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Author Name Title Department
Chen, Yu Synthesis and Characterization of Hydrophobic-Hydrophilic Multiblock Copolymers for Proton Exchange Membrane Applications Macromolecular and Science Engineering
[VT] Dong, Shuping Effects of acid hydrolysis conditions on cellulose nanocrystal yield and properties: A response surface methodology study Macromolecular and Science Engineering
Fox, Stephen Carter Regioselective Synthesis of Novel Cellulose Derivatives for Drug Delivery Macromolecular and Science Engineering
Huffstetler, Philip Plaxico Synthesis and Characterization of Well-Defined Heterobifunctional Polyethers for Coating Magnetite and Their Applications in Biomedicine Resonance Imaging Macromolecular and Science Engineering
Jain, Vaibhav Applications of Layer-by-Layer Films in Electrochromic Devices and Bending Actuators Macromolecular and Science Engineering
Jiang, Feng Effects of the Non-ionic Surfactant Tween 80 on the Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Model Cellulose and Lignocellulosic Substrates Macromolecular and Science Engineering
[VT] Kalhor, Roozbeh Accelerated Testing Method to Estimate the Lifetime of Polyethylene Pipes Macromolecular and Science Engineering
Osborn, Angela Michelle Investigation of Phase Morphology and Blend Stability in Ionomeric Perfluorocyclobutane (PFCB)/Poly(vinylidene difluoride) (PVDF) Copolymer Blend Membranes Macromolecular and Science Engineering
Pothayee, Nikorn Development of Core-Shell Polymeric Nanostructures for Delivery of Diagnostic and Chemotherapeutic Agents Macromolecular and Science Engineering
Vadala, Timothy Patrick Cooperative Electrostatic Polymer-Antibiotic Nanoplexes Macromolecular and Science Engineering
Wang, Ji Suspended Micro/ nanofiber Hierarchical Scaffolds for Studying Cell Mechanobiology Macromolecular and Science Engineering
[VT] Arca, Hale Cigdem The Design of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers Using Galactosylated Chitosan Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Badami, Anand Shreyans Bioresorbable Electrospun Tissue Scaffolds of Poly(ethylene glycol-b-lactide) Copolymers for Bone Tissue Engineering Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Badami, Anand Shreyans Morphological and Structure-Property Analyses of Poly(arylene ether sulfone)-Based Random and Multiblock Copolymers for Fuel Cells Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Baranauskas, Victor Vincent Cobalt Nanoparticle-Macromolecular Complexes and Their Conversion to Oxidatively Stable Entities Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Benson, Sonya Denese The Effect of Nanoscale Particles and Ionomer Architecture on the Crystallization Behavior of Sulfonated Syndiotactic Polystyrene Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Caba, Beth Lynn Solution and Adsorption Characterization of Novel Water-Soluble Ionic Block Copolymers for Stabilization of Magnetite Nanoparticles Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Carmichael-Baranauskas, Anita Yvonne Synthesis of Amphiphilic Block Copolymers for Use in Biomedical Applications Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Chowdhury, Sudip Advancing characterization techniques for structure-property determination of in-situ lignocelluloses Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Cunningham, Brent David The Development of Compression Moldable Polymer Composite Bipolar Plates for Fuel Cells Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Das, Sudipto Wood/Polymeric Isocyanate Resin Interactions: Species dependence Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Divoux, Gilles Michel Marc Properties and Performance of Polymeric Materials Used in Fuel Cell Applications Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Duncan, Andrew Jay Synthesis and Characterization of Branched Ionomers for Performance in Ionic Liquid – Swollen Ionic Polymer Transducers Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Einsla, Brian Russel High Temperature Polymers for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Fornof, Ann R. Synthesis and Characterization of Multiphase, Highly Branched Polymers Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Goff, Jonathan Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Polyethers and Polydimethylsiloxanes for Use in Biomaterials Macromolecular Science and Engineering
[VT] Hill, Melinda Lou Polymeric and Polymer/Inorganic Composite Membranes for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells Macromolecular Science and Engineering
[VT] Hunley, Matthew T Influence of Electrostatic and Intermolecular Interactions on the Solution Behavior and Electrospinning of Functional Nanofibers Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Johnson, Harry Dale Synthesis, Characterization, Processing and Physical Behavior of Melt-Processible Acrylonitrile Co- and Terpolymers for Carbon Fibers: Effect of Synthetic Variables on Copolymer Synthesis Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Johnson, Richard Kwesi TEMPO-oxidized Nanocelluloses: Surface Modification and use as Additives in Cellulosic Nanocomposites Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Lane, Ozma Redd Characterization of Structure-Property Relationships in Hydrophilic-Hydrophobic Multiblock Copolymers for Use in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Layman, John Structure-Property-Transfection Relationships in Polycation-mediated Non-viral DNA Delivery Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Lee, Hae-Seung Synthesis and Characterization of Multiblock Copolymer Proton Exchange Membranes for High Temperature Fuel Cell Applications Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Li, Yanxiang The Influence of Aromatic Disulfonated Random and Block Copolymers' Molecular Weight, Composition,and Microstructure on the Properties of Proton Exchange Membranes for Fuel Cells Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Liu, Dan Durability study of proton exchange membrane fuel cells via experimental investigations and mathematical modeling Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Maheshwari, Vivek Chandra Large area electro-optical tactile sensor:Characterization and design of a polymer, nanoparticle based tunneling device Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Mefford, Olin Thompson Physical Properties of Macromolecule-metal oxide nanoparticle complexes: Magnetophoretic Mobility, Size, and Interparticle Potentials Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Mejia-Ariza, Juan Manuel Framework for Concentrated Strain Deployable Trusses Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Mejia-Ariza, Raquel Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Magnetite Clusters using a Multi Inlet Vortex Mixer Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Navarro, Fernando Cellulose Nanocrystals: Size Characterization and Controlled Deposition by Inkjet Printing Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Nebipasagil, Ali Chemically and Photochemically Crosslinked Networks and Acid-Functionalized Mwcnt Composites Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Neyman, Patrick J Second-Order Nonlinear Optical Characteristics of Nanoscale Self-Assembled Multilayer Organic Films Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Osborn, Shawn James Morphological and Mechanical Properties of Dispersion-Cast and Extruded Nafion Membranes Subjected to Thermal and Chemical Treatments Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Ozturk, Gozde Topology and Telechelic Functionality Control in Polyester Design Macromolecular Science and Engineering
[VT] Park, Jong Keun Anisotropic Morphologies and Properties in Perfluorosulfonate Ionomer-Based Materials Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Paul, Mou Synthesis, crosslinking and characterization of disulfonated poly(arylene ether sulfone)s for application in reverse osmosis and proton exchange membranes Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Pestrak, Michael Thomas The Effect of Catalyst Layer Cracks on the Mechanical Fatigue of Membrane Electrode Assemblies Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Pillai, Karthik Bio-inspired Cellulose Nanocomposites Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Ragheb, Ragy Tadros Synthesis and Characterization of Surface-Functionalized Magnetic Polylactide Nanospheres Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Ren, Dakai Moisture-Cure Polyurethane Wood Adhesives: Wood/Adhesive Interactions and Weather Durability Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Riedlinger, Darren Andrew Characterization of PF Resol/Isocyanate Hybrid Adhesives Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Roy, Abhishek Structure Property Relationships of Proton Exchange Membranes Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Supriya, Lakshmi Assembly of Conductive Colloidal Gold Electrodes on Flexible Polymeric Substrates using Solution-Based Methods Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Trenor, Scott Russell Synthesis and Characterization of Tailored Photoactive Macromolecules Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Vadala, Michael Lawrence Preparation and Functionalization of Macromolecule-Metal and Metal Oxide Nanocomplexes for Biomedical Applications Macromolecular Science and Engineering
VanHouten, Desmond J Benign Processing of High Performance Polymeric Foams of Poly(arylene ether sulfone) Macromolecular Science and Engineering
[VT] VanHouten, Rachael A Synthesis and Characterization of Hydrophobic-Hydrophilic Segmented and Multiblock Copolymers for Proton Exchange Membrane and Reverse Osmosis Applications Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Velez-Garcia, Gregorio Manuel Experimental Evaluation and Simulations of Fiber Orientation in Injection Molding of Polymers Containing Short Glass Fibers Macromolecular Science and Engineering
[VT] Wu, Tianyu Synthesis and Characterization of Zwitterion-Containing Acrylic (Block) Copolymers for Emerging Electroactive and Biomedical Applications Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Yu, Xiang Synthesis and Characterization of Hydrophilic-Hydrophobic Disulfonated Poly(Arylene Ether Sulfone)-Decafluoro Biphenyl Based Poly(Arylene Ether) Multiblock Copolymers for Proton Exchange Membranes (PEMs) Macromolecular Science and Engineering
[BTD] Al-Ghamdi, Salem Mater The strategic implementation of acquisitions : the impact of human resource factors on acquired firm employees' perception about acquisition sucess Management
[BTD] Baker, W. Kevin The role of organizational commitment and job satisfaction in progressive withdrawal behaviors :testing a comprehensive model with integrated methodology Management
[BTD] Ball, Rebecca W. Adaptation vs selection : an examination of the impact of deregulation on strategic change in U.S. banks Management
Bezold, Maureen P. Crisis Management in the Delivery of Women's Reproductive Health Care: Responding to Social Activism Management
[BTD] Bolon, Douglas Sinclair Beyond job satisfaction : a multidimensional investigation of the relationship between organizational commitment and organizational citizenship behaviors Management
Braekkan, Kristian Finne Multilevel Determinants of Forecasting Effectiveness: Individual, Dyadic, and System Level Predictors and Outcomes Management
[BTD] Calongne, Lisa J. Self-efficacy for employee participation : an exploratory investigation Management
Childers, Jr., John Stephen An Examination into Technological Timing Efforts: The Performance of Firms in the Personal Computer Industry Management
D'Intino, Robert Stephen A Social Contract Perspective on Organizational Citizenship Behavior Management
Echols, Ann Elizabeth Extending the Resource-Based View to Explain Venture Capital Firm Networks' Contributions to IPO Performance: A Study of Human-Based Factors Management
Frey, Francis M. The Management of Justice through Accounts: Constructing Acceptable Justifications Management
[VT] Gerde, Virginia Woods The Design Dimensions of the Just Organization: an Empirical Test of the Relation Between Organization Design and Corporate Social Performance Management
[VT] Godwin, Jeffrey Linn The Impact of Transformational Leadership Behaviors on Follower Goal Commitment Management
Goldsby, Michael G. New Organization Forms: An Examination of Alienation and Ideology in the Postindustrial Workplace Management
[BTD] Guffey, William Robert The role of organization communication in the implementation of a business unit strategy Management
Hendry, Jamie R. Environmental NGOs and Business: A Grounded Theory of Assessment, Targeting, and Influencing Management
Herdman, Andrew Orr Explaining the Relationship Between the Hr System and Firm Performance: a Test of the Strategic Hrm Framework. Management
Hoell, Robert Craig Determinants of Union Member Attitudes Towards Employee Involvement Programs Management
Houghton, Jeffery D. The Relationship between Self-Leadership and Personality: A Comparison of Hierarchical Factor Structures Management
[VT] Ji, Fiona Xiaoying An international ambidexterity model to understand new venture internationalization and growth Management
Krishnakumar, Sukumarakurup The Role of Emotional Intelligence and Job Emotional Requirements in Job Attitudes and Behavior Management
[BTD] Lamb, William G. The relationship between geographic proximity and strategic posture :a longitudinal study of the U.S. fiberoptics industry Management
Lau, Rebecca S. Integration and Extension of Leader-Member Exchange and Organizational Justice and Individual- and Group-Levels of Analysis Management
[BTD] Li, Mingfang Environmental attributes, strategy-making comprehensiveness and firm performance Management
[BTD] Little, Beverly L. Effectiveness, performance, and motivation in a team-based environment Management
[BTD] Luthar, Harsh K. The two-way gender bias in management evaluations and decision making : evaluations of managers vs. evaluations of grievants Management
McKinney, Arlise P Goal Orientation: A test of competing models Management
[BTD] McLaughlin, Josetta S. Operational social contract : application of relational contract theory to exploration of constraints on implementation of an employee assistance program Management
Mu, Shaohua Carolyn Subsidiary Innovation and Diffusion: An Integrated Approach on Learning of Subsidiaries from Diverse Local Environments Management
[BTD] Murry, William D Leader-member exchange and work value congruence :a multiple levels approach Management
Offstein, Evan Hayden The Upper-Echelon Perspective of Firm Competitive Behavior: Empirical Evidence from the U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry Management
Oyler, Jennifer D. Core Self-Evaluations and Job Satisfaction: The Role of Organizational and Community Embeddedness. Management
[BTD] Park, Bong-Gyu A dynamic perspective of strategic groups and performance :a longitudinal study of the U.S. computer equipment industry, 1975-1989 Management
Park, Byung-Jin Robert The Effects of Coopetition and Coopetition Capability on Firm Innovation Performance Management
Schaupp , Gretchen Lina An Experimental Study of Psychological Contract Breach: The Effects of Exchange Congruence in the Employer - Employee Relationship Management
[BTD] Simerly, Roy L. Strategy and performance in a volatile environment : a study of the electronic computing industry Management
Singal, Manisha Corporate Governance and Strategic Behavior: A Study of Acquisitions and CEO Compensation Practices of Publicly-Owned and Family-Controlled Firms in S&P 500 Management
Srivastava, Manish Kumar Friends or Neighbors? The Effects of Inter-firm Networks and Clusters on Technological Innovations in the U.S. Semiconductor Industry Management
Strempek, R. Barth The Effect of Strategic Orientation and Adaptability on Organizational Behaviors and Performance:
the Case of Electronic Commerce in the Hosiery Industry
[BTD] Tan, J. Justin Perceived environment, strategic orientation, ownership effect and performance implications in a transition economy : an empirical study in the People's Republic of China Management
VanSandt, Craig V. An Examination of the Relationship Between Ethical Work Climate and Moral Awareness Management
Watson, George W Beyond the Psychological Contract: Ideology and the Economic Social Contract Management
Williams, Felice Amanda Behavioral Responses to Interpersonal Conflict in Decision Making Teams: A Clarification of the Conflict Phenomenon Management
[BTD] Wimbush, James C Ethical climates and ethical behavior Management
[BTD] Wimbush, James C. A longitudinal examination of public recognition and employee absenteeism :an exploratory study Management
Wu, Jinpei Entrepreneurial Orientation, Entrepreneurial Intent and New Venture Creation: Test of a Framework in a Chinese Context Management
Wu, Jiyun The Impact of Corporate Supplier Diversity Programs on Corporate Purchasers’ Decision-Making Regarding Women-Owned Enterprises: An Empirical Test Using the Theory of Planned Behavior Management
Xu, Yang Social Capital, Cognitions, and Firm Innovation: Theoretical Model and Empirical Studies Management
[BTD] Cheung, Gordon Wai-hung How goals affect performance :task complexity as a moderator on the cognitive processes of goal setting Management (General Business)
Bergey, Paul K. A Decision Support System for the Electrical Power Districting Problem Management Science
Hess, Traci J. A Study of Autonomous Agents in Decision Support Systems Management Science
[BTD] Kohers, Gerald The use of neural networks in the combining of time series forecasts with differential penalty costs Management Science
[BTD] Markham, Ina Samanta An exploration of the robustness of traditional regression analysis versus analysis using backpropagation networks Management Science
[BTD] McCart, Christina D Expert systems for financial analysis of university auxiliary enterprises Management Science
[VT] O'Malley, Jr., John Richard Electronic Data Interchange: An Inventory Perspective of Its Economic Viability and Recommendations for Information Technology Driven Implementation Management Science
[BTD] Panis, Renato P Robust parameter optimization strategies in computer simulation experiments Management Science
[BTD] Shi, Ji The implementation of total quality management in China Management Science
[BTD] Siochi, Fernando C Building a knowledge based simulation optimization system with discovery learning Management Science
[BTD] Wiegmann, Lars Cost-based shop control using artificial neural networks Management Science
Brande, Julia K. Computer Network Routing with a Fuzzy Neural Network Management Science and Information Technology
Carter, Arthur E. Design and Application of Genetic Algorithms for the Multiple Traveling Salesperson Assignment Problem Management Science and Information Technology
Falasca, Mauro Quantitative Decision Models for Humanitarian Logistics Management Science and Information Technology
