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Author Name Title Department
[BTD] Alexander, Denise An investigation of significant form :through an application of the "script analogue" to Laura Ingalls Wilder's "Little House" books Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Armstrong, Kathryn A. Identification :a way in Landscape Architecture
Ashby, Linda The Biocentric Landscape Architect: Designing the Public Landscape, Benefiting the Natural World Landscape Architecture
Atmakur, Sruthi Research in Public Spaces: Safety and Human Behavior Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Bahammam, Omar Salem Study of the domestic open spaces in low-rise dwelling units in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Landscape Architecture
Baker, John Garrett Ecological Infrastructure: A Framework for Planning and Design "Addressing Landscape Connectivity and Wildlife Resources for Interstate Highway Systems" Landscape Architecture
Barber, Heather K. Questioning Commonplace Ecological Design: a study of waterfront design practices and the ecological well-being of development in the harbor of Oyster, Virginia Landscape Architecture
Bean, Janet L. The NIMBY Syndrome and Low-Cost Manufactured Housing Developments: Can Landscape Architecture Help Overcome Community Opposition? Landscape Architecture
Belcher, Sarah E. Ecological Schoolyards Landscapes of Empowerment Landscape Architecture
Bickel, Bartlett Ashford Mountain Air, Wild Scenery and Healing Waters: Elements of Retreat and the Revival of a Virginia Spring Landscape Architecture
Boelt, Robin Wiatt Passive Solar Landscape Design: Its Impact on Fossil Fuel Consumption Through Landscape Design Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Boggess, Howard P Multimedia kiosk interface evaluation :an analysis of usage Landscape Architecture
Bohannon, Cermetrius L. The Urban Catalyst Concept Landscape Architecture
Boonyanunt, Charaspim The New Town of Williamsburg: A Study of the New Urbanism Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Bourbonnais, Richard Joseph Visual assessment and relational database management Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Brock, Karla The sign models of Sassure and Pierce and the glossematic model of Hjelmslev :an analysis of the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Landscape Architecture
Calorusso, Christine Rethinking the Role of the Landscape in Historic Interpretation: A Constructivist Design Approach to Interpreting Slavery in Appalachian Virginia Landscape Architecture
Caniano, Gina Marie An Integrative Approach to Therapeutic Outdoor Spaces in Dementia-Care Units Landscape Architecture
Carter, Sue Ellen Landscapes For Celebration; An Investigation and Design of Wedding Gardens Landscape Architecture
Chansiri, Noppamas The Historic Canal System in Bangkok, Thailand: Guidelines for Reestablishing Public Space Functions Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Cozzetto, Helen E. The status of corridor protection along scenic byways Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Crafts, Lynn Morgan Visual management model for scenic byways :setting priorities for change Landscape Architecture
Daigler, Stephen Joseph The Landscape Architect as Plantsman: Materiality, Representation and Finding the Lost Gardener Landscape Architecture
Davidson, Kyle Designing a Walkable Suburban Landscape: New Urbanism and Light Rail as Methodologies Landscape Architecture
Dawson, Michele Renee j u x t a p o s e d: A Revelatory Appraoch to Reconcile Past and Present Landscape Architecture
Dawson, Thomas Edward Explorations in City Image: An Investigation of Tools of Perception and Representation in Urban Design Landscape Architecture
Dazzini, Monica Mabel The City and its interfaces: An Approach to Recover the Natural and Cultural Landscape at the Beachfront in St. Augustine Beach, Florida Landscape Architecture
Dendy, Sharon H. Resident Involvement in the Landscape Architectural Redesign of Public Housing: Creating Opportunities for a Sense of Ownership, Control, and Efficacy through a Participatory Design Process Landscape Architecture
Deshpande, Amol Mukund Design Process to Integrate Natural and Human Systems Landscape Architecture
[BTD] DeTrude, Edward M. The park site selection process in Virginia Landscape Architecture
Dorminey, Sarah J Creating a Multiple Intelligences Landscape Landscape Architecture
