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Author Name Title Department
Adams, Nina P. Factors Which Influence Kindergarten Teachers Selection of Trade Books for Use in Readaloud Sessions in Their Classrooms Teaching and Learning
Al Kandari, Kalthoum Mohammed Islamic School: Challenges and Potentials in the 21st Century a Case Study of Al-Amal, a Private Bilingual School in Kuwait Teaching and Learning
Altieri, Elizabeth M. Learning to Negotiate Difference: Narratives of Experience in Inclusive Education Teaching and Learning
Apostolakis, Roberta Literacy Coaching: Approaches, Styles, and Conversations Teaching and Learning
Baker, David Make it so: How low-resourced school districts implement a Virginia state mandate to prepare K-12 teachers to integrate technology into the classroom Teaching and Learning
Ballein, John A. Weighing the Options: Assessing Two-A-Day Practices in Collegiate Football Teaching and Learning
Barrett, Thomas S. Exploring the Moral Dimension of Professors' Folk Pedagogy Teaching and Learning
Basham, Dwight Cornell The History of the Eastern Mennonite High School Touring Choir: 1917-1981 Teaching and Learning
Bavaro, M. Tina Changing Pedagogy: The Introduction of Experiential, Cooperative Learning and Interactive Multimedia into the Statics Learning Environment. Teaching and Learning
Behm, Stephanie Lee Preservice Elementary Teachers' Learning with Mathematics Curriculum Materials During Preservice Teacher Education Teaching and Learning
Belcher, Melva A Descriptive Study of Loopers in Four Schools Teaching and Learning
Bell, Kenneth W. The Relationship Between Perceived Physical Competence and the Physical Activity Patterns of Fifth and Seventh Grade Children Teaching and Learning
Best, Julia Y. African American Undergraduate Students' Experiences in Residential Learning Communities at a Predominantly White Institution Teaching and Learning
Boddie, Jacquelyn Lynnette Finding a Crystal Stair: Exploring the Turn-Around Phenomenon Experienced by African American Urban Male Adolescents in High School Teaching and Learning
Bookhart, Portia Yvonne Perceptions of An Inclusive Program By Secondary Learning Disabled Students, Their Teachers, and Support Staff Teaching and Learning
Bradley, Nancy Ann Practices and Perspectives of Primary Language Arts Teachers: A Formative Design Experiment Analyzing the use of Professional Development to Enhance Vocabulary Instructional Practices Teaching and Learning
Brand, Brenda Rodges Influence of Pre-service Teachers' Beliefs about Diversity on Science Teaching and Learning Teaching and Learning
[VT] Brenner, Aimee Michelle Investigating the Practices in Teacher Education that Promote and Inhibit Technology Integration in Early Career Teachers Teaching and Learning
Brown, Almeshia S. An Assessment of Virginia Cooperative Extension's New Extension Agent Training Program Teaching and Learning
Brown, Jeffrey A. Perceptions of the Relative Importance of Conditions that Facilitate Implementation Teaching and Learning
Brown, Kirk W Identifying the Current Program Development Trends for Accredited Undergraduate Athletic Training Educational Programs Teaching and Learning
Burton, Samuel Lee Performance and Injury Predictability during Firefighter Candidate Training Teaching and Learning
Byers, Albert S. Examining Learner-Content Interaction Importance and Efficacy in Online, Self-Directed Electronic Professional Development in Science for Elementary Educators in Grades Three – Six Teaching and Learning
Call, Michael H. The Effects of Wearing Prophylatic Knee Sleeves/Braces on Selected Isokinetic Measures During a Velocity Spectrum Knee Extension Test Teaching and Learning
Campbell, Hugh David An Examination of the Relationship between Spirituality and Religion and Selected Risk-Taking Behaviors in College Underclassmen Teaching and Learning
Cannon, John Glen Perceptions of the Influence of the Virginia Governor’s School for Agriculture on VGSA Alumni Teaching and Learning
Cao, Yu Effects of Field Dependent-Independent Cognitive Styles and Cueing Strategies on Students' Recall and Comprehension Teaching and Learning
Carter, Carolyn Walsh An Assessment of the Status of the Diffusion and Adoption of Computer-Based Technology in Appalachian College Association Colleges and Universities Teaching and Learning
Casey, Dennis Alan A Cultural Study of a Science Classroom and Graphing Calculator-based Technology Teaching and Learning
Catron, Rhonda Karen Dual Credit English: Program History, Review, and Recommendations Teaching and Learning
Chandler, Scott Bondurant Comparing the Legibility and Comprehension of Type Size, Font Selection and Rendering Technology of Onscreen Type Teaching and Learning
Chapman, Betty Foust An Assessment of Business Teacher Educators' Adoption of Computer Technology Teaching and Learning
Chase, Melissa W. The Relationship of Mind Styles, Consumer Decision-Making Styles, and Shopping Habits of Beginning College Students Teaching and Learning