Hertweck, Bryan M. Examining Electronic Markets in Which Intelligent Agents Are Used for Comparison Shopping and Dynamic Pricing Management Science and Information Technology
Novak, David Christopher A Methodology for Characterization and Performance Analysis of Connection-Based Network Access Technologies Management Science and Information Technology
Scheibe, Kevin Paul A Spatial Decision Support System for Planning Broadband, Fixed Wireless Telecommunication Networks Management Science and Information Technology
White, Sheneeta Williams Planning and Scheduling of Complex, High Value-Added Service Operations Management Science and Information Technology
Cunningham, Brian The Impact of Reward Structure on Project Team Effectiveness Management Systems
[BTD] Burness, Mary Regel An evaluation of the effectiveness of Adlerian parent study groups after four weeks and after six weeks. Management, Housing, and Family Development
[BTD] Cable, Carolyn Virginia Participation of the aged in voluntary activity. Management, Housing, and Family Development
[BTD] Conley, Martha McClenny Motivation for parenthood, need satisfaction, and romantic love :a comparison between pregnant and nonpregnant teenagers Management, Housing, and Family Development
[BTD] Eisler, Terri A. Parental influence on the career choices of women : some cohort differences Management, Housing, and Family Development
[BTD] Hylton, Linda Sue Influences on family planning among low income women Management, Housing, and Family Development
[BTD] Kidd, Charlotte Ann Consumer preparedness, knowledge, and opinions about practices and regulations of the funeral industry Management, Housing, and Family Development
[BTD] Nunley, Phyllis Cassell A study of parental concerns regarding the care of school age children in Prince William County, Virginia. Management, Housing, and Family Development
[BTD] Sack, Alan Richard Development of a theory of contraceptive practices among single male and female college students. Management, Housing, and Family Development
[BTD] Smith, Susan A Child abuse referral processes and treatment methods. Management, Housing, and Family Development
[BTD] Spencer, Marilyn Sanderson Effects of clothing conformity on preschool children's social interactions. Management, Housing, and Family Development
[BTD] Whaley, Mary Elizabeth The development of the learning environment checklist for assessing the adequacy of learning environments in day care centers. Management, Housing, and Family Development
Adkins, Natalie Ross Low Literate Consumers in a Literate Marketplace: Exploring Consumer Literacy and Its Impact Marketing
[BTD] Andrews, Rick L Temporal changes in marketing mix effectiveness Marketing
Bao, Yeqing Effects of Parental Style and Power on Adolescent’s Influence in Family Consumption Decisions Marketing
Bodur, H. Onur Understanding Preference Revision and Concession in Group Decisions Marketing
[BTD] Bristol, Terrence Aland Relying on brand equity : insights from consumer evaluation processes Marketing
Carter, Jr., Larry Lee Consumer Attitudes Toward Cross-Border Brand Alliances: Adding A Consideration Of Country Of Origin Fit Marketing
[BTD] Claiborne, C. B. The development of dispositional measures of self-congruity and functional congruity Marketing
[BTD] Cole, Dennis An investigation into the effect of cognitive moral development on ethical judgments, intentions, and behavior Marketing
Cook, Don Lloyd Governance Mechanisms as a Means of Increasing Consumer Trust in Online Exchanges: A Signaling Perspective Marketing
Corus, Canan Emotional Certainty and Health Communications Marketing
[BTD] DelVecchio, Susan K. The salesperson-manager exchange relationship : the impact of competence, latitude and loyalty Marketing
[BTD] DeMoranville, Carol W. An investigation into price-quality tradeoffs :the effects of order of presentation and presentation of outlying alternatives Marketing
[BTD] Dobscha, Susan Women and the natural world and their marketplace activities Marketing
[VT] Gao, Tao Effects of Relationship Quality on Customer Perceived Value in Organizational Purchasing Marketing
Grzeskowiak, Stephan An Empirical Examination of Boundary Conditions of Relational Exchange Marketing
Hess, Jr., Ronald L The Effects of Employee-Initiated Peripheral Service Failures on Customers' Satisfactions with the Service Organization Marketing
Hu, Yu An Examination of Consumers’ Selective Word-of-Mouth Communication Process and its Consequences Marketing
[BTD] Hunt, Michelle R. The screening of new product concepts : information use and the effects of experience and expertise Marketing
Ishida, Chiharu Bad Apples, Bad Barrels, and the Structure of Marketing Channel Relationships: Analyses of the Propensity for Opportunism and Opportunistic Behaviors Marketing
[BTD] Iyer, Gopalkrishnan R. The role of contracts, informal agreements and coalitions in assuring downstream coordination Marketing
Kidwell, Blair L Emotional Intelligence in Consumer Behavior: Ability, Confidence and Calibration as Predictors of Performance Marketing
Krishen, Anjala Selena When Comparison Becomes Contrast: Choice in an Oppositional Framework Marketing
[BTD] Larsen, Val Through the looking glass :a semiotic analysis and experimental test of pace and angle effects in television advertising Marketing
Lee, Renee Gravios Uneasy Tensions in Health Care Delivery in a Rural Appalachian Coal Mining Community: Envisioning Alternative Solutions Marketing
Littlefield, Jonathan Subculture of Deer Hunters and the Negotiation of Masculinity: An Ethnographic Investigation of Hunting in the Rural South Marketing
Mallalieu, Lynnea Anne An Examination of the Influence of Consumer Motivation on Salesperson Appraisal and Emotional Response to Salesperson Behavior. Marketing
Mandrik, Carter A. An Information Processing Perspective on Between-Brand Price Premiums: Antecedents and Consequences of Motivation Marketing
Peter, Paula Caterina Emotional Reasoning and Decision Making: understanding and regulating emotions that serve people's goals. Marketing
Pierce, Meghan Facial Expression Intelligence Scale (FEIS): Recognizing and Interpreting Facial Expressions and Implications for Consumer Behavior Marketing
Pierce, Meghan Elizabeth Individual and Holistic Information Processing Marketing
[VT] Saatcioglu, Bige The Social Construction of Poverty and the Meaning of Deprivation: An Ethnographic Exploration of Mobile Home Park Residents Marketing
[BTD] Saboo, Pallabi A decision model to aid entry-mode strategy selection Marketing
[BTD] Shapiro, Jon M. The role of cultural sensitivity and trust in relational marketing : an analysis of buyer/seller relationships in the Asian Pacific Rim Marketing
Sheng, Shibin Bundling and Consumer Evaluations of Individual Bundle Components Marketing
[VT] Su, Chenting Modeling Spousal Family Purchase Decision Behavior: A Dynamic Simultaneous Equations Approach Marketing
[VT] van Gelder, Brenda A. Exploring the Feasibility of a Strategic Alliance Approach to Telecommunications Provision in Rural Municipalities Marketing
[BTD] Vashi, Vidyut H The effect of price, advertising, and income on consumer demand :an almost ideal demand system investigation Marketing
[BTD] Wagner, Judy A. A contingency approach to the effectiveness of agenda sales strategies Marketing
[BTD] Wright, Newell D Consumption and home ownership :the evolving meaning of home Marketing
Xenakis, Gina Marie Living with Chordoma Online: A Thematic Analysis of User’s Experiences in an Online Cancer Support Group Marketing
Zhou, Zheng Achieving Late-Mover Advantage: The Effects of Enhancing and Distinctive Strategies Marketing
Bath, Kara B A qualitative study of couples’ experience of the Preventative and Relationship Enhancement Program Marriage and Family Therapy
Boykin, Esther Laree Successful Teenage Marriages: A Qualitative Study of How Some Couples Have Made It Work Marriage and Family Therapy
[BTD] Bradley, Peter Douglas Towards a theory of family therapy :rediscovering the influence of Don D. Jackson Marriage and Family Therapy
[BTD] Bridgforth, Myra Binns Relapse prevention with adolescent substance abusers and their families Marriage and Family Therapy
[BTD] Cooley, Susan R In their own words :an analysis of personal narratives from fathers' perspectives on the death of a child Marriage and Family Therapy
Daly, Kathryn L. A Description of the Change Processes Experienced by Female Victims of Intimate Partner Violence when They and Their Male Partners End the Violence and Maintain Their Relationships Marriage and Family Therapy
Donovan, Sarah Penelope Stress and Coping Techniques in Successful Intercultural Marriages Marriage and Family Therapy
Goldberg, Peter David An exploratory study about the impacts that Cybersex (the use of the Internet for sexual purposes)is having on families and the practices of marriage and family therapists Marriage and Family Therapy
[VT] Green, Narkia Monique Exploring the Experience of Race-related Stress and Marital Satisfaction among African American Married Couples Marriage and Family Therapy
Habben, Christopher M. Differentiation as a Predictor of Extramarital Involvement Marriage and Family Therapy
Johnson, H. Jermaine Examining Family Structure and Parenting Processes as Predictors of Delinquency in African-American Adolescent Females Marriage and Family Therapy
Jordal, Christian Edward “Making it Work”: A Grounded Theory of How Mixed Orientation Married Couples Commit, Sexually Identify, and Gender Themselves Marriage and Family Therapy
[BTD] Lemon, Stephen C. Developing a school-based referral system :comparison of factors cited by school counselors and therapists Marriage and Family Therapy
Linville, Deanna Christine The Analysis of Extracurricular Activities and Parental Monitoring and Their Relationship to Youth Violence Marriage and Family Therapy
McLaurin, Shamla L. Childhood Experiences of Sibling Abuse: An investigation into learned helplessness Marriage and Family Therapy
McNamee, Carole M Bilateral Art: An Integration of Marriage and Family Therapy, Art Therapy, and Neuroscience Marriage and Family Therapy
McPherson, Mary Elizabeth Parenting Behavior, Adolescent Depression, Alcohol Use, Tobacco Use, and Academic Performance: A Path Model Marriage and Family Therapy
[BTD] Miller, Deborah L. E. Family functioning and its relationship to recommended status with the juvenile court system Marriage and Family Therapy
[BTD] Miller, John K. Walk-in single session therapy : a study of client satisfaction Marriage and Family Therapy
Mojta, Carl Andrew Internal Family Systems' Influence on Beginning Therapists' Awareness of Internal Processes: A Qualitative Study Marriage and Family Therapy
Moon, Elizabeth Wedemeyer Flow: Family Dynamics and Adolescent Experiences in Soccer Marriage and Family Therapy
Pankow, Shannon Anderson Career Practices and Training Perspectives of Marriage and Family Therapy Program Graduates Marriage and Family Therapy
Paris, Eleni Marriage and Family Therapist Interns' Experiences of Growth Marriage and Family Therapy
Penn, Carrie E. An exploratory study of female partner aggression: The role of relationship dynamics Marriage and Family therapy
Powell, Courtney Christine Families under stress: Using the Double ABCX model to understand attachment relationships in families during military deployment Marriage and Family Therapy
[VT] Sharp, Erin Colleen Clergywomen and Role Management: A Study of PC(USA) Clergywomen Negotiating Maternity Leave Marriage and Family Therapy
Stoppelman, Lynn Ballard Intimate Partner Violence in Heterosexual Couples Viewed Through the Lens of Attachment Marriage and Family Therapy
Viers-Yaun, Dawn Career and Relationship Satisfaction among Female Faculty in MFT Programs Marriage and Family Therapy
Ward, David Benson Evaluating Therapy Effectiveness in an Mft Training Clinic: Current Practices and Recommendations for the Future Marriage and Family Therapy
[BTD] Amanuma, Kazushi Dielectric properties of PFN-PFT solid solution synthesized by the molten salt method Materials Engineering
[BTD] Battu, Laurent P Corrosion resistance of modified β-Eucryptite Materials Engineering
[BTD] Brady, Michael P Evaluation of laser surface melting to mitigate chloride stress corrosion cracking in an austenitic stainless steel Materials Engineering
[BTD] Cardozo, Antonio Fernando Cabral Computer simulation of grain boundary multiplicity in Ni{u2083}Al Materials Engineering
[BTD] Carr, Kathryn E Evaluation of modified dry limestone process for flue gas desulfurization Materials Engineering
[BTD] Chiu, Chienchia Low temperature synthesis and properties of lead ferroniobate Pb(Fe0-5Nb0-5)O3 Materials Engineering
[BTD] Collins, William D Chemical treatment of corroding steel reinforcement after removal of chloride contaminated concrete Materials Engineering
[BTD] Dehan, Christophe F. An intelligent workstation for reliable residual stress determination using x-ray diffraction Materials Engineering
[BTD] Gentile, Maria Alkali attack of coal gasifier refractrry [sic] lining Materials Engineering
[BTD] Giridhar, Jayaramachandran Preparation and characterization of Mo/Al layered thin films Materials Engineering
[BTD] Gonzalez, Sandra C. Preparation and characterization of new porous ceramic filters for hot gas clean-up Materials Engineering
[BTD] Grzeskiewicz, Ronald Effect of hydrogen on the coefficient of friction of iron Materials Engineering
[BTD] Guerin, Pascal Claude Raymond Development of measurement techniques for evaluation of inhibitors for controlling rebar corrosion in concrete Materials Engineering
[BTD] Halley, William G. Evaluating abrasive wear resistance of extruder tooling materials using the dry sand rubber wheel abrasion test Materials Engineering
[BTD] Hwang, Yawlin Dynamic electromechanical measurements of carbon black loaded SBR Materials Engineering
[BTD] Iyer, Venkatramani S. Effect of residual stress gradients in austenitic stainless steels on stress corrosion cracking Materials Engineering
[BTD] Kim, Regina H. Siloxane modified polyurea and polyurethane urea segmented copolymers Materials Engineering
[BTD] Lawson, Glenn E. The effects of evaporation rate, solvent, and substrate on the surface segregation of block copolymers Materials Engineering
[BTD] Liu, Dean-Mo The development and characterization of lightweight (CA,MG) ceramics Materials Engineering
[BTD] Miller, Jean P. Long-term thermal/chemical degradation of ceramic candle filter materials Materials Engineering
[BTD] Morgan, Nancy Abigail The effects of thermal cycling on residual stresses in thick- walled stainless steel pipe Materials Engineering
[BTD] Petton, Guy J Computer simulation study of grain boundary structure in B2 NiAl Materials Engineering
[BTD] Ranganathan, Kannan A simulation model for stress measurements in notched test specimens by x-ray diffraction Materials Engineering
[BTD] Rivet, Frederic C Hydrogen embrittlement of Aluminum-Lithium alloys Materials Engineering
[BTD] Rodrigues, David Ernest Structure property relationships in track pad rubber as a function of blending conditions Materials Engineering
[BTD] Russell, Laura M. Thermal conductivity/diffusivity of SiC-Mullite and SiC-SiC composites Materials Engineering
[BTD] Sabata, Ashok Characterization of the adhesive interface between rubber and brass plated steel tire cords Materials Engineering
[BTD] Sen, Sidhartha Electrical studies on ion-etched n-GaAs(100) surfaces Materials Engineering
[BTD] Somers, Bruce R. Effect of dislocation substructure on the primary creep behavior of alpha titanium at elevated temperature. Materials Engineering
[BTD] Tricard, Marc J. M. An expert system for the validation and interpretation of x-ray residual stress data Materials Engineering
[BTD] Tu, Jie Thermal expansion of chemically modified mullite Materials Engineering
[BTD] Van Aken, Stephen Mark Thermal expansion and thermal conductivity of (Ca1-x,Mgx)Zr4(PO4)6 where x = 0.0-0.4 Materials Engineering
[BTD] Vandenbossche, Benoit Measurement of ultrasonic wave mode transition in unidirectional graphite/epoxy composites Materials Engineering
[BTD] Vass, Raymond J Alkali attack on ceramic filters Materials Engineering
[BTD] Zhang, Tong Electrical conduction transport mechanisms of barium titanate- based multilayer ceramic capacitors Materials Engineering
[BTD] Feth, Shari A study of the promolecule radius of nitrides, oxides and sulfides and of the bond critical point properties of the electron density distribution in nitrides Materials Engineering and Science
[BTD] Rodrigues, David Ernest Microwave curing of hybrid inorganic-organic ceramers and some additional structural features of these material Materials Engineering and Science
[BTD] Arnold, Cynthia A. Structure-property behavior of polyimide homopolymers, copolymers, and blends Materials Engineering Science
[BTD] Bang, Jaecheol Sintering of glass films on rigid substrates studied by optical techniques Materials Engineering Science
[BTD] Betrabet, Chinmay Suresh Inorganic-organic hybrid materials and abrasion resistant coatings based on a sol-gel approach Materials Engineering Science
[BTD] Bhatt, Hemanshu D Effect of interfacial thermal conductance and fiber orientation on the thermal diffusivity/conductivity of unidirectional fiber-reinforced ceramic matrix composites Materials Engineering Science
[BTD] Brandom, Donald Keith Crystallization and melting behavior of an aromatic semicrystalline polyimide, LaRC CPI-2 Materials Engineering Science
[BTD] Brennan, Anthony Bartholomew Structure/property behavior of inorganic/organic sol-gel derived hybrid materials Materials Engineering Science
[BTD] Brown, Janis Michelle Production of controlled networks and morphologies in toughened thermosetting resins using real-time, in-situ cure monitoring Materials Engineering Science
[BTD] Bucher, Richard A. High performance thermoplastic matrix composite processing : dry powder prepregging, plasma treatment, consolidation/crystallization analysis Materials Engineering Science
[BTD] Cham, Pak-Meng Study of the miscibility, crystallization and morphology in poly(propylene) based blends and copolymers Materials Engineering Science
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Bromley II, Michael William Pneumatic Particulate Collection System Analysis and Design Mechanical Engineering
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Carvajal, Carlos The fluid-coupled motion of micro and nanoscale cantilevers Mechanical Engineering
Carwile, Zachary Thomas Validation of a 3-D Virtual Acoustic Prototyping Method For Use In Structural Design Mechanical Engineering
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Castellucci, Matt Resistive heating for self-healing materials based on ionomeric polymers. Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Castiglone, Linda Ann Experimental investigation into the reduction of supersonic skin-friction drag on a flat plate using transpiration and a cavity with mass addition Mechanical Engineering
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Chiu, Ya-tien A Performance Study of a Super-cruise Engine with Isothermal Combustion inside the Turbine Mechanical Engineering