Dougherty, Dana Embodying the City: Identity and Use in Urban Public Space Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Dougherty, Stephen P. Edges, objects, and boundaries :forming landscape taste in the middle-class front yard Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Douglass, D. Kim Quality of experience :a discussion on experiential access to outdoor environments Landscape Architecture
Erickson, Victoria Gillispie Designing for Water Quality Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Evans, Eric Effect of field-of-view on perceived representativeness and preference of visual simulations Landscape Architecture
Fabry, Suzanna Neighborhood Attributes Desired by Doylestown Homeowners Landscape Architecture
Fogel, Jonah Malachai Collaborative Interface Modeling of Fuel Wood Harvesting Practices: Residential NIPF Landowners of the Jefferson National Forest Wildland/Urban Interface, Montgomery County, Virginia Landscape Architecture
[VT] Franklin, Joshua C. Improving Urban Watershed Health Through Suburban Infill Design and Development Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Freeman, Paul Murphey In search of a new aesthetic Landscape Architecture
Freuder, Tracy Grace Designing for the Future: Promoting Ecoliteracy in the Design of Children's Outdoor Play Environments Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Ganesan, Maya A circular model of urban hydrology Landscape Architecture
Garman, Keli L. The Art of Designing a Meaningful Landscape through Storytelling. Landscape Architecture
Geronilla, Kristina Re-presenting the Waterfront: revealing the intersection of human and natural processes Landscape Architecture
Guitner, Staci J. Valued Spaces of Adolescents in a Rural Community Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Hardy, Karen J. Regional heritage preservation planning :an examination through case study analysis Landscape Architecture
Harris, Amanda M. Designing With Climate: Using Parking Lots to Mitigate Urban Climate Landscape Architecture
Hazelrigg, George The Thickness of Landscape, horizontally and vertically considered Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Henden, Linda I. Evaluating sustainability of community designs Landscape Architecture
Henderson, Beau Tyler Human-Driven Extensive Greenroof Design Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Herman, Elizabeth N. Study of Christian attitudes toward man's stewardship of the environment :a case study in the Roanoke Valley Landscape Architecture
Hodges, Nancy Regenerative Design Theory and Practice: A Demonstration of the Integrated Framework in a Resort Development at Mountain Lake, VA Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Hoerup, Jennifer L Challenging the modern paradigm :turning to Aldo Leopald and flyfishing literature for a new approach to landscape aesthetics Landscape Architecture
[VT] Holloway, Lewis Weber Creative Participation: Rethinking Reclamation Landscape Architecture
Horner, Jean M Delightful Density: The Answer to Suburbia's Missing Pedestrian Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Howland, Hans Russell An interdisciplinary review structure of architectural sustainability Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Ishii, Nobuyuki A phenomenological understanding of an image of a city :touching water in waterfront cities Landscape Architecture
Johnston, Matthew Walker Labor Heights Plaza: Place for an Emergent Public Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Jung, Christiane Visual perception and preference of water features in relation to environmental background Landscape Architecture
Kaujalgi, Shruti Introducing Mangrove Mitigation to the Urban Development in Mumbai. Landscape Architecture
Keith, Ryan H. How Form and Function Create Community in the Middle Landscape Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Kennedy, R. Scott Synthesis of chaos theory & design Landscape Architecture
[VT] Killmer, Paul F. Paradise in the Parking Lot Landscape Architecture
Kiss, David J. An Environmental Frame of Reference: Golf Course Design in Out-Of-Play Areas Landscape Architecture
Knotts, Amy Margaret A Landfill Reclamation Project: an Observatory that Observes the Self Landscape Architecture
Koliji, Hooman Drawing as Landscape Architectural Scholarship Landscape Architecture
Krueger, Timothy William An Alternative Planting Treatment for Turf Open Spaces in Conservation Subdivisions Landscape Architecture
Kruse, Gabriel Take Me to the River: Designing the Intimate Waterfront Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Kulkarni, Nitin Y. Application of expert systems in landscape architecture Landscape Architecture