Cobb, Jr., Robert The relationship between self-regulated learning behaviors and academic performance in web-based courses Teaching and Learning
Colley, Kenna Coming to Know a School Culture Teaching and Learning
Conrad, Deborah Jacqueline The teacher, the writing curriculum and computers: Planning and practice in pedagogy in two second-grade classrooms. Teaching and Learning
Creasy, Jr., John Wayne An Analysis of the Components of Mental Toughness in Sport Teaching and Learning
Crockett, Aleta Jo Nonfiction and Fiction: Does Genre Influence Reader Response? Teaching and Learning
Currie, Keith Allan Performance Anxiety Coping Skills Seminar: Is It Effective in Reducing Musical Performance Anxiety and Enhancing Musical Performance Quality? Teaching and Learning
Daniel, Leslie S. Descriptions of Friendship from Preadolescent Boys Who Carry A Label on the Autism Spectrum Teaching and Learning
Danielson, Jared Andrew The Design, Development and Evaluation of a Web-based Tool for Helping Veterinary Students Learn How to Classify Clinical Laboratory Data Teaching and Learning
Davis, Jr., George Robert Freshmen Student-Athletes: An Examination of the Decision-Making Process and Satisfaction Teaching and Learning
Dean, Anne Margaret Defining and Achieving University Student Success: Faculty and Student Perceptions Teaching and Learning
Dean, Geoffrey Sholes Strategies for the Development of Integrated Career and Technical Education Program Evaluation Systems Teaching and Learning
Deck, Jr., D. William The Effects of Frequency of Testing on College Students in a Principles of Marketing Course Teaching and Learning
Dettmann, Paul E. Administrators, Faculty, and Staff/Support Staff Perceptions of MBNQA Educational Criteria Implementation at the University of Wisconsin Stout Teaching and Learning
Dill, Laura Lee Eating Disorder Policies Among NCAA Division I Intercollegiate Athletic Programs Teaching and Learning
Dobbins, Thomas Roy Clinical Experiences for Agricultural Teacher Education Programs in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Teaching and Learning
Donald, Jack Bradshaw Technology in Mathematics Education: A Descriptive Study of the Availability and Uses of Calculators and Computers in Public High School Mathematics Classes in the State of Virginia Teaching and Learning
Dragich, Bernadette Marie Caring in Nursing Education Teaching and Learning
Draper, Sonya R. The Effects of Gender Grouping and Learning Style on Student Curiosity in Modular Technology Education Laboratories Teaching and Learning
Dredger, Mary Kathleen A Savory Stew: Text Differentiation in a Middle School Immigration Unit Teaching and Learning
Drezek, Kathryne Margaret The Intellectual Impact of Interdisciplinarity: A Series of Studies of Graduate Students and Faculty Engaged in Interdisciplinary Scholarship Teaching and Learning
Druggish, Richard S. Nourishing Roots and Inspiring Wings: Building a Culturally Responsive Pedagogy for Southern Appalachia Teaching and Learning
Dunton III, James C. Selection Criteria Used By Secondary Principals in Virginia When Hiring First-Year Career And Technical Education Teachers Teaching and Learning
Dunton III, James C. Selection Criteria Used by High School Principals in Virginia When Hiring First-Year Career and Technical Education Teachers Teaching and Learning
Dutrow, Anita Marceca Transitioning Students to the Middle school: a Case Study Teaching and Learning
Dwight III, James Scutt Hyperpedagogy: Intersections among poststructuralist hypertext theory, critical inquiry, and social justice pedagogies. Teaching and Learning
Eaker, Lisa The Social Sacrifices of Being Modern Teaching and Learning
Enyeart Smith, Theresa M. A Comparison of Health Risk Behaviors Among College Students Enrolled in a Required Personal Health Course vs. Enrolled in an Elective Personal Health Course Teaching and Learning
[VT] Erwin, Kimberly Danielle The Experiences and Perceptions of African American Males and Their Elementary Teachers Teaching and Learning
Evans, Jackson Allan Advanced Placement and College Success in Freshman and Sophomore Level Biology Courses Teaching and Learning
Fall, Anna-Maria Early Career Special Education Teachers in High-and Low-Poverty Districts: A Comparison of their Qualifications, Work Conditions, and Career Commitments Teaching and Learning
Falls, Jane Ann Using a Reflective Process to Implement Electronic Portfolios Teaching and Learning
Falls, Jr., Horace L. Teachers' Self-Perceptions of Their Role as Generalist: A Study of the Interpersonal Skills Necessary For Effective Leadership and Counseling Teaching and Learning
Farmer, Scott Douglas Learning 2-Way Audio and Its Impact on Communication within Needs Assessment Group Processes Teaching and Learning
Felderman, Carol Branigan Critical Literacy and Podcasting in a 2nd Grade Classroom Teaching and Learning
Figliano, Fred Joseph Strategies For Integrating STEM Content: A Pilot Case Study Teaching and Learning
Figliano, Fred Joseph Development of an Instrument to Evidence Knowledge Abstractions in Technological/Engineering Design-Based Activities Teaching and Learning