Chodak, Jillian Pyrolysis and Hydrodynamics of Fluidized Bed Media Mechanical Engineering
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Christophel, Jesse Reuben Comparison of the Thermal Performance of Several Tip Cooling Designs for a Turbine Blade Mechanical Engineering
Christopher, Michael Donald Application of the Transient Hot-Wire Technique for Measurement of Effective Thermal Conductivity of Catalyzed Sodium Alanate for Hydrogen Storage Mechanical Engineering
Chu, Teik Lin Effects of Mach Number and Flow Incidence on Aerodynamic Losses of Steam Turbine Blades Mechanical Engineering
Clancy, Devin Static Tire Characterization for Race Vehicle Setup Mechanical Engineering
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Clark, Matthew Taylor The driven and stochastic dynamics of micro and nanoscale cantilevers in viscous fluid and near a solid boundary Mechanical Engineering
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Clatterbuck, Daniel C. An Investigation of Performance Limitations in Active Noise Reduction Headsets Mechanical Engineering
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Cobert, Matthew John Assessing Global Competence and Teamology for Collaborative Engineering Mechanical Engineering
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Coe, David Hazen Improving the Three Dimensional, Structural Velocity Field Reconstruction Process with Computer Vision Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Coffey, Bradley M. Identifiability and parameter estimation in rail vehicle dynamics Mechanical Engineering
Coffey, Katherine Leigh Next-Generation Earth Radiation Budget Instrument Concepts Mechanical Engineering
Colban IV, William F A Detailed Study of Fan-Shaped Film-Cooling for a Nozzle Guide Vane for an Industrial Gas Turbine Mechanical Engineering
Colban IV, William Frederick Effects of Realistic Combustor Exit Profiles on a Turbine Vane Endwall Mechanical Engineering
Colby, Ryan Stephen Considerations for the Development of Non-Visual Interfaces for Driving Applications Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Cole, Daniel G Design of, and initial experiments with, a MIMO plate control testbed Mechanical Engineering
Cole, Daniel G. Harmonic and Narrowband Disturbance Rejection for Linear Time-Periodic Plants Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Collie, Jeffery C Unsteady shock wave effects on transonic turbine cascade performance Mechanical Engineering
Collins, Christopher Michael Development of a Virtual Acoustic Showroom for Simulating Listening Environments and Audio Speakers Mechanical Engineering
Collins, Robert James Design of a Helicopter Slung Vehicle for Actuated Payload Placement Mechanical Engineering
Comas, Caroline Marie Assessment of the Measurement Repeatability and Sensitivity of a Noninvasive Blood Perfusion Measuring Probe Mechanical Engineering
Comeau, Christian R Critical Erosion/Corrosion Piping Wall Thicknesses Under Static and Fatigue Stress Conditions According to ASME Guidelines Mechanical Engineering
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Gao, Rui Computational Fluid Dynamic and Rotordynamic Study on the Labyrinth Seal Mechanical Engineering
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Gillett, Philip Winslow Head Mounted Microphone Arrays Mechanical Engineering
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Goldstein, Andre L. Control of Sound Transmission with Active-Passive Tiles Mechanical Engineering
Gombar, Brett Anthony Design and Evaluation of a Mobile Instrumentation Platform for Unmanned Vehicle Testing Mechanical Engineering
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Gopinath, Sudhir Using Color and Shape Analysis for Boundary Line Extraction in Autonomous Vehicle Applications Mechanical Engineering
Gordon, Ashley Rebecca Evaluation of TiO2 as a Pt-Catalyst Support in a Direct Ethanol Fuel Cell Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Gorrell, Steven Ernest An experimental study of exit flow patterns in a multistage compressor in rotating stall Mechanical Engineering
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Gratton, Andrew Robert Measurements and Predictions of Heat Transfer for a First Vane Design Mechanical Engineering
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Greenwood, Aaron Blake Implementation of Adaptive Filter Algorithms for the Suppression of Thermoacoustic Instabilities Mechanical Engineering
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Griffin, Timothy R. Computer-Aided Design Software for Torsional Analysis Mechanical Engineering
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Grisso, Benjamin Luke Advancing Autonomous Structural Health Monitoring Mechanical Engineering
Grohs, Joshua Walter Comparing In Situ and Bulk Constitutive Properties of a Structural Adhesive Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Grose, Michael David A system identification technique for predicting transient operation of gas turbine engines Mechanical Engineering
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Grove, Donald E The Vertical Integration of Mechatronics at Virginia Tech Mechanical Engineering
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Guevara, Carlos Ernesto An Environmental Monitoring Device to Identify Potential Risks for Intraventricular Hemorrhage During Neonatal Transport of Preterm Infants Mechanical Engineering
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Gustafson, Eric Andrew Design, Simulation, and Wind Tunnel Veri cation of a Morphing Airfoil Mechanical Engineering
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Gvozdich, Grant Gregory Modeling the Transient Effects of High Energy Subsystems on High-Performance Aerospace Systems Mechanical Engineering
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Haber, Ludwig Christian Investigation of Dynamics in Turbulent Swirling Flows Aided by Linear Stability Analysis Mechanical Engineering
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Han, Jea-Kweon Bipedal Walking for a Full Size Humanoid Robot Utilizing Sinusoidal Feet Trajectories and Its Energy Consumption Mechanical Engineering
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Martin, Christopher Reed Systematic Prediction and Parametric Characterization of Thermo-Acoustic Instabilities in Premixed Gas Turbine Combustors Mechanical Engineering
Martin, Luke Andrew Developing a Self-Powered, Wireless Damage Detection System for Structural Health Monitoring Applications Mechanical Engineering
Martin, Luke Andrew A Novel Material Modulus Function for Modeling Viscoelastic Materials Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Marudachalam, Kannan An attempt to quantify errors in the experimental modal analysis process Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Mascarenhas, Wilfred J An improved finite-element model for simulating microwave processing of polymers and polymer-composites in a cylindrical resonant cavity Mechanical Engineering
Masi, John William Effect of Control Techniques on the Performance of Semiactive Dampers Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Matevosian, Armond Hybrid adaptive feedforward control of structures to seismic inputs Mechanical Engineering
Matulich, Ryan Douglas Post-fire Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Alloys and Aluminum Welds Mechanical Engineering
May, James Tethered Payload Control from an Autonomous Helicopter Mechanical Engineering
Mayo, Jr, David Earl The Effect of Combustor Exit to Nozzle Guide Vane Platform Misalignment on Heat Transfer over an Axisymmetric Endwall at Transonic Conditions Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] McAlister, Darrell Scott Analysis of energy flow in controlled structures subject to initial conditions Mechanical Engineering
McCabe, Brian John Underslung Payload Tension Control from an Autonomous Unmanned Helicopter Mechanical Engineering
McCarthy, David Lee Creating Complex Hollow Metal Geometries Using Additive Manufacturing and Metal Plating Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] McClure, Kerry S. The use of object-oriented tools in the development of a pilot's vision simulation program to aid in the conceptual design of aircraft Mechanical Engineering
McConnell, Brian Gregory A Coupled Heat Transfer and Electromagnetic Model for Simulating Microwave Heating of Thin Dielectric Materials in a Resonant Cavity Mechanical Engineering
McCormick, Daniel John An Analysis of Using CFD in Conceptual Aircraft Design Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] McCray, Thomas Wade Construction and characterization of removable and reusable piezoelectric actuators Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] McCready, Wesley Olin Contact between models of rough surfaces containing spherical asperities. Mechanical Engineering
McDaniel, Matthew Lee Proposed Design for a Coupled Ground-Source Heat Pump/Energy Recovery Ventilator System to Reduce Building Energy Demand Mechanical Engineering
McEver, Mark Andrew Optimal Vibration Suppression Using On-line Pole/Zero Identification Mechanical Engineering
McFarland, Jacob Andrew Conceptual Design and Instrumentation Study for a 2-D, Linear, Wet Steam Turbine Cascade Facility Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] McGhee, Samuel H Prediction of film condensation and aerosol formation in a gas-vapor mixture flow through a vertical tube Mechanical Engineering
McGlumphy, Jonathan Numerical Investigation of Subsonic Axial-Flow Tandem Airfoils for a Core Compressor Rotor Mechanical Engineering
McKay, Christopher A Carbon Monoxide Generation in a Compartment With a Doorway During a Fire Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] McMurray, Kevin E Characterization of boundary conditions for wedge-lock-mounted printed circuit boards Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Meekins, Jeffrey L Optical analysis of the ERBE scanning thermistor bolometer radiometer using the Monte Carlo method Mechanical Engineering
Mehta, Rumeet Pradeep Labyrinth Seal Preprocessor and Post-Processor Design and Parametric Study Mechanical Engineering
Meidenbauer, Kennneth Richard An Investigation of the Clothoid Steering Model for Autonomous Vehicles Mechanical Engineering
Meier, David Alan The Design and Evaluation of a High Frequency Fore-Aft Probe Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Mele, Paul A Mechanical design of a Stewart platform-based crawling vehicle Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Melnyk, Glenn J Mechanisms for automated toolhead changing in nuclear steam generator robotics Mechanical Engineering
Mendoza, Hector Evaluation of the Effectiveness of an Active Magnetic Damper (AMD) in Damping Subsynchronous Vibrations in a Flexible Rotor Mechanical Engineering
Menegay, Peter A Computational Model for Two-Phase Ejector Flow Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Menegay, Peter Experimental investigation of an ejector as a refrigerant expansion engine Mechanical Engineering
Mennitt, Daniel James Multiarray Passive Acoustic Localization and Tracking Mechanical Engineering
Meyer, Mark J. Understanding the challenges in HEV 5-cycle fuel economy calculations based on dynamometer test data Mechanical Engineering
Meyers, Brett Albert Feasibility of Echocardiographic Particle Image Velocimetry for evaluation of cardiac left ventricular filling function Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Mezynski, Alexis Measurements of pressure and thermal wakes in a transonic turbine cascade Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Michener, Michael Douglas Measurements of thermal properties and blood perfusion using the heat flux microsensor Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Miller, Kevin C Comparison of the aeroacoustics of two small-scale supersonic inlets Mechanical Engineering
Miller, Matthew Michael Modeling, Designing, Building, and Testing a Microtubular Fuel Cell Stack Power Supply System for Micro Air Vehicle (MAVs) Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Mills, John Richard A mach 1.95 free-jet facility for experimental investigation of injectant flow patterns Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Miltenberger, Louis C. Finite element modeling of the filament winding process using ABAQUS Mechanical Engineering
Minter, Dion Len Development of Strategies in Finding the Optimal Cooling of Systems of Integrated Circuits Mechanical Engineering
Minton, Christopher Mills Wake Filling Techniques for Reducing Rotor-Stator Interaction Noise Mechanical Engineering
Mital, Manu Thermal Detection of Embedded Tumors using Infrared Imaging Mechanical Engineering
Mital, Manu Integrated Thermal Management Strategies for Embedded Power Electronic Modules Mechanical Engineering
[VT] Mitchell, Bruce Wayne Determination of Acoustic Ray Paths in Enclosed Spaces Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Mitchell, Bruce Wayne Determination of acoustic ray paths in enclosed spaces. Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Mitchell, Curtis R. Viscous solutions for the Navier Stokes equations using an upwind finite volume technique Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Mohammedshah, Juzer Mohsin System identification of adaptive composites Mechanical Engineering
Mohan, Anant Nonlinear Investigation of the Use of Controllable Primary Suspensions to Improve Hunting in Railway Vehicles Mechanical Engineering
Molina, Gustavo Jose Triboemission From Ceramics: Charge Intensity and Energy Distribution Characterizations Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Molique, Robert S Frictional behavior of polymers :the transition from static to kinetic conditions Mechanical Engineering
Molisani, Leonardo Rafael A Coupled Tire Structure-Acoustic Cavity Model Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Moncman, Deborah A. Optimal experimental designs for the estimation of thermal properties of composite materials Mechanical Engineering
Mondscehin, Brian David Evaluation of Alternate Bearing Designs in a High Speed Automotive Turbocharger Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Montgomery, David Eric Modeling and visualization of laser-based three-dimensional experimental spatial dynamic response Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Montgomery, David Eric An interactive PHIGS+ model rendering system applied to postprocessing of spatial mechanisms Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Moo, Jason Applying human-computer interaction methodologies to the development of computer-aided design software Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Moore, George Franklin The determination of a water film coefficient and a condensing steam film coefficient for a single tube heat exchanger Mechanical Engineering
Morazzani, Ivette Marie Investigation of Standing Up Strategies and Considerations for Gait Planning for a Novel Three-Legged Mobile Robot Mechanical Engineering
Morel, Yannick Applied Nonlinear Control of Unmanned Vehicles with Uncertain Dynamics Mechanical Engineering
Morris, Angela Experimental and Computational Study of Heat Transfer on a Turbine Blade Tip with a Shelf Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Morris, Mary Beth Flow randomness and tip losses in transonic rotors Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Moshier, Monty Laser-based broad-band spatially dense automated data acquisition system Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Mosier, Roger Carhart An experimental apparatus for the measurement of moisture permeability of building materials Mechanical Engineering
Mounaud, Laurent Georges A Parametric Study of the Effect of Fire Source Elevation in a Compartment Mechanical Engineering
Mount, Kristopher Patrick Finite Element Analysis of Probe Induced Delamination of a Thin Film at an Edge Interface Mechanical Engineering
Moutran, Serge Riad Feasible Workspace for Robotic Fiber Placement Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Mowery, David Kaiser Use of a textile wastewater sludge as a supplemental solid fuel Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Moyer, Steven Craig Infrared radiometric measurements of surface temperatures generated by friction of sliding iron-on-sapphire Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Moyers, Kevin Keith A microcomputer-based data acquisition system for diagnostic monitoring and control of high-speed electric motors Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Moyka, Ana S Adaptive vibration absorber Mechanical Engineering
Mozingo, Joseph Alexander Evaluation of a Strut-Plasma Torch Combination as a Supersonic Igniter-Flameholder Mechanical Engineering
Mudaliar, Ashvinikumar Development of a Phantom Tissue for Blood Perfusion Measurements and Noninvasive Blood Perfusion Estimation in Living Tissue Mechanical Engineering
Mudarri, Timothy C. A Novel Use for Ionic Polymer Transducers for Ionic Sensing in Liquid Mechanical Engineering
Muecke, Karl James An Analytical Motion Filter for Humanoid Robots Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Mumaw, James A comparison of analytical models and experimental results for the acoustic response in a non-rigid-wall enclosure Mechanical Engineering
Munoz Guevara, Jules Ricardo Optimization Strategies for the Synthesis / Design of Hihgly Coupled, Highly Dynamic Energy Systems Mechanical Engineering
Murphy, Devon Patrick Analysis of a Rotary Ultrasonic Motor for Application in Force-Feel Systems Mechanical Engineering
Murray, Kevin Hugh An Optical Resection Local Positioning System for an Autonomous Agriculture Vehicle Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Mutter, Troy Blake Numerical simulations of elliptical jets :a study of jet entrainment Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Nadeem, Tariq Computer simulation of the steady-state thermodynamic processes and piston ring wear for a multi-stage intercooled reciprocating air compressor Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Nafziger, John S Reverse parameterization of B-spline surfaces for data transfer Mechanical Engineering
Naik, Ankur Arc Path Collision Avoidance Algorithm for Autonomous Ground Vehicles Mechanical Engineering
Najem, Joseph Samih Design and Development of a Bio-inspired Robotic Jelly sh that Features Ionic Polymer Metal Composites Actuators Mechanical Engineering
Nam, Jong-Hoon A Computational Study on the Structure, Dynamics and Mechanoelectric Transduction of Vestibular Hair cell Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Namboodri, Chettoor G Experimental investigation and modeling of the electrostrictive relaxor ferroelectric lead magnesium niobate-lead titinate Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Narayanan, Parasuram An object-oriented framework for the creation of customized expert system for CAD Mechanical Engineering
Nash, Grant Utilizing Distributed Vibration Absorbers to Reduce Noise Transmission Through the Windshield of a Cessna 150 Mechanical Engineering
