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Author Name Title Department
[BTD] Belschner, Wilfrid Carl An evaluation of biochemical oxygen demand of organic wastes by measurement of carbon dioxide evolution from aerated activated sludge Sanitary Engineering
[BTD] Blackwell, Richard Lee Bacterial coagulation by a chlorinated solvent Sanitary Engineering
[BTD] Blair, Thomas Jackson An investigation on the removal of escherichia coli by ion exchange resins Sanitary Engineering
[BTD] Boyadjian, Dana Mello A treatment feasibility study of a cellulose acetate manufacturing wastewater. Sanitary Engineering
[BTD] Bugg, John Cline Effect of pH on the denitrification of activated sludge effluent at high oxygen tensions Sanitary Engineering
[BTD] Burgess, Ian Kelso The effect of agitation on the biochemical oxygen demand sewage Sanitary Engineering
[BTD] Burns, Bruce Bennett A study of nutrient distributions and productivity potential in lake sediments. Sanitary Engineering
[BTD] Butler, Robert George Biochemical oxygen demand reduction of semi-chemical neutral sulfite waste by heat hydrolysis Sanitary Engineering
[BTD] Cumbie, William E. Effects of storage on water treatment plant sludges Sanitary Engineering
[BTD] Dawson, Herbert Maxwell Removal of microorganisms and proteins from sewage and industrial waste with chlorinated solvents Sanitary Engineering
[BTD] Eberly, Harold Thomas Evaluation of alternative pretreatment methods for use in direct filtration water treatment. Sanitary Engineering
[BTD] Eich, Henry F. A study of the stream pollution problem in the Roanoke, Virginia, metropolitan district. Sanitary Engineering
[BTD] Heckel, Paul James Pollution aspects derived from non-point sources. Sanitary Engineering
[BTD] Hild, Joseph Charles A pilot plant study of the anaerobic digestion of semi-chemical mill wastes Sanitary Engineering
[BTD] Jones, David Albert An analysis of the costs involved in making a stream pollution survey Sanitary Engineering
[BTD] Judkins, Joseph F. Crystal seeding for the control of sludge properties Sanitary Engineering
[BTD] Laing, Gary Thomas The effect of bioxidation on the coagulation of dispersed color. Sanitary Engineering
[BTD] Neel, Jack Fagg An investigation of the effect of certain environmental factors on the membrane filter procedure for bacteriological examination of water--Part II Sanitary Engineering
[BTD] Owen, Bruce William Air quality at an electric-arc steel manufacturing plant. Sanitary Engineering
[BTD] Scott, James Holland Coagulation study of a bound water bulked sludge. Sanitary Engineering
[BTD] Simpson, James Russell A rural school sanitation program Sanitary Engineering
[BTD] Smith, Edwin L. A system dynamics computer model for long-term water quality planning Sanitary Engineering
[BTD] Stallard, Warren Michael A comparison of oxygen utilization determination techniques for the activated sludge process. Sanitary Engineering
[BTD] Sutherland, Jasper Rush Application of the manometric technique to a study of the biochemical oxygen demand of a neutralized acid waste Sanitary Engineering
[BTD] Thacker, Henry Ray Correlation of biochemical oxygen demand with oxidation-reduction potential of settled sewage Sanitary Engineering
[BTD] Weeks, Robert Kenneth Iron recovery from a representative water treatment plant sludge. Sanitary Engineering
[BTD] Williams, Charles Edward An investigation of the methods used in the determination of the chlorine demand of settled sewage Sanitary Engineering
[BTD] Young, George Kenneth Removal of nitrates from water by chemical reduction Sanitary Engineering
[BTD] Young, William Stephen Aerobic digestion of trickling filter humus. Sanitary Engineering
[BTD] Hoover, Barbara Hutson A comparison of directed and non-directed easel paintings of sixteen nursery school children. School of Home Economics
Aktunc, Mahir Emrah Experimental Knowledge in Cognitive Neuroscience: Evidence, Errors, and Inference Science and Technology Studies
Allender-Hagedorn, Susan Arguing the Genome: A Topology of the Argumentation Behind the Construction of the Human Genome Project Science and Technology Studies
Augustine, Donna Marie Obesity and the Technological Fix: Weight Loss Surgery in American Women Science and Technology Studies
Bakhshaie, Amir Testing an Actor Network Theory Model of Innovation Adoption with econometric methods. Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Balderrama, Rafael J. The social construction of compatibility : setting voluntary safety standards for agricultural tractors Science and Technology Studies
Bausch, Francis A. Examining One's Own : Reflexivity and Critique in STS Science and Technology Studies
Beddoes, Kacey Practices of Brokering: Between STS and Feminist Engineering Education Research Science and Technology Studies
Blanchette, Emily Elizabeth Selling the Mechanized Household to Black America: Race and Gender in Domestic Technology Advertising, 1945-1980 Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Blechschmidt, Lara C Environmental ethics and the oyster of the Chesapeake Bay Science and Technology Studies
Bouzid, Ahmed Tewfik Man, Society, and Knowledge in the Islamist discourse of Sayyid Qutb Science and Technology Studies
Burke, James E. Silent Spring's Metaphors: Insights for 21st Century Environmental Discourse Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Burrows, Andrea Computers in organizations :a survey of PC Week articles between 1984 and 1988 Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Burrows, Andrea C A social study of women in contemporary biological sciences Science and Technology Studies
Cagle, Caroline Woodell Technology in Society: The Pipe Organ in Early Modern England Science and Technology Studies
Callaham, Arthur A. Reengineering Engineering: A Glimpse of Late Professionalism Science and Technology Studies
Caron, Brandiff Robert Deliberative Democracy and Expertise: New Directions for 21st Century Technology Assessment Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Castonguay, Stephane Managing scientific change in agricultural policies :soil productivity, resource conservation and the legitimation of agrobiology Science and Technology Studies
Cathcart, Timothy John Touching the Face of God: Religion, Technology, and the United States Air Force Science and Technology Studies
Cato, Mary E. The Limits of Law as Technology for Environmental Policy: A Case Study of the Bronx Community Paper Company Science and Technology Studies
Chang, Kuo-Hui Technological Construction as Identity Formation: the High Speed Rail, Hybrid Culture and Engineering/Political Subjectivity in Taiwan Science and Technology Studies
Chapman, Jill Lee Early Veterinary Activities at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 1870s - 1920s; The Rise and Fall of Virginia's State-Controlled Veterinary Complex Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Chaudhuri, Ranjan Science as practice :a methodological critique and case study Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Chen, Xiang Theories, experiments, and human agents : the controversy between emissionists and undulationists in Britain, 1827-1859 Science and Technology Studies
Cohen, Benjamin R Notes from the Ground: Science and Agricultural Improvement in the Early American Republic Science and Technology Studies
Cohen, Benjamin Robert Uniquely Structured: Debating Concepts of Science, from the Two Cultures to the Science Wars Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Collier, James H Scientific discourse, sociological theory, and the structure of rhetoric Science and Technology Studies
Collier, James H. The Structure of Meta-Scientific Claims: Toward a Philosophy of Science and Technology Studies Science and Technology Studies
Crandell, Allison S. Cyborg Butterflies, Liminal Medicine: Thyroid Hormone Treatment, 1890-1970 Science and Technology Studies
[Mixed] Crumpton, Amy Cara Toward a Democratic Science? Environmental Justice Activists, Multiple Epidemiologies, and Toxic Waste Controversies Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Curfs, Garrit Thomas Experiment as rhetoric in the cold fusion controversy Science and Technology Studies
[VT] Davis, Robert Vernon The (Un)Settling of America: Science and the Search for the First Americans Science and Technology Studies
DeNardis, Laura Ellen IPv6: Politics of the Next Generation Internet Science and Technology Studies
[VT] DeWeese, Pamela The ELSI Research Program and Genetic Nondiscrimination Legislation: A Study in Science and Public Poilicy Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Downes, Stephen Matthew Prospects for a cognitive science of science Science and Technology Studies
Dritsas, Lawrence Stratton Local Informants and British Explorers: the Search for the Source of the Nile, 1850-1875 Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Dunlap, Daniel R Rethinking scientific literacy standards Science and Technology Studies