Galyean, Teresa Ann Pre-Collegiates Students' Teaching Identities Teaching and Learning
Gao, Huaiying The Effects of Still Images and Animated Images on Motion-Related and Non-Motion Related Learning Tasks in College Students of Different Levels of Field Dependence Teaching and Learning
Gentry, Roy Michael A comparison of two instructional methods of teaching the power clean weight training exercise to intercollegiate football players with novice power clean experience. Teaching and Learning
Gordon, Susan Marie Virginia Tech Business College Alumni Reflect on Literature in their Lives Teaching and Learning
Greene, H. Carol Theory Meets Practice in Teacher Education: A Case Study of a Computer-Mediated Community of Learners Teaching and Learning
Groenke, Susan Lee Troubling Literacy in the "Contact Zone" of a Rural High School English Class Teaching and Learning
Gross, Monty Dale Instructional Design Thought Processes of Expert Nurse Educators Teaching and Learning
Grosshans, Kurt Science Teachers' Understanding and Use of Instructional Strategies Within the 4 x 4 Block Schedule Teaching and Learning
Guthrie, Miriam E. The Perceptions of Selected University Administrators on Economic and Associated Decision-Making Factors Related to Institutional Involvement in Distance Education Teaching and Learning
Hall, Judith King Field Dependence-Independence and Computer-based Instruction in Geography Teaching and Learning
Halpin, David M The Effects of Locus of Control and Navigational Control on the Performance of Students in a Hypermedia Environment Teaching and Learning
Hamm, Jean Shepherd We Can’t Die Without Letting Them Know We Were There: Oral Histories of Konnarock Training School Alumnae and Faculty Teaching and Learning
Hardwicke, Shannon Bragg An Analysis of Student Assistance Programs Teaching and Learning
Harris, Kevin W. Parental Expectations of High School Interscholastic Athletic Activities Teaching and Learning
Hauger, Karin Th. "There Must Be Musical Joy:" An Ethnography of a Norwegian Music School Teaching and Learning
Hegngi, Yolanda Nokuri On-Line Teaching and Learning: A description of the Development of The media Technology and Diversity Online course and Its Electronic Discourse analysis Teaching and Learning
Hergert, Thomas Robert An Exploration of Assessing, Affecting, and Analyzing Attitudes and Attitude Change through the Use of a Multimedia Survey Instrument Teaching and Learning
[VT] Hicks, David Constructing Oneself as a Teacher of History: Case Studies of the Journey to the Other Side of the Desk by Preservice Teachers in England and America Teaching and Learning
Holt, Brent D. An Exploratory Study of Project Lead the Way Secondary Engineering Educators’ Self-Efficacy Teaching and Learning
Housenick, Mitchell Alexander Assessment of the Prevalence of Smoke-Free Environment Policies Throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia at Worksites Employing Fifty or More Workers Teaching and Learning
Howard-Anzalone, Barbara L. An Ethnographic Study of a Literacy Program in a High-Poverty, Ethnically Diverse Elementary School within the Context of No Child Left Behind Teaching and Learning
Iheanacho, Chiemeka Clement Effects of Two Multimedia Computer-Assisted Language Learning Programs on Vocabulary Acquisition Of Intermediate Level Esl Students Teaching and Learning
Jaber, William E. A Survey of Factors Which Influence Teachers' Use of Computer-based Technology Teaching and Learning
Jawhar, Salwa Baker Emergent Literacy Development Through Storybook Reading: One Head Start Teacher's Explanations and Practices Teaching and Learning
Jeffrey, Thomas Read Instructional Design and Technology Student and Instructor Perceptions Regarding Collaborative Learning Groups Teaching and Learning
[VT] Johnson, Marcelite E. Dingle The Effects of Speech Compression on Recall in a Multimedia Environment Teaching and Learning
Johnson, Jr., Jack Buckland Evaluating the Importance of Strength, Power, and Performance Tests in an NCAA Division I Football Program Teaching and Learning
Johnston, Alexis Larissa Homework Journaling in Undergraduate Mathematics Teaching and Learning
Joy, Ernest Harriman Program For Afloat College Education In The Navy: Measuring Instructional Effectiveness In An Era Of Declining Resources Teaching and Learning
Kadzera, Clemence Michael Use of Instructional Technologies in Teacher Training Colleges in Malawi Teaching and Learning
Kalande, Wotchiwe Mtonga The Influence of Science Teacher Preparation Programs on Instructional Practices of Beginning Primary School Teachers in Malawi Teaching and Learning
Kantrovich, Adam Joseph An Evaluation of Past Performance of the Two-Year Agricultural Technology Program at Virginia Tech as Perceived by Program Graduates Teaching and Learning
Kazembe, Manuel Boyd Retracing Footsteps of the Literati: Towards Understanding Literacy Development through Stories of Malawian Teacher Educators Teaching and Learning