Nasir, Shakeel Showerhead Film Cooling Performance of a Turbine Vane at High Freestream Turbulence in a Transonic Cascade Mechanical Engineering
Nasser, Khalil Maurice Development and Analysis of the Lumped Parameter Model of a Piezo-Hydraulic Actuator Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Nathani, Arun A turbulent combustion noise model Mechanical Engineering
Navarra, Kelly R. Development of the Pressure-Sensitive-Paint Technique for Advanced Turbomachinery Applications. Mechanical Engineering
Neal III, David Anthony Design, Development, and Analysis of a Morphing Aircraft Model for Wind Tunnel Experimentation Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Neff, John Michael Organic emissions during oven drying of wood Mechanical Engineering
Negus, Charles H. An Interactive Chemical Equilibrium Solver for the Personal Computer Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Nelson, Edward L Temperature, pressure, and infrared image survey of an axisymmetric heated exhaust plume Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Nelson, Edward L Development of an infrared gaseous radiation band model based on NASA SP-3080 for computational fluid dynamic code validation applications Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Neumann, Michael Landon A method for the spatial functionalization of the dynamic response of a structure with structural stability considerations Mechanical Engineering
Newbury, Kenneth Matthew Characterization, Modeling, and Control of Ionic Polymer Transducers Mechanical Engineering
Newman, Andrew Samuel Performance of a Showerhead and Shaped Hole Film Cooled Vane at High Freestream Turbulence and Transonic Conditions Mechanical Engineering
Newman, James Charles Integrated Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Using Discrete Sensitivity Analysis for Geometrically Complex Aeroelastic Configurations Mechanical Engineering
Newsom, Jerry Russell Designing Active Control Laws in a Computational Aeroelasticity Environment Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Newsome, Stephen Sumner Design and evaluation of a prototype high precision temperature telemetry system. Mechanical Engineering
Nguyen, Chuong Hoang Features identification and tracking for an autonomous ground vehicle Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Nguyen, Tai K Optimization of radiometric channel solar calibration for the Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System (CERES) using the Monte-Carlo method Mechanical Engineering
Ni, Lingli Fault-Tolerant Control of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles Mechanical Engineering
Niezrecki, Christopher Structural & Internal Acoustic Response of Cylinders with Applications to Rocket Payload Fairings Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Niezrecki, Christopher Power factor correction and power consumption characterization of piezoelectric actuators Mechanical Engineering
Nikkhah, Mehdi Identification of Cell Biomechanical Signatures Using Three Dimensional Isotropic Microstructures Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Ninnemann, Todd A Aspirating probes for measurement of mean concentration and fluctuating quantities in supersonic air/helium shear layer Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Ninnemann, Todd A. Effects of riblets on the performance of the supersonic through-flow fan cascade blades Mechanical Engineering
Nix, Andrew Carl Effects of High Intensity, Large-Scale Freestream Combustor Turbulence On Heat Transfer in Transonic Turbine Blades Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Nix, Andrew Carl Effects of shock wave passing on turbine blade heat transfer in a transonic turbine cascade Mechanical Engineering
Norberg, Adam D. Facility and Methodologies for Evaluation of Hydrogen-Air Mixer Performance Mechanical Engineering
Nord, Lars A Thermoacoustic Characterization of a Rijke-type Tube Combustor Mechanical Engineering
Norris, James Alexander Behavior of Magneto-Rheological Fluids Subject to Impact and Shock Loading Mechanical Engineering
[VT] Nouri, Arash Correlation-Based Detection and Classification of Rail Wheel Defects using Air-coupled Ultrasonic Acoustic Emissions Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Nowinski, Matthew C A two-dimensional model to predict rotating stall in axial-flow compressors Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Nuckolls, William E Fan noise reduction from a supersonic inlet Mechanical Engineering
Nutter, Brian Vincent Thermal Analysis of a Vaporization Source for Inorganic Coatings Mechanical Engineering
O'Connor, Nicholas L. The Complex Spatiotemporal Dynamics of a Shallow Fluid Layer Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Oakes, Brian K Reduction of convective heat transfer from reacting flows by application of electric fields Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Ochel, Ralf NOx reduction for natural gas engines with increased ignition energy and plasma jet ignitors Mechanical Engineering
Ofori-Boateng, Akua Boabema A Study of the Effect of Varying Air-Inflated Seat Cushion Parameters on Seating Comfort Mechanical Engineering
Ogburn, Michael James Systems Integration, Modeling, and Validation of a Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Vehicle Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Ohanehi, Donatus Chukwubueze Reduction of energy losses :a key to improved rock drilling? Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Ohanehi, Donatus Chukwubueze Transfer matrix analysis of an electrohydraulically driven rotary- vibratory drilling system Mechanical Engineering
Ohanian, Osgar John Mass Properties Calculation and Fuel Analysis in the Conceptual Design of Uninhabited Air Vehicles Mechanical Engineering
Ohanian, Osgar John Ducted Fan Aerodynamics and Modeling, with Applications of Steady and Synthetic Jet Flow Control Mechanical Engineering
Ong, Chin Guan Shaking and Balance of a Convertible One- and Two-Cylinder Reciprocating Compressor Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Osborne, Jr., Denver Jackson Time-resolved measurements of a transonic compressor during surge and rotating stall Mechanical Engineering
Owellen, Michael C. Biotribology: The Effect of Lubricant and Load on Articular Cartilage Wear and Friction Mechanical Engineering
[VT] Owen, Christopher Cooper Magnetic Induction for In-situ Healing of Polymeric Material Mechanical Engineering
Oyarzabal, Borja Application of a decomposition strategy to the optimal synthesis/design of a fuel cell sub-system Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Padmanabhan, Babu A study of isostatic framework with application to manipulator design Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Padmaperuma, Dinnaga P Modelling and prediction of flashing flow in short tubes Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Paine, Jeffrey Steven Nelson Multi-functional SMA hybrid composite materials and their applications Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Paine, Jeffrey Steven Nelson The performance of nitinol shape memory alloy actuators embedded in thermoplastic composite material systems Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Palmer, Matthew Earle Kinematics of beam flexure four-bar linkages with applications in a compound bow Mechanical Engineering
Pan, Jan Wei On-line Nonlinear Characterization of Anisotropic Materials Mechanical Engineering
Panchal, Kapil V Development of a robust numerical optimization methodology for turbine endwalls and effect of endwall contouring on turbine passage performance Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Pande, Abhijit Effect of struts on aeroacoustics of axisymmetric supersonic inlets Mechanical Engineering
Pang, Ying-Feng Integrated Thermal Design and Optimization Study for Active Integrated Power Electronic Modules (IPEMs) Mechanical Engineering
Pang, Ying-Feng Assessment of Thermal Behavior and Development of Thermal Design Guidelines for Integrated Power Electronics Modules Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Parathiras, Vasilis Stress-density relationships for an agricultural soil Mechanical Engineering
Pare, Christopher A. Experimental Evaluation of Semiactive Magneto- Rheological Suspensions for Passenger Vehicles Mechanical Engineering
Park, David Numerical simulations of airflow and heat transfer in a room with a large opening Mechanical Engineering
Park, Gyuhae Assessing Structural Integrity using Mechatronic Impedance Transducers with Applications in Extreme Environments Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Pascoe, James The evoluation of 'Boxes' to quantized inductive learning :a study in inductive learning Mechanical Engineering
Patil, Sunil Large Eddy Simulations of high Reynolds number Complex Flows with Synthetic Inlet Turbulence Mechanical Engineering
Patricio, Paul Stephen Effects of Frame Design and Cab Suspension on the Ride Quality of Heavy Trucks Mechanical Engineering
Patrick, Wilfred Vinod Computations of Flow Structures and Heat Transfer in a Dimpled Channel at Low to Moderate Reynolds Number Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Patterson, Douglas T Tribopolymerization as an approach to two-stroke engine lubrication Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Patton, Kevin Bernard Analysis of parametric model signal processing techniques for signature analysis Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Pawtowski, E. C Development of the second-generation IMTS (Intelligent Monitoring and Trending System) and WOT (Wizard of Tech) expert system for rotating machinery Mechanical Engineering
Paxton, Scott System Identification and Optimization Methodologies for Active Structural Acoustic Control of Aircraft Cabin Noise Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Payne, Stephen Richard A CAD-interactive software package for the synthesis of planar disk cams Mechanical Engineering
Peabody, Hume L. Evaluation of a Heat Flux Microsensor in a Transonic Turbine Cascade Mechanical Engineering
Peairs, Daniel M. Development of a Self-Sensing and Self-Healing Bolted Joint Mechanical Engineering
Peairs, Daniel Marsden High Frequency Modeling and Experimental Analysis for Implementation of Impedance-based Structural Health Monitoring Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Peatross, Michelle J An experimental study of forced ventilation glovebox fires Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Pennington, Sandra Lynn A software engineering approach to the integration of CAD/CAM systems Mechanical Engineering
Perez, Kevin Blake Hybridization of PolyJet and Direct Write for the Direct Manufacture of Functional Electronics in Additively Manufactured Components Mechanical Engineering
Periannan, Vijayanand Investigation of the Effects of Various Energy and Exergy-Based Objectives/Figures of Merit on the Optimal Design of High Performance Aircraft System Mechanical Engineering
[VT] Permana, Adhi D Optimal Design and Operation of A Hybrid Gas/Electric Chilled Water Plant Mechanical Engineering
[VT] Perry, Matthew Vincent An Investigation of Lean Premixed Hydrogen Combustion in a Gas Turbine Engine Mechanical Engineering
Perry, Michael The Effect of Freestream Turbulence on Separation at Low Reynolds Numbers in a Compressor Cascade Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Peters, David W Tip leakage loss development in a linear turbine cascade Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Peters, Richard Edward An experimental apparatus for the measurement of sorption isotherms of moisture in porous building materials Mechanical Engineering
Pettit, Gregory William Model to Evaluate the Aerodynamic Energy Requirements of Active Materials in Morphing Wings Mechanical Engineering
Pickett, Peter Brown An Investigation of Active Tonal Spectrum Control as Applied to the Modern Trumpet Mechanical Engineering
Pilson, Richard Ryan Automated Manufacture of Spinal Instrumentation Mechanical Engineering
[VT] Pinto, Eduardo Jose A Three Dimensional Discretized Tire Model For Soft Soil Applications Mechanical Engineering
Pinto, Preston Albert Novel Bio-inspired Aquatic Flow Sensors Mechanical Engineering
Pitchford, Corey Impedance-Based Structural Health Monitoring of Wind Turbine Blades Mechanical Engineering
[Mixed] Pline, Kevin Michael Effects of Lumbar Extensor Fatigue on Ankle Joint Motion Sense and Prolonged Effect on Postural Sway Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Pokines, Brett J A substructure synthesis formulation for vibration isolation Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Poliachik, Sandra Louise Transplant organ preservation cooler Mechanical Engineering
Pollard, Jr., William Nichols Non-contact Temperature Measurement of Stainless Steel in a TIG Welding Process Mechanical Engineering
Ponton, Charles B. Finite Element Analysis of Industrial Circular Sawblade With Respect to Tensioning, Rotating, Cutting, and Expansion Slots Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Popernack, Thomas G. Development of a data reduction method for a high frequency angle probe Mechanical Engineering
Popp, Oliver Steady and Unsteady Heat Transfer in a Film Cooled Transonic Turbine Cascade Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Porterfield, John Fulton High resolution modal analysis using poles obtained at a single location Mechanical Engineering
Power, Erik D. A Nonlinear Finite Element Model of the Human Eye to Investigate Ocular Injuries From Night Vision Goggles Mechanical Engineering
Poynor, James Conner Innovative Designs for Magneto-Rheological Dampers Mechanical Engineering
Prausa, Jeffrey Nathaniel Heat Transfer Coefficient and Adiabatic Effectiveness Measurements for an Internal Turbine Vane Cooling Feature Mechanical Engineering
Price, Darryl Brian Estimation of Uncertain Vehicle Center of Gravity using Polynomial Chaos Expansions Mechanical Engineering
Priestley, Kory James Use of First-Principle Numerical Models to Enhance the Understanding of the Operational Analysis of Space-Based Earth Radiation Budget Instruments Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Priestly, Kory James An end-to-end model of the Earth Radiation Budget Experiment (ERBE) Earth-viewing nonscanning radiometric channels Mechanical Engineering
Prins, Robert Jack System Identification and Calibration Techniques for Force Measurement in Active Magnetic Bearings Mechanical Engineering
Promwungkwa, Anucha Data Structure and Error Estimation for an Adaptive p-Version Finite Element Method in 2-D and 3-D Solids Mechanical Engineering
Pullins, Clayton Anthony High Temperature Heat Flux Measurement: Sensor Design, Calibration, and Applications Mechanical Engineering
Putney, Joseph Satoru Reactive Navigation of an Autonomous Ground Vehicle Using Dynamic Expanding Zones Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Putz, James M Development of a direct-force-reading, thin-film shear stress gage Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Putz, John M The development of instrumentation for the support of skin friction and heat flux measurements Mechanical Engineering
Rabe, Angela C Effectiveness of a Serpentine Inlet Duct Flow Control Scheme at Design and Off-Design Simulated Flight Conditions Mechanical Engineering
Raben, Samuel Near wall high resolution particle image velocimetry and data reconstruction for high speed flows Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Raju, K. V. S. Finite element based non-linear transient analysis of active magnetic bearing turbomachinery Mechanical Engineering
Raju, Vinod Implementing Impedance - Based Health Monitoring Mechanical Engineering
Ramanata, Peeroon Pete Optimal Vehicle Path Generator Using Optimization Methods Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Ramani, Anand Two-step Component Mode Synthesis with convergence for the eigensolution of large-degree-of-freedom systems Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Ramani, Anand Finite element modeling of a refrigeration compressor for noise prediction applications Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Ramesh, Krishnaswamy Advanced analysis of rotor-bearing systems for stability and response Mechanical Engineering
Ramirez, Rachael Angela Computer Vision Based Analysis of Broccoli for Application in a Selective Autonomous Harvester Mechanical Engineering
Ranalli, Joseph Allen Spatially Resolved Analysis of Flame Dynamics for the Prediction of Thermoacoustic Combustion Instabilities Mechanical Engineering
Rancruel, Diego Fernando A Decomposition Strategy Based on Thermoeconomic Isolation Applied to the Optimal Synthesis/Design and Operation of an Advanced Fighter Aircraft System Mechanical Engineering
Rancruel, Diego Fernando Dynamic Synthesis/Design and Operation/Control Optimization Approach applied to a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell based Auxiliary Power Unit under Transient Conditions Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Rankle, Hugo Elias Camargo Acoustic prediction and noise control of a refrigeration compressor Mechanical Engineering
Ranson, William Wayne Adiabatic Effectiveness Measurements of Leakage Flows along the Hub Region of Gas Turbine Engines Mechanical Engineering
Rao, Nikhil M Reduction of Unsteady Stator-Rotor Interaction by Trailing Edge Blowing Using MEMS Based Microvalves Mechanical Engineering
Raphael-Mabel, Sujay Anand Design and Calibration of a Novel High Temperature Heat Flux Sensor Mechanical Engineering
Rastgaar Aagaah, Mohammad Vibration Suppression using Orthogonal Eigenstructure Control Mechanical Engineering
Rath, Amber Lorraine The Effects of Extraocular Muscles on Eye Biomechanics Mechanical Engineering
Raven, Hans Rafael Flow Control Optimization for Improvement of Fan Noise Reduction Mechanical Engineering
Ravetta, Patricio A LORE Approach for Phased Array Measurements and Noise Control of Landing Gears Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Rawal, Dharamendra Niranjan Study of the effect of sensor position on the forced response characteristics of rotors with active magnetic bearings Mechanical Engineering
Reader, Daniel Martin Nonlinear Mr Model Inversion for Semi-Active Control Enhancement With Open-Loop Force Compensation Mechanical Engineering
Reagle, Colin James Heat Transfer Measurements Using Thin Film Gauges and Infrared Thermography on a Film Cooled Transonic Vane Mechanical Engineering
Reagle, Colin James Technique for Measuring the Coefficient of Restitution for Microparticle Sand Impacts at High Temperature for Turbomachinery Applications Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Reaney, James E The use of chemiluminescence for the detection of temperature and fuel-to-air ratio in turbulent premixed flames Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Red Wing, Rodney D Adaptive tuned vibration absorber Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Reedy, Steven W The determination of pressure profiles in oil ring seals considering the influence of temperature gradients in the sealing fluid Mechanical Engineering
