hormone Regulation of Mammary Growth and Transcript Abundance in Prepubertal Dairy Heifers Dairy Science
Vierhout, Crystal N. Characteristics of progeny test herds and their effects on the genetic evaluation of young sires Dairy Science
Viswanadha, Srikant Alterations in Lipid Metabolism in Mouse Tissues and Hepatic Cell Lines in Response to the Trans10,Cis12-18:2 Isomer of Conjugated Linoleic Acid Dairy Science
[BTD] Vogler, Cheryl Jean Effects of elevated testicular temperature on viability of cryopreserved semen and morphological characteristics of ejaculated spermatozoa Dairy Science
Walters, Anneke H Analysis of early lactation reproductive characteristics in Holstein cows. Dairy Science
Walters, Anneke Heleta In vitro assessment of fertilization and embryo development with Bovine spermatozoa after scrotal insulation. Dairy Science
[BTD] Wampler, Susan Anderson Preference and acceptability of four protein sources by ruminating Holstein calves Dairy Science
[BTD] Wasserstrom, Vicky Marie Subsequent milk production and metabolic response of first-calf heifers fed whole raw soybeans during the last trimester of gestation Dairy Science
[BTD] Weber, Miriam S Overexpression of ovine insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) in the mammary glands of transgenic mice Dairy Science
Weber, Miriam S. The Role of Insulin-like Growth Factor-I and IGF-binding Proteins in Mammary Gland Development Dairy Science
[BTD] Weigel, Daniel J Impact of different strategies and levels of preferential treatment on different methods of bull dam selection Dairy Science
Wester, Leanna E. Offering sodium bentonite and sodium bicarbonate free-choice to lactating dairy cattle Dairy Science
Wilkes, Crafton O Impact of relocation on dairy cows Dairy Science
[VT] Winston, David R. A Five State Survey of Heifer Management Practices on Dairy Farms and Virginia Custom Dairy Heifer Growing Operations Dairy Science
[BTD] Wonsil, Brian John Biohydrogenation, postruminal flow, and apparent digestibility of dietary lipids in lactating Holstein cows Dairy Science
[BTD] Woodward, Terry L Effects of ovarian steroids on bovine mammary epithelial cells :in vitro and in viro evidence of indirect stimulation of proliferation Dairy Science
Wydner III, Fred Preston Nutritional and Management Practices to Reduce Excessive Nutrient Excretion on Dairy Farms Dairy Science
Yang, Tzu-Hsuan Effects of diet on phosphorus digestion in dairy cattle Dairy Science
[VT] Yeiser, Emily Elizabeth The use of activity measures in combination with physiological factors as indicators of disease in dairy cattle Dairy Science
[VT] Yook, Eunsun Estimation of the Economic Impact of a Unit Change in Predicted Transmitting Ability for Daughter Pregnancy Rate and Other Predicted Transmitting Ability in the Merit Indexes Dairy Science
Zhao, Zunyang Removal of Estrogens at Full and Pilot Scale Livestock Manure Treatment Systems Dairy Science
[BTD] Beaudry, Thomas Fernand Use of sire evaluations for first, all, and later lactations to predict lifetime profit functions of individual daughters Dairy Science (Genetics and Management)
[BTD] Richardson, Donna Renee Verification of equations to predict dry matter intake of dairy heifers Dairy Science (Management)
[BTD] Johnson, Lera Joyce Effects of novel ingesta from novel presenters on food acceptance in infants of different ages Developmental Psychology

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