Dunlap, Daniel Ray A Study of the LiNC Project: Collaboration, Teaching, Research, and the Social Construction of Technology Science and Technology Studies
Ferro, David L. Selling Science in the Colonial American Newspaper: How the Middle Colonial American General Periodical Represented Nature, Philosophy, Medicine, and Technology, 1728 - 1765 Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Ferro, David L. Science and the press :nascent institutions in colonial America Science and Technology Studies
[VT] Fitzpatrick, Anne Igniting The Light Elements: The Los Alamos Thermonuclear Weapon Project, 1942-1952 Science and Technology Studies
Friedensen, Victoria Pidgeon Protest Space: A Study of Technology Choice, Perception of Risk, and Space Exploration Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Furlow, Christopher A. The Islamization of knowledge Science and Technology Studies
Galusky, Wyatt Virtually Uninhabitable: A Critical Analysis of Digital Environmental Anti-Toxics Activism Science and Technology Studies
Garber, Stephen J. Birds of a Feather? How Politics and Culture Affected the Designs of the U.S. Space Shuttle and the Soviet Buran Science and Technology Studies
Garnar, Andrew Wells Sport/utility vehicles as technologies of the suburban self:
the only civilized way to leave civilization
Science and Technology Studies
Garnar, Andrew Wells "An essay concerning subjectivity and scientific realism: Some fancies on Sellarsian themes and onto-politics" Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Gatlin, Stephen H. William H. Sheldon and the culture of the somatotype Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Gatlin, Stephen H. William H. Sheldon's constitutional psychology :the somatotype as fiction Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Glenn, Tracy A. The recategorization of "chaos" :a case study of language change and theory change Science and Technology Studies
Gold, Anna Keller At the Margins of Modern Science: Leviathan and the Air-Pump as a Case Study for Meta-analysis of Contemporary Science and Technology Studies Science and Technology Studies
[VT] Goldstein, Samantha U.S. Importation of French Cheeses: Trade Protectionism or Consumer Protection Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Griffiths, Robert Ian Industrial drug development :application of the theoretical framework of Abernathy, Clark, and Kantrow (1983) in an analysis of factors which determine productivity Science and Technology Studies
[VT] Grunert, Jonathan David Aesthetics for Birds: Institutions, Artist-Naturalists, and Printmakers in American Ornithologies, from Alexander Wilson to John Cassin Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Guarino, Michael J. Religious appeals in the popular presentation of cosmology Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Harris, Heather Constructing colonialism :medicine, technology, and the frontier nursing service Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Hauger, J. Scott Reading machines for the blind : a study of federally supported technology development and innovation Science and Technology Studies
[VT] Heflin, Ashley Shew A Unifying Account of Technological Knowledge: Animal Construction, Tool Use, and Technology Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Heyboer, Maarten Grass-counters, stock-feeders, and the dual orientation of applied science :the history of range science, 1895-1960 Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Heyboer, Maarten Knowledge-development in applied science :the case of range management Science and Technology Studies
Hohauser, Robyn Lisa The Social Construction of Technology: The Case of LSD Science and Technology Studies
Hoyt, Diana Palmer Ufocritique ufos, Social Intelligence, and the Condon Report Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Hu, Minghui Maintaining NASTRAN :the politics and technics of aerospace computing Science and Technology Studies
[VT] Hunsinger, Jeremy Constructing a Politics of Knowledge in the Age of the Internet Science and Technology Studies
[VT] Hunt, James Christopher "We Shall Have to Make the Best of It:" The Conversion of Dennis Sciama Science and Technology Studies
Huston, Annette L. Carilion: A Corporate System of Managed Health Care Science and Technology Studies
Jesiek, Brent K Between Discipline and Profession: A History of Persistent Instability in the Field of Computer Engineering, circa 1951-2006 Science and Technology Studies
[VT] Jesiek, Brent K. Betwixt the Popular and Academic: The Histories and Origins of Memetics Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Johnston, Peter J. Astronomers and the Hubble space telescope :an historical analysis Science and Technology Studies
Jones, Mary Ellen Politically Corrected Science: The Early Negotiation of U.S. Agricultural Biotechnology Policy Science and Technology Studies
Jurotich, Theresa M. Network Infiltration: Gaining Utility Acceptance of Alternative Energy Systems Science and Technology Studies
Kelly, Liam Patrick Hacking Systems, Hacking Values: Interactive Theories For An Interactive World Science and Technology Studies
Kestel, Joseph James Don't Take My Kodachrome Away! Eastman Kodak and the Loss of System Control in the Digital Era Science and Technology Studies
[VT] Kim, Gouk Tae Scientizing Science Policy: Implications for Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy and R&D Evaluation Science and Technology Studies
Klein, Michael Joseph The Rhetoric of Repugnance: Popular Culture and Unpopular Notions in the Human Cloning Debate Science and Technology Studies
Koay, Pei P. (Re)presenting Human Population Database Projects: virtually designing and siting biomedical informatics ventures Science and Technology Studies
Krumnacher, Paul J. Lime and Cement Technology: Transition from Traditional to Standardized treatment Methods Science and Technology Studies
Kwasiborski, Victoria From Wedge Strategy to Kitzmiller: Rhetorical Analysis of the Intelligent Design Argument Series Science and Technology Studies
Lehr, Jane L Social Justice Pedagogies and Scientific Knowledge: Remaking Citizenship in the Non-Science Classroom Science and Technology Studies
Lehr, Jane L. “Doing” Theory and Practice: Steps Toward a More Productive Relationship Between Science and Technology Studies and Nontraditional Science Education Practices Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Lin, Chung-hsi The politics of scientific practice in Taiwan : the hepatitis B control program Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Lucena, Juan C. Making policy for making selves in science and engineering : from Sputnik to global competition Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Lynch, William T. Politics in Hobbes' mechanics :a case study in the sociology of scientific knowledge Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Mannikko, Nancy Farm Brothers professionally and socially : the rise of local engineering clubs during the Gilded Age Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Mannikko, Nancy Farm Technological innovation in forest harvesting Science and Technology Studies
Martin, Allison M. Mapping the Technology Beat: Technology Reporting at the Chicago Tribune Science and Technology Studies
Mathur, Piyush Theorizing "Ecological Communication" Science and Technology Studies
Mawler, Stuart Executable Texts: Programs as Communications Devices and Their Use in Shaping High-tech Culture Science and Technology Studies
McArthur, Maureen . H. The Impacts of Owning Private Companies on University Faculty: The Experiences of Biotechnology Faculty and University Administrators in One University Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Miller, Jean A Enlightenment :error & experiment : Henry Cavendish's Electrical researches Science and Technology Studies
Miller, Jean Anne Naturalism & Objectivity: Methods and Meta-methods Science and Technology Studies
Miller, Jonson William Citizen Soldiers and Professional Engineers: The Antebellum Engineering Culture of the Virginia Military Institute Science and Technology Studies
Morris, Jeffery Thomas Risk, Language, and Power: The Nanotechnology Environmental Policy Case Science and Technology Studies
[Mixed] Nichols-Belo, Amy Globalization On the Ground: Health, Development, and Volunteerism in Meatu, Tanzania Science and Technology Studies
Njambi, Wairimu Ngaruiya Colonizing Bodies: a Feminist Science Studies Critique of Anti-Fgm Discourse Science and Technology Studies