Regner, Keith Thomas Combining In Situ Measurements and Advanced Catalyst Layer Modeling in PEM Fuel Cells Mechanical Engineering
Reichert, Brian Anthony Application of Magnetorheological Dampers For vehicle Seat Suspensions Mechanical Engineering
Reid, Terry Vincent A Computational Approach For Investigating Unsteady Turbine Heat Transfer Due To Shock Wave Impact Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Relation, Heather L Application of a modified k-[epsilon] turbulence model to gas turbine combustor geometries Mechanical Engineering
Remillieux, Marcel C Development of a Model for Predicting the Transmission of Sonic Booms into Buildings at Low Frequency Mechanical Engineering
Remillieux, Marcel Christophe Aeroacoustic Study of a Model-Scale Landing Gear in a Semi-Anechoic Wind Tunnel Mechanical Engineering
Ren, Ping Kinematics Analysis of Two Parallel Locomotion Mechanisms Mechanical Engineering
Renaghan, Liam Eamon On-Chip Isotropic Microchannels for Cooling Three Dimensional Microprocessors Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Renaud, Philippe Computational study of 3D turbulent flow in a tandem inducer/impeller rocket pump rotor Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Renfrow, Joseph A A comparison of the use of classical and modern control design techniques for improving the lateral-directional powered approach flying qualities of the F-14 aircraft Mechanical Engineering
Renner, Michael Robert Machine Learning Simulation: Torso Dynamics of Robotic Biped Mechanical Engineering
Renno, Jamil M Dynamics and Control of Membrane Mirrors for Adaptive Optic Applications Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Rettew, A. Louisa The use of hot-wire anemometry in studying supersonic slot injection into a supersonic flow Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Rice, Clifford Keith Analytical methods for evaluating two-dimensional effects in flat- plate solar collectors. Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Rice, James G. Experimental and predicted performance for the combustion of a low heating value gas in a swirl burner Mechanical Engineering
Rice, Matthew Jason Simulation of Isothermal Combustion in Gas Turbines Mechanical Engineering
Rice, Matthew Jason High Resolution Simulation of Laminar and Transitional Flows in a Mixing Vessel Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Richard, John S Modeling of multiple layered piezoelectric actuators in active structural control Mechanical Engineering
Richards, John S An Exploration of Secondary Fuel Injection as Actuation for Control of Combustion Instabilities in a Laminar Premixed Tube Combustor Mechanical Engineering
Richards, Russell Joseph Comparison of Linear, Nonlinear, Hysteretic, and Probabilistic MR Damper Models Mechanical Engineering
Richter, David M. A Case Study of Pedagogy in an Interdisciplinary Green Engineering Course Mechanical Engineering
Ricketts, Patricia Lynn Development of the Passive Perfusion Probe for Non-Invasive Blood Perfusion Measurement Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Riffe, Delmar Ray Effects of internal surface configuration on performance of a direct expansion evaporator Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Ringler, Wilson E An air-to-air heat pump Mechanical Engineering
Ringshia, Aditya K Aerodynamic Measurements in a Wind Tunnel on Scale Models of a 777 Main Landing Gear Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Risi, John D Analytical investigation of active control of radiated inlet noise from turbofan engines Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Riutort, Kevin T Applied design and implementation of straight-line mechanisms Mechanical Engineering
Rivera, Alejandro Non-Linear Finite Element Method Simulation and Modeling of the Cold and Hot Rolling Processes Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Rivera, Francisco An object-oriented method of mission profile input for aircraft design Mechanical Engineering
Robertson, Zachary Burton Smith Deposition of Newtonian Particles Entrained in a Turbulent Axisymmetric Free Jet Mechanical Engineering
[VT] Robinson, Paul S. Development of Methodologies for the Noninvasive Estimation of Blood Perfusion Mechanical Engineering
Robinson, Walter Junkin Charge Control of Ionic Polymers Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Rodriguez, Carlos G Viscous-inviscid interaction for incompressible flows over airfoils Mechanical Engineering
Rodriguez, Carlos G. One-Dimensional, Finite-Rate Model for Gas-Turbine Combustors Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Rodriguez-Davila, Hector M. Optimum design for feedforward structural-acoustic control of complex structural systems Mechanical Engineering
Rogers, Ellen Louise Prolonged Lumbar Flexion Disturbs Paraspinal Reflex Behavior Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Rojas, Roberto Geometric trimming of B-spline surfaces Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Roloff, Thomas Paul Design and development of an odorless toilet Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Roos, Rollin M 3-D temperature distributions in spot heating of a ceramic by a focused microwave source Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Rorrer, Ronald Alvin Lee Frictional oscillations in elastomeric sliding Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Rose, John A The experimental characterization of the dynamics of a reciprocating freon compressor system Mechanical Engineering
Rose, Michael Scott Design of a Helicopter Deployable Ground Robotic System for Hazardous Environments Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Rosette, Keith Andrew Investigation of a compact acoustic source array for the active control of aircraft engine fan noise Mechanical Engineering
[VT] Roskoff, Nathan J Implementation and Verification of the Subgroup Decomposition Method in the TITAN 3-D Deterministic Radiation Transport Code Mechanical Engineering
Ross, Bradley W. Attenuation of Low Frequency Structurally Radiated Noise With an Array of Weak Radiating Cells Mechanical Engineering
Rozati, Ali Large Eddy Simulation of Leading Edge Film Cooling: Flow Physics, Heat Transfer, and Syngas Ash Deposition Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Rubenstein, Stephen P An experiment in state-space vibration control of steady disturbances on a simply-supported plate Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Ruckman, Christopher E A regression-based approach for simulating feedfoward active noise control, with application to fluid-structure interaction problems Mechanical Engineering
Ruggiero, Eric John Active Dynamic Analysis and Vibration Control of Gossamer Structures Using Smart Materials Mechanical Engineering
Ruggiero, Eric John Modeling and Control of SPIDER Satellite Components Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Rule, James Arthur A strategy for modeling hydroelectric plants and improving their performance Mechanical Engineering
Rundgren, Brian Tavis Optimized Sythesis of a Force Generating Planar Four-Bar Mechanism Including Dynamic Effects Mechanical Engineering
Ruppert, David Strater Design of a Robotic Equine Forelimb for Testing Load-Bearing Rehabilitative Devices Mechanical Engineering
Rusovici, Razvan Modeling of Shock Wave Propagation and Attenuation in Viscoelastic Structures Mechanical Engineering
Russell, Jason Bradley Investigation of the Effect of Catalyst Layer Composition on the Performance of PEM Fuel Cells Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Russell, Larry C Stress concentration factors of stepped structures and shouldered shafts under combined loading Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Russler, Patrick M. An investigation of the surge behavior of a high-speed ten-stage axial flow compressor Mechanical Engineering
[VT] Ryman, John Franklin Prediction of Inlet Distortion Transfer Through the Blade Rows in a Transonic Axial Compressor Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Saad, Zoubeir Simulation of temperature history and estimation of thermal properties of food materials during freezing Mechanical Engineering
Sabnavis, Giridhar Test Results for Shaft Tracking Behavior of Pads in a Spherical Pivot Type Tilting Pad Journal Bearing Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Sabourin, Emmanuel Adaptive high-precision exterior, high-speed interior, layered manufacturing Mechanical Engineering
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Sanders, Paul Alan Effects of Louver Length and Vortex Generators to Augment Tube Wall Heat Transfer in Louvered Fin Heat Exchangers Mechanical Engineering
Santa Maria Iruzubieta, Maria A Radiative Model for the Study of the Feedback Mechanism between Photolytic Aerosols and Solar Radiation Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Santavicca, Jeffery W Fluid mechanics tutorials in GKS supported FORTRAN Mechanical Engineering
Sarkar, Saugata Sarkar Photothermal and Photochemical Tumor Response to Carbon Nanotube Mediated Laser Cancer Therapy Mechanical Engineering
Sarles, Stephen Andrew Active Rigidization of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites via Internal Resistive Heating Mechanical Engineering
Sarles, Stephen Andrew Physical Encapsulation of Interface Bilayers Mechanical Engineering
Sarlo, Rodrigo Airflow sensing with arrays of hydrogel supported artificial hair cells Mechanical Engineering
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[BTD] Saunders, William R On the use of modern control theory for active structural acoustic control Mechanical Engineering
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Sayar, Sepideh Heat Transfer During Melting and Solidification in Heterogeneous Materials Mechanical Engineering
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[BTD] Scattergood, Thomas R A dual-junction thermocouple probe for compensated temperature measurement in reacting flows Mechanical Engineering
Schiller, Ean H. Heat Engine Driven by Shape Memory Alloys: Prototyping and Design Mechanical Engineering
Schiller, Noah Harrison Design and Validation of a Proportional Throttle Valve System for Liquid-Fuel Active Combustion Control Mechanical Engineering
Schiller, Noah Harrison Decentralized control of sound radiation from periodically stiffened panels Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Schmidt, Gerald Application of the finite element method in high-side gondola rail car design Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Schmiel, David R Effects of variations in controller gains on the dynamics of magnetic bearings Mechanical Engineering
Schneck III, William Carl Estimation of the Real Area of Contact in Sliding Systems Using Thermal Measurements Mechanical Engineering
Schneider, Shawn Patrick Cost Effective Rollover Mitigation Strategy Mechanical Engineering
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Scrittore, Joseph Experimental Study of the Effect of Dilution Jets on Film Cooling Flow in a Gas Turbine Combustor Mechanical Engineering
Sebesta, Christopher James Modeling the Effect of Particle Diameter and Density on Dispersion in an Axisymmetric Turbulent Jet Mechanical Engineering
Sedalor, Teddy Heat Transfer and Flow Characteristic Study in a Low Emission Annular Combustor Mechanical Engineering
Seigler, Thomas Michael A Comparative Analysis of Air-inflated and Foam Seat Cushions for Truck Seats Mechanical Engineering
Seigler, Thomas Michael Dynamics and Control of Morphing Aircraft Mechanical Engineering
Sen, Debamoy Coupled Field Modeling of Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Mechanical Engineering
Senger, Randall Donn Validation of ADVISOR as a Simulation Tool for a Series Hybrid Electric Vehicle Using the Virginia Tech FutureCar Lumina Mechanical Engineering
Servaites, Joseph Charles Computer Aided Analysis of Smoke Stack Designs Mechanical Engineering
Sesler, Josh J Implementation of Refractory Foam Technology for Silencing Small IC Engines Mechanical Engineering
Sethapati, Vivek Venkata Computational Fluid Flow Analysis of the Enhanced-Once through Steam generator Auxiliary feedwater system Mechanical Engineering
Sewall, Evan Andrew Development of a Thermal Management Methodology for a Front-End DPS Power Supply Mechanical Engineering
Sewall, Evan Andrew Large Eddy Simulations of Flow and Heat Transfer in the Developing and 180° Bend Regions of Ribbed Gas Turbine Blade Internal Cooling Ducts with Rotation - Effect of Coriolis and Centrifugal Buoyancy Forces Mechanical Engineering
Sexton, Wayne Randolph A Method to Control Turbofan Engine Starting by Varying Compressor Surge Valve Bleed Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Shaffer, Damon M. Reynolds stress measurements downstream of a turbine cascade Mechanical Engineering
Shah, Anant Pankaj Development and application of a dispersed two-phase flow capability in a general multi-block Navier Stokes solver Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Shah, Samir Harshadrai Computer aided analyses of symmetrically loaded thin cylindrical shell using transfer matrix method Mechanical Engineering
Shahidi, Parham Fuzzy Analysis of Speech Metrics to Estimate Crew Alertness Mechanical Engineering
Shannon, Colleen Elizabeth Recurrent Gait of Anthropomorphic, Bipedal Walkers Mechanical Engineering
Sharkasi, Adam Tawfik Stereo Vision Based Aerial Mapping Using GPS and Inertial Sensors Mechanical Engineering
Sheldon, Karl Edward Analysis Methods to Control Performance Variability and Costs in Turbine Engine Manufacturing Mechanical Engineering
Shevock, Bryan Wesley System Level Modeling of Thermal Transients in PEMFC Systems Mechanical Engineering
Shimp III, Samuel Kline Vehicle Sprung Mass Parameter Estimation Using an Adaptive Polynomial-Chaos Method Mechanical Engineering
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[BTD] Shooter, Steven B Conceptual manipulator design for limited access workspaces Mechanical Engineering
Showalter, Mark Henry Work Space Analysis and Walking Algorithm Development for A Radially Symmetric Hexapod Robot Mechanical Engineering
Shukla, Nitin Heat Transport across Dissimilar Materials Mechanical Engineering
Siddens, Aaron Jeffrey A Predictive Methodology for Soft Impact Damage in Jet Engines Incorporating Hybrid Composite Structures Mechanical Engineering
Sides, Jonathan Drapala Low Frequency Modeling and Experimental Validation of Passive Noise Attenuation in Ear Defenders Mechanical Engineering
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Siethoff, Eric Ten A Formulation for Updating Finite Element Models Through Consistent Use of Laser Vibrometer Data Mechanical Engineering
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Simmers, Jr., Garnett E. Impedance-Based Structural Health Monitoring to Detect Corrosion Mechanical Engineering
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Simon, David E. Experimental Evaluation of Semiactive Magnetorheological Primary Suspensions for Heavy Truck Applications Mechanical Engineering
Simon, David E. An Investigation of the Effectiveness of Skyhook Suspensions for Controlling Roll Dynamics of Sport Utility Vehicles Using Magneto-Rheological Dampers Mechanical Engineering
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Singh, Kanwar Bharat Development of an Intelligent Tire Based Tire - Vehicle State Estimator for Application to Global Chassis Control Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Singh, Samir Pressure modeling and extension of force modeling in a Bristol H25A air conditioner compressor Mechanical Engineering
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Sirk, Timothy Wayne A Molecular Dynamics Study on the Interaction of Tea Catechins and Theaflavins with Biological Membranes Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Skelly, Michael J An experimental investigation of glass breakage in compartment fires Mechanical Engineering
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Slaughter, Raymond L. The Effects of Increased Ignition Energy on Cold Start Hydrocarbon Emissions Mechanical Engineering
Slominski, Eric Christopher A Prototype Device for Isolating and Wirelessly Transmitting Neural Action Potentials Mechanical Engineering
Small, Matthew David Frequency Domain Methods for Predicting the Transport of Non-Uniform Flow Through Turbomachinery Compressors Mechanical Engineering
Small, Mauro Luis Non-Iterative Technique for Balancing an Air Distribution System Mechanical Engineering
Smith, Amie Michelle Prediction and Measurement of Thermal Exchanges within Pyranometers Mechanical Engineering
Smith, Benjamin A Model Free Human Pose Estimation with Application to the Classification of Abnormal Human Movement and the Detection of Hidden Loads Mechanical Engineering
Smith, Benjamin Andrew Determination of Normal or Abnormal Gait Using a Two-Dimensional Video Camera Mechanical Engineering
Smith, Bradley R. Neural Network Enhancement of Closed-Loop Controllers for Ill-Modeled Systems with Unknown Nonlinearities Mechanical Engineering
Smith, Charles E Intrinsic Quantum Thermodynamics: Application to Hydrogen Storage on a Carbon Nanotube and Theoretical Consideration of Non-Work Interactions Mechanical Engineering
Smith, Clayton L. Analytical Modeling and Equivalent Electromechanical Loading Techniques for Adaptive Laminated Piezoelectric Structures Mechanical Engineering
Smith, Colin Frederick Jellyfish Inspired Underwater Systems and Technologies Mechanical Engineering
[VT] Smith, Dwight E. An Investigation of Heat Transfer Coefficient and Film Cooling Effectiveness in a Transonic Turbine Cascade Mechanical Engineering
Smith, Dwight Eldridge An Application of Wavelet Techniques to Bi-directionality in the Monte Carlo Ray Trace Environment Mechanical Engineering
Smith, G. Clark Optimum Actuator Grouping in Feedforward Active Control Applications Mechanical Engineering
Smith, Hurtford Improving the Quality of Terrain Measurement Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Smith, J. Christopher Ceramic lubrication :vapor phase tribopolymerization and a new high speed, high load pin-on-disk machine Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Smith, Jerome P Active control of broadband acoustic radiation from structures Mechanical Engineering
Smith, Kenneth Wayne Fighter Aircraft Synthesis/Design Optimization Mechanical Engineering
Smith, Sandra Kay Theoretical Feasibility Study of Preferential Hyperthermia Using Silicon Carbide Inserts Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Snyder, Thomas D The effects of variability on damage identification with inductive learning Mechanical Engineering
Sodano, Henry Angelo Macro-Fiber Composites for Sensing, Actuation and Power Generation Mechanical Engineering
Sodano, Henry Angelo Development of Novel Eddy Current Dampers for the Suppression of Structural Vibrations Mechanical Engineering
Sole, Joshua David Investigation of Water Transport Parameters and Processes in the Gas Diffusion Layer of PEM Fuel Cells Mechanical Engineering