Kellogg, Amy Using Computer Generated Reminders as Time Management Support to Influence Assignment Completion Rates and Course Completion in an Online Masters Program Teaching and Learning
Khasu, Denis Stanislaus Storytelling in Emergent Literacy: Supporting Community Based Childcare Centers in Malawi Teaching and Learning
[VT] Kimani-Oluoch, Rose Exploring Preservice Teachers’ Perceptions of Classroom Cultural Diversity Teaching and Learning
Kimmel, Karl Joseph The Development and Evaluation of a Music Mnemonic-Enhanced Multimedia Computer-Aided Science Instructional Module Teaching and Learning
King, James Michael Dynamics of Concealed Disabilities among Students at a Major Research University in a Rural Area Teaching and Learning
Kirk, Luther R. Looking back in time, staring into history : an autobiographcial sketch of an elementary school teacher from Appalachia Teaching and Learning
Knowles III, John William Winds of Change: Mexico in a Town in Appalachia Teaching and Learning
Kobayashi, Michiko Facilitating Academic Achievement in High School Interactive Television Programs by Promoting Self-Regulated Learning Teaching and Learning
Koch, Douglas Spencer The Effects of Solid Modeling and Visualization On Technical Problem Solving Teaching and Learning
Kolo, Emmanuel Does Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certification Enhance Job Performance of Automotive Service Technicians? Teaching and Learning
Konukman, Ferman The Effects of Multimedia Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) on Teaching Tennis in Physical Education Teacher Education Teaching and Learning
[VT] Kosko, Karl Wesley Mathematical Discussion and Self-Determination Theory Teaching and Learning
Krackow, Michael Stuart An analysis of player position group, height, weight, and relative body weight and their relationship to scores on the Functional Movement Screen(TM) Teaching and Learning
Kreb, Sigrid Gunild Gaining Gold Medals and Gowns: Equilibrating the Dual Career of Student-Athletes with Online Education Teaching and Learning
Krouscas, Jr., James Athan Middle School Students' Attitudes Toward A Physical Education Program Teaching and Learning
Kunkel, Danylle Ranae Profile of Health Educators in Virginia Institutions of Higher Education: The Value Attached to Work-related Competencies Teaching and Learning
Kwon, Hyuksoo Key Factors Affecting the Implementation of Biotechnology Instruction in Secondary School Level Technology Education Classrooms Teaching and Learning
LaBoone, Emet L The Effect of Encoding Specificity on Learning in a Multimedia Environment Teaching and Learning
[VT] Lanier, Marilyn Investigating Strategies for Enhancing Achievement of Urban African American Students in Middle School Science Classrooms Teaching and Learning
Larroy, Edwin A. Latino\a Ethnic Identity in the New Diaspora: Perspectives of a Select Group of Latino\a Undergraduates at a Predominantly White Land Grant University Teaching and Learning
Larson, Miriam Bender Survey and Case Study Analyses of the Professional Preparation of Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) Graduates for Different Career Environments Teaching and Learning
Lawwill, Kenneth Stuart Using Writing-To-Learn Strategies: Promoting Peer Collaboration Among High School Science Teachers Teaching and Learning
[BTD] Lee, Sookyoung The effects of computer animation and cognitive style on the understanding and retention of scientific explanation Teaching and Learning
Lewis, Edwin Carnell The Attitudes of Extension Faculty Toward Globalizing Extension Programs: A Case Study of Virginia Cooperative Extension Teaching and Learning
Lichtenberger, Eric The Accuracy of Meta-Stereotypes Applied to Career and Technical Education. Teaching and Learning
Lichty, Margaret The Socialization Process of New College Faculty in Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher Education Teaching and Learning
Little, Jamie Osborne The Effects of Inter-Schools Collaboration on Student Written Product Scores in a Problem-Based, Constructivist Environment Teaching and Learning
Liu, Hope Q. Development of an Online Course Using a Modified Version of Keller's Personalized System of Instruction Teaching and Learning
Lockee, Barbara B. Development of a Hypermedia Template Using Whole Language Instructional Methods for the Preservation of Native American Languages Teaching and Learning
Lusk, Danielle Leigh The Effects of Seductive Details and Segmentation on Interest, Recall and Transfer in a Multimedia Learning Environment Teaching and Learning
Lynch, Terence Lamont Factors Influencing the Enrollment of Minorities in Agricultural Science Programs at Virginia Tech Teaching and Learning
Lyon, Anna Faye The Transition To Reader: Multiple Perspectives Teaching and Learning
Manning, Jackie B. Development of a Prototype Multimedia Environment to Support Hispanic English Language Learners’ Academic Learning Through Embedded Cognitive Strategy Instruction Teaching and Learning