Norris, Katheryn Malcolm Born To Be Wild: Tiger Persecution and Advocacy From 1800 to the Present Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Obregón Torres, Diana Struggling against leprosy :physicians, medicine, and society in Colombia, 1880-1940 Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Oei, Hong Lim The influence of social factors on the performance of a center :a case study of the "University Research Center" Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Parayil, Govindan Conceptualizing technological change :technology transfer in the green revolution Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Pereira, Maria Teresa Castelao Scientific phenomenology and science studies : Gaston Bachelard and the concept of phenomenotechnique Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Pereira, Maria Teresa Castelao Gaston Bachelard's scientific philosophy :an approach to science and techology studies Science and Technology Studies
Qiu, Xiaolan Volkswagen Cars, Politics, and Culture in the Post-1978 China: The Social Construction of Success Science and Technology Studies
Raina, Sunita Making a Bioempire: The Indian Encounter with Bt Technology Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Raman, Sujatha The relevance of STS to peach research :the need for a third voice on nuclear strategy Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Rea, Matthew T Policy, values & incommensurability :the Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf Recovery Project Science and Technology Studies
Rentetzi, Maria Gender, Politics, and Radioactivity Research in Vienna, 1910-1938 Science and Technology Studies
Roberts, Harold M Google AdWords as a Network of Grey Surveillance Science and Technology Studies
[VT] Roberts, Jody Alan Instruments and Domains of Knowledge: The Case of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, 1956-1969 Science and Technology Studies
Roberts, Jody Alan Creating Green Chemistry: Discursive Strategies of a Scientific Movement Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Rogers, Juan D Implementation of a national information infrastructure :science and the building of society Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Rumrill, Deborah Initiating international collaboration :a study of the human genome organization Science and Technology Studies
Russell, Mark C. Appropriating Wittgenstein: Patterns of Influence and Citation in Realist and Social Constructivist Accounts of Science Science and Technology Studies
Russell, Mark C. Heredity and the Human Condition: A Study of 20th Century Genetic Accounts of Alcoholism Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Salmon, Virginia Lee Computers and creativity in the theatre Science and Technology Studies
Saridakis, Voula Converging Elements in the Development of Late Seventeenth-Century Disciplinary Astronomy: Instrumentation, Education, and the Hevelius-Hooke Controversy Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Saridakis, Voula Scientific controversy and the new astronomy :the intellectural and social contexts of the Hevelius-Hooke dispute Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Schwartzman, Peter D Population growth as a problem in the public sphere :current state of play and future prospects Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Sears, Carmen (Re)visions of the village :building and participating in the Blacksburg Electronic Village Science and Technology Studies
Seltzer, Michael William The Technological Infrastructure of Science Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Seltzer, Michael William Atomic testing and population genetics: the AEC and the classical/balance controversy, 1946-1957 Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Serchuk, Adam. Federal giants and wind energy entrepreneurs : utility-scale windpower in America 1970-1990 Science and Technology Studies
Shew, Ashley Beaver Dams, Spider Webs, and the Sticky Wicket: An Investigation On What Counts as Technology and What Counts as Knowledge Science and Technology Studies
Shields, William Theory and Practice in the Study of Technological Systems Science and Technology Studies
Smith, Richard Hewlett A Policy Framework for Developing a National Nanotechnology Program Science and Technology Studies
Sovacool, Benjamin K The Power Production Paradox: Revealing the Socio-Technical Impediments to Distributed Generation Technologies Science and Technology Studies
Staley, Thomas William Making Sense in Nineteenth Century Britain: Affinities of the Philosophy of Mind, c.1820-1860 Science and Technology Studies
Suplizio, Jean Evolutionary Psychology: The Academic Debate Science and Technology Studies
[VT] Sutton, Karey Michelle Laying the Foundation in Genetic Medicine: Understanding Why African Americans and Hispanic/Latinos are Underrepresented in Genetic Testing and in Genetic Research. Science and Technology Studies
[VT] Takeshita, Chikako Coordinates of Control: Indigenous Peoples and Knowledges in Bioprospecting Rhetoric Science and Technology Studies
Takeshita, Chikako Negotiating Acceptability of the IUD: Contraceptive Technology, Women's Bodies, and Reproductive Politics Science and Technology Studies
Thompson, Kenneth Parker A Political History of U.S. Commercial Remote Sensing, 1984-2007: Conflict, Collaboration, and the Role of Knowledge in the High-Tech World of Earth Observation Satellites Science and Technology Studies
Tomblin, David Christian Managing Boundaries, Healing the Homeland: Ecological Restoration and the Revitalization of the White Mountain Apache Tribe, 1933 – 2000 Science and Technology Studies
Tucker, Jennifer Motivating Subjects: Data Sharing in Cancer Research Science and Technology Studies
Veak, Tyler J Concretizing Sustainable Worlds: Environmentalism as a Politics of Technological Transformation Science and Technology Studies
Wada, Masanori Engineering Education and the Spirit of Samurai at the Imperial College of Engineering in Tokyo, 1871-1886 Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Webb, Charlotte Networks and professionalization : a history of the Virginia Academy of Science, 1923-1995 Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] Webb, Charlotte Science goes South :John Millington, Frederick Barnard, and the University of Mississippi, 1848-1861 Science and Technology Studies
Wertman, Ellen R. Electronic Preprint Distribution: a Case Study of Physicists and Chemists at the University of Maryland Science and Technology Studies
[BTD] White, Tobin Frye How to solve a physics problem :negotiating knowledge and identity in introductory university physics Science and Technology Studies
[VT] Yousefi, Najm Al-Din Knowledge and Social Order in Early Islamic Mesopotamia (60–193 AH/680–809 CE) Science and Technology Studies
Bianucci, Henri Chapman Periodontal Healing of Canine Experimental Grade III Furcation Defects Treated With Autologous Fibrinogen and Resolut® Barrier Membrane Small Animal Clinical Sciences
Abdelazim, Saleh S. Structural Adjustment and the Dismantling of Egypt's Etatist System Sociology
Adams, Mary Margaret Marital Status and Happiness, 1972-1996 Sociology
Agnich, Laura Elizabeth Masculinities and Sexual Violence among a Sample of Clients of Street Prostitutes Sociology
Agnich, Laura Elizabeth A Cross-National Study of School Violence Sociology
Aitcheson, Lindsey Reed Community Solidarity and Well-Being after the Virginia Tech Shootings Sociology
Al-Modaf, Obaid Ali Attitudes toward the Effects of Privatization on the Employment System: A Study of Undergraduate College Students in Saudi Arabia Sociology
[BTD] Alexander, Deanna W. Political crime :an application of Merton's theory of social sturcture and anomie Sociology
Alexander, Deanna Wimmer How Could This Happen? A Constructivist Analysis of Reactive State Terrorism at Ruby Ridge Sociology
Almada, Alicia Zulema Gender and Caregiving: a Study Among Hispanic and Non-Hispanic White Frail Elders Sociology
[BTD] Anderson, Cynthia D. Occupational resegregation and coaching philosophy in women's basketball :an exploratory study Sociology
[BTD] Anzick, Michael A. Community structure and criminal victimization Sociology
Arnado, Mary Janet Madrono Class Inequality among Third World Women Wage Earners: Mistresses and Maids in the Philippines Sociology
Assar, Nandini Narain Gender Hierarchy Among Gujarati Immigrants: Linking Immigration Rules and Ethnic Norns Sociology
Assuliman, Abdusslam Wail Y. The problem of connectivity A sociological study of the problem of connectedness of nationally produced science and national needs in Saudi Arabia Sociology
Ayers, Michael D. Collective Identity in Online and Offline Feminist Activist Groups Sociology
Ball, Daisy Barbara The Nature and Extent of Desktop Graffiti Among U.S. College Students: An Exploratory Study Sociology
[BTD] Barron, Mary L. Organizations, labor control processes, and emotional labor :the case of the retail grocery trade Sociology
Bell, Tannisha D. An Examination of Race and Recurrent Substance Problems in the United States Sociology