Sole, Joshua David Investigation of Novel Gas Diffusion Media for Application in Pem Fuel Cell Ribbon Assemblies Mechanical Engineering
Son, Seyul Nonlinear Electromechanical Deformation of Isotropic and Anisotropic Electro-Elastic Materials Mechanical Engineering
Song, Bo Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Optimized High-Turning Supercritical Compressor Blades Mechanical Engineering
Song, Keun Min Wall Modeled Large-Eddy Simulations in Rotating Systems for Applications to Turbine Blade Internal Cooling Mechanical Engineering
Song, Kyongchan Development of the Velocity Transformation Function of Damped Flat Shell Finite Element for the Experimental Spatial Dynamics Modeling Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Song, Tao The optimal design of transducers for active control of multiple-frequency structural sound radiation Mechanical Engineering
Song, Xubin Design of Adaptive Vibration Control Systems with Applicaion to Magneto-Rheological Dampers Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Soper, Robert Randall Synthesis of planar four-link mechanisms for force generation Mechanical Engineering
Sorensen, Ira Joseph Analytical and Experimental Characterization of a Linear-Array Thermopile Scanning Radiometer for Geo-Synchronous Earth Radiation Budget Applications Mechanical Engineering
Sorensen, Ira Joseph Design and analysis of radiometric instruments using high-level numerical models and genetic algorithms Mechanical Engineering
Southern, Brian Mitchell Design and Characterization of Tunable Magneto-Rheological Fluid-Elastic Mounts Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Spagnuolo, Antonio A study of reciprocating compressor finger valve dynamics Mechanical Engineering
Spalt, Taylor B Background Noise Reduction in Wind Tunnels using Adaptive Noise Cancellation and Cepstral Echo Removal Techniques for Microphone Array Applications Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Sparrer, John David Display of finite element beam stresses Mechanical Engineering
Sperry, Brian James Complex Bogie Modeling Incorporating Advanced Friction Wedge Components Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Spring, Malcolm Robert A comparative determination of the suitability of some of the so-called "lubricating aids" for industrial use Mechanical Engineering
Sreedhran, Sai Shrinivas Syngas ash deposition for a three row film cooled leading edge turbine vane Mechanical Engineering
[VT] Stafne, Michael Allan An Experimental Evaluation of the Experimental Spatial Dynamics Modeling (ESDM) Technique Mechanical Engineering
Staley, Alan Joseph A Finite Difference Approach to Modeling High Velocity/Variable Loads using the Timoshenko Beam Model Mechanical Engineering
[VT] Stasiunas, Eric Carl Using Vibration Analysis to Determine Refrigerant Levels In an Automotive Air Conditioning System Mechanical Engineering
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Steika, Nils A. A Comparison of the Wear Resistance of Normal, Degenerate, and Repaired Human Articular Cartilage Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Stein, S. C Modelling of the filament-winding fabrication process Mechanical Engineering
Stenzler, Joshua Saul Impact Mechanics of PMMA/PC Multi-Laminates with Soft Polymer Interlayers Mechanical Engineering
Stephan, Ryan Adam Heat Transfer Measurements and Optimization Studies Relevant to Louvered Fin Compact Heat Exchangers Mechanical Engineering
Sterling, John Anthony Influence of Induced Unbalance on Subsynchronous Vibrations of an Automotive Turbocharger Mechanical Engineering
Stewart, Kelley Christine Quantitative Hydrodynamics Analysis of Left Ventricular Diastolic Dysfunction using Color M-Mode Echocardiography Mechanical Engineering
Stewart, Kelley Christine Hydrodynamics of Cardiac Diastole Mechanical Engineering
Stewart, Morgan Eugene Validation of a Simplified Building Cooling Load Model Using a Complex Computer Simulation Model Mechanical Engineering
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Stewart, William Elliott A Response Surface Exit Crown Model Built from the Finite Element Analysis of a Hot-Rolling Mill Mechanical Engineering
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Stinnett, William A. Thermal Management of Power Electronic Building Blocks Mechanical Engineering
Stitzel, Joel D. The Role of Local Material Properties in Modeling Fracture Tolerance of the Human Thorax Mechanical Engineering
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Stoakes, Preston John Simulation of Airflow and Heat Transfer in Buildings Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Stouffer, Scott David The effect of flow structure on the combustion and heat transfer in a scramjet combustor Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Strean, R. Flynt Characterization of laser noise in free-free beam structures using a Scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometer Mechanical Engineering
Stubbs, Matthew D. Kinematic Design and Analysis of a Morphing Wing Mechanical Engineering
Studley, Allison F Numerical Modeling of Air-Water Flows in Bubble Columns and Airlift Reactors Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Stuede, Andreas Development of an object-oriented graphical user interface for an aircraft engine cycle analysis program Mechanical Engineering
Stulce, John R. Conceptual Design and Simulation of a Multibody Passive-Legged Crawling Vehicle Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Subramaniam, Mahesh Kumar A computer implementation of the static and dynamic analysis of induced strain actuated beams Mechanical Engineering
Subramanian, Anuj Mechanical Design Desktop for Machine Elements Mechanical Engineering
Sumali, Hartono A New Adaptive Array of Vibration Sensors Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Sumali, Hartono Demonstration of active structural acoustic control of cylinders Mechanical Engineering
Summers, Patrick Timothy Predicting Compression Failure of Fiber-reinforced Polymer Laminates during Fire Mechanical Engineering
Sumner, Mark David Development of an ATV-Based Remote-Operated Sensor Platform Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Sun, Fanping Piezoelectric active sensor and electric impedance approach for structural dynamic measurement Mechanical Engineering
Sundaram, Narayan Electrokinetically Driven Mixing in a Microchamber for Lab-on-a-Chip Applications Mechanical Engineering
Sundaram, Narayan Effects of Surface Conditions on Endwall Film-Cooling Mechanical Engineering
Sundaresan, Vishnu Baba Biological Ion Transporters as Gating Devices for Chemomechanical and Chemoelectrical Energy Conversion Mechanical Engineering
Sutton, Daniel Improved Reduced Order Modeling Strategies for Coupled and Parametric Systems Mechanical Engineering
Swanson, Erik Evan Design and Evaluation of an Automated Experimental Test Rig for Determination of the Dynamic Characteristics of Fluid-Film Bearings Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Swanson, Erik Evan Evaluation of the VPI & SU fluid film bearing test rig Mechanical Engineering
Swantek, Steven David An Optical Method of Strain Measurement in the Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Swisher, Stacey Elaine Time-resolved heat flux measurements of the turbulent junction vortex system Mechanical Engineering
Sykes, David Michael Design and Evaluation of a Lean-Premixed Hydrogen Injector with Tangential Entry in a Sector Combustor Mechanical Engineering
Tadesse, Yonas Tegegn Creating Human-Like Facial Expressions Utilizing Artificial Muscles and Skin Mechanical Engineering
Takamuku, Kohei Analysis of Flow and Heat Transfer in the U.S. EPR Heavy Reflector Mechanical Engineering
Talluri, Srikrishna Pretreatment of Small Four-Stroke Engine Components for No-Oil Hot Tests Mechanical Engineering
Tamaddoni, Seyed Hossein Optimal Vehicle Stability Control with Driver Input and Bounded Uncertainties Mechanical Engineering
Tan, Honghui Performance Modeling and Efficiency Analysis for a Piezohydraulic Pump with Active Valves Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Tang, Yun-chung Motor simulation and parameter identification in a reciprocating mechanism Mechanical Engineering
Tanner, Edward Troy Combined Shock and Vibration Isolation Through the Self-Powered, Semi-Active Control of a Magnetorheological Damper in Parallel with an Air Spring Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Tappert, Peter M Damage identification using inductive learning Mechanical Engineering
Tarazaga, Pablo Alberto Model Updating Using a Quadratic Form Mechanical Engineering
Tarazaga, Pablo Alberto Dynamics and Control of a Pressurized Optical Membranes Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Tavakkoli, Shahriar Shape design using intrinsic geometry Mechanical Engineering
Taylor, Benjamin Paul Experimental Evaluation and Semi- Empirical Modeling of the Tractive Performance of Rigid and Flexible Wheels on Lunar Soil Simulant Mechanical Engineering
Teaters, Lindsey Claire A Computational Study of the Hydrodynamics of Gas-Solid Fluidized Beds Mechanical Engineering
Templeton, Brian Andrew A Polynomial Chaos Approach to Control Design Mechanical Engineering
Tenga, Ryan Richard Development of an Endoscope Propulsion System to Aid in the Colonoscopy Procedure Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Tennant, Mark Harris Near-wall similarity in three-dimensional turbulent boundary layers. Mechanical Engineering
Tentor, Lawrence B. Characterization of an Electromagnetic Tuned Vibration Actuator Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Tentor, Lawrence B. Position and strain feedback control for shaping an active truss Mechanical Engineering
Terwelp, Christopher Rome Remote Control of Hydraulic Equipment for Unexploded Ordnance Remediation Mechanical Engineering
Thawley, Scott Spatio-temporal Characteristics of a Spray from a Liquid Jet in Crossflow Mechanical Engineering
Thayer, Nicholas D Towards a Human-like Robot for Medical Simulation Mechanical Engineering
Thiagarajan, Manoharan A Design Study of Single-Rotor Turbomachinery Cycles Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Thomas, James Emory Design of a high-speed turbomachinery test cell and components. Mechanical Engineering
Thomas, Shajan A Design of a Teleoperated Rock Sampling System Mechanical Engineering
Thompson, Andrew Capers Investigation and Simulation of Ion Flow Control over a Flat Plate and Compressor Cascade Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Thompson, Christopher David An analytical and experimental investigation of respiratory dynamics using P/D control and carbon dioxide feedback Mechanical Engineering
Thompson, Elizabeth Danielle Study of Forces and Dynamic Coefficients in Whirling and Eccentric Labyrinth Seals Using ANSYS-CFX Mechanical Engineering
Thompson, Matthew Thomas Design of a Cyclic Sliding, Dynamically Loaded Wear Testing Device for the Evaluation of Total Knee Replacement Materials Mechanical Engineering
Thompson, Swen Analysis of the Dynamic Interferences between the Stator and Rotor of a Refrigeration Compressor Motor Mechanical Engineering
Thrift, Alan Albright Aerodynamic Force and Pressure Loss Measurements on Low Aspect Ratio Pin Fin Arrays Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Thum, Tuck Foo Oxygen transfer in recirculating flow Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Tidwell, Paul H. Wrapping CAM mechanisms Mechanical Engineering
Tijiboy, Jose Carlos Steady and Transient Analysis of Flow and Heat Transfer in SPND Assembly Mechanical Engineering
Tilahun, Muluken Experimental Investigation of Hyperbolic Heat Transfer in Heterogeneous Materials Mechanical Engineering
Tinetti, Ana Fiorella On the Use of Surface Porosity to Reduce Wake-Stator Interaction Noise Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Tira, Nour E. A study of the thermal and optical characteristics of radiometric channels for earth radiation budget applications Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Tjung, Jie Wen Projection, design, and representation of curves on B-spline surfaces Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Toffin, Eric Active control of a coupled plate-cylinder system Mechanical Engineering
Tordonato, David Sebastian The Effects of Freezing on the Mechanical Properties of Articular Cartilage Mechanical Engineering
Torok, Matthew M. Autonomous Sample Collection Using Image-Based 3D Reconstructions Mechanical Engineering
Tran, Kathleen One Dimensional Analysis Program for Scramjet and Ramjet Flowpaths Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Tripathy, Bhawani Sankar A new approach to ceramic lubrication : tribopolymerization Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Tripathy, Bhawani Sankar Infrared microscope studies of surface temperatures produced by friction with graphite-epoxy and carbon-PEEK composites Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Tritt, Benjamin R Tribopolymerization :ceramic lubrication under high loads and high speeds Mechanical Engineering
Trout, Joseph Ewell Trajectory Tracking of a Statically-stable Biped with Two Degrees of Freedom Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Tu, Chihyung Computer-aided design software for rotor dynamics analysis Mechanical Engineering
Tu, Yifeng Multiple Reference Active Noise Control Mechanical Engineering
Tuzcu, Ilhan Dynamics and Control of Flexible Aircraft Mechanical Engineering
Tweedie, Sarah Experimental Investigation of Flow Control Techniques To Reduce Hydroacoustic Rotor-Stator Interaction Noise Mechanical Engineering
Tweedy, Phillip Analysis of Hybrid Electric Autonomous Tactical Support System Mechanical Engineering
Tyberg, Justin Local Adaptive Slicing for Layered Manufacturing Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Typrin, Marcello IMTS (Intelligent Monitoring and Trending System)a PC-based monitoring, evaluation and trending system for rotating machinery Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Uhorchak, R. Steven An object-oriented class library for the creation of engineering graphs Mechanical Engineering
Umsrithong, Anake Deterministic and Stochastic Semi-Empirical Transient Tire Models Mechanical Engineering
Vakil, Sachin Suresh Flow and Thermal Field Measurements in a Combustor Simulator Relevant to a Gas Turbine Aero-Engine Mechanical Engineering
[VT] Valentino, Jeffrey Joseph Tribopolymerization: Anti-Wear Behavior of New High Temperature Additive Classes Mechanical Engineering
Van Covern, David Burns Collaborative Tarrget Localization and Inspection Using a Heterogeneous Team of Autonomous Vehicles Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Van Sintern, Wolff H Investigation of suction recirculation in rocket pump inducers Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] VandenBerghe, Terrance Michael Heat transfer from in-line and perpendicular arrangements of cylinders in steady and pulsating crossflow Mechanical Engineering
Vandeputte, Thomas William Effects of Flow Control on the Aerodynamics of a Tandem Inlet Guide Vane Mechanical Engineering
[VT] Varma, Nitesh Secure Network-Centric Application Access Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Vaudrey, Michael A A novel approach to multiple reference frequency domain adaptive control Mechanical Engineering
Vaudrey, Michael Allen Adaptive Control Methods for Non-Linear Self-Excited Systems Mechanical Engineering
Vaughan, Mark Edward The Design, Fabrication, and Modeling of a Piezoelectric Linear Motor Mechanical Engineering
Vega, Thomas Quantification of the Fire Thermal Boundary Condition Mechanical Engineering
Vemishetty, Kalyanramu Embedded Wireless Data Acquisition System Mechanical Engineering
Venezia, Jr., James J Vibration Modeling and Experimental Analysis of a Locomotive Cab Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Venter, Gerhardus Sensitivity analysis with respect to elastic boundary conditions and laser spatial variables within experimental spatial dynamic modeling Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Veyret-Abran, Christophe Friction and degradation of rubber coatings under fretting conditions Mechanical Engineering
Villa, Margarita Maria Tailoring the Geometry of Micron Scale Resonators to Overcome Viscous Damping Mechanical Engineering
Villarreal, Daniel Christopher Digital Fuel Control for a Lean Premixed Hydrogen-Fueled Gas Turbine Engine Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Villeneuve, Pierre V A parametric study of the validity of the weak-line and strong-line limits of infrared band absorption Mechanical Engineering
Villeneuve, Pierre V. A Numerical Study of the Sensitivity of Cloudy-Scene Bidirectional Reflectivity Distribution Functions to Variations in Cloud Parameters Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Villiger, Carmel G Investigations into transient respiratory control using the work rate of breathing and a non-linear breather Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Vipperman, Jeffrey S. Adaptive feedforward control of broadband structural vibration Mechanical Engineering
Viswanathan, Aroon Kumar Detached Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Flow and Heat Transfer in Turbine Blade Internal Cooling Ducts Mechanical Engineering
Vlachakis, Vasileios N Turbulent Characteristics in Stirring Vessels: A Numerical Investigation Mechanical Engineering
Voigt, Elizabeth Elena Hydrodynamic Characterization of an Arterial Flow Bioreactor Mechanical Engineering
Voorhies, Katherine Desiree Static and Dynamic Stress/Strain Properties for Human and Porcine Eyes Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Voruganti, Ravinder Srinivas Robot system characterization : error modeling, identification, analysis, and minimization Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Voruganti, Ravinder Srinivas Symbolic and computational conjugate geometry for design and manufacturing applications Mechanical Engineering
Vujic, Nikola Power Regeneration in Actively Controlled Structures Mechanical Engineering
Wachsmuth, John Paul Multiple Independent Extrusion Heads for Fused Deposition Modeling Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Wagner, Robert Aeroacoustics of the bifurcated 2D supersonic inlet Mechanical Engineering
Wakjira, Jillcha Fekadu The VT1 Shape Memory Alloy Heat Engine Design Mechanical Engineering
[VT] Walker, Don Gregory Estimation of Unsteady Nonuniform Heating Rates from Surface Temperature Measurements Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Walker, John Griffith Investigation of induced strain actuator patches implementing modeling techniques and design considerations to reduce critical stress Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Walkup, Michael D A Monte-Carlo optical workbench for radiometric imaging system design Mechanical Engineering
Wallace, Robert Malcolm Modal Response of a Transonic Fan Blade to Periodic Inlet Pressure Distortion Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Walls, Michael W An experimental determination of the trailing-edge base pressure on blades in transonic turbine cascades Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Walsh, Kevin Eugene An application of relaxation methods to transonic nozzle flow. Mechanical Engineering