[VT] Martin, Gregory M. Revitalizing a Dying School-Business Partnership Teaching and Learning
Martin, Margaret Hill Factors Influencing Faculty Adoption of Web-based Courses in Teacher Education Programs Within the State University of New York Teaching and Learning
Matusevich, Melissa Nabbe Implementing Technology in a Fifth Grade Classroom: School and Home Perspectives Teaching and Learning
McCollum, Starla Insights Into the Process of Guiding reflection During an Early Field experience of Preservice Teachers Teaching and Learning
McFeeters, Forrest Ethan The Effects of Individualism Vs. Collectivism on Learner's Recall, Transfer and Attitudes Toward Collaboration and Individualized Learning Teaching and Learning
McFerren, Mary Margaret Incentives and Barriers to Participation in Community Nutrition Education Programs for Recipients of Food Stamps and Temporary Assistance to Needy Families Teaching and Learning
McGraw, Tammy M. The Effects of Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Stimuli on Spatial Representation in Drawings Teaching and Learning
McLaughlin, John Biotechnology Education: An Investigation of Corporate and Communal Science in the Classroom Teaching and Learning
[VT] McMillian, Norwood Identifying the Defining Characteristics of College-level Course Work: Perceptions of Accounting and Business Management Faculty Teaching and Learning
McNeill, Andrea Lynn The Effects of Training, Modality, and Redundancy on the Development of a Historical Inquiry Strategy in a Multimedia Learning Environment Teaching and Learning
Meltzer, Julie In Their Own Words: Using Retrospective Narratives to Explore the Influence of Socio-Cultural and Contextual Factors on Discourses About Identity of Self-As-Principal Teaching and Learning
Metcalf, Sara Catherine A Needs Assessment of North Carolina School Psychological Services, Moving Toward the Ideal Teaching and Learning
Michael, Kurt Y. Comparison of Students' Product Creativity Using a Computer Simulation Activity versus a Hands-on Activity in Technology Education Teaching and Learning
Miller, Dale Jonathan How Does a Seventh-Grade Language Arts Teacher Adjust Instructionl Practices when Introduced to a Scheduling Change, Namely Block Scheduling Teaching and Learning
Miller, William David A descriptive study of the process post-secondary military institutions use to adopt, implement and train for use of new instructional technologies Teaching and Learning
Mjoni-Mwale, Hasten Safe Schools for Teaching and Learning: Developing a School-wide, Self-study Process Teaching and Learning
Mmela, Edith Implementing Integrated Literacy Approaches in an English Classroom in Malawi Teaching and Learning
Moore, Julia Marie Virginia Technology Education Teachers' Implementation of Standards for Technological Literacy Teaching and Learning
Moore, Michael Bryan The Use of a Tuning Fork and Stethoscope Versus Clinical Fracture Testing in Assessing Possible Fractures Teaching and Learning
Moore, Michael Wilson Investigation of the Effects of an Autostereographic Virtual Environment on Recall in Participants of Differing Levels of Field Dependence Teaching and Learning
Mosley, Barbra F. Development of a Technology Mentoring Program Using Rogers' Diffusion of Innovations Teaching and Learning
Mukuni, Joseph Siloka Portability of Technical Skills Across Occupations Teaching and Learning
Murrill, Leslie D. Evolution Toward Democratic Community: A Teacher's Journey Teaching and Learning
Mykerezi, Pavli K. The Potential Contribution of Vocational and Technical Education to the Future Social-Economic Development of Albania Teaching and Learning
Myles, A. Clifton The Story of NADSA (The National Association of Dramatic and Speech Arts, Inc.) Teaching and Learning
[VT] Neurauter, Viki Braud An Assessment for our Future: An Investigation of the Presence of External Ecological Assets within Three Counties and One City in Southwest Virginia 6th Grade Youth Teaching and Learning
Newbill, Phyllis Leary Instructional Strategies to Improve Women's Attitudes toward Science Teaching and Learning
Norris, Kimberly Jane Virginia’s Foundation Blocks for Early Learning: Interpretation and Implementation by Practitioners Teaching and Learning
Nowalk, Thomas J Framing Games: an Exploration Into the Speaking Activity of a Chinese-English Bilingual Child Teaching and Learning
Nyirongo, Nertha Kate Technology Adoption and Integration: A Descriptive Study of a Higher Education Institution in a Developing Nation Teaching and Learning
O'Neill, Erin Kristine Differences in Health Risk Behaviors between College Freshmen Living in Special Interest Housing and Traditional Housing Teaching and Learning
Ogle, Gwendolyn J. Towards A Formative Evaluation Tool Teaching and Learning
Ogle, Jeffrey Todd The Effects of Virtual Environments on Recall in Participants of Differing Levels of Field Dependence Teaching and Learning
Oguro, Yasue Presentation of culture in English as a foreign language reading textbooks in Japan Teaching and Learning