[BTD] Bello Barros, Rosario Labor processes within a commodity system :a comparative study of workers in apple packing houses Sociology
Billeter, Courtney Bly An Exploration of Eight Dimensions of Self-Disclosure with Relationship Satisfaction Sociology
[BTD] Blair, Marilou C. Legazpi Subjective well-being among the elderly Sociology
Blevins, Sabrené René Health Beliefs, Self-Efficacy and Condom Use: How College Students Respond to the HIV/AIDS Epidemic Sociology
Boutwell, Laura R. "This, What We Go Through. People Should Know:" Refugee Girls Constructing Identity Sociology
Bowen, Mary Elizabeth The Effects of Socioeconomic Status and Race on Functional Limitations and Self-Reported Health in Old Age Sociology
Boyle, Joseph E. Organized Sports Participation, Masculinity, and Attitudes toward Women Sociology
Boyle, Joseph Edward Becoming Vegetarian: An Analysis of the Vegetarian Career Using an Integrated Model of Deviance Sociology
Braxton, Shawn Lamont Examining Workplace Discrimination in a Discrimination-Free Environment Sociology
Brown, Clarence Ezra Racism in the Gay Community and Homophobia in the Black Community: Negotiating the Gay Black Male Experience Sociology
Browne, Heidi Frances Individualism and Attitudes toward Homosexual, Premarital, Adolescent, and Extramarital Sexual Behaviors Sociology
[BTD] Bryant, Deborah C. The relationship between religiosity and psychological well-being Sociology
Bryant, Monica Raye Decision Making and the Adoption Process for American Families of Chinese Children: An Application of Rational Choice Theory Sociology
[BTD] Buenavista, Maria Gladys Social factors influencing natural resource management in the Philippines Sociology
Burgess, Melissa Faye "You Can't Put People In One Category Without Any Shades of Gray:" A Study of Native American, Black, Asian, Latino/a and White Multiracial Identity Sociology
[BTD] Butler, Suellen Ruth The waitress-diner relationship :an examination of subordinate influence. Sociology
[BTD] Butler, Suellen Ruth The vulnerability work attitude :an examination of uncertain exchange outcomes in a tipping occupation Sociology
Byrd, W. Carson Assessing Campus Community in the Twenty-First Century Sociology
Byrd, W. Carson Interracial Contact Effects on Racial Prejudice among Students at Selective Colleges and Universities Sociology
[BTD] Cahn, Thomas Edward The labeling theory :an empirical test. Sociology
[BTD] Carleton, Julia Magdalen Machara Achieving success in Western society :bulimia as the ultimate effort Sociology
[BTD] Carson, Taj L Juvenile delinquency and single-parent homes :a socialist feminist analysis Sociology
Chapman, Nathaniel Gray The Music Never Stopped: Shifting Notions of Authenticity Amongst Deadheads Sociology
Chenault, Tiffany Gayle The Effects of Parents Educational Attainment on the Rentension of African American Students at Predominately White Institutions Sociology
Chenault, Tiffany Gayle "We did it for the Kids," Housing Policies, Race, and Class: An Ethnographic Case Study of a Resident Council in a Public Housing Neighborhood Sociology
[BTD] Chriss, James J Testing Gouldner's coming crisis theory :on the state of contemporary sociological theory Sociology
Cotrupi, Catherine Lynn Confronting the "Ugly American" Stereotype: A Study of the Acculturation of Peace Corps Volunteers Sociology
[BTD] Crawford, James Lee Pastor, prophet, priest, and evangelist :a study of clergy leadership roles Sociology
[VT] Dabu, Adina Theoretical Frameworks and Conceptual Approaches to Economic Development in East and Central Europe. Romania-Case Study Sociology
[BTD] David, Elaine B The effects of organizational response on deprofessionalization :the case of stockbrokers 1975-1990 Sociology
Delaney, Patrick Prescott What Do Parents Want? Factors Affecting Parental Decisions in Charter School Enrollment Sociology
[VT] Dema, Brunilda Consequences of Marijuana Use for Depressive Disorders Sociology
Dick-Mosher, Jennifer Bodies in Contempt: A Mixed Methods Study of Federal ADA Employment Cases Sociology
[BTD] Dobbs, Rhonda R The three musketeers :social process theories, feminism and violence in the mass media Sociology
Duncan, Andrew A A Participatory Evaluation of a Development NGO in Nicaragua Sociology
[BTD] Durkin, Keith F. Accounts and sexual deviance in cyberspace :the case of pedophilia Sociology
[BTD] Durkin, Keith F. Anabolic steroid use among non-competitive male bodybuilders :an application of two theories of deviant behavior Sociology
Ellis, Rosemary Lynn A Feminist Qualitative Study of Female Self-Mutilation Sociology
Elpi, Clara Maria Actual Versus Perceived Risk of Victimization and Handgun Ownership Sociology
Eppard, Lawrence Michael "A District-Level Analysis of the Influence of Socioeconomic Status, Per-Pupil Funding, and Student-to-Teacher Ratio on Academic Performance in Virginia Public Schools." Sociology
Etzler, Betty Catherine A Qualitative Study of Equality in Long-Term Lesbian Relationships Sociology
Falci, Christina D. The Effects of Family Structure and Family Process on the Psychological Well-Being of Children: From the Children's Point of View Sociology
Feng, Li Same Kentucky Chicken, Different Taste: Cross-cultural Leadership Studies at KFC in Beijing Sociology
[VT] Fiquet, Angela T. An Analysis of Tolerance Variation Among Adherents to Feminist, Environmentalist and Gay Rights Principles Sociology
Frazier, Joseph B The Student Police Unity League and Intergroup Contact Theory Sociology
[BTD] Fritsch, Jon Eric Did Harriet Martineau's sociological methods influence Emile Durkheim's sociological methods? Sociology
Fry, Jeannie A Change in Family Structure and Rates of Violent Juvenile Delinquency Sociology
[BTD] Gacitúa Marió, Estanislao A. Disarticulated agricultural growth :a comparative study of two Chilean regions Sociology
Garcia, Lisette Marie Variations in Educational Attainment Among DIfferent Latino Subgroups Sociology
[BTD] Gichina, Charity G. Internationally aided development for arid and semi-arid lands in Kenya :a comparative sociological analysis and a framework for project planning Sociology
[BTD] Graves, Ellington T. Differential perceptions of prejudice :an analysis of social attribution Sociology
Gresham, Brian Protecting the Majority: A Study into the Difference in State Response to Militant Extremists Sociology
Haija, Rammy M. The Real "Syriana": Interlocking Directorates Shaping a Defense-Petroleum-Policy Complex Sociology
[BTD] Hallberg, Karen Ellen The effects of hearing on the development and expression of the self. Sociology
Harrison-Rexrode, Jill "I don't want to go up the hill": Symbolic Boundary Work Among Residents of an Assisted Living Community Sociology
Hartman, Jeffrey R. Institutionalizing Juveniles: An Analysis By Social Disorganization Controlling For Arrest Rates Sociology
Herling, Jessica Lauren Online Community Response to YouTube Abuse Sociology
Herrin, Judith Mitchell Clients' Evaluations of Lawyers: Predictions from Procedural Justice Ratings and Interactional Styles of Lawyers Sociology
[BTD] Herrin, Judith Mitchell Correlates of a sense of control of aging Sociology
[BTD] Hoe, Ruan Is migration a solution to the earnings loss of the displaced workers in the segmented labor market in the U.S.? Sociology
[BTD] Hoe, Ruan An assessment of the determinants of interprovincial migration in China, 1982-1987 Sociology
Hoeffel, Elizabeth Marie Gender Bias in Engineering: Does More Contact with Female Engineers Reduce Bias? Sociology
[BTD] Hoffman, Kristi L. Physical violence and psychological abuse among siblings :a theoretical and empirical analysis Sociology
Hollandsworth, Danita Applying an Organizational Approach to the Sociology of Leisure: A Study of Clog Dancers Sociology
[BTD] Hollar, Danielle S. Knowledge, self-esteem, and sexual behavioral practices in response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic :a study of an undergraduate population at a land-grant university Sociology
Howard-Bostic, Chiquita DaJuan A Qualitative Analysis of Intimate Partner Violence Sociology
Hubbard, Jessica Alison Breaking the Silence: Women's Experiences With Sexual Violence During the 1994 Rwandan Genocide Sociology
[BTD] Hummer, Kristi L. Wife abuse in Thailand Sociology
[BTD] Hunter, Natalie J. Economic regulation, work relations, and accident rates in the United States motor carrier industry Sociology
[VT] Hunter, Stephanie Michelle The Funtions of White Nationalism Online: A Content Analysis of White Nationalist Thematic Discourse Surrounding the Eve Carson Homicide Sociology
[VT] Jackson, Tanara An Analysis of the Factors That Influence Older African-Americans to Self-Define as Retired Sociology
[BTD] James, Brian M. Ethnic identity among people of Mexican descent :a comparison of self reference, perception of similarity, and interaction preference Sociology