Walsh, Patrick McKay Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Supervisory Control Strategy Considerations for Engine Exhaust Emissions and Fuel Use Mechanical Engineering
Walsh, William Scott Effects of Sand Ingestion on the Film-Cooling of Turbine Blades Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Wampler, Steven Glenn Development of a CAD system for automated conceptual design of supersonic aitcraft Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Wang, Bor-Tsuen Active control of sound transmission/radiation from elastic plates using multiple piezoelectric actuators Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Wang, Bor-Tsuen A computational approach to the prediction of wheel wear profiles Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Wang, Guozhang A photoelastic study of stress distribution in a spur gear tooth Mechanical Engineering
Wang, Kaihong Vibration Analysis of Cracked Composite Bending-torsion Beams for Damage Diagnosis Mechanical Engineering
Wang, Meng The Integration of State Space into the Dynamic Synthesis/Design and Operational/Control Optimization of a PEMFC System Mechanical Engineering
Wang, Xijun Geometric Trimming and Curvature Continuous Surface Blending for Aircraft Fuselage and Wing Shapes Mechanical Engineering
Wang, Ya Simultaneous Energy Harvesting and Vibration Control via Piezoelectric Materials Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Warren, Arthur H Propulsion system analysis for conceptual design :drag and losses of nozzles and mixed compression inlets Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Warren, Jeffery Howard A prediction of polymer wear using polymer mechanical properties and surface characterization parameters. Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Warrington, Thomas Joseph Experiments and simulations of large-angle flexible beam control using an adaptive truss Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Webb, Robert D A literature review of slip ring performance and an evaluation of four lubricants in a slip ring wear application Mechanical Engineering
Weber, Michael A An Investigation of the Feasibility of Microscale Adaptive Passive Vibration Neutralizers Mechanical Engineering
Webster, Gregory Daniel Modeling of Ethanol Metabolism and Transdermal Transport Mechanical Engineering
Webster, Jonathan Michael A Localization Solution for an Autonomous Vehicle in an Urban Environment Mechanical Engineering
Weckmann, Stephanie Dynamic Electrothermal Model of a Sputtered Thermopile Thermal Radiation Detector for Earth Radiation Budget Applications Mechanical Engineering
Weekley, Jonathan Gardner Multispectral Imaging Techniques for Monitoring Vegetative Growth and Health Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Weick, Brian L Infrared measurements of surface temperatures during oscillating/fretting contact with ceramics Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Weikert, Wayne Frederick Experimental and analytical modeling of the quasi-steady switching characteristics of a monostable fluid amplifier. Mechanical Engineering
Weiland, Christopher Modification of Blade-Vortex Interactions Using Leading Edge Blowing Mechanical Engineering
Weiland, Christopher Jude Characteristics of the High Speed Gas-Liquid Interface Mechanical Engineering
Weise, Peter Carl Mission-Integrated Synthesis/Design Optimization of Aerospace Subsystems under Transient Conditions Mechanical Engineering
Wells, Bruce Autonomous Prototype of a Full Dimension Continuous Haulage System Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Wells, James E Interaction of stainless steel threaded fasteners with stainless steel locking inserts Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Westerman, William J Experimental measurement of combustion noise and comparison to a predictive model Mechanical Engineering
White, Andrew On Implemintation of Loudspeakers for Feedback Control, Open-Air, Active Noise Control Headsets Mechanical Engineering
White, Darris L. Statistical Characterization of Vehicle and Track Interaction Using Rail Vehicle Response and Track Geometry Measurments. Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] White, David Allen Development of a high-speed rotating bar mechanism Mechanical Engineering
Whittier, William Brooks Kinematic Analysis of Tensegrity Structures Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Wichmann, Mark William A device for the treatment of adult Sleep Apnea Syndrome Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Wicks, Matthew L A modal analysis method for a lumped parameter model of a dynamic fluid system Mechanical Engineering
Wieczorek, Christopher John Carbon Monoxide Generation and Transport from Compartment Fires Mechanical Engineering
Wiedmann, Stephen Louis Kinematic Analysis of a Threaded Fastener Assembly Mechanical Engineering
Wiggins III, Leonard D. Structural Design and Analysis of a Kinematic Mechanism for a Morphing Hyper-Elliptic Cambered Span (HECS) Wing Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Wilkes, Kevin Rotordynamic analysis of circumferentially grooved annular pump seals with turbulent flow and inlet swirl Mechanical Engineering
Williams, Alicia Marie Mixing at Low Reynolds Numbers by Vibrating Cantilevered Ionic Polymers Mechanical Engineering
Williams, Alicia Marie The Hydrodynamics of Ferrofluid Aggregates Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Williams, Edward McRae A model of the formation of a porous fibrous cake Mechanical Engineering
Williams, Robert Brett Localized Effects of Piezopolymer Devices on the Dynamics of Inflatable Space-Based Structures Mechanical Engineering
Williams, Robert Brett Nonlinear Mechanical and Actuation Characterization of Piezoceramic Fiber Composites Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Williams, Robert L. Synthesis and design of the RSSR spatial mechanism for function generation Mechanical Engineering
[Mixed] Willis, Christopher Ryan A Kinematic Analysis and Design of a Continuously Variable Transmission Mechanical Engineering
Wiltgen, Timothy Edward Adaptive Beamforming using ICA for Target Identification in Noisy Environments Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Wirth, Douglas A An experimental investigation of the effect of temporal equivalence ratio fluctuations on NO x emissions in premixed flames Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Wirth, Douglas A Soot formation in vitiated-air diffusion flames Mechanical Engineering
[VT] Wolff, Andrew Mechanical Properties of Maturing Dystrophic Skeletal Muscle Mechanical Engineering
Wolff, Andrew Vincent Analysis of a Split-Path Gear Train with Fluid-Film Bearings Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Wong, Chee Kiang Intersection of B-spline surfaces by elimination method Mechanical Engineering
Wood, Eric Jeter Simulated Syngas Ash Deposition on the Leading Edge of a Turbine Vane with Film Cooling Mechanical Engineering
Woodward, Adam Charles Experimental Analysis of the Effects of the Variation of Drawbar Pull Test Parameters for Exploration Vehicles on GRC-1 Lunar Soil Simulant Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Woon, Christopher Earle The effects of ambient temperature variations on structural dynamic characteristics Mechanical Engineering
Worley, Marilyn Elizabeth Experimental Study on the Mobility of Lightweight Vehicles on Sand Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Woyak, Scott A A motif-like object-oriented interface framework using PHIGS Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Woyak, Scott A. An object-oriented methodology and supporting framework for creating engineering software by dynamic integration Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Wright, Andrew D Acoustic boundary condition estimation in a near-scale gas-turbine combustor Mechanical Engineering
Wright, Richard I. A Hierarchical Noise Control System Using Adaptable Tuned Vibration Absorbers Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Wrona, Dan A Dy:YAG coated fiber optic thermal sensor :proof of concept Mechanical Engineering
Wu, Xiaofeng Experimental and Theoretical Study of Microwave Heating of Thermal Runaway Materials Mechanical Engineering
Wu, Yingxiang Rapid Prototyping Job Scheduling Optimization Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Wynn, Carol Jaeger Sensor arrays for the measurement of dispersive, flexural waves in structures for signal-to-noise ratio enhancement and angle of arrival determination Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Wynn, Carol Jaeger An on-line chemistry monitor for boron concentration Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Wynn, Robert H. The control of flexible structure vibrations using a cantilevered adaptive truss Mechanical Engineering
Xue, Song Fan-Shaped Hole Film Cooling on Turbine Blade and Vane in a Transonic Cascade with High Freestream Turbulence: Experimental and CFD Studies Mechanical Engineering
Xue, Zhenyu Particle Image Velocimetry Correlation Signal-to-noise Metrics, Particle Image Pattern Mutual Information and Measurement uncertainty Quantification Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Yang, Timothy T An experimental investigation of turbine blade tip heat transfer and tip gap flows in the supersonic regime Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Yeo, Siew-Hock Experimental determination of the flow field velocity and strain rate in a laminar opposed flow H2/air diffusion flame, via laser doppler anemometry Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Yoo, Jong Hyun Tribological behavior of unfilled and carbon fiber reinforced polyether ether ketone/polyether imide composites Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Young, David Larry Noise transmission path identification in a reciprocating freon compressor Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Young, Kuao-John A unified approach to the formulation of non-consistent rod and beam mass matrices for improved finite element modal analysis Mechanical Engineering
Young, Stephen Alexander Multi-level Control Architecture and Energy Efficient Docking for Cooperative Unmanned Air Vehicles Mechanical Engineering
Young, Taylor Tront Lipid Bilayer Formation in Aqueous Solutions of Ionic Liquids Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Yu, Xianhui Numerical solution of multiple front phase change problems for modeling ice thermal storage systems Mechanical Engineering
Yuan, Yiqing Jet Fluid Mixing Control Through Manipulation Jet Fluid Mixing Control Through Manipulation of Inviscid Flow Structures Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Zeng, Xiandi The estimation and statistical inferences of the position and orientation of a scanning laser Doppler vibrometer Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Zhang, Xiaodong Modeling of materials with internal variables using a thermomechanical approach Mechanical Engineering
Zhang, Xinyu Optimal Geometric Trimming of B-spline Surfaces for Aircraft Design Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Zheng, Zhijun The analytical force prediction and dynamic response analysis of the Bristol H25A compressor Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Zhou, Ning Active control of sound transmission through plates in a reverberant environment Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Zhou, Su-Wei Coupled electro-mechanical system modeling and experimental investigation of piezoelectric actuator-driven adaptive structures Mechanical Engineering
Ziegenmeyer, Jonathan Daniel Estimation of Disturbance Inputs to a Tire Coupled Quarter-car Suspension Test Rig Mechanical Engineering
Zima, Jr., Andrew David Misalignment Effects of the Self-Tracking Laser Doppler Vibrometer Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Zugel, John Martin Prolog implementation in robot kinematics Mechanical Engineering
[BTD] Bolotsky, Max The utilization of aplite in ladle desulfurization of cast iron Metallurgical Engineering
[BTD] Braski, David N An x-ray diffraction method for studying small diffusion zones. Metallurgical Engineering
[BTD] DeBoskey, Wentzle R. Sigma phase in the ternary systems chromium-cobalt-copper and chromium-manganese-copper Metallurgical Engineering
[BTD] Dietrich, Frank E. An X-ray study of the behavior of titanium films on silicon substrates. Metallurgical Engineering
[BTD] Fox, Charles Warren Identification of nitrides in type 304 stainless steel Metallurgical Engineering
[BTD] Higgins, Jay Patrick Evaluation of susceptibility of AISI 304 to stress-corrosion cracking in terms of crack nucleation and crack propagation Metallurgical Engineering
[BTD] Lotts, Adolphus Lloyd An investigation of several variables in the strength of shell molds Metallurgical Engineering
[BTD] Yoon, Kap Suk Effect of pre-exposure thermal treatment on susceptibility of type 304 austenitic stainless steel to stress corrosion Metallurgical Engineering
[BTD] Duddleston, Khrystyne Noel The effect of carbon addition, pH and Fe concentration of microbial sulfate reduction and the subsequent precipitation of Fe and Mn from acid mine drainage in wetland mesocosms Microbial Ecology
[BTD] Arrage, Andrew Anthony Characterization of DNA-repair potential in deep subsurface bacteria challenged by UV light, hydrogen peroxide, and gamma radiation Microbiology
[BTD] Boerman, Patrice Anne The role of respiration-dependent proton translocation in the acid tolerance of Gluconobacter oxydans Microbiology
[BTD] Bowdre, Jean Handy Development of defined media for motility and for growth of Spirillum volutans, with special reference to biological monitoring of pollutants and to obligate microaerophilism of bacteria. Microbiology
[BTD] Connolly, Kevin Michael Positive and negative immunoregulation of normal and tumor-bearing mouse T cell blastogenesis Microbiology
[BTD] Correa-O, Margarita M. Potential of the mosquito pathogen Bacillus sphaericus for recycling and gene transfer in larval cadavers Microbiology
[BTD] Dolan, Rodney Martin The distribution of anaerobic bacteria along a soil drainage catena. Microbiology
[BTD] Dorsey, Ralph Benjamin Bovine parvovirus and bovine enterovirus in mixed infections. Microbiology
[BTD] Eaton, Twilla Epidemiology of Mycobacterium avium complex infecting AIDS patients Microbiology
[BTD] Edwards, Deborah Elizabeth Diversity of limited oxidations accomplished by gluconobacter oxydans Microbiology
[BTD] Frey, Steven M. The localization of two epitopes recognized by the monoclonal antibody PCG-4 on toxin A of Clostridium difficile Microbiology
[BTD] George, Hugh A. Formulation of improved media for isolation and cultivation of Campylobacter fetus. Microbiology
[BTD] Jucker, Markus Thomas Relationship of plasmids in Mycobacterium avium, Mycobacterium intracellulare, and Mycobacterium scrofulaceum Microbiology
[BTD] King, Laura Kathryn Response of indigenous heterotrophic groundwater bacteria to low organic substrate availability Microbiology
[BTD] Lampe, Robert Carl The 16S rRNA characterization of a novel "microaerophilic" Pseudomonas sp. from the oligotrophic deep subsurface environment Microbiology
[BTD] Mays, Thomas Dale Plasmid deoxyribonucleic acid of strains of the saccharolytic intestinal Bacteroides Microbiology
[BTD] McKibben, Ann Laura Characterization of plasmids in Gluconobacter Microbiology
[BTD] Pethel, Michele Lee Plasmid-influenced changes in Mycobacterium avium catalase activity Microbiology
[BTD] Russell, Brenda Lurline Factors preventing the metabolism of carbohydrates by Bacillus sphaericus 2362 Microbiology
[BTD] Swartwood, Suzanne Christine The evolution of hydrogen sulfide by Gluconobacter species Microbiology
[BTD] Tucker, Kenneth Davis Characterization of the carbohydrate receptors of the Clostridium difficile enterotoxin Microbiology
[BTD] VanLare, Ian Judd Isolation and characterization of the (NAD(P)-independent)polyol dehydrogenase from the plasma-membranes of gluconobacter oxydans ATCC strain 621 Microbiology
[BTD] Vercellone, Pamela Ann Oxygen toxicity in Campylobacter jejuni :physiological comparison of a microaerophilic wild-type strain with an aerotolerant mutant Microbiology
[BTD] Via, Laura Ellen Akers Insertion sequence IS1141: discovery, characterization, and association with Mycobacterium intracellulare colonial variation Microbiology
[BTD] Walker, Clay B. Experimental anaerobic bacterial infections in mice Microbiology
[BTD] Warek, Ujwala Action of clofazimine on Mycobacterium avium and Mycobacterium intracellulare Microbiology
[BTD] Wilson, Jeanne Burrowbridge ATP, trehalose, glucose, and ammonium ion levels in the two cell types of Dictyostelium discoideum. Microbiology
[BTD] Carlisle, Glenn E Characterization of Mycobacterium avium cytoplasmic membrane proteins with an emphasis on the major cytoplasmic membrane protein Microbiology and Immunology
[BTD] Clary, Sara Reed The effects of nitrosoureas on Thymocyte differentiation and T cell activation Microbiology and Immunology
[BTD] Seyler, Richard W Plasmid stability of pUB110 and pUB110-derived plasmids in Bacillus sphaericus 2362 Microbiology and Immunology
[BTD] Yurochko, Andrew David The association of tumor-induced changes in macrophage phenotype with immunosuppressive functions Microbiology and Immunology
Addison, Coby Braxton Development of a Multi-Stream Monitoring and Control System for Dense Medium Cyclones Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Akram, Muhammad Stability assessment of entry roofs in underlying multiple seam mines Mining and Minerals Engineering
Aksoy, Bayram Suha Hydrophobic Forces in Free Thin Films of Water in the Presence and Absence of Surfactants Mining and Minerals Engineering
Andrews, Kevin Enhancing Mine Subsidence Prediction and Control Methodologies for Long-Term Landscape Stability Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Banik, Janajiban Preventing spontaneous combustion in gob areas of retreating longwall panels by ventilating without bleeders Mining and Minerals Engineering
Barbee, Christopher John In-Plant Testing of the Hydrofloat Separator for Coarse Phospahte Recovery Mining and Minerals Engineering
Basar, Joseph James Improvement of Ground-Fault Relaying Selectivity through the Application of Directional Relays to High-Voltage Longwall Mining Systems Mining and Minerals Engineering
Basim, Gul Bahar Fine Coal Dewatering Mining and Minerals Engineering
Basu, Kohinoor Feasibility of an Integrated Thin Seam Coal Mining and Waste Disposal System Mining and Minerals Engineering
Bowling, John Robert Reid Design of an Experimental Mine Simulator for the Development of a Procedure for Utilization Multiple Tracer Gases in Underground Mines Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Brown, Michael Duane An investigation of fine coal grinding kinetics Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Broyles, David A Rapid shape characterization of crushed stone by PC-based digital image processing Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Bullock, John C Improved quarry design using deterministic and probablistic techniques Mining and Minerals Engineering