Ojure, Lenna P. An Investigation of the Relationship Between Teachers' Participation in 4MAT Fundamentals Training and Teachers' Perception of Teacher Efficacy Teaching and Learning
Oliver, Kimberly L. Adolescent Girls' Body-Narratives and Co-Constructed Critical Interpretations Teaching and Learning
Pacifici, Linda C. Illuminating Literacies Beyond the Classroom: Women as Bricoleurs Negotiating Social Class and Multiple Discourses Teaching and Learning
Palmer, Stephen E The Effects of the Web-Based Instructional Unit Healthy Hearts on Fifth Grade Children's Physical Activity Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior Teaching and Learning
Park, Eun-Soo A case study of young Korean children's English learning experiences in the United states Teaching and Learning
Parker, Suzanne M. Preservice Physical Education Teachers' Perceptions Toward Teaching Students With Emotional/Behavioral Disorders in a General Education Setting Teaching and Learning
Pedro, Joan Yvonne Reflection in Teacher Education: Exploring Pre-Service Teachers' Meanings of Reflective Practice Teaching and Learning
[VT] Pennington, Todd Robert Exploring the Use and Influence of the USPE-L Listserv on K-12 Physical Educators Teaching and Learning
Perry, Tristan Roberts The Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist: Occupational Responsibilities, Perceived Stressors, Coping Strategies, and Work Relationships Teaching and Learning
Person, Linda Joy Preservice Teachers' Analysis of Appropriate Teaching Practices in Physical Education: A Qualitative Comparison of Two Programs Teaching and Learning
Phiri, Absalom Dumsell Keins Exploring the Integration of Indigenous Science in the Primary School Science Curriculum in Malawi Teaching and Learning
Pienkowski, Nathan The Effects of Cueing Learners to a Transfer Problem Prior to Instruction Teaching and Learning
Pierson, Mary Ellen A Study Investigating the Design and Development of Components of a Comprehensive Tool Incorporating Characteristics of Continuity Management, Knowledge Harvesting, and Knowledge Management Teaching and Learning
[BTD] Potts, Ann D. Teacher learning within a transactional process Teaching and Learning
Preston, Marlene M. A Descriptive Study of the Design influences and Role of Students' Needs on the Selection of Course Content In higher Education Teaching and Learning
Prickett, Robert G. Pre-service teachers and media: Past experiences and present practices Teaching and Learning
Qadiri, Mohammad Abdul-Qader The effect of exaggeration of cartoons on the performance of field dependent learners Teaching and Learning
Quillen, Mary Addington Relationships Among Prospective Elementary Teachers' Beliefs About Mathematics, Mathematics Content Knowledge, and Previous Mathematics Course Experiences Teaching and Learning
Rabon-Stith, Karma Melisa The Relationship Between Select Variables and the Breast Cancer Screening Practices of a Convenient Sample of African-American Women From Grambling State University and the Willis-Knighton Neighborhood Clinic Teaching and Learning
Ramsaroop, Errol Vishnu Vocational and Technical Education Changes that are Potential Contributors to the Economic Development of Trinidad and Tobago Teaching and Learning
Reed, Philip Anthony The Relationship Between Learning Style and Conventional or Modular Laboratory Preference Among Technology Education Teachers in Virginia Teaching and Learning
Reese, Debbie Denise Metaphor and Content: An Embodied Paradigm for Learning Teaching and Learning
Richards, Anika Tahirah Health Equity Education, Awareness, and Advocacy through the Virginia Department of Health Health Equity Campaign Teaching and Learning
Richardson, Evelyn Cherita Meta-analysis Of Student Assistance program Outcomes Teaching and Learning
Rieber, Lloyd James Selection of appropriate content areas and topics for a community college level printing program : a needs assessment approach Teaching and Learning
Roberts, Ann Mary In Search of Discussion in the Standards-Based Middle School Social Studies Classroom Teaching and Learning
Robinson, Audrey Black and Hispanic Male Transfer Students' Experiences of Persistence at a Four-Year Research Institution Teaching and Learning
Robinson, Nancy Reed Fostering Student Independent Behaviors During Reading Recovery Lessons Teaching and Learning
Rose, Dana Gregory A Study of Student Teacher Experiences in a Multicultural School or Learning to Teach Teachers Who Will Teach "Other People's Children" Teaching and Learning
Ross, John D. Regulating Hypermedia: Self-regulation learning strategies in a hypermedia environment Teaching and Learning
Roth, Elizabeth H. The Emerging Paradigm of Reader-Text Transaction: Contributions of John Dewey and Louise M. Rosenblatt, With Implications for Educators Teaching and Learning
Rowland, Bryan K. Trade and Industrial Education: A Climate For Reform Teaching and Learning
[VT] Rutherford, Judith Anne A Formative Evaluation of Franklin School Teaching and Learning