James, Nicole E. The Lack of Help Seeking Among At-Risk Undergraduate Students Sociology
Jebo, Jennifer Lee An Untraditional Life: Male Spouses of Female Military Personnel Sociology
[BTD] Ji, Weidong Residential segregation of blacks in Virginia cities :assessing socioeconomic factors Sociology
Johnson, Casey Michelle Virginia Hip Hop and Place Sociology
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[BTD] Dungan, H. Nancy Fitzpatrick A study of self-efficacy based interventions on the career development of high achieving male and female high school students Student Personnel Services
[BTD] Dutch-Pfister, Karstin Ann The impact of the PACE treatment program on five physically abusive military men :a case study approach Student Personnel Services
[BTD] Gillmore, Elizabeth Hardy Sprowls Improving patient satisfaction by training emergency department physicians to respond to patient behavior Student Personnel Services
[BTD] Graham, Patricia Kelly From an adult viewpoint :the transition from non-student to student status Student Personnel Services
[BTD] Ivy, Robert J. Personality patterns and vocational interests of learning disabled and nonlearning disabled high school students Student Personnel Services
[BTD] Keen, Melissa H. Content analysis of recruitment videotapes from institutions utilizing enrollment management systems Student Personnel Services
[BTD] Lampkin, Antionette Kellam The relationship between leisure activities and career development among a select group of college seniors Student Personnel Services
Loop, Patti Gaskins Case Studies of Exemplary Elementary School Guidance Programs in Southwest Virginia Student Personnel Services
Lowry, Rebecca Stevenson Role and Functions of School Psychologists in Virginia: a Ten Year Follow-Up Student Personnel Services
[BTD] Lynch, Judith M. Reasons cited by Virginia Tech honors students for their institutional choice compared with reasons cited in literature for all students entering higher education Student Personnel Services
[BTD] Mattox, Ronald E. Perceptions of student personnel functions in the public two-year college Student Personnel Services
[BTD] Newcombe, Brenda Hall. A historical descriptive study of the American Personnel and Guidance Association from April 1963 through July 1983 Student Personnel Services
[BTD] Nolte, Elizabeth G Teaching approaches employed by postsecondary education instructors teaching in both the traditional classroom setting and the distance education setting Student Personnel Services
[BTD] Pawvluk, Katrina Jean Expectation to reality :college freshmen and the use of alcohol Student Personnel Services
Riess, Janet T. Student Satisfaction with the Cooperative Education Program at Virginia Tech Student Personnel Services
Smith, Barbara Beville Effects of Home-School Collaboration and Different Forms of Parent Involvement On Reading Achievement Student Personnel Services
[BTD] Vandiviere, Marcus Stuart The contribution of demographic and coping factors to burnout in Virginia school psychologists Student Personnel Services
[BTD] Barcomb, Julie Anne Perceptions of graduating seniors of their experiences in the Virginia Tech Honors Program Student Personnel Services and Counseling
[BTD] Clark, Jackie Y Level of satisfaction of resident students based on hall size, hall type, and gender Student Personnel Services and Counseling
Daller, Melissa L. The Use of Developmental Advising Models By Professional Academic Advisors Student Personnel Services and Counseling
[BTD] Haughey, Eleanor G. The effects of peer influence on college student decision making Student Personnel Services and Counseling
Munro, Jennifer L. An Examination of the Credit Card Payment Practices of College Students Student Personnel Services and Counseling
[BTD] Ralston, Sharon Anne Culture shock :the adjustment process for international students Student Personnel Services and Counseling
[BTD] Sanford, Michele L Attitude toward gay and lesbian students :an investigation of resident advisors at Virginia Tech Student Personnel Services and Counseling
[BTD] Scott, Delores W Conditions related to the academic performance of African American students at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Student Personnel Services and Counseling
Sikes, S. Mark Exploring Parental Actions to Finance Higher Education Student Personnel Services and Counseling
[BTD] Watkins, Dawn Adele Consensus decision-making at Guilford College :a case study analysis Student Personnel Services and Counseling
[BTD] Yeh, Shao-Kuo Orientations to moral reasoning among men and women leaders of higher education in Taiwan Student Personnel Services and Counseling
[BTD] Young, Anne Lynn Thomas Olinger A description of peer education programs in public institutions of higher education in Virginia Student Personnel Services and Counseling
[BTD] Allen, Maxine Bogues Effectiveness of using hand-held calculators for learning decimal quantities and the metric system. Supervision
[BTD] Bowling, Herbert E A study of apprehensions of black and white faculty members toward teaching in Virginia community colleges. Supervision
[BTD] Capelluti, Joseph Hincks A study of the role of the elementary school principal in schools with differentiated staffing. Supervision
[BTD] Hall, Mary Pat Farber A description of the linguistic characteristics of the careful speech of recent high school graduates in entry-level positions of job categories of large employment in selected counties of Southwest Virginia. Supervision
[BTD] Lawson, Kenneth Ray A concept analysis of middle school American history textbooks. Supervision
[BTD] Lewis, Mary Ann The development of a technique to examine the congruence between instructional objectives and questions planned by social studies student teachers. Supervision
[BTD] Peters, Norma Jean A study of pressures and influences on social studies curriculum :the Virginia unit for teaching about communism, 1959-1964. Supervision
[BTD] Adam, Johan D. Failure diagnostic expert systems :a case study in fault diagnosis Systems Engineering
[BTD] Agee, Laura L. Sun C to ANSI C converter Systems Engineering
[BTD] Altenhof, Jeffrey L. Computer-aided concurrent engineering in refrigeration system design Systems Engineering
[BTD] Andrex, D. L. Upgrade human-machine interface, provide additional analysis tool, and upgrade and migrate scheduling CPCI in existing major computing system Systems Engineering
[BTD] Ankrum, Aaron G. Application of systems engineering methods to the design of an aviation navigation system Systems Engineering
[BTD] Artze, Cesar Arturo Application of a decision-making model to the selection of a ship propulsion plant Systems Engineering
[BTD] Athearn, Mark A. A simulation model for traffic loading analysis Systems Engineering
[BTD] Badr, Mazen Younes Project assessment procedure for the PATRIOT Power Plant using the analytic hierarchy process Systems Engineering
[BTD] Baker, Wilfred G. A software requirement development model Systems Engineering
[BTD] Balash, Daniel J Design evaluation of alternative sonar system configurations Systems Engineering
[BTD] Barthelmess, Brett S. Improving the software development process and software performance through the application of systems engineering principles including concurrency Systems Engineering
[BTD] Basil, Daniel L. A systems engineering approach to the design of a COTS management system Systems Engineering
[BTD] Benson, Linda A Reduction of unscheduled maintenance of bulk carpet fiber texturizing equipment Systems Engineering
[BTD] Berrey, Linda G Re-engineering the proposal process using parametric cost models Systems Engineering
[BTD] Blair, John Anthony Life-cycle cost of a radium storage and processing facility Systems Engineering
[BTD] Bolek, Mark Francis Implementation of a conformal solder mask system Systems Engineering
[BTD] Bolha, Rosemarie Design and development of the missile system Operation and Support Cost AnalyzeR model and database Systems Engineering
[BTD] Bonnett, Timothy Charles A systems view of the nuclear waste dilemma Systems Engineering
[BTD] Bozarth, John D Requirements of the Navy's Tomahawk Theater Mission Planning system relating to object-oriented technology Systems Engineering
[BTD] Bras, Laurel Ann A rapid response software modification process for SLBM targeting software Systems Engineering
[BTD] Brendlinger, Robert Lee Toxicity analysis of coal mining industry NPDES discharges in Southwest Virginia Systems Engineering
[BTD] Brewster, Richard Wyatt Systems analysis of an ion-propelled orbital transfer vehicle Systems Engineering
[BTD] Britton, Risa D Preliminary design of a booking information system for the city of Columbia, South Carolina Systems Engineering
[BTD] Brooks, Gail Dean Data coverage performance evaluation for real-time systems Systems Engineering