Burke, Lisa Michelle Numerical Modeling for Increased Understanding of the Behavior and Performance of Coal Mine Stoppings Mining and Minerals Engineering
Chandrasekhar, Prabhu Design And Testing Of A Triboelectrostatic Separator For Cleaning Coal Mining and Minerals Engineering
Chen, Xianguo Control of Surface Chemistry of Gold, Pyrite and Pyrrhotite Mining and Minerals Engineering
Conaway, Shawn Michael Characterizing Trace Element Associations in the Pittsburgh No. 8, Illinois No. 6 and Coalburg Coal Seams Mining and Minerals Engineering
Craynon, John Raymond Approaches and Barriers to Incorporating Sustainable Development Into Coal Mine Design Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Craynon, John Raymond The collectorless flotation of sphalerite Mining and Minerals Engineering
Cruz, Eva Brunilda A Comprehensive Dynamic Model of the Column Flotation Unit Operation Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Cruz, Eva Brunilda Simulation of computer control strategies for column flotation Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Davis, Van Leslie Characterization and scale-up of microbubble generation in column flotation Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Dieudonne, Vincent Chemical and Electrochemical Coal Cleaning in acidic medium application and analysis of the process Mining and Minerals Engineering
Donovan, James G. The Effects of Backfilling on Ground Control and Recovery in Thin-Seam Coal Mining Mining and Minerals Engineering
Donovan, James George Fracture Toughness Based Models for the Prediction of Power Consumption, Product Size, and Capacity of Jaw Crushers Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Duan, Chunming Stochastic availability analysis and modeling of longwall mining operations Mining and Minerals Engineering
Duerksen, Alek Charles A Feasibility Analysis of Wind Power as an Alternative Post-mining Land Use in Surface Coal Mines in West Virginia Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Dunn, Peter L. Development of a video-based slurry sensor for on-line ash analysis Mining and Minerals Engineering
Dyne, Laura Anne The Prediction and Occurrence of Chimney Subsidence in Southwestern Pennsylvania Mining and Minerals Engineering
Eisenmann, Matthew Donnel Elutriation Technology in Heavy Mineral Separations Mining and Minerals Engineering
Eraydin, Mert Kerem Evaluation of Novel Fine Coal Dewatering Aids Mining and Minerals Engineering
Eraydin, Mert Kerem Scale-up of Using Novel Dewatering Aids Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Exadaktylos, George E. Computer aided blast fragmentation prediction Mining and Minerals Engineering
Fahrman, Benjamin Paul Geophone Array Optimization for Monitoring Geologic Carbon Sequestration using Double-Difference Tomography Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Flinn, Darrin Heinz Modeling bubble-particle interactions in flotation using hydrophobic solid surfaces Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Forrest, W. R. Processing of high-sulfur coals using microbubble column flotation Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Fraher, Richard Louis Optimizing roof control using probabilistic techniques in roof failure prediction Mining and Minerals Engineering
Freeland, Chad Lee LOW TEMPERATURE DRYING OF ULTRAFINE COAL Mining and Minerals Engineering
Furniss, Matthew David Quantitative Comparison of Seismic Velocity Tomography With Seismic Activity Around a Deep Coal Longwall Panel Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Ganguli, Rajive Stress transfer between multi-seam longwall mines Mining and Minerals Engineering
Griffin, Kenneth Reed Design Criteria for Wireless Mesh Communications in Underground Coal Mines Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Gross, Brett Ivan Investigation of a method for monitoring stress changes in the burst prone seams of southwestern Virginia Mining and Minerals Engineering
Gupta, Nikhil Dry Deshaling of Thermal Coals in India Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Hale, Waverly Mitchell Surface chemical aspects of microbubble flotation Mining and Minerals Engineering
Hangsubcharoen, Monpilai A Study of Triboelectrification for Coal , Quartz and Pyrite Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Harwood, Cary P. Optimizing secondary tailgate support selection Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Haycocks, Scott Gavin Mining and environmental factors in selecting an underground versus a quarry mining system Mining and Minerals Engineering
Holman, Darren Wayne Development of an Underground Automated Thin-Seam Coal Mining Method Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Holman, Travis Scott Analysis and optimization of coalbed methane gas well production Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Honaker, Ricky Quay A fundamental study of the selective hydrophobic coagulation process Mining and Minerals Engineering
Hyder, Zeshan Site Characterization, Sustainability Evaluation and Life Cycle Emissions Assessment of Underground Coal Gasification Mining and Minerals Engineering
Johnson, Wesley Byron Design and Testing of a Laboratory Ultrasonic Data Acquisition System for Tomography Mining and Minerals Engineering
Jong, Edmund Chime Application of Background Oriented Schlieren (BOS) in Underground Mine Ventilation Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Kan, Stephen Wai-Sing Experimental evaluation of polyester grout as a ground control measure in underground mines Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Kanniganti, Ravi S. Interactive prediction software for underlying multi-seam design Mining and Minerals Engineering
Keim, Steven Anthony Optimization of Coalbed Methane Completion Strategies, Selection Criteria and Production Prediction: A Case Study in China’s Qinshui Basin Mining and Minerals Engineering
[VT] Keles, Serhat Fine Coal Dewatering Using Hyperbaric Centrifugation Mining and Minerals Engineering
Kelley, Kyle Model-based Computer Simulation of Froth Flotation Mining and Minerals Engineering
Kennedy, Dennis Lee Redesign of Industrial Column Flotation Circuits Based on a Simple Residence Time Distribution Model Mining and Minerals Engineering
Kerr, Jeffrey Bryan Applications of Double-Difference Tomography for a Deep Hard Rock Mine Mining and Minerals Engineering
Kim, Kwangmin Blasting Design Using Fracture Toughness and Image Analysis of the Bench Face and Muckpile Mining and Minerals Engineering
Kiser, Michael James Development of Methods to Aid in Flotation Circuit Evaluations and Drip Pan Design Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Knapp, Jennifer Mary Smith A study of floatation froth behavior Mining and Minerals Engineering
Kohmuench, Jaisen Nathaniel Precombustion Removal of Hazardous Air Pollutant Precursors Mining and Minerals Engineering
Kohmuench, Jaisen Nathaniel Improving Efficiencies in Water-Based Separators Using Mathematical Analysis Tools Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Konduri, Indu Mohan Flow characteristics of jet fans in mines :experimental and numerical modeling Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Li, Yanqing Electrochemical studies of pyrite and galena Mining and Minerals Engineering
Lin, Wei The Ignition of Methane and Coal Dust by Air Compression - The Experimental Proof Mining and Minerals Engineering
Logan, Kenneth Scott Analysis of Wireless Tiltmeters for Ground Stability Monitoring Mining and Minerals Engineering
Loomis, Ian Morton Experiments Concerning the Commercial Extraction of Methane from Coalbed Reservoirs Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Looney, John H. Evaluation of column flotation circuits for fine coal cleaning Mining and Minerals Engineering
Luo, JunLu Gateroad Design in Overlying Multi-Seam Mines Mining and Minerals Engineering
Luo, JunLu A New Rock Bolt Design Criterion and Knowlwdge-based Expert System for Stratified Roof Mining and Minerals Engineering
Luxbacher, Kramer Davis Time-lapse Passive Seismic Velocity Tomography of Longwall Coal Mines: A Comparison of Methods Mining and Minerals Engineering
Luxbacher, Kramer Davis Four-Dimensional Passive Velocity Tomography of a Longwall Panel Mining and Minerals Engineering
Ma, Juan CO2 Mineralization Using Reactive Species Mining and Minerals Engineering
Ma, Nini Direct Force Measurement between Surfaces Coated with Hydrophobic Polymers in Aqueous Solutions and the Separation of Mixed Plastics by Flotation Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Mankosa, Michael James Scale-up of column flotation Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Mankosa, Michael James Investigation of operating conditions in stirred ball milling of coal Mining and Minerals Engineering
Mao, Laiqun Application of Extended DLVO Theory: Modeling of Flotation and Hydrophobicity of Dodecane Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Maran, Juliano Study of truck allocation and truck dispatching problems in open pit mines Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Mastoris, John An application of 3-D modeling and optimization of the final pit limits for a lignite deposit Mining and Minerals Engineering
McKeon, Timothy Josiah An In-Plant Evaluation of Froth Washing on Conventional Flotation Cells for Coal Mining and Minerals Engineering
Miller, Stephen J In-rest Vehicle GPS Proximity Warning in Surface Operations Mining and Minerals Engineering
Miskovic, Ilija A Data-Driven Approach for the Development of a Decision Making Framework for Geological CO2 Sequestration in Unmineable Coal Seams Mining and Minerals Engineering
Miskovic, Sanja An Investigation of the Gas Dispersion Properties of Mechanical Flotation Cells: an In-Situ Approach Mining and Minerals Engineering
Mitra, Rudrajit Imaging of Stress in Rock Samples using Numerical Modeling and Laboratory Tomography Mining and Minerals Engineering
Murphy, Michael M Analysis of Seismic Signatures Generated from Controlled Methane and Coal Dust Explosions in an Underground Mine Mining and Minerals Engineering
Murphy, Michael Martin Defining Stress Changes Ahead of a Tunnel Face and Design of a Data Acquisition System Mining and Minerals Engineering
Murphy, Tyson M. A Method for Evaluating the Application of Variable Frequency Drives with Coal Mine Ventilation Fans Mining and Minerals Engineering
Niu, Jing Desalination of Produced Water via Gas Hydrate Formation and Post Treatment Mining and Minerals Engineering
Noble, Christopher Aaron Laboratory-Scale Analysis of Energy-Efficient Froth Flotation Rotor Design Mining and Minerals Engineering
Pan, Lei Hydrophobic Forces in Wetting Films Mining and Minerals Engineering
Parker, Brian Mark The Simulation and Analysis of Particle Flow Through an Aggregate Stockpile Mining and Minerals Engineering
[VT] Patrick, William Charles Investigation, Analysis, and Modeling of Longwall Face-to-Face Transfers Mining and Minerals Engineering
Patterson, Rosemary Rita Determination of a novel mine tracer gas and development of a methodology for sampling and analysis of multiple mine tracer gases for characterization of ventilation systems Mining and Minerals Engineering
Phillips, Dennis Ivan Optimum Processing of 1 mm by Zero Coal Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Pyecha, Jason R An evaluation of separation methods for the selective coagulation of ultrafine coal Mining and Minerals Engineering
Randolph, John Michael Characterizing Flotation Response: A Theoretical and Experimental Comparison of Techniques Mining and Minerals Engineering
Reed, William Randolph An Improved Model for Prediction of PM10 from Surface Mining Operations. Mining and Minerals Engineering
Ripepi, Nino Samuel Carbon Dioxide Storage in Coal Seams with Enhanced Coalbed Methane Recovery: Geologic Evaluation, Capacity Assessment and Field Validation of the Central Appalachian Basin Mining and Minerals Engineering
Robidoux, Jeff Real-Time Spatial Monitoring of Vehicle Vibration Data as a Model for TeleGeoMonitoring Systems Mining and Minerals Engineering
Sadtler, Daniel Allan Passive Tomography to Image Stress Redistribution Prior to Failure on Berea Sandstone and Marcellus Shale for Caprock Integrity Mining and Minerals Engineering
Salomon, Jeffrey A Design and Testing of a Hyperbaric Horizontal Belt Filter for Fine Coal Dewatering Mining and Minerals Engineering
Sarver, Emily Allyn The Ferrous Regeneration Process for Use in Alternate Anode Reaction Technology in Copper Hydrometallurgy Mining and Minerals Engineering
Schafrik, Steven Joseph A New Style of Simulation Model for Mining Systems Mining and Minerals Engineering
Schaum, Adam Michael Increasing Haul Truck Safety through the use of Virtual Pre-Shift Inspection Training Mining and Minerals Engineering
Schimann, Hubert C. R. Force and Energy Measurement of Bubble-Particle Detachment Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Schimmoller, Brian Keith A bubble-particle interaction model for flotation combining hydrodynamic and surface forces Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Sellami, Moncef Recoverable reserve estimation in multiple seam mines Mining and Minerals Engineering
Sherrell, Ian M Development of a Flotation Rate Equation from First Principles under Turbulent Flow Conditions Mining and Minerals Engineering
Sherrell, Ian Michael Parameter Evaluation and Modeling of a Fine Coal Dewatering Screen-Bowl Centrifuge Mining and Minerals Engineering
[VT] Shin, Dongcheol Evaluation of Methods for Improving Classifying Cyclone Performance Mining and Minerals Engineering
Slaker, Brent Allan Double-Difference Tomography Applied to Monitoring of Geologic Carbon Sequestration in the Aneth Oil Field, Utah Mining and Minerals Engineering
Smith, Kara E. Cleaning and Dewatering Fine Coal using Hydrophobic Displacement Mining and Minerals Engineering
Smith, Sarah Ann Methods of Improving Oil Agglomeration Mining and Minerals Engineering
Stevens, Dennis Frederick Stress Redistribution in Berea Sandstone Samples Using Acoustic Emission Tomography in the Laboratory Mining and Minerals Engineering
Storey, Andrew Wilson Design Optimization of Safety Benches for Surface Quarries through Rockfall Testing and Evaluation Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Tao, Dongping A comprehensive study of the electrochemistry and floatibility of pyrite in coal flotation Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Venkatraman, Parthasarathy Evaluation of an advanced fine coal cleaning circuit Mining and Minerals Engineering
Wang, Liguang Surface Forces in Foam Films Mining and Minerals Engineering
Westerfield, Tracy Cheryl Evaluation of Hydraulic Separator Applications in the Coal and Mineral Industries Mining and Minerals Engineering
Westman, Erik Christian A Characterization and Determination of the Coal Reserves and Resources of Southwest Virginia Mining and Minerals Engineering
Whitney, Joshua Andrew Application of Electromagnetic Methods to Identify and Characterize Sub-surface Structures Associated with the Coles Hill Uranium Deposit Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Woofter, Christopher L Environmental compliance in quarrying operations :a computer-based decison support system Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Wu, Xiaolin Theoretical analysis of bump and airblast events associated with coal mining under strong roofs Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Yan, Suming Parametric study and simulation of microbubble column flotation Mining and Minerals Engineering
Yildirim, Ismail Surface Free Energy Characterization of Powders Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Young-On, Harold An economic evaluation of backfilling in Virginia's coal mines Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Yu, Zhanjing A study of building response and damage due to mining-induced ground movements Mining and Minerals Engineering
Zhang, Jinhong Surface Forces between Silica Surfaces in CnTACl Solutions and Surface Free Energy Characterization of Talc Mining and Minerals Engineering
Zhang, Jinming Development of Environmentally Friendly Non-Chrome Conversion Coatings for Cold-Rolled Steel Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Zhou, Huaizu Increasing existing mechanical hoisting capacity with supplementary hydraulic hoisting Mining and Minerals Engineering
[BTD] Akram, Muhammad The effect of zero point charge environment on rock fracture behavior Mining Engineering
[BTD] Bowman, Charles H Geotechnical charcterization of coal refuse for use as a backfill material Mining Engineering
[BTD] Campoli, Alan A. Bump control design protocol for room-and-pillar retreat mining Mining Engineering
[BTD] Crabtree, Walter A Forecast of Virginia coal production Mining Engineering
[BTD] Dunlap, John Classification and analysis of longwall delays Mining Engineering
[BTD] Fisher, Frank Tasman A study of the mineralogy of roof and floor strata associated with coal mines Mining Engineering
[BTD] Forrest, Peter Layout design for interactive zones in longwall multiple seam mining Mining Engineering
[BTD] Grimes, Janet A. Economic and system feasibility study of municipal waste stowage in underground coal mines Mining Engineering
[BTD] Hao, Bin Use of fracture mechanics parameters to characterize comminution Mining Engineering
[BTD] Hosca, Erhan Numerical analyses of the effectiveness of secondary tailgate support systems :a stability approach Mining Engineering
[BTD] Kar, Tapas Ranjan Fuzzy logic-based fault diagnosis for mining equipment failures Mining Engineering
[BTD] Koo, Shiun Ming A study of the factors that affect the permeability of coal Mining Engineering
[BTD] Li, Zhongxue Determining the size and life of underground coal mines Mining Engineering
[BTD] Lin, Po-Ming Using wave attenuation techniques for monitoring of stress levels Mining Engineering
[BTD] Loomis, Ian Morton Application of water mist to fuel-rich fires in model coal mine entries Mining Engineering
[BTD] Neall, George M A photoelastic study of roof truss-roof interactions in a multilayered mine model. Mining Engineering
[BTD] Noble, John Mills The relationship between the crushing strength of brittle materials and the size of cubical specimens tested Mining Engineering
[BTD] Ouyang, Hsien-Ju Numerical modeling of tool-rock interaction in laminated formations Mining Engineering
[BTD] Schaaf, Herbert L The concentration of germanium in coal Mining Engineering
[BTD] Wu, Xing Optimization of control device locations and sizes in mine ventilation systems Mining Engineering
[BTD] Parmesano, Vincent The feasibility of merging Christiansburg and Cambria, Virginia Municipal Engineering and Administration
Wilson, Leslie The Music Muse Music
[BTD] Phillips, William Jeter An experiment in generating vinegar Mycology

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