Saenz, Berlinda Luna Student Perceptions of Social Presence and its Value in an Asynchronous Web-based Master’s Instructional Program Teaching and Learning
[BTD] Saleh, Saleh M Cognitive and metacognitive learning strategies used by adult learners of Arabic as a foreign language Teaching and Learning
Sallee, David Norval Youth at Risk: An Analysis of the Health Behaviors of Roanoke County Students Teaching and Learning
Schauer-Crabb, Cheryl Anne A Case Study of Adoption and Diffusion of an Existing Asynchronous Distance Learning Program Teaching and Learning
Scheckler, Rebecca Klein Weaving feminism, pragmatism, and distance education Teaching and Learning
Scheer, Stephanie Bleckmann The Inclusion of an Online Wellness Resource Center Within an Instructional Design Model for Distance Education Teaching and Learning
Schneider, Sandra Beth A Deweyan Perspective on Knowledge Producing Schools: Re-creative technologies for communities of inquirers Teaching and Learning
[BTD] Scholz, Joseph T. Determining effects of text-to-speech synthesis in a multimedia learning environment on science achievement for students with learning disabilities in reading Teaching and Learning
Schulz, Jonathan Edward Promoting Teaching as Design in Elementary Mathematics: Exploring the Potential of Curriculum Support Materials Teaching and Learning
Schwarz, Michael Hans A Needs Assessment of Aquaculture Extension Agents, Specialists, and Program Administrators in Extension Programming Teaching and Learning
Schweizer, Maurya Lynn The Effect of Content, Style, and Color of Picture Prompts on Narrative Writing: An Analysis of Fifth and Eighth Grade Students' Writing Teaching and Learning
Shaari, Ahmad Jelani The Interactive Effects of Color Realism, Clustering, and Age on Pictorial Recall Memory among Students in Malaysia Teaching and Learning
Shambaugh, Roy Neal Development of a Co-participatory and Reflexive Approach to Teaching and Learning Instructional Design Teaching and Learning
Sheaves, Rita Atwell The Effectiveness of Tobacco Prevention & Cessaation Programs: A Focused-Analysis of the Virginia Tobacco Settlement Foundation Programs Teaching and Learning
Shrewsbury, Eric-Gene Jackson Interaction through Asynchronous Audio-Based Computer Mediated Communication in the Virtual Foreign Language Classroom Teaching and Learning
Sianez, David M. An Analysis of Successful and Unsuccessful Example Solutions to Enhance Open-Ended Technological Problem-Solving Efficiency Among Middle School Students Teaching and Learning
Skinner, Ned Thomas A Case Study of Freshmen Swimmers' College Transition Experiences Teaching and Learning
[VT] Smolova, Alona A A Comparison of Effectiveness of Structured and Non-Structured Strategies of Rhetorical Invention for Written Argumentation Produced by Community College Students Teaching and Learning
Snider, Richard Conrad The Effectiveness of Oral Expression through the use of Continuous Speech Recognition Technology in Supporting the Written Composition of Postsecondary Students with Learning Disabilities Teaching and Learning
Spielman, Laura Jacobsen Preservice Teachers' Characterizations of the Relationships Between Teacher Education Program Components: Program Meanings and Relevance and Socio-Political School Geographies Teaching and Learning
Springston, Mark R. Teamwork Exercises and Technological Problem Solving with First-Year Engineering Students: An Experimental Study Teaching and Learning
Steenken, Elisabeth MacClarence Having a Learning Disability: Its Effect on the Academic Decisions of College Students Teaching and Learning
Steffey, Carrie Swanay The Effects of Visual and Verbal Cues in Multimedia Instruction Teaching and Learning
Sullivan, Gregory Paul The Impact of High Stakes Testing on Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning Teaching and Learning
Susuwele-Banda, William John Classroom Assessment in Malawi: Teachers’ Perceptions and Practices in Mathematics Teaching and Learning
Swartz, Katherine Lively Achievement Of Developmental Milestones Among Salvadorian Orphans Teaching and Learning
[VT] Sykes, Timothy Eli The Effect of Training Protocols on Satisfaction and Performance of Collegiate Distance Runners Teaching and Learning
Tacla, Craig Insights Into the Process of Guiding Student Teachers Reflection Using Audio Computer Conferences During an Eight-Week Student Teaching Experience Teaching and Learning
Taylor, Crystal Berry Teachers' and Principals' Perceptions of Precursors to Integrating Academic and Career and Technical Education Teaching and Learning
Taylor, Jennifer E. An Exploratory Literature Review of Efforts to Help the Small-Scale, Resource Poor Farmer in International Agricultural Development Teaching and Learning
Thanajaro, Metinee Using Authentic Materials to Develop Listening Comprehension in the English as a Second Language Classroom Teaching and Learning
Travieso-Parker, Lourdes Lucia Policies, Pedagogy, and Practices: Educational Experiences of Latino English Language Learners in Virginia Teaching and Learning