[BTD] Brown, Neil J A multiattribute evaluation model for environmental compliance of existing metal hydroxide precipitation systems in the electroplating industry Systems Engineering
[BTD] Brown, Robert G A risk management process for complex projects Systems Engineering
[BTD] Brown, Robert Mark A preliminary system baseline for a U.S. Army Light Armored Assault Vehicle Systems Engineering
[BTD] Burch, Richard Lee Interactive Video & Data Services (IVDS) :a cellular overlay concept Systems Engineering
[BTD] Burkard, Anita M Analysis of decision maker preferences Systems Engineering
[BTD] Burnfield, Daniel L An advanced system for quantifying the effects of radiological releases following a major nuclear accident Systems Engineering
[BTD] Bushmire, Jeffrey D A local area network and information management system for a submarine overhaul facility Systems Engineering
[BTD] Buttarazzi, Michael James A systems approach to automated pharmacy dispensing Systems Engineering
[BTD] Cagle, Melinda F Evaluation and integration of computer aided design systems in facilities engineering division Systems Engineering
[BTD] Campbell, Tammy A Multi-attribute evaluation of materials for shielding enclosures subjected to a marine environment Systems Engineering
[BTD] Campion, Gwenn Gray A performance study of General Electric's software maintenance group Systems Engineering
[BTD] Carey, Scott Estimating reliability of software systems :an evaluation of current methods Systems Engineering
[BTD] Castillo, William A Analysis of road pricing, metering and the priority treatment of high occupancy vehicles using system dynamics Systems Engineering
[BTD] Cavanaugh, Jr., Kenneth J. The design of a geographic information system utilizing the systems engineering approach Systems Engineering
[BTD] Chaney, Shea Turman Automation of Dominion Bank's federal reserve bank account Systems Engineering
[BTD] Chaulklin, Douglas Gary Evaluation of ANSI compression in a bulk data file transfer system Systems Engineering
[BTD] Cho, Michelle Mi Kyong Preliminary system design and plan for the initial implementation of total quality management in an engineering services firm Systems Engineering
[BTD] Christein, John Paul A design methodology for welded structures to be used on U.S. Navy surface combatant ships Systems Engineering
[BTD] Christensen, John Hayes Generalized emulation of microcircuits technology transition strategy Systems Engineering
[BTD] Coe, Gabriela R Economic evalutation of nuclear waste underground emplacement concepts Systems Engineering
[BTD] Cohen, Edward L. Navy positive displacement pump standardization study Systems Engineering
[BTD] Cole, Carl F Application of the systems engineering process to develop a wide area network communications system upgrade design Systems Engineering
[BTD] Coole, Daniel John System development of a 21st century communications system for mobile users Systems Engineering
[BTD] Cory, Jeffrey A System Transition and Integration Engineering Systems Engineering
[BTD] Crossett, Joe M. An application of the systems engineering process to the design of a system operations and maintenance organization Systems Engineering
[BTD] Cubero, Linda Garcia Preliminary design of a mini-headquarters trailer for a construction company Systems Engineering
[BTD] Daigneault, Thomas E A case study in automated testing Systems Engineering
[BTD] Davidson, Charles Nelson Surface action group defense model Systems Engineering
[BTD] Davidson, Karole L. Initial design of a graphical user interface for the Aegis display system Systems Engineering
[BTD] Deligne, William J. Aircraft carrier anti-air self defense system design and analysis Systems Engineering
[BTD] Descalzi, Doug System design of a satellite radio frequency interference analysis system Systems Engineering
[BTD] Detwiler, Dana Microcomputer implementation of robust regression techniques Systems Engineering
[BTD] Dougas, Arthur Harry Defining a decision support system to model a conflict scenario Systems Engineering
[BTD] Dyess, Robert M. Operator task analysis of a shipboard electronic warfare system Systems Engineering
[BTD] Earnesty, Lisa H. Evaluation of detection technologies for use in traffic management and control Systems Engineering
[BTD] Eller, Karol Schaeffer Analyzing the robustness of telecommunication networks Systems Engineering
[BTD] Ellis, David W. Engineering analysis into the replacement of the centralized high pressure air system for DDG 51 class flight IIA Systems Engineering
[BTD] Ellis, Graham R. The application of experimental design in an activity-based environment Systems Engineering
[BTD] Ferro, John Francis The design and development of a multilayer RF circuit card Systems Engineering
[BTD] Fessler, Drew R. Applications of digital video and data communications to the real estate multiple listing service Systems Engineering
[BTD] Field, Daniel James Profit through product quality and quality service Systems Engineering
[BTD] Finch, Steven W. Telephone Voice Alert :system planning and design Systems Engineering
[BTD] Finley, Allan Michael Application of system dynamics modeling techniques to an existing stream water quality model Systems Engineering
[BTD] Fleming, William J. A capital allocation process for public projects Systems Engineering
[BTD] Foster, John D. The application of Quality Function Deployment to the design and manufacture of engine main bearings Systems Engineering
[BTD] Fronk, Robert Charles Feasibility study of an aeration treatment system in a raw water storage reservoir used as a potable water source Systems Engineering
[BTD] Garrett, Tracey Lynette Optical fiber sensor methods for nondestructive evaluation of bridges Systems Engineering
[BTD] Gavin, Victor S. Evaluation of cost estimating methods for military software application in a COTS environment Systems Engineering
[BTD] Giberson, Stacey E. Risk analysis of the 9-1-1 system using failure mode, effects, and criticality analysis (FMECA) Systems Engineering
[BTD] Giusti, Christopher G. The application of the systems engineering process to the development of a financial market gateway using wireless communications Systems Engineering
[BTD] Godshall, R. N. The application of level of repair analysis to military electronics programs Systems Engineering
[BTD] Goodson, Keith Vernon The Flexible Real Estate investor's Evaluation and Decision support system with Optimal Methodology Systems Engineering
[BTD] Goold, Jennifer L. A systems approach for acquiring an automated maintenance management system Systems Engineering
[BTD] Grau, Peter F. Analysis of high density interconnect alternatives in multichip module packaging using the analytic hierarchy process Systems Engineering
[BTD] Greene, Stephan A. A ground station for the amateur satellite service Systems Engineering
[BTD] Greenfelder, Kelly R. Initial system design of a gateway interface for the Military Tactical Network system Systems Engineering
[BTD] Gregerman, Rhonda Jo Human factor's design of a home personal computer workstation Systems Engineering
[BTD] Griffin, Sean James A systems engineering design of a retirement for cause life management process for life-limited F110-GE-400 engine parts Systems Engineering
[BTD] Guidi, Mark Arthur Human factors implications of psychological stress in long duration space flight Systems Engineering
[BTD] Gunter, Robert Lee Life cycle cost approach for evaluation of alternative submarine programs Systems Engineering
[BTD] Hagan, James D. Development of a long-range naval gun :a system engineering appproach Systems Engineering
[BTD] Hall, Kathleen J. An examination of issues related to the implementation of evolutionary development and DOD-STD-2167A in software development:a practitioners view Systems Engineering
[BTD] Hammett, David P. The application of the systems engineering process to the development of the Brilliant Eyes system Systems Engineering
[BTD] Harkin, Kathleen Ann Mobile electronic conferencing system Systems Engineering
[BTD] Harrell, Steven B. Design of a Super High Frequency (SHF) Extremely High Frequency (EHF) Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Terminal (SEST) for New Construction Naval Surface Ships using the systems engineering process Systems Engineering
[BTD] Harris, Earl D. Analysis of potential system improvements concepts for Sunday newspaper insert packaging Systems Engineering
[BTD] Hartman, Chris G. Concept design of a low cost alternative to DDG 51 Systems Engineering
[BTD] Hasegawa, Marnie Tardieu Systems engineering design for operations directorate administrative information system Systems Engineering
[BTD] Hays, Joseph A. Optimizing memory management for computers using the UNIX operating system Systems Engineering
[BTD] Heffron, Ronald E. The development and deployment of a submersible ROV for the underwater inspection of hydroelectric station tunnels Systems Engineering