Lanehart, Eric Backcountry Trails Near Stream Corridors: An Ecological Approach To Design Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Leavitt, Trenda Carter Alternative drainageway design :a case study analysis Landscape Architecture
Lewandowski, Bonny A. Landscape in Peril: A Cultural Assessment of Thomas's Wharf and Woodlands Farm, Northampton County, Eastern Shore, Virginia Landscape Architecture
Lidy, Christopher James A Study of Landscape Architecture Design Methods Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Little, Parker L. Personal rapid transit for Blacksburg, Virginia Landscape Architecture
Loon, Leehu The Future of Parkways in the Landscape Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Lowe, Steven Michael Participatory design for battlefield park development and process comparison Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Mahon, Dan Ashby Universal design in forest recreation :planning for a transition towards the accessibility of U.S. National Forest recreation areas Landscape Architecture
Malhotra, Archa A Study of the Concept of Image as expressed through Corporate Landscapes. Landscape Architecture
Masangkay, Marissa Y. Values That Shape the Social Morphology of the Town Center in Binan, Laguna, Philippines Landscape Architecture
Maulan, Suhardi Seremban Urban Park, Malaysia: a Preference Study Landscape Architecture
Mauzy, John W. Music and Depth in Landscape Experience Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Mellen, E. Garnett The Appalachian cultural landscape along the New River Landscape Architecture
[VT] Meyerhoff, Marc Bradley Therapeutic Parking: A study of how the language of therapeutic design informs the redesign of the Georgetown University Hospital main parking garage. Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Meyers, Amanda The interrelationships of nature based on Thoreau's Walden and Lovelock's Gaia hypothesis Landscape Architecture
Mili, Judith E Reintroducing the Existential Dimension of the Public Square: An attempt to design a place in relation to its natural environment Landscape Architecture
Millay, Curtis A. Restoring the Lost Rivers of Washington: Can a city's hydrologic past inform its future? Landscape Architecture
Miller, Catherine Annalisa A Revelatory Landscape: Wind through the Senses Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Mitchell, L. Lyn The effective use of metaphor in hermeneutically-based landscape architectural design Landscape Architecture
[VT] Mo, Jin An Investigation into the Use of Abstract Diagrams as a Tool for Communication in Programming Landscape Architecture
Montero Avila, Monica Ines FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE THE SOCIAL LIFE AND VITALITY OF PUBLIC OPEN SPACES IN MARACAIBO - VENEZUELA. Case Study: Plaza de la Madre and Plaza de la República. Landscape Architecture
Morehead, John Sherrod Niche Croppind and the Rural Landscape in Wise, Dickenson, Scott, and Russell County Virginia Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Murata, Masatomo Salt marsh creation and coastal residential developments :principles and guidelines for landscape architecture practice Landscape Architecture
Norden, David Todd A Constructivist Model for Public War Memorial Design that Facilitates Dynamic Meaning Making Landscape Architecture
Orens, David M. an end to the other in landscape architecture: poststructural theory and universal design Landscape Architecture
Palacios, Leslie Jane The Value of Inclusion of the Peri-Urban Interface on Quality of Life for the Urban Population Landscape Architecture
Parsons, Ashley Young Children and Nature: Outdoor Play and Development, Experiences Fostering Environmental Consciousness, And the Implications on Playground Design Landscape Architecture
Parvinian, Mandana The Textile Landscape: A Journey through the Structure of Landscape Landscape Architecture
Peart, Wilbur L A Site Planning and Design Process for Antiterrorism Practices Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Plaatsman, Michelle Zoo exhibit design :the influence of animal visibility on visitor experience Landscape Architecture
Powers, Matthew Neal Factors in Choosing Landscape Architecture as a Major: A National Student Survey Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Prabhu, Chaya Soul nurturing in the vernacular architecture of Japan Landscape Architecture
Raghunathan, Nandagopal The corporate plaza and the office tower: The potential for a mutualistic space-form relationship. Landscape Architecture