Trull, Cheryl The Effects of Substitute Teacher Training on the Teaching Efficacy of Prospective Substitute Teachers in the State of West Virginia Teaching and Learning
Turner, Sherri Guilliams A Case Study Using Scenario-Based Design Tools and Techniques in the Formative Evaluation Stage of Instructional Design: Prototype Evaluation and Redesign of a Web-Enhanced Course Interface Teaching and Learning
Updike, Lisa Stoneman Triggering transformation: College freshmen use children’s literature to consider social justice perceptions Teaching and Learning
Uribe Leon, Marcela Re-Learning the Script of Parental Involvement in the United States; Three Case Studies of Mexican Parents in Southwest Virginia. Teaching and Learning
Uribe-Florez, Lida Johana Teacher Variables and Student Mathematics Learning Related to Manipulative Use Teaching and Learning
Vaccare, Carmel John Interactions within a Shared Graphic Space Teaching and Learning
Vance, David Self-Efficacy and Ministerial Field Education: An Instructional Design Perspective Teaching and Learning
Varnado, Terri E. The Effects of a Technological Problem Solving Activity on FIRST LEGO League Participants' Problem Solving Style and Performance Teaching and Learning
Wallace, Tamara Katina Investigating the Influence of Race on the Teaching Philosophies and Practices of Effective Teachers of Diverse Students Teaching and Learning
[VT] Wampler, James R An Analysis of Student Assistance Program Characteristics and Activities in Selected Illinois Schools Teaching and Learning
Ward, Randall A. THE BRAID OF TEACHING: Exploring the weave of elementary school contexts in an Appalachian school district Teaching and Learning
Warner, Charles David Opinions of Administrators, Faculty, and Students Regarding Academic Freedom and Student Artistic Expression Teaching and Learning
Watson, Carol Elizabeth Graphic Organizers: Toward Organization and Complexity of Student Content Knowledge Teaching and Learning
Watson, Charles Edward Self-efficacy, the Innovation-Decision Process, and Faculty in Higher Education: Implications for Faculty Development Teaching and Learning
Watson, Donna Hardy Learning Mathematics in Appalachia: Life Histories of Beginning Teachers Teaching and Learning
Weisenmiller, Eric Michael A Study of the Readability of On-Screen Type Teaching and Learning
Weiss, Charles Tabor Use of Digital Technologies in Graphic Communication Education Teaching and Learning
Werth, Patricia Guy Vocational Education Accountability in Virginia: Analysis of Vocational Completers' Employment Status, Earnings, and Job Satisfaction Teaching and Learning
Westfall, Sarah Ann The Effect of Professional Development on Physical Education Teachers' Use of Assessment in the Classroom Teaching and Learning
Whitt, Gary L. The Effects of Speech Cues on Long-term Memory Teaching and Learning
Williams, Scott Allyn Stages of Concern of Teachers in North Carolina 4/4 Block Scheduled Public Schools Teaching and Learning
Williams, William Patrick Students' Perceptions of Bullying After the Fact: A Qualitative Study of College Students' Bullying Experiences in Their K-12 Schooling Teaching and Learning
Williams, Jr., Robert Hillis Presumed Teacher: an Autobiographic Articulation of a Personal and Professional Educational Identity Teaching and Learning
Willis, Lucinda Rightnour Portraitures of field dependent children with reading disabilities: Colored overlays as an instructional intervention Teaching and Learning
Wilson, Bernice B. Welfare Reform: Employers' Perceptions of Factors Associated with Virginia's Initiative for Employment Not Welfare Teaching and Learning
Wood, Paula Reese The Importance of Technical Competencies for Beginning Secondary Business Teachers in Virginia Teaching and Learning
Woods, Daniel Richard Class Conscious or Conscience Class: The Pedagogical Choices Teachers Make as Critical Literacy Practitioners Teaching and Learning
Worley, Gary M. The Effects of Highlight Color on Immediate Recall in Subjects of Different Cognitive Styles Teaching and Learning
Yaakub, Mohammad Naim Meta-Analysis of the Effectiveness of Computer-Assisted Instruction in Technical Education and Training Teaching and Learning
Zakaria, Zulkifli Factors Related to Information Technology Implementation in the Malaysian Ministry of Education Polytechnics Teaching and Learning
Zaldivar, Marc Robert Blending cognitive rule-based, process-based, and context-based theories in the development of online grammar instruction Teaching and Learning
Clucas, Scott Richard Construction as a Curriculum Organizer for Technology Education Technology Education
Cada, Suzanne M. Critical Programmatic Success Factors of Select Arts Programs for Older Adults Theatre Arts
Miller, Lorena Janey Arts Education: Motivations, Benefits and Realities of Educational Programs from the Perspective of Professional Arts Organizations Theatre Arts
[BTD] Wedin, Laura Jones Influencing factors in film costume design :the films of Cleopatra Theatre Arts

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