[BTD] Hein, Roger Alan Total life-cycle construction (TLC) Systems Engineering
[BTD] Hellmuth, George F. Personal computer based home automation system Systems Engineering
[BTD] Henson, Eric Luis Evaluation of a regulatory system designed to control industrial air emissions and an analysis of an air dispersion model case study Systems Engineering
[BTD] Hill, Kevin Carlos Design of a local area network and a wide area network to connect the US Navy's training organization Systems Engineering
[BTD] Hirschman, Edward Comprehensive forecasting of software integrity in C3I systems Systems Engineering
[BTD] Hoffman, Joseph A. VHDL modeling of ASIC power dissipation Systems Engineering
Hogan, Gregory A. Evaluation of Military base Closure Alternatives Systems Engineering
[BTD] Hogue, David W. How integrating a shipboard radar system to a[n] electronic warfare system can help defeat anti-ship missile attacks Systems Engineering
[BTD] Holland, Dwight A Systems and human factors concerns for long-duration spaceflight Systems Engineering
[BTD] Homsi, Ibrahim J. An evaluation of a water treatment plant with improved overall effectiveness as an objective Systems Engineering
[BTD] Horton, Kevin G. The use of portfolio management with target costed process oriented products under conditions of uncertainty Systems Engineering
[BTD] Hubbard, Jeffrey Miller Developing a model to assist in designing ground vehicular electronic equipment for minimum life cycle cost Systems Engineering
[BTD] Hunt, Christopher F. Cost and benefit analysis for the development of a software information system Systems Engineering
[BTD] Hur, Wendy E. Quantifying the effects of increased material recovery on King George County's landfill life-cycle costs Systems Engineering
[BTD] Intintolo, John A. A life cycle analysis of the potential role of commercial computer equipment in military trainers as applied to maritime patrol aviation Systems Engineering
[BTD] Izenson, Shawn M. Application of the systems engineering approach to the conversion of ocean surveillance vessels into hydrographic survey, buoy tending, and general oceanography missions for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Systems Engineering
[BTD] Jobes, Gregory B. An assessment of the quality management practices of a systems integration support organization with respect to the operations of a large-scale request for change (RFC) system Systems Engineering
[BTD] Jones, S. J. The application of the systems engineering process to the development of a global communications system using portable phones Systems Engineering
[BTD] Kachejian, Kerry C. A systems approach to portable tactical video datalinks Systems Engineering
[BTD] Kean, Van Alexander The Petroleum Disruption Response System Systems Engineering
[BTD] Kesselring, Debbie Anne Concrete bridge prioritization system Systems Engineering
[BTD] Khanna, Yogesh Requirements analysis of federal governments international telecommunications services Systems Engineering
[BTD] Knupp, Greg L. System engineering of a crosslink for geostationary communications satellites Systems Engineering
[BTD] Kolley, Chester M. A systems approach to U.S. fiscal and monetary policies Systems Engineering
[BTD] Kreider, David K. Objectives, principles, and attributes :an approach to methodology development and evaluation for systems engineering Systems Engineering
[BTD] Kuczka, Allan Anthony Conceptual design analysis of a collection and processing system for scrapped catalytic converters Systems Engineering
[BTD] Kuhn, Gregory J. The determination of a dimensional spare out area for package closure placement Systems Engineering
[BTD] LaClare, Jeanette M. VHF air to ground communications in bounded oceanic airspace Systems Engineering
[BTD] Laska, William David Development of a standards based open environment for the worldwide military command and control system Systems Engineering
[BTD] Lee, Wai H. A methodology for the derivation of survivability and reliability requirements for a Strategic Defense System Systems Engineering
[BTD] Leivonen, Douglas Eric Utilization of performance and cost criteria in evaluating energy saving alternatives Systems Engineering
[BTD] Linn, Oliver M. Test data set formulation of data types and sizes for the Federal Aviation Administration's Weather Message Switching Center Replacement Systems Engineering
[BTD] Lipscomb, Darrin Joel The critical spares inventory system Systems Engineering
[BTD] Long, David A. RATM: Requirements analyzer and traceability manager Systems Engineering
[BTD] Lowe, Douglas Edwin Feasibility study to build a de-inking plant in northern Virginia Systems Engineering
[BTD] MacDonald, Vincent J. A systems engineering approach to the design of a vehicle navigation system Systems Engineering
[BTD] Macri, Steven A systems engineering approach towards scheduling and operations at the Peninsula Center Systems Engineering
[BTD] Madan, Manish Engineering and planning of a radio broadcast facility Systems Engineering
[BTD] Malacane, Christine Ann Preliminary design of a public transportation system to support a theme park Systems Engineering
[BTD] Marsh, Jennifer E A systems engineering plan for providing external communications connectivity to a small company Systems Engineering
[BTD] Martinez, Angel R A first step toward the creation of a software maintenance process Systems Engineering
[BTD] Massie, Kevin S Development of a compliant quality management system utilizing the ANSI/ASQC Q9001 - 1994 criteria Systems Engineering
[BTD] McCubbin, Donald C Evaluation of three alternatives for improving U.S. Navy SHF satellite communications afloat Systems Engineering
[BTD] McGovern, Mark J A systems engineering process to evaluate and enhance the disaster communication capabilities of the American Red Cross Systems Engineering
[BTD] McMahon, James S DYNAMO systems model of the roll-response of semisubmersibles Systems Engineering
[BTD] McRae, Michael R A systems approach to creating a corporate internal information distribution system Systems Engineering
[BTD] Min, Bryan B Selection of disposal method for nuclear spent fuel :a plan for the application of the systems engineering process Systems Engineering
[BTD] Moolman, George Christiaan A relational database management systems approach to system design Systems Engineering
[BTD] Moore, D. W. Automatic speech recognition for electronic warfare verbal reports Systems Engineering
[BTD] Mori, Gerald M Sociotechnical systems analysis and design for selecting and designing the optimum manufacturing process Systems Engineering
Moslehi, Farhood Simulation of the MAC Portion of IEEE 802.11 and Bursts of Errors for Wireless Data Networks Systems Engineering
Moss, Larry Reynolds Fleet Introduction Project for the United States Navy's Next Generation bathythermograph Recorder System Systems Engineering
[BTD] Mouri, Richard I The facilities automated control and tracking system (FACTS) Systems Engineering
[BTD] Mowery, Jeffrey Philip A performance management feasibility study for a defense based electronics manufacturing organization Systems Engineering
[BTD] Muras, Andrew David Development of a quantitative performance measurement prototype system for a white collar organization Systems Engineering
[BTD] Mushrush, Christopher D Development of an assessment process for the evaluation of contractor performance measurement baselines Systems Engineering
[BTD] Napisa, Rodolfo R Conceptual design of a material handling system for a county airport mail center Systems Engineering
[BTD] Nguyen, Amy L Incorporating CTEA as a screening tool to enhance the process of obtaining training effectiveness estimates Systems Engineering
[BTD] Nichols, Roger Alan A performance baseline for machinery condition classification by neural network Systems Engineering
[BTD] Nusom, F. Allen Application of the systems engineering process to the explosive ordnance disposal requirement for an underwater system Systems Engineering
[BTD] O'Keefe, John Daniel A reliability, maintainability, supportability and availability analysis of a submarine sonar system Systems Engineering
[BTD] Olafsson, Sveinn V An analysis for total productive maintenance implementation Systems Engineering
[BTD] Oliva, Mark A An evaluation of an electrical system for a solar powered car Systems Engineering
[BTD] Ordonez, Fernando Application of digital multiplexers for rural telephony in Latin America Systems Engineering
[BTD] Pandey, Krishna C Methods to determine the cost-effectiveness of local area networks Systems Engineering
[BTD] Panneton, Pamela G INFOSYM :an integrated approach to facilitate the system requirements definition process Systems Engineering
[BTD] Pascual, Vincent D The conceptual design and evaluation of an accuracy control system to support the hull construction of aircraft carriers Systems Engineering