Ramesh, Shalini Design Principles and Case Study Analysis for Low Impact Development Practices - Green Roofs, Rainwater Harvesting and Vegetated Swales Landscape Architecture
Rao, Rekha An Approach to Open Space Planning Based on the Principles of Landscape Ecology: An Application to Greater Roanoke Area Landscape Architecture
Rapp, Peter Edward Taking Turns: A Conversational Approach to Ecological Desgin Landscape Architecture
Rennick, Kimberly L. Process: A Strategy for developing Community Life and Place Attachment Landscape Architecture
Ridgely, Sarah K. Flux: Creating Dynamic Systems Within the Built Environment Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Riley, Sarah Duncan Color characteristics of the natural environment :a case study Landscape Architecture
Robertson, David Porter "Which Nature?": A Case Study of Whitetop Mountain Landscape Architecture
Rocci, Lisa Locomotion: A Cinematic Approach Landscape Architecture
Roth, Elfriede Maria The Impact of Design upon Urban Infill Development Landscape Architecture
Rundall, Shane Artistic Action and Contemplation: Recapturing The Elements of Mystery That Make Every Round of Golf A Voyage of Discovery Landscape Architecture
Russ, Jennifer Lynn a garden in the sky Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Savens, Barbara A greenways approach to resource management :the process of environmental corridor design Landscape Architecture
Schroeder, George Wittman Multiuse Corridor Master Planning: Integrating Infrastructure and Open Space Planning Landscape Architecture
Sena, Christine G. Development of a Landscape Vulnerability Assessment Model in a Heightened Security Environment Landscape Architecture
Sisson, Andrew Tripp Building on the Legacy of the Past: An Exploration into Monroe Park's Past, Present, and Future. Landscape Architecture
Slade, Nancy S. An Investigation of Sacred Space - The Grove Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Snead, John Peyton Deconstruction in landscape architecture Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Song, Kyungsoo Documentation and demonstration of naturalistic method for measuring climate/behavior relationships Landscape Architecture
Sullivan, Ellen Mowson The Journey of the Fool Landscape Architecture
Sweet, Dan I The Development of a Stream Restoration Decision Support Tool for the County of Henrico Stream Assessment and Watershed Management Program Landscape Architecture
Tamimi, Laila N. The Use of Native Hawaiian Plants by Landscape Architects in Hawaii Landscape Architecture
Taylor, Louise H Time in the Landscape: Designing for Perpetuity Landscape Architecture
[VT] Thomas, Jordan McClellan Discovering the Aesthetic of Flood Control Infrastructure Landscape Architecture
Thompson, Julia A Sense of Time, A Sense of Self: The 'Lived Perspective' of the Walk Landscape Architecture
Tillman, Daniel An Evaluation of Student Use of Visualization Technology as an Addition to the Landscape Architecture Curriculum Landscape Architecture
Tofte, Christopher Shawn Urban Entertainment Destinations: A Developmental Approach for Urban Revitalization Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Tomczak, Robert S A greenway management plan for Salisbury & Sharon, CT. Landscape Architecture
Upchurch, Meredith Green Infrastructure: The Landscape of Urban EcoHousing Landscape Architecture
Vapaa, Annalisa Gartman Healing Gardens: Creating Places for Restoration, Meditation, and Sanctuary Landscape Architecture
Vellenga, Amber Hollis Taking the First Step: The Labyrinth and the World of Landscape Architecture Landscape Architecture
von Bredow, Kathryn Wing Gathering Spaces: Designing Places for Adolescents Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Wainwright, Scott C Research and experiential learning :an understanding of the Australian Aborigines relationship to their environment Landscape Architecture
Walker, Jason Brian Landscape Architecture and Sustainable Development Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Walker, Michelle Tenoroc State Recreation Area :a conceptual master plan study Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Ware, Charles W Comparing two post occupancy evaluation methods with an urban plaza test case Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Warner, Gary E Predicting pedestrian use on outdoor urban plazas utilizing climate/behavior models Landscape Architecture
Weaver, Lisa L. Learning Landscapes: Theoretical Issues and Design Considerations for the Development of Childrens Educational Landscapes Landscape Architecture