[BTD] Peters, Kenneth John A reliability program for nuclear power plant emergency diesel generators Systems Engineering
[VT] Pflanz, Mark Addressing the Reliability and Life Cycle Cost Analysis Problem for Technology and System Developers Early in the DoD System Development Process Systems Engineering
[BTD] Pham, Nga D Weapons control re-entry simulation enhancement Systems Engineering
[BTD] Picthall, Keith Robert Network home office Systems Engineering
[BTD] Pilewski, Frank Michael System design of a discrepancy reporting system Systems Engineering
[BTD] Pinion, Michael G Capital budgeting model for a nuclear power plant using multiattribute decision analysis Systems Engineering
[BTD] Prins, William Santiago Computer simulation with sensitivity analysis of an advanced composite material manufacturing operation Systems Engineering
[BTD] Pugh, Calvin Renaldo Evaluation of in-house versus time-shared computer services utilizing the systems engineering process Systems Engineering
[BTD] Purello, Michael Development of a computerized information system which supports measurement and assessment of AEGIS Combat Systems Center performance Systems Engineering
[BTD] Raciti, Stefano A twenty DOF element for nonlinear analysis of unsymmetrically laminated beams Systems Engineering
[BTD] Reed, Sean Michael Systems engineering analysis of a manufacturing plant Systems Engineering
[BTD] Reeves, Robert J Monitoring biopharmaceutical waste streams :a needs and systems analysis of laboratory analytical technologies Systems Engineering
[BTD] Reintjes, Eric COTS selection criteria in government programs Systems Engineering
[BTD] Reynolds, Obie D Life cycle analysis of a radar system Systems Engineering
[BTD] Rice, Pamela F Using preference/utility curves in the creation of a computer program for decision evaluation display analysis Systems Engineering
[BTD] Rindin, Kristen S An application of the Systems Engineering Process to the evaluation and selection of an architectural Computer Aided Design system Systems Engineering
[BTD] Rinko, John D A systems engineering examination of the Short Range Antitank Weapon (SRAW) Systems Engineering
[BTD] Ritchie, Major K The Iltis diagnostic system Systems Engineering
[BTD] Rivers, Eugene P Systems engineering plan for integrating an unmanned air vehicle system onto cyclone class patrol ships Systems Engineering
[BTD] Robeson, Bridget M A local area network & wide area network design Systems Engineering
[BTD] Schaefer, Carl George Enhanced energy maneuverability for attack helicopters using continuous, variable rotor speed control Systems Engineering
[BTD] Schauss, Daniel S Implementation of a performance tracking system for a Wide Area Network Provider's Frame Relay Services group Systems Engineering
[BTD] Schuh, Amy Jeanne Monitoring and control system for hot air solder leveling process Systems Engineering
[BTD] Schwarz, Eric W System engineering trade studies :an enhanced technique for systems integration Systems Engineering
[BTD] Scott, Davidson Arthur Cost and performance impacts of optical amplifier technology on fiber-optic communication networks Systems Engineering
[BTD] Shapiro, Stephen Mark Development, evaluation, and implementation of safety measures to prevent marine accidents Systems Engineering
[BTD] Shirer, Jeffrey J Computer aided design of a magnetostrictive actuator Systems Engineering
[BTD] Shoemaker, Marc A Systems engineering applied to the development of a community television receiving system Systems Engineering
[BTD] Shuman, John H Conceptual design analysis of switched multimegabit data service as a telecommunications strategy for USA Today newspaper Systems Engineering
[BTD] Simmons, James H A life-cycle analysis of the advanced program management system (APMS) prototype Systems Engineering
[BTD] Smith, Barry S Integrated inspection system in manufacturing :vision systems Systems Engineering
[BTD] Smith, H. Todd A systems engineering approach to designing a remote sensing satellite simulation system Systems Engineering
[BTD] Smith, Philip E A comparison of reverse vending machine alternatives Systems Engineering
[BTD] Smith, Pieter R A computerized search methodology for the design of mixed model assembly systems Systems Engineering
[BTD] Soderstrom, Grant William A model for the evaluation and improvement of a coastal defense system Systems Engineering
[BTD] Sols, Alberto Availability of continuously-operated, coherent, multifunctional systems Systems Engineering
[BTD] Sooksmarn, Naroon A life-cycle cost analysis of a chromium recycling process system Systems Engineering
[BTD] Stine, William V A study in applying optical character recognition technology for the Foreign Broadcast Information Service field bureaus Systems Engineering
[BTD] Stroud, John M Plan for improving the quality of a naval combat system test and integration process Systems Engineering
[BTD] Swain, Roy E Analysis and redesign of a library electronic reference area Systems Engineering
[BTD] Taiyabi, Asif A A multi-attribute analysis of nuclear waste disposal alternatives Systems Engineering
[BTD] Taousakis, Michael Development and implementation of zone logic concepts on shipbuilding modernization Systems Engineering
[BTD] Tavenner, Cloyd Tallman FAIRSHARE:an investigation into driving a pay for performance system with the multi-criteria measurement technique Systems Engineering
[BTD] Tedori, Veronica Design of a safety management information and tracking system Systems Engineering
[BTD] Thaggard, Michael Use of a Monte Carlo algorithm to establish an improved method for estimating the average unavailability of nuclear power plant components Systems Engineering
[BTD] Tibodeau, Michael J The design and simulation of a wide area communications and managment system for CIM capability Systems Engineering
[BTD] Tilton, Catherine J An approach for estimating system engineering costs Systems Engineering
[BTD] Turner, Paul C A systems engineering approach to power systems in remote regions Systems Engineering
[BTD] Unciano, Conrad Vance The systems engineering development of a [sic] intelligence information system Systems Engineering
[BTD] Upshaw, Kathy Suzanne Long duration manned space flight systems considerations Systems Engineering
[BTD] Vaneman, Warren Kenneth The effect of implementing new technology into an existing production process Systems Engineering
[BTD] Vine, Douglas P The target vulnerability quantification process Systems Engineering
[BTD] Wahls, Deborah M On-orbit structural dynamic performance of a large-diameter antenna Systems Engineering
[BTD] Walz, Jennifer Ann The Facilities Automated Scheduling Tool (FAST) Systems Engineering
[BTD] Wang, Zhen Modeling multi-attribute utility theory with object-oriented programming Systems Engineering
[BTD] Wegner, Douglas Michael AMCROSS message traffic analysis Systems Engineering
[BTD] Weissmann, Eric Assessment of server location on system availability by computer simulation Systems Engineering
[BTD] Werbel, Daniel T. Evaluating alternative methods of providing database access over low speed communications Systems Engineering
[BTD] White, Irma An initial concept study for a product management decision support system (PMDSS) supporting executives in a manufacturing, marketing and distribution company Systems Engineering
[BTD] Wilk, Thomas M Analysis of cruise missile vulnerability within the context of the Systems Engineering Process Systems Engineering
[BTD] Williams, Eric G A technical evaluation of fiber distributed data interface and asynchronous transfer mode for defense information infrastructure upgrades Systems Engineering
[BTD] Williams, Nathan Gordon The development of a local area network :a systems engineering approach Systems Engineering
[BTD] Winig, Robert J Conceptual design of a network architecture for a typical manufacturing information system using open systems integration Systems Engineering
[BTD] Wolfe, Douglas E Airplane dynamic modeling and automatic flight control design Systems Engineering
[BTD] Woynicz, Richard A Large data network survivability Systems Engineering
[BTD] Yang, Chyi-Bao The application of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) as a mesasure for improving productivity and efficiency in a typical factory environment Systems Engineering
[BTD] Yang, Joseph Sang-chin System dependability analysis and evaluation Systems Engineering
[BTD] Young, M. Bridget Comparison of combat system architectures for future surface combatants Systems Engineering
[BTD] Zalubas, Mark Paul Preliminary design of a communications spacecraft--GEOCOMM Systems Engineering
[BTD] Zeis, Jennifer L Custom order visualization system Systems Engineering
[BTD] Zurich, Mark A A life-cycle analysis of a multi-media teleconferencing network Systems Engineering

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