[VT] Webster, Kelvin Peter The Everyday:Informing the realm of routine practice through design Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Wise, Warren E. The concept of carrying capacity as a tool for managing scenic roadways Landscape Architecture
Wolfe, Brian Paul Floodplains and the Proximate Principle: A Case for Floodplain Linear Parks in Roanoke, Virginia Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Woods, John D A study of the effects of business activity diversity on economic growth in small towns, as a consideration to landscape architectural site programming Landscape Architecture
Wright, Darryl R. The Redevelopment of Lake Anne, Reston, Virginia Landscape Architecture
[VT] Xiao, Feng Past and Present: Transformation of an ideal City - Beijing Landscape Architecture
Xu, Yining Density and What Matters: A Study of People’s Attitudes Toward and Perceptions of Urban Density Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Xu, Yuemao A cross-cultural study of prospect-refuge theory Landscape Architecture
Yang, Huan Campus landscape space planning and design using QFD Landscape Architecture
Zeng, Hui Experience-Oriented Ecological Design: A Methodological Framework to Improve Human Experience in Urban Public Space Ecological Design Landscape Architecture
[BTD] Zhang, Song An evaluation of visual and verbal based standards for landscape assessment Landscape Architecture
Zhang, Yanting Urban Open Space Design for the Chinese Floating Population Community: Planning and Site Design Guidelines Landscape Architecture
Christmann, Undine Relationship between surfactant alterations and severity of disease in horses with recurrent airway obstruction (RAO). Large Animal Clinical Sciences
Kanistanon, Kwankate Correlation of Environmental Temperature, Precipitation, and Humidity with Salmonella Culture Results from Cattle in Virginia Large Animal Clinical Sciences
Ladd, Sabine Margaret Effects of Diethylstilbestrol on Murine Early Embryonic Stem Cell Differentiation Using an Embryoid Body Culture System Large Animal Clinical Sciences
[VT] Nagy, Amy Dae Apoptosis in the equine small intestine following experimental ischemia-reperfusion injury Large Animal Clinical Sciences
[Mixed] Noschka, Erik Can isoprostanes be used to predict survival in horses with colic? Large Animal Clinical Sciences
[VT] Osenda, Natacha Veronica Destabilizing Machismo: Masculine and Feminine Constructions in the Theater of Susana Torres Molina Latin American Area Studies
Gwayi, Simeon Mackson Perceptions of Innovations as Predictors of TALULAR Implementation Levels among Secondary School Science Teachers in Malawi: A Diffusion of Innovations Perspective. Learning Sciences and Technologies
Hodges, Charles Brent Self-efficacy, Motivational Email, and Achievement in an Asynchronous Mathematics Course Learning Sciences and Technologies
Hu, Deyu The Effects of Scaffolding on the Performance of Students in Computer-based Concept Linking and Retention of Comprehension Learning Sciences and Technologies
Lewis, Tracie Olds The Preparation of Faculty to Teach Online: A Qualitative Approach Learning Sciences and Technologies
Liu, Jianhua The Assessment Agent System: Assessing Comprehensive Understanding Based on Concept Maps Learning Sciences and Technologies
Mariano, Gina An Investigation of the Effect of Segmentation on Immediate and Delayed Knowledge Transfer in a Multimedia Learning Environment Learning Sciences and Technologies
Ozdemir, Devrim The Effects of Context-Dependency of Seductive Details on Recall and Transfer in a Multimedia Learning Environment Learning Sciences and Technologies
Perry, Shirley Ann Determining the Quality of Physical Education Programs in Selected Virginia Schools Learning Sciences and Technologies
Powell, Aaron Wiatt Online Support for Intentional, Teacher Community of Practice Learning Sciences and Technologies
Samur, Yavuz Measuring Engagement Effects of Educational Games and Virtual Manipulatives on Mathematics Learning Sciences and Technologies
Siudzinski, Robert Andrew Not All Who Wander are Lost: An Ethnographic Study of Individual Knowledge Construction within a Community of Practice Learning Sciences and Technologies
Trespalacios, Jesus The Effects of Two Generative Activities on Learner Comprehension of Part-Whole Meaning of Rational Numbers Using Virtual Manipulatives Learning Sciences and Technologies
Yilmaz, Harun Identification of Academic Program Strengths and Weaknesses through Use of a Prototype Systematic Tool Learning Sciences and Technologies

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